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        Army Flier
                      VOL. 62          NO. 01                               FORT RUCKER ★ ALABAMA                                                            JA N UA RY 5, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO BY ERIN MURRAY

Spc. Brandon Mosher and Spc. Cody Ford, 1st Battalion, 223rd Aviation Regiment Air Ambulance Detachment, “Flatiron” unit, go through a training exercise in the current Medevac simulators Dec. 14. Officials
say, research and demonstrations on future Medevac helicopters will allow for more space, faster speed and reduced risk of fatality in theater.

Research, training improves Medevac
By Erin Murray                                     impact the features and form of future              for AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk,                 study and the U.S. Army Aviation Center
Army Flier Staff Writer                            Medevac aircraft during a study conduct-            CH-47 Chinook and OH-58 Kiowa air-                  of Excellence is doing,” said Mark Rob-
                                                   ed Dec. 14 at Fort Rucker.                          craft.                                              inson, a researcher for the JFVL study.
  Representatives from the U.S. Army                 Researchers for the Department of                    “The Joint Future Vertical Lift study              “The Army Aviation Center is being
Medical Department, U.S. Army School               Defense Joint Future Vertical Lift study            is looking at the next generation aircraft.         smart. They’re going to the customer
of Aviation Medicine and the 1st Battal-           brought a Boeing V-22 Osprey to Fort                Speed, range and carrying capacity are              and asking what is needed. They’re
ion, 223rd Aviation Regiment Air Ambu-             Rucker’s Medevac training facility and              the three things that Medevac would like            playing with the configuration to find
lance Detachment, “Flatiron” unit, got a           demonstrated various configurations to               to see included in the next generation of           the best options,” said Robinson adding
glimpse of the future of Army Aviation             the inside of the craft. The JFVL study             aircraft. We’re looking at how to integrate
and a chance to give feedback that may             is currently researching replacements               Medevac requirements into what the JFVL                                     SEE CARE, PAGE A5

Aviation instructor receives Air Medal with Valor
                                                                     By Nathan Pfau                                                          Col. David Fee, director of the Directorate of Evaluation
                                                                     Army Flier Staff Writer                                              and Standardization, told the Soldiers and Family members
                                                                                                                                          the story of how Day came to receive the medal.
                                                                          Soldiers and Family members gathered to honor a Fort               “We were trying to decide whether he is crazy or stupid,”
                                                                       Rucker UH-60M standardization instructor at the Silver             said Fee, “but no matter what, most of the great awards
                                                                       Wings Golf Course clubhouse as he received the Air Med-            were given somewhere in between.”
                                                                       al with Valor Dec. 20                                                 According to the colonel’s account, there was a unit un-
                                                                          Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Day, of the Directorate of Eval-      der heavy fire that had run out of bullets and water, and
                                                                       uation and Standardization, was presented with the medal           needed an emergency resupply. These supplies are stuffed
                                                                       by Col. Jessie O. Farrington, U.S. Army Aviation Center            into bags, which are then called speedballs, to be delivered
                                                                       for Excellence deputy commander, for exceptionally meri-           by aircraft to the unit in need.
                                                                       torious achievement in valor that was displayed in support            “They needed someone to help push [the supplies] out of
                                                                       of Operation Enduring Freedom May 25, according to                 the aircraft and, naturally, Day says, ‘I’ll do it’,” continued
                                                                       Capt. Jonathan Britton, operations officer of the Director-         Fee.
                                                                       ate of Evaluation and Standardization.                                It was Day’s job to get the speedballs off the aircraft and
                                              PHOTO BY NATHAN PFAU        “Day displayed complete disregard for his own safety            to the unit. When the aircraft gets close enough to where
Col. Jessie O. Farrington, U.S. Army Aviation Center for Excellence while initiating multiple engagements against an enemy                the unit is to be resupplied, Day is “mission focused,”
deputy commander, presents Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Day, of the with superior fields of fire over the friendly forces,” said               according to the colonel.
Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization, with the Air Medal with Britton. “His actions were decisive in saving the lives of
Valor for exceptionally meritorious achievement in valor.              the Soldiers on the ground.”                                                                               SEE VALOR, PAGE A5

Veterinary command inactivates, services remain same
By Nathan Pfau                                        The GCDVC had command and con-                    ture.                                               mand, the Great Plains Regional Veterinary
Army Flier Staff Writer                            trol of three branches in Alabama, western              “With that realignment, the GCDVC                Command, and the United States Army
                                                   Georgia, eastern and southern Mississippi,           will be officially inactivated and the public        Veterinary Command in San Antonio, so
  Soldiers traveled from across the gulf           and the panhandle of Florida, according to           health command district ward will be acti-          it seemed only appropriate to hold another
coast to attend the inactivation ceremony          Young.                                               vated,” said Weekes. “We are now some-              ceremony, here with the Soldiers, to com-
of the Gulf Coast District Veterinary Com-            Some of the responsibilities of the veter-        what of a detachment unit that now falls            memorate the GCDVC colors at the home
mand at the United States Army Aviation            inary command included: providing com-               under that command.”                                of its headquarters here at Fort Rucker,”
Museum Dec. 16.                                    plete veterinary care for all government-               “The U.S. Army veterinary service per-           said the colonel.
  The ceremony kicked off with a wel-              owned animals; providing public health               sonnel that made up the command will                   “The GCDVC had the command and
coming address by Sgt. 1st Class LaShon-           services to privately-owned animals for              continue to proudly serve the Department            control of the three branches: Fort Rucker,
da Young, operations noncommissioned               authorized customers; and providing Vet-             of Defense of the United States, our nations        the Naval Air Station and Fort Benning,”
officer.                                            erinary Corps officer support to the U.S.             Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their        said Renison, “each with missions to pro-
  “The inactivation ceremony is an event           Air Force Clinical Research Laboratory at            Families,” said Col. George Renison, guest          vide the complete spectrum of authorized
that is rich with tradition, symbolism and         Keesler Air Force Base, Miss.                        speaker and commander of the Southeast              veterinary services to all of the DOD agen-
heritage,” said Young. “The key to the cer-           The inactivation of the GCDVC is a re-            Regional Veterinary Command. “I ask that            cies in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mis-
emony is the casing of the units’ guidon.          sult of the merger of the veterinary com-            all Soldiers of the GCDVC give the same             sissippi.”
The guidon is the commanding symbol of             mand with the Public Health Command,                 level of dedication and selfless service to             The GDVC also integrated Reserve com-
authority, representing responsibility to the      according to Maj. Karen Weekes, com-                 the new public health command.                      ponents into the district, and employed and
organization. The casing of the guidon             mander of the GCDVC on Fort Rucker,                     “We’ve held inactivation ceremonies for
symbolizes the inactivation of the unit.”          and is a realignment in the command struc-           the Southeast Regional Veterinary Com-                           SEE INACTIVATION, PAGE A4

          P ERSPECTIVE                A2              A RMYW I D E           B1-4              C OMMU N I TY            C1 - 6           ON P O S T          C2             SPORTS            D 1 -4

Kitchen fires may not always
start for obvious reasons
By Art Powell                                          I got up to turn it off.”                                water, but she remembered water                 and caught fire when the eye was             ate, USACR/Safety Center, you
U.S. Army Combat Readiness/                               That’s when things got serious.                       couldn’t be used on a grease fire,               turned on to the ‘high’ setting.            should follow these tips when it
Safety Center                                             “As I neared the kitchen, I no-                       which she thought could be the                     How could that happen?                   comes to home fire extinguishers:
                                                       ticed a light. I knew I hadn’t left                      cause of the fire on the burning                    “My cat, Fella, loves to walk on          • There are different types of
   Reading the user directions on                      one on, and then I saw the fire on                        stove.                                          the countertop and stovetop when               portable fire extinguishers for
your new fire extinguisher while                        top of the stove,” said the Dothan                          It was then she remembered                   no one is around, and I think he               different types of fires, but the
facing a real fire isn’t the best                       resident. “The smoke detector                            her newly purchased fire extin-                  accidentally rubbed up against the             best extinguisher to buy for the
idea.                                                  wasn’t beeping like it does when                         guisher.                                        control knob and turned it on,”                home is a multi-purpose dry
   “When my children told me                           the battery is low, it was beep-                            “When I got the fire extin-                   she decided.                                   chemical unit.
they wanted to deep-fry a turkey                       ing non-stop, which added to the                         guisher and walked to the fire, I                   Fella, who tips the scales at 18          • Read the directions, which
on their visit for Thanksgiving, I                     overall stress of the situation.”                        pulled it out of the box and real-              pounds, is the presumed culprit in             come with the fire extinguish-
went out and bought a fire extin-                          The foot-high flames were cen-                         ized I had never read the instruc-              the incident, but so far hasn’t con-           er.
guisher,” said Cheri Sutton, a ci-                     tered on one eye of the stove, so                        tions on how to use it or what type             fessed.                                      • Make sure you place the fire
vilian Department of Defense em-                       Sutton reached for baking soda in                        of fires it was designed to fight,”                  “I’m getting a new stove with               extinguisher where it can easily
ployee for the U.S. Army Combat                        the cabinet, a common household                          Sutton said. “So, I stood there in              vertical controls in the rear to               be seen and retrieved.
Readiness/Safety Center, Fort                          item recommended to quell a fire,                         front of the fire trying to read the             help prevent this from happening             • Remember, fire extinguishers
Rucker, Ala.                                           but the box was half empty.                              instructions and just went ahead                again, and my advice to every-                 work best on small fires, such
   Little did she know how impor-                         “Then I remembered that salt                          and used it.”                                   one is to read the instructions on             as a burning wastebasket or a
tant it would be, but not because                      could be used for a fire, and my                             Luckily for her, it put out the              your fire extinguisher before you               small grease fire.
of a deep-fried turkey.                                salt box was there near the stove,                       fire.                                            need it for a real fire,” Sutton ex-            For more information on fire
   “I heard a smoke-detector beep-                     but it was empty and I had sat it                           Her investigation of the fire                 plained.                                    protection, you can log on to the
ing about midnight one night, and                      out as a reminder to buy some                            scene revealed the plastic han-                    According to Michael Wood,               U.S. Fire Administration at http://
thought the battery in it was low,”                    more,” she said.                                         dle on a spatula resting in a pan               manager, Safety and Occupa-       
she explained. “It annoyed me so                          Her next thought was to use                           above the stove eye had melted                  tional Health, Ground Director-             home_fire_prev/

     This month in Army Aviation history
       This month we’re spotlighting the                                Air Combat                                                      the growth of human engineering efforts
     January/February 1990 issue of the                                 Traditionally in Aviation, high-                                in the military.
     U.S. Army Aviation Digest. This issue                              performance, fixed-wing aircraft and
     features:                                                          pilots have been the attention-getters.                         Employment of Copperhead: A
                                                                        Consider, for example, the popularity                           Tactical Scenario
     Defining the Army Aviation Total                                    of movies such as “Top Gun” and “Iron                           “The Soviet tanks and BMPs filled the
     Combat System in the 1990s                                         Eagle,” and aerobatic teams like the                            landscape like an avalanche. The enemy
     There is an old Chinese curse that                                 Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.                                   was somewhere at hand but not to be
     says, “May you live in interesting                                                                                                 seen. The British tanks were there all
     times.” I don’t know what we’ve done                               Extended Operations and Soldier                                 right, firing not directly from the flank but
     to deserve it, but surely we do live in                            Judgment: A Human-System Design                                 far back, in well-chosen positions behind
     interesting times. Past threats seem less                          Challenge                                                       low crests in undulating ground.”
     ominous, political alliances are being                             The need for including human
     adjusted and, in many instances, the                               engineering in the development of                               PEARLS
     size of national military forces is being                          military systems has always been
     reduced.                                                           intuitive and a part of major systems                           … and more!
                                                                        acquisition. Further, the U.S. General                          Download this issue of the U.S. Army
     Aeromedical Aspects of Helicopter                                  Accounting Office continues to promote                           Aviation Digest at

        Rotor Wash “                                                                                                                                            What’s the key to maintaining your
                                                                                                                                                                     New Year’s resolution?”                                   ”

                   Shanna Green,                                             Michael Oliver,                                 Christie Ralston,                          Mike Bronnenberg,                           Erica Johnson,
                    Army spouse                                              retired military                                  Army spouse                             ACLC safety personnel                         Army spouse
           “Stay focused.”                                           “Don’t make one.”                                   “Lots of praying.”                          “Don’t make one because                    “Take it one day at a
                                                                                                                                                                    you probably won’t able to                time.”
                                                                                                                                                                    keep it.”

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         Army safe, Army strong.
                                                                                                                                                     ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JANUARY 5, 2012 ★ A3

AER changes include Family dental
assistance, spouse scholarships
By Guy Shields                                                                                                                 when the cost to repair their current         to apply five times per year. This
Army Emergency Relief                                                                                                          vehicle is greater than the vehicle’s         consolidation will allow them to
                                                                                                                               value. Assistance will be limited to          apply once a year to align with the
   WASHINGTON — New cat-                                                                                                       not more than $4,000.                         domestic spouses who will now be
egories of assistance and new                                                                                                    “We believe that by adding these            able to get assistance while only
scholarship opportunities are now                                                                                              additional categories, AER can                going to school part-time.
available through Army Emergen-                                                                                                take a more proactive role in car-               “One of the comments that we
cy Relief.                                                                                                                     ing for Soldiers and their families           regularly received from the spous-
   Included among the new catego-                                                                                              during a critical time in their lives,”       es located in the States was that it
ries of assistance to Soldiers are                                                                                             added Scott. In the past two years,           was very difficult to find the time
Family member dental care, basic                                                                                               AER has implemented a total of                to go to school full-time while
furniture needs, rental vehicles and                                                                                           nine new categories in an effort to           maintaining a household with a de-
replacement vehicles.                                                                                                          be more responsive to the chang-              ployed spouse,” said Evans. “We
   “We have been seeing increased                                                                                              ing needs of today’s Soldiers.                recognized the need and changed
numbers of these types of requests,”                                                                                             Also changing within AER is the             the policy to accommodate the cur-
said retired Sgt. Maj. Dennis Scott,                                                                                           consolidation of its spouse scholar-          rent reality.”
chief of AER’s assistance division.                                                                                            ship programs. Previously, there                 There are no changes to the Maj.
“Previously, we’ve processed some                                                                                              were separate programs for spous-             Gen. James Ursano Scholarship
cases with mitigating circumstanc-                                                                                             es depending on whether they                  Program, which is AER’s scholar-
es as an exception to policy. With                                                                                             were located in the United States             ship program for dependent chil-
this change we’ll be able to assist                                                                                            or overseas.                                  dren.
additional Soldiers and their Fami-                                                                                              “The consolidation of the two                  Information about AER, includ-
lies much more efficiently.”                                                                                                    spouse scholarship programs will              ing scholarship specifics and ap-
   AER provides no-interest loans                                                                                              simplify the application process,             plication forms, are available on
or grants to Soldiers, depending on       to alleviate pain. Assistance will be      a result of a natural disaster. As-       as well as allow all spouses to               AER’s website at
the need and individual case.             limited to no more than $4,000 per         sistance will be limited to no more       qualify for ‘part-time’ scholar-              or by calling 255-2341.
   Family dental care is not avail-       case.                                      than $4,000.                              ships,” said Diann Evans, manager                Army Emergency Relief is a
able on post for Families located            Basic furniture needs include              Assistance for a rental vehicle        for AER’s scholarship programs.               private non-profit organization
in the United States. This can put a      beds, cribs, sofas, chairs and ta-         is intended to help those Soldiers        “This change will allow us to pro-            dedicated to providing financial
significant financial burden on Sol-        bles. The intent is to assist those        on emergency leave, or waiting for        vide better service for all the appli-        assistance to Soldiers, active and
diers, AER officials said.                 Soldiers and families establishing         the repair of a primary vehicle. The      cants.”                                       retired, and their Families. Since
   Dental care eligible for AER           a household when the quarters              rental period would normally be             Prior to consolidation, only                its incorporation in 1942, AER has
assistance includes diagnosis, fill-       have no furniture. Additionally,           seven to 10 days.                         overseas spouses could get schol-             provided more than $1.3 billion
ings, crowns, root canals, extrac-        this category would be eligible to            Assistance for a replacement ve-       arships for “part time” attendance.           to more than 3.3 million Soldiers,
tions, sealants and emergency care        Soldiers who lost their furniture as       hicle is intended to help Soldiers        However, overseas spouses had                 Families and retirees.

Defense bill affects pay, separation bonuses, more
By Karen Parrish                             Section 402 reduces authorized         verts the high-deployment allow-           between 18 months and 30 months                  Signing the bill into law, Presi-
American Forces Press Service             Army minimum end strength from            ance from mandatory to authorized.         of redeployment.                              dent Barack Obama acknowledged
                                          562,000 to 547,000. The other ser-        The allowance currently pays $100             The act states assessments are             “serious reservations” about parts of
   WASHINGTON — President                 vices’authorized minimum strengths        a day, in addition to all other pay and    intended to “identify post-traumatic          the act, particularly provisions that
Barack Obama signed the 2012              are unchanged, with 325,700 for the       allowances, to a deployed service          stress disorder, suicidal tendencies,         regulate the detention, interrogation
National Defense Authorization Act        Navy, 202,100 for the Marine Corps        member who has been deployed               and other behavioral health condi-            and prosecution of suspected terror-
Dec. 31, which increased active-          and 332,800 for the Air Force.            401 days or more out of the preced-        tions in order to determine which             ists.
duty and Reserve pay by 1.6 percent          Section 512 of the act creates a       ing 730 days.                              such members are in need of addi-                “I have signed the act chiefly be-
and governs Defense Department            new member of the Joint Chiefs of            Section 701 limits annual Tricare       tional care and treatment for such            cause it authorizes funding for the
activities, from procurement to mili-     Staff, which currently includes the       enrollment fee increases for retir-        health conditions.”                           defense of the United States and its
tary personnel policy.                    Army and Air Force chiefs of staff,       ees and their Family members to               Assessments are not required for           interests abroad, crucial services for
   Several provisions in this year’s      the chief of naval operations and the     an amount equal to the percentage          servicemembers “not subjected or              servicemembers and their Families
act will potentially affect active-du-    Marine Corps commandant. The              by which retired pay increases that        exposed to operational risk factors           and vital national security programs
ty and retired servicemembers and         new member will be the chief of the       year.                                      during deployment in the contin-              that must be renewed,” Obama said
their Families.                           National Guard Bureau, who will              Section 702 sets mental health as-      gency operation concerned,” the act           in a statement released today.
   Section 347 requires DOD to fi-         have responsibility for “addressing       sessment requirements for service-         states.                                          The act also contains critical ini-
nance an independent assessment           matters involving non-federalized         members deployed for contingency              Section 954 affirms that DOD                tiatives to control spiraling health
of overseas troop basing, advising        National Guard forces in support of       operations. The act calls for a series     “has the capability, and upon direc-          care costs within the Defense De-
retention, closure, realignment or        homeland defense and civil support        of assessments: one within 120 days        tion by the president may conduct             partment, develop counterterrorism
establishment of U.S. military fa-        missions.”                                before deployment; another during          offensive operations in cyberspace            initiatives abroad, build the security
cilities outside the United States “in       Section 526 extends voluntary          the period between 90 days after a         to defend our nation, allies and in-          capacity of key partners, modernize
light of potential fiscal constraints on   separation pay and benefits author-        deployment begins and 180 days af-         terests,” subject to the law of armed         the force and boost the efficiency
[DOD] and emerging national secu-         ity, formerly set to expire Dec. 31,      ter it ends; a third within a year after   conflict and the War Powers Resolu-            and effectiveness of military opera-
rity requirements in coming years.”       to the end of 2018. Section 530 con-      the deployment ends; and a fourth          tion.                                         tions worldwide, he noted.

                                                                                                                                              News Briefs
                                                                                                                                                PWOC spring kickoff                 are welcomed to check with
                                                                                                                                                                                    investigations to see if their
                                                                                                                                                   The Protestant Women of
                                                                                                                                                                                    lost items have turned up in
                                                                                                                                                the Chapel hosts its Spring
                                                                                                                                                                                    the facility.
                                                                                                                                                Kickoff Tuesday at 9 a.m. at
                                                                                                                                                                                       To check for lost items or
                                                                                                                                                Wings Chapel. The kickoff
                                                                                                                                                                                    for more information, call
                                                                                                                                                features half-hour workshops
                                                                                                                                                                                    255-3239 or 255-2861.
                                                                                                                                                and also opportunities to sign
                                                                                                                                                up for Bible studies that run
                                                                                                                                                Jan. 17 to May 8 at Wings Cha-      Wounded warrior
                                                                                                                                                pel. Childcare is provided.         support
                                                                                                                                                   For more, call 255-2989.            The Army Homefront Fund,
                                                                                                                                                                                    launched on June 13 with
                                                                                                                                                Electronic retiree                  a Memorandum of Under-
                                                                                                                                                newsletter                          standing between Operation
                                                                                                                                                                                    Homefront and the U.S. Army
                                                                                                                                                   The annual retiree newslet-
                                                                                                                                                                                    Warrior Transition Command
                                                                                                                                                ter is now available via email.
                                                                                                                                                                                    helps provide financial aid to
                                                                                                                                                To receive the newsletter elec-
                                                                                                                                                                                    Wounded Warriors and their
                                                                                                                                                tronically, people should send
                                                                                                                                                                                    Families. Wounded warriors
                                                                                                                                                an email to ruck.retirees@
                                                                                                                                                                                    often face financial challeng-
                                                                                                                                       requesting the
                                                                                                       PHOTO BY TECH. SGT. DAVID MCLEOD
                                                                                                                                                                                    es, and the Army Homefront
                                                                                                                                                newsletter, and also include
Oil well fires blaze out of control outside Kuwait City on March 23, 1991, during the Gulf War. Some U.S. Soldiers may have suffered undiag-                                         Fund liaisons closely with the
                                                                                                                                                their name and U.S. Postal ad-
nosed illnesses as a result of the fires.                                                                                                        dress.
                                                                                                                                                                                    WTC and in conjunction with
                                                                                                                                                                                    a robust non-profit agency net-

Gulf War vets with ‘undiagnosed’ illness                                                                                                        Thrift shop
                                                                                                                                                   The Fort Rucker Thrift
                                                                                                                                                                                    work works diligently to sup-
                                                                                                                                                                                    port their needs.
                                                                                                                                                                                       The Army Homefront Fund

get more time to qualify for benefits                                                                                                           Shop willingly accepts peo-
                                                                                                                                                ple’s unwanted items as dona-
                                                                                                                                                                                    provides grants, not loans,
                                                                                                                                                                                    for emergency financial as-
                                                                                                                                                tions. People can drop items        sistance, emergency food,
By Veterans Administration                    affects veterans of the conflict                 Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and
                                                                                                                                                off at the shed behind the thrift   transitional Family housing,
Public Affairs                                in Southwest Asia. Many have                    New Dawn.
                                                                                                                                                shop, which is located in the       emergency home repairs, criti-
                                              attributed a range of undiagnosed or               At issue is the eligibility of veterans
                                                                                                                                                former bank building next the       cal baby items, vehicle repair
   WASHINGTON — Veterans of the               poorly understood medical problems              to claim VA disability compensation
                                                                                                                                                post theater. Donations are tax     service, furniture and house-
Persian Gulf War with undiagnosed             to their military services. Chemical            based upon those undiagnosed
                                                                                                                                                deductible. The shop is open        hold items, local moving as-
illnesses have an additional five              weapons, environmental hazards and              illnesses, and the ability of survivors
                                                                                                                                                Wednesdays-Fridays from 10          sistance and wounded warrior
years to qualify for benefits from the         vaccinations are among the possible             to qualify for VA’s Dependency and
                                                                                                                                                a.m. to 2 p.m.                      spouse retreats. Its goal is to
Department of Veterans Affairs.               causes.                                         Indemnity Compensation.
                                                                                                                                                   For more, call 255-9595.         get the Wounded Warriors and
   “Not all the wounds of war are                For VA benefit purposes, Gulf                    Under long-standing VA rules,
                                                                                                                                                                                    their Families the resources
fully understood,” said Secretary of          War Veterans are defined as those                any undiagnosed illnesses used to
Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.            who served on active duty in the                establish eligibility for VA benefits              Lost and found                      they need.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Soldiers can apply for as-
“When there is uncertainty about              Southwest Asia theater of military              must become apparent by Dec. 31,                     Fort Rucker Police In-
                                                                                                                                                                                    sistance through its Web site at
the connection between a medical              operations any time during the first             2011. The new change pushes the                   vestigations recently found
problem and military service,                 Gulf War starting Aug. 2, 1990,                 date back to Dec. 31, 2016.                       a small-to-medium bicycle.
                                                                                                                                                                           For more
veterans are entitled to the benefit of        through the Iraq War and subsequent                Veterans or survivors who believe              The office operates a lost and
                                                                                                                                                                                    on the program, visit the Web
the doubt.”                                   reduced operations in Iraq. Military            they qualify for these benefits should             found operation and people
                                                                                                                                                                                    site or call (210) 549-4600.
   A recent change in VA regulations          operations include Desert Shield,               contact VA at 1-800-827-1000.

Phishing scams target military, Families, veterans
By Margaret McBride                                        with “Deposit Posted.”                            a critical security measure that must be im-   stitution including PayPal and Ebay to ask
Army CIO/G6                                                   Members are asked to open a Zeus-              mediately deployed.                            for such information. Check official web-
                                                           infected attached file. Once opened,                  What actually happens is that the soft-     sites for information on how to recognize
  WASHINGTON — Anyone who gets                             it launches a malicious virus that, if            ware is either a Trojan Horse that will de-    fraudulent emails and sites — including
caught by phishing scams loses money,                      launched, could provide access to per-            stroy systems and networks, or data min-       military websites.
time and security. Phishing is usually an                  sonal information and may require a               ing software that will now be past firewall        Always get confirmation from a trusted
unsolicited email that prompts an action,                  complete reinstall of the computer oper-          defenses.                                      source before downloading and installing
such as divulging secure information,                      ating system. Most USAA members are                  Phishers prey on greed, fear, and espe-     software. If something doesn’t seem quite
downloading potentially dangerous files,                    affiliated with the military.                      cially for military targets, obedience to      right, it probably isn’t.
or sending money to an unknown source.                        Other attacks have been directed at            authority. They have become increasingly          For more information, visit any of these
  A recent aggressive phishing attack is                   U.S. military installations and defense           sophisticated, and create official looking      sites:
making the rounds in an email to USAA                      facilities. Official looking emails appear         emails and design sites for gathering data.     • h t t p : / / w w w. a n t i p h i s h i n g . o r g /
members, which appears to be from                          to come from a senior officer or other au-            Be wary of any unsolicited email that           consumer_recs.html
USAA, a financial services company that                     thority figure not known to the recipient,         requests secure information or instructs        •
serves service members, their Families,                    instructing the recipient to download and         you to download software.                       • h t t p : / / w o m b a t s e c u r i t y. c o m /
and veterans. The email subject begins                     install software. This is often portrayed as         It is extremely rare for any financial in-       antiphishingphil.

DOD releases sexual assault report, announces new policies
By Karen Parrish                              academies are similar to college         with the academies every six
American Forces Press Service                 campuses around the country in           months to ensure the necessary
                                              that sexual harassment and as-           improvements are implemented
   WASHINGTON — Defense                       sault are challenges that all facul-     in a timely manner.”
Department officials released                  ty, staff and students need to work         One required improvement is
the “Annual Report on Sexual                  to prevent,” she said. “However,         that academies evaluate and mea-
Harassment and Violence at the                when it does occur, we owe it to         sure their sexual harassment and
Military Service Academies,” in               those who have been victimized,          assault prevention programs.
late December covering the aca-               and to every cadet and midship-             Defense officials also today
demic year from June 1, 2010, to              man, to do everything possible           announced two new policies re-
May 31, 2011.                                 to provide needed support and            lating to sexual assault.
   The report shows an increase               to hold those who commit sexual             One allows a servicemember
in reports of sexual assault, with            assault appropriately account-           who makes an unrestricted report
65 reports of sexual assault in-              able.”                                   of a sexual assault to request an
volving cadets and midshipmen,                   During the comprehensive re-          expedited transfer to a new duty
compared to 41 reports in the                 view outlined in the report, de-         station. A restricted report, which
previous academic year.                       fense officials visited the U.S.          is confidential, allows a victim to
   “One sexual assault is one too             Military Academy in West Point,          seek medical aid and counseling
many,” Defense Secretary Leon                 N.Y., the U.S. Naval Academy             but is not communicated to the
E. Panetta said in a DOD news                 in Annapolis, Md., and the U.S.          chain of command.
release. “Whether it’s in our                 Air Force Academy in Colorado               The second new policy stan-
academies or our ranks, at sea or             Springs, Colo. They reviewed             dardizes retention periods for
ashore, there’s no place for this             each institution’s policies, train-      sexual assault records across
unacceptable behavior. We treat               ing and procedures, and held fo-         the military services to ensure
each other with dignity in this               cus groups with cadets and mid-          victims have extended access to
institution. I expect everyone in             shipmen.                                 those documents.
this department to live up to that               Officials found that most acad-           “This is a leadership issue,
high standard.”                               emy programs fulfilled or sur-            first and foremost, so I also ex-
   In the release, Air Force Maj.             passed the requirements of exist-        pect us to lead with integrity and
Gen. Mary Kay Hertog, direc-                  ing DOD policies and directives.         with energy to eliminate sexual
tor of the department’s sexual                   “We also identified areas for          assault and harassment from our
                                                                                                                                                                                                U.S. ARMY GRAPHIC
assault prevention and response               improvement to enhance pro-              culture,” Panetta said. “I’m con-
office, stressed the importance                grams and ensure compliance              fident the steps we are taking are        by the 2007 National Defense            policies, training and procedures
of accountability and for victim              with the department’s policies,”         the right ones, but we must con-         Authorization Act, which directed       at the military service academies.
support.                                      Hertog said. “In our oversight           tinue to improve.”                       DOD to annually evaluate sexual         The academies participated in the
   “We know that the military                 role, my office will follow up               The annual report is required         harassment and sexual violence          assessment.

Inactivation: Fort Rucker veterinary services not affected
Continued from Page A1                   “The GCDVC mission               tional Guard, Reserve and          still be able to provide vet-   but regular clients should         eas of responsibilities,” said
                                       was to provide animal              Family members during              erinary care for the pets       not notice a difference at         Weekes. “The animal care
trained ready veterinary               care, food safety, food            2011.”                             here on Fort Rucker, as         all.                               and food safety mission
personnel in support for of            defense and public health             Weekes said that the in-        well as care and support of        “With this transforma-          will press forward with the
the continued operations,              services,” said the SERVC          activation will not affect         the military working dogs,”     tion, I want to emphasize          same level of loyalty that
according to Renison.                  commander. “They cared             the Fort Rucker veterinary         she said. “The only chang-      that the level of care and         we have shown over the
   They were responsible               for 140 military working           treatment facility.                es that are coming are the      dedication of our veterinary       years. Overall, our titles
for supporting four Army               dogs at 17 locations, over            “[The veterinary clinic]        command structure, which        services is going to remain        are changing, but our faces
posts, seven Air Force bas-            38,000 outpatient visits           will still be here and it will     the Soldiers will answer to,    the same throughout our ar-        will remain the same.”
es, four Navy stations and             at 11 treatment facilities,
one Marine Corps base, he              and supported over 47,000

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                                                                                                                                                                               ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JANUARY 5, 2012 ★ A5

Care: Research expands Medevac capabilities
Continued from Page A1                                         study aims to fix the issues currently fac-                      can perform en route,” she said.                        will be around eight months for current
                                                               ing Medevac aircraft, including altitude                           Col. Vincent C. Carnazza, dean of the                flight medics and 10 months for students
an example of these experiments, “We’re                        issues in the current theater of opera-                         U.S. Army School of Aviation Medicine                   directly following Advanced Individual
looking at a medical configuration in a                         tions.                                                          also toured the model aircraft and dis-                 Training.
cabin bigger than a Black Hawk. If we                              “We’ve had to strip down the Black                          cussed the importance of the paramedic                     “[This research] allows [Medevac] to
had a bigger cabin, which is what the                          Hawks in order to have enough power to                          training program.                                       do missions that were not possible be-
Maneuver Center of Excellence asked                            lift. Hopefully, we can give the aircraft                           “The last 10 years have identified a                 fore. If we give them more space to do
for, let’s see how we can make the best                        a better environmental control unit. Pa-                        gap. The medical system has become very                 that work, it goes nicely with the training
configuration.”                                                 tients who become very cold tend to have                        sophisticated, but in the air we have the               they’re getting. If we have the speed to get
   Lt. Col. Jana Nohrenberg, Combat De-                        a bad outcome, so keeping their tem-                            same thing we had 20 years ago. En route                [a physician or medic] to the right place,
veloper and Clinical Consultant at Direc-                      perature at a normal range means better                         care is something we have to profession-                you can save more lives, but you can also
torate of Combat and Doctrine Develop-                         outcomes. We will actually build in the                         alize. Right now, [flight medics] don’t                  decrease the risk of disability that comes
ment at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, also                          requirements instead of having to retrofit                       necessarily have experience with patients               along with certain types of wounds. That
visited Fort Rucker to provide input into                      [the aircraft].”                                                before going into combat.                               capability – getting to the right care – is
the future of Medevac aircraft.                                   Along with providing a larger and more                          “People began to ask, ‘Why is it that                important,” said Robinson.
   “We’ve identified a lot of things in the                     efficient workspace for flight medics, the                        a [civilian] is picked up by an air ambu-                  With improved aircraft and highly
last 10 years that can be done. We do a                        input into the future Medevac helicop-                          lance that has a provider with better skills            qualified flight paramedics, the Army will
great job of providing medical care on the                     ters will benefit the upcoming changes                           than our flight medics in combat?’ We                    see increased transit speed combined with
battlefield; at the point of injury, en route,                  in training that will make all flight med-                       want to raise that level to the paramedic               higher-level care, which will decrease the
during surgery and post-op. We’re look-                        ics qualified to the paramedic level, said                       status. The care is going to be better if               risk of fatality and disability in combat,
ing for a way to give [flight medics] a way                     Nohrenberg.                                                     you provide a better skill set,” he said.               said Norenberg.
to give them the proper space do their job.                       “The flight paramedic initiative came                            The training will begin in February,                    “The AMEDD mission is to always
It’s very exciting to be in on the design                      out of lessons we learned in theater. Flight                    with two pilot courses in which 60 stu-                 conserve fighting strength. If we can give
end of next-generation aircraft,” she said,                    medics do a great job, but there are gaps                       dents will be assessed.                                 Medevac Soldiers a tool that allows them
adding that “Cabin space like [that of the                     in what they can provide. So the impetus                           “It’s basically a flight medic course                 to move those critically wounded patients
V-22] would be phenomenal for en route                         now is to train all the flight medics to the                     here, a paramedic course for six months                 faster, farther and in a more efficient man-
care.”                                                         paramedic level. They’ll have an increased                      and a critical care course for two months,”             ner, we’re going to see positive benefits,”
   Nohrenberg explained that the JFVL                          skill set that increases the procedures they                    Carnazza said. In total, paramedic training             she said.

Valor: Soldier delivers crucial supplies under fire
Continued from Page A1                            heavy fire, just doing his job and                   of there,” added Fee.                                “The aircraft had six bullet         “Everyone asks me ‘Why did you
                                                  unloading the speedballs,” said                        In the midst of the heavy fire,                 holes in it, and both the ground        get out of the helicopter?’ and I
   “Day leaps out of the aircraft                 the colonel. “Three rocket pro-                     and with disregard for his own                    crew and the aircrew felt that the      say because they needed it.
and starts pulling off the sup-                   pelled grenades came at the air-                    safety, Day runs back and gets the                enemies’ intentions were to shoot         “What the colonel didn’t say is
plies,” he said. “In the mean time,               craft, but he continued unloading                   rest of the speedballs for the unit               Day,” he said. “The end result is       that the whole time the team was
[Day’s] communication with the                    the emergency supplies.”                            in need. It wasn’t until Day re-                  that he saved all the ground guys’      laughing at me. I had nothing
aircraft becomes unhooked, and                       Meanwhile, the Soldiers flying                    turned to the aircraft that he real-              lives by getting their supplies to      better to do that day I guess,” he
he can no longer communicate                      the aircraft and the ones on the                    ized his communication with the                   them under a ton of fire.”               joked. “But it was fun and inter-
with the aircraft.                                ground are trying to communicate                    aircraft had become unhooked,                        “I was just doing a job,” said       esting, and I have a trophy of it at
   “He stayed out there, under                    to Day, yelling for him to “get out                 said the director.                                Day when reflecting on the story.        home. It’s a good reminder.” names top stories of 2011
By Karen Parrish                          Medal of Honor recipient                   been promised to them,”                   advice to beneficiaries, es-                  1. “Battaglia Joins        thousands of volunteers at
American Forces Press Service             Sgt. Dakota L. Meyer into                  Panetta said.                             pecially those taking long-               Thousands for ‘Wreaths        national cemeteries placing
                                          the Pentagon Hall of He-                      h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .   term medications, to get                  Across America’,” posted      100,000 holiday wreaths
   WASHINGTON                      —      roes. Meyer was the first                   gov/news/newsarticle.                     their prescriptions deliv-                Dec. 11, recounted Marine     on veterans’ graves.
American Forces Press                     living Marine to receive                   aspx?id=65089                             ered to their doorsteps. In-              Corps Sgt. Maj. Bryan           h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .
Service published nearly                  the medal for actions in                      4. “Leaders Offer Con-                 creased usage of the health               Battaglia’s participation     gov/news/newsarticle.
2,500 articles in 2011, cov-              Iraq or Afghanistan.                       dolences in Wake of Heli-                 care system’s home deliv-                 in “Wreaths Across Amer-      aspx?id=66426
ering topics ranging from                    h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .    copter Crash,” posted Aug.                ery option, officials said,                ica,” a program now in its      An additional American
the end of the Iraq mission               gov/news/newsarticle.                      6, relayed President Ba-                  is a win-win situation that               20th year, at Arlington Na-   Forces Press Service’s year
to defense budget pres-                   aspx?id=65367                              rack Obama and Defense                    saves patients, as well as                tional Cemetery. Battaglia,   in review “2011: A Year of
sures and troop concerns                     6. “Coalition Launch-                   Secretary Leon E. Pa-                     the government, money.                    senior enlisted adviser       Change” special is avail-
over retirement benefits.                  es ‘Operation Odyssey                      netta’s statements follow-                   h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .   to Chairman of the Joint      able on the Web at http://
   The top 10 stories most                Dawn,’” posted March 19,                   ing the crash of a CH-47                  gov/news/newsarticle.                     Chiefs of Staff Army Gen.
viewed on                     announced the beginning                    Chinook in Afghanistan,                   aspx?id=61211                             Martin E. Dempsey, joined     features/2011/1211_yir/.
this year are:                            of coalition operations                    during which 38 U.S. and
   10. “U.S. Kills bin Lad-               enforcing U.N. Security                    Afghan servicemembers
en in Intelligence-driven                 Council Resolution 1973                    were killed. “My thoughts                                             YOU’RE INVITED...
Operation,” posted May                    and protecting the Libyan                  and prayers go out to the
2, focuses on President                   people from the country’s                  families and loved ones of
Barack Obama’s remarks                    ruler. Officials said the                   the Americans who were
to the nation the day after               military coalition’s goal                  lost earlier today in Af-
an American counterintel-                 was to prevent further at-                 ghanistan,” the president
ligence and counterterror-                tacks by regime forces on                  said. “Their deaths are a
ism team killed al-Qaida                  Libyan citizens, and to de-                reminder of the extraor-
leader Osama bin Laden in                 grade the ability of Moam-                 dinary sacrifices made by
Abbottabad, Pakistan.                     mar Gadhafi’s regime to                     the men and women of our
   h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .   resist a no-fly zone being                  military and their Fami-
gov/news/newsarticle.                     implemented.                               lies, including all who
aspx?id=63764                                h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .    have served in Afghani-
   9. “Officials Urge Pre-                 gov/news/newsarticle.                      stan.”
cautions at Yokosuka, At-                 aspx?id=63225                                 http://www.defense.
sugi,” posted March 15,                      5. “Panetta: Any Re-                    gov/news/newsarticle.
relayed officials’ warnings                tirement Changes Won’t                     aspx?id=64947
to personnel in and around                Affect Serving Military,”                     3. “No Changes to Mili-
Fleet Activities Yokosuka                 posted Aug. 19, relayed                    tary Retirement Any Time
and Naval Air Facility                    Defense Secretary Leon                     Soon, Officials Say,”
Atsugi in Japan to limit                  E. Panetta’s assurances                    posted Aug. 15, reiterated
outdoor activities due to                 that any changes to the                    senior officials’ assuranc-
the detection of low levels               military retirement sys-                   es to serving troops that
of radioactivity released                 tem would not affect those                 any future changes to the
from the Fukushima Dai-                   now serving. “People who                   military retirement sys-
Ichi nuclear power plant.                 have come into the ser-                    tem would not affect those
The plant was damaged in                  vice, who have put their                   currently serving.
a massive earthquake and                  lives on the line, who have                   http://www.defense.
subsequent tsunami that
struck Japan on March 11.
                                          been deployed to the war
                                          zones, who fought for this
                                                                                     aspx?id=65030                                 LET DOTHAN PERIODONTICS & IMPLANTS
                                                                                                                                                       Change your smile...
   h t t p : / / w w w. d e f e n s e .   country, who have been                        2. “Tricare Promotes
gov/news/newsarticle.                     promised certain benefits                   Mail-Order             Pharmacy
aspx?id=63166                             for that -- I’m not going                  Option,” posted Oct. 8,
   8. “Shutdown Could Af-
fect Young Troops Most,
Gates Says,” posted April
                                          to break faith with what’s                 relayed Tricare officials’
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7, covered then-Defense
Secretary Robert M. Gates’
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   7. “Meyer Inducted Into                                                          Behind Mellow Mushroom
Pentagon Hall of Heroes,”                                                    308-1355 • 1-877-245-8935                                            Please Call Kathy Wimberly at 334-793-7232 to RSVP.
posted Sept. 16, detailed                                                                                                                             ~
the Pentagon ceremony                                                               113 Southland Village
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during which Defense                                                                      Troy, AL
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    kitchen with lots of cabinets and newer counter tops and flooring. Laundry room with doggie door from            a cul de sac with privacy fence and no neighbors behind you. Feels like the                                                        plan, 2 master suites, charming patio area, fireplace to stay warm this winter and open kitchen/dining
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                                                                   DEBBIE SUNBROCK 334-406-9079                                              173 ROSEMOUNT, ENTERPRISE

                                                                                    160 BOLL WEEVIL

SPLIT 3BR/2BA with many
extras & great location.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           RE OR

Beautiful granite countertops, security &

sprinkler systems, separate laundry room &
gas log fireplace. Landscaped, level lot with
shade trees in back yard. Natural gas set up
for patio grill. Really must see to appreciate                     SITUATED ON A level land-
all this one has to offer at this reasonable                       scaped lot, this 3 BR/2 BA                     BEAUTIFUL HOME IN TARTAN PINES, 3 BR/2 BA, many extras,
price. $169,000 JAN SAWYER 334-406-
                                                                   split has had only one owner.                  must be seen to appreciate. Rent: $1,600 per month
                                                                   New heat pump installed
                                                                   June 2011. Home warranty also included.                                        312 JASMINE, ENTERPRISE
              NEW LISTING                                          $220,000 EVELYN HITCH 334-406-3436

                                                                              92 LAUREL BREEZE                                                                                                        BEST VALUE IN
                                                                                                                                                                                                      WOODLAND PARK,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      2 BR/2.5 BA, washer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RE OR

                                                                                                                                                                                                      and dryer, pet nego-

262 TRENT: Upstairs -                                                                                                                                                                                 tiable. Rent: $850
Everything you see you will                                                                                                                                                                           per month
love! 4 or 5 BR/3 full BA/2
half BA. Eat in kitchen, formal dining,
den/office, sunroom leads to fabulous
backyard with inground salt water pool
& ready to go playground. MBR down-                                BEAUTIFUL 6 BR/4.5 BA
stairs. Bring your family to see! $250,000                         with master downstairs. Over
MARY M. JONES 334-790-2933                                         an acre lot, beautiful pool &
ENTERPRISEHOMESANDLAND.COM                                         many extras. $425,000 FRAN                                          186 COMMONS DRIVE, ENTERPRISE
                                                                   CLAYTOR 334-790-5973
                                    128 JASMINE:                                     3685 CR 708                                                                                           FOXHILL COMMONS
                                    Woodland Park:                                                                                                                                         TOWNHOME,3/BR, 2.5/BA,
                                    Minutes from                                                                                                                                           all appliances, lawn care and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SA OR

                                    Rucker Blvd. 2
                                                                                                                                                                                           community pool. Rent: $800

                                    BR/2.5 BA, all
                                    appliances &
                                    2 “ blinds,
carpet & tile, one car garage, sprinkler
system . $124,500 BILLY COTTER                                     BREATHE THAT COUNTRY
CONSTRUCTION 334-347-2600                                          AIR! Country home situated Owner is licensed                             on approx 1 acre offers a great
residential home builder/real estate agent in                      open plan, stainless kitchen
the state of Alabama                                               appliances, workshop, shed & additional
     NEW CONSTRUCTION                                              covered parking. Private back porch over-
                                                                   looks beautiful landscaping with privacy                      201 SOMMER BROOKE WAY, ENTERPRISE
                                                                   fence, plenty of room for pool and/or garden
                                                                   $189,900 Sam Helms 334-798-3357
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RE OR

                                                                      MOVING? Trust us to move you
                                                                     any where in the world! We are a
122 JASMINE: New construction:                                      member of the nation’s largest relo-
Woodland Park: Minutes from Rucker Blvd.                             cation network. We can assist you
2 BR/2 BA, all appliances & washer/dryer, 2                         with a real estate expert at your new
“ blinds, carpet & tile, one car garage, sprin-
kler system. $115,000 including all closing                         destination. We can help your move
cost. BILLY COTTER CONSTRUCTION                                      be less stressful, CALL 347-0048
                                                                    WWW.C21REGENCYREALTY.COM                      SPACIOUS 4 BR/3.5 BA, move in ready. Dining room, breakfast area,
Owner is licensed residential home builder/                                                                       sunroom, screened porch, fenced yard and corner lot. Rent: $2,000
Armywide                                                                                  JA N UA RY 5, 2012
Pilots train on Block III
By Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Troth
CAB Public Affairs

   A new helicopter is coming to the block.
   The 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Aviation
Regiment, Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Divi-
sion, is the first unit in the Army to have their entire fleet
of AH-64D Apache helicopters replaced with the com-
prehensively upgraded AH-64D Apache Block III begin-
ning in February.
   “There are new components to the aircraft. There is a
new head tracker, a new helmet and new flight pages,”
said Lt. Col. Edward Vedder, 1-1 ARB commander. “It
takes some getting used to.”
   The AH-64D Apache Block III incorporates 26 new
technologies designed to enhance the aircraft’s capabili-
ties. It has received an updated communication system,
engines, transmission and drive shaft. The rotor blades
have also been reworked to make them more efficient
and produce more lift.
   “It doesn’t take additional skills to fly it, but the air-
craft is significantly different,” said Vedder.
   Because of these differences, the 1-1 ARB pilots are
going back to school and receiving three weeks of train-
ing at Boeing’s facility in Mesa, Ariz., where the aircraft
is manufactured. The pilots get 28 hours of academics,
24 hours in the new simulator and 8 1/2 hours flying in
the AH-64D Apache Block III helicopter. Maintenance
test pilots get an additional 22 hours of academics and
three additional hours in the aircraft.
   “The training is packed into a busy three-week sched-
ule,” said Shawn Hopan, the training lead for Boeing’s
Apache program managers office. “We only train cur-
rently qualified AH-64D Apache pilots.”
   Even for the experienced pilots like Vedder, who has
flown Apaches since 1995, the new AH-64D Apache
Block III took some getting used to.
                                                                                                                                                                            PHOTO BY SGT 1ST CLASS JEFF TROTH

                                    SEE BLOCK III, PAGE B4            CW2 Shawn Witt (back seat) lifts off in an AH-64D Apache Block III helicopter from Boeing’s flight line in Mesa, Ariz.

                                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO BY SPC. ROBIN DAVIS

   leaflet drop
   A UH-60 Black Hawk drops a box of leaflets over a village, Sar-e Pul province, Afghanistan, Jan. 1. The leaflets provided a message for villagers to cooperate with the Afghan Local Police in helping turn
   in local insurgent leaders and provide security for their villages.

Army to deploy vertical take-off UAS
By Kris Osborn                                                                                                                                                   The formal VTOL program of record
ASA(ALT) Public Affairs                                                                                                                                        will involve a full and open competition
                                                                                                                                                               among many vendors able to propose
  WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army is                                                                                                                                UAS solutions able to meet the desired
using a hybrid-type acquisition approach                                                                                                                       requirements, he added.
to develop a helicopter-like, Vertical-                                                                                                                          Army VTOL UAS program developers
Take-Off-and-Landing Unmanned Air-                                                                                                                             and engineers are now finishing up some
craft System with a so-called ARGUS                                                                                                                            wiring work on the A160 aircraft and per-
wide-area surveillance sensor suite de-                                                                                                                        forming ground tests with the ARGUS
signed to beam back information and im-                                                                                                                        sensor suite.
ages of the surrounding terrain, service                                                                                                                         “The ARGUS sensor suite has never
officials said.                                                                                                                                                 been flown on this platform before so we
  Beginning in May or June, the Army                                                                                                                           have to make sure that the integration is
will deploy three Boeing-built A160                                                                                                                            complete. We are finishing that up now
Hummingbird        Vertical-Take-Off-and-                                                                                                                      and adding some different types of anten-
Landing Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or                                                                                                                          nas. We begin flight testing of the UAS at
VTOL-UAS, to Afghanistan as part of a                                                                                                                          Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz., early next
quick reaction capability, an acquisition                                                                                                  U.S. ARMY PHOTO
                                                                                                                                                               year,” Munster said.
approach aimed at delivering cutting-                                                                                                                            The VTOL aircraft will give forward-
                                                   A vertical-take-off-and-landing unmanned aircraft system undergoes a test flight.
edge and emerging technologies to the-                                                                                                                         positioned Army units the ability to de-
ater to add capability and inform require-         Lt. Col. Matthew Munster, product man-                one full year as a way to harness lessons             ploy a wide-area UAS intelligence, sur-
ments while simultaneously developing a            ager, UAS Modernization.                              learned and funnel them into a program                veillance reconnaissance asset without
formal program of record approach, said              “These aircraft will deploy for up to               of record,” Munster said.                             needing access to a runway.
B2                                                        `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./`QWERTYUIOP[]ASDFGHJKL;’ZXCVBNM,./~!@#$%^&*()_+
                                                              Army Flier Classifieds
`1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./`QWERTYUIOP[]ASDFGHJKL;’ZXCVBNM,./~!@#$%^&*()_+                                     Thursday, January 5, 2012

                                                                   FRESH PRODUCE                                      GENERAL EMPLOYMENT                                         RESIDENTIAL
                                                                                                                                                                           REAL ESTATE FOR RENT
                                                            SAWYER’S                                                                                                 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED

Women-Men-Kids-Maternity-Toys-Baby Stuff-                                                                        Lucent Aviation is currently accepting         Camelot Apartments For Rent in Enterprise
Formals. Let us sell your almost new stuff for                                                                     resumes for Structures Mechanics             1 BR Apartments - $300/$325 mo. + $300 dep.
  cash. Bring it to us anytime, any season.
 We will tag & price your stuff or you can.           HAS FRESH HOME GROWN                                     performing overhaul maintenance for long         pool & laundry on premises, Approved Credit
                                                                                                                                                                    Needed. Small dogs OK with pet fee.
        Call 334-677-SHOP "7467"
 1656 Montgomery Hwy. Dothan. Inside RCC.
                                                             PRODUCE                                               term positions in San Antonio, TX.                        Call 334-347-0604
                                                                                                                  This is the front end of a multi-year,
              MERCHANDISE                                                                                                  long term contract.
                                                                                                                    Great pay with travel incentives.
             FIREWOOD & FUEL                                                                                    Start Dates are: 1/3, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30           APARTMENTS
                                                                                                                      3 years Structures experience                  $ 300. - $ 345.
  r SPLIT OAK FIREWOOD q                                                                                                   on wide body aircraft
        Delivered in the wiregrass                                                                              757 and MD88 aircraft experience a plus.               * NO PETS!
          $75. Large truck load.                                                                                Must be able to obtain an Airport Badge              Call: 334-347-2927
  Call 334-685-1248 or 334-389-7378                                                                                        Must have own tools
                                                                                                                       Dusty McClung 855-812-7400
                                                       Plenty of Shelled                                     
                                                                                                                                                                        HOUSES UNFURNISHED

                                                                                                                                                               3BR/2BA 1600SF Home Perfect M ilitary family,
 F WANTED SHOTGUN E                                     Peas, Collard,                                          Experienced Nursery Supervisor
                                                                                                                                                                Ozark. New W/D, fridge, carpet, and painted.
                                                                                                                                                                 Located in Beautiful RV park with pool and
BROWNING: 20 Gauge, m ade in Belgium.
      Remington 1100: 20 Gauge.                       Turnip, & Mustard                                         needed for growing church. CPR training
                                                                                                                   and background check necessary.
                                                                                                                                                                playground, 9 miles to Ozark/Ft. Rucker gate.
                                                                                                                                                                    Includes cable, wifi, & water. No Pets!
   Call 334-714-0105

                                                      Greens And Other                                           For More Info Call 334-399-7091                    $750. Mo + electric. Call 334-774-3219
                                                                                                                                                               Visit our website at
                                                      Fresh Vegetables!!                                                         SALES                                           RESIDENTIAL

                                                           All Farm
 Diabetic Test Strips needed, I Buy Sealed/                                                                                                                                REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
  Unexpired boxes Call Bob (334)219-4697                                                                           Newspaper Advertising                               CONDOS & TOWNHOMES
                                                                                                                       Sales Position
           JEWELRY & WATCHES                                                                                                                                   Townhouse for Sale, Downtown Eufaula - 2BD,
                                                                                                                                                               2.5BA, Well Taken Care of, Updated, Newer
         Wanted: Old Coins, Gold,                                                                                 The Enterprise Ledger, a Media General       Appl, W/D Hookup, Private Deck/Yard, Conven-
        Diamonds, Guns, And Tools                                                                               owned newspaper, is looking for an ambi-       ient Shopping $ Dining, $115,000, 256-437-3768
  West Main Jewelry & Loan 334-671-1440.
       MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE                       220 W. Hwy 52                                               tious, customer-focused and goal-oriented
                                                                                                                person to join our Retail Advertising Sales
                                                                                                                 Team covering the entire Wiregrass area.
                                                                                                                                                                       HOME SITES, LOTS, LAND

      : Baby Things Store :                            Malvern                                                     This individual is expected to gain an
                                                                                                                    understanding of their customers’
                                                                                                                                                                      7 ACRES WITH LAKE FRONTAGE.
                                                                                                                                                                         Buy Off-Season-BARGAIN

                                                   ∂ 334-793-6690 ∂
                                                                                                                  businesses and recommend advertising
    SELL/BUY your things with us! New and                                                                         and marketing solutions that help them                only $39,900. (was $89,900).
   used toys, cribs, swings, walkers, formula,                                                                 increase their competitive advantage in the          Wooded setting, dockable shoreline,
  Etc.. Also 30 day "u tag" 1330 Hartford Hwy                                                                     marketplace through newspaper, online
          Suite 1, Dothan ∂ 334-794-6692
                                                                                                                                                                  on 4 season recreational lake! Boat, ski,
                                                                      HAY & GRAIN                                          and mobile products.
 Email: See all our                                                                                                                     fish, camp, more. Paved rds, power, phone.
 listings @ Facebook Page-BabyThing s Store
                                                    r Bahia seed for sale q                                          The successful candidate will:                    Excellent financing. Won’t last,
      "Like Us" for daily update.
                                                   Excellent germination Kendall Cooper                        ± Desire to work in a professional                         Call now 1-866-952-5302.
                                                   Call 334-703-0978, 334-775-3423,                              inside/outside sales environment
STEEL BUILDINGS -Save THOUSANDS on 2011                                                                                                                                     HOMES FOR SALE
                                                        or 334-775-3749 Ext. 102                               ± Be energetic, motivated and have
Closeouts!! Limited availability, 20x30, 30x40,
                                                                                                                  aggressive sales skills
others. Discounted shipping. Display savings                                                                                                                                         3/2 in quiet subdivision
                                                                 HORSES & CATTLE                               ± Have excellent oral and written
also! Call 866-352-0469                                                                                                                                                             on end lot with fenced in
                                                                                                                 communication skills
                                                                                                               ± Be familiar with Microsoft office                                   backyard. Built in 2004,
                                                    (30) Heavy Bred Charolais Heifers                            programs                                                             1300 sq. ft. and only 6
                                                     r Contact 334-447-5195 q                                  ± Have a high school diploma or equivalent      miles to Northside Wal-Mart. New tile and car-
         JERRY SEINFELD                                                                                                                                         pet, one car garage $115,000. 850-373-5018.
                                                  Sem-Angus Cattle - Vary In Ages; From Heiffers                   Media General Newspapers offers a
     in Panama City Feb. 10th                     to grown Cows 334-898-1626                                          competitive compensation
                                                                                                                         and benefits package.
   Cool date idea, 7PM show at Marina Civic
    Center, two awesome second row stage                            EMPLOYMENT
         seats, $315, call 334-714-9819.
                                                                                                                         Qualified candidates
                                                      INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE                                       should send a resume to:
             PETS & ANIMALS                             THE CITY OF ENTERPRISE                                         Regional Sales Director,
                                                     IS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
                     DOGS                                FOR THE POSITION OF                                     P.O. Box 311130, Enterprise, AL 36331
AKC chocolate labs. One Male and 7 females.
                                                                                                                          or apply on line at
                                                    Heavy Equipment Operator II
Sire is Puddle Duck Too Tuff of Puddle Duck              Responsible for operating heavy
Labs. Puppies are ready to go. $600.00 334-672-     equipment in public works dept. Operates
0026                 backhoe, excavator, bulldozer, front-end                                 EDUCATION
Lab puppies; Chocolate and Blonde, cute and         loader and earthmover. Drives dump truck                                & INSTRUCTION
cuddly. $200 each. 334-388-5617, 334-488-5000,         and fuel truck. Performs equipment
334-488-3979                                        maintenance including safety and mainte-                         SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION
                        Maltese puppy                            nance inspection.
                     Female, White, 6 mos. old.        Performs manual labor as assigned.
                                                                                                                     Train for a Career in Child Care:
                     $450. Call 334-790-6146                                                                       ∂ Teachers ∂ Substitutes ∂ Director
                                                      STARTING PAY: $11.08/HOUR
 ! New Year’s Babies Are Here! Tiny Chorkies                                                                                   334-691-7399
 $250, Chi-a-poo $100. Imperial Shi-Tzu $400,
  Taking deposits on Yorkies & Yorkie-Poos
                                                    Maintenance Construction Worker I
 Older Puppies Available $100. 334-718-4886.                 Responsible for sewer line                           Place your ad in our
                                                                                                               Sales & Service
                                                           maintenance/repair and road
Rescued Golden Retriever Lab Mix , 1 yr. old.          repair/maintenance. Operates auger.
"Sugar",SWEET,Free 2 good home 334-792-6963             Measures, cuts, installs sewer line.

             FARMER’S MARKET
                                                       Repairs pot holes. Assist other public
                                                           works divisions as assigned.                           Directory
                                                                                                               and grow your business!!!
       FARM & DAIRY EQUIPMENT                          STARTING PAY: $8.83/HOUR
 08’ md#9996 John Deere 6-row cotton picker                           Mechanic
982 eng. hrs. 624 fan hrs. Mud Hog, LMC Bowl
  Buggy all exc. cond. kept under shed. Call;
                                                     Performs vehicle and heavy equipment
                                                    maintenance/repair; performs full service
                                                                                                                                  Analyst - Marketing/Sales
Kendall Cooper 334-703-0978 or 334-775-3749          maintenance and overall inspections of
            ext. 102, 334-775-3423.                      vehicles and heavy equipment;                           The Alabama Newspaper Group of Media General is seeking a marketing professional
                                                       removes, repairs and installs major                        with strong organizational skills to take on the role as special projects coordinator/
                                                        components in vehicles and heavy                                                Newspapers in Education coordinator.
                                                     equipment; welds to build and fabricate
                                                      parts; purchases vehicles/equipment                        This position requires a person who is proficient in Adobe InDesign, understands how to
                                                     parts; completes work orders for parts                         effectively utilize new media platforms to effectively market and our products, grow
                                                       and supplies used and forwards to                         audience and help open new revenue streams. This person must be willing to learn new
                                                             administrative assistant.                          skills and be eager to take on new tasks that challenge personal comfort zones and require
                                                                                                                 professional development. Two years of marketing/advertising experience is preferred.
                                                   Starting Pay: $12.41/Hours                                   Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in relevant experience in marketing and/or communication
                                                                                                                         required. A can-do attitude that focuses on goals and not obstacles a must.
                                                               OPENING DATE:
                                                              December 30, 2011                                                   Applicants should apply at
                                                                CLOSING DATE:
                                                               January 13, 2011

                                                     To apply, Return Completed Application to:
                                                    HUMAN RESOURCES, CITY OF ENTERPRISE
                                                     CITY HALL, 501 S MAIN ST. ENTERPRISE,
                                                            AL. M-F, 7:30 - 4:30  EOE


                                                          is now seeking caring
                                                     CNA’s and Nurses
                                                      to join our team in providing the
                                                       "BEST" healthcare services for
                                                                our residents.

                                                       BENEFITS INCLUDE:
                                                         ∂ Above Average Wages
                                                          ∂ Scholarship Program
                                                    ∂ BC/BS Health & Dental Insurance
                                                            ∂ In-house Training.

                                                      Please Apply in Person
                                                      Monday and Wednesday
                                                     312 Bryan Drive, Ozark, AL
                                                     adjacent to Lake Lisenby
                                                       Call 334-774-2561 E.O.E
Thursday, January 5, 2012                                 `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./`QWERTYUIOP[]ASDFGHJKL;’ZXCVBNM,./~!@#$%^&*()_+
                                                              Army Flier Classifieds
`1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./`QWERTYUIOP[]ASDFGHJKL;’ZXCVBNM,./~!@#$%^&*()_+                                                        B3

                    RESIDENTIAL                                  MOTOR HOMES & RVS                                           AUTOS FOR SALE                                   TRUCKS, BUSES, TRACTORS, TRAILERS
              REAL ESTATE FOR SALE                                                                                                                                                                   Dodge ’08 Ram Lonestar,
                                                                                                             GOT BAD CREDIT? DO YOU NEED A VEHICLE?
               HOMES FOR SALE                                  Dixie RV SuperStores                                   ˆ
                                                                                                                      I can get U Riding Today!                  ı                                  Quad Cab, Excellent Condi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tion, Extended Warranty,
                                                                    FL’s Newest RV Dealer                      $0 Down/ 1st Payment, Tax, Tag & Title
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Has 20" Wheels, Sprayed
                                                                     NOW OPEN!!!                              Repos, Slow Credit, Past Bankruptcy OK!
                                                                                                               Push, Pull or Drag, Will Trade anything!
                                                                                                                                                                                                    bed liner, Silver-Metallic
                                                                                                                                                                                         in color. 18K mi. $20,000
                                                                        *Store Hours*                             Warranty On Every Vehicle Sold!
                                                                                                               Ò Call Steve 334-803-9550 Ò
                                                                                                                                                                              334-687-2954 or 334-619-1045
                                                                       8:00am-6:00pm                                                                                          Ford ’01 F150XL super cab, 4-door, all power,
                                                                                                            Honda ’07 Civic: 2 door, only 6000 miles, wifes                   bed liner, new tires, low miles, exc. condition
                                                         21 Acres / 30 Brands    New and Pre-Owned          car, like new, metallic gray, moon roof, never                    $7500. OBO 334-585-6689.
                                                                                                            wrecked or painted, 16’’ alloy rims, garaged                                             Ford ’04 Lariat Super
                                                          ± Newmar ± Keystone ± Heartland ± Jayco           kept. $16,490. no TAX. Call 334-699-5688                                                 Crew Cab , Truck is
                                                            ± Fleetwood ± Prime Time ± Coachmen                                   Honda: ’10 Accord EX-L                                             completely loaded. 6 CD
                                                                        ± Forest River                                            Coupe VTEC 4 cyl, 5 spd                                            change, Heated seats,
         699 CO. RD. 100 (HEADLAND)                                                                                               auto, overdrive, 1 owner,                   All Leather, Excellent condition, 6.0L Diesel.
   ± Craftsman Design, Approx 2920 sq. ft.                           Service Department                                           non-smoker, all power,                      $14,000. 334-237-1039
   ± 4 bedrooms, 3 Baths                                            Parts and Acces. Store                                        cruise, telescoping tilt,
   ± Built in 2009 • 5.3 Acres                                       RV Collision Center                    leather seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, blue tooth,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ford ’04 Ranger
   ± Slate and tile • Hardwood floors                                                                       premium sound, navigation system, factory
                                                                                                                                                                                                    with Camper Top,
   ± Granite • Energy efficient                               Located off I-10 Exit 70 / SR285              warranty. $20,995. 850-592-3304; 850-209-4070.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    4 cylinder, automatic, new
   ± Formal DR • 2 car garage • 2 stall barn                        328 Green Acres Dr.                                         Mazda ’10 3                                                         tires, 44,000 miles, clean,
   ± Trey ceiling in master                                     De Funiak Springs, FL 32435                             SUPER SHARP! MUST SELL!                                                     $7,895. Call: 334-7907959
   ± 18 ft. ceiling in living area                          Sales and Service: 850-951-1000                             $200 down, $249 per month.
   ± Lennox Three Zone system                           DO 12756                              Call: Ron Ellis at 334-714-0028.
                                                                                                                      Mercedes ’02 C320 $7999
   From Dothan take Westgate Parkway to Har-                                                                                                                                                      FORD ’89 F150, 4wh, 4x4
                                                                                                                          NADA Retail $9650
   rison Rd, turn left on 134 then right to Co. Rd.                 TRANSPORTATION                              CSI Auto Sales 2180 Montgomery Hwy.                                               Auto, $4,600 or reasonable
   3, go approx. 3 miles to Co. Rd. 100.
   From Headland take Main St. in Headland.                                                                                Call: 334-714-0755                                                     offer. Call 229-334-8520.
                                                               ANTIQUE & CLASSIC VEHICLES
   Left on Hwy. 134W. to Right on Co. Rd. 83. Go                                                            Nissan ’05 Maxima: Great deal! Clean,
   approx. 2 miles and turn left on Co. Rd. 100.                             Chevy 1978 Nova                one owner car that has 49,000 miles on the                        Kubota Tractor M105S front end loader
                                                                             95% Restored !                 engine. Engine has 2 year warranty. Asking                        LA13015 640hrs. dual speed mint cond.
               REALTORS WELCOME!                                             350-4 bolt main engine,        $11,500 but will negotiate. Call 334-692-4120.                    $37,000. 334-797-8722
                                                                             new pistons, rings,
                     $309,500                                                bearings, interior, CD play-    Pontiac ’98 Trans Am , Excellent Condition,                                    WANTED AUTOS

                Call 334-596-7763                      er, heater, hoses, brakes & booster, less than          Low Miles, T-Tops, Everything Works,
                                                       300 mi., looks & runs great. Won different
                                                       awards. $13,000. OBO Call 334-791-6011
                                                                                                                $7,000 334-687-9788 or 334-695-6368                                1ST PLACE TO CALL FOR ALL OF
                                                                                                                                                                                        YOUR TOWING NEEDS!
                                                                     AUTOS FOR SALE                                                   Volvo ’05 S40:
                 RECREATION                                         Chevrolet ’05 Cobalt
                                                                                                                                    Cherry Red with black
                                                                                                                                       interior, awesome
                                                                    $6999 CLEAN! CLEAN!
                                                                                                                                     sound system, power
                      BOATS                                CSI Auto Sales 2180 Montgomery Hwy.
                                                                                                                                       windows & locks,                           Contat Jason Harger at 334-791-2624
                                                                      Call: 334-714-0755
                                                                                                                perfect starter car, great gas mileage,
                  FACTORY DIRECT                                                  Chevrolet Cobra RV
                                                                                Class C Generator Low
                                                                                                                 91k miles, $10,000. Call 334-726-3136

                                                                                  Miles- Nice $4999.00                                                                                                  CALL FOR TOP PRICE
                              Packages From                                                                                    MOTORCYCLES
                                                                                2180 Montgomery Hwy.
                                  $4,995                                           Call 334-714-0755.       Harley Davidson ’09 Motorcycles (2), 883 L, low
                                                                                                                                                                                                        FOR JUNK VEHICLES
                                 All Welded                                                                 miles, 1 black, 1 red $5000 each 850-419-9194
                                                                                                                                                                                         I ALSO SELL USED PARTS
                           All Aluminum Boats                                                               NEW ’11 Yamaha TR125 blue & white dirt bike,
                                                                                                            electric start $2850. 913-660-2954 Dothan                               24 HOUR TOWING r 334-792-8664
                                      Chevy ’11 Aveo
                                                                                                                               SPORT UTILITY
 850-547-9500                 Bonifay, FL                          LOW MILES, LIKE NEW!
                                                                 $200 down, $249 per month.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Got a Clunker
                                                                Call: Ron Ellis at 334-714-0028.
                                                                                                                                         Chevrolet ’96 Blazer SUV                                     We’ll be your Junker!
           MOTOR HOMES & RVS                                                                                                              Automatic, V-6, Loaded,                                      We buy wrecked cars
                                                                       CSI Auto Sales                                                     LIKE NEW! 49,000 miles,                                       and Farm Equip. at a
  ’03 Fleetwood Bounder 35ft . satelite TV, full                   2180 Montgomery Hwy.                                                  $4,995. Call: 334-790-7959.                                   fair and honest price!
 sz. shower, washer & dryer combo, sleeps 6,
 2-slide outs, 3300 miles $89,225. 334-983-1206.
                                                                   Guaranteed Financing!
                                                                  $500.00 Down $250 month
                                                                                                                                                                                                     $325. & up for
                                                                      Call: 334-714-0755
                                                                                                            Jeep ’03 Wrangler Sport 4x4, white, big tires,                        Complete Cars CALL 334-702-4323
                        Cedar Creek 40 ft. 5th                                                              tow pkg, 46k miles, $13,000 850-419-9194
                        wheel, 3 slides, W/D, King                          Dodge ’07 Dually PU truck,      Jeep ’93 Grand Cherokee , 2 wheel drive, Rebuilt                   Guaranteed highest prices paid for your Junk
                        Bed, Fireplace. 5 new tires.                        Silver, 6.7 Cummins diesel      Transmission. 4 New Tires. 180K Mi. $1500                          or unwanted vehicles & farming equipment,
                        New awning. Clean, very                             engine, 6 speed automatic       Cash 334-794-4731                                                      Also pay finders fee. r 850-849-6398
                        good cond. Pull truck, 2007                         transmission, Quad cab,
                        Dodge Dually, Quad Cab.                             sprayed in bedliner, 61k
6.7 Cummins eng, 2WD, 61K mi, Exc. cond. Both          miles, towing packages, heavy duty. Exc. cond.
for $45,000. Will sell together or separately.         Must see to appreciate. $28,000. 334-303-9780;
                                                                                                                                                                                                     WE PAY Ca$H
334-303-9780 or 334-709-4230.                          334-709-4230. Also have 5th wheel if intersted.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 FOR JUNK CARS!!!!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Call 334-818-1274

     Call a Classified Sales Representative
      for Employment Advertising, Pets,
       Announcements, Transportation,
          Farm & Garden, Recreation,
           Real Estate & Merchandise
           at 702-6060 or (800) 779-2557
                to place your ad in
                   DOTHAN EAGLE
               THE DOTHAN PROGRESS
                 THE EUFAULA TRIBUNE
                   OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS
                                                                                                                   CLEANING & HOUSEKEEPING                                                       FENCING

                                                                                                               Delight Cleaning ServiCe                                            Wiregrass Fence
                                                                                                                        • Home • Church • Commercial
                                                                                                                                                                                Chain,Wood &Vinyl • Residential • Commercial
                                                                                                                Licensed & Insured              Best service! Best Price!                                       25 Years Exp
                                                                                                                                                  334-798-2102                   Cell                      or
                                                                                                                 Dorothy Pulliam,
                                                                                                                      Owner                       334-347-9665                   494-0622                  347-0000
                                                                                                                           APPLIANCE REPAIR                                                   BOAT REPAIR

                     FREE ADS                                        TREASURE SEEKERS                        Appliance Repair                                All
                                                                                                                                                                                                Rhino Boats
                                                                                                             Same Day Service • Factory Trained Tech. • 29 Years Experience
                                                                                                                Bell’s WiregrassEnterprise Repair
               TREASURE SEEKERS                                Porch/Lawn Swing With Chains ,
                                                                Will Deliver. $95 334-794-5780                                    Appliance                                       Joe’s Motor Service
  Large Dog House , Any Color, Shingle Roof,                                                                           Dothan                                                    Hwy 52 E • Hartford, AL 36344
                                                       Washer & Dryer: Kenmoore & Whirlpool, $125.
    Will Deliver. $135. 334-794-5780 Dothan            each 334-347-7576 looks - runs new Enterprise            712-9999 • 347-0000                                                     334-588-2968

Block III: New Apache model integrates UAS
Continued from Page B1

   “An Apache AH-64D Block
II, it has a certain level of pow-
er when you pick it up. This is
totally different” said Vedder,
who has flown in all three pre-
decessors (the AH-64A and the
AH-64D Longbow – Block I and
Block II) to the Block III. “When
you pick this aircraft up you are
going to immediately feel the
power difference and when you
go into forward flight it wants to
go about 150 mph.
   “It has a lot of power and by
far the most powerful and most
impressive of them all.”
   While at the Mesa facility the
pilots not only became qualified
on the new AH-64 Apache, but
also got to meet the Boeing peo-
ple who designed and are build-
ing the aircraft.
   “It is an excellent opportu-
nity to come out here and learn
and see everything, get to see
the other side where the aircraft
came from,” said CW2 Shawn
Witt. “You get to see the people
behind the scenes, who put in a
lot of time and energy so that we
can have this piece of equipment
in order to do our job.”
   The new AH-64 Apache has
a couple added features which                                                                                                                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO BY SGT 1ST CLASS JEFF TROTH

will allow Witt and other AH-64       CW2 Shawn Witt “flies” an Apache Block III helicopter in a flight simulator at Boeing’s facility in Mesa, Ariz.
Apache pilots to do their job in
inclement weather. The helicop-       pilots are able to see the UAS’s          but it is very workable and man-          there are an additional 15 AH-64       before their next deployment.
ters now have the capability to       video,” Hopan said. “To my                ageable,” said Witt. “It is a re-         Apache pilot slots in the CAB.            “The AH-64D Apache Block
fly in weather conditions that         knowledge, no other aircraft has          ally good system that they have           They all need the training before      III gives us the ability to get
previously would have grounded        this capability.”                         worked out here for us.”                  they can start flying the new air-      where we are needed very fast,
them.                                    “Teaming up with the UAS is               Vedder and Witt were two of            craft.                                 much faster than we ever have
   “In the past if we had to get      essentially another aircraft out          the first 10 AH-64 Apache pilots             Training for 75 pilots will take     before. And, with the integra-
somewhere we had to wait for          there working with us to give us          who went through Boeing’s class           place at the Mesa facility, while      tion of the UAS sensor we can
the weather to clear. Now we          a better angle, better picture of         on the AH-64D Apache Block                the rest will be trained at Fort Ri-   be more informed when we show
have capability, much like the        what is happening,” said Witt.            III. Five were from 1-1 ARB,              ley by a mobile training team lat-     up to provide lethal effects in
UH-60 Black Hawks and CH-47           “This makes for a better situation        while the others were from the            er in 2012. This training sched-       support of the ground forces,”
Chinooks, to launch aircraft and      for the warfighters on the ground          Fort Rucker, Ala.                         ule ensures all AH-64 Apache           said Vedder. “It is really going to
fly in the clouds,” Vedder said.       because we have more informa-                The Gunfighters have 70                 pilots in the brigade are trained      change the game for attack Avia-
“The Block III has an instrument      tion.”                                    AH-64 Apache pilot slots and              on the AH-64D Apache Block III         tion.”
package that rivals a Boeing 747.        But seeing what the UAS sees
It is fantastic and very intuitive    is not the extent of this new capa-
to fly.”                               bility. With a couple taps on their
   But the new AH-64 Apache           computers the AH-64 Apache pi-
has the ability to do something       lots can take control of the UAS,
the Boeing 747 cannot.                eliminating the time needed to
   “The AH-64D Apache Block           tell the UAS operator where the
III is able to communicate with       pilots need the UAS to “look.”
unmanned aircraft systems, the           “It’s an extra workload for us,

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                                                                           ���� ���
         ��� ���� ���������
             ���� ����� �����
             �� ������� ����
      �� ������� �������

     ������� �� ����� ��� �� ��� ���
     ��� ������ � ������ ������
            �� �������� �� ��� ���������

                                                                                Army Aviation Center
                                                                                Federal Credit Union
                                            Bldg. 8937 Red Cloud Road, Fort Rucker Across from the Commissary
                                                        341 North Daleville Avenue, Daleville
                                                         (334) 598-4411
              ������������� ��� ������ ������� ��� ������ ��� ���� ��������
                                                                                                                                                                                  SESAME ST.

Community C                                                                          JA N UA RY 5, 2012
                                                                                                                                                                                  Show connects
                                                                                                                                                                                  with military

                                                                                                                                                                                  Story on Page C5

 Program helps kick-start weight loss
  By Erin Murray                                               women are not eligible. Anyone can attend the Fort
  Army Flier Staff Writer                                      Rucker weigh-ins, regardless of military affiliation.
                                                                  “We hope that having weigh-ins at the post theater
     As the new year begins, many people will attempt to       will allow more participation from
  shed the extra pounds gained in 2011, and the Lyster         Soldiers, civilian employees,
  Army Health Clinic Wellness Center hopes to encour-          contractors and Family mem-
  age a healthier lifestyle year-round, beginning with par-    bers. Like any other fitness pro-
  ticipation in the Scale Back Alabama program.                gram, consult with your health
     “The goal is to get folks to jump start their weight      provider to make sure you can do
  loss by making healthier choices. It’s a team program        it safely. The weigh-ins are confi-
  so that members can motivate each other. Like any            dential,” she said.
  other lifestyle change, it’s hard to do it on your own          While the program does not start
  sometimes. With people supporting you, there’s a better      for a few more weeks, Clay-
  chance of reaching your weight loss goals,” said Denece      borne encouraged poten-
  Clayborne, Lyster Army Health Clinic wellness center         tial participants to start
  community health nurse and health promotion director.        making healthy choices
     The 10-week program is hosted by the Alabama De-          and thinking about their
  partment of Public Health, but this year will be Fort        teams now.
  Rucker’s first year hosting the program on post. Ac-             “There will also be
  cording to ADPH releases, about 33,000 Alabamians            prizes for things like
  enrolled in the program in 2011 with a total statewide       best team name, so
  weight loss of 143,309 pounds. The event kicks off           teams should start work-
  statewide Jan. 21 and weigh-ins will be held at the post     ing on coming up with cre-
  theater Jan. 23 and 26 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                 ative ideas,” she said.
     Along with weekly health tips and support from a             Clayborne also noted that the
  four-member team, every team that completes the pro-         program is about healthy choices,
  gram with each member losing at least 10 pounds will         not just a number on the scale.
  be included in a drawing for one of three grand prizes.         “Even if a participant doesn’t
  All participants who lose at least 10 pounds will be in-     lose weight but other team mem-
  cluded in a drawing for one of 50 achievement prizes         bers do, it’s an accomplishment.
  of $100 per person, regardless of their team’s achieve-      You can get to know the facilities
  ment. In addition, there will be a separate drawing for      on post and all the options for ex-
  all individuals who have lost any weight and make the        ercise and fitness. (Participants
  time to weigh out.                                           should) be smart and not try any
     “It’s a good time because a lot of people have weight     crash diets. If you deprive yourself
  loss as their New Year’s resolution. It’s a good time to     completely, you can lose weight,
  make changes in your life, so the Scale Back Alabama         but it won’t last. Steady progress
  program capitalizes on the American tradition of keep-       is more lasting. Losing a pound
  ing a resolution. The real goal is to make it long-term      a week is healthy and safe,” she
  — to help impact your health overall. If you have a          said.
  healthy weight, it decreases your chances of illness,”          For more on Scale Back Ala-
  said Clayborne.                                              bama, visit scaleback-
     Most Alabama residents can participate in the pro- or call
  gram, but those who have had recent weight loss sur-         255-9915.
  gery, a Body Mass Index value under 20 and pregnant

Deployment tea connects Soldiers, spouses to students
By Erin Murray
Army Flier Staff Writer

   Teachers and staff at the Fort Rucker Pri-
mary School helped keep deployed Soldiers
in touch with students and gave spouses a
chance to connect at the Deployment Tea
Dec. 15.
   “We try to keep in contact with the par-
ents, even when they’re away. It’s easier
now in the 21st century for the parents to
feel like they’re a part of their child’s edu-
cation. The tea is just a small event to bring
the parents together. More so than any-
thing, it’s a time for them to get together
and talk,” said Mietta Hammond, guidance
counselor at the school.
   The Deployment Teas are held each se-
mester for spouses of Soldiers who also
have children enrolled at the primary
school. The tea is coordinated by many dif-
ferent members of the school staff in order
to keep Soldiers informed.
   “Our school motto is together we can.
It’s not just the guidance office, but the
whole school working together. We want
parents to know that they can participate in
their child’s education, even when they’re
deployed. It helps morale for the deployed
Soldier and it helps us because they get
support from all of their Family,” said
   Included in the school’s program for                                                                                                                                         PHOTO BY ERIN MURRAY
deployed Soldiers is a monthly newslet-
                                                 Fort Rucker Primary School ambassadors welcomed spouses, children and one recently deployed Soldier at the Deployment Tea held Dec. 14.
ter, “Corresponding from A to Z”, that is
emailed to the Soldiers by Yvette Esteves-       accomplishments and general classroom             will be in the lobby of the school. The tree       garten teacher and the coordinator for the
Hurst, a Spanish teacher at the school.          activities,” said Sylvia Thornton, music          will have white lights, yellow ribbons and         deployment tree.
Esteves-Hurst shared the newsletters with        teacher at the school.                            ornaments with a picture and information              Guests at the event included spouses,
spouses and explained the process of com-           Along with refreshments and conversa-          for each deployed parent with a child at the       their children and even a very special guest,
piling a notebook of newsletters for stu-        tion, the spouses at the Deployment Tea           school                                             1st Sgt. Jim Van, who recently returned
dents, spouses and Soldiers.                     received gift bags filled with tools to help         “The deployment tree is to let the whole         from Honduras. Van said that it was nice to
   “Mrs. Eseteves-Hurst does an excellent        them through the months of deployment             school respect and honor what your Soldiers        see how the tea keeps spouses in touch.
job of communicating with our parents            and information on the school’s upcoming          are doing over there. The whole school re-            “It brightened up my day when I was
who are deployed through personal email          tribute to Soldiers in theater and abroad.        spects and honors everything Soldiers and          deployed. It’s a really great thing to look
newsletters, highlighting the children’s            Starting in January, a deployment tree         Families do,” said Katie Condon, a kinder-         forward to while you’re way,” he said.

On Post

Parent Support
   Army Community Ser-
vice’s Promotion Points
hosts a new Parent Sup-
port Program from 9-11
a.m. at the Early Child-
hood Activity Center,
Bldg. 3705, on Dean
Street. These monthly
parenting      education
classes are designed for
Soldiers and are held
the first Friday of ev-
ery month, with the next
class Friday.
   For more informa-
tion and to register, call

EFMP informa-
tion, support
   The Exceptional Fam-
ily Member Program in-
vites all active duty mili-
tary Families that have
an exceptional or special
needs Family member                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO BY ERIN MURRAY

to the EFMP Informa-
tion and Support Group
meeting Tuesday from
9-10 a.m. at the Center
Library on Fifth Avenue.
The topic for the meeting
                                 Get R.E.A.L.
                                 Participants of the August 2011 Army Community Service’s Get R.E.A.L., Rucker Experience, Army Learning, pose for a photo. ACS offers Get R.E.A.L., an Army Family
is “Available Resources          Team Building concept block designed to help those who might be confused by Army life, again Jan. 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Commons. The class discusses
for Individuals with Spe-        terms and acronyms and provides information on Fort Rucker. Topics include: acronyms, Army customs and courtesies, military ranks, community resources and more.
cial Needs and Disabili-         Advanced registration is required. For registration and childcare information, call 255-2382.
ties.” The meeting and
group are designed to
help let EFMP Families         AFTB Level III                   the show. The event is

know they not alone and                                         open to the public.
provide an opportunity            Army Community Ser-
                                                                  For      more,    call
for them to learn and also     vice hosts Army Fam-
provide suggestions for        ily Team Building Level
future topics for the sup-     III training Jan. 18-19
                               from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30           CYSS Parent
port group.
                                                                Advisory Council

   For information and to      p.m. at The Commons in
register, call 255-9277.       Bldg. 8950. Class topics         meeting
                               include communication               Fort Rucker Child,
                               skills for leaders, leader-      Youth and Schools Ser-
Character Dining               ship styles, building co-        vices will hold a Parent
  The Landing Zone             hesive teams, managing           Advisory Council meet-
hosts its Character Din-       group conflict and more.         ing from noon to 1 p.m.
ing event, featuring a         Advance registration is          Jan. 23 at the youth cen-
magician, Tuesday from         required.                        ter on 7th Division Road.
5-8 p.m.                          For registration and          The purpose of the meet-
  For more information,        childcare     information,       ing is to provide informa-
call 598-8025.                 call 255-2382.                   tion on items of interest
                                                                and ideas about CYSS
Becoming a Love                Newcomer’s                       programs.
and Logic Parent               Welcome                             For      more,      call
Workshop                         Army Community Ser-            255-2958.
   Fort Rucker’s Family        vice offers its Newcom-
Advocacy Program holds         ers Welcome every third          Home Buying and
“Becoming a Love and           Friday of the month from         Selling Workshop
Logic Parent” classes          8:30–10:30 a.m. at The              Army Community Ser-
Thursdays from Jan. 12         Landing, with the next           vice’s Financial Readi-
to Feb. 23 from 9-11 a.m.      event taking place Jan.          ness Program hosts a
at the Early Childhood         20. Active duty, foreign         Home Buying and Selling
Activity Center, Bldg.         students, Army civilians,        Workshop Jan. 24 and 26
3705, on Dean Street.          and Family members are           from 6:30-8 p.m. at the
Topics include raising         all welcome to attend            Commons, Bldg. 8950,
responsible children, in-      the informative event to         on 7th Avenue. Topics
stilling values, problem       learn about Fort Rucker.         include: mortgage issues,
solving and using natural      A free light breakfast and       understanding charges,
consequences as a dis-         Starbucks coffee will be         buyer’s or seller’s mar-
cipline technique. This        served. For free child-          ket, and if people should
workshop is a seven-part       care, register children          hire an agent or do it
series. Participants must      at the child develop-            themselves. Registration
attend all classes in order    ment center by calling           is required by Jan. 19.
to receive a certificate of    255-3564. Reservations           The workshop is free and
completion. The work-          must be made 24 hours            open to servicemembers,
shop is open to active         prior to the event.              Family members, Army
duty, retired military, De-      For more, call 255-3161        civilians and retirees.
partment of Defense em-        or 2887.                            For more informa-
ployees and their Family                                        tion or to register, call
members. The workshop          Comedy Live at                   255-9639.
will not meet on holi-         Rucker
days.                                                           Stress
   For child care informa-        Comedy Live at Ruck-
tion and registration, call    er will feature comedi-          Management
255-3898 or 9641.              ans Richie Holliday and          Workshop
                               Collin Moulton Jan. 20.             Army Community Ser-
                               Doors will open at 7 p.m.
Winnie the Pooh                and the comedy show
                                                                vice’s Family Advocacy
craft making                                                    Program hosts a Stress
                               will last from 8-9:45 p.m.       Management Workshop
   The Center Library cel-     The show is considered           Jan. 31 from 9-11 a.m.
ebrates Winnie the Pooh        adult rated and is for ages      at the Early Childhood
Day Jan. 17 with a craft       18 and older. Advanced           Activity Center in Bldg.
making activity for chil-      tickets are $10 and are          3705 on Dean Street.
dren ages 3-11 from 4-5        available at The Land-              Topics include: iden-
p.m. Space is limited to       ing Zone until 4 p.m. Jan.       tifying causes of stress,
the first 65 children to       20. Tickets are $15 at the       symptoms of stress,
register.                      door. People attending the       techniques on how to
   For more informa-           comedy show are invited          manage stress and de-              tion is required.                  military, government em-              For child care informa-
tion or to register, call      to hear the disc jockey in       veloping a stress man-               This workshop is open            ployees and their Family           tion and registration, call
255-3885.                      The Landing Zone after           agement plan. Registra-            to active duty, retired            members.                           255-3898 or 9641.

                 FORT RUCKER Movie Schedule for January 5-8
THURSDAY, JANUARY 5                            FRIDAY, JANUARY 6                                   SATURDAY, JANUARY 7                                  SUNDAY, JANUARY 8

Happy Feet 2 (PG) ............... 7 p.m.       Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 (PG-13) 7 p.m.                  New Year’s Eve (PG-13) ...... 7 p.m.                 New Year’s Eve (PG-13) ...... 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JANUARY 5, 2012 ★ C3

ACS suggests 12 Steps
to gaining financial
wellness in 2012
By Nathan Pfau and               need to be in control of your    lections. The company can
Russell Sellers                  money and spending.              probably negotiate a lower
Army Flier Staff Writer          Step 4: Don’t depend on          rate during those tough
                                 the Internet for keeping         times. Snowballing is a
   FORT RUCKER, Ala.             track of money.                  good way to pay off debts
— As the new year begins,           “If the Internet were to      quicker. You start by pay-
Army Community Service           fail for any reason and you      ing the smallest amount you
officials want to help people     have to pay for something        owe completely and then
become more financially           that day, you’re in a fix,”       take the money you used
stable by offering a series of   said the program manager.        every month for that debt
steps to help them get on the    Step 5: Get tax records to-      and move it to the next larg-
right track.                     gether.                          est amount you owe.”
   “Before people can have          “If you have an accoun-       Step 9: Set up legal docu-
financial wellness, they          tant, it’s important to com-     ments.
need to set financial goals,”     municate and find out what           “Know where your mon-
said Mike Burden, ACS Fi-        he or she needs from you,”       ey is going if you were to
nancial Readiness Program        he said.                         leave this Earth unexpect-
manager. “From short-term        Step 6: Try to break even        edly,” he added. “Make sure
to long-term, financial goals     on income taxes.                 you have a will. There’s no
are key.”                           “A lot of people depend       excuse, especially for Sol-
   Burden suggests 12 steps      on a sizable tax refund to       diers, not to have a will.                                                                                                  PHOTO BY ERIN MURRAY

to help those who are look-      pay off debts,” said Bur-        Also, set up a general power
ing to put themselves back
on the right financial track.
                                 den. “However, that means
                                 you’ve sent a sizable
                                                                  of attorney and have that on
                                                                                                   Meet Terrill a 6-week-old male domestic short hair available for adoption at the Fort Rucker stray
Step 1: Create a budget.         amount to the Internal Rev-      Step 10: Check insurance         facility. He is sweet and friendly. It costs $81 to adopt Terrill and other animals at the facility, which
   “It’s important to under-     enue Service for them to         coverage.                        includes all up-to-date shots, microchip and neutering. For more information on animal adoptions,
stand where your money           manage and you expect to            “Most Soldiers probably       call the stray facility at 255-0766, open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The facility needs donations such
is coming from and where         get a good bit of that. You’ll   have adequate coverage,”         as dry or canned foods for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies, as well as blankets, toys and towels.
it’s going,” said Burden.        actually only get a fraction     Burden said. “It’s a good        Donations can be dropped off at the veterinary clinic or the commissary. Visit the Fort Rucker stray
“January is a good month         of that back.                    idea to have anywhere from       facility’s Facebook page at http:// for constant updates
to do that because it’s the         “Your goal should not be      eight to 10 times your gross     on the newest animals available for adoption.
time when people are work-       to get a refund, but to get as   salary for life insurance cov-
ing on resolutions and the       close to zero as possible and    erage. Auto, homeowners
Christmas season is over,        use your money throughout        and renters insurance are
so the dust has kind of set-
tled after a month of larger
                                 the year and apply it toward
                                 paying your debts,” he ex-
                                                                  good things to have. Even
                                                                  for Soldiers living on gov-
                                                                                                    Short On Cash? Not Anymore!
spending.”                       plained. “Claim the proper       ernment property or in the
                                                                                                      The DYNAMIC TRIO
Step 2: Set up a spending
                                 number of exemptions and
                                                                  barracks, renters insurance
                                                                  is a good thing to have —
                                                                                                                                                                        • $300 to $1000
   “Get your receipts togeth-
er,” he said. “People don’t
                                 Step 7: Save money.
                                    “Get into a habit of sav-
                                                                  the government won’t pay
                                                                  for things lost in a fire.”
                                                                                                                                                                     • Approval Same Day
write checks very much           ing money,” Burden added.        Step 11: Communicate                                                                                 • Friendly Service
anymore. Everyone is rely-       “You should be able to live      with spouse or signifi-
ing on the Internet to keep
track of their money.
                                 on 80 percent of your in-
                                                                  cant other about financial
                                                                                                                                                                              Call or See
   “I advise people to write
everything down, even if
                                    “Get into a habit of put-
                                 ting 10 percent of your
                                                                     “Talk about what you
                                                                  want to achieve by the end
                                                                                                   Come see Jacquetta Hart (Assistant Manager)
                                                                                                             Sharon Gray (Manager)
                                                                                                                                                                              us Today!
they don’t write a check,”       gross in a money market          of the year,” he said. “Make       Nicole Brooks (Customer Service Rep)
he continued. “This allows       account. Most people who         sure you hold each other
people to keep better track      put it into a savings account    accountable for the things
of their money. It helps in      habitually delve into it to      you want to achieve. Make
figuring out what expenses        replenish their checking ac-     sure you have a clear line
are fixed and what can be         count,” he said. “If you put     of communication and
cut. It will help determine      it into a money market ac-       establish clear boundaries                    Morgan Square Mall, 913 Rucker Blvd • Ste 35
what your limits are.            count, it pays interest and it   with your spouse.”                        Enterprise, AL • 393-3960 •
   “What I like to tell people   has restrictions around the      Step 12: Pay cash when-                                     All loans subject to our most liberal credit policy
is, if you make $5, don’t        account to keep you from         ever possible.
spend six,” said Burden.         spending as much.”                  “It makes a lot more
Step 3: Enforce spending         Step 8: Look at debts.           sense to pay with cash than
discipline.                         “Anything that has an         to set yourself up for pay-
   “Many people have a           interest rate attached to it,    ments with interest rates,”
‘fast food’ mentality,” said     like a loan, should go on        the program manager said.
Burden. “They want every-        the list,” said Burden. “Call    “Paying for small things
thing now, so they spend         your creditors if you’re hav-    with cash is a lot better than
above their means.               ing problems making the          paying with a credit card.”
   “Spending plans create        payments. Creditors want            For     more      financial
spending discipline if you       to hear from you before          readiness information, call
abide by them properly,”         your accounts go into col-       255-2594 or 255-2341.
he said. “Become a micro-
manager with your money.
Don’t let it control you. You
                                     The Red Top                                                                                                                                            First United
 Religious                            Pharmacy                                                                                                                                        Traditional Worship Service
                                                                                                                                                                                          8:30 am & 11:00 am

 Services                           We won’t
                                                                                                                                                                                       Contemporary Worship -
                                                                                                                                                                                            New Connection
                                                                                                                                                                                                8:45 am
                                                                                                                                                                                         The Gathering - Youth

   HEADQUARTERS                    scalp you,                                                                                                                                                   5:45 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                             Sunday School
                                                                                                                                                                                               10:00 am
   CHAPEL (BLDG 109)                but our                                                                                                                                          Nursery Care: During all services

    - Multi-Cultural                                                                                                                                                                217 S. Main St • Enterprise, AL

    Worship                       competition                                                                                                                                          Office: 334-347-3467
    Service, 8 a.m.,                                                                                                                                                               Prayer Line (24 Hours) 334-393-7509

    Sunday.                           will!
                                                                                                                                                Cent   nt                         Here, it’s not about the building...
                                                                                                                                           Com m uniyChurch
                                                                                                                                    ������������ � ���������� � �����������
   MAIN POST CHAPEL                                                                                                                           Pastor: Ed Corley
   (BLDG 8940)                               1566-A Andrews Ave.                                                                  � 3351 Lynn Road � Enterprise
                                                                                                                                    (right off Rucker Blvd)
   • Catholic Confessions,
     4 p.m., Saturday.                         Ozark, AL 36360                                                                    � Service times
                                                                                                                                        � Sunday Worship � 10 AM
                                                                                                                                                                                     “Small things done with great love
   • Catholic Mass, 5 p.m.,                                                                                                             � Sunday Evenings � 5 PM
     Saturday                                    334-443-3784                                                                           � Wednesday Evenings � 7 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                         will change the world”
                                                                                                                                                                                     VINEYARD CHURCH
                                                                                                                                        � Nursery � Children � Youth
   • Catholic Mass, 9:30                                                                                                          � Office: 334 347 5044
                                                                                                                                                                                  Sun 10:30 Service; Wed 6:30 Small Groups
     a.m., Sunday.
   • Liturgical Service, 8
     a.m., Sunday.
                                            TRIUMPHANT CROSS                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                     (334) 671-0093 • 150 Bethlehem Rd

   • General Protestant,
     11 a.m., Sunday.                       LUTHERAN CHURCH
   (BLDG 6036)                                                                                                                                   EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY
   • Contemporary Protes-
     tant Service, 9 a.m. and                                                                                                                                                    302 East Grubbs St • Enterprise
                                                                                                                                       Jan 6 ~ Epiphany
     11 a.m., Sunday.                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                        Service w/ Holy             
                                                                                                                                                                                 Worship and Eucharist 10:30am
                                                                                                                                         Eucharist 7pm
   SPIRITUAL LIFE                 Sunday School 8:45am • Worship 10:00am
   CENTER (BLDG 8939)                Grace Based • ELCA Congregation
   • Protestant Sunday                    2643 Murphy Mill road
     School, 9:30 a.m.,
                                            Dothan, AL 36303
                                                                                                                                              Call 347-9533 to
   • CCD (except during
                                               334-671-8282                                                                                 advertise your church
     summer months), 10:45
     a.m., Sunday.                                                                                         on this page.

                                                                                                                                        U.S. ARMY MILITARY HISTORY INSTITUTE ARCHIVE PHOTOS

                                                                                                                   Left: First Lt. Hobart W Dais of Portland, Ore., and a 99th Fighter Squadron
                                                                                                                   pilot, shot down two German FM-109 aircraft Jan. 27, 1944. Special tours of
                                                                                                                   Hangar One at the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site are offered Jan.
                                                                                                                   20-22 in celebration of the upcoming release of George Lucas’ film “Red
                                                                                                                   Tails.” The film honors the Tuskegee Airmen who endured racial segrega-
                                                                                                                   tion and rose to prominence as one of the most decorated fighter groups of
                                                                                                                   World War II. Tours take place at 9, 10 and 11 a.m., and 1, 2 and 3 p.m. The
                                                                                                                   site is also open daily throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except
                                                                                                                   for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s.

                                                                                                                   Above: Army nurses learn cockpit procedures and flight techniques at the
                                                                                                                   Tuskegee Army Air Field in the 1940s. Special tours of Hangar One at the
                                                                                                                   Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site are offered Jan. 20-22 in celebra-
                                                                                                                   tion of the release of George Lucas’ film “Red Tails.”

Wiregrass c                                                                                                     ommunity calendar

                                                and Houston counties.                            For more information, call 248-4495.
ANDALUSIA                                         For more information, visit www.sacf-
  ONGOING — Andalusia Public Li-                                                                                       ONGOING — The public is invited to
brary offers free practice tests. Patrons can
                                                                                               MIDLAND CITY                                     the Cross Country Workshop every Sun-
choose from more than 300 online tests            ONGOING — The Wiregrass Museum                 ONGOING — Residents are invited                day at 6 p.m. at the Pinckard United Meth-
based on official exams such as the ACT,         of Art hosts First Saturday Family Day         to Town Hall meetings the first Tuesday           odist Church.
SAT, GED, ASVAB, firefighter, police              the first Saturday of every month at 10:30      of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Town Hall,           For more information, call 983-3064.
officer, paramedic, U.S. citizenship and         a.m.                                           1385 Hinton Waters Ave.
many more. Patrons may select to take a           Children and parents will learn about          For more information, call 983-3511.
test and receive immediate scoring. Call        color, shape, texture and different types of                                                    SAMSON
222-6612 for more information.                  art such as painting, drawing and collage.
                                                                                                                                                  ONGOING — The Samson City
                                                The event is recommended for elementary        NEW BROCKTON                                     Council meets monthly on the first and
                                                aged children.
DALEVILLE                                         For more information, visit wiregrass-         ONGOING — Adult education classes              third Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. at the Samson
                                                                                               are offered in Rm. 12 at New Brockton            Community Center.
                                       or call 794-3871.
                                                                                               High School, 210 South Tyler St., Mon-
  ONGOING — Daleville Chamber of                                                               days and Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m. All               ONGOING — American Legion Post
Commerce meets the second Wednesday             ENTERPRISE                                     classes are free for individuals 16 years        78 meets monthly on the second Tuesdays
of each month at 11 a.m. at the Chamber                                                        old or older who are not enrolled in public      at 7 p.m.
of Commerce office in the Daleville Cul-                                                        school. Individuals must take an assess-
tural and Convention Center. For more in-         ONGOING — Enterprise State Com-              ment test prior to attending class. Call
formation, call 598-6331.                       munity College holds classes to teach          894-2350 for more information.
                                                English as a second language at the Fort
                                                                                                                                                   ONGOING — Troy Bank and Trust
                                                Rucker campus Mondays and Wednes-
DOTHAN                                          days from 9 a.m. until noon in Bldg. 4502,
                                                                                               OZARK                                            Company sponsors senior dance nights
                                                                                                                                                every Saturday night from 7-10 p.m. at the
                                                Rm. 131.
  FEB. 18 — The Southeast Alabama                                                                                                               J.O. Colley Senior Complex.
                                                                                                  FEB. 16-18 — The Ann Rudd Art Cen-               The complex is transformed into a dance
Community Foundation hosts its an-
nual half marathon at Flowers Hospital.
                                                GENEVA                                         ter hosts a stained glass class from 8 a.m.      hall and features music from the 40s, 50s,
                                                                                               to 5 p.m. taught by John Hogarth. The fee        and 60s, finger foods, and refreshments.
SACF’s half-marathon raises funds for             ONGOING — The Geneva County                  for the class is $175. For more informa-
grants given to organizations that provide                                                                                                         For more information, call Janet Motes
                                                Relay for Life meets the last Tuesday of       tion, call 774-7322.
services to Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry                                                                                                         at 808-8500.
                                                the month at 6 p.m. at the Citizens Bank.

                                                                                                                              with $15 admission. For more information, visit http://
Beyond Briefs                                                  Civil Rights Institute event                         
                                                                 The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will have free
Alabama Jammer Day                                             admission all day Jan. 16 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther        Birmingham Feline Fanciers Cat Show
  The Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia will             King Jr. Each year, BCRI opens its doors to the public to        The Birmingham Feline Fanciers will host a CFA
honor record producer Sam Phillips’ birthday today from        honor the man who devoted his life to community and            Allbreed Cat Show Jan 28-29 at Zamora Temple, 3521
10 2 p.m. with a celebration that will include cake,    service. For more information, call (205) 328-9696 or          Ratliff Rd, Irondale. Breeds from around the country will
refreshments and a ceremony. For more information, call        visit                                            compete for titles as well as regional and national points.
242-4169 or (800) 239-2643, or visit                                                                          There will also be feline art show, vendors, cats and kit-
                                                               Camellia Show                                                  tens available for adoption. For more information, call
First Light Marathon                                              The Mobile Camellia club will host the 72nd annual
                                                                                                                              (205) 616-1651 or visit www.birminghamfelinefanciers.
  The L’Arche Mobile Foundation hosts the First Light          Mobile Camellia Show Jan. 21-22 at the Colonial Mall.
Marathon Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be         Camellia enthusiasts can view blooms of hundreds of old
a full marathon, half marathon, five-person relay and a         cultivars and many new cultivars and receive information       Mobile Chocolate Festival
1.2- mile run with the course open for seven hours. In ad-     about planting and growing camellias. For more informa-           The Mobile Chocolate Festival will be held at the Mo-
dition to the races, there will be a health and fitness expo,   tion, call (251) 988-1405 or visit www.mobilecamellia.         bile Civic Center Expo Hall Feb. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
pre-race meal, post-race brunch and concert. For more          org.                                                           All proceeds benefit Penelope House, which provides
information, call (251) 438-2094 or visit www.firstlight-                                                                      emergency shelter and services to victims of domestic                                                  Alabama Horse Fair                                             violence. There will be vendors offering samples of their
                                                                                                                              chocolate-related products as well as selling their products
                                                                 The Montgomery Alabama Horse Council Horse Fair
Nature, journaling hike                                        will be held Jan. 21-22 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m at the Gar-
                                                                                                                              and gift certificates. There will also be a children’s area,
                                                                                                                              chocolate challenge, and a chocolate-themed Project Yum
  Jackson State University’s Little River Canyon Field         rett Coliseum. In addition to the horse show, there will
                                                                                                                              Way fashion show, chocolate martini tasting and a choco-
School Educational/Interpretive Center will host a nature      be vendors, lectures, a silent auction and more. For more
                                                                                                                              late milk mustache booth and more. Admission is free for
and journaling hike Jan. 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The         information, call (800) 945-8033 or visit www.alabama-
                                                                                                                              those under 13, $2 for seniors 65 and above and $3 for gen-
hike is $5 for those who bring their own journal and $15
                                                                                                                              eral admission. For more information, call (251)342-2809
for the hike and nature journal. For more information,
                                                                                                                              or visit
call (256) 782-5697 or visit                 Pike Piddlers Storytelling Festival
                                                                  The Brundidge Historical Society will host the annual       Crater Days
Southern Bridal Show                                           Pike Piddlers Storytelling Festival Jan. 28-29, featuring
                                                                                                                                Each year the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission
   The Birmingham Southern Bridal Show will be held            storytellers from around the country. Events on Jan. 27
                                                                                                                              and City of Wetumpka sponsors Crater Days at the We-
at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Jan. 15, from         will be hosted at the We Piddle Around Theater in Brun-
                                                                                                                              tumpka Impact Crater site. Visitors can tour the 5-mile
noon to 5 p.m. Admission to the show is $9 and includes        didge with an admission of $25. On Jan. 28, concerts will
                                                                                                                              wide crater and attend lectures and events. For hours and
access to vendors, photographers, caterers, florists and        be held at the Trojan Center Theater at Troy University
                                                                                                                              more information, call 567-5147 or go to visitelmoreco.
live entertainment. For more information, call (770)           at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m with $10 admission and 6:30 p.m.
736-1979 or visit
                                                                                                                                           ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JANUARY 5, 2012 ★ C5

Sesame Street connects with military Families
Staff Sgt. Casey J. McGeorge     Elmo also learns how to
Forces Command                deal with the feelings he
                              has of his father leaving.
   FORT BLISS, Texas — Children, in turn, learn that
Since the start of current they do not have to feel
combat operations in 2001, ashamed for having those
deployments have become same feelings.
all too common for many          “Our series has shown
military Families.            tremendous improvements
   While it may be easy at in both the children and
times to explain to adults adults after seeing it,”
that duty calls them away said Chwatsky. “We have
for an extended period, it received feedback from
can be very complicated teachers, parents and se-
to convey that message to nior military officials. Here
children.                     at Sesame Workshop, we
   Through a partnership know Muppets and chil-
with the Department of dren, but we do not know
Defense and Military One- the issues that impact these
Source, Sesame Workshop, children. We have been
the nonprofit organization advised from top profes-
behind Sesame Street, aims sionals who work in these
to help parents and children areas that guide us in what
overcome this communica- the content should be.”
tion obstacle with a pro-        Those issues do not just
                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY STAFF SGT CASEY J. MCGEORGE
gram called “Talk, Listen, stop at deployment. They
Connect,” a bilingual edu- include reintegration dur-        Sesame Street Muppets Rosita and Elmo perform at Logan School Age Services Dec. 16 at Fort Bliss, Texas. Sesame Street was on Fort
cational outreach initiative ing redeployment, when a        Bliss to inform Families of its “Talk, Listen, Connect” program, which helps military Families and their children deal with issues that may
                                                             be difficult to communicate about.
designed for military Fam- parent comes back injured
ilies and their young chil- (titled “Changes”) and           to become one of Sesame
dren to share.                even death.                    Street’s most successful
   “Most people know Ses-        “Our resources have
ame Street as the televi- shown to be very impact-
                                                             programs to date.
                                                                “We realized how im-
                                                                                                  Alabama Symphony Orchestra
sion show that has run for ful, not only for children,       portant this was for all
over 40 years,” said Lynn but for adults as well,” said      of the military,” said Os-
Chwatsky, vice president, Chwatsky. “Children do             bahr-Vertiz. “It started as
outreach initiatives and not go through these events         something we do and then
partnerships at Sesame alone. They will always               it became personal. It has
Workshop. “We are also have an adult in their life           completely changed my
an educational outreach dealing with the very same           life. These are the bravest,
group. We identify the issues.”                              most incredible Families I
needs in our target audi-        The impact from the se-     have ever seen in my life.”
ence with our brand, and ries is not only felt from             With the removal of
we address that need.”        the military Families, but     American forces from Iraq,             Thursday, January 26, 2012 • 7:30 PM
   The partnership began in the performers as well.          Sesame Street does not
2005 when it was brought Carmen Osbahr-Vertiz, the           intend to cancel the pro-
                                                                                                                              Dothan Opera House
to the attention of Sesame Muppeteer behind Rosita           gram.
Workshop that there were knows this firsthand.                   “Our nation is still at                                        FREE YOUTH CONERT
almost a million previous        In another part of the      war,” said Chwatsky. “With             Friday, January 27, 2012 • 10:00 AM • Dothan Civic Center
and current preschool- series, Rosita, a bilingual           all of the changes currently
aged children impacted Muppet, has to deal with              ongoing in the military                                                                                    For Ticket
by ongoing deployments. her father returning in a            there will always be a need
With those deployments, it wheelchair after being in-        for us to see how we can                                                                                  Information
brought up many compli- jured. While she loves her           continue to best serve our
cated issues.                 father, she has difficulty      military, veterans and their                                                                                  Call
   “We try to help parents dealing with the fact that        Families. Our focus will
find the right words to they can no longer do some
explain to their children of the same things they
                                                             shift as it needs to.”
                                                                Resources are available
what is going on,” said used to do together, such as         for parents consist of a bi-                                                             
Chwatsky. “We help kids kick a ball or even dance.           lingual (English/Spanish)
identify with a character        “For me as a performer,     multimedia kit with DVDs
that they know and love.” when I read the script for         starring Muppets from Ses-
   The series begins with ‘Changes,’ I was devas-            ame Street, print materials
the Muppet Elmo as his fa- tated,” said Osbahr-Vertiz.       and American Greeting
ther is ready to leave for an “Just thinking that there      postcards featuring Ses-
extended period. Through are little ones who are suf-        ame Street characters for
the help of his Family and fering when their parents         parents and their children
friends on Sesame Street, come home changed broke            to stay connected. The kit
Elmo learns how to deal my heart. This suddenly              materials are available free
with this. He learns that became real.”                      online at http://www.sesa-
he can keep in touch with        Dealing with the real-, or on
his father through letters, ness that affects so many        the Military Families Near
pictures and even the In- Families is what has driv-         and Far website at http://
ternet.                       en Talk, Listen, Connect       www.familiesnearandfar.
                                                                                                      Warren Banach, M.D.                 Kent Heim, M.D.                 Jim Pollard, M.D.

                                                                                                                  announces the association of
                                     Transform your body in just 12 weeks.
                                                                                                                     Kerry L. Griffin, M.D.
                                                                               NEW YEAR’S


   a pet
   For more informa-
 tion about animal                                     Enterprise ~ 347-6261
 adoptions, call the                                  Winn Dixie Shopping Center
 Veterinary Clinic at                         
 255-9061. The Stray
 Facility needs do-
 nations such as dry
 or canned foods
 for cats, dogs, kit-
                              We Accept                                                                                            for the practice of
 tens and puppies,
 as well as blankets,
                                 Transferring your                                                                                     OB/GYN
 toys and towels.                 prescriptions to
   Donations can be               Center Drugs is
 dropped off at the                quick & easy.
 Veterinary Clinic or            Call us... we will
 the Commissary.                    do the rest!

                                  607A Boll Weevil Circle ~ Evergreen Place
                                         (Across from Wal Mart) • Enterprise


Army Reservist wins
Operation Rising Star           coming home so late, why
By Tim Hipps
Installation Management         are they doing this, why are
Command                         they staying late, why are
                                they having formations, but
   SAN ANTONIO — Army           that’s just part of the Army,
Reserve Sgt. Melissa Neal,      part of the military.”
a former active-duty Soldier       Neal, who served on ac-
and current military wife       tive duty as a chemical op-
and mother, added Opera-        erations specialist, has sons
tion Rising Star winner to      Devin, 6, and Tanner, 2, to
her repertoire in December      keep content. She’s also
at Fort Sam Houston The-        majoring in criminal justice
atre.                           with a minor in psychol-
   “I can’t believe this.       ogy via online courses at
From singing in the kitchen,    the University of Maryland
to now I’m going to Holly-      University College, along
wood,” Neal said after edg-     with working in civil affairs
ing Kristine May Hills, 26,     in the Army Reserve.
                                                                                                           PHOTO BY TIM HIPPS
an Army wife from Camp             “We juggle it, but I like
Humphreys, South Korea,         it busy,” she said with a U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Melissa Neal, a former active duty Soldier
to win the military singing     smile.                        and current Army wife and mother, won the 2011 Operation Rising
contest based on the prem-
ises of FOX television’s
                                   “Meeting the other 11 Star singing contest at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
                                crazy individuals back-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Join Ozark
“American Idol.”
   Varinia      Herrera,    a
                                stage,” Neal said, was the
                                highlight of Operation Ris-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Leisure Services
39-year-old Army wife from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             New York City
                                ing Star finals week.
Fort Carson, Colo., finished        “Everybody I’ve met
third in the contest that was   here, the crew and the other                                                                                                                                                                                 Deadline: March 15, 2012
determined 50 percent by        contestants, have just been
judges and 50 percent by        really, really cool,” she                                                                                                                                                                                    Atlanta, GA
online voting.                  said. “Everything was just
   Neal, 27, won the local      amazing. You got to meet                                                                                                                                                                                     Deadline: May 1, 2012
Operation Rising Star com-      people and see things that
petition at U.S. Army Gar-      you would never get to see.                                                                                                                                                                                  Out West Tour
rison Ansbach, Germany, to      This is an once-in-a-lifetime
earn a trip to Texas as one     thing. Putting together a                                                                                                                                                                                    Deadline: March 15, 2012
of 12 finalists. Her husband,    show of this magnitude was
CW2 Nathaniel Neal, is          really cool to watch.”                                                                                                                                                                                       Royal Caribbean’s
stationed in Illesheim, Ger-       Although she saw the
many.                           show unfold live before her
   Now she’s headed to Los
Angeles to attend the 54th
                                eyes, Neal was stunned by                                                                                                                                                         $5.00
                                the amount of online sup-
GRAMMY Awards Show,             port she received from far                                                                                                                                                       RX Plan
party with the stars, and       and wide.                                                      Get a month
record a three-song demo           “We don’t know how                                      Supply of certain                                                                                                                                 Date of Trip: Nov 13 - 15, 2012
compact disc at a profes-       the judges went, but as far                                    medications!                                                                                                                                  Deadline: Oct 1, 2012
sional recording studio —       as voting, I was just really
courtesy of Army Morale,        happy to see people leave
Welfare and Recreation          me little messages like
and Operation Rising Star       ‘Wow, you were great last                                                                                                                                                                                    Deadline: Nov 1, 2012
sponsor Veterans of Foreign     night,’ or ‘Wow, I loved
Wars.                           it,’” Neal said. “One of my                                                                                                                                                                                        For Information and/or
   Neal won the competi-        friend’s friends that I don’t                                                                                                                                                                                    Reservations Please Contact
tion by singing Miranda         know would say something
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Carol Taylor at
Lambert’s “Gunpowder and        like, “Wow, I watched it the                                              Elba
Lead,” Alexandra Burke’s        other night.’                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ozark Leisure Services
version of “Halelujah,”            “That was just amazing
Journey’s “Faithfully,” and     — the fact that it networked                                                                                                                                                                                          334-774-2618
“Feeling Good” by Michael       that far,” she said.
Buble and Simone, who              Online support came
served as one of three Oper-    from Family, friends and
ation Rising Star judges for    fellow Soldiers around the
three nights of finals week.     world.
   Simone, daughter of leg-        “I’m getting support from
endary vocalist Nina Si-        Germany and all over the
mone, served in the U.S.        States,” Neal said. “My
Air Force before becoming       friends who are deployed
a multi-talented artist. She    in Afghanistan have been
substituted for Operation       trying to keep up with it. A
Rising Star judge Debra         lot of people on Facebook
Byrd, who worked the open-      who I haven’t talked to in a
ing show before returning to    couple of years are posting
Los Angeles to resume vo-       things like ‘I’m so proud of
cal coach and arrangement       you’ and ‘I have been vot-
duties for “American Idol.”     ing.’
   Country music artist Mi-        “The support that I’ve
chael Peterson and 12th         gotten from my friends and
Sergeant Major of the Army      my Family and people that
Jack L. Tilley were the oth-    they know has been over-
er judges for the four-night    whelming. It’s just amazing
event broadcast by The Pen-     to know that you have sup-
tagon Channel. Army En-         port and that people enjoy
tertainment’s Tim Higdon        what you do. It’s been a lot
directed the show, with as-     of fun.”
sistance from Joey Beebe.
   No stranger to Operation
Rising Star, Neal finished
third as an active-duty cor-
poral in the 2005 Military
Idol local competition at
Fort Knox, Ky.                                                                                                                                                               jk

   “When I was little, I al-
ways knew that I kind of              CLARK THEATRES
liked to sing,” she said.
                                        ENTERPRISE                                                               Web Site:
                                                                                                                 MOVIE INFO 24/7 - 347-2531
“I think I was in fourth or                                                                                          ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBER DISCOUNT
fifth grade when my music                     Dec 30- Jan 5 Open New Years Eve & Day
                                                                                                                       (WITH ACTIVE MILITARY ID ) + 1 Guest

teacher had me do the little                                                                                     For R Rated Films, one must be 17 or with parent*

kids’ solo and I actually hit                                                                                              ENTERPRISE SHOPPING CTR
                                TEXT MOVIES TO 82672 ~ Subscribe to Clark Cinemas Mobile for Movies & Specials

the note, so then I was like,                                                                                        I    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE:
                                                                                                                          GHOST PROTOCOL- PG13
‘Oh, mom, I want to sing                                                                                                   M-F 7:00 & 9:40 • S&S 2:00, 7:00 & 9:40
when I grow up.’                                                                                                     II    WE BOUGHT A ZOO- PG
   “I started taking voice                                                                                                 M-F 7:10 & 9:30 • S&S 2:10, 7:10 & 9:30

lessons in junior high and                                                                                                        WESTGATE CENTER
did the show choirs and                                                                                          III ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS:
choirs and musicals pretty                                                                                                CHIPWRECKED- G
much through junior high                                                                                                  M-F 7:00 & 9:00 • S&S 2:00, 7:00 & 9:00
                                                                                                                 IV THE GIRL WITH THE
and high school, along                                                                                                    DRAGON TATOO*- R
with vocal lessons, which I                                                                                               M-F 7:30 • S&S 2:00 & 7:30

stopped at 18 or 19 to join                                                                                          COLLEGE CINEMA • ENTERPRISE
                                                                                                                            $2.00 Upcharge for 3D
the Army.”
                                                                                                                 I        WAR HORSE - PG13
   Serving five years on ac-                                                                                               M-F 7:00 & 9:45 • S&S 2:00, 7:00 & 9:45
tive duty, Neal said, better                                                                                     II       THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN 3D - PG

prepared her for life as an
Army wife.
                                                                                                                          M-F 7:10 & 9:15 • S&S 2:10, 7:10 & 9:15
                                                                                                                 III SHERLOCK HOLMES:
                                                                                                                          A GAME OF SHADOWS - PG-13
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Race to the Beach! February 4, 2012
                                                                                                                          M-F 7:00 & 9:30 • S&S 2:00, 7:00 & 9:30
   “It was really good for me                                                                                                                                                                 The ideal race in the perfect place! This scenic run begins in historic downtown Pensacola
being active duty,” she ex-                                                                                                                       OZARK                                         and spans two bridges for a spectacular finish on Pensacola Beach. Stay for the entire
plained. “Sometimes it’s dif-                                                                                    I        ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS:
                                                                                                                          CHIPWRECKED- G
                                                                                                                                                                                                              weekend and enjoy all the Pensacola Bay Area has to offer.
ficult as a spouse to sit back                                                                                             M-Th 7:00 • F 7:00 & 9:00 • S&S 2:00 & 7:00
and understand because we                                                                                        II       WE BOUGHT A ZOO- PG                                               •
just see the why are they                                                                                                 M-Th 7:00 • F 7:00 & 9:20 • Sa 2:00, 7:00 & 9:20 • Su 2:00 & 7:00

                                                                                                                                                                                    Army Flier staff
                                                                                                                                                                                    discusses this
                                                                                                                                                                                    week’s games

                                                                                                                                                                                    Story on Page D3

                                                                                   JA N UA RY 5, 2012

basic training
Fitness facility offers boot camp to kick off resolutions
By Nathan Pfau
Army Flier Staff Writer

   Fort Rucker residents who have decided
to get in better shape for the new year have
the opportunity to get a jump start on their
resolution with Fortenberry-Colton Physi-
cal Fitness Facility’s 2012 Winter Boot
Camp beginning Monday.
   “This is a great way for people to get
started on their new years resolutions,”
said Kristi Fink, Fortenberry-Colten PFF
fitness program coordinator. “It can open
them up to so much that [the physical fit-
ness facility] has to offer.”
   The boot camp is a six-week program
featuring a variety of workouts using
plyometrics, agility drills and running, for
example, said Fink.
   “We try to make it more of an outside-
the-box type of experience that people
aren’t used to rather than coming into the
gym and doing a normal routine work-
out,” she said. “We want to show people
that there are different ways to workout
besides attending fitness classes or using
weightlifting machines.
   “[The program] does have some fitness
classes thrown in the mix just to show
what the fitness facility has to offer, but
a lot of the workouts are done outside,”
added the fitness coordinator. “There are
a variety of activities that are included in
the program that are not just limited to tra-
ditional workouts, the program instructors
try to do something different every day.
   “The instructors will take the partici-
pants to different places on post such as
the equestrian center or Beaver Lake
where they will run the trails,” she said.
“Last year, the participants had the op-
portunity to go to the Noncommissioned
Officer Academy and participate in the
obstacle course that the NCOs have to go
   There is also a game day in the pro-
gram in which participants will be able
to partake in different sports such as soc-
cer, kickball and dodge ball, according to
   One of the goals of the boot camp is to
show people that there are different ways
to work out and get in shape, but all of the
program is not fun and games, she said.
   “Participants will get to experience the
typical boot camp-style workouts such as
flipping tires or pulling ropes with tires at-                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY RUSSELL SELLERS
tached to them,” said Fink. “The program
can get very intense, but that’s what the       Rachel Tehvand, right, and her workout partner Krissi Mace, perform a tire flip during the 2011 Boot Camp, hosted by Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness
                                                Facility staff, at the intramural football field.
instructors are there for.”
   The instructors of the boot camp pro-        cater to people’s individual levels of fit-         second is from 8-9 a.m.                            categories, she added.
gram are all either personal trainers that      ness and keep them motivated, she said.               The boot camp program is only avail-               “The prizes are awarded at the end of
train at the fitness facility, fitness instruc-     “We try to accommodate everybody,”               able to people that are allowed to access          the boot camp and are given for things
tors or volunteers.                             said Fink. “We don’t want people to be             to the fitness facility. This includes active       such as the person with the most improve-
   “We’ll have volunteers help out during       discouraged and think they aren’t ad-              duty and their Families, retirees, contrac-        ment on the obstacle course,” said Fink.
some of the runs through the woods, for         vanced enough physically to come and               tors that are allowed access to the facility       “Some of the prizes that are given out are;
example, because we need more instruc-          participate.”                                      and Department of Defense civilians, ac-           three free sessions of personal training, a
tors on hand to be able to keep and eye on        Orientation for the boot camp sessions           cording to Fink.                                   free month of fitness classes and a thirty-
all the participants and make sure people       will be held at Fortenberry-Colton PFF                The cost is $100 per participant and            minute massage.
aren’t getting overwhelmed,” said the fit-       Friday at 6:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.                     includes: weekly consultations to keep                 “There are only 25 spots available for
ness coordinator.                                 The program is five days a week from              track of progress, training with certified          each session and they’re filling up quick-
   There are a variety of people on differ-     Monday to Feb. 16. There are two ses-              personal trainers, access to all group fit-         ly,” said Fink.
ent levels of fitness that participate in the    sions people can choose to participate in          ness classes during the six weeks, a 2012             For more information, call 255-3794 or
boot camp, and the instructors are there to     — the first is from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and the          boot camp T-shirt and prizes for different         email


                                                                                                                                                   en s
                                                                         ou ls

                                                                                                                                                                                 Gi s
                                                                                                                                                  D ler
                                                                                                                   w ns


                                                                                                                                                                               Y. n
                                                                        H ga


                                                                                                                                                                             N. alco
                                                                                                                 Ne Lio

                                                                                                                                                 @ tee
                                                                       @ Ben


                                                                                                                                                                              @ F

             Jim Hughes
             Fort Rucker Public Affairs


             Master Sgt. Jimmy Lindsey
             DPTMS NCOIC


             Erin Murray
             Army Flier Staff Writer


             Capt. Mike Simmons
             Directorate of Public Safety


             Sharon Storti
             Network Enterprise Center


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                           See Page D3 for this week’s answers.   See Page D3 for this week’s answers.

           Kid’s Corner
                                                                                                                                            ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JANUARY 5, 2012 ★ D3

Wildcard weekend features contender, pretenders
ByJim Hughes                                                                                      to the questions, Yates has         believe in them, but there        season passing records
Command Information Officer                                                                       looked bad recently, and            is even more evidence             they’ve accomplished.
                                                                                                  is a bit beat up with a sore        that they probably aren’t            I tend more towards
   The NFL’s regular                                                                              shoulder. That leads the            going beyond the second           a Saints blowout than a
season is over and it’s                                                                           Texans possibly looking to          round of the playoffs.            shootout. I think Detroit
on to the wildcard play-                                                                          Jake Delhomme if Yates’                On the other side of this      might hang tough for a
off round, with the first                                                                         shoulder is a problem.              matchup, not much was             quarter or two, but the
week’s field featuring                                                                               The Bengals are the              expected of the Giants, and       Saints are on an eight-
five pretenders and just                                                                          team Yates made his name            they really didn’t tear it up     win roll, and I don’t think
one contender — the New                                                                           against — with a come-              in 2011. New York won             it ends Saturday — the
Orleans Saints.                                                                                   from-behind 20-19 win in            its division because it was       memory of last year’s
   Everyone can say this                                                                          Week 14. But since then,            a little less mediocre than       first-round debacle in Se-
or that about the other five                                                                      the Texans have gone 0-3.           Dallas and Philadelphia.          attle is just too fresh for
teams, but when things                                                                               The Texans will need to             I’m going to go with           the Saints to let down at
are looked at realistically,                                                                      re-energize their running           the Falcons in this one           all.
all are just fodder for New                                                                       game and turn this into a           because I feel they have
Orleans, Green Bay, San                                                                           possession and defensive            more playmakers on of-            Waiting in the
Francisco, New England                                                                            battle, with maybe a shot           fense (although I have to         wings
and Baltimore. I would                                                                            or two downfield to Andre           wonder if they’ll actually
                                                                                                  Johnson for good mea-               make any) and enough de-             As I said, the only team
say two contenders, and
                                                                                                  sure.                               fense to win a close one.         I feel that is a threat to the
add in the Steelers, but
                                                                                                     The Bengals will need to         But Atlanta on the road is        four teams with a week
they are so beat up right
                                                                                                  hope Yates is less like the         a dangerous bet, and this         off and waiting to see who
now, they’ll be lucky to
                                                                                                  QB they played in Week              one could easily go the           they will play in Round 2
get out of Denver and into
                                                                                                  14 and more like the one            other way — although the          is the Saints. The No. 1
the second round.
                                                                                                  of the past three weeks —           Giants are hardly stellar at      seed Packers are the clear
   But how did we get
                                  next time you have trou-             That said, the Bron-       or sitting on the bench.            home, going just 4-4.             favorite in the NFC, and I
                                  ble sleeping – to back into       cos have their own in-           The Bengals are also                                               don’t see anyone knocking
   On the final week of the
                                  the playoffs while taking         jury woes and are coming      going to have to ramp                                                 them off — but how great
regular season, apparently                                                                                                            Lions @ New                       would a New Orleans vs.
no teams were very inter-         out the mailbox, the kids’        off a three-game losing       up their defensive effort           Orleans
                                  bike, a dozen shrubberies,        streak that makes it seem     and hope Dalton can turn                                              Green Bay rematch from
ested in the AFC’s last
                                  the garage door and on            as though the magic is        his connection with A.J.               A rematch from Week            Week 1 be? It was 42-34
playoff spot, or the AFC
                                  into the living room.             gone from the team and        Green into points versus            13 that saw the Saints            then. What will it be with
West Division crown.
                                    But despite all the back-       QB Tim Tebow. Unless          just yardage.                       hang up a 31-17 win.              a trip to the Super Bowl
   All the contenders for
                                  ing into the playoffs by          Tebowmania picks up              The Bengals have a               Still, I hope for this to be      on the line?
the No. 6 AFC playoff
                                  these two teams, they both        some steam and actually       chance, but I think the             a good shootout, but the             In the AFC, it’s all about
seed lost, with the excep-
                                  have punchers chances in          puts some points on the       Texans will run all over            Lions will have to look           New England and Balti-
tion of the Tennessee Ti-
                                  their respective games.           board, the Steelers should    them and pull out the win           more like the team they           more (unless the Steelers
tans, which left the Cin-
                                                                    be able to put up enough      at home.                            were early in the season          magically heal up), as the
cinnati Bengals winning
                                                                    points, meaning 7 or so,                                          than the one in the mid-          Ravens finally got a sec-
all the tiebreakers and           Steelers @ Denver
                                                                    to get the win and move Falcons @ New                             dle of the season and last        ond-round game at home.
backing into a playoff ap-          Pittsburgh is hurting as
                                                                    onto the second round.                                            week, getting smoked by           But after watching the Pa-
pointment in Houston to           they make their way to                                       York Giants                            Packer backup QB Matt             triots earn the No. 1 seed
take on the injury-riddled        Denver. Quarterback Ben                                           Big things were ex-               Flynn, 45-41.                     and the Ravens struggle
Texans.                           Roethlisberger is beat up         Bengals @ Hous-
                                                                                                  pected of the Falcons this              The Lions are a bit           for offensive consistency,
   But if you thought the         and can barely move, run-         ton                           year, and for the most              strange because many              I’m changing my mind
Bengals’ backup job of            ning back Rashard Men-               In a battle between two    part, despite earning the           think of them as having a         from earlier and give the
getting into the playoffs         denhall is out and safety         rookie QBs, one who start-    No. 5 spot in the playoffs,         good defense, but in real-        edge to the Patriots — I
despite losing to the Steel-      Ryan Clark probably               ed all year in Andy Dalton    they went unrealized. The           ity they’ve given up more         think Tom Brady and Co.
ers 13-9 was ugly, the            won’t play due to a medi-         for Cincinnati, and the       Falcons repeatedly no-              points than the Saints’           can outscore anyone left in
Denver Broncos did them           cal condition that makes it       other who was the third       showed in big games, but            much maligned defense.            the AFC and win despite
one better in winning the         dangerous for him to play         stringer until the top two    they do tend to defeat less-        They are going to have to         their highly questionable
AFC West crown.                   in high altitudes – he be-        QBs went down to injury       er teams.                           tighten things up or Drew         pass defense.
   The Broncos lost to the        came violently ill the last       in T.J. Yates for Houston,      The Falcons have shown            Brees and company are                At least they don’t have
Chiefs, 7-3, in a game that       time he played in Denver          you just don’t know what      signs of flash and ability          going to add some playoff         to worry about the Jets
could permanently cure            in 2007.                          is going to happen. To add    that make me still want to          records to all the regular        this year.
insomnia – just throw it on

           CHAMPIONSHIP GAME AT MOTHER RUCKER’S                           YOUTH SOCCER COACHES MEETINGS                                   For more information, call 255-3794.
           Mother Rucker ’s will show the Alabama vs. Louisiana           There will be a youth spring soccer coaches meeting
         State University championship game Jan. 9 at 7:30 p.m.         Feb. 1 and 2 in the youth center at 6 p.m. The Youth Sport        SUPER BOWL PARTIES

  B      Mother Rucker ’s will be tailgating on the back patio,
         which will include barbecue ribs, fries and coleslaw for
         $12. There will be other specials and door prizes. The
                                                                        and Fitness Spring Soccer season runs Feb. 20 through
                                                                        April 5. Coaches are needed for all age groups.
                                                                          For more information, call 255-9105 or 0950, or
                                                                                                                                          Mother Rucker ’s and The Landing Zone host Super
                                                                                                                                        Bowl parties Feb. 5. For information on the events, call
                                                                                                                                        Mother Rucker ’s at 503-0396 and The Landing Zone at

  R      event is open to the public for ages 18 and older.
           For more, call 503-0396.

                                                                          AFRICAN-AMERICAN/BLACK HISTORY 5K RUN

                                                                                                                                           ULTIMATE FRISBEE

            The Fort Rucker 2012 Winter Bowling Intramural
         League runs Tuesday through March 13 at Rucker Lanes.
                                                                          The physical fitness facility will host the Annual Afri-
                                                                        can-American/Black History 5K Run and 1-Mile Fun Run
                                                                        Feb. 4. Race Day registration begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends
                                                                                                                                           Pick-up games every Wednesday and Friday morning at
                                                                                                                                        6 a.m. behind the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility on
                                                                                                                                        the soccer field. All skill levels and athletic abilities are

  E      The league features 10 weeks of bowling and there is a
         one-time fee of $10 to cover the buffet on the last night of
         the league. Intramurals will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                        at 8:45 a.m. The 5K run will start at 9 a.m. Participants
                                                                        are encouraged to pre-register at either the Fortenberry-
                                                                        Colton or Andrews PFF.
                                                                                                                                        welcome. Cleats and water are highly recommended. For
                                                                                                                                        more information, call 255-0870.

  F      each week. Intramurals are open to all active duty mili-
         tary personnel, members of the reserve components and
         their Family members with a valid ID card. Government
                                                                           The free 1-mile fun run is open to all children and will
                                                                        begin after the 5K race is completed. Each fun run partici-
                                                                        pant will receive a medal. The costs are as follows: $12
                                                                                                                                           RIDING STABLES RULES
                                                                                                                                           Riding Stables staff reminds community members that
                                                                                                                                        letting horses out of their stalls can be dangerous to the

  S      civilian employees and Family members residing in the
         household and contract employees are also authorized.
         Family members must be at least 19 years old.
                                                                        per person (no shirt option); $100 for teams of eight (each
                                                                        additional person pays normal registration fee, includes
                                                                        shirt); and $20 per person (with shirt) by Jan. 29; or $25
                                                                                                                                        horses and motorists. Visitors are also reminded to stay
                                                                                                                                        on the main roadways, do not approach any of the horses
                                                                                                                                        without owners’ permission, stay out of the pastures and
            For more information or to sign up, call 255-9503.          (with shirt) per person after Jan. 29. The event is open to     obey the speed limit of 10 miles per hour at all times. For
                                                                        the public.                                                     more information, call 598-3384.

  Registered Tax Professionals
   at Very Affordable Prices
 • M-S 9am-5pm (Other
   hours avail. by appt.)
 • Will review last years
   tax return
 • No tax return too big
   or too small                         Klang
                                     Al Klang,
 • Always current on
   tax laws                                      Brittany Dionne,
 21 years of military service and over 30 years of tax experience
              1247 Rucker Blvd • Enterprise
               (across street from Mitchell Mazda)
                          393-3860 •      MC & Visa accepted

  Video Game Spotlight >>
(Editor’s note: All opinions stated in the Video Game Spotlight are solely those of the article’s author.)

The Force is strong in latest MMORPG
By Jim Van Slyke
Contributing Writer

   The Force is strong with
this one.
   But you probably knew
that already. “Star Wars:
The Old Republic” is the
first massively-multiplayer
online role-playing game
from BioWare, the com-                      Publisher
                                          Electronic Arts
pany that’s well known for
making single player role-                     Teen
playing games.                               Systems
   They took a single-play-                     PC
er approach to their new                       Cost
game, filling it full of rich                   $50
content, lots of voice acting                Overall
                                           3.5 out of 4
and an interesting plot. For
once, we have a gigantic          that is only going to get
game that doesn’t rely on         bigger as more and more
the gamer-controlled char-        gamers get pulled into it. It
acters to make it interest-       looks like a MMORPG that
ing. It’s interesting all by      will have plenty of staying
itself.                           power. Star Wars fans who
   Of course, having the          like to game on their PCs
Star Wars license on your         should be in heaven.
                                                                                                                   COURTESY SCREENSHOT
side doesn’t hurt. Gamers
choose which side of the
force they want to be on
and then create characters.
Each side has four basic
character classes to choose
from and that choice not
only impacts the gamer’s
character, but the plot itself.
It’s not set in stone, and fu-
ture choices also play a role
so don’t feel like the game
is decided the first time you
   Though the Star Wars li-
cense is evident, the game
                                                                  Year End Sale!
                                        WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC
plays a lot like previous
MMORPGs. There are
“dungeons” to explore,
missions to check off,
places to explore, loot to
find, etc. The main differ-
ence is that gamers get to
experience the Stars Wars                   $500 Discount               First Come. First Serve.
universe as they want to
experience it and the Force
can always play a role.
                                            to All Military                No Dealers Please.
   “Star Wars: The Old
Republic” is a huge game                                              2006 Jeep                               2007 Nissan
                                                                   Commander Limited                            Titan LE
                                                                         N7647A                                  N6533A
                                                                     $15,995                                 $16,995

                                                                      2005 GMC                                2011 Chevy
                                                                      ENVOY SLT                                Malibu LT
                                                                         N-45192                                 N-7424P
                                                                      $9,995                                 $17,995

                                                                      2007 Chevy                              2008 Honda

    Adopt                                                            Suburban LTZ
                                                                                                               Accord LX
    a pet                                                              2006 Jeep                              2009 Mazda
                                                                    Grand Cherokee                            CS-7i Sport
       For more                                                          N-5654P                                 N2895P
    about animal
                                                                     $12,995                                 $15,995
 adoptions, call the
  Veterinary Clinic                                                  2007 Hyundai                             2004 Jeep
     at 255-9061.                                                  Entourage Limited                          Wrangler
  The Stray Facility                                                     N6685P                                  N-51732
  needs donations                                                    $14,995                                 $14,995
    such as dry or
  canned foods for                                                                                           scan code for
 cats, dogs, kittens
   and puppies, as
  well as blankets,
  toys and towels.                                    600 West By-Pass • Andalusia
 Donations can be
 dropped off at the                                  344-222-4171 or 1-800-284-4171
  Veterinary Clinic.
                                               All vehicles sold as is. Prices plus tax & fees.

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