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									Life Destiny Call 20331

Chris:       Hello everyone. This is Chris Atwood and welcome to lesson two
             of the Eight Principles of the Passion Test and tonight we are
             going to be going into to the third and forth principles. The third
             principle, dreams. The fourth principle, teams. Now, before we do
             that, let’s go over what we talked about last week. Who
             remembers what the first principle is?

             Now, you’re muted out, so you can’t respond to me but, as you’re
             thinking about it the first principle, of course, was self-knowledge,
             right? Self-knowledge is the foundation of creating anything in
             life. It’s the basis of all success, all fulfillment in life. It’s where
             everything starts and yet when you…is self-knowledge something
             that you accomplish? At some point you’ve got it and you can go
             on with the rest of your life? Well, not in my experience and not in
             the experience of anyone in the history of mankind.

             Self-knowledge is an experience, which is continuing to grow,
             continuing to expand over time. In fact, life is a process of the
             self-unfolding to itself more and more, over and over gain. As we
             talked about last week, the more closely our life is aligned with our
             true self, the more fulfillment we enjoy in our life. The more we
             hold on to false ideas of ourselves, than the more suffering we
             experience. So, when we’re experiencing suffering in our life, that
             is a signal, a message, one of the hidden messages of life that,
             somehow, we are attaching to something that simply isn’t true for
             us. When we experience great fulfillment, joy, excitement, thrills
             that is a sign, a signal, a message that we are aligned in that
             moment with that which is consistent and congruent with the
             deepest nature of our own self.

             We talked last week also about giving, the second principle on this
             Passion Test. That anything that we want to receive on our lives
             comes on the basis of giving and I mentioned this quote that I love
             so much and its on all of my emails, for any of you have gotten an
             email from me, that when people come together with the intention
             of giving maximum, than each received maximum and, of course,
             that’s true. There’s always the worry that what if I give and the
             other is not giving and so we talked about this idea that giving
             doesn’t just mean giving to the other, it means giving to yourself,
             also. The giving is the basis of success based upon balance that
             one is giving fully of oneself to oneself and the giving of oneself to
             others at the same time. So one is not sacrificing your own self for
             the other and not sacrificing the other for yourself.

             Giving, of course, is based on this idea that you can only give what
             you have to give right? You can’t give what you don’t have. So
             the starting place for this principle of giving in the context of
             manifesting your dreams, manifesting your desires, has to be back
Life Destiny Call 20331
              to self-knowledge with an inventory of what are your unique
              talents and skills? What are your unique gifts? What are the
              things that you’re good at? What are the things that other people
              say that you’re good at? And if you haven’t done that yet, the
              piece of homework that I would ask you to do, is to do an
              inventory in the four major areas of your life. In terms of your
              physical material life, what are your skills, talents, and unique gifts
              in that area. In terms of your mental life, what are your unique
              skills, talents in that area? In your emotional life what are your
              unique skills in that area? And in your spiritual life, what are your
              unique skills and gifts in that area?

               Maybe you’re a great communicator. Now, to be a great
               communicator, that is an aspect of your emotional life. It doesn’t
               matter where you put them, but just by way of example, being a
               great communicator being able to relate and connect to other
               people must be related to your emotional life. If you have a great
               power of reflection and the ability to perceive and understand and
               express ideas and insights, which others don’t easily see, than that
               must be an aspect of your mental life, or it may be an aspect of
               your spiritual life. It doesn’t matter. But look at your own gifts.
               Look at your talents and skills. What are those things?

               And then the way to create a positive impact on the world and to
               create great wealth in your own life is to identify a social need,
               which requires those unique talents and gifts. This is an important
               point I didn’t talk about in the last lesson, so I want to be sure that
               I cover it this time. That there is this idea, this principle that, it’ll
               sound silly when I say it, but think about it. You don’t give water
               to a drowning man, do you? So, the place that you look to give
               your gifts, to give your talents is the place where there’s a need for
               those, where there is a requirement for those. So, it just requires
               being alert. It doesn’t require necessarily great struggle, or strain.
               It doesn’t require that at all, in fact, but it does require being alert,
               being awake.

               With some of you I shared the story, if you’ve read the Eighth
               Habit by Steven R. Covey, there’s a story about Mohammed Unis,
               the founder of the Gravine Bank in Bangladesh and that
               Mohammed Unis founded that bank just starting with just a simple
               idea that my goodness, the people in my country are starving to
               death. Why is that happening? He was an economist. His unique
               gift had to do with how economics work. How does one support
               society? And how does one create economically viable institutions
               and organizations? And yet here he was teaching in a university
               giving intellectual knowledge, which seemed to him to have no
               real impact in the world around him where people were starving
Life Destiny Call 20331
              everywhere. So he just went out and started talking to people and
              he discovered what the need was.

              Then he went and tried to find someone to fill that need. He went
              to the banks and asked them to loan, it was 25 cents, 50 cents, a
              dollar here and there. That’s all that people needed, but the banks
              wouldn’t loan because these were all poor people and they
              wouldn’t pay it back and besides that, it was not enough money to
              be worthwhile. So, Mohammed Unis went to the head bank and,
              finally, he said okay I’ll guarantee the loan. You loan the money
              to me and I’ll loan the money to them and the bank said fine. He
              just went step by step by step. He in the beginning didn’t have a
              grand vision and we’ll talk about this in a few minutes, but he just
              saw a need. He saw a social requirement and he saw that he could
              fulfill that and that’s what you’re looking for.

              If your desire and your interest is to create something that is
              worthy of you and worthy of your world, then it’s a matter of
              knowing who you are what your unique gifts are, knowing what
              your unique talents are and then identifying what is the need in the
              world that is drawing me, that needs me, that requires those gifts
              and those talents.

              Tonight we’ll talk about the third and fourth principles. The third
              principle is dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams. They’ve written
              songs about this, I think. And why is it that so many people have
              given up on their dreams? Could it be that we’ve been taught,
              we’ve been given a story, we have been led to believe that to
              dream is not to be practical. To dream is not to be in touch with
              the world and why are we taught those things? Why are so many
              people taught those things? Because their parents, their teachers,
              their friends got inundated with that idea, got disappointed in the
              fulfillment of their own dreams. So they’ve taught that again and
              again and again. And yet, when you look at the most successful
              people, the most powerful people in the world, you see that every
              single one of them is driven by dreams. And, of course, Martin
              Luther King, Jr. was one of the most famous people that talked
              about this dream; I have a dream and he expressed his dream and it
              inspired millions of people and it created a movement that
              transformed life in America.

              Dreams are transforming and they’re transforming because they
              somehow touch our souls. They touch the deepest stirrings of our
              hearts. They connect with that spiritual dimension of our life, and
              dreams get realized when there’s congruence and alignment
              between all aspects of our nature and I talked a little bit about this
              last week in terms of self-knowledge. The one fundamental secret
              of being able to manifest anything in your life is to have alignment
              between your inner world and your outer world and, ultimately, it’s
Life Destiny Call 20331
              alignment between your spiritual world, your emotional world,
              your mental world, and your physical material world. When all of
              those things are congruent, when all of them are aligned, when
              what you are experiencing, feeling, knowing at the deepest level of
              your being gets expressed and lived in your life, than you manifest

              You manifest that which is the very heart of your soul. When you
              believe that things that you cannot achieve your dreams, than you
              won’t achieve your dreams and one of the biggest challenges for
              all of us is to be able to undo the conditioning that so many of us
              have received. Undo those belief systems that have been
              reinforced by our families, our friends, and our teachers. Then
              create the self-fulfilling prophecy that if I believe that I can’t, than
              guess what, I won’t. If you believe you can’t, than you won’t.
              And so how do you get to the point of believing?

              Well, one of the ways is to look at the lives of people who have
              been incredibly successful, who have achieved their dreams. To
              take their model rather than the model of those whose dreams have
              been dashed. Look at what it is when those people, those great
              successful people, talk about the role of dreams, what do they say?
              The reality is, is that a dream is the reason why you do what you
              do. Those who have great success in their life have a great vision,
              have a great dream and it provides direction and purpose to their
              life. Like that, your vision, your dream provides direction and
              purpose to your life.

              When things are just overwhelming, when you’re faced with
              challenges on every side, it’s your dream, your vision that will take
              you to the next step; that will take you beyond that. It’s your
              commitment to living something that is worthwhile to you; that is
              inspiring to you; that is worth living for that will take you past
              those challenges to the other side. Your dream is what you hope to
              do, to be, to have. What you hope to do, to be, to have. It is the
              picture of your world as you choose to make it and it’s great lives
              that flow from great dreams.

              As I said a moment ago, the biggest challenge is, believing your
              dreams can be real. Believing that they can, actually, be turned
              into an expressed reality in your life. When your dream inspires
              and excites you and you believe it can happen, then you have
              purpose to your life and you will, naturally, attract others who have
              complimentary beliefs and dreams. But how do you go about this
              process of believing it can happen? How do you get to the point
              that you believe that your dream is possible? Well, there are lots
              of different methods and we’re not going to go through them all
              here, but many of them have to do with working out the process in
Life Destiny Call 20331
              your mind of what it would take; what would be required in order
              to make that dream happen.

              You know, here’s a really fundamental truth and you may want to
              write this down, that you, absolutely, don’t have to know how your
              dream is going to be manifested and yet, if you can create a picture
              in your mind of how it might be manifested, how it could be
              possible that is believable to you, than that picture will help align
              you with that belief, that conviction that this dream can be true.
              You know, people that can be analytical, people who are left-
              brained and analytical, one of the best ways for them to picture
              their dream is to do something like a spreadsheet, do a financial
              plan, figure the whole thing out from a financial perspective. But
              to do that means not to take the whole dream at once, it means to
              chunk it down into bite-sized pieces, into sections, or portions that
              are manageable. This is one way to make your dream believable is
              to take your dream take the ultimate value of your dream and
              chunk it down to pieces that you can get your arms around, your
              mind around, your heart around. Then, if you’re left-brained
              analytical, take that chunk and do a structure for it, figure out the
              finances of it figure out the steps, create a plan around it. For
              people who are not left-brained, that’s probably the greatest misery
              in the world and I'm sure there’s some on the phone who can relate
              to this.

              So, for you, I suggest to you the technique that my partner, Janet
              Atwood, uses because she’s absolutely not left-brained and yet,
              she’s very, very successful at manifesting her dreams. That
              technique is that she draws pictures of her dreams. She creates
              images. She has a whole notebook that’s filled with pictures of her
              dreams and the steps that she sees as she’s making movement
              towards the fulfillment of those dreams. She sees herself, she
              writes, she has a picture of herself and she puts a little bubble with
              her accepting her great award. She has people coming and giving
              her accolades. She has pictures of her traveling in a plane
              traveling around the world. All sorts of things. So what you
              dream is, if you tend to be a more visually oriented person, than
              this may be a way that you can picture your dream.

              If you’re more an analytical person, than the way to make your
              dream believing for you may be to take that chunk, that first piece
              of it and than create a plan of action around it, create a financial
              plan around it. The interesting thing is that your plan, whether its
              visual or written, whether it’s a spreadsheet, or it’s pictures, your
              plan has little to do with what will actually happen, how your
              dream will actually manifest. It has everything to do with helping
              you get to the point that you believe that your dream can be
              fulfilled because, again, ultimately this is the fundamental aspect,
Life Destiny Call 20331
              the fundamental thing, which will manifest your dreams is that
              there’s alignment, congruence between the deepest aspect of your
              own being and what you choose to create in the world.

              So, all these things, these plans, these spreadsheets, these vision
              boards and pictures, they’re all tools, useful tools to help you
              create that congruence that you can say, yes I can see this
              happening. I can picture this happening. I can imagine this
              happening. One caution I have for you is that if you believe that
              you can accomplish your dream on your own, then you’re
              dreaming too small. If you believe that all it takes is just you
              working hard and moving forward and your dream will be
              accomplished, then you’re dreaming too small because you were
              put here, you were places here to create great abundance in the
              world. Whether it’s material abundance, or emotional abundance,
              or mental abundance, or spiritual abundance. It doesn’t matter, or
              all of them, but you are here to add to the abundance in the world.
              That increase of abundance is not going to happen with you just
              going off and working on your own, most likely.

              No great thing, in the history of mankind, has been accomplished
              just by one person alone. If you look at the great historical figures
              all over the world, we’ll see that it was a combination. There may
              have been a great inspiring individual, but there was a group of
              people who attributed to the accomplishment of whatever was
              accomplished to the realization of that dream. Mahatma Gandhi
              was a great man, but he was surrounded by people who believed in
              his vision, and believed in his dream. Martin Luther King was a
              great man, yet he was surrounded by people who believed in his
              vision; believed in his dreams. When you look at today even,
              people like Bill Gates and Paul Allen who created Microsoft,
              created a huge and successful company, but they didn’t do it alone.
              Wilbur and Orville Wright created the airplane; they didn’t do it
              alone. Even when you look to Jesus Christ, he had a group around
              him, a group of disciples around him.

              Every great thing in the history of the world was accomplished by
              a group and if you remember from last week, our definition of
              enlightened wealth; we live in a world of abundance where our
              only limit to our ability to create wealth, is our own creativity. Not
              our own creativity, but the only limit to creating great wealth is
              creativity. And if we’re only relying on our own creativity, then
              guess what, that’s how much wealth we’re going to create,
              whatever amount of creativity we individually have.

              The way that you create great wealth in life is by expanding that
              creativity and the first step of that is through a team. A team
              creates balance. A well-chosen team has members that have
              complimentary skills and talents. A team allows you to do what
Life Destiny Call 20331
              you’re best at. A team will pick you up when you stumble; will
              help you see who you are and remind you of your dream, remind
              you of your vision when you’ve completely forgotten it. A team
              will hold you accountable. A team will say, okay what is your
              commitment and when will you have this done by and hold you
              accountable to fulfill it.

             I love this, but Janet and I love to think about and this was our
             byword when we were working with Mark Victor Hanson and
             Robert Allen who also used this phrase. A team stands for
             together everyone achieves miracles. Together everyone achieves
             miracles. A group of people with a common purpose and common
             mind can accomplish things that no one could never even have
             imagined. In fact, Napoleon Hill talked about this concept of a
             mastermind. A mastermind is created whenever two, or more
             people come together in the spirit of harmony for the achievement
             of a common purpose. Napoleon Hill was the author the book,
             Think and Become Rich. A book, which he was inspired and
             encouraged to do by Andrew Carnegie, one of the great
             philanthropists of American history and Carnegie told Napoleon
             Hill to go out and find out what are the principles that the most
             successful people in our time used to create their success and
             interview me as part of that as well and interview all the others that
             you can find. Napoleon Hill spent twenty years going out and just
             doing that. One of the fundamental principles that he talked about
             is this idea of the mastermind. He said a mastermind creates a
             conciseness that transcends the individual members and generates
             outcomes that the individuals could never have imagined on their

             There was a famous mastermind group, which was called, The
             Chicago Six. This was a group of six men that got together in the
             20’s and every week they would meet at a restaurant in downtown
             Chicago and they would talk about ach others businesses, and they
             would enjoy each other’s company, and they would brainstorm
             together, and they would support each other when they were going
             through difficult things, and none of them had any significant
             wealth when they started. Yet, some years later, after meeting
             regularly and participating in this very unique mastermind group,
             every one of them was millionaire. A couple of them you probably
             heard of; one of them was William Hearst. We’ve all heard of the
             Hearst thing these days. Another was Charles Wrigley, again,
             we’ve all heard that name.

             This idea of a team is and idea, which provides great leverage. It
             provides you the ability to be able to move things that never,
             otherwise, would have been able to move. One of the essential
             things for a successful team is, again, this principle of congruence
Life Destiny Call 20331
              that we talked about on an individual level. Just as an individual’s
              thoughts, desires, and dreams need to be congruent, a team also has
              to be congruent in order to create great results. For that purpose,
              one of the key criteria as you go about forming your team or teams,
              is that you have shared values. Values are the core beliefs that run
              your life and you want your team members to share those values,
              so that you’re aligned at the deepest level. You want your team
              members to be also positive and success-oriented. You want them
              to have complimentary skills and talents.

              When you’re thinking of adding new members to your team, one
              of the things that strongly I recommend to you is that you have a
              three-month period, probation period, if you will. A three-month
              period just to see how it feels to both parties, to see that there
              really is alignment and congruence and on the basis of that, to then
              go forward. Now, as you’re thinking about teams I want to take it
              out to a bit broader spectrum as well because, my partner, Janet
              and I have many teams, actually, and what I want to suggest to you
              is that you don’t think too rigidly about this concept of teams. I
              would suggest to you that you create teams in every area of your
              life. That’s what Janet and I have done. We, the two of us, are a
              team in our own business, Enlightened Alliances and we
              mastermind together, support each other, brainstorm together, all
              those things constantly. We also have a larger team that includes
              our two partners in our magazine, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and
              that team is an amazing team that absolutely, have complimentary
              skills and talents. Then we have alliance partners and I’ll be
              talking about alliances later, but we have team members who we
              work with for different projects, for different specific projects. We
              have a team that has to do with the maintenance of our home. We
              have teams that have to do with creating great entertainment and
              connecting with great fun things to do. We have teams in every
              area of our life. We have people that we’re connected with and we
              think together and we support each other in doing all different
              parts of our life and I suggest to you that if you really want to live
              a life that is out of the box, outrageous, than create teams in every
              part of your life. Begin with those that are closest to you.

              So, certainly if you have a family, if you’re married, if you have
              children, that has to be a fundamental unit of your team. One
              aspect of your team and that team is one that is obviously so
              important to your emotional life, but don’t limit your team to your
              family. Look at every part of your life and see, where can I create
              more teams? Where can I find more team members that are going
              to support me and I can support them in achieving the kind of
              results and success that we, mutually, want to achieve? You know,
              the ideal quality of team members is that they have not only desires
Life Destiny Call 20331
              and dreams that are congruent, but that they have skills and
              knowledge, which is complimentary. I mentioned this before.

             I want to share with you a model, which we were introduced to by
             Mark Victor Hanson and Robert Allen when we were working
             with them, but were developed by a man by the name of Allen
             Fahden. Allen Fahden created a model, an instrument called the
             Hot Model, or the Hot Survey and I encourage all of you, after this
             call     to     go      to     Mark       and     Bob’s      website,
             www.oneminutemillionaire.com, click on tools, and take the Hot
             Survey. When you take the Hot Survey, you’ll get a feeling of
             your own style, what is your own nature. What role would you fit
             in the context of this idea of a team? Allen Fahden and Marie
             West found that virtually all, project-oriented work breaks down
             into four categories. Number one, solutions, which have to do with
             brainstorming to find possible solutions. Strategies, which has to
             do with prioritizing and creating an action plan. Analysis, which is
             figuring out possible pitfalls, or obstacles to success and results,
             which has to do with executing the plan and systematizing the
             process. What they found is that different people having different
             propensities for different parts of those four key categories. Allen,
             to make it easy to remember, he called these four categories, hares,
             owls, turtles and squirrels.

             Now, I’m going to send you to his website in a few minutes and
             he’s dropped off the squirrels and used a combination of owls and
             turtles to describe what used to be squirrels, but for the purpose of
             this discussion, I’m going to just share with you these four
             elements because I think they’re very useful. Hares are those kinds
             of people that are very creative. They run fast. They’re full of
             ideas. They’re not necessarily as strong at seeing obstacles, but
             boy, are they full of ideas, just rapid fire. Janet is almost a pure
             hare. Mark Victor Hanson, likewise, is almost a pure hare. Owls
             are naturally orderly in their thinking. They love to prioritize and
             create strategies. They have very logical minds. They’re good at
             thinking through processes, although sometimes they don’t see all
             the problems, or difficulties that may come up. They’re really
             good combinations with hares because owls can hear an idea and
             think, ah this is what needs to be done, one, two, three, four, five,
             six. They’ll be able to see the picture of exactly how that idea can
             be put into action.

             Turtles like to go slow and steady. They’re extremely good at
             analysis, extremely good at seeing obstacles. They just have a
             nose for where things can go wrong, where problems could arise.
             There are certain kinds of professions that your really have to be a
             turtle to be really good at those and maybe you can think of them.
             One of those professions would be accountants; wouldn’t it?
Life Destiny Call 20331
              Because accountants have to be able to see where are the problems,
              where are the issues? They have to be very detailed-oriented.
              Another profession lawyers, lawyers also have to have the ability
              to see where are the problems that can come up because their job it
              to help prevent those problems. Isn’t it? Engineers in construction
              have a similar kind of role in that they have skills and talents and
              they have to be able to foresee where are the problems, where are
              the issues that could arise?

              The fourth category squirrels are those people that get fulfillment
              from getting the details right. They’re very good at executing a
              plan of action. They get their joy and delight from doing things.
              Let me get it done. Don’t make me spend all the day in meetings,
              having to sit and listen to people. I want to get the work done, you
              know. There’s work that needs to be done here. Those are the
              squirrels. I’ll tell you for hares and owls and turtles, having
              squirrels around is really an important blessing. Squirrels, also,
              they perform best when they’re provided with an action plan rather
              than having to come up with it on their own.

              In addition to going and taking the Hot Test at one minute
              millionaire do to com, again, go to one minute millionaire dot com,
              click on tools you can take the survey yourself, but secondly, go
              and read about how Allen describes the different characteristics of
              hares, owls, turtles. I’ve given an introduction to that and you can
              read his full description by going to www.strongsuit.org. That’s
              strong suit dot org. Click on Hot Team and you’ll read the
              description of the different types of people as Allen has found in
              through his research. Allen, by the way, is a psychologist and has
              done a great deal of research in this area.

              So, as you’re creating your own team then you want to be alert and
              aware to what your own nature is. Are you a hare with lots of
              ideas? Or are you someone who really likes to get the work done?
              Or are you really good at seeing where the problems or difficulties
              might arise? Or are you good at creating an action plan? Know
              yourself. Again, self-knowledge is the foundation, is the beginning
              of all of it. And having known yourself, know that every single
              one of these is absolutely essential. You need to have ideas. You
              need to have actions plans. You need to see where the problems
              are and you need to execute the plan. All of those things are
              absolutely essential.

              So see where your strengths are and then connect with and attract
              into your team people who have complimentary skills,
              complimentary styles to yours. I think I mentioned last week that I
              recently had the pleasure as part of our Passions of Real Life
              Legends series to interview Steven M.R. Covey, the son of Steven
              R. Covey. Steven R. Covey, I mentioned, wrote The Eighth Habit
Life Destiny Call 20331
              and The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and his son,
              Steven M.R. Covey has made his particular thrust of his consulting
              work and his speaking the whole concept of trust, because trust is
              so essential and so fundamental when it comes to teams and
              organizations, as well as families in every area of our life. And
              trust is the foundation of a successful team. As Steven Covey said
              trust reduces both costs and time in a high trust environment where
              people really respect, honor, and trust each other deeply, then
              things can happen very quickly and they can be done much less

              In a low trust environment then everything takes longer.
              Everything has to be double-checked. We had to go back and see
              well what was the real meaning of this? What was really going
              on? It costs more because when it takes more time, it takes more
              money and, also we have to have all sorts of checks and double-
              checks and triple-checks to make sure that everything is being
              done appropriately. What Steven M.R. suggested and I think these
              points are absolutely critical and fundamental in the context of
              your teams, he suggested to create high trust requires first to create
              transparency. That means tell the truth in a way that others can
              verify. You know, people can’t trust what they can’t see.

              So, if you’re hiding things you can count on if that others will
              know it. So, if your team members don’t hide things when it
              comes to the things, which have an impact on your team’s goals,
              you team’s objectives, than you want to have everything out in the
              open to share with your team and be able to go deeply with your
              team with everything that’s going on. In doing that, you will
              create a level of trust that will allow things to go much more
              quickly and to cost much less. The second point Steven M.R.
              suggested, is take difficult issues head-on, that means even issues
              that are quote un-discussable, even things that you know that
              you’re all thinking about, but somehow no one wants to broach the
              subject, no one wants to bring it out in the open. You be the one
              that brings it out in the open. You be the one that brings it up,
              even if you don’t know the answer, even if you don’t know the
              resolution of it, than just be honest about that, but don’t let those
              things go un-discussed because as long as those issuers, which are
              somehow under the surface, not being dealt with, than those will
              effect and taint everything else that you’re doing, everything that’s
              going on in your team.

              When Janet and I talked about this, we talked about what it means
              to be clean, to really have everything out in the open and to be
              willing to take any issue no matter how difficult or how
              challenging it may be and just face it.
Life Destiny Call 20331
              The third principle is to make commitments and keep them. Trust
              is built when you make your commitments and you keep your
              commitments. It’s amazing how more careful you’ll be in saying
              yes to things when you know you’re going to have to do whatever
              it takes to keep your word. I notice this myself because many of
              you know that Janet and I were once married. We’re no longer
              married but we’re still best friends and business partners and I
              always thought that I was really good keeping my commitments
              but I notices that when it came to Janet, when we were first
              married that I would say yes to more things than I could
              physically, possibly get done and it really did undermine the trust
              in our relationship in those beginning years. I came to realize that
              if I said yes I better be willing and ready to follow through and
              keep that commitment. So I learned that simply saying yes without
              thinking was not serving her or serving me and I believe this is true
              for all of your teams as well. But also saying no, simply saying no
              out of hand, doesn’t serve you or your team either.

               So how do you deal with a situation where someone is asking you
               to do something that you’re just not sure that you could do? Well,
               the thing that I discovered is that before saying yes, it’s perfectly
               all right to say, let’s think about that a little bit more. Let me see if
               I can do that and then come back after some time and if you can,
               great and if you can’t, then to communicate clearly about that.
               This aspect of keeping commitment and when one does not keep
               commitments, it’s one of the biggest things that undermines trust.

               If you want to become really good at keeping your commitments
               and building trust in every relationship that you have, than just
               pick little things. When you notice that you say you’re going to do
               something, just pick something small, don’t worry about the big
               things in the beginning, just pick something small and make sure
               you keep your commitments on the little things. When you create
               the habit of keeping your commitments on little things that you say
               you’ll do, than you’ll discover that it becomes such a natural thing
               that when you are faced with big things, big commitments that you
               will absolutely know that you are going to keep that commitment
               when you say yes. And if you don’t, then you won’t say yes.

               These three things create transparency, take difficult issues head
               one, make commitments and keep them, these are fundamentals of
               creating trust and a high trust environment is critical in having a
               successful team a powerful team. The wonderful thing about
               having a great team, where all the members have complimentary
               skills and talents, there’s no dirty work. Nobody has to do things
               that they really don’t want to do, that they really don’t like doing
               because there’s someone who’ll enjoy each of the kind of tasks
               that are required to accomplish any project.
Life Destiny Call 20331
              I want to talk just a little bit more about mastermind. I mentioned
              mastermind teams earlier in this call and the concept of a
              mastermind. Again; Napoleon Hill said a mastermind is created
              whenever two or more people come together in the spirit of
              harmony for the achievement of a common purpose. Two or more
              people, so a piece of homework that I will ask you to do this
              coming week, is to find one person, just one person who you
              would like to invite to be part of your mastermind team. One
              person who has complimentary skills and knowledge and talents
              and gifts to yours, a complimentary style to yours; one person who
              you love being around, love doing things with and who you can,
              with all your heart, support them in achieving their goals and their
              dreams and you know that they feel the same way about you and
              go to that person and say I really have understood the value of a
              team and I have committed to myself to create a mastermind team
              to create. At least one other person who will meet with me, talk
              with me on a regular basis and support me in achieving my goals,
              achieving my objectives and who will also hold me accountable,
              who will make sure that I do the things I say I will do.

              Ask for a commitment and I would suggest that you initially ask
              for a three-month commitment from that person, that they will get
              together with you at least once a week either in person, or on the
              phone and that together you’ll go for what your dreams are, what
              your visions are and then what are your goals, what are your
              objectives what are; the things that you want to show up in your
              life in the next week, the next month, and the next year. And to
              each other make a commitment for the things that you’re going to
              do in the coming week. Don’t choose too many, just choose one or
              two of the most important things that you know that, if you get that
              done, it will be a successful week and make a commitment to your
              partner, to your mastermind partner. Ask them to hold you
              accountable and then the following week, each of you, share the
              results, the wins that you had from the previous week.

              Share those things that were your great successes, share the results
              of the commitment that you made and share the area where you
              need support, where things didn’t go together exactly the way you
              were hoping or planning. Ask for support and then use that
              expanded creativity of your mastermind team to see how could you
              have dealt with that in a different way. How could you create a
              different result or different outcome in the future?

              So, this is a piece of homework for this week. Just find one
              person, it could be more than one, but I suggest that you pick one
              person, initially, and then as the two of you create a relationship
              that is working and that will last over time, than invite others to
              join your mastermind team, but I recommend to you to start with
Life Destiny Call 20331
              only one and see how that goes. See what you learn from that
              process than expand your team to more.

             There’s one last thing I’d like to share with you, which is an
             interesting model that I’ve used many, many times that, again, our
             friends Mark Victor Hanson and Robert Allen had suggested and I
             find that it’s quite useful. They call it the speed meeting and it’s
             the process of how do you use different peoples’ talents in a way
             that’s going to be most successful and most useful for everyone,
             because if you think of this model again of hares, owls, turtles and
             squirrels, when you get to know these people you’ll notice that
             owls and turtles are pretty comfortable in meetings because they
             actually like to work things out. Think them through and go
             through the process of finding solutions in a group environment.
             Hares and squirrels, the idea people and the executors, typically,
             are not as wild about meetings.

             Hares will love meetings which are pure brainstorming sessions,
             where it’s just a matter of coming up with every possible idea that
             you can come up with and squirrels, typically, like to be part of
             those as well because they don’t want to be burdened with a plan
             that they know can never be executed. Owls and turtles like to
             figure things out and the squirrels like to get things done.

             So, it’s important when you’re structuring your team and your
             meetings that you’re cognizant that your hares and squirrels are,
             probably, not going to have much patience for long meetings.

             With that in mind, here’s the process which Mark and Bob calls
             speed meeting, begin your process and this may actually be several
             actual meetings, but begin your process brainstorming ideas. Have
             all of the different members of your team, the hares, the owls, the
             turtles, and the squirrels there and available, but in that first
             session, don’t allow any negative comments, no negative
             comments allowed. Any ideas worth considering, no matter how
             outrageous, or how ridiculous they may seem and once all the
             ideas are out on the table, once everyone said okay that’s as much
             as we can handle right now, then send the hares, the turtles, and the
             squirrels away. The owls, those people who really like to think
             okay this is how it needs to be dons, these are the steps, this is the
             action plan, have those people sit together and prioritize the ideas
             and begin formulating some of the action steps. Then bring the
             turtles and the squirrels back. The owls then can present the
             highest priority ideas and the most significant actions and the
             action steps for making those ideas real.

             The turtles and squirrels then can raise issues, problems,
             challenges, and possible obstacles. The turtles of course naturally
             think of the problems and the squirrels are going to see where is
Life Destiny Call 20331
              that going to be hard to execute? Where is it going to be difficult
              to actually put that into action? Once you’ve done that then bring
              the hares back in, the idea people, and let them brainstorm
              solutions to the obstacles and challenges that were raised in that
              previous session. And then, lastly, repeat this process again. Let
              the owls on their own go through, take the ideas, prioritize them,
              create action steps, put them in order, create an orderly structure of
              the whole thing. Bring the turtles and squirrels in to review that,
              until everyone is satisfied that this is a workable plan; this is
              something that could actually happen.

               This gets back to what I was saying very early in this call that your
               ability to manifest your dreams is directly related to your belief
               that the dream can be manifested. So, this process that I just
               described, this speed meeting process, or whatever you want to call
               it, we’ll call it a speed meeting process, but this particular process
               is really most importantly a process of allowing every member of
               your team to fully own this project, fully own this plan of action
               and to have the belief in themselves and the belief in the team’s
               ability to create the results which the team has all agreed on. It’s
               that belief; it’s that connection with this, I see how this can be
               made manifest. That ability to see it. That ability to understand it.
               That ability to feel that all the problems, all the challenges that we
               can think of have been addressed here, is fundamental to moving
               forward with purposefulness and being able to manifest those
               dreams. Then when challenges and obstacles arise, of course, they
               will because does any plan, does any dream get fulfilled just
               exactly the way the plan was written out, absolutely not,
               completely not.

               The plan was for the purpose of creating the credibility in the mind
               and hearts of the participants that its possible. Then when reality
               comes there’s all sorts of things that will come up that are
               unexpected and this is the importance of this book that we’ve
               mentioned before that Janet and I have written, From Sad to Glad:
               Seven Steps to Change With Love and Power. That is all about the
               fact of being able to remain open in the midst of change, remain
               open in the midst of challenges because it is out of that openness
               that one is able to take advantage of the opportunities that are
               coming and then to adjust the plan. To go through the same
               process again of allowing the hares to come up with ideas, the owls
               to create a structure and a framework for the whole thing, allow the
               turtles and squirrels to see the problems and issues that need to be
               addressed. Then with the hares finding solutions to those problems
               create a new plan, which everyone says yes this can be achieved,
               this can be done.
Life Destiny Call 20331
              So, these are the elements of principles three and four. Again, the
              Passion Test begins with self-knowledge. It all starts there. On the
              basis of knowing who you are and your continual discovery more
              deeply and deeply of who you are, what your unique gifts and
              talents are, than your opportunity is to identify a need in your
              environment, a distinct and critical need. You know the greater the
              need, the more pain that people are feeling and the more sizable
              the organization or the entity, which is experiencing that pain, the
              greater opportunity there is for creating wealth. So this is one of
              the principles that, if there is a large group of people, if there are
              millions of people, for example I mentioned the Gravine Bank
              from The Eighth Habit, where there were millions of people who
              were starving to death; millions of people who had a deep need.
              So Mohammed Unis, the founder of that bank, began just little by
              little creating small loans, a dollar here, twenty dollars there; now,
              Gravine bank since it was formed in the last twenty years has
              loaned over four and a half billion dollars with an average loan of
              less than two hundred dollars and that happened because there was
              a large group with a very large need, with a lot of pain and simply
              by Mohammed using his own skills, his own talents and going step
              by step by step by step, he was able to create an institution which
              has done great good in an area where there was a great crying
              need for that.

               So like that, your challenge, your opportunity is to identify the
               need that exists in the world that needs your unique talents, your
               unique gifts and then give those gifts to fulfill that need. Having
               identified a need, as you see the need, then your vision, your dream
               will begin to form. Mohammed didn’t have a dream of creating a
               bank when he first started, that dream arose as he went from
               village to village. As he saw person after person who he could
               help and saw the means and mechanisms that it could happen.
               When he saw that these poor, poor people, extremely indigent
               people were loaned money, they would take it very seriously and
               they would pay it back and he saw over and over again, a hundred
               percent of them paid back the money that was loaned to them and
               he saw here is a great need that the banks are not willing to fill. So
               gradually, over time his vision grew into creating a bank and
               creating an institution that could serve that need.

               Like that, you don’t have to think that you have to have your whole
               vision, your whole dream completely planned out in advance.
               First, identify the need and then begin to form that vision, begin to
               form that dream and allow it to expand over time as you gain more
               experience, more knowledge, more understanding of how that need
               really needs to be fulfilled. That dream is what will give you
               purpose, direction in living your personal destiny, your personal
               reason for being here on this planet.
Life Destiny Call 20331
              Having a dream, having a vision then brought to you, individuals
              whose dreams and visions are complimentary; who have unique
              gifts and talents that will support yours that are complimentary to
              yours? Then use that team then to leverage, to expand your won
              creativity, to find new and better ways of fulfilling that need.

              Next week in our next lesson, lesson three, we’re going to talk
              about some of the short cuts that are possible. We’re going to talk
              about how one can use mentors, individuals, or groups who have
              already enjoyed great success in an area that is related to your
              dream and your vision that people who can show you, the short
              cuts the ways of getting there the fastest. And then were going to
              talk about alliances. Janet and I have a company called
              Enlightened Alliances. It’s one of my favorite topics. Alliances
              can create huge leverage. Alliances are teams on a grand scale.
              So, to all of you it’s been such a pleasure being with you. I look
              forward to being with you for lesson three, and in the meantime,
              find one person, create a mastermind team and do an inventory of
              your own unique skills and talents; your physical material talents,
              your mental, your emotional, your spiritual gifts and talents. So
              that you know what it is that you have to bring to the table and see
              where is the need that you’re here to fulfill. Good night everyone
              and thanks so much.


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