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New Books / Fall 2010

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Vandalia Press is an imprint of WVU Press which features fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

While West Virginia University Press endeavors to ensure that all prices, publication dates, and other
details in this catalog are correct upon going to press, they are subject to revision without further notice.

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Cover image: Design by Than Saffel, as featured on the front cover of Regards Croisés
                                                                                                    NEW BOOKS

Still Life with Plums
Short Stories
Marie Manilla

“This is an accomplished collection, displaying a variety of voices,
settings, conflicts, and surprising solutions. The writing is sure, and
the stories demonstrate a writer who is confident in her vision.”
Kevin Stewart, The Way Things Always Happen Here

Still Life with Plums is a vibrant collection of short stories
that weaves together the outwardly distant lives of several
strangers. With heaping doses of dark humor and magical
realism, these ten stories enliven a cast of characters scat-
tered throughout the southern portion of the United States.
From West Virginians to Texans and Latinos, Still Life with
Plums mines the lives of a Black-Irish West Virginian, a
wise-cracking dog groomer, a guilt-ridden ambulance driv-
er, a Guatemalan widow, a Japanese-Latin-American poster
child for WWII reconciliation, and a meticulous predator.
Marie Manilla’s accessible prose is powerful and richly lay-
ered as she wrestles with and births a quirky ensemble                                            October 2010
that unflinchingly probes the human psyche.                                                     172pp · 5.5x8.5in
                                                                                PB: 978-1-933202-60-0 · $16.95

West Virginia native Marie Manilla is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her stories have appeared in The
Chicago Tribune, Prairie Schooner, Mississippi Review, Calyx Journal, Kestrel, Portland Review, GSU Review, and
other journals. She is the author of the upcoming novel Shrapnel, a Fred Bonnie Award for Best First Novel winner.


    Roll Out the Carpet
    101 Seasons of West Virginia
    University Basketball
    John Antonik
    With a foreword by Rod Thorn and an afterword by Bob Huggins

    Roll out the Carpet and Bring on the Mountaineers!
    Roll out the Carpet is the story of West Virginia University
    basketball. This comprehensive history chronicles more
    than one hundred seasons of the game, from the early years
    of the Tri-State and Eastern Conferences to the golden era of
    Hot Rod Hundley, Jerry West, and Rod Thorn to the Moun-
    taineer’s most recent triumphs under coaches John Beilein
    and Bob Huggins. From the first game in 1904 against ri-
    val Pitt to the Mountaineer’s triumphant return to the 2010
    Final Four tournament, Roll out the Carpet celebrates the
    spirit and tradition of Mountaineer basketball. With over
    five hundred never-before-published photographs and ar-
    ticles of memorabilia from the WVU athletic department,
    university archives, and personal collections, this book is a                               September 2010
    must-have for any West Virginia University basketball fan.              244pp · 9x11in · 500 bw & color illus
    It’s a great day to be a Mountaineer!                                   HC/J: 978-1-933202-66-2 · $39.95 xx

    West Virginia native John Antonik received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Sports
    Management from West Virginia University. He is Director of Intercollegiate Sports New Media at West Virginia
    University and author of West Virginia University Football Vault: The History of the Mountaineers.
                                                                                                  NEW BOOKS

Reversing Field
Examining Commercialization, Labor, Gender,
and Race in 21st Century Sports Law
Edited by andré douglas pond cummings and
Anne Marie Lofaso
“[This book] is a welcomed reservoir of information for reference
by scholars, students, practitioners, jurists, and others in the field of
sports law.”      James McCurdy, Gonzaga University School of Law

Reversing Field invites students, professionals, and enthusi-
asts of sport—whether law, management and marketing, or
the game itself—to explore the legal issues and regulations
surrounding collegiate and professional athletics in the
United States. This theoretical and methodological inter-
rogation of sports law openly addresses race, labor, gender,
and the commercialization of sports, while offering solu-
tions to the disruptions that threaten its very foundation
during an era of increased media scrutiny and consumer-
ism. Through over thirty articles, academics, practitioners,
and critics of sports vigorously confront and debate matters                With a foreword by Dr. John Carlos
such as steroid use, the Arms Race, gender bias, racism, and                                    October 2010
the Rooney Rule, offering new thoughts and resolution to                                        536pp · 7x10in
the vexing legal issues that surround sports in the 21st century.            HC/J: 978-1-933202-55-6 · $44.95 x

andré douglas pond cummings is Professor of Law at West Virginia University. cummings holds a JD from
Howard University. Anne Marie Lofaso is Associate Professor of Law at West Virginia University. She holds an AB
from Harvard University, a JD from University of Pennsylvania, and a DPhil from University of Oxford.

    An Appalachian Reawakening
    West Virginia and the Perils of
    the New Machine Age, 1945–1972
    Jerry Bruce Thomas

    As post-World War II economic expansion spread across
    the globe, Middle America experienced a period of pros-
    perity that was built upon a modern age of industrializa-
    tion. Yet for the people of Appalachia, this new era brought
    about economic, social, and environmental devastation.
    Some workers and farmers suffered in silence, some joined
    a mass exodus from the mountains, while others, trapped
    by unemployment, poverty, and injury, hopelessly became
    dependent on welfare. An Appalachian Reawakening re-
    counts the difficulties the state of West Virginia faced dur-
    ing this post-World War II period. While documenting this
    turmoil, this valuable analysis traces the efforts of govern-
    mental programs to stimulate maximum feasible participa-
    tion and the ultimate rise of the grassroots activities that
    improved life and labor in the region and undermined the
    notion of Appalachian fatalism.                                                                November 2010
                                                                                          240pp · 6x9in · 24 bw illus
    Jerry Bruce Thomas is Professor Emeritus of History at Shepherd                PB: 978-1-933202-58-7· $24.95 x
    University, Shepherdstown, West Virginia.                                      HC: 978-1-933202-59-4 · $75.95 x
                                                                                 Series: West Virginia and Appalachia
                 An Appalachian New Deal
                 West Virginia in the Great Depression
                 Jerry Bruce Thomas
                 March 2010 · 332pp · 6x9in · PB: 978-1-933202-51-8 · $24.95 x

                                                                                                       NEW BOOKS

A Strike Like No Other Strike
Law and Resistance during the
Pittston Coal Strike of 1989–1990
Richard A. Brisbin, Jr.
“Richard Brisbin’s excellent book sits at the intersection of law, politi-
cal science, sociology, and history.”
Julie Novkov, Law and Politics Book Review

“The book brims with insights into the history of the Pittston strike
and into a miner’s way of life.”
Henry S. Cohen, The Federal Lawyer

In A Strike Like No Other Strike: Law and Resistance during
the Pittston Coal Strike of 1989–1990, Richard Brisbin of-
fers a compelling study of the exercise of political power. In
considering the legal significance of the strike, Brisbin asks
the larger question of whether even extreme transgression
or resistance can fracture the “imagined coherence of the
law.” He shows how each party in the strike invoked the law
to justify its actions while attacking those of the other side
as unlawful. In the end, both sides lost; although the U.S.                               New in Paperback!
Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of the union, most                                            August 2010
of the strikers faced elimination of their jobs and an ongo-                      350pp · 6x9in · halftones · maps
ing struggle for pensions and health benefits.                                   PB: 978-1-933202-76-1· $24.95 x

Richard A. Brisbin, Jr. is Associate Professor of Political Science at West Virginia University and author of Justice
Antonin Scalia and the Conservative Revival.

    Regards Croisés
    Perspectives on Digital Literature
    Edited by Philippe Bootz and Sandy Baldwin
    “The contents of this book are fantastic.”
    Katherine Hayles, Distinguished Professor of English, UCLA

    What happens to literature in an age of digital technology?
    Regards Croisés: Perspectives on Digital Literature provides an
    answer to this question through a collection of cutting-edge
    critical essays on literature gone digital. By offering a wide-
    angle perspective that globalizes and diversifies current criti-
    cal paradigms, Regards Croisés examines how digital literature
    connects with traditional and contemporary reading and writ-
    ing communities. With contributions stemming from eight
    countries and three continents, this sophisticated text analyzes
    transcontinental practices of digital literature, while opening
    dialogues with expanded critical paradigms in the field. This
    collection recognizes how a rich history of ongoing literary
    practice engages with the computer as a programmable device
    and explores the latest developments in social media and Web
    2.0 as venues for digital literature. Regards Croisés is an impor-
    tant addition to existing digital literature research and reveals                              December 2010
    a vibrant engagement between and among writers, readers,                                     128pp · 5.5x8.5in
    and literary practices in a digital world.                                    PB: 978-1-933202-47-1 · $19.95 x

    Philippe Bootz is Assistant Professor of Multimedia at the University of Versailles-St Quentin and Researcher at
    the Paragraphe Laboratory (University Paris 8). Sandy Baldwin is Associate Professor of English and Director of
    the Center for Literary Computing at West Virginia University.

                                                                                      RECENTLY PUBLISHED

The Pale Light of Sunset
Scattershots and Hallucinations
in an Imagined Life
Lee Maynard
“The Pale Light of Sunset features Maynard’s most lyric and elegant
prose and his most complex vision.”
Ann Pancake, Strange as this Weather Has Been

In 1936, a child is born in the mountains of West Virgin-
ia. In 2005, he scatters his past into a deep canyon of rock.
The Pale Light of Sunset: Scattershots and Hallucinations in
an Imagined Life illuminates the journey of this boy, a con-
stant tourist and visitor, who travels everywhere, yet belongs
nowhere. Through tales of swarming hornets and swinging
bullies, love affairs with the land and its people, and near
death by frostbite and heat stroke, the absurd hilarity and
clear, tender voice found within this story navigates a sur-
real road paved by the experiences of one man.

Author of nationally acclaimed and locally banned novels Crum and
Screaming with the Cannibals, Lee Maynard details an imaginative                                 October 2009
account of his journey through seventy years of hard living—from                               348pp · 5.5x8.5in
West Virginia, to Mexico, the Arctic Circle, and beyond.                        HC/J: 978-1-933202-42-6 · $23.95

             Crum                                    Screaming with the Cannibals
             Lee Maynard                             Lee Maynard
             2001 · 170pp · 5.5x8.5in                2003 · 261pp · 5.5x8.5in
             PB: 978-0-937058-59-6· $16.95           HB: 978-0-937058-81-7· $16.95


    The History of a Swiss Village
    in the Mountains of West Virginia
    David H. Sutton

    “[Helvetia] will delight the reader. . .”
    Leo Schelbert, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Helvetia: The History of a Swiss Village in the Mountains
    of West Virginia explores the unique founding and de-
    velopment of a community nestled within the wilder-
    ness of Appalachia. Established in 1869, this tiny Swiss
    settlement embodies the American immigrant experi-                                              April 2010
                                                                     169pp · 10x8in · 88 bw illus · maps · index
    ence, reflecting the steadfast desire of settlers to pre-        PB: 978-1-933202-56-3 · $22.95
    serve cultural traditions and values while adapting to
    new and extraordinary surroundings. From ramp suppers to carnivals, traditional architecture,
    folk music, and cheese making, this book documents a living community by exploring the eth-
    nic customs, farming practices, community organization, and language maintenance of Helvetia
    residents. Helvetia celebrates a small community where residents and visitors alike continue to
    practice a Swiss American culture that binds an international history to a local heritage. Long
    out of print, this reissued edition of the history of Helvetia contains a new introduction, a concise
    index, a bibliography, an appendix of foreign-born immigrants, and an exquisite photographic
    essay featuring archival images of a Swiss village still thriving within the isolated backcountry of
    central West Virginia.

    David H. Sutton is a native of Helvetia, West Virginia. As an archivist and manuscripts curator, he has worked for the
    Washburn Norlands Foundation in Livermore Falls, Maine and the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies in Philadelphia.

                                                                                                        RECENTLY PUBLISHED

Hearts of Gold
J. McHenry Jones
Edited by John Ernest and Eric Gardner
J. McHenry Jones’s Hearts of Gold is a gripping tale of post-Civil War battles against racism
and systemic injustice. Originally published in 1896, this novel reveals an African American
community of individuals dedicated to education, journalism, fraternal organizations, and
tireless work serving the needs of those abandoned by the political process of the white world.
Jones challenges conventional wisdom by addressing a range of subjects—from interracial re-
lationships to forced labor in coal mines—that virtually no other novelist of the time was will-
ing to approach. With the addition of an introduction and appendix, this new edition reveals
the difficult foundations upon which African Americans built a platform to address injustice,
to generate opportunities, and to play a prominent role in American social, economic, and
political life.
                                                                                                         February 2010 · 288pp · 5x7.5in
John Ernest is the Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of American Literature at West Virginia         PB: 978-1-933202-53-2 · $22.95
University. Eric Gardner is Chair and Professor of English at Saginaw Valley State University.           HC: 978-1-933202-52-5 · $68.95

Old South, New South, or Down South?
Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
Edited by Irvin D. S. Winsboro
“This will be an important, much cited, and respected book.”
John Boles, Journal of Southern History
How does a state, tarnished with a racist, violent history, emerge from the modern civil rights
movement with a reputation for tolerance and progression? Old South, New South, or Down
South?: Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement exposes the image, illusion, and reality
behind Florida’s hidden story of racial discrimination and violence. By exploring multiple per-
spectives on racially motivated events, such as black agency, political stonewalling, and racist
assaults, this collection of nine essays reconceptualizes the civil rights legacy of the Sunshine
State. Its dissection of local, isolated acts of rebellion reveals a strategic, political concealment
of the once dominant, often overlooked, Old South attitude towards race in Florida.
                                                                                                         November 2009 · 352pp · 6x9in
Irvin D. S. Winsboro is Professor of History, African-American Studies, and Florida Studies at           PB: 978-1-933202-44-0 · $24.95
Florida Gulf Coast University.                                                                           HC: 978-1-933202-45-7 · $75.95

                                       Paradox Hill
                                       From Appalachia to Lunar Shore, Revised Edition
                                       Louise McNeill
                                       Edited by A. E. Stringer
                                       With a new introduction by A. E. Stringer, this reprint of Louise McNeill’s classic work remains as vivid as when it was first
                                       published. Containing poems from several decades of her career, Paradox Hill: From Appalachia to Lunar Shore displays the
                                       resonant voice of West Virginia’s former poet laureate. Richly diverse in form and content, Paradox Hill is a must-have col-
                                       lection of a beloved poet’s heartfelt exploration of her physical and cultural surroundings.
                                       Louise McNeill was born in 1911 in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. She was West Virginia’s Poet Laureate from 1979 until her death in
                                       1993. A. E. Stringer is Professor of Creative Writing at Marshall University, West Virginia.
     2009 · 128pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-1-933202-37-2 · $16.95

                                       The Historical Atlas of West Virginia
                                       Frank S. Riddel
                                       The Historical Atlas of West Virginia is an important title for libraries, schools, and West Virginians who want to understand
                                       how historical forces are mapped onto the state’s terrain. Copiously illustrated with maps, tables, and charts, this resource
                                       depicts everything from the geological deposits and strata that have fed the state’s industries to the settlement patterns of im-
                                       migrants, disclosing the intersections between the movements of natural resources and various means of distribution. Using
                                       federal and state statistics, this comprehensive reference also includes revelations from national census figures from 1790.
                                       Each of its eight sections, as well as its maps and charts, are accompanied by an explanatory essay. An appendix provides a
                                       list of West Virginia governors and senators, while an index directs readers to nearly a thousand topics.

                                       Frank S. Riddel is co-author of West Virginia Government and American Government: The USA and West Virginia and Professor of History
                                       Emeritus at Marshall University, West Virginia.

     2008 · 256pp · 7x10in · illus · HC/J: 978-1-933202-27-3 · $29.95 xx

                                       Macrofungi Associated with Oaks of Eastern North America
                                       Denise Binion, Dr. Steve Stephenson, William Roody, Dr. Harold H.Burdsall, Jr.,
                                       Dr. Orson K. Miller, Jr., and Dr. Larissa Vasilyeva

                                       Macrofungi Associated with Oaks of Eastern North America, the companion to Field Guide to Oak Species of Eastern North
                                       America, represents the first major publication devoted exclusively to the macrofungi that occur in association with oak
                                       trees in the forests of eastern North America. The macrofungi covered in this volume include many of the more common
                                       examples of the three groups—mycorrhizal fungi, decomposers, and pathogens—that are ecologically important to the for-
                                       est ecosystems in which oaks occur. More than 200 species of macrofungi are described and illustrated via vibrantly colored
                                       photographs. Information is given on edibility, medicinal properties, and other novel uses as well. This publication reflects
                                       the combined expertise of six mycologists on the macrofungi anyone would be likely to encounter in an oak forest.
     2008 · 468pp · 6x9in · color photos · PB: 978-1-933202-36-5 · $44.95 xx

                                                                                                                                              VANDALIA PRESS

                                 The Safety of Deeper Water
                                 Tim Poland
                                 When Sandy Holston is on dry land, she’s nothing special: a nurse who wears her hair in a ponytail and prefers a fishing lure as
                                 an earring. But once she dons waders, picks up a fly rod, and steps into a river, she becomes a remarkable, elegant fisherwoman
                                 who’s at peace with the world. After surviving her marriage to Vernon—her violent, incarcerated ex-husband—peace is just
                                 what Sandy needs. So she moves to Damascus, a small town on the Ripshin River, where she plans to enjoy the fishing and the
                                 solitude. Finally she is on the brink of a life she desires in a place she loves. But as the Ripshin’s trout mysteriously die off, and
                                 as Sandy grows closer to a reclusive neighbor who has a propensity for fishing naked, her plans are put in jeopardy. Will Sandy
                                 be able to find peace—in the river or out—once Vernon is released from prison and fulfills his promise to hunt her down?

                                 Tim Poland is Professor of English at Radford University. He is the author of Escapee, a collection of short fiction and Other Stories, a chap-
                                 book of poems, the recipient of a Plattner/Appalachian Heritage Award, and a Pushcart Prize nominee.

2009 · 276pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-1-933202-32-7 · $16.95

George Constantz                 Contemporary Writing in West Virginia
                                 Edited by Irene McKinney
                                 This is as closely knit an anthology as you are ever likely to see. It is as though a large, extended family were drawing on the
                                 same store of family stories, jokes, symbols, landscapes, animals, trees, language, and vernacular. How many snakes are in
                                 this book? How many foxes? Possums? Fossils? Coal mines? This anthology of contemporary fiction and poetry from West
                                 Virginia writers is edited by the state’s poet laureate, Irene McKinney, and features a wealth of fiction and poetry by some of
                                 the best writers in the Mountain State over the last half century.

                                 Contributors Include: Maggie Anderson, Tom Andrews, Pinckney Benedict, Richard Currey, Mark DeFoe, Victor Depta, Henry Louis
                                 Gates, Jr., Denise Giardina, Davis Grubb, Lisa Koger, Lee Maynard, Llewellyn McKernan, John McKernan, Irene McKinney, Louis McNeill,
                                 Ann Pancake, Breece D’J Pancake, Jayne Anne Phillips, Timothy Russell, Mary Lee Settle, A. E. Stringer, and Meredith Sue Willis.
2002 · 273pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-0-937058-72-5 · $24.95

                                 Valerie Nieman
                                 “Nieman’s creation of each character and her evocation of time and place are unique. [Her characters] are so real that I feel I know
                                 them all.” Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, On Long Mountain
                                 “The stories in Fidelities. . .have a deeply shadowed strength, depicting what is at once commonplace and powerfully re-imagined.”
                                 Meredith Sue Willis, Oradell at Sea

                                 Valerie Nieman, the author of acclaimed novels Survivors and The Neena Gathering, as well as the poetry collection Wake,
                                 Wake, Wake, writes stories that are tender and passionate, unpretentious and vivid. This collection of eighteen short stories
                                 draws the reader into the Appalachian state of mind.
                                 Valerie Nieman is Professor of English and Journalism at North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. She received an MFA in
                                 Creative Writing from Queens University, Charlotte, North Carolina.
2004 · 5.5x8.5in · 150pp · PB: 978-0-937058-94-7 · $16.95


                                      Surviving Mae West
                                      Priscilla A. Rodd
                                      “Priscilla Rodd’s protagonist in Surviving Mae West can be exasperating, like watching a friend engage in self-destructive behavior. Yet, we
                                      still care about her as she navigates between the two worlds of New York prostitution and her West Virginia family.”
                                      Denise Giardina, Storming Heaven and The Unquiet Earth

                                      Tess, a West Virginian in New York City, finds herself among seedy brothels facing life as a prostitute. Tess tells her shocking
                                      yet charming stories of pain, joy, depression, loneliness, and endurance throughout her intimate journal. With the shadow
                                      of Appalachia always calling her home, she desperately struggles to claim her individuality in a world of debauchery without
                                      the painful remnants of her past and fear of a fragmented future overwhelming her.
                                      Priscilla A. Rodd holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Pittsburgh. She currently teaches creative writing and lives in Charles
                                      Town, West Virginia with her husband and fellow writer Deane Kern and their two young sons.

     2007 · 207pp · 5.5x8.5 · 978-1-933202-07-5 · $16.95

                                      The Way Things Always Happen Here
                                      Kevin C. Stewart
                                      “These stories of hard realities and painfully won wisdom are absolutely jam-packed with those simmering, guarded secrets and dark
                                      desires we all share.” Chuck Kinder, Snake Hunter and Honeymooners: A Cautionary Tale

                                      In his debut short-fiction collection, Kevin C. Stewart takes his readers to the scene of a heinous murder, to the home of
                                      an alcoholic single mother, to the 1960s election campaign of JFK through West Virginia, and off the side of the New River
                                      Gorge Bridge. In this collection of eight stories set in fictional Oak County in southern West Virginia, and one novella set in
                                      the Arkansas Ozarks, Stewart gives us characters who all love and hate where they are from.

                                      Kevin C. Stewart is Professor of English at University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown. Stewart won the Texas Review Novella Prize for a short story
                                      entitled Margot, which is featured in this book. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas, along with degrees in
                                      English, Architecture, and Civil Engineering.
     2007 ·160pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-1-933202-19-8 · $16.95

                                      Lost Highway, 2nd Edition
                                      Richard Currey
                                      “Currey has an unerring eye for detail, for the everyday wonders of life.” Edvins Beitiks, The San Francisco Chronicle

                                      Richard Currey’s Lost Highway has attracted a legion of admirers since its initial publication in 1997. This book depicts the
                                      epic struggle of an ordinary person living his dreams and following his passion. Lost Highway is the story of Sapper Reeves,
                                      a gifted country musician from the small town of Maxwell, West Virginia. Sapper’s story covers the events of more than
                                      half a century, from his birth in a poor coal mining town through his travels on the back roads of Appalachia in search of
                                      recognition and respect. Along the way, Sapper’s embattled love for his wife and struggle to come to terms with his combat-
                                      wounded son form the basis of his artistic and personal redemption.
                                      Richard Currey served in the U. S. Navy from 1968 to 1972. He is the author of Crossing Over: A Vietnam Journal, which earned a Pulitzer
                                      Prize nomination and Fatal Light, which was short-listed for the 1988 PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Novel and the winner of the
                                      Vietnam Veterans of America’s Excellence in the Arts Award.

     2005 · 245pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-0-937058-96-1 · $16.95

                                                                                                                                                                         VANDALIA PRESS

                                                              A Novel
                                                              Kevin Oderman
                                                              In Granada, a boy in a dress begs in the white alleys of the old town. A vulnerable runaway, he turns to Madelein James, an
                                                              American painter who is living in the city for protection. The boy also meets Madeleine’s new friend, poet Cy Jacobs. Although
                                                              the two adults mean to help the boy, they unwittingly expose him to more peril. Soon, all the characters in the story have been
                                                              scraped on the touchstone of hard realities and made to show their mettle, be it base or gold. This novel, at times somber and
                                                              at times flaring with intensity, calls up indelibly the difficulties of making a good life—or a good death—in a world in which
                                                              we are all, in one way or another, going.
                                                              Kevin Oderman is Professor of English and Creative Writing at West Virginia University, the author of the prize-winning collection of liter-
                                                              ary essays How Things Fit Together, and a critical book on Ezra Pound entitled Ezra Pound and the Erotic Medium.

                          2006 · 263pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-1-933202-13-6 · $16.95

                                                              Witches, Ghosts, and Signs
                                                              Folklore of the Southern Appalachians
                                                              Patrick Ward Gainer
                                                              Witches, Ghosts, and Signs: Folklore of the Southern Appalachians highlights stories that both amuse and raise goosebumps.
                                                              Based on material Gainer collected from over fifty years of field research, Witches, Ghosts, and Signs presents the rich heri-
                                                              tage of the southern Appalachians in a way that has never been equaled. Strange and supernatural tales of ghosts, witches,
                                                              hauntings, disappearances, and unexplained murders that have been passed down from generation to generation from as far
                                                              back as the earliest settlers in the region are included in this collection that will send chills down the spine.
                                                              Patrick Ward Gainer (1904–1981) was a well-known music director, singer, and radio personality. He dedicated his life to revitalizing folk
                                                              traditions and elevating the image and self-esteem of the Appalachian people at a time when derogatory stereotypes flourished. He was a
                                                              Professor of English at West Virginia Univeristy until his retirement in 1972.
                          2008 · 273pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-1-933202-20-4 · $18.95

                                                              Music in the Air Somewhere
WVU Press Sound Archive

                                                              The Shifting Borders of West Virginia’s Fiddle and Song Traditions
                                                              Erynn L. Marshall
                                                              In Music in the Air Somewhere, professional musician and musicologist Erynn L. Marshall documents the influence of folk music upon fid-
                                                              dlers’ compositions and techniques and the diversity of music traditions in the Mountain State. This survey of Appalachian fiddle tradition
                                                              includes a comprehensive exploration of West Virginian musicians and the state’s oral traditions and includes a CD of Marshall’s field and
                                                              archival recordings.
                                                              2006 · 270pp · 5.5x8.5pp · PB with CD: 978-1-933202-25-9 · $22.95

                                                Edden Hammons Collection                                         Coal Digging Blues                                            Work and Pray · 2003
                                                John Cuthbert · 2001 & 2006                                      Songs of WV Miners · 2006                                     Historical Negro Spirituals and Work Songs
                                                Vol 2: CD: 978-0-937058-54-1 · $24.95                            Mark Allan Jackson                                            Cortez Reece
                                                Vol 1: CD: 978-0-937058-51-0 · $15.95                             CD w/ booklet: 978-1-933202-11-2 · $15.95                    CD: 978-0-937058-75-6 · $15.95


                                       Bringing Down the Mountains
                                       The Impact of Mountaintop Removal Surface Coal Mining on Southern West Virginia Communities
                                       Shirley Stewart Burns
                                       For more than a century, West Virginia has answered the energy call of the nation—and the world—by mining and exporting
                                       its coal. West Virginia’s coal industry provides almost forty thousand jobs directly related to coal, and contributes $3.5 billion
                                       to the state’s gross annual product. For generations of honest, hard-working West Virginians, coal has put food on tables, built
                                       homes, and sent students to college. But coal has also maimed, debilitated, and killed. Bringing Down the Mountains provides
                                       insight into how mountaintop removal has affected the people and the land of southern West Virginia by examining the
                                       mechanization of the mining industry and the power relationship between coal interests, politicians, and the average citizen.
                                       Shirley Stewart Burns is a native of the southern coalfields of West Virginia. She holds a PhD in History with an Appalachian focus from
                                       West Virginia University and is a community and environmental activitist for her home state.

     2007 · 215pp · 6x9in · PB: 978-1-933202-27-3 · illus · $24.95

                                       Matewan Before the Massacre
                                       Politics, Coal and the Roots of Conflict in a West Virginia Mining Community
                                       Rebecca J. Bailey
                                       Matewan Before the Massacre provides the first comprehensive history of this area of West Virginia, beginning in the late
                                       eighteenth century and continuing up to the Massacre. It covers the relevant economic history, including the development
                                       of the coal mine industry and the struggles over land ownership; labor history; early efforts of unionization; transportation
                                       history; the role of the N&W Railroad; the role of political factions in the county’s two major communities of Matewan and
                                       Williamson; and the impact of the state’s governors and legislatures on Mingo County, West Virginia.
                                       Rebecca J. Bailey is a scholar of West Virginia and Appalachian History. She first learned about Matewan through stories her coal miner
                                       grandfather told about witnessing Sid Hatfield’s murder and could not let go of the story.
     2008 · 224pp · 6x9in · PB: 978-1-933202-17-4 · $27.95

     George Constantz                  The Tragic Story of the 1907 Monongah Mining Disaster,
                                       the Worst Industrial Accident in US History
                                       Davitt McAteer
                                       Monongah: The Tragic Story of the 1907 Monongah Mining Disaster documents the worst industrial accident in the history
                                       of the United States. This disaster killed hundreds of men and boys—many of them immigrants—and led to a greater aware-
                                       ness of industrial working conditions, and ultimately the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969. Through thirty
                                       years of exhaustive research, Davitt McAteer delves deeply into the personalities, economic forces, and social landscape of
                                       the mining communities of north central West Virginia at the beginning of the twentieth century.
                                       Davitt McAteer is an internationally recognized expert on mine and workplace health and safety.

     2007 · 332pp · 6x9in · HC/J: 978-1-933202-29-7 · $32.95


                                  Vivid Companion
                                  Irene McKinney
                                   “What a rich, evocative world is Irene McKinney’s. She writes with a strong soul, a great ear, and a commanding vista. She knows the
                                  trees, the birds, the manners, and the difficult history of Appalachian America; she knows, this fine poet, the ways of the human heart.”
                                  David Baker, The Kenyon Review

                                  The fifth published collection of poetry from West Virginia’s poet laureate and author of Six O’Clock Mine Report is an
                                  extraordinary set of poems which reflects the complexity, the magnanimity, and the resilience of the human spirit. McKin-
                                  ney writes with candor, precision, and compassion; most importantly, though, Irene McKinney’s poems are accessible to all
                                  types of readers.
                                  Irene McKinney is Poet Laureate of West Virginia and Associate Professor of English at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She has
                                  published five volumes of poetry.
2004 · 98pp · 5.5x8.5in · PB: 978-0-937058-92-3 · $16.95

                                  The Potomac Canal
                                  George Washington and the Waterway West
George Constantz
                                  Robert J. Kapsch
                                  The Potomac Canal Company’s industrial trade route laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Chesapeake
                                  and Ohio Canal and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. During its operation, the canal system was used to ship flour from
                                  mills in the foothills of Appalachia to the tidewater of the Chesapeake and soon became the basis of agricultural wealth in
                                  West Virginia’s eastern panhandle and throughout the Appalachian Piedmont. This illustrated book presents a chronological
                                  narrative of the new nation’s first effort to link the rich western agricultural lands with the coast at port cities of the new east.

                                  Robert J. Kapsch was Chief of Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Record for the National Parks Service
                                  for over fifteen years.
2007 · 374pp · 8.5x10in · illus ·PB: 978-1-933202-18-1 · $39.95

                                  Robert C. Byrd
                                  Child of the Appalachian Coalfields
                                  Senator Robert C. Byrd
                                  U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd’s autobiography follows his experiences from his boyhood in the early 1920s to his election in
                                  2000, which won him an unprecedented eighth term in the senate. Throughout his account, Senator Byrd offers commen-
                                  tary on national and international events that occurred throughout his long life in public service, revealing a journey from
                                  the Appalachian coalfields to the marbled halls of Congress that has inspired generations of people in West Virginia and
                                  throughout the nation.
                                  Robert Carlyle Byrd is the senior United States senator from West Virginia and the longest-serving senator in congressional history. He is a
                                  member and former Senate Leader of the Democratic Party. Byrd has been a senator since January 3, 1959 and is the oldest current member
                                  of the United States Congress. He is the first person to serve an uninterrupted half a century as a U. S. senator.

2005 · 832pp · 6x9in · HC/J: 978-1-933202-00-6 · $34.95


                                       Mountain Memories
                                       An Appalachian Sense of Place
                                       Jim Clark
                                       Through images and text, award-winning nature photographer and writer Jim Clark discloses a collection of wondrous,
                                       often overlooked sites found within Appalachia. With over two-hundred exquisite photographs, this book conveys the joy
                                       and beauty found through the simple observation and understanding of nature. From wildlife and flowers, to mountains,
                                       waterfalls, and rustic building to creeping moss, and soaring ravens, this book illustrates Jim Clark’s memories of West
                                       Virginia and will remind you of your own sense of place.
                                       Jim Clark’s articles and images have appeared in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best, Wonderful West Virginia, Birders
                                       World, Country, Wild Bird, and Outdoor & Nature Photographer. Clark is the author and photographer of West Virginia: The Allegheny
                                       Highlands. He is a past president of the North American Nature Photography Association and a recipient of that organization’s Outstanding
                                       Recognition Award.
     2003 · 224pp · 9x12in · 200 color illus · HC/J: 978-0-937058-77-0 · $44.95

                                       Hollows, Peepers, and Highlanders
     George Constantz                  An Appalachian Mountain Ecology, 2nd Edition
                                       George Constantz
                                       This new edition of Hollows, Peepers, and Highlanders: An Appalachian Mountain Ecology is the culmination of ten years
                                       of George Constantz’s ecological research. By explaining complex scientific concepts in lay terms, Constantz reveals the
                                       processes which led to the formation of the Appalachian Mountains, the adaptation of species to ecological events, and the
                                       environmental problems now plaguing the region. This eclectic collection of essays explores the eastern deciduous forest
                                       and exposes the conflicts that underlie the mysteries of Appalachian life.

                                       George Constantz is the founder of Cacapon Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving Appalachian rivers through science
                                       and education. Constantz has worked as a teacher of biology and environmental science, fish ecologist, researcher, and park naturalist.
     2004 · 368pp · 6x9in · PB: 978-0-937058-86-6 · $19.95

                                       Woody Plants in Winter
                                       Earl L. Core and Nelle P. Ammons

                                       Woody Plants in Winter is a lavishly illustrated manual used to identify trees and shrubs in winter when the lack of leaves,
                                       fruits, and flowers makes them unidentifiable. Woody Plants in Winter covers northeastern United States and southeastern
                                       Canada, encompassing the southern boundaries of Virginia and Kentucky, the western boundaries of Missouri and Iowa,
                                       and the 49th parallel of latitude through Quebec, Ontario, and the north-western corner of Minnesota. Now in its fifteenth
                                       printing, this manual is a classic reference for naturalists, botanists, gardeners, and hobbyists.

                                       Earl L. Core and Nell P. Ammons, both West Virginia University Professors of Distinction, originally published this book
                                       with The Boxwood Press in 1958.
     1999 · 218pp · 6x9in · illus · PB: 978-0-937058-52-7· $15.95

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