Newcomer's Booklet by jianghongl


									                                 Newcomer‘s Booklet

―British Isles" includes England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man,
Orkney, the Shetland Islands and the Channel Islands.

"The United Kingdom" is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"Great Britain" consists of England, Wales and Scotland.

                    This Publication is provided by the Airman and Family Readiness Center

                                        Table of Contents
Transportation/Vehicle Information                          4-12

Security Forces Newcomers Information                       13-15

Traffic Management Office (TMO)                             16-17

Legal Office Newcomers Information                          18-25

Housing Office                                              26-27

Medical/Dental                                              28-31

Finance                                                     32-37

Airman and Family Readiness Center                          38-46

Services Guide                                              47-50

Youth Supervision Policy                                    51

Post Office                                                 52-53

Education Office                                            54-55

Fire Department                                             56

Recycling Guide                                             57-60

Local Community                                             61-67

Useful Info                                                 68-69

Temperature/Clothing Conversion Chart                       70

RAF Alconbury Facilities Map                                71

RAF Alconbury-RAF Molesworth Map                            72

RAF Alconbury-RAF Upwood Map                                73

Military Rank Insignia Chart                                74-75

Useful Websites                                             77

Quick Reference Phone Listing                               77

                                         VEHICLE INFORMATION

                                                Courier Services
Please note there is no base shuttle service to/from London airports. If your sponsor is unable to provide
transportation to RAF Alconbury, on and off-base courier services are available and reimbursable as PCS
travel expenses. Please note these are basic prices per vehicle and not per person so coordinate your
specific travel needs.

                     ITT                                  Heathrow
                     From Stateside                       PP one way from base = ₤ 140-
                     DSN 314- 268-3189                    Gatwick
                     (leave message)                      PP one way from base = ₤ 160-
                                                          PP one way from base = ₤ 80-

                     Collins Courier Service:             Heathrow
                     Stateside:                           Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 90
                     011-44-7813-136038                   Gatwick
                     In Country:                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 120
                     07813-136038                         Stanstead
                     Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 120

                     Norwood Private Hire:                Heathrow Terminals 1-3
                     Stateside:                           Car up to 4ppl w/baggage = ₤ 114 + ₤ 5
                     011-44-1832-273585                   Van up to 7ppl w/baggage = ₤ 150 + ₤ 5
                     In Country
                     01832-273585                         Heathrow Terminal 4
                                                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 120 + ₤ 5
                                                          Van up to 7 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 159 + ₤ 5

                                                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 143 + ₤ 5
                                                          Van up to 7 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 190 + ₤ 5

                                                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 83 + ₤ 5
                                                          Van up to 7 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 111 + ₤ 5

                     Steve’s Taxi:                        Heathrow
                     Stateside:                           Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 110.00
                     011-44-1480-413222                   Gatwick
                     In Country:                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 115.50
                     01480-4132                           Stanstead
                                                          Car up to 4 ppl w/baggage = ₤ 51.55

                     Terrys Private Hire                  Heathrow
                     01480-413131                         Car     £ 90.00
                     Stateside:                           Van     £ 135.00
                     011-44-1480-413131                   Gatwick
                     (does not accept credit cards)       Car £ 100
                                                          Van £ 135
                                                          Car £ 45
                                                          Bus £ 85

                                               Base Shuttle
If you do not have a car upon your arrival, a shuttle service operates between RAFs Alconbury, Molesworth and

                                                    Car Rental
In addition to utilizing the base shuttle service, you can also rent vehicles through car rental agencies on and off-
base. AAFES rents cars on RAF Alconbury at the AAFES New Car Sales next to the Shoppette. There are also
agencies off-base where you can rent (or ―hire‖ as the British say) a car. Check the Yellow Pages for more
information. Note: Please be aware that if you rent a car you are still bound to the driving regulations
described below.

                        What Do I Need To Know About Driving Over Here?
LOOK RIGHT! Whether walking or operating a vehicle, the first habit you‘ll have to change is to remember
that the traffic closest to you is now coming from your RIGHT! LOOK RIGHT FIRST!

                                           USAFE Driver’s License
Driving Permit: All personnel, to include civilians, contractors, spouses and dependents (with Stateside
licenses), permanently assigned, or TDY to the Tri-Base community, must complete the USAFE Driver‘s
Licensing Course within 30 days of arrival in the U.K. Individuals that successfully complete this course will be
eligible for the USAFE Driver‘s License.

To view the Highway Code reference book on-line prior to your arrival in the UK, please visit this site:

The USAFE Driver‘s Licensing Course is conducted every 1st and 3rd Monday (unless otherwise posted.)
Failure to attend will result in the driver losing all base driving privileges and vehicle registration until such time
of successful course completion. Individuals here for 30 days or less are not required to attend.

The USAFE Driver‘s Licensing classes are conducted in the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Building 671,
RAF Alconbury, by the Safety Office. Classes are conducted every 1st and 3rd Monday except for holidays. To
schedule the class, please contact the 423 ABG Safety Office at 268-3323 or 01480-84-3323.

Be sure to bring a valid driver‘s license and your military ID. If you are a motorcyclist, you must bring proof of
successfully completing a certified motorcycle safety course. These are requirements set forth by Pass and ID.
The Safety Office is located in Bldg 669, 268-3323.

                                 Importing and Registering Your Vehicle

Step 1. For vehicles being shipped, complete Customs and Excise Form 941 at Pass & Registration. Bring your
certificate of registration or title before your vehicle arrives at the port of entry. It is possible to contact Brandon
at 01842 813999, via email at, or call TMO to find out when your vehicle is ready to be
picked up.

Note: All civilian employees must provide Pass & Registration with a letter from their Civilian Personnel Office
verifying they are eligible and have applied for a civilian component stamp if they do not already have one in
their passport.

For vehicles driven into the UK, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2. To pick up your vehicle you will need the following: proof of UK insurance (policy letter or green card
does not count) ID card, 3AF drivers permit and DD Form 788 (shipping document). Please ensure you receive
the original C&E Form 941 from the port.

Step 3. Report to Pass & Registration within 72 hrs of picking up the vehicle along with your original copy of
the C&E form 941 (or certificate of registration if you drove into the UK.) You will be given a 30 day base pass.
After receiving your temporary base pass, you can report to your Commander‘s Support Staff to obtain a fuel
ration card. Please remove any previous base installation decal from your vehicle.

Note: If your vehicle does not have any license plates, it can only be driven from the port to home and from
home to a scheduled MOT site. There are no temporary plates and no temporary base pass issued to your vehicle.
It is illegal to drive without plates and you will be given a fine.

Step 4. Within the duration of the 30 day base pass you need to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and adjust
your lights to conform to UK requirements: You may accomplish the work at garages out in the community:
Bob Streetly(01480 450390), SG Autos Godmanchester (01480 399399), 1 Stop Motor Centre St Ives (01480
496611) or contact the Auto Hobby Shop at extension 268-3701.

                                                 UK requirements

                                         *Headlights dip to the left
                                         *Amber turn signals front, rear and side
                                         *White parking lights
                                         *Rear fog light

Step 5. After these adjustments you will need one of the following safety inspections which can be completed by
appointment at the Auto Hobby Shop on RAF Alconbury or any local garage:

                              Over three years old….. MOT Inspection
                              Under three years old…..SVA Inspection (different to MOT)

Note: If your vehicle fails its inspection or you do not get it inspected after the 30 day period, it must be stored
or parked off-road until it passes the required inspection. Driving is only permitted to and from a pre-arranged

Step 6. Return to Pass & Registration with the following original documents for UK registration:

                      *C&E Form 941 (pink form)
                      *UK Certificate of Insurance (not green card or policy paperwork)
                      *Inspection Certificate (MOT or SVA) (ensure VIN is accurate)
                      *Certificate of Registration or Title (Marriage certificate required if not in
    the sponsor‘s name)

Step 7. After completing step 6, you will receive your road tax disc through the mail. Your UK plate number is
annotated on both your road tax disc and on top of the MOT/SVA. It is then your responsibility to have the
plates made up and put on the vehicle as soon as possible. This can be done at the RAF Alconbury Service
Station 268-3435, you will need to have your documents from DVLA to order the plates.

After you receive the road tax disc paperwork, you will then receive the V-5 Registration document (4
page blue document) about a week to ten days later.

Step 8. Finally, return to Pass & Registration with your UK plate number, V-5 registration form, proof of
insurance, ID card, 3AF license, and MOT/SVA Certification to obtain your permanent base registration.
If you need additional information, please contact Pass and ID at DSN 268-2525/2910 or (01480) 842525/2910

                                                     Road Tax
First year of road tax is free if the vehicle is imported into the UK (shipping a vehicle from the US to the UK)
Road tax cost is dependent upon engine size:

                          Cars Registered Before 1 March 2001 (based on engine size)

Engine Size (cc)                                12 Months Rate                      6 Months Rate

Not over 1459                                   ₤120.00                             ₤66.00
Over 1549                                       ₤185.00                             ₤101.75

            Cars Registered On Or After 1 March 2001 (based on fuel type and CO2 emissions)

Band            CO2 emission (g/km)                   12 Months Rate                       6 Months Rate

A               Up to 100                       N/A                                 N/A
B               101-120                         ₤35.00                              N/A
C               121-150                         ₤120.00                             ₤66.00
D               151-165                         ₤145.00                             ₤79.75
E               166-185                         ₤170.00                             ₤93.50
F               Over 185                        ₤210.00                             ₤115.50
G               Over 225 (for cars registered   ₤400.00                             ₤220.00
                on or after 3/23/06)

To calculate your vehicle's emissions, please visit the following site:

The second years road tax must be done through Pass and Registration and ensure you bring your V-10,
proof of insurance, V-713, MOT and V-5 documentation.

There are no insurance companies located on any of the three bases. GEICO does have an office on RAF
Mildenhall. Both USAA and GEICO can be contacted once in country by utilizing an UK 0800 number. Some
stateside companies will also continue to insure you overseas as well. The best advice is to shop around and
compare prices.

                             No Claims Discount for British Automobile Insurance

There is a no claims discount for British Auto Insurance. To qualify for a reduction in premium, you must obtain
a typed letter from your last insurance company (not the agents) confirming no claims or accidents. Only the
original is acceptable.

The letter from the Main or Regional Office of your last insurance company must quote your name and policy
number. A letter, specifying the dates the policy was in force, (e.g. commencement date to cancellation date) is
also required. It must make the reference to the fact that no claims or accidents have been reported; or if an
accident did arise, you were totally exonerated from blame.

No discount will be made if:

       the policy was not in force for a minimum of one year (365 days). Short term policies do not qualify for
        any discount.
       a policy is still in force, or if the policy was not in your name.
       your last policy expired over two years ago.

   If two cars were insured concurrently, the letter must mention this fact to qualify for a discount on more than
    one car, and specify the dates each car was insured.

                                  Automobile Recovery/Repair Organizations

If you were a member of a club like AAA in the U.S. you may be interested in a similar setup here. AA
(Automobile Association) , RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and Green Flag are several prominent ones. Fees
vary according to services.

                          HM Customs And Excise Restriction On Tax-Free Vehicles

Agreements between Her Majesty‘s Government and the United States Government permit active duty members
of the US Forces and its civilian components while stationed in the UK to import and purchase privately owned
vehicles for their personal use, free of duty, value added tax (VAT) and car tax. Unaccompanied personnel are
entitled to only one concession vehicle. If the member has a spouse with them then they can have two vehicles.
In order to comply with agreements between HMCE, HQ 3AF and COMNAVACTS UK, certain activities
pertaining to concession vehicle transactions are not authorized. You should make yourself aware of the
following prohibited activities and the requirements for disposing of a concession vehicle in the UK. These are
IAW 3AFI 31-204:

 All inquiries will be directed to Pass & Registration. The base vehicle registrar will channel inquiries to HM
Customs & Excise or other British Government departments relating to concession vehicle transactions.

   It is a violation of UK customs laws for you to allow a UK national to operate a concession vehicle.

 Violation of this law could result in the impoundment of the vehicle involved, pending payment of the
customs revenue. Allowing garage attendants or authorized vehicle transfer company representatives to operate
the vehicle for a short specific period is not considered a violation.

 The manufacture of any vehicle from tax or duty free parts or materials without prior approval from HM
Customs & Excise is prohibited.

 The transfer of a British registration document to any individual, before receipt of approval for a vehicle
transaction is prohibited.

                                         Sale to Another Entitled Person

 The seller and purchaser must complete the 3AF Form 301 at Pass & Registration. You will need to provide
us with the pink base pass, UK registration document (V5) and MOT certificate. The purchaser must provide
proof of insurance for the new vehicle.

What is a tax free vehicle? A tax free vehicle is any vehicle that was imported into this country and required the
C&E941 (pink form) for registration.

How do I sell a tax free vehicle? When selling a tax free vehicle, a 3AF Form 301 must be filled out at Pass &
Registration office. The seller and purchaser must both be present to transfer a tax free vehicle over.

Who is authorized a tax free vehicle? A tax free vehicle is authorized only to active duty, reservists on
activation, and government civilians with proof of a componency stamp or letter from their personnel office
confirming their employment on base. Each member is authorized one tax free vehicle unless they are married.

                           Security Forces Newcomers Information

In an effort to provide the best police service possible to the community, the 423 SFS has prepared this
document to the public with the rules most often forgotten, misinterpreted or are just simply too hard to find.

                                            Vehicle Registration
All personnel assigned or working in the Tri-base Community will register privately owned vehicles (POVs)
with the Pass and Registration Office (423 SFS) in Bldg. 344 on RAF Molesworth or Bldg 697 on RAF
Alconbury within 72 hours. You must have your registration paperwork available to gain access to any of the
bases with your vehicle. You must also proceed to Pass and Registration if you are using a rental car.

                                                 Speed Limits
The speed limits on RAF Alconbury and RAF Upwood are 20 mph, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit
on RAF Molesworth is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit in the housing areas, parking lots,
and school zone is 15 mph.

                                    Seatbelts and Child Safety Seats
Seatbelts must be worn by all occupants in vehicles fitted with seatbelts. Children under 3 years of age must
be in an appropriate child restraint. Children between 3 and 11 years of age and under 5 feet in height must be
in an appropriate child restraint if available, or a seatbelt must be worn. In all cases, responsibility rests with
the driver. See UK Traffic Code for more information.

                                                 School Zone
POVs are not allowed to drive on Colorado Street in front of the RAF Alconbury Schools between 0800 and
0830 and 1445 and 1530, Monday through Friday, to provide a safe environment for children to load and
unload from the school buses.

Vehicles will only be parked in designated areas defined by painted lines or curb markings. Vehicles will not
be parked on the grass, sidewalks, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, within 15 feet of an intersection, or in a
manner restricting the flow of traffic. Vehicle may not be parked in the same public parking space for more
than 72 hours. Reserved parking is 24-hours a day for handicapped and designated persons and during hours
of business for customer or time allocated spaces.

                                                TDY Parking
Personnel going TDY may park their vehicle in the parking lot directly behind the Bowling Alley. This must
be coordinated through the Security Forces Flight Chief. Pass and Registration has a form that must be filled
out and placed in the vehicle. The keys must be retained by a friend or co-worker in the event of an

                                           Unattended Vehicles
All parked or unattended vehicles must have the motor turned off and the ignition keys removed. This does
not apply to emergency vehicles parked at the scene of an emergency, government vehicles with front and rear
tires properly chocked, or refrigerated vehicles delivering goods.

                                            Child or Pet Neglect
Leaving a child under the age of 10 unattended in a residence or motor vehicle is prohibited. With the
exception of housing areas and school zone, children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or
a responsible person over the age of 12 years at all times while on the installation. Leaving a pet unattended
in a vehicle is discouraged and may subject a pet owner to charges of animal cruelty if the vehicle is not well
ventilated or the animal‘s basic needs are not met.

                                              Vehicle Repairs
With the exception of changing a flat tire, vehicle repairs on base may not be conducted at residences or in
public parking places. Contact the Auto Hobby Shop or the AAFES Service Station for information about
hours and services.

                                             Vehicle Accidents

All persons involved in an on-base accident must immediately report the accident to Security Police. Vehicles
will not be moved from the scene of an accident until the arrival of the Security Police. All persons involved
in an off-base accident must comply with British reporting procedures. Also report the accident to the nearest
US military police unit as soon as possible. Request the information be relayed to RAF Molesworth Security
Forces Control Center.

                                       Arrest By Civil Authorities
All U.S. military personnel and citizens must inform their sponsoring unit of an arrest by civil authorities.

                                           Abandoned Vehicles
 Suspected abandoned vehicles will be cited by Security Police. The owner has 72 hours to correct the
problem or remove the vehicle from the installation. After 72 hours, the vehicle is subject to being towed and
impounded. Security Police will attempt to identify and contact the registered owner. If the vehicle remains
unclaimed by the owner for 45 days, the vehicle becomes the property of the contracted towing service IAW
applicable policy and procedures. Note: The cost for towing and storage of impounded vehicles is
determined by the contracted towing service and is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. The towing
service is responsible for any damage to vehicles being towed and stored.

                                              Vehicle Sale Lot

The Vehicle Sale Lot is located on the north side of the Commissary on RAF Alconbury and spaces are
specifically designated. Vehicle maintenance will not be permitted in the area. Vehicles must be properly
registered on the installation. Owners must proceed to Pass and Registration to obtain the color coded ―Sale

Lot‖ registration form. The form must be displayed while parked on the lot. Owners are asked to notify 423
SFS once the vehicle is permanently removed from the lot so the slot may be re-issued.


Is in effect from 0001 to 0600, daily, for all persons under 18 years of age. Examples of exceptions to the
policy are: when accompanied by parent or sponsor or when specifically authorized by the installation
commander for events such as a school dance or AYA activity. Persons under the age of 18 are not authorized
in the dormitories.

                                   Important Telephone Numbers

SF Control Center (24-Hours): 268-2400           RAF Alconbury Main Gate: 268-3311
Pass and Registration: 268-2525/2523             RAF Molesworth Main Gate: 268-2184
Investigations: 268-3425                         Ministry of Defense Police: 268-3819

                                      Traffic Management Office
                                               Bldg 561
                                              TMO Facts
As is the case with your car, the people at TMO (Traffic Management Office) are the people to be in touch with.
Below is a list of your responsibilities and the carrier‘s responsibilities with regards to your personal property
and/or privately owned vehicle shipment(s).

Your responsibilities:

   Contact TMO as soon as possible after your arrival even though you may not know the delivery address for
    your personal property or information about your privately owned vehicle. The transportation office needs a
    telephone number and/or address where you can be reached on short notice.

   As soon as you have a delivery address for your personal property, call TMO again and provide this

   If possible, be prepared to accept delivery of your property as soon as it arrives. This will prevent additional
    handling and reduce the chances of loss or damage. It will also reduce or eliminate storage expenses.

   You or your representative designated in writing must be home on the day of delivery. You can expect the
    carrier to begin service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, if you have no objection to the carrier beginning
    service before or after these hours, let the traffic management office know.

   Know in advance where you want each piece of furniture placed in your residence. The mover is required to
    place each piece only one time.

   Be sure to check off carton or item off the inventory as it is delivered. Make sure everything that was picked
    up is delivered.

   Make sure you carefully look over your property and list any missing inventory items or noticeable damage at
    this time. List any damage or missing items with appropriate inventory numbers on the ―Joint Statement of
    Loss or Damage at Delivery‖ (DD Form 1840) to avoid problems.

   Do not sign for services if they were not performed by the carrier.

   Do not argue with the carrier. If you experience any problems with the carrier agents call the Traffic
    Management Office at once. Any problems encountered with the pickup or delivery of your personal
    property should be addressed to the following offices:

                               Transportation Officer 268-3964
                               Inbound: ext. 268-3357
                               Outbound: ext. 268-3755
                               Quality Control: 268-3955

Carrier’s Responsibilities at Destination:

At the time of delivery, the carrier must:

   Unpack and unwrap all cartons, boxes and crates. Take note: You may waive unpacking at any time during
    the delivery. However, the carrier is NOT required to return later to unpack or remove debris.

   Place each item or carton in the room you indicate. This one time placement includes placing unpacked
    articles in cabinets, cupboards or on kitchen shelves when convenient, safe and your desired location. Have
    placement planned out before the carrier arrives. movers are required to place each item only once.

   Assemble all furniture and equipment disassembled by the movers at origin.

   Remove packing and blocking from appliances. The carrier is not required to connect appliances to electric,
    gas, or water outlets.

   Remove all packing material resulting from the unpacking.

   Jointly, with you, make a written record of any loss or damage on the DD Form 1840, ―Joint Statement of
    Loss or Damage at Delivery,‖ sign the document and obtain your signature. The carrier‘s representative must
    leave three copies of DD Form 1840/1840R with you.

Movers are NOT required to go into an attic, crawl space or similar storage area for the purpose of delivering and
placing personal property. This includes areas that:

         Are not accessible by a permanent stairway (ladders are not permanent stairways);
         Are not adequately lighted;
         Do not have a finished floor;
         Do not allow a person to stand erect.

Once the shipment has been delivered, the carrier is not required to deliver property to a self-storage facility.

If you do have missing or damaged property, you will need to contact the Legal Office.

                                        Section 1 – Legal Assistance
Basic Information

Location of Legal Office: Bldg 582, 2nd floor, RAF Alconbury
                          (Same building as bank and credit union)

Telephone Numbers: DSN 268-3535                               Commercial 01480-843535

Legal Assistance (Consult with an Attorney/Wills)

Tuesday (walk-in service)       1100-1300
Thursday                        1400-1600

Bona fide emergencies will be handled as necessary. After duty hours, call the Law Enforcement Desk (DSN
268-2400/ Commercial 01480-842400).

Notary Service/Powers of Attorney

Monday - Wednesday            1100-1300
Thursday                      1400-1600

Income Tax Assistance

Reproducible copies of Federal tax forms are available at the legal office and the IRS website:
State forms are available at Electronic tax filing is available at the
legal office February through June.

Victim & Witness Assistance

If you are a victim of crime or if you witness criminal activity you may be authorized certain assistance. You
may also have certain rights under the law. If you should find yourself either a victim or witness to a crime,
please contact the legal office for advice and assistance.

Deploying Personnel

We strongly recommend you put your legal affairs in order well in advance of any possible deployment. This
should include at a minimum ensuring your family members are provided for during your absence; appointing
someone you trust authorization to conduct any necessary business or personal transactions while you are away
(i.e., Powers of Attorney); ensuring the disposition of your estate is as you wish it to be (i.e., a current Will).


DD Form 1840/1840R (pink form, front and back)

If you notice any loss/damage as the movers are unpacking your HHGs annotate the damage on the front of your
DD Form 1840 (pink form) at the time of delivery.

If you discover additional loss/damage after the movers have departed, complete the back section of your pink
form (1840R) and deliver it to the Claims office within 70 days of the date of delivery. You do not need an
appointment to deliver the DD Form 1840/1840R to the Claims section.

All Household Goods claims must be filed within two years from the date of delivery. This time period is
mandated by Congress and cannot be waived or changed by legal office personnel. A claim is not considered
filed until a claims office receives it. Mailing the claim at the two-year mark will not suffice unless it is
physically received by the Claims section within the two-year limit.

The 70-day time period for filing the DD Form 1840/1840R and the two-year period for filing a claim are
completely different things. Filing the 1840/1840R within 70 days has no effect on the two-year time limit for
filing the claim.

If you have insurance covering your property, you may file a claim with your insurance company; however, it is
not required. If you choose to file against your insurance company, you must do so before filing a claim with the

How To File A Claim

    1. Unpack all HHGs and note any loss/damage on the DD Form1840/1840R.

    2. Turn in the DD Form 1840/1840R to the Claims section within 70 days of delivery.

    3. Attend a claims briefing held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 1030 at the Legal Office.

    4. File a claim with your insurance company (Optional).

    5. Obtain all the necessary documents you need for filing a government claim. Claims are filed on DD Form
       1842 and 1844 – Claim for Loss of or Damage to Personal Property Incident to Service. To file a claim
       you will need the following:

                   One copy of Orders with any amendments.

                   Government Bill of Lading.

                   Inventories of your property.

                   Documents which substantiate the value of the items being claimed, for example: receipts, paid
                    bills, canceled checks, pre-shipment appraisals and/or photographs.

                   Estimates of repair including estimate fees. The estimate should explain the type of damage being
                    claimed and the location of the damage on the item. It should cover only the new damage that
                    resulted from shipment. For example, an electronic item where the damage is internal must have a
                    repair estimate from a qualified repairman stating the damage was caused by shipment and
                    specifying how and why.

                   Replacement cost substantiation must be provided for any item that you are claiming a
                    replacement value of $100.00 or more.

    6. Call the Claims section of the Legal Office to schedule an appointment to file your claim. The telephone
       number is DSN 268-3535/Commercial 01480-843535.

Note: We assemble the file and serve as a local point of contact for claims submitted by members of non-USAF
services (i.e., Army, Navy, Marines). All non-USAF claims are forwarded to the appropriate service.

Fraudulent Claim

It is a crime to submit a claim that contains information known to be false. A claim for an item you do not own
or did not ship is illegal. It is also illegal to deliberately falsify purchase prices, dates of purchase, and similar
information. Suspected fraudulent claims are referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for
investigation. Verified fraud may result in criminal prosecution and/or denial of payment on the falsified portion
of the claims.

Section III – Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction

While stationed in the United Kingdom, US military personnel are subject to both US and British criminal
jurisdiction. This means that while in the UK, American military personnel and family members may be
criminally prosecuted by British authorities for violations of British law. In addition, military members are
always subject to criminal prosecution for violations of law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) determines whether a US service member accused of a crime
stands trial in a British court.

Article VII of the NATO SOFA provides the general formula for deciding which country (the US or the UK) has

The United Kingdom has exclusive jurisdiction when the offense violates only British law.

The United States has exclusive jurisdiction when the offense violates only US law. It is US policy to maximize
US jurisdiction whenever possible. US trials ensure that US rights apply to US defendants and allow commanders
to maximize control over their personnel.

Sometimes, both the United Kingdom and the United States have concurrent jurisdiction. This means the offense
violates both British and American laws. In such cases, the US has the primary right to exercise criminal
jurisdiction in two types of cases:

   1. When the offense is solely against the United States or against another US force or civilian component
      member, or family member.

   2. When the offense is committed while the accused is acting in the scope of official duty.

The United Kingdom has primary right to exercise criminal jurisdiction in all other concurrent jurisdiction cases.

The vast majority of FCJ cases are traffic cases in which British jurisdiction is normally exclusive. The most
common offense is speeding, and individuals are typically caught by way of a speed camera (i.e., photo radar). If
you are caught by a speed camera, you will likely receive a notice through the mail entitled ―Intended Notice of
Prosecution.‖ This notice is sent to the ―registered keeper‖ (i.e., the name under which the vehicle is registered
with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency – DVLA). If you receive this notice, you should complete the
applicable sections on the form and indicate that you are a member of the US Visiting Force, as well as including
a copy of your USAFE Driving Permit in your reply. A summons will be issued to you in due course, either
personally or through the mail. If you are caught speeding in Cambridgeshire, a local Police Constable (PC) will
serve you with a summons from the Constabulary. Service of summons is usually done at the legal office after
it‘s been coordinated with the First Sergeant or Commander.

Do not be alarmed if you receive a summons which states that you must appear in court for a speeding ticket; this
is standard language required for all individuals not possessing a valid driver‘s license issued by UK authorities.
It is seldom that any members of the US Visiting Force are required to appear in court for speeding tickets.
However, you should immediately contact the British Liaison Officer at the Legal Office for assistance in
understanding the legal process. Please note that if you receive a ―Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty‖ (i.e.,
payment of £60.00), you should contact the British Liaison Officer before you respond.

More serious offenses are handled differently. For example, if British authorities stop you while you are driving
under the influence of alcohol on a British road, you will be arrested and charged at the local British police
headquarters. The charge will allege a violation of British law. While you are in custody, the Security Forces
and your First Sergeant or Commander will be called. You will also be served with the paperwork ordering you
to appear at a certain date and time before a British Magistrate. In all likelihood, British authorities will
prosecute you under British criminal law.

In the event you are to be prosecuted by British authorities, you should come to the legal office and see our
British Liaison Officer. You will be briefed concerning the criminal prosecution process in British courts.
In accordance with the NATO SOFA you will be barred from departing the United Kingdom until the case has
been resolved, and you will be placed on administrative hold.

Administrative hold is a direct order from your commander to remain in the United Kingdom until after the case
is disposed of. Violation of this order subjects you to disciplinary action under Article 92 of the UCMJ, failure to
follow a lawful order.

If your commander decides to take disciplinary action against you under the UCMJ and the British authorities
waive their primary jurisdiction, then you will be charged under the UCMJ. You will be placed on administrative
hold pending resolution of the case and must remain in the United Kingdom until the case has been resolved and
you have been removed from administrative hold.

SECTION IV –Unique Features of British Law

Tax-Free Vehicles

The term ―tax-free vehicle‖ means any vehicle purchased in the UK or imported into the UK on which any
customs duty or value added tax (VAT) is waived.

Only active duty US military personnel and their family members, and members of the civilian component and
their family members, stationed in the UK are entitled to this waiver.

Single or unaccompanied active duty/civilian component members are entitled to one tax-free vehicle in your
possession at any one time. Married and accompanied active duty/civilian components members are entitled to
two tax-free vehicles.

You may not loan your tax-free vehicle(s) to non-entitled visiting relatives or friends.

You may not loan your tax-free vehicle(s) to a non-entitled British friend. In doing so, you run the risk that your
vehicle may be impounded by British Customs and Excise authorities and that you will be prosecuted and fined.

Tax-free vehicles must be registered with the UK authorities and the USAF Office of Pass & Registration (OPR)
at RAF Alconbury or RAF Molesworth.

UK Vehicle Excise License (road tax) must be paid on all tax-free vehicles 1 year from the date the vehicle
arrives at port.

Ministry of Transportation (MOT) certificates must be obtained for all vehicles over 3 years old.

To remain a tax-free vehicle, the vehicle may be sold only to ―tax-free personnel.‖ If you sell your tax-free
vehicle to an individual who is not entitled to tax-free status, the customs duty or VAT must be paid. Also, if you
are no longer entitled to tax-free status, you must pay the customs duty or VAT on your car.

Black Marketing

It is a criminal violation of both UK and US law for US service members, civilian employees, members of the
civilian component, or their family members to sell, trade, give or transfer to any non-entitled person any item
purchased in the Exchange, Class VI store, Commissary or Services (MWR) facility.

For example, if you purchase an item at the Class VI store you cannot legally give, sell or trade it to a non-
entitled British national. If you do, you are subject to criminal prosecution by UK and US authorities. See the
British Liaison Officer in the Legal Office if you have questions about these matters.


Whenever a vehicle is on a public road, whether it is driven, towed, pushed or parked, the owner and the person
in charge of it must be insured against the risk of injury to other people and damage to their property. British law
requires every vehicle owner to purchase at a minimum, liability insurance.

The United Kingdom refers to Liability Insurance as ―Third Party‖ insurance. You are required by law to have
Third Party insurance on any motor vehicle that is on a public highway. Fire, theft, and glass coverage can be
added to Third Party insurance for an additional cost.

Liability insurance must be obtained on all drivers. Your policy may name each driver specifically or cover any
driver who operates the vehicle. Regardless, you must inform the insurance agent or company before you let
another driver take your car.

If a claim is presented and the insurance company discovers the owner of the insured vehicle misrepresented who
would be driving the vehicle, the insurance company may refuse to pay the claim.

Coverage to your own vehicle is referred to as ―Comprehensive‖ insurance (full coverage). This type of
insurance will cover all damages to your vehicle, subject to any deductible, regardless of how the damages arose.

It is British law and a condition of all UK insurance policies that you maintain your vehicle in ―roadworthy
condition‖ at all times. Particular attention should be given to tires and brakes. If at any time your vehicle is
found to be non-roadworthy your insurance company is entitled to refuse to indemnify (cover) you in the event of
an accident.

TV Licensing

All televisions capable of receiving a signal must be licensed even if it is never turned on. British law requires
members of the visiting forces stationed in the United Kingdom who own equipment capable of receiving
television signals to purchase a television license. This law applies to televisions that can receive any kind of
signal, including American Forces Network (AFN) programming. This also applies to any other equipment
capable of receiving a television signal, i.e., personal computers with broadcast cards, video recorders, and set-
top boxes.

One television license covers all sets used in one household. The current fee for color TVs is £135.50; the fee for
black & white TVs is £44.00. Using television equipment to receive or record broadcast television programs
without the correct license is a criminal offense subject to prosecution and fines up to £1,000.00. Additional
information may be found at the TV Licensing website at

SECTION V – Miscellaneous Legal Issues

Motor Vehicle Accidents

All on-base accidents must be reported to:

      The Law Enforcement Desk: DSN 268-2400/Commercial 01480-842400, and
      The Safety Office: DSN 268-3232/Commercial 01480-843232.

All off-base accidents which result in injury involving military members or their family members or third-party
property must be reported to:

      The Law Enforcement Desk: DSN 268-2400/Commercial 01480-842400, and
      The Safety Office: DSN 268-3232/Commercial 01480-843232.

Use of Government Credit Cards

Government credit cards are to be used for official travel and official travel-related expenses only. They are not
to be used for personal purchases or expenses.

All charges must be paid in full upon receipt of the bill. Disciplinary action under the UCMJ is authorized for
misuse of government credit cards and failure to pay the balance when due.

Commanders receive monthly print-outs of all charges on government credit cards; these print-outs include
current charges and charges in arrears.

Use of Electronic Communications Systems

Federal government communication systems and equipment (including government-owned computer systems,
networks, equipment and/or automated information systems) as well as access to e-mail and Internet systems are
FOR OFFICIAL USE AND AUTHORIZED PURPOSE ONLY. Commanders may authorize certain incidental

There is no expectation of privacy for government computers, computer systems, or e-mails originating from or
received by government computers. Under the Military Rules of Evidence the search of government property
does not require probable cause search warrants.

The use of government hardware, software, and telephones, as well as access to the Internet and World Wide
Web (www.) is always subject to monitoring. Use of government resources will be treated as defined in the Joint
Ethics Regulation (JER).

Misuse of government communication systems and equipment may result in adverse administrative or UCMJ

Damage to On Base Housing

Housing occupants will be held liable for the loss or damage to base housing, equipment, or furnishings when
gross negligence or willful misconduct by the sponsor, family members, or invited guests causes the damage.

Generally, liability is limited to one month‘s base pay. Liability may be established for the full amount of the
loss to the government when the evidence indicates a reckless disregard for the consequences of one‘s acts, or
when the sponsor knows damage is likely to result from the willful misconduct or gross negligence of family
members or guests, and the sponsor fails to exercise reasonable care to prevent or limit such damage.

Personal Property Security

Claims for stolen property are generally not paid in cases where the owner was negligent in securing the property.
Additionally, personal property claims are generally paid at the depreciated value of the item, not the full
replacement value. Thus, you may want to consider household goods or renters insurance for your personal

If you carry household goods or renters insurance you must file for the loss against your insurance company
before filing a claim with the government. For all claims against the government you must be able to prove
ownership and loss.

We recommend you videotape or photograph all valuable items and maintain receipts for all high-value items. If
something is stolen, report the theft as soon as possible to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Discrimination and Harassment

Every individual deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her own potential and to work and live in an
environment that values human dignity, free of discrimination. Each one of us plays a key role in creating and
maintaining this kind of working and living environment.

Department of Defense policy on discrimination and harassment is very clear: No amount of any kind of
discrimination or harassment will be tolerated, period.

This policy applies to all personnel, military and civilian, including permanent party, reservists, and augmentees

                      Welcome To The Tri-Base Military Family Housing (MFH) Office

IMPORTANT: You must in-process through the Housing Office immediately upon your arrival. This is very
important due to the fact that this is a foreign country with special laws and customs.

Location:       Bldg 572/RAF Alconbury
Telephone:      DSN 268-3518/3519 COMM 01480-843518

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 0830-1600
Friday 0830-1400 (Closed Friday afternoon for training)

Housing Overview

The Housing Office can make your transition to the United Kingdom as smooth as possible by familiarizing you
with local customs and laws. Please contact us immediately after your arrival. The wait time for military family
housing varies from 3-12 months or more and is dependent upon a couple of factors i.e., number of dependents
and rank etc. We currently have 237 sets of government quarters. The limited number of existing quarters makes
it impossible to house all military families on base. Government housing has both 240 and 110 outlets for your
convenience. Our family housing is located in two geographically separated areas. Finding suitable off-base
accommodations within your housing allowance will undoubtedly be your highest priority. Your success in
finding property that meets your needs depends on many factors, i.e. how much you want to pay and the area in
which you want to live. Before you begin your search, we suggest you attend our off-base housing briefing,
which is given twice a week on Monday and Thursday at 10.30. No appointment is necessary

Services Offered

We maintain waiting lists for government quarters. We provide individual counseling referencing the different
housing areas and forecast dates for assignment to housing. We provide rental information, assist with tenancy
agreements for off-base housing and arbitrate disputes between members and landlords. We provide temporary
loaner furniture and permanent appliances and will assist you with any housing related problems.

Government Housing

There are several types of military family housing currently administered by the RAF Alconbury Housing Office:

209 units are located on Alconbury
28 at Brampton (about 5 miles from Alconbury and 10 miles from Molesworth - officers only)

All units have both 240 and 110 outlets


All government quarters are furnished with an American-type refrigerator, range, washer, dryer and dishwasher.

American or British appliances (washers, dryers and refrigerators) are available from the Furnishing Management
Office (FMO) on a permanent loan basis for economy quarters. FMO is located within the Housing Office.

Community Housing

The Housing Office displays listings of available off-base housing. We inspect every unit we list to ensure it is
suitable. Off-base housing in the Tri-base community area is always in short supply and the demand for it
remains high, especially for that rare large size unit. It is a fact of life that the majority of available rentals are
smaller than most houses in the United States and most do not have closets and inside storage areas. The

relationship between military tenant and landlord is extremely important due to the fact that laws and customs
regarding these relationships vary around the world. Therefore, before beginning your search for off-base
housing, we encourage you to attend our off-base housing briefing, which is given every Monday and Thursday
at 10:30.


You will be billed quarterly for most utilities or you may choose to have a standing order at your banking facility
that pays a monthly estimate. The cost of utilities varies greatly depending on size of home, method of heating
and usage.


Dormitory accommodation is situated on RAF Alconbury. There is one permanent party dormitory for
single/unaccompanied members and is single occupancy and room-bath-room configuration. Each room is 180
square feet and is fully furnished with a range of fitted furniture provided: computer unit, writing desk,
entertainment unit, full size bed, coffee table, recliner chair, full size refrigerator and microwave. Each building
has a well-equipped kitchen and laundry room. All rooms have dual voltage outlets, ceiling fans, and window
screens. Individual exterior doors have an electronic locking system. For inquiries concerning the dormitory
program, please contact the Dorm Manager at DSN 268-3115 or the unaccompanied Housing Manager.

If you have any questions or challenges, remember we are here to help you. Feel free to come and see us or give
us a call.

Estate Agents

There are numerous realtors (known as "estate agents") with available rental properties. Listings are available in
the Housing Office as well as online at Renting (known as "to let") though estate
agents normally requires two month's rent plus security deposit, on the day of move-in.

                                423d Medical Squadron at RAF Upwood
                                     Hours: 0730 – 1630 Monday - Friday
                                   Closed Federal Holidays and USAFE Days

The Air Force‘s 423d Medical Sq provides routine medical and dental care for all persons stationed at RAFs
Molesworth, Alconbury and Upwood. A modern family practice clinic is located at RAF Upwood, staffed with
two military family practice physicians, one PA, one OB/GYN nurse practitioner and three dentists. The facility
is located 17 miles from RAF Alconbury and 22 miles from RAF Molesworth. (Please see Shuttle Service and
MAPS included in these materials).

The Upwood Clinic is an outpatient facility. All 423d Medical Sq activities are scheduled through an
appointments system. Specialty services are limited and require referral to either military or civilian facilities.
The Upwood Clinic is not equipped to handle true medical emergencies. In case of a true medical emergency,
patients must be seen at the nearest civilian Accident and Emergency Room (A&E) or the US Air Force hospital
at RAF Lakenheath. Peterborough District Casualty Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon are
the nearest civilian hospitals to the Tri-base area. A 423d Medical Sq physician is available after-hours for
medical questions at 07711-071-779.

How to Obtain Care

To obtain care at the Upwood Clinic you must be registered in the Upwood Clinic database. Submitting an
enrollment form obtained from the Upwood Clinic Records Section or the Upwood TRICARE Enrollments
Office can complete this registration. In addition, you must ensure that you and your family members are
enrolled as eligible for medical care in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) and that
all DEERS information is up-to-date. This information can be updated at Building 334, RAF Molesworth. Once
properly registered at the Clinic, you may call the appropriate section to make an appointment. Enrollment forms
are also available at Newcomer‘s Orientation.

                                        TRICARE EUROPE BENEFITS

Health care benefits for active duty and retired military members and their families are provided under
TRICARE Europe. Most active duty members and their families are covered under TRICARE Europe Prime.
The Prime Program brings together the health care resources of each of the military services and supplements
them with networks of civilian health care professionals to provide better access and high quality service while
maintaining the capability to support military operations. Prime is not currently available for military retirees
living overseas, although they may be seen on a space available basis at military medical facilities throughout the

For further TRICARE related questions, contact the tri-base TRICARE Service Center at RAF Upwood.

TRICARE Enrollments Office – enrollments, transfers, travel information, PCS and registration.
Phone: DSN 268-4561 or Civilian 01480-844561.

TRICARE Referral and Claims Office – referrals, specialty appointments with civilian providers and military
treatment facilities, claims assistance and health benefit advice.
Phone: DSN 268-4502 or Civilian 01480-844502.

                                    Services Offered At The Upwood Clinic

                                    Medical Flight Daily Information Line

The 423d Medical Sq offers an information phone line to get up-to-date information about changes in clinic hours
or clinic services. For visits to the clinic without a formal appointment, call the information line to ensure that
the needed service is available.

                                             Primary/Medical Care

There are two family practice physicians and a physician assistant. An OB/GYN nurse practitioner is available to
TRICARE eligible patients. For any specialty care not available at the Upwood Clinic, patients will be referred
by their Primary Care Managers to either local host nation providers or the 48th Medical Group at RAF
Lakenheath. An optometrist from RAF Lakenheath visits once per quarter to perform routine eye exams for
active duty and their family members. Pharmacy and laboratory facilities are also available. For persons and
families with special needs, the Upwood Clinic houses professionals in Family Advocacy, the Exceptional
Family Member Program (EFMP) and Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS).

A 423d Medical Sq physician is also available after-hours for medical questions on cell phone: 07711-071-779.

Please note that there is no sick call or walk-in appointment system: Active Duty Sick Call will fall under
the normal appointment system. To schedule appointments for the Family Practice Clinic, please call the number
in the directory at the end of this material.

                                                  Dental Care

Routine care, including an annual dental examination and cleaning for active duty and family members (children
over 4-years-old), is provided at the Upwood Dental Clinic. Historically, specialty dental care has been available
to meet most family members‘ needs (dental crowns, root canals and teeth extractions). Any patient who is
experiencing dental pain/injury or has a dental concern may call the Upwood Dental Clinic and schedule an acute
appointment to address their special need. These appointments are available Monday through Friday, except
Wednesdays. If a dental emergency occurs outside of normal duty hours (evenings and weekends), ID card
holders can report to Lakenheath ER for evaluation and treatment.

Orthodontics is extremely limited due to the fact that there are no orthodontists assigned to the Upwood Dental
Clinic. Those patients in active treatment (fixed braces) started prior to notification of assignment overseas
receive the highest priority and utilize most of the limited available appointments. Another option for
orthodontic care is through the TRICARE Dental Program. For more information on this program, contact the
Upwood Dental Clinic or call the TRICARE Europe Office at DSN 496-6358 or Civilian (49)-(0) 6302-67-6358.

Services are available at the Upwood Clinic. Please note that requests for refills will not be honored at the
pharmacy window. A request for refill on a current prescription must be done via telephone. The prescription
may then be picked up at the pharmacy window or it may be sent to your PSC/Box.
Refill telephone: 0800-91-91-21.

                                               Civilian Personnel

US civilian employees and immediate family members stationed in the United Kingdom are authorized to use the
Upwood Clinic on a space-available basis only and are required to reimburse the government for episodes of
inpatient and outpatient care in compliance with 10 USC, Section 1078. The services available are: Primary
Care/Family Practice, Well Baby, Immunization and Dental. In addition, aeromedical evacuation is authorized

for intra-theater and from overseas to CONUS and return. The patient will be responsible for all associated
charges for an aeromedical evacuation in compliance with AFH 41-114.

                                 Services Not Available At The Upwood Clinic

                                                 Emergency Care

The Upwood Clinic is not equipped to handle true medical emergencies. In case of a true medical emergency,
patients must be seen at the nearest civilian Accident and Emergency Room (A&E) or the US Air Force hospital
at RAF Lakenheath. Peterborough District Casualty Hospital, Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust and
Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon are the nearest civilian hospitals to the tri-base area.

The British equivalent to an emergency room is called the Accident and Emergency department (A&E) or
Casualty. A&E is for emergencies only (threat to life, limb or sight or undue pain or suffering). In true medical
emergencies, any British emergency room will treat patients who arrive there for care. Persons stationed here
on official orders are entitled to emergency care under the Status of Forces between the U.K. and the U.S. In
non-emergencies, you may be referred back to your British General Practitioner (GP) or Primary Care Manager
(PCM) for a routine appointment.

If you should need a visit to a civilian A&E, it is your obligation to identify yourself, if you are able, as a U.S.
active duty member or a DoD-sponsored beneficiary. Give them your sponsor’s social security number for entry
on any medical form generated from the visit. The civilian hospital needs this information in order to forward
any medical documentation directly to the Upwood Clinic for filing in your medical records.

** Active duty members: You must notify your Primary Care Management Team at the Medical Flight within
the following 24 hours (next duty day) of any episode of inpatient or outpatient care to civilian health care
providers. You may do this by calling your team’s number or the Family Practice appointment number. This
is necessary to complete any line of duty determination and any third party liability notifications that may be

                                            Radiology and Pediatrics

The 48th Medical Sq at RAF Lakenheath Hospital provides Pediatric and Radiology services.

                                                  Inpatient Care

The 48th Medical Sq at RAF Lakenheath has on OB unit, Newborn Nursery, Medical-Surgical Unit and a Mental
Health Unit.

                                       The British System of Health Care

Department of Defense civilians, family members of active duty personnel and retirees can subscribe to the
National Health Service (NHS) by registering at the nearest NHS clinic to where they live. The British system of
health care is built around the General Practitioner (GP) or family doctor. Subscribers to the NHS are assigned to
their own GP. Many GPs will accept enrollment only upon agreement that the patient will go to them
exclusively. Patients would consult him/her before seeking any other medical advice or treatment. Specialty care
is obtained similarly to our system, with the GP initiating a letter of referral to the specialist on behalf of the

SHUTTLE SERVICE***Subject to changes, please confirm schedule (number listed below)

RAF Upwood Shuttle – Weekday Service Only: (Mon – Fri excluding federal holidays and USAFE Family

First shuttle of the day - Depart RAF Alconbury at Community Center, in front of the Daily Grind 0630: Arrive
RAF Upwood Clinic 0700.
** The remainder of shuttles to Upwood throughout the day will run by requirement only.
** Anyone wishing to take a scheduled shuttle to Upwood Clinic should call Vehicle Operations Dispatch @
DSN 268-3950 or 01480-843950 to make arrangements.

Please call the Upwood Appointment Line on 01480-84-4503 for reservations and enquiries.

IMPORTANT MEDICAL TELEPHONE NUMBERS: (Dial from RAF Alconbury, Molesworth or Upwood)
Medical Sq Daily Information Line     01480-84-4503
Family Practice Appointments          01480-84-4503 or 268-4503
After-hours Physician                 07711-071-779
Allergy/Immunology (limited)          01480-84-4503
Dental Clinic                         01480-84-4585 or 268-4585
Pharmacy …………………………………….…… Refills: 0800-91-91-21

Medical Laboratory                                  01480-84-4590 or 268-4590
Life Skills Support Center                          01480-84-4552 or 268-4552
Family Advocacy/Exceptional Family Member Program…..      01480-84-4541 or 268-4541
Intervention Service                                01480-84-4554 or 268-4554
Public Health                                       01480-84-4564 or 268-4564
TRICARE                                             01480-84-4561/4502 or 268-4561/4502
TRICARE Health Care Information Line                0800-896-409 toll-free
Medical Services Account Office (RAF Lakenheath)    01638-52-8597 or 226-8597

Hinchingbrooke Hospital                                   01480-416416
Lakenheath Emergency Room                                 01638-52-4226
Kettering General Hospital                                01536-492000
Peterborouth District Casualty Hospital                   01733-874397

From Government Phone                        911
From Alconbury/Molesworth Housing            841-911
BRITISH FIRE DEPARTMENT                      999
BRITISH CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: Any British Hospital or NHS Direct on 0845-46-47

                                           In Processing Brief Sheet
423 ABS Comptroller Office                           Websites of interest
Hours of Operation: 0800-1600 Mon & Wed    
                    0800-1300 Friday       
Located on RAF Alconbury, Bldg 516
Contact numbers: 268-3640/3623

                                INPROCESSING (for Air Force and Army only)

Navy and Marines need to contact the Navy Element at the JAC for details. 268-2201. Civilians can drop off
their PCS voucher along with a SF1199A to be forwarded to RAF Mildenhall for processing to include RAT
travel for DODDS personnel.

any other pay system for other branches of service or civilian pay systems. Army, Navy and Marines need to
contact their specific element at the JAC for further assistance. All Civilian Employees need to contact their
servicing office (below) for specific entitlement allowances, pay changes or pay inquiries.

Army Element: 268-2252                Navy/Marine Element: 268-2201
DoDDS High School: 268-3512                 DoDDS Elementary School: 268-3620
CPO (RAF Mildenhall): 238-5583              CPO (JAC): 268-2664

                               MILITARY PAY STATION ENTITLEMENTS
   (the applicable rates are the same for all MILITARY members but the procedures and some rules may
                                            differ for each service.)

                                      BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing)

Members residing in the dormitory will receive Partial rate BAH $6.90-$8.10 monthly based on rank. Members
who are on an UNACCOMPANIED tour but have dependents who remained stateside are authorized to draw
BAH based on their losing duty station or an authorized point where your dependents reside.

                                     OHA (Overseas Housing Allowance)

Payable to members authorized to reside off base. OHA is based off lease agreement not to exceed OHA ceiling.
Preliminary paperwork to initiate the entitlement is done through the Base Housing Office. Utilities will be
included in the OHA based on how much of all utilities the member is required to pay based on lease agreement.
Housing advance for first month‘s rent and/or security deposit available if necessary. Contact the Housing Office
to initiate paperwork for these advances. OHA FYI - Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
closely monitors changes in the exchange rate. They can adjust OHA every pay day if necessary to maintain your
purchasing power. Of course, it takes a while for the change to show up in your paycheck, just as it takes time to
process an allotment change.

                                          MIHA (Move in Housing Allowance)

One time payment to members authorized to receive OHA. Entitlement £289.00.

There is no dining facility to utilize in the Tri-Base area authorizing each member to receive full BAS of $267.18
for Enlisted and $175.23 for Officers.

                                        COLA (Cost of Living Allowance)

All members are authorized to draw COLA the day they arrive on station. COLA is based on rank, years of
service and number of dependents. COLA is affected by the foreign exchange rate and is monitored by the Per
Diem Committee. As the amount of foreign currency your dollar "buys" changes, the Per Diem Committee
increases or decreases COLA to maintain your purchasing power.

NOTE: The above are the basic entitlements a member may receive while stationed in the Tri-Base area. Other
entitlements could be payable depending on each person‘s individual situation. Specific questions pertaining to
individual cases should be addressed with your servicing Finance Office.

                                                   Advance Pay

 DD2560 - PCS advance payments provide a member with funds to meet extraordinary expenses incident to a
government-ordered relocation. It is intended to assist with out-of-pocket expenses that exceed or precede
reimbursements incurred in a duty location change and are expenses not typical of day-to-day military living. An
advance of pay shall not be authorized if the specific out of pocket expenses covered by advances of others and
entitlements, if such advances are used (to include travel allowances and perdiem, OHA, BAQ, VHA and DLA).
The member‘s commander has oversight responsibility to ensure the advance of pay is only used to help with the
financial burden of a PCS.

       MAX payment authorized is three month‘s Base Pay less deductions with a 24 month repay.
       E-4 and above can receive one month Base Pay less deductions with a 12 month repay with out their
        Commander‘s signature.
       Anything above one month‘s Base Pay with more than a 12 month repay is required to obtain their
        Commander‘s signature.
       E-3 and below a required to obtain their Commander‘s signature.

                                 Temporary Lodging Allowing/Arrival (TLA/I)

TLA is provided to partially reimburse a member for the more than normal expenses incurred while occupying
temporary lodgings. TLA is processed with the Housing Office in 10 day increments. The Housing Office will
forward the paperwork to the finance office for payment. Payment will be made into the next available paycheck.
It will not be a separate EFT payment nor can you split disburse. For more details on TLA, contact the Housing

                                             Daily TLA Computation

Actual Lodging NTE Max + Meals = Daily TLA. On the first and last day only, meals will be paid at the w/out
cooking facilities rate. If member is not included in periods for TLA, then the first dependent becomes the
member and the next child becomes the first dependent.

                    Rates Current as of 01 Aug 2007
                                                                           Meals w/out   Meals w/
                    MBR     1st Dep Over 12       Under 12    Max Lodging Cooking        Cooking
                      1         0       0            0        $     133.25 $       78.65 $     39.33
                      1         1       0            0        $     205.00 $      121.00 $     60.50
                      1         1       1            0        $     276.75 $      163.35 $     81.68
                      1         1       1            1        $     328.00 $      193.60 $     96.80
                      1         1       2            0        $     348.50 $      205.70 $    102.85
                      1         1       3            0        $     420.25 $      248.05 $    124.03
                      1         1       4            0        $     492.00 $      290.40 $    145.20
                      1         1       2            1        $     399.75 $      235.95 $    117.98
                      1         1       2            2        $     451.00 $      266.20 $    133.10
                      1         1       2            3        $     502.25 $      296.45 $    148.23
                      1         1       3            1        $     471.50 $      278.30 $    139.15
                      1         1       3            2        $     522.75 $      308.55 $    154.28
                      1         1       3            3        $     574.00 $      338.80 $    169.40
                      1         1       1            2        $     379.25 $      223.85 $    111.93
                      1         1       1            3        $     430.50 $      254.10 $    127.05
                      1         1       0            1        $     256.25 $      151.25 $     75.63
                      1         1       0            2        $     307.50 $      181.50 $     90.75
                      1         1       0            3        $     358.75 $      211.75 $    105.88
                      1         1       0            4        $     410.00 $      242.00 $    121.00
                    DAILY TLA computation:
                    Actual Lodging + Meals = Daily TLA
                    On the first and last day ONLY, meals will be paid at the w/out cooking facilities rate.

                    NOTE: If MBR is not included in periods for TLA then the 1st depend becomes the MBR
                    and the next child becomes the 1st Dep.

                                                     LES/W2 Info

Effective Jan 2004: hard copy LES will not be mailed for USAFE personnel. The only way to obtain an LES is
through the myPay website. You can request a pin on line. A temporary pin will be mailed to you with in a
couple of business days. If you do not receive your pin, please contact our office to verify if we have your
current mailing address on file.

                                                  Travel Information

                                                 Government Travel Card

It is not mandatory for Air Force personnel to use the GTC during a PCS. All personnel shall adhere to the
procedures set forth in DODFMR Vol 9 Ch 3. Individual cardholders are responsible for payment in full of the
undisputed amounts due in the monthly billing statement.

          1. To assist the traveler in fulfilling the payment responsibility, Block 1 of the DD Form 1351-2 has
             been modified to permit transportation, lodging and rental car charges on the travel card to be
             forwarded to the GTC.

          2. Effective 15 Jul 03 it is MANDATORY to utilize split disbursement provided you USED the card
             and there is STILL a balance due.

           3. Commanders or supervisors shall not tolerate misuse of the DoD travel card. Cardholders who
              misuse their GTC shall be subject to appropriate administrative or disciplinary action.

           4. 423 ABG personnel will have their GTC de-activated if you are not projected to go TDY three or
              more times per year. JAC personnel will have their GTC de-activated if you are not projected to
              go TDY two or more times per year.

                                       Personally Procured Transportation

It is MANDATORY DoD policy to use CTOs for all transportation requirements. A member who, despite DoD
policy, procures common carrier transportation at personal expense is limited to the government cost for the
authorized transportation and accommodations over a usually traveled direct route provided a non-foreign flag
carrier was utilized.

                                          PCS Travel Entitlements

                                        Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE)

TLE is intended to partially pay for lodging/meal expenses when a member/dependent(s) occupy temporary
quarters in CONUS due to a PCS. MBRs PCSing from CONUS to OCONUS location are authorized a max of 5
days TLE. File lodging claim w/ the Travel Pay section of Finance at your gaining base.

                                           Daily TLE Computation

Actual Lodging NTE $180.00 + Meals = Daily TLE
The meal rate is based on the perdiem for your new PDS location. Rates available on

                                        Dislocation Allowance (DLA)

The purpose of DLA is partially reimburse members with or with out dependents for expenses incurred in
relocating the members household on a PCS. DLA is not authorized to members who will be residing in the
dormitory. DLA will be paid off the members travel voucher.

                                                 Travel Time

NOTE: Actual travel time exceeds authorized travel time (max) if you complete your travel in less than the
authorized travel time.

Travel time is based on the mode of transportation you take to get from your losing base to your gaining

By POV – for every 350 miles = 1 travel day. MALT rates apply: Perdiem: Flat rate of $91.00 per day for
member. 75% for each dependent over age 12 and 50% for each dependent under age 12. Travel: $0.15 for the
member & $0.02 for each additional dependent NTE a total of $0.20 per mile.

By AIR – 1 day Exception: mbrs pcsing to PACAF bases – 2 days
Mixed modes of travel is authorized BUT limited to Least Costly Mode of travel.

b. Members are authorized 1 (one) overnight at their Port of Departure (POD) & 1 (one) overnight at
their Port of Embarkation (POE).

POD is defined as the airport traveler departs on an international/transoceanic flight (the LAST point of departure
from the UK).

POE is defined as the airport at which the traveler arrives CONUS on an international/transoceanic flight (the
FIRST point of entry to the CONUS).

Check w/ Finance Office for MAX lodging rates for lodging locations or at

c. POV Drop off and Pick up – reimbursed as mileage only. No other expenses are reimbursable in
conjunction w/ POV pickup/dropoff.

POV Drop off or Pick up en-route PCS (AFTER out process and BEFORE in process)
(one) way mileage only @ $.015 per mile.
(one) travel day for every 350 miles applies as well provided you are utilizing an AUTHORIZED Port of
Shipment (TMO POC). (one) Overnight at their POV drop off port.

POV Drop off or Pick up BEFORE out process and AFTER in process:
Round trip mileage @ $.375 per mile.
No additional travel time authorized.

                                        Miscellaneous Reimbursements

                              Airport arrival/departure tax
                              ATM fees
                              Baggage tips limited $2.00 per bag
                              Baggage carts
                              Taxi to and from transportation terminal
                              Passports and visas fees (for OCONUS only if ―no fee‖
                              passport not avail)
                              Pet Quarantine
                              POV Shipment for drop off and pick up

                                     TDY Travel Information: DD1351-2


                                        DD1351-2c continuation sheet

Effective 15 Jul 03 it is MANDATORY to utilize split disbursement provided you USED the card and there is
STILL a balance due.

For members (military and civilian) without a GTC an advance is authorized. Your orders must state you are not
a GTC holder. The advance must be applied for in person prior to your TDY departure. Please have room
reservation as well as the daily lodging amount available. The advance will be electronically fund transferred
(EFT) to the members account at 80% of total projected entitlement. Any unsettled portion upon completion of
TDY will be subject to payroll deduction.

                                           Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Please fill out the TSP form TSP-U-1 to update your current address if you are currently enrolled in the program.

                                           Miscellaneous Information

Inquiry numbers for military members to utilize if unable to contact your servicing office. The below numbers
are an automated service only to obtain pay info or leave balance. Please do not use these numbers if you have a
specific pay issue. If pay problems occur please make every attempt to contact your servicing Finance Office.

               1.   DFAS-DE (Air Force) 1-800-616-3775
               2.   DFAS-IN (Army) 1-888-729-2769
               3.   DFAS-CL (Navy) 1-800-346-3374
               4.   DFAS-KC (Marines) 1800-549-8302

The myPay website is available for use to all branches of the service, Civil Service employees as well as Retirees.
LES info as well as current year and prior year W2s are readily available.

                            What the Airman and Family Readiness Center
                                         has to Offer You!!!
Personal Financial Management: Offers information, education, and personal financial counseling. Long term
solutions to financial well being can be found through advice on budgeting, debt liquidation, checkbook
maintenance, credit management, investing, and other confidential personal financial management concerns.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS): This is a non-profit organization that helps the AF take care of its own in
emergencies through interest free loans or grants for basic needs such as: rent/mortgage payment to prevent
eviction (when circumstances warrant), monies to purchase food, for a dependent‘s funeral expenses and in some
cases, travel to an immediate family member‘s funeral; and car repair for an essential vehicle. Army, Marines,
and Navy members should also contact the AFAS for assistance.

Career Assistance: Our staff can assist family members through our classes and one on one, in areas such as:
resume/CV writing, federal resume writing, interviewing, goal setting, and career assessment.

Transition Assistance: Professional guidance on changing careers from the military to the civilian sector,
including resume, interviews, and job hunting skills. There is a 4-day seminar that is a ―must‖ for the exiting
military member and spouse.

Volunteer Resource Program (VRP): Looking for a rewarding experience? Become a volunteer! The VRP
functions as the community‘s resource for base-wide volunteer activity and is an excellent way to acquire skills
that enhance personal and professional development.

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) & Information and Referral: The staff at Airman and Family
Readiness Center are available to offer various services to military members and their families that are PCSing in
or out. For assistance with day to day living in the UK, information about your new base, Sponsorship training
and assistance, Smooth Move & Newcomers Briefings, and information on utilities, phone services, Internet
service providers, general mortgage advice, and cultural awareness concerns.

Loan Locker: household items such as linens, port-a-cribs, dishes, pots and pans, small electrical appliances,
car seats, strollers, etc. are all available to borrow for 30 days with a valid ID card and a copy of your orders.

Personal & Family Readiness Program: This program offers support programs and services for assigned Tri-
Base personnel before, during and after deployment. The "Hearts Apart" program offers a variety of means to
allow separated families the ability to communicate on a regular basis at little or no expense. "Hearts Apart"
services include: phone cards, morale calls, stationary kits, Internet access and video teleconferencing. Other
deployment-related programs and services include: "Car Care Because We Care", "Give Parents a
Break", monthly support group dinners, newsletters, pre-deployment briefings and one on one assistance.

Key Spouse Program: Sometimes family members simply need someone to listen to them, point them in the
right direction, or someone who understands their experiences. Rest assured there are experienced and
knowledgeable spouses who are willing to listen and help. The Key Spouse Program consists of trained volunteer
spouses who provide peer support and information and referral to family members in their time of need. This is
an excellent and invaluable resource for spouses arriving to the Tri-base community.

On-Base Employment:

U.S. Civil Service
Spouses coming to Alconbury/Molesworth on their sponsor‘s orders may apply for Civil Service position before they
arrive. However for their self-nomination to be considered they must list a PCS address local to RAF

Alconbury/Moledworth. In other words, they must already have an established Post Office Box. When applying for civil
service (GS/WG) positions, you must build an on-line resume through AFPC at Randolph AFB.

The website is: This allows you to search current opening, build a resume, and self-
nominate for vacancies. It is recommended that you download the Job Kit from the AFPC website prior to writing your
resume, and that you set aside a full day to write the resume. It takes 24-48 hours for the resume to be uploaded into the
system. Once your resume is loaded into the system, you will want to check the website 2-3 times a week for vacancies, as
most vacancies are only open for 5 business days. You can self-nominate to apply for vacancies. If you need assistance in
this process or for more information, consult the Career Focus Manager at the Airman & Family Readiness Center where
you are stationed.

Military spouse preference provides priority in the employment selection process for military spouses. Spouses who are
seriously interested in obtaining a Civil Service (GS/WG) position while stationed at Alconbury/Molesworth need to check
with Civilian Personnel before accepting any job offers. Accepting certain jobs may eliminate your military spouse‘s
preference and ruin your opportunity for Civil Service employment.

Family Member Preference should not be confused with Military Spouse Preference. A family member is a U.S. citizen,
military spouse who has used their spouse preference or an unmarried child (including stepchild, adopted child, or foster
child) under the age of 23, residing with his/her military or civilian sponsor who was officially assigned to the overseas
area. This does not include relatives of locally hired civilians, Red Cross, USO, DoD Contractors, BX Concessionaire,
Military Banking Facility, or University personnel. Military spouses will be referred for jobs before other family members.

Foreign-born spouses who are not American citizens are not eligible to work in civil service positions. Foreign-born
spouses may seek positions with AAFES, Non Appropriated Funds (NAF), DECA, Contracting, Family daycare office or
off base agencies. Foreign-born spouses on their sponsors orders are also exempt from needing a work permit to work on
the British economy.

You can do the following things in preparation for your job search:

- Contact your gaining Airman & Family Readiness Center as soon as possible. They will go over all the opportunities
available on and off base and how to apply for each different category.

- Have copies of your College transcripts for possible use by the Civilian Personnel Office.

- Be diligent, but patient with your job search, and seriously consider furthering you education! This will enhance your
marketability and should make you qualified for better jobs.

*Civilian         RAF               Monday - Friday        Positions are advertised on-line at the Air Force
Personnel         Mildenhall        0800-1700              Personnel Center: .
(CPO)             01638-54-                                You must apply on-line, and your resume takes about
                  3540 or                                  24 hours to load into the system. Jobs are posted for a
                  01638-54-                                week, and you must self-nominate for your resume to
                  2622                                     be submitted. For more information, read the Job Kit
                                                           posted on the website or make a Career Focus
                                                           appointment at AFRC .
*Dept of          - Lakenheath      Monday - Friday        Teachers and those interested in positions above the
Defense           Elementary        0830-1530              GS-07 level must apply on-line at
Dependents        Middle/HS                       .
Schools                                                    Substitute teacher positions are always open. Drop by
DoDDS                                                      the school where you want to substitute at and fill out

                                                      the application form.
                                                      DoDDS has a continual need to fill positions below the
                                                      GS-07 level, for more information about the current
                                                      vacancies, e-mail:
*DECA            RAF             Tuesday - Sunday     Positions are open on an on-going basis. Current
Commissary       Alconbury       1000 - 1900          vacancies can be browsed and applications can be
                                                      submitted via .
*NAF (Non        RAF             Monday - Friday       NAF offers temporary, part-time, flex-time, and full-
Appropriated     Alconbury       0800-1630            time positions, which are posted in the lobby and at
Funds)           01480-84-                            AFRC. Applications are kept on file for 90 days and
                 3381                                 can be submitted at any time.

AAFES            AAFES           Tuesday-Saturday     Positions are advertised at the AAFES Personnel
                 Personnel       1000-1800            Office. Anyone interested in applying for a position
                 Office                               should stop by the personnel Office and fill out an
                 RAF                                  application. An interview will also be conducted to
                 Alconbury                            determine skills and hours available to work.
Keesler          RAF             Tuesday-Friday       Applications can be picked up at anytime and will be
Federal          Alconbury       0900-1600            kept on file for 60 days. Must fill out an application at
Credit Union                                          each bank location.

Community        RAF             Tuesday - Friday     Applications can be picked up at the customer service
Bank             Alconbury/R     0900-1530            desk and are maintained indefinitely or until the
                 AF                                   applicant requests it to be discarded.

Off-Base Employment:


Searching for a job in an overseas assignment is different from a job search in the US. Since the bases tend to be
situated in more rural settings, there is not as much industry as you may find in more populated areas.

Work Permit - None required as long as spouse has UK visa (the stamp located in passport).
You will need a National Insurance Number. You apply for a National Insurance Number through the Cambridge
Job Centre Plus, and you need to have an appointment scheduled.

Cambridge Job Centre Plus can be contacted by commercial phone at 011-44-1223 545000 (from US) or 01223-
545000 (inside UK). Alternate contact info: Call 0845 60 00643 (inside UK) or visit:

Where to look for Jobs:

Job Centre Plus
Most towns have a Job Centre Plus. The Job Centre Plus is similar to the State Employment Agencies in the US.
Positions posted are typically entry level, administrative office positions and manual labour. The best way to

search jobs is to go to a Job Centre Plus in person.

Several local newspapers have job listings on certain days of the week.
Wednesdays: Cambridge Evening News and East Anglia Daily Times
Thursday: Huntingdon Post

Recruitment Agencies
One of the most common ways of locating employment in the UK is through a Recruitment or Employment
Agency. These agencies offer free services for job seekers, as they collect their fees from the companies they
represent. These offices do placements for both temporary and permanent positions. Contact information for local
agencies can be found in the Yellow Pages phone book. Look under "recruitment agencies" or "employment

UK Taxes
For more information, contact the Inland Revenue Service at 0845 302 1453 or
Taxes are deducted on a sliding scale from 0% to 40%. This is based on income level, and you are given a
personal allowance of just under 5,000 pounds a year (before you must pay taxes). You will initially be given an
emergency tax code, which gets the taxes taken out immediately until you have a "tax code" based on your
salary. You will have to change your tax code once it is issued, as this will lower your tax bracket.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
When applying for an off-base position you will need a Curriculum Vitae (CV). The CV is basically identical to a
resume. To view sample CV's checkout:

When preparing a CV:
Use A4 paper. This can be purchased at stores such as Tesco or W.H. Smith newsagents in England. Remember
to use the appropriate spell-check, British-English, not American-English. If you are an American citizen, it may
be wise to add nationality and include the wording "No Work Permit Required."

As in the U.S., many companies and businesses will have job postings on their websites as well as being posted
on local recruiters‘ websites. It can be useful to start with a web search before arriving in the local area so that
you can get a general idea of the job market.

Job Search websites:

CV (resume) websites:

Certificates and Qualifications- Like the US, certain jobs may require certificates and qualifications. It is a good
idea to find if you require one…or be benefited by one…as early as possible. It is possible to begin to acquire
some of these certificates/qualifications via the web before you get here

United Kingdom (UK) Visas


United Kingdom (UK) Visas

Your losing Military Personnel Flight (MPF) will ensure that you and your family have the appropriate
documents to enter the UK.

The United Kingdom has immigration regulations that require visitors to the UK for more that 6 months to obtain
entry clearance prior to traveling to the UK. While the rules exempt active duty military personnel, they do
apply to military dependents, as well as civilian personnel, contractors and their dependents.

All non-active duty DOD-affiliated personnel assigned to the UK for more than 6 months must apply for entry
clearance to the visa section of the British Consulate serving their geographic area prior to traveling to the UK.
Information on British Consulates worldwide may be found on the UK Visas web site at

The required form for entry clearance is the "Non-Settlement Form". This is a very lengthy form that must be
accurately completed in its entirety. Your MPF should maintain a supply of these forms for the use of assigned

Type "MEMBER OF US VISITING FORCES" in bold caps on top of the front page of all applications, and
provide the appropriate mailing address for the servicing British Consulate. MPF may "batch" applications from
assigned personnel and submit them on behalf of their personnel to the appropriate British Consulate for their
area via courier (Fed Ex, Express Mail, USPS, etc).

For the US, a single British Consulate has been designated as the main processing center for applications for each
section of the country. Applicants east of the Mississippi River should submit applications to the British
Consulate in New York at 845 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, Telephone:(212-745-0200). Those living
west of the Rocky Mountains will submit their applications to the British Consulate at 11766 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA, 90025-6538, Telephone:(310-481-2900). Finally those living in between those two
areas will be serviced by the Chicago Consulate at the Wrigley Building, 400N Michigan Ave, Suite 1380,
Chicago, Il, 606111, Telephone: (312-970-3854).

MPF must insure required no-fee passports are obtained as soon as personnel assignments to the United Kingdom
are identified, as passports are required to be submitted to the British Consulate along with the applications for
entry clearance. Processing of entry clearance is expected to take less than a week for "routine" applications, but
may take as long as 45 days.

Please note that a fee is required for each family member who requires an entry clearance. This fee is expected to
be £75 pounds sterling (approximately $125 at the current exchange rate), payable in local currency, plus a $16
fee for mailing costs. All personnel should contact the local British Consulate visa section for the exact fee owed.
Personnel who must obtain entry clearance for themselves and/or their dependents may file for reimbursement of
these fees on their travel voucher when they arrive at their new permanent duty station in the UK. Civilian
employees must have a transportation agreement to claim for reimbursement under the Joint Travel Regulation

(JTR). For additional guidance concerning the immigration requirements please contact your gaining Personnel
Office in the UK.

An added benefit of a USAFE assignment is the ability to travel to Europe and see sights many people spend a
lifetime dreaming about. Your losing MPF can answer questions concerning appropriate documentation for the
various countries you will want to visit. We highly recommend for you and your family to obtain tourist
passports (at your own expense) prior to departing your current duty location. The tourist passport will enable
you to travel freely to all European countries, as the no-fee passports are only valid for travel between the UK
and the United States, and some countries do not accept ID cards and PCS orders as official travel documents.
This does not waive the Visa requirement, however, as return entry from Europe into the UK still requires
Immigration to see the Visa stamp.

Command Sponsorship
Dependents must have medical and educational clearance approval prior to them being command-sponsored
dependents. Check with your local MPF Outbound Assignments for additional information. If you are getting
married en route, on your arrival here please see the MPF Employments at RAF Mildenhall or you joint/service
administrative support section as soon as possible to amend your PCS orders.

                      Airman and Family Readiness LOAN LOCKER
                                   Located in Bldg. 671 RAF Alconbury
                                         Open Monday – Friday
                                              0730 - 1630

LOAN LOCKER: 2, 4 or 6 person kits containing:

dinnerware                           glasses/mugs silverware
cooking utensils                     mixing bowl         pots/pans
colander                             can opener          juice pitcher
baking pan                           knives              measuring cup/spoons

All of these items are conveniently packed in a trolley with wheels. Please note that you can borrow any of the
above items individually also.


casserole dishes                     dish drainers                        coffee pots (220w)
toasters (220w)                      irons (220w)                         ironing boards
tea kettles (220w)                   mixers (220)                         pillows
sheets&blankets                      silverware trays                     cookie sheets
laundry baskets                      dish pan                             electric skillets (110w)
cake/pie pans


car seats (American spec cars only) port-a-cribs                   high chairs
crib sheets                         crib blankets                  umbrella and full size strollers

Following guidance from HHQ, any child safety restraint that is used in a British or European car would have
to comply with EU laws and have the EU stamp.

All items can be loaned out for 30 days to personnel PCSing to the Tri-Base area. 30 day extensions to your
contract are allowed if needed. Any further extensions require a letter from your First Sgt./Supervisor or TMO

To borrow any items, just bring in a copy of your orders. No appointment is necessary but please allow at least
20 minutes for your visit.

                                         Important Information
                                                Using the Phone
   The numbers on Alconbury & Molesworth are in the Huntingdon area code (01480).
   The prefix for Alconbury numbers is 82 (e.g. Family Readiness would be 01480-82-3557)
   The prefix for Molesworth numbers is 84 (e.g. Security Forces would be 01480-84-2400)
   Upwood DSN phone number convert differently to commercial numbers, so refer to Clinic section for civilian
    phone numbers.
If you don‘t have access to a phone, you may use one in the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

Other helpful phone information

You may wish to call your friends and family. If your number is 01480-555-666, this is exactly what someone in
the UK should dial to reach you. If calling from within the same area code (01480) one can just dial 555-666.
(Note: numbers in the UK have 5 to 7 digits depending on the area.)

If people are calling you from the states, they must dial the international dialing code, the country code, the area
code and finally the number. They would dial: 011-44-1480-555-666. (The 0 in your area code is omitted. It is
technically the first number for a long distance number like 1 is in the U.S.)

If you plan to make a lot of long distance calls, and you will be here for several months, you may wish to get a
portable long distance service. Some services will provide you with an access code that you can dial from
registered phone lines. You can receive a monthly bill for each call you make, or you can have unlimited calls
for a set fee. Some of these services will provide you with an adapter you can attach to your phone plug that
routes all your calls through them without using an access code. Either of these types of companies will charge
you for call to the US at a rate of approximately 2.5-5 pence per minute. Rates vary from company to company
and from country to country. Shop around to find what‘s best for you. Alternatively you can purchase calling
cards. The rates on these vary from 17-30 cents a minute.

Establishing BT Phone Service in Base Housing, Dorms, or Lodging

Call BT at 0800-872-872; give them your British address and duty phone. For Dorms/Long-Term TDY Lodging
rooms be sure to include building number and room number and tell them you want the service for this room in
your name.

BT will send this information to their scheduling. It generally can take 1 – 3 weeks to install the phone.

If there was service previously in your room/house, there is no connection fee. If you are told there was no
previous service there, double check with housing/ lodging to verify this is true.

You will be responsible for purchasing your own phone. The BX sells phones, as does the thrift shop.

The 0800-872-872 number is for military and by using this number, you can avoid costly deposits. You must
request a monthly billing vs. quarterly billing to qualify.

                                                   The Internet

There are various Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering broadband services (i.e. BT, Virgin, Sky, Tiscali, etc.)
for a monthly fee. Some of these providers also offer satellite and phone services in various packages at different
rates. The best advice is to determine your needs and to shop around.

                                                    Thrift Shop

The Enlisted Spouses Club operates a base thrift shop where you can find many bargains for your home. The
operating hours are: Tues & Fri 0930-1430 and Thurs 1600-1900. They are also open the 1st Saturday of the
month 1000-1400. In the back of the thrift shop are free items for E-4s and below in the Airman’s Attic. All
that is required is an ID. There are no forms to fill out, nor will any questions be asked so feel free to help
yourself! (phone: ext. 3041).

                                                  Money Matters

There are two banks on base. You may wish to establish a sterling (pound) account (only at Community Bank)
or you may wish to set up an American account with a debit card option. A debit card looks like a Mastercard. It
will be accepted in most shops, grocery stores, and restaurants off base. The sterling transaction will be
converted to dollars at the international exchange rate and then the dollar amount will be withdrawn from your
dollar checking account. You can also use your debit card as an ATM card and withdraw pounds from your
dollar checking account if you need to have cash. Most of your bills you can pay at the post office with cash.
Living on base you could potentially never need a sterling account. However if you rent a house off base, or
decide to purchase a home, you will probably find the landlord or mortgage company will want to direct debit a
sterling checking account. In these instances a sterling account will be necessary. Certain utility companies will
also only accept sterling checks mailed directly to them or a direct debit from a sterling account as well.

                                                  Wireless Devices

Generally, any wireless devices made or purchased outside of Europe are not authorized for use in Europe.
Check with the Installation Spectrum Manager prior to obtaining or using any equipment. If it has a CE
(European Community) sticker or marking it is OK to use. This includes remote controlled toys/aircraft, cordless
telephones, baby monitors, CB radios, video distribution units, etc………CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY or USE.


It must be stressed that transmitting on a frequency not assigned by the host nation and/or operating equipment
outside of the parameters set by the host nation can result in fines, confiscation of equipment and imprisonment.
Only use the equipment authorized by the host nation.

POC Installation Spectrum Manager – 01480-84-2027/2028


Be sure to check the manufacturers‘ tag before connecting an appliance to a transformer. Below is a guide to
what size transformer may be needed for some appliances. Remember that operating some of these items on a
transformer will cause damage to the appliance over time.

75 watts – small radios, tape recorders, small sewing machines
300 watts – large radios, mixers, sewing machines, small and medium fans, TV sets, compact disc players

500 watts – refrigerators, blenders, floor polishers
750 watts – small irons, small and medium washing machines, percolators, coffee makers
1000 watts – small heaters, larger washing machines, large percolators, large coffee makers, vacuum cleaners,
1500-2000 watts – toasters, roasters, grills, broilers, frying pans, dishwashers, medium heaters, irons, hair dryers
3000 watts – heaters, air conditioners

                                                 Services Guide
Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain face -- indoors? Make a stained glass window? Walk in
Shakespeare‘s footsteps…or get in shape…learn a new job skill…put on a costume and act onstage…bowl a
perfect game…fix your own car…dance all night…shop in London …learn to kayak…or attend an overseas All-
American Independence Day celebration complete with fireworks, BBQ ribs, and live bands? Services MWR
activities make it all happen!

Be wined and dined by Services at the award-winning Stukeley Inn Consolidated Club, the Spartan Lanes Pin-
Spotter Café or the New York Pizza & Deli. Services looks after your little ones at the Child Development and
Youth Centers, finds tickets for you for West End musicals and subtracts the Value Added Tax (VAT) from your
big-ticket purchases. We can hone your athletic skills through Intramural leagues or help you curl up with a great
book, video or book-on-tape from the Library‘s collection of 31,000 volumes. We serve up the best cup of coffee
in the area with Starbucks, then puts you up as our guests at the Britannia Inn.

More than 200 dedicated employees and volunteers of the 423d Services Squadron are ―at your service‖ to help
you make your dreams, resolutions, aspirations and leisure-time fun happen for you. It‘s what we do.

Welcome to the Tri-Base Community. We’re glad you are here!

Arts & Crafts Center, DSN 268-3867 / 01480-82-3867
Located in Village Community Center, Bldg. 685. The Center provides craft classes, craft supplies, Laser
engraving, embroidering, framing and matting, ceramics, and lots more. Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
and Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Wednesday 10 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday Closed,
Joint Family Days 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Closed federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s tip: If you can’t find the craft supplies you need on the shelf, let the staff know and they may be able to
     special order the items for you.

Auto Skill Center, DSN 268-3701 / 01480-82-3701
Located in Bldg. 626. Do-your-own car engine repair or have a qualified mechanic do it for you. Do-it-
yourselfers may rent vehicle lift bays or flat stalls by the hour. A wide selection of tools are available for the do-
it-yourselfer -- included in the price of the rental bays. Next door are the automatic and do-it-yourself car wash
bays. Hours for the Center are Monday to Wednesday, & Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Joint Family Days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Closed Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s tips: After you put on your plates, have your British MOT vehicle inspection handled at the Auto Craft
     Center. It’s less expensive and very convenient. Also available: Long and short-term storage sheds.

Bowling Center, DSN 268-3682 / 01480-82-3682
Located in Bldg. 616. The Spartan Lanes Bowling Center offers a variety of leagues to choose from as well as
open bowling. Spartan Lanes also hosts late-night Extreme bowling; featuring lasers, glowing balls and pins,
bumpers to keep the ball out of the gutters and great music. Check out the various programs such as Family
Nights, Parents & Tots, Summer Sundays, Fun Bowls, and Project Cheer events. Look for holiday specials. Call
the center to book a birthday party. Fall/Winter Hours: Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12 p.m. to
11 p.m., Wednesday 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Joint Family Days 11 a.m. to 4
p.m., and Closed Federal Holidays. Summer Hours: Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 12 p.m. to
10 p.m., Wednesday 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Joint Family
Days 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Federal Holidays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Insider’s tip: Visit the Pro Shop for quality, affordable bowling balls and accessories.

Child Development Center, DSN 268-3527 / 01480-82-3527
Located in Bldg. 700. The Child Development Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education
of Young Children (NAEYC), as well as DoD Certified. The CDC offers full-time care for children ages 6 weeks
through 5 years. Hours Monday – Friday and Joint Family Days 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Closed Federal Holidays.
Part-time care is available 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
¦ Insider’s tip: Be sure to sign up your children as soon as possible after arriving in the Tri-Base community.

Community Center, DSN 268-3757 OR 3754/ 01480-82-3757 OR -3754
Located in Bldg. 685. Also known as The Village. Your one-stop location for The Daily Grind, Information
Tickets and Tours, The Outdoor Recreation Center, and the Arts & Crafts Center. The Village is also the home of
the Alconbury Community Theatre (ACT) program. The Community Programs staff organizes community-wide
events like talent shows, Tops in Blue concerts, July 4th celebrations, flea markets, dance classes, family quiz
nights, Car, Truck & Bike Shows, Shipwreck Party, Karoake nights, holiday parades and coordinates Armed
Forces Entertainment overseas tours. Open Monday – Thursday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday
8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Joint Family Days 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Closed Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s tip: Bouncy castles can be rented from the Outdoor Recreation Center and set up inside the
     Community Center Ballroom, safe from wind and rain.

The Daily Grind, DSN 268-3706 / 01480-82-3706
Located in The Village Community Center, Bldg. 685. Start your day off right with Starbuck‘s coffee and a
pastry. Open Monday – Thursday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday
10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Joint Family Days 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Closed Federal Holidays.

Family Child Care, DSN 268- 3527, 3972 / 01480-82-3527, -3972
Coordinator‘s office is located in the Child Development Center, Bldg. 700.
The Family Child Care program recruits and trains childcare candidates toward accreditation and provides
assistance to program graduates who want to set up their own in-home child care business. The FCC then
matches childcare providers with parents who require childcare. Equipment, toys and some supplies are provided
free of charge to qualified providers. Open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Joint Family Days and
Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s Tip: If you like being around children, you could earn tax-free income by becoming a Family Child
     Care provider yourself. Call for all the details.

Fitness and Sports Center, DSN 268-3531/ 01480-82-3531
Located in Bldg. 586. Weight machines, free weights, fitness programs, recreation sports leagues, plus special
athletic events help to keep you in shape while having fun. Take advantage of the free exercise classes. The
Fitness Center is also the site for the indoor climbing wall. Open Monday – Friday 5:00 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday,
Sunday, Joint Family Days & Holidays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
¦ Insider’s Tip: The qualified staff will be happy to set up a personalized fitness program just for you.

Human Resources Office, DSN 268-3065/ 01480-82-3065
Located in Bldg 671. NAF HRO can assist you in applying for positions on the Services Team. Several positions
are available, many with flexible hours to fit your lifestyle. Meet new people, make new friends and take
advantage of opportunities for job growth and training. Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed Joint
Family Days and Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s Tip: Access a listing of current open positions anytime by calling our vacancy hotline at DSN 268-3381 Comm
01480 823381

Information, Tickets and Travel, DSN 268-3704, -3228 / 01480-82-3704, -3228
Located in The Village Community Center, Bldg. 685. ITT organizes day trips to the best places England has to offer.
Everywhere from Stratford, to Stonehenge, the London Zoo and castles, to stately homes and shopping trips. ITT also sells

discount tickets for theme parks and West End plays and musicals. ITT also offers affordable transportation to or from
airports. Open Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 5 :00 p.m., Joint Family Days 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Closed Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s Tip: Ask the staff about how they can assist you in designing your own group trip or tour.

Library, DSN 268-3680 / 01480-82-3680
Located in Bldg. 678. Base Libraries have more than just books these days. No time to read? Check out the hundreds of
cd‘s or books on tape and hear the book you always wanted to read. You can also log onto the web through fast ISDN
computers or just find a quiet corner to spread out your latest research project. Love magazines but don‘t want the expense
of subscribing? Back issues of over 100 magazines are available for checkout. Books on loan-by request. Hours of
operation Mon – Thurs 10 a.m.- 7 p.m, Friday Closed, Sat & Sun 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. US Holidays from 10 a.m. to 4:30
p.m. and UK Holidays Closed.
¦ Insider’s Tip: The Library has an extensive collection of DVDs, CDs and Books on tape to check out. The
     Library also has a high quality copy machine.

Lodging, DSN 268-6000 / 01480-82-6000
Located in Bldg. 639. Short stay, long stay, Lodging will fill your needs. Open Monday – Sunday and Holidays 24 hours.

New York Pizza & Deli, DSN 268-2221 / 01480-82-2221
Located at RAF Molesworth, Bldg. 316. Also known as the NYPD and is open to all I.D. card-holders. Established in
2001, the NYPD features New York style, Italian pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, pasta, salads and coffees as well as great
desserts. The NYPD is open for breakfast, lunch and take out dinner, (especially take-out pizza), Monday through
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Closed Joint Family Days and Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s Tip: Show your USAF Club Member card and receive 5% off the total bill.

Outdoor Recreation, DSN 268-3734 / 01480-82-3734
Located in The Village Community Center, Bldg. 685. Outdoor Recreation program provides customers with a multi-
faceted approach to enjoying the great outdoors, including: excursions to the beautiful wilderness areas of Wales, Scotland
and England; lessons in canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing; horse riding; paintball challenges as well as offering all sorts
of do-it-yourself rental equipment. And don‘t miss the Outdoor Recreation indoor climbing wall located at the Fitness and
Sports Center. Open Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday & Joint Family Days 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, and Federal
Holidays Closed.
¦ Insider’s tip: Outdoor Recreation’s rental section offers everything from hand tools to power tools to garden tools. Don’t buy tools
you’ll hardly ever use -- rent them from Outdoor Recreation.

Pinspotter Café, DSN 268-3682, / 01480-82-3682
Located in the Bowling Center, Bldg. 616. Check for monthly specials. Fall/Winter Hours are Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Wednesday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Summer Hours are Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Joint
Family Days 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Federal Holidays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
¦ Insider’s tip: Come in for fabulous fried chicken on Thursdays & Fish & Chips on Fridays!

Stukeley Inn Consolidated Club, DSN 268-3382 / 01480-82-3382
Located in Bldg. 637. The all-ranks Club offers a monthly Super Sunday Brunch, weekday lunch and dinner specials,
weekend Discos, live bands and special promotional events like New Year‘s Eve parties and Members‘ Nights. The
Consolidated Club is also the perfect place to hold your official and unofficial functions.
Dining Room: Monday – Friday 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday – Friday and Joint Family Days 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday Closed for dinner, Sunday 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Closed Federal Holidays. Lounge: Sunday – Thursday CLOSED,
Friday 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
¦ Insider’s tip: Any club member can schedule a private function at the club. Just ask for the party-planning brochure to get you started,
and then discuss your ideas with the helpful staff.

Teen Center, DSN 268-3673 / 01480-82-3673
Located in Bldg. 674. The Teen Center offers a wide range of things to do, including pool, video games, foosball, ping pong
and big screen TVs for watching movies. The center also has computers and a high quality printer for those who have some
homework to complete. Open Monday - Saturday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., Closed Joint Family Days and Federal Holidays.
¦ Insider’s tip: The Teen Center isn’t open full time, so if you call and no one’s there; call the Youth Center for more program

V.A.T Relief, DSN 268-3803/ 01480-82-3803
Located in Bldg. 671. I.D. card-holders can have the 17.5% Value Added Tax removed from many ―big ticket‖ items over
£100. Call the VAT Relief office to make an appointment or ask for advice. The V.A.T. office is open by appointment only.
¦ Insider’s tip: Before making that “big ticket” purchase, contact the VAT Relief office. If you purchase first and seek VAT Relief last –
it’s too late.

Youth Center, DSN 268-3604 / 01480-82-3604
Located in Bldg. 680. The Youth Center is the site of: the School Age Program (formerly known as the Before and After
School Program) for kindergarten through 12 years; self-directed Open Rec for ages 10 to 12; and the youth sports program.
The Alconbury Youth Center is also a chartered member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, which means even more
activities and programs. Your children will enjoy the activities, athletics and making new friends. Summertime always
means extra-special activities and new experiences. Cashier: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. School Age Program:
Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Open Recreation: Monday – Thursday 3p.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., The Center is Closed Joint Family Days and Federal Holidays.

                                       RAF Alconbury Post Office
                                           Operating Hours

             Parcel Mailing, Stamp Sales & Money Orders              Parcel Pick-Up
             Tues-Fri 1030-1600                                    Mon           1530-1730
                                                                   Tues-Fri      1030-1730
             Saturday 1000-1300                                    Saturday      1000-1300

                                      RAF Molesworth Post Office
                                          Operating Hours

             Parcel Mailing, Registered Mail, Stamp Sales, Money Orders:
             Mon and Wed      1000-1400

             Parcel Pick-Up:
             Mon-Fri 1000-1500

             Your correct address format for CONUS and APO correspondence:

             RAF Alconbury                                  RAF Molesworth
             Name                                           Name
             PSC 47 Box XXX                                 PSC 46 Box XXX
             APO AE 09470                                   APO AE 09469

             Your correct address format for UK correspondence:
             RAF Alconbury                                  RAF Molesworth
             Name                                           Name
             PO Box XXX                                     PO Box XXX
             RAF Alconbury                                  RAF Molesworth
             Huntingdon CAMBS                               Huntingdon CAMBS
             PE28 4DA                                       PE28 0QB

All items sent through the APO must have the APO return address format in the event the mail has to be returned
to the sender for additional postage or other reason.

The post office only accepts local British mail from Royal Mail and Parcel Force. You must make other
arrangements for goods received from couriers such as UPS, Federal Express, Target, and DHL.

Ask your correspondents in the CONUS not to add ―UK‖ or ―England‖ to your APO address. This may cause
your mail to enter the international mail system taking longer to arrive and requiring additional postage.

If you live in the dorms, do not give your local British correspondents your building and room number as a
delivery address. British Post will not deliver to the dormitories. Use the UK return address format to have your
local British mail delivered to your post office box.

MPS is a free correspondence service between military post offices (APO/FPO). Simply write MPS in place of a
postage stamp and you may send it free. MPS service may be used to mail parcels up to 70 lbs. MPS mail
service can't be used for a PCS household goods movement.

All mail sent from the UK, except letters, requires a customs form. You may use either the large white or small
green customs form for CONUS or APO mail. Use the large white customs form for all non-CONUS mail and
non-APO mail.

Items presented for mailing after the last acceptance and collection time will not be postmarked and dispatched
until the following duty day.

Please do not use your PO Box to run a business or receive mail for other people, whether or not they are
authorized APO privileges.

Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are just a few of the items that can‘t be mailed. Please check with the post office
whether an item is cleared for mailing.

When leaving the area for 10 or more days, please advise the post office of your intentions. The post office can
hold or forward your mail in accordance with your instructions.

Absentee Voter On-Line registration and State-by-State Instructions:

The Post Office now has Tri-Base Postal Action Line to better serve and meet customer needs. If you have any
concerns or questions regarding postal matters, please e-mail to

                                             Education Office
                 The Education Services Center is located in building 678 at RAF Alconbury.
                       You can reach us by calling 01480-84-3306 or DSN 268-3306.

Below is a short overview of programs that the Education Services Center has to offer you. If you would like
more detailed information on any of these programs, just visit us or schedule an appointment.

Schools represented on RAF Alconbury:

University of Maryland in Europe

Maryland in Europe‘s mission is to provide academic programs to members of the U.S. military communities
throughout the European Command. Members of the military services and civilian overseas can take individual
classes for personal enrichment our pursue a program of course work leading to a certificate, associate degree,
bachelor‘s degree, or master‘s degree. Maryland in Europe is comprised of University of Maryland University
College and Bowie State University. Bowie State University offers graduate programs in counseling,
management information system and public administration.

Maryland in Europe offers students the opportunity to benefit from courses offered in-class or at a distance. All
distance education courses offered by Maryland in Europe carry resident credit. Students with Maryland in
Europe are also able to take advantage of DE offerings sponsored by UMUC-Asia and UMUC-Stateside. UMUC
is a charter member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a consortium of higher education
associations. Through SOC affiliation, UMUC evaluates and accepts many kinds of educational experiences,
including military, civilian, traditional, and non-traditional for credit toward degree. UMUC is accredited by the
Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. (268-3686/

Central Texas College (CTC)

Central Texas College has been operating in Europe on a continual basis since 1972. Presently, CTC offers
vocational-technical courses all throughout Europe. At RAF Alconbury, CTC offers an associate of applied
science degree program in criminal justice. Courses are usually offered in a weekend or weeknight format. CTC
also offers online courses toward certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer. Registration is completed through the CTC representative at the education center.
CTC also offers other vocational-technical courses through distance education. More information can be found
at our website If you‘d like to contact the representative directly, the email address
is CTC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Financial Aid Programs:

Tuition Assistance for active-duty military members;

The United States military services funded Tuition Assistance (TA) Program will pay 100% (maximum of $4,500
per fiscal year) of an active-duty member‘s tuition and instructional (lab) costs while pursuing a post-secondary
academic and/or vocational degree. In return for this assistance, the member assumes an obligation to complete

with a passing grade. Failure to do so will result in the individual reimbursing the government for the amount
paid on his/her behalf. An exception is made if
it is determined that the member‘s failure to complete the coursework was beyond his/her control (TDY, change
of work schedule, family health problems, emergency leave, etc.,). The Education Services Office must be
notified of any withdrawals when an active-duty member is using TA. For detailed information on tuition
assistance, you can visit the following website

Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP)

Funded by Air Force Aid Society (, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (, and
Army Emergency Relief (, STAP provides partial tuition assistance (up to $300 or $400 per term
depending on branch of service) for spouses of active duty members stationed overseas who are enrolling in
college programs with contract schools. The main focus of STAP is to assist spouses in completing degree or
certificate programs, resulting in increased occupational opportunities. The amount of the award is based on
financial need and has to be requested for each term.

Veterans Benefits (VA)

The Education Office has information available on VA benefits such as the Montgomery GI Bill, Licensing and
Certification examination reimbursement, the Top-Up Program, the $600 Added Contribution as well as various
other VA education benefits and entitlements. For detailed information on each of these programs, also visit

Other Financial Aid Programs
Application forms and information is available on the Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
Grants, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Stafford Loans as well as various scholarships and grants. For more
information and to apply on-line visit

Counseling Services:

Full educational counseling services are available to help you map out a program that makes the best use of what
you want and where you are going.
Counseling services are also available for Community College of the Air Force (
and commissioning programs such as Air Force Reserve Officer Training
(, Officer Training School
(, and United States Air Force Academy (


We offer College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST),
Excelsior exams, General Educational Development (GED) tests, college entrance exams such as SAT and Act,
interest inventories, certification exams, professional military examinations (PME) such as SOS, ACSC, AWC,
and various other exams. You can also receive info on how to sign up and get reimbursed for the Graduate
Record Examinations (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Testing is held every
Tuesday at 1300 and Thursday at 0900. Please schedule your testing appointment at least a week ahead of time.
Spouses and dependents are eligible to test on a space-available basis.

                                        On Behalf of the
                                    423 CES Fire Department,
                                          Welcome to England!
In support of your Newcomers briefing and for future reference the following is to help you with some fire safety
information. We aim to provide you with information we have found to be the most important. Please call the
Fire Prevention Office on 268-3260 or 3119 if you have any questions or need any advice.

Action If You Discover A Fire

       Whether at home or at work RAISE THE ALARM, even if the automatic alarms sound, shout FIRE!
       Activate a fire alarm manual call point (workplace)
       IF SAFE TO DO SO, fight the fire, then
       Leave the building, closing doors and windows as you go if safe to do so
       Always ensure a 911 call is made

Action If The Fire Alarm Sounds

       Leave the building immediately
       Use the nearest exit
       Close doors and windows as you go if safe to do so
       Assemble at your pre-arranged area
       Remain there for accountability (workplace)
       Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Dept has cleared you to do so

Medical Emergencies

       Call 911
       If qualified to do so, give first aid appropriate to your level of training

When Dialling 911

       In a fire situation only call from a safe location (cell phones can be used)
       Try to remain calm, talk clearly at a pace that can be understood
       Stay on the line until the Dispatcher has confirmed your location or the location of the emergency
       If you are unsure if a 911 is required, use 911

      Alconbury Fire Dept consists of two fire stations, one at Alconbury and one at Molesworth, for
                                     emergencies in these areas use,
                                                 DSN – 911
                                      Alconbury Housing – 841 911
                         Molesworth Housing or a cell phone – 01480 841 911
                    For all other areas – 999 (Local Authority Emergency Services)

Tri-Base Solid Waste/Recycling Guide

                                                    Who is responsible for recycling ?

The simple answer is everyone, even though building managers are responsible for making sure there is a recycling program within their
building, it will not be successful if we all do not make the effort. If you drink a soda recycle the can. If you print a document and it
has an error, recycle the piece of paper. It is so easy to throw things in the trashcan, yet it is just as easy to put the item in a recycling
container. If you have any comments on the recycling program or would like more information on recycling please ask your building
manager to contact the Qualified Recycling Program manager (DSN: 268-3168).
                                                              Health and Safety

As part of the recycling process, it is often necessary for the recycling staff to rip bags open, grab a handful of material and sort it ready
for recycling. In order to minimize the risk of injury and to safeguard their health we would like everyone to strictly follow these

Do NOT place any sharp objects such as razors, disposable razors, knives, knife blades, or hypodermic syringes in any bag or container
used for recycling material.

Do NOT mix bottles or broken bottles with any other material i.e. in the plastic container.

Do NOT place new or used baby diapers in with your recyclable materials.

Aerosols are treated as a hazardous material and are not classed as recyclable until made safe by a HAZMAT specialist. (See hazardous
waste section at the end of this leaflet.)

Please do not over pack the containers or bags. If you cannot lift the bag then it is over packed.

Under no circumstances will hazardous materials be placed in recycling areas or containers. (See hazardous waste section at the end of
this leaflet.)

                                                      Classified Material/Privacy Act

The Qualified Recycling Program handles between 10 and 14 tons of newspaper and magazines per year, it is impossible for us to read
every document that we handle. It is the responsibility of the person handling the sensitive document to dispose of in accordance with
the related regulations. Privacy Act - Material which contains personal data on an individual such as home address, social security
number, home phone numbers and financial data. Classified Documents - Any documents that are classified Secret or Top secret. For
Official Use Only material - Books, pamphlets, regulations and documents that are Mission related.

Documents that contain any of these forms of information must be shredded.

                                                           What Can I Recycle?

        Plastic Bottles, aluminum and steel food/soda cans, textiles, pallets, toner cartridges, newspapers/magazines, metal, cardboard
         and glass

                                                        Recycling Collection Points

RAF Alconbury: Located at the rear of the American Post Office, Building 502.

RAF Molesworth: Located near the tennis/basketball courts.

Separation. Please do not cross mix the materials being collected. Placing plastic in with the white paper contaminates the recycled
   paper. If you place white paper in with computer or colored paper, it will increase the time needed to segregate material.

Containers. (Shops and Offices only). The size and type of container we place in your building depends on the quantity and types of
   recyclable materials being generated. If you generate a lot of cardboard we will provide a large 1100 Liter capacity container at
   your building. If these are too big for your needs we will supply smaller wheelie bins.

Collections. (Shops and Offices only) When containers are ¾ full call the Qualified Recycling Program (DSN: 268-3320) and arrange
    a collection. Please do not wait until the container is overflowing.

                                                          Solid Waste/Dumpsters

There are two types of dumpsters within the Tri-Base areas: Bulk Waste and Compactable Waste. These dumpsters are for waste
generated on base. Waste from off base locations must be taken to a local disposal facility. (See Local Authority disposal
facilities section of this leaflet.) All dumpsters are under regular surveillance including by CCTV. Any person caught violating these
instructions will be reported to senior leadership.

                                             Bulk (Non-Compactable) Waste Dumpster

Designed for LARGE waste items NOT capable of being compacted in the back of the refuse vehicle.

Prohibited Items:
         Any item that can be recycled.
         Hazardous Waste – Items that are characterized as flammable, corrosive, toxic or reactive.
         Electronic Items – Batteries, TVs, Videos, Computers etc.
         Refrigeration Appliances – Freezers, Fridges etc.
         Tires - Take to local tire company for disposal. A small disposal charge may apply.

These dumpsters are for waste generated on base. Waste from off base locations must be taken to a local disposal facility. (See
Local Authority disposal facilities section).

                                              COMPACTABLE WASTE DUMPSTER

Designed for SMALL waste items that ARE capable of being compacted in the back of the refuse vehicle.

Prohibited Items:
         Any item that can be recycled.
         Hazardous Waste – Items that are characterized as flammable, corrosive, toxic or reactive.
         Electronic Items – Batteries, TVs, Videos, Computers etc.
         Refrigeration Appliances – Freezers, Fridges etc.
         Tires - Take to local tire company for disposal. A small disposal charge may apply.

These dumpsters are for waste generated on base. Waste from off base locations must be taken to a local disposal facility. (See
Local Authority disposal facilities section).
                                                     HAZARDOUS WASTE

Hazardous Waste (HW) is any substance containing ingredients that could negatively affect your safety, health or the environment.
Signal words found on hazardous products include poison, danger, warning and caution. They can be found on a wide range of
products, including furniture polish, bleach, antifreeze, insecticides, paint, mothballs and much more. Also look for indications of
hazardous properties on the label.

                                  Toxic: can cause injury or death if swallowed, absorbed or inhaled.

                                              Flammable: easily catches fire and can burn rapidly.

                       Corrosive: a chemical (solid or vapor) that can cause a material or living tissue to be destroyed.

                       Irritant: causes soreness or swelling of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes or respiratory system .

            Any electrical or refrigeration device.

                                                  Why Can't I Just Throw Away My Trash

   Dumping unused portions of household hazardous wastes in the trash or down the drain can cause safety and environmental problems.
   If buried in the landfill, chemicals can react and cause explosions or make their way into the groundwater. While the local authorities‘
   strictly monitor a landfill's groundwater and gas emissions, it sure is easier to prevent such problems from occurring in the first place by
   properly disposing of your hazardous wastes.

                                                                 Safe Handling

    To avoid the potential risks associated with hazardous wastes, it is important that people always monitor the use, storage, and disposal
    of products with potentially hazardous substances in their homes and workplace. Here are some tips for individuals to follow: use and
    store products containing hazardous substances carefully to prevent any accidents; never store hazardous products in food containers,
    and; keep them in their original containers and never remove labels. Corroding containers require special handling. When leftovers
    remain, never mix hazardous waste with other products. Incompatible products might react, ignite, or explode.

                                                   Hazardous/Material Waste Disposal

From Domestic Areas (Housing) – Dispose of the items by taking them to the Local Authority Disposal Facility. (See directions below).

                                 From Military Facilities – Call the Environmental Flight on 268-3168.

                                   WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations)

     Electronic items (e.g. batteries, TV‘s, Video‘s Computers etc.) are now banned from disposal as solid waste under the European

 Union Regulations. These items should also be taken to the Local Authority Disposal Facility. (See directions below). If you have
 any questions contact the Environmental Flight on extension 268-3168.

                                                  Local Authority Disposal Facilities
                                                   Directions from RAF Alconbury:
Turn right at Main Gate. At the first roundabout take the second exit. At the second roundabout take the second exit. Follow the road
for approximately 1 mile, turn right after the overpass. At the end of the road turn left. The facility will be immediately on the left.
Items taken include: Green waste, Electrical Appliances, Engine Oil, Hardcore and Soil, Timber, and Fluorescent Tubes, Household
Hazardous Waste/ Materials.
                                                          Hours of Operation:
                                      Open: 8am – 5pm (Summer 1st April – 30th September)
                                          Open: 9am—4pm (Winter 1st October - 31st March)
                                                       Telephone: 01480 414796

BRITISH SCHOOLS – Frequently asked questions


How do I find information on British schools?
Education is a service provided by the County Councils in England. Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire
all have comprehensive websites which include a whole section on education in their area. This is a good
place to start for general information. Look at

Types of School
Mainstream State schools are free of charge and all children in England between the ages of 5 and 16 are
entitles to a place. Most state schools admit boys and girls however some schools can be single sex.

The four main types of state school all receive funding from the Local Authority, they all follow the
National Curriculum and are inspected by Ofsted (
Community Schools – look to develop strong links in the community and offer their facilities for use in the
Foundation and Trust Schools – are run by their own Governing body which sometimes forms a charitable
trust with an outside business or educational partner enabling them to build resources and raise
Voluntary Aided Schools – Mainly religious or faith schools although anyone can apply for a place.
Voluntary Controlled Schools – Similar to Voluntary Aided Schools but run by the local authority.
Specialist Schools – follow the National Curriculum but focus on a particular area e.g. Sports or
Independent schools – are fee-paying schools. An old term you may still hear for an independent school is a
‘public’ school, which is slightly misleading because only the minority attend fee-paying schools.

Will I have to pay to send my child to a church school?
If the church school is a State school, no fees are required. Voluntary-aided schools are run in partnership
with the Roman Catholic Church and Church of England. The school governors decide which children
can go to the school and how religion is taught.

At what age do children start school?
Children usually start Primary School at the age of 4 or 5, and many schools now have reception years for
4 year olds. Children would normally leave at the age of 11 and move onto Secondary school. British
children must begin full-time education at the start of the term after their fifth birthday. In Suffolk, all
children can get full-time education from the start of the term during which they become five. For
example, children born in March can start full-time school in January if their parents want them to. Each
County Education Office will be able to tell you when your child can start their education. Some children
may be able to start schooling on a part-time basis for a term before going for full days.
What is a catchment area?
Most children attend the school in their immediate local area, providing there is space. This school is called the
catchment school. Every school serves an area of streets or villages, but sometimes this is different for church
schools. Parents have a right to ask for a place at a different school. This is called a ‗preferred‘ school. However,
it may not be possible to obtain a place if the preferred school is full – this is the overriding factor. If your

catchment area school is full then the education office will find you a place at the next nearest. Schools are not
able to vary the government‘s regulations on class sizes.

When does the school year start and how is it divided up?
The school year starts at the beginning of September and is divided into three ‗terms‘ with holidays (vacations) of
   two weeks at Christmas and Easter and a six-week holiday in the summer. Each term is sub-divided into two
   ‗half-terms‘ by a week‘s vacation.

                                               DO I HAVE TO REGISTER?
You will need to make sure you apply in good time as places can fill up quickly. Although it is possible to start
mid way through a year the application process usually starts in the autumn term prior to the September you want
your child to go to school. If you miss your Local Authorities deadline for application you would be less likely
to get a place at your preferred school.
In order to enroll at a British school you will need to have a British address in the local area.

How will my child progress through school?
The National Curriculum sets out stages and core subjects your child will be taught during their time at a British
School, it forms a framework to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent. It is mandatory for
children in state schools to be taught the National Curriculum.
Within the national curriculum there are Key Stages of learning. Key Stage 1 is Years 1 and 2, Key Stage 2 - up
to Year 6, Key Stage 3 - up to Year 9 and Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11. Key Stage 4 is the time when external
examinations are taken with a view to entering further education, either college or university.
Your Childs teacher will carry out regular tests on their progress in each subject they are taught as a normal part
of their teaching. This helps to determine your Childs performance and grading in each of the Key Stages. This
assessment is used alongside National tests and at the end of each Key Stage you will receive a report to let you
know what level your child is at. Testing at Key stage 1 will include ability in Reading, Writing, Speaking,
Listening, math‘s and Science. At Key stage 2 your child will also be tested on handwriting, and spelling. The
final Key stage incorporates a variety of further subjects including Geography, history, foreign languages, IT, art
and design, music, PE and Religious Education.

Will my child get free transport to school?
Free bus transportation to and from school is not automatic. The head teacher may ask for a commitment from
   you as parents to ensure that your child is delivered to school and picked up from the school.

Also, in England we do not have distinctive school buses. Drivers over here are not required to stop behind a
   school bus but to proceed with caution, so it is essential that children are aware of the dangers of crossing the
   road when getting off a school bus.

Will my child have to wear a school uniform?
In British schools you will usually be required to wear a uniform. The top (most often a sweatshirt) has the
school logo on it and can often be purchased at the school. The bottom (pants – say ‗trousers‘ or skirt) must be a
certain colour but can be bought in any store. Uniform is worn most days, except ‗non-uniform‘ days sometimes
known as ‗mufti days‘.

What Are The School Times?
Typically the school day will commence at 9 a.m and will conclude at 3.p.m. The lunch break normally runs
from noon till 1.00pm. There is normally the option of the children having a hot lunch (for a small fee), going

home, or bringing in a packed lunch. Parents should follow any guidelines on the contents of packed lunches.
The morning and afternoon sessions are normally broken up by a 15 minute playtime (recess).

Are There Places Where I can find Additional Information?
The best places to find out about the specific schools in your area is to call the Education Office in your area. If
you live in Suffolk call 01284 352136, Norfolk call 01603 222593 or Cambridgeshire 01223 717985. They will
want to know your full British Address including your post (zip) code along with the date of birth of your
child/children. They will be able to give you the current situation on the schools in your area and will give you
advice on what procedure you have to follow.

The following websites are also very useful sources of information:

Your Community Relations Adviser is also here to help you.


The quarantine regulations that have been place here for seventy years say that all mammals coming into the UK
must be quarantined for six months.
But a recent adjustment to those laws now makes it possible for cats and dogs to be brought into the UK with
little or no quarantine incarceration, if they have been prepared for entry according to the strict rules of the new
Pet Travel Scheme, known as PETS.
The PETS regulations can be found on the web site belonging to the UK's Department of the Environment, Food,
and Rural Affairs (known as DEFRA). Visit it at
You must do everything demanded by DEFRA and in the right order. The microchip must be inserted before you
do anything else, as any vaccinations your pet may have had before the chip was inserted do not count for the
purpose of the PETS regulations. Some US vets have been telling clients that so long as their pet has a current
rabies shot, it doesn't need another after the chip has been inserted, but this info is just plain WRONG.

Don't let this frighten you, but just be aware that, according to the Rabies Order of 1974, any mammal brought to
the UK without the correct paperwork will either be put into quarantine, re-exported, or destroyed, and its owners
prosecuted. In your case, a slip-up in the Pet Travel Scheme preparation would mean your pet would be placed in
a quarantine facility here.
If you're outside the UK and need to check that you've done all your PETS preparation correctly, call the PETS
Helpline on 0044 207 238 6951 (that's DEFRA's main switchboard number, and you'll need to select option 1
from the options their recording will offer you). From inside the UK you can call them direct on 0870 241 1710.

Arriving in the UK
1. If you've got all your Pet Scheme preparation right, you'll be able to bring your pet away from the airport with
you. If you'll be staying in a TLF once you reach the base, however, you'll need to fix up boarding kennel
accommodation for your pet whilst you're in-processing and looking for a home, as they're not allowed to live
with you in the TLFs.

2. If you know that your pet has not yet completed the entire six months Pet Scheme preparation, and will have to
go into quarantine for the time remaining, you need to apply for a license to bring your pet into the UK and into a
government-certified quarantine facility. The quarantine facility of your choice will help you to do that.

The Quarantine Facility (QF) - The nearest QFs for both cats and dogs are:

1. Little Acre Quarantine Kennels and Cattery near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire is run by Liz Riding and her
family. You can contact them on (0)1733 840291 or via their email/website at their fax
number is (0)1733 840348.
2. Four-in-Hand Kennels and Cattery at Sharnbrook, near Bedford run by Derek Stephens and Kay Cooper. You
can call them on (0)1234 781431, visit their web site at or email them at

When your pet arrives in the UK it will be collected by the quarantine van and driven to the QF. Then, when the
six month preparation requirement has been fulfilled, take the facility manager your PETS paperwork and ask
him/her to apply for your pet's early release (that means early release from the full sixth month incarceration
mandatory for animals that have had no PETS preparation at all).

Veterinary Services are also available at RAF Feltwell - 226-7097


Unfortunately The UK is not a 24hr Society. Shopping facilities surrounding the Tri-base locations are however
good with good access to the cities of Peterborough and Cambridge and Towns of Huntingdon and St Ives.
Smaller villages have small shops selling bare essentials and usually a post office.
British Shops are usually open from 09:00 – 17:00 Monday-Saturday with Sunday trading laws shops are allowed
to open between 10:00 and 16:00 on Sundays. Some shops will offer late night shopping and the local
supermarket Tesco is open From 08:00 on a Monday to 22:00 on a Saturday and then 10:00-16:00 on Sundays
(so nearly 24hrs!)

VAT will be included in the advertised price in shops and is currently 17.5%. Be sure to check with tradesmen
though as VAT is often not included in quotes for things like builders or car repairs.
Farmers Markets are a great way of sourcing local quality produce and we have many held locally. There are
also plenty of antiques markets, auction houses and factory stores.
Your Community Relations Adviser has a comprehensive shopping guide available for you on arrival at base if
you require it.


The information provided in this booklet applies to both US Visiting Forces and NATO Visiting Forces as
outlined in Visiting Forces Notice 431 2003, the EAG Visiting Forces Relief Directive July 2004, and
Provisions of UK Law and Departmental Procedures Affecting the Operation of International Military Head
Quarters” (The Guide) 1995.

Both US and NATO Visiting Forces and their families are entitled to make use of the British National Heath
service on the same basis as UK residents.

The NHS was set up in 1948 and is now the largest organisation in Europe. It is recognised as one of the best
health services in the world by the World Health Organisation. The NHS is changing the way it works and this
has brought about some fundamental changes in the way the NHS is structured and the way in which the different
organisations within the NHS relate to each other.

Primary care is the first point of contact most people have with the NHS and is delivered by a wide range of
professionals, including family GPs, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and opticians. This care focuses on the
treatment of routine injuries and illnesses as well as preventive care, such as services to help people stop
smoking. Primary care is mostly concerned with a patient‘s general health needs, but increasingly more specialist
treatments and services are becoming available in primary care settings closer to where people live.

Primary Care Trusts (PCT) responsibilities are:-
         Assessing the health needs of all the people in their local area and developing an insight into the needs
          of their local community.
         Commissioning the right services, for instance from GP practices, hospitals and dentists, to meet these
         Improving the overall health of their local communities.
         Ensuring these services can be accessed by everyone who needs them.
         Listening to patients‘ views on services and acting on them.
         Making sure that the organisations providing these services, including social care organisations, are
          working together effectively.
         Carrying out an annual assessment of GP practices in their area.

Diagnosing and treating a wide range of health problems in the local community

General practitioners (GPs) are qualified doctors who look after the health of people in their local community and
deal with a wide range of health problems. They and their teams also provide health education and advice on
things like smoking and diet, run clinics, give vaccinations and carry out simple surgical operations.
Doctors usually work with a team including nurses, health visitors and midwives, as well as a range of other
health professionals such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists. If a GP cannot deal with your problem
themselves, they‘ll usually refer you to a hospital for tests, treatment or to see a consultant with specialised

Your local doctor‘s surgery (Medical Centre or GP practice) provides a wide range of family health services,
          advice on health problems
          vaccinations
          examinations and treatment
          prescriptions for medicines
          referrals to other health services and social services

If your condition is non-urgent, you can expect to see a doctor within two working days or a health professional
such as a nurse within one working day. If you don't need an appointment within two working days, you can also
book in advance if this is more convenient for you.

It is important to attend for appointments, or notify the surgery if you have to cancel or change it. For more
information log onto

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You are entitled to use an NHS GP if you do not qualify to use the RAF
Upwood/Lakenheath medical facilities. E.g. if you are a US contractor working on base, you and your
dependents will be able to register with your local GP Practice. To register you will need to visit your local
surgery and request the enrollment forms. The receptionist should explain to you which forms you need to
complete and whether or not you live in the catchment area for that surgery, if not they will provide you the
details of the correct surgery. Once your forms have been completed you will then need to make an appointment
for an initial patient assessment. This will be carried out by the practice nurse and will include a basis health
check on height, weight, blood pressure etc. After you have had your initial assessment you will then become a
fully registered member of that surgery and you will be able to make appointments any time you require

Note: If you are entitled to use the Air Force medical facilities at RAF Upwood you must do so for your
medical treatment. You must not have treatment from both an NHS facility and the on base facility unless it is
an emergency case.

Supplying prescription and ‘over-the-counter’ medicines and health care advice to patients and members
of the public

Pharmacists (sometimes called chemists) are experts in medicines and how they work. They play a key role in
providing quality healthcare to patients. Working in the community, in primary care and within hospitals,
pharmacists use their clinical expertise to ensure the safe supply and use of medicines.

They dispense prescriptions and can advise on a range of ailments such as minor injuries, skin conditions and
allergies. They can help you decide whether you need to see a doctor. You can talk to your pharmacists in
confidence and you don‘t need to make an appointment.

Anyone at any time might need emergency or urgent care. Although no one can plan for these events, you need to
be sure that, whoever you contact as a first port of call in the NHS, you are routed swiftly to the right place for
the right treatment. This can include:

Primary care out-of-hours services - where patients can get urgent face-to-face or telephone advice and treatment
from a GP or other trained health professional outside of normal GP surgery hours.

Ambulance services – where trained paramedics, some with advanced emergency care skills, treat the patients
they can and transport the others safely and quickly to the right care provider.

Hospitals - which provide emergency medical care.

living on base) for any emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance).

EMERGENCY CARE – also known as Accident and Emergency (A&E) – is when patients attend hospital as a
result of an accident or trauma and require emergency treatment. Some patients will come to A&E themselves
and others will arrive in an ambulance. Your closest A&E is located at Addenbrooks hospital, Cambridge.


       Heron Court, Ida Darwin Hospital, Cambridge Road, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB1 5EE. Telephone: 01223

       Hills Road,
       CB2 2QQ Tel: 01223 245151

For more information about the National Health Service log onto


―So how difficult is it to drive in Britain?‖ Is easy for me to say having learnt to drive in the UK that it‘s easy
however British roads contain many hazards you may not have come across before.

Many of the road networks here in the UK date back to Roman times and in fact Ermine Street, just outside the
gates of RAF Alconbury, still bears its Roman Name.

Roads in the UK are categorized as follows:
M – Motorways The speed limit will be 70MPH unless otherwise stated.
A Road – Trunk roads which link principle towns and cities (usually marked green or red on maps) Speed limits
vary so check for the displayed limit.
B Road – Minor roads which form an intricate web between every town and village (usually marked yellow or
brown on maps). Some of these roads in rural areas are single tracks. Usually 30MPH speed limit applies unless
otherwise stated.

If you don‘t have your own vehicle we also have very good public transport surrounding the tri-base community.
Public transport is reasonably priced and efficient and good for the environment. The large Rail way stations at
Huntingdon and Peterborough offer a fast service to London (under an hour) and Peterborough connects you to
the midlands and North of the country right up through Scotland. For rail information, prices and timetables
please visit

For more local travel taxis are freely available. Taxis can be expensive especially at night so always ask for a
price for your journey before you depart. You will find two types of travel on offer - taxi‘s which have an orange
light on the top can be flagged down and pick you up from the street and private hire vehicles which must be
booked in advance. Both types have to be licensed by the council and will have a licensing plate attached to the
number plate to show they are legitimate.

Buses are another good way to travel and you can view timetables and tickets prices by visiting

There are a number of discounts on offer for traveling on public transport and almost all is cheaper off peak (after
09.30 and avoiding 17.00-18.30). You can also get family discounts, young person discounts and regular traveler
deals so visit for more information.


The climate of Britain is notoriously variable and changeable from day to day. Weather is generally cool to mild
with frequent cloud and rain, but occasional settled spells of weather occur in all seasons.

Visitors to Britain are often surprised by the long summer days, which are a consequence of the northerly
latitude; in the north of Scotland in midsummer the day is eighteen hours long and twilight lasts all night.
Conversely, winter days are short.

The frequent changes of weather affect all parts of the country in very much the same way; there are no great
differences from one part of the country to another.

Visitors to Britain will rarely experience severe or unpleasant weather for long unless they venture on the hills.
They should be prepared for rapid changes of weather at all seasons, however, and recognize that there is good
reason for weather being a major talking point in Britain.

RAF Alconbury, Molesworth and Upwood are located in East Anglia which is one of the driest regions in Great
Britain; however, this region does experience high winds and most likely more rain than you're normally
accustomed to. The average sunrise in January is 0800 with sunset at 1600. In the summer, the average sunrise
is 0400 with the sunset at 2030.

Shipping Advice

Alcoholic beverages are restricted items and should not be shipped without consulting the appropriate UK agency
or 3 AF/A4 for further details. HMRC advises not to include any alcoholic beverages in personal property
shipments. Members may be assessed duty and shipments could be delayed.

Meat and products containing meat including ham, bacon, sausage, pate and canned meat products, poultry and
products containing poultry meat, fish and products including canned products containing fish/shellfish, eggs and
products containing egg, milk and other products with a dairy content, honey, gelatin and pet food are prohibited
items that cannot be shipped to the UK except for the following personal allowances: up to 1kg canned meat
products, up to 1kg fishery products, up to 1kg dried milk powder and up to 1kg honey.

American televisions are usually not compatible with the British (PAL) broadcasts transmitting system. A current
TV license is required for British TV broadcasts. Cost is approximately $265.00 per year and reimbursable
through your Finance Office.

Electrical appliances: Not all economy homes have the appropriate connections for washers, dryers, refrigerators
and freezers. If you live in off base housing, a transformer is required to convert the electric current from 240
volts to 110 volts. Electrical appliances such as toasters, electric frying pans, broilers, or appliances relying on
heating elements will operate on 50 cycle electrical current. This will cause some electrical appliances to operate
slower and slightly warmer. Service life of these items may be reduced.

Anyone moving to the UK should seek the advice of their sponsor when determining suitable furniture for British
homes. Most homes are small; large American size furniture may not fit into some rooms. Narrow staircases and
passageways may prevent placement of the furniture into the appropriate rooms.

Walkie-talkie's, citizen's band radios, etc., capable of operating on certain frequencies prohibited for use in the
UK. To obtain further information, please write to HMCE, Alexandra Dock, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2ET, or
fax 011-44-1553-767140.

Lawn Equipment: Lawn mowers and other garden tools should be shipped; most homes have gardens
which require maintenance.

Boats, Outboard Motors, Boat Trailers, And Other Boat Accessories:
(1) US Forces Military and civilian personnel, on official duty in the UK, may import boats, outboard
motors, boat trailers, and other boat accessories duty free in household goods. Boats and accessories must
not be lent, hired, or disposed of in the UK. Also, they must not be of UK origin. There is no need to register
the boat with the Department of Transport unless it will be used for commercial purposes. The boat will have
to be registered locally with the water authority where the boat will be used.

(2) If the boat will be going across the English Channel, it must be registered with the Royal Yachting
Association in London. After the boat has cleared customs and is ready for pickup, the trailer must have a rear
license plate with the same number as the towing vehicle.

The United Kingdom intends to add Samurai Swords to the list of offensive weapons whose importation
is prohibited by virtue of the Criminal Justice Act of 1988. This is expected to occur early in 2008 so it would be
prudent to immediately inform all personnel scheduled to PCS to the UK not to ship samurai swords in their
personal property shipments. This is to include "ANY SWORDS" for decoration. (i.e. swords on display, swords
inside of plaques, sword and shield seals)

                                   OVEN TEMPERATURE GUIDE

                             Fahrenheit                       Centigrade                Gasmark
Very Cool                    225                              110                           ¼
                             250                              130                           ½

Cool                         275                              140                               1
                             300                              150                               2
Moderate                     325                              170                               3
                             350                              180                               4
Moderately Hot               375                              190                               5
                             400                              200                               6
                             425                              220                               7
                             450                              230                               8
Very Hot                     475                              240                               9
                                                   Conversion Chart

       United Kingdom                34      36       38       40        42     44      46      48
       Continental/European          44      46       48      50/52      54     56     58/60    62
       United States                 34      36       38       40        42     44      46      48
       MENS SHIRTS (collar size)
       United Kingdom                14    14 ½       15      15 ½       16    16 ½     17
       Continental/European          35    36/37      38      39/40      41    42/43    44
       United States                 14    14 ½       15      15 ½       16    16 ½     17
       United Kingdom                5       6        7         8        9      10      11      12
       Continental/European          35    36/37      38      39/40      41    42/43    44     45/46
       United States                 6       7        8         9        10     11      12      13
       United Kingdom                8       10       12       14        16     20      22      24      26      28
       Continental/European          36      38       40       42        44     46      48      50      52      54
       United States                 6       8        10       12        14     16      18      20      22      24
       United Kingdom                3½      4        4½        5        5½     6       6½      7       7½      8
       Continental/European         36 ½    37       37 ½      38       38 ½   39      39 ½    40      40 ½    41
       United States                  5     5½         6       6½         7    7½        8     8½        9     9½
       United Kingdom              Small   Medium    Large   X-Large
       United States                A        B        C/D    Plus E/F
       United Kingdom (Height)      40      43        45       48       50      53      55      58      60      62
       United Kingdon (Age)         3-4     4-5       5-6      6-7      7-8     8-9    9-10     11     12-14   14-16
       United States                4T       4         5        6       6X       7       8      10      12      14

                             RAF Alconbury to RAF Molesworth

          Mile     Instruction                            For      Towards
          0.0      Depart RAF Alconbury on Local          0.8
                   road(s) (South-East)                   mi
          0.8      Turn RIGHT (West) onto A14             9.7 mi   Kettering
          10.5     At junction, turn RIGHT (North) onto   1.6 mi   Molesworth
          12.1     Turn LEFT (West) onto Local road(s)    0.7 mi   RAF Molesworth
          12.8     Arrive RAF Molesworth

Total distance: 12.8 miles

Driving time: 15 minutes

                                   USEFUL WEBSITES

AF Crossroads                      
AF One Source                      
Pay Entitlements                   
POV Shipments                      
RAF Alconbury website              

Barclays Premier League            
Citizen Advice Bureau              
Criminal Justice System            
Crown Prosecution Service          
Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency   
English Heritage                   
European Court Human Rights        
Highway Code                       
HM Customs and Excise              
Huntingdonshire District Council   
Property Finder                    
Just Ask (Legal service)           
London Congestion Charge           
Map Service                         or
National Trust                     
PET Scheme                         
The Court Service                  
The Legal Service Comission        
The UK Home Office                 
Tourist Information                 or
TV License                         
Utility Company Information         or
UK Immigration                     
UK Parliament                      
Vehicle Inspectorate               
VOSA – Vehicle and Operators Services Agency


A&FRC                  268-3557   Furnishings Management 268-3505
AAFES BX               268-3264   Housing Office         268-3518
AAFES Car Rental       268-3165   HRO                    268-3065
AAFES Car Sales        268-3334   ITT                    268-3704
AAFES Garage           268-3435   Legal Office           268-3535
Alterations            268-3782   Library                268-3687
Auto Skills            268-3701   Lodging                268-6000
Barber/Beauty Shop                Mental Health          268-4552
      RAF Alconbury    268-3884   NYPD                   268-2221
      RAF Molesworth   268-2572   Outdoor Recreation     268-3734
Bowling Center         268-3682   Pass and Registration  268-2525
Chapel                            Pharmacy               268-4556
      RAF Alconbury    268-3343   Post Office (RAFA)     268-3539
      RAF Molesworth   268-2338   Post Office (RAFM)     268-2991
Child Development      268-3527   Public Health          268-4564
Center                            Recycling Center       268-3320
Civilian Personnel     238-3540   Safety Office          268-3323
Office (Mildenhall)               SATO Travel            268-3908
Clinic                 268-4503   School (Elementary)    268-3620
Commissary             268-3920   School (High School)   268-3769
Community Bank                    Self-Help              268-3089
      RAF Alconbury    268-3160   Shoppette (RAFA)       268-3427
      RAF Molesworth   268-2456   Shoppette (RAFM)       268-2593
Community Relations    268-3123   The Daily Grind        268-3706
Advisor                           Theater                268-3765
Dental Clinic          268-4585   Thrift Shop            268-3041
Dry Cleaners           268-3593   Teen Center            268-3601
EDIS                   268-4513   TMO                    268-3755
Education Office       268-3306   VAT Office             268-3803
Family Advocacy        268-4552   Veterinary Services    226-7097
Family Child Care      268-3527   Village Community Ctr 268-3757
Fire Department        911        WIC                    268-3158
Fitness Center         268-3744   Youth Programs         268-3604
Keesler Federal        268-3861

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