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					                        Xbox 360 Merged With PlayStation 3

I've literally just realised that I really do over use some words... e.g. imagine. my goodness.

Anyway, 'imagine' if Microsoft and Sony were male and female. They met up. Fell in love. Had a baby...
What would it be like? would it be any better than the consoles are now? lets see..

The reason why I think the Xbox 360 reigns over the PlayStation 3 is because of the online service. Yes,
the PlayStation Network is free to play on and the PS3 uses Blu Ray Discs. But Xbox Live is a whole
different ball game when put beside the PlayStation Network. Everything is much, much better.. The
presentation, the interface, the different applications and overall quality of service and commitment.
Xbox Live looks better , feels better and just looks like a user friendly place and it is. It's easy to scroll sub
headings. You will always know where you are, so you will always be able to find the home page. Its
colourful , I know that doesn't have much to do with anything, but I think it helps make it look more user
friendly. Xbox Live blows away PlayStation with the amount of Apps it has to offer, including - Sky Player,
Lovefilm , Zune, Blinkbox, Channel 4, Channel 5...many more. Yes, PSN ( PlayStation Network ) has
Lovefilm, Channel 5 , Channel 4 and Iplayer but it has nothing on what Xbox Live has to offer it's users,
this is why Xbox live has a subscription to pay.. because its much better.

Bad points aside, If the Xbox 360 and PS3 did come together, the console.. whatever it would be called..
lets call it PlayBox 500. Sounds good to me.. The PlayBox 500 would have a Blu ray disc drive. which
would be awesome. yes you can play in HD on Xbox, but the dual layered Blu Ray discs can hold up to
50gb of data. imagine that. Compared to the dual layered DVD discs that the Xbox 360 uses which holds
up to 8.5 GB, which isn't bad but nothing compared to the Blu Ray discs. The graphics card used by both
console are basically the same, so no arguments there.

So, there you have it, If the Consoles came together I think it could work. Xbox live interface and service
plus PS3 Blu Ray Disc Drive. It could be the perfect console.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, share them below!

Adam Couser

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