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					                                                                                           Spring 2008 • $7.95
                       Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum’s

                       Natural Health Breakthroughs
Leading medical doctor’s urgent advice…

“Discover the
Amazing Health
Secret of the
People on Earth”
                                    Yet, in spite of all these
                                obstacles to their health, the     INSIDE:
                                citizens of this nation have
                                become the longest-living          The Natural
                                people on Earth — enjoying         Health Secret
                                active and independent
                                lives. In fact, a new study        that can help
                                documents that this country        you maintain:
                                now has 32,000 people
                                                                   3 Healthy Cholesterol
                                over age 100!                        and Blood Pressure ...
                                     Could it be they know           Page 6

       y all medical standards, something we don’t? One            3 Vibrant Energy ..Page 10
       this island nation should of their secrets is a unique      3 Easy Digestion ...Page 12
       be one of the LEAST       superfood supplement. They
healthy places to live in the    take more of it than Americans    3 Sharp Memory ...Page 10
world. After all, it’s…          take Vitamin C!                   3 Natural
3 A place where more than            But this is not a vitamin.      Weight Loss .........Page 16
  half of men still smoke        This amazing discovery is         3 Strong Immune
  and more women are taking a scientifically documented              Defenses ...............Page 14
  up the habit…                  superfood. And, unlike all of
                                 those unproven supplements        3 And much more!
3 A highly industrialized        you see advertised on TV, its
  country where people are       results have been documented
  constantly bombarded by        in thousands of medical
                                                                    Open now to
  toxic wastes…                  studies. It can help you         discover ONE EASY
3 A super fast-paced             maintain healthy cholesterol     THING that can soon
  environment where people and blood pressure levels…             help you LOOK AND
  live stressed-out lives        enjoy better digestion… boost
  packed like sardines in        your energy levels… and so       FEEL BETTER than
  densely populated cities…      much more!                       you have in years…
                                                  “In my 30 years as a physician, I’ve never
                                                  seen another superfood or supplement
Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.
                                                  deliver real results like this.”
Director, Orthomolecular Health Medicine
Medical Society; Author; Pioneer of Natura
                                           l      — Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.
Health Medicine for More than 30 years

            IN THIS ISSUE:                                                   And thousands of people just like
                                                 n NASA
                                                                             you are saying the same thing!”
                                                 HAILS THIS                                            Georgia Woman Reports:
                                                 SUPERFOOD                                             “Healthy Cholesterol Levels at Age 74!”
                                                 for Long-term
                                                 Spaceflight .....
                                                 Page 5                                                E   very day people are so thrilled they’re shouting out the news
                                                                                                           about just how easy it is to maintain healthy cholesterol and
                                                                                                       blood pressure, circulation and energy 6
                                      n TWO NOBEL
                                      PRIZES Awarded                                                   Ontario Bus Driver Exclaims:
                                      for Research                                                     “Walking with Ease — I Even Feel
                                      on This Amazing
                                      Superfood .....Page 5
                                                                                                       Good at Night!” Soothe away sore, stiff legs,
                                                                                                       backs, knees and hands… promote flexibility for work and
                                               n Cholesterol                                           play — safely and naturally 8
                                               & Blood
                                               Pressure ...Page 6                                      Michigan Man Recounts:
                                               n Joints &                                              “Amazing Mental Recall!”Age doesn’t
                                               Muscles ....Page 8                                      have to muddle your memory. How it’s possible to promote
                                                                                                       and sharpen memory and concentration in no time flat... Page 10
                                               n Energy ...Page 10
                                                                                                       Surprising But True:
            n Digestion &
              Regularity ..........................Page 12                                             “So Young-Looking the Clerk
                                                                                                       Didn’t Want to Give Me the Senior
            n Hidden Dangers in Our
              Food and Water ..........Page 14                                                         Discount!” says 62 year old. You can
                                                                                                       enjoy soft and vibrant skin just like these people who are
            n Do You Have Toxic Overload?                                                              fooling their neighbors into thinking they’re years younger
              Take this Quiz...............Page 15                                                     than their true age 17
                                               n Weight ...Page 16                                     Canadian Woman Thrilled:
                                               n Health Secrets                                        “Eyesight is Great —
                                               of Hollywood
                                               Stars ........Page 16
                                                                                                       Just Renewed My Driver’s License.”
                                                                                                       How to promote clear, healthy vision 19

                                 Once-Skeptical Doctors Report Big Changes in Their Own Lives!
                                                        Dr. David Nelson:                                     Dr. Mathias Maas:                                         Dr. Mark Drucker:
                                                        “Low energy almost                                    “Doctors were baffled                                     “Toxins were
                                                        forced me to give up my                               by my fatigue and lack                                    sapping away my
                                                        favorite hobby…but now                                of energy. After I began                                  energy, endurance
                                                        I’ve got endurance to go                              taking this incredible                                    and clear thinking,
                                                        the distance…” ... page 11                            natural discovery                                         but now I’m going
                                                                                                              my whole life                                             strong! .......... page 9
                                                        Dr. Joyce Johnson:                                    changed…”........ page 13
                                                        “I was enjoying a career                                                                                        Dr. Warren Low:
                                                        as a professional ballet                              Dr. Shera Raisen:                                         “As a doctor, I know
                                                        dancer when disaster                                  “Blinding headaches                                       the importance of
                                                        struck. The doctors said                              used to rule my life.                                     maintaining healthy
                                                        I would just have to                                  Now, thanks to this                                       clear eyes. Now I’ve
                                                        “live with it.” But now                               natural wonder, I                                         found an amazing
                                                        at age 72 I’m dancing                                 haven’t had one in                                        discovery…”
                                                        again…” ............. page 17                         8 years!”............... page 7                            ................... page 15

                             Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.

                    2                                                                                                             To order online:
The Top-Selling Health Food
Supplement of the Longest-
Living People on Earth
By Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.                  studying health — not just disease.           Life Expectancy by Country
                                               I seek out people who’ve achieved             Source: United Nations Population Program

        ccording to a                          outstanding levels of vitality and
                                                                                                 Rank           Country/territory
        recent United                                  longevity to learn their secrets.
                                                       So I’ve studied the Japanese                 1           Japan
        Nations report,                                                                             2           Hong Kong (PRC)
the Japanese are the                                   and their diet.                              3           Iceland
longest-living people                                                                               4           Switzerland
                                                        What Do the Japanese                        5           Australia
on Earth. No other
country has a longer                                    Know that You Should                        6           Spain
                                                                                                    7           Sweden
life expectancy. And                                        Know, Too?                              8           Israel
no other country’s                                          The Japanese have made                  9           Macau (PRC)
seniors enjoy more                                       one health food supplement                10           France (metropolitan)
healthy, active, and                                     their most popular.1 They take
independent lives.                                       more of this wonder nutrient              38           United States

   In my 30 years                                        than Americans take Vitamin C.      Source: United Nations, Dept. of Economic & Social Affairs,
                                                                                             Population Division 2007, World Population Prospects, The
as a medical doctor, I’ve focused on               Their secret is not a vitamin…            2006 Revision, Highlights Working Paper, No. ESA/P/WP.202.

                                               a mineral… or an herb...
                                                   It’s a remarkable WHOLE FOOD            Even if you’ve spent decades eating
                                               that can help revitalize your health in     less-than-healthy foods… even if you
                                               three major ways. It DETOXIFIES…            can never find the energy to exercise
                                               NOURISHES and ENERGIZES like                as you should… now you can discover
                                               no other food, vitamin or supplement        more vitality than you ever thought
                                               I’ve ever found.                            was possible and start yourself down
                                                                                           the path of renewed health.
                                                   Now this remarkable “Japanese
                                               Secret” has been discovered by                  My name is Michael E.
                                               doctors in the United States. They too      Rosenbaum. I’ve been practicing
                                               have experienced its unique power to        medicine for over 30 years and I’ve
                                               promote overall health and vitality.        had remarkable results with this
                                                                                           astounding Japanese superfood. It’s
                                                                                           so effective that I recommend it to
  About the Author:                                                                        all my patients and I take it myself
  M      ichael E. Rosenbaum, M.D. is one of America’s most
         respected experts in natural healing. He earned his
  medical degree from the prestigious Albert Einstein College
                                                                                           every single day!
                                                                                               So what is this extraordinary
  of Medicine, New York City. Dr. Rosenbaum is a 30-year                                   superfood that’s helping so many
  veteran of natural medicine and a widely recognized pioneer                              people live longer, healthier, happier
  in the field of nutrition, alternative healthcare and medical                            lives? Well, it turns out this top-
  acupuncture. He has authored and co-authored several books
                                                                                           selling secret of the longest-living
  and publications, including Super Supplements and Solving
  the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dr. Rosenbaum has                                people on earth is…
  lectured often to professional medical groups and                                                                     (Continued on page 4…)
  frequently appears on television and radio talk shows.
                                                                                           1. Nutraceuticals World, July/August 2007

Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                                                                                    3
CHLORELLA: Japan’s Best-Selling
Health Food Supplement                                                                             1

Discover why the longest-living people on Earth have
made this natural wonder their all-time most popular choice…

           f all the thousands of health foods                                                         Thousands of my patients have
           available in Japan, their best-seller                     The Japanese word              experienced results like these, plus many
           is a tiny, single-cell, freshwater                             for “medicine.”           other wonderful health benefits such as
           green algae. It’s called chlorella                                                       younger-looking skin. No other food or
and this superfood has remarkable abilities
                                                                      It literally means,           supplement I’ve found does so much to
to detoxify, nourish and energize your body.                               “Enjoyment of            enhance your health!
    As an island nation — made of four main
                                                                               the plant.”
islands and nearly 4,000 smaller islands —                                                                How Can One Health
the Japanese have a long-held tradition of         • Higher Energy and Better Sleep:                   Food Promote Health and
turning to the water to achieve good health.         62% reported improvements such as                 Vitality in So Many Ways?
For centuries they have depended on water-           increased energy levels and a better
harvested foods like fish and seaweed.               night’s sleep.2                                    Chlorella is unique among health
So it was natural for them to be the first to                                                       foods. Some foods are rich in vitamins
                                                   • Easy Digestion and Regularity:                 and nutrients… others help clean out your
embrace the benefits of this remarkable plant.       90% report improvement.3                       system, but among all the health foods I
    Today, millions of people in Japan take                                                         know on the market, only chlorella does all
chlorella every day. Around the world,             • Healthy Blood Pressure and
                                                                                                    this. Only chlorella supports your health in
doctors and health conscious people are              Cholesterol: Nearly 40% maintained
                                                                                                    three vital ways, it:
catching on to this Japanese secret and              normal blood pressure and 100%
achieving spectacular results with their             maintained healthy cholesterol levels.4            3 Nourishes: Chlorella is loaded with
health.                                                                                             protein, vitamins, minerals and unique
                                                   • Reduced Joint Soreness: In a study,            amino acids. It has the highest nucleic acid
    No other single health food supplement           nearly 70% reported feeling better.5           content of any food to help repair damaged
has shown chlorella’s clinically documented                                                         cells. And it has the highest amount of
results helping people dramatically improve        • Improved Memory and Alertness:                 chlorophyll of any food. It helps calm the
their health. Here are just some of the              32% reported an increase in mental             digestive tract and oxygenates the blood to
exciting findings from medical studies:              capacity.6                                     build up your energy.
                                                                                                       3 Detoxifies and Protects: Chlorella
    Over 4,000 Scientific Studies Confirm                                                           speeds up the body’s natural elimination
                                                                                                    processes. It latches on to toxins that
    Chlorella’s Amazing Health Benefits!                                                            1. Nutraceuticals World, July/August 2007 Herbs and Botani-

                                                                                                       cals in Japan: “Capsugel Japan prepared a summary report
                                                     erhaps no other health food has been              titled, “Dietary Supplement Opportunity Japan 2005,”
                                                                                                       which focused on the dietary supplement industry. Several
                                                     the subject of so much research!                  herbs and botanicals, all with retail sales of at least $100
                                                     Leading universities and medical schools          million in 2005, were included in its “Top 20” supplement
                                                                                                       sales list. The list starts with chlorella, with sales of over
                                              around the world have confirmed these                    $300 million, followed in order by aloe, prune foods, agari-
                                              remarkable healing benefits. And in his book,            cus mushroom, Korean ginseng and ginkgo biloba.”
                                                                                                    2. Merchant, et al. “Fibromyalgia pilot study of dietary
                                              Chlorella: Gem of the Orient, famed natural              chlorella supplementation,” 1998
                                              health pioneer Dr. Bernard Jensen noted that          3. Merchant, et al, “Nutritional Supplementation with
                                              more than 4,000 studies on the health benefits           Chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with Ulcerative Colitis,”
                                                                                                       A Pilot Study, 1998.
                                              of chlorella have been published in Japan and         4. Merchant, et al, Nutritional Supplementation with
                                              Taiwan alone! Today, researchers in the U.S.             Chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with mild to moderate
                                                                                                       hypertension. 1998.
                                              and around the world continue to document             5. Merchant, et al., “Fibromyalgia pilot study of dietary
                                              chlorella’s unique ability to nourish, detoxify          chlorella supplementation,” 1998.
                                                                                                    6. “Effects of long-term administration of chlorella
                                              and revitalize the body.                                 preparations on the advancement of aging.” Kanazawa
                                                                                                       Medical College Department of Serology, 1989.

4       4                                                                                       To order online:
impact the health of your brain, joints and
cardiovascular system. Then chlorella safely
escorts these toxins out of your body.
                                                       Breakthrough Research on Chlorella
   3 Revitalizes: Chlorella contains                       WINS TWO NOBEL PRIZES!
the unique chlorella growth factor (CGF), a                  hlorella’s unique                                    in 1961, Dr. Melvin Calvin won the
remarkably beneficial substance scientists                   properties have                                        Nobel Prize in chemistry for his
have not found naturally in any other food.                  made it the focus                                        research on how chlorella makes
This nutritional wonder helps your body               of many scientific                                               energy.
produce healthy new cells.                            breakthroughs among                                                   Since then, many other
    Even if you’ve spent decades living with          leading scientists…                                                 doctors around the world have
“unsolvable” concerns, you may well find that             In 1931, German                                                  studied the amazing, life-
chlorella’s triple combination gives you results      biologist Dr. Otto                                                   giving benefits of chlorella.
you’ve been waiting for. For instance, you            Warburg won the Nobel                                                And numerous studies
might take chlorella to support your joints and       Prize in Physiology or                                               have confirmed its ability
then be thrilled to find that not only are you        Medicine for his work                                               to energize, revitalize and
more active, but you have more energy, too!           studying chlorella. Then                                          strengthen your body!
     The Most Potent,
   Most Absorbable Brand
        of Chlorella                                  NASA Hails Chlorella as
     There’s only one brand of chlorella I
recommend to my patients. I’ve found                  SUPERFOOD
it to be the purest, most potent and most
absorbable form of chlorella available. It’s                  ASA scientists have recognized
the original: Sun Chlorella!                                  chlorella’s unique nutritional
                                                              and detoxifying abilities. NASA
    Sun Chlorella Corporation led the way             has conducted intensive studies of
and unlocked chlorella’s true potential as a          chlorella as an ideal food for long-term
superfood. They sponsored groundbreaking              space travel and colonization.
research and perfected the growing and
harvesting techniques.                                    Dr. Dale W. Jenkins of the Office of
                                                      Space Science and Applications says,
                          Sun Chlorella was           “It has been amply demonstrated
                      founded by Hideo                that chlorella can be used in a closed
                      Nakayama—the father             ecological system… Chlorella is so
                      of current SCC President        nutritionally complete that astronauts
                      and CEO, Tetsuaki               could survive on it alone for long                          NASA’s research database lists 120
                      Nakayama—of Kyoto,              periods of time. [It has] been considered               research studies on chlorella’s ability
                      Japan. He first tried           by many for use in spacecraft and space                 to keep astronauts healthy during the
                      chlorella after suffering       stations on the Moon or Mars.”                          stress of space travel.
                      from a long series of
  Tetsuaki Nakayama health concerns that
 President & CEO, SCC nothing seemed to                                                                       25 years ago. I was under the constant
                                                                                   Regular chlorella has
relieve. He was so amazed by his own                                             a tough outer cell wall      strain of long hospital shifts and Sun
personal health turnaround from using                                            that is not easily           Chlorella helped me to relieve stress and
chlorella that he founded a company to help                                      digested.                    regain the stamina I needed. I went from
others experience the results he enjoyed.                                                                     always tired to energized. Now I take Sun
                                                                                  Only Sun Chlorella         Chlorella every day and recommend it to all
He set about perfecting the growing and
                                                                                 uses the patented            my patients.
harvesting process and in 1981 hit upon…                                         DYNO®-Mill process
                                                                                 that truly pulverizes the         In this special bulletin, you’ll meet other
The Historic Discovery that                                                      cell wall to deliver         leading doctors who have experienced
DOUBLED CHLORELLA’S                                                              TWICE the benefits of
                                                                                 untreated chlorella.
                                                                                                              their own health turnarounds with this
 REVITALIZING POWER!                                                                                          natural wonder. You’ll see clinical research
                                                       As a result, Sun Chlorella’s scientific                documenting its results and you’ll meet
     Researchers at Sun Chlorella
                                                   innovation turned a great SUPERFOOD                        people like yourself who can’t wait to
Corporation in Japan discovered a way
                                                   into what I believe is THE single best thing               tell everyone they know about how this
to truly pulverize chlorella’s tough outer
                                                   you can do for your health. Today, Sun                     revolutionary Japanese health food has
cell wall while not damaging the precious
                                                   Chlorella holds the exclusive patent for this              changed their lives.
nutrients found inside. This makes the
nutritional properties of Sun Chlorella...         process.7                                                       Please read on and see how this
                                                                                                              remarkable “superfood” can change your
3 TWICE as digestible…                             My Own Health Turnaround                                   life, just as it has done for me, my patients,
3 TWICE as bioavailable to your cells                  Sun Chlorella has made an enormous                     and millions of people worldwide. You’ll
  and organs, and…                                 difference in my life since I first tried it nearly        also discover how Sun Chlorella can help
3 TWICE as powerful in health-boosting                                                                        you with…
                                                   7. Comparison based on untreated chlorella vs. Chlorella
  properties!                                         treated with the patented DYNO®-Mil Process.                                  (Continued on page 6…)

Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                                                                                        5
             Health Challenge #1:

                                                 Normal Cholesterol &
                                                 Blood Pressure Levels
                                                 Studies Show Sun Chlorella’s
                                                 Remarkable Results!
                                                    The results were remarkable!                                 “Cholesterol Level and
                                                 3 Nearly 40% of participants improved                            Energy are GREAT!”
                                                   or maintained healthy blood pressure
                                                   levels while taking Sun Chlorella.                               “I have maintained low cholesterol levels,
                                                                                                               regular bowel movements, energy to spare. I
                                                 3 And even better, the research study                         have more energy and endurance now than I
                                                   noted Sun Chlorella’s significant ability                   did as a younger person. I will use the product

                                                   to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 1,2                 for the rest of my life.”
            ealthy cholesterol and blood
            pressure levels are fundamental                              “Healthy                                                                   — A. Serre, Canada
            for good heart health. That’s why
            my patients are delighted when I
                                                                         Levels at                                                 “My overall health
tell them how clinical studies show that Sun
Chlorella helps maintain healthy cholesterol                             Age 74!”                                                   has IMPROVED!”
and blood pressure levels! Japanese                                                                                               “Since I have been taking
                                                                            “I will be 74 in
researchers have been reporting positive                                                                                     Sun Chlorella, I find that my
                                                                        July. I have been
results in medical studies for more than 30                                                                                  overall health is improved. I
                                                                        taking Sun Chlorella
years.1                                                                                                        am 79 years old and I am able to dig in
                                                                        for about a year...
    More recently, clinical studies at                                                                         the garden and plant and do all the chores
                                                                        Since I have been
the School of Medicine of Virginia                                                                             around the house. Both (my wife) Mary
                                                 on Sun Chlorella I have more energy...
Commonwealth University discovered a                                                                           and I are taking it and she is feeling much
                                                 my cholesterol levels are healthy.”
wealth of positive benefits for cholesterol                                                                    better.”
and blood pressure.                                                        — J. Hodges, Georgia                                                       — R. Baff, Canada
                                                                   Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.

    The Phytonutrient POWERHOUSE
    Ounce for ounce — no other green                                          This pure, whole food with all of its nutritional attributes
                                                                          packs an incredible nourishing wallop! You actually get one
    food or supplement nourishes you                                      of your essential recommended daily servings of vegetables with
    like Sun Chlorella                                                    every serving of Sun Chlorella. Hands down, no other type
                                                                          of green food can compare with chlorella’s nourishing and

        f you’ve been trying to “eat more greens,” good for you!          detoxifying power.
        But some patients tell me it’s a struggle squeezing in those          Most doctors agree that natural, whole foods are a better
        extra servings of fresh vegetables. Here’s what I tell them:      choice for complete nutrition. But even fruits and vegetables
                Getting your vegetables is easier when you’ve got         in your grocery store contain fewer nutrients. Overfarming
                                       Sun Chlorella.                     has stripped soils bare of nutrients, so you now have to eat
                                                                                                 10 servings of spinach just to get same
                                                                                                 amount of nutrition you would have
                                                                                                 gotten from just one serving 50 years ago!
                                                                                                        No wonder it’s a challenge
                                                                                                     to get enough phytonutrients
                                                                                                 today. But just look at what’s in
                                                                                                  each serving of Sun Chlorella…

6                                                                                                         To order online:
                                                                                   Dr. Shera Raisen
                       “I am 62 years old,
                   and 18 months ago                           “Severe headaches used to
                   I underwent a triple
                   bypass. Since then, I                       rule my life. Now I haven’t
                                                              had one in more than 8 years!
                   have recovered at a great
                   pace...but six months ago,
I began taking Sun Chlorella and my energy
really came back. I can run circles around
friends 10 years my junior.”                                    I credit Sun Chlorella for
                             —W. Page, Connecticut
                                                                   helping me at last!”
        Ounce per Ounce,

       Chlorella Contains…                                              y life used to be measured in
                                                                        blinding headaches. Making it
3 Six times more beta-carotene than                                     through the week without one
                                                              was a tremendous success. More often,
3 More dietary fiber than leading fruits                      though, I’d find myself crawling into bed
   and vegetables…                                            in a dark room for hours to escape the
3 More complete protein per serving                           headaches.
   than soy — and twice as much as                                One day, as a young resident busy with
   steak…                                                     patients, a severe headache struck and I
3 Higher nucleic acid content than                            remember thinking, how could I be a good
   any food — even more than sardines —                       doctor, helping others get well when I can’t
   for slowing down the visible signs of                      even get well myself?!
   premature aging…                                              When a colleague invited me to a
3 50 times the antioxidants and                               seminar on natural therapies used in
   flavonoids as Vitamin C or Vitamin E                       Asia, I first heard about Sun Chlorella.
   for fighting free radical damage…                          And I realized what might be behind
                                                              my headaches… the need for extra
3 The world’s highest known                                   nourishment!
   concentration of chlorophyll —
   the powerful blood detoxifier and toxin                        I quickly discovered that this green
   eradicator… Sun Chlorella has five                         whole food supplement contains an
   times more chlorophyll then spirulina,                     extraordinary combination of nutrients         s Shera Raisen, M.D.
   wheatgrass or barley grass. And ten                        that together, build my natural defenses       Leading family practice physician
   times more chlorophyll than alfalfa, from                  and help detoxify my body from toxins          combining Western and Alternative
   which most commercial chlorophyll is                       that might be causing my headaches.            Medicine; specialist in immune
                                                                                                             system enhancements, stress
   extracted.                                                     I started taking Sun Chlorella, and        reduction therapies, and gynecology.
3 The Amazing Chlorella Growth                                soon, I felt great. I was energized and
   Factor (CGF). Found only in chlorella,                     refreshed. But what I found truly incredible       Now I have my own practice where I
   this unique substance revitalizes cells                    was that during the first winter season I      help others overcome their health worries
   — keeping them young — and builds up                       took it I only got one headache. And this      and get back to their old selves again.
   your natural defense system…                               one only lasted a few hours at most. After     One of my first recommendations is to
                                                              living for years with severe headaches, this   make Sun Chlorella their #1 nutritional
3 18 powerful amino acids including                           was a major accomplishment!
   glutamic acid to help sharpen memory                                                                      supplement. Sun Chlorella is naturally
   and defense boosting lysine and arginine                      Since then I’ve been taking Sun             abundant in nutrients that provide you
   to enhance your natural production of                      Chlorella faithfully. And I haven’t had a      with that power to look and feel younger,
   immune cells…                                              severe headache in over 8 years!               lighter and more energetic.
3 More than 20 vitamins and minerals
   to encourage optimum health and
   energy… and much more!
                                                               Try Sun
   But that’s just the beginning of Sun                        Chlorella Today!
Chlorella’s remarkable health benefits.
This green wonder also helps you with…                         See pages
                                                               19 –22 for
                       (Continued on next page…)               a special
1. Okuda, Masuo, et al. “The Influence of Chlorella on
   Blood Serum and Liver Cholesterol Levels,” Japanese         savings and
   Journal of Nutrition 33 (1975)                              up to 5 FREE
2. Merchant, et al, Nutritional Supplementation with
   Chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with mild to moderate    GIFTS.
   hypertension. 1998.

                                                              Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                    7
                Health Challenge #2:

Stiff Joints and Soreness                                                doctors are unaware of it!
                                                                             In our modern age, we’re surrounded by                             Dr. Randal E. Merchant,
                                                                         chemicals and environmental pollutants.                                Head of Neurosurgery,
                                                                         Scientists have found that these toxins build                          Virginia Commonwealth
                                                                         up in our bodies over the years. They trigger                          University, Medical College
                                                                         a negative chain reaction throughout the                               of Virginia, has done
                                                                         body. No wonder so many of us are feeling                              extensive clinical research
                                                                         sore, stiff and uncomfortable!                                         studies on Sun Chlorella

                                                                           Now, for the good news…
                                                                           you don’t have to sit back                        Sun Chlorella every day experienced a
                                                                                                                             measurable improvement in their comfort
                                                                          and “live with it” anymore!                        level and 45% felt less soreness.3
                                                                             You can reduce these toxic squatters and
                                                                                                                                 This is no surprise to me. Sun Chlorella’s
                                                                         feel good again. It has happened for many of
                                                                                                                             astonishing ability to detoxify your body and
                                                                         my patients with the help of Sun Chlorella…
                                                                                                                             nourish your cells has been praised in Japan
                                                                         This amazing superfood latches onto toxic
                                                                                                                             for decades, improving the daily lives of
                                                                         chemicals — even heavy metals — escorting
                                                                                                                             millions. Now important medical research is
                                                                         them through your digestive system and out
                                                                                                                             suggesting it can help you:
                                                                         of your body.
                                                                                                                             3 Improve flexibility and range of motion
                                                                                    Study Shows                              3 Ease joint and muscle stiffness naturally
                                                                                  Remarkable Relief                          3 Support overall joint and muscle health

         ot as flexible as you used to be?                                   Dr. Randall Merchant, head of                   3 Nourish your entire body.
         While most doctors will tell you that                           Neurosurgery and Anatomy at the School
         stiff, creaky joints and muscles are                            of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth                                          “Walking
just part of getting older, I’ve got important                           University, completed groundbreaking
                                                                         clinical research study on Sun Chlorella.
news — they’re wrong!
                                                                         For two months, his research team gave Sun                                 difficulty!”
    If you’re sore in places you didn’t used to
be, suffering from muscle fatigue and other                              Chlorella to a group of people suffering from                                “I used to wake up
health concerns, you may be surprised to                                 sore muscles, morning stiffness, headaches,                             in the morning, more
learn there’s another culprit at work. It’s a                            and other discomforts. The results were                                 tired than when I went to
hidden cause of joint stiffness and many                                 impressive! Nearly 70% of those who took                                bed, and have soreness

    Eliminate the “Hidden Cause”
    of Stiff Joints and Backs!

          tiff, sore muscles and joints                     essentials” help reduce everyday
          are a common complaint I                          stiff muscles and joints by reducing
          see in my medical practice.                       toxic overload.
    Many have used other natural                                Toxins such as lead and
    alternatives without much success.                      mercury, pesticides and other
    I show my patients how Sun                              chemicals from our food, water
    Chlorella can help soothe away                          and medicine supply lodge
    sore, stiff legs, backs, knees and                      themselves in our tissues, causing
    hands… promoting flexibility and                        discomfort!
                                                                By detoxifying your body you
                                                            can ease stiffness and promote
    “Flexibility Essentials”                                flexibility. Sun Chlorella has
         That’s because Sun Chlorella                       helped so many of my patients
    is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants                    improve their health and vitality
    and fiber. These “flexibility                           like this.

8         8
        Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.   To order online:
in my feet and ankles, but not anymore. I
wake up refreshed, walk without difficulty,                                     Dr. Mark Drucker
and am full of energy all day. I even feel
good at night. I drive a school bus with
60 students aboard and I am enjoying it.
                                                              “None of the supplements
It works!”
                                —T. Van Eyl, Canada           I tried seemed to help my
                      “From ‘Stiffness’                     health concerns. Then I made
                      to Feeling Better”
                   “After one month of                       a surprising discovery about
               taking Sun Chlorella, I
               began to notice a difference
               and felt better. After six
                                                                the real reason why…”
months, my joint health had improved.”                               elping patients get to the root
                              —P. Fuentes, New York                  of their health concerns quickly
                                                                     and safely has been my life’s
“Feet and legs feel better!”                                work. So, a few years ago, when I began
     “Before taking Sun Chlorella, my back                  suffering from constant fatigue and
was stiff all the time and my feet and legs                 fuzzy thinking, I was sure I knew the
were a concern. After taking Sun Chlorella                  path to feeling better again. But none
for a month, I feel better. I have a lot of                 of the medications or supplements I
energy and feel better than I have in years…                tried seemed to help! Then another big
it’s a miracle worker.”                                     surprise…
                          —A. Hubbard, Oklahoma                Routine testing showed the real
                                                            reason for my malaise… and it was
                             “Functioning                   something many of today’s doctors can
                                                            easily miss — toxic overload.
                             like a 29-year
                                                                 As a child I had a mouthful of dental
                                  old!”                     fillings and over the years, the mercury
                      “I have been able to                  inside was leaching into my body,
                  function more like the                    sapping away my energy, endurance and
                  29-year old I would like                  clear thinking!
                  to be. In the past few                        I immediately had the fillings
months I have been able to go from place to                 removed by a dentist, and began looking
place to do my shopping, thank you to Sun                   for the best way to detoxify my tissues
                                                                                                            s Mark Drucker, M.D.
Chlorella.”                                                 of toxic buildup. I tried many different        Co-founder and medical director of
                              — I. LaSerra, New York        whole food diets and natural vitamin            The Center for Advanced Medicine,
                                                            and mineral “cleansers,” but none of            and certified member of the American
                               “Wearing                     them compared with Sun Chlorella.               Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
                              high-heeled                   This amazing superfood is the only
                                                            natural solution I’ve found that can help       endurance has returned. And so has my
                             shoes again!”                  detoxify your body of heavy metals and          mental focus and clear thinking. Sun
                          “I have been using                strengthen it at the same time… with a          Chlorella has been a help to many of my
                     Sun Chlorella products                 powerhouse of nutrients not available           patients too. Whether they’re concerned
                     for 2 years and have                   anywhere else!                                  about their heart, joints, lack of energy
                     noticed the difference                     It’s been eight years since I first tried   or general fatigue, they tell me again and
they have made in my life. These tablets                    Sun Chlorella, and I still take it every        again that with Sun Chlorella they just
have allowed me to gain more strength and                   single day. Happily, my energy and              “feel better!”
energy than I have had in years. I am now
able to wear high-heeled shoes and stand for
hours on my feet! I was not able to do this
before I started using Sun Chlorella, but now                Try Sun
I am. Thank you Sun Chlorella for allowing
me to feel energized once again!”                            Chlorella Today!
                             —M. Calixte, New York           See pages
    Extensive studies and results from my                    19 –22 for
patients show that Sun Chlorella can also                    a special
help you beat…                                               introductory
                          (Continued on page 10…)            savings and
                                                             up to 5 FREE
3. Merchant, et al., “Fibromyalgia pilot study of dietary    GIFTS.
   chlorella supplementation,” 1998.

                                                            Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                  9
              Health Challenge #3:
Low Energy and Constant Fatigue
W                                                                                                                                                                  “Performs the
            hen I start a                                                                          In other words, Sun
            patient on                                                                         Chlorella floods your cells
            Sun Chlorella,                                                                     with nutrients that improve
the first thing they usually                                                                   your body functions. Plus,                                           of Two Men”
tell me about is all of the                                                                    Sun Chlorella helps your                                       “Since taking Sun
increased energy and                                                                           body eliminate the toxins                                   Chlorella, I have more
well-being they feel. This                                                                     that contribute to fatigue and                              energy...At work I can
often happens within the                                                                       low energy.                             outperform two people when it comes to
first week.                                                                                                                            bullwork. At the end of the day, they are
    When you begin taking                                                                        Study Suggests                        tired and I’m not.”
Sun Chlorella, you may                                                                         that Sun Chlorella                                                      —T. Chauvin, Canada
find yourself walking with                                                                       Boosts Energy
a new spring in your step for the first time
                                                                           A clinical study at the School of Medicine
in years, radiant with new energy. And you
may discover that with a detoxified, well-                             Virginia Commonwealth University showed                                                   Healthier, Very
nourished body, your mood lightens and you                             that chlorella helped patients’ energy soar. In                                            Energized!”
feel happier and calmer and better able to                             fact…
                                                                                                                                                               “Since I started taking
handle the stress of everyday living.                                                                                                                      Sun Chlorella, I’ve felt
    Are you tired of feeling tired and
                                                                             62% Saw Improvement                                                           stronger, healthier and
sluggish? Need coffee or sweets just to keep                                   in Energy Levels                                        very energized. Even walking has become
going in the afternoon? Then you’ll love                                   And that wasn’t the only benefit. They                      much easier. I thank God for this product.
what Sun Chlorella will do for your energy                             also reported less joint and muscle stiffness,                  I plan to take it for the rest of my life and I
level. Instead of giving you a temporary lift,                         and better sleep.1 What’s more, patients in                     recommend it for everyone!”
it helps tune up your body to function with                            the study got these improvements after taking                                                   — L. Dwyer, California
greater efficiency.                                                    Sun Chlorella for just two months.
                                                                                                                                       1. Merchant, et al. “Fibromyalgia pilot study of dietary
                                                                                                                                          chlorella supplementation,” 1998

            Health Challenge # 4:
 Maintaining Sharp Thinking and Memory
 My #1 Defense to Fight an Aging Mind
          eavy metals                                                                       Sun Chlorella at work in your              3 Sharpen your mental skills for cards,
          and other                                                                         body, you too may find those                   crosswords and puzzles
          environmental                                                                     little moments of forgetfulness            3 Stay alert whether you’re watching TV
 toxins impact our                                                                          disappear… you’re thinking                     or driving
 thinking. Doctors have                                                                     faster in conversations and
 yet to pinpoint why                                                                        once-challenging mental games              3 Boost your concentration so you can
 these toxins affect our                                                                    and puzzles may become easier.                 focus on work, travel or making decisions
 thinking, but it’s clear                                                                                                                  around the house
                                                                                          This was shown in an
 that they have a major                                                               important study on brain
 impact on our minds                                                                  aging. A group of people took
                                                                                                                                                                “Recall of details
 and memories.                                                          six grams of chlorella every day. After six                                             —amazing!”
     Numerous studies have shown Sun                                    months of faithful use, doctors studied                                                “I have been using
 Chlorella’s ability to remove heavy metals                             their brain function. You know what they                                           Sun Chlorella for the
 from the body so they can’t build up, impact                           found? The chlorella group showed a 32%                                            better part of two years
 your memory and overall brain health. The                              improvement in their thinking! 2                                                   now. While I am taking
 secret is Sun Chlorella’s fibrous cell wall.                               Just imagine how you’ll feel at social                                         the tablets I notice my
 These unique fibers bind to metals, pulling                            gatherings if you’re able to…                                  mental clarity improves significantly. My
 them out of your blood, tissues and organs.                                                                                           recall of words and details are amazing.
                                                                        3 Improve your memory for better recall                        I consider it a great purifier and revitalizer,
    By cleaning out these toxins, Sun                                       of names, faces and important dates
 Chlorella can help promote and sharpen                                                                                                and have recommended Sun Chlorella
 concentration. Promoting this “mental                                  2 “Effects of long-term administration of chlorella prepara-   to many.”
                                                                          tions on the advancement of aging.” Kanazawa Medical
 edge” is a real help to my patients. With                                College Department of Serology, 1989.]                                            —T. McConnell, Michigan

10      10
      Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.             To order online:
                         “Does It All
                           at 71”                                        Dr. David Nelson
                          “I’ve been taking
                      Sun Chlorella for
                      approximately three years
                                                     “Lagging energy almost forced
                      and feel that it has helped
                      my digestive system           me to give up jogging. But now,
                                                    I’ve got enough endurance to go
                      and energy level quite
                      a bit. I am 72 years old
  and square dance twice a week along with
  strength training, clean my own big house,
  cook a lot, do artwork for shows, work on
                                                     the distance — even more than
  my computer and help in my church.”
                             —B. Gerd, Nevada
                                                         when I was in my 30s!”

     “Whooping it up at 82—                               ’m a die-hard runner. On weekends
                                                          I compete in races. But 8 years ago
       Sex Twice a Week!”                                 it started getting harder to cross the
                          “I am 82 years old.             finish line. Even at work I was feeling
                      I sleep well and still        tired. While it’s embarrassing to admit this
                      have regular sex twice        as a doctor, some afternoons I felt like I
                      a week. What more             could curl up on an examination table and
                      could anyone want? It’s       take a nap!
                      been a blessing to me.
                                                        As a Clinical Nutrition Specialist
                      I hope more people will
                                                    for more than 20 years I’ve always
                      take the product. It’s
                                                    been a healthy eater, yet no amount of
                      amazing how good you
                                                    broccoli, spinach or fish seemed to make
  can feel. It’s like a new life again. I no
                                                    any difference. But then, a colleague
  longer have weak muscles nor constantly
                                                    introduced me to Sun Chlorella. And I
  feel tired. I recommend Sun Chlorella
                                                    discovered a surprising fact…
  products to anyone who wants a better
  life… try it. It’s wonderful to feel good
  again.                                                 The Real Reason for
                          — C. Rosien, Canada             My Low Energy…                            s David Nelson, Ph.D.
                                                                                                    Clinical Nutritionist at the Center for
                                                         Suddenly, I began to realize what my       Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, CA and
                                                    cells were really starving for… oxygen!         co-host of the radio show “Health Talk,
                                                    Studies show that the more oxygen you
                     “Think more                    have in your blood stream, the more energy
                                                                                                    A Second Opinion”
                       clearly!”                    you produce. One of the best ways to
                                                    increase the oxygen flow in your cells is to    me complaining of fatigue, joint stiffness
                      “I have a lot more
                                                    eat green foods like Sun Chlorella. And Sun     stomach concerns, even sleeplessness,
                  energy, think more clearly,
                                                    Chlorella’s high quality protein helps aid      one of the first things I do is recommend
                  and my overall outlook
                                                    in muscle repair and function, too. With        Sun Chlorella. It can energize, nourish and
                  on life is so much better. I
                                                    Sun Chlorella I’ve had more energy and          detoxify the body like no other supplement
have two jobs and I cannot go a day without
                                                    physical endurance than I did in my 30s.        I’ve found. And time and again they tell
my Sun Chlorella. Thank you very much!”
                                                                                                    me that with Sun Chlorella, their energy
                            —P. Kim, Hawaii            Since then, I’ve enjoyed Sun Chlorella       returns, their digestion improves and they
                                                    every day before my morning run. Not            just plain “feel better!”
                    “Gave me back                   only has this exceptional superfood
                                                    changed the way I enjoy my favorite                Let Sun Chlorella work its magic inside
                     my memory!”                    hobby, it has enhanced the way I practice       your body, just as it has for me and so
                       “After taking Sun            medicine too. When patients come to see         many of my patients.
                   Chlorella, in a week’s time
                   I noticed more energy,
                   better digestion and my
                   memory is better.”                Try Sun
                    —M. Harmon, Minnesota            Chlorella Today!
    That’s why my patients are delighted
to learn that this incredible whole food
                                                     See pages
supports brain health and helps improve              19 –22 for
your memory too.                                     a special
   And since Sun Chlorella strengthens               introductory
your good health from the inside out, you            savings and
may also find relief from…                           up to 5 FREE
                    (Continued on page 12…)          GIFTS.

                                                    Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                 11
              Health Challenge #5:

                                                                       Distress &
                                                                         The clinical study’s results                                      concerns because Sun Chlorella helps
                                                                                                                                           improve your natural levels of good bacteria
                                                                            were phenomenal!                                               in your gut. These are the bacteria that help
                                                                           Chlorella helped improve the digestive                          you digest foods more easily. In a study,
                                                                       concerns, such as indigestion, diarrhea,                            chlorella resulted in a 400% increase in
                                                                       and constipation for more than 90% of the                           these good bacteria in the intestine.2

        ealthy digestion and regular
        elimination are critical for good                                   Chlorella Helps Balance                                                              constipation-
        health. Yet many patients,                                           Your Body Naturally                                                                    free!”
especially seniors, come to me complaining                                                                                                                          “I have been taking
                                                                           Dr. Merchant finds that when he gives
about stomach upset and irregularity.                                                                                                                           Sun Chlorella for over
                                                                       chlorella to patients with constipation, the
    That’s why I’m delighted to tell them                              constipation gets better. But that doesn’t                                               2 years now… adding
about Sun Chlorella’s remarkable ability to                            mean Sun Chlorella works like a laxative.                                                Sun Chlorella has been a
balance and support normal body functions.                             You see, when he gives chlorella to patients                                             Godsend. Even though I
Nowhere do we see this more strikingly than                            with diarrhea, they get better too. Although                                             eat a healthy diet and get
in the bowel.                                                          this seems paradoxical, the reason is that in                       plenty of exercise, constipation was always
    In a clinical trial of Sun Chlorella, Dr.                          both instances, the chlorella helps bring the                       a problem for me. After one month, I started
Randal E. Merchant and his research team                               body back into natural balance.                                     noticing a major improvement. Now I am
at the School of Medicine of the Virginia                                   It works for so many types of digestive                        ‘constipation-free.’ I have more energy and
Commonwealth University studied people                                                                                                     feel great. I am 48 years old and thanks to
with digestive concerns, appetite loss, fatigue                        1. Merchant, et al, “Nutritional Supplementation with
                                                                                                                                           Sun Chlorella I feel like a teenager again.
and loss of body fluids. The patients were                                Chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with Ulcerative Colitis,”     Thanks again for such a wonderful product!”
                                                                          A Pilot Study, 1998.
given Sun Chlorella every day for two months.                          2. Jensen, Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East, p. 78                                         —N.   French, Tennessee

  Sun Chlorella Helps You Maintain Proper Digestion
  and Elimination in Four Important Ways…
                                                            S  un Chlorella is rich in four components that
                                                               accelerate the process of elimination and
                                                            bowel detoxification. That’s because it provides
                                                                                                                                         cells within your body helping them to stay
                                                                                                                                         strong and healthy.
                                                                                                                                  3. Protein — Sun Chlorella is rich in the
                                                            four essential benefits for bowel health:
                                                                                                                                     amino acids that provide the building blocks
                                                            1. Chlorophyll — the most powerful                                       to help build healthy tissue.
                                                               detoxifying agent found in nature. It helps
                                                               detoxify the bowel, detoxifies the liver                           4. Fiber — the tough cellulose membrane
                                                               and bloodstream and also feeds the good                               of chlorella is not digested but binds to
                                                               bacteria that are necessary for healthy                               cadmium, lead and other heavy metals and
                                                               digestion.                                                            carries them out of the body.
                                                            2. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) — its                                    That’s why I recommend Sun Chlorella
                                                               power helps promote bowel health so waste                          to all my patients. In my 30 years as a
                                                               stays where it’s supposed to and doesn’t                           medical doctor, I’ve found nothing better to
                                                               travel into the bloodstream. Plus, CGF                             maintain regularity, healthy digestion and
                                                               stimulates cellular repair and nourishes the                       bowel health.

12      12
     Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.                To order online:
                    “Wow… I feel
                   great all over!”                               Dr. Matthias Maas
                     “I value my Sun
                 Chlorella! It’s given me        “After I survived a near-death
                                                   experience, Sun Chlorella
                 increased energy, better
                 digestion, very regular
bowel movements so I always feel great. My
congratulations to you and your company.”
                                                  gave me so much stamina I
                                                   cover 18-hour shifts while
                       — W. Schuer, California

                        “No More
                      “I found out about Sun
                                                    caring for my patients!”

                   Chlorella from a source in
                   a magazine. I have been             ooking at me now you’d never guess
taking Sun Chlorella for over two years now,           that the first 20 years of my life
and only stopped one time for a month or so            were a health disaster. Doctors were
to prove to myself that it really was helping    baffled by my constant fatigue and lack of
me. I don’t have problems with indigestion       energy. After scores of medical tests they
anymore. I am 73 years old and work five to      couldn’t find any cause for it.
six days a week delivering supplies, which           Despite my doctors’ best efforts, there
requires lifting and use of a lot of energy.     were those “bad” days when I felt so
Along with eating good healthy foods, I          horrible that I couldn’t make it to school.
believe Sun Chlorella is responsible for the     My senior year I missed so much class I
health that I now have... I know it’s working    almost didn’t graduate!
for me!”                                             Then, by accident, my doctor
                       —R. Widerburg, Idaho      prescribed two new prescriptions but
                                                 switched the dosages. I experienced a
                    “More Regular                severe reaction and nearly died. That’s
                                                 when my whole life changed, and I
                     Than Ever!”                 decided to become a doctor myself.
                        “I know Sun Chlorella
                                                     My mother, a registered nurse
                    purifies my body.
                                                 from Germany who knew about herbs,
                    Because of it, I am more
                                                 introduced me to the idea of natural
regular than ever (that was a problem).”
                                                 solutions. I discovered a whole food from
                       — N. Boydman, Florida     Japan called Sun Chlorella. It’s the only      s Matthias K. Maas, D.C.
                                                 food I know of that gives your body what       Doctor of Chiropractic, member of the
                        “My System               it needs to promote overall good health. It    International Foundation for Nutrition
                        Has Greatly              helps replace essential nutrients your body    and Health, and specialist in natural health
                                                 is missing and it carries away toxins, which   and nutritional therapies
                                                 can attack your health and well-being.
                        “I have been taking
                                                     Once I began taking Sun Chlorella          Washington hills. I’ve still got enough
                    chlorella for a short
                                                 regularly, my health began to change.          energy left over to tackle an 18-hour shift
                    period of time, and my
                                                 Soon, I felt like a brand new person! My       caring for patients. My memory is sharp.
system has greatly improved.”
                                                 energy level soared. My mind grew clear        I don’t have trouble remembering names
                      — M. Judkins, Oklahoma     and my body strengthened.                      anymore. And I sleep better too.
  In summary, Sun Chlorella can help you:            And these changes lasted. Even                 I’ve taken Sun Chlorella for 12 years
3 Promote bowel regularity,                      today I ride my bike to work every             now and I’ll continue to take it for the rest
                                                 morning — climbing eight miles up steep        of my life!
3 Increase beneficial bowel flora —
  the good bacteria
3 Assist in detoxifying your digestive system     Try Sun
                                                  Chlorella Today!
3 Stimulate cellular repair
   That’s why I tell my patients…
                                                  See pages
“When you’re green inside,                        19 –22 for
  you’re clean inside.”                           a special
    Sun Chlorella is my secret weapon for         introductory
healthy digestion and regularity and it can       savings and
also help you combat this modern day
                                                  up to 5 FREE
concern that’s putting your health at risk…
                   (Continued on page 14…)

                                                 Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                                   13
              Health Challenge #6:

                                                                                             Hidden Toxins
                                                                                             in Food, Water—
                                                                                             Even Medicine
                                                                                             If feeling less than 100% has become
                                                                                             “normal” for you, here’s how to address
                                                                                             the root cause of the concern…

        verywhere we go toxic chemicals                               • 2,000 different man-made chemicals are
        attack us, even where we least expect                           found in most municipal water supplies.                   Undoing Years of Damage!
        them: the carpets we walk on, the                             • 10 lbs of unnatural food additives are                                              “In 1980 I stopped
shampoos and toothpastes we use, the                                    consumed by the average American every                                              smoking cigarettes after
pots we cook in and the dental fillings in                              year… These often are stored in the body                                            25 years — that’s a lot
our mouths. The sad truth is that modern                                fat and slowly released over time.                                                  of cigarette smoke. I
life is an uncontrolled experiment in toxic                                                                                                                 feel wonderful now that
bombardment.                                                          • Plastics used in food wrap and water
                                                                                                                                                            I started taking Sun
                                                                        bottles contain hazardous chemicals such
                                                                                                                                                            Chlorella. I quit drinking
         Protection from a                                              as Bisphenol A. These chemicals mimic
                                                                        natural hormones such as estrogen. They
                                                                                                                                                            too. My body feels great.”
           Toxic World                                                  are easily absorbed in the body and may                                            —T. Kraynak, New Jersey
• Since 1940, we have increased the number                              disrupt the immune response.
  of synthetic chemicals in the environment                               Did you know that each of these toxins                  supplies can compromise good bladder
  by 380 times.                                                       acts like a time-bomb, tick, tick, ticking,                 health. We all need protection from these
• The average person today has 1000 times                             in the body until one day they explode                      damaging chemicals. Sun Chlorella does an
  more lead in their body than people living                          and send your good health down the                          outstanding job keeping our bodies clean.
  500 years ago.                                                      drain? Toxins are a cause of many healthy                       I first discovered how serious this toxic
• 25 BILLION pounds of synthetic                                      concerns. Lead in drinking water has                        problem was in the early 1980s. I was working
  chemicals are created by industries every                           been shown to impact blood pressure, and                    with patients, helping them to balance blood
  year.                                                               trihalomethanes found in public water                       sugar levels naturally. They were receiving

  Clinical Studies Show Sun Chlorella’s
  Remarkable Detoxifying Power
                                                   linical research has documented chlorella’s                        3 Chlorella Removes Heavy Metals: In other
                                                   ability to remove toxins stored in body                              studies, chlorella was equally effective in
                                                   tissues and to help stop new toxins from                             eliminating heavy metals such as copper, and
                                            being absorbed.                                                             cadmium.3
                                            3 Chlorella Removes Hazardous Chemicals:                                  3 Chlorella Removes Mercury: Research shows
                                                A landmark study published in the Journal of                            that chlorella effectively sweeps out mercury
                                                Medicinal Food showed how chlorella reduced                             from the bowel and cells of the body.4
                                                the dioxins in breast milk.1 “Dioxin” is the name
                                                generally given to a class of super-toxic chemicals.                  1. Nakano, S., Takekoshi, H. and Nakano, Masuo: Chlorella
                                                                                                                         (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) Supplementation Decreases Dioxin
                                                Their toxicity is second only to radioactive waste.                      and Increases Immunoglobulin A Concentrations in Breast Milk.
                                                                                                                         Journal of Medicinal Food 2007;10: 134 – 142.
                                            3 Chlorella Removes PCBs: Studies at the                                  2. Pore RS. 1984. Detoxification of chlordecone poisoned rats with
                                                School of Medicine, West Virginia University,                            chlorella and chlorella derived sporopollenin. Drug Chem Toxicol
                                                demonstrated that chlorella helped remove                             3. Horikoshi, T., A. Nakajima and T. Sakaguchi: Uptake of Uranium
                                                                                                                         by Various Cell Fractions of Chlorella regularis. Radiosotopes
                                                poisonous poly-chlorinated byphenols (PCBs),                             28(8), 485-487, Aug. 1979.
                                                (a major toxic pollutant found in pesticides                          4. Wilkinson, S., Goulding, K.H., Robinson, P.K, et al. Mercury
                                                                                                                         Removal by immobilized algae in batch culture systems.
                                                and herbicides).2                                                        J Appl Phycol. 1990; 2:223-230.

14     14
     Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.        To order online:
                                                           Dr. Warren Harvard Low
Do You Have Any
of These SIGNS OF                                       “No longer do I worry
TOXIC OVERLOAD?                                        about reading the small
                                                       print in the newspaper
Please check any that apply to you:
  ❑   Always tired?
  ❑   Trouble Sleeping?
      Brain “fog”?
                                                         or driving to work…
      Skin rashes that won’t go
                                                        My eyes are healthy!”
                                                         s an Optometrist, I’ve helped
  ❑   Stiffness?                                         patients maintain their eye health
  ❑   Silver (amalgam) dental                            for over 40 years.
      fillings in your teeth?                          To promote my own health, I
  ❑   Diminished sex drive?                        researched how certain antioxidants found
   If you checked just three of                    in vegetables, such as lutein and beta-
these, your health problems may be                 carotene, support healthy retinas. My wife
triggered by hidden toxins. You may                Carolyn introduced me to Sun Chlorella
be in toxic overload.                              after hearing about it on T.V. You can
                                                   imagine my excitement when I discovered
                                                   that Sun Chlorella gives you more of these
nutritional supplements,
                                                   eye-enhancing nutrients than even our
but it still wasn’t enough. Something
                                                   best vegetable sources! As soon as I began
else was keeping them run-down…
                                                   taking Sun Chlorella I knew I was doing
     That something else turned out to be          right for the health of my eyes.
environmental toxins that were invading
their bodies. These toxins impact overall              Now, six years later, my eyes remain
health and vitality leaving them feeling tired     healthy, sharp and clear. I credit this
and fatigued. But chances are slim that your       incredible whole food supplement with
doctor will tell you toxins may be the cause       supporting my retinas and strengthening
of your health concerns.                           my eye health. I no longer worry about
                                                   reading the small print in the newspaper
     After more than 30 years of studying,         or driving to work every day.
testing and recommending a number of
powerful “cleansing” therapies, I can tell you         What’s more, since Carolyn and I
this: Nothing is a better detoxifier than Sun      have been taking Sun Chlorella, we have
Chlorella. It safely eliminates toxic elements     both noticed increased energy levels (as
that have built up in your body. It revitalizes    we work very long hours), better bowel         s Dr. Warren Harvard Low, O.D.
your cells and supports your body’s own            regularity and improved sleeping patterns.     Dr. Low has been an eye care specialist
natural detoxifying process.                       We feel so good we’ll never go without         for over 40 years. He is a graduate of
                                                   our Sun Chlorella for the rest of our lives.   Stanford University and a member of
     The truth is that we never know when
                                                   And neither will many of my patients. I        the Board of Trustees of the Southern
we are going to be exposed to high levels of
                                                   recommend Sun Chlorella as a “must” for        California School of Optometry. Dr. Low
toxic chemicals and heavy metals. When I
                                                   anyone concerned about staying active          has a keen interest in understanding
eat fish, I rely on Sun Chlorella because of
                                                   and keeping their eyes healthy, sharp and      the role of natural products to maintain
its ability to bind to mercury in the digestive
                                                   clear for years to come.                       good eye health.
tract and block its absorption.
     Sun Chlorella also protects me against
other heavy metals and pesticides.
Commercially sold strawberries and raspberries
are often heavily sprayed with pesticides.
                                                   Try Sun
And the list goes on and on. It makes me feel      Chlorella Today!
more secure to know that Sun Chlorella can
lighten the toxic load. In my opinion, Sun         See pages
Chlorella has become a necessity for               19 –22 for
everyone living in the modern age because          a special
chemicals and toxins are everywhere.               introductory
     That’s why I’m glad to tell my patients       savings and
about how Sun Chlorella can help them              up to 5 FREE
overcome those…
                       (Continued on page 16…)

                                                  Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                              15
              Health Challenge #7:                                                                                                                                  “46 pounds

Stubborn, Hard-To-
                                                                                                                                                                 “After taking Sun
                                                                                                                                                             Chlorella for three to
                                                                                                                                                             four weeks I noticed a

Lose Extra Pounds
                                                                                                                                                             drastic change in my
                                                                                                                                     eating habits. I was losing weight and also
                                                                                                                                     had an increase in energy which helped me
                                                                                                                                     to exercise skin is clear and much

Are hidden toxins behind your weight gain?                                                                                           softer; I feel very good and will never stop
                                                                                                                                     taking Sun Chlorella...I achieved a 46 pound
                                                                                                                                     weight loss and everyone asks how I did it. I

        iet and exercise                                                 your digestive system. This helps your                      tell them all about how Sun Chlorella helped.
        are the two keys                                                 body burn fat and release excess fluids.                    What a great feeling to find something that
        to losing weight.                                                Plus, Sun Chlorella contains high amounts                   actually works.”
But you may be one of                                                    of proteins and nucleic acids to replenish                                                    —B. Laney, Arizona
the thousands of people                                                  levels of friendly bacteria in your stomach
who need additional                                                      and intestines for easy digestion                                                     “No More Sugar
support. Well I’ve got                                                                      of food — including fats!
great news!
                                                                           AFTER                       I credit Sun Chlorella
                                                                                                                                                            “After only a few months
    Believe it or not, I                                                                           with helping me lose
                                                                                                                                                        use, I have noticed a great
was once overweight.                                                                               my weight, and I’m not
                                                                                                                                     improvement to my general overall health
Then I discovered that there                                                                       alone. Just check out
                                                                                                                                     with an increase in my energy level, better
was another reason the                                                                             these amazing stories of
                                                                                                                                     digestion, weight loss and most of all a
unwanted fat wouldn’t go                                                                           physical renewal:
                                                                                                                                     significant reduction in sugar cravings.”
away in addition to what I
was eating. Inside my body                                                                             “50 pounds                                         —M. Duplanty, Pennsylvania
metabolic wastes, toxins and                                                                          disappeared!”
unused food had slowed my                                                                                                                                    “Helped Me Feel
                                                                                                       “With an extra serving
digestion to a crawl. My cells
                                                                                                   of Sun Chlorella daily,
                                                                                                                                                             Good and Lose
were filling up with toxins,
causing a build-up of fat and                                                                      yoga and a healthy diet,                                  Weight”
fluid. This was adding pound                                                                       I’ve lost over 50 pounds in                              “Here’s my re-order. I
after pound to my waistline!                                                                       the past three years. Sun         decided I couldn’t go without Sun Chlorella. It
                                                                                                   Chlorella has remarkably          really helped me feel good, and helped me lose
    That’s why my patients                                                                         enhanced my well-being…           weight…I have more energy with chlorella…
rely on Sun Chlorella to help                                                                      I can’t imagine my life
them stay lean. It helps                                                                                                             I didn’t have the money to spend before, but I
                                                                                                   without your product.”            have changed my budget to put chlorella first.”
promote healthy digestion
and clean away wastes from                                                                                    —G. Bell, California                                        — C. E., Alabama

 The Real Secret of the Hollywood Elite
 Media Reports on the Youth-Enhancing Powers of Sun Chlorella and Chlorella

    n this bulletin, you’ve seen the medical                            food/nutritional supplement mentioned.                       in just four weeks”…and…“this nutrient-rich
    research documenting Sun Chlorella’s                                Leading ladies Sally Field and Jeanne                        supplement is like eating pure, concentrated
    amazing ability to sweep away toxins                                Tripplehorn count it among their secrets,                    mega-helpings of fruits and vegetables.”
 and support body functions. Now even                                   according to the magazine.                                      Reader’s Digest calls chlorella “bread
 major magazines known for tracking                                        Newsweek reports that amazing Sun                         from the sea.”
 Hollywood health and beauty trends                                     Chlorella is one of “Nature’s Biggest Sellers.”
 proclaim that Sun Chlorella can keep you                                                                                                Longevity magazine reveals chlorella
 looking youthful, radiant and fit:                                         Scientific American describes                            to be “Hollywood stars’ hottest secret.”
                                                                        chlorella as an “important part of the world’s
                            “One of the                                 food supply.”                                                                        “One of the Top
                            Most Popular                                                                                                                     10 Superfoods”
                                                                                                       “Smoother Skin
                            ‘In’ Items”                                                                                                                 states
                                                                                                       in 4 Weeks”                                           that Chlorella is “One of
                       Trendsetter InStyle                                                                 Women’s World                                     the Top 10 Superfoods.”1
                  magazine ranked Sun                                                                  says, “… women taking
                  Chlorella as “The third                                                              chlorella daily reported
                  most popular (out of                                                                 smoother, firmer, more
                  10) ‘in’ item among                                                                  radiant skin and fewer        1.
 Hollywood celebrities.” It was the only                                                               wrinkles and age spots           greenfoods.jhtml

16     16
     Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people and only reflect their results.            To order online:
     Imagine, being mistaken
      for someone younger!
                                                                                     Dr. Joyce Johnson
       Now’s your chance!
     When you put Sun Chlorella’s rich
                                                                    “I was a professional ballet
 nucleic acids and other nutrients to work
 inside your body, you too can enjoy real                            dancer until soreness and
                                                                     stiffness almost made me
 results on the outside.
     With its powerful regenerative properties

                                                                     hang up my ballet shoes.
 strengthening the body from the inside out,
 this is no surprise to me. In my experience,
 Sun Chlorella is the best-kept natural beauty
 secret for any age! You see, your body was
 designed to renew itself continually, yet this                    But now I’m dancing again!”
 ability weakens with every passing year

 and damage accumulates. Sun Chlorella                                 know what it’s
 contains an amazing bundle of nutrients                               like to be in dire
 that have been shown to stimulate this                                straights and come
 renewal process.                                                 through stronger than
      You may find the skin on your face, neck                    before. Many years
 and arms has a fresh, vibrant appearance.                        ago I was enjoying a
 It’s no wonder my patients, myself and                           career as a professional
 people all over the world love Sun Chlorella.                    ballet dancer when I
 It makes us look and feel younger, lighter                       was struck with sore
 and more energetic.                                              muscles and stiff
                                                                  joints, which severely
                                      “People                     impacted my quality
                                    can’t believe                 of life.
                                      I’m 62!”                         I wasn’t ready to
                                                                  give up, so I turned
                               “Before Sun                        to nutritional therapy.
                           Chlorella my skin                      Little did I know how
                           looked OK but now it                   powerful this option       s Joyce Johnson, Ph.D. President, Wellness Center
                           feels great… When I                    would turn out to          of America, pioneer in nutritional blood chemistry.
                           told the young girl in                 be. Since then, I have
 the store, ‘I usually get the senior discount,’                  worked personally to
 she said, ‘You aren’t 60. I can’t believe it.’                                                                 maintain superior wellness. That’s why it’s
                                                                  help others discover their own path to        the nutraceutical I recommend most often.
 I will soon be 62!”                                              health and wellness. I went on to college
                            —D. McKinney, California              and received my Ph.D. in nutrition.                When my patients add Sun Chlorella
                                                                                                                to their nutritional program, they
                                                                       With healthy food and exercise,          experience astounding improvements in
                                                                  I achieved relief from soreness and           their health. While their energy increases
                          “The Perfect                            discomfort, but there was a missing           almost from the beginning, they also
                          Whole Food                              piece of the puzzle.                          notice that they are able to maintain their
                          Supplement”                                  Then I found Sun Chlorella. I started    blood pressure and cholesterol levels
                                                                  using it in my practice. As a result, I       and find it easier to maintain a healthy
                      Exercise magazine                                                                         weight. Most important, Sun Chlorella
                                                                  personally have a higher level of energy
                  informs men that Sun                                                                          is pure and natural, with no binders,
                                                                  and so do my patients. Sun Chlorella is
                  Chlorella is “the perfect                                                                     preservatives or fillers so you get nothing
                                                                  loaded with all the important components
                  whole food supplement for                                                                     but nature’s best.
                                                                  that your body needs to restore and
                  athletes who are mentally,
physically and emotionally conscious of
their bodies and well-being.”
                       “Amazing”                                   Try Sun
                     Better Nutrition
                 writes, chlorella is
                                                                   Chlorella Today!
                 “amazing”… and… “not                              See pages
                 to be confused with other
                                                                   19 –22 for
                 green foods… chlorella is
                 regarded as the best food                         a special
source for nucleic acids” — the nutrients that                     introductory
allow for turning back that aging clock.                           savings and
Aforementioned quotes of news reports do not imply an endorse-     up to 5 FREE
ment of Sun Chlorella products by the publications and websites
quoted and may have been a result of paid advertisements.

                                                                  Call toll-free 1-800-944-0909, ext. 285                                               17
Perhaps you’re still wondering…
How can one natural food deliver
        he answer is simple. Many health                colleagues. Each one of them turned their                       Editor’s Note:
        problems arise from these two                   own health around — even when nothing
        major causes:                                   else seemed to work. You’ve also seen               Special Introductory
   1. Malnourishment: You’re not getting                highlights of the scientific studies showing
                                                        beyond doubt that Sun Chlorella is uniquely
                                                                                                               Savings Offer
enough phytonutrients in your food.
   2. Toxins: Your body is overburdened by
harmful chemicals, metals, pesticides and
                                                        effective for a wide range of conditions. And
                                                        you’ve seen the results of many people like        N      ow is an excellent time to try Sun
                                                                                                                  Chlorella because you’ll get a
                                                                                                           special introductory price and some free
                                                        you who wrote to Sun Chlorella describing
other harmful elements.                                       their remarkable results.                    gifts, if you order within the next
   So that’s why Sun Chlorella can                                                                         10 days.
                                                                    So the real question is: When
help so many conditions — even                                                                                  Use Sun Chlorella at absolutely no
                                                                 are you going to try Sun Chlorella
where drugs and vitamins have failed.                                                                      risk. If it’s not everything I say… if you
                                                                 for yourself?
Sun Chlorella helps both NOURISH                                                                           don’t feel more energy and vitality in
                                                                                                           just 30 days… just send back the empty
and DETOXIFY Your Body.                                             Experience the                         box for a full and complete refund —
    And it has the unique
                                                                   Difference Sun                          no questions asked
FACTOR, a unique                                                Chlorella Can Make in                           You can save a total of $53.75
substance found in no                                              YOUR Life Today!                        and get three extra Free Gifts with the
other plant. CGF                                                                                           “Best Deal Starter Pack. See page 19.
                                                                          I have been taking Sun
helps your body                                                                                                 Just select your discount and free
                                                                      Chlorella for nearly 25 years
REVITILIZE so                                                                                              gifts on page 23 and order today!
                                                                      and take it every day. It is my
you’ll soon be                                                        all-time favorite whole food
feeling your best.                                                          nutritional supplement. I    energy. My patients have been telling
    In this                                                                  still enjoy the rich deep   me that for twenty years. I have also
special report                                                                ‘green’ aroma when I       learned that on my own. I can tell if I have
you’ve read                                                                  first open a package of     accidentally missed my daily serving of Sun
the personal                                                                Sun Chlorella. It smells     Chlorella because my energy tends to wane.
health stories of                                                           wholesome and healthful.        It pleases me to know that I am taking
eight of my medical                                                         Sun Chlorella imparts        such a wholesome and healthful product

     Why All Chlorella’s Are NOT Created Equal
     T                                                                                                   6.
             he people at Sun Chlorella Corporation                                                           Grown at the equator to capture the
             have dedicated themselves to creating                                                            full power of the sun’s energy.

             the finest-quality health supplement                                                             Grown in Pure Mountain Spring
     available for more than three decades. We                                                                Water.
     invite you to compare Sun Chlorella with
     ANY other brand on the market. These are
     the hallmarks of the Japanese dedication to                                                         8.   No artificial ingredients or
     quality. Only Sun Chlorella offers you all this:
                                                                                                         9.   Unique Packaging — safety-sealed

     1.    Chlorella pyrenoidosa — the                                                                        packages lock in freshness.
           nutritionally superior species.
     Compare with other brands that use
     chlorella vulgaris (Vulgar is the Latin word
                                                                                                         10.      Highest Quality: For all the
                                                                                                                  reasons above and more, there is
                                                                                                         no better chlorella on Earth than Sun
     for “common.”)                                                                                      Chlorella.

     2.    DYNO®-Mill Process: Exclusive to
           Sun Chlorella, this patented process
     to pulverize the chlorella’s tough outer cell
                                                        4.     Industry Leader for more than 37
                                                               years (25 in the U.S.). Sun Chlorella
                                                        is the original that created most of the
                                                                                                            That’s why only Sun
                                                                                                          Chlorella offers the best
     wall, gives you TWICE the nutrient value           significant innovations in the industry.         value for your good health
     of regular chlorella.                                   Patented Product — unlike generic               So if you want to experience all that

     3.   GMP Certified in Japan —
          Independently certified for the highest
     quality production processes.
                                                             chlorella, Sun Chlorella’s production
                                                        processes produce an exclusive product
                                                        protected by patents.
                                                                                                         chlorella can do for you, accept nothing but
                                                                                                         the best. And try SUN CHLORELLA for
                                                                                                         yourself today.

18       18                                                                                         To order online:
endowed with both the power to renew and          Experience the Amazing                             “Eye Health
the power to detoxify. The world is sadly                                                            Improved!”
saturated with chemical poisons that invade      Health Secret of the Longest-
                                                                                                         “I have found
the air, food and water we depend on for           Living People on Earth!                          Sun Chlorella to
survival. Sun Chlorella can make it easier to
                                                    Don’t you deserve an active life of health,     be a great help to
promote optimal health.
                                                vitality and independence for all your days?        me. My doctor (a
    It’s Never Too Late to                          Sun Chlorella has made the difference           specialist) tells me
    Make a FRESH START                          for me, the other doctors you’ve met in             that my eyesight has improved this last
                                                this bulletin and thousands of my patients.         year so I feel Sun Chlorella is what has
       with Your Health                         Not to mention millions of Sun Chlorella            helped me. I have taken it now for four
     They say there are no “do-overs” in        customers in Japan and around the world.            months. It also boosts my energy level
life. Maybe so. But you can regain a lot of                                                         as I can walk at least two miles a day
your youthful zest and energy — even if you         I am very confident that you will also
                                                                                                    without getting tired. I am so happy that
haven’t always eaten right. The secret is       receive the marvelous health and energy
                                                                                                    I gave it a chance to work for me. Also
cleaning out the decades of toxins that are     benefits that have changed my life.
                                                                                                    I can see well enough to get my drivers
holding you down.                                   Yours for Good Health,                          license and still drive my car.”
    People who try Sun Chlorella never                                                                                             —V. Wales, Canada
want to go without it again. Their ferocious                                                        Results will vary. All testimonials in this advertisement
                                                                                                    are from real people and only reflect their results.
loyalty to their little green tablets springs
                                                    Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.
from the miraculous changes it makes in
their lives. Once you too have made the              P.S. My sincere wish is that you too          documenting Sun Chlorella’s remarkable
journey from exhaustion to vitality, from       will become one of the longest-living people       health benefits. You’ll also hear the personal
anxiety to serenity, from health concerns to    on Earth… staying active and independent           health turn-arounds that eight of my medical
optimal health, you will never, ever, want to   all through your senior years. Please read         colleagues have achieved with their own
go back.                                        all the details here of the exciting studies       health. All thanks to Sun Chlorella!

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