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Western Regional Meeting


									                           Western Regional Meeting
               Housing and Homeless Coalition for Riverside County

                                  September 10, 2009

Attendees * as taken from the sign in sheet

Annie Bradberry              Foundation for Community & Family
Catherine Maillaird          Community Food and Pantry of Murrieta
Darlene Mees                 Lutheran Social Services
Joan Thirkettle              Path of Life
Kate Thibault                Alternative to Domestic Violence
Leonard Raught               Corona Homeless Task Force
Maddy Graham                 The Salvation Army – Riverside Corps
Rochelle Lewis               P.W. Enhancement
Ron Hewison                  HOPE in Elsinore
Sally Carlson                Corona-Norco Settlement House
Gina Vaughn Mays             U.S. Vets
Jessica McLaughlin           Foothill AIDS Project
Theo Crawford                Path of Life Ministries – Emergency Shelter
Leonard Jarman               Path of Life Ministries – TMP
Stephan McPeace              Riverside County Office of Education
Ofelia C. Wilson             Housing Authority County of Riverside
Louise Waldon                Third Strand Ministries
Carnie Harmon                Housing Authority
Don Miller                   Family Service Association
Sherry Morris-Logan          Family Service Association
Keyneica Jones               City of Moreno Valley
Bettie Schultz               CHTF & COHFS
Maria Lopez                  Corona-Norco Settlement House
Pamela Love                  Community Health Systems, Inc.
Caleb Anderson               City of Riverside
Helen Ross                   Lutheran Social Services
Jerry Jove                   The Salvation Army
Darren Trimmer               The Salvation Army
Thomas Peterson              County of Riverside Department of Mental Health
Marilee Hansen               City of Corona
Eulalio Castellanos          Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc.
Nancy Munoz Bigelow          Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc.
James A. Holliday            Word Church
Linda Rogers                 Valley Restart Shelter

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Rosales                                     1
DPSS Homeless Programs Unit Staff

Jeannene Mason                 Administrative Services Analyst II
Judith Murdock                 Programs Fiscal Manager & Supervisor
Susan Larkin                   Program Specialist II
Jennifer Rosales               Office Assistant III

Call to Order

Meeting Called to Order by Jeannene Mason at 1:04p.m.

Welcome and Introductions


CoC Purpose and Value to the Community

Jeannene Mason stated that she would like to have a presenter at each meeting. The
presenter would be able to highlight success or problems and troubleshoot with members.

CoC Sub-Committees

There are two regions of the CoC, the Western Region and Eastern Region.
Darlene Mees mentioned that she would like for the HUD required sub-committees to get
up and running. These sub-committees have to meet and report on their progress to make
the regional committee as well as the Steering committee. The sub-committees that are
required by HUD in the NOFA are: Housing, Discharge, Employment, and Homeless
Management Information System (HMIS).

       1)   Housing- Developing additional housing
       2)   Employment- Assisting in the search for employment
       3)   HMIS- Find out how many homeless there are at any given time
       4)   Discharge- assisting the individual being discharged (jail, foster care, etc.).
            HUD requires that, to the extent possible, no institution may release an
            individual into homelessness or any McKinney-Vento funded program. In
            order to do this successfully institutions would have to have some form of
            Case Management regarding the individual

A sign-up sheet was passed around for the sub-committees. We would like to see 100%
participation with the sub-committee sign-ups. Annie Bradberry stated that she will

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Rosales                                                    2
compose a list of Agencies and a summary of those who would like to participate. Those
interested should e-mail her at:

Online Meetings

We are looking at avenues of doing meetings more conveniently. There are ways of
having meetings online (Yahoo Groups, Adobe Acrobat Connect, Big Tent, etc.). Face to
face meetings would still be available for those who prefer to meet in person.

Judith Murdock stated that she had created a Yahoo Group named “CoCRiverside”. She
had previously sent out invitations to join the Group, but there were very few members
that accepted. A sign-up sheet was passed around and Judith said she will send everyone
that signed up an e-mail invite to join the group. It was asked that Judith also send a
regular e-mail to notify them that an invite has been sent in case a spam blocker blocks it.

HMIS Compliance

Judith Murdock mentioned that when doing intake and entering information into HMIS
(Homeless Management Information System), completing all requested info, in addition
to the HUD required 12 universal data fields, will help in processing the APR at the end
of the grant period. The major focus of the application is to find out if you are serving
homeless clients and how you are doing it. We will be pushing for HMIS compliance.
Non-compliance will result in a lower consolidated application score for the CoC and the
possibility of losing funding.

Letters of Appointment

The Letters of Appointment template was passed out. This must be filled out if you
would like to be a member of the CoC Regional Committee.


It was requested by some that they would like to see a list of Funding Sources
provided for all agencies that participate in the group. Having access to the Funding
Sources and Program, with no amounts shown, would be very helpful.

It was announced that Lutheran Social Services still has funding available for
Region B for Rental Assistance and Mortgage Assistance. The funding must be spent by
October 31st.

The Steering Committee is the governing body of the Continuum of Care. They have
representatives from the Eastern and Western Regions. The next Steering Committee

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Rosales                                                 3
meeting is September 23, at 9:30am at the Beaumont Civic Center.

There will be two (2) Bidders Conferences for EFSP Funding on September 24th. The
first meeting will be held at 9:00a.m. at the DPSS Staff Development Building, 22690
Cactus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92553. The second meeting will be held in the desert
region at 3:00 p.m. at the Regional Access Project Foundation, Training Room 1, 75-105
Merle Dr., Ste. #800, Palm Desert, CA 92211. Attendance at one of these meetings is
mandatory for those that are requesting EFSP Funding.

There was a request that everyone bring business cards and fliers to the next meeting so
that everyone can easily exchange information.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:41p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Rosales                                                 4

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