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Martin Luther


									Martin Luther

     Reformer or
            Europe: 1320-1650
 Medieval Europe – Disease and desperation, “Dark
  Ages” offer little education, civilization, or hope.
 Italian Renaissance / Northern Renaissance – Art,
  education become popular again. Leonardo,
  michelangelo, Raphael, and Shakespeare dominate.
 Protestant Reformation – The RCC is corrupt and Pope
  Leo X allows for it. One man, a Monk named Martin
  Luther, calls for church reform, ultimately leading to the
  Protestant reformation and the establishment of
               Medieval Church
Church Authority
  • The Catholic Church , was the only
  Church in Western Europe.
  • It offered shelter to the poor,
  medicine to the sick, and faith to the
  • The Pope was the head of the
  Roman Catholic Church. Bishops and
  Priests served the Pope. Monks
  worked in Monasteries printing
  Bibles and serving God.
  • Church services were only in the
  Latin Language.
  • The RCC was very corrupt at this
Corruption in the Church
• Indulgences
The selling of
 “Indulgences” (pardons )
 by the Pope or Bishop
 for the Forgiveness of
This practice went
 counter to what the
 Roman Catholic Church
 taught about faith and
 angered a monk named
 Martin Luther.
Corruption in the Church
 Pope Leo X- Corrupt
  head of the Roman
  Catholic Church.
  Supported the practice of
  selling of “Indulgences”.
 95 thesis – Luther’s
  response to the sale of
  Indulgences. His
  writings criticized the
  practice as being
Revolutionary or Rebel?
              Luther’s “95 Thesis” had
               a negative effect on the
               Pope’s ability to sell
               Indulgences to the poor
               and destitute.
              Pope Leo X demanded
               that Luther recant his
               statements and when he
               didn’t, he was Ex-
               communicated. (Banned
               from the RCC)
             Life of a Monk
    Life as a monk was
  tough and disciplined.
  It consisted of the
 Prayer – up to 5x’s a
 Work – Labor and
 Meals – one or two
  per day.
Luthernism: A Religious Movement

 “Lutheranism” – Movement started by
  Martin Luther and his followers that…
 Emphasized salvation by faith alone.
 Stated that the Bible was the only source
  of Religious truth.
 Services were centered on Biblical
  teachings, not rituals.

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