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                                       Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 1
                                       EDWARD KENNEDY
                                  W          hen Senator Ted Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate,”
                                         passed away in August, our community lost an inspiring
                                                                                                   Program (WIC); create Weatherization Programs for
                                                                                                   low-income families; design services for people with
                                         champion. His life and work were a powerful example       HIV and AIDS; expand medical coverage to poor
                                         to us, and a beacon of hope for all who benefited from     children; establish job training programs; and decrease
                                         the hundreds of pieces of legislation that he authored.   discrimination against the disabled.
                                         By promoting social justice and equality, many of these
                                                                                                   His accomplishments were not confined to the bills
                                         laws directly and positively improved the lives of poor
                                                                                                   he helped pass. His life – like the lives of so many CRT
                                         Americans, including those served by CRT.
                                                                                                   participants – was a story of overcoming enormous
                                         Senator Kennedy was a champion of the ordinary            challenges. So often touched by tragedy he seemed
                                         person, the so-called “little guy,” the unheralded        to know, in a deeply personal way, the struggles
                                         backbone of American society. His first major piece        faced by many of the less fortunate. After each

President Barack Obama said              of legislation eliminated unjust race-based quotas;       hardship and heartache, he rededicated himself
of this leader, “His ideas and           one of his last legislative acts was to help pass         to helping all of America’s people.
ideals are stamped on scores             the 2009 Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that combats
                                                                                                   In 1980, Senator Kennedy proclaimed, “For all those
of laws…in seniors who know              salary discrimination.
new dignity, in families                                                                           whose cares have been our concern, the work goes
that know new opportunity,               Almost all of the programs provided here at the           on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the
in children who know                     Community Renewal Team, and most of the                   dream shall never die.”
education’s promise, and                 customers we serve, have been assisted by Senator
in all who can pursue their                                                                        This work, this hope and this dream are shared by all
                                         Kennedy’s work. He initiated and worked tirelessly
dream in an America that                                                                           of us at CRT. While we mourn the passing of a great
                                         to pass laws to develop Head Start; raise the minimum
is more equal and more just.”                                                                      senator, we celebrate the life of an exceptional man.
                                         wage; champion food programs including Meals on
                                         Wheels and the Women, Infants and Children Nutrition
       Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 2
It was nearly 30 years ago when our great friend and
supporter Edward Kennedy spoke about the work
                                                         new Capital City YouthBuild, which will provide
                                                         much-needed academic and vocational skills
which continues, the cause that endures. Every one       to 25 area youth each year.
of us is aware of the challenges that our nation,
                                                         Other partners have provided the chance to establish
and the entire world, have faced this past year.
                                                         Veterans Crossing, a residence for homeless veterans
Record-breaking numbers of people have turned
                                                         who are trying to address health issues, find productive
to CRT for Energy Assistance, Eviction and Foreclosure
                                                         employment and then move into homes in the
Prevention, affordable housing and much more.
                                                         community. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Indeed, the work continues.
                                                         and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving are
Yet I believe that we are moving in more positive        our major funders for this project, which will begin
directions toward a shared, sustainable and enduring     accepting tenants this winter.
prosperity. Success looks different for everyone,
                                                         I’d like to say how proud I am of our staff, and of the

                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Val Nanovsky
but we share a vision that includes a safe home
                                                         work that they do every day. You will meet a few
environment; steady work at a living wage; schools
                                                         of our “success stories” in the pages of this book, people
where children can thrive; and access to the services
                                                         who have understood that CRT programs can be the
that keep us healthy.
                                                         stepping stones to move toward a better life. There
Some opportunities are being created through the         are thousands of others who are moving in a more
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.          positive direction – who are on the road to prosperity –
This year CRT will expand Head Start, weatherize more    because of the Community Renewal Team.
                                                                                                                               Lena Rodriguez
homes, educate adults, care for grandparents raising
                                                         I hope that you will join us in this important but difficult            President and CEO
grandchildren and create jobs through ARRA. Those
                                                         effort. We honor Senator Kennedy when we say, the
funds have also enabled us to establish the exciting
                                                         dream shall never die.
                                                                                          Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 1
Highways – the roads that helped transform this                     veterans. This program is also a key example
country – enabling people to travel easily from                     of CRT’s responsiveness to meeting the
place to place, from home to job, sometimes from                    ever-changing needs of our community.
job to job. CRT helps its clients create their own
                                                                    CRT constantly develops innovative ventures
roadmaps and construct the avenues that lead
                                                                    that make an enormous difference to so many
to self-sufficiency.
                                                                    people, our neighbors who may feel powerless
Although this past year certainly presented great                   or disconnected. In a time of rampant cutbacks,
difficulties for this country and this state, I strongly              I am pleased to say that CRT has the confidence
believe that we are at a major crossroad. What                      of funders, who provide grants so that we can
better time to take the wheel and transform this                    serve preschool children, unemployed young
country into a land of opportunity, hope and                        adults, women leaving abusive relationships,
respect for all?                                                    those with mental health issues, and so
                                                                    many others.
CRT is a powerful engine for this transformation –
helping people to change their lives and the                        I am both proud and privileged to play a role in
faces of their neighborhoods. CRT turned an                         CRT, a major regional vehicle for thousands of
abandoned lot in Hartford into Generations,                         people who seek to steer their lives in a direction
an aptly named project that nurtures infants,                       of hope, pride and prosperity.
supports the elderly and creates community.

This year, we will be opening Veterans Crossing
in East Hartford, taking a former rooming house                      Fernando Betancourt
and making an attractive residence for homeless                      Chair of CRT Board of Trustees

        Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 2
                                             From left, top row
                                             Lena Rodriguez,
                                                David Osella
                                                Mary Everett
                                             Jeffrey Hoffman
                                              Norman Jones

                                                   Second row
                                              Joseph Eleazer
                                               Faith Jackson
                                       Fernando Betancourt,
                                            Board President
                                              Kerri-Kay Allen
                                          Dr. Conrad Mallett

                                                     Third row
Taking Steps to Success         4
                                                  Gloria Jones
Moving Into the Work Force      6             Daniel Schaefer
A Place to Call Home            8    Susan Scanlan Bransfield
A Warm Home & Food on the Table 10        Dr. Wilfredo Nieves
Roadmap to Recovery            12              Molly Shelton
A Great Start                  14
Parent Power                   16
Still Going Strong             18                  Fourth row
                                                 Edison Silva
Many Paths to Prosperity       20
                                             Annette Gaynor
Financials                     22
                                             Walter Benjamin
Funders and Donors             23            Marta Bentham
CRT in the Community           25            Robert Fishman
CRT in the Media               29
Cover Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                  Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 3
                                                                                               TAKING STEPS
                                                                                                 Over the past two years, CRT has introduced both stakeholders and
                                                                                                 customers to Steps to Success, our multi-dimensional and holistic case
                                                                                                 management service delivery model. Using our shared, on-line tools,
                                                                                                 we have been assessing participants across 17 dimensions, charting
                                                                                                 goals and outcomes, and logging the Individual Service Plans.

                                                                                                 But at its core, Steps to Success is about people – the people who are
                                                                                                 “Step-ping Up” to a vibrant and more successful life. When case managers
                                                                                                 are trained and given the tools to really put this model into practice,
                                                                                                 they can be agents of change for individuals, families and the entire

                                                                                                 This year, we would like to offer a few snapshots of people who have
                                                                                                 been successful because of the accountability, the referrals, the support,
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                                 and the opportunities that only CRT can provide.

                                                                                                               MIGDALIA BELLON

                                                                                                                                             Migdalia Bellon’s East Hartford
                      ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS:                                                                                             apartment is immaculate. Every bill
                                                                                                                                          is paid on time. She’s raising a little girl
                      “It’s a challenge alright, but it’s worth it!” says Narciso Texidor Jr.,
                                                                                                                                          who has books, toys, and a perfect
                      a disabled Vietnam-era veteran whose CRT case manager helped him                                                    immunization record.
                      pay down old debts, enroll in college and reconnect with the Veterans                                                  It’s almost impossible for this
                      Administration for his extensive medical needs. Now 54, he has finished                                              long-troubled woman to recognize
                                                                                                                                          herself in this portrait. She has come
                      three semesters toward a bachelor’s degree, and applied for a part-time
                                                                                                                                          a long way from a life of prostitution,
                      job helping other vets. A year after he started logging every receipt,                                              drug abuse and the devastating medical
                      and “accounting for every penny,” Narciso was able to buy a used car.                                               complications of those pursuits.
                                                                                                                                             The road back from the brink began
                                                                                                                                          at Fresh Start, CRT’s residence for
                         Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 4
TO SUCCESS                                                                                                                                       ADRIAN ELLIOTT

   “The CRT team expects a lot out                   She appreciated the persistence           of the credits from an earlier academic
 of you. Sometimes a lot more than you            of staff who helped her find an              career, interrupted by her mother’s
 think you can manage,” says Adrian               appropriate, subsidized apartment            illness. Flexible CRT funding covered
 Elliott, a former college basketball             where she could bring her son – first for    her application fee and some of her
 star who was in the original Steps to            visits, and then to live. But panic set in   books; she accessed other resources
 Success pilot. At her first assessment, she      when it was time to carry the expenses       to help with her son’s uniforms and
 was homeless, trying to stay off drugs,          on her own. “That’s when staff took          other school-related expenses.
 and hoping to reunite with her son, who          a ‘tough love’ approach with me,” says          Ever the athlete, Adrian says “I feel
 had been placed in a foster home.                Adrian. “I was scared to death, but I had    like there is a real CRT Team.
   The STS team approach ensures                  three people saying to me, ‘Adrian, you      Sometimes they’re your cheerleaders,
 participants get what they need to move          can do it. We know that you can take         sometimes they’re your coaches who
 toward stability and prosperity. For             it from here!’”                              really get in your face. But I know
 Adrian, this meant a case manager who               Now she knows that those “coaches”        that I wouldn’t be here today without
 provided structure and accountability,           were right to push her. After working        that CRT Team!”
 and resources such as Behavioral Health          two jobs in the printing industry, she
 Services, affordable housing, employ-            recently returned to school to finish her
 ment counseling and budget workshops.            degree in graphic arts, retrieving many

 substance-abusing, court-involved                absolutely nothing about being               right. Now I’m seeing a doctor, trying
 women and their children. The program            a parent, keeping an apartment, taking       to take care of my diabetes, my heart,
 provides a safe, nurturing environ-              care of myself, my health, my child.”        my health – so I’ll be there for Nevaeh.”
 ment where residents can work on their              It’s taken more than two years, and the      And a rung that might now be within
 recovery from addiction and learn new            support of many staff members from           reach? “I want to go back to school,
 life skills that build their self-sufficiency.   a variety of CRT programs, but Migdalia      to make up for everything I missed.
    While at Fresh Start, Migdalia learned        now believes that she can manage most        I need to get through high school
 that she was pregnant. She was inspired          of the challenges that life throws at her.   before my baby gets there.”
 to make a new life for her infant,                  “CRT was my ladder to success,”
 whom she calls Nevaeh (heaven spelled            she says. “I took the first step when
 backwards). But she says that she                I committed to recovery, to a clean and
 needed CRT staff to show her how                 sober life. I got to the second rung when
 to build that life. “Truly, I knew               I kept my baby, and tried to raise her
                                                                                                        Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 5
                                                                      MOVING INTO THE
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                      In 2009, CRT focused on increasing the employment-oriented training           CRT’s new CAPITAL CIT Y YOUTHBUILD offers new options to those
                      available to help the region’s youth and young adults build their skills      without a high school diploma or marketable skills. The inaugural class
                      and move toward a more prosperous future. Workforce enhancement               formed in Fall 2009, with 28 participants age 16 to 24. They divide their
                      for this population is critical. The unemployment rate among Hartford         time between classroom and work-sites: A certified teacher conducts an
                      youth from 16 to 24 is nearly double the statewide rate, according            educational assessment, helps set academic goals, and provides tutoring
                      to the American Community Survey, Census 2009.                                and GED preparation. Participants are expected to raise language and
                                                                                                    math skills by two full grade levels by the end of a year. Union-affiliated
                      Immediate results of employment programs are clear: Youth earn wages;
                                                                                                    instructors teach hands-on skills at cooperating building sites, concen-
                      acquire marketable skills; learn workplace expectations; and re-engage
                                                                                                    trating on teamwork and problem solving as much as on construction
                      in the education system. But the Center for Labor Market Studies found
                      that early employment also provides longer term benefits. The center
                      saw a smoother transition into the labor market and higher weekly and         This program is truly a “new option” for court-involved youth and those
                      yearly earnings for up to 15 years among those who held jobs as teens –       who may be struggling with drug and alcohol issues. A specialized case
                      even if it was seasonal or part-time work.                                    manager helps participants build on strengths and address challenges,

                              Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 6
with referrals made as appropriate to CRT Behavioral Health and other        assistant to cook’s helper. One team answered telephones in the Energy
community services. Youth earn stipends for reaching goals, and money        Assistance Call Center, while another rotated through assignments
management is a part of the life skills instruction. Graduates will walk     in the kitchen, facilities and recreation departments at The Retreat,
away with national certifications and will have the option to apply to        an assisted living facility.
approved union apprenticeships, or the program will help to find them
                                                                             Supervision, career guidance and case management was provided by
jobs with local businesses.
                                                                             adult staff who helped youth make realistic plans for their future. At the

Building upon three successful years in Middlesex County, CRT has
                                                                             end of the program, all 60 of the school-aged youth returned to school.
                                                                             Of the 30 older participants, many found paid employment; several
                                                                             joined Capital City YouthBuild; the balance enrolled in academic
                                                                             or vocational programs.
recently been funded to expand its successful YEARROUND YOUTH                                                                                    XAV I E R P E R E Z
EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM into Hartford. The program targets at risk                   Xavier Perez, age 20, joined the             is a part
in-school and out-of-school youth, offering an unusually flexible mix          Summer Youth Employment and                     of the
                                                                             Learning Program to earn a little               program.
of job shadowing, internships and vocational instruction to match            extra money, but he didn’t realize that            At the
a student’s interests, along with academic tutoring and support.             it would open doors for his future.             end of his
                                                                             “When I put in my application, I was            12-week
All 16 of the 2008-09 cohort finished high school with their peers,           not attending school, I wasn’t working,         program,
although several had been on the verge of dropping out. Eight moved          I basically had no goals or desires to          Xavier was
                                                                             do anything with my life,” Xavier says.         hired as
into full-time work, four took approved apprenticeships and four went           Assigned to the fast-paced Energy            a full-time call center representative,
to post-secondary training. The 2009-10 enrollment includes an               Assistance Call Center, Xavier found            handling more than 100 calls a day in
                                                                             that he enjoyed helping people on the           both English and Spanish. “I entered
additional 16 in Middlesex County and 27 youth in Hartford.                  telephone. “Answering these calls let           this program not having anything – no
                                                                             me see a different side to life. It showed      job and no real goals. This experience
This was a banner year for CRT ’S SUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYMENT                    me that there are so many people out            has opened my eyes and mind to a new
                                                                             there that are less fortunate, people we        dream, a new passion. It has broadened
AND LEARNING PROGRAM, which expanded to offer paid jobs
                                                                             can help as employees,” he says.                my horizons. I left Summer Youth
to 90 young men and women age 16-24. The program combines four                  But the Summer Youth experience              having a full time position at the Call
                                                                             also showed him the responsibilities            Center and enrolled in school again,
days in the workplace with Friday seminars. After orientation, a mini “job
                                                                             of the workplace. He could see the              working toward my Bachelor’s in
fair” helped the young employees see how their interests aligned with        reason for the communication and                Social Work.”
                                                                             customer service training that
the 22 participating CRT work sites. Assignments introduced youth
to a variety of careers, from computer technician to classroom
                                                                                               Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 7
                                                                                                       A PLACE TO
                                                                                                          The Retreat, the state’s first affordable assisted living residence for
                                                                                                          low-income seniors;
                                                                                                          Generations, a campus comprised of townhouses for grandparents raising
                                                                                                          their grandchildren and a century-old school that was renovated into
                                                                                                          senior apartments;
                                                                                                          Coventry Place, an apartment complex for independent seniors;
                                                                                                          Two affordable-housing developments for families;
                                                                                                          And a much-needed supported housing complex for homeless veterans,
                                                                                                          which will open in late 2009.

                                                                                                       SUPPORTIVE HOUSING is an approach that combines rental subsidies with
                                                                                                       case management and life skills education, to give vulnerable individuals the
                                                                                                       tools they need to function effectively in the community. CRT oversees nearly
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                      Safe, attractive and affordable housing is the key to stabilizing an individual
                                                                                                       200 units of supportive housing, working with a variety of populations
                      life, a family, or an entire community. Signing a lease or purchasing a home
                                                                                                       including persons with mental illness or substance abuse issues; adolescents
                      is often a springboard to prosperity.
                                                                                                       aging out of the child welfare system; women and children who have been
                      For years, Community Renewal Team has tailored housing solutions to the          victims of domestic violence; and those who have recently been incarcerated.
                      needs of particular populations, and helped people obtain their own front        Longterm success is very high, thanks to the structure and accountability
                      door keys in a variety of ways.                                                  provided by case managers.
                      CORPORATION, CRT’s development arm, has been creating affordable
                      housing and innovative solutions to pressing community issues for more
                      than 20 years. The Meadows uses multiple funding streams to develop
                      housing that meets specialized needs. The current portfolio houses more
                      than 300 people:

                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 8
                                                                                                                                         VERONIC A ARROYO

Opportunities for home ownership are explored in CRT’s FINANCIAL
                                                                            In just five years Veronica Arroyo’s road
                                                                         to prosperity has taken her from a halfway
                                                                         house to home ownership – a spacious
                                                                         two-family in Manchester, where her
                                                                         tenant pays most of her mortgage. She
                                                                                                                           begin saving
                                                                                                                           for a house.
                                                                                                                              Then came
                                                                                                                           the second
                                                                                                                           stroke of
                                                                         credits two different CRT housing                 luck: While
LITERACY program, which works with customers from the time that          programs for giving her the roadmap:              attending
they first consider buying a home, all the way through purchase and       First Supportive Housing helped her               CRT Savings
                                                                         stabilize her life, clarify her goals and         Club to
beyond. CRT is a HUD-Certified Counseling Agency. Many purchases
                                                                         find work that she loves. Then Financial          prepare for homeownership, she learned
are launched when people open an INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT                  Literacy and IDA (Individual                      of a Federal Housing Administration
ACCOUNT, a savings account in which each dollar deposited is             Development Account) helped her repair            program that would put her into a home
                                                                         her credit, start a matched savings account       much more quickly. Conferring with
matched with two more. Savings can be used for a home, business          and understand her home buying options.           CRT’s Financial Literacy Coordinator,
or education.                                                               The sequence is important, she says.           Veronica decided to move in that
                                                                         “When you’re bogged down with financial           direction, and convert her IDA goal
To keep families housed in spite of financial setbacks, the EVIC TION     burdens it’s kind of hard to work toward          to opening her own business.
                                                                         meaningful goals,” she says. “I needed               CRT also helped her address outstanding
AND FORECLOSURE PREVENTION PROGRAM mediates between                      to get my feet on the ground, before              student loan debts, so that she could enroll
tenants and their landlords, and between homeowners and their            I could believe that those feet might take        in college. “My goal was to get back into
                                                                         me where I wanted to go.”                         school, and I did it. I’m now in my second
mortgage companies. From October 2007 through September 2008,
                                                                            In 2006, CRT offered Veronica a                year of a bachelor’s program.”
housing counselors used a combination of education, mediation and        subsidized apartment with intensive case             In her “spare time” this energetic young
partial payments to keep 472 families housed. The following year, that   management. “At that time I didn’t have           woman is renovating the home she bought,
                                                                         much hope. I was working a minimum                with an eye to renting out both apartments
number rose by almost 10%, with assistance going to 517 families.        wage job and I didn’t know what direction         and purchasing a second home. She also
Money management and budgeting help prevent further difficulties.          I was going to take.” But CRT staff helped        volunteers at two recovery houses, and
                                                                         her to map out a future that included             talks with people about the barriers that
M E A D O W S R E A L E S TAT E M A N A G E M E N T A N D                home ownership, a return to college,              she has overcome.
D E V E L O P M E N T C O R P O R AT I O N P R O P E R T I E S           and a business of her own.                           “I do encourage other people who are
                                                                             Veronica secured a position that              pretty grounded to get involved with CRT.
                                                                         matches her passion: She is a client              I want people to know that there are
                                                                         services aide, helping other women who            resources out there, whatever they are
                                                                         are facing behavioral health issues.              trying to do. I’ve met wonderful people
                                                                         Because her rent was subsidized, she was          who are gentle, who are strong, who
                                                                         able to put her wages into an IDA and             are caring.”

                                                                                              Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 9
                                                                                        A WARM HOME
                                                                                                CRT has stepped up outreach efforts to ensure that all eligible families
                                                                                                are aware of the benefits. The campaign has included radio and television
                                                                                                interviews, ad cards in every Connecticut Transit bus and 32,000 brightly
                                                                                                colored flyers that went home in school children’s backpacks. In an effort
                                                                                                to reduce barriers, CRT staff bring applications to the homebound elderly,
                                                                                                and hold Walk-In Application Days in many cities and towns.

                                                                                                To accommodate the volume of inquiries, CRT established an ENERGY
                                                                                                CALL CENTER in Fall 2008, with capacity to handle 700 to 800 phone
                                                                                                calls per day. Fifty hours a week, operators answer questions and book
                                                                                                appointments for CRT’s seven busiest locations. An auto-attendant handles
                                                                                                oil deliveries for customers who have already been approved. In the first
                                                                                                12 weeks of the 2009-10 season, the Call Center took over 40,000 calls!

                                                                                                While Energy Assistance helps customers pay their heating bills, CRT’s
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                                WEATHERIZATION program works to lower those bills. In the first ten
                                                                                                months of 2009, CRT helped 2,741 families improve the efficiency of their
                      Facing petroleum prices at an all-time high, a record number of
                                                                                                homes. After conducting an Energy Audit, crews can insulate attics,
                      customers turned to CRT ENERGY ASSISTANCE in 2008-09. CRT
                                                                                                sidewalls and basement ceilings; provide weather stripping and caulking
                      provided assistance to 33,000 households, a 34% increase over the
                                                                                                around windows and doors; install low flow showerheads; clean, tune
                      prior year. Nearly a third of those were new customers – households
                                                                                                and repair heating systems; install carbon monoxide testers, and more.
                      that had not previously applied for Energy Assistance. In Fall 2009,
                                                                                                In a limited number of cases, the furnace can also be replaced. All of this
                      the trend is continuing, with 1,420 new applicants by November 1.
                                                                                                is free for households that qualify for Energy benefits.
                      Some are newly eligible because of job loss or reduced work hours;
                      others say they are accepting assistance for the first time, as they       Funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

                      must choose heat, food or medication.                                     will allow CRT to greatly expand the Weatherization program in the
                                                                                                coming years.
                         Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 10
In replies to CRT’s 2008 Needs Assessment Survey, one of the concerns        significantly higher than what had been projected, but CRT is able
raised most often was a lack of access to adequate food. In the year since   to raise production to meet demand. A portion of the production cost
that survey was complete, this need has only become more acute.              is reimbursed by two of the Area Agencies on Aging. As a result, CRT
In fact, visits to the food pantries at CRT’s FAMILY SERVICE CENTERS         has a suggested per-meal donation of only $2, and no one is turned
have increased by 18%, and requests for emergency food cards have            away for inability to pay.
increased, as well.
                                                                             Another effort to bring food to those who need it most is the SUMMER
CRT works cooperatively with Food Share to help get free, nutritious food    FOOD SERVICE in Middletown and Portland. For the fourth consecutive
to our customers. The agency hosts three bi-monthly stops for the Food       year this program exceeded expectations, serving 2,493 breakfasts, 14,862
Share delivery truck, with the cooperation of community service crews        lunches and 5,898 snacks. The USDA acknowledged the work of CRT and
from our ALTERNATIVE INCARCERATION CENTERS. Members of RSVP–                 its partners in attracting a growing group of participants, while the national
all senior volunteers themselves – deliver hundreds of bags of Food Share    totals have been trending downward.
groceries each month to the apartments of frail seniors, who cannot get
                                                                             The aroma of steaming hot suppers lingers on the first floor of the
out and pick them up for themselves. CRT also has a free GROCERY
                                                                             MCKINNEY SHELTER in Hartford, where the policy is that no one is turned
DELIVERY SERVICE that is available twice a month.
                                                                             away hungry. Everyone is offered a shower and a meal – even if all of the
Nearly 6,000 seniors are in better health, and can remain in their own       88 beds are full. About 33,000 hot dinners are served each year, and almost
homes or apartments far longer, because of the CRT ELDERLY NUTRITION         as many breakfasts are eaten the next morning. The kitchen of this former
PROGRAM. Last year, CRT’s industrial-scale production kitchen prepared       firehouse is never idle.
309,868 meals for delivery to homebound seniors, and an additional
222,682 meals to be served at Senior Community Cafés. These totals are
                                                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 11
                                                                                                               vulnerable people in the community, such as those with HIV or AIDS,
                                                                                                               the homeless, individuals recently released from prison, and
                                                                                                               non-English speakers.

                                                                                                               With two licensed Hartford clinics and 28 professional staff, BHS offers
                                                                                                               a full range of programs to individuals with substance use, mental health
                                                                                                               or co-occurring disorders, including assessment and diagnosis;
                                                                                                               medication management and psychiatric services; Intensive Outpatient
                                                                                                               and Partial Hospitalization; crisis management; outpatient counseling
                                                                                                               for individuals and families; and support groups in several languages.
                                                                                                               CRT also provides case management at each clinical location, so that
                                                                                                               customers can access integrated services from other internal and
                                                                                                               external providers.

                                                                                                               Quality, affordable mental health services are particularly critical at this
                                                                 In the United States, more than one-quarter   time. According to a study by Spectrum Health, demand for mental
                                                                 of adults have a diagnosable mental illness   health services in the U.S. nearly doubled from January to April 2009,
                                                                 at some point in their lives.                 as people experienced higher levels of anxiety and depression due
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                                               to the economy.
                      While many other mental health programs are scaling back,
                      Community Renewal Team’s BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICE is                                    While other clinics have long waiting lists, CRT ensures that new clients
                      expanding to provide a wider array of recovery-focused assistance.                       see a clinician within two weeks and receive a phone call from a clinician
                      CRT offers a medically supervised, less restrictive alternative to inpatient              within two days of initially seeking help. These procedures are crucial
                      hospitalization that helps hundreds of people lead more successful                       in engaging individuals at the point when they truly want treatment.
                      lives. CRT’s ever-growing client base includes some of the most                          In addition, BHS has extended outpatient hours until 8 PM several days
                                                                                                               a week, and added an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
                                                                                                               to accommodate work and education schedules.
                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 12
In spite of a widely acknowledged clinical shortage, CRT has bilingual
and bicultural staff who offer services in Spanish, Chinese, Lao, Cambodian,                                                                   M A R C I A FA E N Z A
Vietnamese, and Japanese, enabling us to serve 400 non-native-                 Marcia Faenza says that her dignity          when she heard that she could be seen
English speakers.                                                            – and probably her life – were returned        at CRT’s program within two weeks.
                                                                             to her by the staff of CRT’s Behavioral        Her mistrust dissolved as she was
This year, BHS provided training for clinicians and case managers to         Health Services. In the course of 18           welcomed and made to feel like a whole
                                                                             months of intensive treatment, she has         and valuable person for the first time
familiarize them with different cultural beliefs surrounding mental
                                                                             moved from depression so intense that          since the attack.
illness and to decrease the stigma attached to these disorders. Through      she “was extremely hopeless and                   The clinic van picked her up at the
a grant from the Nutmeg Foundation, two seminars on mental health            paralyzed … to a woman with a road             shelter each day for CRT’s Partial
                                                                             map as to how I can reconstruct                Hospitalization Program, where
issues among Asian-Americans were given to all CRT clinicians. With          my life.”                                      a psychiatrist restarted and monitored
funding from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction                     A career as an emergency and psych           her medications. A case manager helped
                                                                             nurse ended abruptly when Marcia               address basic needs, such as housing,
Services, BHS offered a seminar for 35 case managers working outside          was beaten by a patient. The depression        transportation, food and clothing. Most
of behavioral health, on ways to identify mental health problems.            with which she had struggled for               importantly, she says “My counselor
                                                                             16 years became overwhelming.                  helped me see that I have gone through
The BHS staff is constantly working on integrating evidence-based             Physically and emotionally unable              a grieving process, trying to accept that
                                                                             to return to her profession, she used          my life is just not going to be what
practices into their treatment protocols. This dedication to quality
                                                                             up her savings, lost her home and spent        I would have expected.”
service has seen some excellent outcomes.                                    18 months in homeless shelters. “I was            By Fall 2009, Marcia had moved
                                                                             deeply ashamed,” she recalls. “You’ve          through the phases of outpatient
   Exceptionally low substance use among recently released ex-offenders       worked all of your life, you’re high           counseling, and scaled back to just
   with histories of substance abuse;                                        functioning and self-sufficient, and           two clinical sessions each month;
                                                                             suddenly you haven’t a clue as to how          she was living in a subsidized
   Reduction in the number of people who leave Partial Hospitalization       to find the resources you need.”               apartment near Trinity College; and
                                                                               One of those missing resources was           she was rebuilding her relationships
   Program due to resistance to treatment or against medical advice.         medication management. The few                 with family members. “I don’t think
                                                                             practices accepting publicly-funded            I would have survived or gotten
   Re-incarceration rate in a Transitional Case Management program that      insurance had five- and six-month              as far as I have without CRT.”
   is less than half of the overall recidivism rate in Connecticut.          waits. So Marcia was slightly skeptical

                                                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 13
                                                                                              As state and national attention focuses on the importance
                                                                                              of quality preschool, CRT’s EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION
                                                                                              program continues to be a springboard to lifelong learning for more
                                                                                              than 1,400 children annually. CRT’s approach to early care is holistic,
                                                                                              supporting the child, the parents and the entire family with health
                                                                                              services, literacy education, social/emotional support and more.

                                                                                              This year we celebrated the accreditation of three of our Hartford
                                                                                              centers – Locust Street, Ritter and Job Corps – under the new,
                                                                                              more stringent standards of NAEYC, the National Association for
                                                                                              the Education of Young Children. These centers, with a total of 37
                                                                                              classrooms, earned the maximum rating of 100+ in many categories.

                                                                                              Our staff are also celebrating their personal achievements, as they
                                                                                              work toward their certificates and degrees. Through our tuition
                                                                                              partnership, 136 staff have enrolled in seven different college courses
                                                                                              offered at CRT sites this year, and many more are taking classes off-site.
                                                                                              CRT is proud to note the following staff achievements since
                                                                                              September 2008: 17 Family Development Credential; 10 Child
                                                                                              Development Associate Credential; four Associate Degrees; and
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                              two Master’s Degrees. Research shows that children benefit from
                                                                                              better-educated staff, who are more successful in delivering
                                                                                              classroom curricula.

                      A GREAT START
                                                                                                            Summer 2009 was a busy one, as state bond funding
                                                                                                            allowed CRT to complete significant renovation and
                                                                                                            construction projects at two locations. Three classrooms
                                                                                                            and a playground were added to the Douglas Street

                       Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 14
                                                                                                                                 AMANDA MEDINA

Center in Hartford, and a new driveway, parking lot and playground were              Amanda Medina wants what
                                                                                  any three-year-old would want:
constructed at the Idella Howell Center in Middletown. Both projects required
                                                                                  A great place to play and learn,
tremendous cooperation from families and staff, many of whom were                  surrounded by lots of friends.
                                                                                  But until her mother found
relocated during construction.
                                                                                  CRT, it didn’t seem as though
                                                                                  Amanda was going to get what
Excess weight has caught up with cigarettes as the leading cause of
                                                                                  she wanted.
preventable disease in the U.S. Last year, CRT’s Health and Nutrition staff           Amanda has spina bifida,
                                                                                  low muscle function and needs            bathroom nearby. CRT worked
began a multi-faceted campaign to prevent childhood obesity. The work                                                      with the child’s physician and
                                                                                  to be catheterized every four
was done on four fronts: Staff reached parents through nutrition workshops         hours. She darts around in a tiny        health insurance carrier to find
                                                                                  wheelchair or stands in a support        a nursing service to handle the
at each center, healthy snack tables at pick-up times and a city-wide Nutrition                                            daily catheterization. Teachers
                                                                                  structure to exercise her leg and
Family Fun Night. Children heard stories and took part in classroom activities    torso muscles.                           read books about children with
                                                                                     “I started making calls,              special needs, to prepare her
about healthy eating and physical movement. Classroom staff attended                                                        classmates for their new friend.
                                                                                  and not one program could
in-service education on nutrition and childhood obesity. And finally, low-fat      accommodate Amanda,” says                   Six weeks into her school
                                                                                  her mother, Yahaira Rivera.              career, Amanda was clearly
dairy products and whole grains were added to the in-school menu.                                                          thriving. One day, she was the
                                                                                  “They told me her disabilities
Obesity rates are being monitored through analysis of the height/weight           were too complicated.”                   line leader as the class went onto
                                                                                     Fortunately, the family               the playground. Another day,
measurements taken twice each year.                                                                                        as she crawled onto the rug for
                                                                                  was referred to CRT, which
                                                                                  is committed to integrating all          circle time, her friends got down
                                                                                  children – regardless of their           onto the ground to join her.
                                                                                  special needs. “CRT told me right           With Amanda settled for five
                                                                                  away that they would be happy            hours a day, her mom is starting
                                                                                  to have us,” said Yahaira.               to look for work. Once again,
                                                                                     An internal team                      CRT programs may be able
                                                                                  convened promptly, looking               to give her some assistance.
                                                                                  at ways to make Amanda’s                 “My whole experience with CRT
                                                                                  preschool transition successful.         has been really great. Everyone
                                                                                  They chose Teresa Heredia’s              has been very positive – no one
                                                                                  classroom at the Locust Street           acts like this is a great burden
                                                                                  Center (shown at left) that was          for them.”
                                                                                  spacious and had a private

                                                                                    Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 15
                                                                                             The best investment we can make in the future is to raise successful children.
                                                                                             Yet in these difficult times, parents and other guardians face multiple challenges
                                                                                             that inhibit their ability to effectively nurture their families. CRT has an array
                                                                                             of initiatives which support parents and grandparents who are caring for
                                                                                             the younger generation. The goal of parent support is to introduce child
                                                                                             development information, reinforce positive parenting practices, and strengthen
                                                                                             parents’ ability to tap into resources for their own and their children’s well-being.

                                                                                             Many of today’s fathers would like to nurture their children, but get caught up
                                                                                             in the criminal justice or child support systems, and have difficulty negotiating
                                                                                             relationships with their children’s mothers. CRT’s FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE
                                                                                             is helping with these issues and more, so that men can become good fathers,
                                                                                             partners and wage earners. The initiative kicked into high gear last year, with
                                                                                             popular bi-weekly workshops that cover topics from relationships, spirituality
                                                                                             and mental health to child support enforcement and credit repair. Facilitators
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                             draw on two curricula, 24/7 Dad and Responsible Fatherhood, to plan these
                                                                                             sessions. Equally valuable are the peer-coaching and mentoring relationships
                                                                                             formed among the fathers, who range in age from 19 to 56.

                                                                                             In addition, case management and advocacy have connected more than 50 dads
                                                                                             to services intended to help them meet their parental responsibilities. With CRT
                                                                                             assistance these men have modified child support agreements, improved
                                                                                             visitation and custody arrangements, reinstated their Driver’s Licenses, enrolled
                                                                                             in free educational programs, obtained pardons, located affordable housing and
                                                                                             more. Men in all stages of fatherhood are welcome, whether they are living with
                                                                                             their children’s mother, separated but involved in their children’s lives, or just
                      Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 16   beginning to rebuild a relationship with their children.
POWER                                                                                 Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. But it can be
                                                                                      tough to make the time and establish the habit of reading and playing
                                                                                      creatively with preschool children. One of the first initiatives of CRT’s new
                                                                                      full-time Family Literacy Coordinator was to establish PARENT AND CHILD
                                                           KEVIN BOOKER               TOGETHER PAC T in all of our preschool classrooms. While parents are
   When Kevin Booker turns 50,             visits, and                                always welcome to visit, PACT sets aside a specific block of time every three
he’ll be celebrating with a two-year-      now has                                    months for parent-child activities. During this structured time, parents
old daughter whom he considers             shared
“life’s little bonus.” But without CRT’s   custody                                    read, sing and do crafts with their youngsters, in an environment where
Fatherhood Initiative, Kevin feels he      of his                                     teachers can offer support and model teaching and engagement strategies.
might never have enjoyed this bonus.       daughter.
                                                                                      PACT activities help parents enjoy developmentally appropriate activities
   Katrina was born while her dad          “The key
was serving nine months in prison.         was the                                    with their children and feel more comfortable in school settings.
For months after he was released,          letters
Kevin tried to meet his baby, but was      that CRT sent to court, showing that       Another successful strategy has been to provide workshops on family literacy
rebuffed by the child’s mother and         I was attending Fatherhood, and            at CRT Early Care and Education Centers. Based on parents’ interests and
grandmother. Frustrated and                making progress on my goals,”
unemployed, Kevin felt angry               he says.                                   schedules, some of these were incorporated into Parent Committee meetings,
“nearly all the time,” he says.               To create a safe environment, Kevin     others were free-standing seminars. Topics have included how to read to
   Then a flyer in the Parole Office       had to secure an affordable apartment
caught his eye. Kevin contacted the        – the first he has leased on his own.
                                                                                      a child; incorporating word games into everyday activities; and establishing
coordinator of CRT’s Fatherhood            CRT’s employment counselor helped          a family reading habit. More than 4,500 books were distributed for families’
Initiative, who encouraged him             him find work and Kevin now juggles
                                                                                      book shelves, thanks to support from organizations such as Reading is
to come to a workshop. “I could tell       three part-time jobs, so he can stay
right away this was what I needed,”        current with his rent and other bills.     Fundamental (RIF), First Books and the Greater Hartford Literacy Council,
Kevin recalls. “I think they were             In less than a year, Kevin feels that   as well as local PTAs and private organizations.
talking about emotions and anger           his life has made a complete about-
that night. But there was also this        face. He still works with a counselor      Children thrive as parents start to see themselves as teachers in their families
practical stuff, like how to get back      on anger management issues, and
your driver’s license.”                    keeps applying for full-time jobs.         and leaders on the road to reading. More than 160 parents participated
   With help from CRT, Kevin               “But I have ‘brothers’ in the program,     in PACT during the 2008-09 school year, and a total of 422 parents came
petitioned the court for visitation,       I have advocates in the staff. Without
and found the $50 per hour fee             all this, I can’t imagine where I’d
                                                                                      to reading workshops, activities and events.
for supervised visitation. Moving          be today.”
patiently through the system,
he gained rights to unsupervised
                                                                                                          Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 17
                                                                                             Empowerment and opportunity. These are two of the watchwords for CRT’s
                                                                                             Senior Services Division. Operating 146 units of housing and reaching
                                                                                             thousands more through nutritious meals and outreach activities, this
                                                                                             department is committed to enhancing the lives of the region’s seniors.

                                                                                             THE RETREAT, CRT’s 100-unit assisted living residence in Hartford, continues
                                                                                             to expand the holistic health services offered on-site. This year, full eye care
                                                                                             service was added, providing everything from routine exams through eyeglass
                                                                                             fabrication. This is the latest addition to services that also include primary care
                                                                                             by geriatric-focused medical doctors, physical and occupational therapies,
                                                                                             psychiatric services and podiatry. Dentistry should be provided in early 2010.

                                                                                             The Retreat is also addressing residents’ health by modifying the exercise
                                                                                             program offered every morning, to incorporate the recommendations of the
                                                                                             Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention. Research shows that falls are the
                                                                                             number one catalyst of elderly decline. A physical therapist who works at The
                                                                                             Retreat trained staff to focus on building strength, and on maintaining and
                                                                                             regaining balance. Practices include elements of Tai-Chi and yoga. An average
                                                                                             of 20 residents take part in these classes each morning.
Photo: Val Nanovsky

                                                                                             Using a small grant from the North Central Area Agency on Aging, RSVP
                                                                                             SENIOR OUTREACH and a Senior Activities Committee spearheaded seven
                                                                                             large events this year, which brought together residents of three CRT Senior
                                                                                             buildings, volunteers from the RSVP program, and occupants of several
                                                                                             low-income senior residences around Hartford. The events included an

                      STILL GOING STRONG
                      Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 18
intergenerational Halloween Costume Party, with seniors running                                                                                  ALICE CARSON

activities for children; creation of a decorated tree for the Festival               At 88, Alice Carson is slightly
of Trees at the Wadsworth Atheneum; a Black History Celebration                   surprised to find herself calling a large
                                                                                  New England city her “home.” But
featuring the Generations youth; and four other seasonal parties.                 Alice definitely feels at home in
By using vans belonging to The Retreat and CRT’s Behavioral Health                Hartford, in a fifth floor apartment

                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Val Nanovsky
                                                                                  at The Retreat assisted living.
Service, the outreach team was able to bring more than 450                           Although she does have family
different people to participate in these events.                                   in the region, she made the 1,200 mile
                                                                                  move from Alabama explicitly to
The Retreat, established to afford lower-income seniors a chance                   come to The Retreat, which had two             90% of the time,” she says, “which
                                                                                  important points in its favor:                 is a very big improvement.”
to enjoy quality assisted living, has just gotten more affordable.                                                                   Once she moved in, however, Alice
                                                                                     First, it was affordable; CRT’s
The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority agreed to allow CRT                     assisted living is one of the pilot            decided that the best thing about the
                                                                                  programs to accept Medicaid, and               place was the people. Both residents
to accept up to 20 residents who receive only the minimum                                                                        and staff earn high marks in her book.
                                                                                  residents pay a sliding fee for services.
Social Security of $665 per month. This will not require additional                  Second, there is attentive medication       She cites a fall which put her in the
                                                                                  management available; nurses’ aides            hospital. The Assistant Director of
government funding, instead under-utilized subsidy dollars from
                                                                                  come to the apartment three times              Senior Services waited in the
other units will cover the shortfall in revenue. The Retreat is the only                                                         Emergency Room, until her daughter
                                                                                  a day, reminding her to take her
residential program to make this type of arrangement with CHFA;                   prescriptions. Her previous residence          could get over from work.
                                                                                  had stopped providing this service,               The Retreat has given her a home
it required a review of past subsidy utilization, to show a history                                                              base and a new, extended family,
                                                                                  and Alice was confusing her 15
of under-utilization. With this, the Retreat was able to accept several           different medications, according               she says. “We do some gabbing and
                                                                                  to her daughter Sally.                         laughing and sharing all kinds of
individuals who were under the Department of Social Services                                                                     things,” she says of her Retreat-mates.
                                                                                     By helping her get back on a regular
Protective Services for the Elderly program, and the census rose                  medication schedule, The Retreat has           “I’ve been a real busy gal most of my
                                                                                  also helped her control her pain, Alice        life, and this is a great place to sit back
to an average of 99%.
                                                                                  says. “I’d say I’m comfortable about 80-       and enjoy myself for a while.”
The older clients at ASIAN FAMILY SERVICE have been enjoying
a special meal once each month, prepared by the CRT ELDERLY
                                                                           Seniors from The Retreat have begun to volunteer as readers at one of CRT’s
NUTRITION PROGRAM. The meal is the focal point for socialization
                                                                           Early Care and Education Centers. The interaction between the generations
and the opportunity to introduce new services and opportunities to
                                                                           brings joy to both. “Just because we’re retired, doesn’t mean we don’t want
the participants. CRT’s high-volume kitchen can provide individualized
                                                                           to be doing something useful,” said one of the readers. Of course, those
catering such as this, to meet the needs of specific programs.
                                                                           preschool hugs don’t hurt a bit!

                                                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 19
         Education and Youth                                  Employment                          Mental Health, Wellness        Community Corrections
         Head Start                                           SNAP Employment & Training          Asian Family Services          Alternative Incarceration Centers

         Child Care                                           Middlesex Education                 Behavioral Health Services     Building Bridges
                                                              & Training Consortium
         School Readiness                                                                         Clinical Homeless Outreach     Byrne Housing and Re-Entry
                                                              Summer Youth Employment
         Summer Food Program                                                                      Healthy Teen Hartford          Fresh Start
                                                              & Learning Program
         Early Winners Tutoring                                                                   McKinney Shelter Day           Scattered Site Re-Entry Housing
                                                              Year-Round Youth Employment
                                                                                                  Respite Program
         Child Care Food Program                              Program                                                            Transitional Case Management
                                                                                                  Re-Entry Recovery Services
         Youth Artisan and Technology                         YouthBuild                                                         Transitional Supervision Residence
         Program (YAT)                                                                            Ryan White Clinical Services

         Community Housing Assistance
         Program (CHAPS)

Photo: Val Nanovsky
                      Community Renewal Team, Inc.
                      Co munit Renewa Team Inc.
                      Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 20
                                    wal       Inc                                    g
                                                                                   Page 20
                                                                                             MANY PATHS
                                                                                             Photo: Val Nanovsky
         Senior Services                   Shelter and Supportive              Family Services and                                 Energy, Weatherization
                                           Housing                             Asset Building                                      & Home Repair
         Coventry Place Senior Housing
                                           East Hartford Community Shelter     Emergency Food Bank                                 Energy Assistance
         Generations Housing Development
                                           McKinney Shelter                    Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention                 Home Solutions
         Grocery Delivery
                                           Domestic Violence Supportive        Family Service Centers                              Weatherization and WRAP
         Meals on Wheels
                                                                               Financial Literacy
                                           Scattered Site Supportive Housing
                                                                               Home Ownership Made Easy
         Senior Community Cafés
                                           Veterans Crossing
                                                                               Individual Development Accounts
         The Retreat Assisted Living
                                                                               SAGA Case Management

                                                                               Suburban Outreach

                                                                               Tax Preparation

Photo: Val Nanovsky
                                                                                              om unit Renewal Team Inc
                                                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc.
                                                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 21
                                                                                                         newa     m
                                                                                                                               Photo: Val Nanovsky
Support and Revenue                                                        Expenses
                                                                           Salaries and Benefits                                 $24,407,345
Grants and Contracts
                                                                           Client Assistance                                      22,367,012
Federal                                              $41,506,045
                                                                           Materials and Supplies                                   5,788,998
State                                                 14,790,165
                                                                           Professional Fees and Contractual Services               3,240,717
Private Weatherization Program                         2,168,623
                                                                           Occupancy                                                3,728,870
                                                                           Delegate Agencies                                        2,563,367
In-Kind                                                1,767,952           Other Expenses                                           1,740,265
Elderly Nutrition Program Contributions                  486,338           Depreciation and Amortization                            1,061,387

Fundraising                                              153,613           Travel and Transportation                                  721,617

Supportive Housing Contributions                         146,726           Interest Expense                                           227,769

Other                                                       2,061          Total Expenses                                       $65,847,347
Other Revenue
                                                                           Change in Net Assets                                       732,183
Catering                                               1,142,346

Elderly Nutrition Program Fees                           269,887

Patient Fees                                             694,930

Rent Income Proceeds                                     223,144
                                                                           Expenses by Function
Education: Parent Fees and Subsidies                   2,186,392
                                                                                  Energy Related Services                                                 Children’s Services, Including
Child and Adult Care Food Program Subsidies              434,598                  24,906,894 38%                                                          Head Start and Child Care
CHEFA Debt Service                                       219,472                                                                                          21,137,343 32%

                                                                                                                                                          Elderly Nutrition Services
Other Income                                             387,238            Job Training and Placement
                                                                                                                                                          3,771,585 6%
                                                                            574,953 1%
Total Support and Revenue                           $66,579,530              Other Community Services                                                     Housing and Shelter Services
                                                                             2,748,188 4%                                                                 5,609,428 8%
                                                                                                                                                          Alternative Incarceration
                                                                                        Support Services
                                                                                                                                                          2,364,292 4%
                                                                                        4,734,664 7%
                                                                                                                 Source: CRT and affiliates combined financial statements
           Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 22                                  as of December 31, 2008.
Federal Funding Sources
Corporation for National and
                                       Senior Resources Agency on Aging
                                       Workforce Alliance, Inc.
                                                                                Blum Shapiro
                                                                                                                         Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition
                                                                                                                                                                     Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                     Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mayo Crowe LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                                               MBH ARCHITECTURE, LLC.
Community Service                                                               Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable      Connecticut Association for Community       East Coast Contractors & Zero Draft       MetLife Foundation
U.S. Department of Agriculture         Municipalities of:                       Foundation                               Action, Inc.                                of CT, LLC                                Metropolitan District Local 184
U.S. Department of Education           Avon                                     Bozzuto’s Inc.                           Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness   East Granby Congregational Church         Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Department of Energy              Bloomfield                               Braman Termite and Pest Elimination      Connecticut Fuel Oil Conservation Board     Enterprise Builders, Inc.                 Middlesex United Way, Inc.
U.S. Department of Health              Bolton                                   Specialists                              Connecticut Community Care, Inc.            Evans, Pires & Leonard                    Mike’s Auto & Towing Services, Inc.
and Human Services                     Canton                                                                                                                        F. & W. Caterers                          Monolith Services Group
U.S. Department of Homeland Security   Clinton                                                                                                                       Farmington Imlay Associates LLC
                                                                                  Asian Family Services Multicultural Health Fair                                                                              New England Cycle Center, Inc.
U.S. Department of Housing and                                                                                                                                       Farmington Savings Bank                   New Interiors Design
Urban Development                      Deep River                                 Asian Family Services’ first two annual health fairs were                          Fat City Cycles                           New Opportunities, Inc.
U.S. Department of Justice             Durham                                     so successful, the City of Hartford asked CRT to move the                          First Congregational Church               North Central Regional Health Board
U.S. Department of Labor               East Haddam                                                                                                                   Fleeting and Sons Construction, LL
                                                                                  event to Pope Park and broaden the outreach. At this                                                                         North Main Race, LLC
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs    East Hartford                                                                                                                 Foodshare                                 Northend Agent’s
U.S. Probation                         East Hampton                               November event, more than one dozen medical care groups
                                                                                                                                                                     Gargiulo Custom Bikes                     Nutmeg Foundation
U.S. Treasury – Internal               Enfield                                    provided services including blood pressure tests, cancer                           Gengras Motorcycles                       Operation Fuel
Revenue Service                        Haddam                                                                                                                        Global Marketing
                                                                                  information, flu shots, smoking cessation information, and                                                                   People’s United Bank
State Funding Sources                  Hartford                                                                                                                      Goodwin College                           People’s United Community Foundation
                                                                                  more. Over 130 people took advantage of these services.
Charter Oak State College                                                                                                                                            Graham-Massey Analytical Labs, Inc.       Peoples Products
Children’s Trust Fund                  Killingworth                                                                                                                  Guilford Specialty Group                  Performance Food Group Springfield
Commission on Culture and Tourism      Manchester                                                                                                                    Gypsy Road Leather & Tees                 Perkins
Connecticut Health and Educational     Middlefield                                                                                                                   Hartford Asset Building Collaborative     Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Facilities Authority                   Middletown                                                                                                                    Hartford Foundation for Public Giving     Pollo Tropical
Department of Children and Families    Newington                                                                                                                     Hartford Literacy Council                 Primo’s Sausage
Department of Correction               North Branford                                                                                                                Hartford Municipal Employees Federal      Pronto Printer of Newington
Department of Economic and             Portland                                                                                                                      Credit Union                              Prudential Foundation
Community Development                  West Hartford                                                                                                                 Haymond Law Firm                          Quiznos
Department of Education                Westbrook                                                                                                                     Hoffman Enterprises                       Rego Realty Corp.
Department of Labor                    Wethersfield                                                                                                                  Hogar Crea Of Center Street               Roadside Dogger
Department of Mental Health            Windsor                                                                                                                       HPC Foodservice                           Sacred Body Henna Tatoos & Face Painting
and Addiction Services                                                                                                                                               Hurston Research LLC
                                       Foundations, Businesses                                                                                                                                                 Saint John’s Episcopal Church
Department of Public Health                                                                                                                                          Il Panino/Tastebuds
                                       and Organizations                                                                                                                                                       Sandler & Mara, PC
Department of Social Services                                                                                                                                        ING Financial Advisers, LLC
                                       ADT Security Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                             Sasser, Sefton, Connally, Tipton & Davis
Department of Transportation                                                                                                                                         Insurance Works of Connecticut, Inc.
                                       Advanced Behavioral Health                                                                                                                                              Savings Bank of Manchester Charitable
Judicial Branch                                                                                                                                                      J. Associates Architects                  Foundation, Inc.
Office of Policy and Management        Aetna Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                        J. D. C. Enterprises, Inc.                Savino, Sturrock & Sullivan Financial LLC
                                       Aetna Giving Campaign                    Bristol Community Organization, Inc.                                                 J. Morrissey and Company
Municipal/Regional Funding                                                                                               Connecticut Light and Power                                                           Scott Variety
                                       All Waste, Inc.                          Brothers Oil Company, Inc.                                                           John H & Ethel G Noble Charitable Trust
Capital Workforce Partners, Inc.                                                                                         Courant/Fox 61 Foundation                                                             Seafood Express
                                       Alstom Employees Social Fund             Brown Rudnick                                                                        Liberty Bank Foundation
Hartford Office of Youth Services                                                                                        Crown Supermarket of Hartford                                                         Shipman & Goodwin, LLP
                                       Archdiocese of Hartford Annual Appeal    Business and Professional Women’s Club                                               LNR Catering
Hartford Public Schools                                                                                                  CT Clownz                                                                             Siegel, O’Connor, O’Donnell & Beck, PC
                                       ARES CYCLES, LLC                         of Greater Hartford                                                                  McCormick Foundation
Hartford Housing Authority                                                                                               CT Gutter Pro                                                                         Sigmund Software
                                       Atlanta Psychological Associates, Inc.   CAP Systems                                                                          M.P. Guinan & Associates
Mid-Connecticut Workforce                                                                                                Cubed Squared                                                                         Slipper Lady
                                       Auerbach Shiro Foundation                Capitol City Productions                                                             M/C Motorcycle Insurance, LLC
Development Board                                                                                                        Delivery Concepts East                                                                Smokin’ with Chris, LLC
                                       Bank of America                          Carlin, Charron & Rosen, LLP                                                         M.A.C. Foundation
Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce                                                                                     DeMarco Management Corporation                                                        South Congregational Church
                                       Bank of America Charitable               Cart Concepts Intl. LLC                                                              Macca Plumbing & Heating                  of East Hartford
North Central Area Agency on Aging     Foundation, Inc.                                                                  Diamond Ray’s Hot Dogs
                                                                                Central CT Paralegal Association         Diane Alverio & Co.                         Mansfield Paper Company                   Sparkle Jewelry
North Central Regional Health Board    Bikers for the Cure                      Community Events, Inc.                   Diversified Business Holdings, LLC          Maple Hill Farms
Operation Fuel                         Blue Hills Volunteer Fire Department     Community Health Services                                                            Marilyn’s Dancing Dogs

                                                                                                                                                   Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 23
Staples                                                                                                                                       James Gatling                           Theresa Nicholson           In-Kind Donations
Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC                                                                                                           Greg Gaudet                             Dr. Wilfredo Nieves         AAA
Swiss Cleaners
                                                                          Many Hands Beautify Generations                                     Annette Gaynor                          Kevin O’Neil                Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant
Target Foundation                                                         In April, more than 200 volunteers of every age came                Jeri Gollinger                          Mary O’Connell              Black Bear Saloon
TJX Foundation, Inc.                                                      together for a day of planting and fun at the Generations           Maryam Gonzalez                         Ivette Oliveras             Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable
Thomas Atkins Memorial Trust Fund                                         campus. Led by the Green Crew of the Knox Parks                     Barry Gordon                            Jennifer O’Neal-Reid        Foundation
ThoroughClean, LLC                                                                                                                            Erica Gorman                            David Osella                Boston Red Sox
Thurston Foods, Inc.                                                      Foundation, volunteers planted trees and rose bushes and            Steven Gosselin                         Nancy Pappas                Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp.
Tint Master Solar Control System                                          prepared a bed for summer vegetables. Volunteers from               Marva Greenfield-Louis                  Lisa Pare                   Budweiser Beer Distributors
Training Consortium                                                       St. Michael’s Church, Catholic Worker, Center for Serenity          Dory Greger                             Lorna Parmlee               Sue Budde/Creative Memories
Trantolo & Trantolo                                                                                                                           Sean Greger                             Mayor Eddie Perez           City Steam Brewery Cafe
                                                                          and several corporations also cleaned the entire block.             William Greger                          Alex Pestana                Clear Channel/Country 92.5
Tricom Systems, Inc.                                                                                                                          William Greger, Jr.                     James and Karen Pestana     Concentra
Triple Springs Spring Water Co.                                                                                                               John Groves                             John and Judith Petrofsky   Connecticut Cruise News
UBS Realty Investors LLC                                                                                                                      Sonia Grown                             Ken Plumb                   CT Assoc. of Foster and Adoptive
Unitarian Universalist Society: East                                                                                                          Mayor Sebastian Guiliano                Paul Puzzo                  Parents, Inc.
United Food & Commercial Workers                                                                                                              Mary Phil Guinan                        Tom Ragonese                DaCor Installation Services, Inc.
Local 919                                                                                                                                     Dr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey   Brenda Ransom               Dick’s Sporting Goods
United Way of Central & Northeastern                                                                                                          Krista Heybruck                         Tom Ritter                  East Coast Packaging
Connecticut                                                                                                                                   Kenneth Hinson                          Edwin Rivera                Feld Entertainment/Ringling Bros.
Universal Connectivity                                                                                                                        Jeffrey Hoffman                         Magdalena Rodriguez         and Barnum & Bailey
Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc.                                                                                                        Melissa Howard                          Elyssa Rosario              Foodshare
                                         Photo: Riley D. Johnson, Jr.

Vinci Oil                                                                                                                                     John Izzo                               Barbara Ruel                Gifts in Kind International
Warm Thy Neighbor Operation Fuel Grant                                                                                                        Faith Jackson                           Janice San Souci            Leslie Gordon/Sunny Heart Yoga
Wentworth, DeAngelis & Kaufman, LLC                                                                                                           Mini Jefferson                          Bob Sander                  Hallmark Cards Inc.
West Avon Congregational Church                                                                                                               Dave Johnson                            Robert Sasser               Harry’s Discount Liquor
West Indian Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                                  Dr. Edward Johnson                      Daniel Schaefer             Hartford Distributors
Whalley Computer Associates                                                                                                                   Lynn Johnson                            Mark Scheinberg             Hartford Stage
Whittlesey & Hadley                                                                                                                           Gloria Jones                            Lisa Schroeder              Hartford Sales Company
William’s Electrical Contracting LLC                                    Stephen Bigler                                                        Jonathan Jones                          Hubert Schwan               Home Depot Gifts In Kind Program
Wolcott Lions Club                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Blaschke     Jennifer Daly                         Norman Jones                            Nancy Shapiro               Hook & Ladder Restaurant
Xerox Corporation                                                       Deborah Boyd                    Michael Daly                          Margaret Joyner                         James Shannon, Jr.          Hurston Research LLC
YMCA of Greater Hartford                                                Susan Scanlan Bransfield        Ivelisse Davila                       Sara Kaplan and Ken Malley              Dan Shea                    IGA/Bozzutos
                                                                        Betty Brew                      Teresa Davis                          Andrew Kelly                            Molly Shelton               Knox Parks Foundation
Individuals                                                                                                                                                                                                       Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford
Todd Abramson                                                           Cathi Ann Brewer                Ashley Debenian                       Patty Kels-Murphy                       Joseph & Lori Shield
                                                                        Richard & Joan Brigham          Dawn Dickenson                        Kevin Kenzenkovic                       Edison Silva                Maple Hill Farms
Julie Ackerman                                                                                                                                                                                                    Metropolitan District Commission
Monty Aheart                                                            Effie Brown                     Marilyn Dickson                       Jonas & Carmela Kozikis                 Greg Sneed
                                                                        Richard Brown                   Lynne Donnelly                        Mary Kozich                             Jennifer Squier             National Amusements
Robert Aheart                                                                                                                                                                                                     New Britain Rock Cats
Kerri Kay Allen                                                         Erika Brown                     Terrence Donohue                      John Lomberg                            Joe Stanford
                                                                        George Brusznicki               Patricia Donovan                      Karl Lund                               Elliot and Sheila Stone     New England Air Museum
Diane Alverio                                                                                                                                                                                                     Performance Food Group Springfield
Bildade Augustin                                                        Denise Callahan                 Edward Drysgula, Jr.                  Dr. Conrad Mallett                      G.P. Tanksley
                                                                        Deborah Cawley                  Kenneth Dubois and Francesca French   Dan Mara                                Valerie Taylor              Phoenix Companies
Wendy Austin                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pollo Tropical
Daniel Babella                                                          Maria Cheema                    Mayo Edghill                          Lorenzo Marshall                        Tim Toner
                                                                        Thomas Clark                    Joseph Eleazer                        Ronald Mathis                           Bethanne Vergean            Rolling Meadows Country Club
Allan Baker                                                                                                                                                                                                       Safari Micro
Eric Barfield                                                           Angel Codear                    David Eppner                          Robert and Susan Mazzonna               Jay Victorick
                                                                        Richard Cohen                   Steven Erickson                       Christopher McCluskey                   Richard and Bette Walmer    Six Flags New England
Jim Barts                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ski Mount Southington
Doris Battle                                                            Janice Copeland                 Kevin Evans                           Carl Merz                               Jeremy Walter
                                                                        Leonard Paul Copes              Timothy Evans                         Lydia Miazza                            David Walters               Ski Sundown
Edward Begley                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sovereign Bank
Stefanie Belding                                                        Brian Cowell                    Mary Everett                          Maria Michele                           Tim Weaver
                                                                        Sharon Cowell                   Wesley Feshler                        Bill Miller                             Dana Wilson                 Sparkle Jewelry
Walter Benjamin                                                                                                                                                                                                   Steve McCluskey of Diageo
Marta Bentham                                                           Gretchen Craffey                Robert Fishman                        Saul Mora                               Paula Wright
                                                                        James Cullen                    Grady Fitzpatrick                     Teri Morrison                           Francis Yankson             University Club Golf Course
Fernando Betancourt                                                                                                                                                                                               TheaterWorks
                                                                        Keith Czarnecki                 Glenn Gabianelli                      Donald Neel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  UConn Athletic Marketing
              Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 24

      Head Start Parade
      The first-ever CRT Head Start Parade was both a spectacular
      and successful event. On May 6, more than 2,000 CRT
      preschoolers, their families and teachers turned Bushnell
      Park into a rainbow of tee shirts and balloons. The highlight
      of the day was the performance by members of the Ringling
      Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, who brought dogs,
      acrobats and clowns to entertain the crowd. Then, as the
      children shouted the magic words of “Zing! Zang! Zoom!”
      five elephants appeared under the Soldiers and Sailors Arch!

      Photos by Claudine Bernard, Michael Daly, Riley D. Johnson, Jr.,
      Jordon Polon and Anthony Quinn
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
In March, Susan Komisar-Hausman, author of the children’s
abuse awareness story, “Kisses From Dolce,” participated
in activities at several of CRT’s ECE centers. That morning,
a variety of community stakeholders read her book in every
CRT classroom. Guest readers included DCF Commissioner
Susan Hamilton, far right, and State Senator John Fonfara,

8th Annual CRT Golf Tournament
CRT’s Annual Golf Tournament in September raised funds
for the Elderly Nutrition Program. This event draws                      Locust Earns NAEYC Accreditation
participants, supporters and volunteers from all facets                  The state’s largest preschool, Locust Street Early Care and
of our community, and benefits Meals on Wheels and                       Education Center, celebrated their NAEYC Accreditation
the nearly 800 frail seniors CRT nourishes throughout                    with Mayor Eddie Perez in February. Unit Manager Elizabeth
Central Connecticut.                                                     Mosquera holds the plaque, at center.

                                                               Page 26
2nd Annual Bike Night
This June fundraiser for our Generations campus was
attended by hundreds of bikers and spectators, who
enjoyed music and entertainment, youth activities, food,
and a classic motorcycle contest. Capital City Ryders
motorcycle group lent their support, along with several
business sponsors, staff and volunteers.

Attorney General Visits
Joanne Perloff, second from left, was proud to bring Atty.
Gen. Richard Blumenthal to speak at The Retreat in
October. After years organizing events in the community,                    WHY RUSH Teenage Anti-Drinking Billboard Contest
she is currently the coordinator of a Speakers Series                       Healthy Teen Hartford, CRT’s coalition to prevent underage
that is sponsored by the Retreat Members Council. Lena                      drinking, initiated a billboard contest that urges teens to avoid
Rodriguez, CEO, far left and Gus Keach-Longo, Executive                     alcohol. Six winners were honored in September by Mayor
Director of Senior Services, at right.                                      Eddie Perez at City Hall, and the winning billboards have been
                                                                            posted on 12 sites in Hartford and featured on a high profile
                                                                            electronic billboard on I-91. Posters will be put up at Hartford
                                                                            Community Court and in the five city Recreation Centers.

                                                             Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 27
                                                                  Dedication of Generations Portrait Gallery
                                                                  In February, CRT held a celebration at Generations honoring the
                                                                  “Pioneer Grandfamilies” residing at CRT’s campus. Also honored
                                                                  were State Senator Eric Coleman and State Representative
                                                                  Marie Kirkley-Bey for their roles in obtaining much needed
                                                                  funding; local artist Marela Zacarias who worked with youth
                                                                  at Generations to create the beautiful mural; and CRT staff
                                                                  member Michael Daly who shot the photography. Generations
                                                                  residents also shared moving stories about their lives before
                                                                  and after their move to the campus.

                                                                  Senator Dodd Comes to Listen
                                                                  The day after Thanksgiving, Senator Chris Dodd visited the
                                                                  Generations campus for a roundtable discussion on home energy
                                                                  assistance and other financial concerns in the community. Senator
                                                                  Dodd, joined by Mayor Eddie Perez, listened as Hartford residents
                                                                  spoke about problems with health insurance, affordable day care,
                                                                  home foreclosures and job losses, as well as energy assistance.

                                                                  City of Hartford Grandparents & Family Day
                                                                  CRT co-sponsored this September event, held in Bushnell Park.
                                                                  Over 200 families participated in a day of fun, festivities,
                                                                  and services, and even the steady rain didn’t dampen their
                                                                  enthusiasm. Customers learned about, signed up for, and met
                                                                  staff from many CRT programs. Working alongside the 20 CRT
                                                                  staff were over 20 volunteers.

CRT Annual Report 2009
Nancy Pappas, editor
Maria Cheema, designer
Val Nanovsky, photographer
A special thanks to the individuals and families
who shared their stories
and all who contributed to this publication.
For more information about CRT visit us at www.crtct.org

          Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 28

                 Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 29
Winning designs by six local youth were blown up into billboards, in a contest put together by CRT’s
Healthy Teen Hartford, a coalition to stop underage drinking. The digital billboard on Interstate 91 (left)
and the print billboards were seen by more than 118,000 people each day. First prize winner Ja Quan
Sullivan-McCalop is shown with his family, above right.

                       COMMUNITY RENEWAL TEAM, INC. 555 Windsor Street, Hartford CT 06120. www.crtct.org

         Community Renewal Team, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 0 9 Page 30

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