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                                                                  visit       Fall 2007

                      LACA COMMUNITY MEETING
                                                Wednesday, November 7, 2007
                                                7:30 p.m - 9:30 p.m.
                                                Arbor Room
                                                1399 Golf Course Drive
                                                Mitchellville, Maryland 20721

                                                                  Join us. Learn about Safety,
              2007 - 2009                                        Education, and Zoning Issues in
            Election Results                                            our community.
                   The Election Committee recommendation
                   to declare Richard W. Day, Jr. victorious
                   as President and T.J. Epps
victorious as Vice President of the Lake Arbor Civic               Dr. W hite-Hood Retir es
                                                                   Dr.              etires
Association was approved.             (Continued on Page 5)
                                                                    Dr. Marian White-Hood retired as Principal of Ernest
                                                                    Everett Just Middle School in July 2007 after more than 30
Woodmor e Towne Centr e
 oodmore        Centre                                              years of dedicated service to the Prince George’s County
                                                                    Public Schools as an educator, principal and administrator.
Woodmore Towne Centre at Glenarden will be an unparal-              This auspicious occasion was marked by a Black-Tie
leled town center in Prince George’s County. It will be the         dinner program on October 11, 2007, at Martin’s Cross-
future home of a 245 acre mixed-use development to                  winds in Greenbelt, Maryland. This program was a true
include retail, office, residential, conference center, hotels      celebration of the career of a phenomenal woman.
and restaurants.                      (Continued on on Page 3)
                                                                  Attending were current and former

            Course Update
       Golf Cour se Update
                                                                  school administrators, assistant superin-
                                                                  tendents, teachers, coworkers, parents,
The owner/operator of the Lake Arbor Golf Course has              national and local PTA leaders, commu-
decided not to file an application for building residential units nity leaders, Board of Education mem-
on the golf course. He states that he is planning changes to      bers, and State and County politicians.
improve the playability of the golf course. We will continue to Reflections on her career shared by
monitor and keep you informed about this concern.                                  (Continued on on Page 2)

   INSIDE THIS ISSUE                            Article        Page                        Article                    Page
                                    Volunteerism                2                Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc.            9
                                    Zoning Committee Report     3                H. L. Murrell Scholarship Award        9
                                    Education Committee Report  4                Environmental Issues                  10
                                    Membership Committee Report 5                2007-2009 Election                    10
                                    Web Tutorials For You       7                Lake Arbor Shines Again               11
                                    LAFI Scholarship Awardees   8                Save The Date!                        11
  Page 2                                                                                      NEWSLETTER Fall 2007

           Dr. White-Hood Retires           (continued from Page 1)                              Lake Arbor
                                                                                              Civic Association
 speakers at this event highlighted her belief that schools should be
 places where close, trusting relationships with adults and peers create            Elected Officers & Committee Chairs

 a climate for students’ personal growth and intellectual development.                             President
 It was clear that her advocacy for intense and rigorous levels of                             Richard W. Day, Jr.
 curriculum and instruction which include programs that address the
                                                                                                 Vice President
 needs of all students had a very positive impact on administrators,                                T.J. Epps
 teachers, parents and students. She was lauded for developing
 innovative and challenging programs such as the Principal’s Rose                    Recording Secretary, Tomika Thornton
                                                                                Corresponding Secretary, Thelma Murray-Fisher
 Court, Gentlemen’s Association, Dream Keepers, and Service                                Treasurer, Willie Graves
 Learning and Peer Helpers programs. Her accomplishments did not
 go unnoticed over the years. She was awarded recognition as                                 Appointed Positions
 Maryland State Principal of the Year, The Washington Post                                   Historian, Elaine Murrell
                                                                                  Newsletter Editor/Webmistress, Elaine Wright
 Distinguished Principal, Prince George’s County Public Schools                           LAFI Liaison, L. Diane Savoy
 Outstanding Educator, and as a Milken Family Educator recipient of a                  Parliamentarian, Maurice Jefferson
 $25,000 award. Her career accomplishments serve as an example of                  Asst. Recording Secretary, Judy Jefferson
 and reinforcement of her motto of “Aim for the top because the                   Assistant Corresponding Secretary (Vacant)
 bottom is overcrowded.”                                                                Standing Committee Chairs
                                                                                         Adopt-A-Road, William Frazier
 Tributes and proclamations recognizing and honoring her career and                      Beautification, Thomas McKay
 achievements were given by the Prince George’s County Executive                             Benevolence, (Vacant)
                                                                                            Bylaws - Janelle Jordan
 Jack Johnson, Prince George’s Council District 25 Representative
                                                                                           Communications, (Vacant)
 Samuel Dean, Maryland State Delegate Derrick Davis on behalf of                            Education, Jacob Andoh
 Aiesha Braveboy, Dr. Beatrice Tignor, former Chair of the Prince                     Education Vice-Chair, Andrea Toney
 George’s County Board of Education, as well as several teachers,                          Membership, Sigrid Samuel
                                                                                               Safety, Greg Loftin
 staff and parent sponsors of Ernest Everett Just organizations. The                      Special Events, Monica Day
 many tributes made during the celebration reflected the vast impact              Assistant to Special Events, Jacqueline Carr
 that Dr. White-Hood has had and continues to have on many                             Zoning, Richard Day/Sigrid Samuel

 individuals.                                                                                    HOA Liaisons
                                                                                       1. Arbor Park - Charlotte Duckett
                                                                                       2. Arbor View -Sigrid Samuel
 Many expressed their disbelief upon hearing of her retirement, but                    3. Villages at Collington - Paul Nance
 before the event ended it became very clear that Dr. White-Hood’s                     4. Villages @ Campus Way (Vacant)
                                                                                       5. Foxlake - Don Wirak
 retirement has only been a brief ‘pause’ in her career. It was                        6. Newbridge - Sharrarne Morton
 announced by her new employer that she is continuing her career with                  7. Northlake - P. Bal Akridge
                                                                                       8. Ridgewood - (Vacant)
 the See Forever Foundation and Maya Angelou Public Charter                            9. Ridgewood Park - Angela Mackey
 School, an appropriate and prophetic career step for a phenomenal                     10.Southlake - (Vacant)
 woman.                                                                                11.The Masters - (Vacant)
                                                                                       12. The Vistas - Janelle Jordan
                                                                                       13. Westlake - (Vacant)
 The Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. and the Lake Arbor Civic                              14. Woodview - (Vacant)
 Association, along with many other organizations, were proud to assist                15. Woodview Village - (Vacant)

 in sponsoring this elegant and wonderful event. A great time was had
 by all who attended.

Searching for Volunteers
Please note that there are many vacant positions on the roster of LACA Board members, committee
chairs, and HOA liaisons. Your help is needed to fill these positions. Each Homeowners Association has
a voting position on the LACA Board. If your HOA is not represented on the Board, this means your
HOA is missing an important opportunity to give input and help make decisions on zoning, safety, education, traffic, and
other critical issues that impact directly on you and all of Lake Arbor. If you want to make a difference in Lake Arbor
and can help fill any of these vacant slots, please contact Elaine Murrell at 301-336-6964 or
                     NEWSLETTER Fall 2007                                                                              Page 3

                                                                  Brian Mitchell’s Crab Shack
                 ZONING COMMITTEE
                  Richard Day & Sigrid Samuel                     The Crab Shack Restaurant has been cancelled. The
               301-336-3645 |                  restaurant was to be located in front of the Rite Aid. By
               301-499-5771 |                  limiting the hours of operation, LACA was influential in
                                                                  sending the applicant back to the drawing board. The
Woodmore Towne Centre (continued from Page 1)                     applicant is now pursuing another restaurant format. We
                                                                  will continue to monitor this site to ensure that we get a
With everything you need within walking distance,                 proper restaurant.
Woodmore Towne Centre at Glenarden will truly become a
destination that redefines the retail, office, and hospitality
experience in suburban Washington, DC. Anchoring the              The Red Tavern restaurant at the Boulevard has been
retail portion will be Wegmans and Costco, as well as other       purchased by former Redskins player LeVar Arrington.
upscale retailers, providing a new shopping experience for        Mr. Arrington is currently remodeling the facility into a
the community. Woodmore Towne Centre at Glenarden is a            sports bar. The new name will be “Sidelines” and it is
joint venture of Petrie Ross Ventures, Greenberg Gibbons          scheduled to open at the end of October 2007. LACA has
Commercial, and Hovnanian Land Investment Group.                  taken exception with this venue as it now leaves us with
                                                                  one less family restaurant at the Boulevard. We are in the
The Centre is conveniently located in Glenarden, Maryland         process of attempting to limit the operating hours to
at the interchange of I-495 and Rte. 202/Landover Road in         11:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. Currently, the sports bar can
Prince George’s County with over 1,000 feet of frontage on        operate until 3:00 a.m. We will keep you informed.
the Capital Beltway/I-495. The new Largo Town Center
Metro Station (Blue Line) allows easy access to and from
                                                                    Department of Public Works and Transportation
the Nation’s Capital whether for business or pleasure.
                                                                    The mission of the Department of Public Works and
Wegmans and Costco will anchor this 245 acre mixed-use              Transportation is to provide safe, accessible transportation
development to include about 700,000 SF of retail. The              systems, effective transportation infrastructure design,
residential portion of Woodmore Towne Centre consists of            maintenance and improvements and beautification by
1,100 residential homesites, including single family detached       dedicated, diverse professionals who use innovative
homes, townhomes, stacked townhomes, and multi-family               technologies to stimulate ‘livable communities’ through
homes. There will be a private community center with a              vibrant development.
swimming pool, fitness center, and multi-purpose rooms for
residents’ use. There will also be two high end hotels, a           The Department of Public Works and Transportation
conference center, and 1,000,000 SF of Class A office               (DPW&T) provides the following services to our citizens:
space. Set apart from the main retail and residential
structures, the office towers will rise above the town center            •    Adopt-A-Road/Adopt-A-Median
creating an impressive presence that welcomes tenants and                •    Capital Improvement Roadway Projects
                                                                         •    Concrete and Pavement Repairs – Spot Locations
visitors. In order to fit individual tenant needs, the office
                                                                         •    Drainage Issues
space at Woodmore Towne Centre offers flexibility and                    •    Leaf Collection
unlimited built-to-suit options. Access to the site will be off          •    Litter Pick-Up/Illegal Dumping Along County
of Route 202/Landover Road at St. Joseph’s Drive or from                      Roadways, Motor Services, Street Trimming and
surrounding residential developments via Ruby Lockhart                        Removal
Boulevard or Campus Way North, a boulevard that will                     •    Potholes
serve the site from Lottsford Road. Ground breaking is                   •    Signs, Signals and Markings
scheduled for Summer 2007 and projected opening late                     •    Snow & Ice Control
2008.                                                                    •    Speed Humps/Traffic Circles, Traffic Management
                                                                         •    Street Lights
                                                                         •    Transit
Rite Aid
                                                                    To contact DPWT, call 301-833-5700. The URL for their
Construction has begun on the Rite Aid drugstore at Arena           website is
Drive and Lottsford Road. The store should open in late             DPWT.
 Page 4
                                                                                             NEWSLETTER Fall 2007

               EDUCATION COMMITTEE                             Lake Arbor Parents/Guardians: Let us continue to
                        Jacob Andoh, Chair                     prepare our middle and high school students today for
          301-499-5636 |        increased success on the HSA next year. HSA tests are
                                                               given in county high schools in January, May, and during
                                                               summer each year. For May 2008, let us prepare and
High School Assessments                                        support our children to succeed on the HSAs so that they
On September 10, 2007, several Lake Arbor parents and          will graduate from high school with a diploma, in 2009 and
community leaders were among 39 other county residents         beyond. For further information on the HSA and to view or
who testified at Charles Herbert Flowers High School,          take HSA practice tests, please visit: http://
before members of the Maryland State Board of
Education, to give their views on whether the Maryland
state-mandated High School Assessments (HSA) should be         LACA Welcomes New School Principals
revised. Statewide, Maryland’s HSA results continue to
show an unacceptable academic achievement gap for              LACA and Lake Arbor Elementary School (LAES) PTA
                                                               welcome new LAES Principal, Mr. Stephen Green. Mr.
minority, special needs, and limited English proficiency
                                                               Green is well-known to the community. He is succeeding
                                                               former principal, Mrs. Helen Coley. He was LAES Vice-
                                                               Principal for the past five years.
Sometime in 2008, the Maryland State Board of Education
plans to meet and vote on certain proposed changes to the      LACA and Ernest Everett Just Middle School (EEJMS)
Maryland HSA requirements. Today’s high school eleventh        PTA welcome new EEJMS Principal, Mr. Carlton Carter.
graders (Class of 2009) in Prince George’s County and the      He graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern
State of Maryland, will be the first high school class to be   Shore with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology
required to take and pass four High School Assessments         Education and a Master’s from Bowie State University in
(HSA) in Algebra, Biology, English and Government in           Administration and Supervision.
order to graduate from high school. Current high school        Please Join Our Parent Teacher Associations (PTA)
students in the 9th and 10th grades, plus middle school        For more information, contact:
students in the 8th and 7th grades, (and elementary school
children in all of the lower grades) will also be affected.    Lake Arbor Elementary School
                                                               Mr. Harold Lewis, Sr., President
Congratulations to our community schools! Kudos to   
PGCPS! For the second year in a row, CHFHS students
                                                               Ernest Everett Just Middle School
performed well on the state-mandated HSAs! The 2007
                                                               Mrs. Tonya Miles, President
HSA pass rates for all current 11th graders (class of
2009 students) are as follows: Charles Herbert Flowers
High School (76 percent pass rate); Largo High School
                                                               Charles Herbert Flowers High School
(50 percent pass rate). The recently released 2007 county
                                                               Mr. Walter Searcy, President
HSA test scores showed significant improvements for all
county high schools.
                                                               Four Tips on Organizing Homework
Earlier this year, County Councilman Honorable Samuel
H. Dean, District 6, was chairman of the Prince
George’s County Council’s Blue Ribbon Committee on             1.   Turn off the TV
HSA. You can access and read a copy of this report at          2.   Create a Studious Environment               3.   Make a Schedule
                                                               4.   Become the Chief Learning Instructor

  “Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others
  do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for
  ourselves.” Helen Keller
                        NEWSLETTER Fall 2007                                                                                   Page 5

                                                                         Thank You for Your Community Support
                   MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
                       Sigrid Samuel, Chair                           The Lake Arbor Civic Association thanks everyone
                301-499-5771 |                     who has supported LACA by paying the annual
                                                                      membership fee. Membership entitles each household
 Please join the Lake Arbor Civic Association (LACA) as we continue
 to work for the community on matters such as zoning and develop-     to a vote on all LACA issues during the fiscal year. We
 ment, beautification, safety, and education advocacy. Listed below   have more than three thousand households in our
 are the names of members who have joined LACA for the current        community and we need the support and input from the
 membership year, July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008. Your membership       community to be a viable and productive entity. Visit
 can make a difference. The annual fee is $20. Fill out the member-
 ship application on the next page and mail it in today.
                                                                      our website at to download the
                                                                      membership form and view our current membership list.

Agu, Augustine & Frances              Morris, Willie L.
Alexander, MD, Mark & Lula            Mull, Kathy                           Did we leave your name out? Did we spell your
Bardwell, James & Gwen                                                      name incorrectly? Are you not receiving commu-
                                      Mumford, Carlotta                     nity e-mails? Please contact Sigrid Samuel,
Barnes, Lawrence & Otelia             Murrell, Elaine B.                    Chairperson, at the e-mail address listed above.
Bass, Linda                           Murry-Fisher, Thelma
Bell, Bill & Gale                     Muse, Jessie
Blowe, Arthur & Deborah               Newsome, Squire & Devonne                  2007 - 2009 Election Results
Bolling, Charles & Jackie             Palmer, Sherrie                                    (continued from Page 1)
Boone, William                        Payne, Robert & Doris               Richard W. Day, Jr., President, appointed, with
Brundridge, Karen & Carl              Ragland, Eddie & Evelyn             Board approval, the following positions:
Camp, Marva Jo                        Rann, Gary
Campbell, Charles & Mary              Row, Shirley & Herman               Recording Secretary - Tamika Thornton
Colbert, Charles & Brenda             Rudder, Beatrice                    Corresponding Secretary - Thelma Murray-Fisher
Collins, Ernest                       Samuel, Charles & Sigrid            Treasurer - Willie Graves
Conley, Houston & Mary                Savoy, Diane
Davis, Warren & May                   Scott, Stanley & Carolyn            Maurice A Jefferson, Elections Chair
Day, Richard & Juanda                 Shaw, Loretta             
Dean, Sam & Donna                     Smith, Curtis
Derr, Bernadette                      Smith, William & Wanda
Doss, Antonio & Mara                  Stewart, Thomas
Drake, Johnny                         Thomas, Edward & Andrea            HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THE
Drumming, Charles                     Thomas, CJ & Sosama
Dwyer, Edward & Jean                  Thornton, Tamika
                                                                           COMFORT OF SHOPPING
Epps, T.J.                            Walker, Melvin                         ONLINE AT HOME?
Gillard, Harold & Ann                 Wendell, John                                      As seen on TV!
Graves, Willie                        Western, Robert & Juanita                 Products at Everyday Low Prices
Green, Richard & Ella                 Williams, John & Nany                          Brand Name Electronics
Harris, Lynette                       Williams, Robert L.                           SONY, TOSHIBA, RCA
High, Blanco & Cynthia                Wirak, Donald
Hunter, O’Tilia
                                                                                  Household Items * Unique Gifts
                                      Wright, Elaine
Isaac, Roger                                                                          Toys and much more!
Jefferson, Maurice & Judy
Leeke, John & Theresa
Love, Phyllis
MccDade, Dexter & Corlis                                                                    Shop online at
McCorkle, Abner & Lucy                                          
McEachern, Oscar & Mary                                                                    Payment Options
Missouri, William & Delores                                              Return Policy and Manufacturer’s Warranty Available!
Moolchan, Lorraine
Moore, Kevin
Page 6
                                                                                          NEWSLETTER Fall 2007

                                                                    For Office use only:
  LAKE ARBOR CIVIC ASSOCIATION                                      Amount: ___________________
                                                                    Check Date: ________________
  LACA MEMBERSHIP DRIVE                                             Check No: _________________
                                                                    Initials: ____________________

  MEMBERSHIP FORM -- July 1, 2007 thru June 30, 2008 -- ANNUAL FEE PER HOUSEHOLD = $20.00
                          (A reproduced copy of this form is acceptable.)
  Please type or print.

  Date: _________________________

  Last Name                                            First Name
  [ ] Check if you do not wish to be included in the Lake Arbor Directory.


  Telephone Number (optional): _______________________________________________________________
                             [ ] Check if you do not want your telephone number listed in the directory.

  E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________________________
                 [ ] Check if you do not wish to be part of LACA E-mail Group. The e-mail group transmits
                     information about safety alerts and other issues impacting the Lake Arbor Community.

  Please place an (X) on the line(s) before the name(s) of the committee you wish to join.

  ___ Adopt-A-Road       ___Lake Arbor Community Day           ___ Education       ___Newsletter     ___ Zoning

  ___ Safety ___ Communications          ___ Membership ___ Beautification ____ Special Events

  Are you a new resident?__________

                                LAKE ARBOR CIVIC ASSOCIATION
                                12138 CENTRAL AVENUE, #504
                                MITCHELLVILLE, MD 20721-1932

                                      Richard Day

                                                                             Fall 2007
                         NEWSLETTER Fall 2007                                                                                                   Page 7

Tutorials for you on Web Resources in Prince George’s County                                             Useful Telephone Numbers
                  Prince George’s County Agencies have lots of simple-to-use technological tools         County Executive.............. 301-952-4131
                  designed to give residents information about property and other useful informa-        County Council................. 301-952-3700
                  tion. This is the first tutorial on the M-NCPPC web application            County Information.......... 301-350-9700
                  and the Department of Environmental Resources Permits Inquiry System. If you           Police (non emergencies)... 301-333-4000
                  have questions or need assistance in maneuvering these sites, e-mail                   In emergencies, call.......                    911
                                                                   Depart. of Env. Res........... 301-883-5810
                                                                                                         Animal Management......... 301-499-8300
What is                                                                                     Bulk Trash........................ 301-952-7600 provides the residents of Prince George’s County a simple-to-use application that
                                                                                                         Community Standards...... 301-883-6100
displays a wide range of digital maps covering all of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Examples
                                                                                                         Permits & Review............. 301-883-5784
of the type of available maps are property boundaries, zoning, floodplain, political boundaries, 2000
                                                                                                         Depart. of Family Services 301-265-8400
census tracts, and multiple years of aerial photography. Users have the ability to locate a property
                                                                                                         Aging Services Division.... 301-265-8450
and find out relevant information by entering an address or tax account number.
                                                                                                         Mental Health & Dis.
                                                                                                          Admin............................. 301-985-3890
To access the PGAtlas application, follow the steps listed below:                                        Comm. for Children,
1. In the address window of the Internet, type in                                          Youth & Family.............. 301-265-8446
2. Scroll down and click on “Advanced Site.”                                                             Dept. of Social Services.... 301-209-5000
3.Click on the Search function.                                                                          Prince George’s Hosp....... 301-618-2000
4. Under “Site QuickLinks,” click on the Search function.                                                Doctor’s Hosp.................. 301-552-8118
5. Refine your search by clicking on “Search by Address.”                                                M-NCPPC Planning Board 301-952-3560
6. Type in your address (follow instructions).                                                           Library System................. 301-699-3500
7. Once the property window comes up, click on “Zoom” to see a graphic layout of your property.          PGC Public Schools.......... 301-952-6000
8. At the top of the window, click on the “Push Pin” icon.                                               PGC Community College.. 301-336-6000
9. Click on the highlighted property (your property).                                                    Dept. of Public Works &
10. Once the “Property Window” appears again, scroll down and view the detailed information              Transportation
about your property.                                                                                     Engineering........................ 301-883-5710
                                                                                                         Road Maintenance............ 301-449-8523
Want to see a graphic presentation of the zoning of your property?                                       Project Management......... 301-883-5640
1. Return to the graphic layout of your property by clicking the “Hide Results” tab.                     Transportation.................. 301-883-5700
2. Click the “Layers” tab to the far left of the screen to activate layer.                               Additional Numbers
3. Click on the Zoning link at the bottom.                                                               WSSC................................ 301-206-8000
4. Activate the zoning link by clicking on the “zoning check box and radio button.”                      BG&E............................... 800-685-0123
5. Notice that the graphic layers turns a certain color.                                                 PEPCO.............................. 202-872-2500
6. Scroll down to view the “zoning symbology” on the left. The yellow represents the R-R (Rural          Poison Control.................. 800-222-1222
Residential) zone.                                                                                       Washington Gas................ 703-750-1400
                                                                                                         Verizon.............................. 410-539-9900
Want to see the approximate number of churches in the area?                                              Arson Hotline................... 301-77ARSON
1. Click on the “Community Link.”                                                                        Child Protective Serv......... 301-699-8605
2. Click the checkbox and radio button for “Religious Institutions.”                                     Storm Center..................... 301-499-8670
3. Zoom out to see more of the area by clicking on the “Zoom Out” icon to the upper left.
4. Click anywhere in the window to zoom out, click again to zoom out further.
5. Move the window to left or right of the area to see where the churches are by clicking the “Pan”

Want to learn more about development going on in the area?                                               JAFRA INTERNATIONAL
1. Click on “Development Activities” link.                                                                  QUALITY skin & body care
2. Scroll down and click on the checkboxes and radio button to activate the “Detailed Site Plan” link.        products for everyone
3. Notice that the color denotes Detailed Site Plan activity.
4. You can “Pan” to area of the Beltway, Landover Road, and St. Joseph Drive to DSP find activity.
5. Once you find DSP activity, click on the “Identify” icon to get a brief summary of the activity.          BARBARA STEWART
                                                                                                               Personal Skin Care Consultant
To Deactivate Selected Activity
1. Uncheck the “checkbox” by clicking on it again. (Don’t worry about the radio button.)                        (301) 350-1449 Office
2. Click “Refresh Map.”                                                                                           (301) 350-0822 Fax
Check the Permit Status on Property
1. Go to
2. At the top of the homepage, click on the drop down menu, “Select a Service.”
3. Select “Permit Citizens Services.”
4. Check “Permit History By Address.” [Link to the left.]
5. Follow the instructions to get permit history on a particular address.
Page 8                                                                           NEWSLETTER Fall 2007


         Each year the Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI) seeks highly motivated deserving students
         pursuing a higher education for their Scholarship Award Program. This year, LAFI provided $1,500
         scholarships under this program. The Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Committee is pleased
         to announce the results of the 2007 Scholarship Award Program. Five highly qualified college and
         college-bound students earned this prestiguos scholarship award. Through a strategic and careful
         selection process, the deserving students earning this award are:
         Jazmin T. Doss, a 2007 graduate of Charles H. Flowers High School, is majoring in electrical
         engineering at the Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. She aspires to work for a government
         agency such as NSA or State Department. She knows how to play the French horn, mellophone,
         trumpet and clarinet, receiving the “Most Outstanding Musician Award” in 2007. A consecutive
         honor roll student from kindergarden to twelfth grade. Jazmin plans to make a difference in her
         community implementing youth groups at the local community centers. She plans to teach the youth
         basic life skills ranging from being respectful and courteous to understanding the complexity of
         opening and managing a bank account.
         Natalie O. Missouri, a 2004 graduate of Charles H. Flowers High School, is majoring in Business
         Administration at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Her career goal is to be a corporate
         lawyer. She had the privilege of volunteering for the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court, the
         Maryland Court of Appeals in Annapolis, and presently the Baltimore County Circuit Court where
         she attends college in Towson. She plans to make a difference in her community through
         involvement and service. Natalie also plans to make a difference by always including her background
         of Christian living. Natalie belongs to the Black Student Union Soul Dance Team.
         Milan N. Neeley, a 2007 graduate of Charles H. Flowers High School, is majoring in Biological
         Science at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. She aspires to host a nature show and
         perform cutting edge research in the fields of biology and paleozoology. Milan plans to make a
         difference in her community by creating programs that celebrate diversity and individuality for
         students of rich ethnic backgrounds. She would also like to offer workshops at local recreation
         centers where she can share the fruits of her life’s work and experiences. Milan loves belly dancing,
         learning different languages, archery, and guitar.
         RaShawnda M. Person, a 2007 graduate of Charles H. Flowers High School, is majoring in human
         resource management at the Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland. She aspires to open an
         employment agency to hire and train disadvantaged and under-privileged minorities. She was on the
         National Honor Roll in 2007. RaShawnda plans to make a difference in her community by finding
         ways to improve the unemployment rate. One of her community service experiences includes
         feeding the homeless at Sheppard’s Cove Homeless Shelter. RaShawnda loves baketball, soccer, and

         Sean Herbert Suber, a 2007 graduate of DeMatha Cathoic High School, is majoring in History with
         a Minor in African American Studies at Georgetown Univeristy in Washington, DC. Sean plans to
         make a difference in his community by becoming a defense lawyer for those who are less fortunate
         and cannot afford the most expensive lawyers. Sean has contributed to the community in numerous
         ways, including serving as a camp volunteer at Westphalia United Methodist Church and volunteering
         with the Maryland\-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Sean is a member of the 2007
         National Honor Society. He is a fine writer, an outstanding track and field and soccer athletic, and an
         accomplished musician. Sean is also the recipient of the 3rd Annual Herman L. Murrell Scholarship
         Award, earning him an additional in $1,000 scholarship funds. The Herman L. Murrell Scholarship
         Award is based on “excellent academic performance and exemplary service to the community.”
                    NEWSLETTER Fall 2007                                                                     Page 9

The Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI) is committed to youth enhancement and development activities. To that end,
LAFI will continue to sponsor the Annual Scholarship Program and encourages candidates to apply. The Annual
Scholarship Program has been very successful and LAFI plans to track and share information on the progress and
careers of individuals awarded scholarships through this program.

If you would like to be a volunteer for the 2008 Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Committee, please contact
Elaine Wright at 301-336-2018 or by e-mail at For more information on the LAFI
Scholarship Program, visit http://wwwlakearborcivicorg/webpages/lakearbor foundation.htm.

                                         2007 Scholarship LAFI Committee
  Diane Savoy, President, Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc.      •    Elaine Wright, Chairperson      •      Bernadette Derr

                                            Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc.
As a resident of Lake Arbor you are mostly likely aware that there are many associations and organizations in the Lake
Arbor community. One of those organizations is the Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc. (LAFI). LAFI is a private non-profit
IRS designated 501(c)(3) corporation which owns, operates, maintains and manages the Lake Arbor Foundation Center.
The center is comprised of the Arbor Room, Herman L. Murrell Pavilion, hard surface outdoor tennis and basketball
courts, Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, bathhouse, and parking area, all on a total of 6.8 acres of land. The LAFI
property is adjacent to a public 18 hole golf course which is also privately but separately owned.

LAFI was established with a vision to provide educational, recreational, and social programs for the youth, adults and
seniors in the Lake Arbor and surrounding communities. Today, ten years later, LAFI is continuing to realize that vision.
For example, LAFI:
     •   Co-sponsors a competitive swim team, the Kingfish Swim Club at Lake Arbor
     •   Provides private swimming lessons during the summer season
     •   Provides annually, for the last 5 years, a summer enrichment camp program of four two-week sessions for
         children between the ages of 6 to 12 years
     •   Provides, for the last 8 years, an annual competitive college scholarship program
     •   Sponsors, with the support of the Lake Arbor Civic Association, the Lake Arbor Annual Community Day
     •   Makes the tennis courts available for open play for members of the community
     •   Makes the basketball courts available for open play for members of the community
     •   Provides sponsorship for mentoring programs in the community
     •   Sponsors free basketball clinics for the youth in the community
     •   Rents the Arbor Room for educational and social events
LAFI has accomplished this without any ongoing financial support from the homeowners associations or other
organizations within Lake Arbor. As a private entity, it operates from funds acquired through fundraising events,
rentals, grants, and other financial sponsorship. The LAFI Board of Directors invites all residents of Lake Arbor and
surrounding communities to attend board meetings and to participate in the formulation and implementation of its
programs. The Board meetings are held in the Arbor Room on the third Tuesday of each month. Please join us and
help make a difference in your community.

                                       Herman L. Murrell Scholarship Award
The Herman L. Murrell Scholaship Award is in honor of the late Herman L. Murrell, a dynamic Lake
Arbor community leader. Herman firmly believed that his “full-time retirement job” of service to his
community was among his most important achievements. He was recognized for his volunteer efforts
in October 2002 when he received the Tuskegee University Un-Sung Hero Award and again in 2003
when he received the Prince George’s County Volunteer of the Year Award. In July 2004, the
Herman L. Murrell Pavilion at the Lake Arbor Foundation Center was named in his honor. He truly
demonstrated by example how a life of service to others should be lived.
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                                                                                               NEWSLETTER Fall 2007

           Department of                                                   VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
      Environmental Resources                                     The year 2008 is a Presidential, Congressional and local
The mission of the Department of Environmental Re-
                                                                  elections year. Everyone is encouraged to vote for the
sources (DER), is to respond to the needs of the public by
                                                                  candidate of their choice. The Presidential Primary
improving the quality of life through the enhancement and
                                                                  Election will be held on February 12, 2008, and the
cultivation of the natural and created environment. DER’s
                                                                  Presidential General Election will be held on
programs, which are some of the most progressive in the
                                                                  November 4, 2008. All registered Prince George’s
Nation, work hand in hand with the County Executive’s
                                                                  County residents who are 18 years of age on or before
Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) to provide healthy,
                                                                  the General Election are eligible to vote. The deadline
safe, and clean communities for the citizens and residents
                                                                  for voter registration for the Primary Election is
of Prince George’s County.
                                                                  January 22, 2008, and October 14, 2008, for the General
Phone: 301-883-6035/6100
                                                                  Election. For more detailed information on voter
Important Environmental Contact Numbers                           registration, party affiliation deadlines, absentee ballots,
                                                                  and other aspects of the election process, please visit
Refuse Collection - 301-952-7630                                  the Prince George’s Board of Elections website at
Refuse Containers must be either:                       
Permanent type, standard metal with bottoms intact and no         elections/index.asp.
excessive rust.
Watertight, heavy-duty plastic containers with handles and
tight-fitting lids, or
Securely-tied heavy-duty plastic bags (commercial grades).

Yard Waste Collection must be placed in securely tied
heavy-duty plastic bags or heavy duty trash cans with
handles and secure lid. Cardboard boxes and paper bags
are not acceptable containers.
Limbs must not exceed four (4) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter
and must be securely tied in bundles. Bundles of limbs and bags of dry grass
and leaves must weigh less than 60 pounds. Wet grass and leaves must weigh
less than 25 pounds.
Bulky Trash Collection - (301) 952-7600
Bulky trash collection is provided by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call Monday through Friday between
7:30 am and 4:00 pm. Bulky trash items should be placed on the curb side on the day prior to pick up, not two or three days
before scheduled pickup.

Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill - (301) 952-7625
11611 White House Road, Upper Marlboro, MD
The landfill is opened daily to residents of Prince George’s County. The landfill accepts only municipal waste. The Landfill
has several recycling facilities within the complex, which include the Household Hazardous Waste Acceptance Site,
Electronics Recycling Acceptance Site, and sites for yard waste, scrap tires, and appliances. Free to County residents.

Abandoned Vehicle Audit Unit - (301) 952-1873
The Vehicle Audit Unit identifies and removes abandoned vehicles from public rights of way and private property. As
described in the County Code, a vehicle is deemed “abandoned” if it meets one or more of the following conditions:
- A vehicle failing to display license plates
- A vehicle displaying expired license plates
- A vehicle displaying license plates that are issued to another vehicle
- A vehicle that is visibly inoperable, i.e., two or more flat tires or missing one or more of its major mechanical parts
- If the vehicle is located on private property, contact the Community Services Division complaint desk at
  (301) 881-6100.
             NEWSLETTER Fall 2007                                                                 Page 11

                                                           Gorgeous Prince George’s
Lake Arbor Shines Again!                                  Livable Community Iniatives
                      On Saturday, October 13, 2007, the Lake Arbor Civic Association received a top county
                      award at a ceremony recognizing the work performed last year to sustain a beautiful
                      community by participating in Gorgeous Prince George’s Day and other environmental
                      acitvities. Richard W. Day, Jr., LACA President, accepted a beautiful 2006 Maryland
                      Community Plant Award plaque on behalf of LACA. Special thanks go to Bill Frazier,
                      Adopt-A-Road Chairperson, Tom McKay, Beautification Chairperson, Eric and Sharon
                      Walton, and the many other volunteers who made this Award possible.

                            Save the date!
                      Friday, February 15, 2008!

                                 Lake Arbor Foundation, Inc.
                                       proudly presents
                       The Fifth Annual Fundraiser and Black-Tie Gala
                          celebrating the 10th anniversary of LAFI.
                                  Details to be announced.

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               Do You Want To Advertise                                           MUNN & MUNN                       INGRAM MUNN
                                                                                   ELECTRICAL                        Master Electrician
         In Our Newsletter or on our Website?                                    ENTERPRISE, INC.                  MARGARENE MUNN, CEO
                                                                                           ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
     If you want to advertise in our next issue, please send ads                                    Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                      Licensed & Bonded
     to: LACA, Classified Ads Dept., 12138 Central Avenue,
     #504, Mitchellville, MD 20721-1932, or                                      15101 Greenwing Terrace              Home: 301-249-6758
     e-mail                                     Upper Marlboro, MD 20774             Fax: 301-249-7461

     For our Winter Edition, ads must be received by January
     15, 2007 and are subject to editing. An electronic document
     is preferred. Please be aware of copyright laws when
                                                                                 Scholar Dollar Program - PG County Public
     preparing your ad.
                                                                                              School Students
     Advertise your business by linking your website to
     LACA’s website - ONE FULL YEAR for the cost of a
     whole page ad!! Start today! Send your request to                                              Prince George’s County has a program                                                               for awarding and rewarding elementary,
                                                                                                    middle and high school students who
     All advertisements of a business nature and home-based
     businesses are considered business ads. The following fees                                     earn a 3.0 or above on each quarter’s
     apply:                                                                                         report card. The program also offers
     Business cards — $20 ♦ One-quarter page – $30                                                  rewards for students with perfect
       One-half page — $50 ♦ Whole page $110
                                                                                                    attendance such as a Discount Card for
              Elaine M. Wright, Newsletter Editor                                                   savings at The Mall of Prince Georges
                                   retailers, gift cards and airline tickets. This is an incentive to
                                                                            encourage students to do their absolute best. Check out the
     Proceeds from advertisements pay part of the publication               link from the PGCPS website, as follows:
     costs of our newsletter and we encourage residents to support
     our advertisers. LACA does not assume responsibility to
     investigate the validity of the advertisements.

Arbor Room Rental - The Arbor Room is available for rentals and must be reserved through our clubhouse manager, Carolyn White, who can be
reached on 301-599-7376. Please contact her for availability of the date and time you are interested in and the process for renting. The Arbor
Room is not available for rentals for teen events.

                                                                                                                  NONPROFIT ORG.
              Civic Association                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                  Mitchellville, MD
12138 Central Avenue, #504                                                                                        Permit No. 2948
Mitchellville, MD 20721-1932

                                                 Mark Your Calendars!
                                                       General Meeting!
                                                    Wednesday, November 7th!

LACA Community Meeting
On Wednesday, November 7, 2007,
the Lake Arbor Civic Association will host its next
General Meeting at the Arbor Room,
1399 Golf Course Drive, at 7:30 p.m.

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