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					              THE MESSENGER
        VOLUME 13, No. 3                          A PUBLICATION OF THE HILLSBORO R-3 SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                         May 2005

                          Thanks for the Memories                                             King and Queen crowned at Prom
                          by Shelton E. Smith, Ed. D., Superintendent                                               by Tanalyn Ringo

                           I can remember my very first day on the job                   On May 7, 2005, Hillsboro High School celebrated its Junior\Senior
                           at my first teaching assignment thirty-eight         prom: Stairway to Heaven. Candidates for the 2005 prom court include,
                                                                                queen candidates: Roxi Piche, Cara Vonder Bruegge, Megan Mcbride,
                           years ago. The time has flown by so quickly,         Rachael Korzep, Megan Sampson, Rochelle West, Sarah Graves, and
                           but the years are filled with wonderful              Nichole Cain. Candidates for the 2005 prom king include Jake Brooks, Dex-
                           memories of people: students, colleagues,            ter Wallace, Andrew Valleroy, Kevin Steffen, Bradley Schlett, John
                                                                                Kautzner, Steve Scanlon, and Bobby Anderson.
                           parents, patrons, community leaders, legisla-
                                                                                         Prom royalty was presented by 2004’s retiring Prom King and
                           tors, famous musicians, athletes, entertainers,      Queen, James Graves and Anne Martinson. Winners for the 2005 prom
                           Presidents, state officials, and the list contin-    court include Cara Vonder Bruegge as princess and Jake Brooks as prince.
                                                                                2005’s Prom King was awarded to Kevin Steffen, and Prom Queen was
        ues to grow. I once told a group of people to measure their
                                                                                awarded to Rachael Korzep.
        wealth by the number of friends and special people in their             Kevin Steffen is the son of Dean and Sandra Steffen. When asked what kind
        lives. Using my own advice, I can say that I am a very rich per-        of food he would be if he could be any, Steffen replied, “I would be a choco-
        son as a result of the friends and acquaintances that I've made         late covered strawberry because I’ve always wanted to be covered in choco-
                                                                                late.” Steffen’s life motto is, “As soon as you are born, you start dying, so
        in my career.                                                           you might as well have a good time.” Rachael Korzep is the daughter of
        I've been blessed that my roles in education have given me              Nancy and Danny Wright and Rodrick Korzep. Korzep’s dream job is to be
                                                                                a unicorn tamer/groomer, but to pursue this she would need a unicorn. Kor-
        great opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children.      zep’s life motto is “Just smile and nod.”
        I have always happily given my time and energy to children....
        even at the cost of valuable time that I should have given to my                                        Project Prom
                                                                                                     Submitted by Debbie Roberts, Committee Member
        own family. But that's the life of a school administrator, coach,
        and teacher.                                                                     Our 3rd annual Project Prom evening was a huge success. We hade 265
                                                                                students in attendance and gave our approximately $13,000 in prizes. With the help
        Children must be guided into the right paths. We must be exam-          of approximately 75 parent/teacher/principal volunteers, the evening went wonder-
                                                                                fully. We managed to raise $20,652.06 for this year’s event.
        ples who serve them well, and we must never lose sight of the                    The evening was filled with fun at the Riverchase of Fenton Recreational
        fact that we may never know the influence that we have had on           Center. Music was playing throughout the facility with prizewinners being an-
                                                                                nounced every 15 minutes. Each junior and senior received some type of prize dur-
        students until the students tell you years later. We must be            ing the evening. . Food and beverages were served the entire evening and our grand
        positive influences on students; we must never be vengeful; we          prize winners were drawn. There were Lance Struckhoff, Kyle Proemsey, Becky
        must never incite a child's loneliness through our power as             Schnaare and Jessie Vaeth.
                                                                                         Thanks from the entire Project Prom Committee to everyone who sup-
        educators to inflict fear. Instead, we must bring out the best in       ported this great endeavor. We were successful in keeping 265 students safe for an
        students. We must make them feel good about themselves. This            evening.
        means that we have to know our students and involve their par-
        ents/guardians. Francis Keppel once said, "Education is too im-                          Summer News From the Nurse
        portant to be left solely to educators." It takes all of us work-                      Parents, it is the season for sun screen!! Please remember that sun
        ing together.                                                                          screen is an important addition to young skin. Sunburns are a com-
                                                                                               mon cause for skin cancer, and other skin problems in later
        During my career, I've witnessed jealousy, envy, greed, hatred,                        years. Children are recommended to use a SPF of 30+ to receive
                                                                                               maximum skin protection.
        vindictiveness, and other troublesome elements that interfere
                                                                                Ticks are also a common seasonal problem for children and adults alike. Remember
        with sound judgment. Fortunately, I've also witnessed more              to check your child thoroughly when they have been playing outside. If a tick is re-
        love, caring, compassion, self-sacrifice, professionalism, and          moved it is a good idea to keep the tick for a week or so and monitor the bite site. If
                                                                                a rash, redness, or swelling develop seek medical care immediately. Ticks
        the kinds of qualities in people that make us all proud. As I end       not only carry Lyme disease but are capable of transmitting other infectious
        my career, I choose to dwell on the positive qualities and the          diseases. Lightweight clothing that have long sleeves and pants are good
        positive memories that I have experienced. I am grateful to             ideas when children will be playing in high grassy or wooded areas.

        have worked with many outstanding people.
                                                                                    Hillsboro R-3 School District                                      Bulk Rate
        Please give the new administrators and teachers your full sup-              20 Hawk Drive                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                    Hillsboro MO 63050                                                   PAID
        port. Randy Charles and Cheryl Aylesworth, your new superin-                789-0000 / 797-2212                                              Permit No. 41
        tendent and high school principal, will need your patience and                                                                               Hillsboro MO
        support. Welcome them.
                                                                                                                    Postal Customer
        Thank you for being part of the wonderful memories that I've
        made during my career.

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                               Page 1                                                                           May, 2005                                                                                                                                Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 1                                                                                                                                                                     Composite
                          PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS                                                                                  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NEWS
                                                            Pictured is Mrs. Hubbard’s class under the arch.                          January Student of the Month

                               The first grade classes of Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Wornat, Mrs.                           Sitting L-R:    Ashley Clark, Katelyn Gansmann, Caleb Kime, Katie Kirkpatrick, Ashley
                               Meyer, Mrs. Rauls and Mrs. Taylor studied the expeditions of                                         Maynard, Rachel Morgan, Dakota Winn, Aaron Rion, Eddie Clark
                              Lewis and Clark during the month of April. Mrs. Taylor’s                              Kneeling L-R:   Walker Bourisaw, Kaitlyn Johnson, Tessa Roeder, Danielle Lewis, Danielle
                              class studied animal tracks—122 new species were discovered                                           Frolos, Allison Becker, Jessica Benson, Maddie Heffron, Ashley Culp,
        during their expedition. Mrs. Hubbard’s class studied animals, and she brought in                                           Brittany Gau
        animal skins to show the children. Mrs. Wornat’s class studied Sacajawea. Mrs.                              Standing L-R    Alessandra Foy, Whitney Price, Rebekah Lowen, Adam Loveland,
        Rauls’ class mapped their trip from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Mrs. Meyer’s                                            Kimberly Troxel, Nathan Becker, Sara Hill, Trevor Hollock
        class studied about their travels and other interesting things that happened along
        their journey. After studying about Lewis and Clark, the class then took a field trip                           February Student of the Month appeared in the last issue of the Messenger
        to the St. Louis Arch. To experience everything they had learned, they toured the
        Westward Expansion Museum and watched a film on the travels of Lewis and
        Clark. Finally they had their lunch on a riverboat cruise on the Becky Thatcher. All                                            March Student of the Month
        the children and the many parent volunteers had a wonderful time on their trip.

             The second grade                      Pow Wow Days
        classes held their annual
        Pow Wow day, Friday,
        April 29.
             The children have a
        great time on this day.
        They rotate stations all
        day and include activi-
        ties such as face paint-
        ing, making dream
        catchers, bracelets, t-
        shirts and many more.
             An assembly is held
        at the end of the day .
        Each class reads a para-
        graph on the tribe they
        studied. Artifacts that                                                                                     Sitting:   (Left to Right) Joanna Roth, Alley Davis, Samantha McKinnon, Jeremy
        were made during the                                                                                                   Sheppard, Andrew Kent, Timothy Bollinger, Samantha Linnenkamp
        stations were given                                                                                         Kneeling: (Left to Right) Marissa Massey, Victoria Newfield, David Rogers, Shaun Kight-
        away to some lucky stu-                                                                                                linger, Nathaniel Williams, Nick Guerra, Andrew Mudd, Casey Wright, Justin
        dents. Thank You to all                                                                                                Treacy
        the second grade teach-                                                                                     Standing: (Left to Right) Tyler Youngblood, Megan Steighorst, Kaitlin Brady, Taylor Kel-
        ers and all the volun-                                                                                                 ley, Zach Lynn, Heather Hill, Jeffrey Johnson, Drew Harring, Abby Wehlermann
        teers that made this day                                                                                    Not pictured: Morgan Reynolds, Samantha Rogers and Angel Murray
        possible and to Mrs.
        Kennedy for all the hard                                                                                                         April Student of the Month
        work that goes into or-
        ganizing this event.

                   ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NEWS
        The fourth graders at Hillsboro Elementary
        raised $3,949.23 for MATHATHON this year.
        Last year’s total was $2,723.58. Cody Harrison
        in Mrs. Zundel’s class raised the most money.
        The money goes to fund research and treat-
        ment for children with childhood illnesses and
        cancer at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Ten-
        nessee. Our students know that their hard                                                                   Sitting L-R: Brandon Mitchell, Aaron Phipps, James Spencer, Zack Hancock, Alex Lang,
        work is not only helping in the search for                                                                                Desirae Alger, Trissa Douthitt, Gabrielle Hill,
        cures, but will aid the hospital in their commit-                                                           Kneeling:     Nick Baumgartner, Kyle Dowdy, Olivia Ziegler, Austin Campbell, John
        ment to open their doors to all young patients,                                                                           Kempa, Stephen Kernan, Sydney Gebken, Madison Fears, Victoria Connell
        including those with no health insurance or the                                                             Standing:     Alex Schroeder, Harrison Weber, Carl Hargis, Tori Lamb,Matt Whitehead,
        ability to pay. Great job, 4th graders!                                                                                   Bethany Jansen, Abigayle Emily, Kaleb Price
                                                                                                                    Not pictured: Matthew Huber & Ali Crawford

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                                   Page 2                                                                            May, 2005                                                                                                                                                                     Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 2                                                                                                                                                                                                          Composite
                                                           ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HONOR ROLL
                                       3rd Grade ‘A’ Honor Roll                                                       4th Grade ‘A’ Honor Roll
                                             3rd Quarter                                                                    3rd Quarter
        Beffa, Priscilla                 Jackson, Tyler          Schweitzer, Ryan                Beardslee, Jacob         Hollock, Trevor        Newfield, Victoria
        Bollinger, Timothy               Litterest, Alex         Sebaugh, Spencer                Brooks, Jacob            Jansen, Bethany        Norris, Madison
        Bourisaw, Walker                 Lombardo, Marikka       Settle, Kirsten                 Darby, Amanda            Kent, Andrew           Peters, Savannah
        Caine, Maggie                    Matthews, Jessica       Shepherd, Autumn                Dolan, Ashley            Kernan, Stephen        Rice, Cayla
        Cashion, D.J.                    Maynard, Ashley         Simmons, Caitlyn                Douthitt, Trissa         Leeker, Shelby         Smith, Justin
        Clark, Ashley                    McKinnon, Samantha      Stewart, Christian              Friedrich, Samatha       Loveland, Adam         Virga, Daniel
        DePung, Shayne                   Murray, Angel           Stewart, Lily                   Gerlach, Tim             McAnally, Hayden       Walker, Devon
        DeVee, Paige                     Norris, McKaylee        Sutton, Rae                     Hassell, Taylor          McAtee, Sarah          Webster, Nick
        Fishback, Ian                    Reed, Brian             Tindall, Ian                    Hill, Sara               Moeller, Joshua        Williams, Gabrielle
        Fitzgerald, Macie                Roeder, Tessa           Trammel, Haley
        Freeman, Tiffany                 Roney, Jacob            Wiegert, Brett
        Gansmann, Heidi                  Roth, Sara              Winn, Dakota                                         4th Grade ‘B’ Honor Roll
        Gebken, Sydney                   Schroeder, Alexander    Wright, Kayla
        Homan, Dara                      Schwartz, Clayton       Ziegler, Grace                                             3rd Quarter
                                         Schwarz, Lindsay                                    Adams, Zach                 Heard, Lucas            Schmitt, Connor
                                                                                             Allensworth, Kyli           Heffron, Maitland       Schnurbusch, Andrew
                                                                                             Alley, Zach                 Hembrock, Tyler         Schoenky, Carly
                                       3rd Grade ‘B’ Honor Roll                              Bartnick, Taylor            Hill, Heather           Scrivner, Madeline
                                             3rd Quarter                                     Basham, Kendall             Horn, Justin            Shaw, Blake
                                                                                             Becker, Allison             Huber, Gabrielle        Sheppard, Jarad
                                                                                             Bennett, Jacob              Ijames, Collin          Sheppard, Jeremy
       Alexander, Kirsti                 Hoffmeiester, Nathan    Poliette, Jacob
                                                                                             Benson, Alexandria          Jaber, Josh             Shulack, Mychaela
       Bartnick, Chris                   Holman, Breanna         Posillo, Regina
                                                                                             Benson, Jessica             Jackson, Megan          Shumaker, Brandon
       Benson, William                   Hopper, Ashley          Price, Victoria
                                                                                             Bolen, Brandon              Jacobs, Ally            Smith, Colton
       Blake, Joshua                     Huber, Matthew          Pyle, Christian
                                                                                             Boyer, Samuel               John, Micah             Smith, Kelsey
       Blanton, Tyler                    Hudson, Tiffany         Reaves, Alissa
                                                                                             Brewer, Tana                Johnson, Kaitlyn        Snelling, Krystal
       Boehm, Mikhayla                   Ishaak, Victoria        Remington, Rossi
                                                                                             Bridges, Taylor             Johnston, Samantha      Steffens, Matthew
       Boesing, Steven                   Johnson, Rachael        Reynolds, Morgan
                                                                                             Brock, Matt                 Justus, Shannon         Steighorst, Megan
       Bown, Abbey                       Jones, Jordyn           Rhodes, Ashley
                                                                                             Buchholz, Kyle              Kaestner, Emily         Stevens, Jennifer
       Boyd, Kaili                       Juedemann, Cameron      Richard, Sara
                                                                                             Bunch, Haley                Kelley, Deen            Stevenson, Devin
       Boyer, Keri                       Kelam, Jacob            Richardet, Parker
                                                                                             Burlingame, Philip          Kelley, Taylor          Swanson, Sierra
       Boyer, Niki                       Kime, Caleb             Richards, Brandon
                                                                                             Callahan, Connor            Kempa, John             Taylor, Ashtin
       Brady, Kaitlin                    Kirkpatrick, Katie      Rion, Aaron
                                                                                             Campbell, Kyler             Kennedy, Alex           Taylor, Colton
       Bremer, Emily                     Koester, Alan           Robertson, Cody
                                                                                             Coffman, Leslie             Kimes, Jimmy            Tazkowski, Zoe
       Brown, Chloe                      Kohler, Elizabeth       Robinson, Amber
                                                                                             Coleman, Taylor             Kley, Sarah             Thebeau, Jacob
       Brummel, Mariah                   Lalk, Ian               Rogers, Samantha
                                                                                             Connell, Victoria           Leisure, Alyssa         Thetford, Chris
       Byrd, Tiara                       Lamb, Brenden           Rottman, Bailely
                                                                                             Croft, Silvia               Lenkei, Alex            Thomas, Courtney
       Campbell, Austin                  Lammert, Brooke         Sanders, Adam
                                                                                             Culley, Brantley            Lowen, Rebekah          Thomason, Adam
       Childress, Scott                  Laupp, Tyler            Sansoucie, Clayton
                                                                                             Cullum, Hayley              Maberry, Josh           Toler, Kendra
       Clark, Eddie                      Ledbetter, Austin       Santonge, Savanah
                                                                                             Culp, Ashley                Mangan, Rebecca         Treacy, Justin
       Crawford, Ali                     Lewis, Danielle         Schneider, Erica
                                                                                             Davis, Alexandria           Martin, Brennan         Troxel, Kimberly
       Crissel, Rebecca                  Lippold, Brandon        Schrader, Ashli
                                                                                             Day, Kameron                Martin, Emily           Truax, Morgan
       Cuddy, Jessica                    Litviak, Jordanne       Schwent, Kelsey
                                                                                             Delfosse, Jaclyn            Martin, Sam             Turnipseed, Stephanie
       Culey, Danielle                   Loveless, Christopher   Scoggin, Heather
                                                                                             Deranja, Madison            Maxwell, Matt           Urban, Dylan
       Darian, Samantha                  Lucas, Katie            Scott, Mitchell
                                                                                             Dixon, Matthew              May, Luke               Urban, Victoria
       Davis, Haley                      Luh, Ryan               Shulack, Ashley
                                                                                             Dowdy, Kyle                 McClanahan, Jessica     Vail, Marie
       Deckard, Reanna                   Lynn, Luke              Sickmeier, Olivia
                                                                                             Emily, Abigayle             McLaughlin, Megan       Valentine, Jerry
       Dierkes, Cody                     Malik, Saad             Silver, Michael
                                                                                             Epple, Zach                 Merritt, Melonie        Varney, Levi
       Drilingas, Nathan                 Markotay, Harry         Spencer, James
                                                                                             Fanger, Jordan              Michaelis, Stephen      Vining, Jordan
       Duncan, Sam                       Mason, Jacob            Stanfield, Brittany
                                                                                             Feeley, Aaron               Mohart, Derek           Ward, Cassie
       Dunn, Dylan                       Massey, Mirissa         Stark, David
                                                                                             Feldbusch, Sandra           Money, Jerrod           Weber, Harrison
       Emily, Alexandra                  McKeever, Lee           Sutton, Tanner
                                                                                             Flaherty, Maura             Moore, Jake             Wehlermann, Abby
       Ezell, Kali                       Mello, Tristan          Teague, Megan
                                                                                             Fletcher, Jake              Moore, Matt             Welch, Bryan
       Fears, Madison                    Miller, Alicia          Theissen, Nolan
                                                                                             Franken, Alyssa             Moses, Thomas           Welker, Tyler
       Forshee, Tony                     Morris, Kassidy         VanGronigen, Richard
                                                                                             Frazier, Ciara              Nieters, Daisy          White, Courtney
       Fromm, Ryan                       Mudd, Andrew            Vincent, Karly
                                                                                             Froelich, Billy             Patterson, Raeanna      Whitehead, Matt
       Gansmann, Katelyn                 Nickless, Kit           Warran, Jacob
                                                                                             Frolos, Danielle            Pinkley, Jessy          Wilfong, Dustin
       Gerlach, Abby                     Nieters, Cora           Webb, Laney
                                                                                             Gallaway, Alesha            Pinkley, Kayla          Wilfong, Shelby
       Goforth, Brenden                  Noack, Duncan           Weddington, Emma
                                                                                             Gemberling, Chase           Pogue, Dominick         Wolfmeier, Emily
       Gould, Cori                       Ochs, Shane             Wells, Brieanna
                                                                                             Goforth, Austin             Price, Kaleb            Womack, Thomas
       Grobe, Shelby                     O'Day, Casey            West, Daniel
                                                                                             Gratton, Josh               Reaves, Austin          Womack, Tim
       Guerra, Nick                      Pashia, Taylor          White, Alexis
                                                                                             Gray, Ryan                  Reed, Andrew            Woods, Michelle
       Hancock, Zachary                  Pestrope, Jeffrey       Williams, Nathaniel
                                                                                             Hahler, Susan               Reehten, Jonathon       Wyatt, Cole
       Harmon, Haley                     Petero, Jacob           Williams, Nehemiah
                                                                                             Harring, Drew               Ribble, Mike            Youngblood, Tyler
       Hart, Zachary                     Phipps, Aaron           Winberry, Kalen
                                                                                             Harris, Katelynn            Richard, Billy          Zaleski, Jack
       Hays, Kristin                     Pinkley, Brea           Womack, Matthew
                                                                                             Harris, Zackary             Richardson, Travis      Ziegler, Olivia
       Hensel, Nathan                    Pitchford, Charles      Wright, Casey
                                                                                             Harrison, Cody              Roland, Tyler
       Hightower, Maddy                  Platoff, Kayla          Young, Tyler
                                                                                             Harrison, Zachary           Ruhl, Brittany

         Fourth Grade
                                                                                                                                                   Third Grade
          Spelling Bee
                                                                                                                                                   Bee Winners
        Stephen Kernan (center)                                                                                                                  Winner—Jessica Cuddy-
        Mrs. Janiesch's class                                                                                                                    Mr. Shiverdeck's class
        2nd place- Derek Mohart                                                                                                                  2nd place - Ashley Hopper
        Mrs. Fricke's Class (right),                                                                                                             Mrs. Solomon's class
        3rd place- Tim Gerlach-                                                                                                                  3rd place- Dara Homan
        Mrs. Miles's class (left)                                                                                                                Mrs. Hoppe's class
                                                                                                                                                 (not available for picture)

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                            Page 3                                                                  May, 2005                                                                                                                                   Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 3                                                                                                                                                                        Composite
                                                 INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL HONOR ROLL
                                         Grade 6                                                                        Grade 5
                                  Principal’s Honor Roll                                                         Principal’s Honor Roll
                                      (Straight A’s)                                                                 (Straight A’s)
        Tim Adams                   Joshua Leeker               Zach Roeder                 Katerina Aslan        Christopher Herman      Michaela Myers
        Michael Bellistri           Tyler Ludwig                Taylor Ryan                 Abbie Breihan         Michaela Hoyt           Jack Penning
        Michael Dempsey             Jordyn McKinney             Gabrielle Schroeder         Austin Damkroger      Morgan Johnson          Heather Rotter
        Tim Edwards                 Blaine Mohart               Jordan Schwarz              Deanna Davis          Rose Jones              Cody Schart
        Christian Hallows           Ethan Morris                Jessica Talbert             Jason Dobbins         Jennifer Kempa          Connor Scott
        Kim Hauser                  Mikayla Muzzey              Abbey Taylor                Courtney Draper       Abbey Kestermont        Tyler Spindler
        Wes Hauser                  Greg O’Day                  Angel Wallach               Nicholas French       Leann Krieger           Alexis Stephens
        Jessica Kempa               Kristen parks               Brandon Whitehead           Hayley Gaertner       Kiersten Lacey          Madeline Taylor
        Jordan King                 Ashley Reed                 Samantha Young              Tara Gallagher        Alicia Lammert          Sierra Thompson
                                                                                            Danielle Gallion      Maranda lampe           Mikala Torrence
                                                                                            Halie Glass           Shannon Leftridge       Nathan Walsh
                                        Grade 6                                             Kylie Govreau         Alicia Litviak          Megan Weddington
                                  A Average Honor Roll                                      Ida Haefner           Jason Lofton            Ashley Williams
                                                                                                                  Logan Muzzey
        Amanda Birch                Amanda Kennedy              Hunter Paillou
        Ryan Bubulka                Jessica Lemke               Samantha Smith
        Christina Collier           Amanda Lucas                Tyler Smreker                                          Grade 5
        Amber Crow                  Carolina Mangan             Ian Stewart                                      A Average Honor Roll
        Michelle Dean               David Marti                 Nolan Stewart
        Clayton Dougan              Emily Maynard               Heather Stork               Lauren Arnold         Justin Kozel            Jonathan Schuler
        Dennis Evans                Josh Merklin                Katy Toothaker              Rachel Arnold         Jason Lee               Schaeffer Scott
        Taylor Hankins              Brooke Meyer                Clyde Varney                Briana Barber         Erika Matthews          Shannon Skaggs
        Kyla Jansen                 Cody Morton                 Kara Walton                 Alan Boyer            Erin McComas            Courtney Stark
        Matt Jansen                 Jessica Nemeth              Jennifer Weiss              Breanna Brown         Grace Melton            Andrea Statler
        Kelly Keeney                Katelyn Nichols                                         Abby Cook             Kelsey Meyer            Katherine Strawhun
                                                                                            Ryan Deckard          Mara Meyer              Skyler Thompson
                                                                                            Breanna Ehlen         Adam Newland            Zayne Tindall
                                          Grade 6                                           Ellen Farmer          Derek Null              Ashley Vessells
                                        B Honor Roll                                        Rebecca Goben         Joel Pashia             Josh Waggoner
                                                                                            Spring Goodson        Kara Pochon             Courtner Wagner
        Jordan Acre                 Alex Hogendobler            Cinthya Rodriguez           Daniel Govro          Tessa Poliette          Amanda Walker
        James Ball                  Hannah Holman               Brianna Schneider           JoAnna Hill           Devin Price             Brittney Walsh
        Corey Bollinger             Rileight Jaggie             Kelsey Settle               Bailea Hogan          Brittany Reeves         Bethany Warren
        Blake Boyd                  Courtney Jones              Dylan Shackelford           Carlie Isermann       Cassandra Richter       Daniele Wiley
        Sidney Cage                 Austin Kaiser               Brandon Skaggs              Tiffany Kelsheimer    Kayla Schroeter
        Aaron Carroll               Ashley Ketcherside          Kelly Smith
        Cristina Carver             Jessica Krause              Ryan Spencer
        Mariah Cella                Robert Lalk                 Josh Steffens                                          Grade 5
        Shelbie Chapman             Emily Lay                   Tori Tajkowski                                   B Average Honor Roll
        Michael Copeland            Ashlee LeBeau               Jake Theiling
        Nicole Copeland             Ashley Ledbetter            Taylor Turner               Kaleb Adams           Travis Gonzalez         Alisa Pashia
        Kristin Cowie               Alex Matthes                Douglas Urban               Adam Adkirson         Dustiin Gould           Kyle Peniston
        Shannon Crawford            Katie Matthews              Carolyn Vail                Joshua Alexander      Jonathan Haar           Destiny Popejoy
        Ashley Croft                Jessica Moellinger          Ashley Walsh                Heidi Ames            Codi Haable             Morgan Rapien
        Zach Drilingas              Shannon O’Toole             Sean Weston                 Emilie Arl            Andrew Hoven            Lindsey Roth
        Amber Emily                 Brenden Ochs                Jeremy Willey               William Astroth       Katherine Johnson       Harlee Scherrer
        Angelina Fererro            Katherine Pfiffner          James Williams              Kody Binning-Hritz    Sara Johnston           Viktoria Schmitz
        David Graham                Hope Rainwater              Vincent Wooten              Anthony boeger        Josh Kelam              Brooke Shelton
        Lydia Guerra                Lukas Remington             Chase Younger               Derek Boehm           Scott Kelley            Jacob Sizemore
        Eve Handley                 Samantha Rhodes                                         Rachel Brady          Cody Killian            Austin Skaggs
        Blake Herren                Codey Riley                                             Ryan Breakfield       Heather Kling           Michael Steighorst
                                                                                            Emily Bubulka         Richard Knight          Deziree Troxel
                                                                                            Zach Caldwell         Erik Maynard            Courtney Ubben
                                                                                            Ali Copeland          Alexandria McKee        Catherine Warran
                               PERFECT ATTENDANCE                                           Lucas Cravens         Miranda Milner          Jacob Watts
                                                                                            Kayche Davis          Brian Moss              Justin Webb
                                                                                            Nathan Dempsey        Alexis Nash             Sara Webb
             Some days it’s hard to get up and face the day and it’s not easy to make it    Hannah Ethier         Jonathan Niemeyer       Austin Willson
                                                                                            Emily Fears           Lauren Nuckols          Marissa Wilson
        through a winter without catching the latest virus. However, fifty-four 5th and
                                                                                            Kourtney Gibbar       Cherlyn Orlando
        6th graders earned perfect attendance for the 2004-2005 school year! They missed
        less than one full day of school this year.
             Congratulations to the following students for working hard to achieve per-
        fect attendance: Rileigh Jaggie, Blaine Mohart, Ashley Croft, Alex Farwig,
        Rachael Hibbits, Tim Adams, Brett DeVee, Dennis Evans, Lindsey Fears, Tyler
        Ludwig, Michael Dempsey, Wesley Hauser, Zach Roeder, Ben Lalk, Morgan
        Woodruff, Andrew Burlingame, Cody Killian, Charles Lindsey, Lindsey Roth,
        Samantha White, Bailea Hogan, Jarred Sapper, Briana Barber, Alan Boyer, Jona-
        thon Haar, Sara Johnston, Alex McKee, James Ball, Robert Hines, Gabi Schroe-
                                                                                                          GOOD JOB STUDENTS
        der, Hayley Gaertner, Alex Hays, Halie Glass, Rachel Watson, Michaela Hoyt,
        Shannon Leftridge, Nick French, Adam Newland, Jack Penning,
        Justin Rotter, Jacob Sapper, Matt Jansen, William Astroth, Taylor
        Bourbon, Justin Kozel, Breanna Meschede, Connor Scott, Shannon
        O’Toole, Brianna Schneider, Samantha Smith, Emilie Arl, Rachel
        Arnold, Travis Gonzalez and Marissa Tieken.

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                           Page 4                                                          May, 2005                                                                                                                           Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 4                                                                                                                                                                Composite
                                                            INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL NEWS
             Hillsboro Intermediate—Citizen of the Month—March/April, 2005                            Hillsboro Intermediate—Hard         Working Hawk—March/April, 2005

        Row 1 L-R: Travis Hanna, John Schuler, Cassie Greenwald, Heather Kling,                   Row 1 L-R: Deziree Troxel, Katie Pfiffner, Amanda Kennedy, Josh Alexander.
                     Leann Krieger.                                                               Row 2 L-R: Stacey Moore, Mackenzie Compton, Erika Matthews, Sam Hanna,
        Row 2 L-R: Nick Montgomery, Jessica Kempa, Tyler Crutchfield, Amanda                                   Darren Nappier, Zach Drilingas, David Graham, Jason Dobbins.
                     Braswell, Brian Moss, Zayne Tindall, Kim Hauser, Charles Gray.               Row 3 L-R: Brittney Walsh, Courtney Jones, Amber Emily, Katie Matthews,
        Row 3 L-R: Kayla Kluska, Dylan Brown, Ryan Spencer, Taylor Turner,                                     Hunter Paillou, Cheryl Orlando, Kristin Cowie, Nathan Kimes,
                     Emily Lay, Joanna Hill, Carlie Iserman.                                                   Blaine Mohart.
        Not Pictured: Courtney Wagner and Tim Edwards.                                            Not Pictured: Mandy Birch, Adam Newland, Meaghan Simmons, and Leann
                                   Fifth Grade Spelling Bee
        The 5th grade Spelling Bee was held Tuesday, May 3 in the North Gym. Two con-
        testants from each classroom were chosen to compete in the Spelling Bee. Cassie                     GATE NEWS-A Night of the Notables
        Richter won first place and Megan Weddington came in second place. The two stu-
        dents spelled all the words in the 5th grade book correctly and a challenge book was
        then used to determine the winner. Cassie Richter is in Mrs. Vaughn’s class and
        Megan Weddington is in Ms. Horner’s class. Congratulations to these two super-

                                                                                                  Hillsboro R-3 Gifted Program presented “A Night of the Notables” on April 7.
                                                                                                  Students selected a famous gifted person to study. They made a newsletter, dis-
                                                                                                  play board, and memorized speeches for the program. The GATE teacher is Mrs.
                                                                                                  Susan DeClue.
                                                                                                  Front Row L-R-Grace Melton (Helen Keller), Gabi Schroeder (Joan of Arc),
                                                                                                  Katherine Stawhun (Cleopatra), Daniele Wiley (Maya Angelou), Lauren Nuckols
                                                                                                  (Fida Kahlo), Madeline Taylor (Abigail Adams), Logan Muzzey (John D. Rocke-
                                                                                                  feller), Jack Penning (Charles Darwin), Jason Lee (Robt. E. Lee), Nick French
                           Fifth Grade Spelling Bee Contestants                                   (Neil Armstrong), Angel Wallach (Dorothea Lange), Jordyn McKinney (Jane
        Row 1 L-R: Megan Weddington, Cassie Richter, Kayla Scrieter, Joel Pashia,                 Goodall)
                   Matt Ellerbeck, Austin Skaggs, Ryan Deckard                                    Back Row L-R- Jordan King (Bill Gates), Nolan Stewart (Buckminster Fuller),
        Row 2 L–R: Daniele Wiley, Rachel Arnold, Halie Glass, Madeline Taylor,                    Hannah Either (Georgia O’Keeffe), Alicia Litviak (Amelia Earhart), Kiersten
                   Matthew Cantrell, John Ward, Jason Loftis                                      Lacey (Eleanor Roosevelt), Connor Scott (Mozart), Rosie Jone (Marie Curie),
        Row 3 L-R: Schaeffer Scott, Michaela Meyers, Kylie Govreau, Alexis Stephens,              Courtney Wagner (Hillary Clinton), Jessica Nemeth (Lucy Stone), Mikayla
                   Katie Aslan, Brittney Walsh, Haley Geartner                                    Muzzey (Ayn Rand), Jessica Lemke (Betty Friedan).

                                  State Future Problem Solving Competition - Hillsboro Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

                                                                                                         Two teams from Hillsboro R-3’s 6th grade GATE program recently competed
                                                                                               at the State Future Problem Solving Bowl in Columbia, MO, April 16.
                                                                                               One team, including Jordan King, Gabi Schroeder, Nolan Stewart and Angel Wallach
                                                                                               earned 2nd place in the team writing division as well as a 3rd place trophy in the skit di-
                                                                                                         The second team, consisting of Jordyn McKinney, Mikayla Muzzey, Jessica
                                                                                               Nemeth and Jessica Lemke received 3rd place in the writing division.
                                                                                               Future Problem Solving is a six step problem solving program that teaches students how
                                                                                               to brainstorm problems, select one underlying problem, create solutions to that problem,
                                                                                               write criteria to judge solutions and select the best solution to create an action plan.
                                                                                                         Throughout the school year, the GATE students completed two practice prob-
                                                                                               lems; the first topic was on the future of entertainment and the second was terrorism and
                                                                                               security. The state-qualifying problem was genetically modified foods and the problem
               Jordan King, Nolan Stewart,                                                     at the state bowl was ocean depletion.
                                                      Jessica Nemeth, Mikayla Muzzey,
              Gabi Schroeder, Angel Wallach           Jordyn McKinney, Jessica Lemke

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                               Page 5                                                                              May, 2005                                                                                                                                                   Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 5                                                                                                                                                                                        Composite
                                                 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLLS

                             Principal's Honor Roll     7th Grade                                               Principal's Honor Roll     8th Grade
                           (Straight A's, no unsatisfactory conduct)                                          (Straight A's, no unsatisfactory conduct)
                                          3rd Quarter                                                                        3rd Quarter
        Lilleah Bryan                Tayler Matteson         Zachary Treat                     Grace Bay                    John Flo               Rachel Leonard
        Taylor Finch                 Courtney Mayer          Alex Tucker                       Caroline Bieser              Kinsey Friederich      Tara Setzer
        Zachary Fletcher             Megan McComas           Hannah Waldt                      Garrett Cernicek             Kyle Gowen             John Stewart
        Ryan Hill                    Rachel Neel             Alexandra Wantland                Brianna Clampitt             Dakota Harmon          John West
        Garrett Hogan                Kristin Ranker          Keifer Winn                       Susan Dolan                  Samuel Jones           Breana Wiley
        Elisha Holman                Kelsey Steffen          Cody Wright                       Jamie Endebrock              Tyler Kelsheimer       Sara Womack
        Jarrod Huskey                Shawnah Stephens                                          Corey Fanger                 Courtney Kestermont    Alan Woodland

                                 Honor Roll     7th Grade                                                            Honor Roll     8th Grade
                          (“B” Average, no unsatisfactory conduct)                                            (“B” Average, no unsatisfactory conduct)
                                        3rd Quarter
        Cynthia Acton                Jacob Hudson            Travis Orr                        Deanna Ambuehl               Casey Hays             Matthew Ottman
        Taylor Allen                 Alyssa Italiano         Andrew Pelikan                    Christine Ames               Corey Herren           Leanne Parker
        Rebeccah Andert              Steven Jackson          Justin Peniston                   Mark Astroth                 Kenneth Howell         Jared Pentz
        Krystle Baker                Alexander Jacobs        Hayley Penning                    Dana Bailey                  Alyssa Hutchison       Jessica Petero
        Shane Basham                 Nathan Johnston         Rachel Peters                     Jeanna Beil                  Christopher Juppier    Keith Phelps
        Jordan Beardslee             Nathan Jones            Alicia Piche                      Zachary Bekemeier            Shelby Kelley          Jessica Pilousek
        Jacob Beck                   Samantha Kayser-        Jessica Porta                     Kayla Bell                   William Kelly, V       Samuel Pounds
        Abigail Bell                 Burris                  Michael Porterhouse               Tiffany Bennett              Andrew Kennedy         Jared Preiss
        Lydia Berwick                Kaselynn Koller         Alex Ray                          Trenton Bequette             Lance Kiggans          Katie Presley
        Jacob Besand                 Meagen Koller           Jacob Reiter                      Devin Bergmann               Jessica Kirkpatrick    Vincent Puzzo
        Daniel Boevingloh            Stephanie Kordonowy     Candace Reynolds                  Brandy Brakemeyer            Andrew Kley            Kaitlyn Pyle
        Doug Boyer                   Jonathan Krah           Courtney Reynolds                 Morgan Brooks                Joshua Koenig          Samantha Radford
        Alise Brakeville             Aaron Kriska            Michelle Riddle                   Andrew Bubulka               Mitchell Konersmann    Sarah Radtke
        Mercedes Brewer              Sarah Krysl             Jessica Riebold                   Riley Callahan               Jessica Korhammer      Hanan Rahman
        Danielle Brunner             Josh Lake               Dillon Sargent                    Jared Cave                   Jessica Kottemann      Jesse Rainwater
        Bradley Bruns                Christian Lalk          Brandon Scherrer                  Ana Cervantes                Kevin Kramer           Kaylin Rasmussen
        Taylor Burroughs             Michael Lampe           Brittany Schneider                Rosa Cervantes               Jennifer Laidlaw       Caitlyn Raspberry
        Dillon Callahan              Andrew Lemke            Stephanie Schuler                 Christopher Christ           Sapphire Lang          Jared Reary
        Brittany Confer              Ellen Leonard           Brendon Sebaugh                   Brittany Coble               Adriene Lawson         Jacob Reed
        Melanie Copeland             Clarissa Lewis          Lissa Smith                       Brittnee Coleman             William Lawson         Dinia Reeves
        Brandon Crawford             Lauren Lewis            Micaela Smith                     Courtney Conell              Brittany Leach         Ashley Reynolds
        Brianna Dwinell              Shane Lively            Bethany Staat                     Kelsey Cox                   Christopher Lehnhoff   Kelsey Richardson
        John Epple IV                Mary Logan              Tyler Stansbury                   Holden Cullum                Caitlyn Lewis          Seth Ries
        Michael Farmer               Jordyn Lotz             Robert Stewart                    Andrea Cummings              Heather Locke          Dustin Roth
        Daniel Feldsien              Scott Love              Rebekah Stockwell                 Collin Cunningham            Samantha Looney        Jessica Scott
        Steven Fink                  Hugh MacKenzie          Lauren Sutton                     Darrick Curtis               Sarah Lowen            Mitchell Scrivner
        Amanda Frank                 Jimmy Marler            Hannah Taylor                     Gregory Deachan              Billy Lucas            Billy Sexton
        Robyn Freeman                Ashley Martin           Sarah Taylor                      Savannah Dicken              Michael Maddox         Lauren Shanks
        Katie Gallaway               Maria Maupin            Victoria Theiss                   (Collins)                    Trevor Manion          Dillon Smith
        Matthew Gallion              Bethany Mazdra          Garrett Thompson                  Zachary Downing              Kristen Marler         Alex Sonsthagen
        Lauren Garth                 Jaime Mazdra            David Urban                       Gena Erzinger                Cameron Martin         Matthew Spangler
        Julia Goodues                Ethan McKay             Katherine Urban                   Rebecca Farr                 Anna Maupin            Jennifer Stafford
        Kellie Grasle                Andrew McKeever         Eric Vail                         Samantha Farwig              Gage McCosh            Justin Swast
        Dylan Gray                   Robert McKelvey         Daniell Vogt                      Emily Faulkner               Ashley McMahan         Samuel Temperato
        John Hahler IV               Grant Melton            Emily Voss                        Brittany Ferguson            Brittany McNulty       Sara Thoele
        Timothy Hahn                 Deven Merritt           Kimberly Walker                   Kelly Flaherty               Michael Messmer        Brittany Timmons
        Reannda Halbrook             Bradley Meyer           Joseph Whitehead                  Kristina Froelich            Mary Meyer             Angeline Tinker
        Elise Hall                   Samantha Mills          Anthony Williams                  Zachary Gerullis             Lisa Mitchell          Brandon Virga
        Amber Hancock                Samantha Moellinger     Jennifer Williams                 Caleb Gibson                 Benjamin Moore         Lauren Vollmann
        Nathaniel Harris             Melissa Mohan           Steven Williams                   Michaela Glore               Ryan Mullins           Reanna Walton
        Whitney Harrison             Brandon Mooney          Alec Wilson                       Sheena Graves                Joseph Niemeyer        Nicole White
        Cody Hawkins                 Amelia Nitsch           Amanda Young                      Christopher                  Jennifer O'Day         Wesley Wieners
        Derick Heinzman              Jessica Nogrady         Ashley Ziegler                    Greenwald                    Megan O'Heron          Zachary Winchester
        Aaron Herrmann               Anthony Norris          Jessica Zotta                     Christopher Hakala           Kayla O'Toole          Joseph Wyatt
        Meghann Hickson              Raechel Odom                                              Travis Hayes                 Ashley Osolinski
        Caitlin Howell               Chico Orlando

                                                                             Congratulations Students
                                                           Education is too important to be left solely to the educators.
                                                                               Thank You Parents

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page 6                                                                                                                                                                        Composite
                                                                  JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEWS
                 February Hawk Awards                                          March Hawk Awards                                          April Hawk Awards

        Academic: (left to right)                                   Academic: (left to right)                                 Academic: 7th Gr., Julia Goodues and 8th Gr., Rosa
        8th Gr., Sara Womack & 7th Gr., Leo Shaffer                 7th Gr., Lydia Berwick and 8th Gr., Susan Dolan           Cervantes

        Hardworking: (left to right)
        8th Gr., Courtney Kestermont and 7th Gr., Lilleah Bryan                                                               Hardworking: 7th Gr., Devin Merritt and 8th Gr., Ana
                                                                    Hardworking: (left to right)
                                                                    8th Gr., Katie Presley and 7th Gr., Sammi Kayser-Burris

        Most Improved: (left to right)                              Most Improved: (left to right)
        8th Gr., Crystal Stanley and 7th Gr., Daniel Ames           8th Gr., Shawn Braswell and 7th Gr., Hannah Wessels
                                                                                                                              Most Improved: 8th Gr., Jessi Scott and 7th Gr., Jamie

      Citizenship: (left to right)
      8th Gr., Joey Niemeyer and 7th Gr., Andrew Pelikan

                                                                                                                              Citizenship: 7th Gr., Sarah Krysl, 8th Gr., John Stewart,
                                                                    Citizenship: (left to right)
                                                                    8th Gr., Michaela Glore and 7th Gr., Kirsten Burton

                                                                    March Word of the Month, Trustworthy: (left to right)
        February Word of the Month, Caring: (left to right)         8th Gr., Christina Ames & Trevor Manion, and              Word of the Month, Courage: 8th Gr., Drew Bubulka and
        7th Gr., Tayler Matteson and 8th Gr., Kelly Wallace         7th Gr. Brittany Confer                                   7th Gr., Scotty Love

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                 Page 7                                                                         May, 2005                                                                                                                                                Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
page 7                                                                                                                                                                                     Composite
                                                                      SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEWS

                                                                                                                               Hillsboro Students Attend
                    FBLA News                                                                                                     State Music Festival
                                                                                                                                            By Tanalyn Ringo
            Future Business Leaders of America District Leadership Conference was held
        Thursday, March 3, 2005 at Mineral Area College. Hillsboro High School is part
        of “District 12” which is made up of nearly 20 different FBLA chapters who com-                              Choir members from Hillsboro High School attended the State Music Festi-
        peted in all areas of the business curriculum. Nineteen Hillsboro students partici-                val on April 30. The festival was held in Columbia, Missouri at the University of
        pated in the competitive events. Places with ribbons and metals were awarded to                    Columbia campus. In order to attend the State Music Festival participants must
        the following:                                                                                     have received a rating of one at districts. The rating system is based on a scale of
                                                                                                           one to five, with one being the highest score received. The participants in the festi-
                  Leleah McDonald-2nd place-Accounting I
                                                                                                           val from Hillsboro included a Trio consisting of Deanna Dees, Rachel Thurman, and
                  Amy Morris-4th place-Banking and Financial Systems
                                                                                                           Sarah Graves, and a Madrigal consisting of Christy Raspberry, Jordan Finch, Brit-
                  Amy Morris-4th place-Business Calculations
                                                                                                           tany Buttner, Kassie Andrade, Ben Newell, Devon Norris, Billy Crow, and Nathan
                  Kara Meyer-3rd place-Computer Concepts
                                                                                                           Fears. The Trio was awarded a rating of two, while the Madrigal received a one rat-
                  Kara Meyer-2nd place-Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
                  Leleah McDonald-5th place-Public Speaking II
                                                                                                                     Trio member, Deanna Dees, stated on preparing for the festival, “We re-
                  Daryl Spencer-5th place Marketing
                                                                                                           hearsed during any free time we had, sometimes with our choir director, Mrs. Finch,
                  Candice Johnson-5th place-Word Processing II
            Placing in these categories was quite an accomplishment for these students con-                and sometimes by ourselves. We also met at my house a few times to practice on
        sidering we are a relatively new chapter. Each of these categories had an average of               our own.” Preparing for the State Music Festival took several practices, which was
        15-25 students competing for the top 5 places.                                                     shown with the high ratings both groups received. Brittany Buttner, a member of
            Eleven students from the Hillsboro chapter went on to attend the State FBLA                    the Madrigal, stated, “We practiced every Friday
        Leadership Conference in Columbia, MO, April 17-19. At the state level, the stu-                   morning at 7:10, and the week before State, we prac-
        dents participated in the election process of the state officers, attended leadership              ticed during the end of Acappella.”
        workshops and two of our students, Leleah McDonald and Kara Meyer, competed                                  “Singing for the judges and hearing what
        at the state level. Leleah placed second in the state in "Accounting I". She will                  people had to say about our songs was my favorite
        now go on to compete at the national level in Orlando, Florida at the FBLA Na-                     part of State, because we finally got to do what we
        tional Leadership Conference. "Way to go Leleah!!                                                  had been practicing so long for,” commented Dees.
            Daryl Spencer is advancing to Nationals in the "Virtual Business Challenge"--                  While some people felt their singing, and the ratings
        This is an online business simulation competition that runs twice a year and FBLA                  they received, were the best part of the State Music
        students compete with other FBLA students all across the state and the country.                    Festival, not everyone had the same opinion. For one
        Darly placed 3rd in the state and will 12th in the nation, so he has qualified to com-             member of the Madrigal, Ben Newell, “Getting
        pete and represent the state of Missouri at the national competition in Orlando in                 McDonalds breakfast afterwards,” was the best part
        June. We're PROUD of you!!"                                                                        of going to State.
            As one of the newest organizations at HHS, we are excited about the activities
        and accomplishments we have already enjoyed this year and are looking forward to
        future growth and further success! For additional information, contact Kelly
        Durrwachter at HHS; (636) 789-0010 ext. 1115,

        The Hillsboro High School library is in search of yearbooks to complete the
        collection. If you have a Hillsboro High School yearbook prior to 1957 that
        you are interested in donating to the library please call Karen Huskey at
        636-789-0010 x 1005 or e-mail her at                                                     Challenge to Seniors
                                                                                                                                  Help Create a Better Tomorrow
                                                         Holocaust survivor visits
                                                                                                           "There is no loneliness greater than the loneliness of a failure." Eric Hoffer
                                                          Hillsboro High School
                                                                       By Tanalyn Ringo                    This seemed like a fitting heading for a few thoughts about success. Hope-
                                                                                                           fully, all of us as human beings have created an environment to help one an-
                                                                          On Wednesday, April 20, the      other enjoy success. Success does not just happen. It takes a plan and hard
                                                                sophomore class at Hillsboro High          work. However seniors, don't be shocked if others do not react in a positive
                                                                School welcomed guest speaker Men-         manner to your successes. The human reality is this: friends usually show up
                                                                del Rosenberg. Rosenberg shared            to give you sympathy and support when we fail or experience a loss. Yet,
                                                                with the sophomore class his tale of       these same people may abandon us when we enjoy a victory of some kind
                                                                survival from the Holocaust. While         because they can't handle our successes. Just like adults, young people can
                                                                some social studies classes discussed      quickly see who can share enjoyment with them and who can't. We need to
                                                                the Holocaust prior to Rosenberg’s         rejoice for those who are successful. We need to find ways for every child to
         Pictured with Mr. Mendel Rosenberg is Sr. High teacher visit, the majority of the students said
                                                                                                           enjoy success. Seniors, we only wish the best for you in the future.
                              Liz Duggan                        his visit helped them to learn more        So, to all successful people, wear your success gracefully. To those who
                                                                about the Holocaust.                       have not realized the successes that they envision, keep working. Develop a
              Sophomore Megan Lemon said Rosenberg’s speech was effective be-                              plan and strive to be better. Great people have ways of complimenting oth-
        cause “it put the Holocaust more into perspective. His speech gave me a                            ers' successes, and they find ways to help those who are not reaching their
        better visual.” Another sophomore stated that listening to Rosenberg’s story                       potential.
        of survival was helpful because “I saw the actual emotion of a holocaust sur-
                                                                                                           Our ideas should help solve problems or make situations better. There is
                                                                                                           enough negativity in this world to add to it by finding fault instead of creat-
              Most sophomores felt Rosenberg’s speech was a better way to learn
                                                                                                           ing good. We challenge you to create good as you move to a new phase in
        about the events of the Holocaust because they were given an opportunity to
                                                                                                           your life.
        hear the details from someone who actually experienced the event. One
        sophomore stated, “In school you just learn the facts. When Rosenberg told                         It takes everyone working together to build a better tomorrow. Think posi-
        his story, it made me understand truly how horrible the Holocaust was.”                            tively. Be happy. Work for the common good of everyone. Serve, don't think
        While most of the sophomore classes discuss the Holocaust, the students                            that you have to be served. Good Luck in the future.
        could not truly understand the depth of the event until they heard from some-                      Shelton E. Smith, Superintendent
        one who was there. Rosenberg’s speech helped majority of the sophomores
        realize the true tragedy of the Holocaust.

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page 8                                                                                                                                                                                               Composite
                                               SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL
                          Third Quarter Academic Honor Roll                                              Third Quarter High Honor Roll
                                       4.0 – 5.0                                                                   3.6 – 3.99
        Anastasia Berwick         Jordan Finch            Frances Posillo          Jesse Abernathy     Joe G'Sell          Bob McCane          Jerry Shackelford
        Benjamin Bettis           Paul Flo                Tanalyn Ringo            Adam Acre           Jeane Garth         Josh McCullough     Kelsey Shelton
        Kristan Bizelli           Shannon Forshee         Alyse Roppel             Lee Acre            Jacklyn Geary       Leleah McDonald     Kimberly Sheppard
        Markus Boersig            Skye Forshee            Megan Sampson            Brianna Addington   Heather Gentry      Kevin McGuire       Andrea Sher
        Shaye Bouckaert                                                            Cassie Amsden       Bryan Gibson        Ryan McKee          James Shrout
                                  Sarah Graham            Kevin Sanders
        Jeremy Bringer                                                             Bobby Anderson      Samantha            Jaimie McKeen       Jeanine Shrout
                                  Sarah Graves            Evan Saxton              Tabitha Anderson    Gilliland           Ryan McKeen         Kimberly Silver
        Mario Brontoli            Gregory Grayson         Sasha Schlett
        Melissa Brucato                                                            Kim Andert          Brian Gonzalez      Paul McKeever       Angela Smith
                                  Morghan Harmon          Lola Schmidt             Ashley Antoine      Kyle Grasle         Danielle Mead       Erica Smith
        Kristin Brunner           Brandon Hester          Jeffery Stephens         Tina Asher          Dave Gravagna       Shannon Mead        Sami Smith
        Brittany Buttner          Emily Holland           Jenniffer Stetler        Matt Atley          Rebecca Gray        Ryan Merklin        Tony Souders
        Bailey Callahan           John KautznerTamra      Amanda Stewart           Ray Ballard, III    Sean Gray           Cassie Michler      Michael Souders
        Kristina Carrico          Keeney                  Rebecca Stiles           Jordon Bauserman    Kim Grunzinger      Brandy Middleton    Melissa St.John
        Renee Cella               Kristina Knight         Amy Stinson              Amanda Beattie      Steven Hankins      Eric Miller         Angie Stang
        Heather Christopher                                                        Katie Becker        Cathy Hardin        Emma Mills          Kara Steffen
                                  Jessica Laidlaw         Sarah Stinson
        Elizabeth Cook                                                             Whitney Bedbury     Sam Haynes          Brent Mitchell      Sarah Stegall
                                  Tiffany Langley         Christina Thebeau        Michelle Behr       Chris Hemby         Bridget Mohan       Jonathan Stevens
        Bryant Creech             Amy Lehnhoff            Tasha Trimborn
        MaryAnn Cullen                                                             Jamie Bizelli       Becky Henley        Crystal Moore       Joe Stewart
                                  Dustin Lemp             Ashley Tucker            Molly Blum          Jeny Hern           Katie Moore         Ethan Stocke
        Deanna Dees               Margaret Lindwedel      Karina Utepova           Chelsie             Mady Hern           Scott Moore         Lance Struckhoff
        Christopher DeGuire       Nickolas Lomax          Andrew Valleroy            Boevingloh        Claire Heumann      Manny Morales       Natalie Struckhoff
        Jamie Dickerson           Leah Nathe              Marybeth Wilson          Katie Bowling       Michelle Hicks      Sausha Morehouse    Brittany Swafford
        Karrie Evens                                                               Caley Boyer         Amanda Hoekel       Natasha Moser       Nathan Tacony
                                                                                   Heather Boyer       Debbie Hoekel       Joshua Moyer        Amanda Theiss
                              Third Quarter High Honor Roll                        Lisa Breeden        Kalie Hoffmann      Shea Mudd           Megan Theiss
                                        3.6 – 3.99                                 Justin Brewer       AJ Hohmann          Kate Mueller        Alicia Thomason
        Rachel AderAndrew         Joe Jansen              Jim Rampley              Brian Bridgeman     Tyler Hohmann       Cassandra Mundy     Rachel Thurman
                                                                                   Becca Brucato       Kelsey Horn         Ryan Nash           Mike Trbovich
        Amsden                    Kayla Johnston          Christy Raspberry        Jesse Bruenger      Gary Hoven          Amanda Nelson       Melissa Treiber
        Devin Andrews             Jared King              Kelly Roberts            Justin Brummel      Dena Hoyt           Ben Newell          Jessie Vaeth
        Jacqueline Barker         MaryEllen Kirkman       Ashley Roland            Krystle Burke       David Hurd          Devon Norris        Geno Valenti
        Emilee Barnard            Silja Klier             Erin Roland              Kyle Byrd           Berry Ijames        Christian Nuckols   Cody Valle
        Jason Beck                Julienne Knollhoff      Ally Russell             Zach Cage           Sarah Ing           Aaron Null          Randy Ventura Jr.
        Chelsea Bedley            Rachel Koenig           Cody Russell             Nichole Cain        Chelsey Ingrassia   Shannon O'Heron     Amber Vernier
        Michelle Bennett          Jillian Kozloski        Melissa Ryan             Trisha Cain         Dale Jackson        Cody Oehm           Cara
        Bobbi Berry               Kati Krieger            Tiffany Samons           Basil Callahan      Kaleb Jarnagin      Beau Oliver           Vonder Bruegge
        Nick Blanton              Jill Lacey              Becky Schnaare           Garrett Callahan    Tiffany Johner      Kyle Orchard        Jake
                                                                                   Andrea Casey        Julia Jones         Kelsey Ortmann        Vonderbruegge
        Nick Blase                Josh Lammert            Dani Schroeder
                                                                                   Brandon             Mike Jones          Bobby Otto          Bobby Walker
        Cortney Boyer             Theresa Lammert         Tarah Schroeter            Christensen       Nathan Jones        Mark Owings         Cassidy Wanner
        Jake Brooks               Heather Langley         Ed Schuh III             Jessica Christian   Trista Kelam        Amy Pagel           Christina Warren
        Julie Byerley             Craig Leftridge         Jamie Schwalbert         Amanda Clack        Autumn Kennedy      Michael Palazzolo   Colin Warren
        Andrea Caine              Heather Leftridge       Kris Singh               Amy Clayton         Jeremy Kern         Kayla Parker        Jenni Watkins
        Magan Caine               Tori Lemke              Amanda Smith             Trevor Collins      James Killian       Daniel Patrick      Jennifer Watson
        Courtney Caldwell         Mallory Leonard         T. J. Smreker            Jack Cook           Jerrod Killian      Brandy Patterson    Corey Webb
        Atlee Callahan            Missy Leonard           Heather Sona             Jasmine Cooney      Rachel Kirkman      Kevin Payne         Dannielle Weber
        Nathan Carroll            Melissa Lombardo        Cody Sparkman            Brandon Crouch      Kylie Kirkpatrick   Rebecca Pelikan     Amanda Weiss
                                                                                   BJ Crow             Jesse Kline         Ben Pendergrass     Matthew Wemhoff
        Samantha Cassaday         Brandi Long             Daryl Spencer
                                                                                   Alexis Davis        Daniel Kluegel      Luke Penning        Jamie Werts
        Sara Cato                 Jason Lynn              Adam Spiros              Kayla Davis         Kayla Knight        Cory Penrod         Danielle Weseman
        Paige Chiles              Brandi Mayer            Adam St. John            Tiffany Deachan     Kellie Koenig       Roxi Piche          Joshua Weseman
        Danielle Cooper           Megan McBride           Nick Stanfield           Natalie DeGuire     Rachael Korzep      Justin Prestidge    Cassandra White
        Justin Crandall           Teddy McGrath           Chad Statler             Joshua Dempsey      Brittany Kraus      Sara Pritchard      Eric Williams
        Jake Dallas               Josh McKeen             Nicholas Stephens        Aaron Dierks        Mike Krysl          Kyle Proemsey       Heather Williams
        Samantha Daniel           Brandon Meyer           Johnnie Stevens          Sabrina Dierks      Bryan Lada          Jesse Reed          Melissa Williams
        Jenny Dempsey             Kara Meyer              Michael Stone            John Dolan          Kim Lammert         Reimler Reimler     Natasha Williams
        Cara Dennert              Kyle Michler            Josh Stuckel             Amber Drennen       Jenny Landholt      Jamie Renfro        Zachary Williams
        Rachel DuVall             Mendy Michler           Jeremy Taylor            Travis Drilingas    Erica Lashley       Kellie Reynolds     Ed Winchester
                                                                                   Chad Duckworth      Jake Lawhon         Justin Rhodes       Carrie Womack
        Sam Earls                 Amy Mitchell/Morris     Valerie Theiss
                                                                                   Danielle Duncan     Kristy Lee          Trevor Rice         Justin Womack
        Rebecca Eddins            Jessica Mooney          Colin Thornton           Dennis Dunnegan     Stephanie Lee       Sarah Richardson    Rachael Womack
        Sam Eisenhauer            Rachel Mullins          Hillary Timmerman        Olivia Edmonds      JoAnna Leonard      Megan Ridenour      Ashley Wood
        Kristen Ellis             Brandon Murphy          Blake Tolan              Sam Ehrenreich      Kayla Leonard       Kristen Riebold     Wendy Wood
        Sarah Faulkner            Ryan Murphy             Ryan Vaughn              Courtney Eidel      Nicole Lewis        Ries Ries           John Wurmb
        Nathan Fears              Andrew Naggi            Heather Vernier          Derek Emerson       Tonya Little        Theresia Royal      Brad Ziegler
        Mike Freeman              Jason Neal              Amanda Walker            Brooke Epple        William Long        Josh Russell
        Brian Grayson             Kari Neulist            Dexter Wallace           Christina Ervin     Brandy Lormis       Tyler Sadler
        Tyler Hall                Anthony Null            Amy Ward                 Jessica Erzinger    Brittnee Lowe       Jessica Sanders
                                                                                   Natalie Farwig      Connie Lucas        Elisha Sapper
        Becky Heinzer             Johnny O'Connell        Marissa Warren
                                                                                   Sharina Fears       Angela              Steve Scanlon
        Kyle Helms                Caroline Paillou        Lindsey Weitl            Emily Feldsien        MacKenzie         Drew Schaub
        Alisha Hester             Lacey Penning           Jenny Welker             Ryan Ferguson       Sam Marti           Sonia Schuler
        Justine Hohmann           Kyle Petry              Rochelle West            Kristi Fielder      Charlie Massa       Steven Scott
        Mike Holt                 Holly Pfeiffer          Keyla Wilfong            Natalie Frank       Steve Mayfield      Johnny Seigrist
        Jessica Hornburg          Rebecca Pooker          Candice Wood             Kimmy Froelich      Blair Mayher        Danielle
        Jaclyn Hoven              Erica Preiss            Andrew Woodson           Matthew Frost       Maggie McCain         Shackelford
        Ryan Hurd                 Eric Rains

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                                         Early-release days will be
                                         added to the calendar for the
                                         purpose of Staff Professional
                                         Development. These will be
                                         announced at the beginning of

     The Hillsboro Messenger   Page 10                                        May, 2005                                                  Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
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                                                     PLANNING FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR
                             ENROLLMENT INFORMATION                                                                             Student Supply Lists 2005-06
                                                                                                                            These are basic lists. Teachers may ask for additional items as needed.
                                       2005-06 SCHOOL YEAR
                                                                                                                        Please have all materials on the first day of school (August 18, 2005).
                                     Primary School (K-2) Enrollment Dates
                                                                                                         KINDERGARTEN SUPPLY LIST
                              Enrollment dates for the Primary School will be held August 1               3 boxes (24 count) crayons and 3 boxes (8) count crayons
                              & 2. You will need to bring Original Birth Certificate, social              3 bottles school glue                    6 glue sticks
                              security card, immunization records, and proof of residency in              24 regular lead “yellow” pencils          1 pair Fiskars scissors
                              the Hillsboro School District. New Kindergarten students will               1 roll of paper towels                    1 box Kleenex
                              be given an appointment for screening for August 4 & 5.                     1 box dry erase markers                   1 box washable markers
                                                                                                          1 back pack                              1 pencil/crayon box
                                                                                                          1 rest mat (these are PLASTIC with red on one side, blue on the other . . .
                                                                                                             can be found at Wal-Mart for about $5.00)
                Elementary School (3-4) and Intermediate School (5-6)
                                 Enrollment Dates                                                        FIRST GRADE LIST
                                                                                                           1 pack of pencils                            2 bottles of glue or glue sticks
        Enrollment for new students to the Elementary and Intermediate Schools begins                      1 book bag (no trapper keepers)              1 pencil box (8x5)
        August 1st from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. New students will need their immuniza-                   1 spiral notebook                            1 pair of children’s scissors
        tion records, social security card, and proof of residency in the Hillsboro School                 24 pack of crayons                           erasers
        District. If there are any special educational needs please have that information with             2 folders (not binders)                      wet wipes
        you at the time of enrollment.                                                                     2 boxes of Kleenex
              (Please remember: Our offices will be closed each day from noon until 1:00 p.m.)             1 pkg. of three white T-shirts (large child or small men’s)
                                                                                                           Money for math: 20 pennies, 8 nickels, 10 dimes, 2 quarters, (Money will be re-
                                                                                                           turned at the end of the year.)
                           Junior High Registration Information                                          SECOND GRADE SUPPLY LIST
                                                                                                           Pencils*                 Crayons*
        Below are the dates and times for student registration for the 2005-2006 school year.
                                                                                                           Scissors                 Glue stick*
        New students need to bring vaccination records, transcripts, and verification of ad-
                                                                                                           Erasers*                 Pencil Box
        dress (proof of residency with our district).
                                                                                                           3 spiral notebooks       2 large boxes of Kleenex*
                                                                                                           Backpack or Folder       1 roll of paper towels*
             August 09, 2005         7th Grade Registration             1:00-7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                           1 box of sandwich or quart size ziplock baggies
             August 11, 2005         8th Grade Registration             1:00-7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                           1 large container of baby wipes*
             August 12, 2005         New Student* Registration          8-12 and 1-3
                                                                                                           1 pkg. of three with T-shirts (large child’s or small men’s)
                                                                                                                  *Replenish for second semester
                                                                                                         GRADES 3 AND 4
                           Senior High Registration Information                                               #2 lead pencils                           red grading pen
        Below are the dates and times for student registration for the 2005-2006 school year.                 colored pencils                            water-based markers
        New students need to bring vaccination records, transcripts, and verification of ad-                  4 spiral notebooks                         loose-leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)
        dress (proof of residency with our district).                                                         scissors (pointed tips are fine)           ruler (standard and metric)
                                                                                                              back pack or book bag                      2 boxes of tissues
             August 08, 2005         Senior Registration                8-12 and 1-3                          1 roll paper towels                        4 folders (3 pronged w/ two pockets)
             August 09, 2005         Junior Registration                8-12 and 1-3                          zippered pencil bags (These will be used to store pencils, erasers and other sup-
             August 10, 2005         Sophomore Registration             8-12 and 1-3                          plies.)
             August 11, 2005         Freshman Registration              8-12 and 1-3                          Donations of tennis balls, pencils, loose-leaf paper, and dry erase markers would
             August 12, 2005         New Student* Registration          8-12 and 1-3                          be appreciated by your child’s classroom teacher.
                                                                                                              PLEASE DO NOT BRING TRAPPER KEEPERS or ART/PENCIL BOXES.
        *New Students are those new to the Hillsboro R-3 District—those transferring to Hillsboro             (The students do not have room for them in their desks)
        from another district.     Welcome to Hillsboro! Home of the Hawks!
                                                                                                         GRADES 5 AND 6
                                                                                                              Wide ruled white filler paper (approximately 100 sheets per month).
                                                                                                              Lead Pencils—2 pencils at all times
                                                                                                              Blue/black writing pens—ball point
             Kindergarten                                                                                     Red pen—ball point or felt tip
                                                                                                              Crayons or colored markers
                                                                                                                                                                Colored pencils (for maps)
             Open House                                                                                       Glue Sticks and/or white school glue
                                                                                                              Rulers (12 inch) inches & centimeters
                                                                                                                                                                Extra eraser
                                                                                                                                                                Kleenex tissue (2 boxes)
            August 11, 2005                                                                                   Highlighter marker—any color
                                                                                                              Calculator (4 function—inexpensive)
                                                                                                                                                                1 white T-shirt for tie dying

              6:00 P.M.                                                                                       1 roll of paper towels (for science experiments)
                                                                                                         NOTE: Individual 5th and 6th grade teachers may require spiral notebooks or fold-
                                                                                                         ers with pockets, dry erase markers, etc. They will inform students during the first
                                                                                                         few days of school of these needs.
                                                                                                                 (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS, PLEASE!! STUDENTS TEND TO PLAY WITH THESE!)

                                                         Elementary (1-6)
                                                           Open House
                                                         August 16, 2005
                                                         5:30 –7:30 P.M.
                                                                                                                                                        Hillsboro R-3 School District

                          Breakfast—Lunch Prices for 2005-2006 are being
                          reviewed. Any changes will appear in the Summer
                          Messenger.                                                                                  WATCH FOR BUS ROUTES IN THE SUMMER MESSENGER

     The Hillsboro Messenger                                                                        Page 11                                                                                           May, 2005                                                                                                                                                                          Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:41
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                                           Summer Safari 2005….Let the Adventure Begin!
        Hillsboro R-3 is pleased to announce       Summer School classes for Pre-               Lunch and transportation services will    Attendance & good behavior prizes
        that Summer Safari will begin June 1       Kindergarten through Fourth Grade            be provided for all grade levels. Bus     will be given away through out Sum-
        and end on June 30. Currently over         will be held in the Primary Building.        and class schedules will be provided to   mer School. Students with perfect at-
        1,000 Pre-Kindergarten through             Classes will begin at 8:00 and end at        enrolled students by May 18. Contact      tendance will be entered in a drawing
        Twelfth grade students are enrolled.       2:30. Fifth grade through Twelfth            the Bus Garage at (636) 789-0000          for a large prize the last day of school.
        The Summer School program offers           grade students will attend classes at the    X8001 for further bus information.        All prizes have been donated by local
        enrichment and core academic classes       High School from 7:45-2:15. Jr. High,                                                  business. Prizes include, but are not
        for all grade levels. Credit recovery      Intermediate, and High school students       Students may still enroll in the Summer   limited to: bikes, gift certificates to
        classes are offered for High School stu-   will be separated for lunch and classes.     School program. Students enrolling in     various restaurants, Six Flags tickets,
        dents. Classes offered are listed in the                                                Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade     and movie tickets.
        charts below. Classes are subject to                                                    should contact Mrs. Kostine at (636)
                                                                                                789-0050. Students enrolling in grades
                                                      3rd & 4th Grade Enrichments:              5-12 should contact Mr. Imhoff at           8th -12 Grade Classes:
                                                      Adventures in Writing                     (636) 789-0000 X 1000.                      Computer Graphics
           1st & 2nd Grade Enrichments:                The World is a Stage...                                                              Painting or Drawing
           Ancient Egyptian Adventure                 Art of Puzzling                                                                       Performing Shakespeare
           A Trip Around the World                     A Summer with the Native Ameri-               5th & 6th Grade Enrichments:           Musical Theatre Performance
           A Bug’s Life                               cans                                           Encore! Encore!                        Vocal Music for Theater
           Astounding Authors                          The Meaning of Money                          Survivor                               Guitar I
           Exploring Nature                            Lifetime Sports                               Tech Crew                              Guitar II
           Arts & Crafts                              A Bug’s Life                                   Let’s Get Moving                       English 2A
           Game Room                                  Computer Games                                 Computer Adventure                     English 2B
           Computer Games                             Arts & Crafts                                  French                                 English 1A
           3...2...1 Blast Off!                       A Trip Around the World                        Art of Puzzling                        English 1B
           Outdoor Games                              Ancient Egyptian Adventure                     Game Room                              Novels of Today
           Lifetime Sports                            Astounding Authors                             3...2...1 Blast Off!                   Language Arts for Special Needs
           Dinosaurs                                  Game Room                                      Arts & Crafts                          Introduction to Creative Writing
           Hola!                                      Outdoor Games                                  Lifetime Sports                        Algebra I -Geometry
           Art of Puzzling                            3...2...1 Blast Off!                           Hola!                                  Concepts of Algebra A
           Welcome to Jungle Art                      Exploring Nature                                                                      Concepts of Algebra B
                                                      Dinosaurs                                      6th & 7th Grade Enrichments:           American History
                                                      Welcome to Jungle Art                          Communication Arts Remediation 1       World History
        The Messenger staff:                          Hola!                                          Communication Arts Remediation 2       Social Studies A - Civics
        Editor Lannie Zavorka                                                                        Book Clubs                             Social Studies B – Geography
                                                                                                     Film as Literature                     Physical Science
        Building reporters:
                                                                                                     Storytelling                           Biology
        Primary            Peggy Orlando
        Elementary         Lissa Smith                                                               Be a Web Page Designer                 Special Services
        Intermediate       Julie Hicks                                                               Science Projects Galore                Life Skills
        Jr. High           Tina Thebeau                                                              Math Remediation                       Credit Recovery-ILP
                                                                     ER                                                                     A+ Tutoring and Mentoring
        Sr. High           Dorean Dow                          SUMM I                                Practical Skills for Survival
        Student Writer     Tanalyn Ringo                        SA FAR                               Big Game Room                          Film Critique
                                                                                                     Attention Shutterbugs
                                                                                                     Future Freshmen Class
                                                                                                     Athletic Conditioning/Practice
               BOARD MEETINGS
               OPEN TO PUBLIC
          The Hillsboro R-3 Board of
        Education meets on a regular
        basis on the second Monday of
                                                                                HILLSBORO MESSENGER
                                                                                  Published by and for the Hillsboro R-3 School District
        each month. The meetings are
        held in the Board of Education             ADMINISTRATION BLDG                          JUNIOR HIGH (7-8)                         MAINTENANCE DEPT.
        office, located at 20 Hawk                 Shelton Smith, Superintendent                Terry Edwards, Principal                  Tom Muzzey, Director
        Drive on campus, beginning at              Thomas Knuckles, Asst. Supt.                 Jackie Marz, Admin. Asst.                 504 Vreeland Rd.
        7:00 p.m. The meetings are                 Glenda Smith, Dir. Special Services          #12 Hawk Drive                            789-3966
                                                   Jana Rhame, Curr/At-Risk Dir.                789-0020
        open to the public.                        John Stewart, Business Manager                                                         SPECIAL SERVICES CO-OP
                                                   Steve Murray, Dir. of Technology             SENIOR HIGH (9-12)                        Linda Werner, Director
                                                   #20 Hawk Drive                               Sherie Snider, Principal                  #5 Ridgewood
                                                   789-0060 / 797-2212
               BOARD OF                            FAX - 789-3216
                                                                                                Al Boulicault, Asst. Prin.
                                                                                                Amy Phillips, Asst. Prin., Ath. Dir.
                                                                                                123 Leon Hall Parkway
               EDUCATION                           PRIMARY SCHOOL (K-2)                         789-0010                                  DAY TREATMENT CENTER
                                                                                                                                          Linda O’Reilly, Director
                                                   Paul Suchland, Principal
                                                   Collista Kostine, Admin. Asst.               ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL                        731 Maple St.
         Kevin Roberts, President                                                                                                         789-3333 / 789-4146
                                                   101 Leon Hall Parkway                        Cathy Freeman, Director
         Debra Politte, Vice-Pres.                 789-0050                                     9661 Hwy. 21
         George Engelbach, Treas.                                                               789-0000 ext. 8101                        JUVENILE DETENTION
                                                   ELEMENTARY SCHL (3-4)                                                                  CENTER
         Randy Hargis, Sr., , Member               Tony Duffner, Principal                      A+ SCHOOL PROGRAM
                                                   #13 Hawk Drive                                                                         Ricky Williams, Tchr.
         Richard Sanders, Member                                                                Cheryl Tilley, Director
                                                   789-0040                                                                               739 Maple St.
                                                                                                123 Leon Hall Parkway
         Jason Law, Member                                                                                                                797-5042
         Charles ‘Bo’Harrison, Mbr.                INTERMEDIATE SCH. (5-6)
                                                   Scott Readnour, Principal                    TRANSPORTATION DEPT.                      FIELDHOUSE PHONE
         Beth Johnston, Secretary                  10486 Hwy. 21                                Tony Steffen, Director                    789-0000 ext. 3400
                                                   789-0030                                     9661 Hwy. 21
                                                                                                789-0081 / FAX 789-2495

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