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					                        CLIENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES
                         Association for Advancement of Mental Health

         Every client that receives the services of AAMH is made aware of their rights. AAMH
will promote your rights as a consumer of service throughout the course of your treatment. If
you have any questions regarding your rights, use this information as a guide or speak with any
clinical associate of AAMH.

1. You will be informed of your rights and responsibilities during the admission process and
   throughout your involvement at AAMH through the direct service provided, education and
   this written statement of client rights.

2.    You will receive a copy of the “client’s rights” and will have the opportunity to obtain
     clarification on any of the information regarding client's rights at any time during your
     participation at AAMH.

3. You have the right to reasonable access to care regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual
   orientation, ethnicity, age or disability.

4. You have the right to service that promotes personal dignity, and respects your individual
   value and belief systems. You have the right to be treated in a safe, and sanitary environment,
   which provides for privacy and confidentiality of information

5. You will be informed of your rights in a language that you can understand. AAMH will
   make every reasonable effort possible to ensure this is achieved.

6. You will be informed of AAMH rules and regulations concerning the conduct of individuals

7. You have the right to individualized treatment that is provided in the least restrictive
   environment possible in order to achieve the goals of treatment/services, and facilitated by an
   adequate number of competent clinicians.

8. You have the right to be informed of the individualized recovery plan schedule and
   encouraged to participate in all aspects of the plans development.

9.    You will not be subjected to non-standard treatment or procedures, experimental procedures
     or research or provider demonstration projects, without written informed consent, after
     consultation with counsel or interested party of client’s choosing.

10. You have the right to be free from corporal punishment.

11. You have the right to treatment in the least restrictive setting, free from physical restraints
    and isolation.
12. You have the right to reasonable access to and use of a telephone.

13. You have the right to have all clinical information kept confidential, unless you give written
    consent to disclose specific information to another designated party.

14. You have the right to have access to your clinical record. Information will be released upon
    written request and after discussion with their primary clinician.

15. You have the right to refuse recommended treatment.

16. You have the right to refuse medication. You have the right to be free from unnecessary or
    excessive medication.

17. You will have the right to obtain a personal advocate when appropriate. You will have
    access to the identified agency ombudsperson.

18. You will have the opportunity to participate in program planning and agency evaluation.
    AAMH provides periodic service and program evaluations. Clients will complete satisfaction
    surveys, provide written comments on service and have the opportunity to be represented by
    or attend the Client Advisory Council.

19. You have the right to file a complaint/grievance.

20. You will be informed of your financial responsibility and receive information regarding all
    fees as they apply to your own financial means. It is your responsibility to ensure that all
    agreed upon fees for services rendered are received by AAMH. AAMH does not restrict care
    as a result of any individual's inability to pay for service.

I, ___________________________ have reviewed, understand and received a copy of the
      Client’s printed name   Client's Rights and Responsibilities.

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Client’s Signature                                                  Date

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