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					          Office of Campaign and Political Finance
                                                                                                            Spring 2010

                 OCPF Reports
 From the Director
It’s certainly not quiet at OCPF
                                    Supreme Court decision impacts
these days. Here are a few of
the important issues we are         Mass. campaign finance law
confronting on a daily basis:
Interpreting the recent Su-
                                        Corporate contributions to candidates remain prohibited
preme Court decision, Citizens      The recent U.S. Supreme
United vs. FEC, administering       Court decision, Citizens                         The impact of CU v. FEC
three special elections for leg-    United v. Federal Election
islative seats, working with        Commission, has changed             Independent corporate “express advocacy” is now al-
municipal clerks on posting         the landscape on corporate        lowed, but contributions to candidates, PACs and parties
reports, assisting over 100         involvement in Massachu-                            are still prohibited
new candidates in understand-       setts political campaigns, but
ing the campaign finance law,       does not alter the existing        certain candidate at an elec-     expenditures concern local
rolling out a new version of our    ban on corporate contribu-         tion, so long as the corpora-     candidates who do not file
disclosure software, Reporter       tions to candidates.               tion does not coordinate the      with OCPF).
5, transferring certain munici-                                        ad with the candidate’s cam-
                                    Corporations and other busi-                                         The Supreme Court decision
pal candidates to our jurisdic-                                        paign.
                                    ness entities are still prohib-                                      also affects organizations
tion, and, of course, imple-
                                    ited from making contribu-         Prior to the court’s decision,    with corporate funds in their
menting all of the new require-
                                    tions to candidates, political     corporations and other busi-      general treasuries, such as
ments in the new campaign
                                    parties and PACs. The              nesses were prohibited from       non-profit groups financed
finance law. I’m sure you can
                                    court’s decision, however,         making independent expendi-       by business donations.
read about many of these mat-
                                    now allows corporations to         tures.                            These groups are now per-
ters elsewhere in this newslet-
                                    participate in independent                                           mitted to make independent
ter – I’ll just touch on a few of                                      If corporations make inde-
                                    ―express advocacy‖ expendi-                                          expenditures to support or
them briefly.                                                          pendent expenditures to ad-
                                    tures, which are made to                                             oppose candidates. Prior to
                                                                       vocate for or against candi-
The office has received many        support or oppose candi-                                             the court decision, those
                                                                       dates, they must disclose
calls asking about the effect of    dates. For example, a cor-                                           groups were prohibited from
                                                                       that activity by filing elec-
the recent Supreme Court de-        poration can now buy a                                               making independent expen-
                                                                       tronic reports with OCPF (or
cision regarding the involve-       newspaper advertisement                                              ditures.
                                                                       with municipal officials if the
ment of corporations in politi-     asking readers to vote for a
cal campaigns. The decision,
as far as the state is con-
cerned, now means that corpo-       Campaign finance reports required for specials
rations may make independent
expenditures to support or                          New law revisions are in effect for candidates
oppose Massachusetts candi-         Candidates running in the         resignations of former sena-       Lantigua are required to file
dates. Corporations will also       three special elections this      tors Scott Brown and Anthony       pre-primary reports by May
be required to disclose these       spring will each file three       Galluccio, are required to file    10, pre-election reports by
expenditures in accordance          campaign finance reports —        pre-election reports by May 3      June 7 and 30-day after
with Section 18A of Chapter         and will also follow the re-      and a 30-day after the elec-       reports by July 15.
55. Corporations will not,          cent changes to the cam-          tion report by June 10. They
however, be allowed to make         paign finance law, which                                             These special elections will
                                                                      also filed pre-primary reports
direct contributions to candi-      went into effect Jan. 1,                                             mark the first time candi-
                                                                      by April 5.
dates. Candidates may not           2010.                                                                dates for General Court will
receive direct contributions                                          Candidates for the House seat      adhere to the campaign fi-
from any business or                Candidates for the special        left vacant by the resignation     nance law changes. Some of
                                    Senate elections, to fill         of former State Rep. William
       Continued on Page 2                                                                                     Continued on Page 2
                                    seats left vacant by the
   Page 2                                                                                                                     Sprin g 2010

 From the Director
      Continued from Page 1          Editable PDF reports are
professional corporation, lim-
ited liability company, or lim-
ited liability partnership. For
                                     available for local candidates
further clarification on this is-
                                     OCPF has made ―editable          create easy-to-read copies            Candidates also have the
sue, please feel free to contact
                                     PDF‖ campaign finance            for clerks, who are required          option of downloading OCPF’s
                                     forms available on its Web       to inspect and post all re-           free Reporter 5 software,
District city councilors in Bos-     site for municipal candi-        ports with more than $1,000           which allows them to enter
ton, Springfield, and Worcester      dates and other local politi-    in activity to their respective       information into a database,
will now file their disclosure       cal committees.                            municipal Web sites         and print copies of reports for
reports directly with OCPF, just                                                within 30 days of a         filing with local election offi-
as their city-wide brethren cur-     The editable forms                                                     cials.
rently do. We’ve been work-          allow candidates and
ing with these officials to trans-   treasurers to type in-                    The editable forms
                                     formation directly into                   are available under
                                                                                                             Reporting software
fer them to OCPF’s depository
system. Mayoral candidates in        the documents, then                       the ―Forms and Pub-           gets upgrade
cities with populations of           print and sign the                        lications‖ tab at the
                                                                                                             OCPF’s free reporting soft-
40,000 to 100,000 will also file     forms for filing with                     OCPF Web site,
                                                                                                             ware, Reporter 5, is now
directly with OCPF in the same       local election officials.       
manner that legislative candi-                                                 ocpf. Form M102,
                                     Previously, municipal
dates do. That adds 23 cities                                                  the regular cam-              The software can be
                                     forms were only available
to our client base.                                                   paign finance report used by           downloaded from the OCPF
                                     on OCPF’s Web site in regu-
                                                                      municipal candidates, PACs             Web site,
Al Grimes and Tracey Dano of         lar PDF form, requiring us-
                                                                      and ballot question commit-            ocpf.
our IT department have been          ers to print the document
                                                                      tees, is available in editable
sweating out the last minute         and fill in the information by                                          The software can be used
                                                                      form, as are other forms.
details of rolling out our new       pen. The editable forms                                                 by all political committees.
disclosure software, Reporter
5. Reporter 5 brings new func-
tionality to the user – it allows
easier migration of data and
builds in a variety of new mod-      Continued: Special Elections
ules and safeguards designed
to assist the user. I’d like to
                                          Continued from Page 1       day up to $2,500.                      ple, if a person donates
thank our many beta testers          the changes include:                                                    $250 to a candidate for the
                                                                      Changes to the campaign
for their help and thoughtful                                                                                special election, they are
                                     Sub-vendor reporting:            finance law did not alter
comments.                                                                                                    limited to donating another
                                     Candidates will be required      contribution limits for do-
                                                                                                             $250 to the same candidate
We’ve updated our paper forms        to file sub-vendor reports if    nors to candidates — the
                                                                                                             for the scheduled election
– now local candidates can           they make expenditures to        limit is still $500 for the
                                                                                                             happening this fall.
actually complete their report       vendors of $5,000 or more,       calendar year. For exam-
on editable PDF documents            and the vendors make sub-
available on our Web site, print     sequent payments to sub-
them out and file them with the      vendors of $500 or more.                    Reporting Requirements
local clerk who will then post
them (if required) on the mu-        Late contributions: Cam-             Candidates in special legislative elections file three reports for
nicipal Web site. Certainly, it      paigns will file special re-      the election cycle:
will be easier to view the re-       ports for all contributions of
                                                                       A Pre-Special Primary report, due 8 days before the special
ports than it was when they          $500 or more that are re-         primary election and complete as of 10 days prior to the due date
were handwritten.                    ceived and deposited within       (18 days before the special primary).
                                     18 days of an election. The
Also, don’t forget the weekly
                                     reports must be filed within      A Pre-Special Election report, due 8 days before the special
Wednesday seminar at 2 p.m.
                                     72 hours of deposit.              election and complete as of 10 days prior to the due date (18 days
in our office – we’ve had a
                                                                       before the special election).
great response to these tutori-      Late fines: A candidate can
als. I’ve enjoyed meeting the        be fined $25 a day up to          A Post Election report, due 30 days after the special election and
attendees.                           $5,000 for late reports. The      complete as of 10 days prior to the due date (20 days after the
Mike Sullivan                        previous amount was $10 a         special election).
   OCPF Reports                                                                                                                        Page 3

     Recently Organized Candidate Committees
The following candidates recently established com-
                                                                         Feb. 4.
                mittees with OCPF:                                       David Rose, Fall River, House, 6th Bristol, Republican, Feb. 4.
Brad Williams, West Roxbury, Senate, Suffolk & Norfolk, Republican,      F. Randal Hunt, East Sandwich, House, 5th Barnstable, Republican, Feb.
Dec. 4.                                                                  5.
David R. Lucas, Melrose, House, 32nd Middlesex, Republican, Dec. 7.      Jonathan Loya, Holliston, House, 8th Middlesex, Feb. 5.
Jason Wentworth, Dartmouth, House, 9th Bristol, Democrat, Dec. 8.        Jane Morriss, Groton, House, 1st Middlesex, Democrat, Feb. 8.
Stephen E. Spelman, East Longmeadow, District Attorney, Hampden          Daniel Winslow, Norfolk, House, 9th Norfolk, Republican, Feb. 9.
District, Democrat, Dec. 11.
                                                                         Gerald Wasserman, Needham, House, 13th Norfolk, Democrat, Feb. 10.
Peter J. Durant, Spencer, House, 6th Worcester, Republican, Dec., 11.
                                                                         Joshua Levy, Needham, House, 13th Norfolk, Republican, Feb. 10.
Josh Cutler, Duxbury, House, 6th Plymouth, Democrat, Dec. 11.
                                                                         Kristine Abrams, Easton, House, 11th Plymouth, Republican, Feb. 10.
Charles Rudnick, Newton, Senate, 1st Middlesex & Norfolk, Democrat,
                                                                         Anthony C. Bonavita, Agawam, House, 3rd Hampden, Feb. 10.
Dec. 14.
                                                                         Jennie L. Caissie, Oxford, Governor’s Council, 7th District, Republican,
Gregory Neffinger, West Springfield, House, 6th Hampden, Republican,
                                                                         Feb. 11.
Dec. 14.
                                                                         Jacob Bombard, South Boston, House, 4th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb. 12.
Jerald A. Parisella, Bev erly, House, 6th Essex, Democrat, Dec. 14.
                                                                              Paul Mark, Pittsfield, House, 2nd Berkshire, Democrat, Feb. 12.
Keith Nicholas, Warren, Sheriff, Worcester
County, Unaffiliated, Dec. 14.                                                Kenneth O’Brien, Holden, House, 1st Worcester, Unaffiliated, Feb.
Michael Edward Lake, Boston, Auditor, De-
mocrat, Dec. 21.                                                              Mark G. Mastroianni, Westfield, District Attorney, Hampden Dis-
                                                                              trict, Unaffiliated, Feb. 16.
Craig Spadafora, Malden, Senate, Middlesex &
Essex, Republican, Dec. 22.                                                   Karen L. Payne, Roslindale, House, 6th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb.
Monica Medeiros, Melrose, House, 32nd Mid-
dlesex, Republican, Dec. 22.                                                  James S. Connolly, Attleboro, House, 2nd Bristol, Feb. 17.

Daniel Dubrule, Ashburnham, Senate, Worces-                                   Kimberly Ferguson, Holden, House, 1st Worcester, Republican,
ter, Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin, Republi-                                  Feb. 17.
can, Dec. 23.                                                            Gary Burns McNeill, Needham, House, 13th Norfolk, Democrat, Feb. 17.
John F. Keenan, Quincy, Senate, Norfolk & Plymouth, Jan. 4.              Denise Garlick, Needham, House, 13th Norfolk, Democrat, Feb. 17.
Marie Angelides, Longmeadow, House, 2nd Hampden, Republican, Jan.        John Tobin, West Roxbury, City Council, Democrat, Feb. 19.
4.                                                                       Thomas Bowler, Pittsfield, Sheriff, Berkshire County, Democrat, Feb.
Michael J. Albano, Chelsea, Senate, Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex, Democ-   19.
ratic, Jan. 7.                                                           Alan Silvia, Fall River, House, 7th Bristol, Democrat, Feb. 19.
Michael J. Coogan, Assonet, Senate, 1st Bristol & Plymouth, Democ-       Paul Brodeur, Melrose, House, 32nd Middlesex, Democrat, Feb. 22.
ratic, Jan. 11.                                                          Eric Estevez, Wakefield, House, 32nd Middlesex, Republican, Feb. 22.
David T. Vieira, Falmouth, House, 3rd Barnstable, Republican, Jan. 12.   Russell Holmes, Mattapan, House, 6th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb. 23.
Oscar R. Arce, Greenfield, House, 2nd Franklin, Democrat, Jan. 13.       Dean Vogel, West Springfield, House, 6th Hampden, Republican, Feb.
Christopher Dent, Nahant, Senate, 3rd Essx & Middlesex, Republican,      24.
Jan. 13.                                                                 Jesse Reich, Ayer, House, 1st Middlesex, Democrat, Feb. 24.
Scot Bove, Jefferson, Sheriff, Worcester County, Democrat, Jan. 13.      John Mitchell, Fall River, Senate, 1st Bristol & Plymouth, Democrat, Feb.
Brian J. Herr, Hopkinton, State Treasurer, Republican, Jan. 13.          24.
Enrico John Villamaino III, East Longmeadow, House, 2nd Hampden,         Edward Coppinger, West Roxbury, House, 10th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb.
Republican, Jan. 20.                                                     24.
Kelly Tynan, West Roxbury, House, 10th Suffolk, Democrat, Jan. 20.       James Munafo, Hyannis, House, 2nd Barnstable, Republican, Feb. 25.
Sal DiDomenico, Everett, Senate, Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex, Democ-      Darrin D’Wayne Howell, Dorchester, House, 6th Suffolk, Democrat,
rat, Jan. 21.                                                            Feb. 25.
Dennis A. Benzan, Belmont, Senate, Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex, De-       Patricia Lawton, Bridgewater, House, 8th Plymouth, Democrat, Feb. 26.
mocrat, Jan. 25.                                                         Barry Lawton, Dorchester, House, 5th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb. 26.
Scott Houseman, Beverly, House, 6th Essex, Democrat, Jan. 29.            Lee Scott Laugenour, Lenox, House, 4th Berkshire, Green-Rainbow,
Raymond Medeiros Jr., Dartmouth, House, 9th Bristol, Democrat, Jan.      Feb. 26.
29.                                                                      Michael Anderson, Georgetown, House, 2nd Essex, Republican, March
Lori-Ann Turner, Framingham, House, 6th Middlesex, Republican, Feb.      1.
                                                                         Mark McGonagle, South Boston, House, 4th Suffolk, Democrat,
Paul P. Sullivan, West Roxbury, House, 10th Suffolk, Democrat, Feb. 2.   March 1.
Genevieve C. Fraser, Orange, House, 2nd Franklin, Feb. 3.                Mark Ciommo, Boston, City Council, March 2.
Patrick Brennan, Boston, House, 4th Suffolk, Republican, Feb. 3.
                                                                         Matthew Beaton, Shrewsbury, House, 11th Worcester, Republican,
John Kelly, Dracut, Senate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex, Democrat, Feb. 3.     March 2.
David W. Pottier, Taunton, Senate, 1st Plymouth & Bristol, Republican,                              Continued on Page 4
 OCPF Reports                                                                                                                   Page 4

                                                                                                    Recently Organized
Recent Cases and Rulings                                                                                    Continued from Page 3

                                                                                                    Mike Ross, Boston, City Council,
OCPF audits all campaign          $500 payment to the state          did not disclose many ex-      March 2.
finance reports and reviews       as civil forfeitures and           penditures from 2003 to        John O’Leary, Needham, House,
all complaints alleging viola-    purged $900 in prohibited          2008, causing the commit-
tions of the campaign finance                                                                       13th Norfolk, Republican, March 2.
                                  corporate contributions to         tee to significantly over-
law. These audits and reviews     charity. The candidate             state its ending balance on    John Thorlin, Andover, House, 18th
may result in enforcement                                                                           Essex, Republican, March 2.
                                  agreed to forgive all past         campaign finance reports.
actions or rulings such as
                                  committee liabilities to him-      The review, initiated at the   Jonathan Long, Holden, House, 1st
public resolution letters, dis-
                                  self and repay his committee       request of the committee,
position agreements or refer-                                                                       Worcester, March 2.
ral to the Office of the Attor-   $1,500 from his personal           included an analysis of
                                  funds for the personal use of      bank statements, support-      Paul Levasseur, Acushnet, County
ney General for further ac-
tion.                             campaign money. The can-           ing documentation and a        Commissioner, Bristol County, De-
                                  didate also agreed to an           reconciliation of the com-     mocrat, March 2.
A public resolution letter        enhanced reporting sched-          mittees’ campaign finance
may be issued in instances                                                                          Tom Szczapaniak, Dalton, House,
                                  ule.                               records. To resolve the
where the office found “no                                           matter, the committee          2nd Berkshire, Democrat, March 3.
reason to believe” a violation    CPF-09-85: Morris Jones,           amended its reports, has       William “Bill” Linehan, Boston,
occurred: where “no further       Springfield. Did not comply        made a $1,500 payment to       City Council, Democrat, March 3.
action” or investigation is       (disclosure); 12/30/2009.
warranted: or where a sub-
                                                                     the state for the costs of
                                  The Jones Committee spent                                         William Campbell, Woburn, Secre-
ject “did not comply” with the                                       the review and has agreed
                                  more than $3,000 between           to an enhanced reporting       tary of State, Republican, March 4.
law but, in OCPF’s view, the      July and November in 2009,
case is able to be settled in                                        schedule.                      Rob Consalvo, Hyde Park, Boston,
                                  prior to filing a Certificate of
an informal fashion with an                                                                         City Council, Democrat, March 4.
educational letter or a re-
                                  Appointment of Depository          CPF-09-87: Haverhill
quirement that some correc-       Bank form with OCPF.               Democratic City Commit-        David Proulx, Fall River, House, 8th
tive action be taken. A public    Jones, a candidate for City        tee. Did not comply            Bristol, Republican, March 4.
resolution letter does not        Council, was assessed a            (disclosure, prohibited con-
                                                                                                    Ben Quelle, Middleboro, House,
necessarily imply a wrongdo-      penalty of $1,020 for the          tributions); 01/12/2010.
ing on the part of a subject      late-filing of the form. The       The committee did not file     12th Plymouth, Republican, March 8.
and does not require agree-       form was filed on Nov. 23,         reports for 2006, 2007 or      Timothy Allen, Springfield, District
ment by a subject.                2009.                              2008 until November 2009,      City Council, March 9.
                                                                     disclosing more than
A disposition agreement is        CPF-09-72: Police Chief                                           Rich Bastien, Gardner, House, 2nd
                                                                     $10,000 in activity during
a voluntary written agree-        William Pittman, Nan-                                             Worcester, Republican, March 9.
ment entered into between
                                                                     the three-year period. The
                                  tucket. No further action          report failed to itemize
the subject of a review and                                                                         Nicholas Collins, South Boston,
                                  (public resources);                $5,908 in contributions,
OCPF, in which the subject
                                  1/4/2010. The town author-                                        House, 4th Suffolk, Democrat, March
agrees to take certain specific                                      and the committee ac-
                                  ized payment for the produc-                                      9.
actions.                                                             cepted two prohibited con-
                                  tion of a video advocating a       tributions from candidates     Steven M. Glovsky, Salem, Gover-
 Public Resolution Let-           ―yes vote‖ on a new police         running for Congress. To       nor’s Council, Republican, March 12.
          ters                    station. Based on the timing       resolve the matter, the
                                  and content of the video,                                         Thomas A. McCarthy, Springfield,
                                                                     committee made payments
CPF-09-52: Rep. De-               public resources should not                                       Senate, 1st Hampden & Hampshire,
                                                                     of $500 to the state’s gen-
metrius J. Atsalis, West          have been used. The town                                          Republican, March 12.
                                                                     eral fund and $500 to char-
Hyannisport. Did not              paid $800 from the police          ity.                           Martin A. McGuane, House, 2nd
comply (personal use, cor-        department budget for the
porate contributions, re-                                                                           Franklin, Democrat, March 12.
                                  video, which was aired on          CPF-10-01: Rep. Michael
porting); 12/22/2009.             local Nantucket TV and             Rush, West Roxbury. No         David A. Smith, Wareham, House,
During the 2007-2008 re-          posted on the town Web site        further action (public em-     2nd Plymouth, Democrat, March 12.
porting period, the Atsalis       prior to town meeting on           ployees, public buildings);
                                                                                                    James Henderson, Stow, Secretary
Committee did not accu-           April 4, 2009. The town            01/14/2010. Rep. Rush’s
rately report its campaign        election was April 12. At the      Statehouse office phone        of State, un-affiliated, March 15.
finance activity, did not         conclusion of the video, the       number was listed on his       David Bissaillon, Adams, House,
comply with a ban on com-         police chief encouraged the        campaign Web site as a         1st Berkshire, Democrat, March 15.
mittee reimbursement pay-         citizens of Nantucket to           contact number for people
ments to the candidate set                                                                          Sean P. Malloy, Dorchester, House,
                                  ―vote yes for the new police       interested in making contri-
out in a previous public          facility.‖ The chief did not       butions to his campaign.       5th Suffolk, Republican, March 15.
resolution letter, accepted       specify that the appeal was        Campaign finance law pro-      Angelo L. D’Emilia, Bridgewater,
and deposited $900 in cor-        for a yes vote at town meet-       hibits public employees        House, 8th Plymouth, Republican,
porate, excess and misdi-         ing, and therefore, viewers        from soliciting or receiving   March 16.
rected political contribu-        could reasonably conclude          campaign contributions,
tions, made expenditures          the video as being intended        and prohibits the solicita-    Corey Belanger, Lowell, Governor’s
that were primarily for per-      to influence the town elec-        tion or receipt of contribu-   Council, Democrat, March 16.
sonal use, and did not con-       tion. The Police Charitable        tions in buildings used for    Paul Schmid, Westport, House, 8th
sistently comply with the         Association reimbursed the         governmental purposes.
                                                                                                    Bristol, Democrat, March 17.
interim reporting schedule        town $800.                         No funds were raised as a
established in a previous                                            result of the phone number     Debra Silberstein, Andover, Sen-
public resolution letter. The     CPF-09-101: Rep. Charles           being listed on the Web        ate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex, Democ-
candidate and his political       Murphy, Burlington. Did            site.                          rat, March 18.
committee each made a             not comply (reporting);
                                  01/11/2010. The committee               Continued on Page 5
Page 5                                                                                                                     Spring 2010

Recent cases and rulings                                                                               Law student
    Continued from Page 4         duce and distribute the news-     fice, who would like to con-
CPF-09-78: Angela Cheng-
Cimini, Sturbridge. No
                                  letter and did not comply
                                  with the campaign finance
                                                                    tact supporters and friends to
                                                                    see if he can raise at least
                                                                                                       joins OCPF
                                  law. The board’s executive        $100,000, which he believes
reason to believe
                                  director, Timothy Bassett,        would be the minimum               Nisha Balsara, a 2nd-year Suf-
(disclosure); 01/28/2010.
                                  paid $5,000 in restitution to     amount necessary to be a           folk University Law School stu-
Angela Cheng-Cimini person-
                                  the board.                        viable candidate, must file        dent, was hired as a part time
ally paid for a town-wide
mailing in support of a ballot    CPF-09-56: Sheriff Guy W.         campaign finance reports           legal intern at the Office of Cam-
question, distributed prior to    Glodis, Auburn. Did not           with OCPF. His outreach to
                                                                                                       paign and Political Finance.
the Oct. 26, 2009, election in    comply (disclosure);              friends and supporters would
Sturbridge. The mailing, how-     2/26/2010. The committee          include verbal and written         She is assisting the OCPF legal
ever, inadvertently contained     distributed a four-page           solicitations to the effect that
                                                                                                       department in a number of ca-
a statement indicating it was     Worcester County Sheriff’s        he has worked on a number
                                                                    of issues of public importance     pacities, including research.
from the ―Friends of Burgess      Annual News Bulletin, which
Elementary.‖ Groups that                                            as a municipal official and        She is also enhancing OCPF’s
                                  was paid for by the Worcester
raised or spent money to          County Civil Process Office, in   would like to continue this        electronic legal search database.
support or oppose a ballot        a campaign mailing. The           task as a legislator, and that
questions in 2009 were re-                                          he would run for legislative       Balsara, a Malden native, re-
                                  Glodis Committee should
quired to file disclosure re-     have made the initial pay-        office if he can raise at least    ceived her undergraduate de-
ports, while individuals were     ment to reproduce the News        $100,000. If funds are raised      gree in political science and
not required to file. Because     Bulletin because it was part      for a possible state legislative
                                                                                                       economics from George Wash-
the mailing was paid for by       of a campaign mailing. The        campaign, however, and the
                                                                    individual decides to not seek     ington University.
an individual, filing a disclo-   committee has paid the
sure report was not required      Worcester County Civil Proc-      state office, the money raised
in 2009 (individuals are re-      ess Office $674.69 for the        may be used for the individ-
quired to file disclosure re-     costs of the printing.            ual's campaigns for local of-
ports starting in 2010).                                            fice.
                                  CPF-09-94: Allison
CPF-09-77: Attorney Gen-          Heartquist, Newburyport:          AO-10-01: The fact that the
                                                                    name of a partnership ap-
                                                                                                          Did you know?
eral Martha Coakley Com-          Did not comply (corporate
mittee. No reason to believe      contribution); 3/4/2010. The      pears on a check given to a
                                                                    candidate's committee does         Local election officials are begin-
(prohibited contribution);        Heartquist Committee re-
02/04/2010. The state-            ceived a prohibited corporate     not necessarily mean the           ning to post municipal campaign
level Martha Coakley Com-         contribution of $100 from the     check is from the partner-
                                                                                                       finance reports to their city or
mittee provided goods and         Wharf Management Company          ship. If the check, or other
services to her U.S. Senate       on Sept. 29, 2009. The com-       writing submitted with the         town Web sites.    Clerks can post
campaign, which reimbursed        mittee made a $100 payment        check, states that it was          every report, but are only required
the state committee $35,735.      to the state to purge the         drawn on a partner's personal
                                                                    sub-account, the check may         to post forms that reflect $1,000
The state-level committee         contribution.
then disgorged that amount                                          be used to transmit the indi-      or more in activity. The new stat-
to charity to comply with              Advisory Opinions            vidual partner's contribution.
                                                                                                       ute requires the reports to be
Massachusetts campaign                                              Business partnerships are
                                  AO-09-08: A head coach of         prohibited from contributing       posted within 30 days of a filing
finance law, which prohibits
                                  a public school's athletic        to candidate campaigns.
state-level committees from                                                                            deadline.
                                  team who is employed for a
receiving money from federal
                                  season that lasts from mid-       AO-10-02: A candidate's
political committees.
                                  March to May, if compen-          committee may rent a school
                                                                                                       Local election officials are asked to
CPF-09-49: Essex Regional         sated, would be a temporary       bus, that is personally owned
Retirement Board, Dan-            public employee during that       by one of its supporters, at       keep the reports posted on their
vers. Did not comply (public      season. As such, he would         fair market value, for use at      municipal Web site for at least six
resources); 02/16/2010. The       not be able to engage in po-      campaign events. The com-
                                                                    mittee may also pay the sup-       years (specifically, until Dec. 31 of
Essex Regional Retirement         litical fundraising during the
Board used public resources       season when he is em-             porter to decorate the bus         the sixth year following the rele-
to oppose Question 1 on the       ployed. He may, however,          with the campaign's signs
                                                                                                       vant election).
ballot in the Nov. 4, 2008,       engage in political fundraising   and colors. The committee
state election. The board         in the off-season, even if he     would then be obligated to
reproduced and distributed        expects to be reappointed for     pay the supporter, at fair
approximately 5,000 copies        the upcoming season. If the       market value, for the adver-
of its fall 2008 newsletter,      town designates the position      tising benefit received from
―The Navigator,‖ which con-       as unpaid, however, and the       the decorated bus even on
                                                                                                              Office of Campaign and
tained a section advocating a     coach is not compensated for      days the committee did not                    Political Finance
vote against the ballot ques-     his work, he would not be         rent the bus for campaign
tion. A total of $18,090 was      subject to the restrictions of    events. If an individual vol-              Phone: 617-979-8300
                                                                    unteers to drive the bus at                    800-462-OCPF
spent for the production,         M.G.L. c. 55, § 13 and could,
                                                                                                                Fax: 617-727-6549
reproduction and mailing of       even during the season when       campaign events, the driver's           E-mail:
the 12-page Navigator, of         he works as a coach, solicit      time and work would be a          
which 1.5 pages were de-          and receive contributions.        "personal service" to the
                                                                    committee, which would not                  One Ashburton Place
voted to influencing the ballot                                                                                     Room 411
                                  AO-09-09: A municipal offi-       need to be disclosed on the
question. An OCPF review                                                                                        Boston, MA 02108
                                  cial who is considering run-      committee's campaign fi-
determined that public re-
                                  ning for state legislative of-    nance reports.
sources were used to repro-

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