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                                                    by Greg Gushard

  Add SOME MUSCLE To Your Routine:

                          Strength Training
      The harsh, cold winter months are behind us. Thankfully, we can move some of our
   workouts to outside. Add a brisk walk after dinner in your neighborhood. Perhaps, you
   can find time to squeeze some extra cardio before or after work. The weather is great,
   and with our workout routines in full swing we are feeling a lot better about ourselves.
      Now is the time to also consider adding in an extra regiment, and this month we’re
   going to explore strength training. Strength training is not for everyone. It helps to
   build lean muscle and raise your metabolism, but if you are simply trying to shed an
   extra five pounds, sticking with a simple cardio plan should do fine. Only you can de-
   cide what areas you need to focus on.
      Strength training is all about compound movements, or movements that target more
   than one muscle group. Compound movements enhance your current weight or cardio
   routines, allowing you to lift more weight while giving you the extra calorie-burn that
   comes from working large muscle groups within your body. Compound moves include
   squats, lunges, pushups, tricep dips, and many more. It is a good idea to stick with a
   consistent schedule. For instance, target leg muscles on Mondays and Wednesdays
   by performing Squats and Lunges. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, perform bicep curls
   and tricep dips to target the upper-body. Do not limit yourself to just one type of exer-
   cise; be sure to work your muscle groups consistently to help burn extra calories.
      Beginners should start with one set of 10 to 15 reps of each exercise with a moder-
   ate weight, adding a set gradually. If you're a beginner, squats, chest press, rows,
   pushups and crunches are some good basic exercises to start with. As a beginner,
   training your core muscles - chest, back, legs, and abs – should be your focus. These
   muscles make up the foundation of large muscle groups. After you are comfortable
   with these, you can research individual muscle groups that you want to target. Use
   enough weight that the last rep is difficult, but not impossible. Your last rep should be
   completed with good form. If you cannot complete the last rep, you are using too
   much weight. It will take a week or two to figure out the perfect combination, so do not
   be discouraged if at first your strength training requires a great deal of modification.
   After two or three workouts of comfortably lifting a certain amount of weight for 2 - 3
   sets of you may want to try increasing the amount of weight. If you feel you are using
   too much weight, remember that it is much better to use a lighter weight, and proper
   form. This helps tone your body. Devote 60 seconds of rest between each set you do,
   and remember that as usual you will feel sore when you first begin your strength train-
      Strength training is most effective when performed on days that you also partake in
   cardio exercises. They provide a good cool-down workout after running or walking a
   few miles, and can help to stretch and loosen up any tension built up during a cardio
      Lastly, you will need some materials for your strength training. Strength training can
   be done with, or without weights. For the best results you will want a set of weights.

      Here are some things that you will need:

                            - Weights
                            - Soft-pad, mat or blanket
                            - Medicine ball
                            - Comfortable exercise clothing (not too baggy)
                            - ...and a positive attitude!

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                     MAY 2010   PAGE 21

Tiny Tots, Big Hearts!
    I recently had an interesting discussion with one of our Nest Instructresses:      member it at such a
 Suzanne Zareczny regarding our Tiny Tot Meet/Workshop which took place                young age!
 on Tuesday, March 16th. She explained how, every spring, Nest 725 holds a                As a coach, that is
 "meet"- a min-gymnastics-only version of our National Zlot.                           what makes it worth
    This year it seemed even more important to provide a fun, learning atmos-          all the hours we put
 phere for the smaller children and those who, for various reasons, will be un-        into this wonderful
 able to attend our 2010 National Zlot.                                                organization. I know
   Instructor George and Assistant Instructress Sue did a wonderful job getting        I can speak for my-
 to the hall early to set up. In fact they did so well it left quite a favorable im-   self and my fellow
 pression on our Nest 725 President: Marian E. Hansen, who remarked to me              colleagues when I
 that it reminded her of the past, on how well things were organized and laid          say that this is one
 out.                                                                                  of the reasons we
   The events were: Floor Routine, Beam, T-Bars, High/Horizontal Bar and the           are here.
 Spring bar. All the children in attendance participated!                                 Keep up the good
   I was so impressed with Ms. Sue's description of the event (for our website         work my young Fal-
 article) that I felt it appropriate to share an edited excerpt here:                  cons, you sure do
 "We started with stretching, then Mr. George sent the children to their stations      shine! A big thank           Instructor George Wortz hands out awards assisted
 (approximately four kids in each group). Three coaches - three groups. The            you to all the par-          by Instructress Shannon Borek.
 children rotated through each different "station". With I, Assistant Instructress     ents, guardians and
 Sue manning the floor exercises, Instructress Shannon handling the beam               grandparents who brought their kids to participate in our meet and encour-
 and Instructor George on the high/horizontal bar. The kids then rotated               aged them every step of the way. They made for a great audience. “Stand
 through the next three stations. Ms. Sue on the t-bar, Ms. Shannon with               Proud, you are a Falcon!"
 stretching exercises and Mr. George on the spring board.                                 Hearing Druhna Sue's description made it clear to me how big the hearts
    The children took instruction very well! We even had a friend of one of our        are of these little children and their willingness to try and then accomplish
 young Falcons join us in the meet that, enjoyed it so much, became a Falcon           new things! It sure seems "catching" as I could also tell how big the hearts are
 Member the very next week! It was a great sight to see, my fellow coaches             of our Instructors, Instructresses and Coaches. Their enthusiasm for every
 and I were proud to think how well our young ones performed to the best of            child and their willingness to volunteer much of their time is a lesson of the
 their abilities. They sure did shine!                                                 heart from which we all can learn.
    After our Tiny Tot Meet, there were snacks for everyone and all of our
 young Falcons won medals! I even had one of our young ones tell me about                      Czolem,
 her medals she had at home from last year’s event. It was great that her Tiny                 Druh William Bielicki (Webmaster Bill)
 Tot Meet experience from last year went so well that she was able to re                       (With Special Contribution from Druhna Suzanne Zareczny)

         Bunnies and Bonnets....

           An Easter Egg Hunt was organized by Nest 163, Mocanagua,                          Nest 307 in Southington, Connecticut, held their annual Chil-
           Pennsylvania for the children of the community on March 27.                       dren’s Easter Party on March 28. Forty three children attended
           Nest 163 would like to thank all the Members and local                            and were treated to crafts, egg hunts and a visit from the Easter
           businesses who contributed to make this Easter Egg Hunt a                         Bunny himself! The cooks, Jim Sokolowski, Ken Decker, Neil
           huge success. Featured with the Easter Bunny are Hailey                           Prendergast and Nick Tabellione made kielbasa, ham, rye and
           Adams and Hannah Wisniewski.                                                      babka bread along with deviled eggs.

                             Submitted by Druhna Tammie Wisniewski                                                      Submitted by Druhna Chris Miller

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                      MAY 2010       PAGE 22
 Nest 336 Fundraisers a
 Great Success                                                         Chaplain’s
                                                                       By Rev. Canon Joseph Sredzinski
                                                                       PFA National Chaplain

                                                                                                         Czesc Maryji
                                                                                                         - It is Mary’s Month
                                                                                                               Some will undoubtedly quote that earthy say-
                                                                                                            ing, ‘Spring showers bring May Flowers,’ and as
                                                                                                            you take a note of nature that is so true. Buds
                                                                                                            on trees give way to green foliage and flowering
                                                                                                            buds with eventual fruit.
                                                                                                               Tulips, and hyacinths give way to lilies and
                                                                                                            roses and a rainbow of colors in flower beds sur-
                                                                                                            rounding our homes and outlining parks, etc.
                                                                                                               Yet, the most beautiful flower of May is the
                                                                                                            Maiden from Nazareth, the spouse of St.
                                                                                                            Joseph, mother of the Savior of the world and
                                                                                                            since Good Friday, our Beloved, heavenly
                                                                                                            Mother. We recall and proudly sing those pre-
                                                                       cious Marin melodies including Gwiazdo Sliczna, Zdrowas Maryjo, Immaculate
                                                                       Mary, Haily Holy Queen and of course the favorite Serdeczna Matko.
                                                                           This the month for May Crowning. This is the month for May altars. This is the
                                                                       month with a special attention given to the one and only one female invited by God
                                                                       to become the first tabernacle for Christ, to become the Mother of Jesus, whose
                                                                       heart would be pierced with a sword, whose name would envoke prayers, Shrines,
                                                                       parishes, children named Mary, Marie, Marys and a woman meant to wear a crown
                                                                       of 12 stars as noted in the New testament.
                                                                           We in the Polish Falcons with most of our membership of Polish and Catholic
                                                                       background join millions around the globe to honor “Our Blessed Mother,” the
                                                                       Lovely Lady dressed in Blue.” Mater Redemptoris and consolation for so many.
                                                                       In my parish assignments, repeatedly we called attention to Mary; especially in the
                                                                       fifth month of the calendar year. We quoted from Scriptures, we cited prayers of
                                                                       saints such as the Memorare by St. Bernard, and encouraged May altars and May
                                                                       Crownings for Mary of Nazareth, who caused Jesus to work his very first miracle at
                                                                       the wedding of Cana and recall her last recorded words, “Do Whatever He Tells
                                                                       You.” We likewise recall what Jesus said while dying on Calvary to his one disciple,
                                                                       “Behold your Mother.”
                                                                           Humbly, I admit to praying the Rosary everyday and to sing a hymn or two to
                                                                       Mary regularly to Mary. I wholeheartedly encourage each Falcon to do the same.
                                                                       We are privileged as Poles and Polish-Americans to have the famous Icon of Our
                                                                       Lady of Czestochowa as a visible reminder of Mary’s motherly love.
     Nest 336 in Jackson, Michigan, had a busy seven weeks with            Sing to Mary and bring flowers to her image and most of all imitate her fidelity to
  Fish Fries at the Club every Friday evening serving around 2,400     Christ on a daily basis.
  fish dinners to the Jackson, Michigan residents. This is a huge         Czarna Madonna, jak dobrze twym dzieckim byc, o pozwol w ramionach swoich
  commitment from Members to put on these dinners every week.          sie skrych.
  Around 50 people worked the Fish Fries over the seven weeks.            Enjoy the weather, the flowers of May and do honor Mary in her month.
     This was a great social event that also brought people into the
  Club, helping to provide funds to meet the Club’s various ex-                                         z Panem Bogiem i Czolem
  penses. A very special thank you goes out to Louis Scarpino                                           Canon J. Sredzinski
  who organized, worked and oversaw the whole Fish Fry this year                                        PFA National Chaplain
  and did a fantastic job of it. That was a huge undertaking and
  we appreciate it. Our sincere appreciation goes out to all that
  participated with the Fish Fries in 2010.
     In addition, on Saturday April 17, Members of Nest 336
                                                                                      ATTENTION: ALL FALCONS
  worked together and hosted an inside rummage sale at the Club.              The 2nd annual Grand Celebration to honor Our Lady of
  It was our first attempt at such an event and it was a great suc-            Czestochowa, Patroness of all Polonia is scheduled for
  cess. Admission tickets for the sale was $1 and that entered                Thursday, August 26 at St. Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh at
  each person in a 50/50 drawing. We sold Sloppy Joes, sodas                7 p.m. with the Most Rev. David Zubik Presiding. Let’s fill the
  and chips along with having a bake goods sale. Members were
  happy to rent a table and clean out a few things in their home
                                                                            pews and pay tribute to Our Lady with a special Falcon ethnic
  along with making some money for themselves and the Club.                          pride. Our PFA is co-sponsor of this event.

                           Submitted by Druhna Nancy Konopacki                       Rev. Cannon Joseph Sredzinski, National Chaplain

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                          MAY 2010       PAGE 23
                                                         difficult to clean. “Already a week ago we wrote to    Kubuś Therapy
    NEWS FROM POLAND                                     the contractor who carried out the refurbishment
                                                         asking for advice on how to clean off the wax.
                                                                                                                A thousand teddy bears went to rescue services
                                                                                                                in the Lublin
                                                         We’ve not received a reply,” confessed Iwona           province, southeast
                                                         Fryczynska, press officer for the City Cleaning
Poles Want Answers                                       Management.
                                                                                                                Poland, during
                                                                                                                March. The toy
The publication New Poland Express reports that                                                                 bears, which am-
Polish officials have demanded to know why               Auschwitz Thieves Sentenced                            bulance crews
Russian soldiers and policemen changed landing           The District Court in Cracow has sentenced three       have nicknamed
strip light bulbs at Smolensk airport shortly after      Poles who stole the “Arbeit Macht Frei” [“Work         “psychological first
the crash that killed President Kaczynski and            Makes Freedom”] sign from the Auschwitz camp           aid packages” will
large numbers of the country’s political and mili-       gate. Radoslaw M. was sentenced to 30 months           be given to children
tary elite. They soldiers were caught on camera          in prison, his brother Lukasz M. to 28 months and      who are victims of
by Belarusian photographer Sergei Serebro                Pawel S. to 1.18 years. The thieves will also have     road accidents. Ac-
merely an hour after the tragic event. Upon being        to pay $3,370 for stealing and damaging the sign,      cording to Edward
spotted, Serebro was approached by officials who         which they cut into three pieces. Polish law pro-      Polk, head of the
demanded he stopped taking any more pictures             hibits publishing the surnames of defendants.          association Misie ratują dzieci [Bears Save Kids]
and leave.                                               The court established that the two brothers dis-       the toy helps relieve trauma. The Association also
Combined, the two incidents have left a hadow of         mantled the sign and their accomplice transported      runs the only children’s’ psychological support
doubt as to the condition of the light bulbs before      it to the coast. The three men pleaded guilty to       center in Poland, located in near the Baltic resort
the attempted landing.                                   stealing the sign and accepted the punishment.         of Kolobrzeg, where it provides free therapy pro-
Colonel Zbigniew Rzepa, a spokesman for the              They also apologized for what they did. Two other      grams for small accident victims.
Chief Military Prosecutors Office, announced this        men involved in the theft were Andrzej S., who re-
week that Polish prosecutors have asked the Rus-
sians to explain what military personnel were
                                                         cruited the thieves, and Marcin A., who was al-        Nuclear Honor
                                                         legedly a middleman between Andrzej S. and the         The northern town of Zarnowiec has won the
doing with the bulbs so soon after the crash.            Swede Anders Hoegstrom, who is accused of
“It’s certainly a line of enquiry that we need to pur-                                                          competition to host the first nuclear power plant in
                                                         masterminding the crime, are in custody.               Poland. Warta-Klempicz and Kopan still have a
sue,” he said. Poland is also asking Moscow to           According to reports, the court wants to delay
hand over the recordings contained inside the                                                                   chance to host the second nuclear power station
                                                         proceedings against Marcin A. until Hoegstrom          in the country. Zarnowiec was chosen on the
black boxes recovered at the site of the crash.          has been extradited to Poland.
Until now, Russian officials are the only people to                                                             basis of seventeen criteria, including seismology,
                                                         The “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the Auschwitz        hydrology, proximity of settlements and local pop-
have had access to the information.                      gate was stolen on 18 December, 2009, and re-
“Although we have participated in legal proceed-                                                                ulation’s awareness of atomic energy. All the
                                                         covered after three days around 375 miles from         towns are located in the north of Poland.
ings in Smolensk, we are not allowed access to           the former death camp.
the contents without Russia’s consent,” says                                                                    Zarnowiec and Kopan are situated close to the
Colonel Ireneusz Szelag.                                                                                        coast, which is important because a nuclear plant
Attorney General Andrzej Seremet said, “An                                                                      needs water to cool down its reactors.
explanation as to why the government plane
crashed near Smolensk will require painstaking
work and may take some time.”                                                                                                                 Moose on the
He went on to add that while the crash is currently
a Russian investigation and all evidence is at its
                                                                                                                                              The Podlaskie Gov-
disposal, the Russian side is “friendly, and willing
                                                                                                                                              ernor is set to appeal
to cooperate”.
                                                                                                                                              a landmark ruling by
                                                                                                                                              Bialystok Regional
Streets of wax                                                                                                                                Court awarding a
                                                         Church Dialogue                                                                      farmer PLN 2,300 for
                                                         Poland’s Roman Catholic Church opened its first                                      damage caused to
                                                         dialogue with Russian Orthodox leaders in March,       pine saplings by moose. The court ruled in March
                                                         2010, in a bid to rebuild relations between the two    that the Treasury represented by the Podlaskie
                                                         countries, reports Ecumenical News International.      Governor and the Ministry for the Environment are
                                                         Church representatives said in a joint statement,      responsible for damage caused by the large ani-
                                                         “Although these were introductory talks, key           mals to private wood stands following a case
                                                         problems of mutual interest were discussed, and it     brought by a farmer from the village of Downary.
                                                         was agreed to start work on a joint document           While Polish moose are not a protected species
                                                         about our churches’ contribution to the labor of       as such, there is a year-round ban on shooting
                                                         reconciliation.” Archbishop Jozef Michalik, Chair-     the animals which in practice amounts to the
                                                         man of Poland’s Bishops Conference, said that he       same thing. The court ruled that the Treasury is
                                                         is an optimist regarding the prospects for reconcil-   therefore responsible for any damage the beasts
                                                         iation                                                 may cause as they have both failed to provide a
                                                                                                                period in which farmers can shoot the animals or
                                                                                                                indicated an alternative method for stopping the
                                                                                                                damage. Previously, the Treasury has only paid
                                                         World s Richest Pole                                   out for losses resulting from protected species
                                                         According to Forbes magazine’s list of the richest     such as wolves or bison.
                                                         people in the world, Jan Kulczyk is Poland’s           Scientists estimate there are as many as eight
Sections of Warsaw’s Krakowskie Przedmiescie             wealthiest man. With assets of well over $2 billion,   thousand moose in Poland, of which 70% live in
Boulevard are coated in a thick layer of wax from        Forbes ranks him as 463rd richest man on Earth.        the north-east of the country. They are a common
the thousands of candles placed outside the pres-        Kulczyk’s investments are mainly in energy, infra-     sight on roads in the region, causing the occa-
idential palace in the last week, in places consti-      structure and real estate sectors. The second          sional accident, and have even been seen on the
tuting a health hazard, turning the street into          richest man in Poland is Polsat TV’s Zygmunt           streets of Bialystok.
something resembling a skating rink. Cleaning the        Solorz-Zak with a fortune of $2.1 billion. Third is
dangerous areas can only take place at night due         insurance and banking’s Leszek Czarnecki who is
to ongoing mourning services taking place in the         worth $1.4 billion.                                                   Sources: Polonia Media Network,
churches along the street.                                                                                                     New Poland Express
The Chinese granite which was used in the ex-
pensive refurbishment of the street appears to be

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                 MAY 2010       PAGE 24
continued from page 19
                                                                                       The flower, flag and votive-lamp vendors, who had set up makeshift stands
   Some 600 Polish and foreign VIPs packed St Mary’s Basilica for the re-           along the route, did a thriving business, as did those selling tea and coffee. But
quiem send-off of President Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria, as 150,000           non-profit-minded boy scouts and girl guides passed out free bottled water and
mourners gathered in the Rynek Główny (main square) and adjoining side              chocolate bars to the weary and gave first aid to those who felt faint. One sen-
streets. The proceedings could be viewed on big TV screens strategically lo-        ior scout informed line-standers over a loudspeaker that pregnant women
cated at three prime sites for maximum exposure. When the coffins bearing           could go to the head of the line.
the remains of the President and First Lady set out upon gun carriages across          In general, the tragedy had rekindled a spirit of solidarity and togetherness
town to their final resting place at Wawel Cathedral, the crowd applauded and       in this often divisively bickering nation. Despite the fatigue and discomfort of
chanted “Lech Ka-czyń-ski dzię-ku-je-my” (We thank you Lech Kaczyński),             waiting in line for up to 18 hours, people were kind and helpful, exchanged ad-
waved Polish and Solidarity flags and held up placards. One read: “We want to       dresses and made new friends. The country’s political circles, even those who
serve Poland like you did!”                                                         had violently thrashed the president, were also on their best behavior and
    A day earlier, more than 100,000 people had filled Warsaw’s vast Piłsudski      acted with dignity and restraint.
square for a memorial mass honoring all the crash victims, whose large por-             A dominant theme of most eulogies, speeches and public statements since
traits flanked a tall white cross on the altar platform. “We tremble as we read     the tragedy has been the need for reconciliation. We can differ, because that is
each of the 96 names and gaze upon their photographs,” Acting President             our right in a democratic system, but we should do so in a reasonable and civi-
Bronisław Komorowski told the mourners. And in an emotional bid sure to             lized manner – was the general gist of that appeal. But with snap elections set
move most Poles he added: “We remember the words of Pope John Paul II,              for June 20th, many Poles wonder how such a lofty ideal could be adhered to
who prayed here for the Spirit to descend and renew the face of the earth and       in practice.
of our Polish land.” A year after the Polish-born Pontiff had uttered those words      In many pronouncements, the spirit of goodwill also extended to neighbor-
in 1979, the Solidarity movement was born, ultimately leading to the collapse       ing Russia, with which Poland’s relations have been chronically strained. In his
of communist rule in Poland and across Europe.                                      funeral homily at St Mary’s Basilica, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz said: “The
   The weekend memorials followed a period of intensive national mourning           sympathy and assistance we have experienced these days from our brother
during which funereal and historical themes dominated the press and air-            Russians have rekindled hope for rapprochement and reconciliation between
waves. For the better part of the week coffins kept arriving from Russia – that     out two Slavic nations. These words I am addressing to the President of Rus-
of President Kaczyński, then the First Lady’s, followed by those of 30 other vic-   sia.”
tims and dozens more over the next few days. But by the time of the                    Seated in a VIP pew, Medvedev nodded his acknowledgement. Before
Kaczyńskis’ funeral, the identity of about 20 bodies was still uncertain. The re-   boarding his plane back to Moscow, he told a Polish TV reporter: “I believe we
mains of some, obliterated beyond recognition in the crash, may never be            can make serious efforts to draw our nations closer together, develop eco-
identified.                                                                         nomic relations and find solutions to the most difficult problems, including
   All week long, thousands of Poles waited around-the-clock in the rain and        Katyń.” The Russian head of state has repeatedly stated that Stalin and his
cold of night to pay their respects to Poland's First Couple lying in state in      cronies bore the blame for that crime and that Russia has gone a long way to
closed, flag-draped coffins at the Presidential Palace. They filed past, genu-      clear up the doubts and memorialize the victims. But whether the Kremlin
flecting, blessing themselves and saying a short prayer before moving on. Out-      agrees to give Poles access to all the still classified Katyń records remains to
side the Palace thousands converged around a veritable sea of tens of               be seen.
thousands of flickering votive lamps which made the air thick with burning-wax

                                                  BE A LANE SPONSOR!

                                                  The Polish Falcons in conjunction with the Polish National Alliance, the
                                              Polish Women’s Alliance and the Polish Roman Catholic Union will host the
                                              First Annual Inter-Polonia Bowling Tournament. The event will take place
                                              May 21 and 22 in the Pittsburgh area.
                                                  Your support is being requested in the form of a lane sponsor. Your name
                                              will be on the sweeps and on the monitor over the lane. The cost of sponsor-
                                              ship is $25 per lane or two lanes for $40.
                                              If interested in supporting this tournament, please send this form and a check
                                              made payable to:
                                                 Polish Falcons of America, 381 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15220.
                                                       Attention: Trish.           Deadline is May 10, 2010

                                If you have any questions, please contact Tournament Co-Chairperson,
      Bobby Joe Gorny at 574-289-2140 or or Tournament Co-Chair, Trish Del Busse at 724-
      747-3179 or, Your support and participation is appreciated.
                                                                    Patricia Del Busse
                                                                    Inter-Polonia Tournament Co-Chair

         I/ Our Nest or District ______ would like to sponsor _______ lanes.

                                                                                              Total enclosed $________

        Please write what you would like on your sign in the space below:

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                     MAY 2010       PAGE 25

                             TWO TOURS OFFER
                             CHOICE OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE,
                             HOLIDAY TRADITIONS

                             Two upcoming tours offer unique insights into Poland and Polish culture. Although not officially
                             produced by the Polish Falcons of America, each of these customized tours offers a
                             distinctively “Falcon Touch.”

                             In the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II…..
                                “In the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II” a religious tour of Poland, has been scheduled for
                             October 22-29, 2010 with National Chaplain of the Polish Falcons of America, Rev. Joseph
                             Sredzinski as spiritual leader.
                                Participants will visit Warsaw and travel south to the Tatry Mountains in Zakopane and the
                             historic city of Cracow, as well as several other locations. The tour will also visit
                             Niepokalanow, (photo on left) a religious community near Warsaw, Poland founded in 1927 by
                             Franciscan Friar St. Maximilian Kolbe. At one time, Niepokalanow was the largest monastery
                             in the world, housing 800 men. The group will participate in religious services at the Shrine of
                             Our Lady at Czestochowa, patroness of Poland as well as services in Wawel Cathedral and
                             the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, home of the revelations to St. Faustina.
                                Father Sredzinski has traveled to Poland often and has hosted similar tours in the past.
                             Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of Poland and Polish culture, he will offer additional insights
                             and activities not found in similar tours.
                                Departure is from Pittsburgh and other major cities. For a packet of detailed information,
                             call 724-722-3141 or email: Write: Church of the Seven Dolors,
                             P.O. Box 308, Yukon PA 15698.

                             Sixth Annual Holiday Tour to Poland….
                                Remember the wonderful Old Fashioned Polish Christmases of times past? Family Wigilia?
                             Koledy? And the moving ceremony of the breaking of the Oplatek? You can experience these
                             and many other Polish Christmas traditions on the sixth annual Holiday Tour to Poland, No-
                             vember 26 through December 7. Hosted by Polish Falcons of America Director of Communi-
                             cations, David Motak, this popular tour is now in its sixth year. In addition to his work with the
                             Polish Falcons, Dave is also a widely acclaimed artist, specializing in the “szopka” or tradi-
                             tional Christmas crèche from the city of Cracow. Dave teaches szopka workshops around the
                             United States and leads this annual tour to attend the yearly Szopka Competition in Cracow,
                             one of Europe’s most distinctive and beautiful Christmas customs.
                                The Holiday Tour to Poland offers many special touches, including specially
                             designed dinners, receptions, “folklore evenings,” cultural activities and city tours. For those
                             wishing to capture fond family memories of a Polish Christmas, the tour also offers visits to
                             some of Poland’s leading Christmas ornament producers and shopping at popular Christmas
                             Markets in Warsaw, Lublin and Cracow. On the last evening of the tour, guests are also
                             treated to a specially prepared 12-course Wigilia “Christmas Eve” banquet, complete with the
                             moving tradition of sharing the oplatek wafer and Polish koledy Christmas carols performed by
                             the Krakowiania Folk Ensemble (Group Wigilia photo at left).
                                Another distinctive highlight is the annual Cracow Szopka (Christmas Creche) competition
                             on Cracow’s magnificent main market square in which scores of folk artists of all ages present
                             their meticulously hand-crafted szopka creations. This picturesque tradition is found only in
                             the city of Cracow and represents one of Europe’s most distinctive Christmas customs. Tour
                             members will also be treated to a private reception with one of Cracow’s most prominent
                             Szopka Masters and preview his master work first-hand. As a special treat, by special inviti-
                             aiton of the City of Cracow History Museum, Dave will be entering one of his szopka works in
                             this year’s Szopka Competition. He will be the first American to enter a szopka in the Cracow
                                As a special “Falcon Touch” the tour will visit Kozlowka Palace, east of Warsaw, the estate
                             of the powerful Zamoyski family, one of the leading aristocratic families in Poland. Count
                             Adam Zamoyski hosted a large contingent of Polish Falcons from America on his estate in the
 Cracow Szopkas              late 1920s. We will have a private tour of the palace, where the young Falcons performed
 are a stunning              marches and drills on the estate grounds for the Count and his distinguished guests.
 Polish Holiday                 Designed for both the seasoned traveler to Poland as well as the first-time visitor, this cus-
 Tradition.                  tom-designed tour offers a wide range of special features as well as a taste of “romantic Old
                             Poland” that includes tours, fine dining and/or lodging in some of Poland’s most impressive
                             historic landmarks, including two nights in the stately Sieniawa Palace. The tour will visit War-
                             saw, Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, Zamosc, Lancut, Cracow, Zakopane and other locations.
                                 Departure is from Pittsburgh and other major cities. For further information, visit the Holiday
                             Tour to Poland web site at The web site features a downloadable
                             color tour flyer and an interactive tour map with tour itinerary and site photos. You may also
                             contact Mary Gorecki at PAT tours: 1-800-388-0988. For a color tour flyer and other informa-
                             tion, please contact Dave at 412-835-0539 or email
SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                    MAY 2010 PAGE 26

Polish-American                                                 Paul S. Valasek
                                                                                                 polish your
                                                                                                               GOOD WISHES
  “Who Do You Think You Are”
                      Prime Time Television and Genealogy                                         Gratulacje! Congratulations!
                                                                                                  Wszystkiego najlepszego! All the best!
   By now, I hope that many of our readers have watched at least one of the shows                 (Vshihst-KYEH-goh nai-lehp-SHEH-goh)
on NBC Friday evenings entitled, “Who Do You Think You Are?” Its based on a British
version and has been a great success in Europe for quite awhile. Now is the time for              Wszystkiego dobrego! Everything good!
Americans to take a stab at researching their ancestry.                                                  (Vshihst-KYEH-goh doh-BREH-goh)
   Of course, this is a promotional spot, sponsored by, which I have                 Pomyślności! [I wish you] Prosperity!
mentioned in previous articles. Ok, fine and good. I’m tired of insurance companies               (poh-mishl-NOHSH-chee)
and drug companies hawking their goods all over TV, so why not something which I
                                                                                                  Dużo szczęścia! Much Happiness!
actually use? The concept is to take 7 celebrities, names many of us have heard
                                                                                                  (DUH-zhoh SHCHEHN-shchah)
from entertainment to movies to sports, and with the Help, and I mean a lot of Help,
they investigate their ancestry and family history. I am quite pleased with this as any           Powodzenia    Good luck!
research into genealogy is good in my eyes. BUT, I have to caution many who are not               (poh-voh-DZEH-nyah)
quite familiar with the process; it’s not that EASY as shown on TV. Here we have a                Dużo zdrowia! Good health! (DUH-zhoh ZDROH-vyah)
celebrity, of course pre-chosen for viewer interest, and they consent to allow us to pry
into their past.                                                                                  Sto lat! [May you live] 100 years!
   First thing is, they usually only select one (or at most two) line of the family, that line    (stoh laht)
which of course will provide the most entertaining viewing for the mass media. Who                SPECIAL DAYS
wants to watch an hour of research establishing one is descended from 400 years of                The following questions are in plural form.
peasants and farmers. Well, for many of us, that is much closer to the truth than being
related to Louis XIV as Brooke Shields appears to be.                                             Kiedy są pana urodziny? [This is a polite form]
   The key point is, no matter who is researching or who is being researched, a good              When is your [Mister’s] birthday?
and accurate study can only reveal the facts, an ancestral past cannot be made up to              (KYEH-dih sohw PAH- nah uh-roh-DJEE-nih)
suit one’s ambitions. We all would like to be connected to a famous individual, but that          Kiedy są pani urodziny? [This is a polite form]
is often not the case. What can we do about it? Nothing! Facts are facts, but most                When is your [Madam’s] birthday?
people will find something of interest no matter which line they trace. Take what you             (KYEH-dih sohw PAH-nee uh-roh-DJEE-nih)
get and make the most of it.
                                                                                                  Kiedy są twoje imieniny?[This is a familiar form]
   So the individual usually starts out with going home to talk with parents or older rel-
                                                                                                  When is your name [saint’s] day
atives. Great! This is what we need to do every time when possible. What bothers
                                                                                                  KYEH-dih sohw ee-myeh-NEE-nih)
me, is when they are discussing grandpa or grandma, usually they have vague to
meager information about someone they grew up with or knew. Makes me wonder                          Prepared and distributed by the Polonia Media Network
what they were listening to when they played at their grandparents’ house or visited
with relatives on holidays. Middle age is not a great time to start paying attention to
family members, but it’s better than waiting until one’s senior years. This is the reason
I strongly urge any researchers to get the young members of the family interested in
some of the research. What we can pick up as a child will not only last our lifetime,
                                                                                                  Haller's Polish
but obtaining the information directly from people who have lived through history and
have first hand knowledge, not secondary history.                                                 Army in France
   After getting some basic information, off they go to do field work, visiting the places         Cost: $40
our ancestors walked. Again, great information and any travel is a valuable experi-
                                                                                                   (includes $5.00 S/H)
ence. Expand one’s horizons and see what is out in the world beyond our small com-
munity. And if you take a road trip with your family to explore locations, please make
the children look out the windows at the passing venues, and put away the ever pres-              An essential publication for anyone
ent games and movies. They can play with that at another time when there is no                    interested in the history of the Polish
show in front of them.                                                                            Armed Forces, particularly the involvement
   Upon arrival at a determined location, they are quickly joined by a local expert in
their required field. Very nice, but quite expensive. Its by no means impossible to get
                                                                                                  of Polonia and Polish-Americans fighting in
a local resident to help out, maybe a local historian, but again, these celebrities are           the Allied Effort in World War I.
joined with top notch specialists who already have done a lot of leg work prior to
speaking on camera. Again, no problem, but just remember, someone’s specialty in
time usually costs money, so be prepared to pay for some knowledge. Of course this
is why we spend astronomical sums for college to learn things we may never use
again. Think of it as a college education majoring in your family!                                                                Order from:
   Now for the disillusion. In a number of the shows, we see the specialist referring to                                          Dr. Paul S. Valasek
an existing family tree, something which already has been produced. Well now, this is
great (if one has it). To just pick up a book and read about your family is indeed, won-
                                                                                                                                  2643 W. 51st Street
derful, but for probably 99% of us, forget it. Who took the time to write about babcia                                            Chicago, IL 60632-1559
coming from Poland and living on a farm in western Pennsylvania and raising 6 kids                                      
and went to church very often? No one, except maybe a family researcher or better
yet, try it yourself. Sure it won’t be a best seller, nor will it make the NY Times best
book list, but what a great source of information for future generations of your family.

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                              MAY 2010       PAGE 27
 Polish Falcons of America Book Service
  With the ease of the internet, the Polish Falcons of America is proud to offer a number of Polish related historical, chil-
  dren’s, folk and language books. Users can browse our selected list, view prices, read reviews, and purchase straight
  from our website. When you are ready to submit a purchase, click the designated book to be taken straight to the Amazon
  ordering form. All books will be available in the Falcon Marketplace at:

                                                                                       These books recommendations
                                   Here are some recommendations:
                                                                                       make perfect gifts for Mother s Day!

                                      The New Polish Cuisine
                                        Michael J. Baruch                                    Lily of the Valley
                                        265 pages, paperback, $18.45                         Suzanne Strempek Shea
                                        Those who think they know Polish cooking             288 pages, paperback, $19.95
                                        may find themselves delighted with the               Lily Wilk, about to turn 40, is still struggling to use her
                                        novel approach taken by Michael Baruch in            artistic talent to make a living in the small Massachu-
                                        The New Polish Cuisine. In his skilled               setts town where she grew up. Lily spends her time dec-
                                        hands the classics of Polish cooking find            orating fire hydrants, creating pictures to sell at local art
                                        new life. A native of Chicago's Polish com-          fairs, decorating a bride's ten fake fingernails with the
                                        munity, Baruch has toiled in the kitchens of         story of the couple's romance, and adorning a shore
                                        restaurants around the U.S. and in Europe.           side restaurant's bathroom with doors marked "gulls"
                                        He presents assorted dough’s for wrapping            and "buoys." Then the richest woman in town, Mary
                                        pierogi, from classic mashed-potato dough            Ziemba, shows Lily a series of photographs of her family
                                        to a rich sour-cream-based pastry. Pierogi           at their happiest and commissions Lily to paint a portrait
      fillings are similarly reinterpreted to include blueberry, cherry, spinach,            of them. In the process of planning and painting the pic-
      and feta, and even "Sicilian style" with ricotta and Parmesan cheeses. In              ture, Lily thinks about her own family: her loving parents,
      another reinterpretation, a stew earns flavor from decidedly un-Polish                 who hit the jackpot at a Connecticut casino and moved
      pancetta. In the style of Emeril Lagasse, Baruch compounds basic spice                 to Florida; her restless sister, who doesn't want to have
      and herb blends, which he then calls for in his recipes. Appetizing, full-             anything to do with the rest of the Wilk clan; her brother,
      color close-ups of Baruch's re-imagined recipes increase their attraction.             Chuckie, who died too young; and especially her hus-
                                                                                             band, Jack, who left Lily to return to his first wife, taking
                                                                                             Lily's beloved stepson, Little Ted, with him. But, when
                                                                                             Lily learns the truth about Mary's family (obvious to the
                                                                                             reader long before Lily), she realizes that sometimes
                                                                                             families are made, not born.

                                Jadwiga s Crossing:
                                A Story of the Great
                                Migration                                                                         Polish Customs,
                                 Richard J. Lutz
                                 344 pages, paperback, $17.95
                                                                                                                  Traditions, & Folklore
                                 This beautifully written, meticulously re-                                       Sophie Hodorowicz Knab
                                 searched work is a must-read not only                                            335 pages, hardcover, $29.95
                                 for Polish-Americans, but for all read-                                          Polish Customs, Traditions, & Folklore
                                 ers who are interested in learning                                               is a month-by-month look at the cul-
                                 about the challenges and joys of the                                             tural heritage of Poland. Starting with
                                 trans-Atlantic crossing made by mil-                                             December and Advent, St. Nicholas
                                 lions of European immigrants in the                                              Day and the Wigilia, moving into New
                                 late nineteenth century. Richard and                                             Years celebrations and caroling. From
         Aloysius Lutz have written a compelling tale about the hard-                                             here, the book proceeds from the
         ships encountered by a group of poor Polish immigrants,                                                  Shrovetide period to Ash Wednesday,
         viewed through the eyes of newlyweds Paul and Jadwiga                                                    Lent and the celebration of spring.
         Adamik. Readers are introduced to Poles and Polish folklore                                              Knab takes a in-depth look at Holy
         from several regions of then-partitioned Poland, as well as                                              Week customs, superstitions, beliefs
         the tensions that existed between Poles and the three nations                    and rituals associated with farming, Pentecost, Corpus
         that occupied Poland in the nineteenth century: Prussia, Rus-                    Christi, and midsummer celebrations. Many of the customs
         sia, and Austria. This work of historical fiction will resonate                  and traditions found herein are extinct even in today's
         with readers whose ancestors, three or four generations ago,                     Poland. World wars, massive immigration, the loss of the oral
         made the same difficult decision to uproot their families from                   tradition, urbanization and politics have changed the face of a
         their familiar surroundings in Europe in order to secure a bet-                  once agrarian people and their accompanying life style. In
         ter life in America. Their stories about their emigration from                   the U.S the desire for membership within the "melting pot,"
         the Old World, often carefully passed down from generation                       marriages outside one's ethnic group, movement to the sub-
         to generation, have been woven into the fabric of Jadwiga’s                      urbs away from the "old" communities where customs and
         Crossing.                                                                        traditions were once strong, further weakened the link.

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                  MAY 2010         PAGE 28
 BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                   continued from page 17

                                                                                                               Polish spirit of truth and justice for all time.
                                                  Reviewing Lily of the Valley                                     In October of 1962, President John F. Kennedy re-
                                                                                                               minded a crowd of 400,000 in New York that, “…free-
                                                     By: Diane L. Mechlinski,                                  dom [will] triumph in the end. Let us remember that [the
                                                         Nest 88 Correspondent                                 ideal of freedom] is universal. It knows no oceans, no
                                                                                                               boundaries, no limitations.” The Third of May Constitu-
                                                      Lily Wilk, about to turn 40, has lived in the same       tion exemplifies this ideal, and it is for the constant
                                                  small Massachusetts town that her family emigrated           struggle for freedom that we honor it this month.
                                                  to from Poland. Polish-American author, Suzanne                  May 3 was first declared a holiday (May-3rd-Consti-
                                                  Strempek Shea, begins this novel with Lily’s 10th            tution Day—Święto Konstytucji 3 Maja) on May 5,
                                                  birthday celebration with her family at a local restau-      1791. Banned during the partitions of Poland (though
                                                  rant which honors the family’s coupon for a free             still then occasionally celebrated); it was again made
                                                  meal, a main reason for the birthday celebration to          an official Polish holiday in April 1919 under the Second
                                                  be held there in the first place. Being the lucky birth-     Polish Republic—the first holiday officially introduced in
                                                  day girl, the waitress allows Lily to pick a gift from the   the Second Polish Republic The May 3 holiday was
                                                  birthday grab bag. As Lily does so, the gift she             banned once more during World War II by the Nazi and
                                                  chooses begins to uncover a hidden treasure in Lily’s        Soviet occupiers and was banned during Poland’s com-
                                                  life – she discovers she has a talent for drawing.           munist era.
                                                      This talent eventually leads her to making a de-            It was restored as an official Polish holiday in April
                                                  cent living. Everyone in town knows how well Lily            1990, after the fall of communism. In 2007, May 3 was
                                                  draws and paints so she’s hired often for their vari-        also declared a Lithuanian national holiday. The first
                                                  ous artistic needs. She finds herself busy painting          joint celebration by the Polish Sejm and the Lithuanian
                                                  promotional business signs and seasonal decora-              Seimas took place on May 3, 2007.

                                                                                                               In Memoriam...
                                                  tions on a seafood restaurant’s front windows (fish
raking leaves, fish making snowmen or fish lying on the beach tanning their scales). The same es-
tablishment couldn’t wait for her to return and paint lettering on their bathroom doors to read: Buoys
                                                                                                               Druh Bronislaw Bartus
and Gulls. She is also paid quite nicely to annually paint the city’s fire hydrants. Illustrating various
                                                                                                                  It is with deep sorrow that we have learned of the
business establishment windows, doors, designing T-shirts at fairs and flea markets, and even
                                                                                                               death of Bronislaw Bartus, of Nest 336 in Jackson,
painting a large wall mural for the local funeral parlor are but a few of the painting jobs she finds
                                                                                                               Michigan who died on October 3, 2009. Druh Bronis-
herself doing continuously. She’s happy to be doing this and it certainly keeps her gainfully em-
                                                                                                               law was received several distinctions as a Falcon, in-
ployed, however, being the artist at heart that she is, Lily feels a void in her life where art is con-
                                                                                                               cluding Star of Merit, Silver Award, December 1956,
cerned. She questions whether this was what her artistic gift was meant to accomplish.
                                                                                                               Star of Merit, Gold Award, May 1962, Elected Delegate
   Then Mary Ziemba enters Lily’s life with an unexpected phone call. Ziemba, a Polish immigrant
                                                                                                               July 1996 Convention and Legion of Honor, Bronze
who came to the U.S. as a child, and later became the wealthiest and most successful business-
                                                                                                               Award, January 1998. Druh Bronislaw is sadly missed
woman in town, owns a chain of supermarkets. She was the last person Lily would have expected
                                                                                                               by his family and friends.
to be personally calling her. With the humor Strempek Shea uses throughout the novel, she refers
to Lily comparing Mary Ziemba’s name as being equivalent to God’s around town. Ziemba’s super-                 Druh Dan Wojciechowski
markets are a household name. Yet as affluent as the now-retired Ziemba is, she never forgot those                In December, 2009 past President Dan Woj-
who helped her and remained alongside her during her life’s journey. As customers enter any of her             ciechowski of Nest 972 in Bay City, Michigan, was diag-
supermarkets, they are greeted by a wall-sized photo of young Mary, a skinny immigrant girl in a               nosed with cancer. The Nest Officers decided to hold a
long, dumpy dress with sleeves rolled up, long ago pushing a cart by herself around town, selling              benefit dinner and bake sale to help defray the cost of
her home-grown vegetables.                                                                                     Dan’s treatment and medical expenses. After a very
   Yet now, Ziemba called Lily, seeking to commission her for a special project – to paint a portrait          brief, but courageous battle, Dan passed away on Feb-
of her surrounded by her most important family members. With this phone call coming in the au-                 ruary 26th four days prior to the scheduled dinner. The
tumn, Ziemba requested Lily to complete the portrait for the coming Christmas.                                 dinner went on as planned and I am very happy to say it
   Sensing this might be her artistic moment in life, Lily accepts the offer to complete the portrait,         was a huge success, serving over 400 people. This
with Ziemba asking her to name her price and she would be paid whatever Lily felt was required.                was a great testament to Dan, not only as a person but
Excited with this prospect, Lily envisions herself earning enough to allow her to paint for a year’s           to his ongoing dedication to our Club and organization.
time with no other interruptions – just painting for the love of painting itself – an artist’s dream come      Chairman Richard Kowalczyk and President Gary Kluka
true.                                                                                                          were able to present Dan’s wife Diane a check for
   What Lily doesn’t foresee, is that this project from Ziemba will take her through a personal jour-          $3,500 for medical and funeral expenses.
ney consisting of more than just artistic growth. The people in Ziemba’s “family” which are to be-                Dan served as Nest Treasurer and bar chairman. He
come part of the portrait, won’t be able to pose for Lily so that she can paint them, which is what            was also involved in our Nest Bingo’s, annual cash
she first thought would be the case. When she visits Ziemba’s spacious home for the first time,                award party, Christmas party and annual golf outing.
Ziemba places before her a large box of accumulated old photos, some yellowed with age and                     Many may remember Dan from attending the Falcon fall
frayed at the edges. These photos are Ziemba’s precious and valued collection of what she consid-              golf event in Myrtle Beach, the 39th Falcon convention
ers to be her family members taken at what she considers to be the best moments of their lives.                in Troy, Michigan, and the Falcon National Golf outings
Grouping the photos by each person, Ziemba begins unraveling the many stories behind each per-                 in Jackson and Muskegon Michigan.
son, and thus her own life as well. There is a very important reason behind why Ziemba actually                   A very special thank-you goes to everyone who un-
wants Lily to complete this portrait and it is a reason that Lily could never have begun to imagine            derwrote the dinner expenses, the volunteers who
until much later.                                                                                              cooked, served and ran the raffles and bake sale. They
   Throughout the book, Strempek Shea takes readers back into various times of Lily’s life, reveal-            worked very hard to make this event a success. The
ing how her Polish upbringing, morals and small-town life formed the kind of relationships she has             delicious baked goods alone brought in over $500.
come to have with her parents, her Unc (as she refers to her uncle) and his longtime girlfriend, her              Although I personally lost a life long friend, Nest 972
best friends Alice and Leo whom she’s known since childhood, their daughter Heather, and Lily’s                has lost a very caring and giving member. Dan commit-
ex-husband, Jack, who left her to return to his first wife. Over the three months Lily spends with             ted many hours of service in making our club a success.
Ziemba, painting the portrait and learning from the stories Ziemba shares about her family mem-                Family, friends, Club Members, and myself will sorely
bers being painted, will ultimately change Lily’s entire outlook and regarding her own family. Who             miss him. The Falcons have truly lost a very loyal and
Lily calls family, how she views their interaction and influencing of one another, will never be the           committed Member.
same.                                                                                                            Good-bye Wojo and Godspeed.
   Strempek Shea is a wonderful storyteller, sprinkling humor throughout Lily of the Valley, placing                                     Czolem,
emphasis on the fact that humor is indeed needed to get us through all phases of life. Through life’s                                    Druh Gary Kluka
successes and failures, loves gained and lost, Strempek Shea writes this thought-provoking story                                         President Nest 972
of what the meaning of family is really all about. Not just a biological family but those individuals we
gather to us during the course of a lifetime as well, that become family by the very meaning of their
co-existing with us.

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                     MAY 2010        PAGE 29
 Falcon Recognized for
 Military Contribution
                          by Sarah M. Weyand

     Druh Norman Babbitt, an 81 year-old from Thompson, Con-
 necticut, has been an active Falcon member for 28 years. Yet
 Babbitt has embodied the Falcon motto: “W zdrowym ciele
 zdrowy duch,” or “A sound mind in a sound body,” in his entire                                                               Norman Babbitt
 life.                                                                                                                        photo: Khoi Ton / Norwich Bulletin
     Babbitt served for the United States Army between 1949
 and 1952. In 1950, while working on air defense drills be-
 tween Texas and New Mexico, he heard his captain announce
 that he was volunteering their unit for duty in Korea. “We thought he was crazy,” Bab-

 bitt said, “But it became a reality.”
     Babbitt and his unit fought as part of the United Nations forces in four major battles
 in Korea. They were awarded stars for each. “The thing with war is,” Druh Norman ex-
 plains, “you never forget the sounds and odors of battle. But I’ve tried to help veterans
 get services and recognition as much as I can, and little things like that: helping peo-                                        Milestone...
 ple, I’m proud of.”
    He also recalls an instance in 1951 as the highlight of his time in Korea. His unit had
 been called to set up air defense around Kimpo Airbase for General Douglas
 MacArthur, who led the United Nations during the Korean War. Babbitt was fortunate
 enough to shake hands with Gen. MacArthur a mere week prior to President Harry
 Truman relieving MacArthur of duty.
     After his time in Korea, Druh Norman moved to New Haven where he taught car-
 pentry for 27 years. By 1996 he returned to Thompson where he became active with             Katie Hine daughter of Darryl and Betsy Hine, great-granddaugh-
 the American Legion Post 67 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10088. He has                  ter of Henry and Agnes Pawlowski Nest 36 (Southwestern CT),
 served as adjutant for his VFW post since 2002. Remaining committed to veteran               graduated from the Univeriteit Groningen, Netherlands with a
 services, Druh Norman has organized and led many veteran activities and cere-                Master of Science degree and is presently enrolled in the doc-
 monies, including a World War II veterans program. He, along with two other veterans,        toral school at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is
 was honored by Connecticut’s Legislature with a commendation of service to veterans          working on the faculty of Biology and Medicine, in the department
 in 2008. Furthermore, he is recognized as one of the oldest active veterans in Thomp-        of Ecology and Evolution. The title of her thesis is "Telomere Dy-
 son.                                                                                         namics in the Alpine Swift (Alpus melba)" under the supervision
     Druh Norman currently resides in Thompson with his wife, Mary. The Norwich Bul-          of Dr. Pierre Biez. She is pictured here with fellow student
 letin recently profiled him. He remains a very active member in Nest 81, and is hoping       Dumas Galves after having received her certificates in English
 to attend the grand opening of the new headquarters in Pittsburgh.                           and Dutch from visiting professor Dr. Leo Beukeboom.

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                                                                             MAY 2010         PAGE 30
                             ATTENTION CHICAGOLAND
                             MEMBERS -
                             Announcing Two Great Fraternal Activities...
                              Saturday June 5
                              "Polish American Day at Six Flags Great America"
                              Gurnee, Illinois
                              Hosted by: PFA, PNA, PWA and PRCUA
                              Tickets: $26 (regularly $56) Under 2 free
                              Park hours are 10:00am to 10:00pm
                              Order early - Tickets will go fast

                              Tuesday, July 6
                              "Polish American Night at Cellular Field"
                              The Chicago White Sox vs. the L.A. Angels
                              Hosted by: PFA, PNA, PWA and PRCUA
                              Tickets: Lower Box Seats $21.50 (regularly $43)
                              Game Starts 7:10 p.m.
                              Order early - Tickets will go fast - Limited Quantity

                              For information and tickets, contact Contact Second Vice Pres-
                              dient Bobby Joe Gorny 574-876-4581 Cell;
                              574-289-2140 Work; 574-243-1726 Home; email:

                              This year, the four Fraternal Organizations will also be hosting
                              the Fraternal Junior Bowling Tournament. It’s been great getting
                              to know the other Fraternal organizations and I hope this inter-
                              action continues with other organized ventures.

                                                            Druh Bobby Joe Gorny
                                                            Second Vice President

                                       Don’t forget to let us know. So that our records are up-to-date
                                    and that the Sokol Polski is delivered to you without interrup-
                                    tion, please use the form below when you are changing your ad-
                                    dress. Also, if a member of your family (who is also a PFA
                                    member) is moving, please use the same form.

                                       Name ____________________________________________
                                       Nest No. __________________________________________
                                       Old Address _______________________________________
                                       New Address ______________________________________
                                       New Phone No. ____________________________________
                                       E-mail ___________________________________________

                                    Please return completed form to Sokół Polski, 381 Mansfield
                                    Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-2751. You can also let us
                                    know of your address change by e-mail at communica-

SOKÓŁ POLSKI—POLISH FALCON                                                           MAY 2010       PAGE 31
 SOKÓŁ POLSKI                                                                                                                                                  Periodicals Postage

                                                                                                                                                               Paid In Pittsburgh,

POLISH FALCON                                                                                                                                                     Pennsylvania

                                                                                                                                                                   USP 500-640
381 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-2751
May 2010                                                       No. 5

                 Nest Happenings - see page 13


                               All nomination forms must be postmarked by June 15, 2010.
                                              The 2010 PFA
                                      Fraternalist of the Year Award
PURPOSE                                                        AWARD DESCRIPTION                                               DEADLINE — The nomination form must be post-
   The Fraternalist of the Year Award is an honor presented                                                                    marked by June 15, 2010. There will be absolutely no
by the Polish Falcons of America on a national level to rec-   * An engraved plaque will be presented to the award             extension of this deadline. No FAXED forms can be ac-
ognize an individual within the organization who, through       winner.                                                        cepted.
example and accomplishment, has provided outstanding
volunteer service to his or her Nest and community in the      * Individual plaques will also be presented to all              * The winner of the Award cannot be nominated again in
past year.                                                       society nominees by National Headquarters.                      the future.

ELIGIBILITY                                                    * The program will be publicized in the Sokol Polski and        * The winner will be chosen by the PFA Fraternalist of the
                                                                 the winner will be featured. In addition, all candidates        Year Committee — Robert J. Gorny, Chairman. The
* The award nominee must be living at the time of selec-         will have their picture and a short description of their        decision of the Committee is final.
tion and a benefit member in good standing of a Nest or          accomplishments printed in the Sokol Polski.
District. PFA National Executive Officers, National Direc-
tors and the National Headquarters office staff are not eli-   * The Falcon Fraternalist of the Year will be nominated to      NOTES ON FILLING OUT NOMINATION FORM
gible to receive the award.                                      the National Fraternal Congress of America for the
                                                                 NFCA Fraternalist of the Year Award.                          * Nomination forms will be sent to all Nests in the next
* A member can only be nominated by his or her Nest or                                                                          Nest mailing. Forms can also be requested from the
District. An individual cannot be nominated by a Nest and      * The winner’s Nest or District will also receive $100           National Headquarters at 1-800-535-2071.
a District.                                                      from National Headquarters.
                                                                                                                               * Each nominee will be judged on his/her own merits.
* Nominees of any age are eligible.                            PROGRAM PROCEDURE                                                Previous honorees and their accomplishments should
                                                                                                                                not be the criteria for this year’s selection.
* An individual may be nominated more than once.               * Contest information, promotional data and nomination
                                                                 forms will be disseminated by the PFA Fraternalist of         * When filling out the nomination form, please print
* The award may be won only once by an individual.               the Year Committee.                                             legibly, or type, all information requested. This is
                                                                                                                                 especially important for narrative information.
                                                               * Nests and Districts are urged to conduct a search to select     A clear and complete narration is extremely important
                                                                 their nominee for the PFA Fraternalist of the Year Award.       to the selection process.

                                                               * Nests and Districts are allowed to submit ONLY ONE
                                                                 nomination per year. Information listed on the nomina-
                                                                 tion form should cover activities for the past year only.

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