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					       Saint Ignatius of Antioch Maronite Catholic Church
                    Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles

                               Reverend Pierre T. Bassil, Pastor

Special Services                                        Mass Schedule

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)                Sundays         10:00 am (English)
                                                                        12:00 Noon (English & Arabic)
By appointment or by request after the Divine Liturgy
                                                        Holidays        7:00 pm
                                                        Religious       Classes are held every Saturday
Please call the Church for arrangements three weeks     Education:      from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.
Prior to the celebration of the Sacrament.              Director:       William Thomas

Marriages                                               Youth         Meetings are held every Second
                                                        Organization: Monday of the Month at 7:00pm
For Weddings, a lead-time of at least six months        Advisor:
Is required in order that proper preparation may be     Co-Advisor:
Made for the Celebration of the Sacrament.
                                                        Parish Advisory Council:
Ministry of the Sick                                    William Thomas       President
                                                        Tony Massoud         Vice President
If any Parishioner is seriously ill at home or in a     Julie Portner        Secretary
Hospital, please call the Church office to arrange      Jamie Baddour        Treasurer
For Communion, Confession or the Anointing              Members:
of the Sick.                                            Gerry Zennie         Joe Baddour
                                                        Pat Shediack         George Daoud
                                                        Mike Eid             Jim Zaidain

                              5915 Springboro Pike, Dayton, OH 45449
                            Rectory (937) 428-0372 – Fax (937) 428-0372
Today Feb. 20,2011 The Righteous & Just
10:00 A.M. Harry & Anita Delaney (Living) M/M John
12:00 P.M. Naim & Nazha Raffoul By Youssef & John
Raffoul & Family
Next Sunday February 27, 2011 Sunday of
the Faithful Departed
ONE MASS      11:00 A.M. Forgotten Souls
March 6,2011 Sunday of the Entrance into
Lent (Miracle of Cana At Galilee)
10:00 A.M. Ann & Dave Winkle(Living) By M/M John
12:00 P.M. Special Intention
March 13,2011 Cleansing of The Leper
10:00 A.M. Carlos Khabbaz By Julie Khabbaz
12:00 P.M. Danny Gedeon ByM/M Gerald Zennie
March 20, 2011 Healing of the Hemorrhaging
10:00 A.M. Jen & Dan Giroux By M/M John Condit
12:00 P.M. Forgotten Souls

   MASS INTENTIONS: Would you like to have our beautiful Divine Liturgy offered for a special intention or
   in memory of a deceased loved one? Abouna is willing to do this at any time for anyone in the Church. Please see or
   call Abouna to schedule a Liturgy. We would all love to pray with you and for you.
                                REMEMBER YOUR DEAD
   How do you remember your dead?
   The most precious offering that you can give on their behalf is the offering of the Divine Liturgy. You are all
   encouraged to offer liturgies for your deceased especially on or around their anniversary.
   Pray for the sick: We ask you to keep all the sick ESP. Mrs. Aida Chalitta, Pat & Don Little, Cheryl Kingsley,
   Josephine Beaino, Emilie Saliba , Shamess Shteiwi and the needy and lonely in your prayers.

   A NEW LIFE IN CHRIST: *We rejoice with Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Angela on the birth of their Son Mark .
   May the Lord God bless him and grant him a happy life.

   New Parishioners: Ahlan Washalan ! We are pleased to welcome Mr. & Mrs. Tawk to Beit Maroon family. We
   are very happy to have you & so glad that you found our Church.

   OUR SYMPATHY: Our Sympathy and heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. Pat Shediack & his family on the
   death of his cousin Maria C. Barr (Age 27) in Chicago. Please remember her in your prayers. May the Lord have
   mercy on her soul and grant her rest in His Kingdom. Attention: St. Ignatius of Antioch Church is here for
   God’s purpose! “It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of
   Christ, He had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of overall purpose he is working out in
   everything and everyone.” Ephesians: 1:11 are you searching for a purpose for your life? Do you want a closer,
   deeper relationship with Christ? Get involved with our church and let God use your time, talents and treasures t
   build His Kingdom on earth. This is God’s gift to us!

   RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Our next gathering will be on Sunday March 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2011 from 11:00
   a.m. To 12:00 p.m. please make an effort to bring your children on time? Do not deprive them from the most
   important element in their lives. Let them learn about their faith and their traditions. For more information, please
   call the Rectory.

   Tuesday March 8, 2011 at 7:15 will be having our Pastoral Advisory Board meeting.
SECOND COLLECTION: March 6, 2011 will be having a
second collection for Caritas Lebanon. Thank you in
advance for your generosity.

Sunday of the Faithful Departed: With the
approach of the Sunday of the Faithful Departed on
February 27, 2011 St Ignatius would like to remember your
loved ones who now share in Christ’s victory over death in
Heaven. We would like to display pictures of your family
members that have passed away making them a part of the
St. Ignatius family. If you would like to participate, please
give a small picture of your loved ones to Mrs. Marilyn
Zaidain , along with their name and year of birth and death
by February 20 to or call (937)
258-0176 if you have any questions.

NAM SCHOLARSHIP: For MYO students graduating
from High School in 2011 APPLICATION DEADLINE
APRIL 30, 2011!!! To be eligible, a high school senior
must be a member of MYO, and can apply for one only of the
four scholarships. For information, call (937) 428-0372
Application forms are available at the Parish office.

New Beginnings: Please be thinking & praying about how
we can grow as the church and add more ministries such as
women’s club or men’s club, etc. We need your help and we
need these ministries. Let God work through you to make
these things happen this year. It is possible!!
St. Ignatius Dayton Lebanese Festival is in only 7 months
– August 26, 27 & 28, 2011.There’s no better time than the
present to start planning for it to make it a “Festival to
Remember.” It is a very important event for our church and
our community. If you would like to be a part or to share
your talents, please let the Festival organizers know!! We
encourage everyone to get involved. It interested, contact
Father Pierre, Doug Simon, Festival Co-Chair (937-433-
6725, 513-607-2054, or, or Jim
Zaidain, Co-Chair (937-371-8441 or
Don’t wait! It will be here before you know it!

Give me proof of it by your works. If you see a poor man,
take pity on him.
If you see friend being honored, do not envy him.
Do not let only your mouth fast, by also your eye, your ear,
your feet, your hands, and all the numbers of your body.
Let the hands fast, by being free of greed.
Let the feet fast, by ceasing to run after sin.
Let the eyes fast, by disciplining them not to stare at that
which is sinful…
Let the ear fast… by not listening to evil talk and gossip.
Let the mouth fast from foul words and unjust criticism.
For what good is it if we abstain from bird and fishes, but
bite and devour our neighbor? Do not fast only from food bit
also love your neighbor as yourself…
A Few Pointers for Lent:
Lent is a time of reclaiming that dignity which we first
received at our Baptism.
- Thank God for who you are - a child of God, worthy of
-Remember that love covers a multitude of sins; that is, your
- Fasting is a way of becoming more flexible and malleable
in God’s hands. It is a way of taking control out of your
hands and placing yourself in God’s hands.
- You have a mission in God’s plan, because you have a
name. If you want to know what your mission is, you’ll have
to pray.
Lenten Regulations:
Ash Monday and Good Friday are days of Fast and
Abstinence. Every Friday of Lent is a day of Abstinence.
ecnen sbA
ecnen ttsbA – No Meat or meat products may be eaten.
ecnen sbA
People age 14 and over are bound by the law of abstinence.
–tsaF   No food or drink (except water) may be taken
between midnight and noon. People between age 18 & 60
are bound by the law of fasting.. Those who are ill, need
medication, or because of doctor’s orders, must eat and
drink and cannot fast or abstain..

LENTEN SERVICES: Every Friday of Lent -we will have
Stations & Benediction of the Cross at 7:00 p.m. (Arabic &
English).Half Our Confession before the service. Let us
make this lent a spiritual journey leading us to the death and
resurrection of Christ

BIBLE STUDY: Father Pierre is ready to have a Bible
Study every week or every month at your home or at the
church. We ask you and encourage you to do it; we need to
know the gospel of life. Call the parish office and inform us
if you are interested. Don’t hesitate!

An offering of Self
Written by Blessed Mother Teresa
People are often unreasonable, irrational and self
centered; forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfishness or
ulterior motives; be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and
some true enemies; succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you; be
honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy
overnight; create anyway. If you find serenity and
happiness, some may be jealous; be happy anyway. The
good you do today will often be forgotten; do good
anyway. Give the best you have, and it may never be
enough; give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was
never between you and them anyway.
REMEMBER ST. IGNATIUS: Sometimes when members of the parish make out their will they remember St.
Ignatius church. Their generosity encourages us and makes many good things possible. Perhaps some of you would
be prompted to remember St. Ignatius in your will. Think about it- Pray about it. If you feel St. Ignatius has been a
blessing for you, you can return the blessing. Your donation is appreciated and tax deductible

Widow’s Mite: We encourage you to contribute toward the new project beside other projects to help those
families who are less fortunate in our church. We ask you to donate whatever you can. Remember God will reward

SPRING BACK: Remember to turn your clock one hour forward on Saturday March 13, 2011! Don’t Forget!!!

Register Your Children & Election 2013: All Lebanese born parents are encouraged to register their
children at the Lebanese consulate after birth. This is very important step as it will reflect the number of Christians
of Lebanese descent. And also are encouraged to register for the parliamentary elections in 2013. If you need
applications or more information about this process please contact father Pierre, Please consider this seriously as
you can make a difference in the life of Christianity in the Middle East.

Eparchial Appeal 2011: Every Year during the Season of Great lent, we have the opportunity to reflect on
God’s blessings and to offer sacrifice and to do good for others in need. As has been our custom for many years, the
annual Eparchial Appeal is taken during the Season of Lent in order to enable our Eparchy to secure much-needed
funds for its ministries and charitable objectives. Donations to the Eparchy are always allocated to Education,
Youth, Vocations, New Missions, Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine, Retired Priest, Lebanon and Future Growth. This
New Year is upon us, and there are many needs in the Eparchy. We look to the kindness of people willing to make a
difference in the life of the Church. We ask all parishioners of St. Ignatius to be as generous as possible. Please do
all you can to assist our Eparchy in its charitable & ministerial works of Mercy. We ask you to remember Our
Lord’s words: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me. Whatsoever you do not do for the
least of my brothers you do not for me.” Please help as generously as you can to meet our goal this year for the
Charity Appeal Drive.

Happy St. Joseph: As we celebrate the Feast day of St. Joseph, the patron of families. On March 19, we
petition him to intercede on behalf of all families and to bring them closer to Jesus and his love. Happy Feast Day to
all of you!

St. Ignatius Calendar:
- Hosanna Sunday April 17, 2011
- Egg Hunt April 23 at St. Ignatius
- World A’fair May 20, 21 & 22 at the Convention Center
- Yellow Spring Street Fair June 11 in Yellow Springs
- Lebanese Festival Aug.26, 27 & 28 at St. Ignatius
- Oktoberfest Sept. 23, 24 & 25 at the Art Institute.

READINGS: Feb. 20, 27 Mar. 6, 13 & 20
Matthew 25:31-46; Hebrews 12:18-24
Luke 16: 19-31 l; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
John 2:1-11; Romans 14:14-23
Mark 1; 35-45; Romans 6:12-23
Luke 8:40-56; 2Corinthians 7:4-11

Project Roots: The Eparchies of Saint Maron and Our Lady of Lebanon are joining together to help people
reconnect with their Christian spiritual roots in Lebanon and the Middle East. An office in Los Angeles, under the
direction of Father Abdallah Zaidan MLM, will assist those interested to: Obtain their sacramental records from
their country of origin; Connect with family members living in their place of origins and throughout the world
where the emigrated; Obtain Lebanese citizenship if desired; Obtain immigration records if desired; Remain
connected with the Maronite Church here and throughout the world. This Project is being made possible by a grant
from the Maronite Foundation. No eparchial funds are being used, but the office will accept financial contributions
from those willing to help. For more information contact: Father Abdallah Zaidan, MLM
333 South San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048; 310-276-1939
Those interested in Lebanese citizenship can log on directly to the website for the Maronite Foundation at .

MARONITES TODAY: It is the official Newsletter of the Eparchy. We ask of you to subscribe to it and support this
worthy endeavor. Yearly Subscription is $25.00 or send a check to St. Ignatius for more information call the

Note of Appreciation:
Thank you to Harbor Freight for their generous donation of two benches for our meditation garden in front of the
church.. We are pleased to mention their ad includes a 15% off coupon. Please feel free to share our bulletin and
this coupon with your family and friends as the coupon’s bar code identifies it as coming from our parish bulletin!
*Also, we thank Sherwin –Williams to their generous donation of twenty gallons of paint to our church.
In recognition of their donation, we offered them a free ad for a year in our bulletin. If you know of other companies
who would like to donate to the parish and receive a similar ad for a year, please call the rectory.

MAW Specialized Lawn Care Services Company & Snow Removal is willing to donate 10% of its sales to our
church. Anyone using MAW’s services will be contributing indirectly to the well being of the church. Please contact
Mark Williams (937) 748-3553 or (513) 403-5510

Do you like this bulletin? Have news or ideas to share? or to advertise? Can you make this bigger and better? Let
me know. E-mail:
Thanks & God Bless.

March 2nd: St. John Maron, 1st Maronite Patriarch
March 3rd: St. Thomas Aquinas & St. Catherine Drexel
March 9th: The Forty Martyrs
March 19th: St. Joseph Foster father of Our Lord.
March 23rd: St. Rafka
March 25th; Announcement to the Virgin Mary
March 26th: The Archangel Gabriel
“The just shall flourish like a palm tree, like a cedar of Lebanon shall he grow.” (Psalm 92)

Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude.

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