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									Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing
CRM That Fits Your Business
“We’re pleased with what we’ve doneCRM system. CRM; I can’t evenwould be ableimpact on our
business if we had not implemented a
                                     with Pivotal
                                                  I don’t think we
                                                                   envision the
                                                                                to service and
                             support our customers without it.
                                                           Dario Vettor, Director of IT, Mold-Masters
CRM That Fits Your Business

   A growing number of manufacturers are shifting from a product-first mindset to one that centers on
   the customer. Producing high-quality goods—cost-effectively—is a business imperative, but with
   globalization and commoditization increasing, manufacturers will be hard pressed to retain long-term
   customer relationships. To excel in manufacturing today, the customer must come first. Forward-thinking
   manufacturers are looking to strategic technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM)
   to help them realize the business efficiencies required to continue to grow revenues.

   To meet customer needs and increase profits,                As manufacturers look to sustain growth and drive down
   manufacturers need to work with increasing speed and        costs, many are realizing the quantifiable benefits of
   responsiveness. They must reduce their time to market       high customer satisfaction. As such, they are looking for
   and keep up with unforeseen shifts in supply and demand     strategies to become more demand-driven. They are
   to ensure customer satisfaction.                            anticipating customer requirements better while reducing
                                                               the impact of individual customers’ requirements on
   At the same time, manufacturers are under intense           production. They are adopting alternative approaches
   pressure to drive down costs to remain globally             for shaping demand—to drive down costs and increase
   competitive. They must cope with increasing product         development capabilities. They have also initiated flexible
   and design-process complexity in the products they          processes to respond to demand and are delivering
   take to market. They need to simultaneously manage          follow-on service packages to ensure customers continue
   a mix of product requirements, such as made to stock,       to stay satisfied.
   made to order, assemble to order, and configure to order.
   They must coordinate production resources, including        To support their demand-driven business strategies,
   offshore facilities. They need to track, document, and      manufacturers are turning to customer relationship
   audit production and product information throughout         management (CRM) to become more competitive
   the lifecycle to comply with strict legal and regulatory    in selling, marketing, and providing service to their
   requirements. In a business climate marked by intense       customers. Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing puts critical
   competitive pressure, consolidation, and the rapid          relationships at the core of their strategy. It offers
   commoditization of products, they must meet higher          comprehensive, integrated capabilities that increase
   customer expectations for more customization and            insight into operations, streamline processes across
   shorter order-to-delivery times, while expecting a high     the value chain, and improve responsiveness to
   level of flexibility when it comes to making changes.       customer demands.

     Manufacturers are experiencing intense pressure           In response, they are adopting new strategies
     to grow revenues, retain customers, and drive             to improve margins and achieve higher levels of
     down costs:                                               customer satisfaction:
     •	 Competing	against	international	firms	in               •	 Shifting	to	a	customer-centric	business	model	to	
        global markets                                            become more demand-driven
     •	 Acquiring	and	consolidating	to	achieve                 •	 Streamlining	efforts	by	collaborating	with	
        economies of scale                                        suppliers, distributors, influencers, and customers
     •	 Shrinking	capital	expenditures	due	to	interest-        •	 Bridging	customer-facing	departments	
        rate, currency, and trade-tariff fluctuations             enterprise-wide
     •	 Contracting	output	and	offshoring	of	                  •	 Creating	a	highly	responsive	and	agile	business	
        manufacturing to China                                    through enabling technologies

                                                                                                 Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing   3
    A Partner You Can Trust

            Pivotal CRM is a leading suite of customer relationship         relationships. The result is less customization and
            management	software	applications	from	CDC	Software.	            integration, leading to lower implementation and
            Pivotal CRM is the only CRM solution offering rich              maintenance costs.
            functionality, a full application suite, and best-in-class
                                                                          • Fit unique customer strategies and imperatives: Pivotal
            customization abilities, all with a low total cost of
                                                                            CRM is the industry’s most flexible, scalable,
            ownership. Through our experiences with more than
                                                                            easy-to-customize CRM platform. Built on an inherently
            1,800 customers in over 35 countries, we’ve learned
                                                                            flexible three-tier architecture and metadata-driven
            how to help manufacturers craft a CRM strategy that
                                                                            design, Pivotal CRM is easy to modify, integrate, deploy,
            achieves real, measurable results. We deliver CRM that
                                                                            and maintain. The industry-leading Pivotal CRM
            fits the needs of manufacturers today—while offering
                                                                            customization toolkit provides the ability to cost-
            the flexibility to help them seize the emerging business
                                                                            effectively adjust processes, enabling manufacturers
            opportunities of tomorrow.
                                                                            to capitalize on unique business processes to reinforce
            Our team strives to help organizations achieve meaningful       competitive advantage.
            CRM results by delivering a collaborative and flexible
                                                                          • Fit each manufacturer’s timeline, budget, and
            set of services that are designed to meet the unique
                                                                            expectations: Our commitment to providing CRM
            requirements of each Pivotal CRM customer. Drawing
                                                                            extends far beyond our product offerings. We offer a
            on our extensive technical and industry knowledge and
                                                                            continuum of services designed to help implement,
            proven methodologies, we give companies the speed and
                                                                            maintain, use, and support CRM at a pace that produces
            predictability of a CRM solution completed on time, on
                                                                            reliable results at a lower total cost of ownership.
            budget, and customized to each customer’s unique way
            of doing business.                                            In addition to helping put customers at the center of
                                                                          business operations, Pivotal CRM provides powerful
            By choosing Pivotal CRM, manufacturers are assured of
                                                                          productivity tools that produce measurable business
            solutions that:
                                                                          benefits in terms of process efficiency, employee
            • Fit specific industry and business processes: Pivotal       collaboration, data accuracy, sales effectiveness,
              CRM offers a full range of software that delivers           streamlined communications, cost-effective marketing,
              built-in best practices specific to a manufacturer’s most   and much more. Manufacturers can deliver a first-class
              pressing challenges. Our end-to-end suite of integrated     customer experience that distinguishes their company,
              sales, marketing, service, and partner applications are     attracts customers, and strengthens customer loyalty—
              designed to make all customer-facing departments            while also reducing costs and increasing revenues.
              work in unison to attract, win, and retain profitable

               “The fact that we implement world-leading technology like Pivotal CRM simply confirms our commitment
              to innovation. It shows the industry that we intend to stay on the leading edge, not just in the technologies
                 we use to build our products, but the technologies we rely on to service and support our customers.
                                                                                           Dario Vettor, Director of IT, Mold-Masters

4   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing
Pivotal	CRM:	The	Solution	of	Choice	across	the
   Manufacturing Industry
   Developed in close collaboration with customers and partners, Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is uniquely tailored to
   industry-specific best practices. Forward-looking manufacturers invest in technology strategically to support all of
   their customer-centric activities. Pivotal CRM has helped numerous companies across manufacturing segments deploy
   optimal CRM processes, helping them realize tangible and quantifiable results that improve operational effectiveness
   and customer loyalty. The following list, by industry, reflects just a small sample of Pivotal CRM customers.

   Computers & Electronics                 Metal Manufacturing                       Medical Devices
   •	   Bose	Pty                           and Fabrication                           •	   bioMerieux
   •	   Sharp	Electronics                  •	 Badgermeter                            •	   Gambro	BCT
   •	   Tektronix                          •	 Earle	M.	Jorgensen	                    •	   Baxa
   •	   Allied	Telesyn                                                               •	   Sage	Products
                                           Machinery and
   •	   Macrovision                                                                  •	   Sysmex
   •	   Mikohn                                                                       •	   Biosite
                                           •	   Roper
   •	   Newport	Corporation                                                          •	   Simplex
                                           •	   Bombardier
                                                                                     •	   Lake	Region	Manufacturing
   Homebuilding	Supplies                   •	   Unisen	(Star	Trac)
                                                                                     •	   Horiba	ABX
   •	   Tarkett-Marley	Floors              •	   GE	Plastics
                                                                                     •	   Novozymes	North	America
   •	   Holophane                          •	   Komatsu	Cutting	Technologies
   •	   Renewal	by	Andersen                •	   USFilter
   •	   K-Rain                             •	   Nilpeter
   •	   Ledalite
                                           Plastics and Paper
   •	   Triton	Showers
                                           •	 Mold-Masters
   •	   Kingspan	Insulation
                                           •	 Oji	Paper

        “Our Pivotal CRMlevels, quotes, orders,toand financial information relating to eachto customer and prospect
         data, inventory
                         system is designed give our salespeople easy-to-use access
                                                                                            account including sales,
    profits, margins, and account balances. All of this information is at their fingertips, even when they’re on the
                                                            Dennis	Thomas,	Senior	IT	Manager,	Earle	M.	Jorgensen	Company
“From the very beginningaour sales staffthat the ‘islands of data’ they used
that Pivotal CRM could do lot of things
                                         loved Pivotal CRM… they realized

                    to manage couldn’t do for them.
                                Bill	Quinto,	CRM	Applications	Specialist,	Mikohn
Integrated, Comprehensive, and Highly Targeted to the
    Needs	of	Manufacturers
   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is an industry-specific             and control key performance indicators to guide
   solution that enables manufacturers to better manage              operations intelligently and achieve higher levels of
   relationships throughout the customer lifecycle and               responsiveness to customer demand.
   across the enterprise. Pivotal CRM solutions provide
   functionality that reflects the business processes and data     • Shape	customer	demand:	Gives	manufacturers	
   models used by the industry, right out of the box, offering       the tools and capabilities they need to manage and
   a superior business fit. Built on the highly flexible Pivotal     sell inventory strategically. By supporting complex
   CRM enterprise platform, Pivotal CRM solutions can also           sales and marketing strategy, it provides early signals
   be easily tailored and customized to meet individual              of changes in demand, allowing them to adjust
   companies’ business requirements—and quickly adapted              output smoothly.
   to evolving needs.                                              • Respond to customer demand: Aligns planning
   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is the only comprehensive           and order execution, from the order or contract, to
   solution for managing front-office manufacturing                  processing and administering customer priorities,
   operations, empowering manufacturers to deliver                   to agreeing on what can be promised. Enriched
   superior responsiveness and performance. Its flexible             partner-management functionality helps improve sales
   platform allows it to be seamlessly connected to the              effectiveness and cooperation.
   entire enterprise, including enterprise resource planning       With an end-to-end suite of solutions for sales, marketing,
   (ERP)	and	supply	chain	management	(SCM)	systems.	               service, and partners, only Pivotal CRM offers the
   With the right technology in place, manufacturers can           depth of functionality, domain expertise, and flexibility
   accelerate their time-to-value and lower their total cost       companies need to gain a competitive edge in the
   of ownership.                                                   market. The combination of industry-tailored and custom
   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing provides tools that               components, along with the inherent flexibility of the
   help manufacturers:                                             Pivotal CRM platform, enables manufacturers to obtain a
                                                                   system that fits the unique way they do business.
   • Anticipate customer demand: By creating
     a shared repository of customer information
     across the extended enterprise and integrated
     with the back office, manufacturers can monitor

      “ Pivotal CRM gave us the ability to build a solution that helps meet our business targets—it means our
     business runs our systems, not the other way around. The architecture provided a strong feature set, on a
     Microsoft®-standard platform that can grow with our organization. This product’s vision is right in line with
                                                our business targets.
                                                                       Douglas	J.	Stang,	IT	Manager,	Holophane	Corporation

                                                                                                     Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing   7
    Anticipate Customer Demand

            With the shift toward a demand-driven business model,         Develop products that drive demand
            manufacturers are integrating sales, marketing, and           Use	customer	data	generated	at	the	sales,	marketing,	
            service processes. They are using Pivotal CRM to guide        and product level to increase product-development hit
            operations intelligently and achieve higher levels of         rates. Pivotal CRM ensures teams work together from the
            responsiveness to customer demand. With better insight,       same data. It helps capture the voice of the customer
            combined with the ability to collect, analyze, and leverage   (VOC) from every customer-facing touch point—the sales
            customer intelligence, they can better respond to             team determines customer needs and evaluates them
            changing market requirements, maximize manufacturing          against existing and potential products; the marketing
            potential, ensure higher order accuracy, and provide          team drives awareness of products and tracks interest and
            quality customer service efficiently and accurately.          sales-cycle times; and service teams respond to service-
                                                                          related issues, ensuring ongoing product development
            Use	real-time	business	intelligence	to	                       satisfies customer needs.
            gain demand visibility
            Deepen knowledge company-wide by giving employees             Drive excellence in demand forecasting
            the tools to understand and analyze customer                  Ensure demand forecasting is accurate down to an
            interactions and to measure operational performance.          account level. With Pivotal CRM, manufacturers can utilize
            Pivotal CRM provides real-time business intelligence          multiple forecasting perspectives to increase forecast
            through rich customer analytics capabilities. From key        accuracy and the success of new product introductions.
            performance indicators to sales opportunities and             Pivotal CRM enhances field assessment from the
            service-request trends, manufacturers can understand,         bottom up, using both a pipeline assessment, which
            and act on, the metrics that drive customer satisfaction      summarizes the total pipeline at each sales stage, and an
            and make measurable business improvements.                    analytical assessment, which applies historical-trend data
                                                                          against the pipeline assessment and compares it to the
            Bridge demand and supply at the line-of-                      operational forecast, allowing manufacturers to calculate
            business level                                                forecasts more accurately.
            Share	information	across	the	business	to	react	quickly	to	
            changes in demand or problems in production—without
            compromising customer-service levels. Pivotal CRM can          •	 Guide	operations	intelligently	with	rich	customer	
            help bridge demand and supply at the line-of-business             analytics capabilities and accurate forecasting
            level, helping sales, marketing, and service teams             •	 Achieve	higher	levels	of	responsiveness
            understand and commit to requirements that support                across the enterprise with a 360-degree view
            customer demand. By giving every user instant access              of the customer
            to relevant customer information through role-based
                                                                           •	 Respond	to	changing	customer	needs	and	evaluate	
            dashboards, the front office can accurately communicate
                                                                              them against existing and potential products
            with customers, closing the gap between what they offer
            and what customers expect.

            “The value of Pivotal CRM is well understood by everyone: it has made us more intelligent about the way we
            communicate	with	our	customers	and	how	they	interact	with	us.	Just	having	this	information	makes	us	better	
                                                               at what we do.
                                                                               ”       Bret Henning, IT Director, Biosite Corporation

8   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing
Shape	Customer	Demand

  When manufacturers closely monitor demand using
  analytics tools, they find that they are able to shape
  customer demand. This helps them manage and sell               •	 Uncover	new	sales	opportunities	with	tools
  inventory strategically, while also providing early signals       that help track a complex network of influential
  of changes in demand. For example, manufacturers                  relationships
  can change their pricing and selling strategies and run        •	 Increase	sales	efficiency	and	capture	more	
  promotions on certain products based on what they have            revenue with the ability to provide accurate,
  available to supply to the marketplace. In this way, they         competitive price quotes
  can shape customer demand for their products and steer         •	 Create	targeted,	personalized	cross-selling	and	
  customers away from items they don’t have. By putting             up-selling campaigns with integrated marketing
  the right products in the right place at the right price,         and sales processes
  manufacturers avoid stock-outs, excess inventory, and
  excessive discounting.                                         •	 Ensure	go-to-market	strategies	are	on	target	by	
                                                                    tracking product details and the ROI associated
                                                                    with marketing and sales activities
  Drive campaign-execution excellence
  Use	integrated	marketing	processes	to	help	allocate	
  marketing resources, generate new business, and drive
  customer loyalty. Pivotal CRM gives manufacturers             Manage product launches better and
  a means to execute and manage every marketing                 speed time-to-market
  promotion or rebate strategy—the right audience is            Be quick to market with profitable products that are
  targeted, all associated activities are tracked, leads        in high demand. With Pivotal CRM, manufacturers can
  are followed up on, and opportunities are routed and          use customer data to plan new product introductions
  assigned efficiently. Pivotal CRM acts as a platform from     based on past sales, product attributes, market demand,
  which all marketing activities—tradeshows, e-mail             and pricing schemes. They can also track new product
  campaigns, direct mail, and advertising—can be initiated,     introductions at the product-line level and at the channel
  tracked,	and	evaluated.	Sales	and	marketing	use	the	          level, improving product-forecast accuracy. By tracking
  same data, which ensures more targeted cross-selling          product details and the ROI associated with marketing
  and up-selling, shortened campaign-development times,         and sales activities, manufacturers can ensure their
  identification of programs to sell excess capacity, and       go-to-market strategies are on target.
  improved execution while preserving brand equity.

                                                                Manage and assign the right sales teams
  Provide personalized communications and                       to each account
  customer-service offerings                                    Assign exactly the right team member or combination
  Apply segmentation strategies using detailed customer         of team members to each customer account. With
  profiles to generate high response rates and extract          Pivotal CRM, assignments can be customized based on
  maximum value from each account. Pivotal CRM                  geography, organizational division, product specialty,
  captures profile data at every point of interaction,          organization type, annual revenue, or virtually any other
  which allows manufacturers to create meaningful               criteria. The system can be set up to assign multiple
  groups of customers from which they can create highly         account managers to teams that share responsibility for
  personalized communications and alter product and             an account, assign multiple roles to employees based
  customer-service	offerings.	Using	unique	segmentation	        on specialty, and assign third-party partners, such as
  criteria, manufactures can respond with accelerated lead      distributors and suppliers, to a team to improve the
  times, special packaging, expedited shipping, dedicated       quality of customer interaction and satisfaction. As
  support, self-service, or other available services.           business evolves, manufacturers can plan and easily
  Automated marketing campaigns can also be used to             modify territories or roles to accommodate new hires and
  renew product warranties and contracts, communicate           distributors or plan future territory assignments, saving
  preventative maintenance schedules, and provide               the time it would normally take to realign territories.
  discounts to customers who meet special criteria.

                                                                                                  Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing   9
             Actively leverage a complex network                         Accurately quote complex products and
             of relationships                                            shorten quote times
             Track and leverage the complex networks of relationships    From quote to contract, monitor and track the details of
             that exist between customers, distributors, and other       every deal—volume commitments, contract expiration
             influencers. With built-in relationship-management          dates, and renewals. Pivotal CRM gives manufacturers
             capabilities, Pivotal CRM helps sales teams drill down to   flexible capabilities for managing products, pricing
             the individual level—they can track key influencers and     variables, and the quote-to-contract process, increasing
             target the departments in which they work—allowing          efficiency and helping capture more revenue. The
             sales representatives to maximize the value of their        product catalog helps manufacturers manage and
             time and effort and helping close deals faster. It also     track critical product information—product type, lines,
             helps manufacturers understand the relationships that       models, and required and optional components—and
             exist between organizations, including purchasing           multiple pricing options, ensuring quotes are accurate
             organizations, parents, and subsidiaries, ensuring sales    and complete. And by feeding customer-quote data
             representatives uncover new sales opportunities and         back into the development process, manufacturers can
             provide more accurate, competitive price quotes.            build future products with broader appeal and lower
                                                                         production costs.

                 “All of our quotations are now processed using the Pivotal CRM solution which allows the sales staff to
              quickly create a quote that can go to customers using cost calculation information from our engineers. From
                start	to	finish,	the	quotation	process	is	captured	and	communicated	between	Lake	Region	departments	
                                                    through the Pivotal CRM solution.
                                                                  Tom	Kleist,	VP	of	Marketing	and	Sales,	Lake	Region	Manufacturing

10   Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing
Respond to Customer Demand

  Successful	companies	are	well	aligned	between	planning	
  and order execution, from the order or contract, to
  processing and administering customer priorities, to            •	 Build	tighter,	more	profitable	partnerships
  agreeing on what can be promised. To continually                   with tools that provide deep visibility into
  improve business performance, manufacturers are                    partner pipelines
  increasing supply-chain responsiveness with tools that          •	 Turn	cost	centers	into	revenue	centers	with	
  improve sales effectiveness and cooperation. They are              closed-loop processes that support and extend
  providing sales and their partners more specific customer          valued services to customers
  information and easier ways to respond to customer              •	 Accurately	fulfill	every	order	with	the	ability	to	
  demand. Through CRM, companies manage total channel                track contracts and volume commitments
  activity and manage products in times of excess or
  short supply.

  Improve sales and partner collaboration                        manage preventative maintenance schedules, determine
  between planning and execution                                 the status of warranties, and manage product defects.
  Increase partner sales and loyalty. Pivotal CRM helps          Manufacturers can extend proactive service to customers
  manufacturers manage business efficiently with their           and enable product-development organizations to better
  indirect-channel partners, resulting in tighter partnerships   isolate root causes and track corrective actions for all
  that are more successful and lucrative. Manufacturers          reported defects and enhancement requests. Providing
  can work more closely with partners on collaborative           critical information to service staff allows manufacturers
  sales and marketing, including price optimization and          to turn their cost centers into revenue centers, enabling
  compliance for orders, contractual discounts, volume           customer-service representatives to identify opportunities
  discounts, claims/rebates, RMAs, and charge-backs.             and generate additional revenue.
  Resellers can access and share product and pricing
  information, sales tools, marketing programs, and lead         Ensure accuracy of order-promising
  and opportunity data. With deep visibility into their          Evaluate replenishment decisions for the channel by
  partner pipeline and activities, manufacturers ensure the      basing them on demand, product revenue goals, and
  right partner is serving each account, and they can also       customer purchase commitments. Pivotal CRM helps
  evaluate partner performance based on profitability and        manufacturers align channel demand by enforcing a
  product goals—improving revenue, partner retention,            manufacturer’s unique business rules, such as pricing
  and new partner recruitment.                                   breaks, volume discounts, or lease-versus-purchase
                                                                 financing. Manufacturers can track quotes through to
  Provide unrivaled post-sales                                   orders and prevent excessive discounting and invalid
  customer service                                               quotes.	Sales,	marketing,	and	fulfillment	teams	have	
  Track	customer	request	dates	and	SLA/performance	              a clear understanding of how volume commitments
  agreement dates to determine whether the company               in contracts and the performance/fulfillment of these
  is meeting agreed-upon commitments. Pivotal CRM                contracts ties to account team goals; they can also make
  enables manufacturers to create closed-loop processes          decisions in times of excess and shortage, helping to
  that track request routing, ensure contract compliance,        consistently meet order-promised dates.

                                                                                                    Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing   11
Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing
CRM That Fits Your Business
     Designed specifically to meet the needs of the industry,             builds lasting relationships, from the initial lead through
     Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is the clear choice for                the lifetime of the relationship.
     companies looking to increase revenues, gain operational
     efficiency and competitive advantage, and meet the                   Manufacturers are taking immediate action to implement
     challenges of a demand-driven industry.                              systems and processes that will help them prepare for—
                                                                          and thrive in—highly competitive and commoditizing
     By providing a 360-degree view of their customers,                   markets. With Pivotal CRM, manufacturers can maximize
     Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing enables companies to                   customer satisfaction as they derive economic value from
     achieve insight into customer preferences and behaviors              every customer touch-point, building customer loyalty
     that can help them anticipate, shape, and respond to                 and ensuring the customer comes first.
     customer demand. It helps companies precisely manage
     a consistent and personalized customer experience that

     Contact a Pivotal CRM representative today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique needs.
     Call	1-877-PIVOTAL	(1-877-748-6825)	or	visit	us	at

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