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Vol. IV NO XLXV                                                                                         Thursday, August 19, 2010
                             Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly

                 Watson: Give Blood – You’ll Feel Better, Page 6; Westchester Blood Donation Centers, Page 4;
Rothberg: At Home with Amazing Songwriter/Novelist/Playwright, Rupert Holmes, Page 11; Heller: Crime and Punishment, Page 11

Page 2                                          The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                          ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

  In this Issue...
  Abady and silbergerg: McLaughlin Takes on stewart-cousins ....2, 3, 10
  Public service Announcement: Blood donations .................................. 4
  Letters to the editor .............................................................................. 4
  Oped romani:The role of Greed in America’s
  economic Meltdown.............................................................................. 5
  Watson: Give Blood-You’ll Feel Better ............................................ 6, 10                 Can a Fiscal Hawk Catch a
  heller: crime and Punishment ........................................................ 7, 13              By Sam Abady and Eric Silberberg
  Limato: rats vs. eagles .................................................................... 8, 13
                                                                                                                Four years ago, Westchester county      made upstart republican rob Astorino
  deskovic: Albany Finally Passes Vital Anti-Prison                                                        Legislator for the 16th district, Andrea     the new county executive.
  census Legislation ........................................................................... 9, 12     stewart-cousins, achieved one of                  Ten-year Yonkers city councilman,
  rothberg: At home with Amazing songwriter/                                                               the greatest upsets in recent Albany         Laim McLaughlin, an attorney with the
  Novelist/Playwright, rupert holmes ............................................. 11, 19                  political history when she unseated ten-     White Plains firm Bashian and Farber,
                                                                                                           term senator and Yonkers republican          is the man republicans pinned their
  Westchester calendar......................................................................14-15          machine leader, Nicholas spano, and          hopes on to oust the two-term stewart-
  Theatre directory................................................................................. 16    took over the 35th senate district which     cousins and recapture the 35th district
  Jane: Westchester sports: Area Teens compete in                                                          encompasses Yonkers plus Ardsley,            for the GOP.
  Jewish Olympiad at Baltimore ............................................................. 17            dobbs Ferry, elmsford, Greenburgh,                The red-headed McLaughlin is
                                                                                                           hastings-on-hudson, Irvington, Mount         self-described as a hard-nosed fiscal
  Legal Notices ................................................................................. 18, 19   Pleasant, Pleasantville, sleepy hollow,      conservative who believes the 125-day-
                                                                                                           and Tarrytown.                               late state budget was caused by “a failed
                                                                                                                stewart-cousins enjoys a reputa-        liberal ideology” of “big government and
                                                                                                           tion as a trail blazer who champions the     high taxes that senator stewart-cousins
                                                                                                           poor, the underserved and the working        embraces.” he accused her of being “one
                                                                                                           class. she was the first African American    of its major proponents.”
                                                                                                           appointed director of community                   “What Mr. McLaughlin fails to talk
                                                                                                           Affairs in Yonkers where she created         about,” stewart-cousins fired back, “is
                                                                                                           an internship program for the hearing        the forty plus years of republican leader-
               Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly                                                       impaired and poor children, and              ship in the senate. democrats have been
                                                                                                           created the now widely visited “Art on       in power in this very difficult economic
                                  Guardian News Corp.                                                      Main street” and “river Fest” events         time for all of two years.”
                                       P.O. Box 8                                                          downtown.                                         stewart-cousins is no stranger
                               New Rochelle, New York 10801                                                     she later became the Westchester        to economic and business matters.
                                                                                                           legislature’s Majority Whip and Vice-        she earned her teaching credentials
                        Sam Zherka , Publisher & President                                                 chair, and authored and/or helped pass       in Business education from Lehman
                    Sam Abady, Editor-in-Chief & Vice President                                            the county’s first human rights and          college; a Masters degree in Public
                                                                                                           living wage laws; smoke-free workplace       Administration from Pace university
                                                                laws; tough gun storage laws; and laws       where she was elected to the Pi Alpha
                                                                   to prosecute predatory lenders. she was      Alpha honor society; and spent thir-
                                                                                                           also instrumental is securing tax cuts for   teen years in sales and marketing with
                             Ellie Ellis - Advertising Manager                                             seniors and veterans.                        New York Telephone/AT&T before she
                                                                                                                As chair of the county legisla-         pursued a career in journalism, teaching
                                                                                                           ture’s health committee, she brought         and elective office. currently, she is a
                                                                                                           the “sexual Assault Nurse examiner           member of the senate committees on
                        News & Editorial: (914) 632-2540
                                                                                                           Program” to Westchester following a          Banks; Finance; commerce, economic
                    Advertising & Photos: (914) 632-1230, x 405
                                                                                                           successful pilot program in Yonkers. she     development and small Business; and
                                Fax: (914) 633-0806                                                        proudly says the law became a model          was the former downstate co-chair of
                                                                                                           nationwide for enhanced community            the senate democratic Task Force on
                         Published online every Monday                                                     and medical assistance to rape victims       Minority and Women Owned Business
            Print edition distributed Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday                                             republicans lost a major power          enterprises
                                                                                                           player when Nick spano fell. They licked          According to Gov. david Patterson
                         Graphic Design: Watterson Studios, Inc.                                           their wounds and are preparing to strike     and the senate’s democratic leader-
                                                                         back hard in November, hoping to ride        ship, the revenue bill passed on August
                                                                                                           the wave which swept aside democrat          3rd will ostensibly close the state’s $9.2
                                                                      Andy spano (no relation to Nick) and         billion budget gap. One bill introduced
                                         The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                    ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                                 Page 3

Takes on stewart-cousins
Liberal Star in His Conservative Talons?
                                                                                                                                            showed how police and fire pensions
                                                                                                                                            are bleeding state coffers. McLaughlin
                                                                                                                                            agreed these costs “are driving up the
                                                                                                                                            expenses to the taxpayers because of
                                                                                                                                            possible abuses going on there.”
                                                                                                                                                “I want to take a look at everything,”
                                                                                                                                            the tax-cutting conservative said. “You
                                                                                                                                            know, to me, nothing would be sacred.”
                                                                                                                                                McLaughlin’s record on the Yonkers
                                                                                                                                            city council confirms his self-identifi-
                                                                                                                                            cation as a fiscal conservative. Yonkers is
                                                                                                                                            the only city in Westchester to have an
                                                                                                                                            income tax. McLaughlin helped curb
                                                                                                                                            it by a third, and managed to push the
                                                                                                                                            real property transfer tax down to under
                                                                                                                                            three per cent.
                                                                                                                                                he also enthused about the new
                                                                                                                                            Yonkers Board of education office
                                                                                                                                            building which was one of his pet proj-
                                                                                                                                            ects. “We came in a million dollars under
                                                                                                                                            budget and we finished on time,” he said.
                                                                                                                                            “You know you hear of all these govern-
                                                                                                                                            ment projects that are millions of dollars
                                                                                                                                            over budget and years and years late,
                                                                                                                                            but we didn’t do that, which is pretty
                                                                                                                                                however, McLaughlin conceded
                Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins                                   Yonkers City Councilman Liam McLaughlin                    that, in 2009, his last year in office,
                                                                                                                                            Yonkers increased taxes by seven per cent
by stewart-cousins was a provision to            to include purchases of clothing costing      state spending to make up for lost               While the fiscal hawk offers voters
impose an earnings tax on hedge fund             less than $110. Likewise, he opposes the      revenue from lower property taxes he         the promise of lower taxes and strict
managers who work in New York but                new increased state cigarette tax             hopes to enact.                              government spending, stewart-cousins
live outside the state                                stewart-cousins responded, “When              “I think that there are some poli-      believes that she is the candidate capable
    The measure was defeated, but                you’re faced with the kinds of choices we     ticians that are afraid to take a real       of fixing Albany’s dysfunction caused by
exemplifies her approach to make the             had, it was very difficult. I’m very happy    hard stand on some of these issues,”         bare-knuckled partisanship.
rich who profit from New York but don’t          … this very difficult task was left only to   McLaughlin said. “Like Medicaid fraud            “We (the democrats) inherited a
give back ante up.                               the democrats because the republicans         and abuse. so let’s find out who’s abusing   system where only the majority party did
    In McLaughlin’s eyes, however, her           refused to participate in it.”                the system and go after them.”               anything,” she said about the previous
approach exemplifies everything wrong                 McLaughlin sees tax relief as the most        he also attacked inefficiencies in      republican majority led by now disgraced
with Albany’s tax philosophy which he            important device to resuscitate the state’s   the pension system for police, fire and      Majority Leader Joseph Bruno who is
claims is crippling private investment.          ailing economy. “The main thing we have       municipal workers. he believes these         appealing his federal extortion conviction.
“entrepreneurs should be able to do              to do is reduce property taxes,” he said.     pension payments are soaking taxpayers
business in New York state without the                                                                                                          stewart-cousins says she success-
                                                 “But I mean there are just so many other      and putting a major strain on the state’s    fully created in the senate “a mechanism
state turning around and giving them             kinds of taxes” which he characterized as     payables.
additional taxes,” he said.                                                                                                                 by which not only does the minority
                                                 “death by a thousand cuts.”                        “cuomo actually just did a study,”      party get to introduce a bill, but they
    McLaughlin’s strong objections to the             If elected, McLaughlin plans to          McLaughlin said, in reference to the
state’s new budget do not stop there. he                                                                                                    actually get to pass it and they actually
                                                 introduce legislation to cut deep into        Attorney General’s recent report which                            Continued on page 10
decries the recent extension of the sales tax
Page 4                               The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                   ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

                                                                                                                Letters to the Editor
                                                                                                                 All letters should be E-mailed to editor@westchestrguard-
                                                                                                        with “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line.

                                                                                                                To the editor:
                                                                                                                     I take issue with the assault on rachel Abady’s
                                                                                                                article, “Inside Gay Westchester,” by sarah Lawrence
                                                                                                                college employees, rebecca Linz and carolyn
                                                                                                                O’Laughlin (Guardian, August 5th, “Letters to the
                                                                                                                editor,” page 4).
                                                                                                                     Ms. Abady’s article was an intensely interesting
                                                                                                                and thoughtful read. Its subtitle, “A Glimpse Inside
                                                                                                                Westchester’s Invisible community,” echoes the early
                                                                                                                days of gay liberation when organizations like the
                                                                                                                Mattachine society met. Its leaders such as the dynamic
                                                                                                                harry hay faced the world boldly, but members were
                                                                                                                still in the shadows -- had to be, by and large.
  New Yorkers desperately need blood. There is an acute blood shortage, especially of types A Positive and
  O Positive. (See Health Matters – “Give Blood – You’ll Feel Better” on page 6.)                                    There is something of that feeling still in Westchester,
                                                                                                                and Westchester is not alone. It reflects similar commu-
  Did you know only 4% of the population donates blood used by the rest of us?
                                                                                                                nities: some activism and much reticence.
  Find a nearby blood drive by going to and entering your zip code.
                                                                                                                     Is there a proximity-to-Manhattan effect, a draining
  The Harrison Chamber of Commerce is holding a drive Aug 18th, 12:00-5:00 PM at:                               away of what might be were the locale more free-
  216 Halstead Avenue in Harrison and on Aug 23d, 3:00-8:00 PM at:                                              standing? A provocative question.
  Columbia Engine and Hose Company #2                                                                                I credit Ms. Abady for addressing it, and everything
  601 North Barry Avenue in Mamaroneck                                                                          else in her comprehensive article. she did it with infor-
  The Red Cross has a regular collection the third Friday of every month in Westchester. The address is:        mation and brilliant indirection. Interviewees wanted
  Red Cross - Westchester County Chapter                                                                        to have their voices heard, but not their names. This is
  106 North Broadway                                                                                            indeed a “glimpse” inside the environment more than
  White Plains, NY 10603                                                                                        anyone’s personal timidity.
  (914) 946-6500                                                                                                     Are there some LGBT people in the county who
  In addition, the New York Blood Center collects blood in Westchester at the following times and locations:
                                                                                                                live in the now, and by any cosmopolitan measure, are
                                                                                                                fully “out”? sure there are. Linz and O’Laughlin are
  Elmsford                                                 Bronxville                                           examples. But there are not many. Ms. Abady’s article
  525 Executive Boulevard                                  Lawrence Hospital                                    carefully depicted reality as any good journalist would.
  Elmsford, New York 10523                                 55 Palmer Avenue                                     she is to be praised for a fine piece of work.
  800-933-2566                                             Bronxville, New York 10708
  Hours                                                    800-933-2566                                         ronald Molino
  Mondays 9:00 AM-4:00 PM                                  Hours:                                               New York, New York
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 Show your love for your fellow man. Donate today.                                                               Contact Editor-in-Chief Sam Abady at: 914-943-9859
                                       The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                   ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                                  Page 5

                                              The Role of Greed in America’s
                                              Economic Meltdown
                                              Corporate Kings, Not Illegal Immigrants, Are the Real Culprits
                                              By Gonzalo Romani
     Pundits like Tricia erickson             we thought that the manipulation of           that such documents remain secret.”           secrets exposed and their magic money
(Guardian Op ed, May 27, 2010) argue          the gold market was undertaken as a               As a result, last december, GATA          machine put under close scrutiny. They
illegal immigrants are the main cause of      coordinated profit scheme by certain          sued the Federal reserve in the               worked frantically behind the scenes
our economic turmoil because they cost        bullion banks like JPMorgan, chase            Washington, d.c. federal court seeking        to quietly derail all efforts  to open up
the Treasury more than $10 billion a          Bank, and Goldman sachs, and that it          access to the Federal reserve’s withheld      the Federal reserve to an independent
year.                                         violated federal and state anti-trust laws.   records of gold swaps.                        audit.
     This is nonsense. corporate greed,       But we soon discerned that the bullion            The public should be focused on the           how much taxpayers’ money is being
not immigrants, tanked the economy.           banks were working closely with the           Fed. Americans has been misled by its         diverted to multibillion dollar businesses
Guardian readers deserve to be rightly        u.s. Treasury department and Federal          current and the former chairmen. Ben          like the gold business that harm the u.s.
informed about these matters.                 reserve in a gold cartel, part of a broad     Bernanke said, “In the united states a        economy? Who is involved? should the
     In his book Meltdown - The End           scheme of manipulation of the currency,       deep and liquid financial system has          Fed be audited as Paul has advocated
of the Age of Greed, British author Paul      precious metals, and bond markets.            promoted growth by effectively allo-          for years? Who is profiting from that
Mason exposes the unadulterated,                   Murphy identified robert rubin,          cating capital and has increased              money?
shameless greed of the rich enabled by        Bill clinton’s Treasury secretary, as the     economic resilience by increasing our             Let us do some easy number
financial regulators, the political class     man who devised the scheme to borrow          ability to share and diversify risks, both    crunching. The total u.s. debt is around
and certain executive Branch officials.       gold from central banks at minimal            domestically and globally” ( June 15,         $13.4 trillion. until 2009, the yearly
They are the source of our economic           interest rates (around 1%), sell the          2007).                                        interest payment on that debt was more
woes, not scapegoats like illegal aliens or   bullion for cash, and use the cash to fund        similarly, Alan Greenspan said,           than $400 billion. Add the expected
other ghosts.                                 Goldman sachs’s operations.                   “Those of us who have looked to the self-     $1.5 trillion deficit caused mainly by
     Bernie Madoff stole $50 billion in            “When rubin became u.s. Treasury         interest of lending institutions to protect   more than $700 billion in bank bailouts,
the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.          secretary,” Murphy wrote, “he made it         shareholders’ equity, myself especially,      plus $2 trillion in government bonds due
Maddoff ’s comments reported in New           government policy to surreptitiously          are in a state of shocked disbelief…. I       in 2010/11, and our national debt will
York Magazine describe the mindset of         operate an identical gold carry trade but     made a mistake in presuming that the          increase to an astonishing $16.9 trillion,
those responsible for our current prob-       on a much larger scale. This became the       self-interest of banks and others was         costing American taxpayers more than
lems. he told inmates at the Butner,          principal mechanism of what was called        such that they were best capable of           $504 billion in yearly interest payments.
North carolina, federal prison where he       the ‘strong-dollar policy.’ subsequent        protecting their own shareholders.”               This is an economic time bomb.
is incarcerated his victims deserved what     Treasury secretaries have repeated            (October 23, 2008).                           how will this debt be financed? What if
happened to them because they were            a commitment to a ‘strong dollar,’                The hidden, multibillion gold             interest rates rise?
rich and greedy. “F××× my victims,” he        suggesting that they were continuing to       business combined with the Fed’s                  In addition, we must ask how much
said. “I carried them for twenty years,       feed official gold into the market more       lack of transparency inspired Texas           money the rich have parked in tax heaven
and now I’m doing 150 years.”                 or less clandestinely to support the dollar   congressman ron Paul to intro-                countries, and what percentage of that
     Over the last decade (1998-              and suppress interest rates and precious      duce hr 1207, the “Federal reserve            money is directly linked to bribes, polit-
2008), the financial sector invested          metals prices.”                               Transparency Act,” to audit the Fed.          ical influence payoffs, transfer pricing,
more than $5.1 billion purchasing                  According to Murphy, “GATA has               Paul is the author of the 2009 book,      donations to elected officials, etc?
political influence, and another $3.4         collected reams of evidence that Western      End the Fed. he stated, “The Federal              According to a report published
billion for officially registered lobby-      central bank gold has long been mobi-         reserve is the chief culprit behind the       in the Huffington Post, “In december
ists. In 2007 alone, the financial sector     lized and surreptitiously dishoarded to       economic crisis. Its unchecked power to       2008, the Government Accounting
employed 2,996 lobbyists, including an        rig the gold market and influence related     create endless amounts of money out of        Office reported that 83 of the 100
extraordinary number of former high-          markets, and that this rigging has drawn      thin air brought us the boom and bust         largest publicly-traded companies
ranking government officials.                 upon the u.s. gold reserves.”                 cycle  and causes one financial bubble        in the country -- including AT&T,
     According to a March 8, 2010,                 GATA submitted Freedom of                after another. since the Fed’s creation in    chevron, IBM, American express, Ge,
letter from Bill Murphy, chairman of          Information Act requests to the Fed           1913, the dollar has lost more than 96%       Boeing, dow, and AIG -- had subsid-
the GATA Gold Anti-Trust Action               and Treasury department “for a candid         of its value, and by recklessly inflating     iaries in tax havens, what the corporate
committee to Gary Gensler, chairman           accounting of their involvement in the        the money supply, the Fed continues to        class comically calls ‘financial privacy’
of the commodity Futures Trading              gold market, particularly in regard to        distort interest rates and intentionally      jurisdictions.”
commission, the largest u.s. banks            gold swaps.” In a september 17, 2009,         erodes the value of the dollar.”                  America’s big banks, including
manipulated the gold futures market,          reply to GATA’s lawyers, Fed Governor             The bill was passed by the house,         those that pocketed billions in taxpayer-
and their conduct paralleled Madoff ’s        Kevin M. Warsh acknowledged “the              but never became law. The usurpers of         financed bailout dollars, seem particularly
$50 billion Ponzi scheme in its scale.        Federal reserve has gold swap agree-          America’s future did not take it lying        fond of the cayman Islands. At the time
     Murphy advised Gensler, “Initially       ments with foreign banks but insisted         down. They were not about to have their                             Continued on page 19
Page 6                                   The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                    ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

                           HealtH MatteRS
                               Jane Watson, M.B., B.s., M.d.

Give Blood – You’ll Feel Better
     The summer blood shortage is upon
us. It happens every year as regular
donors go on vacation and schools and
                                                                                                                                                through blood. This obviously includes
                                                                                                                                                hIV infection and hepatitis. In the
                                                                                                                                                1980s, when the hIV virus was new,
colleges, an important blood source from                                                                                                        tragic cases of AIds infection occurred
campus drives, are closed.                                                                                                                      via transfusion. Tennis player Arthur
     Last week, the red cross announced                                                                                                         Ashe acquired the AIds virus during
critical shortage of types A positive and                                                                                                       cardiac bypass graft surgery. hemophiliac
O positive blood, and held a special                                                                                                            teenager, ryan White, contracted AIds
blood drive in White Plains with free                                                                                                           from plasma he received to help his
Italian ices and giveaways. Many people                                                                                                         blood clot. Fortunately, scientists rapidly
are mystified by the intermittent short-                                                                                                        developed tests to detect the AIds virus
ages. can’t blood be frozen? The answer                                                                                                         so this no longer happens.
is no.                                                                                                                                              Testing and the initial interview at
     Blood cells, like milk, have an expi-                                                                                                      the collection site screen out those donors
ration date and, like milk, are destroyed                                                                                                       disqualified from giving. In addition, a
by freezing. Fortunately, the shelf life of                                                                                                     number of medications interfere with
blood is longer than the shelf life of milk.                                                                                                    blood clotting and preclude donation. A
A unit of blood can be kept under refrig-                                                                                                       past history of hepatitis B or c, malaria,
eration for forty-two days, but then must                                                                                                       syphilis, and several other diseases that
be discarded if unused. Blood banks            to enjoy raising her. someone’s blood               In an interview with The Guardian,           can persist in the bloodstream disqualify
regard any discarded blood as a failure.       donation literally saved my life.”             Tom Kane explained that each unit                 donors. People with anemia clearly
As Tom Kane, director of red cross                 Monique conley had a hip replace-          donated to the red cross here is sent             cannot donate because they lack enough
blood services for southern New York           ment at age thirty and needed a “top up”       to a plant in east henrietta, New York.           of their own red cells. At the moment,
put it, “We are always balancing mainte-       transfusion afterwards. she was struck         There it is tested and processed. An              anyone who lived in the united Kingdom
nance of an adequate supply against the        by the generosity of “that kind stranger       individual unit can benefit three patients        for more than three months from 1980 to
possibility of wasting precious blood.”        who took the time to help a fellow             because donated blood is separated                1996 is also excluded because of fears of
     Blood donation is an extraordinary        stranger.” she is now a regular donor.         into red cells, liquid plasma, and plate-         “mad cow” disease.
act of human altruism. donors literally            Blood is collected a “unit” at time,       lets. Plasma proteins can be extracted                how is blood used? Most people
give of themselves with no immediate,          a volume of 450 ml, a little less than a       and used for many different purposes,             envision patients in car accidents or with
tangible reward. As any blood drive            pint. The process is quick. The donor          including donation to children suffering          severed arteries being resuscitated with
worker knows, donors tend to be special        provides a mini health history and his         from hemophilia who cannot produce                bags of intravenous blood in emergency
people with generous natures. some are         or her blood pressure is taken. A quick        their own clotting proteins and may               rooms. such dramatic events do occur,
drawn to donate by their own experience.       finger-stick test is done to detect possible   hemorrhage from a trivial injury. unlike          but a great deal more blood is used
     Monisa described her cesarian             anemia.                                        whole blood, plasma can be frozen and             for predictable purposes. This enables
section to the red cross. “I began to              donors then sit in a reclining chair, a    keeps for a year.                                 hospitals to give estimates of their future
hemorrhage uncontrollably... As I started      small canula is inserted into the arm, and          Platelets are one part of the body’s clot-   blood needs so that blood suppliers can
to fade into unconciousness, I heard the       blood is collected for about ten minutes.      ting mechanism. They only last five days          plan accordingly. The red cross ships
doctor calling for four more units of          The donor must then wait a few minutes         but are essential for patients with blood         blood from east henrietta to New York
blood, as I had quickly lost two liters        and drink some fluids. Most people             disorders like leukemia which prevent             hospitals based on their predicted need.
of my own. When I woke up in the               suffer only minimal discomfort and the         them producing their own platelets.                   Many forms of elective surgery, such
recovery room, I was blessed to have a         quantity of blood is replaced by the body           At east henrietta, every unit is             as bowel resections and coronary artery
beautiful baby girl and a long life ahead      in roughly four weeks.                         tested for diseases that can be transmitted
                                                                                                                                                                      Continued on page 10
                                     The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                 ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                               Page 7

Crime and Punishment
    The united states is the world’s
third most populous nation, and has
the world’s highest incarceration rate.
                                            and more than half return to prison
                                            within a year of their release.
                                                so what do we get for the approxi-
                                                                                        be equal before the law. someone who
                                                                                        assaults his girlfriend’s new boyfriend in
                                                                                        a jealous rage should be punished just as
                                                                                                                                     contain the germ of a useful idea, and
                                                                                                                                     when it comes to criminal justice, we
                                                                                                                                     need new ideas.
American prison sentences are long          mately $30,000 we spend each year on        severely as someone who assaults a black         A new British study suggests a
relative to counterpart sentences in        each of more than 2,000,000 people in       man because of his color. someone who        useful alternative to the essentially
other industrial democracies.               our prisons?                                sets fire to a despised, smelly vagrant      useless victim impact statement. The
    The result: America has more pris-          We get family poverty when a            who sleeps on a storm drain should be        restorative Justice consortium (“rJc”)
oners than any other nation in the world.   breadwinner is in prison. We get more       punished just as severely as someone         has evidence that crime rates, recidi-
despite years of steadily dropping crime    crime, as prisoners share trade secrets,    who lights up a popular beauty queen.        vism, and criminal justice costs all drop
rates, we still have a high incidence of    form gangs and plot their next moves.            Victim impact statements are a          when victims and young criminals meet
crimes like murder, and our laws make       We get shortages of other goods and         relatively recent innovation in criminal     quietly face to face.
it worse by defining benign or victimless   services because the billions we spend      justice. The procedure allows victims            under current law, the victim and
activities as crimes.                       keeping people in prisons are not avail-    to vent in open court before a defen-        his or her family members recount the
    For example, everyone who refused       able for other human needs.                 dant is sentenced. such statements may       pain caused by the defendant in hopes
to answer the 2010 census is a crim-            When a criminal targets a victim        educate -- or inflame -- the sentencing      the judge will enhance the defendant’s
inal. so are many donors to political       based on his or her membership in a         judge or jury.                               punishment. defendants say “I’m sorry”
campaigns. Forty percent of u.s. pris-      racial, ethnic or other group to which           It is theorized such statements         in hopes the judge will be lenient.
oners are serving time for ingesting        the state extends special protection, we    might inspire the criminal to think          Victim impact statements are made in
cannabis, peyote, fungi, poppy, and         call it a hate crime.                       about his crime, which might lead him        the same declaratory way that evidence
other vegetable substances that have            In passing the hate crimes Act of       to remorse, which might stop him from        is presented to an American jury; there
been outlawed by government fiat.           2000, the New York Legislature declared     returning to crime after he takes his        is no give-and-take.
    It defies common sense that a twenty    how hate crimes are a particular threat     punishment. That is a lot of “mights.”           In contrast, the rJc study shows
year-old Marine just back from combat       to society, and “should be prosecuted            Images personifying Justice depict      that “[v]ictims of crime benefit … by
in Afghanistan where he was responsible     and punished with appropriate severity”     a woman in a blindfold holding a scale.      being given the chance to tell offenders
for military equipment worth millions       -- whatever that means.                     hate crime laws and victim impact state-     the real impact of their crime, to get
and the lives of his fellow Marines is a        To believers in liberty, there is no    ments lift that blindfold. When Justice      answers to their questions, as well as
criminal for buying a beer. Not long ago,   such thing as a hate crime as distinct      peeks, we no longer are equal. enhanced      being more likely to receive an apology.”
anyone eighteen or older could drink.       from other crime. A criminal should be      sentences meted out for hate crimes, like        The study noted a 27% drop in
But our Marine is a criminal, as is the     punished for wrongdoing, not wrong          enhanced sentences inspired by victim        recidivism achieved by a restorative
person who sold him the beer, because       thinking. It should not matter whether      impact statements, further swell our         justice program, and projected a two-
the state now insists he must be twenty-    the criminal called the victim ugly names   already oversized prison population.         year criminal justice system savings of
one to down some suds.                      while committing the crime, or how the           Prison rarely rehabilitates. The        £185 million (equivalent to $1.5 billion
    Our country is rich, even in a reces-   victim’s emotions were impacted.            victim’s “closure” is illusory. There is     in u.s. population terms). “This would
sion. decent prison food and basic              robbery and murder remain robbery       little evidence that courtroom apologies     mean 27% less crime and 27% fewer
medical care means prisoners live longer    and murder, whether inspired by greed       improve matters for either criminal or       victims.” such reductions in u.s. crime
than prisoners in ethiopia or Burma or      or hate. Justice demands that crimes        victim.                                      would be worth billions more.
Peru. That pushes up our prison census.     motivated by personal animus be treated          While hate crime legislation has            The rJc found that, in Northern
    so does recidivism. Two-thirds of       no differently than crimes motivated by     no redeeming value beyond political          Ireland, “Where victims and offenders
America’s prisoners are arrested again,     racial animus because we are meant to       correctness, victim impact statements                             Continued on page 13
Page 8                                 The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                 ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

                         The Right Turn
                            Michael Limato

      Rats vs. Eagles
     July turned out to be the dead-         the leaks was to promote “justice” and           In May 2010, Pvt. Manning, was              reaction to the leaks vary. No
liest month in Afghanistan with              expose the horrors of war. he peddles       arrested by the Army after releasing raw     thanks to WikiLeaks, we know the war
sixty-six Americans killed. These soldiers   the typical activist narrative -- America   video of a 2007 u.s. airstrike on an Iraqi   in Afghanistan is going poorly. We
-- shipped off to places we would never      is an occupier, our troops are Nazis, and   village to none other than WikiLeaks.        know civilian deaths rose in the last ten
go and do the things we could never do       war is hell.                                The website declared u.s. Black hawk         months. We know the Pakistani govern-
-- gave the ultimate sacrifice for their         Let me be clear: I do not like war;     pilots were guilty of “collateral murder”    ment is two-faced and reassures us of its
country. They are the eagles.                only a mentally ill person would. If        for shooting journalists and civilians       dedication to rooting out terrorists as a
     Australian activist, Julian Assange,    Assange was just another garden variety     from above.                                  good u.s. ally while it assists Afghan
personifies the anti-American, inter-        anti-war activist, I would not care. he          The accusation was fraudulent.          insurgents and pigs out on billions in
nationalist, left wing rat. The same         matters because he aides and abets our      The so called “journalists” and “civil-      u.s. aid.
month American casualties skyrocketed,       enemy, the Taliban and al-Qaeda, by         ians” were insurgents operating in the           some compared WikiLeaks to the
Assange published 76,000 secret mili-        publishing these documents.                                                              release of The Pentagon Papers of 1971.
                                                                                         region of al-Amin al-Thaniyah. A close
tary documents under the title “Afghan           Federal authorities believe Assange                                                  It is a poor comparison. The Pentagon
                                                                                         look at the recording revealed they were
War diary” on his website, WikiLeaks.        obtained them from Pvt. Bradley Manning.                                                 Papers were classified reports prepared
                                                                                         not carrying video cameras, but deadly
     Assange is the consummate evil          Manning, an eagle turned rat, is a u.s.                                                  for secretary of defense robert
                                                                                         rPGs (rocket propelled grenades)
genius. he presented himself to the          Army intelligence analyst charged with                                                   McNamara by defense department
                                                                                         instead. These are the same weapons
London press as the ultimate do-gooder.      two counts of misconduct and currently                                                   officials. The reports consisted of a
                                                                                         used to shoot down our helicopters.
According to Assange, the reason for         being held in Quantico, Virginia.                                                                            Continued on page 13
                                     The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                    ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                                   Page 9

Albany Finally Passes Vital
Anti-Prison Census Legislation
Attorney General Candidate Puts an End to Rural Population Fraud
     On March 4, 2010, I wrote a                                                                                                             Likewise, upstate politicians fought
Guardian column entitled “Time To                                                                                                        against closing unneeded prisons which
end Prison census Fraud” about                                                                                                           generated revenue in those communities
a bill introduced by state sen. eric                                                                                                     at the expense of taxpayers statewide.
schneiderman (d-NY) who represents                                                                                                           Peter Wagner is the executive
the 31st senate district and is a current                                                                                                director of the non-profit, non-
candidate for Attorney General. The                                                                                                      partisan Prison Policy Initiative which
bill was co-sponsored by Assemblyman                                                                                                     documents the impact of mass incar-
hakeem Jeffries who represents the                                                                                                       ceration on individuals, communities,
57th Assembly district in Brooklyn. It is                                                                                                and the national welfare. he released
designed to put an end to prison census                                                                                                  a public statement after passage of the
fraud.                                                                                                                                   schneiderman bill reciting the following
     Many New York prisons were built                                                                                                    facts:
in rural communities upstate. census                                                                                                         - seven New York state senate
Bureau guidelines allowed districts                                                                                                             districts meet minimum popula-
with prisons to count this non-voting,                                                                                                          tion requirements only by claiming
incarcerated population to beef up                                                                                                              incarcerated people as residents;
local population statistics. The inflated                                                                                                    - 40% of an Oneida county legis-
numbers were used to secure greater                                   Sing Sing Prison in Ossinning New York                                    lative district is incarcerated, as is
legislative representation and more                                                                                                             50% of a rome city council ward;
                                            local elected representatives to complain      in prison for longer terms than criminals
government funds at the expense of                                                                                                           - as a result, people who live next to
                                            about prison conditions and abuse by the       who committed violent felonies.
prisoners’ home districts.                                                                                                                      area prisons have more influence
                                            administration. Not one ever responded:            Why? More than a third of all pris-
     convicts in the upstate prisons were                                                                                                       than people in other districts or
                                            no letters, visits, or follow up actions by    oners are incarcerated for drug crimes,
never truly represented by local elected                                                                                                        wards in the state;
                                            these “representatives.”                       and the percentage was higher when the
officials. To the contrary, this despised
                                                Moreover, upstate elected officials        rockefeller drug laws were in force. The          - prison-based gerrymandering is a
population is routinely ignored by the
                                            often took positions detrimental to pris-      larger the prison population, the better it          national problem; and
politicians who supposedly represent
                                            oners’ interests. For example, for years,      was for politicians in rural communities          - Maryland and delaware passed
                                            upstate politicians fought against repeal      because the phony head count allowed                 corrective legislation.
     during the sixteen years I was
                                            of the draconian rockefeller drug laws         them to disproportionately benefit from
wrongfully incarcerated, prisoners wrote                                                                                                                        Continued on page 12
                                            which put addicts in need of treatment         government largesse.
Page 10                                   The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                   ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

Give Blood - You’ll Feel Better                                                               McLaughlin Takes on Stewart-Cousins
Continued from page 6                           the nation alive. The red cross collects      Continued from page 3                           Andrew cuomo, was strongly consid-
                                                65% of the nation’s blood and holds           get to co-sponsor it,” and cited the Local      ering stewart-cousins to be his running
grafts, result in an inevitable loss of blood
                                                regular collection drives in every part of    Governments committee she chairs                mate for Lieutenant Governor. had that
that must be replaced by the anesthesi-                                                                                                       happened, McLaughlin could have run
ologist during surgery. The body                the country. The Westchester chapter          in which she introduced legislation
                                                                                              co-sponsored by a republican colleague.         unopposed in November.
needs red blood cells to carry oxygen           in White Plains has a regular collection
                                                                                                  she also praised prison census                  however, on May 26th, cuomo
to the tissues; without it tissues cannot       date on the third Friday of every month.
                                                                                              reform legislation, saying it was “one          selected rochester Mayor robert duffy
function or heal.                                   Those interested in donating can                                                          instead
                                                find a nearby blood drive by going to         of the good things that happened at
    regular transfusions are also neces-                                                      the budget.” under the new law spear-               McLaughlin knows he faces a tough
sary for people with conditions that   and entering                                                            battle. As stewart-cousins reminds
                                                                                              headed by Manhattan democrat, eric
suppress red blood cell production in           a zip code. The harrison chamber                                                              voters on her website, she has been
                                                                                              schneiderman, prisoners now will be
bone marrow, leaving the patient anemic         of commerce is holding a drive Aug            deemed residents of their home districts        honored with a slew of citations and
and weak. These conditions include              18th, 12:00-5:00 PM at 216 halstead           before their incarceration and not the          awards from organizations like the
                                                Avenue in harrison, and the columbia          districts in which their prisons are            American cancer society and American
cancer chemotherapy, some forms of
                                                engine and hose company #2 on Aug             located.                                        civil Liberties union, and was named
leukemia, and myelofibrosis in which the
                                                23d, 3:00-8:00 PM at 601 North Barry              The change is certain to affect reap-       “Woman of the Year” by the Business and
bone marrow mysteriously fails.                                                                                                               Professional Women’s club; “Legislator
    Other patients face regular trans-          Avenue in Mamaroneck.                         portionment, as seven senate districts
                                                                                              meet the minimum population require-            of the Year” by the community health
fusion because they are born with               Dr. Watson, a British and American physi-                                                     Association of New York state; and
                                                                                              ment for independent representation
genetically altered red cells that do not       cian, was educated at the University of                                                       received Pace Law school’s “Leader in
                                                                                              in the Albany legislature by counting
work effectively and must be topped             London and is Board Certified in Internal                                                     social Justice” award and the NAAcP’s
                                                                                              prisoners. Without transient prisoners
up with normal cells for the patient to         Medicine. She has been a member of the        included in the census, these districts         “Thurgood Marshall Award.”
survive. some forms of sickle cell anemia       academic faculties of medicine at Einstein,   will have to be amalgamated into                    The liberal lioness remains
and thallasemia fall into this category.        NYU and Cornell, and Director of              surrounding districts, and some experts         immensely popular in the 35th district.
    sadly, only 4% of u.s. residents            Ambulatory Medicine at Booth Memorial         predict this will help democrats.               According to state Board of elections
donate blood, but their generosity keeps        in Queens                                         “From what I understand of the              statistics, the district has been steadily
                                                                                              prison population, many are housed              losing registered republican voters since
                                                                                              upstate,”       stewart-cousins       said.     2000.
                                                                                                                                                  The conservative lawyer remains

                                                                                              “Once those people leave their home
                                                                                              districts, they’re counted upstate, and         undaunted. he is counting on the
                                                                       15 MIN.
                                                                                              the resources go to those upstate. They         anti-tax, anti-government spending,
                                                                      FROM NYC                                                                anti-incumbent fever sweeping the
                                                                                              are also included in the count in how
    APARTMENTS                                                           VIA
                                                                                              districts are drawn.”                           nation and animating the Tea Party
    47 RIVERDALE AVE., YONKERS, NY                                   METRO NORTH!                 For a while, it looked ironically like      movement to hand him the kind of
                                                                                              democratic Party politics might hand            upset victory over stewart-counsins she
                                                                                              McLaughlin a victory. On April 17,              achieved but four years ago when she
                                                                                              2010, media reported that Attorney              unseated Nick spano.
                                                                                              General and gubernatorial candidate,

      1 BR STARTING AT $1075 • 2 BRS STARTING AT $1300
   • High Rise building and views of the Hudson and Historical Yonkers
   • Nearby public transportation, shopping/restaurants, the Hudson River
      and only 15min. away from NYC.
   • Fitness Center On Site                                 TTY # 800.662.1200
   • 24 Hours Access Control Patrol                           Riverdale Court
   • Large State of the Art Laundry Room                  Does Not Discriminate
                                                         On The Basis Of Disability.                                                               Professional Dominican
   • 24 Hr. Maintenance                                                                                                                     Hairstylists & Nail Technicians
   • On-site management
   • Reasonably-priced indoor parking on site, with controlled access                                                                       Hair Cuts • Styling • Wash & Set • Perming
   • Resident Lounge                                                                                                   Pedicure • Acrylic Nails • Fill Ins • Silk Wraps • Nail Art Designs
                                                                                                                       Highights • Coloring • Extensions • Manicure • Eyebrow Waxing
   • Business Center
   • Beautiful Courtyard in the center of the complex with well-appointed
      landscape areas                                                                            Yudi’s Salon 610 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801 914.633.7600
                                      The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                              ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                       Page 11

At home with Amazing                                                                                   I have
songwriter/Novelist/                                                                          a spring in
Playwright, rupert holmes                                                                    my step,
Award-Winning Writer Escapes from 80s Pop Stardom to                                         my annual mammogram
Concentrate on Plays
                 By Suzanne Rothberg
                     rupert holmes,
                 and novelist, shot to
                                               The First Wives Club (The Musical),
                                               Thumbs, Marty, Swango, Remember
                                               WENN, a 56-episode television series
                                               for American Movie classics channel
                                                                                                       Fidelis Care
                                                                                                   and a
                                                                                                      Doctor who keeps
                                                                                                            me healthy.
                 number one on the             in 1996, and his novel, Where the Truth
pop music charts thirty years ago with         Lies, and the novel, Swing, a multimedia
his famous 80s hit, Escape (The Pina           release which combined text and a music
Colada Song) from his fifth album,             cd with clues to the mystery.
Partners in Crime. his next hit, Him,
reached number six on the hot 100 u.s.
                                                   he was born david Goldstein in
                                               Norwich, a town in cheshire, england,
                                                                                                           I have Family Health Plus with
pop chart in 1979.                             but grew up in Nanuet, New York, where                      Fidelis Care.
    hit songs would                                                he attended nearby                          • Quality coverage for adults, ages 19-64
be enough for most                                                 Nyack high school.                          • Checkups with your own doctor
artists. But the                                                   his American father,                        • 40,000 doctors and hospitals statewide
versatile holmes was                                               Leonard Goldstein,
not satisfied with                                                 was      an     Army                        • Screenings to keep you healthy
pop music success                                                  Warrant Officer and                         • Preventive and routine dental care
alone. In 1985, he                                                 bandleader, and his                         • Hospital and emergency care, and more!
penned the Tony                                                    mother, Gwen, was
Award-winning                                                      english.
musical, The Mystery                                                   Music is in
of Edwin Drood,                                                    the          Goldstein
based on an unfin-                                                 family blood. Both
ished novel by                                                     Goldstein parents
charles     dickens.                                               were musical, and
                                                                                                            FREE or LOW-COST health coverage
he was encour-                                                     brother richard is                       from Fidelis Care.
aged to write it by                                                a New York city-                         Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, and Medicaid
renowned theatrical                                                based opera singer;                      Managed Care are New York State-sponsored
                               Songwriter, playwright and
director-producer,               novelist Rupert Holmes            principal lyric bari-                    health insurance programs offered by Fidelis Care.
Joseph Papp, creator                                               tone of the New York                     Call 1-888-FIDELIS; TTY: 1-800-421-1220.
of the New York shakespeare Festival,          Gilbert and sullivan Players; sings roles
and Papp’s wife, after they attended           with regional opera companies, such as                       Proof of age, income, and address
a holmes cabaret in 1983. holmes               Glimmerglass Opera, Lake George, and                         necessary to enroll.
performed in New York city cabarets            Virginia Opera; and has appeared at the
and comedy clubs in the 80s and 90s,           Metropolitan Opera.
and was best known for telling his auto-           holmes later went to the Manhattan
biographical anecdotes illustrated by his      school of Music where he majored in
“story songs.”                                 clarinet.
    holmes reputation bloomed to                   his lengthy artistic resume includes
national recognition after he wrote a          many songs he wrote for Barbra
2007 drama desk Award-winning                  streisand, including music from the
book for the Broadway production               film, A Star is Born; The Jets famous hit,        1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547)
of Curtains. his other accomplish-             “ You Got It All” (Over Him) later
ments include his plays, Accomplice,                                                              
                                                                    Continued on page 12
Page 12                                   The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                       ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010

Albany Finally Passes Vital Anti-Prison Census Legislation
Continued from page 9                           Prison Families of New                                                    Jeffries also told s        After they are released, most pris-
     schneiderman’s bill directs the state      York and exponents.                                                   Our Time Press, “We         oners return to the same counties, cities
department of corrections to submit                   On August 3, 2010,                                              send more individuals       and towns from whence they came.
residential data on prisoners -- including      the Albany legisla-                                                   into the prison system      hence, it never made sense that prisoners
their last known address before incar-          ture finally passed the                                               than any county in          -- temporary residents frequently moved
ceration -- to a state legislative task force   bill which currently                                                  New York.” As a result,     around the state like pieces on a chess
which uses that data to redraw the state’s      awaits Gov. Patterson’s                                               political     representa-   board -- were counted as part of the local
political map for reapportionment and           signature.                                                            tion in Brooklyn (Kings     population and not the population of
redistricting. At stake are state legisla-            sen. schneiderman                                               county) is “far less than   their home districts.
tive and congressional seats, along with        exclaimed, “I’m really                                                it otherwise should             schneiderman stands out as a leader
billions in state and federal aid.              just excited. I spoke to                                              be,” he said. “There is     who proposes smart and progressive
     Not surprisingly, upstate politicians      the Governor and the                                                  a likelihood that we        legislation to improve our criminal justice
                                                                                   Senator Eric Schneiderman
pushed back against schneiderman’s              Governor’s counsel, and                                               (democrats) may secure      system. he succeeded in passing this
bill with great force. To get it passed,        I’m sure he’ll sign it. Once                                        additional representation     reform bill after many years based largely
schneiderman knew he needed support.            it’s signed, I will work with him and I will       in either the Assembly or the senate.”         on smart coalition building and vital grass
     A coalition was formed to back this        also work with the incoming administra-                schneiderman hopes other states            roots support.
legislation. Member groups included             tion to make sure that the ball doesn’t get        will pass similar reform legislation before        In my own struggle against wrongful
citizen Action of New York, The                 dropped.”                                          2012 redistricting takes place.                convictions, I am developing a grassroots
Public Policy and education Fund, The                 Likewise, Jeffries said, “Inmate-based           he told Black Voices News, “The other      group currently housed on Facebook
Prison Policy Initiative, New York civil        gerrymandering is an unfair practice that          thing is that we have a coalition that we      as “Jeffrey deskovic’s Innocence Team
Liberties union, demos, common                  undermines the integrity of our democ-             built over the past five or six years that     (NY).” I hope one day to have enough
cause, the Brennan center for Justice,          racy. The passage of this reform promotes          includes the NAAcP, david Jones and            members to pass much needed anti-
Fortune society, Bronx defenders, Praxis        the principle of equitable representation          the hip hop Action Network, and eddie          wrongful conviction legislation.
Project, correctional Association of New        throughout New York, and results in a              ellis and edith Wagner from the Prison         Jeff Deskovic spent sixteen years in prison for
York, community service society, New            fairer process of redistricting. We will           Policy Initiative. What we’re going to do      a murder and rape he did not commit. He
York city AIds housing Network                  no longer tolerate the injustice of artifi-        is get together and figure out how to use      writes about wrongful convictions and crim-
(NYcAhN), Malcolm X Grassroots                  cially enhancing the political power of a          this, and try to get other states in on this   inal justice issues.
Movement, center for Law & social               handful of communities on the backs of             as well before the 2012 [redistricting]
Justice, Nu Leadership Policy Group, and        incarcerated individuals.”                         lines are drawn.”

At Home with Amazing Songwriter/Novelist/Playwright, Rupert Holmes
Continued from page 11                          “It’s a beautiful theater and the actors          seem very touched and moved by it.”             audience. But when you write for
recorded by pop tart superstar, Britney         are wonderful. It’s been pleasing audi-               holmes is now retired from                  a Broadway show, you make up a
spears; and two songs he produced for           ences for many years!” he enthused.               performing and writing pop songs and            world and then those songs become
Judy collins on her Sanity and Grace            “It’s very well received and it’s the             he is concentrating on writing novels           about those real characters that you
album.                                          longest running play in the 2002-03               and plays.                                      invented,” he said.
     holmes lived in scarsdale for a            season on Broadway.”                                  “I don’t write songs anymore,” he               holmes recently returned from the
number of years before moving upstate                holmes described why he believes             said. “I tend to write scripts and lyrics. I    West coast where he is working on
to be with his family. he misses the            the play is meaningful to so many                 haven’t been a pop songwriter for some          another musical in san diego, just one
village and still loves Westchester.            audiences.                                        time. so when I did write songs, they           of several projects. his new book, The
     In 2003, his Tony Award-nominated               “I think that one of the things that         were inspired by a situation that I will        McMasters Guide to Homicide: Murder
                                                make it an interesting play is because            imagine something that I envision or I          Your Employer is slated for release this
play, Say Goodnight, Gracie, about the
                                                George Burns lived the life he did for            will see people in real life and wonder         year.
lives of comedian George Burns and
                                                the length of time he was alive. And              what their story is and start to speculate.         “I am writing a lot of plays,” he
his co-star, Gracie Allen, won the 2004
                                                it’s not only the history of George               But most of my pop lyrics are based on          said. “I have a play that’s opening at
National Broadway Theater “Best Play”
                                                Burns, but a history of American enter-           ideas that popped into my head. They’re         the Arena stage in Washington d.c.
award and makes its Westchester debut
                                                tainment, because he flourished in                not based on real-life events.”                 I have several new musicals that I’ve
at the Paramount center for the Arts
                                                entertainment for nearly ninety years.                he contrasted writing pop songs to          been writing, and I’m also working on
in Peekskill on October 30th and then
                                                It’s also a heartfelt love story how Gracie       writing songs for musicals.                     the first of several volumes of a series of
continues on its national tour.
                                                Allen changed his life and gave him                   “Most of my Broadway lyrics                 books. so all that is going on this year.”
     holmes spoke to the Guardian from
                                                everything he could ever hope for. so I           are based on the world of characters                More information about this ener-
his home in upstate New York about his
                                                find it to be a very touching show, and           that have been created for that show.           getic and prolific artist can be found at
life, career and Say Goodnight, Gracie.
                                                as I travel around the country, I talk to         When you write pop songs, you write             his website,
     “I’m really excited the show is
                                                people who have seen it and they always           songs that appeal to the radio listening
touring and will be in Peekskill,” he said.
                                      The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                  ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                                 Page 13

 Crime and Punishment
 Continued from page 7                                      conducted by trained facilitators can bring some crim-       the billions and billions we spend each year keeping
 meet, victim satisfaction rates are 90% -- much higher     inals back from the brink.                                   millions in prison. such programs would help cut back
 than when restorative justice is not available.”               Alan K. simpson tells how, as a teenager, he helped      on imprisonment, one of America’s few growth indus-
      restorative justice is not a panacea. some crimi-     set fire to a federal building, went on shooting sprees      tries in 2010.
 nals are beyond redemption due to plain rottenness.        with stolen ammo, punched a police officer, spent                restorative justice can turn around the next delin-
 They have no place in society and need to be put           years on probation and a night in jail. Yet, he grew out     quent who might become an Alan simpson. We
 away. But other criminals are oblivious to the harm        of his lawlessness and went on to serve seventeen years      should give it a chance.
 they cause simply because they never were socialized       in the u.s. senate as one of its most distinguished          Jeffrey Heller is a lawyer, asylum expert and registered
 to think about the consequences of their behavior or       and respected members. This conservative republican          nurse. He is a graduate of Duke University and the
 its impact on others.                                      from Wyoming argues against long sentences for               University of Chicago Law School, and former adjunct
      The rJc research suggests that, instead of the        young offenders. his life proves that, with the right
                                                                                                                         professor at Brooklyn Law School and Seton Hall
 political pandering and posturing that surrounds hate      guidance, people can change.
                                                                                                                         University School of Law.
 crime laws and courtroom victim impact statements,             restorative justice programs could make a dent
 supervised meetings between criminals and victims          in crime, recidivism, the suffering of victims, and

Rats vs Eagles
Continued from page 8                        members of informants are targets as         American power in the region. This is         to the public. some think it contains
lengthy study of u.s.-Vietnam relations      well.                                        precisely why Julian Assange is a rat.        highly classified, damaging informa-
from 1947-1968. They did not include             The leaks threw a huge monkey                Assange postures he is a human            tion he intends to use to extort the u.s.
many secret documents.                       wrench into President Obama’s war            rights activist devoted to “bringing          government.
    In contrast, the Afghan War              strategy. under the revised rules of         down the man.” In reality, he is just             What is the Obama administration
diary posted on WikiLeaks consist            engagement devised by Gen. david             another dirty rat looking for cheese.         doing about this? Last year, Mr. Obama
of raw battlefield intelligence reports      Petreaus, our troops are committed           In 2007, Assange was headed toward            established the Office of u.s. cyber
containing     sensitive   information.      to forging alliances with anti-Taliban       financial ruin. WikiLeaks was not             command and appointed howard
These reports include information on         Afghanis and minimizing civilian             controversial and as a result, failed to      schmidt as cyber czar. In Mr. Obama’s
how our military hunts down Taliban          casualties.                                  generate revenue.                             words, the agency was designed to
commanders; conducts air raids against           The leaks create a catch-22. We              Then he got his hands on the 2007         protect the u.s. from “acts of terror that
enemy positions; and methods used to         cannot overwhelm the enemy with              “collateral murder” video. Friends of         can come not only from a few extrem-
disarm improvised explosive devices          airstrikes and fire power for fear of        Assange believe he released the video for     ists in suicide vests, but from a few
(Ieds).                                      causing civilian causalities. At the same    publicity and financial gain. It is obvious   keystrokes on a computer.”

(Julian) Assange labeled civilians murdered by Taliban as “collateral damage,”
and coldly admitted his organization “might get blood on their hands.”
    Journalists who covered the Vietnam      time, the leaks have diminished our          he leaked the Afghan War diary for the            A lot of good this bureaucracy has
War think Assange is the “robin hood         chances of winning hearts and minds          same reason.                                  done us. The administration continues
of hackers.” They invoke the tired           because civilians will fear of reprisal          Assange continues to christen those       to beg Assange to “have a change
media mantra, “the public has a right        from the Taliban like never before.          who expose such classified, secret infor-     of heart” and to not leak any more
to know,” to publish more of Assange’s           how do we fight this war?                mation as heroes. No doubt he believes        information.
sensational leaks to sell newspapers.            The press asked Assange if he felt       himself to be bold and heroic. I wonder           Oh please. We should talk tough and
    sorry fellas, loose lips sink ships.     culpable for any Afghan deaths at the        if he would be so courageous to leak a        pressure our allies to find this rat, arrest
The public does not have the right to        hands of the Taliban. Assange labeled        massive intelligence cache exposing the       him, and turn him over to u.s. authori-
this classified material. Any future leaks   civilians murdered by Taliban as “collat-    russian Federation. It is unlikely. he        ties. We should use every method at our
will increase American causalities.          eral damage,” and coldly admitted his        would be choking on plutonium laced           disposal to make certain WikiLeak rats
    shockingly, WikiLeaks published          organization “might get blood on their       sushi by now. The russians don’t screw        never bring down our eagles again.
the names of the Afghan informants           hands.”                                      around.
                                                 In other words, to make an omelet,           currently, Assange fears arrest and is    Mr. Limato completed his degree in Film
currently providing intelligence to
                                             you’ve got to break a few eggs. To           on the run. he and his cyber red diaper       Studies at Mercy College and was a talent
American forces. The Taliban vowed
to pore over these documents to locate       Assange, it is acceptable that Afghan        babies declared more leaks are immi-          manager.
and kill these informants. Anyone who        civilians are slaughtered in service of      nent. There is a cryptic link on his site
studies Taliban treachery knows family       his higher aim of bringing an end to         labeled “insurance.” The link is closed
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    Thursday 8/19                                 Event: Screenings Under the                       Event: Kaissa sings a unique
                                                         Stars: Avatar                                     blend of African, reggae,
                                                            Freeoutdoormovie.                             Jazz,R&BandBrazilianfusion
                                                  At:      KensicoDamPlaza                     At:       onkersWaterfrontAmphitheatre
                                                           BronxRiverParkway,Valhalla                   (footofMainSt.)
                                                  Time:     atesopenat5p.m.forpicnick-
                                                             G                                      Time: 6:30-8PM
                                                             ing;moviestartsatsundown.         Cost: Free
                                                             Bringblanketsandchairsforseat-    Contact: (914)9696660
                                                  Cost: Free
                                                  Contact: (914)864-PARK
                                                                                                    Event: Playland Summer Fire-
                                                                                                    At:      PlaylandPark,Rye
                                                   Friday 8/20                                      Time: Fridaysat9:15pm
                                                                                                    Cost: Parking$5
                                                                                                    Contact: (914)864-7268

                                                                                                        Saturday 8/21
                                                                                                                                                      Event: James Patterson, New
                                                                                                                                                             York Times Bestselling
Event: Sixth Annual Ben Gordon                                                                                                                               Author, at Ossining Pub-
       Weekend                                                                                                                                               lic Library
            he Detroit Pistons basketball                                                                                                                      P
           star comes home to Mount                                                                                                                              thrillers,turnedtobooksforyoung
           Vernon.                                                                                                                                               adultswiththeMaximumRide
          Today-TalentShow                                                                                                                                   seriesin2005.Hehasbecomea
          SeeWebsitefordetails                                                                                                                               teenreadingadvocate.
Contact: (914)3713050                                                                                                                                       H
Event: Films Under the Stars                                                                                                                                     broughtfromhomeorpurchased
                                                                                                    Event: Orange County Chop-
          Big Night(1996)                                                                                pers                                                  onsite.
            irectedbyCampbellScottand       Event: Baseball Card Show                                    ndofSummerBikeShowand
                                                                                                               E                                      At:      B
           StanleyTucci                          At:       estchesterCountyCenter,198
                                                             W                                                 CharityPokerRun                                 Library,
            resentedbytheWestchesterItal-               CentralAvenue,WhitePlains                     P
                                                                                                                okerrunstartsandendsatOCC               53CrotonAvenue,Ossining
           ianCulturalCenter                              A
                                                              utographsignerswillincludeDoc              andtakesascenicroutetolocal     Time: 1PM
At:      nfrontoftheWestchesterItalian
           i                                                 Gooden,GaryCarterandBernie                   OrangeCountyhistoricsites           Cost: Free
           CulturalCenterbuilding                         Williams                                         M
                                                                                                                orethan$1,000inPrizesforthe   Contact: (914)9412416,x336
          DepotSquare,Tuckahoe                 Time: 8/2011-8,8/2110-5,8/2210-4                      Best3PokerHands!                    Website:
Time: 7:30PM                                   Cost: Adults$7,Under12free                             unch,localvendorsandmoreat
Cost: Free                                      Contact: (914)9954050                                     theconclusionofthepokerrun.
Contact: (914)771-8700                         Website:                        At:      OCCHeadquarters
Website:                                                                                    14CrossroadsCourt
           T                                      Event: Ben Gordon Weekend                                   Newburgh,NY12550
           series:                                         Basketballclinicandreading                     R
                                                                                                    Time:  egistrationat9AM,Kickstands
          Tea with Mussolini 8/26                          event                                             upat10AM
          The Tiger and the Snow9/2             At:      MountVernon                           Cost: $25perrider,$10perpassenger
                                                  Cost: Free                                                Preregistrationdiscountavailable
                                                            Seewebsitefordetails                          ProceedsgotoLiteracyOrange
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Event: Westchester Rockland                         Event: One With Clay                                    Sunday 8/22
       Wood Bat League All                                     earntheartworksofaNative
       Star Game                                               Americantradition,usingallnatural
                                                    At:      CrotonPointNatureCenter
                                                    Time: 1p.m.                                     Event: Family Summer Scaven-
                                                                                                               ger Hunt                                               BeLovedByYou”,“Diamonds
                                                    Cost:     P
                                                               CountyParkPass;$8withoutPark                 T
                                                                                                                    estyourobservationskillsas                  AreAGirl’sBestFriend”,this
                                                               Pass                                               yousearchfornaturalitemsinthe               pairwilltakeyoubacktoVegas
                                                                                                                   woods,field,saltmarshandshore.               inthe1950’s.Sharingstories
           A                                        Contact: (914)862-5297
           onthefieldbetweeninnings,in-                                                                      Bringthewholefamily.                           andanecdotesabouttwoofthe
           cludingleaguechampionshipcup,                                                            At:      MarshlandsConservancy                            world’smostfamousicons,their
           leagueMVP,CyYoung,Rookieof                                                                       Route1,Rye                                       performancewillbringMarilynand
           theYearandManageroftheYear.                                                            Time: 10AM                                                Deantolifeinbothstoryandsong.
At:      HudsonValleyRenegadesStadium                                                            Contact: (914)835-4466                         At:      WestchesterBroadwayTheater
          1500Rt.9D                                                                                                                                              1BroadwayPlaza,Elmsford
          WappingersFalls                                                                             Event: Fairy Walk                                  Time: 6:30Dinner8:30PMShow
Time:  icnicbeginsat3:30PM,game                                                                At:      MuscootFarm                           Cost: $75-includesdinner
           followsat6:30PM.                                                                                 Route1,Somers                         Contact: (914)5922222
Cost      eaguepicnicandawardscer-
           L                                                                                            Time: 1-3PM                                     Website: 
           playersandtheirfamiliesprovided                                                         Cost: Free
           theycompleteonlinepre-registra-       Event: Andrea Marcovicci Sings                      Contact: (914)864-7282                       Event: FAME
           tionform.                                    Johnny Mercer                                                                                             YonkersDowntownFilmsatDusk
           O                                                   Thegreateststarofhergen-
                                                               “                                                                                                     L
           gameonly                                           eration”celebratesthefour-time           Monday 8/23                                               whileitlasts
Contact: (860)9217192                                      Oscar-winninglyricistwithapro-                                                          At:      8
                                                               gramofhitsandraritiesfromthe      Event: Toy Story                                              thePostOffice,Yonkers
Website:                      Americansongbook.                                TroveSummerFlicks                     Time: 8PM
                                                    At:      Merestead,455ByramLakeRoad         At:      WhitePlainsPublicLibrary            Cost: Free
Event: Sixth Annual Ben Gordon                               Mt.Kisco                                       100MartineAve,WhitePlains
       Weekend                                                                                                                                             Contact: (914)9696660
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            he Detroit Pistons basketball
           star comes home to Mount                 Cost: Tickets$50-$100                           Cost: Free
           Vernon.                                  Contact: (914)788-4659                          Contact: (914)4221480
           T                                        Website:                     Website:                  Wednesday 8/25
           basketballgame                          Event: Build a Raptor                                                                                  Event: The Spectacular Seas
                                                                                                                                                                  Puppet Show
           G                                                  I
                                                               nteractiveprogramexplainingthe          Tuesday 8/24                                             F
           tails.                                             essentialfeaturesofbirdsofprey.
At:      HartleyPark,MountVernon                          Meetsomeofthebirds.
                                                    At:      TeatownLakeReservation
                                                                                                        Event: The Crooner & The                                      thattheoceansandexoticcrea-
Cost     Free                                                                                                Bombshell                                              turesthatinhabitthem,mustbe
Contact: (914)3713050                                    1600SpringValleyRoad                                                                              protected.
Website:                     Ossining,NY10562                               Monroe                                   At:      WhitePlainsPulicLibrary
                                                    Time: 1-2:30PM                                           T
                                                                                                                   woofthebestinthebusinesspair            100MartineAve,WhitePlains
                                                    Cost:  5nonmembers,Freetomem-                         uptobringyouMarilynMonroe          Time: 7:30PM
                                                               bers                                               andDeanMartintogetheronstage       Cost: Free
                                                    Contact: (914)7622912                                      romsuchwellknownsongsas
                                                                                                                  F                                        Contact: (914)4221480
                                                    Website:                                    “That’sAmore”,“EverybodyLoves        Website:
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Westchester Theatre Directory August 19, 2010
Hudson Valley Shakespeare                       The Performing Arts Center, Pur-                Westchester Broadway Theater                        White Plains Performing Arts
Festival                                        chase College                                             RENT                                     Center
RotatingRepertoryproductions;                           Shen Yun                                                                                            Once Upon a Mattress
          Troilus and Cressida                            lassicalChinesedanceand
                                                           C                                                                                                   hilariousretellingofThePrincess
          8/18,8/20,8/26                                musicingloriouslycolorfuland                                                                   andThePea.
          The Taming of the Shrew                         exhilaratingshows.Anartform                                                                   P
          8/19,8/22,8/24                               severalmillenniaold,Chinese                                                                     WhitePlainsPerformingArts
          Bomb-itty                                       danceisrefreshinglydynamicand                                                                  CenterConservatoryTheatre,a
           of Errors                                       expressivewithliveorchestra!                                                                    professionaltrainingprogramfor
          8/21,8/25                          At:      ThePerformingArtsCenter,                                                                        theatricalarts.
           Bomb-ittyis                                 PurchaseCollegeSUNY                                                                  At:       rdFloorofCityCenter,downtown
           afamily-                                      735AndersonHillRoad                                                                             WhitePlainscornerofMama-
           friendlyrap                                  Purchase,NY                                                                                        roneckAvenueandMainStreet.
           adapta-                              Time:     8/22,9/127PM                                                                         Time:     8PM8/20&8/21
           tionofA                           Cost: $80-160                                          T
                                                                                                           hastransformedagenerationof         Cost: $20Adult,$15Kidsandseniors
           Comedyof                           Contact: (914)2516200                                                                           Contact: (914)3281600
           Errors)                                                                                         theatre-goers.SetinNewYork
                                                Website:                       City’sEastVillage,itisanimagina-   Website:
At:       oscobelRestoration,8miles
           northoftheBearMountainBridge                                                              tiveretellingofPuccini’sopera,La
           onRt.9D                                                                                       Boheme.
Times: Tu,Wed,Thur 7PM                                                                    At:      1BroadwayPlaza,Elmsford
          Fri,SAt:        8PM                                                                         8
                                                                                                Times:  /196:15PM,
         Sun               6PM                                                                        8/216:15,
Cost: Tu,Wed&Thur $34                                                                              8/2211:45AM&5:15PM
          Fri&Sun   $40                                                                        8/2511:15AM&6:15PM
          SAt:             $47                                                               Cost: $75-includesdinner
Contact: (845)2659575                                                                       Contact: (914)5922222
Website:                                                                Website:
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Westchester Sports
Area Teens compete in Jewish
Olympiad at Baltimore
By Amanda Jane

          Maccabi Games Opening Ceremonies
                                                                                                                                    Silver and bronze medalist Max Steinberg
    Westchester teens travelled to
Baltimore last week for the national
                                                                                                                                         steinberg who won both silver and
Maccabi Games in Baltimore. The
                                                                                                                                         Bronze medals in singles and doubles.
games are a week-long event of athletic               Tarrytown JCC on the Hudson delegates at the Baltimore Maccabi Games
                                                                                                                                             A proud steinberg commented,
competition for Jewish teenagers aged
                                             yearly at different venues. some 120,000          The crowd was brought to tears as         “Maccabi is awesome. I made lots of
                                             Jewish teens have competed in the u.s.        they watched a memorial to the eleven         new friends.”
    delegations were sent from each
                                             Maccabi Games since 1982.                     Israeli athletes and coaches murdered             carley sohn, a MidWestchester
of Westchester county’s three Jewish
                                                 The Baltimore event featured basket-      by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972         Jcc softball player, agreed. “The
community centers, MidWestchester
                                             ball, soccer, swimming, tennis and table      Munich Olympics. The Maccabi                  competition is great,” she said, “but
Jcc in scarsdale, Tarrytown’s Jcc on
                                             tennis in competition stretching over         Games honor the past, but their purpose       most of all I love how many new friends
the hudson, and the rosenthal Y in
                                             four days. Team and individual sports are     is to build a future for the participants     I have made.”
upper Westchester. They joined thirty-
                                             played in an Olympic-styled format.           as proud adults linked to their tradition         Jason ulman from chicago is sure
seven other delegations of teenage
                                                 The opening ceremony sunday night         and new friends.                              he will keep in touch with his new
athletes and artists from as far away as
                                             was packed as each delegation marched             This year marks the first time arts       Westchester tennis comrades. “This is
canada, california and Israel.
                                             past in uniform, led by a standard bearer     events were held at the same venue            my third year at Maccabi and the expe-
    The Maccabi tradition was born
                                             who announced the delegation name.            as athletic competition. Teenage              rience just gets better every year,” he told
when then fifteen year old Yosef
                                             The ceremony included music, dance            dancers, musicians and actors mixed           the Guardian. “It makes me proud of my
Yekutieli was impressed by the
                                             and inspirational themes of sportsman-        with athletes, and both groups enjoyed        Jewish heritage.”
stockholm Olympic model. he inspired
                                             ship and compassion.                          evening activities together.                      Arts participants from Jcc on the
creation of games for Israeli citizens and
                                                 A tribute to past Jewish athletes and         each Maccabi participant also spent       hudson were equally thrilled. They gave
Jews from around the world. The first
                                             artists followed. NFL quarterback Jay         hours doing community service. Among          impressive final performances on the
international event was held in 1932
                                             Fiedler, Olympic gold medal swimmers          other activities, they packed up books        last day after completing workshops in
and recurs every four years in Tel Aviv.
                                             Lenny Krazelburg and Mark spitz,              and toiletries for donation to the elderly    the plastic and performing arts.
    In 1982, additional games were
                                             gold medal gymnast Kerri strug, and           and under privileged children.                    The happy, exhausted, teens left
brought to the u.s. aimed specifically
                                             American record holding marathoner,               The scarsdale Jcc sent a strong           their host families and boarded the bus
at teens. Young athletes enter the games
                                             deena Kastor, all competed in the             tennis team, girls’ softball players, and     for Westchester on Friday morning.
through local Jccs, and events are held
                                             Maccabi Games.                                a lone table tennis competitor, Max
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Notice of Qualification of AEF LLC,       KLJ Meetings & Events LLC Articles        SUPREME COURT – COUNTY OF                            NOTICE OF SALE                    SUMMONS
NYS fictitious name AEF BURGESS           of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)     WESTCHESTER                                SUPREME COURT: WESTCHESTER                  Index No: 3522/10
LLC. Authority filed with Sec of State    5/10/2010. Office in Westchester Co.      LASALLE BANK NATIONAL AS-                  COUNTY. EMIGRANT MORTGAGE                   Date of filing: July 30, 2010
of NY (SSNY) on 6/25/10. Office lo-       SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon            SOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE              COMPANY, INC., Pltf. vs. DIANA              CONSUMER CREDIT TRANSACTION
cation: Westchester County. LLC           whom process may be served.               REGISTERED HOLDERS OF GSAMP                TORRES, ROWENA DEL CASTILLO,                Plaintiff designates New York County as the place of trial
formed in DE: 3/19/10. SSNY desig-        SSNY shall mail copy of process           TRUST 2005-AHL2, MORTGAGE                  Defts. Index #2836/09. Pursuant to          The basis of venue is that Defendants reside in New York County.
nated as agent of LLC upon whom           to Alison McCartin 2 Bassett Court        PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SE-             judgment of foreclosure and sale            The transaction took place in New York County
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NY10583. DE address of LLC: c/o           Notice of Qualification of PTERO-         Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclo-         111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.,       LANDMARK CAPITAL INvESTMENTS, INC., Plaintiff,
CSC, 2711 Centerville Rd, Ste. 400,       DACTYL HOLDINGS LLC. Authority            sure and Sale entered on March 12,         White Plains, NY on Aug. 30, 2010 at        -against-
Wilmington, DE19808. Arts. of Org.        filed with Sec of State of NY (SSNY)      2010.                                      9:30 a.m., prem. k/a 1155 California        LIFE TIME CONSTRUCTION; SANTIAGO DE LOS SANTOS, Defendant(s),
filed with DE Sec of State, 401 Fed-      on 6/25/10. Office location: West-        I, the undersigned Referee will sell       Rd., Eastchester, NY. Said property         TO THE ABOvE NAMED DEFENDANTS:
eral St., Dover, DE19901. Purpose:        chester County. LLC formed in DE:         at public auction at the Lobby of the      located in the Town of Eastchester,         YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in this action, and to
any lawful activity.                      4/9/10. SSNY designated as agent          Westchester County Courthouse,             County of Westchester, State of             serve a copy of your Answer, or, if the Complaint is not served with this Sum-
                                          of LLC upon whom process against          111 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bou-       NY, shown and designated as Lot 3           mons, to serve a Notice of Appearance upon the Plaintiff’s attorneys within
                                          it may be served and shall mail           levard, White Plains, N.Y. on the 22nd     Block 202 on a certain map entitled         twenty (20) days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of ser-
Name of Company: Eco-Structure
                                          process to The LLC, 16 Colonial Rd,       day of September, 2010 at 12:30 p.m.       “Map of Survey in Block 202 Cali-           vice, where service is made by delivery upon you personally within the State
Construction Services, LLC Date
                                          White Plains, NY10605. DE address         premises Beginning at a the corner         fornia Ridge Property of California         or within thirty (30) days after completion of service where service is made in
of Filing : May 11, 2010 County Lo-
                                          of LLC: c/o CSC, 2711 Centerville Rd,     formed by the intersection of the          Ridge, Inc., Town of Eastchester,           any other manner, and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment
cation: Westchester County The
                                          Ste. 400, Wilmington, DE19808 . Arts.     westerly side of McClellan Avenue          Westchester County, N.Y.” dated             will be taken against you by default for the relief demanded in the Complaint.
secretary of state is designated as
                                          of Org. filed with DE Sec of State,       with the southwesterly side of ver-        Sept. 10, 1930, made by L.E. van            YOU ARE HEREBY PUT ON NOTICE THAT WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT
agent of the limited liability com-
                                          401 Federal St., Dover, DE19901. Pur-     non Avenue; Thence running north-          Etten, Engineer and Surveyor, filed in      A DEBT, AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR-
pany upon whom process against it
                                          pose: any lawful activity.                westerly along said southwesterly          the Register’s Office of Westchester        POSE.
may be served. The post office ad-
dress within or without this state to                                               side of vernon Avenue 54.17 feet to        County (now County Clerk’s Office of        The principal portion of the debt which you owe the Plaintiff, LANDMARK
which the Secretary of State shall        NOTICE OF LEGAL POSTPONEMENT              the southeasterly line of Lot No.          Westchester County Division of Land         CAPITAL INvESTMENTS, INC. is $99,600.00 plus interest thereon from April 25,
mail a copy of any process against        OF SALE                                   19, Block 7 on said map; Thence            Records) on Oct. 12, 1930 in volume         2007 to June 16, 2009 in the sum of $22,232.95 plus interest thereon from June
the limited liability company served                                                southwesterly at right angels to said      74 of Maps at Page 54 on map made           17, 2009 in the sum of $2,609.12, as of September 17, 2009, plus interest short-
                                          SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF                   southwesterly side of vernon Avenue        by George W. Godfrey, L.S., dated           fall in the sum of $18,381.73 plus non-attorney fees of $140.00.
upon him is : Mojgan Mirfachrai, 270      WESTCHESTER, US BANK NATION-
Bronxville Road, suite B33, Bronx-                                                  and along said southeasterly line of       Mar. 17, 1947 filed in the Office of the    The name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed: LANDMARK CAPITAL
                                          AL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE                Lot No. 19, Block 7, 94.50 feet to the     County Clerk of Westchester County,         INvESTMENTS, INC.
ville, NY 10708. Registered agent:        OF CITIGROUP MORTGAGE LOAN                northerly line of Lot No. 25, Block 7 on   Division of Land Records on Aug. 7,         Unless you dispute the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, within thirty
Mojgan Mirfachrai, 270 Bronxville         TRUST, ASSET BACKED PASS                  said map; Thence easterly along said       1947, as Map #6403. Approx. amt.            (30) days after receipt hereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the
Road, Suite B33, Bronxville, NY           THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES              northerly line of Lot No. 25. 6.03 feet    of judgment is $432,431.19 plus costs       herein debt collector.
10708. Character / Purpose of busi-       2006-Fx1 UNDER THE POOLING                to the northeasterly corner of said Lot    and interest. Sold subject to terms         If you notify the herein debt collector in writing within thirty (30) days after your
ness: Construction Management,            AND SERvICING AGREEMENT                                                              and conditions of filed judgment and
Contracting and Consulting.                                                         25, Block 7; Thence southerly at right                                                 receipt hereof that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, we will obtain
                                          DATED OCTOBER 1, 2006, WITHOUT            angels to the last mentioned course        terms of sale. JOHN N. ROMANO,              verification of the debt or a copy of any judgment against you representing the
                                          RECOURSE, PLAINTIFF, vS. JOHN C.          and through Lot No. 25 Block 7. 45         Referee. DEUTSCH & SCHNEIDER,               debt and a copy of such verification or judgment will be mailed to you by the
Edmen Holdings, LLC Articles of           ALLEvA, ET AL., DEFENDANT(S).             feet to a corner; Thence easterly at       LLP, Attys. for Pltf., 79-37 Myrtle Ave.,   herein debt collector.
Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)        Pursuant to a Judgment of Fore-           right angles with said last mentioned      Glendale, NY #78404                         Upon your written request within said thirty day period, the herein debt col-
5/21/2010. Office in Westchester          closure and Sale duly filed on April      courses and through Lots Nos. 24, 23,                                                  lector will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor if
Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC             22, 2010, I, the undersigned Ref-         22 and 21, Block 7 on said map, 100        Chen O’Neil Architects, PLLC Ar-
                                                                                                                               ticles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State       different from the current creditor.
upon whom process may be served.          eree will sell at public auction at the   feet to the westerly side of McClellan                                                 Dated: September 17, 2009
SSNY shall mail copy of process to        Westchester County Courthouse,            Avenue; Thence northerly along said        (SSNY) 6/16/2010. Office in West-
                                                                                                                               chester Co. SSNY design. Agent              Batavia, New York
C/O Stern Keiser & Panken LLP 1025        Lobby, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.     westerly side of McClellan Avenue                                                      Danielle Mayer-Dorociak, Esq.
Westchester Ave STE 305 White             Boulevard, White Plains, NY on Au-        69.76 feet to the point or place of be-    of LLC upon whom process may
                                                                                                                               be served. SSNY shall mail copy of          ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES, P.C.
Plains, NY 10604. Purpose: Any law-       gust 25, 2010 at 9:45 a.m., premises      ginning.                                                                               Attorneys for Plaintiff
ful activity.                             known as 104 Washington Avenue,                                                      process to The LLC 29 Ganung Dr.
                                                                                    Said premises known as 286 Mc-             Ossining, NY 10562. Purpose: Any            26 Harvester Avenue
                                          White Plains, NY. All that certain        Clellan Avenue, Mount vernon, N.Y.                                                     Batavia, NY 14020
Reliance Air LLC Articles of Org. filed   plot, piece or parcel of land, with the                                              lawful activity.
                                                                                    10553.                                                                                 Phone: 585.815.0288
NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/19/2010.        buildings and improvements thereon
                                                                                    (Section: 165.28, Block: 4047, Lot: 13).
Office in Westchester Co. SSNY            erected, situate, lying and being in                                                 F&B Consulting Group LLC Articles
design. Agent of LLC upon whom            the Town of North Castle, County of       Approximate amount of lien $               of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY)               Notice of Formation
process may be served. SSNY shall         Westchester and State of New York,        548,267.38 plus interest and costs.        7/8/2010. Office in Westchester Co.         PROFCME, LLC Arts. of Org. filed
mail copy of process to The LLC 18        Section 6, Block 7 and Lot 49 for-        Premises will be sold subject to pro-      SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon              with SSNY 8/3/2010. Off. Loc.: West-
Rockinghorse Trail Rye Brook, NY          merly known as 49.50. Approximate         visions of filed judgment and terms        whom process may be served.                 chester Cnty. SSNY designated as
10573. Purpose: Any lawful activity.      amount of judgment is $530,843.83         of sale.                                   SSNY shall mail copy of process to          agent of LLC whom process may be
                                          plus interest and costs. Premises         Index No. 13231-09. Frank C.               Jajan, PLLC 110 Wall Street, 11th           served. SSNY shallmail process to:
Notice of Formation RYABB PROP-           will be sold subject to provisions of     Praete, Jr., Esq., Referee.                Floor NY, NY 10005. Purpose: Any            c/o The LLC, 500 Central Park Ave.,
ERTIES LLC Arts. of Org. filed with       filed Judgment Index # 1091/08.           DeRose & Surico                            lawful activity                             Unit 333, Scarsdale, NY10583. Pur-
SSNY 8/11/2010. Off. Loc.: West-          The original sale was scheduled for       Attorney(s) for Plaintiff                                                              pose: all lawful activities.
chester Cnty. SSNY designated as          August 13, 2010 at 9:15 a.m.              213-44 38th Avenue
agent of LLC whom process may be                                                    Bayside, N.Y. 11361
served. SSNY shall mail process to:       W. Whitfield Wells, Esq., Referee
c/o The LLC, 2965 Saddle Ridge Dr.,       Knuckles, Komosinski & Elliott, LLP,
                                                                                                Legal Notice
                                          565 Taxter Road, Ste. 590, Elmsford,
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. Pur-
pose: all lawful activities.              NY 10523, Attorneys for Plaintiff         Notice of Formation of a Limited                Before speaking to the police... call
                                                                                    Liability Company (LLC): Name: DI-

                                                                                                                                       George Weinbaum
                                                                                    LAPI HOLDINGS LLC, Articles of
                                                                                    Organization filed with the Secre-
                                                                                    tary of State of New York (SSNY) on
                                                                                    07/27/2010. Office location: West-                                ATTORNEY AT LAW
                                                                                    chester County. SSNY has been
     914.426.0359                                                                   designated as agent of the LLC upon
                                                                                    whom process against it may be
                                                                                                                                          FREE CONSULTATION:
     ... for beginners
                                                                                    served. SSNY shall mail a copy of                      Criminal, Medicaid, Medicare
     • Get Fit                                                                      process to: C/O DILAPI HOLDINGS
     • Build Self-Confidence                                                         LLC, 399 Knollwood Road, Suite 300,                    Fraud, White-Collar Crime &
     • Self Defense                                                                 White Plains, NY 10603. Purpose:                       Health Care Prosecutions.                                                     T. 914.948.0044
     Join Our Classes Now
                                                                                    Any Lawful Purpose. Latest date
                                                                                    upon which LLC is to dissolve: No
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         F. 914.686.4873
       Men,Women, Children                                     specific date.
      5 PROSPECT AVE. • GROUND FL. • WHITE PLAINS                                                                                         175 MAIN ST., SUITE 711-7 • WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601
                                                      The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN                                                        ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010                                              Page 19

                                  LEGAL NOTICES                                                                                 The Role of Greed in America’s
                               SUPPLEMENTAL SUMMONS. INDEX NO. 10-5136.                                                         Economic Meltdown
STATE OF NEW YORK. SUPREME COURT. COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER. CHASE HOME FINANCE, LLC, AS WHOLLY                                     Continued from page 5                        based in this tropical tax haven.”
OWNED AND SUBSIDIARY OF AND ON BEHALF OF JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff,                                  of the GAO report, Morgan stanley had             On top of this, to date, no one knows
-vs- THE HEIRS AT LARGE OF AUDREY J. GRIFFIN, DECEASED, and all persons who are wives, widows, grantees, mort-
gagees, lienors, heirs, devisees, distributees, successors in interest of such of them as may be dead, and their husbands       273 subsidiaries in tax havens, 158 of       what happened to the off balance sheet
and wives, heirs, devisees, distributees and successors of interest all whom and whose names and place are unknown              them in the cayman Islands; citigroup        “Global security Fund” worth $27.5
to Plaintiff; DANIEL D. GRIFFIN, INDIvIDUALLY AND AS HEIR OF THE ESTATE OF AUDREY J. GRIFFIN, DECEASED; LINDA                   had 427, with 90 in the caymans; Bank        trillion set up during the reagan admin-
DAvID W. GRIFFIN, AS HEIRS OF THE ESTATE OF AUDREY J. GRIFFIN, DECEASED; FIRST RESOLUTION INvESTMENT                            of America had 115, with fifty-nine          istration to finance the “management”
CORP.; NEW YORK STATE TAx COMMISSION; CAPITAL ONE BANK; NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF TAxATION                                   in the caymans; Goldman sachs had            of the “post-cold War” environment.
AND FINANCE; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; “JOHN DOE” AND “JANE DOE” said names being fictitious, it being the                      twenty-nine offshore havens, including       With accumulated interest, it is now
intention of Plaintiff to designate any and all occupants of premises being foreclosed herein, Defendant.
                                                                                                                                fifteen in the caymans; JPMorgan had         worth $75 trillion.
Mortgage Premises; 19 HILLCREST DRIvE CORTLANDT N.Y. 10566.
                                                                                                                                fifty, with seven in the caymans; and             This fund administered by Goldman
                                                                                                                                Wells Fargo had eighteen, with nine in       sachs could go a long way to solve our
YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to answer the Complaint in the above entitled action and to serve a copy of your Answer
                                                                                                                                the caymans.                                 economic woes and should be used for
on the plaintiffs attorney within twenty (20) days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service, or
within thirty (30) days after completion of service where service is made in any other manner than by personal delivery              The report noted “no company            the benefit of the American people.
within the State. The United State of America, if designated as a defendant in this action, may answer or appear within         exemplifies the corporate class/middle       The problem is that valuable resources
sixty (60) days of service hereof. In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by           class double standard more than KBr/         like this are hopelessly compromised by
default of the relief demanded in the Complaint. In the event that there is a deficiency in the sale proceeds, a deficiency
judgment may be entered against you. That this action is being amended to add “The Heirs at Large of Audrey J. Griffin,         halliburton. The company got billions        politicians who serve the corporate class
Deceased, Daniel D. Griffin, Linda A. Griffin, Daniel A. Griffin and David W. Griffin, as heirs of the Estate of Audrey J.      from u.s. taxpayers, then turned around      at the expense of the rest of us.
Griffin. This action is also being amended to add New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and United State            and used a cayman Island tax dodge to             The above gives proof to the lie that
of America as necessary parties to the action.
                                                                                                                                pump up its bottom line.” As the Boston      hispanic illegals are a meaningful source
                                                                                                                                Globe’s Farah stockman reported,             of our economic plight, as people like
If you do not respond to this summons and complaint by serving a copy of the answer on the attorney for the mortgage
company who filed this foreclosure proceeding against you and filing the answer with court, a default judgment may
                                                                                                                                “KBr halliburton, until 2007 a unit          Tricia erickson argue. Instead, greed by
be entered and you can lose your home. Speak to an attorney or go to the court where your case is pending for further           of halliburton, has avoided paying           the rich and powerful is the real source
information on how to answer the summons and protect your property. Sending a payment to your mortgage company                  hundreds of millions of dollars in federal   of our economic woes. It is time the
will not stop this foreclosure action. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERvING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY
                                                                                                                                Medicare and social security taxes by        American people woke up.
designated as the place of trail. The basis of venue is the location of the mortgaged premises. Dated: May 17, 2010.            hiring workers through shell companies
FEIN SUCH & CRANE, LLP Attorneys for Plaintiff Office and P.O. Address 28 East Main Street, Suite 1800 Rochester, New
York 14614, Telephone No. (585) 232-7400. (DISTRICT: SECTION: 12.20 BLOCK: 1, LOT: 39). NATURE AND OBJECT OF AC-
TION The object of the above action is to foreclose a mortgage help by Plaintiff recorded in the County of WESTCHES-
TER, State of New York on March 18, 1994, in Liber 19050 of Mortgage, at page 53; said mortgage was assigned by Globe
Mortgage Company, (Inc.), to Chemical Bank c/o Chemical Mortgage Company, by virtue of an Assignment of Mortgage
dated April 14, 1994, and recorded August 12, 1994, Liber 19810 of Mortgage, at page 281. For unknown reasons a dupli-
cate Assignment of Mortgage dated April 14, 1994, from Glob Mortgage Company, (Inc.), to Chemical Bank c/o Chemical
Mortgage Company was recorded on October 14, 1994, Liber 20015 of Mortgage, at page 41; said mortgage was further
assigned by Chemical Bank, to Chemical Mortgage Company, by virtue of an Assignment of Mortgage dated June 17,
1994, and recorded January 26, 1996, in Liber 21283, at page 93; said mortgage was then further assigned by Chase
Home Finance LLC f/k/a Chase Mortgage Company f/k/a Chemical Mortgage Company, to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.,
by virtue of an Assignment of Mortgage dated January 30, 2008, and recorded June 30, 2009, in Control No. 491590674.
On June 5, 2008, a mortgage was executed by Audrey J. Griffin, to JPMorgan Chase Bank, to secure the sum of
$ 93,593.38, and recorded in Control No. 481730053, on June 30, 2008. On June 5, 2008, a Consolidation, Extension and
Modification Agreement was executed between AUDREY J. GRIFFIN, and JPMorgan Chase Bank, to consolidate the
mortgage recorded in Liber 19050 of Mortgage, at page 53, as assigned in Liber 19810, at page 281, Liber 20015, at page
41, Liber 21283, at page 93, and Control No. 491590674, and the mortgage recorded in Control No. 481730053, to from a
single lien of $ 175,000.00, recorded in Control No. 491590676, on June 30, 2009.
makes no personal claim against you in this action.
To the above named defendants: The foregoing summons is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of the
Hon. Orazio R. Bellantoni, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of N.Y., dated July 13, 2010 and filed along with the
supporting papers in the Westchester County Clerk’s Office. This is an action to foreclose a mortgage. The premises
is described as follows: Beginning at a point on the easterly side of Hillcrest Drive, said Hillcrest Drive, said Hillcrest
Drive shown on map entitled “ Map of Hollow Brook County Club Estate”, said map filed in the County Clerk’s Office;
Westchester County, Division of Land Records, on June 5, 1953 as Map No. 8083, said point of beginning being distant
974.44 feet as measured along the westerly, southerly and easterly side of said Hillcrest Drive from the northerly end of
a curve having a radius of 20 feet and length of 42.06 feet connects the easterly side of Oregon Road and the westerly
side of Hillcrest Drive; Thence continuing northerly along the easterly side of Hillcrest Drive and along a curve to the
left having a radius of 40.00 feet and length of 23.98 feet to a point of reverse curve; Thence along said curve to the right
having a radius of 50.00 feet, a distance of 29.29 feet to a point; Thence still along the easterly side of Hillcrest Drive,
North 1 degrees 00 minutes West 53.05 feet; Thence leaving said Hillcrest Drive and running at right angles thereto,
North 89 degrees 00 minutes East 100.00 feet; Thence at right angels, South 1 degrees 00 minutes East 104.54 feet to a
point; Thence South 89 degrees 47 minutes 40 seconds West 85.01 feet to the easterly side of Hillcrest Drive and the
point or place of beginning.
Premises known as 19 Hillcrest Drive, Cortlandt, N.Y. 10566.
Page 20   The WesTchesTer GuArdIAN   ThursdAY, AuGusT 19, 2010


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