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					           New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland Branch) Inc.
                                     P.O.BOX 484 AUCKLAND

2007 Winter Newsletter

      Happy Kiwi Legs-up in Guilin – 2007 NZCA China Tour

    Bird watching at the Miranda wetlands –MARCH 2007

President        Kai Luey                 522 1840
Vice President   Edmond Yee       379 6302
Secretary        Susan Wong             985 7020
Treasurer        Connie Kum             625 8611

Committee        Benjamin Pan            625 1648
                 John Kum             625 8611
                 Donald Sew Hoy    368 9180
                 Elsie Wong                   579 0838
                 Estella Lee              520 6338
                 Jeremy Lowe     834 6288
                 Kitty Chiu               533 8506
                 Lina Li’ang
                 Lynette Wong
                 Meilin Chong                  633 0043
                 Percy Kai Fong               520 1862
                 Richard Leung   634 1817
                 Robert Wong                525 0220
                 Schep noon                  416 1613
                 Virginia Chong                  630 6641
                 Vivianne Chow                   521 2986

Community , the topic which comes to mind as I have taken on the task to collate and edit the Winter issue of our
NZCA Newsletter. Do you have difficulty in communicating with others in your community? Can you relate to other
generations within the Chinese community? How about sharing and talking about everyday events? Who? What?
        There must be hundreds of newsworthy items that could be shared with the wider community – Who did what?
Who traveled where? Who got married? Who has an additional grand child? So many topics of interest that could be
written and shared with amongst the NZCA members!
        What makes the community interesting ? YOU ! I see people being proactive, being involved from time to
time and coming out of the square. When was the last time you and your family attended a large function other than a
Wedding or a Funeral? Yes, I am like most, its more comfortable to be invited than making a decision to organize, eg.
trips, talks or courses that can be enjoyed with interest by others. The committee needs community input to make
things happen ! This means YOU !
        Do we have some people who would like to share and make things happen? What about a Travel Group?
Photography ? Shopping Mall crawl ? Dining Groups? Computer ? Hiking? there are so many walking tracks
around Auckland that could be of interest?
       We would like to hear from you! Share with us some of your past experiences!
Chinese Culture and Traditions! With many new migrants we can tap into the vast knowledge that they bring!
        I have given you some food for thought to encourage more community spirit and participation – remember that
NZCA can only serve if we are made aware of members ‘needs’ -- for more information regarding membership,
contact any committee member
                                                                                                   Cheers JK Sub Ed.

  I also extend a warm welcome to new members who have joined since the last issue, and a reminder for those that
are involved in Cultural and Artistic endeavours, in 2008 we again have our Easter Cultural Concert. Polish up your
skills/talent for an audition ! We would love to expose the depth of our Auckland talents !

                       CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

2007 has been another busy year for me as National President of New Zealand Chinese Association Inc and
Chairman of the Auckland Branch. The year started with a huge flurry of activities for the Auckland Branch with
the Chinese New Year celebrations, the stunningly successful inaugural NZCA Youth Leadership Camp, the
working bees for the Lantern Festival food stall and the Easter Tournament in Dunedin.

Thereafter, much time was devoted to organising the venue, sponsors, speakers, website and many other items
for the Bananas NZ Going Global International Conference being
held on 18 / 19 August 2007 in the brand new 600 seat lecture theatre at the University of Auckland Business
School. This conference will feature eight notable international speakers and over 20 well known local
personalities in a comprehensive and varied programme about Chinese in NZ and on the world stage. The
associated The Listener / NZCA Short Story Competition has attracted many entries from throughout NZ from
talented Chinese New Zealanders.
Please refer to our special website for further information and if you have not
registered already, you should do so as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on this unique

During the last two months I attended two national forums which could have a big influence on the role of
Chinese New Zealanders in our increasingly multi-cultural NZ society. At the first forum, the ethnic communities
group recommended to Government that the Office of Ethnic Affairs be upgraded to full Ministry status (in line
with the Maori Affairs and Pacific Islands Affairs Ministries) so that consultation and increased funding on a
range of matters can take place. At the Asia Action Conference this week, politicians and business leaders
emphasised that NZ needed to use the expertise and networks of Asian New Zealanders as a very accessible
and economical method of improving business relationships with Asia. Food for thought.

We are now organising our annual series of NZCA sports tournaments starting with outdoor bowls and golf as
noted elsewhere in this newsletter. A basketball tournament is scheduled for Labour weekend and you can
register your interest with Edmond Yee on email These tournaments are preliminary
events leading up to the NZCA Easter Tournament being held in March 2008 in Auckland involving Chinese from
throughout NZ. An important change in the Easter Tournament Rules is that international students are now
eligible to participate.

The NZCA Moon Festival Dinner is being held this year at Penny City Restaurant in Howick on Saturday, 15
September 2007 at 6.30pm. Tickets at $30 per person (BYO) are now available from Connie & John Kum. Book
your table of 12 early to avoid disappointment.

Please advise your network of friends and contacts regarding these upcoming events and activities.

Kai Luey
NZCA President
Phone 522 1840 email &

         New Zealand Chinese Assn.(Auck Branch) Inc.
              Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the
          New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland branch )Inc. will be held at:
                            Venue:           Penny City Restaurant
                                             125 Meadowland Dr. Howick
                            Date:            7.15 pm Saturday 15 September 2007

      1.      Apologies
      2.      Adoption of previous AGM minutes
      3.      Chairman’s Report
      4.      Treasurer’s Report
      5.      Notice is hereby given-
   That a new Rule 7 (a) as hereunder be adopted in substitution for the present Rule 7 (a):

   “7(a)     An Annual General Meeting of the Branch shall be held in the month of April every year at a place, date and time
   to be fixed by the Branch Committee for the following purposes…..
        6. General Business
                                                                                             Secretary 18 July 2007
                                                              New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland Branch ) Inc.

            : Happy Working Bees -- Showgrounds 2007


    Thoughts and Musings of our Trip to China
    It was amazing how stunningly quickly thirty-one diverse individuals from all over New Zealand
    got to know each other and got on so well for twenty - one days!!!
    We enjoyed each other’s company – honest, we did.
    We all cheered as certain members discovered and met their relatives and saw their ancestral home
    for the first time.
    We all crowded into the each other’s ancestral homes listening to and taking part in the excited
    babble – never seen Kiwi Chinese so uninhibited.
    We snapped so many photos – even suffered OOS in the right hand – ouch! – and the video takers
    were relentless – and good at it.
    We compared purchases – then there was the unspoken encouragement and challenge for the next
    person to achieve an even better price. (Got a bit difficult at the airport with so many identical large,
    black suitcases.) Dreams were realised – so those Guilin Mountains are for real… and the last
    Emperor actually ran down these steps…
    Sheer size and numbers dominated – the country, the landscape, the modern buildings, the
    population, the billboards, the motorways, the flyovers, the traffic…
    The daily flirting with danger was - crossing the road. We very rapidly learned that a green light at
    the pedestrian crossing did not mean we were safe – cross with the locals – cross with the crowd –
    don’t try to cross on your own or you’ll be flattened - follow Janet.
    Some lessons were learned the hard way – ‘Don’t stand on the grass, aunty – stay on the concrete!’
    – (just our friendly neighbourhood policeman in the park)
    In the enthusiasm of the moment, we bought Chinese language programmes – must check with the
    others to see if they’ve ripped off the plastic cover yet…
    Fitness preparation required? – Taking the stairs and not the lift to the top of the Skytower every
    day for a month would help you with the Great Wall. Oh and ten full knee bends per day for two
    So was the trip worthwhile? – Most definitely. Thank you NZCA and Janet!!!

                                                                                Soo Land and Jean Wong

                   Saturday --- 15 September 2007 ---- 6.30 pm
                   PENNY CITY Restaurant                 BYO.
                               125 Meadowland Dr.            Howick
                              Adults; $30 – Child ( under 12 ) $ 25

 BOOKINGS –        Table ( 12 ) $360
 TICKETS ---       Connie / John : E; P; 09 625 8611
                   Or NZCA Committee Members.
                                   NZCA CHINA TRIP 2007
                         Re: NZCA Ancestral Village trip to China 2007


             All I can say about this trip is that if it is ever offered again, go, go, go!

   Janet Joe is one great guide. Her knowledge is invaluable for first time visitors to
  China. Looking after 30 people can't be easy but everything ran smoothly. The local
  guides were all very good and their knowledge of the history of their areas was very

Highlights for me were obviously the ancestral village(s) trip. For NZ born Chinese it's
quite an eye opener seeing how in some cases, life in those villages is probably the same
as it was 100 years ago. It's hard to imagine living like that from a western perspective.

    You read about the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors etc, and you see the
    pictures, but the reality is so much better. This trip covered all the major tourist
attractions and we weren't disappointed. However, I wasn't quite prepared for the level
 of pollution in Guangzhou, Xian or Shanghai. Surprisingly, Beijing came to the party
 with blue skies. May was hotter than I expected with a high degree of humidity, so you
    need to be prepared for that. Be ready for the different style of toilet facilities!

  This trip will remain etched in my mind for some time to come, regardless of 800 plus
  photos taken! So, if you are thinking of going on a trip like this in the future, I would
                                 definitely recommend it.

                                                                                                        Suzanne Dean

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 Rates for a display advertisement       1/8 page        $40 per issue or $140 prepaid for 4 issues
                                         1/4 page        $60 per issue or $210 prepaid for 4 issues
                                         1/2 page        $100 per issue or $350 prepaid for 4 issues

The NZCA (Auckland Branch) newsletter will publish advertisements depending on if payments and information for advertisement
is given within 2 weeks of publishing. The newsletter is to be published in the first month of summer, spring, autumn and winter.
Enquiries to NZCA (Auckland Branch) committee members

              A to Z of 2007 NZCA China Tour

A wesome fellow travellers and unforgettable experiences.
B eijing’s booming up to the 2008 Olympics.
C ross the roads in China at your peril!
D on’t talk about the toilets!
E at till you are full, then there’s the next meal to look forward to.
F riends, Fun, Food!
G uilin’s an artist’s dream, and its Reed Flute Caves are incredible.
G uangzhou’s unrecognisable as was Beijing, revisited after 20 and 21 years respectively.
H ong Kong’s still a shopper’s paradise.
I loved the whole China Trip.
J anet Hong and I took Janet Joe cheongsam shopping!
K elvin and I privileged to go on this tour.
L ychees, lychees and more lychees!
M andarin’s the Chinese dialect to learn.
N o bargains, just satisfactory purchases.
O lympic Stadium in Beijing is out of this world!
P ush in, or be pushed!
Q uick to help China’s economy!
R elinquished my local shopping crown, three handbags and three pair of shoes don’t rate!
S hanghai’s charming character, a blend of old and new.
T ired, but no regrets at tour’s end.
T hanks to the NZCA for the opportunity to tour China.
T hanks to Janet Joe, the best guide, for looking after our welfare, and saving us time and
U nderestimated rate of change in China, seeing is understanding.
V illage visits to ancestral homes and relatives the highlight for many.
W edding dinner of my Uncle’s granddaughter attended in my Mother’s village, Gwar Lang;
what good timing!
X i’an’s terracotta warriors demand your attention and invite admiration
Y ou will find your Chinese roots, and be proud of them.
Z zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz………till the next China trip………..!

                                                                           By Janice Lowe

       New Zealand Chinese Association Easter Tournament
In April 2007, the Sports Club sent a contingent of 80 competitors to Dunedin to represent Auckland at the
annual New Zealand Chinese Association Easter Tournament. This would be the largest team from Auckland to
attend a Dunedin tournament and while the Sports Club raises a certain amount of money for subsidies, the
competitors still have to pay the majority of the cost themselves.

Auckland teams were successful in the following events at Easter;
   • Volleyball
   • Hockey
   • Women’s relay
   • Friendship Trophy (awarded to the whole Auckland team for sportsmanship)

Auckland also competed in other sports with distinction;
Basketball                     Indoor Soccer                    Tennis
Lawn Bowls                     Touch                            Badminton
Indoor Netball                 Netball                          Dodge ball

The Sports Club wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the New Zealand Chinese Association
(Auckland Branch) committee for providing subsidies for all participants. The money helped pay for the whole
contingent’s travel costs whilst in Dunedin which amounted to nearly $3,000.

The Easter Tournament in 2008 is in Auckland and we are planning to make it the best ever!! If you play sport
at any level whatever or you have children, nieces, nephews, etc. please contact Edmond Yee or any
committee member

The Sports Club runs weekly activities at the Auckland Chinese Community Centre in Mangere Bridge as well
as tournaments through the year;
    • Monday evenings; Badminton
    • Wednesday – Friday evenings; Basketball groups
    • Saturday mornings; Volleyball
    • Sunday afternoons; Touch (during summer)
    • Sunday afternoons; Basketball (miniball for 5+ years, juniors – under 17 & under 21
                      years and seniors)


                         WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS

                               IT’S TIME TO EXPLORE THAT


                                    CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS
   •   Reshaping Multiculturalism – We are all Kiwis. Are we?
   •   High Flying Bananas – Chinese: loud, proud and out there
   •   China Rising – Wake Up. China is here!
   •   The New Mainstream – Chinese identities in the future
   •   Falling Leaves Return Home – Journeys back to China


Charlotte Glennie, mrbrown, Antony Young, Frank Chin, Kenda Gee, Loong Wong, Li Tao,
Manying Ip, James Liu, Paul Spoonley

                          REGISTER NOW AT

    18 -19 August 2007
                                                   Limited seats available!

To All NZCA members.

 As the last excursion organized by NZCA to Miranda Hot Springs and visit to the Gannet
colony was so popular we am promoting our next Excursion early so that you can
organise the date into your diary ! Please note that there is limited seating.
[ 42 adults or 33 adults and 12 children ]
                                                   nb. Only about 12 vacancies at time of print !!
                                                                    $45 pp

Just 40 minutes from central Auckland, you can embark on a wilderness adventure aboard Watercare's Rain
Forest Express, a narrow-gauge railway located deep in the heart of the Waitakere Ranges. You will be taken
over wooden bridges that span valleys lined with ancient forest, and pass through tunnels lit at night with a
multitude of glowworms (and housing the odd cave weta!). Your adventure culminates in a visit to one of
Auckland's hidden treasures, the Upper Nihotupu Dam, where the silence of the bush belies the closeness of the

During the journey your train driver will tell the story of the Rain Forest Express from its role in building the
dams which now help to sustain Auckland, through to its use today.

After visiting the dam, take a stroll to Seaver's Camp, overlooking the Nihotupu Valley and Manukau Harbour.

The train will collect you from the Camp and after a leisurely ride back to the Depot, you are free to return to the
hustle and bustle of the city....if you dare!

            Annual Golf Tournament 2007
    The Annual NZCA Auckland Branch Inc. Golf Tournament will be held at Whitford Park Golf Club,

Whitford Park Road, Whitford on Sunday, 12th August 2007.

Entry fee:   - $40.00 per person ( affiliated and non affiliated members)
              - $5.00 per person ( Whitford Golf Club Members)

Each participant must be a current member of any branch of NZCA. If you are not an NZCA member, an

additional fee of $10.00 applies. This will allow you to participate in all other activities organised by NZCA

(Auckland Branch) Inc..

Entry is on a first come first served basis (maximum 48 players). Each affiliated player must have an

Official Handicap (Slope Index) and furnish their Club number and Membership number.

Non affiliated players must state their handicap.

Ladies are most welcome to participate.

Entries close on Friday 3rd August 2007

Trophies and prizes will be awarded for best nett and stableford. Spot prizes

Remittance must accompany the entry form

Cheques must be made payable to:     NZ Chinese Assn (Auckland Branch) Inc.

For more information, please contact:

Virginia Chong :      (09) 630-6641 after hours or email:
                       or Mob: 021-982-726

Entry forms may be posted to:         Virginia Chong
                                      29 Shipherds Avenue
                                      Auckland 1023

   New Zealand Chinese Association (Auckland Branch) Inc.
               Annual Golf Tournament 2007

Name ________________________________________ Age _________
Affiliated Club ______________________________________
Club Number _________________________________
Membership Number ____________________
Slope Index _____________________
Contact Details: Home ___________________
                 Work ___________________
                 Mobile __________________
                 Email _______________________________________

Entry Fee: $40 per person (Affiliated and Non Affiliated players)
            $5 per person (Whitford Park golf club member)
            $10 Annual NZCA membership fee (If applicable)
Please state which branch ______________________________________

Total amount payable _________________________________________

Entries close on Friday 3rd of August 2007.

Please post this form together with your remittance to:
                            Virginia Chong
                            29 Shipherds Avenue
                            Auckland 1023

Cheques must be made payable to NZCA Auckland Branch Inc.

Enquiries: please contact Virginia Chong         (09)630 6441 or 021 982 726

                              Please feel free to copy this form for distribution

                       NZCA Auckland Branch Inc.
                      is holding its Annual Bowls Tournament on

Sunday, 26 August 2007 at the Epsom Bowling Club, 77 The Drive, Epsom.

The cost is $30 per team – or $10 per player. We hope, if numbers permit, to play triples. If you are unable

to make up a team, please let me know, and I will try to find some players to for a team.

Although there will be a presentation to the prizewinners at afternoon tea, the winners will be
presented with their trophy at the NZCA Mid Autumn Festival dinner (Moon Festival) to
be held on Saturday 15 September 2007 at 6.30pm at Penny City Chinese Restaurant at
125 Meadowland Drive, Howick.

The cost per person, for the dinner is $30. Make up a table of 12 for $360. Tickets are limited, so when you
send in your entry form, please let me know about the dinner.
Dinner Tickets can be collected on the day of the Bowls Tournament.
Please post the entry forms to my address, or send by email to:
       Virginia Chong                        Email:
       29 Shipherds Avenue                          Phone:          630-6641 Home
       Epsom                                        Mobile:         021-982-726
       Auckland 1023

Entries close on Tuesday 21st August 2007
You may also contact Alan Lam at 522-4033 for more information.

“Barefoot Bowls” will also be available to all beginners or novices interested in trying out
the sport –
Epsom Bowls has spare sets of bowls available on the day.

There is also a full size Petanque rink available, should anyone be interested in playing a few
rounds of petanque. If you have no knowledge of the game, but are keen to learn, tutors will
be available to coach you on the day. Epsom Bowls have spare sets of petanque balls.

                         Please feel free to copy this form for distribution

                     NZCA AUCKLAND BRANCH (INC)

                     2007 ANNUAL BOWLS TOURNAMENT
                             (ANY COMBINATION OPEN TRIPLES)

                         EPSOM BOWLS – 77 THE DRIVE – EPSOM
                               SUNDAY 26 AUGUST 2007
                                            ENTRY FORM

                   First Name         Surname             Phone             Club

Email Address for each player:




Format: Triples (3 bowls) of any combination - Astrograss Green
Duration: 4 games of 1 hour 20 minutes duration
Registration: 9.00am
Starting Time: 9:30am
Prizes: Winners Trophy also prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Cost: $30 per team to cover green fee and teas [Own lunches]
Dress Code: Mufti
Cancellation: Broadcast on Newstalk ZB Cancellation Service. Rain day: Sunday 2 September

Individual entries are welcome if you are unable to make up a team. Please state your preferred place and
we will place you accordingly.

Entries To:    Virginia Chong
              29 Shipherds Avenue
              Epsom, Auckland 1023

              Ph: 630-6641 or 021-982-726     E-mail:

Entries Close: Tuesday 21st August 2007

                        Please feel free to copy this form for distribution

Since the last newsletter, the Women’s Group continues to enjoy regular monthly
meetings. Thanks to all our members who have supported our group by joining in on
our monthly activities. Thanks also to the many talented speakers who have given up
their valuable time to come to speak at our meetings throughout the year.

The car pool trip on 24th March to visit some of the Heroic Gardens in Mt Eden and
Mt Albert was very enjoyable. It was interesting to view these private artistic gardens.
Included in this outing was Bonsaiville, the well-known Bonsai garden of Bob
Langholm. A large number of bonsai trees there with one that is 100 yrs. old !

On 21st April we returned to Meadowbank Community Centre for the meeting. A lady
called Bee Keow Lim was our guest speaker. She is a teacher of the universal energy-
based, relaxing, healing technique called Reiki. It was first practised in Japan. She
also demonstrated the methods she uses to perform these healing techniques.

On 19th May, Peter Yam who is a qualified first aid lecturer from the Chinese Youth
Trust was our guest speaker. He spoke about emergency situations when life-saving
techniques would be required. He taught us CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) a
very important skill to learn, to use to revive someone who has had a heart attack. He
brought mannequins along to demonstrate and to enable us to learn by practise.

For our June meeting, we were invited to the home of Brenda and Tim Tsun in
Onehunga to view their many Bonsai trees. We were amazed by the large variety of
Bonsai that they own, and have cared for over the last 40-50 yrs. Tim gave us a very
informative talk about looking after bonsai. He demonstrated with real bonsai, and
then generously donated a bonsai for a raffle prize. They also have many beautiful
orchid plants in a glasshouse at the end of their big backyard.

On Saturday 21st July we are meeting at ‘KK’ Chinese/Malaysian restaurant, 28
Roberts St, Ellerslie. The restaurant is on the ground floor of the Champion Hotel.
We are having a group ‘Yum Char’ as a mid-winter lunch at 11am. On this occasion
men are welcome to join us. Costs : NZCA members $15, non-NZCA members $20.
If you wish to come you must reply to Gillian Young email : or
phone 630 8718 by 12th July at the latest, so that definite numbers can be booked.

Lorna Wong will be our speaker for the following meeting on Saturday 11th August.
Lorna will give a talk about the journey she and her husband took along the Silk Road
last year. She will bring photos of her interesting trip to show us.
The meeting will start at 1.30pm at Meadowbank Community Centre, 29 St Johns
Rd, Meadowbank (next to Barfoot & Thompsons, along from Foodtown.)

Do come along to join in on our social afternoon meetings. New members always
welcome so please come and bring your friends. Costs : NZCA members $2, Non-
NZCA members $3. Raffles are held each month, but no obligation to buy.

For further information, contact Gillian Young, Phone 630 8718, email :
                            or Florence Hing, Phone 528 6920, email :

    NZCA Bilingual (Cantonese / English) Language Music School
Started August 2005 (evolved from the Crouching Tiger - Hidden Banana Conference in June 2005) so going into term 3
the school will have been operating for two years. The numbers have grown considerably – from 14 in 2005 to 39
enrolled this year. The pre-school class continues to grow with a few new ones each term, although the primary one
level will have had four additional enrolments this year. Unfortunately we do have a few ‘drop outs’ by students due to
clashes with other activities.

However, the children are most welcome to come back at any time. They will always ‘fit in’. Learning is informal –
conversational and very practical. Lina continues to keep the children highly motivated with a variety of techniques
(music and movement) and games..

Learning Chinese the ‘funway’ and the children all talk to each other in Chinese in game situations. Lina has Rebecca
Tong helping in the first two classes only – where the numbers are higher. Pre-school parents are becoming very
bilingual as they have to sit in on the lessons. How else can they talk Chinese to their children during the week??

The focus this last term has been on transport (cars, bicycles, train, aeroplane etc), item of clothing and accessories (eg.
earrings) and under sea creatures (fish, starfish, octopus etc). The latter was chosen as Oranga School had a display of
under the sea creatures so it was the utilization of a resource. With lots of visual resources Lina has been using
immersion techniques with great success in her teaching style..

The primary age children have all learnt to write their names in Chinese and the teachers always address the students by
their Chinese names. Students are getting a lot of language, culture and music reinforced upon them with a CD of many
Cantonese songs and song sheets for audio and visual ‘homework’.

Classes are held at Oranga Primary School Hall, Rangipawa Road, One Tree Hill.
Term 3 starts on Saturday the 21 July 2007.
Pre school; 9.30 - 11.00am *** Primary 1; 11.15 - 12.45pm *** Primary 2; 1.00 - 2.30pm.

                       Contact : Connie Kum           P:    625 8611     E:

                                   Debbie Sew Hoy P: 021- 2716010 E:

                      Story time                                                          leisure time
     COMMUNITY EVENTS at Chinese Community Centre
                                99 TAYLOR ROAD MANGERE

                      SOCIAL DANCE PARTY
                        Live Music featuring *DAVE LIM and his BAND*
                    SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER 2007
                                 7.30 pm - - - 11.30 pm
                          ACCC HALL 99 TAYLOR ROAD
                               $10pp Scrumptious Supper

                               SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER 2007
                               Dinner -- from 6.30 pm
                       BBQ & Sausage sizzle will be provided
                 Nb. Bring your own Steak, lamb, chicken, fish, etc
   Please bring a Salad to share and maybe a Cake for Supper would be much appreciated
                   Fireworks Display from 8.30 pm
             Tea and Coffee will be provided after the Fireworks Display


                                          ISIS Spa
ISIS Spa offers a menu of Beauty Therapy, Day Spa and Wellness. NZCA members are welcome to a 10%
                       discount on presentation of their NZCA membership card.
                 Contact, Camie Scotts, Director Ph 5225419 Email:
                  48 Broadway, Newmarket
  The Dominion Federation of New Zealand Chinese Commercial Growers Inc

                                          SPECIAL BOOK PROJECT

                                         The History of Chinese Growers
                                                 in New Zealand

The Dominion Federation of NZ Chinese Commercial Growers Inc. intends to write and publish a
book about the history of New Zealand Chinese Growers from 1870-2006.

The book will include:
   v The early history of Chinese market gardening set against New Zealand’s economic,
      social and political history.
   v The growth and expansion of Chinese market gardens throughout New Zealand.
   v Chinese growers - their experiences and stories.
   v The history of the Dominion Federation and their achievements.

The Federation believes it is essential that the story of Chinese growers and their important
contribution to the history of market-gardening in New Zealand be written and preserved.

This book will be of interest to all growers and those associated with the vegetable growing
industry, members of the Chinese community, and the general public.

The book is being researched and written by Lily Lee, formerly an Education Officer with the
Ministry of Education; Ruth Lam, formerly Manager of Customer Services, Franklin District Library
Trust; and Nigel Murphy, historian and curator at the Alexander Turnbull Library.

We would appreciate any information, photos, research material and contacts which could
be helpful in this project. Please contact any one of these people:

Lily Lee  

Ruth Lam  

Nigel Murphy

                      Book Project - The History of Chinese Growers in New Zealand

                                                        Profiles of Writers

Lily Lee
Lily Lee graduated from Auckland University in 1961. She taught in primary and secondary schools for a number of years before joining the
Ministry of Education as a Liaison Officer. During her seventeen years at the Ministry she has been involved in many aspects of education. In
particular, she managed the development and implementation of new policies for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and new
initiatives in migrant and refugee education.

Lily is a second generation Chinese New Zealander and has had a long interest in her Zhong Shan ancestry. In 1963, she visited her parent’s
village of Gum Kei and gained a better appreciation of Chinese culture, language and heritage. She has returned a number of times to China and
is currently involved in assisting with a documentary and researching her family history.

Lily grew up on a market garden in Mangere during the late 40s and 50s, and owned a market garden in Kumeu in the 60s and 70s. She is
enthusiastic about the book project and sees it as an opportunity to be involved with and contribute to the Chinese growing community.

Ruth Lam
Ruth Lam is a third generation Chinese New Zealander of Jung Seng descent. She is married to Pak-Hung (Alex) who for many years has been
market gardening successfully at Pukekawa. Ruth often assisted in the garden while bringing up her family of four children.

Ruth has also been involved with local community groups. She held the office of Secretary then President of the local Plunket Society and was a
reading tutor at Pukekawa School. In 1995 she was invited to co-edit the School Centenary book.

In 1998, she completed a Master of Arts degree in Education, with Honours from the University of Auckland. She then worked at the University
on research projects involving phonic techniques to improve children’s reading.

In recent years Ruth worked for the Franklin District Library Trust. As a Customer Services Manager she was responsible for the delivery of
library services to the whole of the Franklin district. During her time at the library Ruth began to research the history of Chinese market gardening
in the Pukekohe district.

Ruth is keen, through this project, to contribute to the preservation of the history of Chinese New Zealanders.

Nigel Murphy
Nigel Murphy is a sixth generation New Zealander of Irish-German-English descent. His interest of overseas Chinese began as a child when his
parents lived in Young, New South Wales. This town had been the site of the largest Chinese goldfield population in Australian history.

Nigel has studied Chinese New Zealand history for over 20 years and is the author of many publications on Chinese New Zealand history
including articles on Chinese market-gardening.

In 1993 he was commissioned by the New Zealand Chinese Association to write a report on the history of the poll-tax in New Zealand. In 2002
he was seconded to the Office of Ethnic Affairs as a researcher and historian to support the Chinese poll-tax apology reconciliation process.

Nigel is a Curator of Newspapers and Serials, New Zealand and Pacific Collections, Alexander Turnbull Library.

Nigel has contributed frequently to Chinese community projects. He is eager to contribute his expertise and knowledge to this particular project
about the history of Chinese Growers in New Zealand.

The Book Committee wishes to note that many members of the Chinese community have offered their support and have
indicated their willingness to contribute to this project.

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