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					                       NAIT ACADEMIC STAFF ASOCIATION

                            OF THE EXECUTIVE MEETING
                                     Wednesday, March 10, 2010
                                         2:30 pm – W202

                   Members Present                             Members Absent                  Guests
 Chris Aparicio          Betty Anne Ross                   Dave Grabski
 Warren Burkholder       Bruce Scott                       Joe McFadyen (nvm)
 Darcy Corcoran (nvm)    Anne Marie Silvius
 Gordon Cutting          Terry Sulyma
 Gary Gora               Leanne Telford (nvm)
 Silvie Forest           Garry Wilson
 Cheryll Johnstone
 Recorder: Suzanne Willoughby


1.     Call to Order      President B.A. Ross the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.

2.     Approval of the Agenda
       The following item was added to the agenda:
               B4. ACIFA Climate Survey

MOTION: 2010.03.064: Moved by G. Gora, seconded by W. Burkholder:
                     That the agenda be approved as amended. Motion Carried

3.     Approval of Meeting Minutes

MOTION: 2010.03.065: Moved by C. Johnstone, seconded by G. Wilson:
                     That the minutes of the February 10, 2010 Executive Meeting be approved as
                     circulated. Motion Carried

4.     Business Arising from the Minutes
        On-line Delivery Model – ACTION: NASA Office to send out a request for members
          already involved with on-line delivery to track their hours of preparation and delivery.
        Camera’s @ Souch – ACTION: Joe to follow-up.

5.     Announcements
            Arlana Moskalyk welcomed a baby girl (Dayvani Taylor) into the family.


1.     Appointment – REM Executive Representative
       As a result of Arlana Moskalyk being away on maternity leave, Silvie Forest has agreed to act as
       the Executive Representative for REM.

MOTION: 2010.03.065: Moved by W. Burkholder, seconded by C. Johnstone:
                     That Silvie Forest be appointed as the Executive Representative for the
                     School of Resources & Environmental Mgt. for the term ending June 30,
                     2010. Motion Carried

2.     2010-20100 Budget – Preliminary Discussion (SD-2009-011)

       Terry Sulyma referred to the preliminary budget as outlined in Support Document SD-2009-011
       and indicated that it is slightly more difficult to prepare a budget this year as negotiations are still
       ongoing. Dues revenue, staff salaries and bargaining expenses are examples of line items that
       could be affected.

       The preliminary budget will be circulated to the membership for their input and an information
       session will be scheduled to gather comments and concerns. After reviewing member input the
       Finance Committee will present their budget to the Executive for their endorsement.

       Budget Information Session is scheduled for March 17 @ 3:30 pm in E120.

3.     15-Week Semester – Update (SD-2009-012)

       B.A. Ross indicated that Dr. P. Burns will address the questions (SD-2009-012) prepared by
       concerned staff in her communiqué. A query was made as to how the reduction in semester length
       would improve or benefit the service to students. It was noted that the move to the 15-week
       semester is being driven by the desire of NAIT to follow the Alberta Transfer Guide.

       Several concerns were raised regarding the loss of teaching hours, especially those programs that
       have to reduce their teaching from 35 hours/week down to the recommended 27 hours/week in
       addition to the move from 17 to 15 weeks.

      B.A. Ross to ask Paula Burns when further information will be available to staff.
      Executive Reps to circulate the list of questions and forward any additional questions to B.A.
      J. McFadyen to try and get input from SAIT Faculty Association.

4.     ACIFA Climate Survey

       The results of the 2009 ACIFA Climate Survey are available and will be circulated in the near
       future. It was noted that the number of “I disagree” responses to statements was slightly increased
       in relation to satisfaction with the Institution.


MOTION: 2010.03.066: Moved by W. Burkholder, seconded by S. Forest:
                     That the Status Reports be accepted as information. Motion Carried

School of Applied Media & Information Technology - W. Burkholder
 The School is recruiting for a Dean and the Chair of BAIST.

School of Applied Building Science – C. Aparicio
 Construction renovation is ongoing. The proposed new Fitness Room Facilities are much larger with
   large windows. B.A. Ross noted that the students put $100,000 toward fitness equipment last year and
   as all students will be assessed a fee in future, NAITSA will not be providing any more funding. L.
   Henderson, Recreation Director, has indicated that her department should be able to provide all the
   equipment necessary.
 Chair Jan Goodhelpsen is retiring so there will be recruitment to the Chair position.

School of Arts, Science & Communication – G. Cutting
 Concerns were expressed that as a result of the 15-week semesters other Schools will retain their own
   staff to teach “support courses”, currently being taught by SASC staff, thus creating staff reductions
   in SASC.

School of Resources & Environmental Sciences – S. Forest
 In Biological Sciences a number of staff are being download to work on special projects. Staff are
   concerned with the 15-week semester because of the 2-week field courses.

School of Electrical & Electronics Technology – G. Wilson
 A number of staff changes are happening in the Electrical Program. The Associate Dean has called an
   Electrical Staff meeting for March 17.

School of Health Sciences – C. Johnstone
 A major curriculum review is being undertaken in Medical Lab, looking a cutting duplication, and
   amalgamating courses. Staff are also being asked what they would like to teach, rather than strictly

School of Business – T. Sulyma
 It is mid-term exam week keeping staff busy with invigilation.

School of Professional & Cont. Education – G. Gora
 DTAD has lost four positions to redundancy.

Communication Committee – B. Scott
 Results of a recent Intercom Survey indicated that most staff members prefer an electronic copy of
   the Intercom versus paper. A “best of the best” paper copy will be circulated this Spring.

Membership Services Committee – A. Silvius
 Free Lunch and Speaker (August Watt) is scheduled for March 25 at 12:15 pm in the North Lobby.
  Topic – What are you doing in your community?
 An electronic survey will be circulated seeking input on why staff are not requesting NASA-
  sponsored professional development funding.
 Plans for ACIFA 2010 Conference are continuing. Over 36 presenter submissions were received to

Board of Governors – D. Corcoran and L. Telford
 The Board Retreat is scheduled for next Saturday & Sunday.

President – B.A. Ross
 A U of A grad student is including NAIT is his research project which is looking at the relationship
   between the length of time a staff member is out on disability and depression.
 Blueprint for Workload – approximately 150 staff attended the sessions, generating a lot of good
   questions and information. She expressed an appreciation that Dr. P. Burns is looking at the entire
   job duties on an instructor, not just the teaching assignments.
 Nominees for Instructor Excellence Awards – there were 57 nominees this year (33 last year). This
   number is great however the marking process is overwhelming with this many nominees.


MOTION: 2010.03.067: Moved by A.M. Silvius, seconded by G. Wilson:
                     That the Status Reports be accepted as information. Motion Carried


1.     Future Meetings:         Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 2:30 pm (W202/Souch)
                                Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 2:30 pm (W202/Souch)
                                Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 2:30 pm (W202/Souch)

MOTION: 2010.03.068: Moved by G. Wilson, seconded by T. Sulyma:
                     That the meeting be adjourned. Motion Carried

Meeting Adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Bruce Scott
Communications Vice President


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