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					Concept of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are basically used to make your natural hair look longer orvoluminous and
give you a whole new look altogether. They are made either byusing synthetic or real human
hair. One might think that these extensions areartificial hair and so it would be difficult to
attach these to our normalhair. Such concerns are very natural but these hair extensions are
not at allinconvenient. These extensions can either be glued, or woven, or clipped toyour
natural hair.

Every individual has been gifted with hair of a differentcolor and keeping the same in mind,
companies have started preparing such hair extensions in number of shapes, styles,colors
and sizes. All you need to do is to make a selection of right kind ofextension which suits your
style and other requirements. In the recent past, it was an accessory which could only be
enjoyed by the high profile celebritiesand others could only dream to acquire their look. But
now times have changedas a result of which everyone can complement their personality
by using these extensions and create a new look with their hair every day. It can be used
toincrease the length of your hair, adding a colorful highlight and you can alsothicken your
hair. But it is advisable to go for the hair extensions which aremade up of real hair because
then you can treat them in the same manner as youwould treat your natural hair. Human
Hair extensions are increasingly becoming the best way in which torevitalize your hair into
any number of styles you have always wanted to try,but have never been able to pull off.

There are various types of extensions available in themarket and you can choose the one
that would suit your requirement. Some of thevarious types are clip extensions, feather
hair extensions, glue freeextensions and the like. Hair weaving is a two step process
where the hairstylist would weave some threads in the lower sections of your hair so that
thethreading work cannot be seen. Then they use such threads as a base where theyattach
the extensions. Bonding is a process where extensions are attached toyour scalp by
using chemicals or glue. But you must inquire about certain factsbefore opting for the glue
based extensions like what materials are being usedand the price for the same. Clip in hair
extensions are considered to be the most convenient and affordableextensions. In this case
the stylist would help you match the color and texture of these extensions with your hair
and thenclip the same to your hair. Lastly you can also opt for glue free extensionswhich
are attached to your hair by using micro cylinders. Even though they taketime to get
attached, they are totally safe. Thus with the use of aforesaidhair accessories you can easily
experiment with your look as and when you wantand that too for an affordable price. For
those looking to be fashionforward and very trendy, feather hair extensions is the way to go.

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Concept of Hair Extensions

They come in all sorts of crazy colors,which will be perfect to bring out the wild side of your

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Description: Today every man and woman wants to look their best and experiment with new styles. It has been observed that women are especially conscious about how their hair looks and also are always on the lookout for new ways to style the same. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many products with which women can make their hair look long and voluminous and that too at an affordable price. This amazing product is known as hair extensions. Many of us might have heard about it but the thought of using it was hitherto restricted to mostly the Hollywood celebrities. But now hair extensions are being used by almost anyone who love to try out different hairstyles but do not want to burn a hole in their pocket to get a new look.