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Helping young Indians find their aim…..Their Lakshya!
The future of India
 According to 2001 census report: 35% of India is illiterate, which is around 450 million people.                          
 And let us see what those who go to school do…..


  Go to one of the best                           Ask high school students:                                    In    20%                       Medicine

convent schools in India                         What do you want to do?                                95% cases                              Administrative Services

                                                                                                                                         70%   Others

                                 In India, a student is either                                                         Now ask these students: Why?
                                                                                                      The Result
                                                                                                                     Not even 1% of them really know.

   Destined for success - Richa                Age                    Or Destined for Failure - Rahul
                  High School: 95% marks       16    High School: 79% marks
                          10+2: 93% marks      18    10+2: 69% marks                                                Who will develop India?
                           Selected into IIT   19
                                               21    3rd unsuccessful IIT attempt, Started B Sc                     ....Few thousand Richas?
     Finished IIT, 1st job software industry   23                                                                   ...............Or millions of Rahuls?
                             Selected to IIM   24    Finished B Sc, 1st job BPO industry
 Finished IIM, 2nd job Manager in a MNC        26                                                                   What should we expect from
       Selected to Harvard Business School     27    3rd unsuccessful IIM attempt, joined next door B School        students at other not so good
Finished HBS, 3rd job Investment Banking       29    Finished MBA, 2nd job Assistant Manager BPO                    schools in India?
 $150,000 annually, married, settled abroad    30    $7,000 annually, engaged, struggling for survival in India

 When Rahul enters his professional life he is already so bogged down in competition that he struggles to think and act independently.
 Did Rahul lack the desire to be successful?...Did he not deserve to be successful?...Is IIT, IIM, HBS the only way to success?......Definitely NO!
 Today Indian students needs to be very lucky to have exposure good career related information...And this is the root cause of Rahul’s failure.

     India is currently using its inadequate educational infrastructure inefficiently…our fight is against this inefficiency…..
Larger Issues
Common reasons amongst students for choosing a career:
• My father wants me to be an engineer and my sibling to be a doctor
• My father is an engineer / doctor and I want to follow his footsteps     An engineering aspirant does not know:
• All my classmates want to be engineers                                   • What being an engineer means?
• My cousin sister is an engineer, she is very successful                  • What an engineer does on a day to day basis?
• IIT is the best place I can go to after school                           • What are the possible career options for engineers?
•                                                                          • What are the skills needed for becoming a top class engineer?
•                                                                          • What is the work life balance, earning potential etc?

     Unfortunately the future citizens of our country are not independent even when making the most important decision of their own life!

Given this it is not surprising that:                                    And life goes on….

• There is a mad rush for IITs and IIMs
                                                                             Students invest all their time in being the best from
• 90% of our engineers actually end up doing non engineering jobs
                                                                                 early on and then in getting good scores in high
• We fill vacancies at Microsoft but do not produce Bill Gates                  school and then in preparing for entrance exams
• We rarely win a Nobel prize in any field
• We continue to elect corrupt politicians                                                         Parents are often themselves very little aware
                                                                                                   and are greatly influenced by successful
                                                                                                   engineers, doctors and bureaucrats around them

Even if awareness is taken care of - career counselling
                                                                                           Schools concern themselves
options are limited to a few books, newspapers sections and
                                                                                  predominantly with high school scores
a handful of trained counsellors…hence we cannot stop at
just creating awareness…..
Project Lakshya
                                                                     Project Lakshya

       Students                                                                                                                  Professionals

                                                       Will get students in touch with professionals

                   Guest Lectures                                                                                          Message boards
                       in schools                                                                                          on

The Lakshya Plan
 Stages I and II: Realisation and Tools 14 ‘Realisation and Tools’ workshop, aimed to:
                                            - convince the student of the importance of her near future career decisions
                                            - ensure that she understands what actions are needed towards a well-informed, pragmatic decision
                                            - explain how Project Lakshya will facilitate this process.
                    Stage III: Research 15 The student will attend interactive guest lectures sessions at her school delivered by Lakshya consultants
                                            (experienced professionals).
                                            The student will also be able to progress her research by asking questions directly to consenting Lakshya
                                        17 consultants on message boards.
           Stage IV: Decision and Plan 18 She will then use additional support material on as references for the career plan she will
                                            write for herself.
                                            Her career plan will then be assigned to and reviewed by a Lakshya volunteer that is already working
                                            towards the same career.
                                            Finally a Lakshya consultant will add her thoughts as to the argumentation and appropriateness of the
                                            student’s career plan.

      Project Lakshya will not tell students what to do…it will empower them by providing them access to information…..
Lakshya Roles
                                                           ‘Lakshya Volunteer’ is the public face of Project Lakshya
                                                           and contributes by:
                     A college student
                                                           - Delivering ‘Realisation and Tools’ workshop at schools
                passionate about India
                                                           - Managing logistics and compiling feedback for guest
                                                           lectures delivered by Lakshya consultants

                                 Consultant                                                        Student
A professional with at least                                                                                  A school student aiming to
2 years of experience willing                                                                                 work hard for the future
and committed to be a role
model to school students
                                                                                               Project Lakshya exists for the cause of the
‘Lakshya Consultant’ is the foundation of                                                      ‘Lakshya Student’.
Project Lakshya and contributes by:                                                            - Project Lakshya will provide you all the
- Delivering guest lectures at schools about their                                             support which will enable you to identify your
profession                                                                                     true passion and what you need to do to
- Answering student queries on their personal                                                  develop yourself as that world class
message board on                                                                professional which India truly needs.

                        School Representative               ‘Lakshya School Representative’ is the link between the
                                                            student and Project Lakshya. They contribute by:
                                                            - Working with a Lakshya volunteer to organise workshops
                                                            and guest speaker sessions
                                                            - Proactively bidding for guest lecture slots
                    A school teacher aware of               - Providing feedback on guest lectures to the Lakshya
                          the need for career               volunteer

                                      A role for everyone to contribute in this noble endeavour…..
Unique Features of Project Lakshya
      • Flips the model from career counselling to career guidance
      • Wide reach through an online part (message boards) and a physical part (guest lectures)
      • Online part is available to all members – any member irrespective of the role can post messages
      • Physical part provides a structure around choosing a career – available only to students

      • The student gets access to professionals and knows how to make the best use of them
      • The schools can provide top class career guidance to their students without investing in any resources
      • The volunteer continues to work on her career goals while contributing to national development
      • The consultant makes the most efficient use of her time and has complete control on the impact she makes

      Not for Profit:
      • To contribute to the development of India is the one and only charter of Project Lakshya
      • The Project has a revenue model which will sustain the effort but the project will always be - Not for Profit
      • All excesses generated through the project will be used to provide guidance and loans to poor students
      • The Project will always maintain an open accounts policy, all Lakshya members will have access to accounts

      Open Ownership Model:
      • All contributions made to the Project will always be quantified and credited to the members account
      • The level of contributions will determine a member’s stake in the decision making of Project Lakshya
      • There is only one way to increase one’s say in Project Lakshya – contribute more
      • Politics and idol worship will never be a part of the culture of Project Lakshya

   Project Lakshya is a result of well placed intentions of individuals who are passionate about India…..
Join the Lakshya Revolution


                        This is just the beginning……

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