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                                                   Issue 21 • July 2010
                                                 Issue 23 • October 2010
                            Newsletter of The New Zealand Chefs Association Inc.
                                           “Sharing a passion for all things culinary”

Aspiring Masterchef Wins International Scholarship
Wintec hospitality student Phillip Maultsaid has won one of               recent job. Phillip says he’s always had a passion for food, and
20 international scholarships from London-based educational               finds inspiration in his cookbook collection – currently sitting at
provider, City & Guilds.                                                  an impressive 200 books!
Phillip, who is studying Wintec’s Certificate in Catering,                When Phillip completes his course at the end of 2011, his
says he’s excited and honoured to be chosen as one of the                 ultimate goal is to run his own restaurant like past Wintec
scholarship recipients. “The financial support, which will pay            student Mat McLean of Hamilton’s Palate restaurant, which is
my fees next year, has taken a huge amount of pressure off my             coincidentally Phillip’s favourite local eating spot.
family.” The City & Guilds International Scholarships enable
individuals from financially underprivileged backgrounds
to obtain a City & Guilds qualification. There were 20
scholarships given this year, with two of these awarded to New
Zealand students – Phillip being one of them.

Marvin Ang, City & Guilds Business Development Manager
for Australasia, says: “This is the first year we have made
international bursaries available and we are delighted to
award the first scholarship to Wintec student Phillip Maultsaid.
As well as meeting all the criteria for the scholarship,
the selection panel was impressed with Phillip’s cooking
achievements and extreme focus and dedication to his studies.”

As a mature student with family commitments – Phillip is married
and father to seven-year-old twins – Phillip faces more difficulties
than many students, yet still embraces every opportunity
presented to him. He made it to the final 24 in New Zealand’s
first Masterchef television show, was the 2010 Waikato Times
Food, Wine and Jazz Festival home cook challenge winner, and                 Wintec hospitality student Phillip Maultsaid receives his
was named Top Hospitality Student at the Waikato Culinary                  award from Marvin Ang, City & Guilds Business Development
Fare at Wintec’s Avalon campus earlier this year. “You need to                  Manager for Australasia with staff from Wintec’s
push yourself in pressure situations as that’s what life as a chef
is like,” he says. Returning to study as a 42-year-old isn’t an                                                                                 DONATE NOW

easy decision and in Phillip’s case, was prompted by a family
member’s illness, which lead him to reevaluate his career as                                                           International Day of the Chefs                          AT I
                                                                                                                                                                                    O   N

a sales representative. He chose to study at Wintec because
                                                                                                                                                                   A SSO C I
                                                                                                                                                        WO R L D

                                                                                                                               supporting the
                                                                                                                                                                              I     ET
                                                                                                                                                               C H E F S SO C

                                                                                                                      Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

he’d heard good things about the course and knew it was a                                                         What we are selling...
respected qualification. “If you find something you love doing,                                                   The Best Ever Smoked Salmon Bagel

you have to follow it. I’ve always had a passion for cookery                                                                 $4.00
and now seems like the right time,” he says. No stranger in the
kitchen, Phillip started cooking as a young boy – helping his
mother who cooked for a shearing gang. Food seems to have                                                       Auckland Branch works
permeated most of his life – from growing up on an orchard                                                  'International Day of the Chef'
in the Hawke’s Bay to selling Mediterranean foods in his most                                                   in downtown Auckland

                     Fresh Thinking In Dairy Solutions
                   Editorial                                         Contents
                   Roux                                              Aspiring Masterchef Wins International Scholarship
                                                                     Editorial Roux
                                                                                                                           Page 2
                                                                     President’s Bench                                     Page 2
The Big Breky is it a Fare Go?                                       From the Stove of the V.P.                            Page 5
Is the Big Breky (Big Breakfast) a fair go for the consumer          Inn Communicado                                       Page 5
and your business? I have recently started to observe the            Regional Round Up                                     Page 7
size of some meals that are being served in restaurants and          NZCA New Members                                      Page 7
cafés. Now I know that we all look for value but I can’t help        Unregulated Meat Poses Risk to International Trade Reputation
wondering if giving huge servings of food and charging an            Page 8
equally huge price is really not just another way of trying to       National Finals - Lamb and Beef Burger                Page 8
create turnover with little regard for the consumer or wastage       Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School for Wellington         Page 8
factor. I think in fact it may be down dumbing the potential         Know Your Onions!                                    Page 10
turnover from your customers. I see on menus half portions           History of the Chef's Uniform                        Page 11
of the Big Breky, what is that all about? Self-confession that       Toque d’Or Profile                                   Page 12
the portions size is really too big for a single diner. I recently   1st WACS Global Master Chef training in Asia.        Page 13
observed in not one café but two separate cafés a Big Breky          Good—4—A—Laff                                        Page 13
served to a male, fine I thought he has had a hard night and         Meadow Mushrooms Undergoing Major Expansion Page 13
is really hungry. But then the partner (or missus) asks for a        Helping a Young Chef Explore                         Page 15
couple of plates from the waiting staff. What they then did was      'Lamb Central' Serves Rare Festival for RWC 2011 Page 15
feed not one person but three off the single serve of the Big        On the Trail of Great Kiwi Eats                      Page 16
Breky. They usually have a small kid in tow as well to share off     Spotlight Sponsor                                    Page 17
the spoils of the single plate. Now who is winning? Probably         Ed—u—Cake                                            Page 18
works out at really good value for the consumer but now I am         Sponsors and Corporate Members                       Page 19
not so sure about the café. One serve of a Big Breky shared          Lodge Cast Iron Give away                         Back Cover
with three along with three lots of service equipment as well.
Think that the café has just shot itself in the foot with its over
generous serve for what they believe to be a profitable price              This issue is sponsored by
point for a single dish.

It is also interesting to read what Gary Miller has written about
portion size and the food wastage which is often also seen
when a massive amount of food is served on a single plate. It
brings to light the old question about doggy bags (yeah right
for the Dog!). I for one think it’s an awful habit but is being
driven by restaurants and cafés serving portions that are way
too big usually counter balanced by the sell price. Again you
are doing a disservice to your business as I am sure that the
dessert count and coffee sales would be almost zero when
doggy bags are going out the door. Fair sized meals for a fair
sized price would be a better way to go. Try up selling instead
                                                                        The views expressed in this newsletter are
and increase the turn over with the extras. If a Big Breky is
                                                                       not necessarily those of the Editor or the New
called for then let them build it up and be charged for each
                                                                              Zealand Chefs Association Inc.
additional item.

Our next issue of PLATE is the last for the year so we are going
all out with a bumper issue for Christmas, something you can              “PLATE” is the Newsletter of the New Zealand Chefs
read for months over the summer. We are having a bit of a                    Association. It is published eight times a year.
competition with prizes, thanks to Lodge Locis and some cast
                                                                                          Copy Schedule:
iron cook wear. Read all about this and lots more of interesting
Hospitality news and view in this issue of your PLATE!
Phillip Townsend                                                     Issue      Material Deadline           Issue Posted
Editor PLATE                                                         24         25th Nov 2010               3rd Dec 2010
                                                                     25         3rd Feb 2011                11th Feb 2011
                                       An interesting fact
                                      about October 2010             26         27th Mar 2011               25th Mar 2011
                                    This October has 5x Fridays,     27         28th Apr 2011               6th May 2011
                                         5x Saturdays and 5x         28         9th June 2011               17th June 2011
                                      Sundays, all in 1 month.       29         21st July 2011              29th July 2011
                                       It happens once in 823        30         1st Sept 2011               9th Sept 2011
                                    years. These are considered
                                                                     31         13th Oct 2011               21st Oct 2011
                                     money bags months. Based
                                         on Chinese fengshui.        32         24th Nov 2011               2nd Dec 2011

                   President’s Bench
                   Chef Sarginson                                     because I sit on the Cookery Sector Review Committee of HSI,
                                                                      some really good work goes into this meeting and the planning
                   National President                                 for the training of the industry as a whole is vital. Stephen
                                                                      Thompson who has been on the committee for the past 8 years
We loving and longingly remember when...                              has stepped down and I would like to recognise the wonderful
There was time to perfect your technical aspect of your craft         work that he has been involved in as the chair of this committee
as a commi, demi, then chef d’ partie, after your training. A         and as a board member of HSI, thanks Stephen. HSI ran a
time when we all lived within our means; we received a brown          series of seminars stemming from research undertaken in the
envelope of cash as your pay at the end of each week. No              hospitality sector after our meeting and there was some really
student loans, no interest free terms and a desire to save for the    interesting profiles and information shared with the audience.
big picture, a house or car. Oh yeah and one qualification, City      What will I be up to in the next couple of weeks? Well I am
and Guilds 706/1 or 706/2, everybody knew what it meant               off to Fiji with Renny, Francky and Alan for the Fiji National
and most could identify with it and what the standard was.            Salon, so look out for the bikini shots and news from the WACS
Today, City and Guilds is a certificate that can be sat alongside     Pacific Forum. I am driving the stove at work again due to staff
another qualification and bears little resemblance to the             shortages and moving forward with our presidium plans and
qualification I sat, however the branding is such that Chefs, often   trying to attend my needlework classes for sanity amid the
now the employers, loving and longingly remember their time in        chaos. Ciao for now.
training and have expectations of this when employing people
for their brigades. So how do we sort out the qualification           Anita Sarginson
nightmare that is currently in our domain? Education is a big         “Sharing a passion for all things culinary”
earner and we are being told by Government that we should be
aiming for a higher qualification percentages for our industry
practitioners. More schools are offering hospitality education,
more tertiary providers both private and public sector are
offering programmes and we also have the international sector
knocking on our door. To my mind it would be great to get back
to Level 3 quals and Level 4 quals being branded as National
Certificates in Cookery and Professional Cookery, instead of the                        From the Stove of
plethora of names and material that leave employers, trainees
and Immigration Specialist confused about what they achieved                            the V.P. — Chef Miller
and what did it contain as a learning outcome.                                          Business and Media
Now what else have I been up to on behalf of the Association?                           Development NZCA
In September I convened the Presidium to Wellington to discuss
                                                                      Food Wastage – a Global Epidemic
how we were going to work with Phillip on board as our newly
elected Administration Director. We covered an enormous               How Chefs Can Lead the Way
amount of ground and the projects that we have set ourselves
are ambitious and I can assure you that Phil has been on the          In 1974, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the first
job already!                                                          World Food Conference in Rome that, “no child would go to
                                                                      bed hungry within ten years”. Now it has been 36 years, and
 I have been actively involved with Regnar’s fundraising              during the United Nations Food Summit in Rome TWO years
dinner and was even seen on the night gracing the floor as a          ago, 1 billion people went to bed hungry!!
waiter. Well done Regnar we wish you every success for your
placements in the UK. The United Fisheries Fish work shop             The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
didn’t go quite to plan due to the very scarce supply of fish but     Nations issued a report, “THE STATE OF FOOD INSECURITY
none the less was a great success, thanks to WELTEC, United           THROUGHOUT THE WORLD” (FAO 1999). It assured us
and Nikki Chung. I have been working on the conference                that we had the tools to achieve the World Food Summit
programme with Glenn and the Wellington crew and the NZCA             target of halving the number of undernourished globally by
involvement with Capital Awards again in Wellington. I have           2015 compared to 1995 totals. Since 1996, the aim has
had a meeting with IRD regarding support for our members              been to reduce the number of undernourished people from
in Christchurch and how the IRD can support members in                approximately 820 million in 1995 to 420 million in 2015. To
hospitality with their tax compliance and looking at ways to          achieve that goal, the report maintained that the goal had to
assist with “the hidden economy”. I have undertaken some initial      be translated into concrete objectives at the local, national and
work with NZFSA regarding becoming a stakeholder of NZFSA             regional levels where people and their leaders can take action.
as I think that it is vitally important for our Association to have
                                                                      As the FAO 2009 world food security report maintains,
a say in Food safety. This may provide us with opportunities in
                                                                      this represents more hungry people than at anytime since
the future to provide educational packages in this area. We are
                                                                      1970 and a worsening of the unsatisfactory trends that were
still working with Immigration in the Chefs situation on the LSSL,
                                                                      present even before the economic crisis.
this is not easy or a quick fix and we are working closely with
the other associations to get the right message to Immigration        The FAO 2009 report mentions that the resulting increase in
before Rugby World Cup demands are upon us all.                       food insecurity is not a result of poor crop harvests. It is due
                                                                      to high domestic food prices, lower incomes and increasing
Lastly I was in Auckland on Sunday last week and caught up
                                                                      unemployment. These have reduced access to food for people
with Keith, Carmel, Phillip and Yvonne, thanks for the great
                                                                      living in poverty.
dinner and your continued support for the NZCA. My visit was
According to a paper prepared for the International              good indication that your portions are too big. And it is the
Conference on Financing for Development there is enough          operator that should be ‘charged’.
food to feed all people in the world. According to this paper,
*world agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per         Food wastage continuing unchecked will become a bigger
person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent      issue than supposed Global Warming. If governments and
population increase.                                             other world agencies and scientists put as much time, effort
                                                                 and money into world hunger as is currently being placed
So what has this got to do with us? It would be easy to say      into Global Warming, then maybe the target of 420 million
this is a government problem. Perhaps by raising investment      undernourished people on this planet by 2015 could be
in agriculture in developing countries, this could then create   achieved or bettered.
economic development and alleviation of poverty, especially
in least developed countries. This would also increase the       Global Warming is beginning to crack and the absurdity
availability of food.                                            and false predictions of this very loose, agenda orientated
                                                                 science is now starting to be shown for the travesty of truth
What it has to do with us, chefs and hospitality, is the         and sound research that it purports to represent. On the
role that we can and must play in the alleviation of food        other hand, over 1 billion people are going to bed hungry
wastage. From a business sense we can ensure that staff          each day. Some of these are in your own country - hunger
are adequately trained to prepare food with a minimum            does not discriminate. This is a deeply immoral crime against
of waste. As managers we are capable of recording exact          humanity we as an industry can be part of the solution.
costing’s. We can also minimise the food wastage created
by over production of portion sizes. Over the past 16 years      As an industry we need to look around at areas where we
portion sizes in restaurants, cafe’s and other eateries have     create unacceptable food wastage. Competitions would be
become larger and larger. Traditionally a main course had a      a starting point. Are we asking for too many portions to be
maximum of up to 200g of protein with a suitable serving of      produced? Cold Presentation Dishes, though integral and
starch and vegetables. Now it would not be uncommon to see       important to certain competition formats, but an absolute
a main course that comes closer to 500g of total food weight.    waste of food. I would challenge competition organisers to
So why do many restaurants/cafe’s serve these unnecessarily      place a levy on HPC and Static Presentation classes. This levy
large portions? Is it a mistaken belief that the customer        can then be donated to a local City Mission for them to then
will see this as value for money? This not only creates food     put to good use in helping their efforts to feed people within
wastage, through the diner not being able to eat all in front    the local community.
of them, but also works to the detriment of a nation’s health    It is time to stop the over the top portion sizes and bring food
and wellbeing. In fact in 2009 it was acknowledged by the        composition and presentation back to an acceptable level.
World Health Organisation that there are now 300 million         This is not only going to be good for your business bottom
obese people worldwide, and over 1 billion people classified     line, but more importantly the health and wellness of the
as overweight.                                                   population. These actions can assist in the fair distribution of
Dining out is an experience to be enjoyed. A reason why          food resources and help toward that goal of 420 million.
people enjoy dining out is because they get to have some of      Let’s us play our part!
those naughty but nice treats that they may not necessarily
get at home. They are looking for a dining pleasure; not         Sources of information – How has the world allowed hunger
bloated regret.                                                  to grow? Chaitanya Motupalli
I would prescribe the following as a guideline for an            Additional information – Maria Middlestead, Clinical
adequately portioned three course restaurant meal.               Nutritionist.
Entree - The total weight of the portion size should be no       *FOOTNOTE - (Food and Agriculture Organization,
more than 120g per plate. Particular attention should be         International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Food
paid to the balance of protein, starch and vegetables.           Program 2002, 9).
Main Course - no more than 260g per plated main course.          Gary Miller
(Protein between 160-180g) Again particular attention            “Sharing a passion for all things culinary”
should be paid to the balance of protein, starch and
vegetables.                                                      Joselito Coleccion Premium, the ham that scored 9.75 out of
                                                                 10 (a rating that means 'the best food product of any kind')
Dessert - no more than 140g per portion size.
                                                                 by the world's most renowned food authority and critic, Rafael
This give a total meal portion weight of between 400 – 440g.     Garcia Santos, in Spain's gastronomic bible, Lo Mejor de la
                                                                 Gastronomie, is now in Australia.
Size matters - Dinner plates are 30% larger than 50 years
ago. A Cornell University study suggests that if you switch      Most jamones ibericos mature for two years. This is a world
from a 12” (30cm) plate to a 10” (25 cm) plate you could         first release for the 55 Joselito Coleccion Premium hams that
lose 18 pounds (8 kg) in 1 year. About 200 food decisions        have been maturing since 2004. Sydney will have to share
each day – many subconscious – encourage overeating.             the prize with food capitals London, Paris, Hong Kong and
                                                                 Madrid. Several have already been pre-sold for $5,000 each.
A recent affront to the sensibilities of the customer has been   The ham has a unique flavor because it is a jamon iberico de
the number of restaurants that have gained media coverage        bellota, from the feted pure-bred black-hoofed iberico pig. It
for charging a ‘Wastage Charge’ to customers whom have           is made from iberico pigs that fatten themselves during winter
left food on the plate. This is not a determined effort to       entirely in accordance with natural tendencies, on a diet of
reduce food wastage. This is a money grab by the operator.       holm oak acorns for which they forage in the heavily wooded
If people are leaving food on their plates this would be a       pasturelands called the dehesa in Spanish.
                   Inn Communicado
                                                                          5 C PER LITRE
                   Chef Russell                                            DISCOUNT
                                                                           OFF PUMP
                   Administration Director                                     PRICE
My role as an executive member will be to keep the membership
updated on events and any issued raised from the NZCA
National phone links that happen monthly.                                        PLUS
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of dedication passion and commitment to their occupation by                        exclusive bene ts                              exclusive bene ts
choice or not. Each branch will do its own thing and I hope
you enjoyed whatever it was they did.

It is vital that branches remain strong and vibrant, so get
along to your branch meetings have your say as your
contribution at regional meetings is just as important to get at
the Phone link meetings.

Well just when you thought the Salon season was ended it's
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about Facebook which was given to me this week.

Facebook and social networking is something we all need to
be aware of. Not only must we be vigilant on what information
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with leaving the “PLACES I CHECKED INTO” application active.
                                                                      Diners Trust Peers over Critics
It is advised that you disable the application. To do so follow
                                                                      A UK study has found that more that more than half of diners
the instructions below;
                                                                      will avoid a restaurant after reading a bad review, with a
Go to account, Private Settings, scroll down to Applications
                                                                      third trusting the views of their peers over professional critics.
& Website, click Edit your settings, Information accessible
                                                                      The research by real-time online reservations service “Live
through friends, Click Edit Settings, Uncheck ‘places I Check
                                                                      bookings” also found that 48 per cent of diners always check
into’, Save Changes.
                                                                      a restaurant’s reputation before making a booking. Only 20
Phillip Russell                                                       per cent of diners said they would ignore the reviews and
“Sharing a passion for all things culinary”                           judge a restaurant based on its website.
                                                                                  Would you
                                                                                  make a good

    As a chef, you give people great food every day.
    As a teacher, you can help them eat well for life.
       Capable Teachers is a collaboration between the                FOR MORE INFORMATION:
       University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic to address           Find out more about taking your skills out of the kitchen
       a nationwide shortage of food and technology teachers.         and into the classroom at:
       Qualify as an intermediate or secondary school teacher         Freephone: 0800 762 786 Email:
       in food technology, home economics and hospitality.

       Achieve your Bachelor of Culinary Arts* at Otago
       Polytechnic, gaining credit for the skills you already have.

       Complete the Graduate Diploma in Teaching at the
                                                                                                                                  CAPABLE NZ 00552_19.10.10

       University of Otago College of Education.

       Part-time and distance options may be possible.

    * Subject to nal approval.

                                                                     Auckland Branch Super Sunday Family Roast Event
                   Regional Round Up
                                                                     All dressed up and ready to go on Sunday 17th October at the
                   News from all the                                 Ellerslie Convention Centre. What a great feast this turned out to
                   regions and members                               be, the only thing missing was a few serving wenches dressed in
                                                                     oldie England costumes. It started with a complimentary Pimms
                                 Otago Polytechnic cookery           on arrival. Then came a traditional shrimp cocktail, followed
                                 student theme nights “a             by all the traditional favourite roasted meats; chicken, beef
                                 sell-out”                           and ham off the bone, accompanied by locally grown roasted
                                                                     vegetables; kumera, carrots, potatoes, etc. and topped with just
                           Cookery students at Otago                 a few greens. All available from the Chefs Carvery and served
                           Polytechnic are hanging up their          with lashings of real gravy, mustards, sauces and Yorkshire
                           chef-hats in celebration after            puddings. But wait there is more, hand crafted steamed pudding
                           serving up the final of their sell-       to finish the Gourmet Lunch of Super Sunday Family Roast. The
                           out themed dinner nights. The             steam puds were served with real custard, sauce Anglaise and
                           hugely successful dinner evenings,        freshly whipped cream. Not a bad deal for what turned out to
                           hosted exclusively by students on         be yet another wet day in Auckland and all for the grand price
                           the Certificate in Cookery Level          of $27.50 per person. The 100 plus people sure enjoyed a
                           3 course at the Polytechnic’s             GREAT Super Sunday Family Roast.
Student Carlo Buenaventura Cromwell campus, have been
    cooks up the Filipino  repeatedly fully booked out by            Highlights would have to be all the guys who helped prepare
entrée, Brazo de Mercedes  diners who have lapped up the             the meal, way too many chefs in one kitchen. The fab sponsors
         Napoleon          delicious, world-inspired cuisine         for their support coupled with some relaxing music, what a find
at the campus’s Molyneux Restaurant.                                 that young lad is. Well done Auckland Branch, next time a few
                                                                     wenches perhaps?
Students designed, cooked and served the dishes to customers
each week as part of their course curriculum. Individual nights
took the theme of Wild Foods, Moroccan, Italian, Curry, with the
finale late last week being a hugely successful Filipino Night.             NZCA New Members Sept/Oct 2010
                                                                           Welcome, we look forward to seeing you at branch
Otago Polytechnic Programme Director Jo Brun said the
                                                                                meetings and events in the near future.
students consistently produced a diverse range of flavorsome
dishes and ‘ran the show’ with great success. “We have a very        Patrice Lucas                     Auckland                  Full
cosmopolitan mix of students on our cookery courses that help        Ryan Hewett                       Napier                Student
bring a huge variation of palates to the table, so these themed      Michael Pullar                    Wellington                Full
nights give them the chance to showcase their own cultures           Jie Min Aw                        Auckland                  Full
and culinary creations while delivering valuable experience of       Craig Holley                      Manukau             corporate
working in a real-life restaurant environment,” she said.            Marcus Gildon                     Rotorua                   Full
                                                                     Lucy Miller                       Wellington                Full
Each night students were supervised by professional chef             Arvine Gamlin                     Christchurch              Full
and trained lecturer Roydon Cullimore and a front of house           Pascal Chivot                     Wellington          Associate
supervisor. Students were graded on their performance
throughout the evenings, which contributes to their overall
achievement on the course. “We’ve been extremely impressed
with the high standard of creations and delivery of the themed
nights this year, and we’re thrilled that each and every one sold
out,” said Mrs Brun.

Dishes from the Wild Foods menu used locally sourced
ingredients to serve hearty dishes such as the South Island Mussel
Fritters entree, Oven Roasted Venison main course and a Honey
and Wild Thyme Bruleé dessert. The Filipino menu was exclusively
designed by Filipino student Carlo Buenaventura. It featured
dishes such as a Bean curd and Pork ‘Tokwa’t Baboy’ entrée,
Veal Shanks in beef jus ‘Bulalo Steak’ main course and Brazo de
Mercedes Napoleon dessert. “Every night offered something truly
different. Next year there will be some new surprises and also
some old favourites returning,”
said Mrs Brun.

Cookery students will soon
be able to take a further step
towards their chef career
by enrolling for Otago
Polytechnic’s new Diploma in
Professional Cookery Level
5, which is set to launch in          A Wild Foods entree, the
February 2011.                         Pan-seared Goat Loin
Unregulated Meat Poses Risk to International
                                                                      Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School for Wellington
Trade Reputation
                                                                      Wellington’s culinary star is about to burn even brighter - with
The unregulated meat trade is definitely on the increase, posing
                                                                      one of the world’s most prestigious cooking schools opening a
a food safety risk to the New Zealand public and potentially
                                                                      branch in the city centre late next year.
damaging our international trade reputation. The Abattoirs
Association of New Zealand agrees with the Federated Farmers          Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s biggest hospitality institution,
Rural Butchers that there is a lack of enforcement placed on          already has 29 schools scattered around five continents,
backyard butchers and the home kill industry. President of the        producing thousands of fine-dining graduates every year. The
Abattoir Association of New Zealand, Lyndon Everton, firmly           school predicts that it will attract at least 500 international
believes that the black market meat trade is alive and thriving.      students annually to Wellington.
Since amendments to the Animal Product Act came into effect
in 1999, the registration of home kill operators has increased        Le Cordon Bleu vice president Rodger Griffiths said that the
from 79 to 384. “It staggers me the governing authorities allow       institute’s reputation will be the draw card for culinary students
any meat to be slaughtered outside a purpose built processing         from around the globe. "For the student, the brand is so well
facility when the New Zealand meat industry is worth $6.4             recognised that normally it’s a passport to employment."
billion in export revenue and 4% of the national GDP.”
                                                                      Capital Taste
“Home kill operators, licensed or not, do not pay levies,             Positively Wellington Tourism chief executive David Perks says
including those for tuberculosis eradication. We estimate that        Le Cordon Bleu is a welcome and much-anticipated addition to
the home kill and backyard butchers process over half a million       the Wellington food scene. "Le Cordon Bleu is one of the finest
sheep, cattle and pigs every year. In levies alone, this amounts      culinary institutions in the world and will really draw the eye
to over $2 million a year being lost,” Everton says. The real         of the world towards Wellington. Wellington has one of the
issue isn’t whether or not there have been more complaints to         best food and hospitality scenes in New Zealand and is tucked
NZFSA in regard to home killed meat but that no one actually          between two of the country’s finest wine regions.
knows definitively the numbers involved as there is no regulation
                                                                      "New Zealanders have been discovering this through the Visa
and no data collected from the home kill industry. Everton
                                                                      Wellington on a Plate culinary festival, and Sydney siders
shares the concern raised by Federated Farmers that the Animal
                                                                      are currently getting a taste at the WLG pop-up restaurant in
Products Act is not being enforced. Under this Act, home kill is
                                                                      King’s Cross."
allowed but only for the consumption of the animal’s owner who
must have owned the animal for the past 28 days. “We are well         Premier Culinary Arts Institute
aware that this law is being breached on a daily basis. A lot of      Le Cordon Bleu describes itself as the ‘world’s premier Culinary
people are breaking the law as they are either ignorant of it, or     Arts Institute’, having churned out some of the best chefs in the
choose to ignore it, knowing there is no one out there enforcing      world - including legendary US celebrity chef Julia Child, who
it.” “The Abattoirs Association of New Zealand members all            attended the Paris school in the late 1940s.
have licensed premises where animals are humanely handled
and only produce meat suitable for human consumption, which           The Wellington school is set to open in late 2011 or early
is stamped and certified by an independent inspector. This is all     2012, and will be located at the Regent Centre in central
done by strict regulatory authorities who ensure the operators        Wellington. The school will have a restaurant staffed by
are compliant within national and international codes.” The           students that is open to the public, a 100-seat lecture theatre, a
Abattoirs Association of New Zealand would like to see the            training bar and seven kitchens.
Government take action by measuring home kill activity and
                                                                      Fees are expected to come in at just under NZ$10,000.
ensuring all operators are audited for compliance in food safety,
                                                                      The school’s kitchens will be led by a French head chef,
humane slaughter practices and traceability. This is not only for
                                                                      with regular international guests visiting to teach courses. Le
the protection of the New Zealand consumer, but also for the
                                                                      Cordon Bleu is expected to contribute up to NZ$30 million a
reputation of our international trade.
                                                                      year to the Wellington economy.

                                                                      Background: Le Cordon Bleu
                                                                      Le Cordon Bleu is one of the world’s oldest and most-respected
                                                                      schools of gastronomy, hospitality and management.

                                                                      The name Le Cordon Bleu was coined in the 16th century by
                                                                      King Henry III - when he created 'L’ordre du Saint-Esprit' which
National Finals - Lamb and Beef Burger                                was symbolised by a cross hung on a blue ribbon.
The place getters for the Finals of the Lamb and Beef                 The culinary arts school Le Cordon Bleu was founded in Paris
National Burger Competition held today at MIT in Auckland             in 1895, and now has 29 international schools with 20,000
are as follows:                                                       students on five continents. School tutors are master chefs from
Junior 1st    Napier Girls High School                                Michelin-star restaurants trained in both classic French cuisine
         2nd Kerikeri High School – WELL DONE Talei Atwell            and modern culinary innovation.
         3rd Wellington High School

Senior 1st     Geraldine High School
                                                                             This issue is sponsored by
       2nd     Palmerston North Girls High School
       3rd     Tauranga Boys High School

Very pleasing to see the level of presentation, flair and mix of
flavours at both levels...... a very well run national event giving
the students a great entry in to live kitchen competitions.
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  Aust winners name & postcode published in The Australian on 21.02.11. Gift cards awarded either: Woolworths Essential Gift Card (Aus) or BP Fuel Card (NZ). Promoter: Unilever Australia Limited ABN 66 004 050 828 of 20
Cambridge St, Epping NSW 2121 trading as Unilever Foodsolutions – Australia. Unilever New Zealand Ltd of 105 Carlton Gore Rd, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 trading as Unilever Foodsolutions – New Zealand. NSW Permit No.
                                                                     LTPS/10/8279, Vic Permit No.10/3141, SA Permit No.T10/2093, ACT Permit No.TP10/3817

Know Your Onions!                                                     will spoil. Ed's answer will surprise you. Ed said that all
                                                                      commercially-made Mayo is completely safe. "It doesn't even
A little bulb of info I picked up from the web. (author unknown)      have to be refrigerated. No harm in refrigerating it, but it's not
In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people, there was a            really necessary." He explained that the pH in mayonnaise is set
Doctor who visited many farmers to see if he could help them          at a point that bacteria could not survive in that environment.
combat the flu. Many of the farmers and their family had              He then talked about the quintessential picnic, with the bowl of
contracted it, and many died. The doctor came upon one                potato salad sitting on the table and how everyone blames the
farmer, and to his surprise, everyone in the household was very       mayonnaise when someone gets sick.
healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that         Ed says that when food poisoning is reported, the first thing
was different, the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled       the officials look for is when the 'victim' last ate ONIONS and
onion in a dish in the rooms of the home (probably only two           where those onions came from (in the potato salad?). Ed says
rooms back then). The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he      it's not the mayonnaise (as long as it's not homemade Mayo)
could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope.       that spoils in the outdoors. It's probably the onions, and if not
She gave him one, and when he did this, he did find the flu           the onions, it's the POTATOES. He explained, onions are a huge
virus in the onion. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore,    magnet for bacteria, especially uncooked onions. You should
keeping the family healthy.                                           never plan to keep a portion of a sliced onion. He says it's
Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser in AZ. She said that      not even safe if you put it in a zip-lock bag and put it in your
several years ago many of her employees were coming down              refrigerator. It's already contaminated enough just by being
with the flu and so were many of her customers. The next year         cut open and out for a bit, that it can be a danger to you (and
she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her       doubly watch out for those onions you put on your hotdogs at
surprise, none of her staff got sick. It must work... (And no, she    the baseball park!)
is not in the onion business.)                                        Ed says if you take the leftover onion and cook it like crazy
The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place them             you'll probably be okay, but if you slice that leftover onion and
in bowls around your home. If you work at a desk, place               put it on your sandwich, you're asking for trouble. Both the
one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top           onions and the moist potato in a potato salad will attract and
somewhere. Try it and see what happens. We did it last year,          grow bacteria faster than any commercial mayonnaise will even
and we never got the flu.                                             begin to break down.

If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all          So, how's that for news? Take it for what you will. I (the author)
the better. If you do get the flu, it just might be a mild case.      am going to be very careful about my onions from now on. For
Whatever, what have you to lose? Just a few bucks on onions!!!        some reason, I see a lot of credibility coming from a chemist
                                                                      and a company that produces millions of pounds of mayonnaise
Now there is a P.S. to this, for I sent it to a friend in Oregon      every year.
who regularly contributes material to me on health issues. She
replied with this most interesting experience about onions:           Also, dogs should never eat onions. Their stomachs cannot
Thanks for the reminder. I don't know about the farmer's story,       metabolize onions. Please remember it is dangerous to cut
but I do know that I contracted pneumonia, and needless to say        onions and try to use it to cook the next day. It becomes highly
I was very ill. I came across an article that said to cut both ends   poisonous for even a single night and creates toxic bacteria
off an onion. Put one end on a fork, and then place the forked        which may cause adverse stomach infections because of excess
end into an empty jar placing the jar next to the sick patient at     bile secretions and even food poisoning.
night. It said the onion would be black in the morning from the       Gary Miller
germs. Sure enough, it happened just like that...the onion was a
mess, and I began to feel better.

Another thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic
placed around the room saved many from the black plague
years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic

This is the other note: LEFTOVER ONIONS ARE POISONOUS! I
have used an onion which has been left in the fridge. Sometimes
I don't use a whole one at one time, so I save the other half for
later. Now with this info, I have changed my mind. I will buy
smaller onions in the future.

I had the wonderful privilege of touring Mullins Food Products,
makers of mayonnaise. Mullins is huge, and is owned by 11
brothers and sisters in the Mullins family. My friend, Jeanne,
is the CEO. Questions about food poisoning came up, and I
wanted to share what I learned from a chemist. The guy who
gave us our tour is named Ed. He's one of the brothers. Ed is a                     Please check out the new
chemistry expert and is involved in developing most of the sauce                         and improved
formula. He's even developed sauce formula for McDonald's.                               NZCA website
Keep in mind that Ed is a food chemistry whiz.
During the tour, someone asked if we really needed to worry
about mayonnaise. People are always worried that mayonnaise
History of the Chef's Uniform                                     The traditional chef's uniform may be the standard for
                                                                  our profession, but it's definitely not the law. Since the
Reproduced with the kind permission of Stephen Billingham,        mid 1980's a legion of chefs and cooks have begun to
President South African Chefs Association.                        wear non-traditional "fun" chef's attire. These nouveau
Chefs, for the most part, wear their uniforms almost every        uniforms run the gamut from pinstriped baggy pants and
day of their working lives, replete with toque, checked pants     denim jackets fully blown widely patterned outfits with
and double-breasted jacket. Though these uniforms are             chilli peppers, flowers, and even the CIA logo. While some
ubiquitous in the foodservice industry worldwide, they are        chefs may nay–say these new style uniforms as non –
often taken for granted and worn without much thought.            professional, others retaliate that they are more comfortable
However, many may find that the origin and reasons behind         and give chefs an opportunity to express their individuality
traditional chef's attire are as interesting as it looks.         through their clothes as well as their food.

 Much of the chef's uniform has developed out of necessity.       Actually, the non-traditional uniforms of today may remind
The jacket, for example, is double breasted so it can             some of the late chef- philanthropist Alexis Soyer, author,
be easily reversed to hide stains that may accumulate             inventor and one time chef of the Reform Club in London.
throughout the day; the double layer of cotton is also            Chef Soyer was known to have his entire wardrobe- including
designed to insulate our bodies against the intense heat of       his work attire –tailor made. Some of his headgear was as
the stove or an accidental splattering of hot liquid. Even the    eccentric as a red velvet beret; his jackets were often cut on the
knotted cloth buttons were fashioned for a reason – cloth         bias with large lapels and cuffs. He called his individualistic
will withstand the frequent washings and abuse buttons            style “a la zoug-zoug,” and the more his contemporaries
often take from contact with pots, pans and other heavy           ridiculed him the more outlandish his outfits became. Like the
equipment. Though executive chefs often wear black pants,         old adage says, “What’s old is new again.”
working chefs and cooks usually don pants with black              As a professional chef myself, I prefer to adhere to
and white checks, the dizzying pattern of hound's tooth           traditional chef’s attire- the uniform and its history are
camouflages minor spills and soiling. Today neckerchiefs          something to be proud of. On the other hand, I can also
are primarily worn for aesthetic purposes, to give our            understand a chef’s desire to want to be expressive.
uniforms a more finished look, but originally cotton cloths       These nouveau style uniforms have their place in certain
were draped around ones neck to soak body sweat while             establishments; restaurants today, after all, are considered
working in the inferno like kitchens of yesteryear.               a form of theatre. As with anything, the chef’s uniform
The traditional chef's hat, or toque blanche, is what is most     continues to evolve, with who knows what the future has to
distinguishing and recognisable of the uniform, and also the      hold? One thing is certain through, the image of a chef, in
component which is often causes the most debate. Chefs as         a pristine white jacket and toque, is recognized the world
far back as the 16th century are said to have worn toques.        over as a professional, and we have our predecessors to
During that period artisans of all type (including chefs) were    thank for this.
often imprisoned, or even executed, because of their free
thinking. To alleviate persecution, some chefs sought refuse
in the Orthodox Church and hid amongst the priests of the
monasteries. There they wore the same clothes as the priests
including their tall hats and long robes, with the exception
of one deviating trait; the chef's clothes were gray and the
priests were black.

It wasn't until the middle 1800's that chef Marie Antoine
Carême redesigned the uniforms. Carême thought the
colour white more appropriate, that it denoted cleanliness
in the kitchen it was also at this time that he and his staff
began to wear double breasted jackets. Carême also
thought that the hats should be different sizes, to distinguish
the cook from the chefs. The chefs wore the tall hats and the
younger cooks wore shorter hats, more like a cap. Carême
himself supposedly wore a hat that was 18 inches tall! The
folded pleats of a toque, which later became an established
characteristic of the chef's hat, were first said to have been
added to indicate the more than 100 ways in which a chef
can cook an egg.

Escoffier too, thought the cleanliness of the cook's uniform
was very important, and that it promoted professionalism.
His staff was required to maintain clean and complete
uniforms while on the job, and were also encouraged to            .
                                                                  Promotional Calendars
                                                                  . CD calendars
wear coasts and ties while not at work. To this day cooks
and chefs around the world wear the same attire that has          .
                                                                    Tent calendars
                                                                    Wirebind calendars
traceable origins back more than 400 years. Along with the
other conveniences the 1950's brought, paper toques were
                                                                  . Saddlestitch calendars
                                                                    Wall planners
                                                                  For information please contact Brent
invented to look like cloth but could be disposed of once /
they were soiled.

        Toque d’Or Profile                                           Ice-cream, cider syrup and crumble
Nestlé Toque d’Or 2010 Dessert Recipes                               Ice-Cream:
                                                                     30g castor sugar
UCOL Palmerston North — Winners of The Innovation Prize              20g NESTLÉ Mousse Dessert Mix French Vanilla flavour
Apple Strudel, poached rhubarb, vanilla and                          3 egg yolks
ginger crumble ice-cream with cider syrup                            150 ml milk
                                                                     5g fresh ginger, grated
Serves 6                                                             1 vanilla bean, split
Apple strudel dough:                                                 150 ml cream
250g strong flour                                                    30g NESTLÉ HIGHLANDER Sweetened Condensed Milk
140 ml water
27g egg                                                              Cider syrup:
23 ml olive oil                                                      300 ml cider
2g salt                                                              60g sugar
200g melted butter                                                   Ginger nut crumble:
Filling:                                                             15g butter
3 apples, peeled, cored, thinly sliced                               1 tsp golden syrup
50g sultanas                                                         30g sugar
30g brown sugar                                                      50g flour
30g ground almonds                                                   1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon                                                ¼ tsp baking soda
30g sliced almonds                                                   Method :
Poached Rhubarb:                                                     1 For the ice-cream, whisk the sugar, mousse mix and yolks
                                                                       until light.
120g rhubarb stems                                                   2 Bring the milk, ginger, condensed milk and vanilla pod to
200 ml water                                                           the boil then whisk slowly into the egg mix.
250g sugar                                                           3 Return to a medium heat and stir till the mixture coats the
½ vanilla pod                                                          back of a spoon, pass and cool slightly. Add cream and
                                                                     4 Reduce the cider with the sugar until it is a sauce
1 Make a dough from the flour, water, egg, olive oil and salt.         consistency.
2 Knead for 10 minutes then put into a greased bowl, cover           5 For the crumble, melt the butter with the golden syrup and
  and chill for 30 minutes.                                            sugar.
3 Roll out dough as thinly as possible on a floured cloth.           6 Add the dry ingredients, put onto a tray and bake at
4 Flour the back of your hand and pull out the dough                   180ºC in preheated oven until golden.
  working the two corners first, then the sides and finally the
  length.                                                            Chocolate garnish
5 Gently brush with butter.
6 Spread the filling evenly over dough three quarters of the         80g NESTLÉ Royal Dark Couverture
  way down.                                                          80 ml cream, lightly whipped
7 Roll up tightly and seal, brush with butter and bake at            30g icing sugar (for strudel dusting)
  200°C for approx 30 min or until golden.                           Method :
8 Allow to rest then cut to appropriate size, dust with icing        1 Temper chocolate, pipe onto cellophane sheet into a trellis
  sugar and serve.                                                     shape then roll up to set.
9 Poach rhubarb stems in the syrup until just cooked, but still      2 Cut to desired shape and serve on cream.
  hold their shape.

     Nestlé Toque d’Or is regarded as the country’s premier student culinary competition. Teams competing in Nestlé Toque d’Or
        comprise two cookery students and one restaurant service student. The teams are required to prepare six covers of a
               three-course meal within two-and-a-half hours under the watchful gaze of a panel of industry judges.

                         Dear Friends and Colleagues

                        I am happy to announce the intake
                        to our 1st WACS Global Master
                        Chef training and certification in
                        Asia. After a 2 year planning stage
                        and WACS curriculum approval we
                        here in Malaysia humbled to invite
you joining the highest attainable certification for a chef, the
WACS Global Master Chef Training and Examine course.
Our Program will stretch over six months starting January
2011 finish June 2011 with Certification and your personal
enrolment in the WACS Global Master Chef Roll, now
containing 542 Chefs worldwide inclusive only 2 from Asia.

Price inclusive Accommodation, weekend possibility of work,
possibility holding your own national food promotion and
get paid for it, student visa, platinum membership to Chefs
Association Malaysia, 560 hours of practical & theoretic
training, Monday to Friday full day (9 Hour) school, English
language, 4 Malaysian culinary field outings, boutique school
environment Berjaya University College of Hospitality with a
strength of 16 teachers direct in buzzing centre of our capital
Kuala Lumpur. All this together priced Total US$ 20.900.00

Please book soonest to avoid disappointment.

Jochen Kern
WACS Educational Committee
WACS Global Master Chef

Additional information available via our NZCA National Office.

                                 Meadow Mushrooms
                                 Undergoing Major
                                 $45million Expansion

                                    Canterbury-based Meadow       Meadow Mushrooms:
                                    Mushrooms is undergoing       •	 Meadow	Mushrooms	head	office	is	situated	at	Prebbleton,	
                                    an extensive $45million          Christchurch
expansion at its production facilities at Norwood and             •	 Meadow	Mushrooms	employs	more	than	500	people	
Wilmers Road on the outskirts of Christchurch. Meadow             •	 The	company	produces	around	145-tonnes	of	
Mushrooms Chief Executive Roger Young says the development           mushrooms per week, with a potential to substantially
demonstrates the company’s confidence in the future market           increase that capacity
and its commitment to the community. “The expansion               •	 Meadow	Mushrooms	hand-picks	mushrooms	364-days	
will create substantial additional employment, making the            a year
company one of the largest employers in the region and firmly     •	 Meadow	Mushrooms	is	a	totally	integrated	operation	with	
securing its place as a major Canterbury business,” he says.         its own spawn production laboratories, canning factory and
The business was established in Cyprus in 1968 by well-known         growing facilities, outsourcing only its frozen products division
businessman and former senior politician, Philip Burdon, and      •	 The	company	is	one	of	the	country’s	largest	recyclers,	
his business partner Roger Giles. Both men invested $17,000          using 23,000 large bales of wheat straw, 7,800 tonnes
in 1970, in the New Zealand company, which has since self-           of chicken litter each year and generating 70,200
funded its own growth. Staff numbers have grown from 11 in           cubic metres of spent mushroom compost for use in the
1970 to a labour force of more than 500 today, making the            horticulture and agriculture sectors as potting mixes and
company the largest producer of mushrooms in New Zealand             soil enhancers.
and the second largest in Australasia. However Meadow
Mushrooms Board Chairman Philip Burdon says it hasn’t all
                                                                  •	 Mushrooms	were	deemed	to	be	the	food	of	the	gods	
been plain sailing. “At its inception Meadow Mushrooms
                                                                  •	 Commercial	propagation	has	been	in	New	Zealand	
was mocked as a ridiculous pipe dream and it’s certainly
                                                                     since 1930
not been a one-way success story,” he says. “Now, however,
                                                                  •	 Mushrooms	are	high	in	nutritional	value	-	they	are	
the company can legitimately claim to have established one
                                                                     good source of B vitamins, potassium, selenium, copper,
of the largest and most sophisticated agri-business in the
                                                                     phosphorous and the antioxidant ergothioneine, while still
country for which we can be very proud.” Roger Young says
                                                                     being low in calories, fat and sodium
growing mushrooms isn’t easy and doing it successfully on a
                                                                  •	 Mushrooms	are	extremely	versatile	and	fit	perfectly	with	
commercial scale is difficult, so this development project will
                                                                     today’s modern lifestyle and eating habits
help set the company up for the future. “The art of mushroom
                                                                  •	 Last	year	each	New	Zealander	ate	approximately	2.7kg	of	
growing has become very technical and science-based, so
                                                                     fresh mushrooms
the expansion will utilise world-leading innovative techniques.
                                                                  •	 In	the	1990s,	about	25%	of	the	product	was	exported	
The new technology involved will see composting moved
                                                                  •	 Today,	the	company	is	principally	focused	on	the	domestic	
into specialist buildings designed to capture and treat any
contaminants,” he says. “All key processes will be computer
                                                                  •	 Fresh	mushrooms	are	the	4th	highest	selling	vegetable	in	
controlled and monitored. The level of recycling will be
                                                                     New Zealand and the 6th highest amongst all fruit and
enhanced with ammonia gas converted to a nutrient input
                                                                     vegetable sales
and all waste water returned to the process. “Rainwater will
                                                                  •	 Mushrooms	have	a	five	to	seven	day	shelf	life	when	stored	
also be collected from roofs and ‘hard-stand’ areas for use
in the composting process to ensure we become the most
                                                                  •	 Meadow	Mushrooms	produces	a	variety	of	fresh	
environmentally-sensitive farming industry in the country.” He
                                                                     mushrooms: White Buttons, Swiss Brown Buttons, Breakfast
says the expansion will see the overhaul of composting, where
                                                                     Portabellos, Barbeque Portabellos and Fresh Sliced
large tunnels and bunkers will be built to increase production
                                                                  •	 A	large	range	of	canned	mushrooms	is	also	produced	at	
capacity and enable composting in a bulk format. Another
                                                                     the Christchurch cannery and sold under the Emma label.
major part of the expansion involves the establishment of a
modern, high-tech growing farm based on the Dutch shelf
system and the construction of a new purpose-built pack shed.
“This expansion will ensure Meadow Mushrooms will be
able to meet growing demand and will dramatically improve
efficiency and productivity,” says Roger Young. He says the
expansion is planned to be completed by early 2011, just in
time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Meadow Mushrooms.

Helping a Young Chef Explore                                         'Lamb Central' Serves Rare Festival for RWC 2011
When Regnar Christensen won the NZ HSI Modern                        A dedicated lamb festival, which includes a 'running with the
Apprenticeship UK Link Scholarship he was naturally extremely        lambs' event through the streets of a small Central Hawke’s
happy, proud and excited at the prospect of heading to the UK        Bay town, promises rugby fans a rare treat and some true
to work in some of the finest kitchens in the world. Then a little   grassroots action during Rugby World Cup 2011.
trepidation followed at the thought of walking into these kitchens
and representing not just himself but NZ at such a level.            The country town of Waipukurau will become ‘Lamb Central’
                                                                     for the festival which is being organised to woo rugby
Although the NZ-UK Link Foundation scholarship provides              fans and visitors to Central Hawkes Bay during the world
the opportunity, travel and some dollars there are of course         tournament next year.
always other expenses which can be difficult to plan for on an
apprentice’s wages. This is the reason Regnar with the support       As well as the family-friendly ‘running with the lambs’ when
of the Wellington Branch of the NZCA decided to hold a               sheep will race in team colours down the main street of
dinner to raise some funds.                                          Waipukurau, the festival will also include a 'mutton dressed
                                                                     as lamb' ball and 'paddock to plate' events showcasing the
It was timed to coincide with our United Fisheries Training Forum    region’s wine and food.
on the 25th September. We could use the seafood prepared
during this training as missen place for the dinner the following    Lotteries funding
evening on the 26th. Weltec were very supportive providing use       Central Hawke’s Bay District Council is entering a bid for
of their kitchens and restaurant as well as a tutor or two!          Lotteries Funding of NZ$250,000 for the Lamb Festival, to get
                                                                     visitors to ‘take the long way round’ and tantalise their senses
Regnar created a five course menu based around dishes from           in the region during their time in New Zealand for RWC 2011.
several of the restaurants he hoped to work in while in the UK.
It was an intimate evening with around 25 people and Regnar          Local Mayor Trish Giddens says the Central Hawke’s Bay
called up several colleagues to help him in the kitchen. Another     community and local businesses decided to field the lamb
friend and the National President of the NZ Chefs Association        festival idea because it focused on what the region does best.
ably assisted his partner in front of house! All under the expert    "Central Hawke’s Bay means lots of things to many different
guidance of Greg Walker Maitre d extraordinaire.                     people, but almost everyone here can relate to traditional
                                                                     sheep farming, our local meat processing plants, shearing,
We started with a salmon tartar and bubbles followed by a            and the wonderful lamb. We are Central Hawke’s Bay Lamb
crayfish and prawn ravioli with bisque and a fennel salad            Country," says Mayor Giddens.
matched with a cheeky Sauvignon Blanc.
                                                                     Pukeora Estate
The main course was a personal highlight with a crab crusted         The Lamb Festival will enhance the existing Central Hawke’s
fish fillet (I won’t go into detail about Anita running around       Bay Festival held at Pukeora Estate - a family run vineyard
Welly looking for fresh fish the day before!) matched perfectly      and home of boutique winery San Hill. Now a major function
with a Pinot Gris.                                                   venue, Pukeora - which means ‘hill of health’ in Maori -
                                                                     sits in a commanding position on a high hill just south of
Dessert consisted of a vanilla pannacotta with kaffir lime leaf      Waipukurau and has a long history. It was once a sanatorium
and a tamarillo granita, which was a flavour hit drawing             for WW1 soldiers with respiratory illnesses, a site chosen for
numerous favorable comments.                                         its altitude and abundant fresh air.
Truffles and madeleine’s to finish off a great evening. A lot of     Lamb Festival events
fun and laughs were had particularly in the kitchen afterwards       Five signature events will make up the Lamb Festival:
where naturally enough we gravitated towards!                        •	 ‘Running	with	the	Lambs’	-	where	sheep	are	dressed	
Particular thanks to the evening’s sponsors;                             in each team’s favourite colours and are let loose in
Wellington Institute of Technology                                       Waipukurau’s main street. The town will become ‘Lamb
United Fisheries, Pandoro, Cuba Fruit Market, Regional Wines             Central’ where visitors can indulge in gourmet lamb
and Spirits, The General Practioner and Flying Burrito Brothers          delicacies and fun family entertainment.
                                                                     •	 ‘Tamatea	-	Rugby,	Haka	and	Hangi’	-	a	chance	to	
Hopefully the funds raised will go some way to ensure Regnar             experience local culture with an authentic Maori function at
has a successful and enjoyable trip and the NZCA Wellington              Hawke’s Bay’s historic Te Aute College and Pukehou Marae.
Branch wishes him all the best!                                      •	 ‘The	Paddock	to	the	Plate’	-	country	comes	to	town,	all	
                                                                         under one roof. Visitors can have a go at docking, shearing
Glenn Curphey — NZCA Wellington President                                and wool spinning throughout the day, culminating in the
                                                                         evening ‘Paddock to Plate’ dining experience.
                                                                     •	 The	annual	Central	Hawke’s	Bay	Festival	art	extravaganza	
                                                                         - a four-day event showcasing world class local artists. A
                                                                         celebrity chef will create a new signature dish with local
                                                                         award winning lamb, while visitors enjoy art, music, food,
                                                                         wine and a "sizzling" atmosphere.
                                                                     •	 Central	Hawke’s	Bay	lamb	country	goes	"glam"	with	a	
                                                                         ‘Mutton Dressed as Lamb Ball’ - billed as "all about glitz,
                                                                         glamour, romance and exquisite local food and wine".

                                                                     The Central Hawke’s Bay Lamb Festival is one of many events
                                                                     to be staged throughout New Zealand during RWC 2011.

On the Trail of Great Kiwi Eats                                     Patrick Lam won the Supreme Pie Award at the 2010 Bakels
                                                                    New Zealand Pie Awards for his bacon and egg pie. Lam
From a once hearty menu of sausage rolls, meat pies, fish           says the secret is in the pastry -"nice and puffy and make sure
and chips, Pavlova, and Anzac biscuits, great Kiwi eats have        [there’s] not too much crumb."
evolved to reflect the changing face of New Zealand society -
with new Pacific, Asian and European flavours.                      Hawke’s Bay
                                                                    Start the day with a big, hearty farmers’ breakfast from the
While fine dining restaurants have established a unique Pacific     rustic Clifton Bay Café - designed to look like the old Clifton
Rim cuisine, there are also many lesser-known eateries where        sheep station wool shed which burned down in the 1920s.
visitors can grab a quick bite on the way to the beach, or          Most ingredients are locally-sourced, such as ‘Holly’ bacon
savour a cheap yet flavourful meal.                                 from Hastings, fresh eggs and mushrooms.
Northland                                                           Hawke’s Bay is one of New Zealand’s top wine regions, and
Kumara / sweet potato is a staple root vegetable in Kiwi            visitors can also sample eight varieties of luscious red, black
kitchens, and is grown mostly in sunny Northland.                   and green grapes at Elmwood Table Grapes.
For a taste of this delicious tuber, Marky Willy’s Blah Blah Blah   Rush Munro’s Ice Cream Gardens serve ice-cream in an
Café & Bar is right at the source - in New Zealand’s ‘kumara        old-fashioned ‘peaked’ cone, and made with all-natural
capital’ Dargarville, which produces 90% of the national            ingredients - try the distinctly New Zealand flavour of feijoa
crop. At Blah Blah Blah, visitors can try kumara in sweet and       fruit. The Rush Munro family developed the gardens during the
savoury dishes - from roast kumara salad, or kumara, cashew         1920s, and rebuilt them after the massive 1931 Hawke’s Bay
nut and blue cheese cannelloni, to kumara and coconut tart.         earthquake.
The star dish is kumara and mussel chowder with coconut
cream curry and bacon.                                              Taranaki
                                                                    New Plymouth’s Tea House is set on a lake in Pukekura Park,
Paihia’s Café Over the Bay offers a classic dish that combines      and featured in the Hollywood blockbuster The Last Samurai.
two great New Zealand flavours - the kumara and lamb pie is         Originally built in 1931, the tea house won a best heritage
made from slow-simmered lamb shanks and encased in top-             restoration award in 2007. Try the ‘Kiwi’ bagel topped with
secret homemade short pastry.                                       bacon, egg and cheese.
Auckland                                                            With The Wind in the Willows set for production at
Café Alba in Waiuku, near Auckland, is famous for resident          Wellington’s Weta Workshop, Mr Badger’s Café in Hawera
baker Milly’s cheese scones - light, fluffy scones best eaten       merits closer inspection. Part-museum part-café, Mr Badger
fresh and slightly warm, with a dollop of NZ butter.                serves a ‘figgy nut slice’ inspired by the mice who sang "bring
                                                                    us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer".
For a true ‘Westie’ experience, suburban New Lynn's Great
Western Steak House is a no-nonsense joint offering good cuts       Another famous Kiwi ‘morning tea’ treat is the cheese scone -
of locally sourced steak, served with potatoes and choice of        baked to perfection at the Four Square supermarket in Eltham.
simple salads. The Great Western featured in local comedy-          This town holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s
drama Outrageous Fortune.                                           biggest cheese scone.
Manuka honey fans flock to Warkworth’s Honey Centre - a             Wellington / Wairarapa
specialist store set up in 1992 by a local beekeeping family        Chilli Tomatoes, a tiny restaurant tucked away in coastal
that manages over 1000 hives. Try sweet manuka honey                Seatoun, offers fresh Kiwi tucker. The menu features classic
smoothies, blended with ice-cream and NZ milk.                      comfort food staples like ‘cuddly lamb shanks’ and ‘cosy
                                                                    baked potatoes’. The lime and chilli-jam encrusted New
The Coromandel                                                      Zealand scallops are a favourite with regulars.
The family-owned Coromandel Smoking Company smokes the
popular NZ green-lipped mussel. Seafood is sourced locally          Island Bay Butchery has what it takes for a real Kiwi barbecue
and from Marlborough, and cold-smoked using manuka wood             including 30 types of gourmet sausages from French Toulouse
shavings. The smokehouse menu also offers lime and pepper           and traditional Italian, to old English, German bratwurst, black
trevally, salmon paté, and smoked kawahai.                          pudding and even gluten-free versions.
No New Zealand holiday would be complete without a feast            Chocoholics flock to Schoc Chocolates in Greytown, an artisan
of fish and chips by the beach, and Kaiaua Fisheries - on the       chocolate studio that specialises in ‘chocolate therapy’. Schoc
shores of the Firth of the Thames - offer fish and chips with       produces over 60 flavours of handmade chocolate in unusual
stunning mountain and sea views at a popular local spot. Fish       combinations such as sea salt and smoked paprika, chilli lime
varieties include hoki, tarakihi, snapper, flounder, gurnard and    and passionfruit, boysenberry and whiskey.
lemon fish, coated in a special batter.
Rotorua                                                             The clean, clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds grow New
Health fanatics can be carried away by the power of                 Zealand’s best green-lipped mussels. Visit the Slip Inn Café,
blueberries at Mamaku Blue, which serves only blueberry-            Restaurant & Wine Bar in Havelock, the ‘mussel capital’ of
based food - ice-cream, jam, chutney, sauce, sweets, vinegar        New Zealand, which sources its mussels from nearby Pelorus
and savouries. The venison and blueberry pie, made from             Sound. Mussels are served lightly grilled with a variety of
local blueberries and venison is recommended.                       simple sauces, or as chowder, pizza or pie.
Lake Taupo
Meat pies are an authentic Kiwi taste, and Taupo’s Paetiki
Bakery is one of the best places to try. Owner and baker

Kaikoura                                                            Great Kiwi Eats
Kaikoura is the crayfish / lobster capital of New Zealand. To       New Zealander Peter Janssen is a seasoned writer who
taste the freshest ‘catch of the day’, try the Kaikoura Seafood     specialises in composing practical yet colourful travel guides.
BBQ - a beachside shack that feeds hordes of hungry visitors
to the nearby seal colony. Locally-sourced crayfish are sold in     For his 10th book Great Kiwi Eats, Janssen travelled New
whole or half portions, grilled to order, and served on rice with   Zealand's regions - into country districts, towns and cities, to
salad or bread. The little restaurant also serves homemade          put together a guide for the intrepid foodie.
seafood chowder, and other shellfish and fish.                      Janssens's criteria for the places named in the book are that
Banks Peninsula, Christchurch                                       they had to be good value and offer an authentic Kiwi food
No seafood lover can visit Christchurch without trying world-       experience.
famous Akaroa salmon, which is sustainably farmed in the
sheltered waters of the Akaroa Harbour. The fresh hot-smoked
salmon at Rare Fare is harvested daily, then smoked with
manuka wood.

Little River Café offers up Kiwi desserts, such as chocolate cake
decorated with Crunchie bars. From the cabinet, the bacon
and egg buttie - made from wholemeal bread topped with a
fried egg and served with bacon - is a crowd favourite.
                                                                    Spot Light Sponsor
West Coast
West Coast whitebait is a seasonal delicacy that’s caught at the    NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL - CLASSIC HOLLANDAISE
river mouth using hand-held nets. The Cray Pot at Jackson Bay,
                                                                                                      Creating a restaurant quality
which is right on the beach, serves giant whitebait sandwiches,
                                                                                                      Hollandaise sauce has just got
made from fritters served on bread, with a side salad and
                                                                                                      a whole lot easier, with the
lemon wedge.
                                                                                                      launch of MAGGI Premium
Possum pie is another ‘wild’ West Coast speciality. The possum                                        Hollandaise Sauce Paste Mix.
pies made at Bushman’s Centre & Pukekura Pub taste like
                                                                                                      Made with real butter and
rabbit or chicken, and often sell out by lunchtime.
                                                                                                      eggs, simply add hot water
Central Otago                                                                                         to the mix, whisk and it’s
Jimmy’s Pies is a gourmet pie shop in Roxburgh, but the pies                                          ready in minutes. It’s an ideal
can also be found in petrol stations, dairies and supermarkets                                        accompaniment for a wide
throughout the Otago region. The pie shop was founded                                                 range of dishes including the
by Jimmy Kirkpatrick in Invercargill just after WWII, and                                             classic Eggs Benedict, as well
moved to Central Otago in the 1960s. Pies come in delicious                                           as vegetables, chicken, red
combinations such as venison and redcurrant, chicken and                                              meat and seafood.
curry, and lamb shanks, the most popular item on the menu.
                                                                    Shelf stable and able to be prepared in small batches, each
Mrs Jones’ Orchard in Cromwell is famous for its apricots and       1.4kg tub of MAGGI Premium Hollandaise Sauce Paste Mix
cherries, which flourish in the Central Otago climate. The 100-     makes 5.4 litres. Prepared sauce is Bain-marie stable for up to
hectare orchard sells fresh fruit from a roadside stall that also   four hours when covered.
stocks honey, feijoa and kiwifruit jam and real fruit ice-cream.
                                                                    New MAGGI Premium Hollandaise Sauce Paste Mix is
Oamaru                                                              available from leading foodservice distributors nationwide.
The fame of Oamaru’s Whitestone Cheese extends to                   For more information, please contact Nestlé Professional on
Hollywood, where the crew of American sitcom Scrubs has             0800 830 840.
been known to call for couriered supplies. Whitestone’s
Windsor Blue cheese has won 10 gold medals, and visitors
can sample all 18 varieties of Whitestone cheeses at this                  This issue is sponsored by
award-winning fromagerie. The small café also bakes
cheesecake with mascarpone cream.

Hangi or food cooked in an earth oven is a real taste of Maori
culture. Although food is traditionally wrapped in leaves
before being lowered into the hangi pits, modern hangi is
more likely to substitute with aluminium foil and wire baskets.

In New Zealand’s deep south, at Char Kai Diner Invercargill,
adventurous foodies can find all kinds of traditional Maori
food including smoked salmon fins, muttonbird / sooty
shearwater, paraoa parai / fried bread, and a real ‘boil
up’ - featuring pork bones, brisket or muttonbird boiled with
vegetables like puha / wild turnip, cabbage, kumara or

                  Ed—u—Cake                                                         University of Otago,
                                                                         PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand
                  View from a                                         Info Line: 0800 80 80 98

                  training establishment
                                                                   Food and technology subjects are offered at every year level
Experienced Chefs: Is It Time For A Teaching                       from Years 7 to 13 and have strong pathways into tertiary
Career?                                                            qualifications and professional careers, Lawson says.

Chefs with dreams of inspiring the next generation with their      Industry Leader Gives Top Marks to Teaching Pathway
skills may now find it easier to qualify for a teaching career.
                                                                   Like many industry observers, Anita Sarginson is concerned
A nationwide shortage of fully qualified food and technology       about New Zealand’s shortage of qualified food and
teachers has led to a collaboration between Otago Polytechnic      technology teachers. She believes that professional chefs have
and the University of Otago, resulting in ‘Capable Teachers’ –     a huge amount to offer in a classroom setting, and having
a new pathway for those with industry experience to become         worked for many years as both a chef and a tertiary educator,
fully qualified teachers.                                          it is an issue into which she has a unique insight.

This involves the launch of Otago Polytechnic’s new Bachelor       Sarginson, the National President of the New Zealand Chefs’
of Culinary Arts, the first degree of its kind in New Zealand      Association, is personally endorsing the Capable Teachers
(subject to final approval).                                       pathway – a collaboration between Otago Polytechnic and the
                                                                   University of Otago that makes it easier for professional chefs
Capable Teachers centres on “assessment of prior learning”         to move into teaching by recognising and accrediting their
(APL) offered by Capable NZ at Otago Polytechnic. This             existing skills and experience.
internationally recognised process allows candidates to have
their existing skills and knowledge assessed against formal        “This is a great thing for industry professionals and for
qualifications. Students will then undertake any extra learning    teachers,” she says. “A major problem for chefs wanting to
they need to achieve their food and technology-based degrees       move into teaching has been the fact that our qualifications
at Otago Polytechnic, followed by a Graduate Diploma in            weren’t really recognised. Hospitality has a major transferable
Teaching at the University of Otago.                               skills base, and the Assessment of Prior Learning process
                                                                   means that these skills get the recognition they deserve.”
The pathway qualifies candidates to become food, home
economics or hospitality teachers at intermediate and              Sarginson points out that teaching is something that most chefs
secondary school levels.                                           already know a lot about, as it is something they are already
                                                                   doing on the job. “Any good kitchen is offering a certain
People with strong industry experience have a lot to bring to a    amount of on the job training, in some shape or form,” she
classroom situation, says Capable Teacher project leader Don       says.
Lawson. “And many people working in food and hospitality
are more qualified to move into this kind of career than even      Having lived and worked in Dunedin, she is particularly
they realise.”                                                     excited to see the Capable Teachers pathway positioning
                                                                   Otago as a national leader in education training.
 “To enter a career as a secondary teacher, you not only need
teaching qualifications, but you must also hold the equivalent     “It is a great thing for Dunedin and a great thing for the
of a degree,” Lawson explains. “But many people working in         South,” she says. “There is often a fixation with what is
the hospitality industry trained before such qualifications were   happening in Auckland, so it’s really good to turn around and
available or thought necessary.”                                   see such foresight and innovation coming out of the education
                                                                   sector in Otago. I think Otago Polytechnic is really leading the
“Through properly recognising the knowledge they’ve gained         way, which is marvellous to see.”
over the course of their careers, however, people may be
surprised to find they are already well on their way to
achieving their degrees – and ultimately the qualifications they
need to become teachers.”

There are also degree options for those wishing to become
teachers in the other technology areas of “hard materials”,
including working with wood, metals and plastics, and “soft
materials”, including fashion and textiles.

Existing food and technology teachers who do not hold a
degree are also invited to upgrade their qualifications through
this process.

“Technology teaching has come a long way since ‘manual’
classes at intermediate school,” adds Lawson. “It’s a dynamic
curriculum area that involves creativity, problem-solving and
lateral thinking – and challenges young people to apply these
principles to real-life situations. Food and technology teachers
often see a different side of students. For some students, it is           Don Lawson                 An Otago Polytechnic student
quite literally where their passions, and careers, are born.”                                         putting a finishing touch on a
                                                            New Zealand Chefs Association
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    PLATE wEighTy ChrisTmAs givE AwAys!!!                                                 Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis

                                                                                                             It is a citrus fruit
                                                                                                             native to Southeast
                                                                                                             Asia. It is usually
                                                                                                             pale green to yellow
                                                                                                             when ripe, with
                                                                                                             sweet white or pink
          Enter now and be into win some really heavy prizes!                                                or red flesh and
       ACTION - Just tell us what your favourite thing to do at Christmas is.                                very thick pudgy
 It could be a favourite recipe, place to go, thing to do or drink just for Christmas.                       rind. It is the largest
                                                                                          citrus fruit, 15–25 cm in diameter,
                   What would you like to do but haven’t yet done?
                                                                                          and usually weighing 1–2 kg.
  Share it will our members and you will be in the draw for some Lodge Cast Iron
  cookware. Simply jot it down, it doesn’t have to be long just a few words will do.      Other spellings for Pomelo include
        All entries enter the draw and will be shared with our readers in the             pummelo, and pommelo, and other
                              December issue of PLATE.                                    names include Chinese grapefruit,
                                                                                          jabong, lusho fruit, pompelmous,
       Tell us your name, add your words and email it;               papanas, and shaddock.
                           Closes 25th November 2010.
                                                                                          The Pomelo tastes like a sweet, mild
 PRIZES - include a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 30cm valued at $125 retail, the Lodge         grapefruit, though the typical Pomelo
  Pro Logic Wok 35cm $275 retail and four Lodge Mini Servers $50 each retail.             is much larger in size than the
            Our prizes have been supplied by Peter Gower NZ Limited
                                                                                          Chinese use the skins and leaves
       who is also offering wholesale prices for all reader of PLATE, read on.
                                                                                          for preparing ceremonial baths
 Lodge has been making cast iron cookware for the past 114 years. All Lodge cast iron     by boiling them. The purpose is to
is made and pre- seasoned in the Lodge foundry located on the banks of the Tennessee      cleanse the person and repel evil.
     River in a small town called South Pittsburg in the state of Tennessee, USA.         Selecting: Choose bright, smooth
                                                                                          evenly coloured skin with no obvious
While Lodge cast iron has been a family favourite for generations, chefs have always
                                                                                          blemishes or soft spots.
known the properties and benefits of cooking on cast iron. Lodge cast iron skillets,
  mini servers and serving griddles are used every day in restaurants around the          Storing: Store Pomelo at room
                world for cooking and serving a variet y of dishes.                       temperature out of direct sunlight for
                                                                                          up to 1 week or alternatively, store in
  Paul Jobin has this to say about Lodge Cast Iron Woks; “How good is this wok?           the fridge for up to 10 days.
 I fell in love with this wok on Food TV. It retains heat, its durable, it will outlast
                                                                                          Nutritional Facts: High in vitamin C,
 other woks and the f lavour from the quick sealing of ingredients make this by far
                                                                                          low in calories A good source of
                           the best wok I have cooked with.”                              potassium.
 Lodge Cast Iron is distributed in New Zealand by Peter Gower NZ Limited and is           Taste: Bigger and sweeter than
        stocked by leading kitchenware retailers throughout the country.                  grapefruit with no acidity..
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 To view the full range of Lodge Cast Iron skillets, Dutch Ovens, and individual
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