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					The Graduate
The Newsletter of the College of Medicine Office of Graduate Studies

                                 From the Director                                       investigates Pseudomonas aeruginosa adenylyl
  Vol. 3, Issue 2                Congratulations to Inna Shokolenko (Cell Biology       cyclase and pulmonary microvascular endothelial
  September, 2003                and Neuroscience) whose open research                  gap formation. Diego’s research focus is on the
                                 dissertation defense entitled “Modulation of Cell      role of P450 arachidonc acid metabolites in the
  Director                       Survival by Altering Mitochondrial DNA Damage and
  Mary Townsley
                                                                                        regulation of pulmonary endothelial cell
                                 Repair Following Genotoxic Stress” was completed       permeability.
  Executive Committee            on June 30, 2003. Inna conducted her research
  Chris Abee, CM                 under the directorship of Dr. Glenn Wilson.            Eight new students matriculated into the Graduate
  Nathan Aronson, BCH                                                                   Program Core Curriculum for the Fall Semester,
  Joseph Coggin, MIC             Congratulations are also extended to three
  John Foster, Grad Council
                                                                                        2003: David Clark (University of West Florida),
  Mark Gillespie, PHA            graduate students who have been awarded                Mohammad El-Zarrad (Samford University),
  Robert Lausch, at-large        extramural grants. Renee Ho (Cell Biology and          Carmen Gaines (University of Alabama at
  Susan LeDoux, CB               Neuroscience) was awarded a grant under “The           Birmingham), Lucinda Hopkins (Cardiff University),
  Thomas Lincoln, PHY            2003 Glenn/AFAR Scholars Program” from the             Christopher Koczor (University of Alabama at
  Jonathan Scammell, at-large    American Federation for Aging Research. The
  Troy Stevens, CLB
                                                                                        Huntsville), Ariel Launder (University of West
  Glenn Wilson, CBN              focus of her research centers on enhancing             Florida), Natavia Middleton (University of South
  Samuel Strada, ex officio      mitochondrial DNA repair of oxidative damage as a      Carolina), and Aimee Tucker (University of South
  Diego Alvarez, Student         strategy to delay the effect of aging in neurons.      Alabama). The students attended orientation on
  Representative                 Sarah Sayner (Pharmacology) and Diego Alvarez          August 18th and then were treated to a dinner,
                                 (Physiology) were each awarded 2-year pre-             hosted by Dr. Townsley at her home on the
  Curriculum Committee
  Susan Ledoux, Chair
                                 doctoral fellowships from the Southeastern Affiliate   evening of August 20th. A warm welcome is
                                 of the American Heart Association. Sarah’s work        extended to the new students.
  Student Evaluation
  James Downey, Chair

  Admissions Committee
  Mary Townsley, Chair

  Governance Committee
  Michael Chinkers, Chair

  Graduate Faculty Officers
  David McGee, Secretary
  Steve Kayes, Parliamentarian

  Karla McInnis, President

  Graduate Office
  Academic Advisor
  Lanette Flagge

  Contact Information
  Graduate Office MSB 3030

  Dr. Townsley

Volume 3(2),September 2003                                                                                                                1
The Graduate
Welcome to the new Basic Science faculty: Dr. Jian Yang, a new           Funding Opportunities
Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology, received his        Deadline 10/01/2003: Pharmaceutical Research and
Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Ohio State University and completed post-       Manufacturers of America Foundation, Inc. supports predoctoral
doctoral training in Molecular Genetics at UT Southwestern. Dr.          students during their thesis research (1-2 years of support
Yang’s research focuses on lipid metabolism in liver regeneration,       possible). Go to:
diabetes and obesity. Dr. Kai-Ming Chou is a new Assistant
Professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience.            Deadline 10/15/2003: The Parker B. Francis Fellowship
Upon completion of his Ph.D. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology        Program is intended to support the development of outstanding
at the University of Vermont, he was a post-doctoral fellow at           investigators who plan careers in pulmonary research. Go to:
Harvard University. Dr. Chou’s research is related to DNA      
replication/repair and anti-cancer/anti-viral compounds.
                                                                         Deadline 10/15/2003: The American Cancer Society is
Graduate Faculty Meeting                                                 sponsoring a NEW Grants Program. The Mentored Research
The Basic Medical Sciences Graduate Faculty held a meeting on            Scholar Grant in Applied and Clinical Research provides 5 years
Monday, June 2, 2003. The agenda for the meeting included                of funding to transition junior faculty to become independent
reports and discussion regarding the core curriculum and                 investigators. ACS offers funding through other research grant
recruitment. Also, an election was held to elect the Executive           and fellowship programs as well. Go to:
Committee Member-at-Large ( Dr. Gard) and the Secretary and
Parliamentarian for the Graduate Council. Dr. McGee and Dr. Kayes        Deadline 1/15/2004: The Southeast Affiliate of the American
were elected to those positions respectively. Minutes of the             Heart Association sponsors Predoctoral and Postdoctoral
meeting are available at:                                                Fellowships as well as research grants. Go to:            
From the Executive Committee                                             Meeting Announcements
The Executive Committee approved (March, 2003) new guidelines            The Southern Regional Meeting of the American Federation of
for the Qualifying Exam, also known as the Admissions to Candidacy       Medical Research will be held in New Orleans, LA February 12-
Exam. An amendment to clarify procedures for the administration of       14, 2004. The abstract deadline is October 16, 2003. For
the written and oral portions was subsequently approved (August,         information go to:
2003). The Qualifying Exam guidelines, as well as other program
policies are included in the new BMS Student Handbook recently           BMSSO
developed by the Graduate Office. The Handbook is available on           The BMSSO sponsored a night of Bowling at the Camellia
the Graduate program web site:                                           Bowling Lanes on August 19, 2003. The organization met The 2003-2004                   September 4, 2004 to plan their annual t-shirt sale and other
committee roster is also available on the web. Student stipends          Fall events. Officers for the 2003-04 academic year were
were raised to $20,000 per year, effective August 1, 2003.               elected: Karla McInnis will serve as President, and Brad Swiger
                                                                         and Jason Harrison will serve as Vice-President and Secretary,
From the University Graduate Council                                     respectively.
Students planning to complete their requirements Fall Semester
should complete their closed and open defenses prior to the first        Volunteer Opportunities
submission deadline for written dissertations to the Graduate            The Women in Science Faculty Group is sponsoring an
School, which is 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 30, 2003. The            “Expanding your Horizons” Workshop on Saturday, October 18,
deadline for final completion of written dissertations (with signature   2003. This program is designed to target and promote interest
sheet, microfilming form, etc.) is 5:00 p.m. on November 13, 2003.       in science and math among middle school girls. The day-long
The respective deadlines for the 2004 Spring Semester are March          conference will include workshops focusing on various areas in
25 (first submissions) and April 8 (final deadline). Students should     science. COM faculty, staff and BMS graduate students are
ensure that they are using the current edition of the “Guide for         invited to participate as volunteers. For more information about
Preparing Theses and Dissertations” when writing their dissertation.     the program, please contact Dr. Danna Zimmer (460-7056).

Volume 3(2),September 2003                                                                                                                  2

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