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The Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia, Inc.

                                                                                              Bob Reynolds               Tom Gallagher
                                                                                              Chair                      President & CEO
Dear BBB Members,
TRUST. No other word better epitomizes the work of the
Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Central Virginia and its
more than 4,700 members.
                                                                           longer measured by simply weighing the so-called outputs
Trust is the centerpiece of the BBB’s purpose and being.                   of the staff. Instead, like many major corporations,
Our mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace                   success is now determined by outcomes. The foundation
trust.                                                                     of those outcomes is centered on membership, finances
                                                                           and complaint resolution.
It should come as no surprise, then, that the word trust
is a key component of our new national logo. The new                       Also, as part of our strategic plan, we created a new position
symbol, designed in Richmond by CRT/Tanaka and                             in Fredericksburg. Our new Fredericksburg manager will
unveiled Oct. 1, carries the tagline: “Start With TrustSM.”                establish a base for the BBB in that growing part of our
                                                                           service area and, hopefully, will stimulate new membership.
Not only did we put a fresh new face on our logo last
year, something that had not been done in decades, but                     And, while we went about all these changes in 2007, our
we also rolled out a new, vibrant look to our Web site.                    membership soared, growing by more than 12 percent.
If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to                        Also, the BBB received nearly a quarter of a million
experience it for yourself at                        inquiries from consumers during the year.

It wasn’t just our look that changed last year. We also                    As we look toward 2008, we hope to continue the great
launched a new direction for the BBB. Businesses that                      progress realized in 2007. As we work to bring more value
wish to join the BBB must now be accredited. Those who                     to the BBB membership, we hope to sign up even more
are accepted will be noted as being a “BBB Accredited                      businesses that share our vision for an ethical marketplace
Business.” These Accredited Businesses must contractually                  where buyers and sellers can trust each other.
agree to uphold the BBB’s high standards for integrity
and reliability.
Last year, we implemented a new strategic plan for the
organization. A key component of that plan is a new                        Bob Reynolds                       Tom Gallagher
system of measurements. Success at the BBB is no                           Chair                              President & CEO

                              2007 Key Statistics

                              Accredited Businesses                                     4,705*
                              Total Consumer Inquiries                                  235,224**
                              Total Compaints                                           13,941
                              Charities Meeting BBB Standards                           94*
                              Total Revenue                                             $1,815,000
                              Total Expenses                                            $1,715,000

                              *as of Dec. 31, 2007
                              **Does not include inquiries received through automated voice response system
2007 Board of Directors                                                       Charter Members

                                                                           BBB charter members who have supported the
CHAIR                                Brad Hustead                         Better Business Bureau continuously since 1954:
Kenneth B. Wayland, II               Sterling Mortgage Corp.
Free Agents Marketing                                                                     AAA of Virginia
                                     Barbara Jackson
                                                                                     Dominion Virginia Power
PRESIDENT & CEO                      Hospital Hospitality House, Inc.
Thomas J. Gallagher                                                               Franklin Federal Savings & Loan
                                     Hugh Joyce                                         Hirschler Fleischer
VICE CHAIR                           James River heating & Air
Robert S. Reynolds                   Conditioning Co., Inc.                               Ruffin & Payne
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.                                                               Schwarzschild Jewelers
                                     Keith Kaier
                                                                                         Southern States
SECRETARY                            Dominion Virginia Power
Edwin W. Mugford, III                                                                     Universal Ford
Royal Chevrolet Company              William King
                                     Westminster-Canterbury Richmond
Susan McFarland                      Lina Landrigan
Capital One Services, Inc.           Wachovia Bank                          Corporate Sponsors
IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR                 Edward Lane
                                                                                         Aireco Supply, Inc.
Charles E. McCabe                    Lane Homes & Remodeling, Inc.
Peoples Income Tax, Inc.                                                              American Family Fitness
                                     Kim Loehr                                         Amerigas Propane, L.P.
GENERAL COUNSEL                      Loehr Lightning Protection Company            AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc.
Howard Feller
                                                                                             Anthem, Inc.
McGuire Woods, LLP                   Tim Loughran
                                     Media General, Inc.                           Ashley Furniture Home Store
                                                                                    Bank of America — Virginia
Ron Beauford                         Debra McMahon                                 Barrett Capital Management
Virginia Heritage Foods, Inc.        Scitent
                                                                              Bon Secours–Richmond Health System
David Boose                          James Middleton                                       BB&T of Virginia
Pestmasters                          Urban Awareness                                          Capital One
                                                                                             CarMax, Inc.
Sherrie L. Brach                     Mike Mulvihill
United Way Services                  CRT/tanaka                                       Circuit City Stores, Inc.
                                                                                         CJW Medical Center
Al Claiborne                         Elizabeth Pearce                              ClearPoint Financial Solutions
Advertising Promotions & Design      Commonwealth Parenting
                                                                                        Comcast Cable Vision
Ervin Clarke                         Kim Peters                                       Dominion Virginia Power
Richmond Voice                       Lamar Outdoor Advertising            Eagle Corporation/Southern Concrete Products
                                                                                     Firestone Tire and Service
Freddy Cobb                          Percy E. Pollard, Sr.
                                                                                          First Market Bank
Cobb Technologies, Inc.              (public member)
                                                                                 Franklin Federal Savings & Loan
Keith Dobson                         Michael Sesnowitz                    Greater Richmond New Car Dealers Association
Dobson & Evans, LLC                  VCU School of Business                           HCA Richmond Hospitals
Elliott Eisenberg                    Richie Siewers
                                                                                       Kroger Grocery Stores
Dominion Chiropractic Clinic         Siewers Lumber and Millwork                      Lakeside Appliance, Inc.
                                                                                LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.
L. Page Ewell, III                   Roderick W. Simmons, Esq.                           Markel Corporation
Richmond Window Corp.                Hirschler Fleischer
                                                                                        Mattress Discounters
Harry Garmon                         Mark Smith                                       New Market Corporation
The Bookkeeping Department           Midas Auto Systems Experts                               Orkin, Inc.
                                                                                           Page Associates
Gary Glover                          David Taylor
Puritan Cleaners                     Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc.                      Patient First Corporation
                                                                                         Pearson Companies
Herman Glover, III                   James Tucker                                  Richmond Newspapers, Inc.
Insurance Security Associates, LLC   (public member)
                                                                                    S & K Famous Brands, Inc.
Lyle Guilbeau                        Gary Weiner                                            SunTrust Bank
Tredegar Corp.                       Saxon Shoes                                     The Restaurant Company
                                                                                        Tredegar Corporation
Michael Guld                         Dick West
The Guld Resource Group              Parcel Plus
                                                                                     Tuffy Auto Service Center
                                                                                    Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc.
Isabelle Hilliard                    Angela Wilkes                                          US Realty, Inc.
Old Dominion Home Health Services    Owens & Minor                               Virginia Mortgage Services, Inc.
P. Emerson Hughes                                                                          Wachovia Bank
Holiday Barn, Ltd.                   *As of Dec. 31, 2007                   Woody Funeral Home & Cremation Service
BBB Principles
        for Trust
                                                    701 E. Franklin St., Suite 712
Build Trust
                                                      Richmond, Virginia 23219
Establish and maintain a positive track record in
the marketplace.                           
Advertise Honestly
                                                         Member Hotline:
Adhere to established standards of advertising
and selling.                                               804.648.0030
                                                       888.648.0030 (toll free)
Tell the Truth
                                                         Fax: 804.648.3115
Honestly represent products and services,
including clear and adequate disclosures of all
material terms.                                        24-Hour Report Lines:
                                                      804.648.0016 (Richmond)
Be Transparent                                      434.971.3707 (Charlottesville)
Openly identify the nature, location, and           540.373.9872 (Fredericksburg)
ownership of the business, and clearly disclose       804.648.0016 (Tri-Cities)
all policies, guarantees and procedures that bear
on a customer’s decision to buy.                        Charity Information:
Honor Promises
Abide by all written and verbal agreements.             Elder Fraud Hotline:
Be Responsive
Address marketplace disputes quickly,               Dispute Resolution Center:
professionally, and in good faith.                         804.343.7355

Safeguard Privacy
Protect any data collected against mishandling
and fraud, collect personal information only as                                 PRSRT STD
needed, and respect the preferences of                                         U.S. Postage
consumers regarding the use of their information.                              Richmond VA
                                                                               Permit # 304

Embody Integrity
Approach all business dealings, marketplace
transactions and commitments with integrity.

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