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					                                                                                                                            Summer 2011

    Trailer Sailers: Chris White Discovery 25 (at left) and a Weta flank the     Aboard Aldora: (l to r) The Binghams, Ira Heller,
            refreshments spread at the Herreshoff Museum docks.                     Judy Gould, Keri Spiers, the Nicholsons.

NEMA Gathering at the
Herreshoff Museum
Photos by Tom Cox

       n May 21, NEMA kicked off the 2011 boating season

O      with an event at The Herreshoff Marine Museum in
       Bristol, RI. There were multihulls displayed on the
water at the dock and on the dock. After lunch, time was
available to tour the museum, where Amaryllis, Nat
Herreshoff's revolutionary catamaran, designed in 1876, is on
display (photo, right). A large turnout of NEMA members and
sponsors enjoyed touring all the boats and the museum.
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                                                                                          Behind the Scenes: America’s Cup . . . 3
                                                                                          HMS Beagle Sails Again . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                                                                                          Survival Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
                                                                                          Newport Unlimited Race . . . . . . . . . . .11
                                                                                          Vineyardhaven Race . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
                                                                                          Summer 2011 NEMA Racing . . . . . . . . .14
                                                                                          Summer 2011 NEMA Racing . . . . . . . . .16
                                                                                          NEMA Classified . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
   Three Little Birds: Mike Lipton and Jesse Deupree chat on the stern of this
          PT-11 racer/cruiser built by Aquidneck Custom of Briston RI.
                                                                                                                          NEMA Events

                                                      Herreshoff Museum
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2 N E M A             Summer 2011
                                                                                                                         America’s Cup

                                                                                                 Oracle”. Vincent was part of the design

Behind the Scenes of the                                                                         team for BMW Oracle and with a likely
                                                                                                 French entry, the question will be who
                                                                                                 he’ll work with, since VLPL has been the

Multihull America’s Cup
By Lars Svensson
                                                                                                 leading designer of French racing
                                                                                                 trimarans for many years.
                                                                                                       Cam Lewis, has raced all sorts of
                                                                                                 multihulls, including the 1988 Deed of Gift
                                                                                                 Challenge Race in the solid wing mast
       he next America’s Cup, the 34th,       would work – that’s what Russell Coutts            catamaran Stars and Stripes with Dennis

T      (AC 34) poses some interesting
       issues that first loomed on the
horizon in February 2010 at the 33rd
                                              and I tried to do with the 70-foot trimaran
                                              racing circuit. It would be difficult”.
                                              After thinking some more he said, “We
                                              have, of course, the Little America’s Cup
                                                                                                 Connor. He also raced the 105-foot
                                                                                                 catamaran Team Adventure with Larry
                                                                                                 Rosenfeld. Cam was enthusiastic.
                                                                                                 “Once you’ve tried and ridden a roller
America’s Cup Race (AC 33) in Valencia,
Spain. These issues included the high         and something like that would work”.               coaster, you may get addicted to the ride.
likelihood that AC 34 would again be          Indeed, the Little America’s Cup had               If you’ve never tried a roller coaster, you
raced in multihulls and hence posed new       been the ground-work for the new AC                don’t know what you’re missing, unless
challenges of design, costs, owner            format, including the fixed wing that              you try one. That’s the problem, that
involvement, crews, race rules, and           BMW Oracle used. Paul has announced                there is not much motivation among
tactics. I was fortunate to have been at      recently that he will be leading ‘Team             teams (because of experience) and the
the 33rd AC and had the opportunity to        Artemis’, the Swedish entry. Paul is               costs would be high. The boat crews
speak with a number of the people
involved. Our discussions were in

                                                                                                                                                Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson
confidence at the time because of the
uncertainties of the next AC format and
of the possibility of future multihull use.
Now that this has been decided I am free
to share information from some of these
earlier conversations.
      Whether to race the America’s Cup
in multihulls has been a $100 million
question after Valencia. One of the first
concerns was whether it would even be
possible under the Deed of Gift stipula-
tions guiding the AC. Steven Tscuchiya,
a friend of historian John Rousmaniere,
has researched the history of the Deed          BMW Oracle (right) flying at Alinghi. Note Alinghi did not have time to turn to starboard and
and its implications for this decision. His      downwind to avoid Oracle but had to turn to port and upwind, because of the difficulty in
take: “Based on the Deed, a race of                                        turning downwind on a big multihull.
mutual consent, it would be possible” to
use multihulls if all parties agreed.         married to a Swede, the daughter of                would be keen to do it again.”
      Another question was whether there      Pelle Petterson, himself a famous
was the motivation to repeat the AC in        Swedish Olympic sailor and skipper of              Technology and the Wing
multihulls. After introducing myself as       Sweden’s AC challenges in 1977 and                       Joseph Ozonne was the wing design
having raced a 60-foot ORMA trimaran          1980.                                              coordinator for BMW Oracle and worked
(Larus Roc, ex-Paragon), I asked several           I spoke with Vincent Lauriot Prevost,         for VPLP on ORMA 60s. He was excited
people for their views. Paul Cayard, the      of Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost Yacht              about the technology and the concept of
winner of previous ACs and Whitbread          Design (VPLP) and the designer of many             advanced specialized teams for hulls,
Round-the-World Races commented,              successful racing French trimarans,                foils, wing, mast, new software products
“The problem is the cost for most             what he thought. “Personally, I think it           such as Solid Works (developed by my
teams”. I asked what he thought about a       would be interesting, but if BMW Oracle            neighbor Michael Paine) and Rhino, and
box rule, a racing format he had pro-         wins, it is unlikely to happen. Bertarelli         that all these could be brought to bear on
posed previously together with Russell        would like to do a multihull AC but I don’t        designing the state of the art type of boat
Coutts to help contain costs. “A box rule     think he’ll win. I of course support BMW
                                                                                                                       continued on page 4

                                                                                                             Summer 2011        N E M A         3
    America’s Cup

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson
 Inside the America’s Cup                                                        the predicted
 (continued from page 3)                                                         targets”. These
                                                                                 targets were con-
 like BMW Oracle. Joseph stressed the                                            firmed by sailing to
 importance of a “global package” in                                             the maximum and
 developing the boat. He spent nearly                                            then reaching the
 three quarters of an hour over coffee                                           stall points of the
 detailing the benefits of a wing sail,                                          wing. I asked “How
 including the engineering aspects, which                                        important is curvature
 were very interesting although regret-                                          and camber when for
 fully much went over my head. The                                               airplanes this is
 benefits included that it is easier to                                          small?” “For planes        BMW Oracle foredeck and wing mast. Note the pressure sensor port,
 model, with less load on the mainsheet,                                         this is not important           gearing for the wing mast and longer amas than center hull.
 lighter weight, higher lift coefficient and                                     but for birds and                                   sion was going to have to wait until after
 hence less compression loads, easier to                                         lower wind speeds it is and that is why it          the races. He asked me, “Where do you
 deal with the pressure gradients from the                                       has a high reserve camber. I wish I had 5           race out of?” and I related some of what
 top of the 225 mast to the bottom, quicker                                      years to further develop the wing design            we had done with our 60-foot trimaran
 self tacking and acceleration, and less                                         but we had a time limit to come up with a           and that I had kept my boat near
 drag.                                                                           high lift coefficient wing sail”. Well, now         Newport in Wickford, RI. “Newport is a
       With the two-element wing, the                                            he has that. He thought it would remain             great place,” and clearly he'd like to see
 leading piece keeps wind attached to                                            to be seen what happened “but eventu-               some AC races there. Obviously, I could
 both sides and then the slot between the                                        ally it will have to happen”. An accurate           not pursue this further, given his position,
 two allows wind to flow from the forward                                        prediction, with perhaps the knowledge              but clearly Newport has a rich AC history
 piece through the slot, to the leeward                                          of what the team was thinking.                      with the most AC races held there and
 side of the trailing second piece. This                                               At the cocktail party on Monday               Larry Ellison is rumored to have pur-
 further enhances leeward adherence of                                           evening, after some listless sailing but            chased one of the Newport mansions
 the wind with less shear and turbulence.                                        very impressive performance with no                 recently.
 Hence, wind shear is reduced and drag                                           wind by BMW Oracle, I talked to Russell                  On Sunday night, I asked Ernesto
 reduced. The slot is also increased by                                          Coutts. He was excited and animated                 Bertarelli if he wanted another AC
 greater camber in the wing. I asked him                                         about his team’s performance in the                 multihull race. “Yes, but first I must win”.
 why they opted not to have two slots like                                       weak breeze that day. “Did you see how              It will be interesting to see what cam-
 the C-class boats. “The lift coefficient is                                     she did?!! Were you on the water?” I had            paign, if any, Bertarelli mounts, since his
 so good. Therefore we don’t need (to)                                           been on the water on the media boat and             boat was a catamaran but with soft sails.
 increase the number of slots and                                                had been watching the virtual sailing               Building a smaller boat will not likely be a
 complexity. When we need more lift, we                                          screens and with just their wing mast               problem, but building a wing sail,
 can also add the gennaker which the C-                                          versus Alinghi with soft main sail, BMW             something that the team did consider for
 class cannot”.                                                                  Oracle was doing 4-6 knots while Alinghi            Valencia, will be more challenging.
       With ORMA 60s the wing mast                                               was doing 3-4 knots. So, was he                          I had lunch with Loick Peyron on
 rotates like on BMW Oracle, so I asked                                          interested in another AC multihull race.            Day 6, a day off. This was the day before
 him how that changes with a wing mast.                                          “Yea, definitely!” Clearly further discus-          he helmed Alinghi in the first upwind leg,
 “We have a sensor in the wing’s leading                                                                                                                the only time he helmed
                                               Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson

 edge (the sort of eyes on the leading                                                                                                                  a leg, and that leg was
 edge), they look like eyes, and from our                                                                                                               also when Alinghi
 computations we get the right angle”.                                                                                                                  outperformed BMW
 There did not appear to be many tell tales                                                                                                             Oracle. More of our
 on the wing mast, so I asked him how                                                                                                                   conversation is detailed
 they sail it and setup the sails correctly.                                                                                                            in the sidebar on page 7.
 He replied, “The first time the crew took                                                                                                              Loick and I shared a lot
 out the boat, they thought they could just                                                                                                             in common and many
 go out and sail the boat, and came back                                                                                                                years before he’d
 saying it did not work. We then had to                                                                                                                 competed against and
 convince them they would need to sail by                                                                                                               had been beaten by my
 the numbers and the information from                                                                                                                   old boat (as Paragon).
 the sensors, computed lift coefficients,                                                                                                               We had a very good
                                                                                     Ernesto Bertarelli and Alinghi crew passing close to us and
 optimums and then (they could) achieve                                                                                                                 conversation, and his
                                                                                                      waving before the first start.

4 N E M A          Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                                       America’s Cup

Inside the America’s Cup                                                        AC cup campaign in 1992, which was the          over a catamaran, particularly since sea
(continued from previous page)                                                  last successful campaign by an                  state was not much of an issue. The
                                                                                American syndicate (America 3) prior to         races were going to be held in less than
comments were incisive and his charm                                            AC 33. Ron offered the insight that the         15 knots of breeze and so the benefit of
gracious. Concerning the America’s Cup,                                         quoted amount for a campaign, such as           upwind performance and sailing close to
he felt that something like a 100-foot boat                                     Bill Koch’s $68 million, is rarely a true       the wind was not much of an issue.
would be ideal because of the excite-                                           reflection of the cost and that total costs     Upwind performance was not so
ment of close-handed sailing and that,                                          may be considerably more. Clearly the           different because both boats had hull
with a careful box rule, costs could be                                         box rule and a boat that is no bigger in        foils that could be used to improve the
contained. As it has turned out, he and                                         length than the 1988 60-footer, with a          upwind angle to the wind. I asked James
his brother have joined together to mount                                       wing mast, helps to contain costs but           Spithill about this. “You’ve stripped off
an AC campaign. Theirs would be a                                               does not sacrifice much in speed and            the central rudder, dagger board and are
formidable team because France has the                                                                                          sailing the boat like a cat. Tacking is

                                                Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson
most experience with large multihull                                                                                            traditionally better with a trimaran. Is the
designing, building and sailing. There is                                                                                       center hull necessary?” Downwind
the potential for a first-time-ever win by                                                                                      pointing may also be affected. His
France of the America’s Cup.                                                                                                    comment was, “You are correct. (The
     At the Alinghi base, a group of us                                                                                         center hull is) still needed to add
had a chance to speak to Lord Richard                                                                                           stiffness. The center hull allows us to
Branson about his views. He made it                                                                                             move the wing mast backwards and
clear that he was not planning to race a                                                                                        forwards along the hull, which we could
Virgin boat unless his friend Sir Keith                                                                                         not do with a catamaran”. Looking at the
Mills from Team Origin withdrew.                                                                                                boat from my photographs and the aerial
“Britain has a well sponsored boat, but if                                                                                      views, it is clear that the outer hulls
things should change then I would                                                                                               (amas) on BMW Oracle were consider-
consider (an entry). At this stage there                                          Asking Larry Ellison questions at the press   ably longer than on Alinghi. The rules
are no plans for a Virgin America’s Cup”.                                                        conference.                    stated the boats had to be 90 feet long at
He made the comment that he thought
                                              Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson

                                                                                                                                the water line and up to 90 feet wide.
that most owners would prefer to race a                                                                                               What, then, was the advantage of a
monohull but volunteered “I like small                                                                                          trimaran? With these parameters there
boats like Hobie cats and enjoy sailing                                                                                         were two. With its three hulls, a trimaran
them” at his BVI residence at Necktar                                                                                           floats on its center hull when at rest and
Island, BVI. With Team Origin’s with-                                                                                           the amas are either out of the water or
drawal, the opportunity for a Virgin team                                                                                       bouncing on the surface, so the center
may be possible.                                                                                                                hull would establish the measured length
                                                                                                                                of the boat. This thus allows the amas to
Catamaran vs. Trimaran                                                                                                          be considerably longer, as was the case
      Now that the decision has been                                                                                            here, whereas with a catamaran, this
made for an AC catamaran race, some                                                                                             advantage can not be obtained other
new questions arise. Most owners are                                                                                            than by making long bows that are out of
sailors and they have traditionally liked                                                                                       the water. However such a configuration
taking the helm. With multihulls there is                                             Chatting to Lord Richard Branson          does not aid performance much because
a steeper learning curve, because of the                                                                                        of the resulting curved shape of the
quick changes and increased speed.                                              drama. The costs of the wing mast,              under-water segment. Hence, Alinghi’s
The line is finer between success and                                           however, are less well defined.                 legal challenge regarding BMW Oracle’s
error. Helming is less conducive to the                                              Does the decision to choose a              length. The other advantage was that
owner driving, although Larry Ellison was                                       catamaran versus a trimaran matter. In          when sailed as a cat the full length of the
on the stern of his boat during the                                             the AC 33 race it became obvious very           trimaran’s amas could be utilized and the
second race in Valencia. The cost of                                            quickly that the BMW Oracle boat was            length of the hulls is a very important
developing Alinghi and BMW Oracle was                                           going to be sailed as a catamaran, with         contributor to speed. This holds true
clearly very high, in the range of $100-                                        two hulls out of the water, and not as a        quite well even for large multihulls, such
$200 million, but these were bigger boats                                       trimaran. Obviously, the ORMA class             as 60-foot ORMA trimarans. Another
than the new 72-foot AC boats. This may                                         trimarans were in the same way also             potential benefit of a trimaran is that
still present a barrier to entries. Ron                                         sailed mostly as catamarans. So what            there are two hulls that can have water
Young managed Bill Koch’s successful                                            then were the advantages of a trimaran                               continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                           Summer 2011        N E M A          5
    America’s Cup

 Inside the America’s Cup                      the Swan by about ten feet.                   contact with its competitor. Ed expected
 (continued from page 5)                             The AC starting area maneuvers are      there to be larger distances between
                                               interesting to watch, too. When               boats and little “TV of both boats” This
 ballast added, instead of only one. The       Bertarelli was at Alinghi’s helm and          was largely true during the AC 33 racing,
 disadvantage of a trimaran over a             entering the starting box, he was             except for at the end of the first leg of the
 catamaran is the potential extra weight       heading directly at BMW Oracle and            second race.
 of the boat.                                  initially tried to turn downwind to gybe
                                               around and the windward ama dipped.           Marketng the America’s Cup
 Tactics                                       The AC commentators missed this, but it             It will be important for the next
      The race tactics used are also           was clearly seen from vantage points on       America’s Cup to engage viewers in the
 interesting. For AC 33, the first race was    the water at the race start, but not from     racing action. Virtual sailing screens,
 a traditional windward leeward course,        the helicopter’s video. Bertarelli was        overview footage, including mast
 but over 40 nautical miles. BMW Oracle        then forced to tack very close to BMW         cameras and helicopters, showing the
 won this race by 15 minutes and 25            Oracle, because his boat was not gybing       action and the much more active
 seconds. The second race was a                fast enough. This resulted in a penalty       process of sailing multihulls, will help
 triangular circuit with the base of the       point and Alinghi later made her required     draw in TV/Web audiences.
 triangle on the windward side of the          penalty turn at the finish line.              Furthermore, the potential for dramatic
 course, allowing for a fast beam reach,             What about man overboard proce-         crashes and crash boxes breaking off
 for a total distance of 39 nautical miles     dures? Ed noted that for AC 33 the chase      (part of the design of the new AC boat
 and BMW Oracle won this by 5 minutes          boats would pick up                           bows), will even attract some interest,
 and 29 seconds. On the beam reach, the        anyone who fell

                                                                                                                                             Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson
 virtual screen showed BMW Oracle              overboard and that
 reaching up to 33 knots. I had a conver-      there would be no
 sation with Ed Baird, who has enjoyed         resulting penalty
 sailing trimarans in the past. The obvious    unless it was a
 concern would be the speed and rapid          deliberate crew
 acceleration of multihulls and Ed noted       reduction.
 that when sailing from 45 degrees to 75             He noted that,
 degrees there is a risk of rapid accelera-    when looking for
 tion and capsizing as they had experi-        pressure on a
 enced during training with an ORMA 60         downwind leg, the
 trimaran. He put this down to their           crew needed to look
 crew’s inexperience and poor communi-         downwind for
 cation. This danger led to changing           evidence of the                   BMW Oracle approaching start line from starboard
 Alinghi‘s design, to make the nets closer     wind, since the
 to the water, so that if she capsized, the    boats sail faster downwind than the wind      dare one say, from those who watch
 crew would not be suffocated by the           does. This is a counter-intuitive notion      NASCAR (as Cam suggested) and
 nets. Also, all of the crew carried knives    for many. Indeed, an ORMA 60 can sail         certainly Formula 1 racing. Just as
 because of the huge size of the nets in       at 2.5 times the wind speed in light winds.   Formula 1 racing shows off the latest
 case they needed to escape.                   He pointed out that Russell Coutts would      technology that then trickles down to
      I asked about the dial-up, since the     release a balloon at the windward mark        everyday cars, so the modernized update
 boats’ closing speeds will be 30 knots to     and see if the crew could beat the            of the America’s Cup will undoubtedly
 40 knots when entering the starting box       balloon to the finish line.                   have spin-offs for everyday sailors. It is
 and it is very difficult to turn a large            Compared to monohull America’s          thus ironic that multihulls are no longer
 multihull quickly down wind and gybing        Cup racing, it is noteworthy that wind        competing in the Olympics and that in the
 it. Obviously, the port boat is required to   direction and tides will be less important,   latter 1800s, Herreshoff’s sailing of a
 give way upon entering the course. Ed         whereas wind strength will be much            faster catamaran resulted in stricter
 agreed. “Yes. It takes more time”.            more important – wind speed increase          limits to the boats allowed to compete in
 Having once nearly T-boned a Swan 55          from 6 to 7 knots can increase boat           the America’s Cup and a lost century of
 with my 60-foot trimaran while on a port      speed by 20%. Ed expected there to be         potential multihull development. Maybe
 close-hauled tack at 16 knots, I am well      fewer tacks in the multihulls, because        this time the audience for AC racing will
 aware of this difficulty. Larus Roc would     boat speed drops by about 70% and the         be bigger than for bull riding, which was
 not turn behind the approaching Swan          boats loose 20 to 30 seconds per tack.        more popular than AC 32 on the cable
 and only a quick tack prevented an            Hence, there are fewer tacks in multihull     channel ‘Versus’ during the 32nd
 accident, with my 52’-beam boat missing       racing duels, but each boat still keeps in    America’s Cup.

6 N E M A          Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                                            America’s Cup

                                  Inside the America’s Cup                          games, increasing the advertising               Caribbean, winning 7 of them. His team’s
                                  (continued from previous page)                    audience, and developing more                   record of 60 hours for the Marion-
                                                                                    advanced technologies such as wing              Bermuda race still stands. He now sails
                                       For sailors, the contribution of the         masts for more boats.                           a Corsair F31 with his family.
                                  new AC format will be very important,
                                  rejuvenating the sport of sailing, bringing             Lars Svensson, MD, PhD, raced his         This article and the sidebar, below were
                                  in new young sailors who are more                 60-foot ORMA trimaran from 2006 to 2008         edited by Sydney Miller.
                                  action-orientated because of computer             in 9 races in New England and in the

                                  Lunch with Loick Peyron
                                                                                                                                    inshore races for the public but that does
                                                                                                                                    not work. As far as the public is con-
                                                                                                                                    cerned, that’s off-shore. It has to be in
                                                                                                                                    harbors, like Claire Fontaine and here in
                             By Lars Svensson
                                                                                                                                    Valencia (which are raced with 40s).
                                          n Thursday the 13th of February            achieved). At 15 knots (wind speed),

                                                                                                                                    Also, the Extreme 40s. The public loves
                                          at the 33rd Americas Cup, I had            Alinghi may get 33 to 34 knots (boat           that. Look at the ORMA 60 in Nokia
                                          paella lunch with Loick Peyron             speed) but that is because of big sails        OOPs. I raced them in Stockholm harbor.
                                  and his charming wife Christina. Loick             and not reefing. Acceleration is very fast     It was great. That’s what we need.
                                  and I had struck up a conversation about           with Alinghi as with the ORMA 60s, but         LS: What about the Round-the-world,
                                  sailing ORMA 60s. He had raced against             not as fast, but once up on a hull it’s very   non-stop multihull races? Obviously
                                  my boat in the 1980s and 1990s and when            stable and feels very safe. Not like           sponsors and the public like the stops
                                  he heard the name of Paragon, he threw             ORMAs (where there is a) concern for           like in the Whitbread and Volvo Races.
                                  up his arms and said what a great boat             capsizing and edge. Also Alinghi does          LP: Interesting, I was talking to my
                                  and how ahead of her time she was.                 not have the acceleration of an ORMA 60        brother today about that this morning.
                                  During our lunch I had the opportunity to          when going from 35 to 110 degrees and          70s are obviously too small for Around
                                                                                     there is concern about capsizing. (There       the World but going back to the Arab
                                  ask him many questions about his
                                                                                     is a zone where it is a) little nervous from   class, they need to be 100 feet and there
                                  thoughts about the America’s Cup and
                                                                                     45 to 75 but then the boat is very stable.”    are already two of them. I think there
                                  around-the-world sailing.
                                                                                                 LS: What about an AC               should be something like 100 feet (race
                                                                                                 multihull?                         boats) around the world.
Photo Courtesy of Lars Svensson

                                                                                                 LP: Certainly would be             LS: Like the Race?
                                                                                                 interesting.                       LP: Yes, but with stops; in-harbor racing.
                                                                                                 LS: What box rule would you        But 70 s are too big and inshore with
                                                                                                 envisage? 70 foot?                 them does not work. I think you should
                                                                                                 LP: Well I’ve been thinking a      have the 100-footers from port-to-port
                                                                                                 lot about that. No, 70 is too      like Volvo.
                                                                                                 slow and small. Would need         LS: And then have smaller boats like 40s
                                                                                                 100 foot. Would be a good          in harbor?
                                                                                                 size and not scare teams off.      LP: Yes, you have to have small boats in
                                                                                                 Look at Dubai Arab class boat      harbor with the same crew sailing them.
                                                                                                 – it’s 100 feet.                   40 foot maximum because they need to
                                                                                                 LS: Would you have a               fit in containers. It’s ridiculous to have
                                                                                                 triangular course like ORMA        big grinder crews flying in for the in-
                                         The author (L) and Loick Peyron over lunch.             60s?                               shore races – it’s too expensive.
                                                                                              LP: Not sure but I’ve been            LS: So should there be powered winches
                                                                                     thinking a lot about this. The problem         and hydraulics?
                                  Lars Svensson (LS): What are the biggest
                                                                                     with multihulls is that tacking duels will     LP: No, no, no. I don’t like that at all. For
                                  differences between ORMA 60s and
                                                                                     be minimal. Probably would be better to        this race I was against power. but this is
                                  Alinghi, apart from light-wind speed?
                                                                                     have gates that boats go through.              about the best technology.
                                  Loick Peyron (LP): “Well, ORMA 60s are
                                                                                     LS: With the death of the ORMA class,
                                  faster and more on edge but because
                                                                                     what do you think of the proposed 70-          His final comments were: “Impressive.
                                  sailing with two reefs you can have
                                                                                     foot ORMA or 70-class races suggested          Happy to be here. Great event. Planning
                                  lower center of moment and thus faster
                                                                                     by Coutts and Cayard?                          the next step”. Will the 34th America’s
                                  in strong winds (higher speeds can be
                                                                                     LP: The problem is the boats may have          Cup, AC 34, be the first win for France?

                                                                                                                                                Summer 2011       N E M A           7
                       NEMA Members

                     The HMS Beagle Sails Again
                     by Randy Dickson

                                                                                                                                                                     Photo Courtesy of Randy Dickson
                             awn, my wife, is directly

                     D       descended from Charles Darwin.
                             So, as we considered buying a
                     boat, we had images of adventures far
                     and wide, just as Darwin had on the HMS
                     Beagle. Our goals for adventure are
                     more modest, but we still needed a
                     vessel that would get the family out on
                     the water, be fun to own and be easily
                     transportable so we could venture all
                     over New England. Oh, and we didn't
                     have the resources of the Beagle’s
                     Captain, Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy, to
                     bankroll this operation.                                                Tramp as it sat in Long Island Sound by the seller.
                          Having read Multihulls Magazine
                                                                              Our exploration craft would need to       previous owner claimed he sailed it to 12
                     back in the early 90's, and having lusted
                                                                        be trailerable with our existing small          knots; what speeds can we get out of
                     after a Dick Newick Tri parked down the
                                                                        SUV; capable of sailing with six on board;      her?
                     street on Granite Pier, I had been
                                                                        and substantial enough to handle heavy                The Tramp can take up to six people,
                     introduced to trimarans but hadn’t sailed
                                                                        duty work. Our open-ended objective is          though of course not at any double digit
                     one. Now, 20 years later, we had
                                                                        to sail in and around New England – on          speeds. It has been said that it was an
                     narrowed our initial sail boat search
                                                                        Lakes Champlain and Winnipesaukee,              overbuilt boat to begin with, and already
                     down to three monohulls: the Rhodes 19,
                                                                        and off the coast along the North shore         on the heavy side. Heavy, perhaps, but
                     the Lightning, and the Flying Scot. All
                                                                        of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and down            also durable: this is a 30-year-old boat.
                     great boats in their own right, but the
                                                                        to the Connecticut coast. We aren’t                   The Tramp we found in New York
                     intrinsic qualities of Ian Farrier’s folding
                                                                        experienced sailors yet, but I did grow up      was not modified in any way, though its
                     tri were compelling. And, while we
                                                                        sailing around the bay in an O'Day day          mast has been replaced, and it shows no
                     dreamed about the new F-22 or a Corsair
                                                                        sailer.                                         signs of abuse. That said, almost
                     24, our budget called for something more
                                                                              The Farrier Tramp was perfect for         everything can use lots of TLC. The
                                                                                                us. Called the          aluminum rudder is so loose and cracked
Dawn Dickson Photo

                                                                                                Eagle in its US         that we are seriously thinking of replac-
                                                                                                production form,        ing it, rather than making repairs. The
                                                                                                it was Ian              bottom paint is over 1/8" thick , and it's
                                                                                                Farrier's first         starting to chip off wholesale, revealing
                                                                                                fiberglass              the original gelcoat. This is not to
                                                                                                production              complain: it's a good package at a great
                                                                                                folding tri. The        price, and we are looking forward to
                                                                                                Tramp fit all our       many adventures around the lakes and
                                                                                                criteria. And           bays of New England.
                                                                                                while it may be               Before those adventures begin this
                                                                                                slower than its         Spring, we must learn all the ropes and
                                                                                                younger cousins,        rigging, figure out what is missing and
                                                                                                we are confident        how to replace it. We have four sails
                                                                                                that it’s faster        (main, jib, spinnaker, and genoa), and
                                                                                                than the mono-          some but not all battens, and a traveler
                                                                                                hulls we had            that does not (yet) travel.
                           Randy pulling out the tools to adjust the ama (float) support
                                                                                                considered. The               Ian Farrier’s Tramp design was
                                     before the long road trip from NY to VT.

                 8 N E M A              Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                                NEMA Members

                      HMS Beagle                                                                                          stern rope ladder, bow & stern mast
                      (continued from previous page)                                                                      support for transport, some Tramp
                                                                                                                          literature, and too many miscellaneous
Randy Dickson Photo

                                                                                                                          parts to list. It fit in our garage with one
                                                                                                                          foot to spare. The mast was another
                                                                                                                          story being exactly one damned inch too
                                                                                                                          long, so we made a convenient hole on
                                                                                                                          the new garage sheetrock. Mast fits!
                                                                                                                               As we are Tramp rebuilding, we
                                                                                                                          would love to hear from anyone with
                                                                                                                          information on such Tramp features and
                                                                                                                          a folding soft top and quick stay tension-
                                                                                                                          ers, or a good quick way to remove
                                                                                                                          bottom paint.
                                                                                                                               But we’ve already done the most
                                                                                                                          important part. Before putting her inside
                                                                                                                          for the winter, we painted a new name
                                                                                                                          on the stern, an unassuming name: HMS
                                                                                                                          Beagle, New England. We are ready to
                                                                                                                          start our explorations. We hope to see
                                                                                                                          you this year on the water!

                                     On the way home we took a detour to Keene, NH to visit friends.                           Here are some of the specifications
                           (L to R) Dawn, Katelyn, Matt and Lisa doing a little road sailing aboard the Tramp.            of a Tramp:
                                                                                                                               * LOA = 19' 6" / 5.95 m
                                                                                                                               * LWL = 19' 6" / 5.95m
                      produced by three manufacturers over                a center board, and its sandwich
                                                                                                                               * Beam max = 14' 9" / 4.5m
                      the years. The original "Tramp" was                 construction, which brings its overall
                                                                                                                               * Beam Folded = 8' / 2.44m
                      produced by Australian boat manufac-                weight down.
                                                                                                                               * Displacement = 1400 lbs. / 640 kb
                      turer Haines Hunter from about 1980 to                   Ours, built in 1982 by Haines Hunter,
                                                                                                                               * Draft min. = 14" / .36m (boards up)
                      1983. The second production run was                 has a HIN of "8211485T", but has a sail #
                                                                                                                               * Draft max. = 4' / 1.22m
                      called the "Eagle", and produced by                 of "92." That prompted us to question
                                                                                                                                    (boards down)
                      Pyramid International in Houston, Texas.            what number in the production run was
                                                                                                                               * Outboard = 4 to 6 hp.
                      The third was called the "Tramp" again,             ours, but even Ian Farrier could not help
                      and produced by Ostac Yachts in                     us with that question. Of course, the
                                                                                                                               Randy Dickson is a new NEMA
                      Australia. The Ostac version is known for           main sail may not be the original. We are
                                                                                                                          member, and is now dragging his wife,
                      its bigger cabin, dagger board instead of           the third owners of this white-hulled
                                                                                                                          Dawn, into the wonderful world of
                                                                                                      Tramp; both
Randy Dickson Photo

                                                                                                                          sailing. Having just purchased an old
                                                                                                                          Tramp this past fall of 2010, they hope to
                                                                                                      owners were in
                                                                                                                          be on the water this summer, 2011!
                                                                                                      the Long Island
                                                                                                      Sound area.
                                                                                                                          This article was edited by Andrew
                                                                                                            The boat
                                                                                                      came with a lot
                                                                                                      of equipment,
                                                                                                                                                                         Randy Dickson Photo

                                                                                                      including a
                                                                                                      great galva-
                                                                                                      nized trailer, a
                                                                                                      little two-stroke
                                                                                                      Evinrude, VHF
                                                                                                      radio, compass,
                                Tramp parked in its new home in West Hartford, VT,
                                                                                                     anchor, sail
                      showing a view of the Farrier folding system which, though improved over
                                                                                                     cover, roller
                           the years, still retains the basic prinicples used on the Tramp.
                                                                                                     furler, bumpers,

                                                                                                                                      Summer 2011       N E M A          9
                    NEMA News

                                                                                                                                                               Tom Cox Photo
                Survival Equipment Demonstrations
                at the NEMA General Meeting
                by Ed Sinofsky

                        he March 31, 2011, NEMA General          They then spent some time

                T       Meeting at the Savin Hill Yacht
                        Club included a social hour filled
                with pizza, beer, lemonade and discus-
                                                            discussing PFD technologies.
                                                            Barbara Watson volunteered to
                                                            demonstrate the inflation of a CO2
                sions of Spring, and we were treated to a   inflatable vest. We were told the
                presentation by two representatives         gas cartridges last indefinitely until Life Raft Demo: A 4-person Avon life raft is inflated for
                from Life Raft and Survival Technologies    they show visible signs of pitting.                            inspection.
                of Tiverton, RI. The two Brians, self            To find anyone at night would
                                                                                                            They showed us the two types of
                described as one tall and one not so tall,  require the survivor to have a light or
                                                                                                            handheld flares typically used on our
                from LRSE (Life Raft and Survival           strobe attached to themselves or their
                                                                                                            boats. The SOLAS brand is significantly
                Equipment) brought a box of survival        PFD. One of the Brians told us about the
                                                                                                            brighter and doesn’t drip hot “slag” onto
                equipment, flares, and even a real life     new See Me LED based water activated
                                                                                                            the deck. The cheaper ORION brand
                raft to teach the NEMA membership a         strobes and lights that sell for about $25
                                                                                                            needs to be struck like a match, and will
                little more about the latest and greatest   each. This is a great idea, and several of
                                                                                                            drip hot slag on the boat.
                in safety and survival technologies.        these are on my GlowBoat’s spring
                                                                                                                  We ended the evening by having
                      The first new thing they talked about shopping list.
                                                                                                            Brian and Brian show us how a 4 person
                was a remote MOB module that would               The topic of tethers then came up
                                                                                                            life raft was inflated. After much hissing
                self inflate when triggered to make a       and the membership had a brisk discus-
                                                                                                            the raft was fully inflated upstairs in the
                platform for the survivor to board. The     sion about the importance of the release
                                                                                                            club allowing us to take a few goofy
                $1000, 18 pound MOM 600 is water            mechanisms and not making the tether
                                                                                                            photos with several members inside the
                deployed to avoid the survivor having to    too long. Many of these stories were
                inflate the unit themselves. It looks like agraphic descriptions of why long tethers
                                                                                                                  After the meeting adjourned many of
                big seat cushion in the undeployed state.   that allow you to fall overboard may be
                                                                                                            us had a treacherous slippery ride home
                      The discussion then turned to PLBs,   worse than no tether at all. Ira Heller
                                                                                                            in a late season snow event. I hope
                or personal location beacons. These         commented from the back of the room to
                                                                                                            everyone survived the ride home from
                beacons are registered to the user so       remind everyone to stay on the boat, and
                                                                                                            the survival equipment meeting.
                when activated to send for help, the        I was thinking the exact same thing.
                rescuers know who they are looking for.          Our audience volunteer, Barbara,
                                                                                                                  Ed Sinofsky is the NEMA Vice
                The PLB sends the survivor’s location by    again graciously agreed to try on a full
                                                                                                            Commodore, and sails and races his
                satellite to other boaters and the Coast    survival “Gumby” suit. Clearly the              Corsair F24/II GlowBoat from Cape Cod.
                Guard.                                      donning of this suit was something that         If not playing with his tri, he is probably
                                                                    should be practiced many times          windsurfing.
Tom Cox Photo

                                                                    before it is needed.
                                                                                                                                                               Tom Cox Photo

                                                                    We all agreed that you
                                                                    really couldn’t do
                                                                    anything but float in it
                                                                    while waiting for help.
                                                                    Even the act of
                                                                    hanging on to a
                                                                    distressed boat was
                                                                    unimaginable with the
                                                                    three finger gloves.
                                                                         The next topic
                 Barbara Watson dons an immersion “Gumby” suit,     was flares and I found      Rub a dub dub: 3 men (L to R, Ed Sinofsky, Dave Boettiger,
                          assisted by one of the Brians.            this most interesting.           Bob Gleason) try the 4-person life raft on for size.

10 N E M A                        Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                                                    NEMA Racing
Svetlana Vakhutinsky Photo

                                                                                                                                     Searching for a Breeze
                                                                                                                                            at the Newport
                                                                                                                                      Unlimited Race, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                   by Andrew Houlding

                                      h! The fickle, fickle wind. It was                      sunny day but little breeze. The race          scrutinizing his copy of the Eldridge Tide

                             O        there, it was filling in, it was dying,
                                      it was dead, it was revived, it was
                             filling in, it was here; no, it was gone
                                                                                              course started north of the Newport
                                                                                              bridge and headed around Conanicut
                                                                                              Island. We had some good views of the
                                                                                                                                             & Pilot book, and I suspect he was
                                                                                                                                             flapping the pages at his sails. However
                                                                                                                                             he did it, we saw the tiniest little breeze
                             again. Maddening, titillating, teasing,                          Little America’s Cup boats winging             in his sails and we watched as he began
                             and then—almost too late! – it gave us a                         around and making it look like there was       moving south close to the West shore-
                             romping good breeze in the final race to                         some air pressure, though they needed          line. We could only watch as he crept
                             the finish line. This was racing in the                          so little to get moving.                       away from us, gradually picking up
                             2010 Newport Unlimited on the last                                     Under Bob’s coaching we had a            speed and eventually disappearing in the
                             weekend of August.                                               good start and led the fleet tacking,          haze.
                                   There was a nice turnout with a                            tacking, tacking close in to the Conanicut           We slowly drifted with the remain-
                             dozen F18 cats joining nine trimarans                            shoreline, dodging boats at their moor-        der of the fleet, eventually emerging
                             that included four F27s. I trailered                             ings and docks and occasional rocks as         south of the bridge. I handed the helm to
                             Skedaddle, my Corsair 28R to Fort Adams                          we played a northerly breeze that              Liz, and that seemed to do the trick: the
                             Park in Newport, RI, early                                                                                            afternoon on-shore breeze came
                                                                 Svetlana Vakhutinsky Photo

                             Saturday morning and met my                                                                                           on, and we were tacking south.
                             crew there: Bob Gleason, who                                                                                          Milagro was long gone, but the F-
                             is known to all as a master                                                                                           27s were close by and we were
                             tactician, and Liz Keith, who                                                                                         able to follow Flying Fish’s line as
                             had just purchased her first                                                                                          we turned downwind around the
                             multihull, a C24, and is an                                                                                           bottom of Conanicut. Steve Parks
                             accomplished monohull sailor.                                                                                         has the local knowledge of those
                             We rigged and motored out to a                                                                                        waters so we chased him – but
                             spot north of Newport Harbor                                                                                          never caught him – as we sailed on
                             and milled slowly around as we                                        Trinity, Milagro and Swamp Fox                  a broad reach to the finish through
                             waited for the breeze to come. It                                                                                     the dozens of sailboats that had
                             didn’t. The race committee eventually                            seemed strongest about two inches off          come out to greet the afternoon wind.
                             decided on a short course that began in                          the edge of the island. But as we                    Skedaddle finished fifth on cor-
                             a whisper and ended near the eastern                             emerged from the northern end of the           rected time on Saturday and fourth on
                             shoreline in glassy water. There was                             island and turned left, the air stood still    Sunday, with the F-27s of Dick Bluestein,
                             some light air early in the race, promises                       and we all came to a halt, sails limp.         Steve Parks, Peter Vakhutinsky and
                             of pressure, but it ended in a slow drift.                            It must be admitted that there were       Steve Larcen ahead of us. Despite doing
                                   Several tris offered tow lines to the                      thoughts of packing it in and motoring         a horizon job on us all, Milagro didn‘t
                             motor-less F18s, and we headed back                              back. From the north end of the West           make enough time to overcome her -30
                             toward Fort Adams. Of course, an on-                             passage you can see far down, past the         rating, but she made an impressive
                             shore breeze then started to build and                           Jamestown Bridge, and it is a long slog        escape.
                             the F18s dropped off our sterns and took                         back to Newport. We were drifting                    And this year, the wind has promised
                             off, trapped out and flying. We tied up at                       slowly with the current, but it wasn’t         to be stronger, more consistent, and
                             our berth and rode down to the Ida Lewis                         sailing and it sure didn’t feel like racing.   dependable. We’ll try to be the same.
                             Yacht Club, guests of Steve Parks, whose                         It was hot.
                             F27 Flying Fish bested all comers for the                             And then we saw Dennis Neuman’s           NEMA member Andy Houlding keeps
                             NEMA 2010 season trophy.                                         F9A Milagro begin to creep away. He            Skedaddle, his Corsair 28R, on the
                                   Sunday brought another beautiful                           wasn’t motoring. I’m sure he was               Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound,
                                                                                                                                             near New Haven.

                                                                                                                                                        Summer 2011       N E M A          11
                                             NEMA Racing
Photo Courtesy of Harry Whittelsey

                                                    Wind and Waves for the Vinyard Race, 2010                                                                by Harry Whittelsey

                                       Zoom, just before Finishing at the
                                         Stamford Harbor Breakwater.

                                             his was the second time Multihulls           inspection port on the starboard ama         down and ready, I hopped on and now off

                                     T       were invited to race in the
                                             Vineyard Race, a classic on Long
                                     Island Sound since 1934, a jaunt from
                                                                                          was Gone! And of course the ama was
                                                                                          already filled with water! We couldn’t
                                                                                          race without a screw-in cover - what
                                                                                                                                       we went north out of the Huntington
                                                                                                                                       Harbor channel. Serge removed the old
                                                                                                                                       broken rings and installed the replace-
                                     Stamford, CT to a mark in Buzzard’s Bay              could we do? Jon, a long time sailor in      ment.
                                     and return. The first time we sailed it 20           the Huntington area, said we could sail           Once in the bay we started sailing
                                     years ago in 1990, when there were three             into Huntington Harbor and tie up on the     north, with the wind on the nose blowing
                                     of us and I finished 1st with High Flyer,            town dock, go to West Marine across the      up into the 20s. The start was off
                                     my Condor 40. We beat John Barry in                  street, and they might have a replace-       Stamford Harbor, about 12 miles upwind.
                                     Suburban Propane by seconds, though I                ment, and then maybe we can make the         We were racing to the start without
                                     do not remember who was third. I was                 start. I bore off and gybed, and started     water in the ama! We were watching
                                                                                          back south into the bay then down the        the divisions starting and we had about 5
                                     looking forward to racing in the 76th
                                                                                          channel into Huntington Harbor, all about    minutes to our start as we are sailing
                                     Vineyard Race once again. This was the
                                                                                          6 miles. We were doing 12 to 15 knots        upwind through the spectator boats. I
                                     first long distance racing I
                                                                                                                                                         started a tack. As I was
                                                                   Serge Leonidov Photo

                                     did during the 50s and
                                                                                                                                                         using my 14-foot hiking
                                     60s, crewing in classic
                                                                                                                                                         stick, I swung it behind
                                     Mono Sloops and Yawls.
                                                                                                                                                         the boom while I
                                           Getting to the race
                                                                                                                                                         stepped around aft end
                                     was a true Chinese Fire
                                                                                                                                                         of the boom. The reef
                                     Drill. The crew of Zoom,
                                                                                                                                                         line for the 2nd reef
                                     my Cosrair F31-1D,
                                                                                                                                                         wasn’t tightened up, it
                                     consisted of Serge
                                                                                                                                                         got caught on another
                                     Leonidov, Jon Goldberg,
                                                                                                                                                         reef line, and as the
                                     James Ebenau and myself.
                                                                                                                                                         boom droped to the new
                                     We started out to the race
                                                                                                                                                         leeward side I went off
                                     start from Northport Harbor
                                                                                                                                                         the stern with a backflip.
                                     in a Northerly of about 15
                                                                                                                                                         I was in the water with
                                     knots. The start had been
                                                                                                                                                         all my foul weather gear,
                                     delayed one day due to the
                                                                                                                                                         sea boots and my
                                     Hurricane which had                                           Jamie Ebenau at the helm.                            Mustang PFD - I pulled
                                     passed the day before. For
                                                                                                                                                        the trigger. Serge was
                                     the start the cold front was sweeping
                                                                                          into the harbor, went to the bottom of the   nearest on the main, he gybed the boat
                                     after the hurricane, promising stiff
                                                                                          harbor spun around, dropped the jib,         and headed up to windward of me, Jamie
                                     westerlies along the Sound. There were
                                                                                          unhooked the 12-to-1 main sheet and          grabed the helm spun up and in a few
                                     10 divisions, totaling 73 boats, including
                                                                                          made a fast stop at the town dock . I ran    minutes Serge and Jon pulled me up
                                     five multihulls.
                                                                                          to West Marine and found the exact           onto the Ama. I still had the broken end
                                           Just as we were entering Long
                                                                                          replacement, bought it plus a spare          of the hiking stick in my hand! They
                                     Island Sound from Huntington Bay we
                                                                                          along with some Boat Life and headed         headed for the line and crossed about 8
                                     noticed one of the covers for the
                                                                                          back to the boat. They had the outboard      minutes late, starting the deep run with

12 N E M A                                              Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                                            NEMA Racing

                                   Vineyard Race                                     run, crossing tacks. In the darkness the         the return tack. It was a long, cold way
                                   (continued from previous page)                    waves were oncoming from above the               to Stamford, but we loved the sunshine
                                                                                                                     bow, the boat    after that night and the water flattened
Photo Courtesy of Serge Leonidov

                                                                                                                     lifted, leveled, out nicely, and the surroundings indi-
                                                                                                                     and went on      cated home. Looking for Elvis, the
                                                                                                                     at a steady      Gunboat 62, beat us by just under 4
                                                                                                                     clip of 3 knots  hours. It was not good weather for a
                                                                                                                     on GPS trying    F31-1D, even though we finished 2nd.
                                                                                                                     to punch              I am looking forward to September,
                                                                                                                     back into the    2011, when we should have the usual
                                                                                                                     Sound. The       Vineyard Race without a shortened
                                                                                                                     main traveler    course. NEMA member Mike Divon,
                                                                                                                     could not be     owner of Milk and Honey, is planning to
                                                                                                                     brought          participate and that will ensure we get
                                                                                                                     above its        invited to race again. We were able to
                                                                                                                     normal           get 5 boats on the line and would like as
                                                                                                                     reaching         many of you Out East NEMA Racers to
                                                                                                                     position or      come down to Western Long Island
                                                                                                                     the boat         Sound and race with us.
                                                                                                                     would stall.
                                                   Zoom Finishing the race in lumpy conditions.
                                                                                                                     We were now           [Search YouTube for “Vineyard Race
                                   the big screecher. Meanwhile I was                heading west straight into the wind!             Zoom” to see a short clip of our ride
                                   below and changed into dry clothes.               Another 21 hours of on-the-nose, beating         down.]
                                        The race was a gear buster in a              upwind with 12 hours of tall, square
                                   westerly 15 to 25 or 35 knots-plus on the         waves in the western part of the Sound;               The Multihull ratings and results
                                   way to the bottom mark, with gusts up to          lots of slamming as we fell off the waves.       were:
                                   40 and possibly 50 knots during the night         No one got any sleep! After it got light,        1st: Looking for Elvis, a Gunboat 62
                                   on the return. The hurricane had stirred          we took a long port tack to the middle of                    (PHRF -48)
                                   things up, along with unusually large             the Sound. The water flattened out and           2nd: Zoom, a Corsair F31-1D
                                   tides.                                            Jamie kept on nudging Serge to press                        (PHRF -50)
                                        We had steep square waves as little          down, getting that board working harder          3rd: Trilogy, a trimaran 34
                                   as 4 to 5 seconds apart.                                                                                      (PHRF +30)
                                                                    Photo Courtesy of Harry Whittelsey

                                   Headed east for 7 hrs, racing                                                                            4th: Falcor, a Chris White Explorer
                                   with the big screecher                                                                                   44
                                   downwind to Fishers Island.                                                                                   (PHRF-55)
                                   In the bottom quarter of the
                                   run the waves started piling                                                                                  Harry Whittelsey has been
                                   up in sets and we ended up                                                                               sailing multihulls for over 28 years.
                                   furling the screecher and                                                                                Zoom is his 4th multihull. He started
                                   going with a jib and one reef                                                                            crewing in monos over 60 years
                                   to the bottom mark. If we had                                                                            ago. He has sailed from Nova
                                   kept the sceecher up the                                                                                 Scotia to Bermuda and St. Martin,
                                   steering would hae been heavy                                                                            and one transatlantic delivery. He
                                   and we would have tripped the                                                                            has logged over 18,000 miles off
                                   hulls on the back side of waves                                                                          shore. He is a member of Northport
                                   then the new sets came rushing                                                                           Yacht Club (NY) and was Vice
                                   by. We rounded about 7:30pm,                                                                             Commodore of the Greater
                                   hove-to for a few minutes to          Harry Whittelsey and crew member John Goldberg receiving 2nd Huntington Council of Yacht and
                                   change from regular jib to a                 prize in the Multihull Division of the Vineyard Race.       Boating Clubs.
                                   storm jib, and took off into the
                                   darkness, tacking among a large fleet of          and harder, it was an exhilarating couple
                                   monos and occasionally seeing a                   of hours. After the tack we switched the         This article was edited by Serge
                                   trimaran that we sailed along with on the         watches. The waves were still bumpy on           Leonidov.

                                                                                                                                                 Summer 2011       N E M A          13
          NEMA Racing

                                                                                                                                              Tom Cox Photo
  Summer 2011
  NEMA Racing
  by Tom Cox, NEMA Race Committee Member

     hope that you are not still preparing

                                                                        Swampfox and Shooting Star at the 2010 Downeast 180
     your boat for the upcoming season as
                                                second race is usually a race around                THE NEW ENGLAND SOLO/TWIN is
     I am; May weather was rather
                                                Block Island. Both Friday and Saturday         run jointly by the Goat Island Yacht Club
  inclement, and I’ve been catching up
                                                offer very nice post race liquid refresh-      and the Newport Yacht Club. It is the
  ever since. I hope to launch before the
                                                ment with several kegs full of various         only double-handed race on the circuit.
  end of June, and am looking forward to
                                                rum concoctions. We are guests of the          The course varies, but is usually around
  splash down. The NEMA season
                                                Off Soundings Yacht Club for this event        100 miles in length. There is a nice
  schedule will be familiar to many of you
                                                and entries close early, so get on the         breakfast and skippers meeting prior to
  and following is a brief description of
                                                website early if you plan to enter.            the race and an awards ceremony on
  each event.
                                                      THE BUZZARDS BAY BLAST is run            Sunday afternoon.
                                                concurrently with the NEMA picnic. It is            THE BUZZARDS BAY REGATTA is a
  The NEMA Season                               an informal affair that attracts racers and    large regatta that offers something for
  Trophy Schedule                               non-racers to a Saturday night luau at 22      almost everyone. There are Lasers, 420s,
        This schedule offers something for      Nobska Way in Wareham, MA near                 PHRF, one-design and Multihull classes.
  everyone. The Buzzards Bay Blast, the         Cromesett Point. There is racing on            BBR was the first large monohull regatta
  Black Dog Dash and the Schooner Race          Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, but          to invite multihulls and it has always
  offer racing that can be as casual or as      the races are usually not super serious.       attracted a large, competitive fleet.
  serious as you wish along with good                 THE DOWNEAST 180 is a distance           There are parties, bands, and alcohol all
  social events. There are two overnight        race that is part of the NEMORC (New           in the same spot. This regatta is expen-
  races for those who like them and the         England Multihull Offshore Racing              sive, but it offers 2 to 4 races per day for
  Buzzards Bay Regatta and the Newport          Circuit). The 180 mile course starts in        three days.
  Unlimited offer short course racing and       Gloucester, goes around remote                      THE NEWPORT UNLIMITED is a
  tend to be more on the serious side.          Matinicus Rock outside of Penobscot            two-day event for multihulls held in
  Many of you know the routine, but if you      Bay and finishes outside of Portland.          Newport, RI. This event has a long
  are new to the racing scene, here’s a         The NOR has been sent by email. We             tradition and has evolved over the years,
  capsule description of each race.             will start ourselves and finishers take        but recently it has generally had a day of
        OWEN MITCHELL REGATTA is a day          their own time.                                “around the cans” racing on Saturday
  race beginning in Newport and finishing             THE BLACK DOG DASH has for many          and an 18-mile around-Conanicut Island
  in Block Island. It is a fun, low-key race    years been one of our most popular             course on Sunday.
  and there are inexpensive early-season        events. It is a pursuit race that starts and        THE GLOUCESTER SCHOONER
  dockage rates for those who want them.        ends in Vineyard Haven. You start at           FESTIVAL RACE is the lone season
  We are guests of the Newport Yacht            anchor with your sails down. This 22           trophy race on the North Shore of
  Club. Some members sail home on               mile race has attracted the casual and         Massachusetts Bay and is part of a
  Saturday and others stay and enjoy the        the serious racer and the fleet usually        town-wide celebration of the glory days
  island. It is a beautiful place and not       ties up on the beach in front of the           of Gloucester fishing schooners. There
  crowded at this time of year.                 famous Black Dog restaurant where              is racing for all manner of traditional
        OFF SOUNDINGS SPRING SERIES is          there are prizes giving after the race. If     working craft and also for multihulls on
  a two-race event. The first race takes        there’s enough interest there will be a        Saturday. On Sunday the big schooners
  place on Friday in the waters off Watch       separate, even lower-key race just for         race, which is a spectacle to behold.
  Hill, RI, and finishes in Block Island. The   cruisers. It is a great place to see old       There is a dinner for all crew and
                                                friends and meet new ones.                     fireworks on Saturday night as well as a

14 N E M A           Summer 2011
                                                                                                                              NEMA Racing

                2011 NEMA Racing Events                           THE WHALERS RACE is run by the          offshore races already described above,
                (continued from previous page)                New Bedford Yacht Club. The course is       the NEMORC includes the following
                                                              105 miles and goes from Padanaram out       races.
                                                                                          around the            THE AROUND LONG ISLAND RACE
Tom Cox Photo

                                                                                          whistle at      is a 190-mile race that starts outside
                                                                                          Nomans          New York Harbor, passes along the south
                                                                                          Island, then    coast of Long Island and finishes near
                                                                                          rounds          Hempstead harbor. It is a large, well
                                                                                          Block           organized race.
                                                                                          Island and
                                                                                          returns.             THE MONHEGAN ISLAND RACE is
                                                                                          There is a      run by the Portland Yacht Club. It is a
                                                                                          sit-down        128-mile race that is well attended and
                                                                                          dinner after    organized. It tends to be a light-air affair,
                                                                                          the             but there is a good fleet. (This race is
                                                                                          Skippers        also part of the GMORA series, see
                                         2010 Downeast 180 Racers                         meeting on      below.)
                light buffet Sunday during the awards                                     Friday.              IDA LEWIS DISTANCE RACE is a 150
                ceremony at the Coast Guard Station.                                                      to 180-mile race. The course begins and
                      THE OFF SOUNDINGS FALL SERIES          New England                                  ends in Newport, RI, and sails basically
                rounds out the season. It is similar in                                                   between Montauk and Nantucket.
                format to the spring series except the
                                                             Multihull Offshore                           Multihulls have not previously partici-
                first race usually starts out of New         Racing Circuit                               pated in this race, and there may be
                London, CT and ends up in Gardiners Bay                                                   minimum requirements. If you are
                off Long Island. The second day usually      (NEMORC).                                    interested, please contact your fellow
                has a race in or around Gardiners Bay.           The NEMA Offshore Trophy is              racers and talk it up. It could be good.
                The Off Soundings Club has been very         awarded to the winner of this series.
                                                                                                          The latest details on NEMA racing can
                hospitable to multihulls and welcomes        Winners must have completed at least
                                                                                                          be found on the NEMA web site:
                our participation.                           three races on the circuit. Other than the

                                                                                                          Monhegan Island Race
                Maine Racing                                  ( for more
                                                             information or help with logistics,          August 12-14
                By Jesse Deupree
                                                             whether you are thinking of cruising in      Portland Yacht Club, Falmouth, ME
                                                             one of the great sailing spots in the             Maine's oldest and best attended
                     GMORA (Gulf of Maine Ocean
                                                             world, or interested in the following        overnight race run out of Portland by the
                Racing Association) offers racing most
                                                             races. Check the Gulf of Maine Racing        Portland Yacht Club. This year will
                summer and fall weekends along the
                                                             Association website (,)         feature a full moon. The race now starts
                Maine Coast, and has been very friendly
                                                             for more information and links to the race   on Friday, making it easy to finish and be
                to multihulls when we can organize
                                                             organizers.                                  able to attend the Sunday breakfast in
                ourselves to arrive in sufficient numbers.
                Races most popular with multihulls have                                                   comfort. (This race is also part of the
                been the Monhegan Island Race
                                                             The Seguin Island Trophy Race                NEMORC, see above.)
                                                             July 30-31
                (Portland Yacht Club), and the Seguin
                Island Regatta. This year we are also
                                                             Southport Yacht Club, Southport, ME          Maine Rocks Race
                                                                  Two day races run by Southport YC,      September 17-18
                working to have a presence in the Maine
                                                             with racing in the Sheepscot river and       Rockland Yacht Club, Rockland ME
                Rocks Race in early fall.
                                                             bay, near to Boothbay Harbor and all the          This single or doublehanded race
                                                             pleasures of the midcoast. Racers are        has indicated they would welcome
                      Boats finishing the Downeast 180
                                                             invited to parties after each race, with a   multihull entries if we can get three to
                will find themselves at Maine Yacht
                                                             special event Saturday night.                attend. Contact Jesse Deupree
                Center in Portland in mid July, a great
                base for some cruising in Maine. Contact                                                  ( as soon as
                NEMA member Jesse Deupree                                                                 possible if you are interested.

                                                                                                                      Summer 2011        N E M A          15
     NEMA Cruising

  Summer 2011
                                               gets started, more will join in.              Sunday July 24.
                                                     Lake Champlain: NE-TS is having an           Buzzards Bay: The NE-TS Buzzards
                                               open-ended cruise at Lake Champlain in        Bay Cruise will be taking place the
                                               the first two weeks of July. Only a few       second or third weekend in September.

  NEMA Cruising
  by Ken Levitt, NEMA Cruising Chair
                                               will be there for the entire two week
                                               period, but they plan on getting a large
                                               group together on the middle weekend.
                                                     Cuttyhunk and Block Island: A
                                                                                             The cruise normally takes place on the
                                                                                             weekend after Labor Day and goes to
                                                                                             Martha´s Vineyard. However, this year
                                                                                             there is a bad time window to go through
                                               weekend cruise to Cuttyhunk with the          Woods Hole on Saturday. The choices
          his year we are focusing on

                                               possibility of going on to Block Island.      are to delay the cruise one week or find a
          shorter cruises, with more           Or, perhaps just a weekend cruise to          destination in Buzzards Bay where
          organizing of smaller cruises by     Block Island.                                 people can go ashore on Saturday
  you, the members. I will toss out some             NEMA Picnic and Buzzards Bay            afternoon and Sunday morning and find
  ideas and act as a facilitator for you       Blast: The Buzzards Bay Blast is June         things to see and do. If you have
  organizing your own cruises with other       25th. It usually ends with a NEMA BBQ         suggestions, let me know. This cruise
  NEMA members.                                at 22 Nobska Way in Wareham, MA near          often has some participants cruising on
        Anyone can organize a cruise. Just     Cromesett Point (on the water). This          together beyond the weekend.
  pick a date and a place and find a few       makes it a good weekend for NEMA                   Nantucket or Provincetown : Judy
  others to go along with you. Last year       Cruisers to do some cruising and then         and I would be happy to go cruising to
  Phil Babcock did this and ended up           join the festivities at the evening picnic.   either Nantucket or Provincetown if
  winning the 2010 NEMA Cruiser´s Trophy.            Cruisers at the Black Dog Dash: The     anyone is so inclined and the wind and
        I am still a board member of the       Black Dog Dash takes place on Martha´s        weather cooperate.
  North East Trailer Sailors (NE-TS) and we    Vineyard on Saturday July 23rd. If we
  still have an open invitation to join them   can get at least four boats to participate,       You now have my ideas, please
  on their Lake Champlain cruise in the        we can have a "Fun Race for Cruisers" at      share your’s with your NEMA friends and
  first half of July and the Buzzards Bay      the same time the real racers are out         with me.
  cruise in the first half of September.       doing their thing. We can even get T-             Ken Levitt
        Here are come ideas I have. If you     Shirts and a trophy.                    
  would like to participate in any of them,          Martha’s Vineyard Area: The Black
  let me know. It only takes a few boats to    Dog Dash is a good starting place for a       The latest details on NEMA Cruising,
  make a cruise and often once a group                                                       picnics, and events can be found on the
                                               group cruise leaving Vineyard Haven on
                                                                                             NEMA web site:

  Summer 2011
                                               site as previous NEMA picnics, but just a     for cruising that weekend.
                                               short way down the road at the site of             The anchorage has good holding, is
                                               the parties for the 2008 Corsair              very protected and is wonderful for those
                                               Nationals.)                                   who want to hang out for the weekend.

  NEMA Picnics
  by Tom Cox (NEMA Fleet Captain)
                                                    The BBQ will start in the late
                                               afternoon (around 6:30 pm) after racing
                                               concludes, but non-racers are free to
                                               arrive earlier to enjoy the beach and
                                                                                             NEMA provides some food for the
                                                                                             barbeque and drinks. Pot luck items are
                                                                                                  This should be a fun time for all.
  and Ken Levitt (NEMA Cruising Chair)         boating.                                      Come join in!
                                                    Cruisers and other non-racers are             Bob Gleason, 508-295-0095
  NEMA Picnic Saturday                         encouraged to come by boat or by car.              Cruising: Ken Levitt, 508-295-3542, or
  June 25                                      Any cruisers who are interested in       
       As in past years, the annual            cruising Saturday and/or Sunday with
  Buzzards Bay Blast (BBB) will be             other NEMA members should contact             NEMA North Rally and
                                               Ken Levitt who will assist in linking up
  followed by the Annual NEMA Picnic.
                                               members. Also, remember that atten-
  The picnic will be hosted by our
  Commodore, Bob Gleason at 22 Nobska          dance at the NEMA Annual Picnic earns         August 20
                                               a point towards the NEMA Cruiser’s                This year's rally will feature the
  Way in Wareham, MA near Cromesett
                                               Trophy in addition to any points earned       always popular barbeque ashore at Ted
  Point. (Please note, This is not the same

16 N E M A          Summer 2011
                                                                                                                                      NEMA Classified

                                           FOR SALE / RENT
                                           More details on these items can be found at
                                           Free Depth Sounder
                                           Kenyon Marine, Model DS-300, SN 29638 BB, 12 Volts,
                                           #3 Transdocer. It is in the original box. Free to anyone
                                           who wants it. Call Wayne Allen 781-665-7295.

                                           2001 Outremer 45, Aldora:
                                           Well maintained and equipped circumnavigator, ready
                                           to go again. $425,000. Contact John Spier for details.
                                           401-207-4203 or

                                           Jim Brown’s original Searunner 31 trimaran for sale.
                                           Personally built, cruised and maintained for 37 years by
                                           the designer. Very sound and highly developed for
                                           Spartan extended cruising. One owner. Lying in
                                           Southern Chesapeake ready to go anywhere. Failing
                                           eyesight forces sale. Ask for free DVD. (804) 725-

                                           1999 39' Walter Greene trimaran SCOUT
                                           Well built and maintained
                                           custom performance cruiser.
                                           Many upgrades. Carbon                                          Wanted and Opportunity Sought
                                           spar and sails, composite                                      Wanted: Cruising Trimaran sailing opportunities.
                                           rigging. Lying Yarmouth,                                       Experienced catamaran circumnavigators thinking about
                                           Maine. $150,000. Owner:                                        the next boat would like to crew on a high performance
                                           Tom Egan. Call: Bill Full,                                     cruising trimaran, together or separately. Self-employed,
                                           ECYS. TEL: (207) 846-4545                                      flexible schedules, can pay expenses, good sailors who
                                           FAX: (207) 846-6088.                                           don't get seasick and have few bad habits. To or from
                                                                                                          Block Island would be ideal, can offer mooring and
                                           38ft Tri SEA SWAN TOO                                          shoreside accommodations. Especially interested in big
                                           Want to prepare for a year or more sailing your own            folding tris- Dragonfly, Contour, F-36, F-37. Contact John
                                           trimaran yacht in the Caribbean? We did! Consider our          and Kerri at
                                           38 ft. Harris cutter: foam sandwich/glass; center cockpit,
                                           hard top, plus Bimini. Both jibs roller furling, wheel         Navico Corus Network Instruments.
                                           steering auto pilot 20hp Buhk diesel. Fiberglass dinghy        Trying to maintain an old Navico Corus network and
                                           with 5hp outboard. Located Swansea, MA. More info:             need spares for rebuilding and parts. Donate your old
                                           508-678-0816.                                                  Navico Corus components, sensors, autopilots, etc., and
                                                                                                          I will make a generous contribution to your new
                                           Rig For Sale.                                                  electronics fund. Units need not be in working condition
                                           52' Metalmast spar / Antal track with standing rigging.        to be of use. Tom LaMers, Chat de LaMer,
                                           Original equipment I replaced with a carbon spar on my 937 767-9187
                                           1999, 39' Greene trimaran SCOUT. Contact Tom Egan.
                                           772-283-6883; cell 207-415-3900,

                                           Contour50 Trimaran, 2001
                                           Full recent refit and extensive sailing. She is 100%
                                           ready to go. Get all the details with recent travels, refit,
                                           survey, pictures and price at Contour50forsaleby-
                                  Boat is presently being sailed out of St
                                           Maarten.                                                       vehicle/trailer parking for $5/day
                                                                                                          (launching during daylight, courtesy
                                                                                                          envelope provided). For docking/mooring
                                                                                                          details, contact Ted Grossbart,
2011 NEMA Picnic Events                    Cloutman's Lane, Marblehead, MA.                     , 781-631- 5011. Come
(continued from previous page)             Those not sailing can convene around 3                         by land or sea; families are welcome –
                                           pm for socializing. The barbeque will                          bring the kids. NEMA will provide
Grossbart's house in the afternoon.        follow, around 4 pm.                                           grillables and beverages – bring an
Either Triad (Newick 42 tri) or Running         Overnight moorings will be available                      appetizer, salad or desert to share. Rain
With Scissors, (Formula 40 tri) will be    for those wishing to arrive early. Trailer                     date is August 22. Ted Grossbart, 781-
available to take guests out for a spin;   sailors can launch on Winter Island in                         631- 5011, or, Day
departure time is crack of noon from       Salem, or behind the high school in                            sailing: Ken Levitt, 508-295-3542, or
Ted's dock at Goodwin's Landing, 44C       Gloucester, where there is overnight                 

                                                                                                                         Summer 2011             N E M A               17
                                                                                                          First Class Mail
P.O. Box 51152, Boston, MA 02205

                                                                                                                  YOUR FULL-SERVICE
                                                                                                                   MULTIHULL YARD
                                                                                                                  ON BUZZARD’S BAY
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