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                     The Old Dominion District                     WEB Edition                               March 13, 2008

March 2008                                                Page
                                                                   SPRING CAMPOREE
            Cub Scout, Boy Scout, V3 Roundtables
            ADC Training                                     2
                                                                              April 18-20, 2008
                                                                 SOAR” into Conservation at the 2008 Old Domin-
24, 28-29   Boy Scout/Varsity Outdoor Leader Skills Trng.   12
      26    District Committee Meeting, 8:00
                                                                             ion Spring Camporee
      27    ADC/UC Meeting 8:00                              2
   28-30    Wilderness First Aid (NCAC)                               All Troops – plan to come to the
   28-30    OA Fellowship                                        “SOARing into Conservation”
      29    BCOLS (NCAC)                                    12   Spring Camporee on 18-20 April at
      29    High Adventure Leader Training (NCAC)                Sky Meadow State Park near Dela-
      29    BALOO                                           11   plane, Virginia. Not only is this the
      31    Key Six Award Nominations Due                   13   first Conservation-theme camporee
April                                                            in Old Dominion history, it will
      1     OA Campership Application Deadline                   have something for everyone!
      4     The Old Rag input due                                     New Scouts – The day-long New Scout Program is
    5-6     BCOLS Training                                  12   just right for newly crossed over Scouts and others that
      6     OA Chapter Meeting
     10     Scouter Award Nominations Due                   13
                                                                 need a jumpstart to get through the first few ranks.
     10     Recharter Completion Goal                     2, 6        Mid-level Scouts – We will offer up to nine cool
     10     Cub Scout, Boy Scout, V3 Roundtables                 merit badges: Fish & Wildlife Management, Soil & Water
  18-20     Spring Camporee                              1, 14   Conservation, Forestry, Mammal Study, Bird Study, En-
     23     District Committee & District Business Meeting 1     ergy, Weather, Fishing and Pioneering. There will also be
     24     ADC/UC Meeting, 8:00                                 lots of hiking opportunities for troops or patrols and orien-
  25-27     Woodbadge #1                                    13   teering courses available that can help Scouts meet second
     26     Webelos leader Outdoor Leader Skills Trng.      13
May                                                                                                          (Continued on page 8)
      2     The Old Rag input due
      4     OA Chapter Meeting
      5     Old Dominion Golf Classic                       19
            Program Launch (at Roundtable)
            Cub Scout, Boy Scout, V3 Roundtables
                                                                      ODD ANNUAL MEETING
     10     UC basic training
     17     Venturing Rendezvous                            15          The Old Dominion District Annual Meeting is
  16-18     Woodbadge #2                                    13     scheduled for Wed, April 23rd, 8:00 PM, at St. Marks
     28     District Awards Banquet                          3     Lutheran Church, 5800 Backlick Road. This is the
June                                                               Annual Business Meeting for our District. and the
       6    The Old Rag input due                                  elections for District Officers and members-at-large
       7    Youth Protection training                       11     will take place at this meeting. The meeting will also
       7    New leader Essentials                           11     feature presentation of the annual reports for the Dis-
       7    Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training     11     trict. Unit Charter Organization Representatives and
     6-8    OA Spring Ordeal/Goshen Work Weekend                   members of the District Committee are encouraged to
      12    Cub Scout, Boy Scout, V3 Roundtables                   attend.
      25    District Committee Meeting, 8:00
                                                                        The District Nominating Committee is in the
      26    ADC/UC Meeting, 8:00
                                                                   process of selecting individuals for the various lead-
July                                                               ership positions within the ODD. Any recommenda-
                                                                   tions are welcome. Please contact Jerry Prentice,
Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and V3 Roundtables are 8:00 PM at Tho-       Nominating Committee Chairman, at 703-425-1589
           mas Jefferson High School.                              or jerry@prenticegroup.com with any recommenda-
District Committee and Commissioner Meetings are at St.            tions you may have for consideration.
           Mark’s Lutheran Church, 5800 Backlick Road.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                    Page 2                                           March 13, 2008

                                 COMMISSIONERS’ CORNER
                         Program Launch – May 8                     •    Have EVERY family contribute in some way to
                            Annually, the council kicks off              the unit. When a new family joins, they don’t
                        the planning process for your unit’s             need to be the Cubmaster right away, but maybe
                        next year of Scouting with Program               they could plan a fishing derby for the spring.
                     Launch. As a minimum, each unit                 Membership is a looming crisis. If we don’t find ways
                    should have a representative attend;        to get the word out, attract, and retain new members, the
however, this is a great opportunity for all of the Scouters    low numbers of new Tigers and Cubs that we have seen
in the unit to get an information download. As in the past,     the past few years will soon be affecting even our troops.
Program Launch will be held at Thomas Jefferson High            It is my intention to engage the Commissioner Corps to
School at 6560 Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312,               take a greater leadership role in membership and retention
from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (before Roundtable). This is             this year.
where you can get your unit’s Activity Kit, which will in-
clude the 2007-8 NCAC and Old Dominion District calen-                    General Commissioner Stuff.
dars, and all sorts of other information helpful for planning        New Unit Commissioners: We would like to wel-
your unit’s future program. Additionally there will be op-      come Scott Staron and Kirk Nielsen to our Commissioner
portunities to obtain personal coaching from a Commis-          Corps. Scott Staron will be UC for new troop 2215; Kirk
sioner on how to plan a unit program using the provided         Nielsen will be UC for LDS 1538 units.
planning tools. Exhibits planned include: Philmont Train-            Commissioner meeting – This month’s Commis-
ing Center, Cub Scout Day Camp, Parent/Son Weekends,            sioner meeting will be held 8:00 to 9:00 PM, Thursday,
national displays, health and safety, and advancement.          March 27 in the lounge at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.
     Commissioners: I need at least three (3) Commis-           All Commissioners are encouraged to attend, but I espe-
sioners to sign up for one hour (7:00 to 8:00 PM) to assist     cially would like to have the ADCs there or provide a
units to review what is in their program launch packets         proxy if the ADC must be absent.
and how to conduct unit program planning.                            Outstanding Leader and Unit Recognitions are due
                                                                April 10th. Committee Chairs, don't forget your unit's
              Membership & Retention                            nominations for Outstanding Leader and Unit Recognition
              WHAT CAN YOUR UNIT DO?                            are due back to Tim Kelly @ email: kelly99@verizon.net
1.   First get your leaders trained; take advantage of the      by April 10th.
     collective knowledge learned from nearly a century of           Key 6 Award Nomination must be turned in to Don
     Scouting.                                                  Palomaki by March 31st.
2.   Provide a challenging and exciting program. Even a              Centennial Quality Unit
     boy developed and boy run program may need some            Award: At the time of publica-
     guidance. Follow the Guide to Safe Scouting avail-         tion, over 85 out of 87 units in
     able at http://www.scouting.org/pubs/gss/, but make it     the Old Dominion District have
     exciting. Take the Scouts OUTSIDE. DO OUT-                 turned in the 2008 CQUA com-
     DOOR STUFF.                                                mitment form to the council. We
3.   As adults, make sure we don’t break promises. Youth        are one of the districts with the
     take what adults say very literally, and “caveats” and     highest number of units that
     other “weasel words” are never remembered. A few           have earned 2007 CQUA and the highest number of units
     years back the Boy Scouts at the Old Dominion Youth        that submitted their 2008 Centennial Quality Unit Award
     Summit found that “Too often (the unit is) dominated       commitment forms. I would like to thank all of our unit
     by adults talking too much about what we are going to      leaders, committee chairpersons for their commitment to
     do – and then don’t do it.” The Cub Scouts just found      the Centennial Quality Unit Award program. Working
     too many “broken promises.”                                together, we will make sure that our district will be one of
4.   Keep it fun. Are YOU having FUN?? That summit              the first Centennial Quality Districts in our Council.
     also found that “Pushy parents take everything too              Commissioner Training:
     seriously and do not have enough fun.”                     • The next Unit Commissioners Basic Training will
5.   Have your unit and Scouts recruit year round.                   be held on Saturday, March 15, 2008, in Reston, VA,
     • Make it “mandatory” to bring a non-Scout friend               hosted by the Virginia West area. For more informa-
         on outings.                                                 tion, contact Kurt Struder at: <redacted>. or
                                                                                                           (Continued on page 3)
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                        Page 3                                          March 13, 2008

                                       CHAIRMAN’S NOTES
                                    March may have come in         for all the time and effort they put in to delivering the
                               like a lamb as far as the weather   scouting program to our scouts. It may seem a small
                               was concerned, but the Old Do-      thing, but presenting these awards at pack and troop courts
                               minion District roared in with a    of honor will pay you big dividends in the future for your
                               fabulous merit badge Jamboree       unit program. So make sure you get them in by the end of
                               and Pinewood Derby. We had          March.
                               the highest attendance ever of                    We will be having our annual Old Dominion
                               scouts participating in merit       Golf tournament in May and I encourage you to talk this
                               badge classes and a record num-     up among the folks in your office and to come out and
ber of Merit Badges ever obtained at this event. My                play some golf at the Springfield Country Club and share
thanks to Bob Austin, Cyndy Blake and to all the merit             in the camaraderie with all the guest and scouters that at-
badge counselors who work so hard to make this happen.             tend. It is an enjoyable event as proven in times past, so
It was great to see all the smiles beaming on both the             break out your golf clubs for a relaxing day on the course.
scouts and the counselors as they left the building. The                         If you have any questions or need assistance
Pinewood Derby was fun for all and the entries in the de-          on a scouting matter, please feel free to contact me or one
sign class were the best ever. Thanks to Vickie Trumbetic          of the Vice Chairmen and we will be happy to help you.
and all the parents that helped to make this annual event
happen.                                                                                       John Rephlo
              The camporee planning committee, under the                                      jm@rephlo.com
guidance of Camporee Director Scott Staron, has put to-
gether a very unique and fun filled camporee experience
centered on conservation and nature study followed with a               OLD DOMINION DISTRICT AWARDS
night exercise. It will be at Sky Meadows State Park in                           BANQUET
their new campground area on the east side of the Park. I
have walked the designated area and it one of the best
sites I have ever seen. It is complete with a protected                                 May 28, 2008
camping area with great grass cover and a spectacular sur-                       St. Marks Lutheran Church
rounding view of the mountains on three sides. The des-
ignated parking area adjoins the camping area so access to
the camping area is only a short walk from the car/trailer
                                                                                         SAVE THE DATE
parking lot. The Park Rangers are looking forward to our
visit and much appreciative of our offer to do a conserva-             COMMISSIONERS’ CORNER (cont.)
tion service project for a few hours on Sunday morning.
Our district has a great reputation with the National Park
                                                                   (Continued from page 2)
Service officials for the fine work we do and now we have
a chance to establish that same reputation with the Vir-           •    ADC training March 22, 2008, will be on Saturday,
ginia State Park staff. Bottom line is they want the scouts             March 22, 2008 (Registration 8:30 to 9:00 AM, Train-
to have a good time and also complete a meaningful pro-                 ing 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM) at LDS Stake Center; 5911
ject that the scouts will remember and point out to their               Franconia Rd Alexandria VA 22310, High Council
friends during future visits to the park.                               Room. For more information, please contact: Jeff
              Recharter time is upon us, and I asked all of             Schweiger at <redacted> or <redacted> or by e-mail
you to be thorough and to do your best to get them com-                 to <redacted>
pleted as soon as possible so we can have that behind us.
I realize that this is a short charter time period instead of a                        Cong T. Nguyen
full year and there may be some confusion initially among                              Old Dominion District Commissioner
the parents, but keep at it and it will all work out for the                           703-495-6592 (Day)
better. If you have questions, contact your unit commis-                               571-220-5790 (Cell)
sioner and he will get the answer for you.                                             Congtnguyen@yahoo.com
              It is also that time of year for Unit Committee
Chairpersons to submit their nomination for the District
outstanding unit and scouter awards. Please take the time
to do this, as your troop volunteers should be recognized
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 4                                           March 13, 2008

                                       MEMBERSHIP NOTES
 Webelos-to-Scout (WTS): the transition continues:             tained in ScoutNet, is an important component of how
                                                               your family interacts with Scouting.
    We’re already transitioning our Webelos to Scouts—a            If the name, address, or other info is inaccurate, your
number of packs held their Blue & Gold events in Febru-        family may not receive important Scouting information,
ary. Some questions for the WTS transition TEAMS:              including Boys’ Life. Even if they are receiving their
• Pack Webelos-to-Scout coordinators--has your pack            magazine, as simple a thing as a misspelled name or ad-
    been communicating with the gaining troop(s) of your       dress impacts our families’ perception of our professional-
    Webelos Scouts? (You can help the gaining troop            ism.
    successfully transition your Scout with key informa-           Finally, HOW we handle re-chartering is just as im-
    tion about their time in Cub Scouting)                     portant as getting it done on time. Re-chartering require-
• Troops—have you designated a New Coordinator to              ments communicated in a timely manner, fully explaining
    foster successful WTS transitions? (Make your new          the process and the cost components can make a big dif-
    Scouts feel welcome!)                                      ference.
• Pack and troop Committee Chairs—have you proc-
    essed membership transfers for Webelos scouts that                            Success Stories
    have already bridged? (Let’s not let them drop
    “through the cracks”)                                          Two Boy Scout troops claimed a total of six (6) Cen-
• Pack Webelos-to-Scout coordinators—are you still             tennial Recruiter patches:
    working with Webelos that won’t bridge “on time?”              • Troop 856
    What about Webelos that won’t be earning Arrow of              • Troop 2215
    Light (AOL)? (Don’t give up on the Webelos just a
    “lap behind”)                                                   Troops--don’t you want to join them? Work with your
                                                               PLC to build enthusiasm in your patrols for recruiting.
     Communication throughout our Webelos-to-Scout             Remind your Boy Scouts of the recruiting requirements
transition team is a key tool to turning around the historic   for 1st Class Scout (and enforce it!). And let our Senior
25% attrition rate of bridging Webelos Scouts from Scout-      District Executive (SDE) or me know of your success so
ing.                                                           we can get your patches and share it with our ODD Scou-
                                                               ter colleagues.
   Time to train for Spring Round-up (Troops—that
                    means you, too!)                                                 Help Wanted

    Spring Roundup is our recruiting effort to recruit new         Scouters, we continue to need your help. We are still
Cub and Boy Scouts, particularly “graduating” kindergart-      seeking key players on the Membership team. Please seri-
ners (prospective Tigers) and 5th graders (prospective Boy     ously consider the valuable contribution you will be mak-
Scouts) towards the end of the school year. All packs and      ing at the grass roots level to building our movement and
troops should designate Spring Roundup coordinators to         volunteer to be:
ODD Membership (cubmaster678@verizon.net) and their                • Cub Scout Recruiting Coordinator
Unit Commissioners. Spring Roundup coordinators                    • Boy Scout Recruiting Coordinator
should mark their calendars for training on Thursday, 4/10         • New Unit Organization Coordinator
@ 7pm (just before Roundtable) at Thomas Jefferson High            • Venturing Recruiting Coordinator
                                                                                And Help Provided
   Re-Chartering is Critical to Scout Retention
                                                                   The membership team is standing by to assist your
    Is re-chartering an annual chore, or an opportunity to     unit in recruiting new Scouts and families into our units:
ensure that your unit is working in all ways possible to       Vice-Chair, Membership Dan Ehrlich,
retain your Scouts? How you approach this question may             cubmaster678@verizon.net
have a serious impact on your unit retention. Remember,        Senior District Executive Rich Hayes
beyond the simple step of renewing your existing families’         rhayes@boyscouts-ncac.org
memberships, the accuracy of your unit’s roster, as main-      WTS Coordinator              John Ruby
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                     Page 5                                            March 13, 2008

                              Congratulations are in order for
                          the Counselors, Coordinators and
                          Volunteers that made the fifth           BRINGING THE FAMILY INTO SCOUTING
                          ODD Merit Badge Jamboree a suc-
                          cess. Three hundred and thirty              Any unit looking to get the parents and families of its
                          Scouts earned a total of five hun-     Scouts more involved in the program should check out
                          dred and forty-five Merit Badges       ScoutParents.org. This site is your internet link to the new
                          on March 1st at Annandale High         initiative to draw parents into Scouting by means of litera-
                          School. Thanks to each of you that     ture and other media, all aimed at showing parents how
helped in this accomplishment.                                   much they can get out of the program, and how much
     It is hard to explain to anyone that has not attended the   more their Scouts can get out of it with them involved. It
feeling that you get by being part of such an event. We          is a great way to show the public what the Boy Scouts of
would like to share a couple of comments received. First         America is all about.
from a parent, “He TOTALLY enjoyed his experience                     There’s an integrated program you can initiate in your
there. From the meeting with his Reading MB coun-                unit, but if you aren’t at the point of being able to do so,
selor, who engaged him in a lively discussion about his          you can still draw from the online resources:
reading selections to the riveting session with the Law MB        ScoutParents.org has to offer. Sign on to the mailing list,
counselors, he had nothing but glowing words about the           or participate in the online forum. You can do your best to
event. From a thirteen year-old, that is high praise in-         make “It” happen, with “It” being the best quality pro-
deed!!” And, from a leader from another District,                gram, available to every eligible youth. “It” is the Scout-
“Thanks so much for a quality program today; our scouts          Parents Vision.
had a great time. We have attended several similar events             • The ScoutParents’ motto: Make It SO!
in the past and yours was the most organized and offered              • ScoutParents Slogan: Scouting Makes Great Par-
lots more options in merit badges. The ability to get the                 ents, Too!
prerequisites out so early was a huge help.”                          So, if you’re looking for help in getting your Scout
     We will start planning next year's event soon, your         parents involved, check out: http://ScoutParents.org. If
feedback would be appreciated.                                   you’re not sure what part of the site to look at first, go to
                                                                 http://scoutparents.org/ScoutingOrientationGuide.pdf for a
                     Cyndy Blake                                 downloadable brochure that fully covers everything you
                     <redacted>                                  want your Scout parents to know. There are also bro-
                                                                 chures and other materials you can purchase for use in
                                                                 your unit, including some materials in Spanish. The more
                                                                 the parents know, the more likely they’ll get involved and
                                                                 enjoy the program themselves, so consider looking further
                                                                 into this great, new part of the program. As they say on
                                                                 the ScoutParents site:
                 THE OLD RAG                                          “ScoutParents helps year-round to enhance youth, par-
              Old Dominion District                              ent and mentor recruitment, retention, enthusiasm,
           National Capital Area Council                         achievement and The GREAT Family FUN of Scouting
 Published monthly (except July) by the Old Dominion Dis-        with a passionate commitment by all who participate.”
 trict of the National Capital Area Council, BSA, to provide          Make it happen in your unit: Make “It” So!
 information to Scouters in the District.

     John Rephlo       District Chairman                           OLD DOMINION DISTRICT AWARDS
     Richard Hayes     District Executive                                    BANQUET
     Don Palomaki      Vice Chairman, Marketing
     Don Palomaki      Editor, 703-455-9262
                       email: dpalomaki@cox.net                                    May 28, 2008
                                                                            St. Marks Lutheran Church
 The Purpose of the Old Dominion District is to serve the
 Scouting needs of the units in the District.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 6                                            March 13, 2008

             RECHARTERING                                          ONLINE RECHARTERING
     The current charters for ALL UNITS in the Old Do-              SYSTEM AVAILABILITY
minion District will expire in April (no exceptions). At
this time, the rechartering efforts for each unit should be
well underway. Your unit's Internet Rechartering Access                           March 14 - March 16
Code is printed on the outside of the recharter package,
and units will be able to access to ScoutNet to work on              The software update schedule for 2008 has changed.
their recharter effective March 1. Unit Committee Chairs        The software update scheduled for March 8 will now
should work toward the goal of having the recharter pack-       occur on March 15. Therefore, the ScoutNET system
age complete in time to be submitted to your Unit Com-          will be unavailable from 9 p.m. March 14 until 6 p.m.
missioner by 1 April.                                           March 16 (Central Time). As a result, charter renewal
     This is the fourth year, where we can submit recharter     processors using Internet Rechartering will not be able
packages electronically, which has proven to greatly sim-       to load rosters from PAS during that time.
plify and simplify the process. Although these recharters
are submitted digitally via the internet, do not forget that
"wet" signatures are still required on the hard-copy print-                           VIRGINIA SCOUT
out of your recharter. The required signatures are the In-
stitutional Head on the front page of the recharter package,                               SHOP
and Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor,
Coach, Skipper) on the "last page" at the end of Youth
Roster. All required new Applications MUST also have to             Located at: 5234 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, VA, in
have all the proper signatures before being submitted. Last     the Ravensworth Shopping Center - just off the beltway at
year we had more than a dozen recharters that were re-          the Braddock Rd. exit.
jected because they were missing signatures from parents
or the Unit Leader on the youth application form.               Phone: 703-321-4836
(REMEMBER for purposes of rechartering, the "Unit
Leader" is the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, etc. It is      Store Hours:
NOT the Committee Chair or any other adult leader affili-       Monday-Wednesday         10 AM - 7 PM
ated with the unit.)                                            Thursday                 10 AM - 8 PM
     Here is URL for Tutorial Access: https://                  Friday                   10 AM - 6 PM
scoutnet.scouting.org/ucrs/Help/tutorial/main.html              Saturday                 10 AM - 4 PM
URL for Internet Recharter: https://scoutnet.scouting.org/
ucrs/UI/home/default.aspx                                            They carry uniforms, scouting equipment, badges, lit-
     Recharter fee for 8 months registration are: (from May     erature and will accept most scout advancement form turn
1, 2008 – Dec 31, 2008)                                         ins. (However, Eagle Advancement forms must be turned
     ⇒ $ 6.80 per youth or adult member,                        in directly to the NCAC office in Bethesda so data accu-
     ⇒ $ 1.00 insurance for each youth or adult member          racy can be checked against the ScoutNet database.)
          (including Tiger Cub Partner)
     ⇒ $ 8.00 for a year for each Boys Life subscription       efforts, including the anticipated date that the package will
     ⇒ $ 20.00 registration fee for each re-charter,           be ready for submission.
Notes:                                                         • All Recharter package MUST BY TURNED-IN not
• The $1.00 of insurance has to be manually (pen and               later then the April Roundtable, April 10, 2008.
     ink) added to the form. DO NOT change the annual          • The LAST DAY for Late recharters to turn in will be
     renewal fee from $10.00 to $6.80 in the your software         April 24 at the Commissioner Meeting at St. Mark’s
     (It won’t allow to change).                                   Lutheran Church on Backlick Road, in Springfield.
• Tiger Cub Partners DO NOT have to pay the $6.80
     Registration fee, if they ARE NOT also registered as                           Cong T. Nguyen
     an adult leader with the same unit.)                                           Old Dominion District Commissioner
                                                                                    703-495-6592 (Day)
    I request that by April 6 all Unit Commissioners report                         571-220-5790 (Cell)
back via their ADCs the status of their units’ rechartering                         Congtnguyen@yahoo.com
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                 Page 7                                          March 13, 2008

                                    The annual District      Webelos II 1st     Joshua Stewart       Pack 691
                               Pinewood Derby was con-                  2nd     Andy Moree           Pack 685
                               ducted at Springfield Mall               3rd     John Waters          Pack 868
                               on March 1st. 292 boys        Overall    1st     Philip Barlow        Pack 1115 Tiger
                               registered to participate,               2nd     Spencer Bronco       Pack 863 Bear
                               and, along with parents,                 3rd     Patrick Hanford      Pack 685 Web I
                               siblings, and friends, man-      Scout Spirit    Andrew Verdin        Pack 1853 Wolf
                               aged to fairly well fill up      Race Car        Oleg Tarczynski      Pack 1853 Tiger
                               the Macy’s Court at Spring-      Humorous        Ryan McCaffrey       Pack 686 Bear
                               field Mall.                      Innovative      Nicholas Landau      Pack 686 Web II
                                    The patch design win-       Military        Trevor Johnson       Pack 683 Tiger
                               ner for 2008 was Scouter
                               Mark Burrows from Pack            I would like to thank Katy Carlson and her team of
1853. Thanks Mark for the Thunder in the Mall. Mark          Judges. The track crews, Eric Jones, John Ruby, Dan
was presented with a plaque for his design.                  Ehrlich and John Feldbauer from Pack 678; Augie Gen-
    We would like to congratulate the following boys for     atempo, Dan Germain and Mark Burrows from Pack
their outstanding work on their Pinewood Derby cars:         1853; Kirk Steffensen, Harvey Glowaski Wayne Leiss
                                                             and Boy Scout Flash Trumbetic. Dorothy Doyle, Dennis
                         SPEED                               Bronco and Caroline Stewart for check in. Derek & Flash
Tigers     1st      Aidan Callahan    Pack 1100              Trumbetic with Andrew Kaplan in the pit and all the pack
           2nd      Anthony Villella Pack 995                volunteers.
           3rd      Reed Krieger      Pack 685.                                       Vickie Trumbetic
Wolves     1st      Daniel Copeland Pack 1853                                         Pinewood Derby Chair
           2nd      Chris Loren       Pack 995
           3rd      Tommy Perry       Pack 678
Bears      1st      Shane Schutzmeister Pack 686
           2nd      Devlin Sypher     Pack 1100                                                            Left: From
           3rd      Noah Colin        Pack 685                                                            Pack 1853’s
Webelos I 1st       Charles Mann      Pack 685                                                             Pinewood
           2nd      Bailey Oliver     Pack 890                                                               Derby
           3rd      Andrew Terry      Pack 995
Webelos II 1st      Alex Corbett      Pack 991
           2nd      Teddy Church      Pack 1100
           3rd      Jack Robbins      Pack 685
Overall    1st      William Wallace Pack 991 Web I
           2nd      William Eatherly Pack 688 Web II
           3rd      Cameron Lane      Pack 2000 Web I          GOOD TURN FOR AMERICA
                          SHOW                                                         2008 is the fourth year that
Tigers    1st       Robert Steadley  Pack 1115                                     Scouting will participate in the Good
          2nd       Andrew Lang      Pack 88                                       Turn for America (GTFA) project.
          3rd       Harry Kendall    Pack 995                                      Now is the time to start recording
Wolves    1st       William DeLao    Pack 691                                      your 2008 Community Service. Re-
          2nd       Matthew O’Connor Pack 1853                                     porting projects should be completed
          3rd       Jeremy Hershey   Pack 1501                                     soon after the project while details
Bears     1st       Alex Jones       Pack 2000                                     are fresh.
          2nd       Graham Edwards Pack 1115                     If you have questions or need assistance in navigating
          3rd       Raymond Schonasky Pack 1511              the GTFA web site, contact Don Palomaki at 703-455-
Webelos I 1st       Kent Rousseau    Pack 1115               9262 or via e-mail at dpalomaki@cox.net.
          2nd       Tim Sutton       Pack 995                    Thanks for supporting Good Turn for America and
          3rd       Gabe Gilmore     Pack 683                our local community.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                     Page 8                                           March 13, 2008

     The new printing of the Eagle Scout Rank Application,
No. 58-728A, dated 2008 are now available online at                        FOS tips to Make March Marvelous
www.nesa.org or URL: http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/
documents.cfm?documentID=4839. The new application                    March is a terrific time to present the Family Friends
has several changes and must be read carefully. There is         of Scouting (FOS) campaign to your unit, especially packs.
a notable change which is now under Requirement 5, which         Most families have a break between winter and spring
requires the name of the candidate's Eagle project , as well     sports. Less competition for attention can yield higher
as the grand total of hours devoted to it (from page 10 of       contributions.
the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook).                         March is also typically the last month packs have their
     The new application will be required beginning May 1,       Webelos II’s. Don’t let them cross over without giving
2008. EDITIONS OF THIS APPLICATION PREVIOUS                      them the opportunity to contribute. Many will contribute
TO THE 2008 REVISION SHOULD NOT BE USED. Ap-                     at the $150 level so that they can get the limited edition
plications with previous dates (2000, 2004 & 2007) will not      council shoulder patch (CSP) for their son’s new Boy
be accepted by the NCAC or National after May 1, 2008. If        Scout uniform (see image below). I will bring plenty with
there are questions, please contact your District Advance-       me to roundtable. Be sure to pick them up.
ment Chairman or contact Rick Kessel at: <redacted>

(Continued from page 1)
and first class advancement requirements.
     Older Scouts – A day-long Venturing Eco Challenge
Trail will be available for Venture Units and Venture Pa-             Nestled between a terrific Blue and Gold banquet and
trols with a variety of challenges at different stations up to   crossover, the opportunity couldn’t be better for FOS.
and along the Appalachian Trail, including geocach-              Send out the opportunity letter, follow up at the pack meet-
ing, map & compass, erecting an emergency shelter, com-          ing, and then touch base for those who missed out. Give
munications, using a backpack stove, purifying water,            all your families the chance to contribute to the National
leave no trace, first aid, an ecology project, and team          Capital Area Council. Your efforts will make a difference!
building challenges.                                             Thank you so much for helping me support our council
     Conservation-minded Scouts and Adults – A num-              with the funds it needs to deliver quality programming.
ber of opportunities will be available for troops to work on
conservation projects and earn the Conservation Good                             YIS,
Turn Award. Educational sessions will be available for                           Holly Brown
Scouts and adults to learn about ecology and conservation                        ODD, Family Friends of Scouting Chair
topics, including the Hornaday Award program.                                    brown.hollyh@verizon.net
     All Scouts – Scouts can compete in a night-time patrol                      703-690-2899
competition, conservation scavenger hunt, or maybe just
go fishing!
     A Camporee Package will be coming soon with an-                 OLD DOMINION DISTRICT AWARDS
swers to your questions. In the meantime, please send the                      BANQUET
names of any adults or older youth who would like to be
on Camporee Staff to Camporee Director Scott Staron at
Starons@dandp.com. Send Program input to Camporee                                  May 28, 2008
Program Director Kirk Steffensen at                                         St. Marks Lutheran Church
                           Scott Staron
                           Camporee Director
                                                                                  SAVE THE DATE
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                  Page 9                                          March 13, 2008

         PACK 1853 LEARNS                                          2008 CUB WORLD
         SELF PROTECTION                                          SESSIONS ONLINE
     On May 8, Pack 1853 presented the video “It Hap-          REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!
pened to Me” for its Cub Scouts and families. The video
is produced by BSA as an age-appropriate tool for teach-          All Cub Scouts are
ing boys about how they can protect themselves from sex-      invited to attend Cub
ual abuse. Jack Present, the ODD Scouter who often            World this summer with
teaches the Youth Protection course, facilitated the pres-    their pack, den, or just a
entation. Along with seeing the video, Jack re-enforced       parent. Sessions run from
the video’s key points by asking the Scouts about             June to August and offer
what the boys in the video did to protect themselves from     something for everyone!
the abusers. He also gave out the Power Pack comic            There are five fun ways to
book on bullying.                                             camp:
     Presenting “It Happened to Me” is not an easy choice     1. 3-Night Session - The traditional Cub World experi-
for Packs due to the subject matter. Leaders are hesitant         ence that offers non-stop fun at the camps theme areas,
to conduct the presentation since it deals with an uncom-         in the pool, at the campsites and campfires. Boys may
fortable subject and they do not want to give bad ad-             attend with a pack, den, or parent.
vice. Jack enthusiastically volunteered to do the presenta-   2. 4-Night Webelos Session - This extended session is
tion twice—first in a Parents Only meeting, then in a Boys        geared towards older Cub Scouts who are looking to
and Parents meeting. This approach allowed parents to             have fun with other Webelos. Boys may attend with a
see the video and make their own determination about              pack, den, or parent.
viewing by their child. Please note that Jack insists that    3. Family Flex Camping - Families (yes, sisters too) can
parents accompany their child at the viewing.                     come camp for one, two, three, or four nights allowing
     Child sexual abuse is so prevalent in American society       for both fun and flexibility.
that one in seven boys might be sexually abuse before         4. Parent Son Overnight - These one night sessions offer
reaching adulthood. The Youth Protection training helps           a simple outdoor experience for those looking to spend
leaders create a safe environment for protecting their            some quality time with their parent/son.
scouts. “It Happened to Me” gives our Cub Scouts tools        5. Adventure Days - These daytime sessions offer camp-
to protect themselves as well. April is National Child            ers a Cub World experience in a day camp setting.
Abuse Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about           Boys may attend with a pack, den, or parent.
child abuse and neglect and encourage individuals and
communities to support children and families. For infor-          For Online Registration, Leader's Guide's, schedule of
mation about presenting the video, please contact Jack        sessions, map to and of Camp Snyder, and secret decoder
Present at703-569-9490, or jpresent@verizon.net.              messages, please follow the links at the NCAC website:
                                                              http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/ and click on the Travels in
                                                              Time link.

Above: OA Old Dominion Chapter conducts Arrow of Light
ceremonies at Pack 1229.
Right: Space Exploration at the recent MB Jamboree
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                      Page 10                                           March 13, 2008

                                        THE TRAINING PAGE
     The new training pages are up                                                      Chair - ODD Training Committee,
and running on the Council web-                                                         703-451-3223 or via e-mail at
site. If you need to find a training                                                    vktrumbetic@verizon.net.
session other than those in our                                                             One of the goals for Centennial
District listed below go to                                                             Quality Unit is that all leaders having
www.boyscouts-ncac.org and                                                              direct contact with youth be trained.
click on the training tab. Click on                                                     Direct contact leaders include not
the training calendar. There you                                                        only unit leaders like Scoutmasters,
will find a drop down menu for the different districts in the    Cubmasters, and Den Leaders, but also their assistants in
council and what training they are offering each month.          those positions. It’s hard to tell how well we are doing in
For instance Colonial District will offer NLE on April 9th       meeting those goals as each unit sets its own goals under
from 6:30 pm until 8 pm. Clicking on the training will           the CQU program. With rechartering under way it would
give you more information about the session and how to           be a good time to review your CQU training goals, the
register.                                                        trained status of these key leaders and get them to training
     While there have been some changes, the training            in time to meet the goals you set for yourselves.
committee is still not fully staffed. We need more trainers
and hope you will consider joining one of the ODD train-
ing teams. If interested please contact Vickie Trumbetic,

                                              ODD Training Committee
              Program                          Name                      Home Phone                           Email
Training Committee Chairman               Vickie Trumbetic                703-451-3223               vktrumbetic@verizon.net

New Leader Essentials                      Joseph Grant                   703-569-7137               joseph_grant@msn.com
Youth Protection Training                   Jack Present                  703-569-9490                jpresent@verizon.net

Cub Scout Leader Training                     [Vacant]
Boy Scout Leader Training                Kurt Langenwalter                703-690-4238                   langekl@cox.net
                                          Dennis Wokeck                   703-372-2424                   wokeck@cox.net
Troop Committee Training                    Fred Woody                    703-644-1088              sixpacknsam@yahoo.com
Venturing and Varsity Ldr Tng                Adair Petty                  703-913-1124               pettypa@hqda.army.mil
Wood Badge Training                          Ken Davis                    703-941-9018               daviskenjared@aol.com
High Adventure/Back Country Skills           Ed Phillips                  703-690-6398                   edphill@cox.net
Chartered Organization Rep                   Peter Pate                   703-217-5421                 ppate1@yahoo.com
Health and First Aid Training              Linda Ferrarro                 703-913-0679                  firtho4th@aol.com

                                     CPR classes offered at Camp Snyder
                                               March 30, April 27, May 25

     The Health & Safety Committee will be offering Adult CPR classes at Camp Snyder through May at the Hilton Cen-
ter. Class check-in will commence at 12:00 noon. Instruction will begin at 12:30 pm with completion time not to exceed
4:30 pm. Registration will be handled by the NCAC Program Office, is planned to be able to register online and will cost
$25. There is a 6 student minimum. Failure to meet the minimum student registration will result in the course for that
month being cancelled. For more information visit the Health and Safety Committee page at:
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                     Page 11                                           March 13, 2008

             Youth Protection Training                                Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
                           June 7                                                    (BALOO)
                                                                                          March 29
     Youth Protection Training provides adult volunteers
with an understanding about child abuse and the youth                 This course is for Cub Scout leaders. For packs wish-
protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America. This           ing to camp it is mandatory that at least one leader in at-
course is appropriate for every adult working with youth         tendance has completed the course. Of course, we are
and may be mandatory to work at or participate in certain        hoping packs will send several leaders. BALOO covers
Council or National sponsored events. Re-certification is        basic camping skills with a heavy emphasis on the BSA-
not mandatory but is recommended at least once every             approved techniques for providing a safe and fun camping
two years. The course will be offered at Boy Scout and           experience for both cubs and their parents and leaders.
Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training events.              BALOO training is not mandatory for Webelos den camp-
Adults who want to attend Youth Protection Training but          ing.
do not need the position specific training are welcome                Advance Registration (required) is due March 22,
come to those events just for the Youth Protection Train-        2008. Date: Saturday, March 29, 2008, 8:30 a.m.
ing part. Sessions can also be scheduled for units or other      (registration) – 4:00 p.m. Location: Burke United Meth-
groups upon request. The class will start at 10:30 AM and        odist Church, 6200 Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA.
will be held at Sydenstricker United Methodist Church,           Cost: $15.00 per participant (includes handouts, Cub
8505 Hooes Road, Springfield. There is no charge for this        Scout breakfast, and Foil-Meal Lunch). Contact: Julia
training. For more information and to arrange special pres-      Farr via e-mail <redacted> or via phone <redacted>.
entations for your unit contact Jack Present by email at
     Youth Protection Training may also be taken on-line
(you will need your id number provided on your registra-
tion card from BSA). This is best done by going to the
                                                                 Cub Scout Leader Position Specific Training
NCAC web site and looking under the training tab. Note
                                                                                            June 7
that there is a different class for Venturing leaders, also
available on-line, which addresses special considerations            Cub Scout Leader Training is position specific, cover-
for older age youth, and coed units.                             ing all Cub Scout leader positions, and is required for
                                                                 adults to earn position specific training awards. New
                                                                 Leader Essentials and Youth Protection Training, are pre-
               New Leader Essentials                             requisites for this class but need not be repeated for those
                           June 7                                who are coming only to be trained in a new Cub Scout
                                                                 leader position.
     Here is where it all begins. Under the revised BSA              Sydenstricker United Methodist Church, 8505 Hooes
training program New Leader Essentials is the entry-level        Road, Springfield. The class will start at 12:30, ending by
course required for all Scout leader training. It is the foun-   3:00 PM, same location. Cost for the class is $3.00. For
dation for building award winning "Quality Units". This          more information and to pre-register email
fast paced course gives new leaders an overview of the           vktrumbetic@verizon.net. The Cub Scout Training team
entire Scout program. It covers: the purposes, aims and          looks forward to seeing every new leader at one of these
methods of Scouting; organization and structure of Scout-        upcoming training sessions.
ing units; program funding; safe Scouting; and, the appro-
priate teaching methods for all ages and stages of youth              The ODD Cub Scout Training Team continues to look
and young adults. You do not need to repeat the class as         for at least one volunteer from every pack to join the train-
you take additional leader specific training for new scout-      ing team. This will help provide a larger pool from which
ing positions you may move in to. There is no charge for         to solicit training help for future scheduled training events.
this course and walk-ins are welcome. But to help us             For your pack this may be the person filling the pack posi-
know how many to set up for please pre-register with Jo-         tion of Pack Trainer. Remember that as adult leaders we
seph Grant by email at joseph_grant@msn.com. The class           volunteer to help the boys; the training team is there to
will start at 8:30 AM (registration starting at 8:00) and        help the volunteer leaders. We need your help in fully
will be held at Sydenstricker United Methodist Church,           staffing this team.
8505 Hooes Road, Springfield.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                     Page 12                                          March 13, 2008

           Troop Committee Challenge                                            Outdoor Leader Skills
                         (On-line)                                     Mon., March 24 and Fri. – Sat., March 28-29
     The National Office has announced an online version        This is a great course for those new parents to attend.
of the Troop Committee Challenge, training for the Troop        There is no prerequisite course to take before taking this
Committee Chairman and Committee Members. We will               course. This training session, the last of three required to
continue to offer this class in a classroom setting as long     be a “Trained” SM or ASM, covers basic scouting skills
as there is demand for it. While the online version covers      and how to teach them in an adult campout setting. It is
the key teaching points and is available according to your      most appropriate for Boy Scout, Varsity, and Venturing
personal schedule, the classroom version has the advan-         leaders who want a grounding in outdoor skills. We'll have
tage that it provides the opportunity for Qs and As with        fun, experience new techniques and gain lots of tips to
the instructor and interaction with other in the class in the   make the Outdoor program a fun and memorable part of
same position. Please note that to be considered trained in     your troops scouting adventure. New Leader Essentials
a troop committee position one must also complete New           and Leader Specific Training sessions are a highly desir-
Leader Essentials, not available online at this time. The       able but not required. The course runs Monday evening
link to the online class is http://www.olc.scouting.org.        and then a Friday evening through Saturday evening. Out-
Scroll down to get to the Troop Committee Challenge of-         door Leader Skills –March 24 and March 28-29. The
fering.                                                         Monday evening meeting will be The Monday evening
                                                                class will be held at the Springfield United Methodist
                                                                Church, 7047 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield starting at
                    Impeeesa                                    7:30pm. The campout portion tentatively will be con-
          National Youth Leader Training                        ducted at Camp Highroads. The cost is $4 plus the cost of
  June 20-21-22, 2008 and June 27-28-29, 2008 (2 week-          food. You must pre-register to reserve a slot for the course
ends) and Sunday July 20, 2008 through Saturday July 26,        by emailing Dennis Wokeck, Course Scribe at
                 2008 (weeklong course)                         dwokeck@cox.net Please pay with a CHECK made pay-
                                                                able to NCAC-BSA
     Impeesa is the National Capital Area Council's presen-
tation of the National Youth Leadership Training. The
objective of our NYLT program is to equip our young
people with leadership skills to help them succeed in their
Troops and in LIFE. Impeesa brings together boys from
all over the Council to learn and practice the leadership              Back Country Outdoor Leader Skills
techniques in a risk free, scout friendly environment. The            March 29 (session #1) and April 5-6 (session #2)
Scouts learn and practice leadership skills and styles to-
gether.                                                              Back Country Outdoor Leader Skills is offered by the
     Impeesa is an experience designed to train the partici-    Council Training Committee as an optional follow-on to
pant in team building and leadership skills, taught in an       the Outdoor Leader Skills training described above. This
outdoor setting. The course is led by a staff of Scouts         course is designed to assist Scouters in all program areas
from the Council. These peer level instructors have com-        that are working with older youth using a backcountry
pleted the Impeesa course and an intense staff develop-         venue. While this course provides exposure to skills use-
ment process. The course is presented around “One month         ful in any backcountry activity, its primary focus is pre-
in the life of your troop.” Scouts will get to SEE the          paring adults for backcountry activities that will take place
scouting program modeled and the scouting ideals come to        at locations not supported by BSA infrastructure such as
life as they learn and practice their leadership skills.        backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail.
     Impeesa is not another summer camp; it is an intense            The March 29 class will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00
and challenging leadership experience. There are no merit       PM at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Alexandria,
badges offered. Every game, activity, ceremony, and even        VA and the April 5-6 class will run from 7:30 AM
each meal is designed to be part of a total training experi-    through 12:30 PM at Camp Highroad, Middleburg, VA.
ence. Participants are treated with the respect they are due    The cost is $35.00. Class size is limited to 48 and pre-
as future leaders in their troops. They are expected to put     registration by March 24 is required. The registration form
forth the time and energy needed to learn and practice the      and participant prerequisites are available on the NCAC
leadership skills. The course fee is $200. Complete de-         web site under Training. For more information contact
tails are available on the Council Web Site.                    Dominick Caridi, <redacted> /// <redacted>.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 13                                          March 13, 2008

             Wood Badge Training
            April 25-27 #1, May 30-June 1 #2
                                                                             KEY 6 AWARDS
                                                                    Each year the District recognizes the contributions of
    Wood Badge for the 21st Century is designed for all        its adult leaders with the presentation of the Key 6 Award
Cub, Scout, and Varsity and Venturing leaders who have         at the District Recognition Dinner in May. The criteria
completed basic training. It is a leadership skills course,    used to select these outstanding individuals includes adult
based on a format originally created by Scouting's Foun-       leadership positions in scouting, special scouting projects,
der, Lord Robert Baden Powell and is considered the            scout training programs completed, previous scouting
"Ph.D." of Scout training. The course is held over three       awards, years as an adult scouter, and service to youth
days over two weekends about a month apart. Participants       through community or religious related activities. If you
are required to attend each weekend in its entirety, includ-   think you know of a deserving individual, nominate them!
ing all day on Friday (arriving by 8:00 AM).                        Nomination information will be provided at the Feb-
    The course will deal with cutting edge leadership and      ruary Roundtable, and are available for download from the
management skills while using a structure built on Scout-      District Forms section of the Old Dominion District web
ing's organization and unit program. More information and      page. Contact Don Palomaki at 703-455-9262 or dpalo-
registration info can be obtained from the council website     maki@cox.net if you need more information on the nomi-
(www.boyscouts-ncac.org). Click on "Training" and then         nation process. Deadline for submitting nominations is
"Wood Badge" to get the data and forms to download .           March 31, 2008.
   Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos
          Leaders (OLSWL)
                      April 26, 2008                                DISTRICT OUTSTANDING
                                                                    UNIT AND UNIT LEADER
    This NCAC course differs from BALOO in that it is
taught in an outdoor setting rather than in a class-                       AWARDS
room. There is an emphasis not only on basic camping
and outdoor skills, but also on completion of activity              Application forms for the Old Dominion District Out-
badges that can best be accomplished in an outdoor set-        standing Unit and Unit Leader Awards were in unit hang-
ting. OLSWL provides a how-too, hands-on, training ex-         files at the February Roundtable. These awards are for
perience in planning and conducting Webelos outdoor and        unit scouters in all programs ― Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,
overnight activities. It reinforces, without duplicating,      Venturing, and Varsity. These forms should immediately
what you learned in position specific training which is        be turned over to unit Committee Chairs. Electronic cop-
recommended, but not a prerequisite, for OLSWL.                ies have been sent to the district’s Yahoogroups e-mail list
OLSWL is not mandatory to take Webelos dens camping            and are available for download from the forms section of
but is required for the training knot. It is an overnight      the District Web Page.
class running from Saturday morning through early Sun-              Nominations are due by April 10 and must be submit-
day afternoon. Location: St. Clair Brooks Park, Shelter        ted by the unit Committee Chair. They can be turned in to
B. Set-up/Registration from 9:00 - 9:15 AM training runs       Tim Kelly at the March or April roundtables, or mailed or
through 4:30 PM. Pre-registration fee is $20.00, walk-in       e-mailed to him at the addresses on the forms. Please take
registration fee is $25.00. Training is limited to maximum     advantage of this district program for recognizing your
of 30 participates LUNCH IS PROVIDED AS PART OF                eligible volunteer leaders for all that they do.
THE TRAINING. To pre-register send your Name, ad-                   Committee Chairs, if you haven’t received the form
dress work & home phone numbers, email, scouting posi-         for your program, please contact Tim Kelly at:
tion and pack # and mail to: Sharon Patrick,                   kelly99@verizon.net, 703-866-1240.
<redacted>. (Must be received by April 19, 2008) (Please
make all checks payable to: NCAC, BSA). There are no
prerequisites to attending any of these courses. To keep         OLD DOMINION DISTRICT AWARDS
costs down, hand-outs will only be made for those indi-
viduals that pre-register by April 19, 2008. POC is:                       BANQUET
Sharon Patrick, <redacted>
email: aquiadistricttrainingchairman@cox.net . (Put                              May 28, 2008
“OLSWL Training” in the subject line)
                                                                          St. Marks Lutheran Church
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 14                                          March 13, 2008

                                                   OA UPDATE
    EVENTS WRAP-UP                                             Godwin.
                                                                    Brotherhood Ceremony - Best Individual Performance,
     Arrow of Light Ceremonies:                                1st Place Medal: Allowat Sakima - Patrick Rooney; Meteu
(February 14, 21, 29 and March                                 - Jeff Morrow II.
3) As advertised in January, Old                                    Pre-Ordeal Ceremony - Best Individual Performance,
Dominion Chapter’s Ceremonies                                  1st Place Medal; Meteu - Jeff Morrow II
Team conducted impressive Ar-                                       Lodge Officer Elections: Lodge Treasurer - Philip Spi-
row of Light Ceremonies for We-                                ess; Lodge Secretary - Andrew Rooney.
belos-IIs earning the highest award in Cub Scouts at 4 sites        Newly elected lodge officers will be sworn -in at the
hosted by packs dispersed throughout the district (Pack        next Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meeting on April
683 in Springfield, Pack 863 in Annandale, Pack 1229 in        22nd. In addition, the Old Dominion Brotherhood Cere-
Falls Church, and Pack 2000 in Fairfax Station). Two           mony Team will represent our Lodge at the upcoming NE-
ceremonies were conducted at Pack Blue & Gold Banquets         4C Section Conclave (16-18 May at Camp Saffrin, White-
while others were a Follow-On Reception or simple Stand-       ford, MD). Congratulations and well done to all Old Do-
Alone Event. Packs/Webelos II Dens wishing to partici-         minion participants.
pate were invited to coordinate with any of the Packs that
stepped up to host these AOL Events. Unfortunately no                          UPCOMING EVENTS
other Cub units elected to participate, which frankly was a
major disappointment. Since February 1935 when Pack 1                   Mission of Mercy Project (March 14-15): Old
of Michigan City, Indiana held a Blue & Gold potluck din-      Dominion Chapter will contribute much needed logistical
ner to mark the Cub Scout program’s 5th anniversary, this      support for the Mission of Mercy (MOM) project to be
has been the time to celebrate cherished Birthdays (Cub        conducted Friday – Saturday, March 14&15 at Northern
Scouts – Feb 8th, Abraham Lincoln – Feb 12th, George           Virginia Community College, Medical Education Campus,
Washington and Robert Baden-Powell – Feb 22nd) and             Springfield Center Drive (off Loisdale Road, Springfield).
afford Webelos the opportunity to transfer to Boy Scouts       MOM is a dentistry outreach program serving the needy of
in time to prepare and adapt for Spring events and Summer      Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William and Loudin Counties.
Camp. As such, we will continue to offer Arrow of Light        It is sponsored by the Northern Virginia Dental Society
ceremonies during this timeframe and encourage greater         and Virginia Dental Association. The two-day event will
participation.                                                 involve approximately 400 Dentists, Staff and Lay Volun-
     Merit Badge Jamboree (March 1st): Twenty-four             teers serving the needy (900 patients expected to receive
Arrowmen (youth and adult) answered the call to support        $25,000 worth of dental services) identified by local social
Old Dominion District's 5th Annual Merit Badge Jambo-          services. Arrowmen are needed primarily to provide food
ree on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at Annandale High               service support (on-site) and contributions pick-up from
School. Cheerful service was provided to support the           COSTCO and local restaurants. This event is a truly im-
event (which served approximately 400 participant) in          portant community service event worthy of Arrowmen’s
merit badge counseling, registration-check-in and directing    obligation “to be unselfish in service and devotion to the
participants to sessions, helping counselors in set-up and     welfare of others”. Mark your calendars. Expect more
conduct of merit badge sessions, serving lunch and clean-      information to follow.
up. A job well done for an ever growing and cherished               OA Supports Spring Camporee Program (18-20
Old Dominion event.                                            April): Besides conducting the OA Call-Out Ceremony
     Lodge Fellowhip Results: Arrowmen braved rain,            and Brotherhood Walk/Ceremony, Old Dominion Chapter
mud, hail, dense fog, high winds and freezing temperatures     will conduct a New Scout Program (NSP) as an integral
to experience the annual Amangamek-Wipit Lodge Fel-            part of our upcoming Spring Camporee at Sky Meadows
lowship held March 7-9 at Camp William B. Snyder.              State Park. Developed and staffed by Arrowmen, the NSP
Great competition, fellowship and learning were shared         course will consist of a series of geographically dispersed
with members from visiting lodges checking out our lodge       stations, which will instruct and challenge New Scout Pa-
and our camp. Among the noteworthy results, Old Domin-         trols in basic Scouting Knowledge and Skills. Servicing
ion received several distinctions and honors:                  Arrowmen will be identified by Black "OA STAFF" Hats
     Brotherhood Ceremony Team Competition, 1st Place          and T-Shirts emblazoned with the OA Sash. A New Scout
Medal: Allowat Sakima - Patrick Rooney; Meteu - Jeff           Patrol "Playbook" providing a preparatory lead-in to the
Morrow II; Nutiket - Tim Wing; Kichkinet - Keller                                                        (Continued on page 16)
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 15                                             March 13, 2008

                                  VENTURING AND VARSITY
             CALENDAR                                               VENTURING/VASITY SER-
                                                               VICE PROJECT HELPING
                                                               PRESERVE THE POTOMAC
•   5 Apr Sat, 0900-1200 – 1st Annual
                                                               RIVER, Saturday, 5 April 2008,
    Venturing/Varsity Service Project –
                                                               9:00 am – 12:00 noon, Oxon Cove,
    Potomac River Watershed Cleanup,
                                                               Oxon Hill National Park, MD.
    Oxon Hill NP/Fort Washington NP,
                                                               Ventures AND Varsity Scouts from
                                                               all over the National Capital Area
•   11-13 Apr, Fri-Sun – Northeast Region Area 4 Ven-
                                                               Council, will gather at Oxon Hill
    turing Quest 2008, “Viva Venturing”, Slippery Rock,
                                                               National Park, Maryland, just north of the new National
    PA (280 miles/ 4 hr 40 min drive from Bethesda, north
                                                               Harbor on the Potomac and north of the Wilson Bridge, to
    of Pittsburg) Adair can provide registration informa-
                                                               help in the Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup
    tion. Registration cost is $ 40 per person for tent
                                                               day. Last year, volunteers cleaned almost 3 tons of debris
    camping and $50 per person for cabins which are lim-
                                                               out of the Potomac River. With the help of Venturers, we
    ited. Registration due by 20 March.
                                                               will make it 4 tons this year. Oxon Cove is one of the
•   19 Apr – Sat – Venturing Eco Challenge Trail, OD
                                                               places that needs the most help and the Venturers an Var-
    Spring Camporee, Sky Meadow State Park. For the
                                                               sity Scouts are the ones to do it. Join other Ventures in
    Venturing Eco Challenge Trail, crews will have chal-
                                                               this fun and very worthwhile service project. So wear
    lenges at different stations along the trail up to the AT,
                                                               your grubbies, and rubber boots if you have them, and
    along the AT, back by Mt. Bleak, and to camp. The
                                                               come help us preserve our national river. It flows right
    challenges will include using a GPS to find a Geo-
                                                               through our council, so what better place to help. If you
    cache, compass and map to orienteer to a site or two,
                                                               do not have rubber boots, no problem – there is plenty to
    erecting an emergency shelter on the trail, communi-
                                                               do without getting in the water. Please email Adair Petty,
    cations, using a backpack stove, purifying water,
                                                               ppetty@cox.net to let us know you are coming. For direc-
    leave no trace, first aid, ecology project, team building
                                                               tions to and information on Oxon Hill National Park, see
    challenge, nature scavenger hunt, etc. It will be an all
                                                               their website - http://www.nps.gov/oxhi
    day event.
                                                                                              VENTURERS RENDEZ-
•   April – Youth Protection Month. Venturing Crews
                                                                                          VOUS AT THE ANDREWS
    and Varsity Teams should be showing new “Youth
                                                                                          AIR SHOW AND JOINT SER-
    Protection: Personal Safety Awareness” DVD, AV-
                                                                                          VICE OPEN HOUSE, Satur-
    09V027, $9.99. This is a new DVD with now four
                                                                                          day, 17 May 2008, Any time be-
                                                                                          tween 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, An-
    ⇒ Sexual Harassment
                                                                                          drews Air Force Base. Join with
    ⇒ Date Rape
                                                                                          Venturers from all over the Na-
    ⇒ Internet Safety and Stalking
                                                                                          tional Capital Area Council at
    ⇒ Suicide and Depression (New)
                                                                                          Andrews Air Force Base for the
•   2-4 May, Fri night to Sun - Kodiak Course Directors
                                                                                          Joint Services Open House and
    Course, location TBA http://www.kodiak-bsa.org
                                                                                          Air Show. Come for the Fun and
•   17 May, Sat – NCAC Venturing Rendezvous 2008,
                                                                                          the Adventure! Meet other Ven-
    Andrews AFB 2008 Joint Services Open House Air
                                                               turers, Sea Scouts, and Varsity Scouts. See the latest
    Show http://www.jsoh.org/show.html
                                                               planes (as well as historic ones), the latest military service
•   23-25 May, Fri-Sun – Sea Scout Regatta (join the Sea
                                                               hardware, and see the Air Show which includes the
    Scouts for this event for fun), Camp Brown, 5 miles
                                                               Navy’s Blue Angels, flying demonstrations of old and new
    north of Point Lookout, Maryland – see following
                                                               aircraft to include the Air Force newest F22, parachute
    website for Boarding Manual (give it time to
                                                               jumps to include the Army Golden Knights, and airborne
    download) http://www.seascout.net/chesapeake/
                                                               jumps. Spectacular things to see and do. More informa-
                                                               tion will be coming out about meeting at the Air Show and
•   7 Jun, Sat, 8:00 to 12:00 noonish – Venturing Eco
                                                               possibly meeting personally with some of the aerobatic
    Challenge, Fountainhead Regional Park, Occoquan
                                                               pilots. Wear your crew, ship, or team uniform of choice.
    River, 6-person team race by canoe, trail-run, and
                                                               Admission is Free. Email ppetty1@cox.net and let us
    mountain bike, Cost - $20 dollars per 6-person team.
                                                                                                           (Continued on page 16)
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                    Page 16                                         March 13, 2008

              V3 VIEWS (cont.)                                              OA UPDATE (cont.)
know you are coming so we can watch for you and pro-           (Continued from page 14)

vide you email on Air Show event demonstration times.          NSP Course will be distributed at the ODD Roundtable
SEE YOU THERE!!! http://www.jsoh.org (Check out                (hardcopy) and via e-mail (electronic copy) in early April.
their website!!!)                                                  Section NE-4C Conclave (May 16-18): What: A
                                                               section conclave is an opportunity once a year for all six
     VENTURING ECO CHALLENGE, FOUNTAIN-                        lodges in Section NE-4C to come together in Friendship
HEAD REGIONAL PARK, OCCOQUAN RIVER, A                          and Fellowship and to participate in Training Sessions,
10 mile team race by canoe, trail run, and mountain bike       Ceremonies Competitions, Sports Competitions, Patch
for the challenge, fun, and glory of it.                       Auction, and more!
     A team is six people. Two team members canoe the          • When: May 16-18, 2008
first 3+ miles on the Occoquan River to a designate land-      • Where: Camp Spencer, Broad Creek Memorial Scout
ing location. The next two team members run a 3+ mile              Reservation; Whiteford, MD 21160
trail south to Fountain Head Park. The last two team           • Why: So that each lodge in the section has a chance
members mountain bike a 3+ mile circuitous route to the            to come together and bond in brotherhood and fellow-
finish line. Each two team members must finish their leg           ship.
of the course together. Teams will start the challenge 4       • How: Fill out and mail the Conclave Registration
minutes apart so you will be racing against the clock. The         and Health Forms (with check) at the earliest conven-
team provides its own canoe, personal flotation devices,           ience.
bikes, and helmets. Teams can be co-ed or single gender.       • Who: Host- Nentico Lodge 12
There are challenge categories according to age and gen-                    Susquehannock Lodge XI
                                                                            Nentego Lodge 20
   Category       All Male        Co-Ed       All Female                    Guneukitschi Lodge 317
                                                                            Tuckahoe Lodge 386
     Ages          19-21          19-21         19-21                       Amangamek-Wipit Lodge 470
     Ages          16-18          16-18         16-18          Goal: It is Amangamek-Wipit Lodge 470's goal to get at
                                                               least 85 people from our lodge to attend this conclave.
     Ages          13-15          13-15         13-15
                                                               Note: Do not worry about the 28 February deadline indi-
                                                               cated on the registration form, but try to get it sent in
der of the teams. You can enter more than one team.            through Amangamek-Wipit as soon as you can.
                 How good is your team?                        Check out the link to the Lodge Website for more info (to
 Have you the guts, tenacity, team work, and skill to win?     include promotional video):
               Come and meet the challenge!                    http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/openrosters/
                                                                   OA Information Point of Contact: Bill Rooney, Chap-
    Contact Adair Petty, Vice Chairman for Venturing,          ter Adviser, at 703-451-9884 or rooney859@cox.net.
Old Dominion Chapter, for additional information on Ven-
turing activities and training; ppetty1@cox.net or 703-                       KEY UPCOMING EVENTS:
913-1124.                                                      •     March 14-15: Mission of Mercy Project (Northern
                                                                     VA Community College, Medical Education Campus,
            SUBSCRIBE OR MAKE EMAIL                                  Springfield Center Drive, Springfield)
               ADDRESS CHANGE?                                 •     1 April: Old Dominion Chapter Campership Awards
                                                                     Program application submission deadline
The fastest way to make an email address change or sub-        •     April 13: Chapter Meeting (7:00 PM at Sydenstricker
scribe to the ODD’s YAHOO mailing list is as follows.                UMC)
    To subscribe, from the new address, or add a new           •     April 18-20: District Spring Camporee (Sky Meadows
subscription, send a blank (empty) email to:                         State Park) – Ordeal Callout, Brotherhood Ceremony
NCACOLDDOMINION-subscribe@yahoogroups.com                            and Program Support
   To unsubscribe, from the old address, send a blank          •     April 25-27: Chapter Fellowship / Moss Hollow Work
(empty) email to:                                                    Weekend
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             HIGH ADVENTURE                                          WILDERNESS FIRST AID
     Philmont has a new requirement for                              INSTRUCTORS NEEDED
crews beginning this year, 2008.
     This wilderness first aid training re-                      WHY -- Philmont Scout Ranch now requires Wilderness
quirement is relatively new and differs                     First Aid current certification: by at least one preferably two,
from information previously promul-                         (either an advisor or a youth participant) in each crew.
gated in the Old Rag. Please review the                         WHO: Health & Safety Committee, National Capital Area
information available at the NCAC web-                      Council (NCAC) in cooperation with American Safety and
site at www.boyscouts-ncac.org, click on “about us” and     Health Institute (ASHI) developed a custom Boy Scout Wilder-
“council committees” and either “high adventure commit-     ness First Aid Course that has been recognized and approved by
tee” or “health and safety committee.”                      National Boy Scouts and Philmont Scout Ranch.
     As stated in the Council and Unit Planning Guide the
2008 First Aid and CPR Certification Requirement reads            HOW:
as follows:                                                 •     Be a Trained Boy Scout Leader -- Proof of completed
     “Philmont requires that a least one person, pref-            Adult Leader Training is required
     erably two, (either an advisor or a youth partici-     •     Be a Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor for any recognized
     pant) in each crew be currently certified in                 training agency (American Red Cross, American Heart
                                                                  Association, ASHI, MEDIC First Aid, etc..)
     American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid or the
                                                            •     Become a Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor for ASHI
     equivalent* and CPR from the American Heart                  (1 1/2 day course to be run at the end of May)
     Association, the American Red Cross or the             •     Fill out ASHI Trainer Form
     equivalent.”                                           •     Purchase Instructor Materials
NOTE: Ignore the note at the bottom of the High Adven-
ture Committee page that states that Philmont has stopped         WHEN: May 10, 2008
short of requiring this first aid training for ’08.
                                                                  WHERE:       NCAC from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
               Thanks all!
               Ed Phillips                                        QUESTIONS – Contract Craig Johnson at <redacted>.
               Old Dominion High Adventure
               703.690.639                                       Updates can be found on the Health & Safety website

              OA UPDATE (cont.)
(Continued from page 16)
•    May 4: Chapter Meeting (7:00 PM at Sydenstricker
     UMC) – Youth Elections
•    May 16-18: Section NE-4C Conclave 2008 (Broad
     Creek Memorial Scout Reservation, Whiteford, MD) –
     See attached Registration and Health Forms
•    June 7-9: Spring Ordeal and Service Weekend
     (Goshen Scout Reservation)                                 SEA SCOUTS IN THE NEWS
                                                                  Sea Scout Ship7916 was featured in the Ships Ahoy
                                                             story by Ann Cameron Siegal in the Washing Post on
                                                             February 27, 2008, Page C14. The following URL should
                                                             take you there if you missed it.
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                   Page 18                                           March 13, 2008

            2008 KLONDIKE DERBY REPORT (Corrected)
    [Editors note:The following are the corrected results of   with hats, props, glasses and in some cases chocolate, the
the 2008 Klondike Derby. The results published in the          Scouts put on an excellent show and brought some first
February issue were for a prior year.]                         class meals to the judges – not one hot dog this year! The
     Twenty nine bands of Stampeders (today known as           winners were: 1st Place—1501 Chinchillas; 2nd Place—
Patrols) surveyed the hills of Front Royal in search of        2215 Yeti Killers: 3rd Place—1501 VC
gold. Equipped with map of potential claims, personal               Finally, the Stampeder Award was given to the patrol
daypacks, patrol equipment and their personal will, they       that discovered (earned) the most gold. Last year’s win-
braved the winter challenges while seeking fortunes            ners placed second this year, but it was still another patrol
through fire-building, orienteering, and entertaining skits.   in T-1853 which took first place! The Sharks prioritized
There were dog sled racing, interesting sculptures, and        their strengths and hustled to get to as many stations as
cliff-hanger rescues. The weather was cold and brisk but       possible. In the end, the Pirates had collected the most
clear! Again, only a small bit of snow on the ground, but      gold with the Sharks and Flaming Frogs from T-1115
we saw catapults, wooden bridges, tall gadgets, and lad-       earning the most gold, but it was the Golden Spoon judg-
ders being built.                                              ing that pushed the Sharks over the Pirates to first place
     By the end of the evening, it was clear that the Fourth   and moved the Wolves and Werewolves up to 3rd and 4th
Annual Klondike Derby held at the 4-H Center in Front          respectively. A very tight race across the top 10! The
Royal, Virginia was another success enjoyed by both the        winners of the overall competition:
Scouts and the Scouters! 10 troops (T-150, T-853, T-859,                1st Place: 1853 Sharks
T-1115, T-1145, T-1396, T-1501, T-1853, T-2215, and T-                  2nd Place: 1853 Pirates
4077) and one venture crew (VC-1501) participated for                   3rd Place: 1853 Wolves
the 5 top honors this year: Scout Skills, Patrol Unity,                 4th Place: 150 Werewolves
Commissioners Award, Golden Spoon, and Stampeder                    We had some incredible competitions, cold but great
Award. Plaques and the Golden Spoon were designed by           weather (which we again hope to import to the Spring
Dave Stelter.                                                  Camporee), and a super staff. Much thanks to the Klon-
     The Scout Skills award recognized the combined            dike Saloon ladies: Cathy Hamilton, Cyndy Blake, and
scores from stations including orienteering, Scout trivia,     our Klondike Madame Susan Woody. Recognition also is
pioneering, fire building, and shelter building. The top       given to Jim Templeton for another great job registering
three patrols were: 1st Place—1853 Pirates; 2nd Place—         our Scouts with on the spot help by Cyndy Blake. Har-
1853 Sharks; 3rd Place—1853 Dragons                            olded and cursed, we appreciate the challenges offered by
     The Patrol Unity award recognized those patrols that      our Claim Jumpers and Bankers Bob Austin and John
worked well at problem solving, patrol cooperation, and        Pastino, our Health and Safety Rep Dave Stelter, and our
leadership stations which included the dog sled racing, the    Program Coordinator Dean Stinson. This year we also had
friction bridge, and the patrol challenges. The top three      a return of the Yeti! The staff would like to personally
patrols were: 1st Place—1501 Chinchillas; 2nd Place—           recognize and thank Justin Hamilton, a Webelos Scout,
1853 Wolves; 3rd Place—Tie:1396 Venture and 1145               who assisted with the OA candy sales and many jobs in
Hobbits                                                        the Saloon, with Camp Director, and with the Yeti! Fi-
     The Commissioners’ Award recognized the patrol that       nally, the Klondike stations couldn’t be manned without
demonstrated the best Scout Spirit. Determined by the          the many adults volunteering to help run them! And most
Claim Jumpers which include Dean Stinson, John Pastino,        said they would love to do it again next year… So…
and Bob Austin, the top three patrols were: 1st Place—              Mark your calendars for February 6-8, 2009, as we
1501 VC; 2nd Place—1501 Purple Penquins; 3rd Place—            look to pan for gold in Front Royal at the 5th Annual
1396 Walnuts                                                   Klondike. Expect new challenges and twists on old ones!
     The Golden Spoon Award was presented to the Patrol        Think Klondike in 2009! Put it into your Troop’s annual
that provided the best luncheon to the gals of the Klon-       plan. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new
dike. For the third year, Susan Woody, Cyndy Blake, and        friends in creek beds searching for gold next year!!
Cathy Hamilton were the judges of 29 patrol entries. They           CDs with the Klondike information and pictures will
scored points individually and were then averaged. The         be provided to all participating Troops. Additional CDs
breakdown was that 20 Points could be earned in each           will be available for an ounce of gold!
category for nutritional value, appearance on the plate, and
taste and 40 points could be earned for working the meal                            Your Yukon Trading Post Director,
from scratch; but showmanship dominated with up to 50                               Fred Woody
points awarded for an entertaining presentation! Equipped
The Old Rag WEB Edition                                     Page 19                                           March 13, 2008

                        BOEING OLD DOMINION GOLF CLASSIC
   Mark your calendars now and plan to participate in our annual Boeing Old Dominion District
Golf Classic, as we enjoy a great day of golf at the beautiful Springfield Golf and Country Club on
May 5, 2008.

    There will be a wide array of corporate sponsorship opportunities that will include something
for every price range. Plan to participate, and start thinking now about how your employer might be
interested in participating in this great opportunity that will support Scouting in the National Capital
Area Council.

         •    May 5, 2008, at Springfield Golf and Country Club
         •    11:00 AM Check in, mulligan purchase & complimentary driving range privileges
         •    11:30 AM Lunch Buffet
         •    1:00 PM Shotgun Start, Best Ball format
         •    Special Prizes - All Golfers Are Eligible

                    The entry fee is $1,000 per foursome. This cost includes greens fee, golf carts, lunch, driving range,
                golf shirt, steak dinner and eligibility for prizes. Entry fee for individual golfers are $250.

                    If you have questions in the meantime, please contact our Senior District Executive, Rich Hayes at:
                rhayes@boyscouts-ncac.org , or Steve Summers, Vice Chairman Finance at: stevesummers@verizon.net.

Dennis Wokeck                                            WEB EDITION
Coordinator, E-Distribution
6921 Conservation Drive
Springfield VA 22153-1013

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