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					Dear Participants of 2010 BGRI Annual Meeting and the 8th International Wheat
The organizers extend sincere welcome to you and wish you productive and enjoyable meeting

This letter provides some useful information on the conference logistics and organization:


Hotel Holiday Inn,
Congress Hall
97 A, Moskovsky pr., S-Petersburg, Russia


Registration with local authorities
The registration is done by the hotel and the associated cost is covered by the registration fee.

97 A, Moskovsky pr., Saint-Petersburg, 196084, Russia
Tel.: +7(812) 448 7171


Internet in the rooms is available at discounted price of 200 rouble per day. Free internet is
available in the hotel lobby and bars.

Getting to the city center:

   by taxi from the hotel.
To arrange a transfer please send e-mail request to the Hotel’s Concierge or
call +7 812 448 7121

 by metro.
The nearest metro station is Moskovskiye Vorota (5 min walk).
1, Pobedy square, Saint-Petersburg, 196240, Russia
T: +7(812) 740 3900, e-mail:

WiFi in Lobbi bar and standard rooms:
400 rubles per day (twenty-four hours);
200 rubles per 1 hour;
120 rubles per 30 minutes.

Getting to the city center:free

   by free hotel shuttle bus.

Free hotel shuttle bus is available each hour between the city center (Ostrovskogo square,
metro station Gosyiny dvor) and hotel
Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel –Ostrovskogo square
10:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.
Ostrovskogo square – Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel
11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

                                                                                          by
The nearest metro station is Moskovskaya (10 min walk).

Group transfer is organized from Pulkovo – 1 and Pulokovo – 2 to Park Inn and Holiday Inn on
the 29th and 30th of May from 06 am till 12 pm.
Transfer for the participants arriving to the airports on other dates will be also provided
according to personal travel details sent to the Organizing Committee.
Transfer from the railway station is also provided according to personal travel details.
Those who changed the travel information and have not informed the Organizing Committee
can use city taxi service (transfer Pulkovo2 – hotel is about 15-20 USD).


Departure transfer will be organized according to personal travel details from both the hotels.


                                                                        30-31 May:

                                                             since 07.45 bus shuttle each hour
                                                                   Park Inn – Holiday Inn
                                                                          and back

                                                            18.00 transfer Park Inn-Holiday Inn
                                                                   for Welcome Cocktail;

                                                              21.00 back transfers to Park Inn

                                                                         1-4 June:

                                                            07.45 transfer Park Inn-Holiday Inn
                                                             for 8 IWC. Then shuttle bus each
                                                                 hour between the hotels.

Oral presentations

The presenters are advised to load their presentations during the previous day to assure that
the presentation works well. Please keep on time and coordinate the timing with the co-chairs.

Poster presentations

Should be hanged early in the morning during the day of presentation or whenever the
allocated poster space if free. The presenters are expected to be next to the posters during the
poster sessions according to the program. Please remove your posters at the end of the day.

Conference badges

Please have your conference badge provided at registration with you all the time to assure your
access to all conference events and facilities.

Festive Dinner

The buses will depart from Holiday Inn at 19:00.
Shuttle from Park Inn will be available as well.
For transportation after dinner – please select the bus with your hotel destination. This will be
served dinner with choice of vegetarian and halal food as well.

Visit to the Catherine Palace in Pushkin

The buses will depart From Holiday Inn at 14:00. The visit will be organized by the groups of 30-
35 people. The division into groups will be done at the entrance. Please follow your group.

Tickets for Metro

The trains run daily from 05.30 am until 00.45 am.
Note, that connections between lines may close at 00.30 am or earlier - in particular, between
Mayakovskaya and Ploshchad Vosstaniya or Gostiniy Dvor and Nevsky Prospekt.
Note also that at the intersection of lines the station may have two separate names, one for
each line.
Metro tokens or cards can be purchased at any metro station. Price is 22 rubles per token.
The tickets are available on the registration desk in the Holiday Inn as well.


The bridges over the Neva and the Nevka rivers are raised at night from May till November to
enable shipping to pass. This spectacular sight also means that access to many parts of the City
is affected between 1:45 am and 5 am.

Bridges drawing schedule                                                    from       to
                                                                            1.40       3.00
Dvortsovy Bridge
                                                                            3.20       4.50
Leitenanta Shmidta Bridge                                                   1.45       4.55
Liteiny Bridge                                                              1.50       4.40
Troitsky Bridge                                                             1.50       4.40
Stroitelei (Birzhevoy) Bridge                                               2.10       4.40
                                                                            2.10       3.45
Volodarsky Bridge
                                                                            4.15       5.45
                                                                            2.10       3.05
Tuchkov Bridge
                                                                            3.35       4.40
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge                                                      2.30       3.45
Aleksandra Nevskogo Bridge                                                  2.30       4.55

Currency exchange

The local currency is the Russian Rouble. The rouble comes in denominations of 5, 10, 50, 100,
500 and 1000 in notes and there are also 1, 2, 5 rouble and 1,5, 10, 50 kopeecks coins (one
kopeicka is 1/100 of rouble). This is now internally convertible but cannot be exchanged out of
the country for foreign currency. Credit cards are widely accepted by hotels, most large stores
and better restaurants.
To change money you may go to any commercial bank or licensed exchange point. It is
advisable to exchange money ONLY through officially licensed banks and their exchange points,
NOT in the streets, since it is less secure and you run the risk of receiving counterfeit roubles,
dollars or other troubles. The exchange offices are spread all round the city. Most of them open
at 11 a.m. and stay open until 7 or 8 p.m. Hotel exchange offices stay open all round the clock.
All individuals, either local or foreign need a passport to exchange the money.
Western Union has offices in several banks and wire-transferring money to St. Petersburg
Russia is rather easy and reliable (mind that most banks close at 6 p.m. and are closed at

Buses, trams and trolleybuses

St. Petersburg has an extensive network of buses, trams and trolleybuses that run to almost
every part of the city. However, the buses are often overcrowded and run at irregular intervals,
which are somehow compensated by private companies operating “commercial” routes
(indicated by the letter “K” or “T” in front of the route number – “marshrutka”).
Public transport is running daily from 05.30 am to 01.00 am, although the intervals get longer
after 10pm. Tickets are available from the conductor or driver onboard each vehicle. Current
price for 1 ride does not depend on the distance and is 19 rubles (about 0.5 Euro) at municipal
routes and 27 rubles at most commercial routes.
Trolleybus routes No.1, 7 and 10 offer a “sightseeing” trip along Nevsky Prospect.


Licensed taxis are usually painted yellow and carry a chequered logo on the sides and a taxi sign
on the roof.
To order a taxi, call: 327-2400, 332-1333 or 333-3233.
Locals often hitch rides, although they are not free. The price is discussed with the driver before
(!) the ride.
Always be on guard when accepting a lift from a strange driver (“gypsy cabs”). Don't get in a car
that has more than one person inside and never accept lifts from anyone who approaches you,
particularly outside restaurants and nightclubs. The stories of drunken foreigners being robbed
in the back seats of private cars are not entirely untrue.
In summer be aware of the Bridges across the Neva. They open between April and November
for a few hours every night to allow ships to pass under, severing the islands from the

                           Temperature (oC)    Weather       Pressure (mm Hg)   Wind (speed, direction)

                 night                                                                2 m/s
                 (min)           8                                754
     28 May
                  day                                                                 2 m/s
                 (max)          17                                756
                night                                         2 m/s
                (min)   9                     756
  29 May
                 day                                          5 m/s
                (max)   16                    759

                night                                         2 m/s
                (min)   8                     762
 30 May
                 day                                          2 m/s
                (max)   20                    764

                night                                         3 m/s
                (min)   11                    766
 31 May
                 day                                          4 m/s
                (max)   23                    765

                night                                         3 m/s
                (min)   15                    769
  1 June
                 day                                          5 m/s
                (max)   23                    768

                night                                         5 m/s
                (min)   18                    767
  2 June
                 day                                          4 m/s
                (max)   25                    766

                night                                         4 m/s
                (min)   19                    767
 3 June
                 day                                          3 m/s
                (max)   26                    767

                night                                         3 m/s
                (min)   19                    767
  4 June
                 day                                          1 m/s
                (max)   27                    766


Hello!                      Zdravstvujte !    Здравствуйте!
Hi!                         Privet !          Привет!
Good morning.               Dobroe utro .     Доброе утро.
Good day.                   Dobryj den' .     Добрый день.
Good evening.               Dobryj vecher .   Добрый вечер.
 How's it going? What's up?   Kak dela?                        Как дела?
 Fine, thanks, and you?       Horosho spasibo, a vy?           Хорошо, спасибо, а вы?
 Not bad.                     Neploho .                        Неплохо.
 Good-bye.                    Do svidanija.                    До свидания
 Good night.                  Spokojnoj nochi.                 Спокойной ночи
 So long.                     Poka.                            Пока
 General Vocabulary
 I don't speak Russian.       Ja ne govorju po-russki.         Я не говорю по-русски.
 I understand.                Ja ponimaju.                     Я понимаю
 I don't understand.          Ja ne ponimaju .                 Я не понимаю
 Yes.                         Da.                              Да
 No.                          Net.                             Нет
 Perhaps.                     Mozhet byt'.                     Может быть
 May I…?                      Mozhno (mne)…?                   Можно (мне)…?
 Certainly.                   Konechno.                        Конечно
 Please                       Pozhalujsta.                     Пожалуйста
 Thank you.                   Spasibo.                         Спасибо
 Not at all.                  Ne za chto.                      Не за что
 You are welcome.             Pozhalujsta.                     Пожалуйста
 I'm sorry. Excuse me.        Izvinite.                        Извините
 Money & Currency Exchange
 Where is the nearest ...     Gde nahoditsja blizhajshij ...   Где находится ближайший…
 ...... bank?                 bank?                            банк?
 ...... exchange office?      obmennyj punkt?                  обменный пункт?
 Asking One's Way
 Excuse me, where is…         Izvinite, gde ...                Извините, где…
 ... a hospital?              … bol'nica?                      больница?
 ... a pharmacy?              ... apteka?                      аптека?
 ... the subway?              …metro?                          метро?
 … a restaurant?              …restoran?                       ресторан?
 Turn right.                  Povernite napravo.               Поверните направо.
 Turn left                    Povernite nalevo.                Поверните налево.
 Go straight ahead.           Idite prjamo.                    Идите прямо.
Сity Transport
 Taxi!                        Taksi!                           Такси!
 This is the address .        Votadres.                        Вот адрес.
 Take me to...                Otvezite menja ...               Отвезите меня…
... the hotel.                      ... v gostinicu.                    ...в гостиницу
... the airport.                    ... v aeroport .                    ...в аэропорт
Pulkovo                             Pulkovo                             Пулково
I'm in a hurry.                     Ja speshu.                          Я спешу
Please stop.                        Pozhalujsta, ostanovites'.          Пожалуйста, остановитесь.
How much (do I owe you)?            Skol'ko s menja?                    Сколько с меня?
Bus, trolleybus, & tram
bus                                 avtobus                             автобус
trolleybus                          trollejbus                          троллейбус
Tram                                tramvaj                             трамвай
Where is the nearest bus stop?      Gde blizhajshaja avtobusnaja        Где ближайшая автобусная
                                    ostanovka?                          остановка?
Does this bus go to the Mariinsky   Etot avtobus idjot do Mariinskogo   Этот автобус идет до
Theater?                            teatra?                             Мариинского театра?
Please tell me where to get off.    Pozhalujsta, skazhite mne, gde      Пожалуйста, скажите мне, где
                                    vyhodit'.                           выходить.
Get off here                        Vyhodite zdes'.                     Выходите здесь.
S ubway                             metro                               Метро
What is the fare?                   Skol'ko stoit proezd?               Сколько стоит проезд?
Where is the nearest subway         Gde blizhajshaja stancija metro?    Где ближайшая станция метро?
What line should I take?            Po kakoj linii mne nado ehat'?      По какой линии мне надо ехать?
You should take the green line up   Vam nuzhnoehat' po zeljonoj linii   Вам нужно ехать по зеленой
to "Mayakovskaya" station.          do stancii "Majakovskaja".          линии до станции “Маяковская”
Where should I change trains?       Gde mne nuzhno sdelat'              Где мне нужно сделать
                                    peresadku?                          пересадку?

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