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					                                                   PIT PASS
                                                       The Official Newsletter of the
                                                      Sports Car Club of British Columbia

                                                                           Prez Sez...
                                                                           Prez Sez...
            December 2001
            December 2001                       Well, here we are at the end of another year, another season…and the
                                                end of an era. The start of a new membership year – the first in 35
                In this issue...                years without Hilda Randall as Membership Chair. The start of a new
                                                season, of new track records, new competitors, new
Vice President’s Report                 Pg 2
                                                members and possibly a new racing series…
Final Club Championship Standings       Pg 3

2001 Trophy & Award Winners         Pgs 4 - 5
                                               As we start the holiday season, take a few
                                               moments to ponder your involvement with your
50th Anniversary Banquet & Award     Pgs 4 - 5 club…how much do you contribute? What do you get
                                               out of being a club member? Do you involve your
Final Enduro Series Standings           Pg 6
                                               family in your club activities and race weekends? Do
Swap & Shop                             Pg 7 you participate in social activities or better yet
                                               instigate social activities? Remember that a ittle
Club Contacts                           Pg 8
                                               thing such as being a motorsport ambassador is
                                               good for your club…at any opportunity speak well
for our sport, our club, safe driving, organized motorsport. Speak against illegal street racing,
poor driver education and provide a good example for others. Fill in your membership form
and join early. Go to club meetings, have a say, express an opinion…write an article or letter for the Pit Pass.

The year ahead will be a bit different - Molson Indy Vancouver will be in July which gives us less time to prepare;
our Track Operations will be concentrating on “landscaping” rather than construction; SCCBC will host only three
Conference events and up to five CACC events; two (?) Driver Trainings; a Historic weekend with Vintage; a race
or two with Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club …and maybe a Solo 1 event. Your club will need all the help you
can give, for one weekend or several.

Your past and present Executives have worked hard to get the club to where we are today and I am sure your
new Exec will co ntinue the tradition. Thank you to all, especially those that have already committed to next year –
Race Chair Tom Roy, Asst. Race Chair Robert Currie, Membership Chair Pam Stec, RDC Chair Ray Stec, Registrar
Tina Callahan and those of you standing for election in February.

                                                 Thank you to Charlene McComber for an excellent year as Pit Pass
                                                 Editor. The pictures and commentary have been great. Although time
                                                 restraints will not permit Charlene to continue, we have found a willing
                                                 replacement (John Campbell) and Charlene will help him get started…
                                                 it’ll be a hard act to follow John!

                                                 On behalf of the Executive and your fellow club memb ers, I would like
                                                 to wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season and I look
                                                 forward to seeing you at the track and clu b meetings
                                                 next year.

                                                 Drive safely and take care,

                                                                Mike Kaerne
2001 Executive (from left to right): Ray
Stec, Terry Ward, John Campbell, Laurie
Kaerne, Bryan Hellevang, Mike Kaerne, and Al
S C C B C —Pit
                                                                                                                 Page 2

                                           Vice President’s Report
 SCCBC has had a great year! Running 4 - ICSCC races, 4 - CACC races, the annual vintage race, 1 - driver training
 school and the return of the Westwood Motorcycle Club which was consisted of 3 practice days and 1 race day. It’s
 great to see the Westwood Motorcycle club back in action! When we weren’t having race weekends, track rentals filled
 up some of the weekdays as well. We also must not forget the SCCBC Sedan Invitational at Molson Indy—57 cars on
 track….what a weekend that was!

 All of the above could not have been accomplished without the dedication of all the volunteers that came out to help.
 Many, many thanks to all of you that gave up your weekends to support amateur motorsports at the River’s Edge and
 Molson Indy Vancouver.

 Our Pit Pass Editor for 2001 has been Charlene McComber. What a fantastic job she has done for the club. SCCBC
 is very grateful for her services over the past year. Great Job Charlene and thanks again for all your work in putting
 the SCCBC Pit Pass together. We wish you all the best in what ever endeavor you decide to take on in 2002.

 Although we will miss Charlene, John Campbell will step in as the Pit Pass Editor. With John being new to this, he
 could use some help. Anyone out there that could give John a helping hand?

 SCCBC’s 50th Anniversary Awards Banquet was a great success once
 again. DeeAnn Lensen did a stellar job with her decorating expertise,
 organizing powers and a little help from Michael, everything was topnotch!
 Thanks to Tina, Cheryl and Laurie for looking after the tickets sales, and
 the phone committee for calling around to remind all of you about the up-
 coming event.

 As the season has wound down and we get ready for the Christmas sea-
 son, I wish all 315 members the very best during this holiday season, re-
 member to love and cherish your family, for they are the backbone stand-
 ing behind you in all you do.

 Happy Holidays and the very best in 2002 to all!

 T. Ward

                                           It’s Renewal Time !

                 Your membership in the Sports Car Club of British Columbia expired on November 30, 2001. In order
                 to vote in the general meetings and the upcoming elections, your membership must be renewed. Me m-
                 berships may not be renewed at the annual general meeting.

                 Please complete the membership application form and remit with payment to the membership chairper-
                 son, Pamela Stec. SCCBC memberships may also be renewed in person at any regular club meeting.

                         Sports Car Club of British C olumbia
                         c/o Pamela Stec
                         18978 119 Avenue
                         Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1X6

                 Pamela can be reached by telephone at (604) 465-                        5773—no
                 calls after 9:00 pm or by email at .

                 Please make cheques payable to Sports Car Club of British Columbia. Returned
                 cheques are subject to a service charge of $20.00. Payment can also be made by Visa
                 or MasterCard. Please note that dues are not refundable.
S C C B C —Pit                                                                                                                           Page 3

                                           SCCBC Club Championship Overall Standings (Final)
            Class              Driver     Points            Class            Driver     Points           Class       Driver     Points

      IP2/BP           THOMAS, I           156        CP/GT1        BELL, L                  29   GT2            AISBETT          10

      FV               ORES, A             103        F2/FC         MEYERING                 27   FF             O’YOUNG, D       10

      GTS/SPM          BEAUDOIN, P          95        GTS/RS        CHEUNG, M F              25   SR             FIELD C          9

      IP1/CP           KEIGHLY, P           90        SPO/GT1/IP1   CAMPBELL, J              24   GTS            ROSENBERG, D     9

      IP3/ITC          DOODSON, C           88        SPM           WATSON, H                24   GT5            ROBINSON, K      9

      GT2              BEAUDOIN, J          80        CF            ARCHER, C                23   FL             WATTERS, L       9

      IP1/BP/GTS/GT1   WARD, T              76        CF            IOSCH, D                 22   FF             LENSEN, M        9

      IP2/SPM/ITS      TAKEDA, K            74        SPM           HILTON, J                21   F500           MCCOMBER, J      9

      IP5              REDPATH              73        IP3/ITA       KARL, M                  21   F2             EMERSON          9

      IP2/ITA/SPU      GILMORE, D           71        GT3           BOYKO, J                 21   SPO/GTP        HUSTON           8

      GTS/SPO/GT1      GALMUT, E            69        SPO/GTP       WHITLOCK                 20   SPM            ZAROWNY          8

      GT2/ITS/IP2      IP, P                64        IP1/CP/SPO    JOHNSON, C               19   RS             DUNLOP, R        8

      IP2/ITS/RS       LOWE, J              63        GT1           PENNINGTON R             19   RS             LAMBERT, I       8

      GT4              BUNBURY, P           62        FV            HIVES, B                 19   CF             PAYNE, R         8

      GT2/GTS          KARDYNAL, R          62        FP            MUELLER, G               19   SPU            PHINNEY, J       7

      IP2/EP/RS        CARTER, I            61        ITS           YOCUM                    18   GT3            CARTER, B        7

      IP2/SPO/ITS      LIN, W               49        GTS           LIN, R                   18   SPO/GTP        DAHL             6

      GT4              BROWN, K             49        GT5           HARGROVE                 18   GTS            SMITH, D         6

      FV               HERKOVITS, A         47        GT1           HELLEVANG                18   RS             NIBLOCK A        5

      FV               CURTIS, C            47        F2            LANDON, J                18   IP3            BRADFORD, M      5

      FF               LONG, A              46        SPU           MACRAE                   17   GTS            BOUMAN           5

      IP3/ITA          CONSTANTINO          45        SPO/GTP       RUDL                     16   GTP            VOTH, G          5

      GT3              FLORACK, N           44        BP/GT1        ANDERSON                 16   ITS            DAVIS, J         4

      GT3              WOOD, H              43        IP3           SKINNER P                15   IP2            BAINBRIDGE       4

      SPO/GTP          MATHIES              42        FF            ALEVRAS, J               15   GTS            ENGELLAND        4

      SPO/GTP/GT1      LANDRY               40        ITA           HOUGHTON                 14   GTS/IP2        YUEN, C          4

      IP2/RX7          JANKOVIC, K          39        IP3/RS        STORMS                   14   GT2            ARNDT, R         4

      IP3              STENNER              38        EP            MILNE, R                 13   GT2            YIP, D           4

      GTS/GT1/SPO      FRETENBERG           38        SPM           BOYLE, M                 12   SPM            LOUGHEED         3

      GTS              SPANIER, K           38        RS            LAI, E                   12   RS             PARKER, S        3

      IP3/FP           TURIC, B             37        GTS           O’KELL, B                12   FV             SKINNER, K       3

      GIP              KUNST, H             36        SPU/GT3       ZAPPONE                  11   SPM            HABGOOD N        2

      T2               PENNER, V            35        SPU           VISKARI, D               11   IP3            SEMPLE, F        1

      GTS/SPO          HENDY, F             34        IP3           NIXON, G                 11   IP3            CORMIER, D       1

      IP3/GP/SPU       JOHNSTON, R          32        RS            HAHLEN, C                10   IP3            RYDER T          1

      GTS/EIP          RICHARD, H           31        IP2           DESANDOLI                10   IP2            DUVAL R          1

      CF               ROBINSON, K          31        GTS           LAM D                    10   FV             SPROULE, T       1

      FV               PHILIPS, M           31        GTS           ARNDT, S                 10

                                                   To the Members and Executive of the Sports Car Club of BC

                                        Please accept this short note as a thank you for the honour and pleasure of be-
                                        ing the recipient of the Randall Award.

                                        My special thanks, also, to Bob and Hilda for their presence at the SCCBC Awards
                                        Banquet. It is the example set by these two fine people which inspires the me m-
                                        bership of the club.

                                                                             Many thanks ,

                                                                              Mike Currie
S C C B C — Pit                                                                                                                                 Page 4

                                             50th Anniversary Banquet & Awards

                       SCCBC Club Championship 2001
            Class        Place            Name               Points   # of Races

       Open Wheel          1st           Al Ores              103         11
       Open Wheel          2nd        Craig Curtis            47           6

       Open Wheel          2nd       Ady Herkovits            47           5

       Open Wheel          3   rd       Alan Long             46           5
                                                                                       From left, Stuart Davidson, Mike Kaerne, Paul Rossmo,
           Sedan           1   st     Ian Thomas              156         12           Ray Stec and Mike Boyle. Paul Rossmo and Stuart Da-
                                                                                       vidson tied for 1 st place overall and in the P1 class in the
           Sedan           2nd      Peter Beaudoin            95           9           2001 SCCBC Enduro Series

           Sedan           3rd       Peter Keighley           90          11

                                                                                                 SCCBC Enduro 2001
                                                                          Class       Place             Name             Points     # of Races

                                                                         Overall        1   st    Paul Rossmo              75             5
                                                                         Overall        1   st    Stuart Davidson          75             5

                                                                         Overall        2   nd    Ian Carter               59             4

                                                                         Overall        3rd       Peter Skinner            48             5

                                                                            P1          1st       Paul Rossmo              75             5

                                                                            P1          1st       Stuart Davidson          75             5

                  Al Ores—Overall SCCBC Open Wheel                          P1          2nd       Steve Fretenberg         26             3
                                                                            P2          1st       Ian Carter               59             4

                                                                            P2          2   nd    Koju Takeda              44             3

                                                                            P2          3   rd    Ian Wood                 43             3

                                                                            P2          3   rd    Hayden Wood              43             3
                                                                            P3          1   st    Peter Skinner            48             5

                                                                            P3          2   nd    WC Storms                37             4

                                                                            P3          3rd       Kevin Skinner            21             3

          P3 Class Enduro Winners (from left) Kevin
         Skinner 3 rd , Peter Skinner 1 st and Curt Storms

                                                                Peter Weedon (right) pre-
                                                                sented his crew chief Garry         Bob & Hilda Randall with the Randall Trophy.
                                                                Houser (left) with a special        The Randall award is given to the person who
                                                                “Thank You” award for all his       displays the same dedication to the c      lub
                                                                                                    that Bob & Hilda always have.
                                                                                                         This year’s recipient is Mike Currie.
       Winners in P2 Class Ian Carter
       (1 st) & Ian Wood (3 rd )
                                                                                     Chris   Doodson     and
                                                                                     many others tried out
                                                                                     the Sports     Car   GT
                                                                                     Simulators, provided by
                                                                                     Dennis Bainbridge.
         All photos taken by James McComber
                                                                                                                                      Page 5
S C C B C — Pit

                                           50th Anniversary Banquet & Awards

                       SCCBC 2001 Special Awards
                     Award                          Recipient

    Club Member of the Year                       Al Cruickshank
    Non-Club Member of the Year                   Tina Callaghan

    Randall Award                                  Michael Currie

    Department of the Year                         Race Control

    Pit Crew Award                              Galmut Racing Group

    Novice of the Year                             Peter Skinner
                                                                                       Peter Skinner, Novice of the Year
    Pro Driver of the Year                         Josh Beaulieu                   presented by Curt Storms, Novice Director

    Hard Luck Trophy                              Man Fai Cheung

    Competitor of the Year                          Mike Boyle

    Sportsman of the Year                         Dawn Rosenberg

                                                                          Non- Club Member   Hard Luck Trophy
                                                                             of the Year,         Winner,         Mike Boyle, Competitor
                                                                           Tina Callaghan     Man Fai Cheung            of the Year
            Robert Currie & Perry Afaganis,            Dawn Rosenberg,
          Race Control, winners of Department          Sportsman of the
                      of the Year                            Year

                   Galmut Racing Group,                                                Ron & Tomie Curties, Deryk & Maida Forster, Hilda
                  Pit Crew Award Winners
S C C B C — Pit                                                                                                                                                      Page 6

                                                SCCBC 2001 Enduro Points Standings (Final)
  Class              Driver            Points            Class            Driver                   Points                 Class                   Driver                   Points

    P1             P ROSSMO              75               P2             I CARTER                    59                       P3                P SKINNER                   48

    P1             S DAVIDSON            75               P2             K TAKEDA                    44                       P3               WC STORMS                    37

    P1              M BOYLE              47               P2             H WOOD                      43                       P3               R JOHNSTON                   30

    P1              M DUSKE              42               P2             I WOOD                      43                       P3                K SKINNER                   21

    P1            CHRIS WHELAN           26               P2               P IP                      32                       P3                 B TURIC                    21

    P1              S BRODIE             26               P2          D BRUCE THOMAS                 19                       P3                  D LAM                     16

    P1            S FRETENBURG           26               P2             M KARL                      19                       P3                  E TONG                    16

    P1               R LINN              25               P2             B MCRAE                     18                       P3                 B STYAN                    15

    P1               W LINN              22               P2             R DUNLOP                    18                       P3               D PONTIFEX                   14

    P1             I LAMBERT             20               P2             T FRANCE                    15                       P3                 W NIXON                    13

    P1             R KARDYNAL            17               P2           A ERICKSON                    14                       P3                D STENNER                   12

    P1             D KUNICKI             13               P2            S CASSELL                    14                       P3                G MUELLER                   12

    P1              D BAYLEY             11               P2           D BAINBRIDGE                  11                       P3                  J VOO                     11

    P1              I WOOD               11               P2             B TURIC                     10                       P3                K JANOVIC                   11

    P1             K SPANIER             10               P2            J CAMPBELL                   10                       P3               J HARGROVE                   10

    P1             M REDPATH             10               P2            K JANOVIC                    10                       P3               D MOENICK                    10

    P1              A EVANS              9                P2             P HAYES                      9                       P3                 R DUVAL                    10

    P1             L LAMBERT             9                P2             C ARCHER                     2                       P3             S FRETENBURG                   10

    P1             D MOENICK             2                P2              W LINN                      2                       P3                 R CURRIE                    4

    P1             D PICKERING           2                                                                                    P3                D GRAHAM                     2

    P1              L WATERS             2                                                                                    P3                 R MILNE                     2

    P1              T BROWN              2

    P1             T MORRIS JR           2

                                 For complete and official race results please go to our website

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S C C B C —Pit                                                                                                                 Page 7

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                                          SCCBC General Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month
                                             at 7:30 pm at the Executive Inn (405 North Road) in Coquitlam.
                                                    SCCBC Executives & Other Volunteers
                   Title                               Name                  Telephone              Fax                       Email

President                              Mike Kaerne                          604.299.2000        604.299.2009         

Vice President                         Terry Ward                           604.941.5347                                    

Secretary                              John Campbell                        604.576.8059                          

Acting Treasurer                       Laurie Kaerne                        604.299.2000        604.299.2009         

Track Operations                       Bryan Hellevang                      604.467.2910                             

Past President                         Ray Stec                             604.465.5773                               

Membership                             Pamela Stec                          604.465.5773                               

RDC Chairman                           Mike Boyle                           604.872.5625        604.873.0535       

Parliamentarian                        Pamela Stec                          604.465.5773                               

Pit Pass Editor                        John Campbell                        604.576.8059                          

Historian                              Ron Curties                          604.469.2000

ICSCC Executive Board Representative   Kevin Skinner                        604.856.8957                              

ICSCC Contest Board Representative     Michael Lensen                       604.951.8214                             

Driver Services                        Bonnie Currie                        604.854.5797

Race Chairman                          Tom Roy                              604.248.6614                            

Assistant Chairman                     Robert Currie                        604.854.5797

Registrar                              Tina Callaghan                       604.824.7277        604.824.8774  

Course Marshal                         Thomas Liesner                       604.501.1503                              

Technical Inspection                   Jim Kurtz                            604.298.7227                               

Timing & Scoring                       Perry Afaganis                       604.820.0952                    

Track Manager                          Al Ores                              604.421.0170

Track Admission & Phone Committee      Leslie Skinner                       604.856.8957                              

CACC Race Director                     Noel Florack                         604.465.7062                                      

Marketing & Communications Director    Andy Field                           604.644.4369        604.737.4292      

                                                         SCCBC Membership Privileges
Associate Members: Attendance at general meetings and social functions. Receipt of bulletins and other club publications. Wearing of
club insignia. Service as committee members.

Club Members: Same as Associate Members plus service as committee officer or executive officer after one year of membership. The
right to vote on the business of the club. Access to and use of the Mission Raceways paddock and clubhouse during SCCBC events.
Competition in motoring events of the SCCBC for the term of club membership, with points accrued.

                                                      SCCBC Membership Responsibilities
                                          All members must agree to abide by the objectives of the Society as set down in the Constitution,

                                                        º To promote, encourage, and support motorsport within the Province of British Colum-
                                                        º To foster sponsorship and give mutual guidance and assistance within the member-
                                                        º To encourage and promote safe driving
                                                        º To assist actively in the development and maintenance of Mission Rac eway Park and

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