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A collection of cv building, careers, job hunting and cover letters that you would need to get your job.

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									A way of presenting yourself in a CV is to write in a passive manner without using ‘I’ or your


         Keen to pursue a career in Training and currently conducting sessions at XYZ institute. A
          work experience placement in “How to motivate your trainees and help them pave their
          way towards the future”.

Bulleted lists sound objective and clear, and can steer you away from the temptation to write
a mini essay about yourself.


         In this post, I volunteered to provide IT training to colleagues in my department and
          others. I also did the induction training for new members of the team.


         Volunteered to provide IT training to administration colleagues and inducted new
          members into the team.

Use Positive Language

         My duties included serving customers at the cafe. I had to handle cash and keep the
          area tidy. I had to work under pressure.


         developed customer service skills

         handled large sums of money; responsible for cashing up and balancing shift takings

         worked under pressure during holiday periods

         initiated happy hour promotion, resulting in 30 per cent increase in sales

         supervisory responsibility for new temporary staff
Use Power Verbs & Adjectives

                      Such as:

Powerful Verbs:                  Powerful adjectives:

      Achieved                        Adaptable

      Developed                       Analytical

      Managed                         Determined

      Demonstrated                    Logical
      Conducted                       Resourceful
      Planned
                                       Precise
      Organised
                                       Supportive
      Improved
                                       Capable

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