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									                      PARKS, RECREATION & GREENWAY
                              ADVISORY BOARD
                             NOVEMBER 17, 2011

The Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board met on Thursday, November 17,
2011 at 6:05 p.m. at Jaycee Module, 2405 Wade Avenue, with the following members

                      Mark Turner, presiding
                      Jay Chaudhuri
                      Thomas Moore
                      Scott Reston
                      Shoshanna Serxner
                      Kimberly Siran
                      Johnny Tillett
                      Becky Oxholm

Members Excused: Jimmy Thiem, Kevin Brice, Elaine Perkinson, Doris Burke, Mike
Surasky, Jan Pender

Members Unexcused: Rodger Koopman

Staff members present included: Diane Sauer, Dick Bailey, Lynn Sullivan, Giavonia
Harris, Brenda Hunt, Belva Parker, Stephen Bentley, Scott Payne, Cindy Trumbower,
David Shouse, Kathy Capps, Debra Bradsher, Shawsheen Baker, Kim Kittner

Guest: Roger Spears –with Szostak Design

Chairman Turner called the meeting to order with discussion and actions taken as


Chairman Turner announced this would be an opportunity for public comments relating
to any items not listed on the agenda. Kenneth Krause, 3301 Clark Avenue, expressed
his congratulations on Pullen Park.

No one else asked to be heard.



Cindy Trumbower recognized Meredith College noting on October 29, in cold and rainy
weather, over 100 Meredith College students came out to three parks and helped with
Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

various projects. The volunteers planted shrubs and mulched around the lake at Pullen
Park, 50 students performed planting and mulching duties at Compiegne Park. Chairman
Turner presented representatives from Meredith College with a plaque and expressed
appreciation for a job well done.


Lynn Sullivan, Project Manager, introduced Roger Spears, the Project Architect. Stephen
Bentley was also present to assist Mr. Spears. Ms. Sullivan indicated this project began
in 2010. The JAG Club Boosters from Athens Drive High School initiated the project
and have been advocates for improvements needed for the stadium. The stadium is used
by Wake County Public School System for Athens Drive High School. The JAG Club
initiated their own Master Plan and then came to the City with the plan. The City has a
master plan process that must be followed and Ms. Sullivan indicated she was charged
with this project. There was a Public Leadership Group (PLG) that worked on this plan
and performed a full analysis for the site and developed alternatives for consideration.
All agreed that the plan prepared by the JAG Club was very correct.

Roger Spears reviewed members who served on the (PLG) and reviewed the process that
began in 2011. There were 4 group meetings to review issues and criteria. This was also
taken to a public forum at Carolina Pines Community Center where very good comments
were received. Mr. Spears provided a PowerPoint presentation that outlined the process,
analysis data and recommendations from the PLG. A map of the park was reviewed
along with the stadium area that was built in 1984, Athens Drive School, tennis courts,
pool, etc. The Lake Johnson Master Plan recommendations developed in 1993 were
reviewed. Mr. Spears explained this stadium falls very short of stadiums provided for
other high schools in the City. The current stadium seats 2500 and 3,400 seats are needed
as well as more parking, more restroom capacity for the increased number of seats,
improved lighting, and improved access. He explained the Fire Department has issues
with the access since it is hard to get a fire truck to this site. He reviewed the proposal in
detail. He explained the site analysis noting the stadium is on the northern point of the
Lake Johnson Park property. There is no access to public right-of-way from the stadium.
He reviewed the current access through Wake County school property which is not public
dedicated right-of-way. The property is zoned Conservation Management. Mr. Spears
pointed out the hypothetical project boundary, streams and floodplain using a map
available at the meeting. Vehicular circulation was reviewed current vehicular
circulation using Falls Road which is 28’ wide and does not meet fire department
standards. He pointed out the point of opportunity for access on Thea Lane. Mr. Spears
pointed out water and power are to the site but there is not adequate sewer to meet what is
expected to occur with 3,500 seats. Current sewer line locations were pointed out and
potential stubs to the west or north of the property.

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

The traffic analysis was reviewed by Mr. Spears. He pointed out Thea Lane noting the
City of Raleigh wants to promote improvements through neighborhoods and meet access
requirements for emergency vehicles. The City now does not allow dead end road and a
stub to the next development down the line is required. Mr. Spears explained when
anything is developed further on the stadium site a connection is required and an
investigation was done relating to how to make a connection. This situation has been
discussed with Eric Lamb in the Transportation Department who has indicated the road
does not have to be connected but would not prohibit this from occurring; however, felt it
would make sense on this site to connect to the road. Site plan development will be the
time this is determined. He indicated currently there is one lane in and out and takes 20
minutes to unload the parking and with the road this will be shortened to 10-12 minutes.

Mr. Spears then reviewed the 2 schemes developed for the stadium property in detail. He
noted almost everything for Schemes A and B are identical. What distinguishes the 2
schemes was reviewed. He pointed out the amenities for Scheme A including locating
the field house on the north end of the playing field. The entire open space would be
paved providing additional parking. He noted the open space area is the existing band
practice field. Because this scheme moves to the north, the sewer should go to the north
to Thea Lane. ADA access, vehicular and pedestrian circulation was pointed out for
Scheme A. Parking spaces for Scheme A totals 785 spaces which exceeds the needed
720 spaces.

Scheme B was reviewed involving placing the field house to the south. He pointed out
the utility alternatives. This scheme involves more distributed use of the facilities,
renovation of rest rooms and would require 2 bio retention areas. The sewer could go to
the west through a forested area or could go to the north which would require a longer
line. This scheme keeps the band practice area as it is. He pointed out the vehicular
circulation, pedestrian circulation, etc. He noted there would be a net yield of 770
parking spaces which also exceeds the needed 720 spaces. The easiest was to handle the
sewer is to go west but will require taking 20’ of tree cover. The route to the north (Thea
Drive) requires a longer distance this will require a life station and grinder and would
also require annual maintenance cost. Cost for Scheme A is $3.58 million. The cost for
Scheme B is $2.64 million with B alternative, involving the sewer going to the north,
totaling $2.62 million. This information was presented at a public meeting and Scheme B
was preferred by the Master Planning Committee and was the consensus of public
comments received.

Chairman Turner opened the floor for public comments and requested that comments be
limited to 3 minutes.

Alan Keith, 5428 Den Heider Way, Raleigh, 27606, noted his child is a senior at Athens
Drive High School. Mr. Keith noted he is a registered engineer and has lived in the Lake
Johnson area for 8 years. He was on the Public Leadership Group and a member of the
JAG Club. He thanked the City and staff for getting them to this point. He noted the
group had been working on this for 3 years and staff and consultants provided them every

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

courtesy. Mr. Keith indicated Athens Drive High School opened in 1978 and was the
first school built after the merger of the City and County school systems. It was hailed as
the future of secondary education with a partnership between school and community.
The City of Raleigh was heavily involved in the planning and construction of Athens
Drive. The public library in the school is an example. The City was involved in siting
the stadium over one half mile from the dressing, medical and main building facilities.
The City paid for a large part of the stadium construction and was proposed to be used for
County (school) and City (public) events. A Joint Use Agreement was signed between
the County and City and states “The City and the Board (WCPSS) have worked together
to develop a school/park complex”. Wake County has primary responsibility to maintain
and improve the stadium facilities per the Joint Use Agreement; however, any
improvements must be approved by the City and become the City’s property. After the
construction of Lake Johnson pool in the mid l980’s, the City and WCPSS have done
very little to improve the area surrounding the stadium. There are other examples of Joint
Use arrangements between WCPSS and the City. Sanderson High School is an example.
Sanderson’s stadium facilities have been upgraded significantly since Athens has been in
existence. No improvements have been done to Williams Stadium since the stadium
opened in the late 1970’s and they have no good explanation as to why Athens is in this
situation. They cannot understand the lack of cooperation between the City and WCPSS
for Athens that seems to work everywhere else. There have been repeated inquiries and
appeals to WCPSS and the City by parents and faculty to bring the facilities up to code
and in line with all of the other high schools in the County since 1978. Their boosters
have attempted to build facilities that other schools have been furnished by the school
system or by the City at older schools. The athletic boosters have tried to construct a
field house, press box and other improvements but due to the site and cost, no project has
come to fruition. Fundraising has been very difficult due to donor frustration that the
City and school system have not offered assistance but have seemingly thrown
roadblocks in the way. One major hurdle to any improvement to the stadium is the Lake
Johnson Master Plan adopted in 1993. There was no mention or consideration to allow
the stadium to e upgraded. That is why the Jag Club spent nearly $20,000 to fund a
document demonstrating the neglect, inequity and lack of support for the Athens Drive
students. That money could have been used to support the athletes but in desperation the
decision was made to produce the report. Mr. Keith noted they are asking that WCPSS
fund and construct a facility at Athens that is at least equal to other Wake County
Schools. The first step toward that goal is the amendment of the Lake Johnson Master
Plan to allow the construction of the much needed improvements. He stated the parents
are angry and frustrated due to the importance of athletics to a young person’s life either
as an athlete or spectator. The 2,000 students have been slighted in that respect. He
explained Jag wants to move beyond the past problems and rekindle the spirit on which
the school was founded and strongly requested that the Board pass the proposed stadium
amendment to the Lake Johnson Master Plan.

Susan Cowles, 408 Devonhall Lane, Cary, 27518 stated she has been an Athens parent
for many years and will be until 2016 when her youngest child will graduate and had
been heavily involved in many aspects of the school, especially the Jag Club, with

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

fundraising being her main focus for the past several years. She indicated she was very
proud to be part of this community. She noted Athens Drive parents are frustrated and
fed up with the status quo. One of their greatest sources of pride is their marching band.
The band has won many competitions and have made a name for themselves in Wake
County and beyond; however, they cannot host a band competition because of the
condition of the stadium. No bands will agree to come to Athens. She noted Panther
Creek just made over $25,000 because they hosted one band competition. As a
fundraiser, she knew how hard they have to work to raise even $5,000. They have had to
return donations made to the stadium improvement fund because a donor’s child was
graduating and they had not been able to make anything happen. Their football team
played last week at Garner High on a miserable, cold rainy night and lost by 42 points.
When a few of the boys were asked about the game, they very excitedly said that at
halftime they got to go into the field house, sit down in a heated room and use real
bathrooms instead of huddling in the grass the using the woods as their urinal. Ms.
Cowles further explained Athens is designated as a school with strong programs for
handicapped students, yet those students cannot get to the stadium and until a few weeks
ago, they could not even park at the stadium. She questioned the message being sent to
their children when they travel to other Wake County schools to compete and what
satisfactory explanation could they offer when they experience the disparities first hand.
She indicated all these issues affect their ability as a community to fund raise, keep
parents and alumni engaged and if this new reassignment plan goes into effect, Athens
will become a school with challenging demographics and they worry about the
consequences of that. She indicated she could not adequately express the extreme
disappointment in and frustration with all the parties that have ignored their responsibility
to this community. The buck has been passed between the City, Wake County, Friends
of Lake Johnson, etc. for years. Every time they started to push for improvements, they
were stalled and told the staff is the problem. Parents work tirelessly while their children
are in school then when they graduate the school is left with a new set of parents who get
frustrated and have to start at square one again. She stressed luckily, this time, they are
so fortunate to have parents who have stayed and are staying involved, even after their
children have left the school. She indicated they are hopeful that now, as more people
become aware of the situation, they will finally get equitable treatment. She respectfully
requested that the Board pass the amendment.

Benson Kirkman, 3712 Eakley Court, Raleigh, 27606 stated he was chair of Friends of
Lake Johnson and the chair of the current master plan committee for this park. He was
also in the public leadership group and is a neighbor of the school. He reported Friends
of Lake Johnson is generally in agreement with the Jaguar Club and is working with them
and working to be sure it is a green and high quality facility. He was anxious to see the
Joint Use Agreement between the City and the school. He expressed support for the new
proposed controlled access on Thea Lane and wanted to partner with the Jag Club and the
high school for the benefit of the park, the pool and the stadium. Access to Thea Lane
needs to e upgraded and the City needs to step forward and use public improvement
funds to upgrade that road and make that easement public right-of-way. He indicated the
road should work as a good public facility road noting the stadium and the pool need it.

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

Karin Evanoff, 202 Asbill Court, Cary, 27518 indicated she is president of the Athletic
Booster Club at Athens and a registered nurse and knows how important athletics are to
students, especially at a time when 1 our of 4 children in our country is obese. She stated
it is important to understand the statistics associated with athletics and their relationship
to students. Women who participate in athletics can reduce their risk of developing
breast cancer by as much as 40%. 70% of women in CEO positions participated in
athletics in high school. Students that play sports are less likely to have depression.
Students that play sports are more confident. Girls who participate in athletics are less
likely to be involved in abusive relationships. This information was pulled from the
President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Students that participate in sports or in the band
have higher GPA’s simply for the fact they have to maintain a GPA of 2.5 to participate.
Student athletes are put on a College Prep track. Student athletes are not allowed to have
any more than 13.5 days absent as opposed to the non-athlete who can miss up to 22 days
of school. Ms. Evanoff reported there are over 1300 students at Athens involved in sport
programs or marching band that use the stadium which is almost 75% of their student
body. Between this year and last, 20 students dropped out at Athens and none of these
students were part of the band or in an athletic program. Athletic programs keep kids
healthy, motivated and in school which is a proven fact. For close to 30 years, the Athens
stadium and surrounding areas have not been ADA compliant. They have no proper
parking, accessibility, seating or bathrooms. The stadium is in deplorable condition. On
more than one occasion her husband had to assist those confined to wheelchairs to access
the stadium so they can watch their children participate in school events. At this year’s
homecoming a 9th grader at Athens came to enjoy his school homecoming event and also
cheer his football team. This boy has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheel chair.
They had no access to the stands and had no seating that could accommodate his wheel
chair. The boy’s father lifted his son out of the chair and carried him up a flight of stairs
while she struggled to lift his wheel chair up the stairs. The stairs are old and wooden
and his wheel chair was extremely heavy. In her efforts to carry his chair up the steps,
she caught her back on a wood screw and ripped the back of her sweater apart and her
back along with it. This would never have happened at any other Wake County school
because there are provisions for all of their students. She stated she was excited two
weeks ago to see there were contractors at the stadium discussing options to improve
handicap accessibility. When she asked what their plans were, she was told that only the
entrance was being considered for improvements. There was not going to be any
handicap seating built, no paving of the parking lot, no ramps built for access to the
stands and no handicap bathrooms will be provided. She was disappointed and
frustrated. When she asked why the most important items would be left off the list of
possible improvements, she was told it was not budgeted. She stated the City and Wake
County have turned their backs on Athens for 30 years and questioned why does it have
to take parents to stand up and demand for equality and decency. She questioned why do
they have to see their children using the woods for a bathroom, see the stadium lights
constantly fail, see their families fall and trip in ditches in the parking lot or see their
athletes frantically scramble with no place to go for safety during a lightning storm. Ms.
Evanoff indicated they are asking this Board not to turn their backs on them any longer

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

and to finally do what is right for their kids, their families and their community and
approve their proposal.

William Crockett, 1232 Turner Woods Drive, stated he is the principal of Athens Drive.
He thanked the Board in advance for doing what is best for their kids. He indicated he
always thought as a parent his job was to do anything to make his kids be successful. He
noted we are now in a culture where we are talking about choice and neighborhood
schools and will proceed to represent this neighborhood and cannot accept these kids
being in substandard conditions. He thanked the Board for doing the right thing.

Chairman Turner closed the public comment period.

Mr. Chaudhuri questioned if the recommendation for Scheme B includes Alternate B as
well. Mr. Spears responded the recommendation does include Alternate B and the sewer
would be left to whoever does the design work and felt both routes should be considered.
This has been reviewed by others and questions raised about both options. The base
proposal going to the west disturbs the tree canopy 20’ wide. By the same token, there is
concern for maintenance of the life station required if the line goes to the north. Mr.
Spears explained there should be more deliberation and cost assessment before a final
determination is made. Mr. Spears explained he did not know the cost for maintenance
of a life station; however, they are known to fail over decades and there are operational
costs. Life of the equipment could run 10-15 years and there are odor concerns. He
noted operationally, several hundred to several thousand dollars per year could be spent
for the life station option. He pointed out Wake County is not very much in favor of
maintaining pumps and usually suggest gravity flow lines.

Ms. Sauer explained the process involves the PRGAB taking action at the next meeting.
She stated nothing had been brought to the attention of staff of anyone against this
proposal. Mr. Spears indicated the overall project cost is $7.4 million and the differential
between the two options is small.

In response to questioning from Mr. Tillett relating to whether the coaches were
contacted, Mr. Keith stated a survey of the coaches was done and they suggest switching
to the west side. When the master plan was done, they considered this and had concern
of getting into the tree canopy. Mr. Keith stated their goal at JAG was to stay within the
existing footprint. Ms. Sullivan indicated they really wanted the Public Leadership
Group to be fully exposed to all design options and they fully analyzed all alternatives.
In response to questioning, Mr. Spear indicated the difference between the 2 options
environmentally are negligible.

Ms. Siran explained there was considerable discussion when they met with the Public
Leadership Group and a thorough analysis done. From the start it was agreed something
needs to be done and the question is just how it is done and Scheme B was unanimously
recommended. Mr. Kirkman indicated the sewer line location was discussed at length
and one thing the Public Leadership Group discussed was putting a bend in the line and

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

noted there are a lot of things that could be done with the sewer line easement. They also
felt it could be done sensitively with a green touch.

Mr. Moore indicated something needs to be done and felt Scheme A seems simpler. Mr.
Spears indicated because of the grade changes, something could be done with Scheme A
that would separate traffic but would be difficult to satisfy ADA requirements and would
be expensive which seemed prohibitive.

Mr. Tillett questioned if Scheme B could be expanded down the road with Mr. Keith
noting if they go to 3,500 seats, it will still be short of most of the schools in the County.
Currently they are woefully low. He indicated it would be difficult to expand much.

Ms. Sauer indicated the PRGAB will take action at the December 15 meeting at the
Borden Building.


Scott Payne, Recreation Superintendent, explained members had received a document
outlining fees and charges and those in grey highlights are to be considered this evening.
If the changes are approved by the City Council, the document noted when the new fees
would be initiated. Mr. Payne reviewed proposed changes and their proposed effective
dates. The proposed changes were reviewed by the ad hoc committee. The item was on
the agenda to receive public comments.

Chairman Turner opened the floor for comments.

John Roy, 404 Maylanes, Raleigh, was representing 135 athletes that use Optimist Pool.
He explained he has lost 40% of the space he previously had. This will be the second
rate increase since 2007. He indicated they are being asked to pay more from people who
don’t have the opportunity to generate this increase. He indicated in comparing prices,
Triangle Aquatics Center would provide an 18% discount. Greensboro provides a 50%
discount for regular users. He indicated he would be willing to pay more if more lanes
were available.

Paul Silver, 108 E. Camden Forest Drive, Cary, indicated he coaches the Marlins Swim
Team. He indicated they use a number of swim lanes in Raleigh. He noted between him
and Mr. Moore, they paid $160,000 for lane rent to the City of Raleigh and that qualified
them as home teams. He indicated Raleigh’s prices are much more than Greensboro’s.
He stated they also rent the Ravenscroft pool and they charge $7.50 per lane rather than
Raleigh’s proposed $10.00. He spoke to the importance of the volume of lanes they are
allowed to use which affects their ability to pay the increased amount.

Ken Crouse, 3301 Clark Avenue, spoke to the allocation of lanes. He stated unless there
was a public outcry for more public space, it seems more revenue would be good and

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

suggested the teams be allowed to have their previous lane allocations which would
increase revenues. He stated he was not aware of the discounts in Greensboro and for the
most part, this is market driven.

The resident of 4201 Fox Court stated as the parent of a year round swimmer, having
pool space is important. He stated he came to speak as a businessman noting as a
professional, he buys and sells all day. He did not understand the logic of increasing the
price but reducing the product you have to sell. He requested that they be given back the

Chairman Turner closed the public comment period.

Mr. Payne spoke to the challenge in keeping balance for pool use noting there is a limited
amount of indoor water and reviewed how lanes are allocated. He explained in addition
to single swimmers, others must be considered including Parks and Recreation Programs,
6 Wake County Public School System programs that are supported by the City pool
system, local U.S. swimming groups and private high schools. He stated the challenge
becomes the time for swim teams to use the pools. There are lanes allocated that don’t fit
training requirements for some clients. He stressed there have been requests from the
general public for more pool access and that is why the lane changes were made --- more
public access was needed. Mr. Payne explained last year between September and
December, 15 lanes were reserved for swim teams between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. and this
year was reduced to 12 lanes. He indicated they have seen an increase of the general
public coming in and have gone from an average of 13 to an average of 36. Mr. Payne
also spoke to the efficiency question noting competitive swim teams are efficient and
maximize lanes. The general public is not as efficient and don’t want to share. He
stresses the question is one of balance for available lanes. In response to questioning, Mr.
Payne indicated the department’s mission is teaching citizens to swim and does not have
a competitive swim program. The department also focuses on fun swimming, health and
wellness for lap swimmers and therapy work. He indicated he would provide information
on revenue percentages on lane rentals versus instructional swimming. Mr. Reston
indicated the ad hoc committee was only tasked with discussion of charges. They took
input on lane allocations but were just asked to make decisions on price. Mr. Moore
indicated as he understood it, the charges for the teams are going up but they are
guaranteed less lanes. He noted those who spoke stated they would pay more if more
lanes were guaranteed.

Mr. Tillett questioned the last time the fees were raised for lane rentals with Mr. Payne
responding fees were increased 3 years ago.

Following discussion, Chairman Turner indicated the PRGAB will vote on these fee
changes at the December 15 meeting.


Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

The chairman indicated action on the October 20, 2011 minutes would be deferred until
the December meeting.

                        STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS

GWUT/GREENWAY            AND     URBAN      TREES      COMMITTEE          –   REPORT

Ms. Sauer reported Ms. Oxholm left the report with her that indicated the committee has
been working on the Urban Forestry Ordinance. The ordinance has been completed and
will be going to the City Attorney for review. The second part of the project relates to
the Guidelines Review which will begin in their December meeting.

                          LIAISON REPRESENTATIVES


Mr. Turner reported there was a good turnout at their meeting. Discussion related to the
Pope House operating which is a small facility with only one parking space. They did
not come to a decision.


Mr. Turner reported an open house was held the previous day.


City Council Updates:

November 1, 2011


The Parks and Recreation Department received a $17,000 Allstate Foundation grant for
the Raleigh Youth Council Teen Safe Driving Initiative. These funds will be used to
promote behaviors and attitudes in teen drivers that will reduce the risk behaviors when
operating motor vehicles. The Raleigh Youth Council will partner with the Raleigh
Police Department, local high schools, youth organizations and local media to implement
the project.

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011


The North Carolina State Parks Mountains-to-Sea Trail Policy states that the local
jurisdiction must request inclusion of specific trail segments into the Mountains-to-Sea
Trail. A resolution is included in the agenda packet requesting the North Carolina
Department of Environment and Natural Resources to designate the first eight miles of
the Neuse River Greenway Trail as a segment of the trail and that the Council proceed
with similar requests for designation as future segments of the Neuse River Trail are
completed and open to the public.

November 15, 2011


The Parks and Recreation Department received a 2011-2012 Recreation Trail Program
(RTP) grant in the amount of $75,000 from the NC Department of Environment and
Natural Resources (NCDENR). These funds will be utilized to assist in the design and
construction of the first phase of a single-track trail network at Forest Ridge Park. City
matching funds of $18,750 is required.


In October, 2009, Council agreed to move forward with a plan to relocate the Chavis
Park Carousel within Chavis Park. As part of further discussions Council also agreed to
proceed with a consultant-led, collaborative discussion with the Chavis community. The
goal of the planned Chavis Park Community Conversations is to reach consensus on
shared interests, identify options for additional amenities and improvements to the park
and develop a mutual understanding and respect of both the history and the future of the
park and the role of the park in the community. Staff distributed a Request for
Qualifications (RFQ), ranked the submittals and interviewed the top scoring firms. Skeo
Solutions and Planning Communities scored the highest and staff has received
authorization to more forward with contract negotiations.


The Parks and Recreation Department received three proposals to provide tree work and
debris load and haul services in the City’s three historic cemeteries (O’Rourke-Catholic
Cemetery, City Cemetery and Mt. Hope Cemetery) which were significantly damaged
from the April 16, 2011 tornado event. Work in all cemeteries is anticipated to be
complete approximately 30 days (5 work weeks) following execution of a contract.

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

City Council authorized administration to negotiate and execute a contract for tree work
and debris load and haul services in the City’s three historic cemeteries with the firms in
the recommended order, beginning with ArborMax Tree Service.


The Chair will present the 2011-2012 PADB Work Plan.


Pullen Park Grand Opening – Saturday, November 19 at 10:00am. Dedication at 2:00pm.

Lake Lynn Gymnasium Dedication – Wednesday, December 7 at 6:00pm.


Joslin Property Donation – A handout outlining this donation was provided. The
donation is from Mary Coker Joslin and the late William Joslin and consists of property
on West Lake Drive. The property consists of 4 rolling and wooded acres that sustain on
of the Piedmont’s most expansive variety of flowers, shrubberies, plants, grasses, ground
covers and trees.

December Holiday Board Meeting/Party – To be held at the Borden Building.
     5:30pm – 6:30pm Board Meeting (upstairs Borden Bldg.)
     6:30pm – Holiday Party


Ms. Serxner welcomed Mr. Moore as a new member of the PRGAB.                     She also
congratulated staff on the Joslin Property.

Ms. Siran welcomed Mr. Moore as a new member of the PRGAB. She also indicated
that Pullen Park is beautiful.

Mr. Reston noted there have been 2 great months of Parks and Recreation dedications.
He referred to the great job done on Neuse River Greenway project.

Mr. Chaudhuri congratulated staff on Pullen Park.

Mr. Tillett welcomed Mr. Moore as a new PRGAB member and noted he would be a
great asset to the Board. He indicated this had been a good meeting.

Parks, Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board
November 17, 2011

Mr. Moore thanked members for being so welcoming. He indicated he hoped to come up
to speed quickly. He stated he enjoyed Pullen Park.


Chairman Turner encouraged everyone to be at the activities planned for Pullen Park. He
also thanked the Joslin Family for their gift to the City.


Upon motion of Mr. Tillett, seconded by Ms. Serxner, unanimously passed, the meeting
was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Hunt


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