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                                                                                                                     March/April 2011
   Editor - Laurey Lummus                                                                                        Volume 129 - Issue 2
   Graphic Designer - Eric Burgess
   Assistant Editor - Betsy Thomas
                                                                          Dear Sisters,
Address:    1800 West 91st Place                                          It is once again time to display the winning yearbooks, and as
            Kansas City MO 64114-0500                                     always the yearbooks were incredibly hard to judge. Seriously,
Phone:      816-444-6800                                                  every year the yearbooks are better than the year before. Judg-
            (8:30 am - 5:00 pm CST M-F)                                   ing them is like trying to choose between two thoroughbred
Fax:               816-333-6206                                           horses, or two of your favorite desserts – it’s impossible!
Insurance Only: 800-235-2806
Long Term Care Insurance: 888-290-7207                                    Founder’s Day is also right around the corner. It is hard to
Gifts Only:        800-821-3989                                           believe we will be celebrating 80 years of sisterhood. It seems
                                                                          that I have only had time to blink since our 75th. Time goes
                                                                          marching on – too bad my left knee sometimes does not go
DIVISION CHAIRMEN                                                         along with the plan.
Karla MacRae karlam@betasigmaphi.org
- Canada, GA, Greece, HI, IL, IN, MN, NM, Norway,                         We have fun stuff in store for this big anniversary, check out
Scotland, WA, WY, & Russia                                                the details on page 5. Be sure and read it carefully, because
Vivian Iddings viviani@betasigmaphi.org -                                 yes, your chapter may become the next YouTube star. Look
AK, AZ, CT, DC, DE, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO,                           out, Justin Bieber. Get with your chapter and make a zany fun
MS, MT, NH, NJ, NV, NY, PA, Puerto Rico, Germany,
                                                                          video, and then send it to us. Sounds like a blast, right? We
RI, VA, VT, & WV
                                                                          think so too.
Laura Ross Wingfield laura@betasig-
maphi.org - On-Line Chapters & Conventions
                                                                          This will be the first Founder’s Day without the three Ross
Cynthia Meadows cynthiam@betasig-
                                                                          men at the helm. Bill left us in 2009, and then this past
maphi.org - AL, AR, CO, NC, TN, OH, OK, SC, TX,
Belgium, & Zimbabwe                                                       March, we lost Jack, who was my boss and one of the kindest
Cindy Vance cindyv@betasigmaphi.org                                       men I ever had the pleasure to meet. Some time after his fa-
- Austria, Australia, CA, England, Finland, FL, ID, IA,                   ther Walter W. Ross passed away in 1969, Jack wrote a beauti-
LA, Mexico, NE, ND, OR, Saudi Arabia, SD, UT, & WI                        ful paean to his dad, titled “I Wish You Had Known Him.”
                                                                          In it he extolled his father’s virtues, which were considerable.
Torch Department -                                                        Reading it again lately, I thought how appropriate it would
Torch@betasigmaphi.org                                                    be to write the same ode to Jack. To tell of how gracious a
                                                                          man he was, how he always listened to people’s issues with
Membership/Rushing Department -                                           compassion and sound advice, how he so loved the outdoors,
                                                                          and how he taught his daughter Laura to carry on with the
Gift Department -                                                         great legacy that is Beta Sigma Phi. Yes, someone should re-
Gifts@betasigmaphi.org                                                    ally write the same sort of tribute to Jack as he wrote to his
Home Page -                                                               father. And someday, I believe I will do just that.
Beta Journal -                                                            Have a happy Founder’s Day and may spring bring you joy.
Beta Sigma Phi is an international women’s friendship network. It also
provides educational programs to its members and opportunities for
service to others. We are women of all ages, interests, and educational
and economic backgrounds, and are the largest organization of our kind
in the world. For Beta Sigma Phi
membership information call:

1-888-BETA-2B1(238-2221)                                                                               Laurey
   5 80th Anniversary News! Fun!
     Contests! Sweepstakes Drawings!
   8 2010-2011 Yearbook Contest Winners
           Find out which chapters topped the cream of the crop.

12 Upon A Mystery Trip
           Alabama Xi Xi, Alexander City takes us along on one
           of their legendary mystery trips.

15 Our IHM Earlene Fowler has
   written another tantalizing yarn
           Two lucky members will receive signed copies. Read for details.

16 Programs a La Carte
18 Beta Sigma Phi Programs
           Fun from Diotima to Dolls to Facebook.

21 We Salute our Founding
           Remembering the values we were founded upon,
           with a poem from Jack Ross reflecting on these ideals.

                                                                                    TORCH TRADITIONS
                                                                                           6 Rushing
                                                                                          11 What Beta Sigma Phi Means to Me
                                                                                           4 Conventions, New Chapters,
                                                                                             Friendly Ventures
   On the Cover
                                                                                          24 Chatter
   Using artistic components from more than 80 years                                      30 Gift Selections
   ago, artist Eric Burgess created this stunning depiction
   of a vintage Torch cover.
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                                                                                                                                         March/April 2011 The Torch 3
Conventions      2011

    Alabama (Mobile)                     June 10-12
                                                            New Friendly
                                                           Venture Chapters
    Arizona (Scottsdale)                 September 30-2    Florida Alpha Delta Pi, Orange Park
                                                              By: Crystal Phillips and Laureate Zeta Alpha
    British Columbia (Courtenay) Conclave May 6-7
    British Columbia (Oliver) Area Conclave May 28         Louisiana Alpha Omega, Ville Platte
    British Columbia (Prince George)     May 6-8             By: Aimee Brignac and Lambda Epsilon
    British Columbia (Vancouver) NW Regional June 24-26    Louisiana Alpha Sigma, Ville Platte
    California (Redding)                 May 12-15           By: Aimee Brignac and Lambda Epsilon
    Carolinas Cruise (Charleston, SC)    May 25-30
    Colorado (Colorado Springs)          June 24-26
    Florida (Jacksonville)               May 13-15

                                                             Welcome These
    Georgia (Macon)                      June 3-5
    Indiana (Terre Haute)                October 22-24

                                                             New Chapters
    Iowa (Dubuque)                       June 10-12
    Kentucky (Frankfort)                 June 10-12
    Louisiana (Houma)                    April 10
    Michigan (Frankenmuth)               October 21-23             Illinois Xi Nu Kappa, Morris
    Mississippi (Greenville)             September 23-25       Kentucky Laureate Chi, Louisville
    Missouri (Independence)              October 14-16
                                                                   Ohio Beta Psi Master, Troy
    New Mexico (Las Cruces)              June 3-5
                                                               Ontario Delta Alpha Master, Barrie
    New York (Albany)                    September 16-18
    Nova Scotia (Halifax)                October 28-30       Texas Laureate Iota Sigma, Glen Rose
    Ohio (Toledo)                        May 20-22
    Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)             June 24-26
    South Dakota (Pierre)                September 23-25
    Tennessee (Manchester)               June 3-5
    Texas (Austin)                       June 24-26
    East Texas Area (Frisco)             October 14-15
    Virginia (Williamsburg)              October 28-30
    Washington (Arlington) Conclave      March 26
    West Virginia (Beckley)              October 21-23
    Wisconsin (Sturgeon Bay)             October 28-30
    Wyoming (Sundance)                   September 16-18

4    March/April 2011 The Torch
80th Anniversary
       That Means: Fun! Contests! Sweepstakes Drawing!
We have planned lots of fun stuff to celebrate the 80th year of the
founding of Beta Sigma Phi. Below are some of the exciting things you
can participate in as a member.
       We will be sponsoring a new email address just for 80th anniversary material. The new address
       is 80BSP@betasigmaphi.org.
       YouTube Postings – Celebrating 80 years of friendship. Create a DVD that highlights the
       excitement that is Beta Sigma Phi, and send it to us at International. Let’s bring our sisterhood
       to the masses who view YouTube daily. The one that most accurately depicts the fun and neat
       things we do in our chapters will be placed on YouTube, along with an extra surprise.
       Please follow these instructions, posted by YouTube.
We accept most video file formats, including .wmv, .mov, .mpg, or .avi. If your video meets these minimum re-
quirements and still won’t upload, there may be a problem with the video compression you’re using. We recom-
mend the MPEG4 format at 640x480 resolution with MP3 audio.
Recommended settings:
Resizing your video to these specifications before uploading will help your videos look better on YouTube.
	       •	MPEG4	(Divx,	Xvid)	format
	       •	640x480	resolution	(*	most	updated	recommendation)
	       •	MP3	audio
	       •	30	frames	per	second
Videos uploaded through YouTube’s Single File Uploader have to be under the 100MB file size limit. The longer
the video is, the more compression will be required to fit it into that size. For that reason, most videos on You-
Tube are under five minutes long and there is a 10-minute length limit for all videos.
You can compress your video using movie editors, like Windows MovieMaker or Apple iMovie. Programs like
these allow you to edit your videos, add soundtracks, and compress file sizes.
If you choose to use the YouTube Uploader, your video can be up to 1GB in size.
Digital and Analog Camcorders
If	you	already	have	a	digital	camcorder	(one	that	captures	in	Digital8,	MiniDV,	HDV,	or	any	of	the	DVD	formats),	
then you’re ready to start shooting your masterpiece. Your camcorder will need some kind of direct connection
to your computer, either to the USB or FireWire ports or by inserting the DVD you’ve recorded. Once you’ve
downloaded the video from the camera, you can upload it to YouTube or bring it into an editing program to play
with it some more.
If	you	have	an	analog	camcorder	(one	that	uses	VHS,	VHS-C,	SVHS-C,	8mm,	or	Hi8	tape),	you	can	still	get	your	
videos onto YouTube. It will require an extra step and some additional equipment, though, since these camcord-
ers are not usually equipped with computer connections. You will need to digitize the video with a converter
box, which will convert the analog signal from the camcorder to a digital signal that the computer can under-
stand. After the video has been digitized, you can manipulate it further or
upload it.
       Write a letter about Beta Sigma Phi and/or our 80th Anniversary. Send it to TV shows, such as
       “The Oprah Winfrey Show” or the OWN Network, national newspapers and magazines,
       your local newspapers, etc... Please send us a copy. It can be sent by regular mail, email or fax.
       We will be glad to send you any information on Beta Sigma Phi that you may need. This event
       is for a sweep stakes drawing and the lucky names drawn will receive a Beta Sigma Phi
	      80th	Anniversary	History	Package,	which	consists	of	our	limited-edition	75th	Anniversary		         	
       book, our gorgeous anniversary throw, our “Best Of Beta Sigma Phi cookbook,” and other
       gifts that commemorate our wonderful sorority.                          March/April 2011 The Torch 5
                Rushing    Michigan Eta Zeta,
    International recently welcomed a new
    Friendly Venture in Muskegon, Michigan.
    Michigan Eta Zeta, Muskegon was or-
    ganized by Mary Osburn and Susan Osburn.
    real-life sisters. Yet the family ties don’t
    stop there. Both their mother Betty Os-
    burn, and another sister Bonnie Hekkema,
    are also pledges.

    Mary and Susan started the chapter with six
    new pledges and have grown to eleven chap- Halloween meeting of Michigan Eta Zeta,
    ter members since last summer. They have Muskegon.
    been busy with chapter activities and events
    since their formation.

    The Friendly Venture Cash Bonus Award
    they earned was used to support a ways &
    means event where they sold yellow rose
    pens, hair clips, and Beta Sigma Phi tote
    bags. This sale was a lot of fun for every-
    one, netting a nice sum for the chapter

    “We have truly enjoyed setting the goal to
    Friendly Venture the chapter and it has
                                                          Michigan Eta Zeta, Muskegon’s Fall Ban-
    been very exciting since day one.”
                                                          quet. Who is the girl on the table?

         Helpful Hints on your next Rushing Event.
    First, think of rush parties as Friendship Gather-    member know how much she will enjoy your
    ings. It will make the members feel less self-con-    friendship. So each member and guest must
    scious or pressured if they think of the parties as   be given a way to get to know one another.
    simple “Friendship Gatherings.” Forget that you       Planned activities are important because they
    are rushing. Just set your goal at having a good      give everyone a reason to move about and
    time meeting new women and seeing that your           mingle.
    guests have a good time.
                                                          It’s too easy for everyone to come and sit in one
    Second, the main purpose of the party is to get       spot for the whole evening, especially if a guest
    acquainted. The event is to let the prospective       is a bit shy or feels like a stranger compared to
6   March/April 2011 The Torch
  the chapter members. Plan activities to give         Don’t mention rushing on your invitation or in
  her a reason to move about and talk with every-      front of your guests at the first gathering. When
  one. Members will appreciate it too because          you do that, the invited guests may think you
  sometimes they feel self-conscious in approach-      want them to join that night - and you both
  ing prospective members.                             don’t know that – yet.

  This time is to let the prospective member know      You can choose a theme for the event to be
  that she will enjoy your chapter activities and      included on your invitations. Remember, the
  having new friends. So the current members           simpler the gathering, the better and they tend
  must show that they, themselves, enjoy all the       to have the best results for overall attendance.
  chapter activities including rushing. The en-
  thusiasm the members show at this time will          Plan in advance to share the date for your next
  determine the success of your rush party. What       gathering - usually in two weeks. At the next
  woman doesn’t want to be a part of a great           gathering you will play another mixer game
  group of women who enjoy each other’s com-           before you introduce Beta Sigma Phi to your
  pany and friendship?                                 guests. You should also be prepared to extend
                                                       the invitation to join by having the Membership
                                                       Applications ready to hand out.
      Special Tips                                     Whatever you decide to do for your friendship
  Friendship Gatherings (rush parties) should be in-   gathering be sure to keep it lighthearted for
  expensive, keep refreshments simple to prepare       everyone involved. Name tags are a must and
  and serve. You can’t enjoy your guests if you        a small remembrance gift for all prospective
  are busy in the kitchen.                             members in attendance is a nice way to end
                                                       the gathering.

  Sorority is alive and well in the city of Barrie, Ontario.
Submitted and written by Colleen Lorimer, member of
Ontario Preceptor Epsilon Rho, Barrie.
Identifying the need of younger ladies who may need sorority as
much as us older gals led to a group spearheaded by my chapter
this summer.

The doors were wide open and the invitation was issued to the
women of Barrie. A little advertising, a great article in the news-
paper and lots of word of mouth created the right atmosphere.
The rushing party had almost 50 attendees and from that party
two new chapters were formed in Barrie.

The first one was a Ritual of Jewel Extreme Makeover of On-
tario Theta Epsilon, Barrie when the current
members progressed and formed Ontario Xi
Gamma Xi, Barrie. They replaced themselves
with 10 pledges.

The makeover chapter was formed with four pledg-
es and five returning or transferring members.

We celebrated at the Barrie, City Council Pref-
erential Tea this year with a Pledge Ritual for 15

Congratulations, Barrie, way to go!                                             March/April 2011 The Torch 7
    YEARBOOKS                         The 2010- 2011 yearbook contest sported some of the
                                      best yearbooks we have ever had the pleasure of perus-
                                      ing. Creativity was in full force and although the theme

      2010-2011                       for the books was the same, they still all managed to be
                                      unique. It is evident that our chapters are seeking “New
                                      Paths to Friendship,” and if these yearbooks are any
                                      indication, their journeys are quite fruitful.

                                          First Place
                                          Preceptor, Laureate and Master
                                      The yearbook committee provided their Iowa Laureate Alpha Iota,
                                      Iowa City sisters with a yearbook that is near perfection. Through-
                                       out the book the theme is displayed in various ways with delight-
                                        ful artwork showing how these members are indeed finding new
                                         paths to friendship. Everything in the book is so succinct, from
                                          the ways and means activities to the service projects – time,
                                           place and duties involved are all very well explained. Sprinkled
                                            throughout the book are heartfelt poems, some famous, such
                                             as “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, while others are
                                              not. Yet they all tie into the theme beautifully. And the socials,
                                               they sound like so much fun, we are really looking for a way
                                                to join this happening group. Kudos on such a brilliant year-

                                                         First Place
                                                         Ritual of Jewels and Exemplar
                                               The first place yearbook in this division was from South
                                               Carolina Xi Alpha Omega, Charleston. The simplicity of
                                              reading this yearbook was part of its appeal, every section
                                             was very carefully laid out and thoughtful, with an eye for giv-
                                            ing members all the information needed in an accurate man-
                                           ner. This yearbook seems to come alive as the pages transi-
                                          tion from one neat category to the next. This chapter has great
                                         activities and meaningful service projects planned for the year,
                                        and the programs all sound very interesting, including their extra
                                        Programs on the Shelf. This Exemplar chapter always makes
                                       sure that no stone is left unturned, making for lots of organized
                                      fun! The near-perfect score for this entry is well-deserved.

     8   March/April 2011 The Torch
   Second Place
   Preceptor, Laureate and Master
California Preceptor Beta Kappa, Alhambra takes second

                                                               SECOND PLACE
                                                               SECOND PLACE
prize for their exciting and vivid yearbook. Prominent through-
 out are colorful hibiscus and other neat flowers as the chap-
 ter members “Seek New Paths to Friendship” by having “A
  Little Bit of Paradise – Food, Fun and Frolic.” Knowing that
  these are three of the words that are staples to any Beta
   Sigma Phi member, the book continues to delight from be-
   ginning to end. The photos that accompany each month’s
    activities are breathtaking, and all plans for the year look
    like they have been planned in advance down to the last
     detail. Even a day at Disneyland is featured. This is a
      marvelous book from a chapter that looks like they really
      know how to enjoy food, fun and frolic!
        Notice their Program on the Shelf on page 19.

                  Second Place
                  Ritual of Jewels and Exemplar
          This unusual second place yearbook welcomes the
         reader with a greeting/warning, letting you know that
         you are crossing into another zone – the Gamma Rho
        zone! The Georgia Gamma Rho, Warner Robins
        zone, to be exact. While fulfilling every category with
       the complete details, they still manage to populate the
       pages with pop and surreal art, much of it awe-inspiring.
      Helpful news and information is also provided about the
     Central Georgia Area Council, to which this chapter
     belongs. Their programs are original and interesting with
    topics such as “ What to Feed a Picky Eater.” The in-
   viting tone of this yearbook accomplishes quite a feat -
  like tempting the reader to contemplate moving to Warner
  Robins, just so you can join this chapter!

                                   March/April 2011 The Torch 9
                                                          Honorable Mention
                                                          Preceptor, Laureate and Master
                                                 This year’s choice for honorable mention was the colorful

                                                 yearbook done by Texas Delta Lambda, Houston. Lush with
                                                  gorgeous illustrations, the book also emphasizes this year’s
                                                  theme. It has a complete directory of everyone in their local
                                                   Council, so no one should have to search for any of their
                                                   Beta Sigma Phi sister’s numbers! The program section has
                                                    exciting and detailed programs, centering around the theme
                                                    of “New Paths to Friendship” (Through the Art of Cooking.)
                                                     To go along with that thought, the book includes delicious
                                                     recipes. Some of the gastronomic delights include Crab
                                                      Bisque, Smoked Salmon Spread and of course, choco-
                                                      late. Their sweet offering is Chocolate Pots De Creme!
                                                      But moreover, this lovingly crafted book emphasizes the
                                                       friendship that is at the core of sorority.

                                                            Honorable Mention
                                                            Ritual of Jewels and Exemplar
                                                         This is a lovely yearbook, with artwork that is simply
                                                         spectacular! Submitted by Mississippi Xi, Jackson,
                                                        the book tells members every thing they need to know
                                                       for the entire sorority year. Stuffed with details concern-
                                                      ing activities, both service projects and socials are in-
                                                     stant ‘Save the Date’ affairs. The attribute colors, which
                                                     are present throughout the book, create a fluidity that’s
                                                    fun to follow. The pages are bright and draw the eye to the
                                                   information about the sisters, whom you really get to know
                                                   by the conclusion of this exemplary offering.

        10          March/April 2011 The Torch
What Beta Sigma Phi Means to Me
  The Shirt off her Back
        By Virginia Panko
        Ontario Laureate Beta Theta, St Catherines

 “My sister in Beta Sigma
 Phi gave me the shirt off
 her back. Actually it was a
 gorgeous hand knit sweater
 that I kept admiring dur-
 ing one of our sorority
 meetings. There it was the
 next day, in my hands, for
 me to keep and wear and

 I was introduced to this
 generous sister, Winn Coe–
                                    Virginia Panko (left) and Winn Coe–Cleeland
 Cleeland five years ago when
 I reactivated my membership after          She is indeed a VERY devoted so-
 a long absence. Prior to my first          rority sister. She has nonstop en-
 meeting she was described to me            ergy, not even a short bout with a
 as a very special person in the chap- recent illness has held her back. I
 ter. And that she is, for at 85 she is know it would mean a lot to her to
 still as active as ever – walking for      have a little something in the Torch
 groceries and errands, visiting with       about how special she is to me and
 shut-ins, never missing a meeting.         to the other ladies in our group.
 Her hands are always busy making
 little quilts or sewing baby outfits       What can I say, thank you, Winn. I
 to give to a woman’s shelter. Winn’s hope that one day I can grow into
 specialty is handmade teddy bears,         the type of sister like you have be-
 each with an outfit to suit it’s own       come to all of us. And in years to
 personality. She also knits caps and come, when I wear my warm sweat-
 scarves and luckily for me, a lovely       er I will give it a little hug when yet
 sweater of which I am the proud            another admirer comments on my
 owner.                                     lovely treasure. And I’ll tell them
                                            that a very special lady gave me the
                                            shirt off her back.”

                                                                March/April 2011 The Torch 11
Upon a Mystery
A         labama Xi Xi, Alexander City
          is delighted to be traveling a
          New Path to Friendship now
that they head out every year on their
annual Mystery Trip. Having long
thought about the idea of taking a trip
together, the sisters took the plunge a
few years back. Now, every third week-
end in July, the sisters of Xi Xi depart
their homes, to travel someplace unex-
pected, and of course, mysterious.

 “The idea was launched four years ago
by a discussion among several of us
about how much fun it would be to go
on a trip together,” says Xi Xi member                     Mentone, Alabama
Fran Tyler. “As the idea developed from              says Fran. She tells how the sisters played a ver-
hypothetical to reality, a suggestion was made       sion of “The Amazing Race,” to elicit clues, which
that a couple of members plan it and not let any-    added a whole new level of suspense. Everyone
one else know where they were going. The Xi Xi       was quite surprised when they arrived and had a
Mystery Trip was born!                               fantastic weekend playing games, visiting Desoto
                                                     Falls, antiquing, eating great food and getting to
The first year the members ventured to Mentone,      know one another better.
Alabama where they stayed in the former home
of Willie Nelson. “Members were given one clue       They had such a great time on the trip that it has
a week for several weeks to pique their curios-      since become an annual event. The committee
ity. They were also told what to pack and a few      lets the members know in early fall how much
items were put on the list to throw us off track,”   money they will need to pay for that year’s trip so
                                                         that they can give money monthly, making it
                                                         much easier to budget. This money is depos-
                                                         ited into a separate account. This allows them
                                                         to spread out the cost of the trip over several

                                                        On the second trip, they ventured to Charles-
                                                        ton, South Carolina and stayed in a lovely
                                                        home near downtown, where they could
                                                        walk to all the must-see places. After taking
                                                        a carriage ride of the city, the group visited
                                                        downtown shops and some even went on a
                                                        ghost tour of the city. “One day we all split up
                                                        and several members toured Fort Sumter, one
          Charleston, South Carolina                    group visited the aquarium and the last group
12   March/April 2011 The Torch
visited a beautiful plantation home and grounds,”
says Fran. She adds that they definitely enjoyed a
wonderful sampling of the Charleston cuisine at
several of the local restaurants.

Their third trip was to Guntersville, Alabama,
where they rented a home on Lake Guntersville.
The lake is 69,000 acres located in the foothills of
the Appalachian Mountains. After freshening up,
the group then traveled to a local dinner theater
where they were very impressed with the talent.
“The next day we spent the day relaxing,” says
Fran. “The trip committee planned all the meals of
the day and we thoroughly enjoyed our time on
the lake.”

The latest trip was to Ellijay, Georgia. Ellijay is a
city in Gilmer County, Georgia, which is in the
north central part of the state. It lies where two
rivers, the Ellijay and Catecay come together to
form the Coosawattee River. The city holds an                     Guntersville, Alabama
annual Apple Festival in October and is known
as the ‘Apple Capital of Georgia’. After visiting       and then formed a conga line dancing around the
the festival, the sisters visited an apple house and    room with our boas that the trip committee had
were able to taste some wonderful apple cider           given us. I love that we really get out of our com-
and shop for local apples and other goodies. That       fort zone and let our hair down.”
night they settled in to watch the movie - “Mam-
ma Mia.” One member wrote,”My favorite mem-             The summation of these trips has elicited a unani-
ory of all was when we watched “Mamma Mia”              mous feeling of closeness among the chapter
                                                                sisters. Perhaps this member’s state-
                                                                ment most aptly describes the experi-
                                                                ence - “ It’s a time for us to relax with
                                                                our friends, play games, eat and laugh,
                                                                laugh, laugh. Before we started these
                                                                trips our group was not near as close as
                                                                we have become. Ever since the first trip
                                                                we now have such a close bond that we
                                                                have much better attendance at every-
                                                                thing we do because we just enjoy be-
                                                                ing together so much! We now share so
                                                                many funny memories and special times
                                                                that have drawn our hearts together in a
                                                                way that monthly meetings and socials
                     Ellijay, Georgia                           cannot. I really love my mystery-trip
                                                               traveling sisters!”
                                                                                March/April 2011 The Torch 13
                       Beta Sigma Phi
                         Good work, sisters! Due to your diligence in reporting Beta Sigma Phi
                         news to your community media outlets, we have been featured recently
                         in publications. Keep up the great efforts. Here are a few examples of
                         the free publicity (the best and most effective kind) we have received.

      Another Point of View
                                Louisiana Alpha, Houma
                                was featured in Point of Vue
                               magazine, which serves the
                               southern Louisiana area. The
                               story’s title is “Life, Learning
                               and Friendship.” In the arti-
                              cle, Louisiana Alpha, Houma
                              member Stacey Parfait ex-
                              plained her reasons for joining
                              Beta Sigma Phi. “I wanted a
                              chance to give back to the com-
                              munity along with a chance to
                             meet other women with similar
                             interests.” In addition to work-
                             ing, parenting and attending
                             college, Stacey was looking for
a way to give back to the community when she learned about
the chapter in Houma.

Another Alpha member interviewed, Gia Holekamp, says,
“My favorite part of Beta Sigma Phi is that I am able to form
a sisterly bond with great women and we are able to work
together to make a positive change in our community.” New
pledge Delisa LeBoeuf comments, “I decided to pledge to cre-
ate a relationship with a great group of women that are out-
side of my normal routine.”
                                                                  Photos courtesy of Point of Vue magazine.

                                                This small ad was placed in a local newspaper which serves
                                                the region known as On Top of The World, Florida. “I placed
                                                the ad in our paper,” writes Ida Nall. “I’m a member-at-large,
                                                and enjoy hearing from my sisters in Florida ... Michigan and
                                                Georgia.” The ad really payed off. Ida reminisced with many
                                                sisters who visited her home for coffee and doughnuts before
                                                she relocated to Georgia, where soon she will be welcomed
                                                into the loving arms of a local chapter.
14   March/April 2011 The Torch
In the News
Focus on Scugog
These Ontario Gamma Master Omicron, Port Perry
members (l-r) are Fran Sluggett, Gail Williamson,
                                                          New Book Drawing
Bunny Rowland and Donna Donnelly. These four              International Honorary member Earlene Fowler
women were among the founding members of Beta             has just published a new book, “Spider Web.” Re-
Sigma Phi in the Port Perry/Uxbridge area. They were      views are very positive and
featured in a story in a local magazine titled, “Focus    many readers have com-
on Scugog,” which is the area in which they live. The     mented this may be her best
sisters all progressed from Ontario Laureate Gamma        book to date. If you are in-
Chi, Port Perry. As they told the interviewer, “We        terested in winning a signed
have been working diligently, through doing this in-      copy of the book, send your
terview and other projects, to heighten the awareness     name and address in care
of Beta Sigma Phi in our community.”                      of the Torch to our Interna-
                                                          tional address or our email
                                                          at torch@betasigmaphi.org.
                                                          There will be two signed
                                                          copies available to win.
                                                          Deadline for entries is May 7, 2011. The winners
                                                          will be announced on our website.

                                                          December 2010/January 2011 Torch, page 25
                                                          Queensland Epsilon, Brisbane held their an-
The chapter has many efforts underway to attract          nual charity day at the Royal Queensland Yacht
new members. This article highlights the many posi-       Squadron. More than 150 guests were treated to
tive benefits of being part of our great friendship or-   a delicious three
ganization.                                               course luncheon,
                                                          a fabulous fash-
                                                          ion parade and
 Getting to Know You                                      a special guest
                                                          speaker.    “With
 Members of Minnesota Xi Beta Epsilon, Mar-               an overwhelming
 shall were interviewed in their local newspaper,         response to our
 The Independent. “We were honored to see that this       call for donations, we were able to hold more than
 article was featured on the front page of the news-      40 raffles with all proceeds from the day being
 paper,” writes Xi Beta Epsilon member Kay Pon-           donated to Youngcare, the Asbestos Related Dis-
 stein. “ After this article was distributed, our sis-    ease Support Society and breast cancer research,”
 ters of Xi Beta Epsilon spoke with many women            writes Epsilon member Cindy Sinclair.
 that asked questions about our organization.”
                                                          The photo that corresponded to the Brisbane story
 Let’s continue to make big strides in getting our        was identified as members from California Laure-
 name out there. Please call the Torch department at      ate Iota Omega, Lake Isabella. Here is the photo
 816-444-6800 or email us at torch@betasigmaphi.          and story – together at last.
 org if we can help you with press releases or any
 other kind of information about Beta Sigma Phi.                                 March/April 2011 The Torch 15
Programs a La Carte
CAREER                                       HEALTH
101 Career and Marriage: Planning            301 Diet: Generalities of Healthful Diet
    for Success
                                             303 Medicine: Exploring Your Interests
102 Learning: Career Preparation
                                             306 Getting The Best Of
104 Career Rewards: Attitudes, Planning          Stress
    and Achievement for Career Rewards
                                             307 Nutrition (for women
106 Life Management: Building a                  only!)
    Successful Support System
                                             310 Pick Up Your Stamina
108 Career and Life Planning: Marketing
                                             311 Walking
    Yourself and Your Skills for the
    Job Market                               322 Healthy Homestyle: Soup
110 Effectively Asserting Yourself           327 Healthy Homestyle: Desserts
114 Entrepreneurship                         329 Healthy Homestyle: Vegetables You
                                                 Want to Eat                                  For Fuller Lives
116 Starting Your Own Home-Based
    Business                                 331 Wines For All Times                      509 Getting Established: Security Through
                                                                                              Understanding and Planning
121 You and Your Environment: What Your      334 Acupuncture
    Efforts can Accomplish                                                                512 Private Speech: What Our Speech
                                             335 Water Aerobics                               Shows Us To Be
122 Getting Toxins Out of Your Home
                                        340      Breast Cancer: Myths and Realities       514 Winning: How To Be A Winner In Life
124 You and Your Environment: Organic
                                        343      Women and Heart Disease                  519 Happiness: What It Takes To Be Happy
    Gardening and Growing a Safe Garden
                                        344      Living With Diabetes                     523 Your Personal Score: Relationship Of
126 Environmental Benefits of Recycling
                                        345      Candle Comforts                              What You Are and What You Expect
HOME                                         346 Rest and Relaxation Soiree
                                                                                              Of Yourself
                                                                                          524 Perspective On Self: By Looking At
204 Rewards Harvested from Family Life
207 Art In Our Houses: Uses of Art
                                             HUMAN RELATIONS                                  A Modern Woman
                                                                                          525 Perspective On Self: Looking At A
    Elements In the Home                     400 Friendship: Finding, Developing,             Modern Man
208 Home Planning: The House -                                                            529 Communicating Effectively To Build
    Architecture to Finance                  402 Service: The Need To Serve and               Your Child’s Self-Esteem
                                                 Its Rewards
214 Walls: Decorative Treatment                                                           531 Resolving Conflicts So Everyone Wins
                                             403 Everyone A Teacher: Teaching As          546 Living History
215 Textiles: Practical and Decorative
                                                 A By-Product of Communications
    Uses In the Home                                                                      547 The Way We Were
                                             409 A Good Example: Study of A Role          548 Women Alone
217 Better Lighting: Lighting for Function
                                                 Model For Morals and Customs             549 Alpha Females
    and Design
                                             413 Sign Language Basics
218 Pictures and Mirrors: Their Uses In
    Decoration                               419 My Sister, My Friend
                                                                                          THE ARTS
                                                                                          601 Literature - Poetry: Enjoying Poetry
219 Accessories In the Home: Reflections     421 Natural Remedies: Menopause                  and Lyrics
    of Ourselves
                                             422 Natural Remedies: Preventing Osteoporosis 604 Drama - Theatre: Television, Stage
222 Outdoor Living: Garden and Lawn
                                             424 Natural Remedies: Preventing Cancer           and Theatre For Fun
    Decoration and Use
                                             426 Natrual Remedies: Keeping Your           606 Popular Music: For Your Dancing
223 Apartment: Decorating and Furninshing                                                     and Listening Pleasure
                                                 Memory Sharp
    for Comfort
                                             428 Natural Remedies: Wrinkles               607 Creative Expression: Communications,
224 Protecting Your Home: Security                                                            Fine Arts, Crafts As Forms Of
    Through Knowledge and Planning           431 Natural Remedies: Backaches                  Expression
226 Rearranging Rooms for More Warmth        432 Natural Remedies: Allergies              608 The Art Of Photography
    and Style
                                             435 Facebook - Finding New Path To           613 Antiques
228 Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway):           Friendship
    The Ancient Art of Placement for                                                      620 Armchair Traveler: Sydney, Australia
    Health and Healing                       PERSONAL GROWTH                              621 Armchair Traveler: San Francisco
231 Gazing Balls                             501 Perception Of Beauty: Discovering        622 Armchair Traveler: Rome
                                                 The Why Of Beauty
232 All About Pickles                                                                     623 Armchair Traveler: Athens, Greece
                                             505 Mental Enrichment: Modern Methods
233 Aprons Tie Us To Memories
16 March/April 2011 The Torch
THE ARTS                                      823 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:
                                                  Green Is For Fellowship
                                                                                               993 What Person Has Had The Most
                                                                                                   Influence In Your Life?
624   Armchair Traveler: London               824 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:     994 If You Could Live In Any Period Of
626   Armchair Traveler: Paris                    Orange Is For Loyalty                            History, Which Would You Choose?
627   Armchair Traveler: New York             825 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:     996 When I Was In High School, People
                                                  Violet Is For Service                            Thought I Was....
628   Armchair Traveler: Jerusalem
                                              828 Starting Your Own Book Club                 998 The History Of Thanksgiving And
629   Armchair Traveler: Hong Kong                                                                 Harvest Celebrations Around The World
632   Packing For Travel Like A Pro           829 Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
                                                                                              999 Lipstick - From The Dark Ages To The
634   Name This Baby-Boomer Tune              ORIGINAL OUTLINES                                    21st Century
635   Paper Making                            900 An Original Outline: Crafts                 BETA SIGMA PHI
636   Photo Christmas Ornament                901 An Original Outline: Current Events         1000 Rushing
THE WORLD AROUND US                           902 An Original Outline: Women’s Concerns       1001 Friendly Venture
                                              903 “We Are Shaped and Fashioned By             1026 ABC’s Of Organizing Clutter
703 Religion: Generality and Effect               What We Love.”
706 History: Effect On and By Women                                                           1028 Our Chapter Remembers Our Years In
                                              985 Harvest Festivals                                Beta Sigma Phi.
710 Estate Planning: Planning for             989 Christmas                                   1029 The Flat Walter Project
    Retirement and Beyond
                                              992 The Coffee Expert: Drink Up! -              1031 Beta Sigma Phi Jeopardy
716 The World Around Us: India and                Delicious Coffee Recipes
    Southwestern Asia                                                                         1032 Diotima of Mantinea
717 The World Around Us: Eastern Europe

                                                               Program Order Form
728 The World Around Us: Canada
732 How Well Do You Know Your Own City?
733 Herbs                                           •   Circle the numbers of the programs you want on this order form.
736 Chocolate                                       •   Please select no more than 18 programs.
738 Wildflowers                                     •   Only one order form per chapter.
748 Your “Significant Other” and You -              •   The chapter’s program chairperson retains a copy of your order.
750 The Golden Age - Retiring in Style              Chapter Name
751 From Spouse To Single - On Your
    Own Again
                                                    Chapter Number
752 Make Your Money Work For You
754 Finding Bucks For Your New Business -
    SBA Loans                                       Program Chairperson
757 Genealogy
759 Gateway to the World                            Member Number
764 Cats!
765 Dog-Gone Good!: Woman’s Best Friend             Address
769 Staying Cool Under Pressure
772 Local Government: Stand Up                      City, State, & Zip Code
    and Be Counted
776 A History Of The U.S. Flag                  101 102 104 106 108 110 114 116 121 122 124 126 204 207 208 214 215
777 Preventing Identity Theft
                                                217 218 219 222 223 224 226 228 231 232 233 301 303 306 307 310 311
778 Understanding a Little about Blindness
779 Tingting’s T-Shirts                         322 327 329 331 334 335 340 343 344 345 346 400 402 403 409 413 419
780 A Taste of Italy                            421 422 424 426 428 431 432 435 501 505 509 512 514 519 523 524 525
781 Send Me A Postcard                          529 531 546 547 548 549 601 604 606 607 608 613 620 621 622 623 624
LEISURE                                         626 627 628 629 632 634 635 636 703 706 710 716 717 728 732 733 736
801 Hobbies: Sharing Your Interests             738 748 750 751 752 754 757 759 764 765 769 772 776 777 778 779 780
803 Introduction To Personal Computers
                                                781 801 803 806 811 820 821 822 823 824 825 828 829 900 901 902 903
806 Memory Quilts
811 A Journal Of Self-Discovery Through
                                                985 989 992 993 994 996 998 999 1000 1001 1026 1028 1029 1031 1032
    Writing: Recording Thoughts and Ideas       Return to:     Beta Sigma Phi International
820 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:
    Red Is For Courage
                                                                     PO Box 8500
821 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:                          Kansas City MO 64114-0500.
    Yellow Is For Vision
822 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:
    Blue Is For Humility
                                                                                                       March/April 2011 The Torch 17
 Diotima of Mantinea
               D  iotima is one of our stron-
                  gest links to our Rituals.
            She also remains a mystery.
                                                There were seven men who participated in
                                                discussing the meaning of love. At the sym-
                                                posium’s end, views were understood (and
            Unlike her fellow Greek phi-        reconciled to the formulation of Diotima)
losophers, Diotima’s name is not a common       that true love is a desire for immortalization
one. Eager to know more about this profound     and for perpetual possession of the Good and
influence on sorority, Charmaine Barberito      Beautiful. Socrates delivered her thesis.
member of Louisiana Preceptor Beta Al-
pha, Metairie went searching for answers       Socrates writes that he learned from Diotima
and presented an enlightening program on       that it is far better for men and boys to give
“Diotima of Mantinea.”                         birth to ideas than to give birth to children.
The complete program can be ordered through    And secondly, that physical love is second to
the Programs A La Carte form on page 17.       spiritual love, because the goal of spiritual
                                               love is to give birth to ideas. Ultimately love
                                               helps us to ascend to knowledge of the di-
#1032 Diotoma of Mantinea vine.
Looking through the Rituals you will find that Even today in contemporary religious cer-
Diotima was quoted in the Pledge Ritual, the emonies, in popular song lyrics, in wedding
Ritual of Jewels, the Exemplar Ritual and the vows, anywhere one encounters the notion for
Preceptor Ritual.                              a truly undying and eternal love, the words
                                               of Diotima, Socrates and the other
Diotima, which means “honored by God,”         figures of The Symposium
was held in high regard by Socrates, the       are still being
teacher of Plato. She is mentioned in Plato’s heard.
“Symposium” which was quite an honor for
a woman in ancient times. She is known as      Some have
“Diotima, the Wise Woman of Mantinea”.         thought that Di-
Mantinea was a city in ancient Greece. Di-     otima was a fictional
otima is credited with teaching Socrates       creation. However,
“the philosophy of love” and he brought her    Plato’s dialogues
concept to The Symposium. He repeats her       were found to cor-
teaching with its linking of love and beauty   respond to real
with the human soul ascending a ladder of      people living
the human perfection in love until one en-     in ancient
counters “beauty” itself.                      Athens
                                               and Plato
In Plato’s day, a symposium was actually a     did not use
wine-drinking gathering. They were strictly    false names, indicat-
speaking, stag affairs. To present a woman’s   ing that Diotima is a
teaching was most unusual. The Symposium       historical rather than
can also be read as a pure rhetorical debate.  fictional figure.

18   March/April 2011 The Torch
           #829 Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
When sisters of Virginia Xi Delta Gamma,
Manassas were looking for ideas for pro-
grams, member Sandra Iames had a wonder-
ful thought,” relates Xi Delta Gamma member
Valerie Burke. It would be a great idea for San-
dra’s mother, Gerda Proctor, to present a
program about her extensive doll col-
lection. “Gerda has shared her collec-
tion with many groups over the years
and has always enjoyed hosting us in
her lovely home.” The program was
soon presented, with Gerda show-
ing chapter members rare and
antique dolls, explaining
how they were made and
where they originated. She
also shared the dolls that
she had as a child, as well as
some dolls that she has re-
stored. “It was a fascinating pro-
gram and all the members enjoyed
getting to hold the exquisite dolls
and look at the accessories Gerda
has collected for her collection,”
says Valerie.

    Programs on the shelf:
           Food, Fun and Frolic
 In the name of enjoyment, Debbie Weisberg         of chocolate, music, Disney collectibles and
 of California Preceptor Beta Kappa,               other versions of paradise pleasures,” writes
 Alhambra chose a theme for this year of “A        member Kathi Edstrom. “For the kick-off for
 Little Bit of Paradise--Fun, Food and Frolic”     the holidays, I shared tips and the history of
 and the chapter has been sharing their fa-        gingerbread in booklets for each of us, then
 vorite foods, recipes, places to frolic, and      we created gingerbread ornaments to take
 sharing each of their ideas of the definition     home.”
 of paradise. One member, who is an avid
 gardener and grows multiple kinds of herbs        The new program theme helps the chapter
 for cooking, brought about 20 different herbs     to think, enjoy, reminisce, and share their
 for the chapter to smell, touch and taste         favorite places and things. “We always look
 for her program. “We also shared ‘guilty          forward to coming to each meeting to partici-
 pleasures’ at another program, one member         pate in the program as well as an informative
 brought some of her makeup and shared the         meeting.”
 huge basket, while other members spoke
                                                                        March/April 2011 The Torch 19
     #435 Facebook and Other New Paths To Friendship
      Facebook is a social network service and website launched in February 2004. To say that it’s
      growth has been unsurpassed would be an understatement. Facebook now has more than 600
      million users. Users may complete a profile, add other users as friends and exchange mes-
      sages. Even better, for those in search of new and lasting friendships, Beta Sigma Phi abounds
      on Facebook. To help you navigate the easiest way to find out about Beta Sigma Phi when you
      are on Facebook, our own online pioneer, Lisa Perfetti of Online Beta, has done extensive
      research on the phenomenon and has written a wonderful program entitled “What New Paths
      Can Lead Us To New Friendships.” Lisa also talks about how we can really connect not only with
      Facebook but with the Beta Bulletin Board.

      What Paths Can Lead Us to New Friendships?
      By Lisa Perfetti of Online Beta
          One path to the connection is the social network called, Facebook. Facebook is free to use. I
          have over 711 BSP Sisters, who are friends with me on Facebook. Some BSP groups even have
          their own Facebook Group Pages. Facebook has several hundred (if not several thousand) BSP
          Sisters as members on it at this time.
          Why not give Facebook a try? You will be surprised how many new friendships you can develop
          in just a short time. You can go to the Facebook website at: www.facebook.com to get started.
          You just need to enter the information that is asked for. Yet there are a few safety issues to
          keep in mind when using Facebook or any other social network. Please do be careful not to
          say when your house is unoccupied and other personal information. Please also be sure to set
          some of your privacy settings to “only friends” or “just me”. Here are just some ideals on how
          to find other BSP’s on Facebook:
          · Check for your current BSP’s sisters either by name or by their email addresses, to see if
             they are on Facebook or not, then you can send a Facebook “friend request” to BSP’s that
             are on Facebook all ready;
          · You can establish new Facebook BSP friends via names and/or emails you obtain at
             conventions, concaves, etc. and then ask them to “friend” you by sending them a “friend
             request” on Facebook;
          · You can ask other BSP’s on Facebook to tell their BSP group members to “friend you”;
          · You can search Facebook BSP pages by entering the words, “Beta Sigma Phi” and/or “BSP”
             in the Facebook search box, at the top of the screen. There are many BSP Facebook
             Pages and BSP Facebook Group Pages that are currently on all ready.

      Another path to new friendships is the Beta Bulletin Board, our very own social network. It is free
      to use for BSP members. If you haven’t registered yet, you can go the the Beta Bulletin Board at:
      www.bspinternational.org/bulletin_board/index.php. I suggest you give it a try. The BSP Bulletin
      Board contains loads of information, ideas and requests too. Start by going to: www.betasigmaphi.
      org. Then, click on the words “Members Only”. Next, click on the words “Beta Bulletin Board”. After
      you “log in”, click on the words “Sister Chat”.
      The “Beta Bulletin Board” never ceases to amaze me. So many BSP Sisters place information on it.
      Plus, Laura Ross Wingfield and Lola Ruby also provide information and answers to questions, which
      makes the BSP Bulletin Board a wonderful source of connecting to other BSP Sisters and gaining
      knowledge as well!
20   March/April 2011 The Torch
We Salute
Our Founding
Founder’s Day is once again approaching, a time where
we celebrate when our special organization came to be.
                                                                 Shadows lengthen in the evening light,
                                                                 And mounting years but little mercy show

The thought that marked the beginning of this beacon to
                                                                 To those who make the passing years a fight,
Life, Learning and Friendship remains a stirring narrative,      But lightly rest upon the ones who grow.
no matter how many times it is told. One man, a humble
book salesman named Walter W. Ross, had one dream in             A shadow cast in nineteen-thirty-one
his sights – to form an organization for women to fellow-        Has stretched across the intervening years.
ship and become enriched in a multitude of ways.
                                                                 Not for an instant has it blocked the Sun.
The real testament to this novel idea of Mr Ross’s, and in
equal measure, the path he took to take it, is that he built     It marks for us the path away from fear.
the structure so thoroughly, with such diligent and caring
                                                                 The shadow, essence of a vital man,
charter members, that there was no question it would
flourish. In the spirit of our founder, this strong foundation   A covenant, sincere belief, a vow.
became even more so with every added chapter, every
added state and every added country.                             We hold these close and true as best we can

Our first charter member, Helen Klover Pepper, passed
                                                                 To make the shadow real and live the vow.
on this summer at the age of 96. Helen had been a spe-           Let years of time their course in beauty run.
cial guest at many Beta Sigma Phi events. She spoke at
various Founder’s Day events and conventions, and was            Hold fast the man, the shadow and the Sun.
always the star of the show with her keen memory and
refined demeanor. She was the perfect ambassador for
Beta Sigma Phi, and she embraced that role. She will for-
ever be missed and it is our fortune that she aligned so
seamlessly with our sorority.

In his 1948 Founder’s Day speech, Walter W. Ross, who al-
ways loved a story, told his favorite one – the story of Beta
Sigma Phi. Although our organization was only 17 years
old, it had already become a story of success.

The following are the last lines of this speech, spoken as
only he could, “And here the story must stop, for there is
no end. The rest of the tale can only be told as the yet
unwritten chapters unfold. As page after glorious page is
turned by the hand of time. And were it possible to foretell
the conclusion, I am sure it would be one of happily ever

If the resulting 63 years are any indication, Mr. Ross, as
                                                                  Written by Jack Ross
usual, was right.                                                 April, 1969
Happy 80th Birthday, Beta Sigma Phi.
                                                                                     March/April 2011 The Torch 21
Our Chapters Celebrate Founder’s Day
 – the Beta Sigma
      Phi Way!
Members of Laureate Iota Omega and Preceptor Xi Eta
of Lake Isabella, California celebrated Founder’s Day
quite creatively. Laureate Iota Omega had secretly arranged
to give the members a real taste of adventure by holding the
event in an airport hanger. Invitees were instructed to wear
travel clothing and admitted only with an official boarding
pass. After going through security, they were graciously
served their inflight dinner by an attendant. Chairmen Vick-    “Everyone was given a passport at the beginning of the year
ie Lipke and Charlotte Zagon of Laureate Iota Omega were        and an identifying sticker to attach after each program,”
dressed appropriately as airline captains, and the hanger was   writes Laureate Iota Omega member Janet Ridenour. A
decorated with travel signs and posters.                        grand year was had by all celebrating the sorority year.”

                                                            Traveling to a lovely tea room that served as an excellent stand-
                                                            in for Buckingham Palace, Alabama Xi Beta Chi, Wetumpka
                                                            sisters had tea and scones in the fabulous flower garden. A deli-
                                                            cious lunch of quiche, salad, finger sandwiches and an array of
                                                            tasty desserts were fit for a queen. Table decorations of yellow
                                                            roses and candles set the mood for these ladies, donned in their
                                                            finery, including hats. Xi Beta Chi member Ran Wilson supplied
                                                            each member with white gloves and a beautiful jewel ring to
                                                            truly complete the feeling of royalty.
                                                            Following the meal, the Founder’s Day awards program got un-
                                                            derway, complete with a proclamation from Alabama Governor
                                                            Bob Riley.

South Carolina Preceptor Alpha Delta, Seneca chose to honor two
members who received special recognition this year during their Founder’s
Day’s festivities. Sally Boggs, RNC and Martha Huey RN, were both re-
cently awarded top honors for their dedicated nursing service. The chapter
was thrilled to laud these two members who have made such a positive
difference in the lives of others. “Both Sally and Martha have been valu-
able members of our chapter and are great examples of Beta Sigma Phi
members,” writes Preceptor Alpha Delta member Janice Grousd.

                                                                      Wichita, Kansas members proudly celebrate their
                                                                      75th anniversary in Beta Sigma Phi. The first chap-
                                                                      ter, Kansas Alpha Phi, Wichita was established in
                                                                      April, 1939. Congratulations, sisters on this wonder-
                                                                      ful accomplishment.

22 March/April 2011 The Torch

 XXXX          XXXX
City, State,
Zip Code

                      March/April 2011 The Torch 23
                                  C hatter
The two chapters of Bates-
ville, Indiana joined together
to honor a Beta Sigma Phi sister
at the city’s annual Chamber of
Commerce celebration. Indiana
Theta Nu, Batesville mem-
ber Lou Voegele (holding yellow
roses) was honored for serving
as a distinguished volunteer for
many years. “Lou is one of our
charter members. Her endless
devotion to the community and
her dedication to her volunteer
work makes her sisters very
proud,” writes her Theta Nu
sister Val Stutler.

During Florida Preceptor Iota Mu, Port St. Lucie
member Annette Corrado’s search for answers after being
diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, she noticed that the
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation was sponsoring a quilt project.
“I thought it would be a great way to promote awareness for
my family and friends. I asked my sister if she would help me
make the panel and then brought the idea to my chapter sis-
ters in Beta Sigma Phi,” says Annette. “They were more than
happy to support me in this project, and I wish to use our long
standing friendship in Beta Sigma Phi to show what we are
about. The colors in our panel symbolize different attributes
and the theme, “Life, Learning, and Friendship.”

Virginia Xi Delta Gamma, Manassas members (right) re-
cently made fleece lap blankets as a service project. The blan-
kets were donated to residents of a home for seniors. The staff
and residents were very appreciative of the sisters’ handiwork.

Louisiana Laureate Alpha Gamma, Baton Rouge
spearheaded the planting of a tree at the Center for Visual and
Performing Arts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on April 9, 2009,
in memory of International’s Bill Ross, who passed away in
January, 2009. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana City Coun- Virginia Xi Delta Gamma, Ma-
cil, comprised of 14 chapters, contributed money to purchase nassas member Sandra Iames works
the tree.                                                       on cutting the fringe on a blanket.
24   March/April 2011 The Torch
Members of Alaska Laureate Eta, Mat-su
Valley gave of their time when they volun-
teered at the first Project Homeless Connect
for Mat-Su Valley. Organizations and volunteers
teamed to bring as many needy residents as pos-
sible together in one place on one day to provide
services. “The major focus of our involvement
centered on serving a hot meal to hungry senior
citizens, homeless families and other residents
in need,” writes Laureate Eta member Savanah
Hargraves. “Some people shared that this was
the first full meal they have had in a long time.
Without exception, the residents expressed
thanks and appreciation for being provided a
delicious meal.”

Texas Xi Pi, Seguin is very proud of member
Amy Dahlke, and wants sisters to share in her
accomplishments. Amy started making jewelry
after she decided to adopt a girl from China and
was in need of extra funds. She named her jewel-       share our excitement for her accomplishments,”
ry company Mei-Mei’s Designs, because Mei-Mei          writes Amy’s chapter sister Lisa Scott.
means little sister in Chinese. Since starting as
an evening hobby after her day job as a teacher,       June Ahrendt of Texas Sigma Master, Ste-
Amy has now grown her business to full-time            phenville is a very proud great grandmother –
with multiple employees. The blessed punctua-          of quadruplets. That’s right, four little bundles.
tion mark to this story is that she was finally able   The quads, who are now three, are the apple of
to adopt her little girl from China. Amy’s jewelry     everyone’s eye. And coincidentally, these are not
was recently featured in a national magazine in        the first quads that have been born in this small
an article highlighting convertible couture. “We       Texas town. Twenty years ago another set of four
are all very proud of Amy and just wanted to           was born – to Debbie Thompson, herself a Beta
                                                       Sigma Phi member.
Montana Delta Master, Kal-
ispell, whose members have an
average of 470 years of member-
ship in Beta Sigma Phi wrote to
tell us about their sisters and how
they enjoy one another’s company.
“Our sorority sisters are like fam-
ily and we really care about them
and their families,” says Delta
Master member Rena Naumann.
The chapter has always enjoyed
the diversity of their programs,
and are inspired by their original-
ity and creativity. There are plenty
of celebrations that are held each
year in the area, such as a summer
potluck and celebrating Founder’s
Day and Beginning Day with the other Kalispell chapters, Rho, Xi Eta, and
Preceptor Epsilon. The chapters host the members of Montana Kappa
Master,Whitefish, Montana at a luncheon each year and enjoy their hospital-
ity at a dinner for our members and spouses in the summer.
                                                                               March/April 2011 The Torch 25
International Honorary Member
          Introducing our Newest

          Rhonda Pollero
           Sponsored by: Online Beta

Rhonda Pollero sold her first romantic suspense,
“Legal Tender,” in 1993. With more than five
million copies in print and translated into seven-
teen different languages, her books are distribut-
ed worldwide. Pollero has penned more than 30
novels; won numerous awards and nominations;
landed on best-seller lists including USA Today,
Waldenbooks and the Ingram’s Top 50 List. She
has received numerous Romantic Times Magazine
Reviewer’s Choice Awards, an Affair de Coeur
Contemporary Series Award; and two Career
Achievement Awards for Romantic Suspense.

In June 1995, Pollero developed the wildly popu-
lar “Rose Tattoo” series for Harlequin Intrigue
TM. These novels “...offer the best of her unique
ability to seamlessly blend romance and mys-
tery.” Romantic Times goes on to say she “is
a master of the romantic suspense genre.” Af-
fair de Coeur says that her “humor and dialogue

In 2000, Pollero developed a second series for       Pollero is a sought-after lecturer and workshop
Harlequin Intrigue TM, “The Landry Brothers.”        presenter as well as a much-requested media
This seven book series has received both critical    guest. She has been featured in The New York
acclaim and established her as one of Intrigue’s     Times and The Washington Post, among others
top-selling authors. In addition to writing for      and makes frequent appearances on both radio
Harlequin, 2005 saw the release of her first title   and television. She founded The Writers Work-
from Ballantine, “Killer Christmas,” excerpted in    shop at Anne Arundel College in Maryland and
the December 2005 issue of Cosmopolitan Maga-        was the lead instructor in their craft and genre
zine.                                                writing courses for three years. She is considered
                                                     an expert in why women read and write crime fic-
2007 saw the launch of the Finley Anderson Tan-      tion as well as an excellent authority on plotting
ner mystery series with the debut hardcover title    and structuring the novel.
“Knock Off.” Garnering both popular and critical
acclaim, including a starred review from Kirkus,     Pollero is a member of The Author’s Guild, Mys-
Kensington Books released “Knock ‘em Dead,” in       tery Writers of America, International Thriller
March 2008. Pollero then moved to Simon and          Writers, Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of
Schuster’s Pocket imprint where she is continu-      America, and Florida Romance Writers, Inc. She
ing the series. Finley Anderson Tanner has gone      resides in South Florida with her family. You
worldwide as well, with editions in Russian,         may contact the author directly at Rhonda@
Dutch, French and several other translations.        phondapollero.com, or visit her on the web at
                                                     www.rhondapollero.com or www.KelseyRoberts.
26   March/April 2011 The Torch
International Award of Distinction
   Meet one of the newest recipients of the International Award of Distinction
   (IAD), the highest honor that Beta Sigma Phi bestows on active members.
         Anna has shown her enthusiasm for all things Beta Sigma Phi.

                                                              Anna (Ann)
                                                                      Michigan Alpha Sigma
                                                                      Master, Charlevoix
                                                                      Member Since 1962
                                                             champion of all things Beta Sigma Phi. But her grand
                                                             passion is the Beta Sigma Phi State Convention. She
                                                             is an eager participant every year, and has been both a
                                                             chairman and co-chairman several times. At the conven-
                                                             tions, Ann makes many close friendships, one of the
                                                             main purposes of Beta Sigma Phi.

                                                         “As I look back at the last 39 years of Beta Sigma Phi
                                                         in Charlevoix, to all the many projects we worked and
                                                         helped to fund as Beta Sigma Phi members, I see Ann
                                                         Hufford in the center of it all, as a leader, a friend and an
                                                         inspiration to all to give the best that is in us to our soror-
“Ann Hufford is the original founder of the Charlevoix ity,” says Olean Kay Ball member of Michigan Alpha
chapters of Beta Sigma Phi. Without her dedication over Sigma Master, Charlevoix.
the past 47 years, Kappa Sigma, Xi Epsilon and the Al-
pha Sigma Master chapters would not exist,” according “Ann is a very loyal sister of our chapter here in our area.
to Michigan Kappa Sigma, Charlevoix members.             Any questions she has the answer. Very supportive and
                                                         encouraging to all of our local chapters. Great sense of
In 1962, as a young wife and mother of three, Ann was humor and good natured. True to the Good, the True,
advised by a friend to get involved in a worthwhile ac- and the Beautiful,” according to Michigan Xi Epsilon
tivity outside of her family, to broaden her horizon, be Gamma, Charlevoix member Susan J. Gale.
a help to her community and enrich her life. Taking her
advice to heart, Ann pledged Beta Sigma Phi and has “All the members of Michigan Alpha Sigma Master,
been involved for 47 years.                              Charlevoix feel Ann is very deserving of this honor. Her
                                                         dedication and loyalty has been unrelenting. She is all
Ann has been the example for every new Beta Sigma that Beta Sigma Phi stands for. Ann has been an excel-
Phi in Charlevoix and has lived up to and exceeded all lent member, sister and friend to all,” write the members
expectations. She has been and still is a spearhead and of Michigan Alpha Sigma Master, Charlevoix.
                                                                                         March/April 2011 The Torch 27
International Award of Distinction
     Meet one of the newest recipients of the International Award of Distinction
     (IAD), the highest honor that Beta Sigma Phi bestows on active members.
          Donna has shown her enthusiasm for all things Beta Sigma Phi.

                                                               Arizona Laureate Alpha, Scottsdale
                                                               Member since 1968

                                                                only a phone call away and always willing to help in any
                                                                endeavor. Her kindness and understanding is greatly ap-
                                                                preciated,” writes Carrie Bogert of Arizona Xi Gamma
                                                                Sigma, Scottsdale.

                                                                Her knowledge of and commitment to Beta Sigma Phi is
                                                                surpassed by no one. Even with these exceeding qualities,
                                                                her sorority sisters say there is never a hint of pretentious-
                                                                ness on her part. Her friends add that her good-natured en-
                                                                couragement is welcomed and that she comes away seem-
                                                                ing to have gained as much pleasure as she gave to any
                                                                project, task or assistance to others.

                                                                Donna worked with great enthusiasm on the 2008 State
                                                                Convention held in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been
                                                                quite active in Xi Alpha Theta, just as she was with Alpha
                                                                Phi. With her experience in food preparation and plan-
                                                                ning, Donna has been of great service when she super-
                                                                vised chefs for Beta Sigma Phi events, such as the 2008
“Donna Finch was President of City Council 1992-1993.           conventions and events such as Founder’s Day.
What a wonderful experience I had that year. Donna is
such a warm and caring lady and it was my honor to be on        She is a regular attendee of the Scottsdale, Arizona City
her board that year. I also have worked on many council         Council functions and has proved to be an asset to any
events with her and she makes everyone around her feel          Council committee on which she has served.
like family. Donna is one of those members who is always
there for her sisters. Donna deserves this Award of Distinc-    “There is no job, small or large enough, that she can’t
tion because she has all the qualities that make up members     handle. She has not missed a convention, and always is
of Beta Sigma Phi. It has been and always will be, my           involved in the winning skit. If a problem comes up the
honor to know such a wonderful lady,” writes a member of        first person to be called is Donna Finch. She is a problem
Arizona Preceptor Gamma Alpha, Scottsdale.                      solver. Donna is a true Beta Sigma Phi and an exemplary
                                                                member true to the meaning Life, Learning and Friend-
“During the course of our lifetime, we rarely meet a person     ship,” writes Barbara Rothan member of Arizona Laure-
who immediately leaves a delightful lasting impression on       ate Alpha Zeta, Scottsdale.
any of us. Donna is one of those special people. She is

28   March/April 2011 The Torch
         2010-2011 Chapter Yardstick
             The Yardstick deadline is August 20, 2011.
_____ Executive Board Meetings (10 pts. max)                             C U LT U R A L
      10 points for meetings held as needed.                             _____ Programs (36 pts. max)
_____ Regular Meetings (18 pts. max)                                           2 points each for a formal program (30 minutes), 1 point each for
      1 point for each meeting.                                                an informal program (cultural outing). One program per meeting.
_____ Attendance (12 pts. max)                                           _____ Program Presentation (36 pts. max)
      10 points for percentage of attendance. Example: 7 points for            2 points for a program presented by two or more members.
      70%, etc. Members on leave-of-absence and shut-ins not                   One program per meeting.
      counted against percentage. 2 points for consistent system
      of notifying members of time and place of meetings.                _____ Chapter-Wide Discussion (18 pts. max)
_____ Finance (19 pts. max)                                                    1 point for discussion guided by leader following the presentation,
      10 points for preparation of chapter budget that limits the              allowing each member’s participation.
      cost to an amount the members agree is not a burden to             _____ Audio-Visual Aids/Demonstrations (12 pts. max)
      each member. 7 points for a major money-making project,                  1 point for each program in which audio-visual aids or
      2 points for a minor project.                                            demonstrations are used requiring participation by members
_____ Cooperation (44 pts. max)                                                (i.e., games, quizzes, etc.).
      5 points for participation in City Council or executive coord-     _____ Programs on the Shelf (20 pts. max)
      inating committee. 10 points for committee planning and
      handling preliminary details before meetings. 2 points for               5 points for each program prepared for emergency use.
      each month’s chapter minutes and report forms sent to
      International by the end of the month. 5 points for City           _____   TOTAL (122 points possible)
      Council participation.
_____ Book of Beta Sigma Phi Review (36 pts. max)                        BONUS POINTS
      3 points for each month activity pursued.                         _____ Establishing a New Chapter (10 pts. max)
                                                                              5 points for Friendly Venture reservation, 5 points for presenting
_____ Publicity (10 pts. max)                                                 Beta Sigma Phi to prospective members.
      5 points for each major project, 2 points for each minor project. _____ Receive a FOUR-STAR RATING when your chapter
_____ Phone or Email (10 pts. max)                                            completes a Friendly Venture!
      5 points for having a phone or email tree to get the news out to
      chapter members.                                                  _____ Wider Social Horizons (16 pts. max)
                                                                              10 points being a sponsoring chapter of a convention, area
_____ TOTAL (159 points possible)                                             meeting or workshop, 2 points for representation at a convention,
                                                                              area meeting or workshop.
SOCIAL                                                                  _____ Community Service or Cultural Event (15 pts. max)
_____ Planned Social Calendar (30 pts. max)                                   5 points for each major project, 2 points for each minor project.
      30 points for planning the sorority year by September 1.          _____ Chapter Assistance (20 pts. max)
_____ Social Balance (60 pts. max)                                            4 points for each active member serving as an advisor.
      5 points for each traditional social held (Founder’s Day,
      Beginning Day, etc.), 4 points for each informal social held.     _____ Legacies and Sponsored Members(10 pts. max)
      10 points for city-wide social. 2 points for interchapter social.       1 point for each member who enrolls one or more in the
_____ Attendance (10 pts. max)                                                Legacy or sponsored member program.
      10 points for attendance of members at social functions.          _____ Assisting Community Chapters (45 pts. max)
      (10 points equals 100%, 7 points equals 70%, etc.)                      15 points for assisting a small chapter with rushing or progression
_____ Time for a Good Time (18 pts. max)                                      activities. 2 points for each personal recommendation of an
      1 point per meeting, dining, and for allowing time to socialize.        out-of-town candidate, max. 20 points. 1 point each for contacting
_____ Sending Cards (5 pts. max)                                              transferees or prospective members for your chapter or intro-
      5 points for sending cards to members for occasions such as
      illness, birthday, etc...                                               ducing them to another chapter, max. 10 points.
                                                                        _____ Contest Entries (6 pts. max)
_____ TOTAL (123 points possible)                                             1 point for each entry in any International contest.
                                                                        _____ Member Survey (10 pts. max)
MEMBERSHIP                                                                    10 points for surveying members’ interest.
_____ Membership Plan (20 pts. max)                                     _____ Envoys (10 pts. max)
      10 points for each rushing program.                                     1 point per Envoy member.
_____ Pledge Training (36 pts. max)                                     _____ Theme (10 pts. max)
      2 points per pledge training session from Invitation to Life.
_____ Success (65 pts. max)                                                   10 points for implementing theme in chapter activities.
      5 points for each pledge added to your chapter during the         _____Volunteering (10 pts. max) Must designate you are a Beta
      sorority year. 5 points for chapters with 10 - 20 members.              Sigma Phi member
      10 points for chapters with more than 20 members.                 _____Online Hosting (10pts max) 1 point per occurrence. Visit to
_____ Transfers and Reinstatements (20 pts. max)                              online chapter to make up a land chapter meeting.
      5 points for each member transferred into the chapter, each
      inactive member reinstated, and each member-at-large added. _____TOTAL (172 points possible)
_____ Progression (45 pts. max)
      5 points for each event encouraging progression to your
      chapter, 5 points for each eligible member that progresses to      Chapters who have Friendly Ventured during the
      your chapter.
_____ TOTAL (186 points possible)
                                                                         2010-2011 year will earn a special four-star rating.
                                                                                                       0 - 199              =
    Return the Yardstick to your division chairman                                                   200 - 299              =
    at Beta Sigma Phi International, P.O. Box                                            300 points and above               =
    8500, Kansas City, Missouri 64114-0500.                                    Friendly Venture in 2002 - 2003              =
 Submitted by:                                                                         Chapter #:
 Chapter:                                                                              Member #:
 City/State / Zip:
 Date:                                                                                 Total No. of Points:
                                                                                                            March/April 2011 The Torch 29
                                                                         License Plate Frame. Fits
                                   Shoulder / Fanny Pack.
Gift items for March/April 2011 TORCH
                                   (7.5”wide x 9.5”tall)
                                                                         around standard license plate.
                                                                         Frame has gold Greek letters on
                                   With pen and cellphone holder.
                                                                         black background, and bottom
                                   No.1411 [10oz]......$10.75
                                                                         has “Got Friends?”
                                                                         No.1220 [2oz]............$4.00

                                                                          Sunglass Clip. Clips to your
                                                                          visor and holds your sunglasses
                                    Superstar Pin. This gold              safely within reach.
                                    plated superstar pin is a perfect     No.1490 [1oz].....$4.00
                                    gift for the sister who goes
                                    above and beyond.
                                    No. 806 [.1oz]......$5.00
                                                                             Flip Flop Pendant Gold.
                                                                             No. 966 [.8oz]....$13.00

                                  Lamp Pin. Gold plated                      Flip Flop Pendant Silver.
                                  convention lamp pin.                       No. 967 [.8oz]....$13.00
                                  No. 805 [.1oz]...$4.00                     Silver

                                                                        Wallet Necklace. Security is
                                  Yellow Plastic Bag.                   guaranteed with this handy nylon
                                  (9.5 wide x 14.75 tall)               wallet, attached to an adjustable
                                  “Beta Sigma Phi” in black.            silken cord. Includes two zippered
                                  No.1509 [.9oz]....$0.40ea.            enclosures and a plastic pocket.
                                                                        Which allows your money,
                                                                        passports, or other valuables to
                                                                        be safely and comfortably hidden
                                                                        from view. A must for travel.
                                                                        No.1181 [2oz]......$5.50

                                    Folding Mirror.                     Decorative Rose Trivet. The
                                    3 1/4” x 2 1/4” pocket mirror       image of a pure yellow rose &
                                    is white with black “Beta           our Greek letters are transferred
                                    Sigma Phi” and rose; it’s a         onto a 6”x6” ceramic tile. It has
                                    compact, so your mirror can’t       pads attached to the bottom for
                                    get scratched or broken.            placing on a table.
                                    No.1433 [1.2oz]......$2.50          No.1195 [8oz].....$10.00

                                    Purple and Black Coin
                                    Purses. This faux mini-bank
                                    coin purse is just the right                Barrel Can Koozie. This
                                    treat to stuff a stocking with              metallic blue insulated
                                    or help keep your coins                     koozie features our Greek
                                    handy. In purple or black.                  letters and a rose with
                                    No.1182 [1oz].......$3.00                   heart in white.
                                    Purple                                      No.171 [4oz]......$2.00
                                    No.1183 [1oz].......$3.00

Date:                                                                                         Chapter Number:

        THREE EASY WAYS TO ORDER GIFTS!                                                       Chapter Name:

        PHONE: 1-800-821-3989                     MAIL :Beta Sigma Phi Gifts                             ONLINE
        8:30 am - 5 pm CST M-F                   PO Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114-0500           www.betasigmaphi.org/gifts

                                                        ITEMS ORDERED:

 Qty          Item Number                                   Description                                          Unit Price               Total Price

                                                                                              PAYMENT METHOD:
SHIP TO:                                                                  �     Check or Money Order Enclosed
                                                                                - Payment in U.S. Dollars Only -
                                                                          �  Charge to My Credit Card:
Address:                                                                    � Visa � Mastercard � Discover                   � American Express
City:                                                                     Credit Card Account Number:
State/Province:                           Zip:
Daytime Phone:                                                            Expiration Date:                                  CVV#
                                                                                                                    (3-4 digit security
   Shipping and handling is now calculated by                                                                          code on card.)

  weight. If paying by check or money order, call
 International for shipping and handling charges.
For Office Use Only:            CHK       M/O         CSH
G____         O/M____            S/H____            Other____                            (Signature required for credit card orders)
                                  Prices are in effect from August 1, 2010 until July 31, 2011.

                                                      ADDRESS CHANGES
                     Please complete the information below in ink. Allow one month for processing.

Name:                                                                                         Member Number:

New Address:                                                                                  E-Mail Address:

City:                                                State/Province, Country:                                   Zip/Postal Code:

Phone Number: (         )                                      Husband’s Name:

Name of Most Recent Chapter:                                                       Chapter Number:

Relocating to another City?   � I would like to be contacted for a new chapter affiliation.

                                                                                                                 March/April 2011 The Torch 31

 The Torch
of Beta Sigma Phi
(USSN 0888-8930)
  P.O. Box 8500
 Kansas City, MO

   For Canada:
   P.O. Box 122
 Niagara Falls, ON
     L2E 6S4

Because We Love This Photo

Sisters from various chapters in Topeka, Kansas celebrate their Founder’s Day in an elegant setting.
In 1948, houses averaged around $13,000, cars were $1,500 and a gallon of gas was 26 cents. Although
the price of things has skyrocketed through the years, friendship is still priceless.

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