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									On Cue
35* Anniversary of Cued Speech!
R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D., became interested
in the reading problems of prelingually
deaf?persons in the spring of 1965 while at
the U.S.  OMice of Education. He moved to
Gallaudet in August of 1965. In August of
1966, he completed the design of Cued
Speech and began teaching it t the
Henegar family the first of September. The
first pubhhed article about Cued Speech
appeared in the January 1967 issue of the
American Annals of the Deaf.

Dr. Cornett remains invoIved in Cued
Speech activities. Among other things, Dr.
Cornett adapted Cued Speech to Navaho.
(see the complete list below!) Also, he is
looking forward to visiting cuers in Europe
this summer!                                  Elizabeth Laptewicz, 12, created this
                                              poster - “CuedSpeech ROCKS!
                                              Cued Speech is reallyf i n & cool! ’’
                                              See inside to see Elizabeth at work!
57 Languages and Dialects!
Afrikaans*                        Hawaiian                Portuguese (European)
AlU                               Hebrew*                 Russian*
American English*                 Hindi *                 Scottish EngIish
Arabic*                           Hungarian               Setswana’
Australian English                Igbo*                   Shona
BengaIi*                          Indonesian*             South African EngIish*
British*                          Italian*                Spanish*
(Standard Southern)               Japanese*               Swahili
By eloxussian                     KiIuba-Kituba           Swedish
Cantonese (Chinese) *             Korean*                 swiss German
Catalan*                          Lingala                 Telegu
Croatian-Serbian                  Malagasy                Thai*
Czech                             Malay*                  Trinidad-Tobago
Danish*                           Malaydam*               (English)*
Dutch*                            MAItese                 TshiIuba
Filipino-Tagalog*                 Mandarin*               Turkish*
Finnish and Finnish-              Marathi *
Swedish                           Navaho                  *Audiotape Iessons
French*                           Oriya*                  available. Contact Cued
French-Canadian                   Polish                  Speech Discovery,
German*                           Portuguese              NCSA’s Bookstore.
Greek*                            (Brazilian)

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On Cue January - February 2001

              On Cue                                                                    developer of SEE sign system. The
                                                                                        session was very well received.
              Vol. 14, No. 1
On Cue is the newsletter of the National
                                                                                        CaIifornia State Department of
Cued Speech Association. News,
upcoming events, calendar items, letters,                                               Education has published a revised
classified ads, and photos are welcome!                                                 Guidelines for Teachers of the Deaf, in
You will be receiving a news bulletin                                                   which Cued Speech is included as an
from NCSA approximately 6 times a                                                       educational option. A working
year.                                                                                   committee of the state Department is
                                                                                        formulating guidelines for interpreters,’
Letters to the Editor must include                                                      transliterators.
contact information of the author. The
Editor reserves the right to select those                                               Susie Jones of Boise, Idaho, who is
letters to be published and to edit for
                                                                                        featured with her family in the video
length and language.
                                                                                        “An Adventure in Cued Speech”,
Electronic transmission is preferred;                                                   suggests that if you do a follow up on
e-mail to CuedSpDisc@aol.com. Paper                                                     the video, you might also thank again
transmission or computer disks (floppy                                                  all those cuers who participated. The
or zip) can be sent to 23970 Hermitage                                                  favorite parts of the video to show at
Rd, Cleveland OH 44122-4008; FAX                                                        presentations are the young adults who
2 16-360-0359.                                                                          are deaf cueing and speaking for
                                                                                        themselves. As Susie says, “The
NCSA Board of Directors                                                                 audience always comments on how
Paul Swadley, President
    DeafCueraaoI com                                                                    helpful it was to see them cueing, and
                                            Elizabeth Laptewicz at the easel during
Sanna Roffe, Vice President                                                             they are always amazed at the great
                                            the Mai,w NCSA Board meeting/social.
    NYCuedSpC@aol com                                                                   language they hear.” The video is
Tony Wright, Secretary                                                                  available through Cued Speech
    CueSA@aol com                           Regional Reports                            Discovery.
Amy Schmidt, Treasurer
    Amy Cueanet 1 net                       Canada                                      Northeast
Folly Earl, New England RD                  Marianne Flanagan continues to teach        The next Cue Camp NY is planned for
    Polly Earl@fc baxter pvt k12 me us      weekend workshops to parents and            2002, perhaps in upstate New York to
Suzanne Laptewicz, New England RD           transliteiators in Alberta and British      accommodate the growing number of
     SuzanneML@cs com                       Columbia One workshop resulted from
Carolyn Ostrander, Northeast RD                                                         families in that area.
                                            a presentaticn by Dr. Carol LaSasso on
    clostranasyr edu
Linda Balderson, Capital RD                 her and Jlelanir Metzger’s work on          New families are cueing in New York,
    LindaCue@yahoo com                      literacy de\ elopmen: through cueing        thanks to the hard work and
Donna Consacro, Mid-AtIantic RD                                                         encouragement of Sarina Roffe in New
        donna consacro@vanderbilt edu       West Coast                                  York City and Cathy Quenin and Sam
Barbara LeBlanc, Gulf Coast RD              Joan Rupert continues to provide            Capiello in the Rochester area.
    kenbarlebaeatel net                     instruction throughout the west,
Deanna Jordan, Great Lakes RD               including California, Washington,           A CBS camera crew filmed the
    danajordanahome com                     Oregon, and Cdorado. Joan and               Matchett family, ai1 of whom are deaf,
Ton Erickson, Midwest RD                    husband Stan organized and manned           in November. The Rochester Democrat
    TJ3736@aol com
                                            an NCSA displsy booth at an ASHA            and Chronicle newspaper featured the
Jan Marie DeLay, Rocky Mountain RD
    knjdelay@aol com                        conference in Las Vegas                     filming with a picture of Kara
Joan Rupert, West RD                                                                    Matchett on her scooter in her Cue
         LRupert60 1@a01 com                James and Kim Nusbaum, parents              Camp NY shirt. The segment is
Marianne Flanagan, Canada RD                from Livermore, California, gave a          supposed to air on the CBS Sunday
         msfincal@home com                  three hour presentation at San Jose State   News Magazine sometime in January.
                                            University Graduate Program at the
                                            request of Gerilee Gustason, the            Contimed next page... .

    2                       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                On Cue Jnwy February 2001

Judy Curtin and Eteanar Sharp                                                                                      receptive cueing intensive 3-credit
continue to be active in Pennsylvania.                                                                             course at the University of Southern
                                                                                                                   Maine. USM has an interpreter training
Carolyn Ostrander, and Sarina and                                                                                  program within the Linguistics
Simon Roffe presented Cued Speech to                                                                               Department, and its director, Dr. Judy
the New York State Association of                                                                                  Kegl, took part in the workshop. More
Educators of the Deaf, primarily                                                                                   workshops are scheduled in February
composed of personnel from schools for                            Judy Kegl andstudent Regan nibedeau              and March.
the deaf. The room was full and people                            at University of Southern Maine,
were standing in the back. “We were                               Portland                                         Carolyn also has discussed Cued Speech
finally kicked out of the room and had                                                                             use with autistic children with a speech-
to answer questions in the hallway,” the                          In cooperation with the New England              language pathologists who is serving
team reports.                                                     directors, Carolyn Ostrander led a               these children.
~                ~~               ~

    New England                                                                                                       with video camcorder in hand,
    Polly Earl and Suzanne Laptewicz hosted the NCSA                                                                  interviewed some of the cuers
    Board meeting of October in Portland, Maine. The                                                                  present.
    weekend combined Portland’s peaceful quaintness, great
                                                                                                                      Thank you to all who responded to
    food, and stimulating conversation with Maine cuers
                                                                                                                      NCSA’s e-mad request for famiIies
    participating in a Saturday afternoon of panels and
                                                                                                                      who would be interested in being
    socializing. Polly sent Board members back to their
    home states with handsome canvas bags (soon to be                                                                 taped for a segment of “Reading
                                                                                                                      Rockets” about teaching young
    available through Cued Speech Discovery) and a
                                                                                                                      children to read with a focus on
    selection of Maine potatoes!
                                                                                                                      phonemic awareness. The segment
    Also present during the weekend was James Donald of                                                               may fiot be broadcast until 2002.
                                                                                              James Domld
    Rubin Tarrant Productions, under contract to
    Washington, D.C., television station WETA. James,

                                                                                                  Pat Slater anddine Clements
    Deaf Cuers panel members Josh Libby, Heather
    Richads, Breft Fasold, Dina Blancherd,
    Elizabeth Laptewicz

                                                                                                              Polly Earl and Jeanie Krause
       Anne Ranger, S u z m e L q t m t c z ,
       Marilyn Bilsky (NCSA o@ce assistant).
       In the background, Carolyn Ostrander
       and Tony Wight converse with cues.
         .   .        .   .   .       .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   I
On Cue January - February 2001
Eighteen families with children who         Amy Ruberl, Linda Balderson,                presenters Thursday, March 23 at the
cue, including a famiiy from France,        Marianne Flanagan, Cathy Quenin,            convention of the Alabama Speech-
attended the 20h Maine Cued Speech          Polly Earl and Pam Beck presented a         Language-HearingAssociation. If you
Camp. A huge cake and a video of            full day ASHA Institute during the          wish to attend their session, “Cued
memories from all the previous camps        convention. “Getting Started with Cued      Speech: Door to Literacy for the
added to the celebration. As always,        Speech: What, Why and How” taught           Hearing Impaired”, contact Steve
camp included daily speech/ language        the entire system, including time for       Harmon at hsharmonab ellsouth.net.
therapy for the children and a parent       games and a dynamic introduction by         Dr. Charles Berlin will be presenting
panel. Classes for adults were also held,   Dr. Charles Berlin. The day garnered        on Friday. The Alabama cuers may
taught by Jeanie Krause, Polly Earl,        rave reviews from the participants.         have an exhibit booth, as the Louisiana
and Don Weatherbee.                                                                     cuem did for a similar convention.
                                            Scott & Maria Henry of Gaithersburg
Capitol Region                              MD have found by accident that regular      Children and teachers in the Cued
Susanna Mckendree reports that Cue          DuracelI alkaline I . 5 v batteries did     Speech program of Gonzales,
Camp Virginia 2000 had a wonderful          better for their daughter’s implant than    Louisiana, are pictured with Donna
10’ Anniversary celebration and             nickel-cadmium 1.2 v rechargeables.         Sorkin, executive director of the AG
honored Dr. Cornett and Mary Elsie                                                      Bel Association, in the current issue of
                                            Great Lakes                                 Volta Voices, page 13. Cuers pictured
Daisey. They enjoyed more than 165
                                            The AEHI (Alternatives in Education         are Mary Talbot, Eloise Reynard,
participants and missed those who could
                                            for the Hearing Impaired, Mt. Prospect      Courtney Gauthe, Logan Caruso, and
not be there.
                                            IL) Annud dinner was a great success,       Emily Maness.
Amy Hurowib Crumrine had a fill-            netting over $3 5,000 for AEIfI’s
page article published in the December      programs. NCSA president Paul               Congratulationsto Gonzales students
2000 issue of the National Association      Swadley and his father, Reverend            Joda Sellers and John “Buddy”
of the Deaf‘s “Broadcaster”. Entitled       Charles Swadley, were also present.         Veazey who won state “Yes, I Can”
“Cued English and ASL, not Mutually                                                     awards for dancing and extra-cumcuh
                                            Two AEm/ AG Bell Montessori                 activities, respectively. Now they will
Exclusive”, the article explained about
                                            School students, Rachel Mosetick and        be judged for the nationai awards from
the bilingual approach English through
                                            Kelsey Wall created designs for holiday     the Council for Exceptional Children.
Cued Speech (or “Cued English” and
                                            cards, which were sold to support the
ASL. The article also focuses on the
                                            school and AEHI’s many outreach and         Barbara Caldwell of Sunshine States
CueSign camp of 1999, ihstrated by a
                                            support activities.                         Cued Speech Services has suspended
very large picture, and the hopes to
                                                                                        instruction for spring 2001 in order to
have another one in the future.             Last Spring’s standardized testing of       concentrate on curriculum development.
                                            AG Bell Montessori students revealed        SSCSS continues to provide consulting
Amy Ruberl and Linda Balderson
                                            that all of the hearing impaired children   services through e-mail at
have created a new company, CueRS
                                            attained at least 1.2year’s growth in       cueflorida@,msn.com or by phone at
(Cuemunication Resources and
                                            ianguage, with one child achieving 4        941-355-4194. Contact NCSA for
Services, LLC). They create products
                                            years’ growth in one year.                  referrals to other instructors and
and provide Cued Speech educational
and transliteration services.                                                           instructional opportunities.
                                            Gail Hartman and Pam Beck gave a
                                            two-hour presentation to the Ohio State     Mid-Atlantic
Check out the many activities of the
                                            Speech Pathologists and Educationai         The Cued Speech Center, Inc. of
Northern Virginia Cued Speech
                                            Audiologists Consortium in October.         Raleigh, North Carolina, has changed its
Association and the Maryland Cued
                                            The pre-registration for the talk was so    name to the Auditory Learning
Speech Association! Members of both
                                            large that it was moved to a part of the    Center. It continues to provide Cued
groups assisted in manning the NCSA
                                            ballroom. Pam is also presenting in         Speech instruction as well as auditory
booth for three days at the November
                                            March to the Ohio Speech and Hearing        therapies.
convention of the American Speech-
Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
                                                                                        Pam Beck will be a guest presenter
in Washington, D.C.                         Gdf Coast                                   February 10 at the convention of the
                                            Barbara LeIUanc of Louisiana and            South Caroiina Speech-Language-
                                            Cathy Gaines of Alabama are guest           Hearing Association. Her topic is

     4                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                      On Cue Jnuuy Febnwy 2001

“Cued Phonemes, Cued Listening,              January in a televised report on a local    International
Cued Languages: Cued Speech” with a          channel. The staff, students, and           Andrija Zic of Croatia is developing a
focus on using Cued Speech for               parents are featured in the new             booklet of communication options for
purposes in addition to hearing loss.        instructional video produced by South       that country. She was pleased to learn
Gordon Butler of Upper Savannah              Carolina Educational Television,            that Cued Speech has been adapted to
Area Health Education Consortium will        Discovering Cued Speech. Instructors        Croatian-Serbian, which is phonetic and
discuss distance learning opportunities      on the video are Karen Chamness, Lin        requires only three hand locations for
for Cued Speech in South Carolina.           Bloomquist, Donna Jackson, and              the vowels.
                                             Mary Beth Rucci.
Cuers in the Greenville, South Carolina,
public schools were featured early in

Summer Dreamin’: Cue Camps

May 17-20, Roaring Gap NC (in the mountains)
CUE C&lF’ CHEERIO YMCA Camp Cheerio, on a                                     -
                                                                     June 24 29, 2001 Westminister,MD
mountain top near the Appalachian Trail. Thursday evening
                                                                     CUE CAMP FRIENDSHIP;Western Maryland University.
through Sunday breakfast. Instruction in Cued Speech,
                                                                     Sponsored by the Maryland Cued Speech Associatian.
beginning thru advanced classes, Expert speakers on a
                                                                     Contact: Amy Ruberl, 301-718-8717 or
variety of topics, including Dr. Charles Berlin. Martha              AmyRuberlCAaol com.
Soltani, North Carolina Cued Speech Assn, 336-851-9984;
                                                                     June 25-30, UT (tentative)
June 3-7, New Orleans, LA                                            CUETAH -no other information is available at this time.
CAMP CUE ORLEANS University of New Orleans
Registration Sunday evening, June 3. Camp begins Monday,
                                                                     Aug. 11-16,2001 Winthrop, ME
June 4. FaciIities for families and professionds to reside on
campus. Contact Iva Tullier tate@eatel.net or 225-675-               CUE CAMP MECHUWANA. Beginner and advanced
8367.                                                                instruction in Cued Speech, teen and adult panels, variety of
                                                                     speakers, and campfire chats. For the children there is
June 22-25,2001 St. Cloud MN
                                                                     speech and ianguage therapy or cue classes, arts & crafts,
CUE CAMP MINNESOTA at St. John’s University; dorm                    swimming, games, and a dance. Contact Suzanne Laptewicz
rooms, clasrooms, swimming pool, beach, hiking paths,                at Cued Speech Maine@cs.com or (207) 622-2564.
excellent cafeteria service. Contact: Janet Poulsen, 612-474-
2665; PBPoulsen@,aol.com

International Cue Camp for Cue Adults!
A group of young Europeans, deaf and hearing, Swiss and French, m t last April and formulated plans for an international Cue
Camp for Cued Speech users, ages 18 - 35. The hope was to have it in the summer of 2001, but the project seems to be on hold
due to organizational needs. The lead contact is Jean-Lnc Niconlin, jlnicoulin@lvsis.com. He is eager to have others share the
organizational responsibilities and to have direct response from Cue Adults beyond Europe regarding their interest in coming to
this event. An English language website offers additional information: www.alpc,ch/intcuecamp.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
On Cue January - February 2001

Research News                                                        Out and About -Cue Adults!
Cued Speech is widely used in Europe and there is on-going           Julie Reese is creating an informative website called Cue
research. The French Association’s (ALPC) newsletter                 Texas Information Resources. She wants to make the
reports research, including a current study by MurielIe              debsite more effective by including summaries of responses
                                                                     from Cue Adults (deaf) to the following questions:
D’Hondt of Laboratoire de Psychologie Experimentale,
                                                                     1. How has Cued Speech made an impact on you in your
Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium). M.                    life?
D’Hondt is studying hemespheric specialization and early             2. Age? Location?
linguistic experience among deaf people. M. D’Hondt is               3. Did you use Cued Speech in your school?
finding that deaf children of hearing parents who use Cued           4. What are you doing at this point? If still in school,
Speech to access the home language (in this case French)                 where at? If you have already graduated from college,
have similar hemispheric specialization as hearing chiIdren              where from? What did you get a degree in?
                                                                     5 . Do you have a personal URL (web address)? If so,
of hearing parents and deaf children of deaf parents. (Thank
                                                                         please list it and your permission if may list it under
you to the Cued Speech Association United Kingdom for                    your name on the CueTexas website.
translating and summarizing the information. An English              6 . Email address?
version of the ALPC article is available from the NCSA               Any information or suggestions are welcome. Contact Julie
office.                                                              at AuburnAuramaol.corn.

“Tactual Cued Speech as a Supplement to Speechreading”,a             Michelle Ayers of Virginia has volunteered is surveying
study by Lorraine Delhorne and others of Massachusetts               Cue Adults regarding current interests, ideas and concerns.
Institute of Technology WIT) is now available as an                  She is developing a database of Cue Adults with a goal of
addendum to the Cued Speech Journal, volume 6 of 1998.               networking and having an annual gathering. Contact her at
                                                                     MAvers2703@aol .corn.
If you would like a copy of this article, which was
inadvertently omitted when the Journal was printed, please           We will publish an extended section about Cue Adults in thf
contact Cued Speech Discovery. Copies are free to NCSA               next issue of On Cue!
members; $3 S O (includes postage) for non-members.

                                            advance, if they find registration is        BNVS =Basic Instructor Workshop
Instructor                                  lagging. If you are interested in
                                                                                         ICS-NCE = ICs National Certification
                                            attending an event hosted by an agency
Certification                               other than the NCSA, you should              Exam
                                            register early to help registration           S.
                                                                                         * t Paul, MN
(InsCert)                                   numbers. If you do register for such an      *BIWS: March 15-16,2001
                                            event and it is cancelled, you will be              (Th/Fri gam-4pm)
Certified instructors are in demand!        notified of the cancellation at least 28     *ICs-NCE: March 18,2001
Anyone who is teaching or wishes to         days in advance. Making travel                  (Sun after Bd mtg, 1-4pm)
teach others how to cue are urged to        arrangements for these events prior to
attend an NCSA Instructor Certification
workshop and to continue on to the
                                            four weeks is at your own risk.                              -
                                                                                          Vacaville, CA West Coast CS
                                                                                         Programs and Resource Center
certification examination.                   We hope to release the schedule for         BIWS: June 19-20,2001
                                             200 1 by the end of February.                       (TuesMed 9am-4pm)
In general, four locations host InsCert                                                  ICs-NCE: June 2 1,2001
events each year. Two are hosted by the      2001 EVENTS                                         (Th, gam-12noon)
NCSA in conjunction with NCSA
Board meetings.and two are hosted by         All NCSA-sponsored and other                *New Orleans, LA
local agencies to support Instructor         confirmed events are indicated by an         *BIWS: November 15-16,2001
Certification in their region.               asterisk. Travel arrangements can be               (Th/Fri 9am-4pm)
                                             made a this time for all asterisked
                                                    t                                    *ICs-NCE: November 18,2001
Events hosted by the NCSA are never          events. See www.cuedspeech.orgfor                  (Sun after Bd mtg, 1-4pm)
cancelled. If even one person registers,     more information and registration
the event will be held. Local agencies       forms.
are allowed to cancel events 30 days in

    6                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
On Cue January - February 2001

Cue Tip! Correct Posture and Side Location
Where is your correct side location?                side and your underarm forms
A ruler is useful here! Stand in front of           approximately a 10 to 45 degree
a large mirror, preferably on the wall.             angle.
Place a bit of tape on the image of the
tip of your chin, then measure four                 (3) Keep your finger tip level With
inches out to the side, and place another           the tip of the chin and move your
mark. Then, follow these directions:                whole arm from the shoulder to the
                                                    side, so that your finger tip is
(1) Touch the tip of your chin with the             approximately four inches from the t p
tip of your longest finger.                         of the chin.                                  side location. Feel how that point feels
                                                                                                  when you cue, and try to consistently
(2) Lift your elbow so that your                    This point -four inches to the side           reach that point, even with your eyes
forearm, wrist and hand are in a straight           of the tip of the chin -is your base          ClOSed! DiswveringCued Spech, 2001
line and the oDen area between your

                                                    February 5,12,19,26 Annandale, Va.            University is available. Contact: (See
Classes!                                            Monday evening Cue Classes at all levels.
                                                    Canterbury W o s Elementary School . For
                                                                                                  February listing.)

The N r h r Virginia Cued Speech
      oten                                          further information contact Jackie Perry      March 10, Mount Prospect, IL
Association offers free Cued Speech classes         703-503-7284 or email at                      AEHI’S Cued Speech Workshop 9am -
every Monday night (except for holidays             jrpeny@fcps.kl2.va.u                          3:3Opm. Contact AEHI (SeeFeb. 10listing.)
when the school is closed) at Canterbury
Woods Elementary School in Annandale.               February 9-11 Edmonton, Alberta               March 15-16& 18, 2001 St. Paul, MN
Beginning classes and intermediate/                 Beginner workshop. Contact Marianne           Basic Instructor Workshop (15-16), ICs
advanced practice sessions are f o 6:30-
                                  rm                Flanagan, 403-239-6988 or                     National Certification E x m (18). Contact
8:30. Child care is available. A separate           msfmcal@home.com                              Jean Krause, 36-749 MIT, Cambridge, MA
class for professionals in the field is held on                                                   02139, (617) 253-2589 (VOW)or
Mondays from 4:OO-6:OO. Contact Jackie              February 10, Mount Prospect, IL               jeanie@mit.edu
Perry at CWES for more information, at              AEHI’S Cued S F h Workshop MI -
(703) 503-7284.                                     3:3Opm. Contact AEHI, 2020 E. Camp            March 17/24,2001 Silver Spring, MD
                                                    McDonald Road; Mount Prospect; IL;            Beginner Cued Speech Workshop, Contact
January 27, Vacaville, CA                           60056; (847) 297-3206 (voice and TDD;         Jane Smith,301-924-3277 (v/tty,voice
Intermediate/Advanced Workshop, 900 m               (847) 297-4704 (FAX)                          m s a e only)
to 4 pm for Cuers with three or more months
of experience. Contact West Coast Cued              February 22,23,24, Phoenix AZ                 March 17/24,2001 Silver Spring, MD
Speech ProgramsKued Speech Center, 348              Basic Cued Speech Training. Contact West      Beyond the Basics, Contact Jane Smith, 301-
Cemon Street, Suite D,Vacaville, CA                 Coast Cued Speech Progrms/Cued Speech         924-3277 (v/t@,vOi~e mssgs only)
95688; 707-448-4060 or email                        Center (see January 27 listing)
HiIcue@aol.com                                                                                    March 23-25, Edmonton, Alberta
                                                    March 1,2,3, Vacaville CA                     Beginner workshop. Contact Marianne
February 3-4 & 10, Los Angeles, CA                  Basic Cued Speech Training. Contact West      Flanagan, 403-239-6988or
Introductory workshop held at House E ra            Coast Cued Speech ProgramsKued Speech         msfincal@home.com.
Institute in Los Angeles. Contact: Tina             Center (see January 27 listing)
Hazelo (323) 906-1558 or email at                                                                 March 29,30,3 1, Seattle WA
Tinahz@aol.com                                      March 3, Los Angeles, CA                      Basic Cued Speech Training. Contact West
                                                    Monthly Practice Session held at House E ra   Coast Cued Speech ProgramsKued Speech
February 3-4, Portland ME                           Institute in Los Angeles. First Saturday of   Center (SeeJanuary 27 listing.)
Beginner Workshop at University of                  every month, 9 - 11 a.m. Contact: Tina
Southern Maine. College credit through the          Hazelo (323) 906-1558 or email at             March 29, SeattleWA
University is available. Contact: Polly Earl        Tinahz@aol.com                                Intermediate/ Advanced Cued Speech
at 207-472-0502 vltty. or                                                                         Training. Contact West Coast Cued Speech
polly.earl@fc.baxter.pvt.k 12.me.u~or               March 3-4, Portland ME                        ProgramdCued Speech Center, (See January
                                                    Intermediate Workshop at University of        27 listing)
                                                    Southern Maine. College credit through the

Please send listings to cuedspdisc@aol.com

                                                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
On Cue January - February 2001

Job Opportunities
Pennsylvania, West Chester: Cued Speech transliterator for      Texas, Austin. Beginning August 28,2000. Cued Speech
experienced client. West of Philadelphia. Salary:TBD.           transliterator needed for experienced client in 10th grade.
Contact Martin PatweIl, Services for Students with              Salary based on experience. 20-40 hours per week. Contact
Disabilities, IO5 Lawrence Center, West Chester University,     Linda Wendland, Supervisor, 21 17 W. 49th St.,Austin, TX
West Chester PA 19383; 610-436-3217; FAX 610-436-               78756, (512) 414-3082, fax: (512) 458-6754
2600; MPatwell@wcupa.edu                                        LWEN2 I 8@ao1.com

Transliteration News                                            several workshops throughout Pennsylvania in the past year
Kent State University of Ohio requires a course in Cued         and will be giving a presentation to the Georgia Registry of
Speech transliteration and oral interpreting as part of its                           e f this
                                                                Interpreters for the D a ? spring.
educational interpreting major. There are 10 undergraduate
                                                                In Fresno, California, Annette Papagni reports that last year
students in the class this semester.
                                                                their program specialist arranged two 3-hour floating Cued
Three courses listed as Cued Language Transiiteration are       Speech transliteration positions to be used for training. Four
part of the interpreter training program at the Community       people were hired; two were district certified and two are
College of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).         waiting to be certified. This enabled trainees to be paid
Brian Cerney is the head of the program. Brian has given        while working and training. The program continues to
                                                                recruit and train. Annette leads on-going Cued Speech

Transliterator Tips
By Carolyn Ostrander                                                mouthshapes are natural and readable! Don’t
                                                                    exaggerate, but make sure that your mouth is cueing,
Being a CST is pretty tough. We all have a feeling we
should be better than we are. What can you do to get better
by yourself? Here are some tips:                                3. Practice prosody! Prosody is the part of the message
                                                                   that is canried by timing, pitch, stress, facial expression,
1. Practice! Set aside 10-20 minutes a day and actually sit
   down to think about and practice your job. Cue the
                                                                   and relates to the message as a whole rather than a
                                                                   particular word. It is really important! For example,
    conversation at the dinner table; cue in the shower; cue
                                                                   angry sarcasm, friendly teasing, and plain statement of
    the road signs or the radio in the car as you go to work;
                                                                   fact may use the same words and be differentiated by
    but practice somehow. As you cue, focus on one part of
                                                                   prosody alone.
    cueing each day.

2. Work on mechanics!                                                                 ih
                                                                    Practice cueing wt a relaxed,pleasant face. Many
                                                                    times the speaker is too fast for a cuer to be able to use a
    For instance, get your transitions between consonant            variety of facial expressions. But even when
    handshapes to be “clean” (no flipping through the               concentrating hard, we can avoid giving the impression
    possibilites before you settle on the right one).               that the speaker is angry or worried by avoiding a tense
    The next day, you might work on touching each vowel
    placement precisely. You may even spend a whole day             Cue to the radio or invest in a taped dramatic reading,
    just getting that side placement exactly where it should        such as Old Time Radio shows, ZBS “Jack Flanders”
    be (approximately four inches to the side of the tip of         series, Firesign Theatre comedy albums, or the BBC
    the chin).                                                      productions of Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, or The
                                                                    Hobbit. Practice using your facial expression to show
    On another day, practice in front of the mirror to make         tone of voice.           Continuedin the next issue !
    sure thay you are making mouthshapes and that your

                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
On Cue January - February 2001
                                           Country Public Schools, fully               impaired child. We have been using
Families!                                  mainstreamed in the local school in         Cued Speech for four years, after trying
                                           third grade. Both of us parents cue; we     signed English for a short period of
Sandra Walton’s grandson, Dakota
                                           have a hearing daughter in kindergarten     time.
Meyer, is in his second year in a cueing
                                           who does not yet cue.”
preschool in Maryland. “Their teacher                                                  We chose Cued Speech after
is phenomenal!!’’ Sandra’s daughter                                                    researching many communication
(and Dakota’s mom) is Laura Marks.                                                     methods. At the time, Cued Speech
Laura is able to attend a cueing class     Jim and Kimberly Nusbaum of                 seemed to o f r what we were looking
once a week.                               Livermore, California: “Our son Aaron       for.... a tool to improve the literacy of
                                           is 7 1/2years old. We have been using       our deaf son. We now know that Cued
                                           Cued Speech with him for a little over      Speech is a wonderful literacy tool, and
                                           two years. When we iearned (from Joan       so much more! It has been a successfd
                                           Rupert), our son was just s t d n g to      system for our family and enabled us to
                                           learn to read and was not doing very        fully integrate Parker into our family
                                           well wt sight-words-only reading            and society.
                                           (prior to learning Cued Speech, our son
                                           was a signer). He honestly is still below
                                           grade level BUT he is making great
                                           progress and reads almost exclusively       Martha Soltani of Raleigh, North
                                           via Cued Speech.                            Carolina: “We started cueing wt Saraih
                                                                                       when she was 3 months old. We, cued
Jonathan and Kristi Van Eaton of
                                           He seems to love the phonetic aspects of    fuIl time until she was about 2 1/2 or 3
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, report We
                                           Englsh. Just today, I was introducing       when she had gained a grasp on spoken
have a deaf daughter who is 4 years old
                                           him to his new spelling words (I            language. ‘Thenwe stated using oral
She was diagnosed as being deaf when
                                           homeschool him through our locd             and later auditory-verbal along with
she was 18 months old Immediately
                                           school district) and he went through the    Cued Speech. She now uses dl: AV,
we began signing to her Jonathan had
                                           words and put the phonetic markings on      Oral and Cued Speech. She is 5 years
known sign language for about 12 years
                                           all the words to indicate that they were    old ...and here‘s a little tidbit. She has
and it just seemed natural to go that
                                           the short “u” sound. Kind of cute.”         normal speech and language...has never
route However, this past year we have
                                                                                       had speech therapy (she does not
become more and more dissatisfied with
                                                                                       qualify)...stil1 understands cues...we cue
the limitations of sign language. We
                                                                                       at all opportune moments....no aids,
have just begun making the transition      Leesa Coleman of Boise, Idaho: “We
                                                                                       swimming, bath, new information that
from sign language to cued speech          have two daughters ages 6 & 8 who
                                                                                       she does not get oral or AV, and of
about two months ago We Rave just          have moderate-severe hearing losses
                                                                                       course in noise....Sara’s hearing loss is
completed our first Cued Speech class      with whom we cue. We switched from
                                                                                       SevereDrofound... .Speech ranges on the
We are very excited about all the          sign language early on. We feel very
                                                                                       left are 80 to 85db and on the right 110
possibilities that this new mode of        comfortable discussing Cued Speech
                                                                                       and 120 only on the comer.
communication is bringing to our           and its benefits which have been
daughter, Elisabeth. She has already       dramatic for our daughters. Their           She is the Cued Speech Baby on the
shown interest and just last week began    speech is very clear and vocabulary and     Beginnings for Parents with hearing
cueing back to us. We did not expect       readingprereading abilities are             impaired children video that was done
results so soon1                           excellent. We regularly talk with           in 1996 (North Carolina) when she was
                                           families in our area about Cued             6 months oId.
Duke Osborne, president of the             Speech.”
Maryland Cued Speech Association,
reports. “Our son Ben is 8 years old
and has been using Cued Speech since                                                   Theresa Koenig and Atan Hagen of
he was ahmi 4 (lost his hearing around     Susie Jones, also of Boise: “Ourson,        Duluth, Minnesota: “Our daughter
3 l/2) Our initial reason for trying and   Parker, is six years old. He attends        Kaity Kim Bato is not five YET. We
using Cued Speech was the reading          kindergarten at our neighborhood            have moved ourselves part-time to the
angle. Ben goes to Montgomery              school, where he is the only hearing-       continued on next page

                                           *   e   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .       . . . . . . . . .
On Cue January Febnrary 2001

Twin Cities area so that Kaity can          www.cuedspeech.com.]
attend school. She is doing really well,
absolutely loves her teachers and has       “Lexi is in first grade this year and      Carol Sereda of Massachusetts: “I
some nice new playmates. There are          doing great. Her teacher assessed her      have a three year oId who is responding
some really good teachers there who are     reading at the 5th grade Ievel, but said   beautifilly to Cued Speech. My
dedicated to cue! ! I am happy about the    her comprehension was probably closer      daughter is very verbal. She uses ASL
school but wish desperately it was in my    to the 3rd grade.                          and understands cue.”
home town and not three hours away.
                                            Her speech therapist recently evaluated
It’s tough on us to be apart as a famiIy.
                                            her using the TOLD-3 (Test of
But perhaps it wil1 only be for this                                                   Craig & Sara Darrah of Chicago:
                                            Language Development-Primary)which
year.”                                                                                 “Drake is seven years old and quite a
                                            is normed on hearing kids. Her scores
                                            were:                                      success story in the reading category!”

                                            Oral Vocabulary          99th percentile

                                            Relational Vocabulary    95th percentile   Sandy Mosetick of Chicago: “Rachel
                                                                                       is 10 now. She is a dramatic example of
                                            Picture Vocabulary       50th percentile   how Cued Speech fosters phonemic
                                            Grammatic Understanding 84th               awareness and literacy. Her reading
                                            percentile                                 score on the Stanford Achievement Test
                                                                                       she was given in April of 2000, when
                                            Grammatic Completion 99th percentile       she was in fourth grade (4.7), was a
                                                                                       grade equivalent of 8.9. Her spelling
                                            She just continues to amaze us. She is
                                                                                       and Ianguage scores were both PHS
                                            using a soundfield system this year and
Deanne and Judd Grafe of Minnesota                                                     (post high school).
                                            we’re assuming in 2nd grade that we’ll
send an update on daughter Lexi’s           add a transliterator to make sure she      I’m not bragging. It just irks me that tht
progress. [Lexi has auditory neuropathy.    doesn‘t miss anything, since the           proof is out there that kids do so well
Her parents began using Cued Speech         information will probably get more         wt Cued Speech -- and for so many
with her after she was diagnosed as         difficult. She really does well now,       reasons, MOST deaf kids are still being
profoundly deaf at 16 months. She           except in gym and at lunch -the            deprived of access to this great learning
received a cochlear implant in              background noise makes it hard to          tool .”
September 1998. For more details            understand and she just relies on
about the Grafe family and their            lipreading. She loves school, which is     Stories and pictures of your family can
children’s progress over time, visit        great !”                                   be sent electronically or by paper mail
continued next column                                                                  to the NCSA ofsiice.

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