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									41 st ANNUAL CONFERENCE

    Western Conference
              2009 Journal
                Official Proceedings
                        of the
               November 9-11, 2009
                       OUR THEME:                                           Official Proceedings
          So Others May Live!                                          41st ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                                                                    of the
 A while back, I watched a movie entitled, The Guardian, starring
Kevin Costner. It was a story about Coast Guard rescue swimmers,        WESTERN CONFERENCE
 and though “Hollywood-ized” some, it still showed the depth of                     of the
 commitment that those in the Coast Guard have towards saving
people in crisis! At the end of the movie, the final statement about
                                                                        EVANGELICAL CHURCH
those that go out on search and rescues was, “so others may live”. I
  could not help but make the correlation to myself, our churches             November 9-11, 2009
and ministries, our conference, and our denomination. I thought...         Glendive Evangelical Church
why do we do what we do? It’s not really about us or our comfort,              Glendive, Montana
 but it is about those that do not yet know Jesus. We do all we do
to honor our Captain and be about His mission for us, “that others
   may live”. Thus we give, we give up, we serve, we wash feet, we          General Superintendent
   prepare, we reach out, we do without, we sacrifice, and we take            Rev. Brian Eckhardt
                    risks... “So Others May Live!”
                                                                                  Steve Strutz
                                                                                  Host Pastor
 For even the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve and                 Robert Canen
         give His life as a ransom for many. -Mark 10:45

                                                                                              3145 Sweetwater Drive
                                                                                                Billings MT 59102
                                                                                               Phone: 406.252.9547
                                                                                                Fax: 406.656.8792
                                                                                              Web: www.westconf.net
  Vision Statement
“Healthy, life-giving, prevailing,
       and multiplying
    pastors and churches”

     3145 Sweetwater Drive, Billings MT 59102
              Phone: 406.252.9547
               Fax: 406.656.8792
             Web: www.westconf.net
                    Table of Contents                                                                        SExuAL MISCONDuCT .............................................................. 110
                                                                                                             vISION & vALuES .......................................................................... 113
CONFERENCE CALENDAR.......................................................... 8
                                                                                                                 Annual Conference Minutes ..................................................115
    Churches........................................................................................ 10
                                                                                                                 Special Session ..........................................................................125
    Camps & Colleges........................................................................ 49
                                                                                                                 Council of Administration......................................................126
    Denominational............................................................................ 53
                                                                                                                 Local Church Elder Board ......................................................127
Other Addresses .................................................................................... 54
                                                                                                                 Camping .....................................................................................135
                                                                                                                 Christian Education .................................................................146
    Active Itinerant Elders................................................................. 57
                                                                                                                 Church Extension.....................................................................149
    Church Plants................................................................................ 58
                                                                                                                 Church Health...........................................................................154
    Elders Without Assignment ....................................................... 63
                                                                                                                 Ministry ......................................................................................157
    Local Church License.................................................................. 65
    Ministerial Students ..................................................................... 68
    Missionaries................................................................................... 70
                                                                                                                 Prayer Life ..................................................................................183
    Probationers .................................................................................. 71
                                                                                                                 Stewardship & Finance............................................................185
    Retired Elders ............................................................................... 74
                                                                                                                 Student Ministries ....................................................................187
    Special Ministries ......................................................................... 77
                                                                                                                 Superintendent Relations Committee .................................190
    Regional Overseers ...................................................................... 78
                                                                                                                 Trustees ......................................................................................192
                                                                                                                 Women’s Ministry ....................................................................196
    Lay Leaders.................................................................................... 64
                                                                                                                 2009 Superintendent’s Report ...............................................197
    Local Elders ................................................................................... 67
                                                                                                                 2009 General Superintendent’s Report ...............................200
    Trustees .......................................................................................... 79
                                                                                                                 Historian Report.......................................................................203
    Widows........................................................................................... 79
                                                                                                                 Harvest Ministries updates ....................................................204
    Lay Members to Annual Conference ....................................... 80
                                                                                                             FINANCIAL REPORTS
CONFERENCE COuNCIL ............................................................ 81
                                                                                                                 Conference Funds& Investments 2009 ...............................206
                                                                                                                 Western Conference Budget vs. Actual 2009......................207
BIRTHDAYS & ANNIvERSARIES ............................................... 87
                                                                                                             ANNuAL STATISTICAL REPORT ...........................................210
MINISTERS AND THEIR RECORDS ........................................ 96
                                                                                                             COMMITTEE ON RESOLuTIONS..........................................214
IN MEMORIuM ................................................................................. 98
                                                                                                             CERTIFICATE OF PROCEDuRES...........................................215
CONFERENCE POLICIES & PROCEDuRES ......................... 99
    Western Conference
                2009 Calendar
    January 5-7       PESM

    March 2-4         PESM

    March 9-11        Spring Boards

    April 13-15       Ministry Staff and Spouse Retreat

    May 14-19         Denominational Orientation Week

    June 29-July 4    BMCR Family Camp

    July 1-5          Mt. Carmel Family Camp

    September 26-28   Prayer Summit/Coaching Clinic

    October           World Harvest Offering

    October 5-9       Denominational Meetings (Minn.)

    October 23-24     Assessments (Faith E-Billings)

    October 26        Board of Ministry (meet with Candidates)

    November 2-4      PESM

    November 3        Election Day

    November 9-11     Annual Conference – Glendive, MT

        34 Woodward Avenue                     125 4th Avenue SW
        Absarokee, MT 59001                    Beach, ND 58621
        Church Phone: (406)328-4499            Church Phone: (701)872-3469
                                               Web:                www.beachevangelical.org

            MAILING ADDRESS:                      MAILING ADDRESS:
            Box 678                               Box 635
            Absarokee, MT 59001                   Beach, ND 58621

             Home: 406.322.3302
             Email: allensolheim@hotmail.com

10                                                                                               11
         302 Bramble, Box 696                           3145 Sweetwater Drive
         Big Timber, MT 59011                           Billings, MT 59102
         Church Phone:        406.932.5637              Church Phone:         406.656.8747
         Church Fax:          406.932.6843              Church Fax:           406.656.8792
         Church Web:          www.bigtimberchurch.com   Church Web:           www.faithe.org

             BAkER, BRyAN - LEAd PASTOR                    STRUTz, STEVE - LEAd PASTOR
               Cell:   406.930.1192                          Cell:   406.839-4954
               Home: 406.932.5106                            Home: 406.652.5320
               Email: bryan@bigtimberchurch.com              Email:  steve@faithe.org

             PASTORAL STAFF                                PASTORAL STAFF
             Stambaugh, Michael - Associate Pastor         Dayton, Roger - Pastor of JH Student Ministries
                Cell:    406-930-2190                        Cell:     406.671-4971
                Email: michael@bigtimberchurch.com           Email:    roger@faithe.org

                                                           Griffin, Rod - Director of Caring Ministries
             AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL                          Cell:       406.690.1831
             Kapphan, Debbie - Church Secretary               Email:      rod@faithe.org
                Email: debbie@bigtimberchurch.com
                                                           Hamilton, Steve - Pastor of Children’s Ministry
                                                             Home: 406.652.7720

                                                             Email:     children@faithe.org

                                                           Hansen, Paul - Pastor of HS Student Ministries
                                                             Cell:       406.670.1529
                                                             Email:      paul@faithe.org

                                                           Johnson, Rob - Pastor of Small Groups, Outreach,
                                                                        and Assimilation
                                                              Cell:     406.861.5299
                                                              Email:    rob@faithe.org

                                                           Lanz, JD - Worship Intern
                                                             Cell:      406.371.3159
                                                             Email:     jd@faithe.org

                                                           Soft, Loren - Church Administrator
                                                              Cell:       406.698.3039
                                                              Email:      loren@faithe.org
 12                                                                                                                 13
     Swift, Kent - visitation Pastor                           HARVEST CHURCH
       Home: 406.248.3588                                      1235 W Wicks Lane
                                                               Billings, MT 59105
     Zigweid, Kyle - Worship Pastor                            Church Phone: 406.259.5648
        Cell:     406.697.1277                                 Church Fax:      406.259.5691
        Email:    ziggy@faithe.org                             Church Email: info@harvestweb.net
                                                               Church Web:      www.harvestweb.net
     Brownell, Lisa - Youth Administrative Assistant              STREETER, VERN - LEAd PASTOR
        Email:     lisa@faithe.org                                  Cell:  406.690.6058
                                                                    Home: 406.259.6199
     Claxton, John - Facilities Director                            Email: vern@harvestweb.net
        Email:    john@faithe.org
                                                                  PASTORAL STAFF
     Hamilton, Judy - Office Manager                              Burgin, George - Outreach/Life Groups Pastor
       Email:     judy@faithe.org                                   Cell:      406.598.4616
                                                                    Email:     george@harvestweb.net
     Jones, Matt - Technical Coordinator
        Email:      matt@faithe.org                               Bybee, Larry - IT Director
                                                                    Cell:       406.839.3785
     Kern, Cynthia - Nursery Co-Director                            Email:      larry@harvestweb.net
       Home: 406.656.8105
                                                                  Carter, Dawn - Onsite Childcare

     Ludwick, Debbie - Communications Secretary                     Email:     dawnc_44@hotmail.com
       Email:    deb@faithe.org
                                                                  Chambless, Crull - Executive Pastor
     Lustig, Julei - Nursery Co-Director                            Cell:     281.796.3079
       Home: 406.545.0954                                           Email:    crull@harvestweb.net

     Rohrer, Dyann - Events Coordinator                           Eckness, Heather - Dir. of xtreme & The Edge
       Email:    dyann@faithe.org                                   Cell:      406.670.8165
                                                                    Email:     heather.eckness@harvestweb.net
     vogel, Christy - Women’s Ministry Coordinator
       Email:      christy@faithe.org                             Escene, Amy - Preschool Director
                                                                     Cell:     406.698.9702
     Walton, Karen - Administrative Assistant to Lead Pastor         Email:    preschool@harvestweb.net
       Email:     karen@faithe.org
                                                                  Frank, Eddie - Worship Pastor
     Workman, Cory - Financial Clerk                                 Cell:      406.698.6643
       Email:   cory@faithe.org                                      Email:     eddie@harvestweb.net

14                                                                                                                    15
     Fuson, Jay - Technical Director                   Email:     bobntheo@imt.net
       Cell:        406.696.0694
       Email:       jay @harvestweb.net             Walsh, Gina - Onsite Childcare/MOPS
                                                      Cell:       406.861-3170
     Hutch, Eric - Marriage & Family Pastor           Email:      onsite@harvestweb.net
       Cell:       406.208.5899
       Email:      eric@harvestweb.net              Weidlich, Tim - Teaching Pastor/Men’s Ministry
                                                      Cell:      406.672.2109
     McCoskery, Shawna—Onsite Childcare               Home: 406.697.0974
       Cell:     406.670.6288                         Email:     tim@harvestweb.net
       Email:    shalanmcc@yahoo.com
                                                    Woosley, Rachel—Outreach Event Coordinator
     Merrick, Sam - Director of Operations            Cell:      406.698.9847
       Cell:      406.598.5760                        Email:     rachel@harvestweb.net
       Email:     sam@harvestweb.net
                                                    Zeller, Elizabeth - Life Coach Pastor
     Ramage, Casey - Assistant Worship Leader          Cell:       406.690.4434
       Cell:     406.860.8985                          Email:      liz@harvestweb.net
       Email:    casey@harvestweb.net
     Reynolds, Kyle - Student Ministries Pastor     Barthuly, Chuck - Funds Development Director
       Cell:      406.697.0289                         Email:    church@harvestweb.net
       Email:     kyle@harvestweb.net
                                                    Brochu, Dave - Facilities
     Richards, Sara - Kid’s Pastor                     Email:    davycrockett42@hotmail.com
        Cell:      406.672.0741
        Email:     sararichards@harvestweb.net      Burgin, Selena - Assistant to Lead Pastor
                                                      Email:      selena@harvestweb.net
     Roden, Rebecca - Director of Communications
       Email:    rebecca@harvestweb.net             Carlson, Jennifer - Facilities
                                                      Email:      jen.carlson@harvestweb.net
     Shay, Diana - Life Coach Pastor
        Cell:      406.598.4973                     Davis, Kerry - Director of Guests Services
        Email:     dishay3@gmail.com                  Email:      kerry@harvestweb.net

     Sparr, Cindy - Preschool Teacher               DeWilde, Becky - Fusion Assistant
        Email:     sparr1@imt.net                     Email:    becky@harvestweb.net

     Strutz, Robert - Pastoral Care                 Elison, Heather - Office Manager
        Cell:      406.591.6287                        Email:    heather@harvestweb.net
        Home: 406.256.5152
16                                                                                                   17
        Freeman, Karl - Director of Facilities                   HARVEST CHURCH: PLENTyWOOd CAMPUS
           Email:    karl@harvestweb.net                         514 Sheridan Street
                                                                 Plentywood, MT 59254
        Gomke, Sierra - Director of Promisland
          Email:     sierra@harvestweb.net                          COLdWELL, ALAN - LAy CAMPUS PASTOR
                                                                      Cell:  406.459.1035
        Milam, Tim - Assistant Technical Director                     Home: 406.765.2259
          Email:     tim.m@harvestweb.net                             Email: alan@harvestweb.net
        Moran, Suzanne - Outreach Assistant
          Email:    suzanne@harvestweb.net
                                                                 HARVEST CHURCH: COdy CAMPUS
        Sandelin, Kerry - Student Ministries Assistant           Cody, WY
           Email:     kerry.sandelin@harvestweb.net                    Web:    www.harvestchurchcody.org

        Stockholm, Shirley - Financial Director                     TWIGG, kEITH - LAy CAMPUS PASTOR INTERN
           Email:    shirley@harvestweb.net                           Cell:  307.272-8870
                                                                      Home: 949.616.4681
                                                                      Email: keith@harvestweb.net

     1413 Rosebud Lane
     Billings, MT 59101

           Cell:      406.839.3850
           Home:      406.839.5194
           Email:     willy@harvestweb.net

        Buehler, Brian - Lockwood Facilities
          Email:      buehler@harvestweb.net

        McGrail, Sarah - Director of Lockwood Kid’s Ministries
          Email:     sarahmcgrail@harvestweb.net

        Rykowski, Linda - Lockwood Facilities (P/T)
          Email:     linda@harvestweb.net

18                                                                                                            19
       HOPE CHURCH                                           LIVING WATER CHURCH
       5554 Grand Avenue                                     4220 State Avenue
       Billings, MT 59106-2308                               unit 4
       Church Phone:         406.652.7726                    Billings, MT 59101
       Church Fax:           406.655.0563                    Church Phone:        406.294.7250
       Church Email:         info@hopeweb.cc                 Church Fax:          406.294.7250
       Church Web:           www.hopeweb.cc                  Church Web:          www.mylivingwater.com

            JOHNSON, MARC - LEAd PASTOR                         ROddA, FREd - PASTOR
              Cell:  406.855.1956                                 Cell:  406.670.7975
              Home: 406.652.4332                                  Home: 406.245.2551
              Email: marc@hopeweb.cc                              Email: pastorfred@mylivingwater.com

            PASTORAL STAFF                                      PASTORAL STAFF
                                                                  Dayley, Cody - Youth Pastor
            Beck, Ken -   Pastor of Student Ministries            Cell:     406.672.4039
              Cell:        406.208.6493                           Email:    codydayley@mylivingwater.com
              Home:        406.256.7831
              Email:       ken@hopeweb.cc

            Gonzales, Benjamin - Pastor of Life Dev. &
                   Biblical Counseling
              Home: 406.652.9626


              Email:     counseling@hopeweb.cc

            Halligan, Joe - Pastor of Leadership
              Home         406.656.6182
              Email        joe@hopeweb.cc


            Eben, Britt - Director of Communications
              Email:       britt@hopeweb.cc

            Lambert, Nick - Facilities Director

            Neimants, Jessie - Director of Childrens’ Min.
              Email:     jessie@hopeweb.cc

20                                                                                                              21
       THE BRIDGE CHURCH                      JOURNEY CHURCH
       PO Box 1271                            851 Bridger Drive #3
       Bismarck, ND 58502                     Bozeman, MT 59715
       Church Phone:      701.222.1997        Church Phone:          406.922.0190
       Church Web:        www.bridgeweb.net   Church Fax:            406.922.0194
                                              Church Email:          info@journeyweb.net
                                              Church Web:            www.journeyweb.net
           JORdAN, SCOtt - PASTOR
             Cell:   701.426.6500                MAILING ADDRESS
             Email:  scott@bridgeweb.net         PO Box 10931
                                                 Bozeman, MT 59719-0931

                                                 HOPkINS, BRIAN - LEAd PASTOR
                                                   Cell:   406.690.3545
                                                   Home: 406.522.8787
                                                   Email:  brian@journeyweb.net

                                                 PASTORAL STAFF
                                                 Edwards, Brandon - Lead Worshiper

                                                   Cell:      406.672.1622
                                                   Home: 406.522.0552
                                                   Email:     brandon@journeyweb.net

                                                 Garber, Andy - Student Ministries Intern
                                                   Cell:      970.846.1881
                                                   Email:     andy@journeyweb.net

                                                 Herzog, Jamie - Biblical Discipleship
                                                   Email:     jamie@journeyweb.net

                                                 Long, Derry - Chief Strategy Officer
                                                   Cell:       503-758-4741
                                                   Email:      derry@journeyweb.net

                                                 Oakland, Jon - Executive Pastor
                                                   Cell:       406.570.5138
                                                   Email:      jon@journeyweb.net

                                                 Oakland, Michele - Biblical Discipleship
                                                   Cell:     406.522.9449
                                                   Email:    michele@journeyweb.net
22                                                                                               23
                                                          BETHEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH
      Silverness, Adam - Community Outreach Intern        PO Box 65
          Cell:     406.600.63962                         Broadview, MT 59015
          Email:    adam@journeyweb.net

      Stucky, Chris - Kid’s Ministry Director                Fournier, Glenn - Pastor
         Cell:      406.539.4199                               Cell:      406.794.6557
         Email:     cstucky@journeyweb.net                     Email:     pastor@thebroadviewchurch.org
      Summers, Sam - Pastor of Spiritual Formation
        Cell:     406.860.1434
        Home: 406.388.7611
        Email:    sam@journeyweb.net

      Townley, Chris - Pastor of Student Ministries
        Cell:      406.579.2783

        Email:     chris@journeyweb.net

      Townley, Kate - Director of Ethiopia Hope Project
        Cell:      406.579.9437
        Email:     kare@journeyweb.net

      Womack, Korrie - Biblical Discipleship Assistant
        Cell:    406.546.5759
        Email:   korrie@journeyweb.net

      Bradford, Tara - Assistant to Lead Pastor
         Email:     tara@journeyweb.net

      Jenkins, Tracie - Office Manager
         Email:     tracie@journeyweb.net

      Long, Marcy - Office Administrator
        Cell:      406.600.2592
        Email:     marcy@journeyweb.net

24                                                                                                              25
     300 B Avenue                                  Box 746
     Circle, MT 59215                              Columbus, MT 59019
     Church Phone:         406.485.2175            Church Phone:      406.322.5804
     Church Fax:           406.485.2067            Church Fax:        406.322.5804
     Church Email:         ecnacir@midrivers.com   Church Email:      columbuse@qwestoffice.net
     Web:                  www.circle-ecna.com     Church Web:        www.columbuse.net

         MAILING ADDRESS                              FORSETH, JAy - LEAd PASTOR
         Box 181                                        Cell:   406.321.1026
         Circle, MT 59215                               Home: 406.322.8462
                                                        Email:  jay@forseth.org
           Cell:  406.939.5080                      PASTORAL STAFF
           Home: 406.485.2863                        Eder, Loren - Associate Pastor
           Email: butch-hart@juno.com                  Cell:       406.321.1344
                                                       Home: 406.322.5101
         AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL                       Email:      loreneder@hotmail.com

         Hinther, Denise - Office Manager
           Email:     eceoffice@midrivers.com       AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL
                                                     Jay, Lori - Church Secretary
                                                         Email:     columbuse@qwestoffice.net

26                                                                                                      27
             3730 47th Avenue SE                600 E Carlson St.
             Medina, ND 58467                   Cheyenne, WY 82009
             Church Phone: 701.327.4396

                  HARdESTy, dON - PASTOR
                    Cell:  701.269.6971
                                                Church Phone:
                                                Church Fax:
                                                Church Email:
                                                Church Web:
                    Home: 701.327.4396
                    Email: jer924@hotmail.com      MAILING ADDRESS
                                                   Box 20905
                                                   Cheyenne, WY 82003

                                                   MANESS, JEFF - LEAd PASTOR
                                                    Cell:    307.640.3151
                                                    Email:   jeff@elementweb.net

                                                   PASTORAL STAFF
                                                   Bybee, Kody - Executive Pastor
                                                     Cell:      918.327.3591
                                                     Email:     kody@elementweb .net

                                                   Clark, Grant - Connections Pastor
                                                      Phone: 307.640.4929
                                                      Email:     grant@elementweb.net

                                                   Cruz, Adam - Worship & Arts Pastor
                                                     Phone: 307.752.5630
                                                     Email:     adam@elementweb.net

                                                   Duda, Jason - Community Pastor
                                                     Cell:       405.213.8433
                                                     Email:      jason@elementweb.net

                                                   Hazelet, Andy - Youth Pastor
                                                     Phone: 307.220.2474
                                                     Email:     andy@elementweb.net

                                                   Marshall, Curtis - College Pastor
                                                     Phone: 719.302.4244
                                                     Email:     curtis@elementweb.net

 28                                                                                              29
     Mowery, Derek - Kidz Pastor           BETHEL EVANGELICAL CHURCH
       Cell:     307.630.7638              420 Cato Avenue
       Email:    derek@elementweb.net      Fallon, MT 59326
                                           Church Phone:      406.486.5769
     AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL               Church Email:      ecnafallon@midrivers.com
     Clark, Terri - Office Manager         Church Web:        www.theprairielight.org
        Phone: 307.640.4928
        Email:      terri@elementweb.net      MAILING ADDRESS
                                              Box 247
                                              Fallon, MT 59326

                                              RUNNER, JACk - PASTOR
                                                Cell:   406.853.1931
                                                Email:  jackcharr@midrivers.com

30                                                                                           31
      111 East Second Street                              152 Aberdeen
      Gillette, WY 82716                                  Glasgow, MT 59230
      Church Phone:            307.685.0044               Church Phone:       406.228.2755
      Church Fax:              307.685.0043               Church Web:         www.glasgowec.com
      Church Email:            office@hpcchurch.com
      Church Web:              www.hpcchurch.com             ASHBAUCHER, JAy - LEAd PASTOR
                                                               Cell:  406.263.7846
           MORGAN, dAN - LEAd PASTOR                           Home: 406.228.4846
            Cell:   307.299.1677                               Email: jay@glasgowec.com
            Home: 307.685.4424
            Email:  pastordan@hpcchurch.com                  PASTORAL STAFF

           PASTORAL STAFF                                    Runner, Seth - Youth Pastor
           Maness, Gary - Worship Pastor                       Cell:       406.228.2753
             Email:     cthomas@hpcchurch.com                  Email:      seth@glasgowec.com

           Matheny, Lori - Children’s Ministry Director
             Email:     lori@hpcchurch.com

           Shannon, Travis - InsideOut Pastor

              Cell:     307.660.1387
              Email:    pastortravis@hpcchurch.com

           Youngs, Erin - Discipleship Pastor
             Home: 307.685.8232
             Cell:       307.689.5335
             Email:      pastorerin@hpcchurch.com

           Kosmicki, Pam - Office Manager
             Email:    pkosmicki@hpcchurch.com

           Thomas, Pam - Business Manager
             Email:    pamthomas@hpcchurch.com

32                                                                                                     33
       118 W Borden                                     CHURCH
       Glendive, MT 59330                               1001 36th Avenue NE
       Church Phone:          406.377.4202              Great Falls, MT 59404
       Church Fax:            866.871.6908              Church Phone:           406.761.3903
       Church Email:          evangel@midrivers.com     Church Fax:             406.761.3906
       Church Web:            www.glendiveecna.com      Church Email:           hscc@harvestsprings.com
                                                        Church Web:             www.harvestsprings.com
             Cell:  406.939.4427                           ENGEL, CORy - LEAd PASTOR
             Home: 406.377.1602                              Cell:  406.590.1499
             Email: robertcanen@gmail.com                    Email: pastorcory@harvestsprings.com

           PASTORAL STAFF                                 PASTORAL STAFF
           Buller, Kris - Pastor of Youth and Music        Caldwell, Chris - Kid’s Ministry Director
             Home: 406.583.7732                              Cell:      406.799-5305

                                                                                                          GREAT FALLS
             Email:        pastorkrisbuller@gmail.com        Email:     kids@harvestsprings.com

           O’Connor, Jim - Pastor of Kingdom Dev.          Como, Josh - Tech Head-Youth Director
             Home: 406.377.2871                              Cell:      406.750-9343
             Email:     lindao@midrivers.com                 Email:     youth@harvestsprings.com

           AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL                         Engel, Dwight - Pastoral Care & Counseling
           Goroski, Shari - Secretary                        Cell:      406.788.9679
             Email:     evangel@midrivers.com                Home: 406.727.2939
                                                             Email:     pastord@harvestsprings.com

                                                           Fernandes, Jude - Director of Group Life
                                                              Cell:     406.750-8802
                                                              Email:    smallgroups@harvestsprings.com

                                                           Lopez, Carol - Office Administrator
                                                             Email:      clopez@harvestsprings.com

34                                                                                                                35
     Box 934                           Office Address:
     Harlem, MT 59526-0934             314 North Last Chance Gulch, Suite 307
                                       Helena, MT 59601
                                       Church Phone: 406.422.1080
     Contact Information:              Church Email: info@narratechurch.org
        Dave Williams - 406.353.2344   Church Web: www.narratechurch.org
                                          MAILING ADDRESS:
         Jim Thompson - 406.353.2763
                                          PO Box 1507
                                          Helena, MT 59624

                                          HUSCHKA, AdAM - PASTOR
                                           Cell:  406.465.5869
                                           Email: adam@narratechurch.org

                                          PASTORAL STAFF
                                          Eckhardt, Lenny - Worship & Arts
                                            Cell:     406.459.7477
                                            Email: lenny@narratechurch.org

                                          O’Neill, Jason - Student Ministries
                                            Cell:      406.422.6028

                                            Email: jason@narratechurch.org

                                          Tommerup, Michael - Kids Ministries
                                            Cell:   406.465.2434
                                            Email: mike@narratechurch.org

                                          AdMINISTRATIVE / CLERICAL
                                          Bremer, Sarah - Administration
                                            Email: sarah@narratechurch.org

36                                                                                  37
      1120 15th Avenue              Box 44
      Langdon, ND 58249             Melstone, MT 59054
      Church Phone: 701.256.2602    Church Phone:        406.358.2429
      Church Email:
                                       HELSBy, GERy - PASTOR
                                         Home: 406.323.4276
          dEALEy, ByRON - PASTOR         Email:  gvhelsby@midrivers.com
            Cell:   701.370.8452
            Home: 701.256.3662


38                                                                              39
       SHEC COMMUNITY CENTER                            Young, Leon - Music Pastor
       1919 North Avenue W                                Phone: 406.690.0187
       Missoula, MT 59801                                 Email:     leon@shec.net
       Church Phone:           406.251.3976
       Church Fax:             406.251.7298            AdMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL
       Church Email:           info@shec.net            Iverson, Patty - Office Manager
       Church Web:             www.shec.net                Email:      patty@shec.net

             Cell:  406.396.5020
             Email: johnl@shec.net

           Keogh, KJ - Executive Pastor
             Cell:      406.529.6127
             Email:     kj@shec.net

           Keogh, Mike - Associate Pastor
             Cell:      406.546.5224
             Email:     mike@shec.net

           Keogh, Missy - Kids Director
             Phone: 406.529.6124
             Email:     missy@shec.net

           Pavlik, Lance - Extension Director
              Cell:      406.544.8721
              Email:     lance@shec.net

           Sampleton, Kaylynn - Children’s Associate
             Cell:     406.531.4986
             Email:    kaylynn@shec.net

           Sanders, Josh - Associate Pastor
              Cell:      406.249.9682
              Email:     josh@shec.net

           velin, Tyler - Youth Associate
              Phone: 406.544.9310
              Email:       tyler@shec.net

40                                                                                        41
      222 5th Street                      15 S Park Street
      Rapelje, MT 59067                   Reed Point, MT 59069
      Church Phone:       406.663.2234    Church Phone:       406.326.2263
                                          Church Fax:         406.326.2263
          PO Box 56                          MAILING ADDRESS
          Rapelje, MT 59067                  PO Box 387
                                             Reed Point, MT 59069
          NyMEyER, BRENT - PASTOR
            Cell:  406.371.1151              CONOVER, ROBERT - PASTOR
            Home: 406.663.2264                 Home: 406.326.2450
            Email: brentnym@yahoo.com          Email: sheepdog@ttc-cmc.net

      Nymeyer, Paula - Church Secretary

                                                                             REED POINT

42                                                                                  43
      Box 303                      30 North Gould St.
      Rudyard, MT 59540            Sheridan, WY 82801
                                   Church Phone:        307.673.1060
                                   Church Web:          www.verticalchurch.net

                                      MAILING ADDRESS
                                      PO Box 6108
                                      Sheridan, WY 82801

                                      AMES, MICHAEL - LEAd PASTOR
                                        Cell:  307.751.9324
                                        Email: michael@verticalchurch.net

                                      PASTORAL STAFF
                                      Ames, Jennifer - Children’s Ministry
                                        Email:     jennifer@verticalchurch.net

                                      Gilbert, James - Worship Pastor
                                         Cell:      307.763.1416

                                         Email:     james@verticalchurch.net

                                      Scammon, Randy - Youth Group Pastor
                                         Email:  randy@verticalchurch.net

                                      Spurling, Shane - Life Group Pastor
                                        Email:      shane@verticalchurch.ent

44                                                                                    45
                 BMCR - Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch
                   Marvin Schieldt, Executive director
                   130 Trinity Trail
                   Fishtail, MT 59028
                   Camp Phone: 406.328.6825
                   Camp Fax: 406.328.6982
                   Camp Email: bmcr@bmcrministries.org

                   Camp Web: www.bmcrministries.org

                   Schieldt, Marvin (Alison) - CEO BMCR Ministries
                     62 Trinity Trail        Home:        406.328.4352
                     Fishtail, MT 59028      Cell:        406.861.2929

                                Email: marvin@bmcrministries.org

                   dreiske, Mike (Tammy) - Camp director
                     65 Trinity Trail         Home:        406.328.7385
                     Fishtail, MT 59028       Cell:        406.780.0054
                                Email: dreiske@bmcrministries.org

                   AdMINISTRATIVE STAFF:
                   Elley, Jeramy (Laura) - Program Director
                      130 Trinity Trail        Home:          406.328.6825
                      Fishtail, MT 59028

                                  Email: elley@bmcrministries.org

                   Elley, Laura ( Jeremy) - Program Administrative Assistant
                      130 Trinity Trail         Home:          406.328.6825
                      Fishtail, MT 59028
                                   Email: elley@bmcrministries.org

                   Michel, Eric - Chief Information Officer (Website)
                     130 Trinity Trail         Home:          406.328.6825
                     Fishtail, MT 590028
                                  Email: eric@bmcrministries.org

                   Miller, Tom (Maureen) - Director of Spiritual Development
                     69 Trinity Trail         Home:           406.328.4259
                     Fishtail MT 59028
                                Email: miller1998@bmcrministries.org

46                                                                             47
     Salava, Christie (Andy) - Customer Relations (Camp Reg.   MT. CARMEL CAMP
                    and Guest Group Coordinator)                 630 5th Avenue North
                    Email: c.relations@bmcrministries.org        Towner, ND 58788
                                                                 Phone:       701.728.6951 (during camp only)
     Schieldt, Alison (Marvin) - Administrative Manager          Web:         www.mtcarmelcamp.org
        62 Trinity Trail         Home:          406.328.4352
        Fishtail, MT 59028                                          MAILING ADDRESS:
                    Email: offmanager@bmcrministries.org            c/o Clay Dubovoy
                                                                    7210 89th St SE
     FACILITIES STAFF:                                              Minot, ND 58701
     Barnard, Warren (Donna) - Facilities Director
        63 Trinity Trail       Home:            406.328.4100     STAFF:
        Fishtail, MT 59028                                       Clay Dubuvoy - Part-Time Camp Director
                   Email: wdbarnard@bmcrministries.org              7210 89th St SE        Phone: 701624-5687
                                                                    Minot, ND 58701        Email: mccampdir@gmail.com
     Barnard, Donna (Warren) - Camp Store
        63 Trinity Trail       Home:        406.328.4100         Faul, Joy - Director of Board
        Fishtail, MT 59028                                          Email:      aj_faul@hotmail.com
                   Email: wdbarnard@bmcrministries.org

     Brown, Bob (Kirsten) - Head Wrangler
        958 Nye Road           Home:       406.328.6390        ABC - Arrowhead Bible College
        Fishtail, MT 59028                                       130 Trinity Trail
                   Email: cowboybob@bmcrministries.org           Fishtail MT 59028
                                                                 Phone:        406.328.6825
     Johnson, Jim (Kim) - Director of New Construction           Fax:          406.328.6982
                   Email: jimkimkids@juno.com                    Email:        office@arrowheadbiblecollege.org
                                                                 Web: www.arrowheadbiblecollege.org
     Salava, Andy (Christie) - Food Service Director
                   Email: kitchen@bmcrministries.org             Schieldt, Marvin - Interim President

                                                                 Coffin, Megan - Assistant to President

48                                                                                                                      49
                 Rev Brian Eckhardt - General Superintendent
                 9421 West River Road                763.424.2589 (O)
                 Minneapolis, MN 55444               859.321.1660 (C)

                                                                      DENOMINATIONAL ADDRESSES
                 Email:beckhardt59@yahoo.com         763.424.9230 (F)
                 Web: www.TheEvangelicalchurch.org 763.566.1918 (H)

                 duane Erickson - Mission director
                 9421 West River Road                   763.424.2589 (O)
                 Minneapolis, MN 55444                  612.251.9887 (C)
                 Email: ecmissions@usfamily.net         763.424.9230 (F)

                 Email: Duane.erickson@usfamily.net

                 Tim Roehl - dir. of Harvest Min./denom. Consultant
                 8582 Polk Street NE                 763.785.0473 (O)
                 Blaine, MN 55434                    612.860.4446 (C)
                 Email: timroehl@usfamily.net
                 Web: www.echarvestministry.com

                 Vernon Aarnes - dir. of kingdom Resource Ministries
                 9421 West River Road                763.424.2589 (O)
                 Minneapolis, MN 55444-1141          218.428.8376 (C)
                 Email: vlaarnes2@usfamily.net       218.628.2692 (H)

                 Shirley Roehl - Office Administrator
                 Barb Sangren - Office Assistant
                 Alice Erickson - Office Assistant
                 Elaine Kipp - Office Assistant

                   (published quarterly)
                     Shirley Roehl, Editor
                     9421 West River Road
                     Minneapolis, MN 55444
                     Email: ecmissions@usfamily.net

50                                                                                       51
                        EAST CENTRAL CONFERENCE                               Evangelical Church Missions

                        Rev. Bill Kren
                           48531 S Interstate 94, Apt 202 260.894.4602 (F)
                           Belleville, MI 48111
                                                           734.775.9488 (O)      Duane Erickson
                                                                                 9421 W River Road
                                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55444-1141
                                                                                                                               763.424.2589 (O)
                                                                                                                               763.424.9230 (F)

                           Email:       wkren@msn.com                               Email: ecmissions@usfamily.net
                           Web:         www.eccevagelical.com                       Web: www.theevangelicalchurch.org/missions

                                                                              George Fox Evangelical Seminary
                        EASTERN CONFERENCE                                       12753 SW 68th Avenue                          503.538.8383 (O)
                        Rev. Brad Preston                 814.368.5359 (O)       Portland, OR 97223                            503.598.4338 (F)
                           759 S. Kendall Ave                                       Web: www.georgefox.edu/seminary
                           Brandford, PA 16701
                           Email:       brad-preston@juno.com                 George Fox University
                           Web:         www.easternconference.org                414 N Meridian Street                         503.538.8385 (O)
                                                                                 Newberg, OR 97132                             503.537.3834 (F)
                        FOUR CORNERS CONFERENCE                                     Web: www.georgefox.edu
                        Rev. Duane Erickson               763.424.2589 (O)
                           9421 West River Road           763.424.9230 (F)    Harvest Ministries - denominational Consultant
                           Minneapolis, MN 55444-1141                            Tim Roehl, Director                         763.785.0473 (O)
                           Email:       duane.erickson@usfamily.net              8582 Polk Street NE                         612.860.4446 (C)
                                                                                 Blaine, MN 55434
                                                                                    Email: timroehl@usfamily.net
                        NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE                                    Web: www.echarvestministry.com
                        Rev. Ken Brakefield               763.561.8404 (O)
                           7733 West River Road           763.516.1816 (C)    Men for Missions
                           Minneapolis, MN 55444          763.561.2899 (F)       Warren Hardig - Executive Director
                           Email:       suptken@gmail.com                        OMS International                             317.881.6751 (O)
                           Web:         www.theevangelicalchurch.org/ncc         Box A                                         317.888.5275 (F)
                                                                                 Greenwood, IN 46142
                        PACIFIC CONFERENCE
                        Dr. Chris Neilson                                     National Association of Evangelicals (National Office)
                            18121 SE River Road            503.659.5622 (O)       Office of the President                        719.268.8214 (O)
                            Milwaukie, OR 97267            503.353.8871 (F)       11025 voyager Parkway
                            Email:      cwneilson@comcost.net                     Colorado Springs CO 80921
                            Web:        www.pacificecna.org                          Web: www.nae.net

                                                                              Office of Governmental Affairs
                        SOUTH EASTERN CONFERENCE                                  PO Box 23269                                 202.789.1011 (O)
                        Rev. Brian Eckhardt      859.321.1660 (C)                 Washington DC 20026                          202.842.0392 (F)
                           9421 West River Road  763.424.2589 (O)                    Email: NAE@nae.net
                           Minneapolis, MN 55444
52                                                                                                                                                  53
     OMS International (National Office)                                   Anderson, Scott (kim)
       Box A                                            317.881.6751 (O)   Box 50477                       Cell:       406.696.8301
       Greenwood IN 46142                               317.888.5275 (F)   Billings, MT 59105              Home:       406.347.5080
          Email: info@omsinternational.org                                            Email: scott@agribestfeeds.com
          Web: www.omsinternational.org
                                                                           Ashbaucher, Jay (Connie)
     Peacemakers                                                           927 valley view              Cell:          406.263.7846
        Ken Sande, Executive Director                                      Glasgow MT 59230             Home:          406.228.4846
        2590 Holman Avenue, Suite A                     406.256.1583 (O)            Email: jay@glasgowec.com

                                                                                                                                  ACTIVE ITINERANT ELDERS
        Billings MT 59102                               406.256.0001 (F)
           Email: mail@peacemaker.net                                      Baker, Bryan (kim)           Office:       406.932.5637
           Web: www.peacemaker.net                                         Box 1726                     Cell:         406.930.1192
                                                                           Big Timber, MT 59011         Home:         406.932.5106
     Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry -P.E.S.M.                               Email: bakemail@bigtimberchurch.com
         Don Hohensee, President
         18303 SE River Road                            503.632.3153 (C)   Canen, Robert (keylee)       Office:        406.377.4202
         Milwaukie OR 97267                                                516 N Kendrick               Home:          406.377.1602
            Email: donhohensee@bctonline.com                               Glendive MT 59330            Cell:          406.939.4427
            Email: donhohensee@wgm.org                                              Email: robertcanen@gmail.com

     Rocky Mountain College                                                Conover, Robert (Ann)
        4039 Brentwood Rd. NW                       403.284.5100 (O)       Box 387
        Calgary, Alberta T2L 1L1                                           Reed Point MT 59069          Home:          406.326.2450
           Email: enrolment@rockymountaincollege.ca                                 Email: sheepdog@ttc-cmc.net
           Web: www.rockymountaincollege.ca
                                                                           daniels, Bill (Lauren)
     Wesley Biblical Seminary                                              3295 Granger Ave E, #12        Cell:        406.661.3635
        787 East Northside Dr                           800.788.9571 (O)   Billings, MT 59102
        PO Box 9938                                     601.366.8880 (O)
        Jackson MS 39286                                601.366.8832 (F)   davies, Scott (deborah)
           Web: www.wbs.edu                                                PO Box 257                   Office:         406.328.4499
                                                                           Absarokee MT 59001           Home:          406.328.7293
     World Gospel Mission - National Office                                         Email: daviesranch@montana.net
        3783 State Road 18 East
        Box 948                                         765.664.7331 (O)   dealey, Bryon (Marsha)         Office:      701.256.2602
        Marion IN 46952-0948                                               1405 12th Street               Cell:        701.370.8452
           Email: wgm@wgm.org                                              Langdon ND 58249               Home:        701.256.3662
           Web: www.wgm.org
                                                                           Eder, Loren (Michelle)       Office:        406.322.5804
     World Gospel Mission - Western Regional Office                        426 Granite Peak Dr          Cell:          406.321.1344
        18303 SE River Road                                                Columbus MT 59019            Home:          406.322.5101
        Milwaukee OR 97267                                                          Email: loreneder@hotmail.com
54                                                                                                                                                 55
     Engel, Cory (Tosha)                                          2011 Woodbine Way            Cell:       406.281.2887
     918 36th Avenue NE            Office:         406.761.3903   Polson, MT 59101
     Great Falls, MT 59404         Cell:           406.590.1499
               Email: pastorcory@harvestsprings.com               Hardesty, don (Jan)
                                                                  3720 47th Ave SE            Cell:        701.269.6970
     Engel, dwight (Carol)                                        Medina, ND 58467            Home:        701.327.4396
     2514 1st Avenue N             Office:       406.761.3903              Email: jer924@hotmail.com
     Great Falls, MT 59401         Cell:         406.788.9679
               Email: pastord@harvestsprings.com                  Harriman, david (karol)
                                                                  PO Box 1083                Cell:         602.692.9890
     Erbele, J. dale                                              Mandon, ND 58554
     121 Florence St. S, Box 188    Cell:         406.670.9738            Email: dkharriman@gmail.com
     Streeter, ND 58483
                Email: jdale@westconf.net                         Hart, Butch (Sheila)
                                                                  1000 C Avenue                Office:     406.485.2175
     Forseth, Jay (Lisa)           Cell:          406.321.1026    Circle MT 59215
     417 W 5th Avenue N            Office:        406.322.5804             Email: butch-hart@juno.com
     Columbus, MT 59019            Home:          406.322.8462
              Email: jay@forseth.org                              Helsby, Gery (Virginia)     Office:      406.358.2429
                                                                  640 Old Divide Rd           Home:        406.323.4276
     Gammill, Mike (Mary)                                         Roundup MT 59072            Cell:        406.861.6008
     13023 Timberland Trace     Office:           713.937.9388             Email: gvhelsby@midrivers.com
     Houston, Tx 77065          Home:             281.955.0229
              Email: mmgammill@sbcglobal.net                      Hutchins, Greg (Barb)
                                                                  PO Box 70
     Gonzales, Benjamin (Theo)                                    Ban Du, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand
     4131 Rimrock Road              Office:       406.652.7726             Email: gregbarb@gmail.com
     Billings, MT 59106             Home:         406.652.9626
                Email: counseling@hopeweb.cc                      Johnson, Marc (denice)      Office:      406.652.7726
                                                                  4380 Ridgewood Lane S       Cell:        406.855.1956
     Griffin, Rod (karen)             Office:     406.656.8747    Billings MT 59106           Home:        406.652.4332
     3659 Olympic Blvd.               Cell:       406.690.1831              Email: marc@hopeweb.cc
     Billings, MT 59102               Home:       406.656.6935
                Email: rod@faithe.org                             Jordan, Scott (Linda)
                                                                  1013 E Highland Acres Rd     Cell:       701.426.6500
     Hamilton, Steve (Judy)                                       Bismarck ND 58501            Home:       701.222.1997
     3683 Ft Laramie Drive           Office:      406.656.8747             Email: scott@bridgeweb.net
     Billings, MT 59102              Home:        406.652.7720
                Email: children@faithe.org                        Lee, Joe
                                                                  Box 353                      Office:     505.722.1745
     Hanson, Ron (kim)                                            vanderwagen, NM 87326        Home:       505.778.8598
56                                                                                                                        57
     Long, derry (Marlyce)                                       Langdon ND 58249            Cell:             701.370.0622
     83 Cedarwood Cir            Office:          406.922.0190           Email: adriano@dvl.midco.net
     Bozeman, MT 59718           Cell:            503.758.4741
             Email: derry@journeyweb.net                         Prichard, Jay (Barbara)
                                                                 1834 Iris Lane                 Cell:          406.661.6108
     Loyd, don                                                   Billings, MT 59102             Home:          406.248.1875
     PO Box 160641                 Office:        406.922.0190              Email: jayprichard@hotmail.com
     Big Sky, MT 59716             Home:          406.580.1621
               Email: donloyd@3rivers.net                        Rodda, Fred (Julie)            Office:        406.294.7250
                                                                 4212 Clevenger                 Cell:          406.670.7975
     Luhmann, John (korinda)                                     Billings, MT 59101             Home:          406.245.2551
     11457 Sleeman Creek Rd       Office:         406.251.3976              Email: pastorfred@mylivingwater.com
     Lolo, MT 59847               Cell:           406.396.5020
              Email: johnl@shec.net                              Runner, Jack (Charlotte)
                                                                 Box 52                       Office:          406.486.5769
     Maness, Jeff (Sabrina)       Office:         307.635.1316   Fallon, MT 59326             Cell:            406.672.6257
     4317 van Buren Avenue        Cell:           307.640.3151            Email: jackcharr@midrivers.com
     Cheyenne WY 82001            Home:           307.634.2833
              Email: jeff@elementweb.net                         Schieldt, Marvin (Alison)    Office:          406.328.6825
                                                                 62 Trinity Trail             Cell:            406.780.1196
     Maness, Gary (Becky)           Office:       307.685-0044   Fishtail, MT 59028           Home:            406.328.4352
     2205 Rose Creek Dr.            Cell:         307.660-4945              Email: marvin@bmcrministries.org
     Gillette, WY 82718
                Email: pastorgary@hpcchurch.com                  Schock, ken (Theresa)
                                                                 254 7th Ave SW               Home:            701.680.8901
     McMurrey, Charlie (Jackie) Office:           406.259.5648   valley City, ND 58072
     722 Dean Drive             Cell:             406.696.0695             Email: kntschock@hotmail.com
     Laurel, MT 59044           Home:             406.628-2886
                                                                 Smith, Jeff (Lori)
     Morgan, dan (Liz)            Office:         307.685.0044   4617 N 11th Street           Cell:            208.921.5939
     500 Clarion                  Cell:           307.299.1677   Tacoma, WA 98406             Home:            253.503.6475
     Gillette WY 82718            Home:           307.685.4424            Email: jmllsmith@hotmail.com
               Email: pastordan@hpcchurch.com
                                                                 Solheim, Allen (dorthy)
     Nymeyer, Brent (Paula)      Office:          406.663.2234   21 Alison Drive              Office:          406.328.4499
     Box 88                      Cell:            406.371.1151   Absarokee, MT 59001          Home:            406.322.3302
     Rapelje MT 59067            Home:            406.663.2264            Email: allensolheim@hotmail.com
              Email: brentnym@yahoo.com
                                                                 Stablein, Mike (Lois)
     Olson, Adrian (Cathy)                                       1801 E Girard Place #122     Home:            303.806.5446
     905 16th Avenue               Home:          701.256.3161   Englewood, CO 80113          Cell:            720.227.1648
                                                                           Email: denvermike@g.com
58                                                                                                                            59
     Streeter, Vern (Ramie)         Office:       406.259.5648   Anderson, Scott (kim)
     1637 Sagebrush                 Cell:         406.690.605    Box 50477                       Cell:    406.696.8301
     Billings, MT 59105             Home:         406.259.6799   Billings, MT 59105              Home:    406.347.5080

                                                                                                                     ELDERS WITHOUT ASSIGNMENT
                Email: vern@harvestweb.net                               Email: scott@agribestfeeds.com

     Strutz, Steve (Janice)           Cell:       406.839.4954   McGullion, dave (Renee)
     2324 Brentwood Lane              Office:     406.656.8747   1011 East Buchanan
     Billings, MT 59102               Home:       406.652.5320   Iola, Kansas 66749
                Email: steve@faithe.org
                                                                 Smith, Jeff (Lori)
     Summers, Sam (Connie)      Office:           406.922.0190   4617 N 11th St              Home:        253.503.6475
     4655 Cascade St.           Cell:             406.860.1434   Tacoma, WA 98406            Cell:        208.921.5939
     Bozeman, MT 59718          Home:             406.388.7611          Email: jmllsmith@hotmail.com
             Email: sam@journeyweb.net
                                                                 Stablein, Mike (Lois)
     Taber, Robert (Lois)          Cell:          515.371.1494   1801 E Girard Place, #122    Home:       303.806.5446
     Box 3955                      Home:          515.278.8885   Englewood, CO 80113          Cell:       720.227.1648
     Des Moines, IA 5032           Fax:           515.278.5708          Email: denvermike@g.com
              Email: bltaber@q.net
                                                                 Wickman, Ryan
     Weidlich, Tim (Amy)           Office:        406.259.5648   9320 Bothwell Circle        Cell:        503.990.9236
     291 Ashley Court E            Cell:          406.672.2109   Anchorage, AK 99502
     Billings, MT 59105            Home:          406.697.0974         Email: rywick@yahoo.com
                Email: tim@harvestweb.net

     Wickman, Ryan
     9320 Bothwell Circle       Cell:             503.990.9236
     Anchorage, AK 99502
             Email: rywick@yahoo.com

     youngs, Erin (Jennifer)        Office:       307.685.0044
     6501 Antelope valley St        Cell:         307.689.5335
     Gillette, WY 82718             Home:         307.685.8232
                Email: pastorerin@hpcchurch.com

60                                                                                                                                      61
                  Bremer, Sarah                              NARRATE        Oakland, Jon & Michele                    JOuRNEY
                  3043 Meadowlark Drive        Office:       406.422.1080   532 Little Wolf            Office:        406.922.0190
                  East Helena, MT 59635                                     Bozeman, MT 59715
                      Email:       sarah@narratechurch.org                      Email:      jon@journeyweb.net
                                                                                Email:      michele@journeyweb.net
                  dayley, Cody                               LIvING WATER
                  508 S. 31st St.             Office:        406.294.7250   Reynolds, kyle                            HARvEST
                  Billings, MT 59101          Cell:          406.672.4039   334 Nubias Place             Office:      406.259.5648
                       Email:      codydayley@mylivingwater.org             Billings, MT 59105           Cell:        406.697.0289
                                                                                 Email:      kyle@harvestweb.net
                  Hedge, Seth & Lisa                         JOuRNEY
                                                                            Schwahn, Bob & Carmen                     JOuRNEY

                  Herzog, Jamie                              JOuRNEY        1736 Fir Crest Ct.            Office:     406.259.5648
                  695 Doane Rd               Office:         406.922.0190   Bozeman, MT 59715
                  Bozeman, MT 59718                                            Email:          bob.schwahn@usmc.org
                      Email:     herzogsinmt@gmail.com
                                                                            Teske, Leo (Tiffaney)                     COLuMBuS
                  Hutch, Eric (Shari)                        HARvEST        409 Granite Peak Dr         Office:       406.322.5804
                  2213 Interlachen            Office:        406.259.5648   Columbus, MT 59019          Home:         406.322.8493
                  Billings, MT 59105          Cell:          406.208.5899       Email:       teske5@msn.com
                                              Home:          406.254.2212
                       Email:     eric@harvestweb.net                       Tommerup, Michael                         NARRATE
                                                                            100 1/2 Lamborn              Office:      406.422.1080
                  McComas, Matt & Jody                       JOuRNEY        Helena, MT                   Cell:        406.465.2434
                  858 Meagher #A            Office:          406.922.0190       Email: mike@narratechurch.org
                  Bozeman, MT 59715         Home:            406.581.4929
                      Email:     matt.mccomas@usmc.org                      Walker, Caleb                             JOuRNEY
                                                                            2685 Typha Ct. #3            Office:      406.922.0190
                  McGrail, doug                              HARvEST        Bozeman, MT 59718            Cell:        406.570.1878
                  1245 Miles Ave              Office:        406.259.5648      Email:        caleb@journeyweb.net
                  Billings, MT 59102          Home:          406.252.3977
                                              Cell:          406.259.2338   West, Matt & Sarah                        JOuRNEY
                       Email:     dougmcgrail@yahoo.com                     3327 N 27th #16            Office:        406.922.0190
                                                                            Bozeman, MT 59718
                  Merrick, Sam                               HARvEST           Email:       mjwest@imt.net
                  1219 Cottonwood Blvd       Office:         406.259.5648
                  Billings, MT 59105         Cell:           406.598.5760   zeller, Liz                               HARvEST
                                             Home:           406.656.6380   2240 Elsa Dr                 Office:      406.259.5648
                       Email:     sam@harvestweb.net                        Billings, MT 59106           Cell:        406.690.4434
                                                                                 Email:      liz@harvestweb.net

62                                                                                                                                   63
                                                                                 Powell, Tyler                  JOuRNEY
                   Beck, ken (Teresa)           HOPE                             3327 N. 27th Ave, #15
                   2220 Beloit Dr               Office:          406.652.7726    Bozeman, MT 59718              Cell:        406.600.9313
                   Billings, MT 59102           Cell:            406.208.6493                      Email: tyler@BizWorksMT.com
                                    Email: ken@hopeweb.cc
                                                                                 Reynolds, kyle               HARvEST
                   Eckhardt, Lenny              NARRATE                          Billings, MT                 Office:        406.259.5648
                   1502 Concord Road            Cell:         406.459.7477                                    Cell:          406.697.0289
                   Helena, MT 59624             Office:       406.422.1080                        Email: kyle@harvestweb.net
                                   Email: lenny@narratechurch.org
                                                                                 Thomas, Levi                   GILLETTE
                   Fournier, keith               BROADvIEW                       10560 B. Hwy 59 S

                   2535 Gardiner Street                                          Gillette, WY 82718             Cell:         307.689.9784
                   Billings, MT 59101            Cell:          406.697.0625                      Email: levi.thomas@studentinwes.edu
                                    Email: k4nier@4nierfamily.net
                                                                                 Twigg, keith                  HARvEST
                   Guerrero, JJ (Randi)           HARvEST                        784 Asteroid Avenue           Home:          949.616.4681
                   13 Walnut Grove Dr             Office:        406.259.5648    Billings, MT 59105            Cell:          307.272.8870
                   Billings, MT 59102             Home:          406.534.1502                     Email: keith@harvestweb.net
                   Hazelet, Andrew (Aubrey) ELEMENT                              Walker, Caleb                 JOuRNEY
                   3156 Greenvalley Road                                         2685 Typha Ct. #3             Office:       406.922.0190
                   Cheyenne, WY 82001           Cell:         307.220.2474       Bozeman, MT 59718             Cell:         406.570.1878
                                    Email: andy@elementweb.net                                    Email: caleb@journeyweb.net
                   Johnson, Rob (Robin)         FAITH                            zerby, Coney                  ABSAROKEE
                   2827 Dumbarton Road          Office:          406.656.8747    c/o Absarokee Evangelical     Cell:         406.679.0993
                   Billings, MT 59101           Cell:            406.861.5299    Box 678, Absarokee, MT 59001
                                    Email: rob@faithe.org                                         Email: coneyzerbe@hotmail.com
                   Masser, Clay                   CIRCLE                         zigweid, kyle                 FAITH
                   PO Box 108                                                    924 Cook Avenue               Office:       406.656.8747
                   Circle, MT 59215                Office:        406.485.2175   Billings, MT 59102            Cell:         406.697.1277
                                      Email: clmassar@midrivers.com                               Email: ziggy@faithe.org
                   Panten, Jim (darla)           JOuRNEY
                   905 Saxon Way, #B
                   Bozeman, MT 59718             Cell:         406.581.4386
                                    Email: dpanten@bresnan.net

64                                                                                                                                           65
           Dekker, John & Helen      Partners International              Garrison, Mitch (Sarah)
           Glasgow                   7316 Hinton Drive                   2168 Aztec Lane             Cell: 612.306.4376
                                     Mansfield TX 76063                  Mendota Heights, MN 55120
                                     email: tolibaga@montrose.net               Email: mitchgarrison@hotmail.com

           Frank, Jesse & Doris      Janz Team Ministries
           Glasgow                   Black Forest Academy                Probationers Under The Superintendent
                                     Postfach 1109
                                     7843 Kandern 1, Germany

           Henrich, Oswald & Kathy   OMS International                   Ames, Michael (Jennifer)
           Rudyard                   970 Erny Drive                      4 Hillside Lane               Work:          307.673.1060
                                     Greenwood, IN 46142                 Sheridan, WY 82801            Cell:          307.751.9324
                                                                                  Email: michael@verticalchurch.net
           Hochhalter, Willard & Joan OMS International
           Great Falls                Every Community for Christ         Baker, Ben (Nichole)
                                      12305 Meadow Lane                  505 N Sargent               Cell:            406.989.0193
                                      Louisville, KY 40243               Glendive, MT 59330          Home:            406.365.5355
                                      Email: willieho@insightbb.com             Email: nyetilive@yahoo.com
           Madsen, Les & Ruth
                                      21248 Evergreen Cr                 Buller, kris (Jess)
                                      Mt. Dora, FL 32757                 594 Rd 512                     Office:       406.377.4202
                                                                         Savage, MT 59262               Home:         406.583.7732


           Neff, Margaret            OMS International                           Email: pastorkrisbuller@gmail.com
           Plentywood                Apdo 59 Admon 1, Cd
                                     Lopez Mateos 52901                  Burgin, George (Selena)
                                     Atizapan de Zaragoza 52901          933 Constitution Ave        Office:          406.259.5648
                                     Edo De Mexico, MExICO               Billings, MT 59105          Cell:            406.598.4616
                                                                                                     Home:            406.248.3267
                                     uSA: PO Box A                              Email: george@harvestweb.net
                                     Greenwood, IN 46142
                                     Email: margaretneff@omsmexico.org   dayley, Cody (kaitlyn)
                                                                         508 S. 31st St.               Office:       406.294.7250
           Prichard, Jay & Barbara   Navigators                          Billings, MT 59101            Cell:         406.672.4039
           Billings Faith            1834 Iris Lane                              Email: codydayley@mylivingwater.org
                                     Billings, MT 59102
                                     Email: jayprichard@hotmail.com      dayton, Roger (Jessica)
                                                                         2707 Howard Ave               Office:        406.656.8747
           Taber, Robert & Lois      OMS International                   Billings, MT 59102            Cell:          406.671.4971
                                     Box 3955                                                          Home:          406.839.4494
                                     Des Moines, IA 50322                         Email: roger@faithe.org
                                     Email: bltaber@q.net
66                                                                                                                                        67
     Fournier, Glenn (April)                                         Shannon, Travis (Sarah)
     2535 Gardener                        Cell:       406.794.6557   2205 Rosecreek                        Office:   307.685.0044
     Billings, MT 59101                   Home:       406.698.7238   Gillette, WY 82718                    Cell:     307.660.1387
              Email: pastor@thebroadviewchurch.org                            Email: pastortravis@hpcchurch.com

     Hansen, Paul (Abbie)                                            Sougstad, Taid (Elissa)
     2405 Poly Drive                        Office:   406.656.8747   2150 Burnstead Ave, Apt 21
     Billings, MT 59102                     Cell:     406.670.1529   Billings, MT 59101                    Cell:     406.698.9059
              Email: paul@faithe.org
                                                                     Stambaugh, Michael (Liz)
     Hopkins, Brian (dana)              Office:       406.922.0190   PO Box 681                         Office:      406.932.5637
     515 Sanders Avenue                 Cell:         406.690.3545   Big Timber, MT 59011               Home:        406.930.2190
     Bozeman, MT 59718                  Home:         406.522.8787          Email: michael@bigtimberchurch.com
            Email: brian@journeyweb.net
                                                                     Switzer, Jon (karen)
     Huschka, Adam (Theresa)                                                Email: jonswitzer@ymail.com
     660 North Warren Street             Office:      406.422.1080
     Helena, MT 59601                    Cell:        406.465.5869   Workman, Robert (Cory)
             Email: adam@narratechurch.org                           2473 East Ridge Dr                    Cell:     406.690.9538
                                                                     Billings, MT 59102                    Home:     406.534.2117
     Maxwell, Willy (Shay)                                                    Email: robcor@bresnan.net
     1746 Maurine St                        Cell:     406.839.8350
     Billings, MT 59105                     Home:     406.839.5194
              Email: willy@harvestweb.net

     Nau, Jay (Jill)
     4464 Copeland Look, #202
     Littleton, CO 80126                    Cell:     702.883.6387
             Email: jnau77@gmail.com

     O’Connor, Jim (Linda)
     402 Little Street                   Office:      406.377.4202
     Glendive, MT 59330                  Home:        406.377.2871
             Email: lindao@midrivers.com

     Runner, Seth (Virginia)
     939 4th Avenue N                  Office:        406.228.2755
     Glasgow, MT 59230                 Home:          406.228.2753
             Email: seth@glasgowec.com

68                                                                                                                                  69
                                                                   Barnard, Warren (donna)

                                                                                                                              SPECIAL MINISTRY ASSIGNMENTS
             Maatta, John (Ruth)
             Box 302                    Home:       406.759.5262   BMCR CAMP
             Chester, MT 59522                                     63 Trinity Trail            Office:          406.328.6825
                    Email: jrmaatta@mtintouch.net                  Fishtail, MT 59028          Home:            406.328.4100
                                                                            Email: wdbarnard@bmcrministries.org
             Otteson, J. Leslie (Adeline)
             3 Yerger Road                Home:     406.328.4771   dabner, Jack (Mary)
             Absarokee, MT 59001                                   President of Illustra Media/
                     Email: 2jloamo@nemont.net                     President of California Pacific School of Theology
                                                                   2803 Silva Street                 Home:         213.630.2687
             Petersen, George (Sharon)                             Lakewood, CA 90712                Cell:         310.874.4646
             3135 Georgina Drive          Home:     406.656.8655           Email: desmondin@aol.com
             Billings, MT 59102
                                                                   daniels, Bill (Lauren)
             Schmierer, Alvin (Violet)                             ALASKA CAMP
             13468 - 326th Avenue         Home:     605.285.6439   3295 Granger Ave E, #12        Cell:          406.661.3635
             Bowdle, SD 57428                                      Billings, MT 59102

             Strutz, Robert (Theo)                                 davies, Scott (deborah)
             916 Calico                   Cell:     406.591.6287   BEARTOOTH PASTORAL COuNSELING SERvICE
             Billings, MT 59105           Home:     406.256.5152   PO Box 257                    Office:     406.328.4499
                      Email: bobntheo@imt.net                      Absarokee, MT 59001           Cell:       406.321.1092

                                                                                                 Home:       406.328.7293
             Strutz, Roland (Bette)                                               Email: daviesranch@montana.net
             6333 43rd St SW                Cell:   406.899.4657
             Great Falls, MT 59404          Home:   406.453.4214   dreiske, Mike (Tammy)
                     Email: rolstrutz@aol.com                      BMCR CAMP
                                                                   65 Trinity Trail             Office:          406.328.6825
             Swift, kent (Joanne)                                  Fishtail, MT 59028           Home:            406.328.7385
             1232 St Johns                Home:     406.248.3588            Email: dreiske@bmcrministries.org
             Billings, MT 59102
                                                                   Edwards, Brandon (Stephanie)
             Wooton, Robert (Sharon)                               JOuRNEY CHuRCH             Office:            406.922.0190
             1213 Steffanich Drive        Home:     406.896.1029   738 #A Forest Glen Dr      Cell:              406.672.1622
             Billings, MT 59105                                    Bozeman, MT 59718          Home:              406.522.0552
                                                                          Email: brandon@journeyweb.net

                                                                   Elley, Jeramy (Laura)
                                                                   BMCR CAMP
                                                                   130 Trinity Trail            Office:          406.328.6825
                                                                   Fishtail, MT 59028           Home:            406.328.6825
                                                                            Email: elley@bmcrministries.org
70                                                                                                                                                   71
   Frank, Eddie (Jane)                                    Olson, Adrian (Cathy)
   HARvEST CHuRCH                Office:   406.259.5648   RuRAL MINISTRIES
   1816 Avenue C                 Cell:     406.698.6643   905 16th Avenue             Cell:             701.370.0622
   Billings, MT 59102            Home:     406.248.9379   Langdon, ND 58249           Home:             701.256.3161
            Email: eddie@harvestweb.net                          Email: adriano@dvl.midco.net

   Gammill, Mike (Mary)                                   Prichard, Jay (Barbara)
   FOuNDRY uMC                                            NAvIGATORS
   13023 Timberland Trace    Office:       713.937.9388   1834 Iris Lane                Cell:           406.661.6108
   Houston, Tx 77065         Home:         281.955.0229   Billings, MT 59102            Home:           406.248.1875
          Email: mmgammill@sbcglobal.net                           Email: jayprichard@hotmail.com

   Harriman, david (karol)                                Richards, Sara (Chad)
   HARRIMAN MINISTRIES                                    HARvEST CHuRCH                Office:         406.259.5648
   PO Box 1083              Cell:          602.692.9890   2701 Mast Circle              Cell:           406.672.0741
   Mandon, ND 58554                                       Billings, MT 59105            Home:           406.245.0576
         Email: dkhariman@gmail.com                                Email: sararichards@harvestweb.net

   Hutch, Eric (Shari)                                    Schieldt, Marvin (Alison)
   HARvEST CHuRCH                Office:   406.259.5648   BMCR CAMP                   Office:           406.328.6825
   2213 Interlachen Dr.          Cell:     406.208.5899   62 Trinity Trail            Cell:             406.780.1196
   Billings, MT 59105            Home:     406.254.2212   Fishtail, MT 59028          Home:             406.328.4352
            Email: eric@harvestweb.net                             Email: marvin@bmcrministries.org

   Hutchins, Greg (Barb)                                  Schock, ken (Theresa)
   YWAM                                                   CHAPLAINCY
   PO Box 70                                              254 7th Ave SW              Phone:            701-845-8787
   Ban Du, Chiang Rai 57100                               valley City, ND 58072
   Thailand                                                       Email: kntschock@hotmail.com
          Email: gregbarb@gmail.com
                                                          Solheim, Allen (dorthy)
   McMurrey, Charlie (Jackie)                             PRESIDENT ABC COLLEGE
   COMMuNITY LEADERSHIP DEvELOPMENT INC                   21 Alison Drive              Office:          406.328.4499
   109 1/2 S. 32nd Street     Office: 406.256.3002        Absarokee, MT 59001          Home:            406.322.3302
   PO Box 3381                Home:   406.651.4988                Email: allensolheim@hotmail.com
   Billings, MT 59103         Cell:   406.696.0695
                                                          Stastny, kerry
   Nelson, Fred (Joan)                                    SHILOH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
   COuNSELING CENTER                                      1413 East Avenue F   Office:                  701.221.2104
   3072 Hunters Ridge Loop       Office:   406.259.6328   Bismarck, ND 58501   Home:                    701.250.9341
   Billings, MT 59106            Home:     406.656.9759
72          Email: fnelson@bresnan.net                                                                                 73
     Taber, Robert (Lois)
     OMS INTERNATIONAL           Cell:                  515.371.1494
     Box 3955                    Home:                  515.278.8885
     Des Moines, IA 50322        Fax:                   515.278.5708           EASTERN dISTRICT
            Email: bltaber@q.net
                                                                                 Jim Skillestad - 2009
                                                                                 503 S Pearson             Cell:         406.939.2470
                 BILLINGS                                                        Glendive, MT 59330        Home:         406.377.3809
                 Johnson, Marc (denice)      Office:            406.652.7726     596 Rd 211                Fax:          406.584.7463
                 4380 Ridgewood Lane S       Cell:              406.855.1956     Lindsay, MT 59339
                 Billings MT 59106           Home:              406.652.4332                  Email: jpskilly@midrivers.com
                           Email: marc@hopeweb.cc

                 EASTERN                                                       dAkOTA dISTRICT

                 Ashbaucher, Jay (Connie)
                 927 valley view              Cell:             406.263.7846     Glenn Ewert - 2011
                 Glasgow MT 59230             Home:             406.228.4846     Route 1, Box 23A        Home:       701.256.3657
                          Email: jay@glasgowec.com                               Langdon, ND 58249
                 NORTH dAkOTA
                                                                                             Email: glnewert@utma.com
                 Erbele, J. dale
                 121 Florence St. S, Box 188    Cell:           406.670.9738
                 Streeter, ND 58483                                            NORTHWEST dISTRICT
                            Email: jdale@westconf.net
                                                                                 Joe Lincoln - 2010
                 NORTHWEST                                                       Box 177                 Home:      406.355.4140

                                                                                                                                    LAY LEADERS
                 Long, derry (Marlyce)                                           Rudyard, MT 59540
                 83 Cedarwood Cir            Office:            406.922.0190                 Email: ldiamond@mtintouch.net
                 Bozeman, MT 59718           Cell:              503.758.4741
                         Email: derry@journeyweb.net
                                                                               yELLOWSTONE dISTRICT
                 Nymeyer, Brent (Paula)       Office:           406.663.2234
                 Box 88                       Cell:             406.371.1151
                                                                                 Andy Seitz - 2009
                 Rapelje MT 59067             Home:             406.663.2264     147 School House Road Home:           406.252.2732
                           Email: brentnym@yahoo.com                             Broadview, MT 59015
                 WyOMING                                                                     Email: ahseitz@imt.net
                 Morgan, dan (Liz)            Office:           307.685.0044
                 500 Clarion                  Cell:             307.299.1677
                 Gillette WY 82718            Home:             307.685.4424
                           Email: pastordan@hpcchurch.com
74                                                                                                                                          75
                                                   Leonard dailey - 2010         Fax:           406.254.0875

               LOCkWOOd                            1202 Yale Avenue              Cell:          406.860.8568
                                                   Billings, MT 59102            Home:          406.256.9763
                    dr. Jack dabner (Mary)                  Email: eirealap@qwestoffice.net
                    2803 Silva Street
                    Lakewood, CA 90712             Irvin Haidle - 2010
                    Office: 562.633.1777           HCR 76, Box 157              Cell:           406.853.2900
                    Cell: 310.874.4646             Fallon, MT 59326             Fax:            406.486.5612
                    Home: 213.630.2687                     Email: ihaidle@midrivers.com
                    Email: desmondin@aol.com
                                                   Jay Forseth - 2008             Office:       406.322.5804
                                                   417 W 5th Avenue N             Cell:         406.321.4087
                                                   Columbus, MT 59019             Home:         406.322.8462
               BISMARCk                                    Email: jay@forseth.org
                     kerry Stastny
                     1413 East Avenue F            Bob Conover - 2009
                                                   Box 387                     Office:          406.326.2263
                     Bismarck, ND 58501            Reed Point, MT 59069        Home:            406.326.2450
                     Home: 701.250.9341                   Email: sheepdog@ttc-cmc.net

                                                   don Smith - 2009
                                                   HCR1, Box 47             Cell:               701.370.1780
               CRySTAL SPRINGS                     Osnabrock, ND 58269      Home:               701.256.5933
                     Clayton Scheaffer (Teresa)          Email: dmsmith@utma.com

                     RR1, Box 43
                     Buchanan, ND 58420
                     Home: 701.252.4251            Friebel, Emilia
                     Cell: 701.320.2699            12328 14th Avenue E
                                                   Bradenton, FL 34202
                     Email: foothills@daktel.com
                                                   Gackle, Elaine

                                                   1629 George Washington Way , Rm 316
                                                   Richland, WA 99352           Home:           509.942.0115
                    Lundberg, Arlen (Cindy)        kienitz, Bethel
                    10 Carlin Drive                2536 Howard                    Home:          406.652.8502
                    Lincoln, ND 58504-9143         Billings, MT 59102             Email: dbkienitz@juno.com
                    Cell: 701.202.7809
                    Email: allx006@juno.com        Speakman, Lavonne
                                                   16902 Lake Tree Drive
                                                   Yorba Linda, CA 92886          Email: lalee4@juno.com
76                                                                                                                  77
           LAy MEMBERS (To Annual Conference)                                                                        CONFERENCE COUNCIL
     Absarokee                          Stacey Vorhes Jr.               1193 A Nye Road
                                                                        Fishtail, MT 59028                            Superintendent         Stephen Strutz
     Beach                              None                                                                          Conf. Chairman         Jay Forseth
     Big Timber                         None
     Billings Faith                     None                                                                          Secretary              Robert Canen
     Billings Harvest                   None                                                                          Historian              Robert Strutz
     Billings Hope                      None                                                                          Statistician           (under Supr.)
     Billings Living Water              Todd Hunt                       4220 State Ave #4
                                                                        Billings, MT 59101
     Bismarck                           None
     Bozeman                            Chris Townley                   29 Ferguson Ave #1                     TRUSTEES:
                                                                        Bozeman, MT 59718                           Stephen Strutz, Director
     Broadview                          Arthur Reintsma                 147 School House Rd                         Leonard Dailey, Chairman
                                                                        Broadview, MT 59015                         Jay Forseth, Secretary
     Cheyenne                           None                                                                        Don Smith
     Circle                             None                                                                        Bob Conover
     Columbus                           Ivan Nisley                     406 Stillwater Dr
                                                                        Columbus, MT 59019                          Irvin Haidle
     Crystal Springs                    Rick Mittleider                 4190 40th Ave SE
                                                                        Tappen, ND 58487
     Fallon                             Melvin Gaub                     913 Road 248                           dIRECTORS OF:
                                                                        Glendive, MT 59330                          Camping                  Marvin Schieldt
     Gillette                           Bill Howey                      111 E. 2nd St.
                                                                        Gillette, WY 82716                          Christian Ed.            Steve Hamilton
                                        Lori Matheny                    111 E. 2nd St.                              Church Extension         J. Dale Erbele
                                                                        Gillette, WY 82716                          Church Health            Cory Engel
     Glasgow                            Doyle Euell                     1003 4th Ave No.                            Outreach                 George Burgin
                                                                        Glasgow, MT 59230                           Missions                 Butch Hart
     Glendive                           Mitch Senner                    431 Rd 518                                  Ministry                 Allen Solheim
                                                                        Bloomfield, MT 59315
     Great Falls                        None                                                                        Prayer Life              Loren Eder
     Harlem                             None                                                                        Stewardship Finance      Irvin Haidle
     Langdon                            None                                                                        Student Ministry         Paul Hansen
     Melstone                           Todd Spear                      Box 142                                     Women’s Ministry         (under Supr.)
                                                                        Melstone, MT 59054
     Missoula                           KJ Keogh                        1919 North Avenue W
                                                                        Missoula, MT 59801                     Chairman of Superintendent Relations Committee - Jay Forseth
                                        Leon Young                      1919 North Avenue W
                                                                        Missoula, MT 59801
     Narrate                            None                                                                   LAy LEAdERS:
     Rapelje                            Rich Swartz                     205 Brinkel Rd                               Jim Skillestad
                                                                        Broadview, MT 59015                          Andy Seiitz
     Reed Point                         Bryan Hahn                      28 S Yellowstone Stage Trl
                                                                        Reed Point, MT 59069                         Joe Lincoln
     Rudyard                            None                                                                         Glenn Ewert
     Sheridan                           None
     Absent: Beach, Big Timber, Billings Faith, Billings Harvest, Billings Hope, Bismarck, Cheyenne, Circle,
     Great Falls, Harlem, Langdon, Narrate, Rudyard, Sheridan.                                                                                                                79
     CABINET                                                                    Allen Solheim, Director (2010); Supt. Steve Strutz (2011); Sam
     Supt. Stephen Strutz, Jay Forseth-Conference Chairman, Robert Canen        Summers (2011); Jay Ashbaucher (2011); Robert Conover (2011);
     - Secretary, Lay Leaders: Jim Skillestad, Glenn Ewert, Andy Seitz, Joe     Dan Morgan (2011); Robert Canen (2010); Derry Long (2011); Tim
     Lincoln                                                                    Weidlich (2011)

     LAy LEAdERS (4 year term)                                                  MISSIONS, Board of
           Jim Skillestad (2009)    - Eastern Montana District                  Butch Hart, Director (2011); Jay Ashbaucher (2011), Allen Solheim
           Glenn Ewert (2011)       - Dakota District                           (2011); John Campbell (2011); Esther Schlichting (2010); Todd Spear
           Andy Seitz (2009)        - Yellowstone District                      (2010); Byron Dealey (2010)
           Joe Lincoln (2010)       - Northwest District
                                                                                OUTREACH, Board of
     BOARd OF TRUSTEES (3-year term)                                            George Burgin, Director (2010); Bryan Baker (2010); Andy Seitz (2011);
     Leonard Dailey, Chairman (2010); Robert Conover (2012); Don Smith          Jim O’Connor (2011); Rob Johnson (2011); Doug Ensign (2011)
     (2012); Irvin Haidle (2010); Jay Forseth (2011); Robert Conover
     (2012)                                                                     PRAyER LIFE, Board of
                                                                                Loren Eder, Director (2011); Mark Carson (2011); Don Hardesty (2011);
     JUdICIAL COMMIttEE                                                         Robert Strutz (2010); Scott Anderson (2010), Rod Griffin (2011); Clay
     Robert Conover (2014); Robert Strutz (2011); Jay Ashbaucher (2012);        Massar (2013); Doyle Euell (2013); Jude Fernandes (2013)
     Allen Solheim (2013); J. Dale Erbele (2014)
                                                                                STEWARdSHIP & FINANCE, Board of
     CHRISTIAN EdUCATION, Board of                                              Irvin Haidle, Director (2010); Don Smith (2011); Jim Skillestad (2011);
     Steve Hamilton, Director (2012); Brent Nymeyer (2010), Kim Baker           Jay Forseth (2011); Jack Runner (2010); Loren Soft (2010); Conference
     (2013), Sara Richards (2013), Chris Caldwell (2013); Dan Nefzger           Financial People
                                                                                STUdENT MINISTRy, Board of
     CHURCH ExTENSION, Board of                                                 Paul Hansen, Director (2010); Kyle Reynolds (2010); Ken Beck (2011);
     J. Dale Erbele, Director (2012); Roland Strutz (2011); Don Smith (2010);   Seth Runner (2011); Michael Stambaugh (2010); Travis Shannon
     vern Streeter (2010); Brian Hopkins (2010); Jeff Maness (2011); (Willy     (2010); Caleb Walker (2011)
     Maxwell (2010);
                                                                                WOMEN’S MINISTRy, Board of
     CHURCH HEALTH, Board of                                                    Marge Forum, Secretary (2010); Esther Schlichting (2010); Karen Tyra
     Cory Engel, Director (2011); Marc Johnson (2011); Erin Youngs              (2010); Rhonda Olson (Ad Hoc); Jan Hardesty (2013)
     (2013); Glen Fournier (2013); Andy Seitz (2013); Bryan Baker (2013);
     Fred Rodda (2013); Robert Canen (2013); Tim Roehl - Denominational         CONFERENCE SUPERINTENdENT RELATIONS COMMIttEE
     Consultant                                                                 Supt. Steve Strutz; Jay Forseth (2010), Chairman Jim Skillestad (2013);
                                                                                Andy Seitz (2013); Allen Solheim (2013); Glenn Ewert (2011); Joe
     MINISTRy, Board of                                                         Lincoln (2010)
80                                                                                                                                                        81
                                                                                             ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                                                                             STANdING MINISTRIES
     Brent Nymeyer, Chairman (2013); Loren Eder (2011); Ivan Nisley
     (2011); Jay Thom (2010); Jeff Kanning (2010); Julie Rodda (2013); Jack
                                                                              The Conference Council of Administration
     Runner (2010); Doug Parker (2011); Marvin Schieldt (Ex. Dir. BMCR):
     Mike Dreiske (Camp Dir. BMCR)                                            AUdIT
                                                                              The Conference Council of Administration
     Curtis Dikoff, Marilyn Dikoff, Calvin McAfee, Rick Mittleider, Marlowe   CAMPING, MINISTRy of
     Schlecht, Tammy Schlect, Don Smith, Maureen Smith, Arnold Monger,        Marvin Schieldt (Dir.), Mike Dreiske, Clay Dubovoy, Rich Swartz, Joy
     Lavonne Monge, Robin Bauer, vickie Sedivic, Jeff Smith, Luke Pfaff,      Faul, Julie Rodda
     Logan Rogers, Marvin Schieldt
                                                                              CHRISTIAN EdUCATION, MINISTRy of
                                                                              Stephen Hamilton, Brent Nymeyer, Dan Nefzger, Glenn Ewert, Derek
     HISTORICAL SOCIETy                                                       Mowery, Todd Hunt, Mike Tommerup, Stacey vorhes, and Chris
     Robert Strutz (2011)                                                     Caldwell.

     COURT OF APPEALS                                                         CHURCH ExTENSION, MINISTRy of
     The Conference Cabinet
                                                                              CHURCH HEALTH, MINISTRy of
     dENOMINATIONAL OFFICERS                                                  Marc Johnson, Erin Youngs, Glen Fournier, Andy Seitz, Bryan Baker, Fred
     Discipline Commission: Supt. Steve Strutz, Bryan Baker (2010)            Rodda, Robert Canen. Guest, Tim Roehl. (Cory Engel absent due to the
                                                                              upcoming birth of their 3rd child.)
                            Loren Soft (2010)
     Executive Council      Jay Forseth (2010)                                MISSIONS, MINISTRy of
     Trustees               Joe Lincoln (2010)                                Butch Hart, Jay Ashbaucher, Todd Spear, Esther Schlichting, Allen
     General Church Council Supt. Steve Strutz (2010);                        Solheim, (Supt. Dale in and out). (Absent: John Campbell, Byron
                            Jay Forseth, Loren Soft (2010), Irvin             Dealey)
                            Haidle, Richard Wiens
     Board of Missions      Supt. Steve Strutz; Irv Haidle (2010),            PRAyER, MINISTRy of
                            Butch Hart (2010)                                 Bob Strutz (2010), Don Hardesty (2011), Loren Eder (2011 – Chair).
                                                                              visitors present: Clay Massar, Doyle Euell, Jan Hardesty, Bryan Hahn,
                                                                              Jude Fernandes, and Dwight Engel. Members not present: Scott Anderson
                                                                              (2010), Mark Carson (2012), Rod Griffith (2012)

                                                                              RESOLUTIONS, MINISTRy of

                                                                              STEWARdSHIP & FINANCE, MINISTRy of

82                                                                                                                                                      83
     STUdENT MINISTRy, MINISTRy of                                                             BIRTHdAyS & ANNIVERSARIES
     Seth Runner, Jeramy Elly, Josh Como, Michael Stambaugh, Travis
     Shannon, Paul Hansen, Kris Buller, Roger Dayton, Andy Hazelet, Jon
     Switzer, Chris Townley, Ken Beck, Cody Deyley, Kaitlyn Dayley             Michael Ames
                                                                               Jennifer Ames

                                                                               Scott Anderson        4/2     Kasey             September 22, 1992
     SUPERINTENdENT RELATIONS COMMIttEE                                        Kim Anderson          11/28   Logan             November 12, 1995
     Glenn Ewert, Allen Solheim, Jay Forseth, Superintendent Steve Strutz      April 28, 1990
     and Andy Seitz.                                                           Jay Ashbaucher        3/6     Tamela            November 29, 1971
                                                                               Connie Ashbaucher     1/27    Andrew            December 20, 1974
     TRUSTEES                                                                  September 14, 1968
     Chair Leonard Dailey (via phone), Irv Haidle, Jay Forseth, Bob Conover,   Ben Baker             1/31    Shem Benjamin     October 11, 2004
     Don Smith and Superintendent Steve Strutz.                                Nichole Baker         11/23
                                                                               July 31, 1999

     TELLERS, MINISTRy of                                                      Bryan Baker           9/10    Caleb             December 12, 2001
                                                                               Kim Baker             5/13    Levi              November 6, 2003
                                                                               September 27, 1997
                                                                               Warren Barnard        4/21    Amber             May 10, 1987
                                                                               Donna Barnard         5/12    Chelsy            May 27, 1990
     TREASURERS                                                                June 12, 1982                 Brittany          April 23, 1993
     Western Conference Ministries; Student Aid Offering; Special Gifts send   ken Beck              1/10    Colter            January 20, 1997
     to:                                                                       Teresa Beck           4/23    Joshua            February 2, 2005
                  Western Conference Office                                    August 6, 1993
                  3145 Sweetwater Drive                                        Sarah Bremer
                  Billings, MT 59102                                           kris Buller           7/25    Ivan              April 28, 1999
                  Email: karen@faithe.org                                      Jess Buller           11/10   Anna              November 24, 2000
                  Phone: 406.252.9547                                          May 1, 1999                   Micha             August 21, 2002

                                                                               George Burgin         4/28    Jared             March 31, 1992
                   Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch                          Selena Burgin         11/1    Austin            February 26, 1993

                   Marvin Schieldt                                             February 2, 1991

                   130 Trinity Trail                                           Robert Canen          2/17    Aaron             August 12, 1992

                   Fishtail, MT 59028                                          Keylee Canen          1/11    Alexander         April 25, 1995
                                                                               July 14, 1989                 Addie             August 26, 1999

                                                                               Robert Conover        9/24    Sara Elizabeth    October 21, 1978
                   Mt. Carmel Camp                                             Ann Conover           3/29    Michael Robert    June 6, 1980
                   Don Smith                                                   September 11, 1976            Matthew Stephen   June 20, 1983
                   HCR1, Box 47                                                Jack dabner           1/29    Donald Duane      October 28, 1951
                   Osnabrock, ND 58269                                         Mary Dabner           9/11    Timothy Carl      September 9, 1952
                                                                               September 8, 1950             Richard Dana      May 18, 1957
                                                                                                             Jayne Marie       August 3, 1961

                                                                               Bill daniels          1/22    Holly             February 20, 1983
                                                                               Lauren Daniels        5/13    Kenny             March 26, 1985
                                                                               December 20, 1980             Mike              May 14, 1987
                                                                                                             Larry             December 15, 1988
                                                                                                             Bridgett          January 6, 2002

84                                                                                                                                                  85
     Scott davies        12/26   Naomi        July 25, 1976        Eddie Frank         3/2     Allison       July 13, 2003
     Debora Davies       2/14    Joanna       November 14, 1977    Jane Frank          1/28    Tait          July 24, 2004
     July 20, 1974               Sharon       July 19, 1980        December 31, 1993
                                 Bethany      June 21, 1982        Elaine Gackle       1/12    Linda Black   August 5, 1951
     Cody dayley         7/30                                                                  Sarah Manke   September 4, 1954
     Kaitlyn Dayley                                                                            Marcia        May 29, 1958
                                                                                               Philip        December 30, 1965
     Roger dayton        3/8
     Jessica Dayton      12/15                                     Mike Gammill        5/25    Adele         May 29, 2002
     August 22, 2008                                               Mary Gammill        5/21    Elizabeth     February 21, 2005
                                                                   May 9, 1998
     Byron dealey        3/13    Jonathan     July 3, 1975
     Marsha Dealey       5/17    Joseph       April 24, 1987       Mitch Garrison      8/14
     June 22, 1968               JoAnna       May 28, 1991         Sarah Garrison      9/22
                                                                   June 29, 2002
     Mike dreiske        6/15    Mariah       December 31, 2001
     Tammy Dreiske       5/16    Melissa      March 13, 2003       Benjamin Gonzales
     July 22, 2000               Morgan       June 24, 2004        Theo Gonzales
                                 James        October 24, 2005     Rod Griffin         5/27
     Lenny Eckhardt                                                Karen Griffin       12/23
                                                                   July 3, 2004
     Loren Eder          5/1     Melissa      January 9, 1993
     Michelle Eder       1/27    Emily        May 17, 1995         JJ Guerrero
     October 21, 1989                                              Randi Guererro

     Brandon Edwards     1/6                                       Steve Hamilton      8/22    Chelsea Ann   March 3, 1981
     Stephanie Edwards   11/27                                     Judy Hamilton       6/23    Caleb Glenn   May 14, 1992
     March 18, 2005                                                January 10, 1976

     Jeramy Elley        5/21    Josie        September 19, 2007   Paul Hansen         1/25    Zoe Selah’    May 7, 2009
     Laura Elley         12/6                                      Abbie Hansen        9/6
     September 2007                                                May 21, 2005

     Cory Engel          2/8     Kaleb Dean   February 9 ,2005     Ron Hanson          5/9     Peter         October 10, 1991
     Tosha Engel         3/8                                       Kim Hanson          7/22    Larissa       July 31, 1993
     April 20, 2002                                                December 27, 1987           Andrew        October 13, 1999

     dwight Engel        7/21    Cory Dean    February 8, 1975     Don Hardesty        1/16
     Carol Engel         12/15   Stacy Jean   October 10, 1976     Jan Hardesty        3/28
     November 4, 1974                                              June 21, 1993

     J. dale Erbele      6/30    Kendra       May 26, 1968         David Harriman      9/13    Peter         July 8, 1973
                                 Korissa      January 18, 1970     Karol Harriman      10/31   Paul          September 9, 1977
                                 Korinda      November 11, 1971    August 26, 1970
                                 John         October 10, 1973     Butch Hart
     Jay Forseth         7/2     Sarah        September 5, 1996    Sheila Hart
     Lisa Forseth        1/19    Josiah       August 9, 1999       Andrew Hazelet
     July 7, 1990                                                  Aubrey Hazelet
     Glenn Fournier      10/21   Keith        October 15, 1987     Seth Hedge
     April Fournier      4/14                                      Lisa Hedge
     March 18, 1978
                                                                   Gery Helsby         4/30    Lisa          March 12, 1971
     keith Fournier                                                virginia Helsby     2/28    David         March 6, 1075
                                                                   March 1, 2001

86                                                                                                                               87
     Jamie Herzog        6/29                                            July 2, 1994               Jonathan Edwards   July 28, 2004

     Daniel              2/26                                                                       Phinehas           February 18, 2005

     November 11, 1998                                                                              Thomas             October 4, 2007

     Brian Hopkins       3/10    Silas              October 1, 1994      Alren Lundberg

     Danna Hopkins       6/4     Joshua             August 19, 1995      Cindy Lundberg

     August 19, 2000             Mahlea             September 1, 1999    John Maata         7/3     Deanne Haidle      July 2, 1966
                                 Bailey             May 7, 2002          Ruth Maata         10/20   Melissa Overlie    April 21, 1976
                                 Dylon              February 21, 2004    June 16, 1962
                                 Preston            February 21, 2004    Gary Maness
                                 Jazmyn             August 27, 2005      Becky Maness
     Adam Huschka        11/24   Lincoln Adam       February 14, 2004    Jeff Maness        8/7     Jonah              May 9, 2001
     Theresa Huschka     9/6     Chase              September 1, 2005    Sabrina Maness     12/16   Mariah             May 13, 2003
     June 23, 2000               Justus             February 15, 2007    June 21, 1997              Makalah            April 9, 2004
     Eric Hutch          9/27    Kyle               December 23, 1991                               Jaydah             December 23, 2006
     Shari Hutch         6/25    Kemper             May 24, 1994         Clay Masser
     July 29, 1989               Karter             December 6, 1996     Laurie Masser
                                 Kobe               April 22, 2000
                                                                         Willy Maxwell
     Greg Hutchins       3/29    Eva                March 11, 1989       Shay Maxwell
     Barbara Hutchins    1/15    Caleb Elie         September 30, 1992
                                                                         Matt McComas
     December 28, 1985
                                                                         Jody McComas
     Marc Johnson        12/15   Josiah “Sy”        February 13, 1980
                                                                         Doug McGrail
     Denise Johnson      6/1     Hope               January 20, 1983
     April 2, 1977               Faith              January 26, 1985     Charlie McMurrey   2/27    Bryce Lance        September 12, 1992
                                 Elisha “Eli”       December 9, 1087     Jackie Mc Murrey   2/7     Anna Parker        May 27, 1994
                                 Joy                February 24, 1994    May 23, 1992               Jackson Blue       April 25, 1999
                                                                                                    Sy Julian          July 26, 2001
     Rob Johnson         4/5     Dylan              July 12, 1996
     Robin Johnson       9/19                                            Sam Merrick        3/27    Chandler           April 10, 1996
     September 1                                                         Dan Morgan         10/25   Jonathan           March 3, 1978
     Scott Jordan        2/14    Kelsey             December 5, 1989     Liz Morgan         9/12    Stephen            April 1, 1980
     Linda Jordan        11/3    Aaron              October 4, 1993      January 1, 1972            Bethany            August 28, 1984
     May 17, 2001                Promise            January 15, 1995     Jay Nau
                                 Alli               February 20, 2002    Jill Nau
     Bethel Kienitz      12/15   Kathy Westervelt   March 21, 1953       Fred Nelson        3/11    Stephanie          November 27, 1977
                                 Mary Boehr         August 3, 1954       Joan Nelson        10/25   Angie              March 20, 1980
                                 Steven             August 8, 1956       June 16, 1973
                                 Robert             February 12, 1960
                                                                         Brent Nymeyer      6/10
     Joe Lee             1/5     Leslie             November 7, 1964     Paula Nymeyer      5/13
                         10/10   Laurel             January 4, 1966      June 11, 1977
     Don Loyd                                                            Jon Oakland        6/22
     Becky Loyd                                                          Michelle Oakland   4/3
     Derry Long          6/20                                            August 30, 1985
     Marlyce             9/20                                            Jim O’Connor       9/25
     June 26, 1071                                                       Linda O’Connor     4/19
     John Luhmann        11/5    Anne Grace         January 14, 2000     June 11
     Korinda Luhman      11/11   David Wellington   November 1, 2001     Adrian Olson       1/24    Elska              February 1, 1979

88                                                                                                                                          89
     Cathy Olson         10/15   Runa                February 23 1983     Theresa Schock      8/9     Matthew            May 3, 1975
     November 15, 1975                                                    December 28, 1970           Jon                July 31, 1976

     J. Leslie Otteson   4/9     Rebecca Grover      August 27, 1950                                  Scott              June 7, 1981

     Adeline Otteson     12/22   Sarah WArkentin     October 8, 1951                                  Rachel             August 4, 1986

     June 17, 1949               Michal Schlecht     January 9, 1953      Bob Schwahn
                                 Rhoda Lachenmeier   June 29, 1955        Carmen Schwahn
                                 Eunice Ellison      July 28, 1953        Travis Shannon      12/10
                                 Jonathan            May 30, 1960         Sarah Shannon       2/14
                                 Esther McCoy        February 10, 1966    January 20, 2007
     Jim Panten                                                           Tait Sougstad
     Darla Panten                                                         Elissa Sougstad
     George Petersen     2/26    Sharon              October 22, 1958     Jeff Smith          12/3    Nathaniel          November 2, 2000
     Sharon Petersen     5/24    Edward              July 22, 1965        Lori Smith          6/16    Josiah             February 8, 2005
     December 14, 1996           Dyan                December 8, 1971     October 24, 1998
                                 Stewart             January 21, 1973
                                                                          Allen Solheim       7/10    Jeffrey            October 13, 1967
                                 Lyon                July 5, 1977
                                                                          Dorthy Solheim      3/29    Kent               November 30, 1972
     Tyler Powell                                                         October 10, 1964
     Jay Prichard        7/1     Matthew             August 15, 1973      Lavonne Speakman    4/6     Leslie             April 17, 1953
     Barbara Prichard    11/21   Marcus              March 18, 1975                                   Lavern             July 30, 1957
     September 4, 1971           Marianne            April 2, 1976
                                                                          Mike Stablein       4/5     André              October 3, 2002
                                 Fred                July 13, 1981
                                                                          Lois Stablein       7/4     Melody             October 24, 2004
     Kyle Reynolds       1/24                                             June 3, 2000
     Andrea Reynolds     9/19
                                                                          Michael Stambaugh   6/14
     August 4, 2006
                                                                          Liz Stambaugh       12/26
     Sara Richards       6/6     Zach                December 22, 1999    May 6, 2006
     Chad Richards               Caden               May 4, 2001
                                                                          Kerry Stastny       2/14
     Fred Rodda          5/13    Josiah              September 22, 1982
                                                                          vern Streeter       2/15    Emily Erin         December 14, 1992
     Julie Rodda         7/27    Nathanael           November 14, 1984
                                                                          Ramie Streeter      7/9     Madeline Anne      February 23, 1996
     June 13, 1981               Elissa              May 19, 1987
                                                                          September 8, 1990
     Jack Runner         12/17   Lon                 March 7, 1976
                                                                          Robert Strutz       4/1     Rebecca McCotter   August 16, 1951
     Charlotte Runner    2/8     Jonathan            April 11, 1977
                                                                          Theo Strutz         9/24    Stephen            June 16, 1954
     March 17, 1973              Seth                January 20, 1981
                                                                          June 1, 1950                Jonathan           April 4, 1957
                                 James               January 17, 1983
                                                                          Roland Strutz       3/21    Kin                July 21, 1961
     Seth Runner         1/20
                                                                          Bette Strutz        5/2     Kurt               July 5, 1963
     virginia Runner
                                                                          July 2, 1955                Kal                December 1, 1964
     Clayton Scheaffer   11/24   Abraham             November 4, 1970
                                                                          Stephen Strutz      6/16    Abigail Hansen     September 6, 1981
     Teresa Scheaffer    10/12   Noel                December 21, 1972
                                                                          Janice Strutz       12/8    Luke Stephen       June 6, 1983
     July 17, 1966
                                                                          June 3, 1979                Bethany Rosalie    May 4, 1988
     Marvin Schieldt     7/8     Cameron             September 24, 1990                               Mary Elizabeth     April 22, 1990
     Alison Schieldt     6/17    Murry               October 19, 1993
                                                                          Sam Summers         11/20   Julie              May 28, 1977
     June 1, 1985
                                                                          Connie Summers      5/9     Karina             April 10, 1979
     Al Schmierer        4/26    Karen Kline         May 21, 2009         August 12, 1972             Amy                January 30. 1982
     violet Schmierer    4/15    Joel                January 14, 2009                                 Jennifer           November 15, 1985
     February 27, 1949           Monica              June 9, 2009
                                                                          Kent Swift          7/26    Kathy Jones        April 25, 1952
     Kenneth, Schock     9/27    Michele             July 6, 1972         Joanne Swift        11/5    Tom                November 4, 1958
90                                                                                                                                           91
     December 10, 1944                                                             MINISTERS ANd THEIR RECORdS
     Jon Switzer         4/8     Riley              March 21, 2006
     Karen Switzer       3/8     Jack               December 20, 2008
     August 27, 2004                                                     NAME                 BIRTH    LC/CM    ELdER STATIONEd yEAR                      OTHER   TOTAL
                                                                         Anderson, Scott      1968NC   2000MT   2001MT    Circle            1999 - 2007           9
     Robert Taber        1/3     Randyl             September 3, 1953
                                                                         Ashbaucher, Jay      1945OH   1971IL   1974MT    Glasgow           1972-                 37
     Lois Taber          12/6    Jeffrey            March 27, 1955
                                                                         Baker, Ben           1977MT   2004MT             Glendive          2004 - 2007           4
     June 3, 1949                Kathy Lynn         February 28, 1957
                                                                         Baker, Bryan         1973MT   1998MT   2009MT    Lockwood          1997-1999             12
                                 Susan Faith        May 26, 1960                                                          Big Timber        1999-

     Leo Teske                                                           Barnard, Warren      1957NE   2002MT             BMCR              2002 -                7
                                                                         Buller, Kris
     Tiffaney Teske
                                                                         Burgin, George       1967OK   1993MT             BIL Harvest       2005 -                4
     Levi Thomas
                                                                         Canen, Robert        1970CA   1996MN   2000MT    Glasgow           1998 - 2001           11
                                                                                                                          Glendive          2001-
     Michael Tommerup
                                                                         Conover, Robert      1946MT   1970MT   1974MT    Reed Point        1973 - 77             36
     Keith Twigg                                                                                                          Circle            1977-85
                                                                                                                          Rudyard           1985 - 88
     Caleb Walker                                                                                                         Broadview         1988 - 2003
                                                                                                                          Melstone          2002 - 03
                                                                                                                          Reed Point        2003 -
     Tim Weidlich        10/4    Grace              May 1, 1991
                                                                         Dabner, Jack         1930MT   1951MT   1964MT    Bozeman           1953 - 54             39
     Amy Weidlich        11/22   Rachael            November 23, 1993                                                     Bozeman           1967-68
                                                                                                                          Hawthorne         1968
     July 23, 1988               Josh               February 14, 1995                                                     Calif. (film)     1970-
                                                                                                                          Pastor untd.
     Matt West                                                                                                            Comm.
     Sarah West                                                          Daniels, Bill        1956MA   2002MT             BMCR              2002 - 2008           7
                                                                                                                          Alaska            2008-
     Ryan Wickman        1/27                                            Davies, Scott        1951OR   1977OR   1982OR    Brtth Cnseling    2004 -        28      31
     Robert Wooton       7/27    Jeannine Murdock   July 24, 1961        Dealey, Byron        1948IN   1972OH   1972OH    Langdon           1992 -        20      37
     Sharon Wooton       8/12    Kim                January 16, 1963     Dreiske, Mike        1976IL   2003MT             BMCR              2002-                 7
     July 3, 1985                                                        Eder, Loren          1962MT   2003MT   2005MT    Broadview         2003 - 06             6
                                                                                                                          Columbus          2006-
     Rob Workman         7/27    Steve              January 13, 1967     Edwards, Brandon
     Cory Workman        7/12    Eli                June 17, 1974        Elley, Jeramy                 2008MT             BMCR
     August 21, 1971             Jason              June 30, 1977        Engel, Cory                   1975MT   2000MT    Great Falls       2000 -                9
     Erin Youngs         5/21    Alyssa             February 17, 1991    Engel, Dwight        1944CO   1987IA   1992MT    Harlem            1990 - 94     3       21
                                                                                                                          Skyline GF        1994-01
     Jennifer Youngs     6/4     Andrew             May 29, 1994                                                          HSCC GF           2002-
     January 5, 1990             Abigail            July 7, 1998         Erbele, J. Dale      1943ND   1964ND   1972MT    Lockwood          1970 - 75     2       39
                                                                                                                          Missoula          1974-2000
                                 Angela             December 17, 2001                                                     Conf Supt.        2000-2009
                                 Austin             March 14, 2006       Forseth, Jay         1966CO   2001MT   2002MT    Columbus          2003 -                6
                                 Alex               September 26, 2008   Fournier, Glenn
                                                                         Gammill, Mike        1976MT   1999ND   2005MT    BIL Hope          1997 - 2000   8       12
     Liz Zeller          12/9    Josh               October 4, 1994                                                       Other             2000-
     Lowell Zeller       7/6                                             Garrison, Mitch      1978MN   2003MT
     February 14, 1994                                                   Gonzales, Benjamin            2008MT   2009MT    BIL Hope
     Coney Zerby                                                         Hamilton, Steve      1955CA   2002MT             BIL Faith         1996 -                13
                                                                         Hansen, Paul         1978MT   2001MT             BIL Faith         2000 -                9
     Kyle Zigweid        6/11    Greysen            July 4, 2007
                                                                         Hanson, Ronald       1966WY   2003MT   2006MT    BIL Lockwood      2005 - 2008           3
     Natalie Zigweid     4/1     Harper             April 23, 2009
                                                                         Hardesty, Donald     1950WA   2005MT   Rudyard   Rudyard           2005-2008             4
     January 7                                                                                                            Crystal Springs   2008-
                                                                         Harriman, David      1974ID   KS       1998MT    Crystal Springs   1991-2001     18      35
                                                                                                                          Harriman Min.     2001-
                                                                         Hart, Butch                                      Circle
                                                                         Helsby, Gery         1947vA   1979ND   2005MT    Melstone          2005 -                18
                                                                         Hopkins, Brian       1974MT   2000MT             BIL Faith         1998 - 2002           11
                                                                                                                          BIL Harvest       2002-05
                                                                                                                          Bozeman           2005-
92                                                                                                                                                                        93
     NAME                 BIRTH    LC/CM    ELdER STATIONEd yEAR                     OTHER   TOTAL   NAME                 BIRTH    LC/CM    ELdER STATIONEd yEAR                    OTHER   TOTAL
     Huschka, Adam        1978     2003MT            BIL Harvest       2003 -2009            6       Stablein, Michael             2004MT            Harlem             2003-05             3
                                                     Helena            2009-
     Hutch, Eric                                     BIL Harvest                                     Stambaugh, Michael                     2009MT   Big Timber
     Hutchins, Greg       1957CA                     Bitteroot         1999-2002     6       17      Stastny, Kerry       1962ND            1990ND   Bismarck           1966+       15      19
                                                     YWAM              2002-                                                                         Shiloh Chrst Ac.   1997-99
     Johnson, Marc        1953WY   1989OK   2005MT   BIL Faith         1992 -97      7       22      Streeter, vernon     1966MT   1993MT   2002MT   BIL Faith          1990-00             19
                                                     BIL Hope          2000-                                                                         BIL Harvest        2002-
     Jordan, Scott        1963WA   1998Tx   2003MT   Beach             2003 - 05     6       11
                                                     Bismarck          2005-                         Strutz, Robert       1928ND   1945MT   1953OR   Broadview          1953-57     6       48
                                                                                                                                                     Glasgow            1957-69
     Lee, Joe             1940NM   1978IL   1969NM   Gallup, NM        1978 -        14      41                                                      Pastor/Supt.       1968-70
                                                                                                                                                     Conf Supt.         1970-78
     Long, Derry                                                                                                                                     Melstone           1982-85
                                                                                                                                                     OMS Dir MT/ND      1995-
     Luhmann, John        1971ND   1997MT   2000MT   Bismarck          1999 -2005            10                                                      Retired            2001
                                                     Missoula          2005-
     Lundberg, Arlen      1957ND            1981ND   Beach             1996 - 2002   16      22      Strutz, Roland       1933ND   1953MT   1960MT   Bozeman            1955-56             44
                                                                                                                                                     Broadview          1960-68
     Maatta, John         1937MN   1975OR   1979ND   Rapelje           1976 - 79     6       22                                                      Great Falls        1968-86
                                                     Rudyard           1990-94                                                                       Bismarck           1986-97
                                                     Retired           2002                                                                          Columbus           1997-2003
     Maness, Jeff         1974OK   1998OK   2005MT   Gillette          2004 -                5
                                                                                                     Strutz, Stephen      1954MT   1979ND   1980MT   BIL Faith          1979-               30
     Maxwell, Willy                                                                                                                                  Conf Supt          2009-
     McMurrey, Charlie    1968Tx            2005MT   AWARE             2005-06               4
                                                     BIL Harvest       2006-08                       Summers, Sam         1950OR   1978OR   1980OR   BIL Faith          1983-2008
                                                     BIL Faith         2008-09                                                                       Bozeman            2008-
     Morgan, Dan          1949IN   1974OR            Gillette          2004 -                5       Swift, Kent          1920ND   1957MT   1956     Broadview          1947-53             49
                                                                                                                                            MT       Beach              1956-59
     Nau, Jay                                                                                                                                        Glendive           1959-1970
     Nelson, Fred         1952MT   2003MT            Pastoral Care     2003 -                6                                                       Hawthorne          1970-1978
                                                                                                                                                     BIL Faith          1978-97
     Nymeyer, Brent       1957WA   2001MT   2002MT   BIL Lockwood      2000-02               9                                                       Retired            1997
                                                     Rapelje           2002-
                                                                                                     Switzer, Jon         1982KS   2003MT            BIL Harvest        2003-09             6
     O’Connor, Jim                 2004MT            Glendive          2004 -                5
                                                                                                     Taber, Robert        1928WI   1949IA   1953IA   Evangelist         1949-       60      60
     Olson, Adrian        1950ND   1999ND   2002MT   Rural Min.        1999 -        5       10
     Otteson, J. Leslie   1926ND            1953IN   Crystal Springs   1973-80                       Weidlich, Tim        1961NC   1985              BIL Harvest        2005-               4
                                                     Absarokee         1980-92
                                                                                                     Wickman, Ryan        1957OR   2000MT   2001MT   Plentywood         1999-05             7
     Petersen, George     1930WA   1954WA   1957WA   BIL Faith         1971-88       16      48
                                                     BIL Hope          1988-93                       Wooton, Robert       1938ND   1989ND   1989MT   Fallon             1988-1991   3       14
                                                     Retired           1993-99                                                                       Great Falls        1991-92
                                                     Reed Point        1999-2003                                                                     Harlem             1994-01
                                                                                                                                                     Retired            2001
     Prichard, Jay        1941IA   1967CO   2002MT   Navigatores       1967 -        40      42
     Richards, Sara                                                                                  Workman, Rob         1947     Panama            BIL Hope           2005-07     1       4
                                                                                                                                                     YBC                2007-
     Rodda, Fred          1957PA   2004MT   2006MT   BIL Living Wtr    2004-                 5
                                                                                                     Youngs, Erin         1971IL   2000ND   2003ND   Gillette           2005                4
     Runner, Jack         1952CO   2003MT   2006MT   BIL Lockwood      2003-05
                                                     Fallon            2005 -                5
     Runner, Seth         1981     2004MT            Glasgow           2004-                 4
     Schaeffer, Clayton   1943ND   1964ND   1978MT   Crystal Springs   1968-73       4       15
                                                     Fallon            1973-78
                                                     Bismark           1984-85
                                                     Local Elder       1997
                                                     Crystal Springs   2002-04
     Schieldt, Marvin     1959CO   1995MT   1999ND   BMCR              1994-                 14
     Schmierer, Alvin     1927SD   1972SD   1982MT   Roscoe/Tolstoy    1982-2002     20      21
                                                     Retired           2002
     Schock, Kenneth      1949ND   1982ND   1986ND   Jamestown         1991-95       11      27
                                                     BIL Lockwood      1995-2005
                                                     Chaplaiincy       2005-
     Shannon, Travis
     Smith, Jeff          1971OR   2004MT   2005MT   Crystal Sprngs    2004-                 3
     Solheim, Allen       1944ND   1966MT   1974MT   Crystal Sprngs    1973          17      42
                                                     Jamestown         1973-78
                                                     Canada            1978-88
                                                     B. Moore Min      1988-95
                                                     Glendive          1995-00
                                                     ABC/Absarokee     2000-

94                                                                                                                                                                                                  95
                        IN MEMORIAM                                     CONFERENCE POLICIES & PROCEdURES
        “They rest from their labors, and their works do follow them”                      Parliamentary Procedures (revised 1/08)
     OTTO H. SCHuSTER                         W.G. STOCKER              1.1   The Conference Secretary shall call the roll at the opening of the first
     1891—1930                                1915—1982                       business session only. All succeeding roll calls will be by monitor. An
                                                                              Annual Conference member shall not absent himself from the Conference
     M.S. BOvEY                               E.J.SCHROEDER
     1858—1935                                                                without being excused.
                                                                        1.2   Any Annual Conference member who wishes to speak shall be within the
     W.M.SCHuSTER                             GEORGE D. BROWN                 established voting area of the Conference.
     1850—1935                                1897—1983                 1.3   All motions and resolutions shall be presented in writing when requested
                                                                              by the chairman or the secretary.
     N.A. ELLER                               CHARLES FOGG
                                                                        1.4   The Agenda Program Committee shall instruct representation of
     1887—1944                                1915—1986
                                                                              various causes reporting to the Annual Conference Session to limit their
     F.N. RICHERT                             CLARENCE D. SuRERuS             presentations to ten (10) minutes. A display area for information is to be
     1915—1944                                ???? - 1986                     provided by the Annual Conference.
                                                                        1.5   When not otherwise provided in the Discipline, Roberts Rules of Order
     W.G. MENGES                              JOHN H. DOuGLAS                 Revised shall govern our deliberations.
     1869—1948                                1904—1987

     H.S. TOOL                                ELMER NEFF                                   CONFERENCE POLICIES
     1869—1951                                1917—1988                                      Annual Conference
     uLYSSA K. WINTER                         R.J. ANDERSON             2.1 It shall be the duty of each minister in charge of a church or mission to
     1968—1951                                1905—1990
                                                                            properly fill out the statistical blanks as ordered by the Annual Conference
     G.K. BERGLAND                            HARvEY BARTRAM                and submit the same to the Conference statistician on or before February
     1894—1956                                1899—1992                     1st.
                                                                        2.2 The Conference Superintendent is authorized to collect and distribute one
     H.L. CALvERT                             E.J. BOTT                     month prior to Annual Conference with sufficient copies for each church’s
     1886—1956                                1899—1992                     conference participants the following information:
     ANDREW ROuKEMA                           EARLE WHIPPLE                 a. The complete minutes of the Council of Administration, including the
     1893—1966                                1925—1992                          report on nominations and the Conference budget;
                                                                            b. A summarized report prepared by the secretaries of all boards,
     D.C. vIOLETT                             JOE LINDLEY                        committees and agencies of actions taken and proposals made by said
     1880—1969                                1905—1993                          bodies; and Recommendations outlines of all executive officers of
                                                                                 the Conference. Full reports of all agencies, boards, committees and
     WEBSTER LASATER                          W. FRANK CLINGMAN
     1899—1969                                1904—1998                          persons shall be duplicated and made available for distribution at the
                                                                                 time the reports are given to the conference. Materials and reasonable
     REuBEN R. STRuTZ                         H.C. KNuTH                         secretary costs, particularly for the pre-conference report book shall
     1900—1976                                1893—1979                          become a part of the conference expense. All Annual Conference
                                                                                 Session Reports shall be duplicated on paper 8x 1/2 x 11 inches, to be
     ALBERT GACKLE                            C. LEE BIRDSALL
     1920—2005                                1906—1980                          made available to the Annual Conference.
                                                                        2.3 The printed report of the Conference Superintendent shall include a
     H.L. SPEAKMAN                            RICHARD KIENTIZ               summary statement of important Conference-wide activities not otherwise
     1927—2005                                1930—2008                     reported (i.e., Pastors/Wives Retreat, Seminars, Special Emphases, etc.,) 97
            and the total written report shall be limited to 3,000 words.                       not travel and lodging paid from the Annual Conference budget.
     2.4    A report of the evening services of our Conference session shall be recorded                    STEWARdSHIP & FINANCE
            by the secretary in the proper consecutive position in the minutes of the      3.1 Local Churches-a starting point for tithes and offerings:
            Conference Session.                                                                a. Based upon the 10% Biblical concept of storehouse tithing (see
     2.5    The report of the Nomination Committee (Conference Council of                            Malachi 3:8-12 and Numbers 18:25-26 and 28).
            Administration) shall be distributed to each member of the Conference by           b. Churches are asked to give a percentage of their income in support
            noon of the first day of the Conference, with opportunity for nominations                of our conference vision, ministries and leadership. 10% is the
            from the floor until noon of the following day when nominations will be                  goal. Churches are encouraged to fast and prayerfully consider the
            closed and the election held.                                                            amount of their annual giving to the Western Conference that will
     2.6    The Annual Conference shall elect a secretary by open ballot for each                    be joyfully shared, while at the same time the conference will extend
            quadrennium.                                                                             wise grace in understanding that the local church may also be
     2.7    Churches wishing to host an Annual Conference Session shall submit their                 involved in global ministries, church planting and expanding
            requests to the Conference Council no later than the end of the Annual                   building projects.
            Conference Session one year prior to the year for which the request is             c. The Conference will be committed to maintaining a budget within
            made.                                                                                    the limits of the income given from the local churches.
     2.8    All Committee minutes shall be in proper legible form with all corrections               Communication will flow both ways in understanding the heart
            inserted in place before being given to the typists. This responsibility is              of both the local church and the Conference so that the budget may
            that of the Committee secretaries.                                                       be finalized at Annual Conference each year.
     2.9    All licensed pastors who are not ordained and who are serving Conference           d. The gift from the local church will be sent in monthly, by the
            Churches shall be granted the rights and privileges of a member of                       10th day of the next month (i.e., January’s tithe would be sent in to
            the Annual Conference; and shall be granted the right to sit within the                  the Conference Office by February 10).
            designated bar of the Annual Conference.                                           e. In addition, local churches are asked voluntarily once a year to
     2.10   Churches who have not been able to meet their tithe to the Conference                    conduct a special offering for our denomination, separate from the
            shall be encouraged to meet their annual financial obligation and their                  tithe, titled “World Harvest Offering” that supports various needs of
            pastor and lay member to Annual Conference shall be asked to meet with                   our denominational ministries.
            the Conference Cabinet at the Annual Session.                                  3.2 All monies from each local congregation are to be sent to the Conference
     2.11   Churches or Camps who do not have any conversions during a year shall              Treasurer by January 10 and the Conference Treasurer will close the
            meet with the Evangelism Committee for resources, encouragement and                books on January 20.
            prayer at the Annual Session. The churches shall be represented by their       3.3 Allowances will be made for travel and meals in connection with the
            pastor and lay member(s).                                                          official attendances of:
     2.12   The Conference guest speaker, the General Superintendent, the                      a. Ministers serving within the Western Conference at the Annual
            Conference Superintendent and his wife, the Conference Lay Trustees,                     Conference, the Pastors/Wives Retreat, and one camp session. (All
            the Conference Lay Leaders and Office Manager shall have their meals,                    three of the above items are to be taken care of by the local church.
            lodging and registration provided by the Annual Conference, to be paid                   See Item 4.11)
            from the Annual Conference Budget. Conference secretarial staff will be            b. The local church is responsible for the payment of pulpit supply,
            paid an honorarium and their Conference registration. The Conference                     when the pastor is on vacation or attending one seminar for the
            guest speaker(s) shall be paid an honorarium per session plus travel                           enrichment of his ministry. (See Item 4.6, 12).
            expenses, lodging and meals, as determined by the Conference Cabinet.              c. All members of boards and committees of the Conference at the
     2.13   Any missionary or Para-church representative who is a member of the                      meetings of said bodies. The travel allowance shall be 30
            Western Conference shall have their meals and lodging paid from the                      cents per mile for the driver. It is expected that diligent
            Annual Conference budget. Any other missionaries or Para-church                          efforts will be made to keep costs of travel and meals to a minimum.
            representatives who attend Annual Conference shall have their meals, but
98                                                                                                                                                                           99
                Because of the additional time required in trips over 500                        4th year - 25%
                miles one way, and additional lodging required, this lodging will be             5th year - 50%
                paid for in addition to transportation and food. Home lodging                    6th year - 75%
                will be provided by the church hosting the board or committee                    7th year - 100%
                meetings. With regard to unusual circumstances, motel                        Daughter Church/Restart Church - 6 year plan
                expenses will only be paid by the Conference with                                1-2 years - 0%
                unanimous approval by the Conference Executive Committee                         3rd year - 25%
                consisting of the Conference Superintendent, the Conference                      4th year - 50%
                Chairman and the Conference Secretary.                                           5th year - 75%
                                                                                                 6th year - 100%
                Pastors will receive, upon request 30 cents per mile for mileage over
                450 miles round trip. This applies to Pastors/Wives Retreat only.            NEW CHuRCH - starting a new work with 0-9 giving units.

      3.4 The cost of the Conference Journal shall be paid from the Conference               DAuGHTER CHuRCH - a church that starts as a branch off of an
          treasury.                                                                          existing Church with 10 giving units or more. The time clock would be
      3.5 The host church for Spring Boards shall be paid $300 and sent a letter of          started with the 1st Annual Conference after the Church is organized. The
          appreciation.                                                                      organized clause be defined by the Discipline Paragraph 702. The Board of
          The Conference books are to be audited annually.                                   Stewardship and Finance be responsible for these plans.
      3.6 Boards responsible for the Conference Budget shall be as follows:             3.9 When Western Conference tithing revenues exceed the budget and results
          Item I. Conference Property - Board of Trustees                                    in a positive balance, the Conference will tithe on the Positive Cash Flow
          Item II. Office Expense - Board of Trustees                                        balance each year to the Denomination, then the balance will be distributed
          Item III. Superintendent-Conference Superintendent Relations                       by the Conference Superintendent, The Conference Chairman, The
          Item Iv. Transportation-Conference Superintendent Relations                        Director of Stewardship and Finance and the Chairman of the conference
          Item v. Conference Expense - Board of Trustees                                     Board of Trustees shall determine how the positive cash balance from the
          Item vI. Pioneer Pension Supplement - Board of Stewardship &                       previous year shall be distributed. Though the decisions can be made as to
               Finance                                                                       where excess funds are to be given, the actual disbursement of funds may
          Item vII. Denomination - Board of Stewardship & Finance                            only be done after Spring Board meetings.
          Item xII. Miscellaneous - Board of Stewardship & Finance                      3.10 After careful research on November 1, 2003, concerning the Knuth Fund, it
          All other items -- Conference Council                                              was determined that the donor’s intent was to maintain a $50,000 balance
                                                                                             in the Knuth Fund.
      3.7 Tithing for New Churches:                                                     3.11 Church Lending/Gift Criteria
          Established Churches Joining or Restart Churches of our Conference - 5             1. Loan amount should not be more than ___ times the church’s
          year plan                                                                               income (I x, 2x, 3x etc)
               1st year - 0%                                                                 2. Debt service should not be more than ___ of the church’s income
               2nd year - 25% of Tithe                                                            (1/4, 1/3, etc.)
               3rd year - 50%                                                                3. Committee to review church’s audited financials (if an audit is not
               4th year - 75%                                                                     available, a financial review by an outside entity is acceptable).
               5th year - 100%                                                               4. Committee to review church’s income including tithes/offerings,
                                                                                                  building fund collections, pledges made, pledges received
           New Church - 7 year plan                                                               (donations restricted for other purposes excluded) to ensure the
              1-3 years - 0%                                                                      income stream is ongoing and predictable.
100                                                                                                                                                                        101
           5.   Committee to evaluate the church’s cash flow to determine financial          4.5a WHEREAS there has been a need for clarification concerning the
                solubility.                                                                       reimbursement of pastors who serve at our conference camps, and
          6. Committee to review attendance and revenue trends - note changes                     WHEREAS we have recommended that each pastor serve at least one week
                from one year to another.                                                         at conference camps each year, and WHEREAS all camp staff contribute
      7. Committee to review the leadership structure of the church e.g. how long                 significant time, effort and skills to produce a conference camp and
          has the lead pastor served the church; what is the tenure of the governing              WHEREAS most pastors are already being paid in their local ministries,
          bodies (council, trustees etc.); what is the expertise of the person                    BE IT RESOLvED that all conference camping ministry accomplished by
          responsible for budgeting and finances of the church.                                   our own pastors and paid church staff be done without honorarium, and
      8. Committee to consider the demographics of the community where the                        BE IT FuRTHER RESOLvED that their local church cover their travel
          church is located e.g. is the community growing and will it support future              and general ministry expenses unless their church is unable, at which time
          growth?                                                                                 the conference camp will be asked to cover these expenses, and BE IT
      9. Committee to review the, rationale for the loan: does attendance warrant                 FuRTHER RESOLvED that any authorization for additional weeks or
          it? is the church providing multiple services due to lack of space? what is             time spent in camping ministry be worked out between each pastor and
          the church’s vision?                                                                    their local PPR committee.
      10. Committee to review construction plans and costs: off site, on site, hard          4.6 All pastors of the Western Conference may be granted vacation time
          and soft costs and are these costs all included in the overall budget.                  according to total accumulative pastoral service (including service as
                                                                                                  Conference Superintendent): One (1) through four (4) years of service
                                       MINISTRy                                                   - two (2) Sundays vacation; five (5) through eleven (11) years of service
      4.1 Students in seminary shall, during the time of their seminary education,                - three (3) Sundays vacation; and twelve (12) years and beyond - four (4)
          be expected to attend at least one session of the Annual Conference. Each               Sundays vacation. The local church is to be responsible for the payment of
          student shall be reimbursed for travel expense from the Student Aid Fund                pulpit supply.
          an amount of 30 cents a mile. Registration expenses for the seminary               4.6a Sick leave policy in cases where a pastor is unable to be serving the church
          students attending Annual Conference shall be paid from the Annual                      due to a prolonged or disabling illness or injury: The local church of which
          Conference Budget.                                                                      the ill or injured pastor serves shall pay the pastor’s salary for sick leave
      4.2 Ministers of other denominations who take work in the Western                           time accumulated over the total years of pastoral service in our Evangelical
          Conference must furnish written statements concerning their moral and                   Denomination as follows: Sick leave time shall accrue at the rate of two
          financial integrity, said statements to be evaluated by the Conference                  weeks per year of service until a cap of three months is reached. Examples:
          Superintendent. A 1 (one) -year probationary period must be served before               A pastor who has served two years will have one month of sick leave
          such ministers are considered by the Board of Ministry for membership in                accumulated. A pastor who has served six years will have three months
          the Western Conference.                                                                 of sick leave accumulated. Each local church should understand this as a
      4.3 A minister may make a claim for a salary deficit only before leaving the field          minimum guideline.
          of service.                                                                        4.7 Before any pastor may accept regular gainful employment in other than his
      4.4 In the event of the death of any minister, minister’s wife, or minister’s child,        ministerial responsibilities, or engage in the pursuit of additional scholastic
          or minister’s father or mother, or minister’s wife’s father or mother, the              training, he must obtain permission from the Conference Superintendent
          Conference Office Manager shall be notified immediately, and he or she,                 and the local Church Council.
          in turn, shall notify all ministers of the Conference as to time and place of           Each church of the Western Conference shall be required to provide
          the funeral. A suitable memorial shall be ordered by the Conference office              a pension plan for their pastor(s) that meets the guidelines set by the
          manager and shall be paid from the Conference funds.                                    IRS. The church shall pay at least 12% of all pastor(s) cash salary with a
      4.5 Each active pastor, unless excused for emergency reasons by the Conference              minimum of $1200 annually for a full-time pastor regardless of the amount
          Superintendent, shall be required to attend the following meetings: The                 of cash salary to this pension plan.
          Annual Conference Sessions; Pastors/Wives Retreat; and minister during             4.7a Each church of the Western Conference shall be required to provide health
          at least one Conference Camp.                                                           insurance/life insurance for the pastor(s) with the following minimum
102                                                                                                                                                                                 103
             requirements: (per discipline paragraph 943)                                          personnel when needed. This will include Directors of Christian
             1. no more than a $1,000 deductible per family member OR                              Education, Ministers of Music, Youth Ministers, Counselors, Interim
             2. no more than $2,500 out of pocket expenses for each family member                  Pastors, etc., who are not ordained elders. Requirements for a license shall
             3. no less than $25,000 life insurance is encouraged as well                          be the same as that of a Probationer. Training and experience leading to
      4.8    Meals and lodging shall be provided for all retired ministers of the                  a formal “commissioning” will be determined by the Conference Board
             Conference and their wives or widows who reside within the Conference                 of Ministry. The equivalent of one year’s service in their respective area
             boundaries at Annual Conference, Pastors/Wives Retreat and camp. Travel               of ministry and 3/4 majority vote of all ordained elders will be required
             allowance shall be on the basis of actual cost by bus and/or 30 cents per             before commissioning. These persons shall be responsible to the
             mile for the driver. It is expected that diligent efforts will be made to keep        Conference Superintendent, Board of Ministry and the local church where
             the cost of traveling to a minimum.                                                   they are serving. If they have completed seminary training or a comparable
      4.9    Retiring ministers or a minister’s widow who has been widowed while in                Conference Course of Study, they will be eligible to vote and hold office in
             active service with her husband shall be assisted with moving expenses                the Annual Conference. Regular reports shall be made to the Conference
             to any point within the bounds of the Conference or to the Conference                 Superintendent. If they are serving in a local church, their employment
             boundary.                                                                             shall cease when the senior pastor leaves the field of service. They may
      4.10   The Conference Superintendent and his family shall have their camp fees               continue temporarily and may be reassigned in consultation with the
             absorbed by the camp they attend. The Conference Superintendent and                   new senior pastor, Pastor/Parish Relations Committee and Conference
             his family shall have the costs of attending the Pastors/Wives Retreat paid           Superintendent.
             out of the Conference expense budget. The Conference Superintendent              4.13 The local church (represented by whatever body they choose - Pastor/
             and his family shall have the costs to attend the General Convention of               Parish Relations Committee, Council of Administration, local church
             our denomination paid out of the Conference expense budget. The Lay                   elders or lay leaders, congregational vote, etc.) shall affirm any pastoral
             Auxiliaries such as the Men, Women and Youth shall pay the costs for the              assignment made by the Conference Superintendent before such an
             Superintendent to attend their meetings.                                              assignment can become effective.
      4.11   The pastor may have at least one (1) Sunday per calendar year to attend               A local church may be actively involved in the selection of a pastor.
             a seminar for the enrichment of his ministry; and one (1) Sunday per                  When a local church desires any change of pastor, or is seeking a pastor
             calendar year for ministry away from his own church. The local church is              to fill a vacancy, the Conference Superintendent shall be the first one
             to be responsible for the pulpit supply.                                              contacted. Any assignment shall not become effective until affirmed by the
             a. The Conference Personnel may be granted vacation time according                    Superintendent.
                   to total accumulative pastoral service (including service as                    In effect, it is being stated that any assignment of a minister to a local
                   Conference Superintendent): One (1) through four (4) years                      congregation must have the concurrence of all three parties involved:
                   of service -- two (2) weeks vacation; five (5) through eleven                   Superintendent, minister, and local church. Concurrence means
                   (11) years of service -- three (3) weeks vacation; and twelve (12)              “agreement, to be in one accord, acting together to bring something about.”
                   years and beyond -- four (4) weeks vacation. The Conference                     (Refer to the 1995 Discipline, paragraph 502 (1) b)
                   Superintendent may have one week to attend a seminar for the               4.14 Each itinerant elder currently serving a Western Conference church,
                   enrichment of his ministry.                                                     in order to remain as an itinerant elder, shall sign a statement annually
             b. Applications shall be available each year to pastors for                           declaring his agreement with “Declaration of Faith, Article Iv, paragraph
                   Continuing Education. These available monies shall be limited                   #104”, and this statement and signature shall be included as a page in, the
                   to $200 scholarships to each person. Any request for Continuing                 Conference Journal.
                   Education Funds are to be submitted to the Conference                      4.15 Any request for Continuing Education Funds are to be submitted to the
                   Superintendent for ratification or approval. Of these funds,                    Conference Superintendent for ratification or approval.
                   reservation for two (2) Conference Directors per year shall be
      4.12   The Annual Conference shall license and commission Special Ministries
104                                                                                                                                                                               105
                                      GENERAL                                                    by the pastors. The qualifications of the Conference Lay Leader shall be
      5.1 Included in each Conference Journal shall be a listing of the following:               the same as the Discipline set forth for the lay leader in the local church.
          a. Names, addresses, phone numbers of each person connected with                       He shall function under the same guidelines, but under the Conference
               the ministry of the Western Conference.                                           Superintendent.
          b. The Ministerial Assignments for the Annual Conference.                        5.6 The Conference shall elect each quadrennium a chairman nominated by
          c. The names, addresses, phone numbers of the Conference lay                           the Conference Superintendent for the Annual Conference with the same
               members.                                                                          qualifications as the Superintendent.
          d. The names and addresses of the missionaries of Western Conference.                  The Conference Chairman shall be a member of the Conference Cabinet,
          e. The names and addresses of affiliated organizations with the Western                Conference Superintendent’s Relations Committee, and shall preside as
               Conference.                                                                       chairman and- parliamentarian of the Annual Session and Conference
          f. The Officiary of the Conference, and the members of the Boards and                  Council of Administration. He shall also be a special counselor to the
               Committees of the Conference.                                                     Superintendent.
          g. The Officiary of the Conference Lay organizations, and Constitution           5.7 The Conference Cabinet, as an advisory council to the Conference
               of Conference organizations.                                                      Superintendent, shall consist of the Superintendent, the Conference
          h. The addresses of people handling monies; location and addresses of                  Chairman, the Conference Secretary and the Lay Leaders.
               churches, Ministers and their Records; Conference Calendar;                 5.8 The Conference Trustees and the Conference Lay Leaders shall be
               Conference Daily proceedings: Board & Committee reports; etc.                     members of, the, Council of Administration, and shall become voting
                                                                                                 members of Annual Conference.
      5.2 Each local church shall use uniform report forms. The membership roll shall      5.9 The Conference Superintendent, by virtue of his office as Conference
          be inserted in the front of the official record book. All records and reports          Superintendent, will be a voting member of the Board of Trustees.
          shall be properly dated, written in ink or typed, and placed therein.            5.10 The Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch Board of Directors shall consist
      5.3 The conference treasurer by virtue of the office is a member of the Council            of 9 members (the Superintendent, six elected laymen, and three elected
          of Administration.                                                                     pastors) with 5 or 6 elected each year for three-year terms.
      5.4 There shall be a Conference Superintendent Relations Committee                   5.10a WESTERN CONFERENCE SuPER SuMMER POLICY - Columbus
          composed of seven (7) persons: The Conference Chairman, one minister                   MT - October 1, 2006 - WHEREAS the Western conference has two
          appointed by the Conference Superintendent, four Conference Lay Leaders,               distinct boards (BMCR and Student Ministry) with responsibility for
          one minister elected by the Annual Conference by open ballot, and all shall            Super Summer; and WHEREAS there is a need to establish where the
          serve for the quadrennial. This Committee shall meet at least annually, with           authority for Super Summer lies: BE IT RESOLvED that the BMCR
          or without the superintendent’s knowledge. The Conference Chairman                     board through its executive director has authority and responsibility
          shall serve as chairman and they shall elect their own secretary. The duties           for the facilities and operations of the camp during Super Summer; BE
          of this committee shall be to offer recommendations to the Conference                  IT FuRTHER RESOLvED that the board of Student ministry through
          Superintendent so as to make his supervision of the Conference more                    the blender has authority over the program of Super Summer; BE IT
          effective; and to the Council of Administration relative to the salary, travel         FuRTHER RESOLvED that the BMCR program director be an active
          expense, housing, and general welfare of the Conference Superintendent.                participant in the blender; BE IT FuRTHER RESOLvED that the budget
          The pension for the Conference Superintendent is figured on 12% of the                 for Super Summer will be determined by the Program Director of BMCR
          stated cash salary and the hospitality allowance, which is listed separate             and the Chair of the board of Student ministry, with the Chair of the
          from cash salary for tax purposes only.                                                BMCR board serving in an advisory capacity creating an executive budget
      5.5 There shall be four (4) Conference Lay Leaders; one (1) from each of the               committee.
          four districts: North Dakota District, Northwest Montana District, South         5.11 Mount Carmel Camp Board shall be made up of area pastors and at least
          Central Montana District and Eastern Montana District. Their term of                   one (1) lay member from each of the area churches with an additional
          office shall be four (4) years. They shall be nominated by the laymen on               representative for every 50 people represented from a church.
          the Council of Administration from a qualified list of candidates presented      6.1 The Conference Superintendent shall be acquainted with the heart-beat
106                                                                                                                                                                             107
            of each church (the vision, the needs, the budget, etc.) through regular         7.2 WHEREAS, the Plentywood Church has been placed in a restart mode
            communication.                                                                       as of August 28, 2005, and WHEREAS the Plentywood Church has been
      6.2   The Conference Superintendent shall be editor-in-chief of the Conference             accepted into the receivership of the Trustees of the Western Conference,
            news.                                                                                and WHEREAS we will continue to keep a financial account open at a local
      6.3   The Conference Superintendent shall be a pastor and caretaker to each                bank in Plentywood with a designated treasurer, and WHEREAS a local
            pastor and his family.                                                               Plentywood Church representative has been appointed, and WHEREAS
      6.4   The Conference Superintendent shall assess each pastor’s skills and                  Superintendent Dale Erbele and Trustee Irv Haidle have been assigned to
            gifts; emphasizing the areas of Preaching, Communications, People                    represent the Conference Trustees, and WHEREAS the parsonage was
            Relationships, visitation and Administration.                                        sold and funds deposited into conference funds to be held in trust, and
      6.5   The Conference Superintendent shall give priority to helping pastors in              WHEREAS we have exceeded the two year timeline for seeking a turn
            areas where they need help and improvement.                                          around in this church and no forward progress has been made, BE IT
      6.6   The Conference Superintendent may develop pastoral-teams for mentoring               RESOLvED that if nothing changes before Spring 2008, we are moving
            and accountability in order to promote improvement in leadership and                 towards a decision to close down the Plentywood church. Here is the
            people skills. He may also work through the Pastor-Parish Relations                  process we have been following:
            Committee in the support of their pastor.                                                 A. Transfer of the title to the Western Conference and filing of
      6.7   The Conference Superintendent shall work with the Conference                                   proper legal paper work.
            Superintendent’s Relations Committee and the Conference Office                            B. Inventory real and personal assets.
            Manager to continually evaluate the ministry and ministry description of                  C. Transfer financial assets to Western Conference and appoint, a
            the Conference Office Manager.                                                                 local representative if applicable.
      6.8   The Superintendent Down-payment Assistant Loan Fund shall be                              D. Review insurance considerations and transfer policy to Western
            maintained only as a means for a Conference Superintendent to borrow                           Conference.
            from for a down payment on a house. The amount in this fund is to be                      E. Formulate a written rental agreement if necessary.
            $60,000 with the Superintendent allowed to borrow up to $50,000.                          F. Inspect the property and take winterization into consideration.
            The remaining $10,000 along with pay back will be available for a new                     G. All funds and property will be held in trust according to restart
            Superintendent to use until the old Superintendent completes payment of                        schedule.
            the loan. If the Superintendent is not using these funds during his term, the             H. Appraise, list and sell property when appropriate.
            money will be available to be loaned out for a short time with the stipulation                 Continue good relational communication with the remnant
            of immediate pay back if the Superintendent needs it. The payback of this                      and allow for the church community to have the first
            loan will be done with a balloon payment at the end of a Superintendent                         opportunity to claim physical property.
            term that can be refinanced. This is done to keep the payback payment
            more reasonable.
      6.9   The Conference Superintendent term of office shall be four (4) year terms
            with no limitations on the terms of office (Discipline 26)

                            CHURCH ExTENSION
      7.1 We continue to see the value and vital importance of strategically assessing,
          training and coaching the leaders God sends us ... THEREFORE, BE IT
          RESOLvED, that we intentionally provide each leader God sends us
          with the gift of a qualified assessment, specialized training that fits their
          ministry call and coaching that allows them to find their best place to “fit
          and flourish” in ministry.
108                                                                                                                                                                      109
          REVISEd PROPOSEd POLICy REGARdING                                                        considered criminal offenses specifically not mentioned in the Discipline.
                                                                                             II. Rationale
           THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH (10-13-04)                                                     A. Scripture: Matthew 18; Luke 17:14; Galations 6:1; 1 Timothy 3:1-7;
                                                                                                    Titus1:6-9; James 4:17; 1 Peter 5:1-4
      1. We believe that pastors are called to a higher standard (see elder Scriptures,
                                                                                                 B. The Discipline of the Evangelical Church: Paragraphs 591, 646, 663,
         e.g. 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:14, See also James 3:1)
                                                                                                    664, 686
      2. Rendering judgment is never easy but we are exhorted by Scripture to do so,
                                                                                                 C. Discipline must be administered to glorify God, address the issue,
         especially when immoral behavior is involved. (I Corinthians 5:1-6,8)
                                                                                                    protect the flock, and encourage repentance and restoration.
      3. Effort has been made to separate the consequences from the restoration
         process. This is under the belief that discipline in the biblical sense involves
                                                                                             III. Discipline upon first offense
         both aspects.
                                                                                                 A. Procedure
      4. Always we are to be reminded that while rendering judgment we are to
                                                                                                     1. The offense is dealt with at whatever level the information has been
         exercise forgiveness. (Ephesians 4:32l 11 Corinthians 2:5-11)
                                                                                                        disclosed. For instance, if the congregation is aware of the offense it
      5. Immoral conduct among the clergy is not a new issue. However, there
                                                                                                        should be dealt with at the congregational level. If the offense is
         does appear to be a rise in the frequency and severity of the offenses or
                                                                                                        known only at the Pastor-Parish level, then it should not go beyond
         sins committed. This is due to several factors in our post-modern world: an
                                                                                                        that level. Once again criminal offense requires a broader but
         increasingly permissive society which both condones and promotes these
                                                                                                        sensitive hand.
         immoral behaviors; and emphasis on personal, immediate gratification;
                                                                                                     2. A non-repentant attitude on the part of the offender must be
         increased availability of porn-shops and pornography on the internet; the
                                                                                                        confronted and dealt with at the appropriate level.
         relative ease and privacy of viewing or participating in immoral activities;
                                                                                                 B. Consequences
         and “mosaic thinking,” e.g. that what is done in the home has no relation to
                                                                                                     1. Immediate removal from the assignment/position of responsibility.
         one’s public ministry.
                                                                                                     2. Loss of credentials: This is a reminder that credentials belong to the
      6. Even though some would make a distinction between violations dealing with
                                                                                                        church ad are conferred upon the person to be held in trust.
         those to whom the person in authority has a fiduciary responsibility (not just
                                                                                                     3. Loss of future appointment
         financial) and the general public, we affirm that the clergy’s sexual misconduct,
         even outside the congregation, violates their God given responsibility to the
                                                                                             Iv. Restoration Step 1 (minimum of 12 months) - to fellowship in the local
      7. Even though some would argue that any involvement with pornography only
                                                                                                 A. Counseling: Release of information required so that the superintendent
         hurts the individual, we affirm that such involvement victimizes the clergy’s
                                                                                                    or his representative can be kept informed of counseling progress from
         family and congregation.
                                                                                                    the therapist. To avoid therapeutic alliance, the church/conference
            Definition: many behaviors contradict the moral code given in Scriptures.
                                                                                                    should provide the payment for the therapist. For the source of these
            Most of these are already addressed in the Discipline. This policy is
                                                                                                    funds see Iv. D.
            designed to address sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct as defined
                                                                                                 B. Accountability at least weekly, moving to twice a month with 3-4
            here includes such things as adultery, pornography, molestation and
                                                                                                    persons approved by the superintendent and a local pastor designated as
            homosexuality. Note some of these may be a criminal offense in which
                                                                                                    leader. This group will be called the Restoration Committee.
            case there may be consequences, which will not permit restoration to
                                                                                                 C. Peer Review by Board of Ministry (at least quarterly).
            pastoral ministry. In all the cases there is no guarantee of restoration.
                                                                                                 D. The person must get a productive job, not a stopgap job. A percentage
            In all cases the procedures and consequences in III would be followed.
                                                                                                    of the funds would be payable to the conference to fund the restoration
            The Discipline already addresses divorce and homosexuality Paragraphs
            520.b.5; 539. The restoration policy is primarily intended for those who
                                                                                                 E. Successful completion of all these steps could result in restoration to
            have been involved in other forms of sexual misconduct, which are not
110                                                                                                                                                                               111
            fellowship in the church.                                                                      WESTERN CONFERENCE
      v. Restoration Step 2 - Probationary Ministry Period (12 months)                                        Vision and Values
         A. This step is started only by the decision of the Superintendent after the
            following reports have been received:
                                                                                        Introduction: The following material is the beginning process of
            1. A statement of release with recommendations from the counselor/
                                                                                            articulating and formalizing our reasons for existing as a conference.
            2. Supportive statements from the victims (including family and local
                                                                                        I. PURPOSE: Western Conference in its vision and mission exists for
                church leadership) advocating the restoration of this person to
                                                                                           the purpose of assisting the local church in accomplishing its God given
                                                                                           potential of Kingdom expansion.
            3. Favorable evaluation from the Restoration Committee:
            4. Positive assessment form the Board of Ministry.
                                                                                        II. VISION: Our vision in Western Conference is to have healthy, life-
         B. If assigned, there is a probationary period (minimum of 12 months),
                                                                                            giving, prevailing and multiplying Pastors and churches.
            with monthly reports to the superintendent of his designee. Credentials
            are restored provisionally.
                                                                                        III. MISSION: Western Conference has as its mission a passion of raising up
         C. There will be a disclosure of offense to the Pastor Parish Relations
                                                                                             Kingdom minded ambassadors who are:
            Committee before stationing. This provides informed consent to the
                                                                                                desperate to know the heart of God
            congregation representatives. If the person is stations elsewhere, it is
                                                                                                dedicated in “equipping the Saints” for the work of ministry
            assumed they have made good progress in their healing and unless
                                                                                                determined to reach the lost
            mandated by lay, further disclosure is not required.
                                                                                        IV. CORE VALUES:
      vI. Restoration Step 3 - Non Probationary Ministry
                                                                                            Healthy life-giving churches: All churches, new and established
         A. Successful completion of all of Step 2 by the individual may result in
                                                                                            constantly need to evaluate their health based on Scriptural Principles.
            the Superintendent with the concurrence of the Board of Ministry
                                                                                            Congregational diagnosis, community analysis and continued vision
            presenting that person to the Elders at Annual Conference for
                                                                                            casting are vitally important for the life of the church.
            reinstatement to credentials.
         B. upon a majority vote of the elders in the conference that person may be
                                                                                            Healthy life-giving pastors and leadership teams: Individuals who
            restored to active ministry
                                                                                            know the heart of God, know what to do and are willing to do it at all
         C. For the first year that individual in responsible to maintain on going
                                                                                            Multiplication: Establishing a multiplication mindset (DNA) with all
      Note: Second offense results in no further credentials with the Evangelical
                                                                                            new Church plants and established Churches.
            Church .
                                                                                            Mentoring: This includes - A) Proper assessment of all individuals
                                                                                            involved in ministry on the local and conference level. B) Strategic
                                                                                            coaching of church planters, as well as redeveloping and restart churches.
                                                                                            C) The continual training/equipping of all ministry personnel.

                                                                                        v. Therefore, the strategies and structures within our Conference Ministry
                                                                                           Boards should be of such a nature whereby the various components work
                                                                                           intentionally and strategically in accomplishing our common purpose,
                                                                                           vision and mission.
112                                                                                                                                                                      113
                                                                                                             Minutes of the
         Questions which all directors and board members should ask themselves:                 Forty-First Annual Conference Session
          1) What difference is our board making in the life of the local church
             in our Western Conference?
                                                                                                                of the
          2) What difference should it make? What would we like to see happen?                       WESTERN CONFERENCE
              What goals do we have in mind for this year?                                       OF THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH
          3) Do we see the necessity of creating some new boards?
          4) What difference would it make in the life of the local church if our                                     Held at
              board ceased to exist?                                                                        Glendive Evangelical Church
          5) Is there a possibility that our board could merge with another?                                    Glendive, Montana

      VI. How is your Board accomplishing the following mission?
                                                                                                     Monday Afternoon, November 9, 2009
                                                                                    Worship and Prayer led by Pastor kris Buller
         A. In serving the Local Churches and Pastors
         B. Equipping the Saints                                                    Welcome from Host Pastor
         C. Reaching the Pre-Christians                                             Pastor Robert Canen welcomed all of us to the Forty-First Annual Conference Session.

                                                                                    Opening of Conference Session and Prayer
                                                                                    Superintendent Brian Eckert

                                                                                    Introduction of Guests
                                                                                    Tim Roehl-Harvest Ministries
                                                                                    vernon Aarnes-Kingdom Resources
                                                                                    Jeremy Kockendorfer-Missions
                                                                                    Gil Stieglitz-Speaker
                                                                                    Kristen Marble-Glendive
                                                                                    Jude Fernandez-Great Falls
                                                                                    Derek Mallory-Cheyenne, WY
                                                                                    Shelly Fuehrer-Missionary to Brazil
                                                                                    Don Hohensee-PESM
                                                                                    Duane Erickson-Evangelical Church Missions
                                                                                    various other guests were recognized throughout the conference session.

                                                                                    It was M/S/C to give advisory status to visitors.

                                                                                    Organizing the Conference Bar
                                                                                    The bar was assigned as the first nine rows.

                                                                                    discussion of Boards/Committees
                                                                                    Those currently assigned to boards will serve on that Committee at Annual Conference.
                                                                                    If not assigned to a board, then each individual has the freedom to attend their choice of
                                                                                    Committee Meetings.
                                                                                    It was M/S/C to adopt this rule.

114                                                                                                                                                                              115
      Silent Roll was taken                                                                                        Tuesday Morning-November 10, 2009
      Conference Business                                                                       Worship and Prayer
      It was M/S/C to establish conference standing rules as pages 9-24 of the blue book.       Kris Buller led us in worship and Superintendent Steve Strutz interviewed Dale Erbele
      It was M/S/C to receive the Council of Administration report.                             in honor of his years of service.
      It was M/S/C to refer all reports to their appropriate committees at annual conference.
      It was M/S/C to ratify Council of Administration decision to grant $25,000 from the       Message: Dr. Gil Stieglitz continued his series on “Growing a Vibrant and Healthy
      Williston Fund for the Harvest Church/Plentywood Campus.                                  Church.”
      It was M/S/C to ratify Council of Administration decision to appoint Steve Strutz, Dale
      Erbele, and Jay Forseth to continue serving on the Denominational Boards.                 Break
      It was M/S/C to appoint Jay Forseth as Conference Chairman.
      It was M/S/C to appoint Dale Erbele chair of the Board of Church Extension.               Message: Dr. Gil Stieglitz continued his series on “Growing a Vibrant and Healthy
      Adoption of the Agenda
      The agenda was adopted and all conference representatives were encouraged to              Board of Ministry
      participate in various ministry committees if they are not already assigned to one.       The ballot from the Board of Ministry was distributed. Jay Ashbaucher presented the
                                                                                                Board of Ministry Report. It was M/S/C that the report be adopted.
      Nomination Ballot
      It was M/S/C to receive the nomination ballot. The nomination ballot was reviewed         Elections to Boards and Ministries
      and explained.                                                                            It was M/S/C to cast a unanimous ballot for all those who have been nominated (see
                                                                                                attached ballot). One election took place for the denominational officer on the discipline
      It was M/S/C to refer the Lay Leader position to the Conference Council to be reworked    commission between Fred Rodda and Bryan Baker. Terms for the boards were referred
      since our regions have changed within the Western Conference.                             to the conference council. Bryan Baker received 35 votes and Fred Rodda received 15
                                                                                                votes. Bryan Baker was elected to the position.
      The Examination of Ministers
      Due to immorality, John Erbele was removed from his charge as pastor of LifePrint         Election of Elders/Commissioned/Probationers
      Church in Minneapolis and his credentials revoked for a minimum of one year. John         All Itinerant elders voted on those on the ballot for elders/commissioned/probationers.
      will be going through a restoration process. Allen Solheim led in prayer.                 (see attached ballot)

      Dr. Gil Stieglitz presented “Growing a Vibrant and Healthy Church.”                       Election of General Superintendent
                                                                                                Superintendent Brian Eckert explained that the General Superintendent position is
      Ministry Committee/Board Meetings were held                                               elected by each conference suggesting 3 names in which we will get further information.
                                                                                                At the general conference, an open ballot will be presented and any eligible elder will be
      dinner Break                                                                              available to be voted on for general superintendent. A vote was taken and the following
                                                                                                names were suggested: Brian Eckardt, Derry Long, and Tim Roehl.

                          Monday Evening-November 9, 2009                                       Ministry of Church Extension
                                                                                                Dale Erbele presented the report for the ministry of church extension. It was M/S/C to
      Evening Worship                                                                           receive the report. Budget was changed for church plants from $30,000 to $50,000.
      Glendive Evangelical worship band led us in worship and we received a message from
      Dr. Gil Stieglitz on “Growing a Vibrant and Healthy Church.”                              Ministry of Church Health
                                                                                                Marc Johnson presented the Church Health report. It was M/S/C to adopt the report.
      Glendive dinosaur and Fossil Museum                                                       The budget was adjusted to reflect grants available to local churches. The total budget
      Annual Conference participants were encouraged to visit the museum from 8:30 to 10        proposed is $30,000.
      pm and see the work that God is doing through this vital creation ministry.
116                                                                                                                                                                                          117
      Ministry of Missions                                                                           Ministry of Prayer
      Butch Hart gave the Missions report. It was M/S/C to adopt the report. Dale Erbele             Loren Eder presented the Prayer report. It was M/S/C to adopt the report.
      shared his experiences on a short-term mission’s trip to Brazil.
      Ministry of Christian Education                                                                Michael Martin shared the work of WGM. It was M/S/C to receive the report.
      Steve Hamilton presented the report for Ministry of Christian Education. It was M/S/C          Evangelical Church Missions
      that it be adopted.                                                                            Jeremy Kochendorfer shared the work of ECM and introduced JJ and Randi Guerrero,
                                                                                                     new missionaries to Bolivia. It was M/S/C to receive the report.
      Ministry of Student Ministries
      Paul Hansen presented the Student Ministries Report. It was M/S/C that this report             Bob Strutz encouraged us to remember and pray for Joe Lee on the loss of his wife Jane.
      be adopted.                                                                                    The Lees have been integral in the work in New Mexico.

      Ministry of Camping                                                                            Next October a new Director of ECM will be hired. Duane Erickson will be retiring. We
      Marvin Schieldt presented the Camping Report. It was M/S/C that this report be                 were encouraged to pray that God would raise up the right person for that job.
                                                                                                     denominational Harvest Ministries
      It was M/S/C to amend the motion that the $10,000 toward Mt. Carmel renovation                 Dr. Tim Roehl presented what was happening around the denomination in the area of
      come from the Williston Fund. It was M/S/C to grant $10,000 to Mt. Carmel Camp for             harvest ministries. It was M/S/C to receive the report. God was glorified as Tim shared
      renovations for a meeting space.                                                               the

      It was M/S/C to refer the budget to the Finance Committee.                                     dinner
                                                                                                     Dale Erbele was honored during the dinner time. Jay Ashbaucher, Bob Conover, and
      The Board of Trustees is proposing that ownership of BMCR be transferred to the camp           Allen Solheim each spoke words of honor for Dale and his ministry. Superintendent
      (see Trustee’s report for detailed information as to the proposal). Discussion was held        Steve Strutz presented Dale a new wineskin to represent all the phrases that Dale had
      prior to the vote. Jay Forseth spoke in favor of the proposal that it is a win-win situation   coined that have changed our vocabulary in the Western Conference.
      to transfer ownership. He also explained the liability issue for the conference if someone
      was injured at the camp. Bob Strutz spoke against the proposal concerned that the camp                            Tuesday Evening, November 10, 2009
      will eventually cease to exist as an evangelical camp for our conference’s use. various
      other individuals commented on the proposal. The lawsuit associated with Pacific               Evening Worship & Ordination
      Conference camping ministry was brought up as an example of the problems with a                Glendive Evangelical worship band led us in worship. Superintendant Brian Eckert spoke
      conference owning a camp. Brent Nymeyer shared the perspective of the camp board.              on the topic, “What will you do with your power and authority?” from Jesus washing the
      The camp board feels that ownership would enable them to pursue certain grants and             disciples’ feet. Two men were licensed and four were ordained in the service.
      would also limit the liability on the conference. Caution was encouraged by some that
      we approach this issue with much prayer and further research. It was also of concern                           Wednesday Morning, November 11, 2009
      that our conference camping ministries may be lost if we get bumped by other camps
      and ministries on the BMCR schedule. The question of whether or not we can actually            Worship and Prayer
      avert a lawsuit through this proposal was discussed. It was M/S/C to table the motion           Kris Buller led us in worship. Superintendent Steve Strutz interviewed Allen Solheim
      until the Board of Trustees report.                                                            as Allen transitions out of full-time pastoral ministry. Karen Walton, Shari Goroski,
                                                                                                     and Keylee Canen were honored as the conference secretaries and organizers of
      Arrowhead Bible College                                                                        the conference session. The Glendive church was thanked for opening its doors and
      Marvin Schieldt gave a report on Arrowhead. It was M/S/C to receive the report.                providing the location for Annual Conference 2009.

      Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry                                                         kingdom Resources
      Don Hohensee presented a video giving the history of the school. It was M/S/C to               vernon Aarnes presented the report from the denominational office of Kingdom
      receive the report from PESM and Don Hohensee.                                                 Resources. He recently attended a conference on transformational giving and he shared
118                                                                                                                                                                                            119
      various aspects of the seminar. It was M/S/C to receive the report. Superintendent Steve      The itinerant elders met to discuss the credentialing of Scott Jordan. After discussion,
      Strutz encouraged us to use the kingdom resource material and Superintendent Brian            it was M/S/C to follow through with the Board of Ministry’s plan to make Scott a local
      Eckhardt also shared that churches will be asked to pilot the material and implement          elder and begin a process of reconciliation.
      the principles of transformational giving. We were also encouraged to participate in the
      World Harvest Offering.                                                                       Ministry of Trustees
                                                                                                    Jay Forseth presented the Trustees report. An Articles of Incorporation template was
      discipline Changes for 2010                                                                   given to those present. The BMCR issue was discussed (see above under Ministry of
      Superintendent Brian Eckhardt presented the discipline changes being proposed for             Camping). It was M/S/C to take the previous days motion off the table. It was then
      2010 general conference. Pages 113-148 from the blue book were referred to and each           M/S/C to refer this issue to the Trustees. The Trustees will draw up the paperwork for
      proposed change was discussed. Superintendent Steve Strutz presented the perspective          this proposal and present at the next annual conference for discussion and a possible
      of the Commission on the Discipline. The following is the discussion on the discipline        vote at that time. It was M/S/C to adopt the report.
      changes. For a more complete description of proposed changes see the above pages.
                                                                                                    Superintendent Relations Committee
                                                                                                    Jay Forseth presented the Superintendent Relations Report. It was M/S/C that it be
           1. Chapter 2-The values of the Evangelical Church                                        adopted. The conference thanked Superintendent Steve Strutz for his service to the
              a. Steve expressed that the entire chapter was rewritten to reflect what              conference.
                  we are “for” instead of what we are “against.”
              b. John Luhmann pointed out his concern with a statement on page                      Ministry of Stewardship and Finance
              116 that Christ submitted Himself for the church instead of stating                   Irv Haidle presented the Stewardship and Finance report. The $3000 for Transformational
              “gave Himself for the church.”                                                        Giving will come from Miscellaneous. It was M/S/C to adopt the motion on positive
              c. Superintendent Brian directed attention to paragraph 1045 and 1046                 cash flow. It was M/S/C to adopt the motion on carryover funds. It was M/S/C to
              on changes to the procedure for amending the discipline. This will                    adopt the motion on “beginning of the year General Fund Balance.” It was M/S to adopt
              enable changes to be made on an annual basis instead of every four                    the motion on giving $3000 toward Transformational Giving. It was M/S/C to adopt a
              years.                                                                                substitute motion to give $5000 toward Transformational Giving.
           2. Paragraph 670-Trial of a Conference Superintendent
              a. Superintendent Brian explained the changes to this section since it is             The 2010 budget was presented. It was recommended that the regional overseers line
                  quite antiquated.                                                                 item fall under the superintendent category. It was also noted that social security for the
           3. Paragraphs 770-771, 800-814, 823-833 are proposed to be eliminated to                 superintendent should be amended to $0 instead of $8086. Also, it was noted that all
           give more freedom to the churches.                                                       carry-over funds were not displayed on the carry-over sheet. It was M/S/C to adopt the
           4. Since most ministers stumble in their personal and family life more                   2010 budget.
           frequently then in their professional life, changes are being proposed
           to the board of ministry duties and also revising the ministerial training               Interim Business Matters
           committee. (Paragraphs 1094-1097)                                                        It was M/S/C that all ad interim business be referred to the Conference Council.
           5. The forming of two new boards: Board of Harvest Ministries and Board
           of Kingdom Resources are being proposed. Pages 141-144 describe                          Affixing Names to the Proceedings
           these two boards.                                                                        It was M/S/C that we affix our names to the proceeding of this meeting.

      Steve Strutz proposed a mail-in ballot be used in February to vote on these changes.          Location of the 2010 Annual Conference
      The ballot will be sent to all those registered at 2009 annual conference. It was M/S.        It was M/S/C to refer this issue to the conference council.
      The proposal was amended to say that regional meetings will be arranged to allow for
      discussion and a conference call will be set up if needed and then a mail-in ballot will be   2010 Conference Calendar
      sent prior to general conference. It was M/S/C to amend the proposal. The amended             The Conference Calendar was presented to the conference. It was M/S/C to adopt.
      motion M/S/C.
                                                                                                    General Superintendent’s Report
      Break                                                                                         Superintendent Brian Eckhardt gave his report. He encouraged us to discuss general
120                                                                                                                                                                                           121
      conference with our church and elect lay representation to attend the General                                       Special Session
      Conference. A brochure was passed out to all present. Brian shared his heart that he is           Of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church
      concerned with helping pastors in the area of their personal and family lives and not just
      in their theological education. It was M/S/C to receive the report.
                                                                                                      Harvest Church: Lockwood Conference, Billings, Montana
                                                                                                                          March 9, 2009
      Conference Superintendent’s Report
      Steve Strutz presented his report. It was M/S/C to receive the report.                       Superintendent Brian Eckhardt brought the meeting to order.

                                                                                                   This meeting is being held for the sole purpose of electing a Conference Superintendent
                                                                                                   for the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church.
      Consecration to Fields of Service
                                                                                                   Questions of who is eligible to vote were addressed.
                                                                                                   The ballot was explained. Three names were on the ballot, but any Itinerant Elder who
                                                                                                   has been ordained for five years or more is eligible. The three names present were Steve
                                                                                                   Strutz, Allen Solheim, and Brent Nymeyer.

                                                                                                   It was requested that the committee which worked through the superintendent position
                                                                                                   give a report on how they arrived at their decisions. Dale Erbele gave a report from the

                                                                                                   A time of questions was allowed for those present to ask of the potential candidates.

                                                                                                   The ballot was distributed and the first ballot was cast. The first ballot was invalidated
                                                                                                   due to an improperly marked ballot.

                                                                                                   The first ballot was again distributed. With 56 votes cast, the results were as follows:
                                                                                                   Steve Strutz received 28 votes, Allen Solheim received 17 votes, and Brent Nymeyer
                                                                                                   received 11 votes. No one received the required 29 votes.

                                                                                                   The second ballot was distributed. With 56 votes cast, the results were as follows: Steve
                                                                                                   Strutz received 33 votes, Allen Solheim received 17 votes, and Brent Nymeyer received
                                                                                                   6 votes. Steve Strutz was elected as Conference Superintendent.

                                                                                                   Brian Eckhardt led us in an installation service for Steve Strutz.

122                                                                                                                                                                                         123
                      WESTERN CONFERENCE                                                    separate item and not a budget item.
                       Council of Administration
                                                                                            Student Ministries Report was presented by Paul Hansen and it was M/S/C that
                           March 11, 2009                                                   it be received. The budget for 2010 will be as follows:
               Harvest: Lockwood Campus – Billings, MT                                                Travel and Training                2000
                                                                                                      ND Student Ministry Fund 750
  Present: Dale Erbele, Steve Strutz, Robert Canen, Glenn Ewart, Jack Runner, Irv                     Super Summer Travel                2000
  Haidle, Jay Forseth, Marvin Schieldt, Paul Hansen, Bob Conover, Bob Strutz, George                  Super Summer HS                    3000
  Burgin, Allen Solheim, Cory Engel, Butch Hart, Loren Eder, Andy Seitz, Steve                        Super Summer JH                    2000
  Hamilton, Don Smith                                                                                 Fun Trailer                        5000
                                                                                                      Annual Conference                  2000
  Steve Strutz opened the meeting with a review of our conference vision and values. A                Resources and Curriculum 500
  time of prayer ensued with Bob Conover closing us in prayer.                                        Youth Ministry Development         2000
                                                                                                               Total                     19,250
  Cory Engel was introduced as the chair of the newly formed Board of Church Health.
  Loren Eder was introduced as the chair of the Board of Prayer. It was M/S/C to            Board of Church Health is a new board this year under the leadership of Cory
  approve both as being members of the Council of Administration.                           Engel. The board met initially with the Board of Church Extension since it is
                                                                                            a spinoff of that board. The Board will work in the area of assessing church
  The minutes of the March 12, 2008 meeting were reviewed. It was M/S/C to approve          health, promoting coaching, and accountability. Cory Engel presented the report
  the minutes.                                                                              and it was M/S/C that it be received.
  Historian’s Report was presented by Bob Strutz and it was M/S/C that it be received.      Church Extension Report was presented by Steve Strutz and it was M/S/C that
  Allen Solheim added that three generations of Strutz ministers have served as             it be received. The board of Church Extension will now laser its focus on plants
  superintendents of the western conference. Bob also added that on the In Memoriam         and restarts. The budget line item for church plants should be $50,000 instead
  page in the journal on pg 57, the pastor’s wives should not be included. Also, pg 56      of $30,000.
  should have included the remainder of the list of pastor’s from our conference. This is
  being corrected in an upcoming revision of the journal.                                   Women’s Ministries Report was presented by Dale Erbele. It was M/S/C that it
                                                                                            be received. The Women’s Ministry Retreat will be held at the Ursiline Center
  Mission’s Report was presented by Butch Hart and it was M/S/C that it be received.        in Great Falls this year.
  Outreach Report was presented by George Burgin and it was M/S/C that it be                Board of Ministry Report was presented by Allen Solheim and it was M/S/C
  received. George explained the Outreach Mentoring Program. George also explained          that it be received. It was clarified that the board is capped at 8 members plus
  intentional relationships as an outreach lifestyle where we give God an opportunity to    the superintendent. At Annual Conference, it was worded that it was changed to
  work in others lives through the relationships we develop. No budget was included,        9 members. Denominational Orientation was also discussed. It will be held at
  but the budget should be for outreach the following:                                      Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch from May 15-19. The ministerial training
            Coaching                                 $4000                                  scholarships are for graduate training toward ministry.
            Local Outreach Events                    $6000
            Evangelism Resources                     $2500                                  Camping Report was presented by Marvin Schieldt and it was M/S/C that it be
            Intentional Relationships                $1000                                  received. The budget remains at $8500. The title of Darek Isaacs book is “The
            Annual Conference                        $2500                                  Death of Evolution.”
            Total                                  $16,000
                                                                                            Superintendent Relations Report was presented by Jay Forseth and it was M/S/C
  Prayer Report was presented by Loren Eder and it was M/S/C that it be received.           that it be received.
  Loren encouraged everyone to update their listing on a pray everyday list.
                                                                                            Trustees Report was presented by Jay Forseth and it was M/S/C that it be
  Christian Education Report was presented by Steve Hamilton and it was M/S/C               received. The directive to market the Plentywood property is rescinded based on
  that it be received. The focus of the Christian Education board will be to update         the action that the Plentywood Church is now a part of Harvest Church.
  the resource library. The carryover should be $1314.11 from 2008 instead of
  1314.97. The total budget should actually be $6000, since the carryover is a              (Break for Lunch)
124                                                                                                                                                                            125
                                                                                                           LOCAL CHURCH ELdER BOARd
      Trustees Report was presented by Jay Forseth and it was M/S/C that it be                             (Lay Leader and Pastor Parish Committee)
      received. Much discussion was held regarding the liability issues at Beartooth
      Mountain Christian Ranch, as well as the possibility of proceeding slowly         Introduction:
      towards gifting ownership of the camp to BMCR, to be discussed further at         The structure as outlined in our Discipline concerning the lay leader(s) was so designed
      Annual Conference 2009. The Council of Administration M/S/C that $25,000          to give direction to a designated “class (lay)-leader”. The lay leader was to fulfill the role
      be granted from the Williston Fund for the Harvest Church/Plentywood Campus.      of the pastor in the pastor’s absence or to assist the pastor in his responsibilities.
      Stewardship and Finance Report was presented by Irv Haidle and it was M/S/C
      that it be received. The 2010 budget will be modified at a special Stewardship    The historical background has its setting in the ministry of the circuit riding small
      and Finance meeting in June and voted on at Annual Conference 2009. It was        town/rural pastor. The originators of the Discipline could not conceive of the larger
      M/S/C that the addendum information items presented by the Stewarship and         nor “mega” church structure. Therefore, the guidelines they provided for church polity
      Finance Committee be received. It was noted that carry over accounts could        are often very difficult to implement in our present situation. Today we must script a
      be tithed upon for the funding of the new Church Health Board, but no action      “new wineskin” for the paradigms we are facing, however, keeping with the intent of the
      was taken. The Positive Cash Flow from last year will be distributed s the        “original” authors.
      Conference Cabinet determines.
                                                                                        There are two areas in our current Discipline that deal with spiritual headship issues:
      Report made by Steve Strutz: The Discipline is currently in a re-write for the
                                                                                        Namely, paragraphs 730 – 736 (Lay Leader and Assistant Lay Leader) and paragraph
      Denomination. The World Harvest Offering to date has received over $80,000
      of a $110,000 goal and the Western Conference Churches participated in a          726 (Committee on Pastor-Parish Relations)
      higher level this year.
                                                                                        Our Discipline, in areas of polity, must always remain a somewhat fluid document
      Dale Erbele M/S/C that Steve Strutz, Dale Erbele, and Jay Forseth continue to     changing where change is needed in order to enable and empower the church to be
      serve on the Denominational Boards. They will choose an additional delegate to    more effective. Hence, the need to address Biblical headship as it pertains to this
      serve with them.                                                                  concept of lay leaders/elder board.
      Allen Solheim reported that in 2010 all ordained Elders will be required by the   I. NEW TESTAMENT ELdERS ANd dEACONS:
      denomination to be involved in Continuing Education Credits.
                                                                                        In the New Testament we find two groups which provide leadership for the church, and
      George Bergen M/S/C that the current Superintendent Relations Committee           these two groups are known as elders (also referred to as overseers and pastors) and
      oversee the transition of the Superintendent position.                            deacons.

      Steve Strutz M/S/C that Jay Forseth be elected Conference Chairman.               That both were in existence in the churches can be seen in Philippians 1:1 “Paul and
                                                                                        Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, to all the saints in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together
      Steve Strutz M/S/C that Dale Erbele serve as Chair of the Board of Church         with the overseers and deacons,” where overseers is synonymous with elders and in I
      Extension to be re-evaluated at Annual Conference 2009.                           Timothy 3 where Paul gives qualifications of an elder in verses 1 – 7, and then gives the
      Bob Strutz and Allen Solheim closed in Prayer.                                    qualifications for deacons in verses 8 – 13.

      Respectfully Submitted,                                                           The elders provided spiritual oversight and direction for the ministry and teaching of
                                                                                        the church, the deacons served in an administrative capacity, handling the financial and
      Robert Canen
                                                                                        physical needs to equip the church’s mission.
      Conference Secretary
                                                                                        In our current church structure the function of the deacon is carried out by the trustees
      (and)                                                                             and other designated committees. However, the function of the elder is often officially
                                                                                        and practically carried out through the position of the pastor alone. (Paragraph 725
      Jay Forseth                                                                       states, “The Minister is the ranking officer of the local church and as such is the leader
      Conference Chairman                                                               of its life and program”.) So often, as “the ranking officer” he has very little authority to
                                                                                        act except as given to him by the council.

126                                                                                                                                                                                      127
  The council is composed of designated officers from various ministry departments.            A similar conclusion can be drawn from I Peter. Peter writes, “So I exhort the elders
  They report to the council so every department can share in the common vision of the         among you…tend the flock of God that is your charge…” (I Peter 5:1 -2). First Peter is
  church and offer mutual encouragement to one another.                                        also a general epistle, written to dozens of churches scattered throughout four Roman
                                                                                               provinces in Asia Minor (I Peter 1:1, Bithynia and Pontus constituted on Roman
  The council in essence has become the spiritual headship of the entire church fulfilling     province).
  the role of an elder even though they were not elected into office to carry out that
  function.                                                                                    Far from expecting different kinds of church government when he was writing
                                                                                               (around A.D. 62, more than thirty years after Pentecost), Peter assumes that all these
  A headship provided by an elder board of godly men, of which the pastor is one of the        churches, whether founded by Paul or by others, whether predominantly Gentile or
  elders, would be much more appropriate and effective. To leave the spiritual direction       predominantly Jewish or evenly divided in their make-up, would have elders leading
  in the hands of one person (namely the pastor as presiding officer) is limited, narrow,      them.
  and restrictive. It doe not utilize the different perspectives and insights of a team of
  elders. Leadership provided by a group of elders rather than a solo pastor would also        Moreover, there were elders in the Jerusalem church (Acts 11:30; 15:2), and though
  provide more balance and accountability.                                                     the word elders is not used, there is a plurality of leaders in the congregation to which
                                                                                               the epistle to the Hebrew is directed, for the author says, “Obey your leaders and
  II. NEW TESTAMENT PAttERN: A PLURALITy OF ELdERS:                                            submit to them; for they are keeping watch over your souls, as men who will have to
  There is a consistent pattern of plural elders as the main governing group in New            give account” (Heb. 13:17).
  Testament churches. In Acts 14:23 we read, “And when they had appointed elders for
  them in every church, with prayer and fasting, they committed them to the Lord in            Two significant conclusions may be drawn from this survey of the New Testament
  whom they believed.” This is on Paul’s first missionary journey, when he is returning        evidence:
  through the cities of Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch. It indicates that Paul’s normal
  procedure from the time of his first missionary journey was to establish a group of             n First, no passage suggests that any church, no matter how small, had only one
  elders in each church shortly after the church began.                                             elder. The consistent New Testament pattern is a plurality of elders “in every
                                                                                                    church” (Acts 14:23) and “in every town” (Titus 1:5)
  We know that Paul also established elders in the church at Ephesus, for we read, “From
  Miletus he sent to Ephesus and called to him the elders of the church” (Acts 20:17).            n Second, we do not see a diversity of forms of government in the New Testament
                                                                                                    church, but a unified and consistent pattern in which every church had elders
  Moreover, Paul’s apostolic assistants apparently were instructed to carry out a similar           governing it and keeping watch over it (Acts 20:28; Heb. 13:17; I Peter 5:2-3).
  process, for Paul wrote to Titus, “This is why I left you in Crete, that you might amend
  what was defective, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you” (Titus 1:5).         III. THE FUNCTION OF AN ELdER BOARd:
                                                                                               (See function/qualifications of Lay Leaders and PPR Committee Paragraphs 730 – 736
  Shortly after a church has been established, once again we see elders being established      & 726-h)
  in office, in “every town” in which there was a church. And Paul reminded Timothy of
  the time “when the elders laid their hands on you” (I Tim. 4:14).                            The elders provide the overall spiritual headship and direction of the Church in
                                                                                               fulfilling its vision and mission. Developing the visionary big picture and encouraging
  James writes, “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and         the body to function in their area of giftedness and basic God given “wiring”.
  let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord” ( James 5:14).
  In our current structure who would be called to anoint the sick…pastor, lay leader or        They enlist others in developing strategies and structures in fulfilling the vision of the
  technically the council? In James this is a significant statement because of the epistle     church through each ministry department of the local church.
  of James is a general letter written to many churches, all the believers scattered abroad,
  whom James characterizes as “the twelve tribes in the Dispersion” ( James 1:1). It           Practically, the elder board would handle such matters as the teaching of the church,
  indicates that James expected that there would be elders in every New Testament              pastoral care, the direction for the worship service and other services of the church,
  church to which his general epistle went…that is, in all the churches in existence at that   follow-up, assimilation, church discipline, church membership, healing, and outreach.
                                                                                               A key function would be to make the church and its ministry relevant to the Culture.
128                                                                                                                                                                                         129
                                                                                                      man should feel that he is being forced to serve as an elder out of a sense of undesired
                                                                                                      obligation. No pressure should be used that would result in unwilling, half-hearted
  It would also provide a better and more intentional system of guidance and
  accountability for the pastoral staff.
                                                                                                      2) Effective Management of Family:
                                                                                                      I Timothy 3:4-5, “He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey
  The Biblical qualifications for elders are presented most clearly in I Timothy 3:1-7 and
                                                                                                      him with respect. If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he
  Titus 1:5-9, and further direction on this matter is given in I Peter 5:1-3.
                                                                                                      take care of God’s church?
                                                                                                      Titus 1:6 “A man whose children believe and are not open to the charge of being wild
   I Timothy 3:1-7
                                                                                                      and disobedient.”
  Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble
  task. Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate,
                                                                                                      The home is the proving ground for ministry. A family household is a “little church”
  self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent
                                                                                                      over which the husband and father is the spiritual head. Therefore, if a man is
  but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and
                                                                                                      ineffective in shepherding his family, he should not be placed in the position of
  see that his children obey him with proper respect. If anyone does not know how to manage
                                                                                                      shepherding the extended family of the church. This is also consistent with the words
  his own family, how can he take care of God’s church? He must not be a recent convert, or
                                                                                                      of Jesus in Matt 25: “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of
  he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. He must also have
                                                                                                      many things.” Effectiveness in private leadership should always proceed opportunities
  a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into the disgrace and into the devil’s
                                                                                                      for public leadership.
                                                                                                      An elder candidate should have well-disciplined children. This does not mean perfect,
                                                                                                      but it does mean that they should not blatantly and regularly disregard the instructions
  Titus 1:5-9
                                                                                                      of their parents. He should be a loving and responsible spiritual leader in the home.
  The reason I left you in Crete was that you might straighten out what was left unfinished and
                                                                                                      The faith and character of his wife and children should reveal the fruit of his godly
  appoint elders in every town, as I directed you. An elder must be blameless, the husband
  of but one wife, a man whose children believe and are not open to charge of being wild
  and disobedient. Since an overseer is entrusted with God’s work, he must be blameless- -
                                                                                                      This qualification does not require that a man be married or have children to
  not overbearing, not quick-tempered, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not pursuing
                                                                                                      be considered for an elder. Yet the same principle applies in this circumstance:
  dishonest gain. Rather he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-
                                                                                                      effectiveness in private leadership should always proceed opportunities for public
  controlled, upright, holy and disciplined. He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as
  it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who
  oppose it.
                                                                                                      3) A Good Reputation – Above Reproach – Worthy of Respect:
                                                                                                      I Timothy 3:2 & 7; Titus 1:6-7 (Note in I Tim. 3:10 the same holds true for a deacon).
  I Peter 5:1-3
  To the elders among you, I appeal as a fellow elder, a witness of Christ’s sufferings and one
                                                                                                      A good reputation is important throughout the Bible. Luke records that “he was well
  who also will share in the glory to be revealed: Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your
                                                                                                      spoken of by the brethren who were at Lystra and Iconium” (Acts 16:2). Concerning
  care, serving as overseers- - not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants
                                                                                                      Timothy, Paul wrote about the genuine faith that was in him and was in his mother and
  you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you,
                                                                                                      grandmother. (2 Tim. 1:5)
  but being examples to the flock.
                                                                                                      Because of the public nature of the office of elder, a man’s reputation with outsiders is
  1) Aspiration:
                                                                                                      very important. He should be the type of man who lives in a way that gives no cause
  I Timothy 3:1 – “If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer”
                                                                                                      for others to think badly of the church or the faith or our Lord. The focus here is not
                                                                                                      a person’s relationship with the Lord, per se, but how others see him. Being above
  I Peter 5:2 – “not because you must, but because you are willing, as God
                                                                                                      reproach means that there is not even room for suspicion of significant wrongdoing.
  wants you to be”.
                                                                                                      Paul believed that Christianity is serious business and Christians must be “worthy of
  An elder should desire to serve as an elder and be willing to serve in such a capacity.
                                                                                                      respect” to accomplish that business.
  It is the duty of elders to do their work with gladness and not under constraint. No
130                                                                                                                                                                                                 131
         n Christians represent the God of the universe, who is a holy and righteous                  Elders are to serve as proclaimers and guardians of the truth of God’s word. He must
           God.                                                                                       know Biblical doctrine well and be able to explain it to people. He must be astute
         n Christians are children of the King of Kings and joint heirs with His Son,                 enough theologically that he can spot error and show a person why it is wrong and
           Jesus Christ.                                                                              harmful (II Tim. 2:25-26). Part of the shepherding role of elders is to protect the flock
         n Christians should live in such a way as to be respected because of our                     from doctrinal error and its negative effects. The truth of God’s word should not only
           high position and calling in Christ.                                                       be known but should also be held firmly and loved.
                                                                                                      This does not necessarily mean that the man is an effective public speaker before large
      4) Godly, Mature Character:                                                                     groups. I Tim. 5:17 indicates that not all elders devote all their time to formal teaching
      I Timothy 3:2-3, 6; Titus 3:7-8: I Peter 5:2-3                                                  or preaching. Yet he should have a solid understanding of Biblical truth and have an
      It is essential that an elder be self-controlled in all that he does, that his character        ability to effectively communicate this truth to others. If a man knows the truth but is
      reveals the fruit of years of God’s purifying, sanctifying work in his life. He is to be free   unable to explain it so that others can understand, he is probably not a suitable elder.
      from sinful enslavements and instead have a consistent pattern of submitting to the
      lordship of Christ.                                                                             8) Gender Issues:
                                                                                                      Elders are always men in the Bible. This is consistent with the pattern of Biblical
      This godly, mature character is to be evident in any and every circumstance. He                 leadership, which flows from the intention with which God created us. Although men
      must not be violent, quarrelsome, or quick-tempered, because such traits will cause             and women are equal and stand on level ground before God, God created men and
      unnecessary division and conflict amidst the church; rather than causing dissension,            women differently to fulfill different purposes. God has ordained that leadership in the
      he should be a peacemaker. He should not be overbearing or lord his authority over              church and family be provided by men.
      others, because this would be an abuse of his position which is rather intended to be           There are three practical reasons for the above.
      a position of service. Forfeiting his self-control through a substance, such as alcohol,
      should never be an option. He must not be greedy, because this could cause him to                  1) Godly spiritual men impact and attract other men to also consider
      selfishly misuse and abuse the responsibilities that have been entrusted to him. He                   becoming Christ followers.
      should not only do the good but also love the good. His godly, nature character should
      be an example for other believers.                                                                 2) If a man (husband) is interested in spiritual matters and models Biblical
                                                                                                            principles it flows much easier through the family (wife and children)
      5) Hospitable:                                                                                        then in the reverse order.
      I Tim. 3:2; Titus 1:8 & I Peter 5:2
                                                                                                      There are sometimes sensitive personal issues that need to be addressed and discussed
      Hospitality is a concrete expression of Christian love and family life. Giving oneself          with the pastor of whom only his wife and elders should know about and not other
      to the care of God’s people means sharing one’s life and home with others. An                   women in the church. (Currently this gender issue in our PPR committees can be very
      elder should be a man who loves strangers - - that is, who is given to being kind to            awkward)
      newcomers and makes them feel at home. He should have a desire and ability to
      include others rather than hold others at arms length. His home should be open; for             A good resource: Why Men Hate Going To Church by david Murrow
      ministry, and he should not shrink back from having guest, since these can be effective         Women should be highly honored and valued as fellow Kingdom builders. Many
      opportunities for ministry. An elder should exhibit an openness to others and should            venues and opportunities present themselves in which they can contribute and
      therefore not be a withdrawn, private person.                                                   influence the whole church. Women can serve in many fruitful positions of ministry
                                                                                                      within the life of the Church
      6) Practice Generosity:
      What we do with our money and our wealth says so much about how we value our                    V. MEMBERSHIP ANd ACCOUNTABILITy:
      relationship with God. Elders are to not only be hospitable but also take the leadership        An elder (lay leaders) must be a member and an active participant in the life of the local
      role in modeling generosity.                                                                    church. He shall be elected for a term of one year by the members of the local church
                                                                                                      in a congregational meeting.
      7) Able to Teach:                                                                               An elder must meet the qualifications as stated above and also acquaint himself with,
      I Tim. 3:2; & Titus 1:9                                                                         believe in, and live according to the doctrines and the Discipline of the Evangelical
132                                                                                                                                                                                                133
   Church.                                                                                                                  BMCR BOARd MINUTES
   The elder board shall be members of the local Church council and report regularly to                               Living Water Church, Billings, Montana
   the local Church council.                                                                                                     March 28, 2009
   The elder board will assume the responsibilities of the former Pastor-Parish Relations
   Committee as listed in paragraph 726(h) of the Discipline.                                   Meeting commenced at 9:03 AM

   *They will endeavor to maintain an awareness of the relationship between the                 Board Members Present: Brent Nymeyer (Chair), Jay Thom (v. Chair) Julie Rodda
         pastor(s) and the congregation and to communicate its assessment to the                (Secretary), Jeff Kanning, Ivan Nisley, Doug Parker, Jack Runner. Absent: Loren Eder.
         Conference Superintendent.                                                             BMCR Staff Present: Marvin Schieldt, CEO; Mike Dreiske, Camp Director.

      n Provide opportunity for counseling on matters pertaining to the relationship            Brent opened in prayer. Minutes from Dec. 2008 meeting were read. Jay motioned to accept
        with the pastor and his staff, and with the congregation including: pulpit supply,      minutes as presented, Doug seconded, motion carried.
        initiating proposals for salary, housing, pension, insurance, social security, travel
                                                                                                TREASURER REPORT: Mike Dreiske presented a brief accounting of state of finances. No
        expenses, vacation time, refresher courses (continued education), and                   account statements were presented for approval.
        other matters related to the effectiveness, comfort and well-being of the pastor(s)     •	 Worker’s	Comp.	Fund	charged	an	additional	$13,294	against	‘housing	allowance’	
        and his family.                                                                         compensation. Some of these funds will be received out of staff support balances, some may not
                                                                                                be recovered.
      n They will play a key role along with the Conference Superintendent in the               •	 Last	of	logs	from	wind	damage	Nov.	2007	are	being	removed.	This	did	not	net	much	in	
        matters of pastoral changes.                                                            terms of cash as timber market is down, yet will help with wildfire management issues.
                                                                                                •	 Spending	freeze	is	still	in	effect.	Some	construction	related	issues	are	occurring	from	
   There will not be a set number of elders; rather the number will be determined by the        designated fund accounts.
   number of men who desire to serve as elders and meet the qualifications. By setting
   a number we may be forced to make the mistake of lowering standards just to fill             CEO REPORT: Marvin
                                                                                                College President: Darek Isaacs has been installed as new Arrowhead Bible College President.
   positions, or, on the other side, excluding some who are called and qualified because
                                                                                                Darek interviewed with Allen Solheim, John Sills and Brent Nymeyer, and comes highly
   we had set an arbitrary number.                                                              recommended by them. Darek is working on a strategic development for Arrowhead which
   However, depending on the size of the church it could range anywhere from three to           	    •	 Distance	Learning	~	Young	Earth	Creationism	courses.	The	board	is	investigating		        	
   ten men, of whom one is the pastor(s). Once they are elected they will select their own           potential scholarship availability for our conference pastors to take this internet based
   chairman and vice chairman.                                                                       course.
                                                                                                	    •	 Potential	Accreditation	of	a	2	year	Bible	College	Program,	including	distance	learning		 	
   Special Note: The following “Flow Chart” is a work in progress!                                   components. Much work will need to be done on this component if it is to move forward.
   Credits: Excerpts from: Systematic
                                                                                                director of development (Marvin)
                                                                                                •	 Current	fundraising	effort	is	Spray	the	Clay	Family	Day	@	BMCR	on	June	13th.	Marvin	
                                                                                                urged board participation for involvement, attendance and encouraging others to come.
                                                                                                •	 Grant	was	received	from	Faith	Chapel’s	Billings	&	Beyond	Committee	for	seeding/
                                                                                                landscape work on the recreational field area (septic field overlay). Faith Chapel hopes to bring
                                                                                                volunteers and equipment up to help with that in April, weather permitting.
                                                                                                •	 He	has	been	attending	Development	Classes	along	with	Julie	through	the	Empowering	
                                                                                                Youth Project, and through Association of Fundraising Professionals lunches in Billings.
                                                                                                •	 Still	gathering	people	to	serve	on	Beartooth	Youth	Foundation.	Presented	a	proposal	they	
                                                                                                are considering from Melody Dobson to assist the Foundation raise funds.

                                                                                                CAMP dIRECTOR REPORT: Mike
                                                                                                •	 Staff: Mike reported on all current staff members and those working towards coming to
                                                                                                camp. Andy and Christie Salava are now at BMCR! The Johnsons are still raising support and the
134                                                                                                                                                                                                 135
      Isaacs will come when their home sells. Staff is feeling the effects of economic downturn in levels
      of support. Most of their supporters live outside Montana where the economic slowdown is
      more profound. Mike asked for prayer for wisdom as they consider how to raise further support.
      • Insurance issues: Skateboarding, Mountain Boarding, Slip & Slide and Paintball areas have
      been dropped from our insurance carrier. This is being looked into for new provider.
      •	 Several Building projects currently being worked on or planned for as funds are
      available are as follows: Finishing work on Boom-Town cabins, staff housing area, Little Rocky
      Creek crossing, signage for activities areas, recreation field, HQ area above restrooms in Bear’s
      Tooth and First-Aid station within what was the cavity shack. Many of these items have some
      designated funds which are being utilized.
      •	 Push	is	on	to	get	the	outside	stonework	completed	on	the	Bear’s	Tooth	Facility.

      Old Business: -
      •	 Marvin	was	asked	to	look	into	increasing	liability	insurance	coverage.	He	presented	costs	of	
      umbrella policy for 2 Mil, 5 Mil & 10 Mil single incident coverage.
      	    •	 Board	Recommendation:	that	we	secure	immediate	coverage	of	insurance		 	                    	
      	    items	‘dropped’	(activities	areas),	further	recommendations	were	to	shop	our		 	               	
           entire policy around to secure the best price including umbrella policy
           which would have a 5 Million single incident, 10 Million aggregate payout. Jack
           motioned, Doug seconded, motion carried.
      •	 Contract:	After	reviewing	rental	policy	regarding	groups	cancelling,	the	following	
      suggestions were made: in addition to deposit, intervals of payments prior to reservation dates
      be integrated. To assist the rental groups, perhaps DvD’s could be provided as well as a colorful
      ‘master’	brochure	which	they	could	modify	to	assist	them	in	cultivating	reservations	within	their	
      groups. We want to help them have a great camp experience, but also share in the financial risk. It
      was suggested that no refunds be provided closer than 60 days prior to reservation.
      •	 Conference/Spring	Board	Discussions.	The	Trustees	voted	to	turn	over	BMCR	as	a	separate	
      entity, equal with other churches in the conference. This was recommended for several reasons, a
      vote will occur in November when Annual Conference is held in Glendive.
      	    •	 Arguments	will	be	presented	by	Trustees	at	Conference…however	it	may	be			                  	
           helpful if the BMCR board provided assistance for them to best educate
           constituents. Jay motioned that we do our best to assist the Trustees to properly
           inform the annual conference attendees ahead of conference. Brent will speak
           with Jay Forseth (head of Trustees) to determine what assistance they wish
           from us, if any. Doug Seconded Jay’s motion; motion carried.

      New Business: -
      •	 Marvin	suggested	a	new	paradigm	of	interaction	with	conference	by	BMCR	staff--namely	
      participation on conference boards. This was embraced by all, appointments will occur in Nov.

      Board Member Comments Concerns:
      •	 Julie	noted	we	still	do	not	have	a	board	member	in	Treasurer	Position.	We	will	individually	
      ask people to participate (instead of putting this on Marvin).
      •	 Jeff	expressed	concern	that	it	is	difficult	for	board	members	to	provide		accountability	for	
      BMCR finances without having statements and quarterly reports. Jeff motioned that reports
      representative	of	‘end	of	month’	preceding	each	meeting	be	sent	to	board	members	prior	to	the	
      board meetings. Jack seconded, motion carried.

      •	   Ivan	motioned	to	adjourn,	Jack	seconded,	all	approved.	Meeting	adjourned	at	11:40	AM.
136                                                                                                         137
      Brent led the group in closing prayer.                                                              for Arrowhead Bible College. All board members were encouraged to become familiar with this
      Next Board Meeting will be Saturday, June 6th at 9 AM at the BMCR campus in Fishtail.               	    •	 Currently	5	students	registered	for	next	year’s	courses,	with	another	8	having	shown	
                                                                                                          interest by not committed
      Respectfully Submitted, Julie Rodda, board secretary                                                	    •	 When	Darek	is	present	the	board	will	take	opportunity	to	review	Strategic	Plan	to	make	

                                  BMCR BOARd MINUTES                                                      director of development (Marvin)
                                                                                                          	     •	 Spray	the	Clay	Family	Day	@	BMCR	on	June	13th.	Marvin	urged	board	participation	
                                  BMCR Campus, Fishtail MT                                                for involvement, attendance and encouraging others to come. To date he has garnered over
                                       June 6, 2009                                                       $4,000 in business sponsorships + $1,800 in gifts and prizes to distribute. Marvin has engaged
                                                                                                          PSA announcements on Radio and in the Gazette. Event needs broad attendance for successful
      Meeting commenced at 9:10 AM                                                                        fundraising impact. Posters were available and have been posted at several churches. Day includes
                                                                                                          activities, dinner and a concert.
      Board Members Present: Brent Nymeyer (Chair), Jay Thom (v. Chair) Julie Rodda                       	     •	 A	grant	was	received	from	the	Billings	Community	Foundation	for	$750	towards	Foster	
      (Secretary), Jeff Kanning, Ivan Nisley, Doug Parker, Jack Runner. Absent: Loren Eder.               Kids Camp.
      BMCR Staff Present: Marvin Schieldt, CEO; Mike Dreiske, Camp Director, Tyler Wynthein,              	     •	 One	grant	for	$16,000	remains	outstanding	from	the	Gilhousen	Family	Foundation	
      Director’s Assistant                                                                                (Foster Kids). Julie will phone to follow up on that. Marvin thanked Julie for her work on grant
      Brent opened in prayer. Minutes from Mar. 09 meeting were reviewed. Jay motioned to accept          	     •	 Board	requested	a	line-item	reference	for	insurance	costs	per	activity	from	Marvin	so	
      minutes as presented, Jack seconded, motion carried.                                                potential recommendations can be made at Sept. meeting for 2010 policy adjustments.

      Email corrections for both Jack & Ivan were noted so future board business can reach them.          *Beartooth Youth Foundation Report: Marvin noted he has been working with Melody Dobson
      Jack: jackcharr@midrivers.com, Ivan: bnise38@aol.com                                                (Baseline Communications) to help with a major funding push for the Foundation to secure its
                                                                                                          legal status before 3 year timeframe expires. Melody will join as a board member after funding
      TREASURER REPORT: Mike Dreiske presented Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounting.                campaign is done. Fred Rodda has joined the Foundation Board.
      Much discussion resulted.
      •	 Insurance	costs	doubled	from	what	was	anticipated.	This	was	due	to	more	complete	                CAMP dIRECTOR REPORT: Mike
      inventory of facility buildings after wind-damage claim in Dec. Also, inventory showed many          General
      camp activities were not covered as thought. Adding this necessary protection affected rate of      	     •	 Staff:		Mike	reported	on	all	current	staff	members	and	those	working	towards	coming	to	
      increase.                                                                                           camp. Andy and Christie Salava are now at BMCR! The Johnsons are at 50% support raised, the
      •	 Cash	on	hand	is	extremely	low	for	this	time	of	year.	Borrowing	from	internally		 	               Isaacs will come when their home sells and plan to support from book ventures.
      designated (non-donor designated) funds will need to occur for paying necessary                     	     •	 Former	Cavity	Shack	now	houses	a	first-aid	station.
      operating costs.                                                                                    	     •	 Camp	Store	has	moved	to	old	dining	hall	and	has	been	named	the	Trading	Post.	Camp	
      	    •	 Camper	Registrations	are	estimated	down	about	10-15%	from	last	year	this	time.              staff has done a fine job decorating in a western theme.
      	    •	 Spending	freeze	is	still	in	effect.	                                                        	     •	 Mappers	are	on	campus	and	working	on	small	Chapel	overlooking	the	camp.
      	    •	 Board	helped	identify	areas	with	potential	ability	for	further	cost	controls:               Camping Programs:
                o Food                                                                                    	     •	 33	summer	staff	serving	this	year.	Three	are	interns,	many	are	seasoned	returning	from	
                o Summer Staff numbers (after July height of season)                                      previous or had been Arrowhead Students.
      	    •	 Camp	paid	outstanding	debt	of	$5,093.25	left	from	Daniels	accounts	(Beartooth		         	   	     •	 Jeramy	Elley	is	doing	a	tremendous	job	of	filling	the	role	of	Program	Director.
                Electric Bill, Workers Compensation additional fees).                                     	     •	 It	was	noted	that	promotion/publicity	is	the	biggest	hurdle	with	cost	controls.	Julie	
                o Doug put forth a motion to not continue attempt at collection of outstanding funds.     noted Community 7 can be an excellent format for nonprofits, and promised to look into costs.
                   Jeff seconded, motion carried.                                                         	     •	 Jeff	suggested	that	board	members	receive	a	complete	list	of	camping	groups’	facility	
                o Julie put forth a motion directing Mike Dreiske to balance the current budget to        use.
                   reflect expenditures from internally-designated pools to correct shortages. Jeff
                   seconded, all in favor.                                                                Old Business: -
                                                                                                          	   •	 Marvin	was	asked	to	look	into	increasing	liability	insurance	coverage.	A	board	
      CEO REPORT: Marvin                                                                                  recommendation made at March meeting to increase coverage has been tabled at this time due to
      College President: Marvin introduced a printed version of Darek Isaacs’ strategic development       heightened policy costs.
138                                                                                                                                                                                                           139
      New Business: -
      	    •	 Marvin	presented	information	regarding	horse	excursions	on	Forrest	Service	property.	        Steve Strutz requested:
      At present they will not be allowed until new paperwork has been approved. This is based on          	   •	 Persons	attending	annual	conference	could	receive	the	recommendation	status	of	
      tightening of “Wilderness Designation” for many National Forests. Mike is currently working on       BMCR Board, copy of the Trustee’s recommendations, and BMCR Chair should request a
      that issue.
                                                                                                           motion from the Trustees at Annual Conference.
                                                                                                           	   •	 	 Julie	(secretary)	was	asked	to	create	a	graphic	insert	as	a	pictorial	guide	to	changes	
      Board Member Comments Concerns:
      	    •	 Jay	suggested	we	think	broadly	about	new	paradigms	in	camping	approach—to	include	           as well as revise the rough-draft composed by Jay Thom (with input provided from Board
      3-4 day camps. This may perhaps appeal to those who can’t do 5-6 day camps or afford that            Members)
      length of stay. The group agreed that different approaches should be considered for most effective
      outreach.                                                                                            Ivan motioned to have Julie re-work and compose documents for presentation, Doug seconded,
                                                                                                           all approved.
      	    •	 Doug	motioned	to	adjourn,	Jack	seconded,	all	approved.	Meeting	adjourned	at	noon.
                                                                                                           Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed at this point. Jeff motioned to approve, Doug
      Jack led the group in a closing prayer.                                                              seconded motion, all approved.

      Next Board Meeting will be Saturday, September 19th at 9 AM at Faith E in Billings.
                                                                                                           TREASURER REPORT: Mike Dreiske presented Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounting
                                                                                                           and noted the following:
      Respectfully Submitted, Julie Rodda, board secretary
                                                                                                           	    •	 Very	heavy	cuts	to	bare-minimum	have	been	made.	A	no-spending	policy	remains	in		 	
                                                                                                           	    •	 Roughly	$40,000	is	outstanding	in	accounts	payable.	This	is	noted	to	be	from
                               BMCR BOARd MINUTES                                                          	    	 o	 One	$16,000	grant	(Gilhousen	Foundation)	that	is	‘in	the	mail’	for	the	Foster	Kids		 	
                       Faith Evangelical Church, Billings, Montana                                                      Camp
                                  September 19, 2009                                                                o As yet unpaid scholarships from Churches
                                                                                                           	    •	 No	cushion	remains	at	this	point…monies	remaining	in	accounts	are	primarily	
      Meeting commenced at 9:00 AM
                                                                                                           designated funds.
                                                                                                           	    •	 Presented	a	preliminary	budget	for	next	year,	and	asked	the	board	for	permission	to	
      Board Members Present: Brent Nymeyer (Chair), Julie Rodda (Secretary), Jeff Kanning, Ivan
                                                                                                           begin a tithe on non-designated future donations in honor of our Christian Ministry perspective.
      Nisley, Doug Parker, Steve Strutz; Board Members Absent: Loren Eder. Jay Thom (v. Chair)
                                                                                                           	    •	 New	budget	proposed	greater	discounts	for	early	registration,	and	capping	costs	of	camp	
      Jack Runner; BMCR Staff Present: Marvin Schieldt, CEO; Mike Dreiske, Camp Director,
                                                                                                           attendance, plus reduced summer staff expenses.
      Tiffany Schmidt (Intern); Special Guests: Leonard Dailey, Conference Board of Trustees
                                                                                                           Doug motioned to accept Mike’s report, Jeff seconded, board so moved to approve.

      Brent opened in prayer and shared from Prov. 2 concerning wisdom. Brent noted expiring board
                                                                                                           CEO/development REPORT: Marvin
      terms for himself and Julie both agreed to continue another term. One lay-member seat is still
                                                                                                           	    •	 Annual	Personnel	Review~Mike	Dreiske.	Marvin	reported	that	Mike	is	doing	a	
      vacant and needs to be filled. Names can be recommended for approval at Annual Conference.
                                                                                                           tremendous job in the Camp Director Position, and noted very good staff unity under his
      Special Guest Presentation: Leonard Dailey
      Leonard noted updates to ongoing conversation regarding re-structuring of camp under the
                                                                                                           director of development (Marvin)
      conference. Some review discussion was provided for the benefit of Steve Strutz, as previously
                                                                                                           	   •	 Spray	the	Clay	Family	Day	@	BMCR	on	June	13th	did	not	have	very	good	attendance.	
      Dale Erbele (past Supt.) was included in the year-long discussion regarding this subject. Leonard
                                                                                                           Between costs and monies raised in support of event, it broke even.
      noted the following:
      	   •	 Trustees	have	been	speaking	amongst	conf.	Churches	regarding	the	legal	standing	of	the	
                                                                                                           Arrowhead Bible College Report (Marvin):
      camp, it’s property and liabilities
                                                                                                           	     •	 Marvin	and	Allen	Solheim	are	filling	in	for	Derek	Isaacs	until	his	arrival	(when	home	
      	   •	 General	feeling	has	been	to	move	forward	in	reducing	liability	issues	for	the	conference
      	   •	 Trustees	feel	it	is	time	to	provide	more	education	to	the	conf.	constituency	at	Annual	
                                                                                                           	     •	 Currently	there	are	nine	students
140                                                                                                                                                                                                           141
      	    •	 Promotion	w/4,500	postcards	went	out	this	past	summer	to	church	youth	leaders		          	                            CAMPING, Board of
      regarding ABC                                                                                                    Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana
      	    •	 They	have	tracked	an	increase	in	website	hits	since	material	went	out,	hoping	to	garner	                              November 10, 2009
      more registrations from that effort.
                                                                                                           Present: Marvin Schieldt (Dir.), Mike Dreiske, Clay Dubovoy, Rich Swartz, Joy Faul, Julie
      CAMP dIRECTOR REPORT: Mike reported on current staff members and those working
      towards coming to camp.                                                                              Board reviewed all of the Camp Board minutes presented in the book.
      	    •	 Kim	and	Jim	Johnson	are	groundbreaking	in	the	Dean	area	this	month	and	anticipated	
                                                                                                           Mt. Carmel Leadership Team made a proposal/request:
      to be working on campus before the New Year. Jim will be working with facilities.
                                                                                                           WHEREAS Mt. Carmel Leadership Team were forced to demolish the Granville Chapel,
      	    •	 Andy	and	Christi	are	doing	wonderful.	The	transition	in	the	kitchen	went	well	and	Mike	
                                                                                                           And WHEREAS they still have a great need for a meeting place, And WHEREAS they have
      remarked much of that was due to the efficiency and planning efforts of Laura Elley.                 raised almost $23,000 for this new facility (a total of $45,000 needed), And WHEREAS they
      	    •	 Next	few	months	he	will	complete	a	full	policy	and	procedures	manual	update.                 have an additional $10,000 matching gift given and challenged for the Conference to match it,
                                                                                                           BE IT RESOLvED that this matching amount of $10,000 be submitted to the Conference Trust-
      Old Business: -                                                                                      ees to determine if it can be matched out of the positive cash flow from 2009 and paid out to Mt.
      	    •	 Insurance	cost	breakdowns.	Marvin	had	previously	been	asked	to	present	line-item	            Carmel in 2010 for the construction of the new facility to be completed by camping season 2010.
      information on insurance increases/expenditures. He noted the following:                             (M,S,C)
              o Total insurance for the year is now at $26,462, with following breakdown:
      * $15,000 is for property insurance, replacement costs of damages                                    Reorganizational Proposal from the BMCR Board of directors (pgs. 47,48):
      * $6,600 is for activity coverage, of which $5,000 is for horse related activities                   WHEREAS the proposal has been reviewed, And WHEREAS the BMCR BOD has submitted
                                                                                                           comments and met with Conference Trustees regarding this proposal, BE IT RESOLvED that
      * $4,700 is for Board of Directors Insurance (misconduct, misc.), which covers our Trustees/
                                                                                                           this proposal, along with the direction/proposal from the Trustees, be submitted to the Confer-
      Conference actions as well.
                                                                                                           ence floor for comment, discussion and action. (M,S,C)

      New Business: -                                                                                      Ministry of Camping Budget Request:
      	    •	 Marvin	presented	information	regarding	potential	challenges	to	use	of	Forest	Service	        WHEREAS funding for 2009 training and travel was sufficient, BE IT RESOLvED to ask for
      Road if structure/ownership of BMCR within the Denomination changed. He has spoken with              $8,500 again for 2010.
      forest representatives and changing name on deed will not affect use of forest service/camp road.
                                                                                                           WHEREAS Mt. Carmel has proposed a line item request for $1,200 to help provide program
      Board Member Comments Concerns:                                                                      funds to pay travel expenses of Family Camp 2010 speakers, teachers, music and or missionary
      	    •	 Jeff	noted	concerns	regarding	designated	accounts,	and	current	financial	statements	         personnel, BE IT RESOLvED to include a new, additional line item and amount of $1,200 to
      reflecting exactly where fund balances are. This topic came up previously; Mike explained the        the requested budget.
      accounting system in place balances from designated accounts only once yearly. Jeff asked if it
                                                                                                                    Training:           $4,500
      could occur quarterly. Mike noted we still do not have a treasurer on the board, and would like
                                                                                                                    Travel              $4,000
      input/help from a qualified person on this matter.                                                            Mt. Carmel          $1,200
                                                                                                                    Total               $9,700
      Doug motioned to adjourn, Jack seconded, all approved. Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM.
      Brent closed the meeting in prayer.
                                                                                                           Respectfully submitted,
      Next Board Meeting will be Saturday, December 5th, held 9:00 AM at Faith E. in Billings.             Julie Rodda, Sec.

      Respectfully Submitted, Julie Rodda, board secretary

142                                                                                                                                                                                                          143
                                  Mt. Carmel Camp                                                     will add a statement to the brochure asking if anyone would be interested in helping plan Family
                                   Leadership Team                                                    Camp 2010. We will ask people at Family Camp this year if there are any who would like to serve
                             January 17th, 2009 @ 1:30pm                                              on this committee.
                                 Crystal Springs, Nd                                                  Rick Mittleider shared about the Granville Chapel and the fact that it shouldn’t be used anymore
                                                                                                      due to the invasion of bats. It is a health hazard. He suggested that we destroy the building and
   Mission: In partnership with the church to provide powerful experiences in a safe and scenic
                                                                                                      consider, in prayer, a new building to take its place. Discussion was held on whether or not we
                                                                                                      could get some money from the Williston Fund. Rick would be willing to work on this project
                                                                                                      and have 2 or 3 other people from the Board work with him.
   Vision: Experiencing who God is through a camping environment and preparing hearts for
   hope and a future.
                                                                                                      Rick led in prayer regarding this building project. We are all to be in prayer about this and if it
                                                                                                      is God’s will that we move forward with a new building to replace the Granville Chapel, then
   Present were Reggie Luhmann, Cal & Diane McAfee, Don & Maureen Smith, Tammy Schlecht,
                                                                                                      money won’t be an issue.
   Curt & Marilyn Dikoff, Pastor Don Hardesty, Clay Dubovoy & Joy Faul.
                                                                                                      Pastor Don moved to burn the building and Cal seconded it. Motion carried. Rick will put
   Pastor Don opened in prayer. Minutes were read from the December 13th meeting. Curtis
                                                                                                      together a crew to burn the building. Clay will contact the Fire Department and see when they
   moved to accept the minutes as read; Pastor Don seconded, motion carried.
                                                                                                      would be able to do fire control for the burning.
   Treasure’s Report was given with $2,601.07 in checking; $238.81 in project fund and $186.00 in
                                                                                                      We need a new projector and Reggie had checked with someone, but they wanted to see the
   savings. Reggie moved to accept treasurers’ report. Pastor Don seconded, motion carried.
                                                                                                      building before they give an estimate.
   Old Business:
                                                                                                      Curt moved to pay Bill & Lauren Daniels $450 and waive their registration fees if they commit to
                                                                                                      do both the music and children’s class for camp.
   Personnel for Family Camp:
                                                                                                      Curt moved for Don Smith to check into getting funds from the conference to offset program
   Speaker – Don will contact Steve Strutz or vern Streeter
                                                                                                      expenses for Family Camp. Pastor Don seconded, motion carried.
   Missionaries – ECNA will provide
   Family Devotions – Pastor Don Hardesty
                                                                                                      Maureen and Clay will work on fee schedule and let Joy know as soon as possible as the
   Music – Pastor Don will contact Bill & Laura Daniels
                                                                                                      brochures need to go out in February.
   Adult Class – Clay will contact Dale Erbele
   Young Adult/College Class – Reggie contacted Mark Bosserman and is awaiting confirmation
                                                                                                      Cal moved to allow Clay to purchase two 10 x 20 portable tents for a total of $450. Curt
   Teen Class – Waiting for confirmation from Phil Friday
                                                                                                      seconded, motion carried.
   Children – Pastor Don will contact Bill & Laura Daniels
   Cook – Barb Thoreson
                                                                                                      Clay will contact Dale Erbele and see if he is interested in being MC for Family Camp.
   Afternoon Classes – Jan Hardesty for the ladies and vern Aarnes w/Financial Planning
   Garbage – Rick Mittleider and crew
                                                                                                      The next meeting will be held March 21st at 9:00 at Crystal Springs. We will possibly also meet
   Kitchen Hostess – Diane McAfee and helper Tammy Schlecht
                                                                                                      the night before. Marvin Shieldt is planning on being with us.
   Registration – Maureen Smith and helpers
   Campfire – waiting for confirmation from the Drege’s
                                                                                                      Reggie moved to adjourn the meeting; Cal seconded.
   Nurse – TS to check with Kelli Pfaff
   Flag Raising – Ken Jennings
                                                                                                      Minutes recorded by
   Horses – To be determined
                                                                                                      Tammy Schlecht
   Recreation –
   Counselors – Maureen will contact Crown College. If they aren’t available, Clay will contact Mid
   America Nazarene College

   Joy will check with Logan Rogers to see if he is interested in taking pictures during camp.
   Discussion was held on creating a program committee for Family Camp next year. It should
   consist of 5 to 7 people. They would be in charge of lining up the personnel for Family Camp.
   Diane moved to establish a Family Camp committee. Reggie seconded, motion carried. Joy
144                                                                                                                                                                                                         145
                       CHRISTIAN EdUCATION, Board of                                                                   CHRISTIAN EdUCATION, Board of
                   Faith Evangelical Church – Billings, Montana                                                   Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana
                                 March 10, 2009                                                                                November 10, 2009
   Members Present: Stephen Hamilton, Brent Nymeyer, and Sara Richards                               Members Present: Stephen Hamilton, Brent Nymeyer, Dan Nefzger, Glenn Ewert, Derek
                                                                                                     Mowery, Todd Hunt, Mike Tommerup, Stacey vorhes, and Chris Caldwell.
   Purpose: To serve as a resource as we promote and encourage discipleship in the local church.
                                                                                                     Purpose: To serve as a resource as we promote and encourage discipleship in the local church.
   Vision: To enhance the larger vision of the conference as we seek to have healthy, life-giving,
   prevailing, multiplying disciples resulting in healthy churches.                                  Vision: To enhance the larger vision of the conference as we seek to have healthy, life-giving,
                                                                                                     prevailing, multiplying disciples resulting in healthy churches.
   Opened in Prayer
                                                                                                     Stephen Hamilton led a devotion on the singular truth that is Jesus from John 14:6.
   WHEREAS there is a need to update the conference resources to be timely, relevant and             Brent Nymeyer opened in Prayer.
   technologically accessible, BE IT RESOLvED that the board made recommendation to cull
   dated materials, and update or replace “classic” titles, BE IT FuRTHER RESOLvED that Steve        WHEREAS, there is a need to add new board members to the board, BE IT RESOLvED that Dan
   Hamilton will complete this update.                                                               Nefzger, Kim Baker, and Chris Caldwell have agreed to serve on the C.E. Board.

   WHEREAS there needs to be more involvement in the leadership training budget, BE IT               WHEREAS, the need for building a culture of peace in our churches and equipping our leadership
   RESOLvED that more participation be encouraged by the churches.                                   in peacemaking practice, BE IT RESOLvED those two curriculums will be implemented starting
                                                                                                     at the Big Timber Church, they are “The Leadership Opportunity (for Church Leadership Teams)
   WHEREAS there are gaps in areas of Children’s material, Creation/Evolution, Marriage, Men’s       and The Peacemaking Church” (a series for the whole church). The Leadership Opportunity
   Ministry, Spiritual Gifts, Stewardship/Finance and Youth Ministry, BE IT RESOLvED that            will be available to pass on to another church in February, and The Peacemaking Church will be
   current and excellent titles be identified and added to the conference library. BE IT FuRTHER     available in April. Bryan Baker will be available for implementation questions.
   RESOLvED, that these known titles be added as soon as practical: The Nest Bible Story Series,
   AIG’s Creation Series, Amazing Animals That Defy Evolution I, II & III, unlocking the Mysteries   WHEREAS in the challenge of the discipleship of children there is a felt need to identify biblical,
   of Life, Where Does the Evidence Lead, The Privileged Planet, The Bethlehem Star, Love and        relevant, engaging, and evangelical curriculum especially for the children in our churches
   Respect, Fireproof, S.H.A.P.E., Financial Peace university, The Nooma Series, The Truth Project   particularly in the area of video curriculum, the board discussed the need to share more openly
   & Rewired.                                                                                        with our conference churches both the format and the time slot. BE IT RESOLvED the C.E.
                                                                                                     Board suggests the investigation of these resources: creativepastors.com (The Elevate series), Life
   WHEREAS in 2008 Resource (Library/Equipment) funds were not sufficient for the purchase           Church Tv, imago dei.com, lifewaylessons.com, faith-at-home.com, and TruU by Focus on the
   of the desired inflatables designed for the younger children in our conference BE IT RESOLvED     Family.
   the following Budget carry-over of $1314.97 be allowed for this acquisition to be in place by
   spring 2009:                                                                                      WHEREAS there is a need to expand our conference Library, BE IT RESOLvED that these new
                                                                                                     titles be added as soon as practical: AIG’s Creation series, unlocking the Mysteries of Life, Where
             Resource (Library/Equipment)          $2,500                                            Does the Evidence Lead, The Privileged Planet, The Bethlehem Star, Love and Respect, Fireproof,
             (Plus the carry-over of $1,314.97 from 2008)                                            S.H.A.P.E., Financial Peace university, Trueu series, and Breaking Down the Strongholds.
             Postage                               $ 200
             Travel                                $ 300                                             WHEREAS previous budget levels are serving the purpose and vision of the C.E. board, BE IT
             Leadership Training                   $3,000                                            RESOLvED that the following budget be put forward for 2010.
             Total                                 $7,314.97                                                Resource (Library/Equipment)         $2,500
                                                                                                            Postage                              $ 200
   Respectfully Submitted, Stephen Hamilton                                                                 Travel                               $ 300
                                                                                                            Leadership Training                  $3,000
                                                                                                            Total                                $6,000

                                                                                                     Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                                     Stephen Hamilton
146                                                                                                                                                                                                        147
                       CHURCH ExTENSION, Board of                                                                  •	 Attached Budget
              Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana                                                  •	 What revenues available and how will more be raised?
                                March 10, 2009                                                                     •	 What are you requesting?
                                                                                                                   •	 When does this need to be available
      Mission: We exist to start and restart churches that are healthy, life-giving, prevailing,
      multiplying and that respect the past and embrace the future.                                            Plants/Restart Reports:
                                                                                                               Living Water: 1) Sent a thank-you note for the grant, did not request further money, 2) Have a
      Purpose: To fulfill the Great Commission by assisting the Denominational Conference and                  coach - Loren Eder
      local church in pursuing viable church planting options.                                                 Element: 1) Moved into permanent facility, 2) Adding 3rd serviced on Martch 29th, 3)
                                                                                                               Currently 4FT staff, possible 5th in summer for kids Pastor
      Assisting in the following manner:                                                                       Vertical: 1) Continue to press on, 2) Struggles with location and time to changed both, 3) Now
         •	 Working in conjuction with the Board of Ministry and Local Church in recruiting,                   meeting at YMCA at 11am, 4)Submitted request for additional funding
         assessing and securing potential church planters.                                                     Journey: 1) Doing well, 2) Enjoying being a aprtner on Narrateplant, 3) Possible ground-
         •	 Assisting the local church and Conference in doing demographic studies for potential               breaking	for	Phase	1	in	Summer	‘09
         church plants.                                                                                        Bridge: 1)Continuing to be a challenging situation, 2) letter sent from Conf. encouraging them
         •	 Assisting in providing Conference resources in finances and personnel as necessary.                to reconsider accepting assistance for Conf. waiting for response before deciding course of
         •	 Working in conjunction with the Board of Church Health in determining the timing and               action.
         resources for restarting a church. (note: restarts are in reality church plants)                      Bethel: Received grant funds last Fall, followed through getting a coach in Loren Eder
         •	 A.C.T.S.                                                                                           Plentywood: 1) About 50 beginning to meet for worship, have done some outreach, excitement,
         •	 Missional Initiatives that may become churches, in cooperation with Board of Outreach              2) Potential satellite site... waiting on funding to move forward, 3) Tithing going well, 4)
                                                                                                               Performing outreach, i.e. valentine’s Day dinner & Super Bowl party
      Church-planting: Church plants may look differently (i.e. satellite, etc.) but all will be involved in   Livingston: Small group is steady. Main couple on the ground very pre-occupied with work
      worship, discipleship, fellowship, outreach and ministry.                                                issues.
                                                                                                               Lockwood: 1)Things going great! Ave attendance of 270 & 45 kids, 2) 54 salvations in last 6
      We will assist a church plan in making sure the following requirements are in order:                     months, 3) preparing to launch outreach into trailer park and Lockwood Middle School.
         •	 Articulate vision                                                                                  Narrate: 1) Progressing well, growing network on the ground, 2) Office space on the Gultch,
         •	 Church-planter (couple)                                                                            3) Final stages of negotiations on theater to meet in, centrally located, 4) great team in place, 5)
         •	 Assessed                                                                                           possible portable trailer from Journey, 6) Begin preview services after Labor Day, Launch in Oct.
         •	 Coached
         •	 Trained                                                                                            Video Potential: Discussion regarding the possibilities of using video on a conference-wide
             •	 Bootcamp                                                                                       basis. Willy Maxwell & Jon Gross attending a conference on rural video venues, will report
             •	 Internship                                                                                     to Conf. Supt. upon return. A gathering will be held with some others from the conference
             •	 In credentialing loop                                                                          concerning the potentials of this ministry options for church planting, etc.
         •	 Prayer team in place
         •	 Leaderhip team is in place                                                                         Grant Requests:
         •	 Budget is completed                                                                                   •	 vertical: Mike Ames submitted a request for $40k. It was not funded at this time.
         •	 Revenue streams identified.                                                                           •	 Plentywood/Harvest: Willy Maxwell submitted a reqeust for $50k. it was decided to
                                                                                                                  approve a gratn of $25k as well, as an agreement to pay the interest on an approved $60k loan
      Restarts: In consultation with the Board of Curch Health and the conference leadership when                 from the revolving fund for up to 5 years.
      it is determined that a church is viable candidate for a restart much of the same that applies to a
      church plant is applicable to a restart.                                                                 2009 Budget: The Board set the budget request for 2009 at:
                                                                                                                    Research & Development          $4,000
          Application for resources for the above:                                                                  Continuing Education            $4,000
          •	 Church Extension Grant Request                                                                         Tim Roehl                       $8,000
              •	 Contact person and information                                                                     Church plants                   $30,000
              •	 Describe the vision of such plant/restart
              •	 Demographic study has been done fo the targeted area                                          There was a discussion and it was agreed that we need to investigate new revenue streams. Could
              •	 Describe proposed timeline                                                                    we in the near future give 1% of our WEstern Conference general ministry budget giving to the
              •	 Who is the planter/restarter?                                                                 denominational Harvest Ministry fund. No decision was made at this time.
148                                                                                                                                                                                                               149
  Chair. Strutz stated that a new chairman would need to be elected for the Board. It was agreed to                        -Did 35 acres on November 7th
  talk to Dale Erbnele about being the chairman for the future of this Board. He will be talked to                 -Helena Downtown Association have given them projects
  and asked to pray about the potential of that minsitry.                                                          - 3 ¾ staff currently
                                                                                                                   -Still spending more every month than is coming in.
  Respectfully Submitted, Willy Maxwell                                                                            -People appreciating the truth in services.
                                                                                                                   -Wide variety in attendance demographics.
                                                                                                                   -Prayer requests
                                                                                                                       -That God will resource our vision
                                                                                                                       -That will God will provide marriage counselors
                        CHURCH ExTENSION, Board of
                   Faith Evangelical Church - Billings, Montana                                       Cody Campus update
                                 March 10, 2009                                                               vern, Willy, Keith
                                                                                                                 -Responding to call that has been in community
                                        10:30am – 12:00pm                                                        -Keith Twigg is in internship
  In Attendance: Brian Gifford, John Gross, Bryan Baker, Willy Maxwell, Brian Hopkins, Robert                        -Infusing DNA
  Canen, Rollie Strutz, Steve Strutz, Adam Huschka, Jeff Maness, Cory Engel, Don Smith, Erin                     -Don’t know where, but know how, due to last two campus plants.
  Youngs, Andy Seitz, vern Streeter, Marc Johnson and the most distinguished and one of the                      -Shooting for live music
  tallest men in the room, the Right Reverend Dale Erbele.                                                       -Submitting request for $25,000
                                                                                                                     -$15,000 in technical components, i.e. sound and screen
  Initial discussion - Laying groundwork for the Board of Church Health (notes provided from a                       -Outreach projects
  previous ad-hoc committee), as guided by Cory Engel.                                                           -High caliber/capacity ppl committing to effort
                                                                                                                     -Doctors, Financial Consultants, Teachers, CPAs, Coaches, Business Owners
  The crux of the discussion involved the wording of the idea for an “Annual Check-up,” or
  assessment as it relates to church health. The purpose is to raise the bar for the health of each   Plentywood
  local church, as well as the Conference, and to create a climate within the Conference that                 Willy, vern
  strongly encourages a church to use the NCD or REvEAL forms of assessment. Should this                         -Alan and Cindy from last year’s conference
  assessment/coaching be required (expected) or strongly encouraged? If so, what it the time                          Lay leadership
  frame for this “expectation”?                                                                                  -Launched in October
                                                                                                                 -Harvest remodeled upstairs of church
                                                                                                                      -Downstairs still to be done
                                                                                                                 -7 ppl came to Christ so far
                      CHURCH ExTENSION, Board of                                                                 -5 baptized in August
               Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana                                                   -Live feed, worship is through feed, as well
                            November 10, 2009                                                                    -“Rebirth” of old church, using new model

  Meeting called to order by J. Dale Erbele                                                           Lockwood
                                                                                                             Willy, vern
  Review of minutes from March meeting                                                                          -Holding steady
                                                                                                                -Added service, 9a .m. and 11 a.m., now
  -“Who will coach them?” added right after “When does this need to be available?” on page 2                    -Can do things that can’t do at larger campus
                                                                                                                     -I.E. potluck
  Update from Helena(Narrate)                                                                                   -325 total attendance, average weekend
           Adam Huschka                                                                                         -Not reaching redemptive potential, but we are going to.
              -225 on opening weekend
              -160 ppl attended previous Sunday                                                       The Bridge Church(Glendive)
              -Partnership with Helena Land Manager                                                            John and Kristen Marble
                 -Narrate will go through and mark trees to save                                                  -Came from Journey
                 -Pine beetle issue is decimating trees.                                                          -Moved to Glendive
                 -Saved city $100/acre                                                                            -Passion for church planting
150                                                                                                                                                                                              151
                   -Bought old church in town and turned it into residence.                                -Assist The Bridge in developing Grant Request.
                   -Averaging @ 37 ppl, weekly
                   -18-35 yr old is demographic, multiple ethnicities                            Board will speak to Finance to get exact 2010 budget figures. vern Streeter
                   -Assimilation rate is @ 65%
                   -videos from Journey and LifeChurchTv                                         Board will formulate a 2010 budget that reflects increase in Church Plant budget, per page 26 on
                   -Meet on Wednesday nights                                                     conference Blue Book.
                      -Food provided
                   -Brian and Robert are mentors                                                 Board needs to ask Superintendant if they would like to continue paying for Missionary Support
                   -Go through assessment process?(Dale)                                         (Tim Roehl). vern Streeter
                   -Prayer request
                      -Larger core group, leadership team                                        Move to approve minutes from last meeting. Moved by Willy Maxwell, seconded by J. Dale
      Element Church(Cheyenne)                                                                                -Motion passed
               Jeff Maness
                    -Turned 2 years old in October                                               Move to adjourn meeting. Motion by Willy Maxwell, seconded by J. Dale Erbele.
                    -Families driving in from Colorado                                                        -Motion passed
                    -Question of “What is nobody in our town doing?”
                       -2000 18-25 yr olds. living on Air Force Base
                       -Service on base
                       -December 20th is first service on base.
                       -Missional Initiative
                    -750 average attendance
                    -Just hired first full-time Kid’s Pastor
                    -Hired Executive Pastor in Spring.
                    -Possible simulcast in Butte
                    -Lay couple, gone through assessment

      Conceptual possibilities
               -Red Lodge, Rapid City, Lewistown
               -Working hard
               -Sheridan Chamber of Commerce award
                   -volunteer of the Year

      How to categorize simulcast ministries?
               -Harvest campuses = 1 church, multiple locations
               -i.e. where do things like The Bridge apply in our scope
               -ANSWER = List churches and communities they are serving

      Grant requests
               -Motion to approve Cody Extension Grant request, moved by Jeff Maness, seconded
               by vern Streeter.
                   -Motion passed
               -Motion to refer Living Water to Board of Church Health, moved by vern Steeter,
               seconded by Jeff Maness
                   -Motion passed
152                                                                                                                                                                                                 153
                             CHURCH HEALTH Board of                                                           	         •	 Simply,	by	assessing	the	results	–	“keeping	abreast	of	the	facts”	(Proverbs	24:3-4 tlb)
                      Faith Evangelical Church - Billings, Montana                                            	         •	 Develop	a	target	list	of	what	churches	need	to	engage	in	the	NCD	process	in	the		 	
                                    March 10, 2009                                                                         very near future

  Attending: Cory Engel, Erin Youngs, Loren Eder, Glen Fournier, Robert Canen, Andy Seitz and                 Strategy – for developing a system for expanding the corps of coaches
  Marc Johnson, and Brian Gifford                                                                             	         •	 Set	a	date	for	Tim	Roehl	to	come	to	do	coach	training
                                                                                                              	         •	 Request	that	Tim	develop	our	own	Coach	Trainer(s)
  Mission Statement (as previously crafted by Cory, Steve Strutz and Dale Erbele), was discussed,
  agreed upon and adopted.                                                                                    Budgeting
                                                                                                              	       •	   Resources	–	DVDs,	ABC	booklets,	etc.	-	$1000
      The Board of Church Health exists to be a catalyst for Kingdom expansion and church growth, both        	       •	   Development	of	Coaches	-	Importing	of	Tim	Roehl	-	$4000
       spiritually and numerically, by assisting local churches in the process of assessment, coaching, and   	       •	   NCD	Assessment	–	Scholarships,	Surveys,	Pastor	Training	-	$1250
                                                  accountability.                                             	       •	   Miscellaneous	-	$750
                                                                                                              	       •	   Total	budget	proposal	for	2010	–	Annual	Conference	-	$7000
  How is this accomplished?
  Restart – Revitalize – Death with Dignity
  Assessment – Coaching - Accountability
  We purpose to create a culture of holistic church health by making available assessment, coaching                                 CHURCH HEALTH, Board of
  and accountability to all conference churches to provide focused support to church restarts,                             Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana
  revitalizations, and deaths with dignity.                                                                                             November 10, 2009
  In 2009, we will be intentional about . . .                                                                 Attending: Marc Johnson, Erin Youngs, Glen Fournier, Andy Seitz, Bryan Baker, Fred Rodda,
  	         •	 Getting	every	Conference	church	plugged	in	to	the	NCD	process                                  Robert Canen. Guest Tim Roehl. Cory absent due to the upcoming birth of their 3rd child.
  	         •	 Getting	every	church	connected	to	an	NCD	Coach
  	         •	 Helping	raise	the	average	NCD	score	above	the	current	average	of	49.5                          Bryan opened in prayer. Introductions were made.
  	         •	 Developing	a	system	(through	Assessment	and	Training)	for	expanding	our	corps	`		
               of Coaches                                                                                     Our Goal: A healthy church is a fruit bearing church; Rooting, growing, maturing, producing
  Strategy – for getting every Conference church plugged in to the NCd process
  	         •	 A	decree	from	the	Superintendent                                                               Why are we here, why do we exist as a board? Our Purpose…
  	         •	 NCD	orientation/coach	training	by	.	.	.
               o Sending people to Chicago                                                                    Why we exist:
               o Import the training to Montana                                                               	       •	 The	Board	of	Church	Health	exists	to	be	a	catalyst	for	Kingdom	expansion	and		 	
               o video Seminar – DvD                                                                                      church growth, both spiritually and numerically, by equipping local churches in the
  	         •	 Resourcing	every	church	with	the	following                                                                 process of assessment, coaching, and accountability.
               o ABCs booklet of NCD
               o Coach – DvD, introducing the NCD 5-steps Church Health Process                               Our Purpose: Add to term “equipping.”
               o Consistent coaching by a Church Coach                                                        	       •	 We	purpose	to	create	a	culture	of	holistic	church	health	by	equipping	churches		 	
               o Accountability to the Regional Superintendent (who oversees the Coaches)                                through assessment, coaching and accountability to all conference churches and to
                                                                                                                         provide focused support to church restarts, revitalizations, and deaths with dignity.
  Strategy – for getting every church connected to an NCd Coach
  	         •	 Recruit	an	adequate	#	of	coaches	via	personal	invitation	from	the	Board	of	Church		 	          Our role as a board:
               Health                                                                                         	        •	 What	are	we	responsible	for?		Restarts,	revitalizations	and	deaths	with	dignity.		This		
  	         •	 Provide	NCD	training	by	way	of	a	DVD                                                                        is different from the Board of Church Extension which focuses on new works/
  	         •	 Provide	training	through	Tim	Roehl’s	coaching	process	–	specifically,	by	training		 	                       plants.
               our own coach trainer who is trained by Tim. This will enable us to develop our
               own system for expanding our corps of coaches                                                                o The Board of Church Extension, and the church itself, will together determine
                                                                                                                              when a church is to transition from the oversight of the BOCE to the BOCH.
  Strategy – for helping raise the average NCd score above the current 49.5
154                                                                                                                                                                                                              155
                                                                                                                                     MINISTRy, Board of
                   * When a church becomes sustainable apart from the mother church?                                      Faith Evangelical Church - Billings, Montana
                   o To resource existing churches.
                                                                                                                                        March 10, 2009
                                                                                                         Members Present: Tim Weidlich, Dan Morgan, Sam Summers, Dale Erbele, Allen Solheim,
                   * Acts first then Cash
                                                                                                         Robert Conover, Robert Canen, Jay Ashbaucher
                   * To come alongside churches and help them become healthy and life-giving.
                                                                                                         The board met with Grant Clark who is currently the connections pastor at Cheyenne Element
                                                                                                         Church for an initial interview. He currently does not have any formal Bible training. He has
                   * To focus most of our energy and time in church revitalizations, those churches
                                                                                                         been introduced to PESM and would probably be interested in going that route. Dan Morgan
                   no longer in the launch phase. The best focus is coming alongside existing
                                                                                                         was assigned as his mentor and he will be listed as a ministerial student.
                   churches, helping them with assessment and coaching.
                                                                                                         The board met with Andy Hazelet for an initial interview. He is currently a ministerial student
      Our Strategy for Assessment:
                                                                                                         and is working at Cheyenne Element Church as the family pastor, which is a position that
      	        •	 NCD;		NCD	will	give	us	a	broader	scope	of	what	our	people	are	thinking.		
                                                                                                         oversees kids through college age. Dan Morgan was assigned as his mentor.
      	        •	 Tim	Roehl/Coaching/Coaching	Calls/Development	of	Coaches/other	types	of		 	
                                                                                                         The board met with Lenny Eckhardt for an initial interview. He is interested in special
                  coaching training for coaches?
                                                                                                         commissioning in the area of music/arts/creativity. He currently does not have any Bible training
                                                                                                         but is working with Tim Weidlich on a theology overview program. He is currently at Harvest
      	        •	 We	hope	to	have	churches	go	through	the	NCD	process	every	18	to	24	months.
                                                                                                         Church participating in the worship band, but is planning to be the worship/media arts director
                                                                                                         in the Helena church plant. Tim Weidlich was assigned as his mentor.
      	        •	 BOCH	requirements	for	churches	(strategy):
                                                                                                         The board met with Lindsey krywaruchka for an initial interview. She is interested in special
                   1)   Church has to commit to a process not a profile
                                                                                                         commissioning in the area of discipleship/coaching/administrating. She has attended Global
                   2)   Church has to empower a team to do that process
                                                                                                         university (Assembly of God) for two years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She is
                   3)   Church has to have a coach
                                                                                                         currently at Harvest Church and serving at Mosaic. She also plans to help plant the church in
                   4)   Church needs to do this in a network or cluster of churches (cluster meetings
                                                                                                         Helena. She will start working on the doctrinal exam under the mentorship of Tim Weidlich.
                        on a monthly basis?)
                                                                                                         The board met with kyle Reynolds for an initial interview. He is currently at Harvest Church as
      	        •	 BOCH	is	to	provide	an	assessment,	based	upon	#7	of	Tim	Roehl’s	notes;		BOCH		 	
                                                                                                         the Jr High pastor. He has almost completed his Bachelor’s in educational ministries which will
                  will help assess and evaluate, such as a physical examination, to determine the
                                                                                                         fulfill our requirement for licensing or commissioning. Tim Weidlich was assigned as his mentor.
                  health, sickness, and needs of churches.
                                                                                                         The board met with Michael Stambaugh and clarified doctrinal exam questions toward
                                                                                                         ordination. He was given the doctrinal exam in October and this meeting was to deal with some
      	        •	 A	January	meeting	is	necessary	for	the	BOCH.
                                                                                                         questions that were left after the October meeting. It was recommended that Michael continue
                                                                                                         to be in communication with his mentor, Bob Conover, and the board of ministry will revisit his
      	        •	 We	need	a	list	of	all	who	have	gone	through	the	NCD	coaching	training.
                                                                                                         ordination in October.
      	        •	 A	spreadsheet	is	needed	from	the	conference	office	showing	all	of	the	NCD	scores			
                                                                                                         The board met with keith Fournier for an initial interview. Keith will be listed as a ministerial
                  for all Western Conference Churches. The Board members should then be
                                                                                                         student. He is currently volunteering at the Broadview Church in youth ministry. Jay
                  assigned specific churches for which to provide oversight. Should BOCH board
                                                                                                         Ashbaucher was assigned as his mentor.
                  members also be NCD trained coaches?
                                                                                                         Future meetings were set for June 15 at Hope Church in Billings and October 26 at Lockwood
      	        •	 Broadview	Church	and	Living	Water	Church,	finances,	to	be	on	the	agenda.
                                                                                                         Church in Billings.
      	        •	 An	addition	to	budget:		Church	Fresh	Start	Grants	$18000	for	the	achieving	of	our			
                                                                                                         The board discussed Denominational Orientation Week which will be held May 15-19 at
                  total strategy. We would like the $18000 added to the initial $7000 budget.
                                                                                                         Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch.

                                                                                                         The board discussed the qualifications for being on the board of ministry. The qualifications
156                                                                                                                                                                                                          157
      from the Discipline are “any ordained elder.”                                                     in Elementary education. He is currently working toward licensing and will meet with the
                                                                                                        board in October for examination. Steve was assigned as his facilitator in the process. It was
      It was M/S/C to appoint Robert Canen as the secretary for the Board of Ministry.                  recommended that Kyle be assessed at the next opportunity.

                2010 Budget:                                                                            It was recommended that in the future we invite the spouse of the potential ministry candidate to
                   College Contacts                                            $0                       meet with the Board of Ministry during the initial interview.
                   Continuing Education                                        $2000
                   Assessment/Analysis (cap $3000)                             $1500                    Sam suggested that all Board of Ministry members put together a paragraph on each of their
                   Pastoral Search                                             $1000                    candidates for the board of ministry meetings so that we can all stay updated.
                   Resources                                                   $500
                   Ministerial Training Scholarships (cap $20,000)             $10,000                  The board met with Tyler Powell from Journey Church in Bozeman, MT. Tyler will be listed as
                         Total                                                 $15,000                  a ministerial student and move toward licensing. He is interested in attending PESM. The board
                                                                                                        recommends that Tyler go through an assessment.

                                                                                                        Next Meeting: Monday, October 26 at 9 am at Faith Evangelical Church in Billings.
                                 MINISTRy, Board of
                      Faith Evangelical Church - Billings, Montana
                                     June 15, 2009
                                                                                                                                   MINISTRy, Board of
      Members Present: Superintendent Steve Strutz, Allen Solheim, Sam Summers, Dan Morgan,                             Faith Evangelical Church - Billings, Montana
      Dale Erbele, and Robert Canen                                                                                                 October 26th, 2009
      The board met with Justin Griebe and heard his heart for ministry. Justin was an ABC student      John Erbele - The Board discussed at length the situation involving John Erbele. We moved that
      this year and wants to get into some kind of youth ministry.                                      his credentials be surrendered for a year and then a thorough review be conducted in connection
                                                                                                        with the North Central conference to see where he is at in his restoration process. This action
      It was decided that Jeff Smith be listed as a local elder under the Crystal Springs, ND church    follows the Policy of the Denomination on Moral Failure for a credentialed Elder .
      until such time as we are informed of his future plans (paragraph 515).
                                                                                                        It was further noted that we want part of the total restoration process to include a meeting with
      The board discussed the status of Mike Stablein and it was decided to further communicate         our Board of Ministry to resolve long standing issues with the Western Conference. Our heart is
      with Mike and make a determination at a future date what to do with his credentials. Mike is      to work with John through this process, our obligation is to follow the policy guidelines toward
      currently working for an engineering firm in Denver.                                              his renewal.

      The board discussed a letter of transfer from the Wesleyan Church for Gary Manness. Gary is       Benjamin Gonzalas - Benjamin has read all the books on Entire Sanctification. Derry has had
      planning on working with Dan Morgan in Gillette, WY. It was determined that we recommend          a great conversation with him concerning that topic. It was moved and seconded that we ordain
      Gary as an elder-in-transfer to the 2009 Annual Conference.                                       him, All affirmed the motion.

      The board met with Clay Masser from the Circle Evangelical Church. He and his wife, Laurie,       Scott Jordan - A lengthy discussion was held concerning the Bismarck situation and the
      have been assessed. Clay is looking for ministry opportunities to continue his pursuit of God’s   interaction between the Superintendent and the Board of Ministry regarding Scott Jordan. It was
      direction. Clay is currently enrolled in PESM. Robert Canen was assigned as his facilitator.      noted that this has been an ongoing problem for two years, and in spite of various efforts by the
                                                                                                        Conference, there has been no progress toward a resolution of the underlying problems related
      The board met with Bryan Baker and administered the doctrinal examination. The board              to the church and Scott.
      approved recommending Bryan to the 2009 annual conference for ordination.                               A letter was sent to Scott Jordan by Superintendent Strutz outlining procedures that we as a
                                                                                                        Board were beginning to initiate. Scott sent a return letter agreeing to meet with the Board only
      The board met with Roger dayton for a follow-up interview. He received a BA in Pastoral           on four terms outlined by him, all of which were rejected by the Board of Ministry.
      Ministry and Christian Education from Yellowstone Baptist College. He is working toward           Our official action as the Board of Ministry is that we will proceed with our request for an open
      licensing and will meet with the board in October for examination.                                dialogue. That refused the Board of Ministry will recommend to the Board of Elders that his
                                                                                                        ordination be reduced to the status of Local Elder.
      The board met with kyle ziegweid who is currently the music pastor at Faith Evangelical                 A separate letter will come from the Superintendent requesting a conversation with the
      Church. Kyle attended Trinity Bible College and university of Montana Billings with a degree      membership about the status of the Church in the Denomination.
158                                                                                                                                                                                                          159
        We have left the door of opportunity open for him to contact us about open dialogue with                              WESTERN CONFERENCE
  him and the Board through November 10. If that fails to happen, there will be a meeting of                           Licensing, Ordination, Commissioning and
  the Elders at the Annual Conference session on November 11th to formalize action related to
  Scott and the Bismarck situation. Our meeting with him would be to give us an opportunity to                            Local Church License Requirements
  continue on with Steve’s original request in the letter from October 1st by November 10th. This
  meeting would be an opportunity to hear what he wants from the denomination in the handling                                                        For
  of the conflict in Bismarck. It would also be an opportunity for the Board to respond with those
        It was also noted that we may have to go through the process of the dissolution of the
  Evangelical Church. The Discipline requires 1 year from the time of request for resolution. The
  Superintendent will be in communication with the congregation and work with them on any                   __________________________________________________________
  steps or actions they might want to pursue in the future.                                                                        Candidates Name

  Gary Maness - It was moved and seconded that we recommend to the Elders that we accept                     _____________________________ __________________________
  Gary Maness as an Elder in transfer. Dan Morgan made that motion, Sam Summers seconded.                              Phone                                  Email
  Passed unanimously. Full status will be granted following the one year probationary period
  required by the Discipline.                                                                               __________________________________________________________
  don Loyd - Don has met with the Board on previous occasions, and we continue in dialogue
  with him concerning personal and theological issues that he and the Board needed to address.              __________________________________________________________
  The Board was satisfied that those issues have been addressed satisfactorily and that he would be                                    Spouse
  a good addition in the role he is serving in under the supervision of Journey church.

  Derry Long moved that we transfer his ordination to the ECNA. Jay A. seconded the motion.
  unanimously agreed.
                                                                                                      The academic and official progression for preparation toward full time ministry in the Western
                                                                                                      Conference looks like this.
  Roger dayton - Pursuing licensing toward Youth Ministry. Roger has completed his educational
  requirements and residency status in the Conference. He would like to begin by being licensed
                                                                                                      You have three main options when it comes to your official status with the Western Conference.
  in Youth with the goal of moving toward Ordination.
  Sam Summers moved, based on his assessment, experience, and work grant him a Probationars
                                                                                                      1.   You can receive your PROBATIONER’S LICENSE and then fulfill the requirements for
  license. Seconded by Dan Morgan
                                                                                                           ORDINATION as an Itinerant Elder.
  keith Twigg - Introductory interview. Comes from San Diego, CA where he worked on staff at a
                                                                                                      2.   You can receive your PROBATIONER’S LICENSE and then fulfill the requirements for
  Church called The Rock. Tim W is assigned as Keith’s mentor.
                                                                                                           COMMISSIONING into a specific area of ministry.
  Jon Gross - Following a good and productive interview process with Jon, the Board postponed
                                                                                                      3.   You can receive a LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE which is a position established through the
  action on Commissioning Jon to Small groups for a year, giving him opportunity to work on
                                                                                                           church in which you serve but with some connection to the Conference Board of Ministry.
  areas of concern to the Board.

  kyle Reynolds - It was moved [ Jay Ashbaucher] and seconded [Allen Solheim] that Kyle be
  granted Commissioned in Youth Ministry. unanimously approved.
                                                                                                      The following is a checklist of those requirements needed for various official positions of
  Cody daly - It was moved and seconded that Cody be granted his probationer’s license.
                                                                                                      leadership in the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church.
  Tait Sougstad - We have received the transfer of Tait’s Probationers license from the Pacific
                                                                                                      A copy of this checklist should be given to the candidate as well as the mentor in order to
                                                                                                      confirm the completion of these requirements.
  Levi Thomas was accepted as a ministerial student and assigned to Dan Morgan as his mentor.

160                                                                                                                                                                                                    161
   Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________                              Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________

   1. The Requirements for a Probationer’s License
                                                                                                         Probationer’s License Continued:
   Ministerial Student Requirements
                                                                                                             q Completed at least 2 years of college level work which has been approved by the
       q Have a sense of call to ministry. (P531)                                                            Conference Board of Ministry.

       q Sign the Declaration of Purpose (Form 1) with Pastor, Lay Leader and the Conference                 q Completed 1 year of formal bible education or the equivalency thereof.
       Superintendent signatures. (P533)
                                                                                                             q Those men over 35 years of age or others recommended by the Board of Ministry can
       q Meet with the Board of Ministry and be listed as a Ministerial Student by the Annual                receive a license without the formal college education requirement as long as they fulfill
       Conference and be assigned a mentor.                                                                  all other requirements. (P538)

   Probationer’s License Requirements                                                                        q Those men who have been divorced must be adjudged innocent by the Annual
                                                                                                             Conference. While we acknowledge that no person is ever totally innocent in a divorce, we
   Complete one of the following:                                                                            further recommend that they complete a recommended process of restoration if at all
                                                                                                             possible. (P539)
       q Meet with your Pastor and congregation and answer the questions in P545 ANd have
       the congregation vote or sign a petition affirming your entrance into the ministry by a ¾             q Must not be addicted to alcohol, tobacco, drug use or other injurious substances or
       vote of those present. (P543),                                                                        materials. (P539)

       q OR Meet with your Church Council and answer questions in P545 as well as sharing                    q Must have godly financial integrity and a good reputation concerning finances. (P539)
       your testimony and call to ministry and have a ¾ vote of the pastoral staff and council
       present affirming your entrance into the ministry. (P543)                                             q Must not condone or practice homosexuality. (P539)

       q Answer the following questions in paragraph 545 with the Board of Ministry. This fulfills           q Be a member in good standing of the Evangelical Church for at least one year and have
       the requirement for the “Recommendation for a candidate for Ministry” form. (Form 2)                  Form 2 completed. (P536 & P541)

  Paragraph 545 Questions:                                                                                   q Complete Form 3 concerning background, testimony, education and personal history and
                                                                                                             turn it into the secretary of the Board of Ministry. (P540)
       a. Do you believe yourself to be Divinely called to preach the gospel?
                                                                                                             q If married, his wife must fill out Form 3a on background, testimony and personal history.
       b. Have you obtained the pardon of your sins and found peace with God through faith in Jesus
       Christ; and is the Spirit of God bearing witness with your Spirit that you are a child of God?

       c. Is the love of God spread abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit and can you testify to the
       experience of entire sanctification? If not, are you earnestly seeking to be sanctified wholly?

       d. Are you acquainted with the doctrines and the Disciplines of the Evangelical Church?

       e. Do you agree with the doctrines and the Discipline of the Evangelical Church, and will you
       follow, promote and defend them?

162                                                                                                                                                                                                        163
      q Initial Doctrinal Interview                                                                Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________
                             a) Answer, in written form, the following Doctrinal questions from
                                  P946 in the Discipline.
                             b) Send a copy to the Board of Ministry chairman prior to meeting     2. Requirements for Advancing to the order of Elder
                                  with the Board
                             c) Meet with the Board of Ministry to review and discuss your            q The probationer must have completed the requirements for Probationer’s License.
                                  answers.                                                            (P555a)

                             THE dOCTRINAL ExAMINATION                                                q Must have completed a baccalaureate degree approved by the Conference Board of
                                                                                                      Ministry. (P555b)
                      1. Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? Define your belief. What are your
                           reasons for such belief?                                                   q Must have received a M.Div. degree and had one year of internship (not school related
                      2. Do you believe the Holy Scriptures are the divinely inspired Word of         and can be waived) under assignment by the Annual Conference. (P555c-1) OR,
                           God, written, and that they are authoritative, normative and binding?
                           Why?                                                                       q An alternate graduate level study program in pastoral ministry of at least 30 semester
                      3. What is your belief concerning depravity, and the need of divine             hours (45 quarter hours) as approved by the Board of Ministry and a minimum of at
                           salvation? What evidence do you give in support of your position?          least 3 years of internship under assignment by the Annual Conference (not school related)
                      4. What is your belief concerning the person of Jesus Christ? And the           and including studies in conference approved areas. (P555c-2)
                           divine atonement through Him?
                      5. What is your belief concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit?       q After submitting a final doctrinal statement answering the questions below, the \
                      6. What are your beliefs concerning (a) repentance, (b) faith, (c)              probationer must pass the Doctrinal Examination with the Board of Ministry. (P946.12)
                           justification, (d) regeneration and (e) sanctification?
                      7. What is your belief concerning the immortality of the soul, and man’s                               THE dOCTRINAL ExAMINATION
                           future state?
                      8. What is the significance of the two sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s        1. Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? Define your belief. What are your reasons for such
                           Supper?                                                                          belief?
                      9. What do you believe to be the mission of the Church? How do the               2. Do you believe the Holy Scriptures are the divinely inspired Word of God, written, and
                           following relate to this: (a) evangelism, (b) missions, (c) Christian            that they are authoritative, normative and binding? Why?
                           education and (d) social action?                                            3. What is your belief concerning depravity, and the need of divine salvation? What
                      10. What is your dominant motive as a Christian Minister?                             evidence do you give in support of your position?
                      11. Have you carefully studied the doctrines of the Evangelical Church, as       4. What is your belief concerning the person of Jesus Christ? And the divine atonement
                           set forth in The Discipline, and are you in harmony with them? Will              through Him?
                           you preach and maintain them? (PP563; 927. (10, 11))                        5. What is your belief concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
                                                                                                       6. What are your beliefs concerning (a) repentance, (b) faith, (c) justification, (d)
                                                                                                            regeneration and (e) sanctification?
      q Must be presented to the Annual Conference to receive a ¾ vote by the Itinerant Elders.        7. What is your belief concerning the immortality of the soul, and man’s future state?
      (P546)                                                                                           8. What is the significance of the two sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper?
                                                                                                       9. What do you believe to be the mission of the Church? How do the following relate to
      q If passed, this license must be renewed each year by a referral to the Annual Conference            this: (a) evangelism, (b) missions, (c) Christian education and (d) social action?
      from the Board of Ministry and then a majority vote by the Itinerant Elders at the Annual        10. What is your dominant motive as a Christian Minister?
      Conference. (P546)                                                                               11. Have you carefully studied the doctrines of the Evangelical Church, as set forth in The
                                                                                                            Discipline, and are you in harmony with them? Will you preach and maintain them?
      q This license is good for six years and then must be renewed by a ¾ vote of the Itinerant            (PP563; 927. (10, 11))
      Elders if the probationer has not moved on to ordination. (P548)                                                  See 946.11 for Transfer of Ordination Instructions

                                                                                                      q Must receive a ¾ vote of the Itinerant Elders present at Annual Conference. (555.2d)
  NOTE: At this point, the licensed probationer may choose to advance to the status of an
  Ordained Elder, or advance to a commissioned status.

164                                                                                                                                                                                                  165
      Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________
                                                                                                        Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________

      3. Requirements for a Commission to Special Ministries
                                                                                                            q After submitting their doctrinal statement by answering these questions in written form,
         q The probationer must have completed the requirements for a probationer’s license.                they must meet with members of the Conference Board of Ministry and pass the Doctrinal
                                                                                                            Examination found in P946-12 & P520b-4.
         q Meet with the Board of Ministry and be listed as a Candidate for Commissioning.
         (P520b-2)                                                                                                                 THE dOCTRINAL ExAMINATION

         q Be a member in good standing of their church for at least one year, including maintaining         1. Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? Define your belief. What are your reasons for such
         a good reputation, having godly character and personal fitness for the ministry. (P520 (4))              belief?
                                                                                                             2. Do you believe that the Holy Scriptures are the divinely inspired Word of God, written,
         q Must meet the educational requirements set forth by the Board of Ministry. This would                  and that they are authoritative, normative and binding? Why?
         include:                                                                                            3. What is your belief concerning depravity, and the need of divine salvation? What
                                                                                                                  evidence do you give in support of your position?
                    a. Meeting the requirements for a Probationer’s License which includes 2 years           4. What is your belief concerning the person of Jesus Christ? And the divine atonement
                        of college or the equivalency of this in credit hours and/or study materials.             through Him?
                        OR for those over 35 years old they can meet the educational requirements            5. What is your belief concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
                        set out by the Board of Ministry and be given life experience credit                 6. What are your beliefs concerning (a) repentance, (b) faith, (c) justification, (d)
                        providing their biblical and theological training is adequate.                            regeneration and (e) sanctification?
                                                                                                             7. What is your belief concerning the immortality of the soul, and man’s future state?
                    b. Have a certificate or proof of training in the area to which they will be             8. What is the significance of the two sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper?
                        commissioned if this is applicable.                                                  9. What do you believe to be the missio of the Church? How do the following relate to
                                                                                                                  this: (a) evangelism, (b) missions, (c) Christian education and (d) social action?
                    c. Fulfill any requirement for biblical and theological training deemed necessary        10. What is your dominant motive as a Christian Minister?
                         by the Board of Ministry.                                                           11. Have you carefully studied the doctrines of the Evangelical Church, as set forth in The
                                                                                                                  Discipline, and are you in harmony with them? Will you preach and maintain them?
                    d. Fulfill any requirement specific to the commissioned area which has been                   (PP 562; 927. (10, 11))
                         agreed upon by the probationer and the Board of Ministry. (P520b-4 &

                                                                                                              q Must be recommended to the Annual Conference and receive a ¾ vote at the Annual
                                                                                                              Conference. (P520b-12)

                                                                                                              q The Commissioning is to be reviewed yearly by the Board of Ministry and is validated
                                                                                                              every three years. (520d)

                                                                                                        NOTE: If the candidate leaves their commissioned area of ministry or leaves the Evangelical
                                                                                                        Church, their Commission to Special Ministries is no longer valid.

166                                                                                                                                                                                                        167
                                                                                                                                    BACKGROuND AND CLARIFICATION
      Candidate’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ________________                                                                  of the
                                                                                                                                        LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE

                                                                                                                               A PROGRAM OF AUTHORIZATION TO MINISTER
      4. Requirements for a Local Church License                                                                                    Under the Authority and Administration of
                                                                                                                                             The Western Conference
         q Be in harmony with the vision, mission, core values and doctrinal statement of both their                                         The Evangelical Church
          local church and denomination.
                                                                                                          WHEREAS the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church desires to Maximize the Harvest,
         q Participate in the local church for at least six months and be a member of the church prior    and WHEREAS the greatest need in carrying out such a ministry is for laborers in the harvest, and
          to receiving the license. E.G. The person could be received into membership and receive their   WHEREAS the cost and inaccessibility of formal training for ministry have made it impractical
          license on the same day.                                                                        for many people who could be effective laborers through the ministry of the local church, and
                                                                                                          WHEREAS people with skills, experience, knowledge, gifts and abilities to ministry effectively
         q Have their calling recognized by their pastoral staff and Church Council.                      in and through the local church and the Annual Conference would find greater freedom and
                                                                                                          confidence in their work under the provision of official recognition and authorization by means
         q Have completed, or be in the process of continued or formal Bible education.                   of licensure, and WHERAS those granted a Conference-approved credential will become an
                                                                                                          encouragement to other members of Evangelical Church to engage in more active ministry
         q Be an active participant in their local church leadership development program.                 through the Annual Conference authorizing such service.

         q Remain in contact with the Western Conference Board of Ministry.                               THERFORE BE IT RESOLvED:

         q Be an active participant of the Annual Conference and events.                                  1.   The Western Conference of the Evangelical Church does hereby institute the designation of
                                                                                                               LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE to persons qualifying for such designation.

                                                                                                          2.   Those persons having qualified for and becoming the bearers of LOCAL CHuRCH
                                                                                                               LICENSE shall be available to assist the Itinerant Elder and/or Probationer to whom the
                                                                                                               field of labor is duly assigned by the Conference Superintendent, in carrying out the duties
                                                                                                               and responsibilities involved in a local church.

                                                                                                          3.   One bearing a LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE shall be authorized to assist the duly assigned
                                                                                                               Itinerant Elder or Probationer in the administration of the sacraments of the church, and
                                                                                                               ministering in those community functions normally appertaining to clergy;

                                                                                                          4.   One bearing the LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE shall be accountable to the Board of
                                                                                                               Ministry of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church, the Western Annual
                                                                                                               Conference, the Conference Superintendent, the Senior Pastor of the local church, and
                                                                                                               the Local Church Council, and his/her license shall be subject to an annual renewal
                                                                                                               upon the basis of a review, report and approval of the Senior Pastor of the local church
                                                                                                               where the one bearing the LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE holds membership with a
                                                                                                               review and recommendation by the Conference Board of Ministry and the Conference

                                                                                                          5.   The LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE shall not be considered a step toward ordination or
                                                                                                               commissioning in The Evangelical Church, but could be a basis upon which God may call
                                                                                                               the licensee into further credentials with the Evangelical Church

                                                                                                          6.   The LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE is non-transferable. If one bearing a LOCAL CHuRCH
                                                                                                               LICENSE takes position at another church, the LOCAL CHuRCH LICENSE does not go
                                                                                                               with them
168                                                                                                                                                                                                           169
                                                                                                              responsible for paying self-employment tax on their net earnings from self-employment.

                                                                                                              There are some members of religious orders, ministers, and Christian Science practitioners who
                                                                                                              have requested and been granted exemption from self-employment tax. There are also members
                                                                                                              of religious orders who have taken a vow of poverty and ministers who are covered solely by the
      www.irs.gov -- http://www.irs.gov/faqs/faq4-10.html                                                     social security laws of another country under a social security agreement between the united
                                                                                                              States and that other country.
      4.10 Interest/dividends/Other Types of Income: Ministers’ Compensation & Housing
      Allowance                                                                                               References:
      A minister receives a salary plus a housing allowance. Is the housing allowance income?                 Publication 517, Social Security and Other Information for the Members of the Clergy and Religious
      Where does the minister report it?                                                                      Workers
      A minister’s housing allowance, sometimes called a parsonage allowance or a rental allowance,           Form 4361 (PDF), Application for Exemption from Self-Employment Tax for Use by Ministers,
      is excludable from gross income for income tax purposes, but not for self-employment tax                Members of Religious Orders, and Christian Science Practitioners
      purposes.                                                                                               Tax Topic 417, Earnings for clergy
                                                                                                              www.irs.gov/publications/p571/ar02.html - IRS Ministerial Regs.
      If you are a minister and receive as part of your salary (as a minister) an amount officially
      designated as a rental allowance, you can exclude from gross income the amount that is used to          Ministers defined
      provide or rent a home. However, the exclusion is limited to the lesser of the fair market rental       Ministers are individuals who are duly ordained, commissioned, or licensed by a religious body
      value (including furnishing, utilities, garage, etc.) of the amount officially designated (in advance   constituting a church or church denomination. They are given the authority to conduct religious
      of payment) as a rental or housing allowance, or the actual amount used to provide a home, and          worship, perform sacerdotal functions, and administer ordinances or sacraments according to the
      cannot exceed what is reasonable pay for your services. The payments must be used in the year           prescribed tenets and practices of that church or denomination.
      received.                                                                                               If a church or denomination ordains some ministers and licenses or commissions others, anyone
                                                                                                              licensed or commissioned must be able to perform substantially all the religious functions of an
      If housing is furnished to you by your congregation as pay for your services as a minister, the         ordained minister to be treated as a minister for social security purposes.
      exclusion cannot be more than what is reasonable pay for your services, and is limited to the fair
      market rental value (including furnishings, utilities, garage, etc.) of the home.                       Ministerial Trade of Business Expenses as an Employee
                                                                                                              When you figure your income tax, you must itemize your deductions on Schedule A (From
      If you own your home and you receive a housing allowance as part of your pay, for your services         1040) to claim allowable deductions for ministerial trade or business expenses incurred while
      as a minister, the exclusion cannot be more than the smaller of the following:                          working as an employee, You also may have to file From 2106, Employee Business Expenses (or
                                                                                                              Form 2106-EZ, unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses).
           •	 The amount actually used to provide a home,                                                     These expenses are claimed as miscellaneous itemized deductions and are subject to the 2%-of-
                                                                                                              adjusted-gross-income (AGI) limit. See Publication 529 for more information on this limit.
           •	 The amount officially designated (in advance of payment) as a rental or housing                 Expenses Allocable to Tax-Free Income
                 allowance,                                                                                   If you receive a rental or parsonage allowance that is exempt form income tax (tax free), you
                                                                                                              must allocate a portion of the expenses of operating your ministry to that tax-free income. You
           •	 The fair market rental value of the home, including furnishings, utilities, garage, etc., or    cannot deduct the portion of your expenses that is allocated to your tax-free rental or parsonage
           •	 An amount which represents reasonable pay for your services as a minister.
           The amount of the allowance that cannot be excluded should be entered with your wages              Exception. This rule does not apply to your deductions for home mortgage interest or real estate
                on line 7 of form 1040.                                                                       taxes on your home.
           For additional information on housing allowance, refer to Publication 517, Social Security
                and Other Information for the Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers. For                Figuring the allocation. Figure the portion of your otherwise deductible expenses that you
                information on earnings for clergy and reporting of self-employment tax, refer to Tax         cannot deduct (because that portion must be allocated to tax-free income) by multiplying the
                Topic 417, Earnings for clergy.                                                               expenses by the following fraction.
           Are all ministers treated as self-employed for social security purposes?
                                                                                                                                Tax free rental or parsonage allowance
      Services that a duly ordained, commissioned or licensed minister performs in the exercise of
                                                                                                                         All income (taxable and tax-free) earned from your ministry
      his or her ministry are covered under the Self-Employment Contributions Act (SECA). That
      means the minister is exempt from Social Security and Medicare withholding, but the minister is         When figuring the allocation, include the income and expenses related to the ministerial duties
170                                                                                                                                                                                                                171
      you perform both as an employee and as a self-employed person.                                                            MISSIONS , Board of
                                                                                                                 Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus, Billings, Montana
                                                                                                                                   March 10, 2009
      Reduce your otherwise deductible expenses only in figuring your income tax, not on you SE tax.    Present: Butch Hart, Jay Ashbaucher, Todd Spear, Esther Schlichting, Allen Solheim, (Supt. Dale
                                                                                                        in and out). (Absent: John Campbell, Byron Dealey)
                                                                                                        Whereas these are the aims of the Board of Missions:
      Rev. Charles Ashford received $40,000 in ministerial earnings consisting of a $28,000 salary           1. To see a passion in each church to reach the lost at home and around the world;
      for ministerial services, $2,000 for weddings and baptisms, and a $10,000 tax-free parsonage           2. To work together as churches to support all persons who have gone out as
      allowance. He incurred $4,000 of unreimbursed expenses connected with his ministerial             missionaries from the Western Conference and denomination;
      earnings. $3,500 of the $3,000 is related to his ministerial salary, and $500 is related to the        3. To see each church put forth intentional effort to be involved in cross-cultural
      weddings and baptisms he performed as a self-employed person.                                     evangelism and discipleship;

                                                                                                        Be it resolved that the following actions are to fulfill these aims:

                                                                                                               1. To continue the support of a conference missionary chosen by the Board each year to
                                                                                                        received $2100.
                                                                                                        To be named at annual Conference, suggestions were to divide the money between our missions
                                                                                                        in Bolivia and Brazil for a pressing family or mission need.
                                                                                                               2. To continued $2000 in scholarships for ABC for any person seeking a career in
                                                                                                        mission work.
                                                                                                               3. To gain access to the Western Conference web site to add pages about what
                                                                                                        missionaries we support, our missions organizations and add updates we receive from the field.
                                                                                                        These might also contain links to the different web sites.
                                                                                                               4. To continue sending one or two persons from our conference to a denominational
                                                                                                        mission field for a Short-term experience and for them to report to annual conference about their
                                                                                                               5. To continue worry free deputation for missionaries of our denomination – one per
                                                                                                        year, two if monies are available.
                                                                                                               6. To be in contact with Duane Erickson and Allen Solheim to see about having a
                                                                                                        national visit some of our churches to expose us to what they are doing for God’s kingdom in
                                                                                                        their part of the world..
                                                                                                               7. To continue to provide information about (Dakotana) PROJECT HELPING
                                                                                                        HANDS which Allen Solheim has some ties. Contact information is: www.project-helping-
                                                                                                        hands.org. The Project sends medical teams on medical mission assignments to other countries.
                                                                                                        The Project will give some of our doctors and nurses opportunity to use their skills to help the
                                                                                                        needy and advance God’s kingdom.
                                                                                                               8. To make a call for persons who want to be involved in a mission’s ministry to take
                                                                                                        on one or more of the following suggested projects. These projects involve using technology to
                                                                                                        communicate more missions’ opportunities to our churches.
                                                                                                                    (1) Create a missions’ web page at the conference office, or elsewhere, where
                                                                                                                    individuals can blog about what their church is doing in the area of missions and
                                                                                                                    people cal log in and find ideas which may help them start something new. This
                                                                                                                    means could also be used to invite other churches or persons to partner with them on
                                                                                                                    projects, or to invite others to join on a mission trip.
                                                                                                                    (2) “Mission moments,” where missionaries are presented and prayed for, could

172                                                                                                                                                                                                     173
            occur in each church during a worship service by sending a picture, or more, of                               EVANGELICAL CHURCH MISSIONS
            a missionary, along with information and prayer requests via email or internet                                    Executive director’s Report
            connections. This could then be put on a screen during worship for all to see and                                  Annual Conference -2009
            prayers could be offered.
            (3) Calls could be made to missionaries on the field, where such capabilities are        It is a joy for our field missionaries and homeland staff to send greetings to your Annual Conference
            possible, to send live clips of their ministry – something they want to communicate to   session. We deeply appreciate the effort made by pastors, lay persons and congregations to support
            a person here – who could then edit the clip and make it available to our churches.      the work of Evangelical Church Missions. Ministries of evangelism, church planting and leadership
            (4) using our “denominational travel” budgeted fund – send someone to make a             development take place in far-off places because of your faithfulness to give, pray and encourage.
            video or DvD of what is happening on the field and make available to our churches.       Let us not underestimate how important this is. Our missionaries are counting on The Evangelical
            The Bolivia and Brazil fields could be done on one trip. (Follow up with Paul Hanson     Church!
            to see where his missions trip DvD is at.)
                                                                                                     God continues to bring us new missionaries. In this past year we have sent out three new families.
                                                                                                     Kevin and Lisa Hoffman are in Bolivia, Wayne and Sharon Cartwright are bi-vocational support
        9. To provide in formation for local churches on: WHAT MISSIONS SHOuLD LOOK                  missionaries in New Mexico, and Steven and Dawn Cox and their three children are presently
   LIKE IN A LOCAL CHuRCH. If they have questions that can contact members of the Board of           on deputation, planning to go to Brazil in the fall of 2009. As God calls new workers out of our
   Missions for help.                                                                                Evangelical churches, the challenge before us is to rise up and support them financially. Every new
                                                                                                     missionary needs a strong support team and we must continually keep this challenge before the
        10. To recommend the following budget for 2010:                                              congregations.

        (7075)   Communication & Technology Connection             $1,000 ($4,000 cap)               Our field missionaries continue to do an excellent job of training, teaching, leading, mentoring
        (7082)   Short-term Mission Travel                         $2,000 ($4,000 cap)               and helping build the Kingdom. There are needy places for them to serve and they face unique
        (7083)   National travel to uSA                            $1,000 ($2,000 cap)               difficulties and spiritual battles.
        (7084)   Worry Free Deputation                             $1,000
                                                                                                     During this past year our New Mexico churches were organized to form the Four-Corners
        (7085)   Miscellaneous Stuff (postage, etc.)               $50                               Conference. This conference operates under the supervision of Evangelical Church Missions.
        (7087)   Laymen Rep. Denominational Mission Board          $500                              A church in Gateway, Colorado, recently voted to become an affiliate congregation of Four
        (7088)   Scholarships to Arrowhead Bible College           $2,000 ($6,000 cap)               Corners Conference. The country of Bolivia continues in a political and social struggle that
        (7089)   Conference Missionary Support                     $2,100                            could have considerable impact on our churches and missionaries. Ministry projects continue
                            Total                                  $9,650                            and new churches are being built. Fiji Evangelical Fellowship started eight new churches last
                                                                                                     year and anticipates launching ten more this year. An early 2009 typhoon caused considerable
       11. To check to see if the changes our budget categories have been made to:                   damage to several churches and believers’ homes. The church launched a national radio ministry
  “Communication via Technology” to “Communication & Technology Connection”;                         and evangelism and missions are a major emphasis of the church. The Brazil church is now in
  “Mission Field Travel” to “Short-term Mission Travel”; “Denominational Mission Travel” to          a permanent building and is reaching the community through ministries in poor areas and The
                                                                                                     Rock youth club which ministers to street kids. Superintendent Brian Eckhardt joined me for a
  “National Travel to uSA
                                                                                                     trip to Japan in late 2008. We were impressed with the maturity and ministry emphasis of the
                                                                                                     Japanese churches.
      12. To suggest that the TEAM prison ministry would fit better under the Board of Social
  Concerns than under the Board of Missions.                                                         Jeremy and Barbara Kochendorfer moved back to the States where Jeremy is now serving as
                                                                                                     Stateside Ministry Coordinator. His main responsibility is supervising work teams, coordinating
                                                                                                     deputation ministry and recruiting new missionaries. They continue to raise support for their
  Butch Hart, Director                                                                               unique ministry.
                                                                                                     Thank you for participating in the World Harvest Offering this past year. The WHO provides a huge
                                                                                                     lift to our missions program. The 2009 denominational goal for WHO is $100,000. A portion of
                                                                                                     the offering helps fund ECM missionaries and projects including resources to help your churches
                                                                                                     stay involved with missions. Special projects, work teams, Prayer Prompter, Evangelical Challenge
                                                                                                     magazine, Children’s Mission Series lessons and the website are but a few. We have an efficient
                                                                                                     office staff ready to be of assistance any time you have a need.

                                                                                                     Finally, I represent all of our missionaries and homeland staff in saying that it is our joy to serve The
                                                                                                     Evangelical Church in the capacity of cross-cultural missions.

                                                                                                     Duane Erickson Executive Director
174                                                                                                                                                                                                              175
                           MISSION, Board of                                                                   put on a screen during worship for all to see and prayers could be offered.
          Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana                                                  (3) Calls could be made to missionaries on the field, where such capabilities are possible,
                            March 10, 2009                                                                     to send live clips of their ministry – something they want to communicate to a person here
                                                                                                               – who could then edit the clip and make it available to our churches.
  Present: Butch Hart, Jay Ashbaucher, Todd Spear, Esther Schlichting, Allen Solheim, (Supt. Dale
  in and out). (Absent: John Campbell, Byron Dealey)                                                           (4) using our “denominational travel” budgeted fund – send someone to make a video
                                                                                                               or DvD of what is happening on the field and make available to our churches. The Bolivia
  Whereas these are the aims of the Board of Missions:                                                         and Brazil fields could be done on one trip. (Follow up with Paul Hanson to see where his
    1. To see a passion in each church to reach the lost at home and around the world;                         missions trip DvD is at.)
    2. To work together as churches to support all persons who have gone out as missionaries
        from the Western Conference and denomination;                                                      9. To provide in formation for local churches on: WHAT MISSIONS SHOuLD LOOK
    3. To see each church put forth intentional effort to be involved in cross-cultural evangelism      LIKE IN A LOCAL CHuRCH. If they have questions that can contact members of the Board of
        and discipleship;                                                                               Missions for help.

  BE IT RESOLvED that the following actions are to fulfill these aims:                                     10. To recommend the following budget for 2010:
      1. To continue the support of a conference missionary chosen by the Board each year to
  received $2100. To be named at annual Conference, suggestions were to divide the money                       (7075)   Communication & Technology Connection                    $1,000 ($4,000 cap)
  between our missions in Bolivia and Brazil for a pressing family or mission need.                            (7082)   Short-term Mission Travel                                $2,000 ($4,000 cap)
      2. To continued $2000 in scholarships for ABC for any person seeking a career in mission                 (7083)   National travel to uSA                                   $1,000 ($2,000 cap)
  work.                                                                                                        (7084)   Worry Free Deputation                                    $1,000
      3. To gain access to the Western Conference web site to add pages about what missionaries we             (7085)   Miscellaneous Stuff (postage, etc.)                      $50
  support, our missions organizations and add updates we receive from the field. These might also              (7087)   Laymen Rep. Denominational Mission Board                 $500
  contain links to the different web sites.                                                                    (7088)   Scholarships to Arrowhead Bible College                  $2,000 ($6,000 cap)
      4. To continue sending one or two persons from our conference to a denominational                        (7089)   Conference Missionary Support                            $2,100
  mission field for a Short-term experience and for them to report to annual conference about their                              Total                                           $9,650
      5. To continue worry free deputation for missionaries of our denomination – one per year, two        11. To check to see if the changes our budget categories have been made to:
  if monies are available.                                                                              “Communication via Technology” to “Communication & Technology Connection”;
      6. To be in contact with Duane Erickson and Allen Solheim to see about having a national visit    “Mission Field Travel” to “Short-term Mission Travel”;
  some of our churches to expose us to what they are doing for God’s kingdom in their part of the       “Denominational Mission Travel” to “National Travel to uSA
      7. To continue to provide information about (Dakotana) PROJECT HELPING HANDS                        12. To suggest that the TEAM prison ministry would fit better under the Board of Social
  which Allen Solheim has some ties. Contact information is: www.project-helping-hands.org. The         Concerns than under the Board of Missions.
  Project sends medical teams on medical mission assignments to other countries. The Project will
  give some of our doctors and nurses opportunity to use their skills to help the needy and advance
  God’s kingdom.                                                                                        Butch Hart, Director
      8. To make a call for persons who want to be involved in a mission’s ministry to take on one or   butch-hart@juno.com
  more of the following suggested projects. These projects involve using technology to communicate
  more missions’ opportunities to our churches.
          (1) Create a missions’ web page at the conference office, or elsewhere, where individuals
          can blog about what their church is doing in the area of missions and people cal log in and
          find ideas which may help them start something new. This means could also be used to
          invite other churches or persons to partner with them on projects, or to invite others to
          join on a mission trip.

         (2) “Mission moments,” where missionaries are presented and prayed for, could occur in
         each church during a worship service by sending a picture, or more, of a missionary, along
         with information and prayer requests via email or internet connections. This could then be

176                                                                                                                                                                                                          177
                            MISSION, Board of                                                            information and prayer requests via email or internet connections. This could then be put on a
               Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana                                           screen during worship for all to see and prayers could be offered.
                            November 10, 2009                                                                   (3) Calls could be made to missionaries on the field, where such capabilities are possible,
                                                                                                         to send live clips of their ministry – something they want to communicate to a person here – who
  Present: Butch Hart, Jay Ashbaucher, Todd Spear, Allen Solheim, Byron Dealey, Adrian Olson,
                                                                                                         could then edit the clip and make it available to our churches.
  Arthur & Janey Reintsma, Jeremy Kochendorfer.
                                                                                                            9. To provide in formation for local churches on: WHAT MISSIONS SHOuLD LOOK
  WHEREAS these are the aims of the Board of Missions:
                                                                                                         LIKE IN A LOCAL CHuRCH? If they have questions that can contact members of the Board of
    1. To see a passion in each church to reach the lost at home and around the world;
                                                                                                         Missions for help.
    2. To work together as churches to support all persons who have gone out as missionaries
       from the Western Conference and denomination;
                                                                                                            10. To recommend the following budget for 2010:
    3. To see each church put forth intentional effort to be involved in cross-cultural evangelism
       and discipleship;
                                                                                                               (7075)   Communication & Technology Connection                    $1,000 ($4,000 cap)
                                                                                                               (7082)   Short-term Mission Travel                                $2,000 ($4,000 cap)
  BE IT RESOLvED that the following actions are to fulfill these aims:
                                                                                                               (7083)   National travel to uSA                                   $1,000 ($2,000 cap)
      1. To continue the support of a conference missionary chosen by the Board each year to
                                                                                                               (7084)   Worry Free Deputation                                    $1,000
  received $2100. To be named at annual Conference, suggestions were to divide the money
                                                                                                               (7085)   Miscellaneous Stuff (postage, etc.)                      $50
  between our missions in Bolivia and Brazil for a pressing family or mission need.
                                                                                                               (7087)   Laymen Rep. Denominational Mission Board                 $500
          (Funds for 2010 will go to JJ & Randi Guerreros heading to Bolivia.)
                                                                                                               (7088)   Scholarships to Arrowhead Bible College                  $2,000 ($6,000 cap)
      2. To continue $2000 in scholarships for ABC for any person seeking a career in mission
                                                                                                               (7089)   Conference Missionary Support                            $2,100
                                                                                                                              Total                                              $9,650
      3. To gain access to the Western Conference web site to add pages about what missionaries
  we support, our missions organizations and add updates we receive from the field. These might
  also contain links to the different web sites.
                                                                                                         Butch Hart, Director
      4. To continue sending one or two persons from our conference to a denominational
  mission field for a Short-term experience and for them to report to annual conference about their
  experiences. (2009 we helped send Dale to our mission in Bolivia.)
      5. To continue worry free deputation for missionaries of our denomination – one per year,
                                                                                                         Butch Hart -- butch-hart@juno.com
  two if monies are available.
                                                                                                         John Campbell -- john@glasgowec.com
      6. To be in contact with Duane Erickson and Allen Solheim to see about having a national
                                                                                                         Allen Solheim -- allensolheim@hotmail.com
  visit some of our churches to expose us to what they are doing for God’s kingdom in their part of
                                                                                                         Jay Ashbaucher -- jay@glasgowec.com
  the world..
                                                                                                         Todd Spear – spear8@midrivers.com
      7. To continue to provide information about (Dakotana) PROJECT HELPING HANDS
                                                                                                         Esther Schlichting -- s.schlichting@bresan.net
  which Allen Solheim has some ties. Contact information is: www.project-helping-hands.org. The
  Project sends medical teams on medical mission assignments to other countries. The Project will
  give some of our doctors and nurses opportunity to use their skills to help the needy and advance
  God’s kingdom.
      8. To make a call for persons who want to be involved in a mission’s ministry to take on
  one or more of the following suggested projects. These projects involve using technology to
  communicate more missions’ opportunities to our churches.

         (1) Create a missions’ web page at the conference office, or elsewhere, where individuals
  can blog about what their church is doing in the area of missions and people cal log in and find
  ideas which may help them start something new. This means could also be used to invite other
  churches or persons to partner with them on projects, or to invite others to join on a mission trip.

         (2) “Mission moments,” where missionaries are presented and prayed for, could occur in
  each church during a worship service by sending a picture, or more, of a missionary, along with

178                                                                                                                                                                                                           179
                         OUTREACH, Board of                                                               in support of and
           Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana
                                                                                                          WHEREAS Bryan Baker motioned and seconded to authorize George to fulfill Michael’s
                             March 10, 2009                                                               request up to $1,000 for this event with latitude to discuss with Conference leaders more
                                                                                                          support if necessary.
   PRESENT: George Burgin, Chairman (Billings – Harvest Church) – george@harvestweb.net,
   Jim O’Conner (Glendive – Glendive Evangelical) – jmo@midrivers.com, Rob Johnson (Billings              BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that George has been granted authorization to fulfill
   – Faith Evangelical) – rob@faithe.org, Grant Clark (Cheyenne – Element Church) – grant@                Michael’s request as he deems possible.
   elementweb.net, Andy Seitz (Broadview – Broadview Evangelical) – ahseitz@imt.net, Eric Hutch,
   Recorder (Billings – Harvest Church) – eric@harvestweb.net                                          C) Intentional Relationships:

                                                                                                          WHEREAS Eric reported that Harvest Church continues to develop Intentional
   1) OPENING PRAYER: Jim O’Conner graciously opened the meeting in prayer.                               Relationships and determine an implementation timeline within its organizational
   2) REvIEW of MINuTES:
                                                                                                          WHEREAS the Board discussed the wisdom of allocating funds to support intentional
      WHEREAS George reviewed the minutes of the November 11, 2008, meeting                               relationship activity within the Conference.

      BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that the committee M/S/A the minutes.                                      BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that the board has determined that it will continue
                                                                                                          to entertain discussion about Intentional Relationships during Annual Conference and
   3) REPORT ON THE OuTREACH MENTORING PROGRAM:                                                           Spring Boards Board of Outreach Ministry meetings.

      WHEREAS George reported on activities within the mentoring program he listed five                   BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that Andy Seitz motioned and Rob seconded to form
      members who are currently participating in the program. The participants include Charlie            a committee of members within the Board of Outreach with the intention to develop and
      McMurray at CLDI, Fred Rodda at Living Water, South Billings, Andy Seitz at Bethel in               determine a launch timeline for a Board of Intentional Relationships. The motion has
      Broadview and Fallon, Bryan Baker with Big Timber Church, and Brent Nymeyer in Rapelje.             carried.

      WHEREAS Bryan Baker reported as a participant in the program how beneficial the meeting             Andy, Rob, and Grant have graciously volunteered to serve on that committee.
      have been. The first two meetings have been establishing a foundation to begin assessing the
      needs of the community and capacity of the church to meet those needs. Follow-up meetings        D) Outreach Program
      will begin to determine methods to fulfill outreach activities.
                                                                                                          WHEREAS George invited discussion regarding ideas to formalize the application
      BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that the committee M/S/A the report from the Outreach                      process for churches participate in the Outreach Program. Ideas include a formal
      Mentoring Program.                                                                                  application, promotional handout, referral, accountability using ongoing evaluation tool.

   4) REvIEW OF THE BuDGET: WHEREAS George reported on the Budget for the Board of                        WHEREAS the purpose of developing a formal application will help to raise the value of
      Outreach he noted that an adjustment is necessary and noted in New Business below.                  the Outreach Program and communicate to the Conference program expectations,
                                                                                                          resources, and financial considerations to help individual churches.
                                                                                                          BE IT THEREFORE RESOLvED that no action item is necessary at this time.
      A) Amend Budget: George noted that $535.57 reported as Outreach Events expense needs
         to be allocated to Coaching.                                                                     E) Annual Conference

      B) Request from vertical Church, Sheridan, Wyoming:                                                 WHEREAS George invited discussion to determine what the luncheon will look like that
         WHEREAS George presented a request from Michael Ames, Lead Pastor vertical                       the Board of Outreach will be hosting.
         Church, for help to finance their Easter Egg hunt outreach in the community. Members
         discussed the possibility of allocating funds from the Outreach Budget to assist with       6) OTHER:
         their outreach. George will clarify the amount Michael is requesting to determine the
         feasibility of his request. Members discussed the importance of properly stewarding funds

180                                                                                                                                                                                                   181
            Budget area:         2009       2010                              PRAyER LIFE, Board of
            Outreach Resources   $2000.00   $2500               Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana
            IR                   1000.00    1000
            Coaching             4000.00    4000
                                                                                  March 10, 2009
            Outreach Events      4000.00    6000
            Ann. Confernce       1000.00    2500      We exist to encourage and enhance the life of prayer throughout the local churches and ministries within
                  Total:                    $16,000   the Western Conference.

                                                      Members present: Bob Strutz, Dwight Engel, Scott Anderson, Rod Griffin, Mark Carson, Don
                                                      Hardesty, and Loren Eder (Chair).
      Respectfully submitted,
      Eric Hutch, Secretary                           1.   WHEREAS, the Pastor’s Prayer Summit continues to be an important time of encouragement
                                                           and rejuvenation to those able to attend, BE IT RESOLVEd, that we continue this ministry
                                                           with the next Prayer Summit scheduled for Sept. 28-30, 2009. The guest speaker / facilitator
                                                           to be Dr. Bill vermillion from the Pacific Conference who will lead us in times of teaching
                                                           on prayer, times of corporate prayer, and times of solitary prayer. We would encourage all
                                                           pastors to take advantage of this opportunity to connect and encourage one another. BE
                                                           IT FURTHER RESOLVEd, that we notify the Pastors of a time of fasting immediately
                                                           preceding the Prayer Summit. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEd that first year Pastor’s to
                                                           the Western Conference attend free and that requests for scholarships be reviewed and funds
                                                           made available to those approved for such.

                                                      2.   WHEREAS, our goal is to encourage and enhance the life of prayer, BE IT RESOLVEd,
                                                           that we pursue communication encouraging prayer through e-mails, articles, etc. sent out
                                                           from the prayer board. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEd, that the Prayer Board provide a
                                                           list of churches and pastors for a “Pray-One-A-Day-Plus” to include Conference Staff, Camp
                                                           Workers, and Missionaries for daily prayer focus.

                                                      WHEREAS, prayer is the foundation for all we are and do, BE IT RESOLVEd, that we continue
                                                      to promote and support the denominational “I-Team”, by encouraging all prayer request be
                                                      directed to the conference office (brietta@westconf.net) or (timroehl@usfamily.net) who will
                                                      communicate the needs to the intercessors in our conference and denominationally as needed.
                                                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEd, that the Prayer Board attempt to initiate an update of individual
                                                      churches, their activities and prayer needs to be shared with all Western Conference Churches.

                                                      WHEREAS, we continue to support the establishment of a National Day of Prayer, BE IT
                                                      RESOLVEd, that we encourage all churches to participate in the Nation Day of Prayer, 5/7/09
                                                      (www.ndptf.org) and See You At The Pole, 9/23/09 (www.syatp.com).

                                                                 Prayer Summit          $1000.00
                                                                 Resources               $300.00
                                                                 Continuing Ed          $625.00 Carryover to be capped at $2500.00
                                                                 Postage                  $75.00
                                                                 TOTAL                  $2000.00

                                                      Respectfully Submitted,
                                                      Loren Eder

182                                                                                                                                                          183
                             PRAyER LIFE, Board of                                                                          STEWARdSHIP & FINANCE, Board of
                 Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana                                                     Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana
                               November 10, 2009                                                                                       March 10, 2009
  We exist to encourage and enhance the life of prayer throughout the local churches and ministries within
  the Western Conference.                                                                                    WHEREAS the 2009 and 2010 budgets are subject to upcoming changes, BE IT RESOLVEd
                                                                                                             that the Stewardship & Finance board meet June 3, 2009 at 11:00 am at Faith Evangelical Church
  Members present: Bob Strutz (2010), Don Hardesty (2011), Loren Eder (2011 – Chair). visitors               to review these budgets.
  present: Clay Massar, Doyle Euell, Jan Hardesty, Bryan Hahn, Jude Fernandes, and Dwight Engel.
  Members not present: Scott Anderson (2010), Mark Carson (2012), Rod Griffith (2012)                        WHEREAS Jay Forseth was elected to the Stewardship and Finance board and Conference
                                                                                                             Fund Raising for a 5 year term and that term expires this month, BE IT RESOLVEd that these
  1. WHEREAS, prayer is a foundational part of our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, and              positions be filled by proper election.
     He Himself would take time away for intimate times of prayer, BE IT RESOLVEd, that we
     continue this ministry with the next Pastor’s Prayer Summit scheduled for Sept. 26-28, 2010             WHEREAS the positive cash flow is affected by the Carry Over budgeted line items, BE IT
     with a guest speaker (TBA) who will lead us in times of teaching on prayer. Also to be included         RESOLVEd that Standing Rule 3.9 be amended to add sections a and b as follows.
     are times of solitary prayer and corporate prayer. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVEd, that we
     notify the Pastors of a time of fasting immediately preceding the Prayer Summit. BE IT                            a.   Budget line items that are requested to be Carry Over accounts with limit balances
     FURTHER RESOLVEd that first year Pastor’s to the Western Conference and retired elders                                 be approved by the Stewardship and Finance Board.
     attend free and that requests for scholarships be reviewed and funds made available to those                      b.   All budget line items that are Carry Over accounts will use the dollars set aside for
     approved for such, BE IT EVEN FURTHER RESOLVEd, that the Prayer Board investigate                                      the account before current budget dollars are spent.
     the possibility of facilitating regional summits to occur on the same dates beginning possibly
     by the year 2011, in order to make it available to more pastor’s. We continue to encourage all          WHEREAS there was a positive cash flow fro 2008 of $2,194.22, BE IT RESOLVEd that this
     pastors to take advantage of this opportunity to connect and encourage one another.                     amount is available for distribution per Conference Policy 3.9.

  2. WHEREAS, our goal is to encourage and enhance the life of prayer, BE IT RESOLVEd, that
     the Prayer Board provide a list of churches, pastors, Conference Staff, Camp Workers, and
     Missionaries for “Pray-One-A-Day-Plus” to include for daily prayer focus. Please, send updated          Budget request for 2010
     information to Prayer Board Chairman (loreneder@hotmail.com). BE IT FURTHER                             Postage & Supplies              $50
     RESOLVEd, that the Prayer Board encourage individual churches to report their activities                Resource Materials              $100
     and prayer needs to Karen Walton (karen@faithe.org) at the Western Conference office so it              Planned Giving                  $250
     can be shared with all Western Conference Churches in the conference newsletter.                        Term Life Insurance             $3918
                                                                                                                       Total                 $4318
  3. WHEREAS, we continue to prayerfully support the denominational “I-Team”. BE IT
     RESOLVEd, that information to be sent to Tim Roehl (timroehl@usfamily.net) who will
     communicate the needs to the intercessors across our denomination. BE IT FURTHER                        Submitted by
     RESOLVEd, we continue to support the National Day of Prayer, 5/6/2010 (www.ndptf.org),                  Irv Haidle
     and See You At The Pole, 9/22/2010 (www.syatp.com).

      4. WHEREAS, vote needed to be taken for the coming year, BE IT RESOLVEd, the board voted
         Loren to remain chairman for the next year.

  Budget Request for 2010
          Prayer Summit             $1000.00
          Resources                 $ 300.00
          Continuing Ed             $ 625.00 Carryover to be capped at $2500.00
          Postage                   $ 75.00
          TOTAL                     $2000.00

  Respectfully Submitted,
  Loren Eder, Chairman
184                                                                                                                                                                                                                 185
                      STEWARdSHIP & FINANCE, Board of                                                                      STUdENT MINISTRy, Board of
                  Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana                                                Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana
                               November 10, 2009                                                                                   March 10, 2009

      WHEREAS there was a positive cash flow for 2008 of $2,194.22, BE IT RESOLVEd that this           Attendees: Paul Hansen, Cody Dayley, Ken Beck, Michael Stambaugh, Travis Shannon, Chelsea
      amount was not distributed per Conference Policy 3.9 and did remain in the Conference General    Hoagland, Brent Niemeyer, Andy Hazelet, Seth Runner, Kyle Reynolds, Jon Switzer
                                                                                                          I.       “State of the union”: Prayer Needs
      WHEREAS there are certain Ministry Accounts that have “carryover” provisions available to the
      them, BE IT RESOLVEd that these “carryover” fund balances be expended before “budgeted              II.      Discussion of conference youth ministries’ greatest needs
      funds” are expended.                                                                                         a. Mentoring Younger guys
                                                                                                                   b. Educating conference youth workers on the Conference Methods
      WHEREAS the Conference is experiencing growing budgets and WHEREAS lean economic                                 i. Function of the Conference Meetings
      times could have an influence on month to month church tithing, BE IT RESOLVEd that the                          ii. Governmental Function of Conference Meetings
      Conference increase the required “beginning of the year General Fund Balance” of $15,000.00 to                        1. Function of Spring Boards and Annual Conference
      $25,000.00.                                                                                                              a. Spring Boards: Proposals
                                                                                                                               b. Ann. Conf: Ratification of Proposals (Coming ogether)
      WHEREAS the Western Conference has a desire to help churches increase their individual’s                              2. Roles of Youth Pastors
      percent of giving to their respective churches and to the Conference, and WHEREAS we want to                             a. Encouragement to “Older Guys”
      continue to foster a culture of generosity, and WHEREAS the Denomination has contracted with                             b. To better Student Ministries across the conference
      Eric Foley who helps groups with TRANSFORMATIONAL GIvING, BE IT RESOLVEd that                                    iii. Denominational History Questions
      Western Conference give $5,000.00 to the Denomination for this venture and that these funds be            c. Resources (i.e. “Fun” Trailer) Availability
      taken from the 2009 budget.                                                                                  i. Report at Annual Conference Communicating Availability
                                                                                                                   ii. Personal Testimony of Fun Trailer Experience
                                                                                                          III.     Encouragement of Youth Pastors
      Postage and supplies          50.00
      Resource Materials           100.00                                                                 Iv.      Resources: Events, Games, Contacts, etc.
      Planned Giving                250.00
      Term Life Insurance (c)      3,918.00                                                               v.       2010 Budget Proposal
                                 $ 4,318.00
                                                                                                          vI.      Decisions
                                                                                                                   a. WHEREAS there is a need for youth pastor encouragement and connection, BE
      Submitted by                                                                                                    IT RESOLvED that that Student Ministries Board sets up a Facebook account
      Irv Haidle                                                                                                      and invites all Western Conference youth workers.

                                                                                                                   b. WHEREAS there is a need for youth pastors to receive ongoing education and
                                                                                                                      conversation in regards to youth ministry development, BE IT RESOLvED
                                                                                                                      that the Board of Student Ministries invite Kent Julian to speak with the Board
                                                                                                                      of Student Ministry at the Annual Conference for a special breakout session and
                                                                                                                      send invitations to all Western Conference Youthworkers.

                                                                                                                   c. WHEREAS the Board of Student Ministries desires to be intentional about the
                                                                                                                      upbringing of new Youthworkers, BE IT RESOLvED that thou Board of Student
                                                                                                                      Ministries allocates funds to $2000 to support two Youthworkers per year in
                                                                                                                      attendance of a Youthworkers training conference. BE IT FuRTHER RESOLvED
                                                                                                                      that the subjects Kyle Reynolds and Seth Hirschkorn be given those funds this
186                                                                                                                                                                                                     187
                                                                                                      2010 Budget
            d. WHEREAS the Board of Student Ministries values integrating more local churches           Travel & Training                $ 2000
               in the program of Super Summer Camp, BE IT RESOLvED that the Board of                    ND Student Ministry Fund         $ 750
               Student Ministries requests the Super Summer Travel line item be increased to            Super Summer Travel              $ 1000
               $2000.                                                                                   Super Summer H.S.                $ 3000
                                                                                                        Super Summer J.H.                $ 2000
            e. WHEREAS the Board of Student Ministries values serving local churches in need,           Fun Trailer                      $ 5000
               BE IT RESOLvED that the Board of Student Ministries contain a line item called,          Annual Conf. Youth Worker dev.   $ 2000
               “Youth Ministry Development Fund,” delegating $2000 to it. The student ministry          Youth Ministry Dev. Fund         $ 2000
               stimulus package!                                                                        Resources & Curriculum           $ 500

                                                                                                   Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                                   Michael Stambaugh & Paul Hansen

                     STUdENT MINISTRy, Board of
              Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana
                           November 10, 2009

   Attendees: Seth Runner, Jeramy Elly, Josh Como, Michael Stambaugh, Travis Shannon, Paul
   Hansen, Kris Buller, Roger Dayton, Andy Hazelet, Jon Switzer, Chris Townley, Ken Beck, Cody
   Deyley, Kaitlyn Dayley

  Report on Conferences Attended:
  	 •	 Kyle	Reynolds	and	Seth	Hirschkorn	went	to	Willow	Creek	Shift	Conference	in	Chicago,		 	
       IL through the Travel Expense budget.
  	 •	 Michael	Stambaugh	and	Travis	Shannon	went	to	Nation	Youth	Worker	Convention	in	Los		

  Facebook account for the Western Conference Youth Pastors. At Spring Boards, the Board of
  Student Ministry set up a Facebook group as a place to share ideas about ministry. WHEREAS
  the Board of Student Ministries started a Facebook group page at the Spring Boards, BE IT
  RESOLvED that this group will continue to be a resource for the Western Conference youth

  Inside Out Youth Worker Conference was beneficial. The board strongly encourages this training
  to continue in future years.

  Super Summer Travel line item:
  WHERAS the Board of Student Ministries at Spring Boards designated $2000 for Super Summer
  Travel BE IT RESOLvEd that this money will be reallocated as $1000 for Super Summer Travel
  and transfer $1000 to the Annual Conference Youth Worker Development line.

  Super Summer will be one week, July 12 -17. The budgets for Junior High and High School Super
  Summer will be combined.

  Planet Wisdom simulcast in Billings February 18-19.

188                                                                                                                                                189
                                                                                                               OFFICE MANAGER
                   SUPERINTENdENT RELATIONS, Board of                                                               Salary - $12.50/hour                                               26,000
               Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus, Billings, Montana                                                   Pension - 6% of salary                                             1,989
                                 March 10, 2009                                                                     Social Security - we pay one-half of 15.3%                         1,560
                                                                                                                    Job Outsourcing                                                    3,000
      Members Present: Glenn Ewert, Allen Solheim, Jay Forseth, Superintendent Dale Erbele, Steve                   Insurance                                                          TBD
      Strutz (Chair) and Andy Seitz.                                                                                Mileage Reimbursement                                              500

      WHEREAS Dale is transitioning for a move to Streeter, North Dakota and Steve is going to need            Respectfully Submitted, Secretary Jay Forseth
      to transition into the position, BE IT RESOLvED Dale’s official last day is June 30, and Steve’s first
      day is July 1. Dale will be allotted two weeks vacation to be taken as he sees fit for the move. Steve
      does not take over the reigns until that time, Dale is still acting Superintendent.
                                                                                                                              SUPERINTENdENT RELATIONS, Board of
      WHEREAS we would like to honor Dale for his Kingdom service, we would like to have an official                           Glendive Evangelical Church, Glendive, MT
      send off at Annual Conference 2009 in Glendive, BE IT RESOLvED we form a committee to                                                November 9, 2009
      achieve this celebration.
                                                                                                               Members Present: Glenn Ewert, Allen Solheim, Jay Forseth, Superintendent Steve Strutz and
      WHEREAS Office Manager Brietta Eben has been a quality addition to the conference office,                Andy Seitz.
      BE IT RESOLvED she continues full time employment until June 30, and BE IT FuRTHER
      RESOLvED Jay talk to Britt (with her Pastor Marc Johnson) about a transition plan for her from           Our Mission: To ensure our Superintendent and his wife are healthy and life giving.
      that point forward. Thank you Britt!
                                                                                                               WHEREAS Superintendent Steve Strutz is beginning a new assignment as our Western Conference
      WHEREAS the Conference office will be closed, BE IT RESOLvED Dale discuss with Jason                     Superintendent and is balancing duties as the lead Pastor at Billings Faith Evangelical Church, BE
      Harkins regarding our lease arrangement (we have signed a one year lease up to December 31).             IT RESOLvED this committee commit to pray for our Superintendent daily (we divided up the
                                                                                                               work days of the week and committed to pray every week on our assigned day).
      WHEREAS the chair of this committee will be changing with a new conference chairman, BE IT
      RESOLvED we have another meeting in the next 60 days to work on transition budgets and other             WHEREAS we desire open communication with our Superintendent, we discussed how this
      important details.                                                                                       is working for our new Superintendent up to this annual conference, BE IT RESOLvED we
                                                                                                               continue on and are reminded that we will try this for a year and will re-evaluate as necessary,
      WHEREAS, the budget is tentative until further decisions are made, BE IT RESOLvED that the               making adjustments if necessary.
      following budget be recommended:
                                                                                                               WHEREAS regional overseers are now in place and are working on current position descriptions,
                                                                                                               BE IT RESOLvED we support and encourage this process.

         SuPERINTENDENT                                                                                        WHEREAS we are responsible to submit a 2010 budget, it be as follows:
           Salary                                                                33,010
           Pension                                                                5,125                           Salary                                                               23,235
           Health Insurance                                                       6,200                           Pension                                                              2,790
           Social Security                                                        8,086                           Health Insurance                                                     3,193
           Seminars/Continuing Education                                           800                            Workers Comp/Disability                                              362
           Books/Periodicals/Fees                                                  400                            Car Allowance                                                        400
           Housing Allowance                                                     19,844                           Social Security                                                      8,086
           Travel/Seminars Reimbursement                                         23,000                           Seminar/Cont. Ed                                                     800
                                                                                                                  Books/Periodicals                                                    400
                                                                                                                  Housing Allowance                                                    6,816
      ASSISTANTS TO THE SuPERINTENDENT                                                                                       TOTAL                                                     $46,082
            Board of Ministries/Regional Assistance                               3,000

                                                                                                               Respectfully Submitted, Secretary Jay Forseth
190                                                                                                                                                                                                             191
                          TRUSTEES, Board of                                                             WHEREAS we see the value of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace university, BE IT RESOLvED we
           Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus, Billings, Montana                                            strongly recommend that each local church offer this excellent financial resource.
                             March 10, 2009
                                                                                                         Respectfully Submitted,
  Members Present: Leonard Dailey (chair), Irv Haidle, Jay Forseth, Bob Conover, Don Smith and           Secretary Jay Forseth
  Superintendent Dale Erbele.

  WHEREAS the Trustees have an official template titled “Articles of Incorporation” BE IT
  RESOLvED we again communicate to all local churches that this process needs to be followed,                                              LOAN AGREEMENT
  and BE IT FuRTHER RESOLvED Leonard Dailey will mail a letter to all our local churches                 Harvest Church/Plentywood Campus (1235 W. Wicks Lane, Billings, MT 59105) promises
  communicating such.                                                                                    to pay the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church (3021 6th Avenue North, Suite 201,
                                                                                                         Billings, MT 59101) the sum of Eighty Nine Thousand Dollars ($89,000) plus 4% in annual
  WHEREAS, the Trustees have received a request from Harvest Church regarding the Plentywood             interest ($3,560).
  Church, BE IT RESOLvED we moved the transfer of title ownership and any adjoining funds
  of the Plentywood Church to Harvest Church with the stipulation if Plentywood Church no                Interest on the above amount is due yearly on April 1 beginning in the year 2010.
  longer operates as a church it will revert back into the receivership of the Trustees of the Western
  Conference.                                                                                            There is no penalty for early payment of the loan and interest will cease being calculated upon
                                                                                                         receiving final payment.
  WHEREAS the Trustees received a request from BMCR regarding the camp property, and
  WHEREAS the Trustees believe we have serious liability concerns with the camp being under our          The payback schedule is for two balloon payments according to the following:
  umbrella, BE IT RESOLvED we moved to proceed forward in the transfer of the camp property to
  BMCR’s official 501-c3 with the stipulation that if BMCR ceases to exist as an evangelical Christian                   $64,000 to the Western Conference Trustees Revolving Fund on
  camp it would revert back into the receivership of the Trustees of the Western Conference. BE IT                         April 1, 2014 (a five year loan) and $25,000 to the Western
  FuRTHER RESOLvED that at Annual Conference 2009 all churches will be supplied with the                                   Conference House Fund on April 1, 2013 (a four year loan).
  necessary legal documentation so that a final decision may be voted upon.

  WHEREAS we may pursue the same type of arrangement as above with Mt Carmel Camp, BE IT                 SIGNED,
  RESOLvED we recommend Mt. Carmel pursue their own 501-c3 and take under advisement the
  potential this might take place at Mt. Carmel as well.                                                 Pastor _____________________________________ Date_______________

  WHEREAS we have received requests for conference funds from the Board of Church Extension,             Superintendent ______________________________ Date_______________
  BE IT RESOLvED, we distribute $25,000 to Harvest Church for the work in Plentywood from
  the Williston Fund (pending special approval from the Council of Administration).                      Church Trustee ______________________________ Date_______________

  WHEREAS an oral offer for a lease on a North Dakota property with mineral rights has been
  made, BE IT RESOLvED we accept the offer and pursue a written lease with 1/3 of proceeds
  going to Mt. Carmel Camp, 1/3 to the North Central Conference, and 1/3 going to the Western
  Conference. Leonard Dailey will seek clarification regarding the annual proceeds from the lease.                                TRUSTEES, BOARd OF
                                                                                                                         Glendive Evangelical Church--Glendive, MT
  WHEREAS we have received a request for a loan for Harvest Church/Plentywood Campus, BE                                             November 9, 2009
  IT RESOLvED we moved to approve a $89,000 loan ($64,000 from the Trustees Revolving Fund
  for five years, $25,000 from the Conference House Fund for four years) with the interest of $3,560     Members Present: Chair Leonard Dailey (via phone), Irv Haidle, Jay Forseth, Bob Conover, Don
  paid annually from the Board of Ministry conference budget. Jay Forseth will attach the necessary      Smith and Superintendent Steve Strutz.
                                                                                                         WHEREAS the Trustees have an official template titled “Articles of Incorporation” BE IT
  WHEREAS this Board is responsible for setting a 2010 Conference Budget, BE IT RESOLvED                 RESOLvED we again communicate to all local churches that this process be followed, and BE IT
  the budget remain as previously recommended in 2009 with no changes until we work out details          FuRTHER RESOLvED Leonard Dailey will mail a letter to all our local churches communicating
  for the paradigm shift with our new conference Superintendent.                                         such, and will request a current completed copy for the conference files.
192                                                                                                                                                                                                    193
                                                                                                     Further discussion was held regarding the Bismarck Church as it relates to the Trustees. We also
  WHEREAS the Conference Trustees are responsible for overseeing our conference investments,         heard a positive report on the Harvest Church/Plentywood Campus. In addition we are seeking
  BE IT RESOLvED we communicate the fund balances and loan agreements as follows:                    an attorney to provide us assistance in Wyoming, so Bob Conover will talk to Dan Morgan from
       $53,480.89 Knuth Fund for Church Extension (must maintain a balance of $50,000)               Gillette to get a name. We would also like to see a representative on this Board from Wyoming and
       $1,347.41 Trustees Revolving Loan Fund ($64,000 loan to Harvest/Plentywood)                   will ask Dan Morgan for a recommendation as well.
        $6,234.45 Conference House Fund ($25,000 loan to Harvest/Plentywood & $30,000 to
  Big Timber)                                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,
       $21,653.01 Williston Fund for Church Extension                                                Secretary Jay Forseth

  WHEREAS the Trustees have received a request of $10,000 from Mt. Carmel Camp, and
  WHEREAS the Board of Camping has agreed, BE IT RESOLvED we fund this immediately from
  the Williston Fund.
                                                                                                                                           LOAN AGREEMENT
  MOTION: WHEREAS the Trustees received a request from BMCR regarding ownership of the
  camp property, WHEREAS we support a legal restructuring that would benefit both the camp           Big Timber Evangelical Church (PO Box 696 at 302 Bramble, Big Timber, MT 59011) promises
  and the conference, and WHEREAS the Trustees believe we have serious liability concerns with       to pay the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church (3021 6th Avenue North, Suite 201,
  the camp being under our umbrella, BE IT RESOLvED we move to transfer the camp property to         Billings, MT 59101) the sum of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000) plus 4% interest ($1,200
  BMCR with the stipulation that if BMCR ceases to exist as an evangelical Christian camp it would   annually).
  revert back into the receivership of the Trustees of the Western Conference. BE IT FuRTHER
  RESOLvED a review every five years be conducted by the Board of Camping to ensure BMCR is          Interest on the above amount is due once a year (on the date listed below) beginning in the year
  operating within this guideline.                                                                   2010.

  WHEREAS we may pursue the same type of arrangement as above with Mt Carmel Camp, BE IT             Please note: If the loan is paid back before one year transpires, the interest rate is $100 a month.
  RESOLvED we recommend Mt. Carmel pursue their own 501-c3 and take under advisement the
  potential this might take place at Mt. Carmel as well.                                             There is no penalty for early payment of the loan and interest will cease being calculated upon
                                                                                                     receiving final payment.
  WHEREAS the denomination has been working on a 5 year lease on a North Dakota property with
  mineral rights, BE IT RESOLvED we accept the following proceeds and distribute as following:
     $12,000 to Mt. Carmel Camp                                                                      SIGNED
     $12,000 to the Williston Fund
                                                                                                     Pastor _____________________________________ Date_______________
  WHEREAS we had a question about whether the conference had “Directors and Officers Liability
  Coverage, BE IT RESOLvED Leonard Dailey will check into this and report at Spring Boards           Superintendent ______________________________ Date_______________
                                                                                                     Church Treasurer ____________________________ Date_______________
  WHEREAS we are responsible for setting a 2010 Conference Budget, BE IT RESOLvED we
     Supt Admin Assistant 11,086                 Worker’s Comp               127
     Financial Clerk      5,877                  Events Coordinator          1,088
     Office Mileage       500                    CPA                         3,200
     Job Outsourcing      1,000                  Office Supplies             2,000
     Telephone            1,000                  Postage                     1,250
     Postage Meter Renta  l640                   Miscellaneous               2,000
     Equipment (C $5000) 1,500                   Paper                       500
     Printer              12,000                 Computer/Technology         2,000

      TOTAL $45,768

194                                                                                                                                                                                                         195
                                WOMEN’S MINISTRy, Board of                                                           General Superintendent Report
                                     March 9, 2009                                                                     Annual Conference 2009
                                     Via Telephone
                                                                                                   The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Psalm 145:9

      Members Present: Linda Jordan, Karen Tyra, Esther Schlichting, and Rhonda Olson     The Lord has certainly been good to The Evangelical Church in the past year. We have witnessed
                                                                                          His blessing in a variety of ways. In the midst of economic chaos and uncertainty, God continues
      1. WHEREAS, Linda Jordan lives in Bismarck, ND and it is not feasible for her       to prove Himself as the one and only reality in which we can put our full confidence. He warned
         to drive to Billings on a regular basis and communication and planning           us in His word not to trust in the deceitfulness of riches nor lay up treasures on this earth, because
         sessions are vital to Women’s Ministry, BE IT RESOLvED that Linda Jordan         they are temporal and can all too easily just disappear. In these times, we are reminded of the
         resign her position as Chair of Women’s Ministry. BE IT FuRTHER                  steadfast character of God. His faithfulness and goodness does not change nor are His promises
         RESOLvED that Rhonda Olson will act as Chair of Women’s Ministry until           disturbed by the collapse of the human institutions of finance.
         the Superintendant appoints a permanent chair person. It is the
         recommendation of this board that Rhonda Olson be appointed.                     God continues to demonstrate His goodness and compassion to me as I finished another year
                                                                                          serving as General Superintendent. I continue to adjust to this position and try to learn what God
      2. WHEREAS, the Women’s Ministry Retreat is September 11-13 2009, BE IT             would have me to do in this ministry. He continues to bless me with opportunities to share His
         RESOLvED that the Women’s Ministry Board have a planning session by              word in a variety of venues. I have spoken in the past year at revival meetings, churches, camp
         March 31, 2009 to coordinate and work out all the details for the women’s        meetings, pastors and wives retreats, annual conference sessions, and pastoral seminars.
                                                                                          One highlight of the year was a trip to Japan in October with Rev. Duane Erickson. We were asked
      3. WHEREAS, Communication among Board members is improving, BE IT                   to be the main speakers at a pastors retreat and then we both spoke in three different churches
         RESOLvED that the Women’s Ministry Board continue the email discussion           during our week long stay. God blessed my heart as I became acquainted with the faithful pastors
         list that was set up for the annual meeting and follow up with phone calls and   and lay people who are faithfully proclaiming the Gospel in a culture largely devoid of Christian
         meetings as needed.                                                              influence.

      Respectfully Submitted,                                                             Another highlight was the opportunity to teach a seminar to the pastors and lay people in our
      Linda Jordan                                                                        churches in New Mexico. David Dormaier invited me to speak on the Trinity. The Lord blessed
      Acting Secretary                                                                    our time with those committed disciples of Jesus. On the same weekend, we held the First Annual
                                                                                          Conference Session of the Four Corners Conference. What a blessing to see God’s work expanding
                                                                                          in the southwest region of our country.

                                                                                          The work on revising The Discipline has been a major priority for me in the past year. A revision
                                                                                          team is presently (at the time of this writing) working on revisions in chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
                                                                                          The team met for three days in Minneapolis at the end of February and will be distributing the
                                                                                          revisions to the Cabinet of the General Church Council for review and further recommendations.
                                                                                          It was decided last year at our board meetings to have these revisions ready for approval by the
                                                                                          Annual Conferences in early 2010 so that we can implement these changes following the 2010
                                                                                          General Conference.

                                                                                          God has continued to demonstrate just how good and reliable He is, as many of our churches
                                                                                          continue to see people’s lives transformed through His gracious saving and sanctifying work in
                                                                                          their lives. New churches continue to be started in almost every conference. We continue to see
                                                                                          a steady stream of people being called to ministry to serve both here and in foreign harvest fields.
                                                                                          Last year we had over 60 men and women receive credentials. This more in one year than any other
                                                                                          time in our history.

                                                                                          The continued support and interest in the World Harvest Offering is a blessing. The total of
                                                                                          $71,041given in 2008 combined with the total for 2007 means a two year total of $176,042.
                                                                                          This is a great response and a testimony to God’s faithfulness to provide. I am thankful for each
196                                                                                                                                                                                            197
      superintendent, pastor and lay person who has contributed to this offering. We are doing our best       relativism and ambiguity. Recent research demonstrates disturbing trends in what those who
      to use these resources to carry out and expand the ministry of the denomination.                        would be indentified as born again Christians believe. (For instance, only 19% have a biblical
                                                                                                              world view, 62% believed Jesus lives a sinless life, 47% reject the notion that you can earn your
      The theme for this 2009’s World Harvest emphasis is “Responding to the Call.” As the apostle Paul       salvation and 40% believe Satan is a real person.) Theological ambiguity leads to ambiguity in
      was called in Acts 16:9 by the Macedonia man to come over and help, so we are being called to be        personal experience. We eventually become what we believe. Our heart follows our head. If our
      God’s “Harvest-focused, Holiness-fueled” first responders across the street and around the world.       theology is wrong then our experience will eventually suffer shipwreck.
      Our goal this year encompasses much more than an offering. We want people and churches to ask
      how they are responding to the call. What are you doing in your neighborhood, community and             It is the duty of every pastor and teacher to be a good theologian and student of scripture.
      around the world to respond to the call? We want the fruit from the World Harvest month to be           And, since the theological culture and context of our denomination is the Wesleyan-Arminian
      people committed to responding to the call of the lost for help.                                        perspective, it is incumbent upon every pastor and teacher to be well-studied in this theological
                                                                                                              tradition. As pastors, it is our duty to understand the deep theological truths of scripture and then
      The cooperation of the Wesleyan Holiness Coalition continues to move forward. The                       work on communicating and teaching them in the most effective manner as possible. We need to
      denominations that are involved right now are the Wesleyan Church, the Evangelical Methodist            be certain that the word we speak about God (theology) is biblically sound and not the product
      Church, the Congregational Methodist and the Methodist Protestant Church. We are focusing               of subjective relative emotional spiritual experiences or pop-psychology. Our preaching must at
      at this time on establishing training events for denominational executives and conference level         the same time be culturally relevant in the manner in which it is communicated and be biblically
      leaders. We have at least one event scheduled for the next two years that will be combined training     sound and theologically precise in its content.
      and inspiration. We are also working with the Wesleyans on a national pastors and spouse event
      January 4-7, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. Our General Church Council has voted to partner with        Thirdly, we need to remember the leadership principles that arise from the leadership paradigm of
      the other coalition churches to participate in this event.                                              the shepherd. The leadership principles derived from the shepherd in 1 Peter 5:1-5 and John 10:1-
                                                                                                              18 are timeless and indispensible to pastoral leadership. Elders have been charged by the Chief
      The plans for General Conference 2010 are progressing. The conference will be held in                   Shepherd to tend the flock that has been entrusted to them. As shepherds under the leadership of
      Bloomington, Minnesota at the Holiday Inn Select June 29 – July 2. The keynote speaker will be          the Good Shepherd, we are to imitate Him by learning, loving and leading the flock. We have been
      Dr. Phil Stevenson, Director of Church Growth and Evangelism for The Wesleyan Church. The               entrusted with a portion of the Chief Shepherd’s flock. Whether your flock is 30 or 2,000, an old
      theme is “Expanding the Kingdom.” Reports from directors, conferences and committees will be            established church or a new church plant, your duty is to take care of that flock. How you do this
      focused on an agenda for the next four years that will enable us to continue the work of God’s          will be determined to a great degree by your personality and leadership style but, none the less,
      kingdom in our sphere of influence. The General Conference business will consist of electing            your duty is still to take care of His flock by learning, loving and leading them.
      the General Superintendent and other denominational officers; celebrating the reports of work
      around the denomination and on the mission fields for the past four years and approving agendas         In closing, I want to give thanks to God for all His goodness and mercy to me. I also want to thank
      for the next four years of the denominational ministries.                                               my wife and all my family for their love and support. There are many times I am away from home,
                                                                                                              but they do not complain (too much) in making that sacrifice for God. As I am writing this, I will
      It is a great blessing to watch our churches become increasingly interested in being healthy            be going later in the evening to pick up a new puppy to help keep Lynda and Josh company while
      “Harvest-focused, Holiness-fueled” churches. The inventive new ways pastors and people are              I am away. It’s humbling to know that you can be replaced by a dog!
      ministering to their churches and communities are exciting to see. We must do the hard work of
      finding new methods of reaching a different culture than our founders encountered. However,             In the hope that we will all know the fullness of God’s blessing,
      in our efforts to be inventive in ministering to a different culture, we must be careful not to leave
      behind some very important values.

      First and foremost, we must remember that the Gospel is good news, not simply because                   Rev. Brian Eckhardt
      it offers escape from eternal hell, but because it offers true deliverance from sin in this life. In    General Superintendent
      the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the power of Satan, sin and death were broken. Therefore, the
      fulfillment of the prophecy in Luke 1:67-75 is a real and present possibility. He is truly able to
      deliver us from the hand of our enemies so that we may serve Him without fear in righteousness
      and holiness all the days of our life. Titus 2:14 tells us He came to redeem (set free by providing a
      ransom) from every lawless action. Countless scriptures indicate that we are to no longer live lives
      of defeat and enslavement to sin. The hope and glorious news of the Gospel is that the power of
      sin can be broken and God will cleanse our hearts renewing us in the image of Jesus Christ. Let us
      proclaim that the power of the cross and empty tomb is greater than the power of the Eden.

      Secondly, we must maintain theological clarity. We must not fall into the trap of theological
198                                                                                                                                                                                                                 199
                   Western Conference Superintendent Report                                               respect the past and embrace the future.
                         to the 2009 Annual Conference
                                                                                                          T.E.A.M.S.: As a group of regional pastors we will work together to build up one another through
  July 1, 2009 was the starting date for a new adventure for all of us in the Western Conference. On      the following:
  that day our trusted fruitful Superintendent ( J. Dale Erbele) moved into a new season of his life
  and ministry. Dale served us well as our leader, moving us ahead with his positive vision of being a    T-Together: Relationship building/eating together…spending strategic time together makes a
  Conference that was all about healthy, life-giving, multiplying and prevailing churches that respect    big difference.
  the past and embrace the future. His winsome wise ways created a culture of “thinking outside of
  the box”, trying “new paradigms” and seeing what the Holy Spirit might be “birthing forth”. They        E-Education: Leadership/Ministry…working through specific books and resources together to
  have been excellent years and have given us a solid foundation for what God is now leading us to.       better our life and ministry.
  We have been blessed to be under his care and are truly grateful.
                                                                                                          A-Accountability: Personal and Church…checking in with each other to make sure we are being
  As I look back over the last few months since July 1, I see nothing but change and transition. The      about the things we have committed to both personally and in ministry.
  Western Conference’s office was moved from 6th Avenue North in Billings to its new home in
  Faith Evangelical Church. The change went smoothly and quickly. Our former Office Manager,              M-Ministry: Questions/Dreams/Ideas/Tips etc….Discussion about matters of ministry. Sharing
  Britt Eben finished her ministry with us the end of June and was a tremendous help in guiding us        hopes, dreams and tips for ministry.
  through the transition. The current support staff is as follows:
                                                                                                          S-Spiritual: Spiritual disciplines…participating in spiritual disciplines together for the sake of
      Administrative Assistant: Karen Walton                                                              the Kingdom.
      Financial Clerk:          Cory Workman
      CPA/Accountant:           Amy Leder                                                                 Most of the regions have had at least one such gathering to see this vision established. We truly are
                                                                                                          better together, so let’s minister together.
  They have done a tremendous ministry of bringing everything up to date in the new setting. Be
  sure and thank them!                                                                                    Our current Regional Overseers are as follows: Dan Morgan: Wyoming; Derry Long:
                                                                                                          Northwest; Brent Nymeyer: Stillwater valley; Marc Johnson: Billings; Jay Ashbaucher: Eastern;
  For me, personally, I have found the learning curve into this new role quite steep and implementation   Dale Erbele: North Dakota.
  somewhat shaky, but we are moving ahead and progressing. I sense that there are many excellent
  directions that have been set in the past that need not be changed, but rather continued to be          You may have notice that one word that has been added to our current Western Conference vision
  refined and strengthened. The emphasis on Church Planting (don’t forget to celebrate our newest         statement is “Pastors”. It is becoming clear to conference and denominational leadership (see Supt.
  baby, Narrate Church in Helena, MT) and Church Health (The majority of our Churches have                Brian Eckhart’s report) that we must intentionally do all we can to keep our Pastoral leadership
  done and are doing some sort of Church health check-up/New conference Board of Church                   healthy, life-giving, multiplying and prevailing as well. In the culture we live in, on the negative side
  Health began in 2009) have been a priority and the Lord willing, we will continue to encourage          -- ministry is not getting easier and the challenges are getting bigger and tougher. On the positive
  both into the future. The direction of A.C.T.S. (Assessing, Coaching, Training, Strategically) is       side – there are more opportunities now than ever to see the Kingdom of God move ahead. So, we
  solid and will continue to be refined and implemented. The freedom to try new, strategic and            must make sure our leadership is healthy, life-giving, multiplying and prevailing! As I touch bases
  untested models of ministry has not only been a learning experience, but extremely fruitful. The        with denominational leadership I am sensing this will be an emphasis we will strategically pursue.
  desire to major on the majors is allowing us to streamline, cut to the important, and focus time,       Our hope is that ministers will be encouraged to be healthy, life-giving, multiplying and prevailing
  talents and treasures where they count for eternity. I like that.                                       which will spill over into their marriages, families, churches and communities. Each of us could
                                                                                                          start right now by fostering some of this thinking together:
  As we try to understand the times we live in and focus on bearing Kingdom fruit for our Master,
  thinking “team” is of utmost importance. In these most difficult times with unprecedented               	   •	 How	might	I	encourage	another	pastor/marriage/family	in	my	region	or	Conference?		
  opportunities it is extremely crucial that we stay together in community as we minister. Thus,          	   •	 How	can	I	ensure	that	I	am	being	held	accountable	in	my	life	and	ministry?		
  a new paradigm of how we “do Conference” is being initiated and is starting to unfold. More             	   •	 How	might	I/our	church	pray	for	our	brothers	and	sisters	of	another	church?		
  emphasis is being placed on geographical regions with Regional Overseers being appointed by the         	   •	 Is	there	a	need	in	one	of	our	sister	churches,	and	how	might	we	come	along	side	and	help		 	
  Conference Supt. These Overseers have an embryonic ministry description that will be adjusted                  meet that need?
  as we move along in the process. Let’s be positive and give it our best to see how it might make us     	   •	 How	might	what	I	learned	or	experienced	bless	and	help	others	in	their	ministry?		How		 	
  even more fruitful in life and ministry. The regional ministry description is being fleshed out as we          might I share that with them?
  seek to insure that the following occurs:
                                                                                                          I think of Ecclesiastes 4:12ff where it talks about the benefits of going through life together. How
  Our vision: To have healthy, life-giving, multiplying and prevailing Pastors and Churches that          two are better than one… more return for their work (synergy), the aid that is there when one
200                                                                                                                                                                                                                   201
   falls down (which happens to all of us), the warmth of encouraging relationships (which we all                                      HISTORIANS REPORT
   need), the protection that can be had when someone has our back, and how strong we are together                       Harvest Church: Lockwood Campus - Billings, Montana
   compared to doing it alone.                                                                                                             March 11, 2009
   There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to run fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go      Members of the Council of Administration
   together”. I know that if I was in Africa and I was alone, I would run very fast, knowing the wildlife
   and their intent on doing me damage! However, with all the dangers I probably would not get very              Sunday October 5, 2008, we as a conference joined with Pastor Glenn Fournier and congregation
   far. On the other hand, to be able to have others on the journey with me would allow all of us to             in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Broadview Evangelical Church (see addendum 2008
   watch out for one another, encourage one another, help one another, protect one another and as a              report). We honored the early settlers who brought their church to Montana. On the same
   result -- go far. It is no different in our individual walks and ministries in this life. 1 Peter 5:8 says,   Sunday, two other notable events were happening. Lockwood Eternity Church became an active
   “Be self controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone    part of Harvest church. under the leadership of local Pastor Willy Maxwell, Lockwood made
   to devour…” Quite a word picture of what is happening as we walk this journey on earth. I don’t               its property a part of the Harvest ministries. The attendances have increased; the activities in
   know about you, but I sure do want to go this journey with some solid brothers and sisters around             Christian Education department, counseling department and other activities have put their lovely
   me. So, let’s team up and press on into what God is calling us to.                                            facilities to work in an enlarged way to reach people for Christ.
   Another foundational philosophy that has been built into our conference’s DNA is that of                      In Sheridan, Wyoming, services were begun in the High School. Pastor Michael Ames with a
   equipping, coaching and mentoring. It is not our intent to come in as a Conference and “do your               small group of transplanted members from Harvest Church started vertical Church. With a
   ministry” or “solve your problems”, but rather help you grow, learn and be equipped to accomplish             minimum of help they established a new church in that community. Michael said that they have
   what God has called you to. The proverb says, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man             maintained an 80 average in attendance and had 12 conversions. Services will be moved to the
   to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. Let’s continue to be strategic in teaching, coaching and mentoring         YWCA on March 1st. James Gilbert serves as Worship Pastor, Seth Hirshkorn leads youth work.
   one another in how to fish (grow, mature and be equipped for ministry and life).                              All three have to maintain a tent maker relationship because finances are short. Michael reported
                                                                                                                 that every conversion has been a thrill to this new congregation and worthy of a great chapter in
   Finally, let’s not forget the “why” of being together, doing ministry, working hard and sacrificing.          the record book of this new congregation.
   ultimately it all is to please our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, to make Him famous and put a
   smile in His heart. However, when you shake it all down not much pleases Him more than when                   deaths in the Conference
   people, who he created and loves that are rejecting Him for their own sinful ways, by faith turn to           On March 24, 2008, vonda Erbele, wife of our conference Superintendent, mother to John and
   Him for His forgiveness and His life now and forevermore! That causes all of heaven to rejoice. A             Korinda (Mr. John Luhmann) passed away from brain cancer. vonda was a faithful wife and
   while back I watched a movie entitled, “The Guardian”. It was a story about Coast Guard rescue                excellent co-worker for Christ in the great ministry of Superintendent Dale Erbele.
   swimmers, and though Hollywood took some liberties in the screening, it still showed the depth
   of commitment that those in the Coast Guard have towards saving people who are lost at sea. I                 Rev. Richard Kienitz passed away on December 14, 2008. Dick was a great leader (Conference
   was impressed with their rigorous training, the unbelievable sacrifice they make, the willingness to          Superintendent for 10 years) and in service for Christ for 44 years.
   go out on rescue no matter what, and their seemingly oblivious attitudes toward the tremendous
   danger and risk to their own lives. It was quite inspiring and I kept thinking, “Why would they do            Our hearts go out to the families of these two wonderful friends who have helped us so much for
   this?” The answer came at the end of the movie in a final statement or motto of the Coast Guard               so many years.
   rescue swimmers, “So others may live!” I could not help but make the correlation to each of us,
   our churches and ministries, our Conference and our denomination. Why do we do what we do?                    History in the Making
   Why do we give, give up, pray without ceasing, care, wash feet, prepare, train, reach out, share,             Columbus – will dedicate a new million dollar addition to their church on Sunday, April 26,
   sacrifice, take risks for others we don’t know and may not even like us? REASON: So others may                   2009.
   live!                                                                                                         Big Timber – has experienced the adversity of employee layoffs in their area but with their faith
                                                                                                                    in God, not in our economy, they are continuing to build a new auditorium
   Pressing on together…so others may live!                                                                      Bozeman – Journey Church has obtained 40 acres of land for their new facility. They have been
                                                                                                                    blessed with 1400+ people. They are in need of more space and more staff.
                                                                                                                 Plentywood – Plentywood Church has been giving a great report. Conference gave 50 chairs
   Steve                                                                                                            and a week later they said they were full and could use some more.
                                                                                                                 Helena – Adam Huschka and transplant friends have been working hard to get a start (next
   For even the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. Mark         July) on Narrate Church in Helena, Montana. Pray for these to find jobs and housing for the
   10:45                                                                                                            families and others who are going to help them.
                                   PRAyER... CARE… SHARE…                                                        Gillette – is in a $7,000,000.00 building project. Dan Morgan and staff are moving in a
                                           So Others May Live!                                                      tremendous way for Christ.
202                                                                                                                                                                                                                  203
                   dENOMINATIONAL HARVEST MINISTRIES                                                            four years! Our denominational conversion rate is about 20%...very high!
                                                                                                             •	 Our I Team continues to be a huge part of our ministries. We hear of people forwarding and
                                                                                                                copying the updates to others...making the true number of our I Team much bigger than our
                               Fall 2009                                                                        current list of about 350.
                                                                                                             •	 New Churches --In our first thirty years as a denomination (1968-1998), we added an average
      “Harvest-focused, Holiness-fueled” as the description of our vision has now been adapted by all           of one church per year. Since 1998 when we made church planting a major goal, we’ve added
      our Conferences and is common language in our meetings and media. Some Conferences and                    41. Since 2005, we’ve added 34! Those churches planted with our “A*C*T*S” Strategy are
      churches use their own version, but we now have a clear and energizing summons of the Spirit              seeing an over 90% success rate.
      to gather around as a denomination. The essential elements of our “A*C*T*S” Strategy are now           •	 Our denominational Harvest Fund allows us to give small grants to resource our churches
      standard operating procedure in all our Conferences and ECM.                                              in their harvest ministies. We are developing a unified budget for denominational harvest
      Assessments                                                                                            •	 Internship programs in Western, North Central and Pacific are allowing us to invest in young
      •	 Leaders--we’ve now seen over 300 leaders go through our assessment process since 1999.                 leaders more effectively.
      •	 Assessors--We are training more church assessors and validating more leader assessors. We’ve        •	 Our Discipline is being retooled to better reflect our “Harvest-focused, Holiness-fuled”
         now validated assessors in four of our six Conferences. Our Pacific and Western Conferences            mission as a denomination.
         can now lead their own assessments and train assessors. We’ve validated 26 leadership assessors
         and 15 NCD assessors for our EC Assessing Team.
      •	 Churches--Over half of our churches have now gone through some kind of evaluation...most
         through NCD. We have over 15 leaders who have gone through NCD Coach training.
      •	 Leaders going through our credentialing pathway have increased from an average of 4 per year
         from 1900-1998. That number began to multiply when we began doing intentional assessments
         in 1999. In 2008, over 60 leaders got ministry credentials across our denomination...the most
         in our history!

      •	 Over 165 EC leaders have gone through our baseline Coach training--our two day clinic
         based on “TransferMissional Coaching” co-authored by Dr. Tim Roehl, our Director of Harvest
      •	 We have 29 validated Coaches on our EC Coaching Team.
      •	 As previously noted, over 15 leaders have also gone through NCD coach training.

      •	 We are seeing leaders taking advantage of numerous training opportunities that help them to
         be more effective in the harvest. This year, several leaders have attended multi-site training
      •	 We are able to do in-house training for coaching, assessing, church planting, church health and
         missional ministry for our leaders.

      •	 Those churches and leaders who have experienced and implemented our “A*C*T*S” Strategy
         are seeing wonderful results.
      •	 Not only are we increasing in shared learning and playing from the same basic A*C*T*S
         playbook, we are seeing many relationships growing across Conference boundaries.
      •	 We hear increasing reports of local churches thinking and acting missionally. Superintendents
         are emplasizing missional principles and practices as they make their rounds.
      •	 We developed a Harvest Ministry website for our denomination, www.ECHarvestministry.
         com. The blog page is a regular feature in our Challenge magazine.
      •	 Decisions for Christ are increasing every year...from 2,500 in 2004 to 3,400 in 2006, over 3,000
         in 2007 and 4,000 decisions in 2008! We’ve seen a 60% increase in people coming to Christ in past

204                                                                                                                                                                                                        205
                    december 31, 2009                                        January-december 2009 (Revised)


      knuth Fund                                        $54,424.50
      Minimum $50,000 balance

      Williston Fund                                    $1,943.81
      No minimum balance

      House Fund                                        $6,521.27
      Minimum $60,000 balance

      Revolving Loan Fund                               $1,364.39
      No minimum balance

  TOTAL CONFERENCE INVESTMENTS                          $64,253.97

  Life Insurance Policies (Church Extension)

      Anonymous                                         $100,000.00
      Steve Strutz                                      $100,000.00
      Irvin Haidle                                      $100,000.00

  Reuben Strutz memorial Insurance Policy               $100,000.00
  (Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch) (Rolly Strutz)

206                                                                                                               207
208   209
210   211
212   213
                         MINISTRy OF RESOLUTIONS                                                The foregoing proceedings, reports, appointments, assignments and recommendations,
                              November 10, 2009                                                 together with all items included therein, constitute the record of the official business
                 Glendive Evangelical Church - Glendive, Montana                                of the Western Conference of The Evangelical Church, in their Forty First Annual
                                                                                                Session held at Glendive Evangelical Church in Glendive, Montana, November 8-10,
      WHEREAS Glendive Evangelical Church has been so gracious and joyful in their efforts      2009. The following signatures were ordered affixed to the proceedings of the Session in
      to make our stay an enjoyable experience and WHEREAS they have provided wonderful         acquiescence and obedience to the will of the Session and the will of Almighty God.
      meals, refreshments and ministry space for us and WHEREAS they have provided an
      extremely competent tech staff that was able to meet all our sound, audio and video                               MINISTERIAL MEMBERS
      needs, BE IT RESOLvED that we give them an enthusiastic and audible thank you via         Jay Ashbaucher                   Bryan Baker                      Kris Buller
      a standing ovation.                                                                       Robert Canen                     Bob Conover                      Scott Davies
                                                                                                Cody Dayley                      Roger Dayton                     Byron Dealey
      WHEREAS Karen Walton our conference administrative assistant and the staff at             Mike Drieskke                    Loren Eder                       Dwight Engel
      Glendive Evangelical Church have worked so efficiently and cheerfully to provide our      J. Dale Erbele                   Glenn Fournier                   Jay Forseth
      reports and information needs, BE IT RESOLvED that we corporately and personally          Benjamin Gonzales                Irv Haidle                       Steve Hamilton
      thank them for their excellent ministry to us and our ministries.                         Paul Hansen                      Don Hardesty                     Butch Hart
                                                                                                Gery Helsby                      Adam Huschka                     Marc Johnson
      WHEREAS there have been many of our friends in ministry who have sent their greetings     Derry Long                       John Luhmann                     Gary Maness
      to us and who pray God’s blessing on our work for the Kingdom, BE IT RESOLvED             Jeff Maness                      David McGullion                  Charlie McMurrey
      that we ask Superintendent Strutz to convey our love and appreciation to those he meets   Willy Maxwell                    Dan Morgan                       Brent Nymeyer
      in his travels.                                                                           James O’Connor                   Adrian Olson                     Fred Rodda
                                                                                                Jack Runner                      Seth Runner                      Marvin Schieldt
      WHEREAS these resolutions have been presented at the 41st Annual Conference of            Travis Shannon                   Allen Solheim                    Michael Stambaugh
      the Western Conference, BE IT RESOLvED, we adopt them and place them in the               vern Streeter                    Bob Strutz                       Steve Strutz
      journal.                                                                                  Sam Summers                      Erin Youngs

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Robert Canen, Conference Secretary                                                                        CERTIFICATE OF THE SECRETARy
      Karen Walton, Conference Administrative Assistant                                         We do hereby certify that these are the minutes and the records of the Forty First Annual
                                                                                                Business Session of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church, held at Glendive
                                                                                                Evangelical Church in Glendive, Montana, November 8-10, 2009.

                                                                                                Christine Caldwell               Doyle Euell                      Glen Ewert
                                                                                                Joy Faul                         Arthur Reinstma                  Bryan Hahn
                                                                                                Bill Howey                       Todd Hunt                        KJ Keogh
                                                                                                Clay Masser                      Lori Matheny                     Rick Mittleider
                                                                                                Dan Nefzger                      Mitch Senner                     Andy Seitz
                                                                                                Todd Spear                       Rich Swartz                      Chris Townley
                                                                                                Stacy vorhes                     Leon Young


214                                                                                                                                                                                         215

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