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                                               October 2004

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                                             January 18, 2005                April 19th, 2005
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Michelle Steeler – President
michelle.steeler@wgint.com                   July 19, 2005                   October 18th, 2005
                                             September 20, 2005
Michelle McMullen – Vice President
                                                                     Upcoming Technical Sessions
Louise Auchampach – Secretary
                                             December: No Meeting
John Miller – Treasurer
rmmilljr@adaweb.net                          A dinner meeting is planned for November at the Statehouse Inn. Dale
                                             Stephenson will present the technical session. Parking available free of
Steve Manning – Past President
                                             charge in the Statehouse Inn parking garage. Dinner of chicken kabobs will
                                             be $17.00. E-mail or call in reservations to Louise Auchampach at
Ernie Harper - Delegate                      safetyhealthsolu@qwest.net, or 863-8478. If you have dietary restrictions or
ernisc@mindspring.com                        desires different from the menu, please advise what you need when making
                                             reservation. Reservations must be received by close of business Friday,
                                             November 12.

                                           AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                        publications and conducted a major research effort
                                                        on coal gasification in Abingdon, England. His next
                                  PIISPANEN –
                                                        assignment was with the Battelle Memorial Institute
                                  SERVING THE           in Columbus, OH. During his ten years there he
                                  SAFETY                published 20 technical or journal articles on his
                                  PROFESSION            research and filed on Report of Invention. He also
                                  WITH HONESTY          served two years as a technical representative of the
                                  AND INTEGRITY         US NRC on a project in Sweden and one year as a
                                                        consultant to Natural Resources Canada.

                                                        Currently Willis is a Senior Director for
Willie Piispanen, a member of the Snake River           Environmental, Safety and Health at Washington
Chapter ASSE for 9 years, is the first of our           Group International in Boise, ID. He has been
highlighted members. Willie has been in the             employed there for 12 years and is responsible for
environmental health field for 30 years and in the      overall corporate support in the areas of industrial
safety discipline for 12 years.                         hygiene, industrial safety, indoor air quality,
                                                        workplace ergonomics, litigation support, training
Willie joined the Snake River Chapter, ASSE in          programs, and respiratory protection. He has held
1995 and served two years as the Technical Speaker      several other assignments with WGI and in addition
Committee Chair. In 1998 he was elected as              served as the lead Industrial Hygienist supporting
Secretary of the Chapter, and in 1999 he served as      the safety oversight at the World Trade Center
Vice-President. In 2000 he was elected as President.    Recovery Operations in 2001.
During his tenure, the chapter was awarded the
Chapter Achievement Award. In 2002 he was               Willie earned a BS from the University of Toledo
elected as Region II, Area B Director, and re-elected   and an MS from Washington State University. He
to that post for 2004/05. He has served as a session    has also completed post-graduate education at Ohio
monitor for the 1998 and 2002 Idaho Governor’s          State University and Northeastern University.
Safety Conferences and was a speaker at the 1999
                                                        When asked what his greatest achievement was,
Snake River Occupational Safety and Health
                                                        Willie said ―Passing my CIH exam because that was
Conference and the 2004 Idaho Governor’s
                                                        the first professional exam that I had attempted.
Conference. In 2004 he authored a chapter for the
                                                        None of the others were easy by any means, but the
ASSE publication, Construction Safety Management
                                                        CIH was my first. My mentor for achieving the CIH
and Engineering and is currently authoring a chapter
                                                        was Herb Hickman and I owe him a lot for keeping
on Chemical Safety for an upcoming ASSE
                                                        me on track to this goal.‖ Willie’s advise to other
publication. Willie is also recognized in the ASSE
                                                        safety professionals? ―The network of safety
President’s Club for his member recruiting efforts in
                                                        professionals is the greatest resource available to
1999 and 2000.
                                                        you in your field. You need to support it with
Willie also is a member of the American Chemical        honesty, integrity, and openness and in the end, you
Society (ACS) and the ACS Division of Chemical          will be a better safety professional for the effort.‖
Health & Safety. He was recognized as a 25 year
                                                        Willie and his wife Ruth have been married for 31
ACS member in 2002. He is a Diplomat on the
                                                        years and have two sons, Neil and Kyle. Willis is an
American Board of Industrial Hygiene and also is
                                                        avid bicyclist who regularly commutes to work by
registered as a Certified Ergonomic Associate with
                                                        bicycle and can be found riding in the foothills on
the Board of Certification in Professional
                                                        the weekends. When snow gets in the way of
Ergonomics. He became a CPS in 1995 and is
                                                        bicycling, he can be found on his snowboard or
serving on a Test Evaluation Board for the CCHEST
                                                        cross-country skis at Bogus.
program on Safety Trained Supervisors in General

Willie started his career with Battelle as Senior
Environmental Scientist in Bedford MA. During his
four years with Battelle he co-authored 4 technical          HOMELAND SECURITY IN IDAHO
                                  AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Contributing Editor and Presenter: Richard Fesler,       In an unprecedented effort the Idaho Associated
Owner Safety Enterprise, Inc.                            General Contractors Association, OSHA – Boise
                                                         Office, Idaho Department of Education, Washington
In the fall of 2003 steps were taken to create the       Group, International, and ASSE – Snake River
Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (BHS). This            Chapter are combined efforts to offer to vocational
bureau now combines two former bureaus – the             technical educators across the state the OSHA 10-
Bureau of Hazardous Materials, and the Bureau of         hour Construction and General Industry course. The
Disaster Services. Armed with monies from the            classes were held at WGI’s headquarters with
national Office of Homeland Security, the Idaho          volunteer facilitators from AGC, OSHA, WGI, and
BHS has focused its efforts on training. Because of      ASSE. Seventy-three participants registered for the
the events of 9/11, all states have been charged with    course and over a two day period learned the basics
improving their incident response efforts, so training   of OSHA compliance through a 13-module training
in Idaho has been expanded from just those               program. Evaluations contained many kudos as well
incidents involving hazardous material spills or         as some good suggestions for improving the
natural disasters to include threats to nuclear sites,   training. Some pictures from the event can be found
airports, industry, and bio-terrorism.                   at the end of this newsletter.
Uncommon agencies/community groups (Hospitals,            This is the first time this kind of a cooperative
clinics, Community Support Groups, Mental Health,        workshop has been held in the US. It has received
Animal Clinics, etc.,) have now been included in         the very positive attention of John Henshaw, OSHA
the local and regional training exercises to ensure      Administrator. Kudos to Brad Giles of WGI for
there is the ability to care for mass casualties.        getting the ball rolling!
Coordinating relationships between all of the
players have been a large challenge. There is a great    As part of an ongoing effort to assist educators,
push to educate all the players in the Incident          ASSE will be championing ―no penalty‖ site audits
Command System (ICS), the National Incident              and speakers to the Vocational Technical educators..
Management System (NIMS), through education              The Snake River Chapter – ASSE will take the lead
and joint training these various entities will be able   in championing this effort. We will be posting
to assist one another in a coordinated and efficient     information regarding the audits on our ASSE
way for a response with in a community, county or        website and Richard Fesler of Safety Enterprise, Inc.
state level to a multi-state situation. The backbone     has volunteered his company to be the ―intake‖
of an effective response within the ICS will be the      point for requests for our services. At the last
efforts from the jurisdictions Emergency Operations      meeting, people who were interested in participating
Center (EOC) at the local entity, county, state or       in this process signed up. If you are willing to
federal level. The EOC include representatives of        provide the voluntary audit or speaker services,
the appropriate community entities, governmental         advise a Board member with your name, address,
officials, local responders, state response, and         telephone number, and e-mail address.
federal response agencies, each providing support to
the classic ICS Command Post managing the                                 Advertisements
incident at the scene dealing with overall safety,
public affairs, operations, logistics, planning, and     A variety of industries such as construction, healthcare,
finance.                                                 manufacturing and many others receive this newsletter
                                                         every month. By advertising in this newsletter, you can
We indeed live in a different world today, and it’s
                                                         increase your company’s exposure and sales.
nice to know that an effort is being made to ensure
all agencies are on the same page when responding
                                                         For a minimal cost of $25.00 per month, you can
to an incident.
                                                         place a ¼ page ad for your company in the Chapter
                                                         newsletter. All advertisements will appear after the
                                                         chapter information section and before the job
 First of a Kind Workshop Held in Boise                  opportunities section of the newsletter. Discounts
             October 7-8, 2004                           are given based on the duration of your
                                                         advertisement: 10% discount for advertising for a
                                  AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
quarter, 15% discount for 6 months, and 20%
discount for a year. ASSE members get an
additional 5% discount. In order to be included in
the newsletter, ad copy must be received by the first
working day of the month and should be in
PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher.         Payment is
required by the 10th of the month, or the
advertisement will not be published until the
following month.
                                                           Mark your calendars for April 6-8, 2005 for the 1st
For more information or to place your advertisement,       Annual Intermountain Northwest Safety
please contact: John Miller, Treasurer; Email:             Conference. The conference will be held in Butte,
rmmilljr@adaweb.net; Phone: 208-287-7107 Fax:              MT and will feature three tracts of concurrent
208-287-7109                                               classes. Topics include Behavior Based Safety,
The board members of the Snake River Chapter of            Ergonomics, OSHA 10-Hr. Construction,
ASSE have the right to refuse any advertisement, which     Health/Industrial Hygiene, Security & Emergency
they deem inappropriate. The Snake River Chapter           Planning/Preparation, OSHA Inspections, Safety
also does not support or endorse any service or            Management, and Mining Safety. The conference
product that is advertised in the newsletter.              will begin at Noon on Wednesday, April 6 with a
                                                           lunch buffet and keynote speaker Richard Hawk.
                                                           Some plant tours will take place that morning. More
                NDUSTRIAL                                  information on costs, transportation,
                   YGIENE                                  accommodations, and speakers will be forthcoming.

                       ESOURCES                            Safety Training Symposium & Expo - November
                                                           11-12, 2004 in Scottsdale, AZ There is still time to
    Full service environmental, health and                 register for this intensive training experience where
    safety (EH&S) consultation firm. IHR                   you will learn techniques for faster, better and more
    is committed to helping businesses                     cost effective safety and health training.
    succeed, while protecting workers and                  http://www.asse.org/safetytrain_symp04.htm
    the environment.
                                                           SeminarFest 2005 - February 13-19, 2005 in Las
    * Accredited Training          Contact:                Vegas, NV
         Provider                  Harry J. Beaulieu,      46 seminars offering technical, management and
    CIH and Expert Witness         PhD, CIH, CSP           skill development topics for the SH&E professional.
         Service                   206 Murray St.          This event is a great way to earn your COCs, CM, or
    Indoor Air Quality             Boise, ID. 83714
    Mold Inspections               Tel: (208) 323-8287     CMP points. http://www.asse.org/frsemfest05.htm
    Asbestos & Lead (Pb)           Fax: (208) 323-0783
    Phase I Environmental          harryb@rmci.net         ASP/CSP Certification Preparation Workshops -
         Assessments                                       2005 http://www.asse.org/fredu_prep05.htm
  * We now offer HAZWOPER, Asbestos, and other
    training courses. For our current schedule visit our   Certificate in Safety Management Seminars - 2005
    website at www.industrialhygieneresources.com          http://www.asse.org/frsafety_cert05.htm

                                                           Executive Program in Safety Management Seminars
                                                           - 2005 http://www.asse.org/frexec05.htm

                                                                        CALL FOR AUTHORS

                                      AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Shakespeare need not apply, but Industrial Safety &       The survey found that safety, health and
Hygiene News is looking for authors to publish short      environmental (SH&E) practitioners with 10 or
articles (1,000 words) in our monthly issues in           more years of experience earn about $20,000 more
2005.                                                     than those with less than five years' experience. As
                                                          responsibility and stature within a company
Topics include:                                           increases, so too, does salary – rising from $57,410
                                                          for entry-level positions to $97,760 for executive-
o personal accounts of improving safety performance,      level positions.
o ideas for effective training that produce lasting
results,                                                  Survey results found the electronics and finance
o innovative use of software and other technology,        industries ranked the highest in terms of
o how to motivate use of personal protective equipment    compensation for SH&E practitioners, with
o how to build a sustainable safety culture               education and agriculture ranking the lowest.
o how to get managers, supers and employees to accept
& own safety responsibilities                             The 34-question survey developed by ASSE was
                                                          sent to a randomly selected group of 2500 members
If any of these topics interest you — or if you have      and professional members. Of the 1624 returned
other ideas — e-mail editor Dave Johnson at               surveys, respondents represented all business
djsafe@bellatlantic.net for more details and              categories with more than half from the
instructions.                                             manufacturing, construction, insurance, services and
                                                          public administration sector. The median age of the
We will also consider articles you’ve already written     respondents was 46-50 years of age and 93 percent
for in-house newsletters, association newsletters, etc.   work full time, with seven percent self-employed. In
but have not submitted to any safety magazine.            the majority of the companies represented by
                                                          respondents safety and health functions are grouped
    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY                            together, with environmental functions handled
   ENGINEERS NEW COMPENSATION                             separately. Fifty-one percent surveyed say they are
   SURVEY FINDS EDUCATION PAYS                            responsible for 100 percent of their company's
                                                          safety, health and environmental budget.
A recent American Society of Safety Engineers
(ASSE) membership compensation analysis survey            Founded in 1911, the non-profit Des Plaines, IL-
found the average member salary in 2003 to be             based ASSE and its more than 30,000 occupational
$74,000 with half of the respondents receiving a          safety, health and environmental professional
bonus of between $1,000 - $5,000. Also, the               members are committed to protecting people,
majority of those surveyed anticipate a salary            property and the environment. To purchase a copy
increase this year of about 4.6 percent, or between       of the ASSE Compensation Survey contact ASSE's
one and five percent of their current salary base.        customer service department at 847-699-2929 or
                                                          customerservice@asse.org and check www.asse.org
The survey done by Block Research, Inc. found that        for additional information.
professional ASSE members (those with a P.E.,
CSP, CIH, CHP, CRSP or IOSH-RSP or BA from an                              JOB OPENINGS
accredited college plus 10 years of safety
experience) earn nearly $10,000 more. The survey          P.S. Associates, Inc. – visit the Paul Shrenker
also found that having a Bachelor's Degree adds           Associates, Inc. website for a complete listing of job
nearly $12,000 to one's salary and a Master's Degree      openings. www.psassociatesinc.com
nearly $20,000 compared to high school only. A
Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation           Part-Time Safety/Loss Control Professional
adds $10,500 to a salary. In addition to salary and
bonuses, 61 percent are reimbursed for professional       Fee Inspection Company seeking part time
development, with the annual amount spent per             safety/loss control professionals in your area.
employee ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.                  Welcome semi-retired or at liberty professionals
                                                          with a desire to remain active in our dynamic
                                     AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
industry. Representatives perform their duties as
Independent Contractors and must have access to a
computer and reliable transportation. Please email
or fax resumes to Judy Carson at 805-449-0098 or

    Visit Snake River Chapter’s Website

Last year the Board of Directors voted to have National
ASSE host our website. Please visit
http://snakeriver.asse.org to see the updated version.
Any suggestions for improvements/inclusions should
be directed to Louise Auchampach,
                                                           Jerry Hockett, Area Director Boise Area Office, OSHA welcoming


                                                           Don Eshelby, Ed.D., Trade and Industry Program Manager, Idaho
                                                           Division of Professional-Technical Education welcoming

Stephen Allen, VP WGI welcoming participants

                                      AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                                 Ron Collins, Safety Director, AGC - Instructor

Bill Bankhead, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Boise Area
Office, OSHA presenting Introduction to OSHA

                                                                 Lisa Losness, Program Manager, AGC - Instructor

Aaron Morre, ES&H Specialist, Infrastructure, WGI - Instructor

                                                                 Richard Fesler, Owner, Safety Enterprise, Inc., representing
                                                                 ASSE - Instructor

Rick Callor, Environmental Safety & Health Manager,
Infrastructure, WGI - Instructor
                                                                 Louise Auchampach, Owner, Safety & Health Solutions,
                                                                 representing ASSE - Instructor

                                          AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Snake River Chapter
PO Box 45878
Boise, ID 83711


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