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 Vol 6 Number 24                                                                                                                                                     Friday, June 19, 2009

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                                                                                      Facebook Four                                                      Yonkers Candidates
                 Conservatives Revolt!
                                                                                   and Mayor Joan Walsh                                                   Wait for Ind. Nod

              Mentor Appreciation Day                                                                          Rising Media Group Awarded!
                at Yankee Stadium                                                                                        Harrison HS Band Shows Importance
                                                                                                                             of Community Newspapers
                                                                                 At left: Mentor
                                                                                 Lindsay Jurgensen                                                                                        At left:The
                                                                                 (right) of Yonkers,                                                                                      Harrison HS
                                                                                 and Abbott House                                                                                         Band at Disney
                                                                                 youth Victor
                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Gary
                                                                                Below: White Plains
                                                                                resident Tyra Bailey
                                                                                (left) with Abbott
                                                                                House youth Omari

                                                                                                                                                                                            See story
                                                                                                                                                                                            on Page 8
     The Abbott House human service
agency celebrated the success of its mentor
program with a salute to the men and
women who volunteer their time to be pos-
itive influences in the lives of youth in
need on Saturday, June 6, with an outing to
the new Yankees Stadium in the Bronx as
part of the first-ever “Abbott House                                                                            At right: Dan Murphy, editor in chief of Rising
Mentor Appreciation Day.”                                                                                      Media Group (second from left) with (l to r): Dr.
                     Continued on Page 6                                                                    Fred Pasqua, Anne-Marie Annunziato and Charles
                                                                                                                              Briem, of the Harrison HS Band

  Westchester’s Secret Senator: Espada                                                                                Facebook Four Cops Punished,
  Switches Parties & Shakes Up Albany                                                                                 But Allowed to Return to Work
                                                                                                                                       Walsh Says to Move On
By Dan Murphy
      A few weeks ago, Rising
                                                                                                           By Dan Murphy
Media reported about State
                                                                                                                The infamous Facebook Four (dubbed so by this
Senator Pedro Espada Jr., who
                                                                                                           reporter) — three Harrison police officers and a code
represents the Bronx Senate
                                                                                                           enforcement officer who were caught on Facebook making
33rd district, but actually lives
                                                                                                           racist comments about President Barak Obama and sexual-
here in Westchester with his
                                                                                                           ly inappropriate comments about Harrison Mayor Joan
wife and children. While
                                                                                                           Walsh — have been punished severely by the Harrison
Espada maintains a “resi-
                                                                                                           Town Board but get to keep their jobs.
dence” in the Bronx, he lives
                                                                                                                Harrison Police Department (HPD) detectives Richard
in a $700,000 home, in a nice
                                                                                                           Light and Frank Massaro, Officer Mike DiLauria and Code
Mamaroneck neighborhood.
                                                                                                           Enforcement Officer Ed DiBuono were given varying pun-
      Espada, a Democrat,
                                                                                                           ishments by the Harrison Town Board, acting as police
made news last week by vot-
ing against his party and join-
                                                                                                                Light was demoted from detective to police officer,
ing with Republicans in elect-
                                                                                                           and restricted to office duty until the end of the year, when
ing Dean Skelos for majority
                                                                                                           he will forcibly retire. Light also lost 58 days in held-over
leader. Espada joined Queens                         Senator Pedro Espada Jr.
                                                                                                           vacation and sick days. He received the harshest punish-      Harrison Mayor Joan Walsh
Democrat Hiram Monserrate
                                                                                                           ment, with Harrison Police Chief David Hall assuring the
in      removing       Democrat                       investigating Espada. The big focus on the inves-    community that “[Light] will not be patrolling the streets.”
Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.                        tigation surrounds the Bronx nonprofit health care        DiLauria and Massaro each received 10-day suspensions with-
      But the Republicans’ hold on the State group he founded, Soundview Health Care
                                                                                                           out pay, and they both lost 20 days of held-over vacation and sick
Senate may be short lived, with both Espada and Network — his attempts to steer state grant
Monserrate the subject of criminal probes and monies to Soundview and whether Soundview
                                                                                                                DiBuono also got hit with 75 days of unpaid suspension, using
charges. Monserrate is accused of stabbing his employees also conducted political work for the
                                                                                                           17 days of held-over vacation days to get it down to 58 days.
girlfriend with a piece of glass. Espada is the sub- senator.
                                                                                                           DiBuono also had his salary lowered one pay grade — from $79,659
ject of both state and local investigations into his        Cuomo has jurisdiction over the residency      to $73,134.
residency, taxpayer-financed travel, campaign issue.
                                                                                                                These punishments were approved by the Town Board by a vote
records and legislative earmarks.                            Espada’s departure from the Democratic        of 3-2 along party lines, with Republican councilmen Fred Sciliano,
      N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and caucus has much to do with his not being happy
Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson are both                                  Continued on Page 7                                                               Continued on Page 7

              What’s Inside                                               Happy Father’s Day                                                        RCDS Student
                                                                                                                                                 Named Scholar-Athlete
                Culinary Rising – Page 2

    Community Service Kids – Page 2

      In Your Backyard – Pages 4 & 5

                Ask an Expert – Page 6
                                                                       By Michael Muro
                                                                            This Sunday is Father’s Day, a day in which families join
        Letters to the Editor – Page 6                                 together to honor Dad on his special day. Plans may include a spe-
                                                                       cial dinner at home, a family barbeque with the kids and grand-
                                                                       kids (with Dad standing at the hot barbeque flipping the burgers)
Who, What, When & Where – Page 9                                       or dinner at a crowded restaurant with Daddy, ironically, picking
                                                                       up the tab, insisting that everyone puts their money away.                                   Jena Goettisheim
                                                                            Then there are the gifts; yes, those golf shirts that look like
                                                                                                                                                    At the conclusion of the 2008-09 school year, Rye Country
                                                                       the ones from last year, and let’s not forget those mugs that read
                                                                                                                                              Day School (RCDS) senior Jena Goettisheim was selected as a
                                                                       “Super Dad” or “World’s Best Grandpa.”
                                                                                                                                              Fairchester Athletic Association scholar-athlete. Qualifications
       Send us Your Letters!                                                For many of us, Father’s Day is a time of reflection, and a
                                                                       day filled with memories. Our Dads are gone and we are left with
                                                                                                                                              for this prestigious award include outstanding academic creden-
                                                                                                                                              tials (grade point average, class rank and a minimum of three
                                                                       a gentle ache in our hearts. Oh how we miss Dad’s goodness and
                                                                                                                                              Advanced Placement courses), All-FAA athletic recognition in at
            E-mail us at                                               loving presence.
                                                                            I share with you a poem read 21 years ago, by then Yonkers
                                                                                                                                              least one sport and a varsity letter in a second sport.
                                                                                                                                                    During her upper school career, Goettisheim excelled in the
   letters@risingmediagroup.com                                        Mayor Angelo Martinelli at my father, Michael Muro’s, funeral.
                                                                                                                                              classroom while taking a challenging academic program that
                                                                                       See Poem on Page 8                                                                                Continued on Page 7
         MetLife Representative Donates
            $3,000 to Pelham Library                                                                                      WESTCHESTER RISING
                                                                                                                       Proudly serving the City of White Plains and Westchester County
     Gerard “Gerry” A.
Turtora,       of     Barnum
Financial Group, an office of                                                                                                              Nick Sprayregen, Publisher
MetLife, has donated $3,000
to the Pelham Library.
Turtora had the opportunity                                                                                                           Daniel J. Murphy, Editor-in-Chief
to make a charitable contri-
bution to an organization of
                                                                                                                                      Millie Gutierrez, Managing Editor
his choice in recognition of                                                                                                           mgutierrez@risingmediagroup.com
his induction into the
Platinum Laureate level of                                                                                                      Elisabeth Ehrlich, Copy Editor/Staff Writer
the MetLife Hall of Fame.                                                                                                                 lehrlich@risingmediagroup.com
He is the first MetLife repre-
sentative to earn this signifi-                                                                                                   Sue A. Witt, Assistant to Editor-in-Chief
cant level of achievement for                                                                                                              switt@risingmediagroup.com
his continued commitment
to his clients, the company                                                                                                              Rebecca Bertoldi, Art Director
and the financial services                                                                                                               rbertoldi@risingmediagroup.com
                                 Gerard Turtora, of Barnum Financial Group, presents
                                 Patricia Perito, director of the Town of Pelham Public
     “Gerry’s contributions           Library, with check for $3,000 from MetLife.                                                    Pam Lustig, Sales Representative
as a mentor to others and                                                                                                                 plustig@risingmediagroup.com
advisor to his clients have
been and continue to be integral to the compa- will enable members of the community to
                                                                                                                                           Member of the New York Press Association
ny’s success,” said Michael Vietri, executive reach their personal and professional goals.”
                                                      Turtora joined MetLife in 1951, and has                                             914-965-4000 Fax 914-965-2892
vice president of MetLife. “He has distin-
                                                  spent his entire career helping clients meet                                          25 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701
guished himself not only by increasing his
accomplishments year after year, but also by their financial goals while still taking the time                                            Now online at www.risingmediagroup.com!
showing a continued commitment to his com- to mentor other financial professionals. In
munity. We are proud to make this contribution addition to this current honor, he has received
to the Pelham Library on his behalf”              a number of MetLife recognitions for excel-                                              Westchester Rising
     “We congratulate Gerry Turtora on his lence. His awards include: Top of the Tower,                                                       Permit #7164
achievements and are honored he selected his Golden Laureate, Lifetime Achievement and                                       is published weekly by Rising Media Group, LLC
hometown library, the Town of Pelham Public President’s Conference Life Member, among                                             25 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, NY 10701
Library, as a way to share his success with the countless others. Turtora also has been named
community,” said Patricia Perito, library direc- a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar
tor. “We believe libraries can be important Round Table, which is an international, inde-
community resources especially during these pendent association of the world’s leading life
challenging economic times. We hope to use insurance and financial services professionals.                    Eastchester HS Alum Sara Miller
this gift to provide resources and services that
                                                                                                           Suma Cum Laude at SUNY Binghamton
             Local Teens Honored                                                                               On May 17, Eastchester High School alumna Sara C. Miller
                                                                                                          was recognized at Binghamton University’s 63rd commencement
       for Year-Long Community Service                                                                    ceremony by serving as the student marshal for Harpur College’s
                                                                                                          division of Fine Arts and Humanities.
                                                                                                               In that role, Miller, who received a Bachelor of Arts degree,
                                                                                                          summa cum laude, in studio art, led the graduating seniors in their
                                                                                                          march into the ceremony, which was held at the university’s Events
                                                                                                          Center, and was later called to the stage to accept the symbolic diplo-
                                                                                                          ma from University President Lois B. DeFleur on behalf of all stu-
                                                                                                          dents in the division.
                                                                                                               Miller was selected for the distinction from hundreds of stu-
                                                                                                          dents in her division based on her impressive combination of aca-
                                                                                                          demic achievement and campus involvement. While at Binghamton,
                                                                                                          she served as editor of “The Phoenix,” the student artwork and liter-
                                                                                                          ature showcase section of the Free Press campus newspaper.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sara C. Miller

                                                                                                                                                  By Morris Gut
                                                                                                                    Scarsdale Pizza Station Serves
  L to r: Valerie O’Keeffe, Josh Raider, Elliot Rosenfeld, David Rabinowitz, Jack                                  Big Flavors Out of Cozy Kitchen
                        Miller and Rabbi Mendel Silberstein.
                                                                                                                Scarsdale Pizza Station, the charming 30-seat
                                                                                                          Italian eatery on Scarsdale Avenue may be cozy,
                                                                                                          but it serves up thin-crusted pizzas, pastas and
                                                                                                          main courses that are big on flavor. Its three-year
                                                                                                          owner is the personable Michael Provenzale.
                                                                                                                Walk up a few stairs and enter the small din-
                                                                                                          ing room lined with bottles of wine, a few tables
                                                                                                          and an open pizza kitchen that is colorfully framed
                                                                                                          with hand-drawn weekly blackboard specialties of
                                                                                                          the house. It’s a casual spot with help within
                                                                                                          earshot, the floor service comes right from the
                                                                                                          kitchen and your waiter may just turn out to be
                                                                                                          Provenzale himself. It’s homey and a great deal of
                                                                                                          fun eating here, tasty too!
                                                                                                                Provenzale touts his signature “Grandma               Scarsdale Pizza Station owner
                                                                                                          Pies.” pan cooked and thin-crusted, prepared in            Michael Provenzale shows off one
                                                                                                          the authentic southern Italian style and loaded                of his delectable pizzas.
                                                                                                          with fresh toppings: The Whole Wheat Special,
                                                                                                          caramelized onion, arugula salad, chopped tomato       pastas; finger foods, wraps and paninis; and cal-
                                                                                                          topped with goat cheese; Portobello Pizza,             zones, pizza rolls and wedges.
                                                                                                          Portobello, asparagus, chopped tomato and gor-              Provenzale worked his way up in all facets of
  L to r: Valerie O’Keeffe, Adam Wrobel, Charlotte Wiesenberg, Carolyn Zelenetz
                                                                                                          gonzola cheese; Mediterraneo, sausage or grilled       the business. Prior to opening in on Scarsdale
                            and Rabbi Mendel Silberstein
                                                                                                          chicken with broccoli rabe, sundried tomato and        Avenue, he had worked for three years for the pop-
By Dina New                                                  Prepared hundreds of sandwiches for the      fresh mozzarella; Mesclun Avocado, mesclun             ular Ferraro 502 in downtown Toronto. Come in
      In an evening of honor and recognition, par-   homeless at HOPE Community Services, Inc.            greens, avocado, fresh mozzarella, seasoned            and join his family!
ents, family members and friends gathered on                  Baked Challah and Hamantashen with          tomato and onion with homemade balsamic dress-              Scarsdale Pizza Station is located at 844
Monday, June 1, to honor and recognize more          developmentally challenged adults.                   ing (the balsamic dressing is one of the popular       Scarsdale Ave. in Scarsdale. The restaurant and
than 40 local students for their unwavering com-             Played games and visited with seniors at     fresh dressings available for take home); Chicken      pizzeria is open seven days a week: Monday
mitment to helping others through community          United Hebrew Geriatric Center.                      Pesto, grilled chicken and sautéed tomato in a         through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and
service, volunteering and reaching out to those in            Made pillows for children living at My      pesto sauce topped with provolone; and the amaz-       Sundays, from 12 to 9 p.m.
need.                                                Sisters’ Place.                                      ing Italian Combo with ham, prosciutto, salami,        Free delivery and take-out are available, along
      The students are part of TFC – Teens for the           Ran a clothing drive for needy families in   provolone, pepperoni, lettuce and tomato with          with catering. For more information, call 914-723-
Community, a Larchmont/Mamaroneck group of           Israel, sending thousands of garments.               roasted peppers. Whole wheat dough is always           4700.
high school students who get together for two                 Ran a food drive for the Larchmont-         available upon request.                                     About the author: Morris Gut is a restaurant
hours every Thursday evening during the school       Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force Inc.                          In addition, Scarsdale Pizza station offers      consultant and former restaurant trade magazine
year to do different community service projects;             Visited the elderly at Sound Shore Medical   more traditional pizza combinations; crisp entrée-     editor. He has been tracking and writing about the
sometimes keeping it local and other times taking    Center’s nursing home.                               sized salads with house made dressings; a wide         dining scene in greater Westchester for over 25
on national or international causes. The teens are           Made holiday treat packages for children     range of blackboard specialties, which change reg-     years. He may be reached at: 914-235-6591 or
mostly from Mamaroneck High School with a            living at homeless shelters in Westchester and the   ularly; Italian-American style main courses and        gutreactions@optonline.net.
few from various private schools in the area.        Bronx.
      The evening began with opening remarks by               Performed a Chanukah show and made
Rabbi Mendel Silberstein, director of Chabad of
Larchmont and Mamaroneck, who runs the TFC
                                                     crafts with a group of developmentally challenged
                                                     adults from Richmond Community Services.
                                                                                                                                Monroe Students Cook
program. He pointed out how amazing it is to see
that only in its second year the group has grown
                                                              Arranged and ran a carnival at the
                                                     Coachman Family Center for the homeless.                                   up Delectable Delights
from a handful of teens to more than 40 attendees.           Made edible arrangements out of fruit for
      The evening was held at the Chabad Center      seniors in Larchmont.                                     Student chefs enrolled in
located at the former Tung Hoy restaurant in              Fore more information about TFC- Teens for      Monroe College’s Culinary Arts
Mamaroneck.                                          the Community visit www.JewishLarchmont.com          associate degree program recently
      Following is a list of some of the programs    or call Chabad at 914-834-4321.                      cooked up a storm for their partici-
the teens have done this year.                                                                            pation at the Wine & Food Festival
                                                                                                          held at the Doubletree Hotel in
 County Board Approves Appointments                                                                       Tarrytown. On the menu were duck
                                                                                                          confit spring roll, rare seared duck
         to Board of Ethics                                                                               breast with black berry sauce, sweet
                                                                                                          potato hash and micro green salad.

    The Westchester County Board of                  Board of Ethics on June 8, during its County                  At right: Student chef
Legislators approved the appointment of              Board meeting.                                            Dennis Hyman gets ready
Leonard Spano, of Yonkers, and Lawrence                   Spano and Ecker’s term will begin imme-               to add a pinch of salt to
Ecker, of Irvington, as members to the county’s      diately and serve until December 31, 2011.                  the sweet potato hash.

                                                          In Your Backyard
    Greenwich Hospital President/CEO                                                                        ‘Song of Ascents’ Sculpture Exhibit
          Visits Rye Rotary Club                                                                                     at Rye Town Park
                                                                    At left: Greenwich Hospital
                                                                    President/CEO Frank
                                                                    Corvino (fourth from left)
                                                                    is joined at the Rye Rotary
                                                                    Club by Rotarians (l to r):
                                                                    Arthur Stampleman;
                                                                    incoming Rotary Club
                                                                    President Tom Saunders;
                                                                    Jane Fox, marketing direc-
                                                                    tor at The Osborn; Kathy
                                                                    Carley Spanier, Greenwich
                                                                    Hospital Community
                                                                    health director; and
                                                                    Matthew Anderson, Skilled
                                                                    Nursing Facility adminis-
                                                                    trator at The Osborn.

    On Friday, June 5, a full house of Rye        almost doubled to 540 doctors, with over 120
Rotary Club members met with Frank A.             from New York. Corvino noted that over the
Corvino, president and chief executive officer    last four years, Greenwich Hospital has seen a
                                                                                                                                                            “Song of Ascents” ceramic sculptures
of Greenwich Hospital. Corvino, who was           27 percent increase in patients, with 807 Rye
                                                                                                                                                              now on display at Rye Town Park
appointed to his present position in 1991,        resident inpatients in the last fiscal year alone.
reported on the latest developments at                  He noted that Greenwich has become
Greenwich Hospital and their impact on the        increasingly involved in the Rye Community
Rye community.                                    with Kathy Carley Spanier, director of
    With the closing of United Hospital, 40       Community Health at Greenwich Hospital, a                 Mamaroneck artist Sara Coble is present-           and received an M.F.A. at Columbia University.
percent of Greenwich Hospital’s patients now      member of the Rotary Club, and Gregg                 ing an exhibit of ceramic sculptures entitled           She studied ceramics at Kansas City Art
come from New York, up from just 15 in 1999.      Howells, executive director of the Rye YMCA,         “Song of Ascents,” at Rye Town Park from June           Institute and Alfred University. Coble currently
Emergency Department visits have doubled          a member of the hospital’s Community                 through September.                                      teaches sculpture and ceramics at the Hackley
from 20,000 to nearly 41,000 in the last fiscal   Advisory Board.                                           The exhibit, which features 13 sculptures          School.
years. Greenwich Hospital’s medical staff has                                                          mounted on stainless steel rods, is located at the           She has taught figure modeling and anato-
                                                                                                       front of the park’s naturalized pond. The exhib-        my at the Fashion Institute of Technology and
                                                                                                       it is dedicated to the memory of longtime               has conducted workshops and art residencies in
                                                                                                       Westchester artist and art instructor Leslie Dor.       the tri-state area. She is a member of the

       Lucy Schmolka Re-Appointed                                                                      Rye Town Park is located at the east end of
                                                                                                       Dearborn Ave., off Forest Avenue, in the City of
                                                                                                                                                               Mamaroneck Artist’s Guild, and is a roster artist
                                                                                                                                                               for the Westchester Arts Council.
                                                                                                       Rye. For information about the park, call 914-               Recent exhibitions include: “Currents” at
    to County Women’s Advisory Board                                                                   967-0965 or visit the Park Web site at                  the Garrison Arts Center, Strecker Nelson
                                                                                                       www.ryetownpark.com.                                    Gallery, Manhattan Kansas, Wichita Arts
     The Westchester County Board of              women and their families through education                A special public reception for the artist will     Center and Wichita Kansas; “Cups Coming
Legislators approved the re-appointment of        and research, direct and contracted services and     be held at the site on Sunday, June 28, from 6 to       Together” and “At The Table” at the Clay Art
Lucy Schmolka to serve as an at-large member      by influencing public policy.                        8 p.m. Refreshments will be served.                     Center in Port Chester; “5&5,” an exhibition of
to the county’s Women’s Advisory Board dur-             The Advisory Board consists of one mem-             Coble invites visitors to go on an odyssey,        photography and sculpture at Iona College in
ing its County Board meeting. Schmolka is a       ber from each of the 17 county legislative dis-      viewing works that explore the ageless themes           2005; and “Age of Disquiet,” a solo show of
resident of Armonk.                               tricts and approximately 20 members-at-large.        of conflict and the search for resolution.              over 40 sculptures and drawings at the
     The Westchester County Women’s               Members are appointed by the county execu-                The changing natural light and the palette         Mamaroneck Artist’s Guild in 2005.
Advisory Board, along with the Office of          tive and approved by the County Board of             of seasonal colors will add life and drama to the            This exhibit is sponsored by Rye Town
Women, promotes equal rights, independence,       Legislators. Schmolka’s term will begin imme-        sculptures. The movement and sound of the               Park and the Clay Art Center. The works are for
dignity and equity for Westchester County         diately and serve until December 31, 2010.           water awakens the senses and evoke the forces           sale. A price list is available at the Park Office
                                                                                                       of nature. The artist urges visitors contemplate        in Administration (towers) building. Coble can
                                                                                                       these sculptures and enter into this imaginary          be contacted through the Mamaroneck Artists’

                              Campus News                                                              space.
                                                                                                            Coble studied art history at Vassar College
                                                                                                                                                               Guild Web site at www.mamaroneckartists

     The following area residents have been       Tyler Carfi of North Salem
named to the President’s List at Berkeley         Emma Mcfee of Somers
Alejandro Espinoza of Ossining
                                                  Amanda Monzon of South Salem
                                                  Alexandra Taylor of Bedford
                                                                                                         Greenburgh Hebrew Center Tot Shabbat
Linda Ruff of Pleasantville
Marianny Hidalgo of Sleepy Hollow
                                                  Karina Coyt of Port Chester
                                                  Julie Solver of Rye
                                                                                                              to Run Through the Summer
Joseph Pali of White Plains                       Abdool Alim; Perri Dash; Earlene English;
Karina Martinez of Port Chester                   Destinee Jones; Ingrid Mckenzie; Andrew                   Greenburgh Hebrew Center (GHC) will                     Playtime starts at 10:30 a.m. and Tot
Anthony DiPietro of Mount Vernon                  Palestrant; Lelawatti Ramchand; Erica                continue its popular parent-run Tot Shabbat, for        Shabbat Service begins at 11:15 a.m. and con-
     The following area residents have been       Reis; Terria Samuels; Avril Senderson;               several Saturdays throughout the summer: June           tinues until the main service is finished.
named to the Dean’s List at Berkeley College:     Rayisha Smith; Xenia Spence; and Daleena             27, July 18 and August 22.                              Participants are welcome to join the GHC for
Nicole Simmonds of Hastings-on-Hudson             Townsesnd of Mount Vernon                                 Children up to age seven are welcome for           lunch afterwards.
Catherine Lozano of Ossining                      Arlene Tejeda of Pelham                              playing, singing songs, learning prayers, story              For more information, call the office before
Yirandy Velez of Ossining                              Nathaniel W. Brown, of Pleasantville, son       and a nut-free kiddush snack in a fun and               3 p.m. on Fridays at 914-693-4260, or e-mail
Erik Bayolima of Peekskill                        of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon T. Brown, received a         relaxed environment. Parents also welcome to            Sarah and Asaf Cohen at sezid@hotmail.com.
Tiffany Carroll of Shrub Oak                      Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from          learn, play and socialize together.
Chloe Wozniak of Tarrytown                        Beloit College in Beloit, Wis., during com-
Angel Alburquerque, Alex Antigua, Travon          mencement exercises on May 17. He was also
Arrington, Jennifer Cabrera, Kevin Fischer,       named to the Dean’s List for the spring semes-        Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester
Michael Grande, Lorenette Lawrence,               ter.
Elhadji Laye, Bei Li Liu, Carolyna Pany,               Allen J. Perlen, of Chappaqua, a first-year          June has turned into a lucky month.                their raffles get into the drawing.
Donald Parkis, Marc Revers, Aisha Sparks,         student, has been named to the Dean’s List for       Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester knows                   And don’t forget to invite family and
and Denise Stanley of White Plains.               the spring semester at Beloit College in Beloit,     that everyone is busy in the garden, going to           friends to participate.
Christopher Chung of Yorktown                     Wis.                                                 ballgames, etc., so The Stay At Home Raffle                  Spend your money to support the temple.
Anne Keske of West Harrison                                                                            deadline has been extended until June 30.               Buy raffles. Buy chances on fabulous prize
                                                                                                            Individuals can send their entries in now, or      packages. Raffles will be drawn on June 30.
                                                                                                       can       e-mail      mmccabe@congregation              Visit the Web site for raffle descriptions and
                                                                                                       emanuel.org or call 914-967-4382 to ensure              forms at www.congregationemanuel.org.

                                                                                                                           Rye Town Park Develops
                                                                                                                           New Expanded Web Site
                                                                                                             The Rye Town Park Commission has estab-           detailed information about this summer’s free
                                                                                                        lished a new, expanded Web site for Rye Town           concert series; information about the daily high
                                                                                                        Park. The site has been developed in conjunction       and low tides at nearby Rye Beach; personalized
                                                                                                        with the Town of Rye’s Web site. It can be             directions to the Park via Yahoo local maps; and a
                                                                                                        accessed directly through the www.ryetown-             link to a park-sanctioned fitness program, Boot
                                                                                                        park.com address. The goal is to provide the pub-      Camp By The Beach.
                                                                                                        lic with a detailed introduction to the park and all         The Web site also includes an aerial view of
                                                                                                        aspects of its operations.                             the entire park, along with a variety of colorful
                                                                                                             The Rye Town Park Web site includes a             photos of the park and its operations throughout
                                                                                                        home page, with links to eight separate park infor-    the year. In addition to the park’s seasonal beach
                                                                                                        mation content areas. These are: About the Park;       program and summer concerts, the Rye Town
                                                                                                        Beach Operations; Park Programs and Activities;        Park is involved with educational programs, com-
                                                                                                        Facility Rentals and Catering; Outside Sponsored       petitive sports programs and community pro-
                                                                                                        Events; School and Group Opportunities; Park           grams, such as the Easter sunrise services.
                                                                                                        Rules and Regulations - FAQ; and, Contact Us.                The site also provides opportunities for peo-
                                                                                                             Along with the information are links to a         ple to provide feedback regarding ways to
                                                                                                        variety of related information and Web sites.          improve the site, or to obtain additional informa-
                                                                                                        These include: downloads of the forms for renting      tion.
                                                                                                        party pavilions and beach barbeque areas;

                                                                                                             DISABLED?                                                               UNDER LOTS
                                                                                                         ELIGIBLE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY       FREE FORECLOSURE
                                                                                                          DISABILITY? NO FEE UNLESS              LISTINGS                               FOR SALE
                                                                                                         I WIN FOR YOU. 20 YRS SSD
                                                                                                                FAMILY LAW $40                 Over 400,000                        Sherman – The Club
                                                                                                          FREE CONSULTATION & ON-                properties                            at River Oaks
                                                                                                         VENIENT LOCATIONS FOR APPT.                                                  FORECLOSURES
                                                                                                              SE HABLA ESPANOL                  nationwide.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Prime lots on 9th hole.
                                                                                                          ATTY. THOMAS MCMORROW             Low down payment.                       Must see $325K to
                                                                                                             11 PARK PLACE, NYC
                                                                                                           COVERING THE NEW YORK                 Call now.                         $375K Poss. financ’g
                                                                                                              METROPOLITAN AREA                    6    2
                                                                                                                                              800-631-2169                          to qual. Buyer. Call
                                                                                                             CALL 914-258-0961                                                         201-248-3033

                                                             In Your Backyard
        21 Teens in Westchester                                                                            Students Receive Financial Assistance
 Receive Scholarship to Travel in Israel                                                                       Twenty-six students, including nine
                                                                                                         high school graduates from the class of
     For      their
                                                                                                         2009, 15 who are already in college and
commitment to
                                                                                                         two pursuing graduate degrees, were the
community serv-
                                                                                                         recipients of Academic Achievement
ice and demon-
                                                                                                         Awards from the Sterling Park Residents
strated leadership
                                                                                                         Association at The Osborn. The student
abilities,       21
                                                                                                         recipients are children and grandchildren
Westchester high
                                                                                                         of employees of The Osborn from a vari-
school students
                                                                                                         ety of departments ranging from nursing,
received scholar-
                                                                                                         dining, osborn home care, facilities,
ships for a sum-
                                                                                                         finance, environmental services and
mer trip to Israel
                                                                                                         housekeeping. The awards are from a
at a reception on
                                                                                                         fund to which residents contribute volun-
Wednesday, June                                                                                                                                       Sterling Park at The Osborn Residents
                                                                                                         tarily which is then divided among the
3,       at     the                                                                                                                                Association Academic Achievement Awards
                                                                                                         students. To be considered, the student
R i d g e w a y                                                                                                                                    Committee members Sylvia Greenberg and
                                                                                                         must be continuing in an educational pro-
Country Club in                                                                                                                                    Dr. Edward Pasciuti with the staff and staff
                                                                                                         gram after high school which may be a
White Plains.                                                                                                                                         children who received the awards. Not
                                                                                                         college or university or a trade school.
     The event Saul Singer (standing, far left) and his wife, Fran (standing, fourth                                                                pictured are commmittee members Betty
                                                                                                               Academic Achievement Award
featured the pres-      from left), with high school students who received the Singer                                                                         Menke and Lily Lisman.
                                                                                                         recipients this year included: Nicole
entation of the                                 Family Israel Award                                      Payne, Marsha White, Elisa Mary Horn
2009        Singer
                                                                                                         (Sarah Lawrence), Jason Cusumano
Family       Israel
                                                  participates in UJA-Federation’s annual cam-           (Bentley), Rosa Kemp (Buffalo), Brittney       Smith, Theresa Gorman (Univ. Of Michigan),
Award, which provides recipients with a schol-
                                                  paign. Upon their return from Israel, award            Delfino (Long Island University), Neel Patel Joseph Gorman (Boston University), Alyssa
arship of $1,250 for travel in Israel. UJA-
                                                  recipients must participate in Jewish communi-         (CUNY Baruch) and Monali Patel (St. John’s), Levy (Westchester Community College),
Federation of New York in Westchester admin-
                                                  ty service.                                            Stephanie Baxter (Western Connecticut State), Malcolm Minott (University Of Albany), Diana
isters the Singer Israel Family Award, which is
                                                       The awards ceremony attracted about 75            Kemesha Woodfine (Quinnipiac), Kemar Contreras (Fashion Institute of Technology),
open only to Westchester high school students.
                                                  attendees, including recipients and their family       Woodfine (Bridgeport), Kuang-Ying Chen Joel Dickens, Stephany Quarless, Nicholas
     White Plains residents Fran and Saul
                                                  members. Rabbi Lester Bronstein, of Bet Am             (Ithaca), Aisha Beckett (Penn State), Jibi Costa (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and
Singer established the award 12 years ago and
                                                  Shalom in White Plains, gave the d’var Torah, a        Alexander (Binghamton), Milchaila Rae Eva Vives (Dominican College).
continue to support it. The Singers are longtime
                                                  spiritual message based on the Torah.                  Samuel (Acting Studies), Tafari and Tabary
visible leaders in the Jewish community and
                                                       The following Westchester high school stu-
                                                  dents received the Singer Family Israel Award:
     “The award was started as an incentive for
young people who are active in synagogue or
Jewish life to experience Israel, because anyone
                                                  Daniel Bloch, South Salem; Caroline Dorn,
                                                  Rye; Samuel Dorn, Rye; Hannah Fine, White                      Lunchtime Jazz Concerts Return
who has experienced Israel not only wants to
return, but they become leaders in the Jewish
                                                  Plains; Zachary Glasser, Scarsdale; Renna
                                                  Gottlieb, Pound Ridge; Elana Greenberg,                           to Lasdon This Summer
                                                  Scarsdale; Rachel Greenberg, Scarsdale;
community and involve others as well,” said
                                                  Jason Haber, Larchmont; Joshua Jaffe, White                 Bring a picnic lunch and listen to the        on July 10 and July 31.
Saul Singer.
                                                  Plains; Ariel Lesnick, Yonkers; Ari Marder,            sounds of cool jazz during the free Lunch at            Limited table seating is available on a first-
     Fran Singer said the award provided her
                                                  White Plains; Deborah Mariottini, New                  Lasdon concert series at Westchester County’s      come, first-served basis; blankets or lawn chairs
with a most gratifying opportunity — to play a
                                                  Rochelle; Jacob Meiner, New Rochelle;                  largest publicly owned arboretum — Lasdon          for seating on the lawn are welcome. Light
role in teens’ life-changing and life-enriching
                                                  Arielle Nissenblatt, White Plains; Rebecca             Park, Arboretum & Veteran’s Memorial — on          refreshments will be available for purchase.
summer experience in Israel.
                                                  Orenstein, Briarcliff; Dahniel Sastow,                 Fridays, July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31, and August          While at Lasdon, be sure to browse the all-
     As part of their application process, the
                                                  Scarsdale; Julia Wein, Purchase; Estelle               7, from 12 to 2 p.m.                               new selection of gardening-related, gifts and
Singer Family Israel Awards require prospec-
                                                  Winkleman, Hastings-on-Hudson; Rebecca                      The Lunch at Lasdon jazz concert series       plant items in the Garden Shop.
tive nominees to write an essay, and applicants
                                                  Young, New Rochelle; and Jeremy Zitomer,               highlights local musical talent from Westchester        Lunch at Lasdon is sponsored by
must be nominated by a UJA-Federation bene-
                                                  Golden’s Bridge.                                       County and the surrounding area.                   Westchester County Parks and the Friends of
ficiary agency or a synagogue congregation that
                                                                                                              On July 3 and July 24, visitors can enjoy     Lasdon Park & Arboretum, Inc. Admission and
                                                                                                         the music of ABCs of Jazz, a Peekskill-based       parking are free. In case of inclement weather,
                                                                                                         group that has become a crowd favorite at          Lunch at Lasdon will be cancelled.
           Directory of Self-Help Groups                                                                 Lasdon, proving that Westchester’s local talent         Lasdon Park and Arboretum, a 234-acre
                                                                                                         can swing with the best of them!                   park and arboretum featuring many species of
           in Westchester Now Available                                                                       On July 17 and August 7, the Kevin
                                                                                                         Callaghan Group will take the stage. The
                                                                                                                                                            trees, shrubs and perennials, is a Westchester
                                                                                                                                                            County Park. It is located on Route 35 in
                                                                                                         group’s musicians hail from Westchester and        Somers, and can be reached via I-684, exit 6.
     In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the     understanding atmosphere. Since 1979, the
                                                                                                         Putnam counties and Connecticut.                        For more information, call Lasdon Park at
Westchester Self-Help Clearinghouse has pub-         Westchester Self-Help Clearinghouse, a pro-
                                                                                                              The Gerard Carelli Orchestra, a group of      914-864-7268 or log on to www.westchester
lished the 17th edition of the Directory of Self-    gram of Westchester Jewish Community
                                                                                                         local jazz musicians from Bedford, will perform    gov.com/parks.
Help Groups in Westchester County. A compre-         Services (WJCS), has disseminated information
hensive guide to more than 260 mutual support        on mutual support groups and has helped train
groups that meet throughout the county, the
directory is an excellent resource for people
                                                     their leaders. Copies of the directory are avail-
                                                     able for $30 per copy or $75 for three. To                                    Make a Difference
who seek support for a myriad of difficult life      request an order form or for further information
                                                                                                             The Feeley Fund is short of its goal of        uates who are accepted in accredited colleges.
situations. The groups listed are primarily peer-    about the Clearinghouse, call Lenore
                                                                                                         $9,000 to meet the financial needs of eligible     Checks made payable to the Feeley Fund and
led, center on a common situation and give           Rosenbaum, director of the Self-Help
                                                                                                         youth. The E.J. Feeley Harrison High School        sent to Harrison High School at 255 Union
individuals an opportunity for creative problem      Clearinghouse at 914-761-0600, ext. 308.
                                                                                                         Student Aid Fund awards monies to those grad-      Ave. will “Make the Difference.”
solving and support in an encouraging and

   The African-American Heritage
Festival Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary
      Experience the richness of African-            weather at the beautiful Kensico Dam Plaza.
American culture at the African-American             Parking and admission are free.
Heritage Celebration on Sunday, June 28, from             The event is sponsored by Westchester
12 to 7 p.m., at the Kensico Dam Plaza in            County Parks and the Coalition of African-
Valhalla.                                            American Organizations.
      This program will feature a variety of              Kensico Dam Plaza is located at the north
entertainment, including performances by a           end of the Bronx River Parkway in Valhalla.
drum corps, a gospel choir, a jazz ensemble and      Please be advised that the Bronx River Parkway
dancers. There will also be adult fitness activi-    will be closed for Bicycle Sundays from 10 a.m.
ties and line dancing. For the kids, there will be   to 2 p.m. between Scarsdale Road in Yonkers
a book mobile, courtesy of Westchester               and the Westchester County Center in White
County’s public library system, and fitness          Plains. The park can be accessed via Route 22,
activities provided by Westchester County’s          from the north or south. The park is also acces-
Be-Fit Mobile. To promote fire safety, this          sible via the Westchester BEE-LINE bus sys-
event will feature a “smoke house” which will        tem, Route #6 from the White Plains
allow families to practice their fire exit routine   TransCenter.
and learn helpful skills that could save lives.           If you are interested in being a vendor at
      Visitors will also be able to browse the       this event, call 914-378-3283.
many vendors who will be displaying and sell-             For more information, call 914-864-
ing various types of traditional arts and crafts     PARK. General information about Westchester
and countless types of ethnic foods. Bring a         County Parks can also be found at
folding chair or blanket and enjoy the June          www.westchestergov.com/parks.

           ANTHONY J. COLAVITA, P.C.

                        General Civil Practice
                       Personal Injury Probate
                      Negligence Real Estate
                    Municipal Zoning and Planning
                    Divorce Corporation Trials
                                           575 White Plains Road
                                         Eastchester, New York 10709


                                                                                                                                  Ask an Expert
                                                                                                                                                     Content Provided by

                                                                                                                     Westchester residents get all their questions answered
                                                                                                                                       on Zoomnia.com

                                                                                                                    I am having a bridal shower at home, and I need information and suggestions
                                                                                                               for the menu. I am planning it to be a luncheon.
                                                                                                                                                                       - anonymous, Thornwood

                                                                                                               from Morton Williams Catering & Events                   could do an entire theme around the bride, her
                                                                                                                    The food should be easy, healthy and reflect        hobbies or favorite colors or just the season. At
                                                                                                               the occasion. I would recommend, as a caterer, a         Morton Williams Catering, we could also provide
                                                                                                               selection of very interesting wraps — including          the staff and rentals or just offer party planning
                                                                                                               some vegetarian options. And I would prepare a           suggestions to tie together your special luncheon.
                                                                                                               wonderfully delicious and colorful farfelle              We have your recipe for a successful event! Good
                                                                                                               (bowties) primavera pasta (served at room temp.).        luck and thank you.
                                                                                                               I would also serve another salad, such as a mus-              Morton Williams Catering & Events is
                                                                                                               clum, spring vegetable, three bean, eggplant, etc.       located in Hartsdale.
                                                                                                               For dessert, definitely a refreshing, beautifully dis-        Learn more about this expert business at
                                                                                                               played fresh fruit platter with all the summer fruits    www.zoomnia.com/MortonWilliamsCatering
                                                                                                               and berries and a “themed” cupcake platter. Today,       Events
                                                                                                               cupcakes have been taken to a new level and we

                                                                                                                  We need several tall evergreen trees to provide privacy in our yard in New
                                                                                                               Rochelle. What do you recommend and what is the cost, planted?
                                                                                                                                                                 - anonymous, New Rochelle

                                                                        Last week’s solution                   answer
                                                                                                               from Land Masters                                        hemlock to create a natural look. It all
                                                                                                                    There are several choices that come to              depends on your space.
                                                                                                               mind. Without knowing the amount of shade                     Land Masters is a Design/Build firm
                                                                                                               or the soil conditions, my first choice would            serving NYC, Westchester and Fairfield.
         View your favorite                                                                                    be hemlock. These are beautiful trees and
                                                                                                               lush green in color. They stay full all year
                                                                                                                                                                        We have many years of experience and
                                                                                                                                                                        offer a great value to our clients. We can

      newspaper online ...                                                                                     long and take some shade as well. They tend
                                                                                                               to be pricier due to their slower growth, but
                                                                                                                                                                        complete a whole makeover or add a Koi
                                                                                                                                                                        pond, fire pit, or pergola. Landscape trees,
                                                                                                               are the perfect choice. On the lower end,                plants and flowers are the strong part of
                     log on to                                                                                 many people choose the white pine. They are
                                                                                                               very low in price but will require much more
                                                                                                                                                                        our designs. We also design outdoor
                                                                                                                                                                        kitchens, driveway entrances, backyard

   risingmediagroup.com                                                                                        in maintenance to keep them tight.
                                                                                                                    I would be pleased to come by and look
                                                                                                                                                                        play areas and even tree houses.
                                                                                                                                                                             Land Masters serves Westchester.
                                                                                                               at your situation firsthand. Often, I like to use             Learn more about this expert business
                                                                                                               a combination of spruce, concolor fir and                at www.zoomnia.com/LandMasters

                           Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor:                                          ly as to year. Also, I don’t totally trust my own
                                                                                                                                          Letter to the Editor
     One of Rye’s most spectacular and, to us         recall of the theater’s exact location, but think it
kids, important fires occurred in the early 50’s      was on the site, adjacent to the Rye Free               Dear Editor:                                              are growing.
when the movie theater, then located at the           Reading Room where, later, a Grand Union                     As New York’s jobs melt away and its                      These cuts will compound another ongo-
Milton Road end of Purchase Street, went              stood. Yes? No?                                         need for health care grows, the Obama                     ing crisis: chronic under-funding of nursing
down. My dad and I left our house on Newberry              I welcome your own memories of this                Administration has proposed cutting New                   homes by state Medicaid rates. Providing
Place and went down to see the blaze - a              event.                                                  Yorkers’ nursing home benefits by some $75                skilled nursing care will cost more. Promising
moment I remember vividly. But a friend of                                                                    million in just the first year. That’s the wrong          quality improvement programs will be threat-
mine and I have differing memories of that            Regards,                                                prescription for New York’s economic and                  ened. In the end, our ability to care for New
event, and I’d welcome clarification, particular-     Christopher Lowell, Colorado Springs                    health care ailments.                                     York’s oldest, sickest seniors will diminish.
                                                                                                                   The idea of slashing New Yorkers’ nursing                 Cuts to care and jobs? Our seniors deserve
                                                                                                              home benefits under Medicare Part A originat-             better. So do our workers. President Obama,
                           Letter to the Editor                                                               ed with the Bush Administration. It seems
                                                                                                              inconsistent with President Obama’s core poli-
                                                                                                                                                                        please reconsider.

Dear Editor:                                          cials can be influenced by political action com-        cy goals: job creation and health care reform.            Sincerely,
     It seems that government is becoming             mittees, lobbyists and other forces which have               These workers are the key caregivers in
more involved in moral issues, the latest being       means not available to the average citizen.             our nursing homes. They measurably improve                Richard J. Herrick, president & CEO
same sex marriage. There are other moral                   By putting more matters to the electorate,         care for a population whose numbers and needs             New York State Health Facilities Association
issues the government has become involved             we can increase the power of the electorate
with.                                                 while diminishing the power of the influence
     We do not need government to dictate
morality to us. We have others much more
                                                      peddlers. Remember, government governs best
                                                      when it governs least.                                                        Shaken Baby Syndrome
qualified to do this. This applies to all levels of
government. More of these matters should be           Sincerely,                                             By Ann Muro                                                brain tissue is exceptionally fragile.
put to the electorate instead of the legal route.     George Imburgia, New Rochelle                               In our last Exchange Club article we dis-                   Head trauma is the leading cause of dis-
We must keep in mind that government offi-                                                                   cussed Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and what hap-                ability among abused infants and children.
                                                                                                             pens when a woman drinks alcohol during preg-              Although Shaken Baby Syndrome occurs most
                                                                                                             nancy. As part of our ongoing educational pro-             frequently in infants younger than six months
    Mystery Shoppers
                                                      HELP WANTED                                            grams, we will now look at another topic, one
                                                                                                             that, unfortunately, has dominated the media
                                                                                                                                                                        old, it can occur up to the age of three. Although
                                                                                                                                                                        often there are no obvious outward signs of
 Earn up to 100 Per day.                 Currently seeking payroll clerks and                                lately, along with many other horrific incidents           inside injury, particularly behind the head or
 Under cover shoppers                    accountants. Job comes with great                                   of child abuse. It is the goal of the Exchange             behind the eyes, in reality, shaking a baby, if
 needed two judge retail                  benefits. Applicants should kindly                                 Club Foundation to educate as many parents,                only for a few seconds, can injury a baby for
 and dining establish-                                                                                       relatives, caregivers and babysitters as possible          life.
 ments. Experienced not                    e-mail resumes or inquiries to                                    about Shaken Baby Syndrome.                                      These injuries can include brain swelling
 required.                                     Guiseppina Cavaliere.                                              The very mention of the word “baby” sug-              and damage, cerebral palsy, mental retardation,
       877-766-9507                          Guiseppinainc@gmail.com                                         gests warm feelings and tender moments.                    developmental delays, blindness, hearing loss,
                                                                                                             Babies are dependent on their parents and other            paralysis and death. When a child is shaken in
                                                                                                             caregivers to live and care for them. However,             anger and frustration, the force is multiplied
                                                                                                             there is another side to caring for a baby or              five or 10 times more than it would be if the
                                                                                                             small child that isn’t talked about much - the             child had simply tripped and fallen. Parents
                                                                                                             feelings of being frustrated and overwhelmed               may feel that shaking a baby is a harmless way
                                                                                                             by the stresses of day-to-day life.                        to make the child stop crying; other times, chil-
                                                                                                                  Fatigue, family problems, financial strain            dren become victims when a parent or caregiv-
                                                                                                             and overworking, can make someone reach a                  er, not realizing how seriously this behavior can
                                                                                                             breaking point, so much so that a fussy or cry-            harm, throws a small child vigorously in the air,
                                                                                                             ing child might be too much to handle.                     plays too rough or hits an infant too hard in the
                                                                                                             Unfortunately, babies and small children are the           back.
                                                                                                             victims when such feelings of frustration result                 The number one reason a baby is shaken is
                                                                                                             in violent shaking to stop the child from crying.          because of inconsolable crying. Almost 25 per-
                                                                                                             When a baby is vigorously shaken, the head                 cent of babies with Shaken Baby Syndrome die.
                                                                                                             naturally moves back and forth.                            Remember, if you know of someone who
                                                                                                                  This sudden whiplash motion can cause                 shakes a baby either accidently or on purpose,
                                                                                                             bleeding inside the head and increased pressure            call 911 or take the child to the emergency room
                                                                                                             inside the brain, causing the brain to pull apart,         immediately. Immediate medical attention will
                                                                                                             resulting in injury to the baby. This is known as          save the baby from future problems - and possi-
                                                                                                             Shaken Baby Syndrome. A baby’s head and                    bly save the baby’s life. Taking care of a small
                                                                                                             neck are susceptible to head trauma because his            baby is a big job!
                                                                                                             or her muscles are not fully developed and the

                                                                                                             Mentor Appreciation                                        the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
                                                                                                                                                                             In the end the Yanks came up short, but the
                                                                                                             Continued from Page 1                                      youth in attendance didn’t seem to care — espe-
                                                                                                                                                                        cially Abbott House youth Victor, who, after
                                                                                                                 In all, 16 mentors and 20 male and female              being swept up in the excitement of the outing
                                                                                                             youth between ages 9-20 made the trek to the               and a home-run hit from Yankees superstar Alex
                                                                                                             brand new home of the Bronx Bombers to see                 Rodriguez, turned to his mentor and said, “I’m
                                                                                                             the 26-time World Series Champions take on                 living one of my dreams.”

         Seniors and Health Care
     Galef Annouces 2009 Senior Forum                                                                          Social Security Questions and Answers
     Assemblywoman Sandy Galef has                    Fulton        Champlain       Quadricentennial          Question:                                             under age 16 or disabled, and receiving Social
announced her annual Senior Forum, which              Commission, will present information on local                 I think I saw Patty Duke in an ad for Social    Security benefits;
every year brings together over 100 seniors           and statewide Quadricentennial events. Kim              Security. Was that really her?                               Unmarried children under 18, or up to age
from the 90th Assembly District (AD) for an           Sinistore, the director of Westchester Tourism,         Answer:                                               19 if they are attending high school full time.
informative and engaging morning. This year’s         will discuss local Quadricentennial and county                Yes. Patty Duke reprised her roles as           Benefits can be paid to adopted children and,
forum will be held on July 9, from 9 a.m. to 12       events that are being planned, as well as sites in      cousins Patty and Cathy Lane from the hit             under certain circumstances, to stepchildren, or
p.m., at Cortlandt Town Hall, located at 1            Westchester County that are exciting for sen-           1960’s sitcom “The Patty Duke Show” for a             grandchildren;
Heady St. in Cortlandt Manor, and is also being       iors to visit. Valerie Hickman, director of the         series of television, radio, print and Internet ads          Children at any age who were disabled
sponsored by Hudson Valley Hospital Center.           Putnam County Visitors Bureau, will be dis-             to promote retiring online. You can complete the      before age 22 and remain disabled; and
     The theme for this year’s Galef Forum is         cussing information on Putnam’s tourism sites           new online application in as little as 15 minutes.           Dependent parents age 62 or older.
“Let’s Enjoy the Hudson Valley as We                  and Quadricentennial events occurring in                And filing online means there’s no need to drive           Even if you are divorced, you still may
Celebrate the Quadricentennial,” a day to learn       Putnam County. John Dennehey, senior planner            to a local Social Security office or wait for an      qualify for survivors’ benefits from a deceased
about tourism opportunities in and around the         for the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the            appointment with a Social Security representa-        spouse. For more information, visit
Westchester and Putnam communities such as            Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area,             tive. If you want to retire online, go to             www.socialsecurity.gov.
historical sites and places that are fun for the      will present regional information on the area’s         www.socialsecurity.gov and click on “Applying         Question:
whole family, with a special focus on local           historical sites.                                       Online for Retirement Benefits.” To see the                I’m 72 and get Social Security. Is it true
Quadricentennial events occurring throughout               Lastly, Dr. Gary Phillips, a board certified       video public service announcements featuring          that I no longer need to take mandatory IRA
the summer and fall. Much of the 90th AD is           endocrinologist at Hudson Valley Hospital               Patty Duke, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/patty        withdrawals?
located along the Hudson River, giving many           Center, will discuss “Healthy Living with               duke.                                                 Answer:
communities in Galef’s district a special con-        Diabetes” and “Ways to Prevent Diabetes.”               Question:                                                  For 2009, yes. Mandatory withdrawals
nection to the Quadricentennial, the celebration           The event is co-sponsored by Bethel                      When a person who has worked and paid           from certain retirement accounts have been
of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s            Homes and Services, Briarcliff Manor Seniors,           Social Security taxes dies, who is eligible for       waived for tax year 2009. Usually, anyone age
historic voyage up the river that is now named        Buchanan Senior Citizen Club, Cold Spring               survivors’ benefits?                                  70 1/2 or older is required to withdraw funds
after him.                                            Senior Nutrition Center, Cortlandt Seniors,             Answer:                                               from their retirement plans each year, even if the
     “It’s a great time to get out and enjoy all      Crompond Seniors, Croton Senior Citizens,                     Social Security survivors’ benefits can be      money isn’t needed. These plans include
the Hudson Valley has to offer,” Galef said.          Drum Hill Senior Living, Nor-Cort Seniors,              paid to:                                              401(k)s, 403(b)s, some 457(b)s as well as IRAs
“While this is a difficult economic time, there       Ossining Golden Age Club #1, Ossining Senior                    A widow or widower: full benefits at full     and IRA-based plans such as Simple IRAs and
are places to visit and things to do all summer       Center, Ossining Senior Citizens, Peekskill             retirement age, or reduced benefits as early as       SEPs. However, The Worker, Retiree and
long in the area for little or no cost. Going out     Senior Citizen’s Club, Philipstown Senior               age 60;                                               Employer Recovery Act of 2008 waives the
and visiting new places, trying new restaurants,      Citizens, Putnam County AARP Chapter 1183,                      A disabled widow or widower: as early as      requirement to withdraw funds in 2009. To learn
this is entertainment that is affordable and at       Putnam County Office of the Aging, Putnam               age 50;                                               more, visit www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/n-09-
the same time you can support the local econo-        Valley Seniors, Verplanck Seniors and                            A widow or widower at any age if he or       09.pdf.
my.”                                                  Westchester County Department of Senior                 she takes care of the deceased’s child who is
     The morning begins with a breakfast pro-         Programs and Services.
vided by Hudson Valley Hospital Center, fol-               For more information or directions, con-
lowed by storyteller Jonathan Kruk who will
present a short story of the journey that Henry
                                                      tact Sara Rubin in Galef’s district office at 914-
                                                      914-941-1111               or              e-mail        Sizzling Summer Seniors Savings Event
Hudson faced. Following Kruk, Barbara                 rubins@assembly.state.ny.us.
Fratianni, assistant director of the Hudson-
                                                                                                                    The Harrison Chamber of Commerce is                     Casa d’ Italia Deli, located at 265
                                                                                                              delighted to announce their first-time Sizzling       Halstead Ave., 10 percent off any purchase on
                                                                                                              Summer Senior Savings Event. Now through              Wednesdays;
  Summer Reading Programs for Adults                                                                          August 31, senior residents ages 55 years and
                                                                                                              up will be able to save some cool cash over the
                                                                                                                                                                           Greetings & Salutations, located at 255
                                                                                                                                                                    Halstead Ave., 10 percent off regular priced
                                                                                                              hot summer while shopping and/or dining in            merchandise on Wednesdays;
      Mamaroneck Library’s first Adult Summer         ting class. Bring your own ball of yarn and knit-       Harrison at any participating merchant.                      Harrison Brides & Babies, Inc, located at
Reading Program begins June 1and runs                 ting needles.                                                 Because of the economic crunch, many            49 Purdy St., 10 percent off in-store items only
through August 31. Pick up your reading log at             This summer’s book discussion for adults           senior residents are getting hit the hardest due to   on Wednesdays;
the library’s temporary location at 102               is scheduled for Thursday, July 9, from 6 to            living on fixed incomes; it was with this in mind            Masterpiece Art Framing, located at 247
Mamaroneck Ave., one door up from Boston              7:30 p.m. The book is “The Soloist: A Lost              that president and CEO of the Harrison                Halstead Ave., 15 percent off regular-priced
Post Road. The reading log can be used to list        Dream, An Unlikely Friendship, and the                  Chamber of Commerce, Ada Angarano asked               merchandise, daily;
all the books you read or listen to this summer.      Redemptive Power of Music,” by Steve Lopez.             several chamber merchants to help. After a tip               New York Dance, located at 222 Harrison
For each book read, patrons will receive a raffle     This is the book upon which the movie, “The             from a senior citizen that they could use it most,    Ave., 10 percent off regular-priced merchan-
ticket for a chance to win a “Book Lover’s            Soloist,” is based.                                     it was unanimously decided to give seniors a          dise, daily;
Basket” in a drawing to be held on September               Patrons will also have the opportunity to          break this summer by offering a Sizzling                      Quiznos Restaurant, located at 273
1.                                                    write book reviews about the books they read            Summer Senior Discount Event so they could            Halstead Ave., 20 percent off any “Combo
      This summer’s theme is “Be Creative.” In        this summer. The book reviews will be dis-              still enjoy eating out and making new purchas-        Meals,” daily
keeping with the theme, the library is sponsor-       played in the library.                                  es without feeling that economic crunch in their             Re’ Aldo Restaurant & Pizzeria, located
ing two craft programs. On Thursday, June 18,              Call 914-698-1250, ext. 28, to register.           wallets.                                              at 125 Halstead Ave., 10 percent off entire lunch
from 6 to 7:30 p.m., the public is invited to         Space is limited.                                             Participating merchants include:                or dinner tab, daily (dine-in only); and
make personalized note cards. On Thursday,                 This program is sponsored in conjunction                    Berthas European Spa, located at 68                 Uncle Henrys Restaurant, located at 309-
August 6, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., take a basic knit-     with the New York State Library Association.            Halstead Ave.: 20 percent off any ‘In-Salon’          311 Halstead Ave.,10 percent off entire lunch or
                                                                                                              treatment, daily;                                     dinner tab, daily (dine-in only)

Facebook Four                                         individuals to continue to be employed by the
                                                      town is a betrayal of that trust.”
Continued from Page 1                                       “In my opinion, Harrison’s reputation has                    Town of Eastchester
                                                      been seriously damaged by the actions of a few
Joseph Cannella and Thomas Scappaticci vot-
ing yes and Democrats, Councilman Pat Vetere
                                                      employees. They exposed themselves with their
                                                      Facebook postings as sexist, racist, careless,
                                                                                                                 Senior Citizen Programs and Services
and Walsh voting no.                                  vindictive, self-absorbed and stupid, and have
      While Walsh’s comments on the Facebook          brought disgrace upon themselves and on our                        The Center at Lake Isle                    Thursday, June 25
Four have varied, she has been on target              town.”                                                  Monday, June 22                                            9:15 Country Western Dancing with Pat
throughout, showing fairness and restraint                  But the three Republicans on the Town                 9:30 Line Dancing with Theresa Kover and                   MacLeod
despite being one of their victims. In May,           Board would not vote for the firings of the offi-                Pat MacLeod                                       10:00 Yiddish Class
Walsh called for the Facebook Four to be fired.       cers.                                                       12:15 Exercise with Forme Rehabilitation               12:30 Pokeno and Cards
This view was shared by many in Harrison who                After the vote and the punishment, Walsh                    Physical Therapist                               12:30 Intermediate Computer Lessons with
were outraged and embarrassed by the com-             called on Harrison to move on.                              12:30 Intermediate Computer Lessons with                   Vincent Antonelli
ments.                                                      “The decision of the majority of the Town                   Vincent Antonelli                                12:30 Knitting Class with Patricia Dorgan
      At the May 21 Town Board meeting, Walsh         Board on Thursday, June 4, regarding the three              1:15 Bob Moynihan, Musical Memories,                   12:30 Hot Topics, Discussion
said, “In my opinion all four should be immedi-       suspended police officers and the code enforce-                  CDs and DVDs                                 Friday, June 26
ately suspended without pay and that ultimately       ment officer must be accepted. That is the way              Cards Daily                                            8:30 Exercise with Patricia Aurrichio
all four should be fired.”                            a democracy operates. Pat Vetere and I did not          Tuesday, June 23                                           9:30 Lite Exercise with Mary Ann Scrobe
      “Some people ask why I am so insistent          agree with the settlement terms, so voted                   8:30 Early Bird Aerobics, Video                        10:45 Gilda Press, Information and
that they be fired. It is the whole mindset that is   against them. But, we live in a democracy, and              9:30 Exercise with Paige Brodsky                           Conversation
revealed in their comments. This was not just         in a democracy, majority rules. The settlement              12:30 Trip Committee                                   11:00 Financial Focus with Dawn Donato
one incident after a night of partying. It is a       terms stand. Now, we must move on.”                         12:30 Bridge and Cards                                 12:30 Chair Yoga with Louise Fecher
months-long commentary that revealed their            “It is just a fact of life that people will be watch-       12:30 Beginners Computer with                          12:30 Bridge and Cards
true feelings about people of other races and         ing our police officers, and quick to note any-                   Vincent Antonelli                                The Senior Center at Lake Isle is located at
their attitude towards women. These are not           thing they consider biased or unfair. I state here          12:30 Guest Speakers & Special Interest           660 White Plains Rd. in Eastchester. For more
men we want representing Harrison.”                   and now that the majority of our officers are                     Programs                                    information or transportation, call 914-337-
      “Every time these individuals act in their      fine, upstanding individuals, officers we can be            12:30 Annual Senior Day at Lake Isle,             0390.
official capacities as town officials, they impact    proud of, that we can rely on. Let us not tarnish                Tenor Salvatore Chiarelli, Opera and
other people’s lives. Our duty as elected offi-       all of them with the actions of a few. They are                  Timeless Treasure for Everyone and                     Garth Road Senior Center
cials is to ensure that every man, woman and          individuals, just as we are, and deserve to be                   Celebration of June Birthdays                Wednesday, June 24
child in Harrison is treated the same irrespec-       judged on their own actions, not that of others,”       Wednesday, June 24                                         11:30 Hot Lunch Available, Reservations
tive of race, color or creed. To allow these four     Walsh said.                                                 9:30 Tap Dancing with Paula Tarrantino                       Required
                                                                                                                  9:30 Drawing with Stephanie Rocker                     12:15 Jane Rose, Let’s Imagine
                                                                                                                  10:15 Council Officers Meeting                         1:15 Abe Landau, Medicare Update
RCDS Student                                          service.
                                                           On the athletic field, Goettisheim earned
                                                                                                                  10:45 Choral Group Entertains at Marion                2:00 “Let’s Get Moving!” Exercise with
                                                                                                                        Woods - Hartsdale                                     Forme Rehabilitation
Continued from Page 1                                 two varsity field hockey letters and four varsi-
                                                                                                                  12:15 Open Membership Council Meeting             Friday, June 26
                                                      ty lacrosse letters. This spring, she was named
                                                                                                                  12:00 Abe Landau, Medicare Update                      11:30 Exercise with Inga, Sponsored by
included four honors and seven Advanced               to the Fairchester Athletic Association All-
                                                                                                                  12:30 Mahjong with Miriam Roschell                           Senator Jeff Klein
Placement courses. Her teachers describe her          League Girls’ Lacrosse Team. Goettisheim also
                                                                                                                  12:30 Art Class with Betty Uses                        12:30 Pot Luck Picnic
as a highly motivated, engaged and passionate         served as the RCDS lacrosse team’s co-captain,
                                                                                                                  12:30 Beginners Computer Lessons with                  2:00 Virgil Scott Duo Perform - Big Band Era
student who is genuinely interested in learning.      and she received the Coaches’ Award for her
                                                                                                                        Vincent Antonelli                                The Garth Road Senior Center is located at
     At the end of her junior year, she received      dedication, commitment and enthusiastic lead-
                                                                                                                  1:00 Exercise with Evey Riccobono                 235 Garth Rd. in Scarsdale. The center will be
the Brown University Book Award. In addition,         ership.
                                                                                                                  1:45 Bob Moynihan, Musical Memories,              closing for the summer and will reopen on
for the past two years, Goettisheim has                    Next fall Goettisheim will attend Tufts
                                                                                                                        CDs and DVDs                                Wednesday, September 9. Best wishes for a safe
received a Founder’s Award magna cum laude            University.
                                                                                                                                                                    and healthy summer.
for completing over 100 hours of community

Espada Switches Parties                               whispering that it was sent as a message to
                                                      Espada to re-join the Democrats. He coyly
Continued from Page 1                                 answered that his Bronx co-op, “is fully furnished
                                                      and I live there.”                                        View your favorite newspaper online
with the pork coming his way from Smith and                Neighbors of Espada Mamaroneck are get-
Governor David Paterson and less about ideolo-        ting fed up with the media spotlight directed
     Espada’s Mamaroneck home was burglar-
                                                      towards their quiet community. “If the attorney
                                                      general wants to find out if his family is living
                                                                                                                   ... log on to risingmediagroup.com
ized last week. The burglary was strange in this      here, just come talk to us,” said one resident.
swank Mamaroneck neighborhood, with some

  Rising Media Group Awarded!                                                                                        Diversity Fellows Named
             Harrison HS Band Shows Importance                                                                   at Westchester Community College
                 of Community Newspapers                                                                        As part of Westchester Community College’s         Professor Dr. Melissa Acevedo are co-directors of
                                                                                                          “Year of Diversity,” the institution has created the     the fellowship program named after the college’s
                                                                                                          Dr. Ford Teaching Fellowship Program, an initia-         former vice president, director of student services.
    Rising Media Group is proud to report that       ty newspaper, and we thank the Harrison High
                                                                                                          tive to further diversify the faculty. Under this fel-   The first cohort of fellows who will be participat-
we recently received a Media Award for our           School Band for giving us the opportunity to
                                                                                                          lowship program, fellows will serve as members of        ing in the fellowship program in the fall are:
coverage of the Harrison High School Band.           report upon their significant achievements. Let
                                                                                                          the adjunct faculty in addition to receiving mentor-          George Keteku (Hartsdale); Tanae Franklin
While the award is greatly appreciated, most         us offer the same to any community organiza-         ing and training from current full-time faculty          (New Rochelle); Juan Soria (Sleepy Hollow);
importantly it shows the profound importance         tion, church, children’s or seniors’ group, etc.;    members. The Dr. Julius Ford Teaching Fellowship         Dexter Gittens (Norwalk, Conn.); Maria Kurthy-
of community newspapers, and how through             send us information about the great things hap-      Program has been created to promote individuals          Sanger (Harrison); John Watkins (Congers); Nancy
our papers’ pages we can effectively highlight       pening in your neighborhood!                         from talented, under-represented groups in their         Lopes (Nyack); and Valerie Mathews (Upper
the wonderful accomplishments of outstanding                                                              advancement in academia.                                 Nyack).
local groups, such as the band’s.                    Dan Murphy, Editor in Chief                                Professor Donald Whitely and Assistant
   Quite simply, this is our role as a communi-      Nick Sprayregen, Publisher

                                                                                                            Newest Edition of ‘The Old Farmer’s
Strike up the Band and Dole Out the Awards!                                                                 Almanac for Kids’ Set for July Release
       Harrison Band Members Receive Recognition                                                                “The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids,”                     The interactive projects related to some fea-
      The Harrison High School (HHS) Band            applause from peers and parents.                     Volume 3, will be released in July, just in time to      ture articles will get creative juices flowing and
has made headlines again; this time with its              The Do-Re-Mi presentations followed             provide some summer fun! School will be out, but         encourage kids to have fun getting their hands dirty.
                                                                                                          imagination and curiosity won’t take a vacation          This edition’s projects include using a magnet to
equivalent of the Oscar, Tony, Emmy and              with seniors Matthew Crozier, Katie
                                                                                                          with “The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids” in              see the iron in iron-fortified cereal, making a wind
Grammy Awards all rolled into one! One hun-          Markowitz, Thomas Blake, Jackie Morgen,
                                                                                                          hand. This edition’s 187 easy-to-read pages are          chime, growing a sunflower tower and growing
dred and fifty students were recognized at the       Michele Carpiniello and Brittany O’Donnell
                                                                                                          filled with riveting stories, fascinating articles,      plants under glass.
band’s annual Year-End Barbeque and Awards           receiving scholarships.                              engaging games and interactive projects.                       The “Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids Web”
Ceremony on June 4, at the Armonk Tennis                  These exemplary students contributed a                Sporting a vibrant, full-color design, “The Old    site, Almanac4kids.com, is a wonderful comple-
Club in Armonk, leaving no good deed unac-           tremendous amount to the band in technique,          Farmer’s Almanac for Kids” shares the same               ment to the book. It features a free Activity Guide
knowledged. Invited to this special event were       time and talent during their four years of serv-     informative yet quirky personality as its cherished      with more than 100 projects, games and ideas that
representatives from the press - most notably        ice.                                                 parent publication, “The Old Farmer’s Almanac.”          will provide endless entertainment and learning
Daniel J. Murphy, editor-in-chief for Rising              Crozier, trombonist, led his section adept-     It also includes many of the topics Almanac readers      throughout the summer and the school year. With
Media Group, LLC - students, parents, teachers       ly while taking on many challenging and              love, such as weather, astronomy, nature, animals,       articles in the Almanac as inspiration, kids can
and the HHS Band Parent Association                  ensemble-enhancing solos. He has consistently        food, health and amusements.                             comment online, as well as share ideas and photos,
Executive Board members.                             been recognized for his musicianship by the                This highly anticipated brand-new edition of       compare projects, send e-cards to friends and fam-
      The celebration of a great year for the        New York State School Music Association              “The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids” will be              ily, check out the “Old Farmer’s Almanac’s” Web
HHS Band included a buffet provided by               (NYSSMA), and has played in the All-State            available throughout the United States and Canada        cams, submit ideas for stories and much more.
Pilone’s Meateria (of West Harrison), and an         Band for two years, Area All State for one year,     for just $9.95 at retail stores and in the children’s          Folks who cannot find “The Old Farmer’s
awards ceremony for band participants and Do-        and All County for four years.                       section of bookstores.                                   Almanac for Kids,” Volume 3, in retail stores or in
Re-Mi scholarship recipients. Do-Re-Mi is a               Markowitz’ four years in the band were                Kids of all ages who have a thirst for knowl-      the children’s sections of bookstores can order indi-
501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in 2005        recognized especially for her unwavering assis-      edge and a hunger for trivia will love reading tid-      vidual copies at Almanac.com or by calling 800-
to give a scholarship to one outstanding senior      tance and willingness to do whatever it took to      bits like these, found in some of “The Old Farmer’s      223-3166.
who has made music an important part of              support band performances and activities.            Almanac for Kids’” feature articles
his/her life. The organization has grown fiscal-          Blake, actor/singer/drum major/baritone
ly since then, which has enabled its board to
award scholarships to numerous deserving sen-
                                                     saxophonist extraordinaire showed his commit-
                                                     ment through countless hours of dedication and
                                                                                                                                               ‘A Real Man’
iors.                                                leadership as drum major.                                                                   By Edgar Guest
      “I believe this is proof that print media is        Morgen, drum major and French horn
alive and well and thriving in local communi-        player, proved that great musicianship, person-             Men are of two kinds, and he                        What speech he had was plain and blunt.
ties!” proffered Murphy when he was presented        ality and serious study all engender peer-to-               Was of the kind I’d like to be.                           His was an unattractive front.
his plaque for the tremendous support Rising         peer respect and admiration. She recently con-          Some preach their virtues, and a few                      Yet children loved him; babe and boy
Media Group, LLC has shown the band                  ducted a band piece in the spring concert with           Express their lives by what they do.                   Played with the strength he could employ,
throughout the school year. “This is an honor,”      the skill of a professional.                             That sort was he. No flowery phrase                       Without one fear, and they are fleet
he told the Band Parent Association members,              Carpiniello, whose winning smile and                 Or glibly spoken words of praise                            To sense injustice and deceit.
“and we thank you for your submissions this          vivacious leadership of the Majorettes led the          Won friends for him. He wasn’t cheap                      No back door gossip linked his name
                                                                                                              Or shallow, but his course ran deep,                         With any shady tale of shame.
year, which kept us informed of the band’s out-      fray with professionalism, grace and confi-
                                                                                                             And it was pure. You know the kind.                          He did not have to compromise
standing accomplishments and activities.”            dence, instilled the same enthusiasm in her col-
                                                                                                                  Not many in a life you find                            With evil-doers, shrewd and wise,
Rising Media Group, LLC and its Harrison             leagues.
                                                                                                             Whose deeds outrun their words so far                      And let them ply their vicious trade
Rising published five different articles in the           O’Donnell was recognized for her four             That more than what they seem they are.                       Because of some past escapade.
‘08/’09 season, keeping Westchester residents        years of dedication and leadership for the
informed of the exceptional work and dedica-         development of an outstanding and award-win-             There are two kinds of lies as well:                          Men are of two kinds, and he
tion of these young musicians and their leaders.     ning color guard auxiliary.                              The kind you live, the ones you tell.                        Was of the kind I’d like to be.
      Dr. Ferdinand Pasqua and Mr. Charles                “We recognize these students because they         Back through his years from age to youth                     No door at which he ever knocked
Briem, co-directors of the HHS Band, present-        are precious to us; they are the future of our               He never acted one untruth.                           Against his manly form was locked.
ed the numerous special awards to outstanding        community, who march proudly as they repre-                Out in the open light he fought                            If ever man on earth was free
band members in the following categories:            sent our schools,” stated Pasqua. “Right now             And didn’t care what others thought                            And independent, it was he.
John Phillip Souza Award, All-State Participant      they are the exception rather than the norm, but          Nor what they said about his fight                       No broken pledge lost him respect,
Award, Section Leader’s Awards, Outstanding          we hope that someday all students will realize             If he believed that he was right.                         He met all men with head erect,
Musician, Outstanding Jazz Soloist, Best             the importance of a unified effort toward a                   The only deeds he ever hid                          And when he passed, I think there went
Percussionist and Best Band Soloist. Students        higher goal; the band is the catalyst for that            Were acts of kindness that he did.                            A soul to yonder firmament
Brian Jacobowitz and Allison Jones received          important life lesson at Harrison High School.”                                                                     So white, so splendid and so fine
recognition for their work in musical composi-            For information on how you can help the                                                                         It came almost to God’s design.
tion and leadership respectively. Each band          Do-Re-Mi fund support more students’ college        Notice of formation of CJ              Notice of Formation of                       Legal Notice
member, however, was recognized for his/her          endeavors, or to learn more about the Harrison      ADVANTAGE LLC Arts. Of                 SAUGERTIES ONE LLC                    Notice is hereby given
participation with grade-specific gifts; every       High School Band, contact Dr. Pasqua at 914-        Org. filed with the Sect’y of          Arts. Of Org. filed with the          that a license, number
name on the roll was called to resounding            630-3111.                                           State of NY (SSNY) on                  Sect’y of State of NY                 1214128 for On-Premises
                                                                                                         4/22/2009 Office location,             (SSNY) on 5/8/2009 Office
                                                                                                                                                                                      Liquor has been applied
  AW OAKWOOD, LLC                  Notice of formation of CJ          Notice of Formation of a           County of Westchester.                 location,    county       of
                                                                                                                                                Westchester. The street               for by the undersigned to
                                   ADVANTAGE LLC Arts.                Limited Liability Company          The street address is:
Notice of formation of AW                                                                                none. SSNY has been des-               address is: none. SSNY                sell liquor at retail in a
                                   Of Org. filed with the             (LLC). Name: Grande
OAKWOOD. LLC Arts. Of                                                                                    ignated as agent of the LLC            has been designated as                restaurant under the
                                   Sect’y of State of NY              Naturals, LLC, Articles of
Org. filed with the Sect’y of                                                                            upon      whom      process            agent of the LLC upon                 Alcoholic       Beverage
                                   (SSNY) on 4/22/2009                Organization filed with the                                               whom process against it
State of NY (SSNY) on                                                                                    against it may be served.                                                    Control Law at 2250
3/18/2009 Office location,         Office location, County of         secretary of state of New                                                 may be served. SSNY shall
                                                                                                         SSNY shall mail process                                                      Central Park Avenue,
County of Westchester.             Westchester. The street            York (SSNY) n 5/21/2009.           served to: c/o Ochs &                  mail process served to: c/o           Yonkers, NY 10710.
The street address is:             address is: none. SSNY             Office             location:       Goldberg, LLP, 60 East                 The Delorio Law Firm, LLP,            Westchester County for
none. SSNY has been des-           has been designated as             Westchester         County.        42nd Street-Suite 2101,                800 Westchester Avenue,
                                                                                                                                                                                      on premises consump-
ignated as agent of the LLC        agent of the LLC upon              SSNY has been designat-            New York, NY 10165.                    Suite S-608, Rye Brook,
                                                                                                                                                NY 10573. Purpose: any                tion. Hartsdale Garden
upon      whom      process        whom process against it            ed as agent of the LLC             Purpose: any lawful act.
                                                                                                                                                lawful act.                           Chinese Restaurant Inc.
against it may be served.          may be served. SSNY                upon whom process                  Mitchell D. Goldberg, Esq.,
SSNY shall mail process                                                                                                                         #5794 (5/29-7/3)                      #6013 6/19-26
                                   shall mail process served          against it may be served,          60 East 42nd Street-Suite
served to: c/o Wormser,            to: c/o Ochs & Goldberg,           SSNY shall mail a copy of          2101, New York, NY                     Notice of Formation of                NOTICE OF FORMATION
Kiely, Galef & Jacobs, LLP,        LLP, 60 East 42nd Street-                                             10165.                                 Crimson Partners LLC                  of DarkSide Dubs, LLC.
                                                                      process to: C/0 Grande
Attn: Stuart Berelson, Esq.,                                                                             #5784 (5/22-6/26)                                                            Article of Organization filed
                                   Suite 2101, New York, NY           Naturals,      LLC,       24                                              Arts. Of Org. filed with the
825 Third Avenue, 25 &                                                                                                                                                                with the Secretary of State
26th Floors, New York, NY          10165. Purpose: any law-           Ridgeview Ave, White               Notice of formation of R&D             Sect’y of State of NY
                                   ful act.                           Plains,     NY       10606.        REALTY MANAGEMENT                      (SSNY) on 5/18/2009                   of NY (SSNY) on 03/03/09.
10022. Purpose: any lawful                                                                                                                                                            Office               location:
act.                               Mitchell D. Goldberg,              Purpose: Any Lawful                CO., LLC Arts. Of Org. filed           Office location, county of
                                                                                                         with the Sect’y of State of                                                  Westchester           County.
(5/1-6/5)           #5558          Esq., 60 East 42nd Street-         Purpose. Latest date                                                      Westchester. The street
                                                                                                         NY (SSNY) on 4/15/2009                                                       SSNY has been designat-
                                   Suite 2101, New York, NY           upon which LLC is to dis-                                                 address is: 4 Longledge               ed as agent upon whom
                                   10165.                             solve: No specific date.           Office location, County of             Drive, Rye Brook, NY
                                                                                                         Westchester. The street                                                      process against it may be
                                   #5784 (5/22-6/26)                  #6010 6/19-7/24                                                           10573. SSNY has been                  served. SSNY shall mail a
                                                                                                         address        is:      234
                                                                                                                                                designated as agent of                copy of any process
Notice of formation of                                                                                   Westchester Avenue, Port
                                                                                                         Chester, NY 10573. SSNY                the LLC upon whom                     against the LLC served
Limited Liability Company/         Notice of formation of             GGH SECURITIES, LLC                                                       process against it may be             upon him is 12 Scenic Dr.
Partnership       (LLC/LLP)        REBERT SALES LLC,                  Notice of formation of             has been designated as
                                                                                                         agent of the LLC upon                  served. SSNY shall mail               Apt E, Croton-On-Hudson,
NETTYUS LLC. Articles of           Arts. Of Org. filed with           GGH Securities, LLC Arts.                                                                                       NY 10520. Purpose: Any
Organization filed with the                                           Of Org. filed with the             whom process against it                process served to: The
                                   the Sect’y of State of NY                                                                                    LLC, 4 Longledge Drive,               lawful act or activity.
Secretary of State of New                                             Sect’y of State of NY              may be served. SSNY shall
                                   (SSNY) on 5/18/2009                                                   mail process served to: The                                                  #6016 6/19-7/24
York on April 02,2009. N.Y.                                           (SSNY) on 4-27-2009                                                       Rye Brook, NY 10573.
                                   Office location, County            Office location, County of         LLC, 234 Westchester                   Purpose: any lawful act.
office location: Westchester                                                                                                                                                          Notice of formation of
County. SSNY has been              of Westchester. The                Westchester. The street            Avenue, Port Chester, NY               #5793 (5/29-7/3)                      WPS MARKETING AND
designated as an agent             Street address is: 7               address       is:    3010          10573. Purpose: any lawful
                                                                                                                                               Notice of formation of                 CONSULTING, LLC Arts.
upon      whom      process        Ramapo Trail, Harrison,            Westchester       Avenue,          act.
                                                                      Purchase, NY 10577.                #5785 (5/22-6/26)                     GUARDIAN ADVOCATE                      Of Org. filed with the
against it may be served.          NY 10528.. SSNY has
The Post Office address to                                            SSNY has been designat-                                                  GROUP LLC Arts. Of Org.                Sect’y of State of NY
                                   been designated as                                                    Notice of formation of
which the SSNY shall mail                                             ed as agent of the LLC                                                   filed with the Sect’y of State         (SSNY) on 5/14/2009
                                   agent of the LLC upon                                                 HEART IN HAND CARE-
a copy of any process                                                 upon whom process                                                        of NY (SSNY) on 5/8/2009               Office location, County of
                                   whom process against it            against it may be served.          GIVERS LLC Arts. Of
against the LLC served                                                                                                                         Office location, County of             Westchester. The Street
                                   may be served. SSNY                SSNY shall mail process            Org.filed with the Sect’y of
upon him/her is: C/O KVB                                                                                                                       Westchester. The street                address is: 40 Turner
PARTNERS          INC    60        shall   mail     process           served to: c/o C T                 State of NY (SSNY) on                 address is: 105 South
                                                                                                         5/5/2009 Office Location,                                                    Lane, Mount Kisco, NY
BROAD STREET SUITE                 served to: Rebert Sales            Corporation System, 111                                                  Bedford Road, Mt. Kisco,
                                                                      Eighth Avenue, New York,           County of Westchester.                                                       10549. SSNY has been
3502 NEW YORK, NY                  LLC, 7 Ramapo Trail,                                                                                        NY 10549. SSNY has been
                                                                      NY 10011. Purpose: any             The street address is:                                                       designated as agent of
10004. The principal busi-         Harrison, NY 10528.                                                                                         designated as agent of the
ness address of the LLC is:                                           lawful act.                        none. SSNY has been des-                                                     the LLC upon whom
                                   Purpose: any lawful act.                                                                                    LLC upon whom process
2 RAMAPO CIRCLE HAR-                                                  The name and address of            ignated as agent of the LLC                                                  process against it may be
                                   #6012 6/19-7/24                                                                                             against it may be served.
RISON,        NY     10528.                                           the registered agent upon          upon      whom     process                                                   served. SSNY shall mail
                                                                      whom process shall be                                                    SSNY shall mail process
Purpose of LLC: GREEN                                                                                    against it may be served to:          served to: The LLC, 105                process served to: The
                                                                      served is: C T Corporation         The LLC, PO Box 328,
TECHNOLOGIES.                                                                                                                                  South Bedford Road, Mt.                LLC, 40 Turner Lane,
                                                                      System,      111   Eighth          Somers,       NY     10589.
#5786 5/22-6/26                                                       Avenue, New York, NY                                                     Kisco, NY 10549 Purpose:               Mount Kisco, NY 10549.
                                                                                                         Purpose: any lawful act.              any lawful act.                        Purpose: any lawful act.
                                                                      10011.                             #5781 (5/22-6/26)
                                                                      #5576 (5/15-6/19)                                                        #5784 (5/22-6/26)                      #6011 6/19-7/24
                            FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009 - WESTCHESTER’S MOST INFLUENTIAL NEWSPAPERS - PAGE 9

                                            Who, What, Where & When
                          ANNOUNCEMENTS                                      ing at the rifle range; Women in the Outdoors Day will be held                           LECTURES, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS
      June 24 - Most Holy Trinity Ladies Guild - dinner at Coveleigh         Saturday, from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm; event will include: introductory                July 2 - Teatown Lake Reservation - Adults only event - “First
Club, 7:30 pm cash bar, 8 pm dinner; $37; RSVP; mail check to Mary           hunting and fishing courses for women only. Courses will include:            Thursdays” Discussion Group, 7:30 to 9 pm - Teatown’s monthly
Ann Gorski, 520 Jefferson Ave., Mamaroneck; special evening honor-           turkey hunting instruction and setup, orienteering, a guided interpre-       environmental discussion group continues with rotating, timely topics;
ing Most Holy Trinity parish, celebrate as Father Joseph Irwin is hon-       tive hike, and gun safety and shooting instruction; also instruction in      check the Web site or call the Nature Center for the subject of July’s
ored for 48 years in the priesthood and 20 years in Most Holy Trinity        archery, compass reading and pistol, skeet and flintlock shooting. This      free program; pre-registration required; 914-762-2912, ext. 110; 1600
parish; questions: 917-681-6692.                                             free event is for females ages 13 and above. Memberships for Women           Spring Valley Rd. in Ossining; www.teatown.org; info@teatown.org;
      June 24 - Family Service Society of Yonkers - Residents of all         in the Outdoors will be available for $30 and will include a one-year        free.
ages, including seniors and out-of-school youth, in the Ashburton            subscription for Women in the Outdoors magazine, plus a Sullivan
Avenue area are invited to participate in a four-session leadership          County Long Beards outdoors hat. Anyone registering for the Women                                  LIBRARY PROGRAMS
training workshop. Learn about the greater Ashburton Avenue neigh-           in the Outdoors day by June 12 will receive a free door prize; register:         Thru July 8 - White Plains Public Library - sculptor David
borhood, what is planned for its future and what you can do to make          contact Fran 845-439-3738; information 845- 985-2291, ext. 397;              Hayes exhibits in first-ever multi-generational show with his family;
it a better place to live for you and your family at a series of informa-    2000 Frost Valley Road, Claryville, N.Y.; 845- 985-2291; www.frost           100 Martine Ave., White Plains; information 422-1489.
tion sessions sponsored by the Community for All Ages. The dates for         valley.org.
the leadership training are Tuesday, June 23; Wednesday, June 24;                  Beginning June 29 - The WJCS Autism Family Center - is                                        NATURE PROGRAMS
Tuesday, June 30; and Wednesday, July 1, from 9:30 am to 12 pm at            offering a Therapeutic Social Skills Group for four- and five-year-old             June 19 - Croton Point Nature Center - Croton Point Park,
the Riverfront Public Library,1 Larkin Center, 4th Floor, Yonkers. To        youngsters on the autism spectrum. Starting June 29, the group will          Croton-on-Hudson, 914-862-5297 - Riverlovers Pre-Revival Summer
get information and/or to register contact Johamery Arias at 914-595-        meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4:15 to 5:30 pm for five                Pot Luck 6:30 pm - Join Riverlovers and learn what’s happening on
0495.                                                                        weeks at the Center at 845 North Broadway in White Plains. Children          our natural heritage river, while preparing to celebrate the Clearwater
      June 29 - Relative Caregivers Support Group - Relative care-           will be screened to determine the appropriateness of fit for the group.      Festival, Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21, on a full stomach.
givers and their families are invited to the Kinship Support Center          For more information, contact Norma Litman, LCSW at 914-949-                 Check out Riverlovers at www.riverlovers.org. Meet at the nature cen-
End-of-School-Year Celebration/Family BBQ at the Sprain Ridge                6761, ext. 308, nlitman@wjcs.com or Kari Phillips, LCSW at 914-              ter.
County Park (Picnic Area 2) on June 29, from 10 am to 4 pm. Good             949-6761, ext. 377 or kphillips@wjcs.com.                                          June 20 - Cranberry Lake Preserve - North White Plains , 914-
food, fun games and activities for everyone. Bring a side dish to share.                                                                                  428-1005 - Ruins of New York 1 pm - Join David Steinberg, author
Swimming available for a fee of $6 for adults and $4 for seniors and                                FILM & PLAYS                                          of “Hiking the Road to Ruins” for this program focusing on the aban-
children. Bus transportation is available by reservation on a first-come,         July 12 - Tarrytown Music Hall - “Gone With The Wind;” 13               doned places of lower New York and New Jersey. Following a slide
first-served basis. To RSVP and make bus reservations, contact               Main St., Tarrytown,NY; 877-840-0457 or go to www.tarrytownmu                presentation we’ll visit some of the ruins of the preserve including a
Johamery Arias at 914-595-0495 by Wednesday, June 23. If you are             sichall.org.                                                                 stone chamber and an old quarry.
providing your own transportation, RSVP so there is enough food for                                                                                             June 20 - Lenoir Preserve - Dudley Street, Yonkers, 914-968-
everyone!                                                                                          HOLIDAY PROGRAMS                                       5851 - Dragonflies Galore, 11 am - Join Walter Chadwick as he takes
                                                                                   July 3 - Westchester Philharmonic - celebrates Independence            you through the lifestyle of a dragonfly with a slide presentation.
                        ARTS AND CRAFTS                                      Day with free concert; at Kenisco Dam Plaza, Valhalla; guest conduc-         Following will be hands-on experience learning to identify these
      June-July - Clay Art Center - presents Shanna Fliegel: Artifacts       tor Constantine Kitsopoulos; music includes Sousa’s “Stars & Stripes         amazing creatures at our Dragonfly Pond. A dragonfly craft will end
of Circumstance, a solo exhibition featuring narrative sculpture and         Forever” and “The Star Spangled Banner;” fireworks display follows           this fun program.
drawings by Clay Art Center 2008-09 artist-in-residence Shanna               concert; entertainment begins at 6 pm; Philharmonic takes the stage at             June 20 - Trailside Nature Museum - Ward Pound Ridge
Fliegel. Marking her residency experience, this body of work explores        8 pm; fireworks follow approximately 9:15 pm; admission and park-            Reservation, Cross River, 914-864-7322 - Starway to Heaven 9 pm -
times past and what is yet to come. The exhibit, held in the Choy            ing are free; park opens at 5 pm for picnicking; carpooling suggested;       Join the Westchester Amateur Astronomers in the meadow parking lot
Gallery and Henry’s Project Space, will run from June 27-July 18,            concertgoers should bring lawn chairs or blankets for eating; informa-       for star gazing through telescopes. Weather permitting. Cloud date:
with an opening reception on Saturday, June 27, from 6 to 8 pm.              tion: 914-864-PARK or www.westchestergov.com/parks.                          June 27. Visit them at www.westchesterastronomers.org
Admission is free; 40 Beech Street, Port Chester. Gallery hours are                July 4 - Independence Day - Van Cortlandt Manor, 525 South                   July - Croton Point Nature Museum - at Croton Point Park -
Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment. For                Riverside Ave., Croton-on-Hudson, 10 am to 6 pm, Independence Day            “Nature Nuts” for children ages 2 to 4, learn about the natural world
more information, contact Leigh Taylor Mickelson at leigh@clayart            1809 festivities begin with roar of the cannon, reading of the               this summer; children and their accompanying adults can enjoy out-
center.org or 914-937-2047.                                                  Declaration of Independence; join in parade with costumed residents,         door exploration, nature crafts, storytelling and scavenger hunts; class-
      June-Sept - Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden                  hear speeches, songs, military re-enactors invite one and all to drill and   es will be held in two, one-week sessions: Monday, July 6 through
- following exhibits from Hune 24 to September 19, opening reception         muster; food and beverages available or bring a picnic lunch; $12, $10       Friday, July 10, and Monday, July 13 through Friday, July 17; times
June 27, from 1 to 3 pm; “Zen Stitches” in the Guild Hall; “Where A          seniors, $6 for children 5-17, free for members, 271-8981.                   are 10:30 to 11:30 am or 1:30 to 2:30 pm; Cost for each five day ses-
Buddah Walked” in Hays Gallery; “Akio Ohmori’s World” in Goelet                    July 4 - Independence Day - Washington Irving’s Sunnyside, 89          sions is $100 per child; information or to register, call 862-5297.
Gallery; North Salem; 914-669-5033.                                          West Sunnyside Lane, Tarrytown, 10 am to 6 pm - Independence Day                   July 11 - Teatown Lake Reservation - Butterfly Count, 10 am -
                                                                             1859, full day of live entertainment, dramatic presentations, speeches,      help count butterflies as they alight on flowers or take flight overhead;
                               CAMPS                                         period music, traditional country dancing for all, games, more, bring        this program open to adults and children accompanied by an adult;
      July 7-31 - Summerweek History Day Camp - Philipsburg                  picnic or buy food, $12, $10, $6, free for members.                          pre-registration required, 762-2912, ext. 110; 1600 Spring Valley
Manor (July 6-10), Van Cortlandt Manor (July 13-17), Sunnyside                                                                                            Road, Ossining; www.teatown.org; info@teatown.org; program is
(July 20-24) - children 9-11 can have fun while experiencing the daily                                                                                    free.
life of the 18th and 19th century, Summerweek day camp recreates
America’s early days, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm daily; details and registra-
tion: Danielle Fontaine at 6914-31-8200, ext. 643; $300, discounts for
multiple weeks and members.
      July 27-31 - Riverweek Day Camp - (in conjunction with
                                                                                                                   Read All About It!
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater) - Van Cortlandt Manor, 525                                           Get Our Newspapers at these Distribution Points
Riverside Ave., Croton-on-Hudson, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm; ages 11-13,
examine the impact of the Croton and Hudson rivers in our history and                    Westchester Rising
culture and ecological impact on the rivers through time; half a day                     Food Emporium                                    1885   Pleasantiville Road                           Briarcliff Manor
immersed in 19th-century history, then step into 21st century with staff
                                                                                         Dobbs Ferry Library                              55     Main St                                       Dobbs Ferry
of Clearwater and examine the river today; details and registration:
Danielle Fontaine, 914-631-8200 ext. 643; fee $300.                                      A&P                                              103    Knollwood Road                                Greenburgh
                                                                                         A&P                                              369    Tarrytown Road                                Greenburgh
              COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS                                                Pathmark                                         371    N. Central Avenue                             Hartsdale
      July 11 - Westchester Community College - presents the musi-
cal theater spectacular “Smokey Joe’s Café” at 8 pm in the Academic                      Train Station                                           East Hartsdale Ave                            Hartsdale
Arts Theatre on the main campus in Valhalla; 39 pop standards includ-                    Dobbs Diner                                      434    Broadway                                      Hastings
ing rock and roll and rhythm and blues songs written by the team of                      Citibank                                         65     Main St                                       Hastings
Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller; single tickets are $20 (general admis-
                                                                                         Food Emporium                                    87     Main St                                       Hastings
sion), $17 (student, seniors); free for children under 10; tickets or
information call 606-6262; 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla.                                 Hastings Library                                 7      Maple Ave                                     Hastings
                                                                                         Vending Box-Train Station                        134    Southside Ave                                 Hastings
                          DANCE & MUSIC                                                  Ossining Senior Center                           95     Broadway                                      Ossining
      June - Tarrytown Music Hall - 6/26 A Very Special Evening
                                                                                         Vending Box-Ossining Library                     51     Croton                                        Ossining
with Old 97s/ Opening Solo Set by Rhett Miller, 8pm; 6/27 Keller
Williams, 8pm; 7/2 Fountains of Wayne Acoustic, 8pm; 13 main St.,                        C-Town                                           100    Croton Ave                                    Ossining
Tarrytown, NY, 877-740-0457 or www.tarrytownmusichall.org.                               A&P                                              575    Boston Post Road                              Port Chester
      June - Westchester Broadway Theatre - Special Events - 6/22                        Pathmark                                         130    Midland Avenue                                Port Chester
Barbra & Frank: The Concert that Never Was, with Sharon Owens and
Sebastian Anzaldo; 6/23 Ballroom Dancesport Extravaganza IX: We                          A&P                                              1366   Main Street                                   Shrub Oak
Are The Champions featuring champions Gherman Mustuc & Iveta                             Sleepy Hollow Bank                               49     Beekman Ave                                   Sleepy Hollow
Lukosiute; Igor Livinov & Julia Ivleva Gabriel; Misse & Natalia Hills;                   Vending Box-C-Town                               114    North Broadway                                Tarrytown
Steven Dougherty & Eulia Baranovsky; Dmitri & Svetlana Ostashkin;
                                                                                         Tarrytown Public Library                         121    North Broadway                                Tarrytown
Plamen Danailov & Tina Gerova; 6/29 The Piano Men: Jeff Scott as
Elton John. Jeff Brewer as Billy Joel and Rich Hamelin as Jerry Lee                      Phelps Memorial                                  704    North Broadway                                Tarrytown
Lewis; 6/30 The Godfathers of Comedy, adult comedy; dinner at 6:14                       A&P                                                     Columbus Avenue                               Thornwood
pm, show at 8 pm; tickets www.BroadwayTheatre.com; 914-592-                              Westchester Medical Center                       95     Grasslands Rd                                 Valhalla
2222; 1 Broadway Plaza, Elmsford.
                                                                                         Vending Box-AT&T Bldg                                   Hamilton Ave/North Broadway                   White Plains
      June - ArtsWestchester - 6/28 Caramoor Center for Music and
the Arts, Katonah - enjoy the sounds of selected Venetian Theater con-                   Theodore Young Comm. Center                      32     Manhattan Ave                                 White Plains
certs form the lawn and picnic areas; Tiempo Libre, the top timba                        White Plains Library                             100    Martine Ave                                   White Plains
(Cuban Salsa) band in the country, opens the third year of the Sonios                    Vending Box                                             Martin Luther King/Main St                    White Plains
Latinos Latin American music with Latin Jazz and Cuban rhythms;
4:30 pm; $10; www.caramoor.org; 6/30 - Rye Town Park -                                   Christina’s Coffee Shop                                 N. Lexington/Water St                         White Plains
Connecticut-based Sun Kings play popular music done Caribbean                            North Castle Market                              929    North Broadway                                White Plains
style: reggae, soca and calypso songs rearranged “Caribbean Style”                       Vending Box-Post Office                                 North Broadway/Fisher Lane                    White Plains
make up Sun Kings repertoire, 6:30, 7:30-9 pm free, parking free after
                                                                                         Vending Box-White Plains Diner                          Westchester Ave (Mall)                        White Plains
6 pm, www.ryetownpark.com; for more information go to
www.artswestchester.org.                                                                 A&P                                              100    Triangle Shopping Center                      Yorktown
      June-July - Westchester Choral Society - will host its 32nd sea-                   Food Emporium                                    345    Downing Drive                                 Yorktown
son of Summer Sings in conjunction with the Music Conservatory of
Westchester, where it is chorus in residence. The series will be held on
                                                                                         North Castle Rising
five Tuesday evenings (June 23, June 30, July 7, July 14, and July 21)
at 7:30 pm at the air-conditioned conservatory, which is located at 216
                                                                                         North Broadway Market and Deli                   925      North Broadway                               North White Plains
Central Ave. in White Plains. The conservatory is fully handicapped-                     Food Emporium                                    450      Main St                                      North Castle
accessible and offers free parking; it is also convenient to public trans-               Armonk Library                                   19       Whippoorwill Rd                              North Castle
portation. The admission fee of $10 ($8 for students) includes refresh-
ments and use of a score. For information call WCS administrator
Katie Goulart at 914-761-3900, ext. 103 or go to www.westchester
      July 28 - Taconic Opera - will be hosting its first Summer Sing,
Beloved Opera Choruses, at 7:30 pm at the Music Conservatory of
Westchester, 216 Central Ave. (one block from the County Center),
                                                                                            World Famous Wallendas Come to Playland
White Plains. Come and sing some of the most popular opera chorus-                   The breathtaking pyramid, the fabled chair balance and other          residents. Twilight Fun Bands, sold after 6 p.m., are $20 for
es with a real opera company, or just come and listen. The conductor            daredevil feats will be a treat for all when the World Famous              Westchester residents and $25 for non-residents. Junior Fund
of the event will be Dan Montez, the artistic director of the Taconic           Wallendas take to the highwire at Playland Park in Rye this sum-           Bands, which allow unlimited free access to select park rides for
Opera. The selection will include choruses by the opera greats: Verdi,          mer for daily shows beginning June 23.                                     children under 36 inches tall when accompanied by an adult with
Bizet, Puccini, Wagner and more. You may also be the lucky winner                    The most famous family in circus history is headed by Rick            a Fun Band, are free with the purchase of any adult Fun Band.
of a raffle to play the anvil in the Anvil Chorus. Admission is $10 and         Wallenda, the eldest grandson of the troupe’s founders, Karl and           Non-riders entering the amusement section of the park to walk,
includes refreshments and the use of scores. Don’t miss what will be            Helen, who has entertained on three continents during his 40-year          watch the park’s entertainment or chaperone others pay $3
the most entertaining choral event of the summer season. For further            career. The newest member of the Wallendas, 10-year old Bri,               (Westchester residents) and $5 (non-residents).
information, call 914-944-8109 or visit www.TaconicOpera.org.                   joined the troupe in 2008.                                                      Westchester-resident Fun Band purchases also cover the fees
                                                                                     The World Famous Wallendas will perform daily in the                  for miniature golf and Playland beach and pool. Schedules for
                  EDUCATION/INSTRUCTION                                         amusement park at 4 and 6 p.m.; evening performances are at 9              these amenities vary. There is no charge for going to the boardwalk
      June 20-21 - Frost Valley YMCA - a two-day Hunter Safety                  p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays,               (including Big Band concerts and boardwalk arcades and shops),
Course, along with a Women in the Outdoors event on Saturday; the               Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. All performances take place in the         the pier, the 3/4-mile Seaside Walk, museum, Fountain Plaza and
Hunter Safety Course (for rifle hunters) will be held on Saturday from          central mall near the Music Tower Theater.                                 its adjacent food court, fireworks viewing, boathouse or Read
9 am to 5 pm and on Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. Participants must                      Playland Fun Bands admission wristbands, which offer                  Sanctuary.
attend both days to receive certification; initial day will involve prima-      unlimited rides, are $25 for Westchester residents and $30 for non-             For more information, visit www.RyePlayland.org.
rily classroom instruction, with the second day including some shoot-
      First Summer Concert at Rye Town                                                                      Rivertowns Jazz & Blues Benefit Concert
         Park Celebrates Beach Music
      Rye Town Park is opening
its summer concert series with a
performance         by        the
Connecticut-based Sun Kings
Caribbean Party Band. The con-
cert is co-sponsored by the
Friends of Rye Town Park.
      The concert will be held on
Tuesday, June 30, at the park’s
south pavilion, located near the
Dearborn Avenue entrance to
the park. The concert will start
at 7:30 p.m. and end at 9 p.m.
Admission is free, and parking
at Rye Town Park will be free
after 6 p.m.
      The Sun Kings play popu-
lar music done Caribbean style.              The Sun Kings Caribbean Party Band
Well known Reggae, Soca and
Calypso songs combined with                        band’s Web site at www.sunkingscpb.com
popular music re-arranged “Caribbean style” All concerts will be held rain or shine.                         The second annual Rivertowns Jazz and Blues Festival kicked off with a concert
make up the Sun Kings’ repertoire.                 Picnicking is welcome. Some seating will be                         that featured the folk music of Bethany (right) and Rufus.
      The Sun Kings are a five-piece band of available, but people are encouraged to bring
seasoned entertainers featuring steel pan, guitar, blankets or beach chairs. Dining is available at
keyboards, bass and drums. All members sing the nearby Seaside Johnnie’s Restaurant.                        By Phaedra Pinkston                                  of blues, country and New Orleans R&B of
and add percussion as well.                            The concert is part of Rye Town Park’s                    Rivertowns Jazz and Blues Festival              Hazmat Modine. Portions of the earnings went
      The Sun Kings cover tunes by such artists Centennial Celebration.                                     kicked off their second annual concert on            to the Afya Foundation. Afya is Swahili for
as Bob Marley, Harry Belafonte, Jimmy Cliff,           For further information, call Rye Town               Saturday, June 13. Co-sponsored by Global            “good health.” It is a foundation devoted to
Jimmy Buffett as well as Caribbean-style Park at 914-967-0965 or visit the park’s Web                       Exchange and the Beczak Environmental                “good health through living.” Headquartered
Beatles and much more. People can get a sneak site at www.ryetownpark.com. Rye Town Park                    Education Center, the concert took place at the      in Yonkers, Afya collaborates with hospitals
preview of the Sun Kings’ music by visiting the is located at 95 Dearborn Ave. in Rye.                      South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry. It         and communities throughout the New York
                                                                                                            was family fun day event complete with               City metropolitan areas to grant a location for
                                                                                                            refreshments and entertainment. The concert          unwanted medical equipment which will sub-
                  Sri Bharata Kamalaya                                                                      featured the riveting folk music of Bethany and
                                                                                                            Rufus, the serene West African melodies of
                                                                                                                                                                 sequently be sent to medical facilities in Africa
                                                                                                                                                                 and Haiti.
              28th Anniversary Celebration                                                                  The Madingo Ambassadors and a unique blend

By Phaedra Pinkston
                                                                                                              Women’s Institute of Yonkers Dissolves
     The Indian Classical
               School         of
                                                                                                              and Donates $62K to Rosary Hill Sisters
Padmabushan             Kamala
Laxman celebrated its 28th
anniversary on Saturday June
6, in the auditorium of the
Riverfront Library. At the cel-
ebration, the event honored
Indian dance guru, Kamala
Laxman as well as Laxman’s
school of dance. Born on June
16, 1934, in Mayuram, India,
at the age of five, Laxman’s
mother noticed her daughter’s       Indian dancers performed at Yonkers’ Riverfront
unique dance talents and            Library in honor of the anniversary of the Indian
enrolled Laxman in Kathak          Classical Dance School of Padmabushan Kamala
dance lessons (a classical                                 Laxman.
dance form from South Asia).
Instructors recognized her
remarkable gift; moreover,
Bombay movie producers
casted the young Laxman in
the Hindi film “Ram Rajya”
(“The Reign of Ram”),
released in 1939. Laxman’s
elegant dancing in Indian cine-
ma created “Baby Kamala” as
a child star.                                                                                                  President of the Board of Directors of The Women’s Institute of Yonkers, Inc.,
     During the 1940s and                                                                                         Angelo Martinelli, presents a check to members of the Sister Margaret
1970s, Laxman’s dances sym-                                                                                                          Cancer Relief Fund at Rosary Hill.
bolized an ingenious choreog-
raphy, fluent finesse and liveli-                                                                                                                 Photo by Ed Whitman
                                                dancers in the tri-state area and provides week-
ness which made her a beacon for the classical
                                                ly dance instructions in Long Island, New
dance from Tamil Nadu known as, Bharta                                                                            The Women’s Institute of Yonkers, Inc.         goal was to uplift and improve social condi-
                                                York, New Jersey and at the India Center of
Natyman. She has performed in thousands of                                                                  was founded on April 20, 1889 under the name         tions for the working woman. Through the
                                                Westchester County. Between 2001 and 2004,
film roles and stage performances all over the                                                              of Yonkers Free Circulating Library for Self-        work of the library in the development of the
                                                Laxman was an adjunct instructor for under-
world. The artist has also won several awards                                                               Supporting Women and became the Women’s              Working Girl’s Club in the Employment
                                                graduate courses in Bharata Natyam at the
throughout her extraordinary career including,                                                              Institute of Yonkers in 1892. The Women’s            Bureau of the Civic League and Philanthropic
                                                Center for India Studies at the State University
the “Kala Sigamani” Award from the state gov-                                                               Institute closed its doors in 2005 and filed for     Department, the institute has kept up informed
                                                of New York and Stony Brook. The students of
ernment of Tamil Nadu-India in 1967. Laxman                                                                 dissolution.                                         methods in similar organizations.
                                                Sri Bharata Kamalaya perform ballets and
has also danced before Queen Elizabeth, for-                                                                      Over the years, the organization estab-              Over the years, the role of the Women’s
                                                dance shows that originate from Indian
mer President Eisenhower and former Chinese                                                                 lished a close relationship with the Sister          Institute has changed to incorporate a more
                                                Mythology. Many of her students have been
Prime Minister Zhou-en-lai and many other                                                                   Margaret Cancer Relief Fund (Rosary Hill),           social function, although the group still per-
                                                awarded scholarships in Bharata Natyam.
prominent figures throughout her career.                                                                    and the Board of Directors voted unanimously         forms charitable works for the Yonkers commu-
                                                Today, Kamala Laxman is known as a living
     In 1980, Laxman moved to the U.S. and                                                                  to donate whatever money it had to the fund as       nity. As its membership dwindled as members
                                                legend of Bharata Natyam.
opened up a dance school of Bharata Natyam in                                                               part of the organization’s dissolution. Although     grew older, they still tried to keep up with the
                                                     To learn more about dance instruction and
Long Island, N.Y. As a mentor over the years,                                                               it took almost four years to accomplish the final    times by providing day trips for seniors and
                                                training, contact Kamala Laxman at 631-281-
Laxman has disciplined many young aspiring                                                                  dissolution, the Board of Directors, headed by       making baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving
                                                                                                            Board President Hon. Angelo R. Martinelli,           and Christmas. It was a sad day when the
                                                                                                            was proud to present a check in the amount of        Woman’s Institute of Yonkers closed its door
The All-Star Game Needs Some Changes                                                                        $62,623.37 to the cancer relief fund.
                                                                                                                  While the original aim of the Women’s
                                                                                                                                                                 for the final time after 116 years.
                                                                                                                                                                       A grandfather clock donated to the
                                                                                                            Institute may be expressed in two words —            Woman’s Institute by its founder, Mary
By Zach Shapiro                                       Baseball asks fans to vote via paper or online        Christian helpfulness, it seems unnecessary to       Marshall Butler, and other items of memorabil-
     In less than a month, the 2009 Major             ballot on who they believe should start for both      emphasize its nonsectarian and interdenomina-        ia have been donated to the Hudson River
League Baseball All-Star Game will be held at         the National and American leagues in the game.        tional character.                                    Museum to keep the memory of the good works
Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Mo. While the                  The managers do select all of their pitchers,          During the institute’s early years, its main   of the Woman’s Institute of Yonkers, Inc. alive.
American League has won the game 11 of the            but baseball contradicts itself when it asks the
last 12 games, it was the one game they didn’t        mangers to try as hard as they can to win the
win in 2002 that has begun to ruin the whole
                                                      game to get World Series home field advantage
                                                      for their league, but the managers don’t even get                  Harrison Council for the Arts
     In Milwaukee seven years ago,                    a chance to pick who starts on the field for their
Commissioner Bud Selig ruled the game a tie,          team.                                                       The Harrison Council for the Arts will              Faranda’s work has been exhibited
the first time in 41 years, after 11 innings and no        It’s even more outrageous this year, when        present an exhibit of Giclee Prints by Donna         throughout the New York metropolitan area as
pitchers left for either manager to use. The game     as of June 8, Dodgers outfielder Manny                Faranda at the Harrison Public Library, located      well as Washington, D.C. and France. She holds
ending in a draw left the fans in Milwaukee, and      Ramirez, who was suspended for 50 games this          at Bruce Avenue, on June 29 through July 30,         a masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute, in
around the country, furious.                          season for failing a drug test, has a decent shot     with an opening reception on Monday, June 29,        painting and printmaking, and a masters in
     To ease the fans’ anger, Selig ruled that        to not only play but start in the All-Star Game.      from 7 to 8:30 p.m.                                  Museum Education from Bank Street College.
future All-Star games cannot end in a tie and         Ramirez sits in fifth place in votes of all                 For the past 25 years, Faranda has been        Faranda is a member of ArtsWestchester and
will determine home field advantage for the           National League outfielders and is just 250,000       creating abstract art work using the pointillism     Blue Door Art Association.
World Series. While it may have seemed like a         votes behind Mets centerfielder Carlos Beltran        technique. Her medium of choice is watercolor             The exhibit will be accessible at the library
good solution at the time, it has since become        for the third and final starting spot on the team.    on paper; however, most recently, she has been       on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9:30 a.m.
one of the worst moves in sports history.                  This clearly gives no justice to players, like   creating art work on the computer working with       to 9 p.m.; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
     The All-Star Game was always considered          Jayson Werth of the Phillies and Rick Ankiel of       photographic montages using Adobe Photoshop          from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; and Saturdays,
an exhibition game that’s played to showcase          the Cardinals, who have done so much more for         and Corel Painter. Her subject matter has shift-     from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
the best players in the first half of the baseball    their team so far this season, but now have little    ed from organic abstract shapes to more realis-           For more information, call 914-835-0324.
season. Even after the change in rules, it’s still    chance to make it to the game because of              tic renderings.
played as an exhibition. Position players are         Ramirez.
changed every few inning and pitchers don’t                While Selig’s decisions in 2002 were

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throw more than a couple of innings to save           intended to make the game more meaningful,
their arms for the second half of the season.         the game appears to be played the same way, as
Selig’s changes have clearly not made the game        an exhibition. And with fan voting seemingly
any different.
     Another aspect of the All-Star Game that
                                                      ruining the meaning of an all-star, it’s time for
                                                      Selig to take a stand.                                   E-mail us at sales@risingmediagroup.com
seems meaningless is fan voting. Major League
                                                                                        FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009 - WESTCHESTER RISING - PAGE 11

         Greyston Celebrates Transformation at Annual Benefit

L to r: Richard Martinelli, former Yonkers City Council president; Julius Walls, Jr.,                       L to r: Mayor Phil Amicone, Greyston Chair Jeffrey Koslowsky, Chef Peter Kelly;
Greyston Bakery CEO of Yonkers; Chuck Lesnick, Yonkers City Council president                                 and president and CEO of Greyston, Steven Brown at the Greyston’s Annual
                                                                                                                                Benefit, held at X20 Xavier’s on Hudson

 L to r: Robert Baron, Dobbs Ferry; Steven Brown, Greyston Foundation president;                           L to r: Yonkers Mayor Philip Amicone; Tamara Blanch Blake, Alternative Pathways
Janet DiFiore, Westchester County district attorney; and Tracy Baron, Dobbs Ferry                             for Young Adults Program participant; Stew Leonard, Jr., president and chief
                                                                                                           executive officer of Stew Leonard’s; Jeffrey Koslowsky, Greyston chairman of the
                                                                                                                 Board of Directors; and Steven Brown, Greyston Foundation president
By Rachel Charlop-Powers                           Brown, mentioned that 2008 marked the launch of
     The Greyston Foundation celebrated trans-     a new green collar job training program, as well as
formation at their 2009 Annual Benefit held at     the unveiling of Greyston’s first retail product, the   Blanch Blake, a young wife, mother and graduate      a hand up, not a hand out. Some of those services
X2O Xavier’s On Hudson last Thursday night.        Do-Goodie brownie.                                      of the APYA job training program. Blake’s testi-     include after-school programming, business and
The honorees were Martin Ginsburg, the founder          Ginsburg and Leonard, Jr. were both intro-         mony that Greyston helped her transform her life     financial literacy training, skilled trade certifica-
and principal of Ginsburg Development              duced by beneficiaries of Greyston’s programs.          was lauded by Leonard, who also enjoyed her          tion programs, health services that provide care to
Companies, and Stew Leonard, Jr., president and    Stefan Bannister, a 13-year-old participant in the      mention that Stew Leonard’s sells the Do Goodie      adults with HIV/AIDS, community gardens and
CEO of Stew Leonard’s. Chef Peter Kelly, the       YO Kids after-school program introduced                 Brownie. Leonard spoke about the regenerative        several hundred units of affordable housing. The
evening’s host, was also honored.                  Ginsburg as a visionary of the Hudson River.            powers of Yonkers, both in the form of the Hudson    Greyston Bakery also provides 50 adults with
     The Greyston Foundation is a nonprofit        Ginsburg responded by hailing the vision, creativ-      River and the success of his Yonkers store. Stew     employment. An online auction of goods and serv-
organization that provides programs and services   ity, mission and purpose of the Greyston                Leonard’s is a partner and supporter of Greyston,    ices that support Greyston can be found at
to low-income members of the community. Its        Foundation, and marveled at the great things            not only in carrying its brownies, but also in       www.charitybuzz.com
ancillary is the Greyston Bakery, a $6.7 million   brownies can facilitate. He then spoke of his inter-    employing the graduates of its job training pro-          More information about the services and
for-profit bakery that produces 20,000 pounds of   est in generating the economy on the Hudson             grams.                                               opportunities provided by the Greyston
brownies each day and is a provider of brownies    River through the creation of pearls like X2O                The proceeds of the night will help fund var-   Foundation are available by calling 914-376-3900
for ice cream manufacturers such as Ben and        along the Hudson River.                                 ious Greyston Foundation programs that assist        or visiting www.greyston.org.
Jerry’s. President and CEO of Greyston, Steven          Leonard, Jr. was introduced by Tamara              low-income families and individuals by providing

                 JCY Brunch Rewards Students’ Hard Work

                  Some of the JCY scholarship winners pictured with Scholarship Brunch honorees Debbie Chaim, Andy Seligson and Sherri Tamis (seated),
                                                              as well as JCY members present at the brunch

        Photos by Yonkers High School Photo Club members: Gabriella Espana, Juliany Taveras, Richard Schmidt and Gina Guzman and club supervisor Kim Kratz

                                                                                                             L to r: Lesnick, Lubin Kirschner, State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
                                                                                                                    and Greenwald pictured with a check from Stewart-Cousins
                                                                                                                                   for $55,000 to benefit the JCY

L to r: Eric Shoen; City Council President Chuck Lesnick; Janice
Lubin Kirschner, executive director of the JCY; State Senator Jeff
 Klein; and JCY President Hal Greenwald pictured with a check
              from Klein for $25,000 to benefit the JCY

                                                                                                        Above (l to r): Lesnick; Roosevelt student and JCY scholarship recipient Sashay
                                                                                                           Turner, winner of the J. David Jutkowitz Law Scholarship; News 12’s Tara
                                                                                                                      Rosenblum, the brunch’s emcee; and Lubin Kirschner

                                                                                                        At left (l to r): Lubin Kirshner; Eric Shoen; Gorton student and JCY scholarship
                                                                                                        recipient Gehan Naber, winner of the Sam and Michael Cohen Memorial AOIT
                                                                                                        Scholarship; Lesnick; Greenwald; and Rosenblum

     This year’s Jewish Council of Yonkers           Leibman and Cara Pregadio Scholarship for a      Roosevelt High School                          Geovanny Arredondo - Greenwald/Mayer Law
(JCY) Scholarship Brunch was yet another             student with a learning disabilities             Sashay Turner - J. David Jutkowitz Law         and Civil Service Scholarship
resounding success, with more attendees than         Gehan S. Naber - Sam and Michael Cohen           Scholarship                                    Nola Mentzar - 66 Main Senior Community
ever before. Each year, the JCY takes the oppor-     Memorial AOIT Scholarship                        Julia Yeung - Tara Rosenblum Journalism        Service Scholarship
tunity to award scholarships — from $500 to                                                           Scholarship                                    Natnapin Tangpipith - The Howard Berman
$1,500 — to high school seniors (and three jun-      Lincoln High School                                                                             Scholarship in Memory of Senator John E
iors) living in Yonkers, in order to represent the   Sadia Ahmad - Walshin Entrepreneurial            Saunders High School                           Flynn
diversity of the city. This year, 23 scholarships,   Scholarship (Female)                             Jill Gottehrer - Anna Shereff Community        Amir Wirr - Florence Spotkov and Samuel
totaling $16,000, were presented to recognize        Prince A. Debrah - Charles J. Lubin J.           Service in memory of Louis H. Shereff          Krinsky Community Service Scholarship
students’ outstanding achievements in a variety      Memorial Business Scholarship                    Marmouth Hussein - Sidney Friend Memorial
of areas, including music, performing arts, com-     Heather Eberhart - Jerilynne Fierstein, Gladys   Social Service Scholarship                     Riverdale Country Day School
munity service, entrepreneurship and academic        Pack, and Wendy Pollock Music Scholarship        Eden     Klinenberg     -  66main     Junior   Ariel Schorr Lesnick - JCY/Westchester
excellence.                                          Dahcia Lyons - Bernice E. Jutkowitz              Leadership/Community Service Award             Community Partners Junior Leadership Award
     The 2009 scholarship recipients were:           Performing Arts Scholarship                      Amber Stacks - Gloria Fields and Andrew
                                                     Lorraine Perdomo - Peni and Stephen Berger       Seligson Music Scholarship                     Edgemont High School
Gorton High School                                   Lincoln High School Pre-Teaching Scholarship                                                    Naomi Weisz - Dr. Beth & Chuck Schorr
Ta-nia Dorsey - Jim Pinsley Scholarship              Jennifer Poole - Weissman Realty Community       Yonkers High School                            Lesnick Junior Leadership Award
Zahra Edwards - Spirit of Barack Obama               Service/Academic Scholarship                     Muhammed        U.    Ahmed      -   Walshin
Corey Montgomery - Sheryl Chasin, Mimi                                                                Entrepreneurial Scholarship (Male)

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