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					36 Data Call for Army Portfolio Management
       Solution (C16)

36.1 SUSPENSE: 12 MAY 2006
            The due date is 12 May 2006 for commands and HQDA staff organizations to
            input funding data for the Information Technology Business Systems in the Army
            Portfolio Management Solution (APMS) across the POM/BES FY2008-2013.

36.3.1 Responsible Agencies
           Deputy Chief of Staff, G8
           Program Analysis and Evaluation Directorate (PAED)
           ATTN: DAPR-DPD

           Chief Information Officer, G6
           ATTN: SAIS-ZRP

36.3.2 Points of Contact
           Funding Estimates               System POCs
             Carlton Henry, Rm 1A310        Raquel Saffin, Rm 3E365
             DSN: 222-4528                  DSN: 227-5502
             703-692-4528                   703-697-5502

                                            MAJ John Dinges, Rm 3E365
                                            DSN: 225-4692

Resource Formulation Guide                 36-1                                 Volume 3
                                   Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

36.4.1 General
            The purpose of this data call is for the commands and HQDA staff organizations
            in coordination with the leads in the Business Mission Area Domain, to provide
            detailed financial data elements for each IT system currently registered in the
            Army Portfolio Management Solution/Army Information Technology Registry
            (APMS/AITR). A follow-up data call will focus on the IT Business systems
            registered in the other mission areas (War Fighting and Enterprise Integration
            Environment). (Note: This requirement does not duplicate the current APMS data
            call that is due 16 June 2006 (Reference Task Number 60113259)). The
            commands and staff organizations, as indicated in Table 36-1 below should
            respond to this data call.

                         Table 36-1. Commands and HQDA Staff Organizations

                        Owner           ROC      UIC         Issue         # Systems
                 8th Army               780                78ERPxxx               4
                 ACSIM                   22I               22SIMxxx              81
                 Admin Asst Sec/Army    220    W1Y5AA      22AASxxx              10
                 AMC                    6A0                6AERPxxx             895
                 ASA(ALT)               220    W1B0AA      22ALTxxx             159
                 ASA(FM&C)              220   W00GAA       22FMCxxx               8
                 ASA(I&E)               220    W4P0AA      22IExxxxx              2
                 ASA(M&RA)              220    W00SAA      22MRAxxx              36
                 ATEC                   410                41ERPxxx              35
                 Auditor General        2HB                22AGxxxx               2
                 DAS                    220                22DASxxx               1
                 FORSCOM                760                76ERPxxx              16
                 HQDA G1                220    W0ZZAA      22G1xxxx              55
                 HQDA G4                220    W0Z3AA      22G4xxxx               7
                 HQDA G6                220                22G8Axxx               2
                 HQDA G8                220   W6APAA       22G8Bxxx               5
                 INSCOM                 250                25ERPxxx               5
                 NGB                    180                18ERPxxx              24
                 OCAR                   23A                24CARxxx             104
                 OTJAG                  220    W0Z7AA      22JAGxxx               4
                 Provost Marshal        220                22PMGxxx               1
                 SDDC                   350                35ERPxxx               8
                 TRADOC                 570                57ERPxxx              28
                 USACE                  080                08ERPxxx              28
                 USAREUR                890                89ERPxxx              10
                 USARPAC                820                82ERPxxx               7
                 USMA                   170                17ERPxxx               1
                                        BUSINESS MISSION AREA TOTAL           1,538

Resource Formulation Guide                36-2                                   Volume 3
                                    Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

            Commands will provide the following funding data for each system or group of
            systems: MDEP, appropriation, and Army Program Element combination with no

            If you cannot provide this level of detail, please send an email to Mr. Henry
            ( to explain why an exception to policy should be

            The following technical guidance applies to the data call.

                  Dollars will be displayed in thousands of current year dollars with no
                   decimal values.

                  Commands should provide data at the command and HQDA Staff level as
                   indicated in Table 36-1.

                  The baseline for the APMS data call is the POM/BES FY2008-2013 Base
                   File 4.0.

36.4.2 Use of Web Schedules
            This data call is implemented using the Schedule 1 format in Web Schedules that
            hosts the Schedule 8 dollars and manpower submission. However, the focus of
            this data call is on dollars only.

            The web site for Web Schedules is
                                                                    The user id and password
            will be the same as those given for the PAED web site (
            or PPBE Portal. Users must subscribe to one of these web sites before being given
            access to Web Schedules.

            After receiving a user ID and password, each Web Schedules user is asked to
            e-mail ( or with verification from
            an Command administrator that the user will need access.

            The training has been completed for POM/BES FY2008-2013. The briefing slides
            are available through the AKO Portal.

Resource Formulation Guide                  36-3                                     Volume 3
                                    Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

            Table 36-2 identifies the data elements for the APMS data call. Explanations for
            specific data elements follow. The definitions for the data elements needed for
            Schedule 1 are listed the PAED Web ( under the Data
            Elements menu item.

                                  Table 36-2. Schedule 1 Data Elements

             Field             Data Field Name               Field title   Field length
                                                                             (No. of

               1     Record Type                           RECTYPE               2
               2     Resource Organization/Command         ROC                   3
               3     Management Decision Package           MDEP                  4
               4     Resource Code                         RC                    4
               5     Army Program Element/SSN              APE                  10
               6     Memorandum                            MEMO                  1
               7     Budget Obligation                     BO                    1
               8     Treasury Basic Symbol Code            TC                    6
               9     Mission Area                          MA                    3
              10     Unit Identification Code              UIC                   6
              11     Issue Number                          ISSUE                 8
              12     Start Fiscal Year                     STARTYR               1
              13     FY2005                                YEAR1                 8
              14     FY2006                                YEAR2                 8
              15     FY2007                                YEAR3                 8
              16     FY2008                                YEAR4                 8
              17     FY2009                                YEAR5                 8
              18     FY2010                                YEAR6                 8
              19     FY2011                                YEAR7                 8
              20     FY2012                                YEAR8                 8
              21     FY2013                                YEAR9                 8
              22     Reimbursing Command                   REIMC                 2
              23     Reimbursement Source                  REIMS                 4
              24     Federal Service Category              FSC                   4
              25     Validation for Requirements           VAREQ                 2
              26     Organizational Identifier             ORGID                 8
              27     Issue Description                     ISS_DESC             25
              28     System Acronym                        SYS_ACNY             75

36.5.1 Record Type (RECTYPE) (Field 1)
            The field denotes the type of file submitted. Fill with "S1" for the Schedule 1
            format and validation rules.

Resource Formulation Guide                  36-4                                          Volume 3
                                      Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

36.5.2 Resource Organization Code (ROC) (Field 2)
            The ROC is a three-character code that identifies the command or agency
            submitting the data. Refer to Table 36-1 above and Table 36-3, which is
            embedded under Section 36.6, on the last page of this chapter.

36.5.3 Management Decision Package (MDEP) (Field 3)
            The MDEP is a four-character code that identifies the program that is resourced.
            The MDEP aligns with the HQDA Program Evaluation Groups (PEGs) for
            oversight and responsibility.

36.5.4 Resource Code (RC) (Field 4)
            The RC indicates the appropriation.

36.5.5 Army Program Element (APE) (Field 5)
            The APE is a ten character field which is filled with a nine digit code based on the
            appropriation or RC. See the APE for operation and maintenance appropriations;
            Standard Study Number (SSN) for procurement appropriations; Research,
            Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) APEs and projects for RDT&E. A
            list of valid codes is in the PPBE Tools data dictionary.

36.5.6 Memo (MEMO) (Field 6)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.7 Budget Obligation (BO) (Field 7)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.8 Treasury Code (TC) (Field 8)
            The TC is used throughout the federal government to uniquely identify the
            funding account under which funds are managed. TCs include appropriations,
            trust funds, gift funds, and various other accounts. Treasury Code (TC) can be
            viewed along with appropriation (APPN) in the PPBE Tools Data Dictionary.

36.5.9 Mission Area (MA) (Field 9)
            Standard value should be “Bus” for Business Mission Area.

Resource Formulation Guide                  36-5                                     Volume 3
                                      Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

36.5.10 Unit Identification Code (UIC) (Field 10)
            The UIC uniquely identifies each unit of the Active Army, Army National Guard
            and Army Reserve. In this case, the UIC identifies the HQDA staff organization
            within OA-22 with responsibility for the IT system. Refer to Table 36-1.

36.5.11 Issue Number (Field 11)
            The first characters of the issue number is listed in the column 'Issue' in Table
            36-1. The remaining characters can be developed and used internally to separate
            the systems or for logical grouping.

36.5.12 Start Year (STARTYR) (Field 12)
            This contains the start year for the nine-year range in the database. For commands
            importing into Web Schedules, enter “5” for FY2005.

36.5.13 Years One thru Nine (YR1 thru YR9) (Fields 13 thru 21)
            These fields will contain dollars in thousands. Years one through three represent
            FY2005-FY2007, and years four through nine represent the six-year span of the
            POM/BES FY2008-2013

36.5.14 Reimbursing Command (REIMC) (Field 22)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.15 Source of Reimbursement (REIMS) (Field 23)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.16 Federal Service Category (FSC) (Field 24)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.17 Validation of Requirement (VAREQ) (Field 25)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.18 Organizational Identifier (ORGID) (Field 26)
            Leave this field blank.

36.5.19 Issue Description (ISS_DESC) (Field 27)
            Leave this field blank.

Resource Formulation Guide                  36-6                                    Volume 3
                                    Data Call for Army Portfolio Management Solution (C16)

36.5.20 System Acronym (SYS_ACNY) (Field 28)
            Use entry from Table 36-3 to populate the acronym for the system in the issue.
            See Section 36.6 below.

            Table 36-3, a large Excel spreadsheet, is embedded below. This data file includes
            further detailed information about the 1,538 business systems, such as the
            command, the sub-organization owner, the project manager, and a brief
            description. Please use this information to assist in locating the systems and
            identifying the funding data.

            Double-click on the icon to open the embedded file in Excel. Then save it to your
            local hard drive.

                                 Table 36-3. APMS Systems Information

Resource Formulation Guide                 36-7                                    Volume 3

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