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What genre do you think will make the Xbox 720 great?

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									                      What Genre Will Make Xbox 720 Great?

I've been thinking..as you normally do, bad joke. No , really I've been thinking a lot about what types of
games will make the Xbox 720 great? will it be Action, Role Playing, Sports, Simulator / Strategy, First
Person Shooter, Open World or Horror? What Genre will make the Xbox 720 the greatest console ever

Genre - Game examples

Action - Max Payne , Call Of duty, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Just Cause, Dead

Sports - FIFA, Madden, NFL.....

Role Playing - Elder Scrolls , Mass Effect, Fable, Assassins Creed...

Simulator / Strategy - Command And Conquer, Tropico, Tom Clancy's : HAWX...

First Person Shooter - Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Borderlands, Rage...

Open World - GTA, Saints Row, Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls...

Horror - Resident Evil , Fear , Silent Hill ...

In each of the categories above I give you a small range of games that will be part of the Xbox 720
lifespan. I'm not saying these games will be released for the Xbox 720, but the types of games that will
be released for the console. Now, which one of these categories will lead the console to glory? I'm really
not sure! if I were to go with my gut instinct I would say First Person Shooter, simply because they are
my favourite at the minute. That could all change! because I have literally no idea what these games are
going to be like on the Xbox 720, for all I know I could end up loving simulation and strategy! even
though I hate them now, Xbox 720 could change all of that.

I just cant wait to get the first confirmed details on the new Xbox, so I can try and grasp how good the
games will be and how much of an improvement they will be compared to the current generation. I
remember back in 2005 I was watching a game preview program on TV and I was watching some guy
talking and showing game play of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and I thought 'O M G' and then I
turned to my mum and said "are you seeing this? I want this when it comes out please! " and she said
"what? an army application?" she thought it was real ha ha! That was in 2005. Imagine, just imagine
how good the graphics will be on the next console. Every little Detail crisp and clear, every gust of wind
heard and seen as it passes through blades of grass. dust and dirt climbing onto your gear as you crawl
through tall grass into enemy territory. I can only imagine. I know I'm probably getting carried away, just
tell me to shut up below! ha ha! I hope you are as excited as I am for the new Xbox 720.

Any thoughts or opinions? share them!
Adam Couser

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