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              Why yOU CAN RELy ON PROtECtA

              PROTECTA Insurance is a New Zealand owned and operated company that
              is focused on “Protecting Your Investment”.

              Our superior performance in claims handling and paying means that we
              have “Experience Where it Counts” for you.

              A focus on providing “Real Cover for Real People” gives you the assurance
              of “Peace of Mind Riding”.

              We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800 HELP TO U (435 7868)
              and we look forward to being of service to you.

              Stephen Glading

              Managing Director

                                                                                                                                     Motorcycle Policy_Version 1_06/05/10

Here’s what your new PROTECTA MOTORCYCLE Insurance means for you:

    Extensive Cover
   We have compared and added a number of policy benefits to give you the best cover possible in this policy

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
   Personally answered 0800 phone number

    AA Roadservice Cover
   Flat Tyre / Damaged Wheel, Flat Battery, Lost Keys, Out of Fuel, Breakdown Towing (mechanical or electrical – you’re covered)

    Easy Claims Process
   Experienced people that make the process as fast and easy as possible for you

    Great Extra Benefits
   Helmet Cover, Death Benefit, Keys and Locks, Completion of Journey Costs , No Blame Bonus and Excess Protection and Legal Costs

    Shortfall Option including Replacement Premium Benefit
   Paying the difference between your insurance payout and the finance settlement figure

    Multi Bike Cover
   Full cover for all bikes insured

    Discount Options
   No Claim Bonus

    Note: For full description of cover please refer to the policy wording starting on Page 6

    “It all adds up to Peace of Mind Riding”                                                                                                                                3
    PROTECTA Insurance offers you even more
    In addition to the policy detailed    mOtOR vEhiCLE iNsURANCE
                                          Our Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance is the best in the market, offering true
    in this booklet, we are pleased to    protection of your valuable asset.
                                          We provide cover options of:

    also offer you a further selection    (i) Full Cover including AA Roadservice Cover
                                          (ii) Third Party Cover
                                          (iii) Third Party, Fire, Theft and Illegal Conversion
    of policies designed to provide you   These policies cover all the things you would expect from your insurance, and more.

    with even more protection of your
                                          Great additional benefits include:
                                          •	 24	hours	a	day,	7	days	a	week	service	
                                          •	 New	for	Old	vehicle	replacement	if	a	new	NZ	vehicle	is	a	total	loss	within	the	
    valuable assets.                         timeframe stated on your policy
                                          •	 Completion	of	Journey	and	
                                             Salvage costs
                                          •	 No	Claim	Bonus	
                                          •	 Keys	and	Locks	cover
                                          •	 Medical	and	Legal	expenses
                                          •	 No	Blame	Bonus	&	Excess	Protection
                                          •	 Shortfall	option	including	
                                             replacement premium benefit

LiFEstyLE PROtECtiON iNsURANCE                                                            mEChANiCAL bREAkdOWN iNsURANCE
You’ve worked hard to attain your lifestyle. Why not protect it? If you are suddenly      PROTECTA Insurance provides market-leading mechanical breakdown insurance for
not able to work, how are you going to maintain the lifestyle you are used to? The loss   your motor vehicle, protecting your investment from the unexpected. You never know
of your income could be devastating.                                                      when you might need this cover but when you do PROTECTA Insurance is there.
PROTECTA Insurance has developed an insurance policy that gives you the assurance         A range of policies are available to suit not only your budget but the type of motor
that your commitments will be met in the unfortunate event that your lifestyle            vehicle you own.
is threatened.                                                                            There are several policy options to choose from, to best match your needs. All
In addition to two Life Cover options you can also receive the following benefits:        policies include:
•	   Accident	and	Illness		                                                               •	   Cover	of	all	major	mechanical,	electrical	and	electronic	components.
•	   Hospitalisation                                                                      •	   Generous	claim	limits	and	excess	options
•	   Redundancy                                                                           •	   24	hour,	7	day	emergency	breakdown	assistance	anywhere	in	the	country
•	   Bankruptcy                                                                           •	   Travel	Costs	and	Accommodation	in	the	event	of	a	breakdown	(some	limits	apply)
You’re in control, as you choose the level of cover that suits you.

    Policy Conditions
    This Motorcycle Insurance (hereinafter referred to as this Policy)        You or Your means;
    is between the Insured named in the Certificate of Insurance and          the insured person(s), company or other entity named in the
    Allianz New Zealand Limited which has authorised PROTECTA                 Certificate of Insurance.
    Insurance New Zealand Limited (hereinafter referred to as
                                                                              We, Our or Us means;
    PROTECTA Insurance) and it’s agents to administer this Policy.
                                                                              Allianz New Zealand Limited
    You are important to Us and We welcome You as a valued
                                                                              Injury means;
    customer. You have entrusted Us with the insurance of Your
                                                                              bodily	Injury	(including	death),	illness,	disability,	disease,	shock,	
    Motorcycle – one of Your most valuable possessions. We value
                                                                              fright,	mental	anguish	or	mental	Injury.	
    that trust.
                                                                              Excess means;
    imPORtANt iNFORmAtiON FOR                                                 the first amount of any claim which You must bear as You are
    POLiCy hOLdERs                                                            not insured for this amount.

    •	   This	 is	 Your	 Policy	 which	 consists	 of	 this	 wording,	 Your	   Motorcycle means;
         proposal, Certificate of Insurance and declaration. Please           the motorcycle(s) described in the Certificate of Insurance
         read it so you know exactly what you are covered for. If you         including spare parts and accessories whilst fitted to the
         do not fully understand this Policy please contact PROTECTA          Motorcycle. This does not include crash helmets.
         Insurance, who will be able to explain it to you. Any claims         Interested Party means;
         and general enquiries should be directed to PROTECTA                 the finance company stated in the Certificate Of Insurance.
         Insurance. Please phone 0800 4357 868
                                                                              Certificate of Insurance means;
    •	   Unless	otherwise	stated,	all	cover	is	subject	to	the	proviso	        the most recent Certificate of Insurance, renewal invitation and/
         that the Loss or Damage occurs during the period of                  or endorsement certificate(s).
         insurance for which a premium has been received by Us.
                                                                              Locked Building means;
    •	   Please	examine	this	wording	and	the	Certificate	of	Insurance	
                                                                              a fully enclosed structure which had all exits locked immediately
         and if they do not meet Your requirements or if any
                                                                              preceding the theft.
         information is not correctly stated, please return them at
         once and ask for the correction to be made.                          Total Loss means;
                                                                              the Motorcycle(s) described in the Certificate Of Insurance
    •	   This	insurance	has	been	arranged	on	the	basis	of	information	
                                                                              being stolen and not recovered and/or damaged beyond
         supplied by You. It may be that We would not cover You if all
                                                                              economic repair.
         statements made to Us were not entirely correct and truthful.
         If there is any information which We have not been given, or         Total Loss Payment means;
         if any circumstances change during the period of cover or has        the payment to the Interested Party under this Policy in the event
         changed You must tell Us. Please read the section entitled           of a Total Loss and where we do not replace Your Motorcycle.
         “Your Duty Of Disclosure” in this Policy.                            The Total Loss Payment includes any deductions for items such
                                                                              as excess or any premium due under this Policy.
    dEFiNitiONs                                                               Balance Outstanding means;
    Whenever these words are used this is what they mean:                     the outstanding balance of the finance contract being owed to
                                                                              the Interested Party stated in the Certificate Of Insurance, less any
arrears, default interest charges and fees, penalty costs for early        instruction for reward, carriage of goods or samples in            (e) Helmet Cover
discharge, rebatable items, or any amount of increased liability           connection with any trade or business, any hire arrangement        In the event of an Accident giving rise to a claim, Section 1 is
due to the variation to the original finance contract.                     or agreement, carriage of fare paying passengers, or stock         extended to cover Your helmet, lost or damaged up to a limit
                                                                           and station agents.                                                of $500 any one claim.
                                                                      sECtiON 1 – FULL COvER                                                  (f) Keys and Locks
The TYpe of Cover seleCTed under This poliCY:
                                                                      We will cover Your Motorcycle against sudden and unforeseen             Where Your keys and/or combinations have been stolen or
Full Cover will mean that You have cover under Section one and
                                                                      accidental physical loss or damage occurring in New Zealand             illegally duplicated We will pay up to $2,000 to replace Your
Section two of the Policy.
                                                                      and	subject	to	the	terms	and	conditions	of	this	Policy	and	the	         keys and/or locks. The Excess applicable under this extension
Third Party Fire and Theft will mean that You have full cover         Certificate of Insurance.                                               will be $250.
under Section two but under Section one You have cover only                                                                                   We also agree that any such payment will not affect Your no
for accidental loss to Your Motorcycle by:                            AddiTionAl Cover BeYond The sum insured:                                claim bonus entitlement.
-    Fire
                                                                      (a) Salvage Costs
-    Theft                                                                                                                                    (g) Death Benefit
                                                                      If Your Motorcycle cannot be ridden following an accident, We
Fire and Theft will mean that You have limited cover only under                                                                               If	You	or	Your	spouse	residing	with	You	dies	as	a	result	of	Injury	
                                                                      will pay the reasonable cost of removing it to the nearest repairer
Section one of this insurance, which is restricted to cover for                                                                               arising solely and directly from an accident to Your Motorcycle,
                                                                      or place of safety up to $1,000.
accidental loss to Your Motorcycle by:                                                                                                        We will pay $5,000 to Your legal representative provided:
-    Fire                                                             (b) Marine General Average                                              •	   death	occurs	within	90	days	of	the	accident.	
-    Theft                                                                                                                                    •	   death	is	not	caused	by	suicide	(whether	felonious	or	not)	or	
                                                                      This is deliberate loss or damage incurred to the Motorcycle in
Fire, Theft and Transit will mean that You have limited cover         time of peril to prevent the loss of a ship and/or cargo. We                 attempted suicide.
only under Section one of this insurance, which is restricted to      will pay for any contributions and/or expenditure which may             •	   Our	liability	is	limited	to	$5,000	any	one	accident.	
cover for accidental loss to Your Motorcycle by:-                     become legally payable by You as a result of Your Motorcycle
-    Fire                                                             being carried by ship between ports in New Zealand.                     The cover provided by extensions (a) to (g) will only apply
-    Theft from a Locked Building                                                                                                             provided We have accepted a claim under this Section of
-    Damage arising from the conveying vehicle being involved         (c) Completion Of Journey                                               the Policy.
     in an accident or overturning.                                   We will pay the reasonable costs of accommodation and travel
                                                                      expenses	incurred	to	complete	Your	journey	or	return	to	Your	           Variations to the CoVer
                                                                                                                                              vAriATions To The Cover
desCripTion of use                                                    home immediately following an accident to Your Motorcycle and           (1) Named Rider Warranty
                                                                                                                                              (1) Shortfall
We insure Your Motorcycle only whilst it is being used:               the reasonable costs of also returning Your repaired Motorcycle
                                                                                                                                              If You have paid the additional premium and this extension is
                                                                                                                                              If You have selected this benefit and it is noted on the Certificate
                                                                      to Your home provided:
•	   for	Social	Domestic	and	Pleasure	purposes.	                                                                                              noted on Your Certificate of Insurance, and We agree to pay
                                                                                                                                              of Insurance it is agreed that should Your Motorcycle be ridden by
                                                                      •	   Our	total	liability	is	limited	to	$500	for	any	one	accident	and	   any person a Total Loss of Your Motorcycle We will pay the
                                                                                                                                              a claim forother than those specifically noted on the Certificate
•	   for	Professional,	Business	or	Farm	purposes	providing	this	
                                                                           $1,000 during any one period of insurance.                         of Insurance, You are not insured for the first $500 of Payment
                                                                                                                                              Interested Party the shortfall between the Total Loss each and
     has been indicated to Us on the proposal form.
                                                                      •	   Cover	applies	only	to	You.	                                        every claim under Section 1, such to the amount noted to
                                                                                                                                              and the Balance Outstanding up amount to be additional on
•	   by	Religious,	Social	Welfare	or	Youth	Organisation	Workers	                                                                              YourExcess otherwiseInsurance.the CertificateWeInsurance. This
                                                                                                                                              any Certificate of stated in In addition of will also pay
     in the course of that work.                                      (d) Legal Defence                                                       to a maximum of however, shall notYour premium You:a new
                                                                                                                                              additional amount $1,000 to offset be payable by for
But excluding:                                                        If as a result of riding Your Motorcycle You are charged with           Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Policy issued by Us.
                                                                                                                                              •	 When	 loss	 or	 damage	 by	 fire	 occurs	 without	 impact	
                                                                      manslaughter or reckless or dangerous driving causing death, We
•	   use	in	connection	with	motor	trades,	any	form	of	selling	                                                                                     or collision.
                                                                      will cover the legal costs of defence up to a limit of $1,000.
     and/or collecting, insurance assessing, Motorcycle riding
    This extension will terminate on the expiry or early repayment         (ii) being purchased or hired to You under any form of hire      (3) Loss of use of Your Motorcycle and any consequential loss
    of the finance contract, cancellation or termination of this                or purchase agreement.                                          associated with this, depreciation, wear, tear, corrosion,
    Policy or when a claim is made under this extension.               (b) To any other person using Your Motorcycle with Your                  any existing defects.
                                                                           permission, but subject to the terms and conditions of           (4) Damage to or failure or breakage of the engine,
    autoMatiC uninsured Motor extension                                    the Policy.                                                          transmission, cooling, lubrication, mechanical, hydraulic,
    If Your Certificate of Insurance shows cover type Third Party,     (c) To protect Your employer while Your Motorcycle is being              electronic or electrical systems unless it occurs at the same
    Fire & Theft We will cover Your Motorcycle for loss or damage          used by You (or a fellow employee with Your permission)              time as other damage to the Motorcycle for which a claim
    arising from an accident caused by the driver of an uninsured          on Your employer’s business or while You are riding                  is payable under the Policy.
    vehicle up to a maximum amount of $3,000 including the cost            another Motorcycle as a servant or agent of Your employer.       (5) Theft of any accessories, spare parts or spare tyres unless
    of protection, removal and towing.                                                                                                          stolen with the Motorcycle
                                                                       (d) To cover defence, inquiry costs and expenses incurred
    You may only claim under this extension if:                            by You with Our consent plus any costs and expenses
    (a) You can provide Us with the name, address and vehicle              (excluding fines) awarded against You. Provided that there       you are not inSured for (excLuSionS)
        registration number of the person responsible for the              is no cover under any of these extensions if there is any        Section 2 – third Party LiabiLity
        accident; and                                                      cover provided for that person, property or Motorcycle           You or any other person to whom this section has been
    (b) We accept You did not contribute to the cause of the               under any other policy.                                          extended are not covered for:
        accident.                                                                                                                           (1) The Section 2 Excess shown in the Certificate of Insurance
                                                                       amount of inSurance PayabLe                                              in respect of each and every claim.
                                                                       Section 1 – your motorcycLe
    no BlaMe Bonus and exCess ProteCtion                                                                                                    (2) Loss or damage to property belonging to or under the
    We will not impose Your Excess or penalise Your no claim           We may choose to repair the damage or to pay You the                     care, custody or control of any person covered under this
    bonus entitlement at renewal of this Policy if You have been       amount of the loss or damage not exceeding the sum insured               Policy or Injury to any person which is as a result of an
    involved in an accident during the period of insurance and:        shown in the current Proposal or Certificate of Insurance or             accident which happens whilst that person is either the
                                                                       the market value of Your Motorcycle at the time of the loss or           rider or passenger of Your Motorcycle.
    (a) You can provide Us with the name, address and vehicle
                                                                       damage, whichever is the lesser.
        registration number of the person responsible for the                                                                               (3) Any responsibility which You or Your Rider have agreed
        accident; and                                                                                                                           with any party to accept in connection with any loss or
                                                                       amount of inSurance PayabLe
    (b) We accept You did not contribute to the cause of the                                                                                    damage for which the law could not otherwise hold You
                                                                       Section 2 – third Party LiabiLity
        accident.                                                                                                                               or the Rider responsible.
                                                                       Our liability in respect of any one claim or series of claims
                                                                                                                                            (4) Any liability to pay fines and/or other penalties or
                                                                       arising from one occurrence shall not exceed $10,000,000 for
    natural disaster                                                                                                                            reparation orders or any punitive, exemplary or aggravated
                                                                       property damage and $1,000,000 for personal injury and our
    In respect of the Motorcycle(s) specified in the Certificate of                                                                             damages awarded against You.
                                                                       total aggregate liability in respect of any one claim or series of
    Insurance We will cover You up to the market value or sum          claims arising from one occurrence for property damage and           (5) Liability for personal Injury as defined in The Accident
    insured of the Motorcycle(s) specified (whichever is the lesser)   personal injury combined shall not exceed $10,000,000.                   Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992
    for loss or damage caused by Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption,                                                                                 and/or for which cover is provided under The Accident
    Tsunami or Hydrothermal Activity.                                  you are not inSured for (excLuSionS)                                     Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992.
                                                                       Section 1 – your motorcycLe
    Section 2 – third Party LiabiLity                                                                                                       you are not inSured for (excLuSionS)
                                                                       (1) The Excess:                                                      SectionS 1 and 2
    We will cover Your legal liability to pay compensatory damages
                                                                           As shown on Your most recent Certificate of Insurance or
    for Injury or loss or damage to property of others occurring                                                                            (1) Any loss or damage or liability while any Motorcycle in
                                                                           your most recent Renewal Notice.
    during the period of insurance resulting from the use of Your                                                                               connection with which insurance is granted under the
    Motorcycle within New Zealand and subject to the terms and         Please Note: Notwithstanding the above, the Excess for all Total         Policy is:
    conditions of this Policy.                                         Loss claims shall be applied to the Market Value or the Sum
                                                                                                                                                (a) left unattended, unless it is in a Locked Building or
                                                                       Insured, whichever is the lesser.
    This Liability Cover Is Also Extended:                                                                                                          the steering has been locked and the keys have been
                                                                       (2) Any loss or damage to tyres unless it occurs at the same                 removed. This exclusion applies to claims for the Theft
    (a) To You while You are using another Motorcycle with the
                                                                           time as other damage to the Motorcycle for which a claim                 of the Motorcycle only
        permission of its owner provided it is not:
                                                                           is payable under the Policy.
        (i) owned by You or being leased to You.                                                                                                (b) Let out on hire or is used for the business of carrying
                                                                                                                                                    fare paying passengers.

      (c) Being tested in preparation for or engaged in any            (2) Any loss or damage or liability caused by or arising from:      with the maker’s standard specifications for the model and year
          racing, pacemaking, hill climbing, reliability trials,           (a) War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities            of manufacture and has not been modified in any way.
          rallying, speed tests, or any other similar motor                    (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion,
          sporting event.                                                      insurrection or military or usurped power.                  rePlaCeMent Parts Warranty
      (d) Participating in any organised event, club ride, open            (b) Confiscation or requisition by order of any public          It is agreed that in the event of an accident to Your Motorcycle
          day, ride day, training day, trial or test, or any similar           authority.                                                  necessitating the manufacture of new parts or the importing of
          organised event, that takes place off public roads,                                                                              parts or accessories, Our liability shall be limited to the latest list
          without the prior written consent from Us.                       (c) Nuclear weapons material or ionising radiation or
                                                                                                                                           price in New Zealand of such parts or accessories or the price
                                                                               contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste
      (e) Being used otherwise than in accordance with the                                                                                 of the closest New Zealand equivalent or the cost of making a
                                                                               or the combustion of nuclear fuel; for the purpose of
          Description Of Use or not being used for the purpose                                                                             new part, whichever is the lesser. It is further agreed We will
                                                                               this exclusion combustion includes any self-sustaining
          it was designed or not as a Motorcycle as defined in                                                                             not be liable for any costs incurred:
                                                                               process of nuclear fission or fusion.
          the Transport Act 1962 or any Act in substitution.                                                                               •    Due to the inability of any repairer to match existing paint.
                                                                           (d) Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Hydrothermal or
      (f)   Being ridden by any person who does not have a                     Geothermal Activity or Tsunami or any event which is        •    To replace any part or accessory that has not suffered
            licence which is in full force and effect at the time              covered under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993,                accidental damage.
            and place of the accident or is not complying with the             except cover provided under the Natural Disaster
            conditions of his or her licence except:                           Extension.                                                  other interested Party
      (i)   if he or she is being taught to ride and is complying      (3) Any loss or damage or liability:                                Where any Motorcycle is mortgaged or subject to a Hire
            with all the requirements of the law and is of an age                                                                          Purchase Agreement or similar contract and such interest is
            to obtain a licence to ride the Motorcycle.                    Which is recoverable under the Accident Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                                           noted in the Certificate of Insurance, payment in respect of
                                                                           and Compensation Insurance Act 1992 or any Act in
      (ii) if he or she has held but not renewed a licence and                                                                             any loss under Section 1 including the Shortfall extension will
           is not disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence                                                                         be made to such Interested Party whose receipt will discharge
           without a further driving test.                                                                                                 Us completely.
                                                                       riding exPerienCe
(g) Being ridden by any person who is a new resident or visitor        This insurance has been arranged on the basis of information
    to New Zealand and who first entered New Zealand more                                                                                  Section 3 - aa roadService
                                                                       supplied by You. We have specifically asked You in the
    than 12 months ago and who holds either an overseas                Insurance Proposal in relation to Your Motorcycle ownership in      Cover only provided for registered motorcycles where the
    licence or an international driver’s licence only.                 the last 5 years. The answer to this question effects the terms     “Full Cover” option is taken as shown on Your Certificate of
(h) Being ridden in either an unsafe or unroadworthy                   and conditions of Your Policy. It may be that the terms of the      Insurance).
    condition or is being ridden in a manner likely to cause an        insurance would have been different or We would not cover           Each motorcycle is eligible for the benefits of AA Roadservice
    accident.                                                          You if the answer to this question was not entirely correct         24 hours a day, 7 days a week should Your Motorcycle suffer
(i)   Being ridden by any person who:                                  and truthful. Please read the section entitled “Your Duty Of        one of the failures listed below and cannot be ridden. Just
                                                                       Disclosure” in this Policy.                                         telephone 0800 HELP TO U (0800 435 7868) and advise You
      (i)   At the time of any event giving rise to a claim under
                                                                                                                                           are a PROTECTA Insurance AA Roadservice customer and quote
            this Policy has a proportion of breath/alcohol or blood/
                                                                       Change of MotorCyCle                                                Your Policy or Registration Number.
            alcohol concentration which exceeds the legal limit
            prescribed by law.                                         If You replace Your existing Motorcycle, We will automatically      The Motorcycle nominated on the Certificate of Insurance will
                                                                       cover the replacement Motorcycle provided the value of the          be covered for the following failures:
      (ii) Following an event giving rise to a claim under this
                                                                       replacement Motorcycle does not exceed $20,000 and You              1.   Flat Tyre or Damaged Wheel – AA Roadservice will provide
           Policy fails or refuses to permit a specimen of blood
                                                                       notify Us within 14 days of replacement and pay any additional           recovery of the nominated Motorcycle to the nearest repair
           or breath test to be taken after having been lawfully
                                                                       premium required by Us. Such cover will be subject to the                facility able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel in the
           required to do so.
                                                                       terms and conditions agreed at the time of notification.                 event of a flat tyre or damaged tyre/wheel.
      (iii) Arising out of the circumstances giving rise to any
                                                                       Immediately You sell or agree to sell or in any way transfer Your   2.   Flat or Faulty Battery – AA Roadservice will provide a battery
            claim under this Policy is convicted of any alcohol or
                                                                       interest in Your Motorcycle, the cover provided by this Policy           boost and any other practical assistance at the roadside to
            drug related breach of the law governing the use of
                                                                       is automatically cancelled unless We have agreed otherwise in            start the nominated Motorcycle. If the Motorcycle requires
                                                                       writing.                                                                 a new battery AA Roadservice will provide recovery to the
      (iv) Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or where
                                                                                                                                                nearest battery facility. The cost of the replacement battery
           alcohol or drugs contribute in any way to the accident.
                                                                       Makers sPeCifiCations                                                    will be at the expense of the rider.
      (v) Leaves the scene of the accident when it is an offence       Except as noted by endorsement on the Certificate of
          to do so.                                                    Insurance it is agreed by You that Your Motorcycle complies
     3.   Out of fuel – AA Roadservice will provide free delivery of     GeneraL conditionS                                                  Cool-off Period
          $20.00 worth of liquid fuel. Cost of the fuel will be at the                                                                       If You are not satisfied with the cover provided by Your policy,
          expense of the rider.                                          ClaiMs                                                              please tell us within 15 days of its commencement date. We
     4.   Incorrectly Fuelled – AA Roadservice will provide recovery     Notice of a claim must be given by the Insured or their             may agree to change the policy to suit You. If not, and You
          of the nominated Motorcycle to the nearest place of            representative to the Company’s authorised agent PROTECTA           wish to cancel the policy, You may as long as You have not
          repair or safety. Any additional transporting will be at the   Insurance immediately upon becoming aware of any                    made any claims and, if the Vehicle is subject to finance, Your
          expense of the rider.                                          circumstances which may give rise to a claim by adopting one        finance company agrees to its cancellation. We will then refund
     5.   Lost Keys – AA Roadservice will arrange for either a           of the following procedures:                                        any premium You have paid.
          locksmith to attend or arrange for the Motorcycle to be        i)    Telephone PROTECTA Insurance at Auckland, Phone 0800
          transported or arrange for the key to be couriered to the                                                                          oBligations
                                                                               4357 868 and ask for the Insurance Claims Department
          rider of the Motorcycle. Any replacement keys provided               OR Fax your request to (09) 915 7831.                         You and any person in charge of the Motorcycle at any time
          will be at the expense of the rider.                                                                                               must:
                                                                         ii)   E-mail PROTECTA Insurance at: motorteam@protecta.
     6.   Breakdown (mechanical or electrical) – AA Roadservice will                                                          •   take reasonable steps to make sure that the Motorcycle is
          attempt to provide emergency repairs at the roadside. If                                                                               kept safe and protected from possible loss;
                                                                         iii) Write to PROTECTA Insurance, P.O. Box 37-371, Parnell,
          AA Roadservice are not able to mobilize the Motorcycle                                                                             •   not cause or facilitate loss or damage or incur liability by
                                                                              Auckland, requesting a claim form.
          or it requires parts AA Roadservice will transport it to                                                                               any unreasonable, reckless or wilful act or omission;
          the nearest authorized repairer to a limit of $400.00 per
                                                                         stateMents                                                          •   inform the Police if it appears that there has been arson,
          recovery. (If You want the Motorcycle to be transported to
                                                                         The correctness of all statements made in relation to this Policy       theft, burglary or malicious damage and co-operate fully
          another authorized repairer then You may be required to
                                                                         or any claim is essential before We have any liability under this       with the Police in investigation and prosecution;
          pay any additional charges).
                                                                         Policy.                                                             •   tell Us immediately and return the claim form properly
     exClusions                                                                                                                                  completed within 30 days of becoming aware of any
                                                                         Changes in CirCuMstanCes                                                circumstances which may give rise to a claim;
     • Unattended Motorcycles.
                                                                         If any relevant circumstances change or may change during the       •   provide Us immediately with full particulars of any claim
     •    Unauthorised repairs.
                                                                         period of cover, You must advise Us.                                    made against You by another person, all legal documents
     •    Motorcycles damaged as a result of an accident.                                                                                        served on You and allow Us the sole option to negotiate
     •    Natural disaster areas where the Motorcycle can not be         Changes to the PoliCy                                                   settlement of, or defend the claim in Your name;
          reached.                                                       We can change the terms of this Policy by writing to You at         •   allow Us to take over for Our own benefit and settle any
     •    Where special equipment is required.                           Your postal address for this Policy shown on Our records. The           legal right of recovery You may have and You must co-
     •    Motorcycles that are not on legal constructed roads i.e.       change will take effect 30 days after the date of that letter.          operate fully in any recovery action;
          Public Legal Roads.                                                                                                                •   take all steps which We consider reasonable to prevent
     •    Motorcycles with a gross weight exceeding 3500kg.              CanCellation of the PoliCy:                                             further loss or damage;
                                                                         1) PROTECTA Insurance may at any time cancel this Insurance         •   comply with all Our requests relating to Your claim
     •    Motorcycles that are not roadworthy or are operated in an
                                                                            Contract by giving (7) seven days notice in writing to               including providing all co-operation, information and
          unsafe or illegal manner.
                                                                            You at Your last known address. After such cancellation,             assistance;
     •    Motorcycles that do not have current Registration or a            PROTECTA Insurance will refund the premium on a pro-
          Warrant of Fitness                                                                                                                 •   not start repairs without Our prior approval;
                                                                            rata basis less an administration fee. The cancellation shall
     •    Breakdowns that are covered by other insurance policies.          be effective as from 4pm on the seventh day after posting        •   not discuss any claim made on You by another person with
                                                                            or personal delivery of the notice of cancellation.                  them. Otherwise We may decline any claim and/or recover
     NB. A maximum of 3 free callouts for any 12 month period                                                                                    any payment already made.
     of insurance.                                                       2)    You may at any time cancel this Insurance Contract by
     Note: AA Roadservice is provided and controlled by AA                     giving notice in writing to PROTECTA Insurance. PROTECTA
                                                                                                                                             other insuranCe
     Business Vehicle Solutions and is separate from and not in                Insurance will refund the premium on a pro-rata basis less
                                                                               an administration fee. The cancellation shall be effective    If any loss or damage or liability covered by this Policy is also
     any way part of Your Policy with the Company or PROTECTA                                                                                covered by any other policy, We will only pay over and above
     Insurance.                                                                from the date of request. No refund will be paid in the
                                                                               event that the Policy is subject to a Total Loss claim.       the cover provided by the other policy.

                                                                                                                                                            Motorcycle Policy_Version 1_06/05/10

autoMatiC reinstateMent                                            insurANCE COMPANIES (RATINGS AND                              endorSementS
The cover provided under Section 1 will not be reduced by any      INSPECTION ACT 1994)
                                                                                                                                 This Policy is subject to the following endorsement/s. Any
claims paid by Us provided You pay an appropriate additional       This Policy is underwritten by Allianz New Zealand Limited.   endorsement/s below is/are valid only where it has been
premium requested by Us.                                           Allianz New Zealand Limited has been assigned an Insurer      produced and approved by PROTECTA Insurance. If this is not
                                                                   Financial Strength Rating of:                                 clear, please contact this office on 0800 435 7868
goods and serViCes tax
                                                                   A     Strong Financial Security
Where any part of this Policy specifies any sum insured this
                                                                   from Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty. Ltd on 8th November
amount includes GST.
JurisdiCtion                                                       Standard and Poor’s Rating Scale is:
The law of New Zealand shall apply to and the Courts of            AAA       Extremely Strong Financial Security
New Zealand will have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any     AA        Very Strong Financial Security
litigation arising out of this Policy. Any compensation awarded    A         Strong Financial Security
or costs or expenses of litigation outside New Zealand are not
covered.                                                           BBB       Good Financial Security (Adequate)
                                                                   BB        Marginal Financial Security
your duty of disClosure                                            B         Weak Financial Security
Before entering into a contract of insurance, the Insured has      CCC       Very weak Financial Security
a duty, at law, to disclose to the Company all material facts.
                                                                   CC        Extremely Weak Financial Security
A material fact is one which may influence a prudent Insurer in
                                                                   R         Regulatory Action
deciding whether or not to accept the cover, and if so, on what
terms and conditions and for what premium.                         NR        Not Rated
Examples of information an Insured may need to disclose            Plus (+) or Minus (-) signs following ratings from “AA” to
include:                                                           “CCC” show relative standings within the major rating
i)    Anything that increases the risk of an insurance claim.
ii)   Any criminal conviction or offence.
iii) If another insurer has cancelled or refused to insure or
     renew insurance, has imposed special terms, or refused
     any claim.
iv) Any insurance claim or loss made or suffered in the past.
These examples are a guide only. If there is any doubt as
to whether a particular piece of information needs to be
disclosed, this should be referred to the Company.

If an Insured fails to comply with their duty of disclosure, the
Company may be entitled to avoid the contract of insurance
and reject any claim under it.

fair insuranCe Code
Allianz New Zealand Limited supports the principles of the Fair
Insurance Code. The purpose of this code is to increase the
standards of practice and service within the insurance industry.
Brochures on the code are available from PROTECTA Insurance.

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