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NFU urging EPA to push renewable energy for U.S


									A8	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	                                                                               County	Star-News																																																							Thursday,	October	1,	2009
                                                                                                                                                         LEGAL NOTICE
NFU urging EPA to push                                                                                                                               RAILROAD COMMISSION OF TEXAS
                                                                                                                                                       OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL

renewable energy for U.S.
                                                                                                                 OIL AND GAS DOCKET                                 IN RE:    CONSERVATION AND PREVENTION
                                                                                                                 NO. 100262937                                                OF WASTE OF CRUDE PETROLEUM AND
                                                                                                                                                                              NATURAL GAS IN THE STATE OF TEXAS
                                                                                                                                                                              AMENDED TO INCLUDE STATEWIDE
   National Farmers Union last      the definition of renewable bio-     existing U.S. Department of Ag-                                                                      RULE 9 LANGUAGE AND EXPAND
week urged the Environmen-          mass; verification of eligible re-   riculture (USDA) data to verify                                                                      SERVICE LIST
tal Protection Agency (EPA) to      newable biomass; and the use of      that feedstocks such as corn and
implement the Renewable Fuels       life-cycle greenhouse gas emis-      other renewable biomass were            Austin, Texas
Standard (RFS2) in a manner         sions calculations.                  grown on eligible acres under the       September 30, 2009
that will spur the continued de-       EPA’s proposed renewable          program instead of relying upon
                                                                         EPA site visits to farm fields and                                                AMENDED
velopment of a domestic renew-      biomass criteria do not include
                                                                                                                                                      NOTICE OF HEARING
able fuels industry and benefit     feedstocks produced on range-        ethanol facilities.
                                                                                                                                   ON THE APPLICATION OF MOBEETIE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
rural America.                      land, excluding 405 million             Johnson said the statute, as                           FOR A PERMIT TO DISPOSE OF FLUID CONTAINING HYDROGEN
   In comments submitted to         acres. “This could significantly     passed by Congress, does not                              SULFIDE INTO A RESERVOIR NOT PRODUCTIVE OF OIL AND GAS
EPA Administrator Lisa Jack-        limit dedicated energy crop de-      mandate that EPA consider inter-                                     BUD HOGAN SWD 44 LEASE, WELL NO. 2
son, NFU President Roger John-      velopment in the western United      national land use change as part                                      MOBEETIE (BROWN DOLO H2S DISP)
son said a well designed RFS2 is    States and deprive these rural       of its lifecycle analysis.                                                WHEELER COUNTY, TEXAS
critical to rural America’s con-    communities of needed econom-           “The proposed rule’s interpre-                                      ________________________________
tinued economic revitalization.     ic opportunity,” Johnson said.       tation of indirect land use emis-
                                                                         sions as well as the modeling and              NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the public and to all interested persons that under the legal authority and
NFU’s comments focused on              Additionally, Johnson said
                                                                                                           jurisdiction of Title 3, Oil and Gas, Subtitles A, B, and C of the Texas Natural Resources Code, Chapters 26, 27 and 29 of
three areas of the proposed rule:   the final rule should rely upon      analysis are faulty and should not
                                                                                                           the Texas Water Code, and TEX. GOV’T CODE ANN. art. §§ 2001 et seq. (2009), the RAILROAD COMMISSION
                                                                         be part of the final rule,” John- OF TEXAS will hold a hearing on OCTOBER 19, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. at the William B. Travis State Office Building,
                                                                         son said. “Instead of including an1701 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. This hearing will be conducted in conformity with the TEX. GOV’T CODE
                                                                         arbitrary, unmandated, unscien-   ANN. art. §§ 2001 et seq. (2009). For room assignment, on the date of the hearing please check the bulletin board in the
                                                                         tific theory of international land1st Floor lobby. Persons planning to attend this hearing are urged to contact the applicant immediately prior to the hear-
                                                                         use change, additional analysis   ing date to be sure that the hearing will proceed on the scheduled date.

      Nursing, Therapy and Rehab                                         should be done to understand the               This hearing will be held to consider the application of Mobeetie Resource Development for authority
                                                                         full implications of this theory.”pursuant to the “Injection Provision” of Statewide Rule 36(c)(10) and for authority pursuant to Statewide Rule 9 to
          Residents are our highest priority                                The RFS2 was passed by Con-    dispose of acid gas by injection into the Brown Dolomite formation in its Bud Hogan SWD 44 Lease, Well No. 2,
                  Long Term and Short Term Care                                                            Mobeetie (Brown Dolo H2S Disp) Field, Wheeler County, Texas. The proposed well is located 1.5 miles southeast
                                                                         gress as part of the Energy In-
                                                                                                           of New Mobeetie on the 215 acre Bud Hogan SWD 44 Lease, 1,740 feet from the north line and 2,376 feet from the
            Candy Branscum, Administrator                                dependence and Security Act of    east line of the H&GN RR Co./Matthews G O Survey, A-446, Wheeler County, Texas. The applicant also proposes
       605 W. 7th • McLean, Tx • (806) 779-2469                          2007, and is modeled after the    that a new disposal field be established for the field, the Mobeetie (Brown Dolo H2S Disp) Field.
                          original RFS, which was part of                If you have questions regarding this application, please contact the Applicant’s representative, Kerry Pol-
                                                                         the 2005 Energy Bill. The origi-  lard, at (512) 2632008. If you have any questions regarding the hearing procedure, please contact the Railroad

           *** THINK ON THIS ***                                         nal RFS has been critically im-
                                                                         portant to the successful growth
                                                                                                           Commission, Office of General Counsel, at (512) 4636848.
                                                                                                                        IF A CONTINUATION IS NECESSARY, this hearing will proceed at the William B. Travis State Office
        Healthcare during the 1950s and 1960s was not                    of the domestic ethanol industry. Building, Austin, Texas, and, to the extent possible, on subsequent working days. The room number and exact time of
                                                                                                           the continuation will be announced on the record in this proceeding and recorded with Docket Services, Office of General
complicated. It was Christian, honest, fair and it worked.               Driver loses control of ve-       Counsel, Railroad Commission of Texas.
Today I will do the same things and it still works.                      hicle, no injuries reported                    PURSUANT TO SAID HEARING, the Commission will enter such rules, regulations, and orders as in its
        Now, with the discovery of Applied Kinesiology,                     On Tuesday, September 22,      judgment the evidence presented may justify.
                                                                                                                        ANY REQUEST FOR POSTPONEMENT of this hearing must be received no later than five (5) working
it works much better on healing pain and so-called “dis-                 at 9 p.m. a 1992 Chevy Camero,
                                                                                                           days prior to the scheduled date shown above. Copies of such request must be forwarded to all parties shown on the service
eases” in young and old.                                                 driven by 21-year-old Samanth list.
        To learn and experience modern healing through                   Kohl of Tucson, Arizona, was                   TO APPEAR IN SUPPORT OF OR IN OPPOSITION TO THIS PROCEEDING, a party other than
                                                                         eastbound on I-40, when the driv- the applicant must file with Docket Services, Office of General Counsel, at least five (5) working days in advance of the
Applied Kinesiology, call me at 1.580.821.1506                           er became distracted causing her hearing date, a notice of intent to appear. A copy of the notice of intent to appear should be served on the applicant and
                                                                         to lose control of her vehicle.   any other parties of record.
    Dr. Victor Gdanski, D.C. • 617 W. 3rd. • Elk City, OK 73644             According to Shamrock Offi-                 IF ANY PARTY DESIRES A WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of the hearing by a Court Reporter, that party
                                                                         cer Will Wright, of the Shamrock  should notify Docket Services at (512) 463-6848, at least five (5) working days in advance of the hearing date. If a written
                                                                         Police Department, the vehicle transcript is requested, the Commission may assess the cost of the transcript to one or more parties. Unless any party
              QUALITY                                                    veered into the median, crossed
                                                                                                           requests a written transcript, the record will be made by audio recording.
                                                                                                                        ANY INDIVIDUAL WITH A DISABILITY who needs auxiliary aids and services in order to have an equal
   HEATING & COOLING                                                     over the west bound lanes of opportunity to effectively communicate and participate in this hearing must request such aids or services at least two weeks
                         Since 1988
                                                                         traffic and up the embankment in prior to the scheduled hearing by notifying the Personnel office of the Railroad Commission of Texas by mail at P.O. Box
              Kent Payne                                                 front of Mitchell’s Restaurant.   12967, Austin, Texas 787112967, or by telephone at (512) 4637327 or TDD No. (512) 4637284.
            Cell (806) 216-0440                                             Both the driver and passenger,              ALL EXHIBITS FILED AS A PART OF THE RECORD in this cause must be submitted in duplicate.
           Office (806) 256-5239                                         a six week old infant, were wear- Data in Commission records may be incorporated by reference, but the reference must be specific, and if it includes exhib-
                Serving 45 mile radius of Shamrock.                      ing the proper safety restraints. its filed in prior proceedings before the Commission, a copy of such exhibit properly identified shall be submitted for this
            COMPETITIVE QUOTES OF                                        The infant was transported by record.
          HIGH EFFICIENCY EQUIPMENT                                      EMS to Shamrock General Hos-                   THE APPLICANT MUST review this notice for accuracy and completeness. The applicant shall immedi-
                                                                                                           ately notify Docket Services, Office of General Counsel of any discrepancy or omission.
                    Service on ANY brand.                                pital, as required by law, to be
                                                                                                                                        THIS HEARING REQUIRES NOTICE BY PUBLICATION.
  Factory authorized dealer for Carrier, American Standard,
                                                                         checked out. He was released                                                                                                                     27-1tp-PPC
     Trane, Frigidaire, Gibson, Armstrong, Concord and                   with no injuries.

                                                                                                  Dave Christenson, 52                                                  Lura Mae Gipson, 91
                                                                           Dave Christenson, 52, died Friday, September 25, 2009, in Hig-        Lura Mae Gipson, 91, died
                                                                         gins, Texas. Memorial services were held at 1 p.m. Thursday, Octo-   September 26, 2009, in Sham-
                                                                         ber 1, 2009, at Hughs Funeral Home Memorial Chapel. Interment will   rock, Texas. Services were held
                                                                         be in Gage, Oklahoma at a later time under the direction of Hughs    Tuesday, September 29, 2009,
                                                                         Funeral Home of Canadian, Texas.                                     at 1 p.m., at Calvary Christian
                                                                           Dave was born September 27, 1956, to Mrs. Eileen Hanson Chris-     Fellowship with Brother Joe G.
                                                                         tenson and the late Mr. Harold James Christenson. He attended        Jernigan, pastor, officiating. In-
                                                                         schools in El Paso, Texas. Dave moved to Higgins in 1999 from        terment was in the Texola Cem-
                                                                         Shamrock, Texas. He worked as a rancher for many years.              etery, Texola, Oklahoma, under
                                                                           He is preceded in death by one son, Jim E. Moore and one brother,  the direction of Wright Funeral
                                                                         Gary Christenson.                                                    Directors.
                                                                           He is survived by his daughter, Shanda Christenson of Gage,           Lura Mae Brooks married
                                                                         Oklahoma; his mother, Eileen Christenson of Park Rapids, Minne-      “Buster” Gipson August 4, 1934,
                                                                         sota; three sisters, Cathy Christenson of Alaamogordo, New Mexico;   in Texola, Oklahoma. He pre-
                                                                         Janice Gilmore of Nevis, Minnesota; DeeDee Raue of Park Rapids,      ceded her in death in 2005. Lura
                                                                         Minnesota; one granddaughter, Braylee Jones of Gage, Oklaoma;        Mae has lived in Shamrock since
                                                                         and many nieces, nephews and close friends.                          1978, and was a member of the
                                                                           Send condolences online at               First Baptist Church. She was
                                                                                                 Soel R. Garza, 52                            also preceded in death by her
                                                                                                             Soel Garza, 52, a loving hus- parents, one son, two brothers
                                                                                                          band, father and grandfather, and a grandson.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lura Mae Gipson
                                                                                                                                                 Survivors include one son, Neil Gipson and wife, Shirley, of Odes-
                                                                                                          passed away Thursday, Sep-
                                                                                                                                              sa, Texas; two daughters, Willie Sappington and husband, Johnny, of
                                                                                                          tember 24, 2009. Services were
                                                                                                                                              Amarillo, Texas, and Shirley Tuttle and husband, Don, of Shamrock,
                                                                                                          held Monday at 11:30 a.m. in
                                                                                                                                              Texas; four grandchildren; several great-grandchildren; great-great-
                                                                                                          Greenwood Chapel. Burial was
                                                                                                                                              grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.
                                                                                                          in Greenwood Memorial Park, in
                                                                                                                                                 The family suggests memorials be made to a favorite charity or
                                                                                                          Fort Worth.
                                                                                                                                              Texola Cemetery Association, 16909 Rt. 665, Erick, Oklhahoma
                                                                                                             Soel loved driving his truck,
                                                                                                          taking care of his family and
                                                                                                                                                 Please sign the online guest book at www.wrightfuneraldirectors.
                                                                                                          working on his yard. He will be
                                                                                                          greatly missed.                                             County Star-News, October 1, 2009
                                                                                                             Survivors include his wife, Ali-                      • More Obituaries, Page a9 •
                                                                                                          cia; children, Maria, Carol and
                                                                                                          Crystal Sanchez, Carolina and ParKVieW HOsPitaL
                                                                                                          Jennifer Garza; four grandchil-
                                                                                                                                                 Assisted Living: Tom Frye, Iona May, Julia Buckingham, Annie Ruth
                                                                                                          dren; five siblings; and a host
                                                                                                                                              Lee, Marcilla Payne.
                                                                                                          of other family members and
                                                                                                                                                 Admissions: 9/21 Helen Steen, Valetta Frankenbery; 9/23 Diana Olguin;
                                                                                   soel r. Garza          friends.                            9/25 Eunice Odom.
                                                                                                    Fern Turnbow, 96                              Dismissals: 9/22 Helen Steen, Valetta Frankenbery, Julia Buckingham;
                                                                            Fern Turnbow, 96, died Thursday, September 24, 2009, in Wheel- 9/23 Shyana Zybach; 9/25 Diana Olguin; 9/26 Eunice Odom.
                                                                         er, Texas. Services were held Saturday, September 26, 2009, at 10

                                                                                                                                                                       big vern’s
                                                                         a.m., in Calvary Christian Fellowship with Joe Plum, officiating. Inter-
                                                                         ment was in the Shamrock Cemetery, Shamrock, Texas, under the
                                                                         direction of Wright Funeral Directors.
                                                                            Fern Turnbow was born December 27, 1912, in McCurtin, Okla-
                                                                         homa, to John and Mary Winters Martin. She married Edward Adde
                                                                         Turnbow on June 1, 1929 in Wellington, Texas. He preceded her in
                                                                         death on April 4, 1986.
                                                                            Fern was the curator at Pioneer West Museum and she enjoyed

                                                                         cooking at the Adobe Walls Boy Scout Camp for many years. She
                                                                         was a member of the Rebeccah’s, B and PW and the Advent Chris-
                                                                         tian Church in Pampa.
                                                                            She was preceded in death by six brothers, two sisters, and a great
                                                                             Survivors include one son, Holice Turnbow of Sturbridge, Mas-
                                                                         sacheuttes; three daughters, Martha Darr and husband, Richard of
                                                                         Dexter, Michigan, Marilyn Copeland and husband, Don of Pampa,                                       New Hours
                                                                         Texas, and Nancy Simpson and husband, Jimmie of Kathleen, Geor-                        Open 7 Days a week
                                                                         gia; 12 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-
                                                                         grandchildren.                                                                            5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
                                                                            Please sign the online guest book at www.wrightfuneraldirectors.

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