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Nottoway still a candidate for Foreign Affairs Security Training Center
  The U.S. Department of State (DOS) and
the U.S. General Services Administration
(GSA) are conducting further studies at the
Virginia Army National Guard’s Maneuver
Training Center at Fort Pickett and in
Nottoway County’s Pickett Park to assess
the potential for locating a planned Foreign
Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC)
at the installation.
    The move, announced by Gov. Bob
McDonnell this week, comes after a year-
long comprehensive search process that
included the review of over 40 publicly-held
sites in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.,
which led to Fort Pickett and Pickett Park
being selected as a potential candidate.
  According to the governor’s office, the
site will now undergo an environmental
impact statement (EIS) under the National
Environmental Policy Act. The EIS will be
prepared to address potential impacts to the
natural, social and cultural environment.
The study may take up to two years to           Nottoway County leaders, from left to right: Ronald E. Roark, Jack J. Green, Gary L. Simmons, Sherman C. Vaughn, Clarence A. Simpson, Steve W. Bowen
complete, and will include a “robust and
transparent” public engagement process to
answer questions from citizens and address      decision will come down, Roark believes            technology.                                        Virginia Department of Military Affairs
any possible concerns about the project.        the county will be selected to host the              In Nottoway County, training will                and the Department of State to support
Following the completion of the EIS, a final    Foreign Affairs Security Training Center.          include weapons training similar to what           the environmental impact statement and
decision will be made by the DOS and GSA          Last June, the federal government                is conducted at Fort Pickett and also              address the needs of residents in this area.
whether to move forward with the site and       abandoned plans for a Foreign Affairs              will include a driving course and other              Once completed, the center in Nottoway
develop construction documents.                 Security Training Center at the Hunt Ray/          classroom instruction. The DOS plans to            County will be used to provide security
  Nottoway’s       County      Administrator,   Crismer Farm site on Maryland’s Eastern            transfer or consolidate a number of staff          training for DOS and other U.S.
Ronald E. Roark, said Nottoway is “elated       Shore, reopening its site selection process        positions to the site.                             government staff posted at American
about being selected” to continue in the        in the wake of fierce opposition from                “Virginia remains a key strategic partner        embassies overseas. A small number of
process that began in April 2010.               nearby residents.                                  for the military and the federal government        foreign security personnel will also receive
  “Anytime you add 1,000 jobs to a small          The 1,250-acre center would have turned          due to our close proximity to Washington           training at the center.
community, the impact is great,” he said,       a rural stretch of Centreville in Queen            D.C. and our wholehearted support of                 The Nottoway County project could
adding that the county, led by the Nottoway     Anne’s County into a hands-on training             our military, homeland security and law            potentially bring construction jobs and
Board of Supervisors, does not have to do       facility including a mock urban simulation         enforcement partners,” McDonnell said.             other employment to the local community.
anything to further their involvement or        area, firing ranges, driving tracks and an         “We welcome this news that would help              According to DOS estimates, approximately
increase the chances of a more positive         explosives testing area as well as classroom       enhance our national security and could            300 to 500 jobs could be created as part
outcome. “It’s all the federal government       and office space. Such facilities, according       bring hundreds of much-needed jobs to              of the first phase of construction and
from here.”                                     to the DOS, consolidate diplomatic                 Nottoway County and the surrounding                the preliminary estimate for longer term
  While the federal government has not          training currently conducted at 19 facilities      region.”                                           permanent part- or full-time job ranges
indicated a timeline for when a final           nationwide. Training involves language               The governor further noted that Virginia         from 850 to 1,000.
                                                studies, management and information                will work closely with the community, the
2 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                          LOCAL                                                             The Richmond Voice

Richmond “pleased” to be included in teacher pay-for-performance pilot
From Staff and Wire Reports                    Evaluation Work Group developed and            to-staff rural and urban schools,” said Gov.   Boushall and Thompson Middle schools in
  Teachers in 25 schools across Virginia,      proposed revised Guidelines for Uniform        Bob McDonnell in announcing the pilot          Richmond.
including in three Richmond schools and        Performance Standards and Evaluation           program. “The performance-pay pilots             Victoria Oakley, Richmond’s chief
two petersburg schools, will participate in    Criteria for Teachers and the Virginia         will provide a foundation for compensation     academic officer, said, “We are pleased to
performance-pay pilot programs during          Standards for the Professional Practice        reform that will reward excellence and         be considered for any program that will
the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.      of Teachers for use in this pilot program.     attract new talent to the commonwealth’s       provide additional compensation for those
Participating schools are located in 13 of     The work group consisted of teachers,          classrooms.”                                   teachers who work in hard-to-staff schools.
the 132 school districts in Virginia — about   principals, superintendants, Department of       The 2011 General Assembly approved the         “The three Richmond city schools included
10 percent of Virginia’s school divisions.     Education staff, and representatives from      governor’s request for $3 million to reward    in the program... were all fully accredited
  “The key to a successful performance-pay     the Virginia School Boards Association,        teachers in hard-to-staff schools based on     based on last year’s Standards of Learning
plan is an evaluation system that is capable   Virginia Association of Elementary             student growth and other performance           (SOL) tests, so student achievement is
of identifying truly exemplary teachers,”      School Principals, Virginia Association        measures during the 2011-2012 school year.     taking place. But more needs to be done.
said state Superintendent of Public            of Secondary School Principals, Virginia       The legislation authorizes performance-        We will attend training at the College of
Instruction Patricia I. Wright. “The model     Education Association, Virginia Parent         pay bonuses of up to $5,000 for teachers       William and Mary later this summer and
these schools will implement is informed       Teacher Association, Virginia Association of   earning exemplary ratings. In addition,        develop a plan for implementation.”
by the latest research on using multiple       Elementary School Principals and Virginia      federal support for performance-pay is           The Virginia Department of Education
criteria to objectively measure the impact     Association of School Superintendents.         provided through $3 million from the           and the College of William and Mary School
of individual teachers on student learning       “There is a growing consensus that public    School Improvement Grant that Virginia         of Education will conduct two training
and achievement.”                              schools must move beyond a compensation        received in April 2010 to fund reforms in      sessions this summer for participating
  Participating schools must implement         model that equally rewards mediocrity and      low-achieving schools.                         schools on implementing the Board of
the performance standards and model            excellence and is rooted in a past when our      Participating school divisions include       Education’s new model for evaluating
teacher-evaluation system approved by the      young people did not face fierce global        Accomack County, Caroline County               teachers.
Virginia Board of Education in April.          competition. Bipartisan support – at both      Colonial Beach, Dinwiddie County,                According to the governor’s office, bonuses
The board-recommended system bases 40          the state and federal levels – is allowing     Fluvanna County, Franklin, Greensville         for “exemplary” teachers in the state-funded
percent of a teacher’s evaluation on student   Virginia to implement performance pay in       County, Hopewell, Northampton County,          pilots will be paid in the fall of 2012 based
academic growth. The Virginia Teacher          some of the commonwealth’s most hard-          Patrick County, Petersburg, Richmond and       on evaluations conducted during 2011-2012.
                                                                                              Roanoke. Selected schools in the greater       Performance awards for qualifying teachers
                                                                                              metropolitan area include Hopewell High,       in schools with federally funded pilots
                                                                                              A.P. Hill and Peabody elementary schools       will be made in the fall of 2013 based on
                                                                                              in Petersburg and Armstrong High,              evaluations during 2012-2013.

                                                                                              Mass. steps up probe into Va. company
                                                                                                Massachusetts Attorney General Martha
                                                                                              Coakley is beefing up her investigation
                                                                                              into foreclosure fraud, targeting a powerful
                                                                                              lender-created company in Virginia that
                                                                                              claims to be the official owner of tens of
                                                                                              millions of mortgages nationwide.
                                                                                                Coakley said she will ask county registers
                                                                                              to provide information to see if Mortgage
                                                                                              Electronic Registration Systems Inc.,
                                                                                              known as MERS, is violating Massachusetts
                                                                                              laws related to property seizures. She
                                                                                              is concerned that MERS failed to pay
                                                                                              government fees as well as “impaired the          Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley
                                                                                              integrity’’ of the state recording system by
                                                                                              failing to document loan transfers.
                                                                                                Coakley also said she would not agree to       “We want to be clear we are not prepared
                                                                                              releasing MERS from any liability in talks     to give a release of liability on any broad
                                                                                              between government regulators and large        scope of MERS issues,’’ she said. “We
                                                                                              banks to settle allegations of sloppy and      intend to complete the investigation.’’
                                                                                              fraudulent mortgage-related practices. State     Janis L. Smith, vice president of corporate
                                                                                              and federal regulators launched the probe      communications for MERS, said the
                                                                                              last year after some bank representatives,     company will cooperate with the probe.
                                                                                              now known as “robosigners,’’ admitted to       “The use of MERS has been litigated in
                                                                                              signing thousands of mortgage-related legal    Massachusetts courts, and judges have
                                                                                              documents without accurately reviewing         upheld the legality of the MERS business
                                                                                              them.                                          model in the commonwealth,’’ she said.
 The Richmond Voice                                                                                     July 27 - Aug 2, 2011 • 3

Parents in Richmond rally behind suspended youth coach
By Brittini Palmer                                                                               to be on the court with the kids. She has
  Michelle Drayton, known as “Coach” to                                                          empowered them to be so much better than
many, is a teacher and a leader in the city                                                      the everyday stereotypes. My son is a better
of Richmond. The Brooklyn, New York,                                                             player and has built so much character. I
native is now fighting for her reputation and                                                    guess the only question is, why take these
a job she loves after being accused of using                                                     drawn out precautions when all she wants
foul language at a Richmond Department                                                           to do is help the community,” said Rowe.
of Parks and Recreation game. The                                                                  Drayton attended Virginia Union University
accusation, for allegedly saying “got damn”                                                      where she was CIAA Freshman of the Year,
has led to her suspension from coaching,                                                         and Coca Cola Player of the Year during her
being escorted off the court at one of the                                                       senior year. Drayton was even inducted into
games she attended. She may also be barred                                                       the Virginia Union University Hall of Fame
from attending an upcoming banquet in                                                            in 2008. She has been coaching basketball
which her son will be recognized.                                                                since she was 13.
  At issue is whether or not she even said                                                         Drayton graduated from VUU in 1992.
the word. Drayton contends that the city                                                         She has been a volunteer who has coached
employee who supposedly heard the offending                                                      many teams in the Richmond area,
word may have heard “get down” instead.                                                          including those from Albert Hill Middle
  “My record speaks for itself,” said                                                            School and George Wythe High School.
Drayton, defending herself, wondering why                                                        She has also been a volunteer for the city’s
the parents of the children she taught were                                                      Department of Parks and Recreation.
still loyal to her despite the accusation.                                                         Drayton said recently that she received no
  Several parents of the children she                                                            official documentation of her suspension
coaches contend that they did not hear the                                                       until almost a month after the June 17
coach utter the offensing word.                                                                  incident.
  “My son Malik turned the ball over and                                                           A request for comment from the city’s could
didn’t get back on defense. I believe he was                                                     not be made available to The VOICE until
a little frustrated,” said Maurice Rowe,                                                         a later time, after this reporter’s deadline, a
the father of the child to whom Drayton                                                          media representative said. Parents note that
allegedly used foul language. “I always                                                          Drayton has gotten permission to return in
taught my son if someone cusses at you,                                                          January, but they are are not satisfied and are
let me know. I was also present at the game                                                      continuing to fight her suspension.
and I did not hear Coach Drayton use any                     Michelle Drayton
foul language whatsoever.”
  Another parent, Richmonder Mary Cox-            “My son talks about Coach Drayton
Perkinson, also believes the suspension is      all the time. He was even going to play
unfair and unjust.                              somewhere else but he loves the way she
  “I have written letters to Parks and          coaches,” said Rowe. “When the kids have
Recreation and City Council. I believe          a bad attitude about a call that was made, or
everything was blown out of proportion,         anything for that matter, she pulls them to
and all the coaches are not getting the same    the side, and everything that she says can be
treatment,” said Cox-Perkinson.                 used as a life lesson. All the kids look up to
  Explaining why she is an advocate for         her, especially the girls.”
Drayton, Cox-Perkinson explained that              Three girls that Drayton coached have
they have quite a history.                      full ride scholarships for basketball at
  “I became affiliated with Coach Drayton       accredited universities.
when my daughter began attending Albert           “My daughter’s personality has really
Hill Middle School,” she explained.             come out. She keeps her grades up in order
“Under the guidance of Coach Drayton my         to play in school and outside of school.
daughter, who never touched a basketball in     I believe all this happened because of
her life until she met Drayton, is now one of   Drayton’s guidance. When her teams play
the best players and a leader.”                 they shine, but not only that…they win,”
  The parents also noted the impact Drayton     said Cox-Perkinson.
has had on their children.                         “It is very important for Coach Drayton
4 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                                                                                            The Richmond Voice

 ‘Citizen soldiers’ focus on clearing New Cannon Creek Greenway
By Brittini Palmer                             doing what they were doing,” said Henry
  Virginia Army National Guard members         Shannon during the tour. He lives off
recently provided a tour of Richmond’s         Richmond-Henrico Turnpike.
Cannon Creek Greenway where they are             There have been several projects in the
finishing phase I of a new modern biking,      area prior to this cleanup, including two
hiking, walking trail and park facilities in   community cleanups, held in 2009 and
Richmond’s Highland Park community.            2010, to remove unwanted trash and debris,
    The work for this project, scheduled       and a clearing of area in 2011 by Virginia
between July 17-27 is valued at $120,000       Army National Guard, 180th Horizontal
and is being provided at no charge by the      Construction Company, 276th Engineer
Powhatan-based Virginia Army National          Battalion.
Guard 180th Horizontal Construction               “What they did is even better than what I
Company, 276th Engineer Battalion.             thought, which was that they were hired, [to
  Those involved in the project provided a     do the job],” said Shannon.
walking tour last week to explain the work        There is 1.9 mile area that comprises the
done in the area. About 75 ‘citizen soldier’   Cannon Creek Greenway, which includes
engineers cleared undergrowth and grading      a heavily-wooded ravine located adjacent
pedestrian and biking trail along Cannon       to a section of the north-south Richmond-
Creek, which runs along the Richmond           Henrico Turnpike between Valley Road
Henrico Turnpike.                              on the south and Craigie Avenue, located       Robertson was among those who toured the Greenway area to view the work already completed.
   Those present for the tour included, Maj.   in the 3 District and the 6th District. This
Gen. Daniel E. Long, Jr., adjutant general     area has been congested for some time now,
                                                                                                City officials hope that this project will   also serve as a laboratory for science classes
of the Virginia Army National Guard,           according to the city, which noted that the
                                                                                              help increase the social, economic, and        taught in Richmond area schools.
Air National Guard and Virginia Defense        work of the Virginia Army National Guard,
                                                                                              physical revitalization of the North Side        The Cannon Creek Greenway Project
Force; Councilwoman Ellen F. Robertson,        is critical to the success of this community
                                                                                              and gateway districts of Richmond.             may also be linked to the United States
6th District; Dr. Norman C. Merrifield,        project, and others in the future.
                                                                                                The sidewalk and street intersections of     of America East Coast Greenway, which
director, Richmond Department of Parks,          “This area has been prone to illegal
                                                                                              the Greenway’s bicycle and pedestrian trail    is being built in sections from Main to
Recreation and Community Facilities; Capt.     dumping for so long. I blame the residents
                                                                                              will connect the North Side’s business and     Florida, and to the Virginia Capital Trail.
Dave Baber, commander of the Virginia          who don’t care about the beauty of their
                                                                                              commercial corridor along E. Brookland         This would link Richmond to Williamsburg
Army National Guard; and Champe                surroundings but I also blame city hall for
                                                                                              Park Boulevard residential neighborhoods,      and Jamestown.
Bumley, chairman, Mayor of Richmond            not making available proper dump sites,”
                                                                                              churches, schools, and community centers         When all phases are completed, there will
Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Planning      said Shannon. “The punishment for illegal
                                                                                              for ease of access by bicycling or walking.    be a 1.9 mile, 10 foot wide, asphalt-surfaced
Commission.                                    dumping should be tougher. I think higher
                                                                                              In addition to its use for family-oriented,    nature trail.
   “I saw the soldiers hard at work the past   fines would deter illegal dumping,” said
                                                                                              recreational activities, the Greenway may
few days and wondered why they were            Shannon.

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 The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                               July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 5

ACLU: Process for appointing                                                                    City encourages Night Out participation
judges violates disability rights                                                                 Richmond City Council members             organizations and local officials.
                                                                                                are encouraging all Richmond citizens         National Night Out events are citizen-
   The ACLU of Virginia has asked Gov.          particulars.” Question 38(d) asks, “Do you      to come out and attend National Night       led and include crime prevention
Robert McDonnell to revise or remove from       suffer from any impairment of eyesight or       Out events and activities being held in     activities ranging from turning on porch
his questionnaire for judicial applicants two   hearing or any other physical limitation?”      neighborhoods throughout the city. The      lights and porch sitting; to block parties
questions regarding mental and physical            Addressing the question about mental         events, they note, are great way to meet,   and cookouts that include food and
disabilities that may violate the American      disabilities, Glenberg wrote: “The question     talk and play with neighbors and enjoy      games for children.
with Disabilities Act.                 highly intrusive and far broader than     fun-filled family activities, including       Held each year on the first Tuesday of
   “These questions are unnecessary,            necessary to identify individuals who may       block parties, cookouts, bike rides, kid    August, the National Night Out event
inappropriate, invasive, and very likely        lack judicial judgment or temperament....       games, giveaways and neighboorhood          was established in 1984 by the National
illegal,” said Kent Willis, ACLU of Virginia    The vast number of persons who suffer (or       meetings and conversations between          Association of Town Watch as a program
executive        director.  “Persons     with   have suffered) from some kind of mental         police representatives, elected officials   to build neighborhood unity in fighting
disabilities fought for many years to           or emotional impairment would          and citizens.                               crime. The event includes participation
eliminate employment and other forms of         prevented from acting competently as a            National Night Out is an annual           in all 50 U. S. states, U.S. territories,
discrimination against them. The governor's     judge.”                                         neighborhood crime fighting event           Canada and U.S. military bases around
questions are an affront to them and the law,      On the issue of physical impairments,        that establishes a vehicle for families     the world. This is the 28th year of the
and we hope he will move swiftly to remove      Glenberg wrote: “Manifestly, hearing and        to come together and focus on fighting      National Night Out event being held in
them.”                                          vision impairments have nothing to do with      crime in their neighborhood through         the United States of America.
   Rebecca K. Glenberg, ACLU of Virginia        the ability to function as a judge. They do     unity and education. The event is             Each Richmond and sorrounding
legal director, made the request in a letter    not affect a person’s judgment, intelligence,   meant to empower citizens and               county events are organized individually.
sent on July 7, but said this week, that        or temperament. With the availability of        strengthen neighborhoods by creating        Citizens should contact their council
she had not received a response. A recent       Braille, sign language interpreters, and a      an opportunity for families to mix and      or board of supervisors representative
check of the governor’s website for judicial    multitude of assistive technologies, there      mingle and talk with civic groups, law      offices for information on the evnts
appointments indicates that the application     is no reason why a person with hearing          enforcement, businesses, neighborhood       taking place on Aug. 2.
is still in use.                                or vision problems should be unable to
   Question 38(c) of the Judicial Selection     perform judicial duties.”
Questionnaire asks, “Have you ever                 The governor’s office did not respond to
been treated for any emotional or mental        a VOICE request for comment by deadline.
illness or condition. If so, please give the

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6 • July 27 - Aug. 7, 2011                                                            OP-ED                                                              The Richmond Voice

A free speech challenge for parents
  Should a 13-year-old be able to purchase a    efficiently than passively watching TV.
school-shooting simulator without parents’        Will most kids who play games that
knowledge or consent?                           simulate school shootings live out the roles
  The Supreme Court says that freedom of        they are playing? No. Very few kids who
speech requires that 13-year-olds have that     play violent video games will perform those
opportunity. In a 7-2 decision, the court       acts in real life. The changes most kids will
struck down a California law barring the        experience as a result of playing violent
sale of graphically violent video games to      video games are more subtle than mass
people under 18.                                murder, but are still quite measurable.
  I have not seen legal minds commenting          For example, greater exposure to violent
on what seems to be obvious consequences        media desensitizes people to the effects of
of this decision. If the First Amendment        violence and aggression. What would have
requires that minors be able to purchase        been abhorrent, or should be, becomes not
                                                so bad or perhaps even funny. Violent video
                                                games cause users to think more violent
        By Dr. Joseph J. Horton                 thoughts. Typical behavioral effects from
                                                these changes in thinking might range from
                                                not being appropriately moved by images

                                                                                                           The VOICE Unleashed
                                                of real human suffering to being more
graphically violent video games, does this      argumentative and disrespectful.
mean minors may attend R-rated movies             It is true that people who are prone to
without an adult or purchase pornography?       aggressiveness are more likely to use
We have longstanding traditions and laws        violent media. It is also true that people        Many of the prophetic words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an icon and legend,
which regulate the speech to which minors       who use violent media become more               resound more relevant today than yesterday. When I think about what’s going on in our
may be exposed without the consent of their     aggressive. None of us want to believe that     country, a profound statement by Dr. King comes to mind - “God has a way of standing
parents.                                        we will acquire a taste for the distasteful,    before the nations with justice and it seems I can hear God saying to America, you are
  The research on the effects of violent        but if we consume enough of what began as       too arrogant ….” This statement bears truth as we are fighting four wars abroad while
video games shows that parents and society      distasteful, it becomes satisfying.             continuing to ignore the wars right here at home.
have reason to be concerned. Today, we are        Make no mistake about it; video games           The America of the people, for the people and by the people seems to have been
not talking about the games from my youth       can be a great use of free time. Research       taken over by big corporations that are controlling the political, judicial and media
like Space Invaders or games that involved      shows that kids who play video games            strings of this country. Think about it! Our economy is still on life support thanks to
a cartoon-like image of a person falling        develop better spatial skills and hand-eye      the “Too Big to Fail” financial corporations. Millions are still unemployed, losing their
over. We are talking about games with           coordination. They are also just plain fun.
                                                                                                homes while many of those responsible for this horrific crisis continue to earn million
graphic, movie-quality images of death and      Yet the benefits of video games do not
dismemberment. Unlike a movie, however,         require gruesome images.                        dollar salaries and bonuses thanks to their political cohorts in Congress. These same
which is viewed passively, game players are       We endure a lot of ugliness to protect our    elected officials need to do a better job of explaining their pledge to retain the Bush tax
actively causing the scenes which unfold        right to free speech. Like Justices Clarence    cuts and corporate tax loopholes in the midst of our trillion dollar deficit .Where are
before them.                                    Thomas and Steven Breyer, I do not believe      the promised private sector jobs that were supposed to trickle down from the Bush tax
  Yes, video games are pretend. Of course,      that restricting the sale of violent video      cuts for the rich? Why must the unfair burden of sacrifice be on the middle class and
they are. Even young teenagers who play         games to people 18 and older would have         working poor who in essence have already been robbed of the American Dream while
the games know they are pretend. Yet, even      strained the First Amendment. With or           corporate America thrives and the unemployment rate continues to climb? President
passively viewing pretend images affects the    without laws that require adult involvement     Obama has stated that “… our economy as a whole just isn’t producing nearly enough
way people think. Television commercials        for kids to have questionable material,         jobs for everyone who’s looking.” Just how long are we, the American people going
are pretend. We all know they are pretend.      parents must be parents. Laws are no            to remain silent and allow corporate America and their elected cronies to destroy this
The reason some of the most successful          substitute for parental monitoring. While I
businesses in the world advertise—even          find the Court’s decision disappointing,
paying over $2,000,000 for a 30-second          it highlights the need for parents to be           Let’s stop trying to be the global police force and bring our troops home so that we
Super Bowl spot—is not to generously            proactive and willing to make tough             can focus on our domestic wars against a failing economy, unemployment and all of
provide free television for us; it is because   decisions.                                      the other social ills affecting just about everyone who does not have the good fortune
they have data showing that advertising                                                         to be in the top 1 percent of U.S. wage earners. Then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get
changes consumers’ attitudes and behavior.      The writer is professor of psychology at        down to the nitty gritty and start to speak up, speak out and change the direction and
Active participation, like playing a video      Grove City College and a researcher with        arrogance that has permeated, and as of late, dominated the political landscape of our
game, changes attitudes and behavior more       The Center for Vision and Values.               United States of America. - Tanya Free at

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The Richmond Voice                                               LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                                      July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 7

    P.T. Hoffsteader, Esq.

Failing military schools                        the president three times during the              no agreement to increase the debt ceiling.         without significant reforms to our spending
  We are encouraged by the bipartisan           negotiations at the White House, and even         We need a representative who seeks solutions,      habits. Game changers like a balanced
efforts of senators Mark Warner and             offered a temporary increase in the debt          not one who ignores the needs of his               budget amendment and a serious statutory
Richard Burr to bring [the issue of failing     ceiling, to be revisited next year, designed      constituents and the American people.              spending cap are necessary to ensure not
ratings of Virginia’s school buildings on       to coincide with the presidential election,       Wayne Powell                                       only our current financial survival, but
military bases] to the forefront. Children      no doubt. It is obvious that Cantor is not        Chesterfield                                       also that future generations are not made to
deserve the opportunity to learn in schools     seriously negotiating. When asked by one                                                             suffer the sins of the past.
that help them achieve their full potential     questioner on NBC what the GOP was                The writer is challenging Rep. Cantor for          Jadine S. Jett
and not be held back by failing facilities.     willing to give up in the negotiations, as        the 7th District congressional seat.               Glen Allen
  What’s even more troubling is when            usual, he sneered. He wouldn’t want to
Virginia's military families are the ones       upset his tea party ‘cronies.’”                   Leadership failures                                Those evil rich people
forced to contend with school buildings         Cantor voiced no opposition to the debt             Senator Barack Obama understood                    Someone explain the math to me as to
that are either sub-par, or failing. Don’t we   limit increases which occurred seven times        something President Obama seems to                 how raising taxes on the “rich” creates
as a country have a responsibility to these     during the Bush administration. In fact the       have forgotten. Raising the debt ceiling is        jobs? It’s a fact that most rich people are
brave men and women – and their families        national debt more than doubled during the        a passing on this debt to our children and         small business owners who make more
– to ensure their children are provided for     Bush administration, from $5.950 trillion         grandchildren, and is a failure of leadership.     than $250,000 and have created the most
as their parents fight for our country?         in 2001 to $11.315 trillion in 2008. After        Unless serious reforms are made now, it is         private sector jobs in the country. If
  The simple answer is ‘Yes,’ and neither       the recent recession which occurred at the        unlikely they will ever take place in time to      our economy is so bad that they barely
of us sees this as a partisan issue – or will   end of the Bush era, the debt increased to        stop the approaching crisis.                       have enough money to operate with, how
allow it to become one.                         the present level of $14.294 trillion. But          Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has set          can they expand and create more jobs?
  The opportunity for a quality education is    Cantor and his allies place the deficit           a moving deadline for when he thinks the           Actually, they would probably lay people
a responsibility we owe to each and every       and the need to increase the debt ceiling         current debt limit of $14.3 trillion will be       off. Historically, cutting taxes has always
child. We join others in calling attention to   totally at the feet of the president. It’s like   reached. First his deadline was mid-May,           created more jobs in the private sector.
the poor conditions of school facilities on     the prior eight years didn’t exist. This is       which then moved to July 8 The most recent           If you are a successful businessman and
our military bases and pledge to work with      wishful thinking.”                                deadline is now the beginning of August -          have a chance to make more money by
Congress to find meaningful solutions.          Cantor is engaging in magical thinking if         clearly a political calculation that politicians   relocating jobs overseas, would you do it?
One such solution is the SMART proposal         he really believes that preserving tax cuts       will be more anxious to get out of town for        Currently, the United States has one of the
supported by Senator Warner that provides       for the super rich leads to job creation. If      summer recess rather then do the right thing       highest corporate tax rates (35 percent)
an innovative mechanism for using tax           that were the case, then where are the jobs       and stay and fight for the future.                 in the world, and if it were reduced to 25
credits to help in school renovation. This      since the tax cut of 2003 which created the         The current fight is not against a looming       percent, would you reconsider sending jobs
proposal is based on the strategy used to       recession that almost became a depression?        debt limit but against the status quo of           overseas?
renovate and re-open historic high schools      Who does Cantor think he is? Where                Washington’s out-of-control behavior with            Our president really wants to spread the
in Richmond and Petersburg and can be a         are the moderation and the willingness            the public purse. Some programs need to            wealth of all those evil rich people out there
national model.                                 to compromise which has characterized             be cut, for they will save taxpayers billions      so he can spend more of their money. But,
Tim Kaine (D)                                   Americans through history when faced              of dollars immediately, others to stop the         isn’t that Socialism? It seems that President
George Allen (R)                                with a serious national challenge?                destructive cycle of liberal groups giving         Obama is dead serious about making our
Va. U.S. Senate candidates                      We have in Cantor someone who, when               donations to keep liberal politicians in           nation look like California. And, isn’t
                                                faced with a national crisis, won’t even sit      power who in turn give tax funds to liberal        it ironic that most of our congressmen
Questions Cantor’s maturity                     in a room to seek a solution. The failure         groups.                                            and senators along with our president are
After I commented last month on Eric            to raise the country’s debt limit will affect       However, cutting wasteful and destructive        millionaires. But, they are not businessmen.
Cantor’s “temper tantrum” when he refused       every American, and will send economic            programs is not enough. If politicians             They are, however, good at creating hot air
to consider taxing the richest Americans        ripples throughout the world. The reality         agree to raise the debt limit once again,          and propaganda, which may be a major
in conjunction with spending cuts, his          for the elderly, the young, as well as our        they should only agree to do so if the             contributor to so-called global warming.
misbehavior continues. Cantor interrupted       military that face death every day is that        increase is coupled with real spending             Gary Allen
                                                they will not receive their checks if there is    reforms. The vote must not come and go             Colonial Heights
8 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                          RELIGION                                                                The Richmond Voice

Eastern Va. church to host anniversary celebration of prison ministry
  PORTSMOUTH — Grove Church is one                                                              from Richmond, of Good News Jail and              various gubernatorial task forces.
of several churches across the United States                                                    Prison Ministry CEO Harry Greene,                   In 1984, Greene was licensed to the
selected to host the 50th Anniversary                                                           who will share the platform with keynote          ministry by Barcroft Bible Church in
Celebration of Good News Jail and Prison                                                        speaker Jack “Murph the Surf” Murphy              Fairfax, where he was an elder and served
Ministry on Friday, Aug. 5, 2011, from 7-9                                                      and others about the “great things God has        as chairman of the Official Board at the
p.m. This free program will focus on how                                                        done through this ministry” during its 50-        church. He was appointed a Deputy Sheriff
“Central to Christianity is love, redemption                                                    year history, according to Marriner.              in Arlington County, the same county in
and forgiveness is.                                                                               Both Greene and Murphy are former               which he had been an inmate twenty years
  Church leaders said in a news release this                                                    inmates. In 1965, after being in five jails       earlier.
week that it has practiced these tenets for                                                     and the Virginia State Penitentiary, Greene           Prior to becoming a Christian and
years through its restoration ministry,                                                         was paroled. He received a full pardon from       preacher, Murphy is said to have had a past
where “we walk alongside and encourage                                                          the then-Gov. Linwood Holton, in 1972. In         that included stints as a concert violinist,
individuals who have been incarcerated,”                                                        1982, Gov. Charles Robb appointed him to          tennis professional, movie stunt man,
said Dr. Melvin O. Marriner, senior pastor                                                      be the first ex-felon in Virginia’s history to    high-tower circus diver, a jewel thief and
at Grove Church.          “This celebration                                                     serve on the State Board of Corrections.          a convicted murderer. He was the subject
aligns with our goal of meeting the needs                                                       In 1986, Gov. Gerald Baliles re-appointed         of a 1974 feature film, ‘Murph the Surf’,
of people, not just through emergency                                                           him to a second four-year term on the             starring Robert Conrad.
assistance and other tangible means, but                                                        State Board of Corrections and in 1990,              Chaplain Gene Sayre, Good News Jail and
                                                           Dr. Melvin O. Marriner
through encouraging and helping those                                                           Gov. Douglas Wilder appointed him to the          Prison Ministry, will preside over the program
who are trying to transition back into                                                          State Board of Correctional Education.            at Grove Church, 5910 W. Norfolk Road in
society after making mistakes.”                 in 1961, the ministry has grown to become       He chaired the Jail Standards Committee,          Portsmouth. For more information, contact
  Good News Jail and Prison Ministry            the largest supplier of civilian chaplains in   Youth Services Committee and served on            him at 757-217-2613.
supplies chaplains to institutions throughout   the United States. The 50th anniversary
the country and internationally. Founded        celebration will include live streaming
                                                                                                Christian challenges marriage inevitability
                                                                                                  Christian leader and cultural commentator       battle over traditional marriage is foolish
                                                                                                Chuck Colson does not believe it is time          and dangerous,” he noted.
                                                                                                for the “marriage battleground” to shift to         Colson also urged his readers to remember
                                                                                                religious freedom. Colson recently wrote          that the state gives and the state can also
                                                                                                a commentary based on the “marriage               take away especially because, in his
                                                                                                battleground” question posed by a recent          opinion, the religious freedom protection
                                                                                                Christianity Today article in the wake of         in the New York bill, for example, is poorly
                                                                                                New York’s approval of same-sex marriage.         drafted and vague.
                                                                                                The article’s author, University of Virginia        “What [and whom] will it protect? For
                                                                                                law professor Douglas Laycock, believes           how long?” he queried.
                                                                                                the answer is yes. He says, “Religious              Colson noted that shifting the debate to
                                                                                                conservatives who advocate traditional            religious freedom takes the spotlight off the
                                                                                                marriage must shift their focus to fighting       importance of marriage and that same-sex
                                                                                                for religious freedom.”                           marriage is not inevitable because nearly
                                                                                                  Colson, in his commentary, said Laycock         30 states have protected marriage in their
                                                                                                and many others mistakenly believe in the         state constitutions and nearly 40 states have
                                                                                                inevitability of same-sex marriage, adding:       protected marriage in their statutes. Citing
                                                                                                “They think that the best Christians can do       a recent Alliance Defense Fund poll, he
                                                                                                now is make sure gay ‘marriage’ laws at           noted that the majority of Americans want
                                                                                                least provide a modicum of protection for         to reserve traditional marriage.
                                                                                                the freedoms of those of us who believe in          “To give up the fight for marriage now
                                                                                                traditional marriage.                             after a few setbacks is crazy,” he wrote.
                                                                                                  “Yes same-sex ‘marriage’ poses a grave          “The debate about marriage in America is
                                                                                                threat to religious freedom. There have already   not over. Now more than ever, Christians
                                                                                                been cases where photographers and others         need to be equipped to defend marriage
                                                                                                have been sued for refusing to participate in     and to live out the truth about marriage,
                                                                                                same-sex ‘wedding’ ceremonies. Catholic           sex, and family in our own lives.”
                                                                                                charities in several states has been pushed         Colson’s detractors, including Patrick
                                                                                                out of the adoption business because they         Woodson of Woodson, responded to his
                                                                                                only place children with a married mom and        commentary stating: “You almost hear the
                                                                                                dad. Make no mistake: protecting religious        desperation in the anti-gay forces looking
                                                                                                freedom is a major priority.                      so desperately for a new way to spin hate
                                                                                                  “But this is exactly why abandoning the         and discrimination.”
The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                            July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 9

                               Keeping the Faith                                                       Union Seminary alum receives URPP award
                                                                                                         Union Presbyterian Seminary alumnus
 Born to be wild                                                                                       Phillip Lasater (M.Div ‘11) has received
                                                                                                       a fellowship from University Research
  When primitive Christianity first began to                                                           Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe
take root, it wasn’t known as “Christianity.”                                                          at the University of Zurich. Apart from
That was more or less a term coined by                                                                 his dissertation project, “The Fear of the
onlookers. The first Christians referred                                                               God (s),” Lasater was also selected for his
to their movement as “The Way.” The                                                                    knowledge in theology and cultural studies.
earliest disciples saw themselves, not as                                                              The fellowship includes $50,000 for the
part of new religion, but as travelers on                                                              first year of coursework and housing and is
and in the Way of Jesus.                                                                               renewable for up to two years.
  This “Way,” consequently, was something                                                                Created in 2005, (URPP) Asia and Europe
                                                                                                       explores both historical and on-going
           By Ronnie McBrayer                                                                          exchanges between Asia and Europe in the
                                                                                                       areas of culture, law, religion and society. It
                                                     hunting up close and personal.                    promotes research by young graduate and
active and dynamic, bound to the living                                                                post-graduate scholars within a structured
                                                       While on a wildlife expedition I observed
Christ. It was not some dead religion                                                                  and interdisciplinary research environment.
                                                     a party of hunters stalking several hundred
seized with rigor mortis. The passing of the
                                                     elk. These animals circled and panicked           Lasater received this competitive award
centuries, however, has seriously muted
                                                     like proverbial fish in a barrel as the hunters   after being selected from a pool of more
this fact. The years have suppressed the
                                                     closed in on them. It didn’t seem very gaming     than 100 student applicants. As a finalist,
wild and dangerous roots of the Christian
                                                     to me, and I braced myself for the slaughter.     he presented his work in Zurich in May and
faith, and in some cases, have beaten the
                                                       It was then that one of the big bulls in the    was notified shortly thereafter he was the
living daylights out of it. This has not been lost                                                                                                                      Phillip Lasater
                                                     herd decided that he had had enough. So,          recipient.
on a large and growing number of believers.
                                                     nearly a ton of wild, thundering animals-           “Phillip Lasater’s award is an outstanding
   According to researcher William Hendricks,                                                                                                              Lasater was also recognized by the
                                                     on-hooves stampeded toward the hunters.           personal accomplishment, of which he
over a million Christian adults leave the                                                                                                                faculty of Union Presbyterian Seminary
                                                     At the last minute, the bull shot between         and the Union Presbyterian Seminary
church each and every year. Many do so
                                                     two of the would-be-trophy-takers, the            community can be very proud, “says                with The Salem Church Fellowship. He will
“not because the church is too spiritual,” he
                                                     space no wider than a sidewalk. And when          Andreas Schuele, professor of Old                 begin his doctoral studies at the University
says, “but because the church is not spiritual
                                                     he did, the entire herd followed.                 Testament, Richmond campus. “This                 of Zurich this fall with Dr. Konrad Schmid
enough.” Large swathes of official Christianity
                                                       Hundreds and hundreds of animals ran            award encourages the school to continue to        as his academic advisor.
have traded the untamed vitality of its founder
                                                     for daylight, and in a matter of minutes, the                                                         Since 1812, Union Presbyterian Seminary,
for something far more domesticated.                                                                   provide the unique excellence in theological
                                                     herd had not only escaped their predators –                                                         formerly Union Theological Seminary
   Somewhere deep within us, we                                                                        education that distinguishes our students at
                                                     who looked at one another with a mixture                                                            and Presbyterian School of Christian
know this is a tragedy. We don’t need                                                                  a national and even international level.”
                                                     of awe and shame – they had completely                                                              Education, (Union-PSCE) has embraced
researchers or statistics to confirm the                                                                 “My family and I are extremely excited
                                                     disappeared into the Wyoming woods.                                                                 a vision to form leaders and transform
obvious: Our spiritual instincts tell us                                                               about this award from URPP Asia and
                                                     Not a single animal could be seen.                                                                  the church. The seminary serves a diverse
that there is something more, something                                                                Europe,” said Lasater, “It should provide
                                                       These beautiful animals have lost a good                                                          student body at campuses in Richmond,
deeper, more radical and more alive than                                                               a fascinating framework for interpreting
                                                     deal of their habitat, but they have not lost                                                       Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Its
the safe, sterile, status quo of the religious                                                         the ‘fear of the divine’ in a cross-cultural
                                                     their instincts. They still heed the wild                                                           Extended Campus Program offers students
institution. We know (with apologies to                                                                fashion and challenge me to offer a fresh
                                                     and wonderful call of the wilderness,
Steppenwolf) we were born to be wild.                                                                  perspective on this widespread cult-related       a graduate level education that combines
                                                     forsaking the false safety of the “refuge”
   An example: Last autumn I was fortunate                                                             concept and its function in ancient worship       on-line learning with intensive periods of
                                                     for life with fewer fences. Granted, life
enough to visit Jackson, Wyoming, the                                                                  contexts.”                                        study on campus.
                                                     in the wild is full of predatory dangers as
Grand Tetons, and the Yellowstone area.
                                                     well; but at least it is life outside of a man-
No pictures can do the region justice. It is
landscape that must be seen and savored
                                                     made cage.
                                                       Jesus, it appears to me, wants us to
                                                                                                       Small business roundtable planned
firsthand. Yet, the highlight of my trip
                                                     have this kind of freedom, for he did not
was not the dramatic scenery. It was what                                                                The Crater Small Business Development           business and how to avoid financial pitfalls.
                                                     come to start a religion. He came to start
happened on a cold, snowy day in the                                                                   Center of Longwood University will                  The forum is Thursday, July 28, from
                                                     a spiritual revolution. Jesus did not come
National Elk Refuge.                                                                                   sponsor an “Ask the Experts” Round Table          noon to 1:30 p. m. at the Crater Planning
                                                     to show us how to build cathedrals or
   The National Elk Refuge is a 25,000-                                                                Discussion. A banker will answer questions        District Commission Offices, 1964
                                                     ecclesiastical refuges. He came to show us
acre plot of land that in the fall and                                                                 regarding what to look for in the loan            Wakefield Street, Petersburg. Seating is
                                                     how to live. Jesus did not come to fence
winter becomes home to thousands of                                                                    process for your business and distinguish         limited. for reservations, call 804-518-2003
                                                     us in, but to set us wildly and wonderfully
migrating elk. The elk come down out                                                                   the difference between personal versus            or fax 804-518-2004. The Crater SBDC
                                                     free. We were never born for captivity. We
of the mountains to harbor there, but                                                                  business credit. An accountant will answer        of Longwood University serves the cities
                                                     were born to be wild.
it is not a completely safe harbor. The                                                                questions regarding your business taxes           of Colonial Heights, Emporia, Hopewell,
administrators of the United States Fish             McBrayer is the author of “Leaving Religion,      and types of accounting software. A small         Petersburg, and the counties of Charles
and Wildlife Service have a policy that              Following Jesus.” He writes and speaks about      business attorney will answer questions           City, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Prince
allows hunting on the Refuge, a policy               life, faith, and Christ-centered spirituality.
                                                                                                       regarding the legal structure of your             George, Surry and Sussex.
not without controversy. I saw a bit of this         Visit his website at
10 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                   EDUCATION                                                                  The Richmond Voice

After-school program to help                                                                  to 900 hours in school – learning math,
                                                                                              literature, science, and social studies,” said
                                                                                                                                               community — including businesses — to
                                                                                                                                               get to know the great work that Higher

close the achievement gap for
                                                                                              Kootsey. “This is a stunning commitment,         Achievement is beginning here and support
                                                                                              and it pays off in spades. We consistently       its efforts through giving their time and

youth in at-risk communities
                                                                                              see better grades, higher test scores, and       their resources.”
                                                                                              increased attendance from scholars in our          Over the past five years, RPS has
                                                                                              program, and once they’ve completed it, 95       experienced a 14 percent decrease in middle
  The future for Richmond’s youth is brighter                                                 percent of Higher Achievement scholars           school enrollment. Nearly 90 percent of
this summer, notes Higher Achievement,                                                        advance to top academic high schools, and        students attending North Side and South
a non-profit organization that provides                                                       93 percent go on to college.”                    Side middle schools qualify for free and
middle school children from underserved                                                          Higher Achievement’s launch in Richmond       reduced meals. 92 percent are minority
areas year-round academic enrichment                                                          was announced at a press conference in           student populations, and 36 percent of the
programs and preparation for top high                                                         October 2010, and since that time, Higher        families live below the poverty line. Higher
school placement. In partnership with                                                         Achievement notes that it has enrolled more      Achievement, which serves 600 students
Richmond Public Schools (RPS) and                                                             than 120 students into the program and is        each year in such locations as Washington,
others, Higher Achievement launched its                                                       recruiting 120 volunteer academic mentors        D.C., Alexandria and Baltimore, notes that
academic program in Richmond with two                                                         from the Richmond community to support           its “rigorous” after-school and summer
new achievement centers for middle school                                                     it.                                              academic program gives youth from at-
students on the North Side and South                                                             “In Richmond, we have focused much            risk communities their best chance to
Side. Higher Achievement and its partners                                                     of our reform on the middle school years,”       succeed in middle school, and will help
celebrated the launch with a ribbon cutting                                                   said Brandon. “As part of that initiative, we    close the middle school achievement gap
at Thomas C. Boushall Middle School.                                                          have partnered with Higher Achievement           for Richmond’s young people living in
  The ceremony featured remarks from                                                          and Altria to open after-school achievement      underserved, low income neighborhoods.
RPS Superintendent Dr. Yvonne W. Brandon,                                                     centers at Boushall and Henderson middle           “We know that we can help Richmond’s
Higher Achievement Richmond Executive                                                         schools. These centers will provide our          young people succeed. We also know we
Director Eleanor R. Kootsey, and others.                                                      students with a safe haven for homework          can’t do it alone,” said Kootsey. “Every
The program also featured a performance                                                       assistance and other academic enrichment         member of this community has a role to
by the 120 new Higher Achievement                         Dr. Yvonne W. Brandon               opportunities.”                                  play in improving education and increasing
Richmond scholars, remarks from 6th grade                                                        “Higher Achievement has a proven              opportunities for our children. Whether
scholar Jose Campos about his choice to          State University.                            program that will help prepare Richmond’s        you’re a parent, neighbor, or business leader,
join the program, and remarks from Higher          “Higher Achievement scholars, in 5th and   middle school students for top high schools      you can help – mentor, donate, or spread
Achievement alumna Carmen Payne about            6th grade, are making huge investments in    and colleges,” said Jennifer Hunter, vice        the word. I truly believe that together, we
the impact the program has had on her            their future. They’ve willingly committed    president of Corporate Affairs, Altria Client    can help close the achievement gap for
success in life and in college at Virginia       to spend 650 hours per year – in addition    Services. “It is important for the Richmond      Richmond’s youth.”

AFT Innovation Fund to focus on building community schools
WASHINGTON— The American Federation                                                                                                            praised the AFT Innovation Fund for its
of Teachers’ third round of AFT Innovation                                                                                                     focus on teachers’ learning, especially at a
Fund grants will support union-led efforts                                                                                                     time of frequent turnover among school and
to implement the Common Core State                                                                                                             district leaders.
Standards, develop new models for urban                                                                                                          “This shows the role that unions can play
public schools, and design approaches to                                                                                                       in sustaining work and forging partnerships
nurture effective teaching. The awards                                                                                                         that need to be built,” he said. “Unions can
were announced during the recent TEACH,                                                                                                        fill the gap to build instructional capacity.”
the AFT’s biennial educational issues                                                                                                            Chris Gabrieli, the chairman of the
conference.                                                                                                                                    National Center on Time and Learning and
  “Even in this time of adversity, teachers                                                                                                    another advisory board member, said the
want to make a difference in the lives of                                                                                                      number, range and quality of applications
kids, and are looking for innovative ways                                                                                                      from locals across the c o u n t r y
of doing that,” said AFT President Randi                                                                                                       “demonstrates the appetite and potential
Weingarten. “Their enthusiasm and the                                                                                                          of teachers and local unions to drive
good ideas they are proposing make it clear                                                                                                    bottom-up innovation and AFT nationally
that teachers want to be part of the solution.                                                                                                 deserves our applause for building, driving
The AFT Innovation Fund defies the notion                                                                                                      and sustaining the AFT Innovation Fund.”
that teachers are part of the problem.”                                                                                                          The Chicago Teachers Union and the
  Warren Simmons, the executive director                                                                                                       Albuquerque Teachers Federation will use
of the Annenberg Institute for School                                                                                                          their grant funding to help teachers create
Reform at Brown University and a member                                     AFT President Randi Weingarten
of the Fund’s national advisory board,                                                                                                         See “Community Schoolsˮ on pg. 11
 The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                        July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 11

UNCF president challenges science students to help next generation
  Michael Lomax, president and CEO of                                                             Merck fellows to collaborate in academia,          and cures to the world and its patients.”
the United Negro College Fund (UNCF),                                                             government and the private sector to                 Support from the UNCF/Merck Science
recently challenged an audience of African                                                        leverage their wealth of scientific, technical     Initiative scholarships targets students entering
American scientists and science students to                                                       and biomedical knowledge and experience.           their final undergraduate year, graduate
make sure that as they build their careers,                                                          “The UNCF/Merck Science Initiative is           students in their final two to three years of
they also reach out to help younger students                                                      more than an award that honors outstanding         dissertation research, and postdoctoral fellows
get the pre-college education they need to                                                        African American scientists,” said Andra           continuing their research training. African
study science in college. Lomax spoke at                                                          S. Stevenson, Ph.D., a Merck scientist and         American students in the life, physical and
the annual 2011 UNCF/Merck Fellows Day,                                                           former UNCF/Merck postdoctoral fellow,             engineering sciences at American four-year
celebrating the 2011 class of 37 African                                                          “It recognizes our commitment as scientists        colleges and universities are eligible to apply
Americans receiving scholarships and                                                              to better the lives of those around us. Being      for the scholarship. In addition to scholarships
fellowships under the UNCF/Merck Science                                                          a UNCF/Merck Fellow has opened doors               and fellowships, the UNCF/Merck awards may
Initiative, a partnership of UNCF and                                                             to numerous invaluable opportunities               include funding for the science departments at
Merck, a global health care company.                                                              including the position I hold now as a             the colleges and universities they attend.
  Now in its 16th year, UMSI is a 20-                                                             senior biologist at Merck. Serving in this         Undergraduate fellows receive summer
year partnership that has supported more                                                          capacity enables me to work as a member            research internships at Merck Research
than 550 scholarships and fellowships to                      Michael Lomax                       of large program teams that are working            Laboratories, where each fellow is paired
promising undergraduate, graduate and                                                             toward bringing life-changing treatments           with a Merck mentor for support.
postdoctoral science students pursuing          Nation’s Human Capital.” According to the
careers in biomedical research. The UNCF/       most recent data, only 16 percent of U.S.         Community Schools                                  instructional units that include curriculum,
Merck scholarships and fellowships provide      undergraduates choose an NS&E major,              From Page 10                                       instruction and performance assessments
the future scientists with financial support,   compared to 25 percent of undergraduates          lessons and materials aligned to the new           aligned to the Common Core State
hands-on training, close mentoring and          in the European Union, 47 percent in              Common Core State Standards for English            Standards. The units will focus on K-3
networking relationships, and institutional     China, and 38 percent in South Korea. The         language arts and mathematics. The                 math, elementary interdisciplinary content,
support. Recipients are chosen through          same trend is reflected among students            standards, designed to ensure that students        adolescent and young adulthood math,
a competitive application process that          studying STEM (science, technology,               are ready for college and careers, have been       career and technical education, and English
selects candidates based on their academic      engineering and mathematics) as graduate          adopted by 45 states and D.C.                      language arts.
                                                                                                    AFT West Virginia and the West                     Albuquerque, NM Teachers Federation,
                                                                                                                                                     to develop research-based professional
“[The] investment in these promising students and scholars is a                                   Virginia School Service Personnel
                                                                                                  Association will use their Innovation Fund         development materials and model curricula
major commitment to developing the next generation of researchers,
                                                                                                  grant to turn two low-income schools               that will help teachers of English language
professors, and teachers in biological science and engineering and an                                                                                learners implement the Common Core
                                                                                                  into community schools that will provide
investment in longer and better lives for millions of people not only in                          services and programs that address outside-        State Standards. The project, a partnership
America but around the world.”                                                                    the-classroom issues affecting children’s          with PBS-affiliate WETA, will focus on
                                                                                                  academic achievement. The unions will work in      teaching ELLs in grades one, four and eight.
achievements and potential in the fields of     and post-doctoral students. Thirty three          collaboration with local partners, including         AFT West Virginia and the West Virginia
biomedical research and engineering.            percent of all U.S. STEM doctoral students        a faith-based organization.                        School Service Personnel Association,
  “[The] investment in these promising          in U.S. universities, and 57 percent of U.S.        To help early childhood and pre-K                to work with partner organizations to
students and scholars is a major commitment     postdoctoral STEM fellows are foreign             teachers with continuous support, AFT              convert an elementary school and a middle
to developing the next generation of            students on temporary visas. The UNCF/            St. Louis will use its grant to create a           school in Charleston into true community
researchers, professors, and teachers in        Merck Science Initiative thus represents a        professional development program that              schools that offer a range of supports and
biological science and engineering and an       substantial continuing increase in the number     could become a national model for a                opportunities for children, families and
investment in longer and better lives for       of African Americans in the STEM fields.          growing group of educators.                        their communities, including health and
millions of people not only in America but        Merck and UNCF began UMSI in 1995                 The Denver Federation of Paraprofessionals       social services.
around the world,” said Lomax. “Merck Fellows   with a 10-year, $20 million grant from the        and Nutrition Service Employees’ grant               AFT St. Louis, MO, to develop a high-quality,
and alumni can invest, too, by getting          Merck Company Foundation and Merck                will be used to develop a program to               districtwide professional development
involved to help educate the middle- and        Research Laboratories. The project was            combat childhood obesity.                          program for early childhood and pre-K
high-schoolers of today prepare to become       extended in 2006 with an additional $13             Support for the AFT Innovation Fund comes        teachers and paraprofessionals that builds
the next generation of African American         million grant and again earlier this year for     from the AFT and private philanthropies,           on the union’s previous successful advocacy
science majors and graduate students.”          $10.6 million over five years.                    including the Bill & Melinda Gates                 for an increase in pre-K seats in the public
  American undergraduate students select          The 2011 UNCF/Merck fellows receive             Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts and          school system.
natural science and engineering (NS&E)          awards ranging from $25,000 for                   the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The             Denver, CO, Federation for Paraprofessionals
disciplines as their primary field of study     undergraduate scholarship recipients to $92,000   Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, Carnegie          and Nutrition Service Employees, to create
at considerably lower rates than their          for recipients of postdoctoral fellowships.       Corporation of New York, and the Ford              a model employee incentive-pay program
counterparts in other countries, according      In addition, the programs alumni have             Foundation have also supported the fund.           called “The Good Food! Incentive Pilot”
to the National Science Board’s 2010 report,    organized the Association of UNCF/Merck             The 2011 grants, totaling $800,000, were         that will reinforce the district’s nutrition
“Preparing the Next Generation of STEM          Fellows to facilitate continued professional      awarded local and state AFT affiliates, such as:   and wellness efforts to combat obesity
innovators: Identifying and Developing Our      growth. This network allows UNCF/                   Chicago, IL Teachers Union to design             among schoolchildren.
12 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                              ENTERTAINMENT & LIFESTYLES                                                                            The Richmond Voice

Miss Virginia Ashley Smith wins Miss United States in Vegas
Contributed Report
  She asked someone to pinch her to make
sure it wasn’t a dream.
  No, this was real. Miss Virginia United
States Ashley Smith has been crowned
Miss United States 2011 in Las Vegas.
Only the second African American to hold
the national title, it’s no surprise that the
23-year-old Virginia native was so shocked.
  “I was actually planning to take a year off
from pageants to focus on school and work,”
said Smith, beating out delegates from
across the country during the nationwide
event. “But this past March, but at the last
minute decided to enter the Miss United
States Organization and something inside
of me told me to give it a shot. A month
later, I won the Miss Virginia United States
and was preparing to head to Vegas! It all
happened so fast, but I knew it was all a part
of a great plan. I just had to be persistent
and take the journey!”
  Smith will travel across the country for       Virginia winners, from left to right: Ashley Greenfiels, Teen Virginia; Ashley Smith, Miss Virginia and Laura Eilers, Ms. Virginia Photo: J. Pier
a year, promoting the Miss United States
Organization and her personal platform of
breast cancer awareness. “My life changed          Parents Shelton and Marie Smith were            which is what helped her to view herself as         No stranger to pageants, Smith said she
forever when my mother became the first          thrilled when their daughter first decided to     beautiful.                                        knew it was important for each delegate to
person in my family diagnosed with breast        compete.                                            “I wasn’t the prettiest girl at the pageant,    know what they want to do as Miss United
cancer. I began to look at the disease in a         “My family and I used to make a big            or the tallest, or had the most expensive         States before they are even crowned.
completely different way and vowed to            deal of watching pageants on TV,” Ashley          wardrobe...,” she said. “I just tried to show       “You only have a year,” said Smith, who
educate others that breast cancer is an          said. “I always thought those girls were so       the judges I genuinely care about people          also wishes to speak at middle school
impartial killer.”                               beautiful; I never imagined that would be         and am willing to share my story to help          students nationwide about the importance
  As a junior at Oscar Smith High in             me some day. Growing up, I didn’t have            others.”                                          of fine arts programs to a well-rounded
Chesapeake, Smith competed in the                many friends and had very low self-esteem.          A journalism graduate student at Regent         education. “You have to hit the ground
school pageant, taking first-runner-up.          Pageants helped me turn that around and           University in Virginia Beach, Smith said          running; otherwise, you waste time
The following year, she won the title and        today I’m able to help other young women          she enjoyed the interview competition,            thinking of what you want to accomplish.
a month later won Miss Virginia Beach.           who struggle with the same issue.”                which gave her an opportunity to discuss          And before you know it, it's time to pass the
She has also won Miss Virginia Peanut,               Smith said she also learned from              with the judges her platform and creative         crown on to the next girl.”
Miss Norfolk, Miss Chesapeake, and Miss          competing in pageants that a real beauty          ideas to promote the organization if she
                                                 queen is more beautiful inside than out,          were crowned.                                     See “Ashley Smithˮ on pg. 13
Hampton Roads.
 The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                    July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 13

Patti LaBelle to perform in Richmond                                                            Ashley Smith
                                                                                                From Page 12
                                                                                                                                                   Smith has worked hard to promote
                                                                                                                                                 breast cancer awareness for the past eight
  Richmond CenterStage will host world-                                                                                                          years, even when she didn't have a current
renowned vocalist Patti LaBelle will                                                               “It was her ambitious attitude that helped    pageant title. Among her community
take the stage at its 2nd Birthday Gala on                                                      her do well in pageants,” her mother said.       service activities, Smith founded and
Saturday, Sept. 10.                                                                             “The judges are always looking for girls         serves as executive director of the Queen
  LaBelle, whose career spans four                                                              that will be very active during their year of    of P.I.N.K. Pageant, a fundraiser event in
decades, and multiple Grammy Awards,                                                            service, and not just hang up the crown and      which are breast cancer survivors. She is
American Music Awards, and the Sammy                                                            banner in a display case. Ashley loved doing     also the webmaster for Relay for Life of
Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award from                                                            appearances and community service so her         Chesapeake and the media representative
the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2003, will                                                     drive has really played in her favor all these   for Strut the Runway for Breast Cancer, Inc.
perform in place of Bernadette Peters who                                                       years.”                                            “When your work comes from your heart,
ran into a scheduling conflict. Earlier this                                                       Virginia was the only state to place a        that work can only find another heart to
year, the BET Network honored LaBelle as                                                        finalist in all four divisions. Miss Teen        reach,” she said. “It may take years before
the 2011 recipient of the Legend Award for                                                      Virginia Ashley Greenfield was the first         you realize the extent of your service,
Lifetime Achievement.                                                                           to win in the Teen division and It would         but genuine volunteerism always touches
  “While we are disappointed that Bernadette                                                    NOT be the last of the evening under the         people's lives in unimaginable ways.”
Peters has scheduling obligations in New                                                        Vegas lights as Miss Virginia Ashley Smith         Smith is back home for a while but soon
York on Sept. 10, we are thrilled to have                       Patti LaBelle                   became Miss United States 2011 as well as        will begin traveling acoss the nation on a
legendary icon Patti LaBelle on stage to                                                        Ms. Virginia Laura Eilers captured the Ms.       regular basis. She makes her first set of
help us celebrate CenterStage’s second          are valid for LaBelle’s performance, but full   United States 2011 crown. It was an amazing      appearances as Miss United States this
birthday,” said Richmond CenterStage            refunds are available to fans who purchased     night for Virginia as the state captured three   Saturday in Virginia and is thrilled to be
Executive Director Richard M. Parison,          their tickets through authorized retailers      of the four National titles in one evening.      one of the national representatives for the
Jr. “I know that Ms. LaBelle will electrify     and at the original point of purchase.          Had Miss Jr. Teen Virginia Shania Weaver         United States Pageant.
audiences and ring in the 2011-2012               LaBelle’s performance is part of an           (who finished as 2nd Runner-Up) won as             “Regardless of my new title, though,” she
performing arts season in a way that only       evening that will include dinner, drinks,       well the night would have been a perfect         said, “I will never forget where I come from.
she can!”                                       and dancing to the sounds of the Upper East     sweep. Never in pageant history has one          I’ll always be a Virginia girl.”
  All tickets for the original performance      Side Big Band after LaBelle’s performance.      state won this big.

History recalled as Simms et al. celebrates
  Family members recently gathered to celebrate the 94th birthday of Helen Brown Simms,
the last of 13 siblings of the Brown family from Richmond’s “Penitentiary Bottom.” Simms’
pastor, Dr. James Henry Harris of Second Baptist Church, attended the celebration and offered
a special prayer of blessing for the honoree.
  Notes Sheryl Jones who sought coverage for Simms: “‘Penitentiary Bottom’ was the 2nd Street
area that Blacks were allowed to live in during segregation. Their homes faced 2nd Street and
the State Penitentiary faced Belvidere Street. The penitentiary backed up to their backyards.
Simms’ father, John A. Brown, Sr., and grandfather, Anderson Brown, lived at 322 and 324 S.
2nd Street.
  Simms, a former employee of Richmond Public Schools, was married to the late Walter E.
Simms, for 64 years. She is also the great-grandmother of two Gates Millennium Scholars:
Richmond Public Schools’ 2011 Valedictorian Kristen Simms, and her brother Joel Simms, who
is attending James Madison University. Photo: Hugh B. Jones
14 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                             HEALTH NOTES                                                                   The Richmond Voice

The do’s and don’ts
of ‘do’s’ and exercise
  OZIOMA - Many Black women spend a          but fewer than a quarter actually met the
lot of money buying and maintaining weave    guidelines recommended by the Centers for
and hair extensions. They look good, but     Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)
the fear of “messing up my weave” prevents   recommended exercise rates.
some women from exercising regularly.          Everyone can benefit from exercise,
A lack of exercise increases the chances     especially Black women. Seventy-eight percent
a person will be overweight or obese and     of Black women are overweight and 50 percent
at higher risk for diabetes, high blood      can be categorized as obese, according to the
pressure, heart disease and some cancers.    American Obesity Association. In Richmond,
  “Some Black women don’t exercise           70 percent are overweight or obese.
because sweating ruins that expensive          The CDC recommends two hours and 30
hair style they just paid for,” said Diane   minutes of exercise each week.                                                          Diane Cooke
Cooke, who owns Shear Perfection Salon in      But, what to do about the hair?               Beauty Show Sept. 10-11 in Atlanta, stylists     • A natural hairstyle.
Richmond. “A weave can set you back on         “Hair styles that will work, regardless       and health professionals will teach African      • A style that can be wrapped or pulled back.
average of $150-$500!”                       of the texture, are braids, cornrows, short     American women how to remain healthy,            • A short haircut.
  A 2008 study conducted by the Wake         styles, wigs or natural styles,” said Cooke.    with natural-hair exhibits and healthy-          • Braids, twists, or locks.
Forest University Baptist Medical Center     Cooke also recommends rinsing hair after        living seminars and activities.                    Feel free to talk to your hair stylist about
in Winston-Salem, N.C., showed that 31       exercise to remove salt from perspiration         Some things women can try to keep their        a hair care routine and style that fit your
percent of the 103 African American women    and keep hair healthy.                          hairstyle yet remain active include wearing:     active life.
surveyed said they exercised less because      To allow for exercise, more women are

                                                                                             VCU Medical Center ranks among
it might harm their hairstyles. All the      going natural. During this year’s Taliah
women agreed that exercise was important,    Waajid World Natural Hair, Health, and

                                                                                             best hospitals nationwide
                                                                                               The Virginia Commonwealth University           were ranked by U.S. News. Specifically, the
                                                                                             Medical Center, last week, was ranked            medical center was noted for excellence in
                                                                                             49th nationally in nephrology in U.S. News       cancer treatment, heart and heart surgery
                                                                                             Media & World Report’s 2011-12 Best              programs, its kidney disease program and
                                                                                             Hospitals rankings.                              physical rehabilitation.
                                                                                               The announcement comes on the heels of           According to U.S. News, the core mission
                                                                                             the VCU Medical Center’s recent ranking          of Best Hospitals is to help guide patients
                                                                                             this past spring as No. 1 hospital in the        who need an especially high level of care
                                                                                             Richmond metro area in U.S. News and             because of a difficult surgery, a challenging
                                                                                             World Report’s first-ever Best Hospitals         condition, or added risk because of other
                                                                                             metro area rankings.                             health problems or age.
                                                                                               The latest national rankings showcase            “These are referral centers where other
                                                                                             720 hospitals out of about 5,000 hospitals       hospitals send their sickest patients,” said
                                                                                             nationwide. Each is ranked among the             Avery Comarow, U.S. News health rankings
                                                                                             country’s top hospitals in at least one          editor. “Hospitals like these are ones you or
                                                                                             medical specialty and/or ranked among the        those close to you should consider when the
                                                                                             best hospitals in its metro area.                stakes are high.”
                                                                                               VCU’s Division of Nephrology in the              The rankings are based on such factors
                                                                                             Department of Internal Medicine provides         as death rates, patient safety, procedure
                                                                                             specialized care of patients with a variety of   volume and other data. Responses to a
                                                                                             kidney disorders and hypertension through        national survey, in which physicians were
                                                                                             clinical inpatient and outpatient services at    asked to name hospitals they consider best
                                                                                             the VCU Medical Center and the McGuire           in their specialty for the toughest cases,
                                                                                             Veterans Affairs Medical Center.                 also were factored in. The VCU Medical
                                                                                               Earlier this year, the VCU Medical Center      Center also was specifically recognized
                                                                                             achieved the No. 1 spot in the metro area. To    as high-performing in the areas of cancer;
                                                                                             be ranked in its metro area, a hospital had to   cardiology and heart surgery; diabetes
                                                                                             score in the top 25 percent among its peers      and endocrinology; ear nose and throat;
                                                                                             in at least one of 16 medical specialties.       gastroenterology; geriatrics; gynecology;
                                                                                             The VCU Medical Center was the only              neurology and neurosurgery; orthopedics;
                                                                                             hospital in Richmond whose specialties           pulmonology; rehabilitation; and urology.
 The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                     July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 15

Study: Food allergies are increasingly prevalent and severe
  According to a national survey of 38,480         and collected extensive information on each      history of food allergy, but were less         multiple food allergies and have already
families, 8 percent of children in the             and every food allergy reported – including      likely to receive a formal diagnosis when      experienced life-threatening reactions.
United States suffer from a food allergy           date of onset, method of diagnosis, and          compared to white children                     From previous research, we know that food-
– a considerably higher number than                reaction history.”                                 “This study confirms what so many families   allergic reactions send an adult or child to
reported in previous studies. In addition to         Data on race and ethnicity, gender,            already know: food allergy is a large and      the emergency room every three minutes—
estimating that 5.9 million children under         socioeconomic status, and geographic region      growing public health problem,” said           every six minutes for potentially fatal
age 18 now have a food allergy, the new            were also collected. Key findings include:       Mary Jane Marchisotto, FAI’s executive         reactions. Every day, we hear from families
study, published in the July 2011 issue of         • 38.7 percent of the children in the survey     director. “In 2008, the Centers for Disease    who are struggling with the emotional,
Pediatrics, the journal of the American            had a severe or life-threatening allergy;        Control estimated that food allergies          physical, and economic impact of food
Academy of Pediatrics, provides a wealth           • 30.4 percent had multiple food allergies;      affected one in 25 children; now it’s one      allergies. That’s why FAI is committed to
of important new information.                      • Children with food allergies were most         in 13. That translates into two children in    accelerating the pace of clinical trials that
   “This is the largest study ever conducted       commonly allergic to peanuts (25.2               every classroom. It is especially disturbing   will lead to new therapies and, ultimately,
on the prevalence of food allergy in U.S.          percent), milk (21.1 percent) and shellfish      to see how many of these children have         a cure.”
children and it differs from previous              (17.2 percent), followed by tree nuts (13.1
studies in important ways,” said the               percent), and egg (9.8 percent);
principal investigator, Ruchi S. Gupta,            • Severe reactions were most common
MD, MPH, a pediatrician at Children’s              among children with a tree nut, peanut,
Memorial Hospital and assistant professor          shellfish, soy, or fin fish allergy;
of pediatrics at Northwestern University           • Children aged 14-17 years were most
Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.            likely to have a severe food allergy;
“Our goal was to paint a comprehensive             • Food allergies affect children in all
picture of childhood food allergy in               geographic regions; and
America. We began by surveying a                   • Asian and African American children
representative sample of children in the U.S.      were more likely to have a convincing

Students launch AIDS prevention project
  American and South African high school             The AFT has been active in AIDS
students came together in Cape Town this           prevention efforts in South Africa for more
week with their teachers and principals to         than a decade. Laura Rico, past president
launch a new HIV/AIDS prevention project           of the ABC Federation of Teachers in
that will link Cape Town teenagers with            Southern California, helped make the
their counterparts in Southern California.         Artesia/Manenberg project a reality. She
  In the project backed by the American            and Weingarten both participated in the
Federation of Teachers, students from              project launch in Cape Town, where they
Manenberg High School in Cape Town                 also attended the Educational International
and from Artesia High School in the ABC            World Congress.
School District in Los Angeles County,               The AIDS epidemic has had a devastating
Calif., will use the Internet and Web-             impact in South Africa. In its mid-2010
based interactive technology to exchange           statistical report, the government estimated
information about the impact of HIV/AIDS           that 5.24 million people—more than 10
in their respective communities.                   percent of the population—were living with
  “Our ability to come together across             HIV. That report showed that AIDS has
oceans and continents for this important           accounted for more than 40 percent of all
effort illustrates once again a key fact about     deaths in South Africa every year since 2002.
our schools: Education is so much more               In 2010, the South African government
than math, science and reading,” AFT               estimated there were 410,000 new HIV
President Randi Weingarten said during             infections—40,000 of them among children.
ceremonies this morning at Manenberg               One response has been the South Africa
High School marking the official launch of         Department of Basic Education’s new HIV/
the project. “Schools are also part of the life    AIDS strategy that puts students and others
of the communities they serve.”                    in the school system at the center of efforts
  The information that the students gather         to achieve the next HIV-free generation.
and exchange will help them understand the           “In this project, our focus is on preventing
infected population in their communities.          the spread of HIV/AIDS,” Weingarten said.
As a result, they and their teachers will be       “But the skills that it teaches will serve our
better able to advocate for HIV testing, promote   students throughout their lives whether they
abstinence and condom use, and support the         are in Cape Town, or Lakewood, Calif., or
families and orphans of AIDS victims.              wherever they find themselves.
16 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                     ACTIVITIES & MEETINGS                                                                    The Richmond Voice

July 28                                                                                         MLW Meet and Greet
                                                                                                  The Mighty Green Dragons (1938-1979) are invited to
Public Lecture at VIMS                                                                          attend Maggie L. Walker’s Meet and Greet at Shields Lake
  Everyone is invited to VIMS After Hours Lecture Series, Thursday, July 28, 7 p.m., at the     Shelter in Byrd Park, south end of the Boulevard. The event,
Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), Gloucester Point campus. The traditional           sponsored by the Maggie L. Walker Alumni Association,
means of harvesting the Chesapeake Bay’s oysters is undergoing a sea-change, as the             Inc. will take place on July 30, from 12:30 - 8 p.m. Join
industry moves from wild harvest to aquaculture.                                                Melvin S. Jones, Jr., MLW president, and others, in meeting
  Join VIMS professor Stan Allen as he explores the factors that are fueling this transition,   and greeting, as well as sharing and making memories.
and describes the outlook for oyster aquaculture in the bay. Allen heads the Aquaculture
Genetics and Breeding Technology Center at VIMS, a leader in developing the disease-            Aug. 1
tolerant strains and grow-out techniques now being adopted by a growing number of
Chesapeake Bay watermen. VIMS’ After Hours Lecture Series, sponsored in part by                 Nominate a Nurse
CBNERR and CCRM at VIMS, is held at VIMS’ Gloucester Point campus, just north of                  The March of Dimes and Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing will celebrate
the Coleman Bridge. Registration is required and is available online at           nurses, the unsung heroes of each community, whose work is demanding; with long hours
public or by calling call 804-684-7846.                                                         long, yet their quality care and compassion make a real difference in the lives of so many.
                                                                                                  Visit and nominate a special nurse who has touched
                                                                                                your life. Approximately 20 winners will be selected from a wide variety of nursing
Business Development Workshop                                                                   disciplines. Awards for Nurse Educator of the Year and Nursing Student of the Year will
  VSU has scheduled the first in a series of workshops to assist Dinwiddie County
                                                                                                also be given. Nominees should work as a nurse, nurse administrator, nurse educator, etc.
business owners in developing, expanding and operating successful business ventures.
                                                                                                or be a nursing student in Central Virginia. The deadline for nominations is Aug. 1.
The workshop, titled “Is Entrepreneurship For You?” will be held on Thursday, July 28
                                                                                                  Winners will be announced on Saturday, Nov.12 at the inaugural March of Dimes Central
beginning at 10 a.m. on VSU’s Mobile Computer Technology Lab which will be stationed
                                                                                                Virginia Nurse of the Year Awards Gala, presented by Bon Secours Memorial College of
in front of the Social Services Department at1 4012 Boydton Plank Road in Dinwiddie.
                                                                                                Nursing. The gala will be held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond and
  The workshop is free and open to the public. Participants will learn how to start, expand,
                                                                                                begin at 6 p.m. with a cocktail hour; seated dinner and awards ceremony will follow.
and manage a business; and about writing business plans. To register, call 804-469-4514.
For more information on program particulars, contact Ann Ragland, VSU business
development advisor at 804-540-7045 or 804-524-5966.                                            Stuttering Support Meeting
                                                                                                  The Richmond Chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) holds meetings on
                                                                                                the first Monday of each month from 7-9 p.m. at HCA Retreat Hospital, 2621 Grove Ave.
July 29                                                                                         first floor classroom, Richmond. The next meeting will be on Aug. 1.
Outdoor Movie Series                                                                              This is an officially sanctioned chapter of the NSA that seeks to support those who stutter,
                                                                                                along with their friends and family, and any one else who seeks for more information on
  Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities continues its
                                                                                                stuttering. The meetings are also open to speech language pathologists and academics that
third year of free movies in the park with the showing of “Alpha and Omega” on July 29, at
                                                                                                seek more information for their practice and/or scholarly research.
Hotchkiss Community Center, 701 E. Brookland Park Blvd. The movie will begin at 8 p.m.
and is rated PG. Call the city’s recreation department for more information.
                                                                                                Aug. 4
July 30                                                                                         Alzheimer’s Training
Community Fellowship Day                                                                        The Alzheimer’s Association will offer Living With Alzheimer’s For the Caregiver
  Sharon Baptist Church will celebrate Community Fellowship Day on Saturday, July 30,           (Moderate-Stage series) at no charge to the general public on Aug. 4 at Southerland Place,
from 11 a.m - 4 p.m at 1130 Plank Road in Farmville, Cumberland County.                         14006 Turnberry Lane, Midlothian, from 6-8 p.m. For more information, call 804-967-2580
  This event is free and open to the community with activities for the family including         or e-mail
music, choirs, children’s bouncy, face painting, sports and games, senior activities, blood
pressure screening, community service information, door prize, and more. Parents must           Aug. 6
register and accompany students to receive school supplies. Bring your lawn chairs and
plan to stay for the activities.                                                                Community Children’s Choir Auditions
  For more information, contact Rev. Kern Gilliam at 804-607-9116, Pauline Randolph               City Singers Children’s Choirs invites singers in grades two through 12 to audition
434-392-9493, Deacon Silas Blanton 434-392-8087, or Barbara Marshall 804-561-5651.              for one of two performing vocal groups for the 2011-2012 season, beginning Aug. 6.
                                                                                                City Singers rehearse on Tuesday afternoons throughout the school year at Ginter Park
Book Signing Event                                                                              Presbyterian Church on Richmond’s Seminary Avenue. Tuition includes a week of choir
                                                                                                camp, 34 weeks of choral instruction, instructional materials, music and a choir t-shirt.
  Author Richard A. Cox, Jr., will be available to sign copies of his Christian Devotional
                                                                                                  To learn more, visit or call 804-657-7664.
book “I, We, Us: A Journey of Personal Growth and Development” on July 30, from 2-4 p.m.
at Stir Crazy, 4015 MacArthur Ave., Richmond.
  Cox in the book, takes a reader on a personal journey of self-discovery exploring the            Send free community events at least two weeks prior to the
three identity dimensions of self. First, the idea of self is viewed in terms as a single
individual, then as a partner in a marriage, and finally as a parent in a family unit.
                                                                                                           event to:
Having a solid understanding of self can provide a strong foundation for open and honest
communication with others. Cox, a graduate of Campbell University and the Long Ridge                We reserve the right to edit all submissions for space,
Writers Group, notes that these fundamental characteristics will enhance your identities
as a partner in a marriage and as a parent in a family unit.
                                                                                                   clarity, style and grammar. Flyers will not be accepted.
 The Richmond Voice                                                                 NATIONAL                                                           July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 17

Bankers seek to empower communities through econ. movement
By Hazel Trice Edney                                                                                                                                educational abilities that our next generation
  WASHINGTON (TEWire) - In his last                                                                                                                 will have, it starts with having the capital
public message the day before he was                                                                                                                available to teach the proper things to do
assassinated, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                                                            to make a difference,” said Ballentine
called on Black people in Memphis to                                                                                                                during a July 15 press conference at the
support Black banks.                                                                                                                                NBA headquarters to announce the new
  “We’ve got to strengthen Black institutions.                                                                                                      movement.
I call upon you to take your money out                                                                                                                A lawyer and bankruptcy attorney,
of the banks downtown and deposit your                                                                                                              Ballentine knows well human behavior as
money in Tri-State Bank,” he said in his                                                                                                            is relates to money.
“Mountaintop” speech at Mason Temple,                                                                                                                 “If we all come together and just open up
April 3, 1968. Tri-State Bank, now 65 years                                                                                                         accounts - not give your money away, but
old and still in operation, was among the                                                                                                           just open up accounts so that the Banks will
institutions where civil rights demonstrations   Front: Hermnd E. Palmer Jr., vice president, Industrial Bank; Michael Grant, president, National   have the position to be able to lend of the
were planned during that time.                   Bankers Association; Kim D. Saunders, president/CEO, M&F Bank; Ballentine; and the Rev.            money to help the community - then people
  After encouraging people to also support       Deforest B. Soaries, Jr., senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Somerset, N.J.; Back: Victor E.   will have accountability because they have
Black insurance companies, Dr. King              Cook, executive director, NBA; Joe D. Briggs, Counsel, NFL Players Association; Hilary Shelton,    ownership and they’re tied into it. And
concluded in his speech, “These are some         vice president, NAACP; and B. Doyle Mitchell, Jr., president and CEO, Industrial Bank.             once they have an ownership, they're going
practical things that we can do. We begin                                                                                                           to treat it so much differently than they're
the process of building a greater economic                                                                                                          treating it right now,” he said.
                                                   Felled by an assassin’s bullet the next day,   other racial minority banks and a radio
base. And at the same time, we are putting                                                                                                            In a nutshell, the NBA and Ballentine will
                                                 the “follow through” for which Dr. King          talk show host have now united to take
pressure where it really hurts. I ask you to                                                                                                        officially announce “The People’s Economic
                                                 asked never really happened. Fast forward,       up the mantle amidst an economy that is
follow through here.”                                                                                                                               Movement,” on Aug. 28, coinciding with the
                                                 43 years later, an organization of Black and     still causing disparate suffering to African
                                                                                                                                                    unveiling of the Dr. Martin Luther King,
Colton Mayor Zamora mourned, lauded
                                                                                                                                                    Jr. memorial in Washington. Ballentine
                                                                                                    Atlanta-based radio talk show host
                                                                                                                                                    will encourage people to open accounts in
                                                                                                  Warren Ballentine and the Washington,
                                                 public servant,” Zamora family members                                                             Black banks, which will in turn establish
                                                                                                  D.C.-based National Bankers Association
                                                 said in a statement announcing the memorial                                                        community programs to enrich their
                                                                                                  believe reinvesting in Black-owned banks
                                                 service. “He was a voice of civility. He                                                           customers and neighborhoods.
                                                                                                  could inspire economic healing and strength
                                                 wanted to change the tone and show the                                                               NBA President Michael Grant sees the
                                                                                                  in every aspect of the Black community.
                                                 public that even people with differing views                                                       self-help movement as a catalyst to the
                                                                                                  That’s why they have started “The People’s
                                                 can work together.” The single-car accident                                                        stimulation of “much-needed economic
                                                                                                  Economic Movement.”
                                                 occurred on La Cadena Drive in Colton in                                                           development at our nation’s urban core.”
                                                                                                      “If we want to change all the drugs in
                                                 San Bernardino County. Zamora was taken                                                              He said in a statement, “By depositing our
                                                                                                  our community, if we want to change
                                                 to Loma Linda University Medical Center,         all the violence, if we want to change the        See “Economic Movement” on pg. 21
                                                 where he was pronounced dead.
                                                   City Manager Rod Foster praised Zamora’s
                                                 service to the city, noting that in Zamora’s
            Mayor David Zamora                   first state of the city address, the mayor was
                                                 optimistic about a “new beginning.”
By Chris Levister                                  “We are confident that his legacy will be
  NNPA - When late Colton, Calif. Mayor          well-served by the city continuing in the
David Zamora declared a “new beginning”          spirit of his leadership,” Foster said.
to city politics during his first State of the     In the speech, Zamora highlighted the
City address, July 7, he would not know the      hard work that city leaders and employees
impact his legacy would have on the city for     had done in just a matter of months to help
years to come.                                   rescue the city from insolvency, building
  Zamora became mayor of Colton in               the city reserve from $50,000 to nearly $1.9
November after serving on the board of the       million.
Colton Joint Unified School District for 13        “Once upon a time Colton was the city
years. He was elected less than a year ago       everyone looked up to,” he said to a
after working for the city for nearly three      standing-room crowd of more than 60 city
decades.                                         employees, residents and visiting officials
  He died recently when he had a heart attack    from neighboring towns.
and crashed into a pole, while driving from        “However, somewhere in the past we
his home to work. He was 56 and is survived      lost focus of who we were supposed to be
by his wife, Sarah, a former councilwoman,       serving. Nonsense became the language of
three daughters and four grandchildren.
  “He was a loving family man and tireless       See “Mayor Zamora” on pg. 21
18 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                                                                                           The Richmond Voice

USPS honors John H. Johnson with 2012 Forever Stamp
  WASHINGTON - The U.S. Postal Service                                                         Publishing Company and daughter of            positively at a time when such representation
will honor John H. Johnson, founder of                                                         John H. Johnson, said, “I am honored and      was rare, and played an important role in the
preeminent media company Johnson                                                               pleased that the U.S. Postal Service has      Civil Rights Movement.”
Publishing Company, publisher of Ebony                                                         chosen to recognize the extraordinary and       The stamp was designed by USPS art
and JET magazines, and owner of Fashion                                                        revolutionary work my father did in giving    director Howard Paine featuring a color
Fair Cosmetics, a global prestige cosmetics                                                    a voice and a platform to Black Americans     photo of John H. Johnson by David McCann.
brand for women of color, by featuring                                                         in a time when so few sources recognized      for Bachrach Studios.
the legendary publisher and distinguished                                                      our achievements. We are committed to           Johnson was a trailblazer in the Black
business leader on a 2012 Forever Stamp as                                                     carrying on his legacy and to continue        community.
part of its Black Heritage stamp series.                                                       producing products that portray the             He got started by using his mother’s
  A preview of the stamp, which will be                                                        best of Black America and represent the       furniture as security for a $500 loan to
available nationwide in 2012, is on view at                                                    community with the same level of pride and    start the business empire that had major, on                                                         authenticity.”                                holdings in book and magazine publishing,
Facebook at,                                                             “We are proud to immortalize John H.        cosmetics, television and radio and in 1982
and on Twitter as part of the USPS’ effort to                                                  Johnson as our latest inductee into our       was the first Black on Forbes magazine’s
harness social media to bring the message of                                                   Black Heritage stamp series,” said Stephen    list of the 400 wealthiest Americans.
its honorary stamps to a broader audience.                                                     Kearney, manager, stamp services, USPS.         He sometimes said he was in the business
The stamps will also be available to view                                                      “As the trailblazing publisher of Ebony,      of inspiring people, heralding achievements
on,, and                                                       JET, and other magazines, and as an           like the first Black woman to become a                                                                                    entrepreneur, he became the first African     Rhodes scholar or the Black man who sent
  Since 1978 the Black Heritage series                                                         American listed by Forbes magazine in         three daughters through medical school.
has honored Black Americans whose                 culture. Past honorees include Harriet       1982 as one of the 400 wealthiest people      But his publications could also bristle
contributions to the Civil Rights Movement,       Tubman (1978), Martin Luther King (1979),    in America. Johnson overcame poverty and      with indignation over the sting of racial
politics, business, art, and culture have had a   W.E.B. Du Bois (1992), Langston Hughes       racism to build a business empire embracing   discrimination, as reflected by a 1965
substantial and lasting impact on the Black       (2002), and Thurgood Marshall (2003).        magazines, radio stations, cosmetics, and     cover: “The White Problem in America.”
American community and on American                  Linda Johnson Rice, chair of the Johnson   more. His magazines portrayed Black people      He died of heart failure in 2005 at age 87.
 The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                    July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 19

Multi-million settlement in Katrina housing discrimination case
By Jesse Muhammad                                                                                                                                  their homes,” the center noted.
  FC/NNPA -           In the aftermath of                                                                                                            “In addition to providing significant
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the Gulf                                                                                                            relief for individual homeowners, the
Coast, a federally-funded program has                                                                                                              Road Home lawsuit will serve as a
drawn criticism due to accusations of                                                                                                              warning to HUD and state officials
discriminating against Blacks in the                                                                                                               nationwide to avoid the future use of pre-
distribution of recovery funds.                                                                                                                    storm market value or similar market-
  This month, a settlement was reached in a                                                                                                        driven criteria that have an obvious
lawsuit brought against the U.S. Department                                                                                                        discriminatory impact on low-income
of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)                                                                                                             and minority homeowners,” said Shanna
and Louisiana regarding the highly                                                                                                                 Smith, president and CEO of the National
criticized Road Home program.                                                                                                                      Fair Housing Alliance.
  The federal government awarded $62                                                                                                                 In a decision last September, the U.S.
million in Road Home funds to 1,460                                                                                                                Court of Appeals for the District of
homeowners and an additional year to                                                                                                               Columbia issued an injunction to place
rebuild their storm-torn homes without fear                                                                                                        a freeze on the remaining funds in
of fines or foreclosures by the state.                                                                                                             Louisiana’s Road Home Program. This
  With an establishing budget of $11 billion                                                                                                       gave the plaintiffs an opportunity to
in federal dollars, the Road Home program                                                                                                          present proof that the state and HUD
was led by HUD and the Louisiana                                                                                                                   did in fact engage in discriminatory
Recovery Authority to aid residents               James Perry, executive director of the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center            practices.
affected by both hurricanes.
  “Regrettably, the Road Home program            According to the Greater New Orleans
became a road block for many,” said James      Fair Housing Action Center, pre-storm
                                                                                                Black farmers still face political
                                                                                                hurdles to discrimination settlement
Perry, executive director of the Greater       values in Black neighborhoods across New
New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center.        Orleans are lower than pre-storm values in
The center, along with the NAACP Legal         predominantly white neighborhoods due to
Defense Fund, led the charge on the lawsuit    “decades of institutionalized discrimination.”     NNPA - Despite a discrimination settlement       case. At a February forum in Washington,
filed in November 2008 on behalf of five         The lawsuit alleged that the Road Home         and congressional and presidential                 D.C., a blogger criticized National Black
individual plaintiffs representing over        grant calculations were based on the pre-        approval for payment to cover past injustice,      Farmers Association President John Boyd
20,000 Black homeowners.                       storm value of hurricane affected houses         Black farmers in the United States are still       for his advocacy.
  “This settlement is a step in the right      rather than the cost of repair. The plaintiffs   struggling to get money and respect from             “Not one damn dime has been paid out,”
direction toward getting more hurricane-       and their legal team argued that this was a      government officials.                              Boyd told the blogger. “And all of the
affected homeowners back into their homes.     direct violation of the federal Fair Housing       The latest attack is coming from                 sudden you’ve labeled 80 percent of these
HUD and Louisiana must keep America’s          Act.                                             Republican presidential candidate Rep.             people fraudulent? Let them go through
promise to build a better New Orleans.           The website for the Greater New Orleans        Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and her tea                the process.”
And they must do so in a manner that is fair   Fair Housing Action Center paints                party cohorts who last week blasted the              It is the latest slap in the face to the
and equitable for all people regardless of     a mathematical picture of what that              settlement recently saying that it reeks of        farmers who’ve been struggling to get
their race,” said Perry.                       discrimination looked like.                      fraud and that the money should go to flood        money owed to them from the original
  Nation of Islam Student Minister Willie        Consider two identical homes, with             victims on the Missouri River instead.             Pigford vs. Glickman case, which the U.S.
Muhammad and his family were among             identical hurricane damage, and identical          “When money is diverted to inefficient           Department of Agriculture was found to
those forced to evacuate New Orleans           repair cost of $150,000. One home is in a        projects like the Pigford Project where            have discriminated against Black farmers
when Hurricane Katrina flooded nearly 80       predominately Caucasian area and worth           there’s proof positive of fraud, we can’t          from 1983 to 1997.
percent of the city in 2005.                   $150,000 while the second home located in        afford $2 billion in potentially fraudulent          Many were late in filing applications for
  “If inquiries were made in other areas       a predominately Black area is worth only         claims when that money can be used to              funds and that led to more court action
that involve recovery after Katrina, I         $100,000.                                        benefit the people along the Mississippi           resulting in a court mandate stating that
believe more discrepancies in how Black          Under the discriminatory formula, the          River and the Missouri River,” Bachmann,           claimants who’ve not had their cases
people were treated would be uncovered,”       white homeowner was eligible to receive          said July 18 in report by MSNBC.                   heard can seek relief or damages of up to
said Muhammad.                                 $150,000 while the African American                Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) agreed with             $250,000.
  John Payton, director-counsel of the NAACP   homeowner would be eligible to receive           Bachmann saying, “That’s $2.3 billion;               Both chambers of Congress passed legislation
Legal Defense and Educational Fund             only $100,000—in spite of the fact that          a large percentage of that paid out in             to pay the farmers and President Obama
(LDF), said, “People who had similar homes     the homes are identical. Because of              fraudulent claims. Now we have them                signed the order in late 2010.
and suffered the same type of damage           the discriminatory formula, the Black            opening up a similar one for women                   That final hurdle is a ruling by federal
should not have been treated differently       homeowner was $50,000 short of the               farmers and Hispanic farmers. That’s               Judge Paul Friedman who signed an order
simply because of the neighborhoods in         amount needed to get back into their home.       another $1.3 billion. I’d like to apply that       granting preliminary approval of the
which they live. All New Orleanians, and         “This fact pattern has played out thousands    money to people that are under water right         settlement agreement on May 13. He is
all Louisianans, deserve a fair chance at      of times leaving Black homeowners far            now.”                                              set to issue a ruling Sept. 1 on whether the
rebuilding their homes and communities.”       short of the amount they need to rebuild           It’s not the first accusation of fraud in this   settlement should go forward.
20 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                                   WORLD BRIEFS                                                                     The Richmond Voice
                                                                                    From Wire Reports
Sudan leaders makes way for new ideas                                                              Notorious apartheid enforcer dies in SA
  South Sudan’s Minister for Peace, Pagan                                                            Former apartheid-era defense minister
Amum, has resigned to make way for the                                                             Magnus Malan, who led the resistance to
new generation but will remain secretary                                                           Black rule, died at his home on Nelson
general of the ruling party and chief                                                              Mandela’s 93rd birthday. He was 81.
negotiator with the north, his assistant said                                                        The notorious General Malan viewed
last week.                                                                                         domestic and foreign threats to South
  “His resignation as minister of peace and                                                        Africa as a “total onslaught” against the
CPA implementation has been accepted                                                               white-minority regime that could only
by the government. But his resignation                                                             be answered with a “total solution” that
as secretary general of the SPLM (Sudan                                                            included bombing southern African
People’s Liberation Movement) has been                                                             countries that opposed apartheid.
turned down,” Atif Keer, a senior staffer in                                                         Malan and his “securocrats” in the police
the secretary general’s team, told reporters.                                                      and army sent troops in South Africa’s
                                                                  Pagan Amum
  “He thought it was the right time to                                                             townships to violently repress anti-government                   Magnus Malan
step aside and free the stage for the new          overwhelmingly to secede in a referendum        riots in the 1980s, leading to the declaration
generation. This is not a sign of weakness or      in January.                                     of a state of emergency in 1986.                   people, seven of them children, in what was
defeat. He chose to do this when we had our          Corruption among politicians is one of the      He also launched bloody raids against            called the KwaMakhutha massacre in 1987,
moment of victory... One of our weaknesses         main challenges that the fledgling nation       African National Congress bases in                 and the creation of hit squads.
as individuals (is that) most of the people stay   faces. Another major concern is the failure     neighboring countries, and joined with               After seven months, the court voted to
in their positions for a long time,” he said.      of Khartoum and Juba to implement key           rebels in Angola to fight Cuban troops             acquit, finding the apartheid government
  The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement           aspects of the CPA, such as determining         aligned with the government in Luanda.             had paid vigilantes of the Inkatha Freedom
between north and south ended decades of           the final status of the disputed Abyei border     In 1995, Malan and 19 other top military         Party for the killings. No link to Malan was
devastating conflict and paved the way for         region, prior to partition, despite concerted   brass were charged with the murder of 13           proved.
southern independence, which was formally          international pressure and last-minute
declared on July 9, after southerners voted        negotiations in Addis Ababa.
                                                                                                   Nigerian president meets over Islamist sect
Chad’s ‘old man’ skips date with death                                                               Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan
                                                                                                   met with northern elders on the menace
  Senegal has suspended its planned                                                                of Islamist sect Boko Haram, blamed for
repatriation of Chad’s former President                                                            a spate of deadly bomb and gun attacks
Hissene Habre, who has been sentenced                                                              especially in the city of Maiduguri.
to death in his home country, Senegal’s                                                              The president, according to sources, held
foreign minister has said.                                                                         a broad-based consultation with leaders
  The move followed an appeal by UN                                                                from Borno State, the North East and
human rights chief Navi Pillay.                                                                    Arewa Consultative Forum on the security
  Pillay had expressed concern that Habre                                                          situation in Borno state and other parts of
could be tortured in Chad.                                                                         the north.
  Habre is blamed for killing and torturing                                                          Nigerian Information Minister Labaran
tens of thousands of opponents between                                                             Maku said the meeting explored different
1982 and 1990, charges he denies.                                                                  options to bring about peace and security                         Labaran Maku
  Senegal’s Foreign Minister Madicke Niang                                                         in the beleaguered state and other affected
said the government had reversed its decision                                                      areas in northern Nigeria, said the minister       for the withdrawal of the troops, which
to return Habre following the UN plea.                                                             who briefed journalists after the meeting.         they, along with Amnesty International,
  Niang told state broadcaster RTS that                          Hissene Habre                                                                        accused of human rights violations such as
                                                                                                     He did not give details.
Senegal would hold talks with the UN and                                                             The meeting, which Maku said was                 extra-judicial killings, rape and burning of
European Union to try to solve the situation.      widespread torture and the death of 40,000      “very fruitful”, focused on finding a lasting      houses.
  Earlier, Pillay said in a statement: “I          people during his eight-year rule.              solution to the Boko Haram crisis.                   Amnesty said 25 people were killed
urge the government of Senegal to review             In 2008, he was sentenced to death in           “All hands have to be on deck, political         during a recent military raid. It called for a
its decision. As a party to the Convention         absentia for planning to overthrow Chad’s       leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders,   probe into the killings.
Against Torture, Senegal may not extradite         government.                                     religious leaders so that together, we can           The Joint Task Force (JTF) has denied the
a person to a state where there are substantial      Senegal arrested Habre in 2005, after         look at ways to bring about solution,” he said.    charge.
grounds for believing he would be in danger        he was charged by Belgium with crimes             The minister said that it would be                 “There were broad based consultations
of being subjected to torture.”                    against humanity and torture.                   “premature” to withdraw troops Jonathan            about the outcry for the withdrawal of
  Habre, 69, has been living in the Senegalese       Belgium has also been asking the              sent to Maiduguri last month to restore            military. But in the light of this discussion,
capital, Dakar, since he was ousted in 1990.       International Court of Justice to have Habre    order in the troubled city.                        the meeting generally agreed that it is
  A 1992 Truth Commission in Chad                  extradited to Belgium, where survivors            Some residents of the city, politicians          premature to withdraw the military,” the
accused him of being responsible for               have filed a case against him.                  and political leaders have recently called         minister said.
  The Richmond Voice                                                                                                                                       July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011 • 21

Economic Empowerment                             M&F experience in learning about banking           Mayor Zamora                                     rates and negotiate a deal to keep the city’s
From Page 17                                     and establishing relationships that put them       From Page 17                                     public safety in house.”
                                                 in homes and their own businesses.                                                                    “He always put students first,” remembers
money in minority banks, getting mortgages,        Small banks teach people everything              Colton politics.                                 Colton Joint Unified Superintendent Jerry
small business loans or loans for college        from how to write a check, balance a check           Now, “transparency, mutual respect and a       Almendarez, but he also supported parent
tuition from banks in our communities,           book or pay their bills, Saunders said. “It’s      commitment to getting the job done right         organizations and employee groups.
consumers begin a process of harnessing the                                                         the first time is our objective and goal,”         “He got such a charge out of reading to
                                                 been an amazing campaign...I think this is
                                                                                                    he said, praising city council members for       kids from one his favorite books ‘David
economic strength of the masses in a way that    really what we are called to do.”
                                                                                                    putting aside political differences to balance   Gets in Trouble,” Almendarez said. “Even
creates direct benefits to their communities       The “People’s Economic Movement”
                                                                                                    the city budget, build a reserve fund and roll   after transitioning to mayor he took pride in
which are still suffering from the worst         is also expected to benefit community              back utility rates.                              returning to our schools inspiring students
economic crisis since the Great Depression.”     development overall. There are approximately                                                        to achieve anything they want.”
                                                                                                      Zamora became mayor in November after
  Big banks have gotten a bad name               38 Black-owned banks in America. Because           serving on the board of the Colton Joint           Around the Inland region those who
during the economic downturn, largely            of limited deposits, none of them has a            Unified School District for 13 years. His        served with Zamora - say his biggest impact
due to their receiving bailout money while       lending capacity of more than $3.5 billion,        last position with the city, before being        was his quiet but determined advocacy.
record numbers of people lost their homes        but, in the past, they have pooled their           elected mayor, was as Colton’s community           “You couldn’t resist his big smile,” said
due to predatory mortgage loans and              resources in order to fund major projects.         development director.                            Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren. During
unemployment. But, Black-owned banks               The Rev. Deforest B. Soaries, Jr., senior          He was born Jan. 9, 1955, in California        his State of the City speech he was so proud
are in a different category.                     pastor of the First Baptist Church of Somerset,    and attended Cal State San Bernardino,           of the progress made in Colton. For better
  “Literally, the predatory lending, it wasn’t                                                      where he earned undergraduate degrees in         or worse, he was as tenacious in rejecting
                                                 N.J., underscored the importance of the
from the small community banks. That was                                                            sociology and social science and a master’s      polarized politics as in promoting regional
                                                 involvement of churches in the campaign.
                                                                                                    degree in public administration.                 collaboration. He said I want to have a
from the big banks...The banks that we’re          “After you come to God, the second thing
                                                                                                      Zamora was remembered as a unifier             team spirit on my council and throughout
dealing with, the members of the NBA,            you do in our church is get out of debt            and dedicated public servant during a            the region. When redevelopment agencies
were responsible and conservative and            and develop a budget and live within your                                                           came under attack by the state, he was right
                                                                                                    candlelight vigil attended by about 150
accurate in what they were doing as far as       means and pay yourself first,” Soaries said        people in front of city call.                    there fighting for what he believed in.”
their lending practices in comparison to         at the press conference. “This is not just the       “Our hearts are broken, but our spirit and       For 12-year-old Kelli Armida Valenzuela,
other banks,” Ballentine said.                   role of the church, but the responsibility of      hope for the future of Colton is not,” said      the real Zamora moment of his impact
  Blacks have suffered most in the economic      the church. My lifestyle depends on people         Councilman Vincent Yzaguirre.                    wasn’t the State of the City speech. It was
downtown, including unemployment rates           putting money into the plate, which means            “He was a passionate advocate for              on a chilly night last February when a
that are consistently nearly twice the           that my responsibility is to help them with        education,” said Elsa Aguilar, president         “stranger” came to her rescue.
national average.                                the money they don’t put in the plate.”            of the umbrella PTA group for the Colton           “I fell off my bike,” she said holding a
  The “People’s Economic Movement” will                                                             Joint Unified School District and organizer      candle during a recent vigil. “My knee was
                                                   A long time civil rights and community
bring hope, Grant said during the press                                                             of the vigil.                                    bleeding. I was crying. He helped me up and
                                                 advocate Soaries said people need an option
                                                                                                      “During his mayoral campaign, some             made sure I got home safely but not before
conference.                                      to institutions that set up in neighborhoods
                                                                                                    supporters urged him to twist arms and           he scolded me for not wearing a helmet.
  “This campaign is allowing us to give          to rob people of their money.                      knock heads,” said Colton businessman Jim        My mom said ‘that was the mayor’. Now I
folks something to rally around that they can      “The unbanked and under-banked are                                                                always wear a helmet,” said Valenzuela “so,
                                                                                                    Dressler, he didn’t and he won.
believe in...This is an opportunity for us,”     using check cashing joints, rent to own,             “He believed he could replace acrimony         I guess you can say it was a nice scolding.”
he said. “We’ve decided that the NBA can         money orders and pay day lenders,” he said.        with civility. He did and he won.”                 The Zamora family released a statement
and should play a galvanizing role to pull         He also quoted statistics that say one out         “Faith in government had just collapsed,”      thanking the public for its prayers and support.
together elements of our community to start      of five African Americans don’t have a bank        said David Toro, a councilman and friend.          “We appreciate your words of admiration
making economic development and finance          account and another 33 percent have bank             “Within seven months he was able to            and love for our dad and are happy that he
an issue of importance to our communities.”      accounts but don’t use them. He calculated         balance the budget, bring lower electric         had such a positive impact on so many.”
  Ballentine’s vision has already been put       this to mean 54 percent of Black people in
to the test.                                     the U.S. are “unbanked or under-banked.”

                                                                                                      READING NEWSPAPERS
  Kim Saunders, president and CEO of               The NBA - with African American,
the 103-year-old M&F Bank in Durham,             Hispanic American, Asian American and

                                                                                                        IS A QUEST LIKE NO OTHER
was applauded by her colleagues at the           Native American owned banks in 29 cities
press conference when she said her bank          across the nation - is uniquely positioned
established more than 60 new accounts in         to partner with Ballentine to change these
one day as Ballentine used his radio show to     conditions, Grant said. Yet, Black banks
encourage people to open accounts during         receive little support from potential customers.
a National Community Reinvestment Day.               According to NBA, “Economists have
  “In our Charlotte branch, we had standing      estimated that while the African American
room only,” she recalled.                        community has over one trillion dollars
  She said her bank has a strong relationship    in disposable income a year, it has been
with faith-based communities, does hundreds      estimated that African American owned
of financial literacy workshops a year, has      banks manage less than 5 percent of the
more than 1,000 new accounts, including          wealth in the communities that they serve.”
225 youth savings accounts and have garnered       That’s about to change, said Grant, referring
more than a million dollars in deposits.         to the partnership between M&F and
  Saunders is now on radio every Friday          Ballentine: “We’ve got to take this model
featuring customers talking about their          of success and build on it.”
22 • July 27 - Aug. 2, 2011                                 CLASSIFIED & LEGAL ADS                                      The Richmond Voice

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