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									                                                                                                                                 APRIL 2010


                                                            awards & recognition
                                                                                   2 0 0 9 : N AT I O N A L RA N K I N G B E ST I N VA LUE, BEST IN INDIANA
                                                                                   FO R VA LU E , DATA A DVA N TAG E ; M E T R I C S AWARD FOR COM -
                                                                                   M U N I TY H OS P I TA L S , C E L E B RAT I N G C P O E SUCCESS, MCKES-
                                                                                   SO N • 2 0 0 8 : C H S O U TSTA N D I N G PAT I E N T SATISFACTION •

                                                                                   2 0 07: C H S H I G H E ST P H YS I C I A N SAT I S FACTION; OUTSTAND -
                                                                                   I N G AC H I E V E M E N T AWA R D ; H I G H E ST P E RCEPTION OF
                                                                                   Q UA L I TY, E XC E L L E N C E T H R O U G H I N S I G HT AWARD, HEALTH
                                                                                   ST R E A M R E S E A R C H • 2 0 0 6 : OV E RA L L P HYSICIAN SATISFAC-
                                                                                   T I O N , E XC E L L E N C E T H R O U G H I N S I G H T AWARD, HEALTH
                                                                                   ST R E A M R E S E A R C H • 2 0 0 5 : G O L D H OS P I TAL OF THE YEAR •
                                                                                   2 0 0 4: T R I A D AWA R D • 2 0 03 : G O L D H OS PITAL OF THE YEAR •
                                                                                   2 0 02 : T R I A D AWA R D • 2 0 01 : K I C K- O F F TOUR

Please Share Your Thoughts!                    New Services Offered at Dupont
                                               Several new services have recently been added
The 2010 satisfaction survey will soon be
                                               to the Dupont lineup, expanding our service to
available for you, and we want to hear your
                                               the community.
thoughts. The data you provide can help us
to make Dupont a better place for you to       • HEART CATHETERIZATION SERVICES: The
work and for our guests to receive care.         Lutheran Hospital cardiac cath lab team
From your comments, we are able to recog-        works with the Dupont team in the special
nize areas of excellence, identify areas for     procedures suite.
improvement, and monitor trends over time.     • TREATMENT FOR LUMBAR SPINAL
                                                 STENOSIS: Guests can experience relief from
All responses to the survey are completely       this spinal condition with a device called an
confidential, and we encourage you to pro-       X-STOP Spacer, sometimes performed on an
vide open and honest opinions.
                                                 outpatient basis.
1. Your survey can only be completed via the   • LITHOTRIPSY: The ambulatory surgery team
Internet by going to www.healthstreamsur-        is now equipped to provide this non-invasive                                         treatment for kidney stones.
2. Complete the survey any time between        • CARDIAC CALCIUM SCORING: Dupont’s
April 5 and May 3.                               64-slice scanner is used for this test, which is
                                                 available for only $50.
3. Upon entering the site, you will be asked
to enter a password. The password for our      Annual Service Award Recognition
facility is “Difference.”                      The annual service award banquet will be at the
Thank you in advance for your participa-       Pine Valley Country Club on May 13. If you are
tion in the survey and for your hard work      celebrating an anniversary with Lutheran Health
and dedication to our guests.                  Network that is a multiple of five, an invitation
                                               will be mailed to your home with a reservation
                                               card to return to human resources.

                                               Month of the Team Celebration
                                               Each team member is a valued part of our orga-
                                               nization, and May’s Month of the Team celebra-
                                               tions are a way of recognizing the contributions
                                               of all in making Dupont a great place to work.
                                               Take time to celebrate next month, honoring
                                               each other for a job well done.

PLG and NLG News                                    Good Friday and Easter Sunday
The Physician Leadership Group and Nursing          Communion
Leadership Group had a combined March meet-
ing. Highlights were:                               Good Friday, April 2, 3–3:30 p.m. and
                                                    Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2:30-3:p.m..
• Productive discussions on strategic initiatives
  to improve volumes.                               Dupont chaplain Rev. Scott Davis and Dan
                                                    Culbertson, along with Thomas Szymczak,
• Dr Herman will work with anesthesia staff
                                                    Pastoral Associate, Queen of Angels, will pro-
  and the PACE Clinic to create guidelines for      vide Holy Communion for team members and
  ensuring that appropriate preoperative test-      guests during the Easter season.
  ing is completed for our guests prior to their
  day of surgery.                                   Service will be continuous in the chapel (across
                                                    from the gift shop) during the times listed
Healthy Café Offerings                              above. After being served in the chapel, com-
Thanks to the collaboration of the nutritional      munion will be taken by cart to team members
services staff and the wellness committee, the      or guests on the floors. Please call 3068 if you
300-calorie breakfast and 500-calorie lunch         would like to have the communion cart brought
and dinner options will continue to be offered      to you or to one of our guests.
in the café. The meals were well-received dur-
ing National Nutrition Month and, at only 1 cent
per calorie, it is a healthy and low-cost option
                                                    Notes from the Surgery Reception Desk
for our team and our guests!                        • Since its inception, more than 1,500 E-cards
                                                      have been sent to our guests!
Kudos: Many were involved in bringing the           • Every guest or family we accompany to pre-
National Nutrition Month education and healthy        op comments on Matt Kelly’s butterfly paint-
meal options together. Special thanks to Jamie        ings, making this great placement for the art!
Peppler, Julie West, Laura James, Jeff Kolkman,
Alice Williams and Gloria Pressler.                 • Below are some of the many wonderful com-
                                                      ments we have received from a customer
                                                      service survey being conducted at the sur-
Healthy Woman Program                                 gery reception desk:
Healthy Woman is a Network program that is          — “Nice clean hospital and helpful staff. Very
facilitated by Dupont’s resource center. The          attentive to patient needs. Thank you.”
program is for women of all ages and offers:
                                                    — “Smiles are great!”
• Free monthly e-newsletters with information       — “Very clean. Pleasant and courteous.”
  on health topics, relationships and life-bal-     — “Five star service—thanks!”
  ance issues,                                      — “Felt welcomed and cared for. Thanks for the
• Networking opportunities                            reception.”
• Health E-Cooking, a component of the pro-         — “We were very pleased with our overall expe-
  gram with free healthy recipes and cooking          rience at Dupont. Thank you!”
  videos.                                           — “Compliments to all the staff and doctors.
We encourage all Dupont women to sign up. If          Everyone was very caring and compassion-
you have not yet signed up, it’s easy to do: Go       ate. Thank you!”
to and click on “Network         — “Everyone I met this morning was very nice
Resources.”                                           and helpful. Keep up the great job.”
                                                    It’s nice to see firsthand how all of our depart-
                                                    ments work as a team to continue “The Dupont

       Kudos to the Dupont team on a great job during the
            recent Joint Commission accreditation survey!
Volunteer Focus: Eileen Stevens                   Eileen worked in the Perry Hill school cafeteria
                                                  for 20 years before retiring. Her hobbies include
Eileen has been a volunteer with Dupont since     gardening, attending concerts and traveling.
its opening in 2001. She works Monday and                                    Some of her past trav-
Tuesday mornings at the surgery reception                                    els include two river-
desk.                                                                        boat trips, a cruise to
She performs many tasks: delivering com-                                     Alaska and trips to her
plimentary newspapers; acting as a liaison                                   native England. This
between families, physicians and nurses; sign-                               summer, Eileen and
ing in guests; escorting families to consulta-                               her husband will cruise
tion rooms; taking guests to preop and then                                  on the Queen Mary 2
to their car when discharged; transfering calls                              to Canada, returning
for nursing updates; and—her favorite—deliv-                                 to the Boston Harbor
ering cards and flowers to guests!                                           to see the July fourth
Eileen and her husband will celebrate their
60th wedding anniversary this September.                                   Eileen enjoys the fam-
They have five children, one deceased, nine                                ily atmosphere of Du-
grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.                                 pont Hospital, and the
One of her six great grandchildren was the sec-   friends she has made here. She also appreciates
ond smallest surviving preemie born at Dupont!    the good café food and how well volunteers are
The now nine-month old weighs close to nine       treated, being recognized at a luncheon in the
pounds, but was born weighing only one pound,     Spring and included in holiday festivities.
one ounce.

  Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 18–24
  Dupont Hospital is blessed with many helping hands. There are currently more than 60 volun-
  teers serving our hospital, and interviews are scheduled with many new applicants.
  The annual luncheon for volunteers will be on April 20 at the Pine Valley Country Club.
  This year, we remember the service of Helen Bremer, who passed away in March. Helen was
  one of our original volunteers, and worked at the information desk and in the mail room.
  Goldy, one of our favorite therapy dogs who brought cheer to guests, visitors and team mem-
  bers, also passed away in March.

  Team members are encouraged to express their appreciation for the work of our volunteers
  by signing a banner that will be placed in the lobby during April.
  Dupont Superstars MARCH                2010

Courtesy: Janice Muldoon, ambulatory surgery                Education: Janice Hamouz-Fultz, pre/post/PACU
Nominated by Liz Carr, radiology                            Nominated by Mary Ellen McAfee, education
We had misplaced a small, important piece of our            For several years Janice has taken the initiative to coor-
breast biopsy system that could have potentially gone       dinate additional education programs for team mem-
through sterile processing in ambulatory surgery. I went    bers. She has spent numerous hours contacting physi-
on a hunting trip. Janice kindly took a half-hour out of    cians to speak, copying handouts, setting up rooms and
her busy day and gave me permission, assistance and         ensuring that LHN contact hours were available. Thank
guidance in looking through their packaged instru-          you, Janice, for your commitment to the education of
ments and in the various places that they keep their        our team members.
instruments to help me find our piece of equipment.
                                                            Image: Angie Gerardot, patient access
Efficiency: Lynn Rolls, patient access
                                                            Nominated by Heather Marden, patient access
Nominated by Abigail Shipley, patient access
                                                            One evening, a guest was scheduled for an MRI. He told
One of my duties is to check for patients who need a        Angie that he was in a lot of pain and not sure if he
reminder call to bring previous mammogram films to          could lay down on the MRI table to do the test. Since it
their appointment. I would normally print a list to go      was after hours, Angie took the initiative to call his doc-
through for the next day’s appointments. Lynn, who          tor, informing him of the patient’s situation. The doctor
preregisters patients by phone, took it upon herself to     called in a pain relief prescription to a local pharmacy
remind them to bring their films when she was calling       and Angie coordinated with the radiology team to
to preregister. This not only helps with our workload,      make sure the test could be done at a later time that
but is also better for the patient, receiving only one      evening. The guest was so thankful for Angie’s hard
phone call. Thank you, Lynn for streamlining this pro-      work so that he could take the test comfortably.
Individuality: Kerry Roach, security
Nominated by Deb Steller, NICU
One day in December, I was called in to work in the
NICU from 1 to 7 a.m. While walking in, I realized I
had lost one of my new sapphire earrings somewhere
between my car and the front door of the hospital. The                    C U STO M E R S E RV I C E
earrings had been a special gift from my mother that I             QUOTE OF THE MONTH
received just the week before. I was upset at losing this
treasured item and went back out with a coworker to            “The happiest people are those
look on the sidewalk and parking lot, but did not find
the earring. I figured I would have to wait until after          who are too busy to notice
work to try to locate the earring in the daylight.             whether they are happy or not.”
A couple of hours later, Kerry, who knew I had lost the
earring, came to the NICU with my earring in hand. He                             — Unknown
had gone the extra mile to search the sidewalk and
found my earring. I was thrilled!
Dare to Dream: The Gift of a Child
Jenny Gerig, who works in scheduling, and
her husband, Mark, married in 1992. They were
eager to start a family and, when things hadn’t
worked out after 14 years, they decided to
adopt. They quickly selected an agency and de-
cided that they would like to adopt a little girl
from China.
It took only a few short hours for the Gerig’s to
complete their initial application. Five months
later, they got approval from China and were
told that it would take six to nine months to get
a referral, and an additional 2 months before
they could travel to get their daughter.
The wait began. They awaited emails from their
agency, reporting the number of babies being
referred each month and the log-in date that
China was currently processing (the Gerig’s
log-in date was June 26, 2006). They became
discouraged when there were few referrals and
their date wasn’t moving up on the list very         Forty-one long months after the process be-
quickly. They even wondered whether they             gan, on Nov. 12, 2009, Jenny and Mark traveled
should continue waiting or start over with an        to China to bring their daughter home. It was
application for adoption from another country.       her husband’s first flight, and was more than
They stayed true to their plan; however, yearly      13-hours long. While in China, they saw Beijing,
renewing their paperwork and home studies. As        Nanjing and Guangzho. They arrived in Beijing
you might expect, there were many discourag-         on Friday and got their little girl, whom they
ing and anxious moments along the way. At one        named Kennedy, the following Monday.
point, China changed its adoption requirements,      The people of China were very helpful and kind
and Jenny and her husband were told that they        to them. Some of the youth even asked for their
may need to reapply.                                 autographs and wanted to interview them and
After almost three years, in May, 2009, the          take photos.
Gerig’s applied to the program for a special         The Gerig’s arrived home on Thanksgiving night
needs child and were told that they could po-        (which was also Mark’s birthday!), with not only
tentially have a referral in only a few weeks.       thankful hearts, but a renewed faith in God and
On July 7 2009, Jenny was at work and had just       appreciation for friends, family and especially
sat down for lunch when she got a call from          their own parents. Kennedy adapted quickly to
their family advocate with news of a referral for    Jenny and Mark, and it was an incredible experi-
a little girl. She had been born on Oct. 1, 2008.    ence for the first-time parents.
Jenny was so overjoyed and overwhelmed with          A quote that was given to them by their family
emotion that she doesn’t remember much else          advocate meant a lot to Jenny during the years
about the call, except to look for photos via        of waiting, though she sometimes struggled to
e-mail. Cherry Gallogly and Mark Clear were          believe it:
with her when she got the call, and were the
first to share in her joy. It had turned out to be
such a blessed day! Ironically, that morning on
the drive to work, Jenny had been crying, even                “God is faithful to finish
praying that God would change her heart so                  the plans He has started and,
that she wouldn’t want a child. On the drive               in His time, the wait will end.”
home that night, she chuckled thinking about
God’s sense of humor in His timing.

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