Colocation – Real And Compelling Benefits

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					                      Colocation – Real And Compelling Benefits
Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting where a businesses’ server is located in the
hosting company’s premises. This way, the hosting company maintains the businesses’ server.
Businesses can choose the services they want for their server depending on their budget and the
expertise in-house.

There are numerous reasons to taking a look at colocation. Hosting companies provide network
reliability with connections that deliver near 100% uptime. Businesses provide the servers but
the hosting company manages the network.With more and more businesses depending on
constant connection, one’s business continuity depends on network reliability, which is much
cheaper to rent than own.

Colocation Los Angeles hosting companies provide power redundancy with excellent power
backups. If a business were to manage its own data center, whether that be one server or many, it
would need a backup in the case of a power outage. Backups are expensive to own, yet critical to
ongoing business operations. Not many businesses can survive power outages that last for more
than a day or two.

Colocation hosting companies have their own on-site specialists for trouble shooting. With
colocation hosting, one can simply call one of its technical specialists who can get the system
back up and running.

Colocation hosting companies enable businesses to share the cost of improved bandwidth with
other colocation customers and get all the bandwidth needed to smoothly run their network
operations. As the bandwidth requirements of businesses increase with more complex
applications and cloud computing, colocation hosting becomes a more and more economical

With data regulations becoming stricter, and penalties becoming more expensive, a data breach
in many companies can spell disaster. Colo Los Angeles facilities provide excellent security and
data protection by offering key card entry, cabinet locks, and surveillance.

Moving one’s infrastructure of servers to off-site locations creates additional peace of mind. In
case of a building or campus outage, off-site servers remain available and operational. The
climate controlled ventilation systems found in colocation facilities reduce dust, static electricity,
and overheating, which extend the life span of the servers.
Colocation hosting enables businesses to save on costs as attaining all the above mentioned
benefits on one’s own can be expensive. Visiting and exploring a colocation hosting company
like in Los Angeles would give visitors a better idea as to how much they would be saving by
using colocation hosting. Cololocation Los Angelesare dedicated to providing the best
technology and support. Having a large installation in Los Angeles give them insight that
translates into the best service possible.

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