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									                       PRG Meeting 03/11/11

                 Meeting held at the Adel Surgery

Attendees: Rod Jewitt (Patient), Jean Dodsworth (Patient), Keith Reynolds
(Patient), Angela Rickards (GP), Giles Manchester (GP), Jayne Tait (Practice
Manager) Tracey Pickford (Receptionist), Caroline Scholey (Office Manager),
Chris Bridle (NHS Leeds).

Apologises: B Flemming (Patient), G Tollesfson (Patient)

 Group   agreed the following ground rules:
    o    The group should represent the views of the practice population
    o    The group should focus on improvement
    o    The group is not a forum for individual complaints or single issues
    o    All views are valid and will be listened to
    o    No phones or other disruptions
    o    We will start on time, finish on time and stick to the agenda
    o    We advocate open and honest debate
    o    Confidentiality should be maintained at all times.

 Comments on the patient survey:
   o There should be an area for free text so that people can give more
     detail if they wish.
   o The survey is very comprehensive.
   o Survey should ask a question to gather information issues when
     around telephoning for an appointment.
   o Survey should ask a question around checking peoples awareness of
     other ways to make an appointment.
   o Also discussed ways to ensure the patient survey is send out to a
     representative section of the population.

 The aim of the PRG is:
    o Improvement
    o Listening to patients
    o Listening to staff
    o Two-way
    o To engage with patients
    o To coordinate involvement
    o To support the practice
    o Governance
    o Educate staff and patient/raise awareness and understanding
 Good things about the practice are:
    o It provides and excellent service
    o It has pleasant staff

 Less good things about the practice are:
    o When there are changes in personnel
    o Having to wait on the phone when you call to make an

    o Build partnerships/links with other local community groups
    o Develop a staff board which introduces staff/has photos and
        outlines staff specialities
    o Raise awareness of patients around these issues:
                  Different ways of making an appointment
                  When is the right time to call the surgery
                  When is it appropriate to call the surgery
                  Telephone consultations
    o Add photos of staff to the practice leaflet
    o Develop a newsletter and use local community groups/papers to
        advertise. (one PRG member agreed to take the lead on this)

 Future meetings:
    o The Surgery in Adel is a good venue but what about people who use
       the other practice and can’t drive
    o Agreed to vary time and venue to increase participation
    o May need to meet regularly initially
    o Next meeting
                Agreed to meet in the waiting area at The Surgery
               (Nursery Lane)
                Early evening meeting so that people who work can attend
                Meet on Wednesdays or Thursdays
                End Jan/early Feb
                Will look at results of the patient survey/and patient
           involvement plan at next meeting

 Other comments
    o Do you have information about ways to make an appointment in
       the practice leaflet?
    o Can the practice email people to remind them about their
    o There is not a lot of improvement needed!

The next meeting is scheduled to take place at the end of
January/beginning of February 2012, on a Wednesday or Thursday only.

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