Walter Reed Middle School by jianghongl


									S m a l l e r      L e a r n i n g        C o m m u n i t i e s

                                                                                                                  Donna Tobin, Principal

Walter Reed Middle School                                                                          Deborah Alexander, Assistant Principal

                                                                                                           Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator

 Culinary Arts Academy

 Environmental Science Academy                                      Skilled, committed, and experienced teachers who
                                                                      combine extensive knowledge of their fields with
 Humanities Academy                                                  awareness of the needs of able and hard-working
 Individualized Honors Program
                                                                     Development of time management and personal
 Technology Academy                                                  organizational study skills
                                                                     Opportunities to develop talents and abilities in the
                                                                      performing and visual arts
                                                                     Field trips to supplement classroom learning
Smaller Learning Communities (SLC)
                                                                     Extensive library research curriculum
Matching academic and social opportunities to each
child's needs and abilities are the primary goals of Walter          Continuity that only a three year sequential academic
Reed's Smaller Learning Communities (SLC). Each                       curriculum can provide
program provides a challenging educational experience in
a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-                SLC Honors Placement
discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.
The Reed campus is vibrant, diverse, and talented. Our            All Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) have at least one
current enrollment of 1,662 students in grades six, seven,        honors class for each grade level. School for Advanced
and eight includes 547 State Identified Gifted students:          Studies (SAS) honors class placement within any SLC
33% of the student population. 970 students are enrolled          depends upon a State Identified “Gifted” designation, or
in a Smaller Learning Community (SLC). Twenty five                achievement test scores above 78% in both English language
different languages are spoken in the homes of the SLC            arts and math. Without an State Identified Gifted (SIG)
students, and 19% are born outside of California.                 designation, California Standards Test (CST) scores must be
                                                                  445 or above in English language arts, 450 or above in math.
SLC Curriculum
                                                                  SLC Test Results
Within each SLC two teachers share the 6th grade core
academic classes, and four separate subject SLC teachers          Academic Performance Index (API): Each year Reed has
teach a two year sequential curriculum for the 7th and 8th        met its school-wide API growth target. The target API score
grades. SLC students join the larger student body for             for all LAUSD schools is 800.This year Reed scored 828,
physical education and enrichment classes, which may              surpassing last year’s score by 16 points.
include foreign language, leadership, choir, instrumental
music, visual arts, computer technology, and culinary arts,       California Content Standards Test (CST): CST scores are
schedule permitting. Enrichment classes are also specially        reported on a scale of 0-600. 350 is the state-wide goal in
designed for the needs of each SLC.                               both Language Arts and Mathematics for all students. This
                                                                  year, students enrolled in the Smaller Learning Communities
Special features of SLC curriculum include:
                                                                  (SLC) at Reed had a median Language Arts score of 406
   Academic rigor and differentiated instruction                 and a median Math score of 446.
    designed to meet the needs of able students
                                                                  Students enrolled in the SLC School for Advanced Studies
   Innovative project-based, cross-curriculum                    (SAS) honors classes had a median Language Arts score of
    assignments                                                   427 and median Math score of 481.

4525 Irvine Ave.      N or th Hol l yw ood C A 91 6 0 2   Phone 818-487-7600 x306        www.r    
S m a l l e r       L e a r n i n g        C o m m u n i t i e s

                                                                         Academic Recognition

                                                                         Reed students enjoy participating in numerous
                                                                         leadership events and competitions. Honors awarded
                                                                         in recent years:

                                                                          Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award from the
                                                                           National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
                                                                          Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, Institute for
                                                                           Educational Advancement (IEA), Finalists and
                                                                          Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholar
                                                                          "Promising Young Writers" Awards from the National
Students accepted into the 6th grade IHP first round last year
                                                                           Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
had a median Language Arts score of 507 and a median
Math score of 600.                                                        State Competition National Geography Bee
Last year 80 current Reed students achieved a perfect score               Regional Competition Scripps National Spelling Bee
of 600 in either Language Arts and/or Math.
                                                                          Student Representatives to the National Young Leaders
Advanced Placement Physics: Thirty students received                       Conferences Sacramento, CA; Washington D.C.
passing scores of “3” and above 2009 through 2011. Four of
these students received a top score of "5".                               Talent Search State Awards from both Johns Hopkins
                                                                           University's Center for Talented Youth and University
Math Counts: Reed's Math Counts Team took first place at                   of California at Irvine
the Chapter Competition for Southern California last year,
which was held at Cal State Northridge. A Reed 8th grade                  "Search for Exceptional Academic Achievement"
student scored 1st place in both the Countdown Round and                   Awards (SEAA) from Cal State L.A.; Early Entrance
the Individual Competition.                                                and Pre-Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE)

PSAT: Reed administers the PSAT on campus each year.
Reed students are encouraged to take this test at least once                       Reed State Identified Gifted (SIG)
during middle school. PSAT scores are reported on a scale                            Student Statistics 2011-2012
of 20-80.
                                                                                                           School-wide            Identified Gifted
                                                                         American Indian                   0010                   0001       10%
The average score for Reed students who took this test last
year (Fall 2010) was higher than the average national score              Asian                             0172                   0110       64%
for tenth graders. See below:
                                                                         Black Not Hispanic                0132                   0035       27%

                                                                         Hispanic                          0775                   0103       13%

 Reed PSAT Student Results    Critical Reading   Math   Writing Skills   White                             0572                   0298       52%

                                                                         Pacific Islander                  0001                   0000       —

                                                                         Totals:                           1662                   0547       33%
 6th-8th Grade Reed Student
                                    46           48          47
 Average 2010
                                                                         State Identified Gifted (SIG) Limited English Proficient: 001
                                                                         SIG Initially / Redesignated Fluent English Proficient: 177
                                                                         SIG students who qualify for free or reduced lunch:       175
 10th Grade
                                    42           43          41          As of October 19, 2011
 National Average 2009

Walter Reed Middle School                         Donna Tobin, Principal                                       Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator
S m a l l e r       L e a r n i n g          C o m m u n i t i e s           A t     A    G l a n c e …

Culinary Arts Academy

Designed for students that appreciate the culinary arts and want to       Special features include Battle of the Books, art displays around
explore a variety of culture, customs, and cuisine. This SLC is a         campus, and Talent Show. Cross-grade-level curricular
community of students, parents, and teachers working together to          collaboration includes Medieval Fair, consumer product testing that
bring the joy of cooking to their daily education and the world!          incorporates mathematics and science, mathematical journal
                                                                          writing, and scale drawings in art which enrich math skills.
Special features include a 6th grade focus on nutrition and foods;
7th grade focus on international cuisine; and 8th grade focus on          Field trips have included Boston, New York, Getty Villa, California
culinary presentation and hospitality. Enrichment includes guest          Science Center, Bob Baker Marionettes, Peterson Automotive
speakers from culinary businesses such as grocery stores, catering        Museum, La Brea Tar Pits, Theatricum Botanicum, Shakespeare
companies, and restaurants. Students work in teams (“families”) to        in the Park, Autry Museum, and the Grammy Museum.
complete weekly cooking labs in a state-of-the-art kitchen. Core
subjects incorporate culinary themes into core academic                   Individualized Honors Program (IHP)
assignments when appropriate.
                                                                          Designed for students who are highly gifted or who demonstrate
Field trips have included Gelson’s Behind the Scenes, Farmer’s            the potential to perform at the level of their highly gifted peers in a
Market, The Getty Center, Getty Villa, Cordon Bleu.                       challenging, rigorous, and independent learning environment, this
                                                                          SLC is the oldest, continuous program for highly gifted students in
Environmental Science Academy                                             LAUSD (since 1970).

Designed for students that come from a strong scientific and              Special features include an academically challenging, rigorous,
mathematical background and want to actively participate in the           project-based learning environment with higher level lecture
preservation and protection of our environment. This SLC examines         classes in A. P. Physics, Geometry and Algebra 2. Social studies
the historical, literary, and scientific contexts of environment issues   and language arts curriculum have been augmented in past years
so that students can relate the past to the present in creating viable    with studies in foreign language, logic, and Sun Tsu’s “Art of War”.
solutions for protection of our environment.
                                                                          Field trips have included Catalina Island, Yosemite Institute,
Special features include outdoor activities: creating a sustainable       Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, Nixon Library, Jet
indigenous garden; organizing and maintaining the school-wide             Propulsion Laboratory, LACMA Mayan Mobile, Griffith Observatory,
recycling program; caring and maintaining the trees and flower            Pacific Asian Museum, Shakespeare in the Park, and the Norton
boxes throughout the campus, supporting school-wide community             Simon Museum.
activities to raise awareness of environmental issues such as Earth
Day, E-Waste, and Big Sunday; inter-thematic projects such as             Technology Academy
volcano research; and a thorough study of modern environmental
issues.                                                                   Designed for students that have a strong drive to seek out
                                                                          information and share it with others, this SLC focuses on
Field trips have included The Getty Villa, Museum of Contemporary         instructing students in a variety of computer skills while cultivating
Art, Natural History Museum, Day of Peace, L.A. Arboretum,                intellectual challenges and encouraging students to present their
Department of Water and Power, and The Japanese Garden.                   work digitally.

Humanities Academy                                                        Special features include an emphasis on core and enrichment
                                                                          classes that add to the student’s knowledge of technology skills,
Designed for self-motivated, project-oriented students that enjoy         creating and working in a variety of web 2.0 environments. Past
group activities and work cooperatively with others. This SLC is a        cross-curricular projects have included Defense of Socrates, Six
unique, intellectually stimulating program addressing all aspects of      Chinese Inventions, Multi-Genre Scientist Research Project, and
the academic curriculum through art, culture, and creative                16th Century Puritan Life.
expression. Humanities Academy students enjoy expressing
themselves creatively. Within the mathematical and scientific fields,     Field trips have included Griffith Park, Getty Museum, Catalina
students explore and experience the cultural arts and their               Island, Marine Institute, Skirball Museum, LACMA, Big Bear
relationship to English and history.                                      Science Camp, Malibu Science Camp, Getty Museum, Caltech
                                                                          tour of Technology Department, and the Ronald Reagan Library.

4525 Irvine Ave.       N or th H oll yw ood C A 9 1 6 02   Phone 818-487-7600 x306       
                                                                    The Concert Choir received a Gold/Superior
                                                                     Award/Rating from the Heritage Festival in San
                                                                    The Barbershop Chorus received a Superior Rating
                                                                     from festivals at Disneyland and the A Cappella
                                                                     Scholarship Festival (also earning a $1600 award for
                                                                     their efforts)
                                                                This year’s annual musical theater production is “Fiddler
                                                                on the Roof”. Reed’s musical theater productions are
                                                                produced by the music department in association with the
                                                                PTSA. The production this year involves over 125
                                                                students from the entire student body and community
                                                                support from parent resources.
Student Enrichment at Reed
                                                                Performance dates for “Fiddler on the Roof” are March
Reed students balance a full load of extracurricular activity   14, 15,16, 23, and 24, 2012. Please make plans to attend!
with their academic responsibilities. A variety of clubs,
sports, academic competitions, leadership opportunities,        Visual Arts
and performance venues are available on campus, one of
the advantages of a large, diverse middle school campus.        Reed's Art Department consists of 2 full-time visual arts
                                                                teachers and a three year consecutive arts curriculum.
Performing Arts                                                 Classes offered have include: General Art, Advanced Art,
                                                                Yearbook, American Images, Folk Art, Design Crafts,
Reed’s Music Department instructors were awarded the            Cartooning and Animation.
2011 Los Angeles Music Center’s Bravo Award for their
exceptional program. This coveted award is earned through       Thanks to a grant from CBS Studios and the L.A.
a nomination process, a portfolio articulating all aspects of   Department of Cultural Affairs, Reed student art projects
the program, and extensive demonstration of their work in       have included mural design, painting, and animation. Reed
the music classes.                                              students also participate in the LAUSD Conservatory of
                                                                Performing and Fine Art, held on the campus of Cal State
The Music Department curriculum is designed to develop          L.A. Saturday mornings. To find out more about
student talent and abilities over a three year consecutive      animation at Reed, visit
curriculum. Offerings include orchestras, bands, jazz
bands, choirs, barbershop chorus, and barbershop quartets.      National Junior Honor Society
Reed has 3 full-time music teachers and a music student
roster including more than 60% of the student body. Jazz        This nationally recognized program is supported by the Reed
Band A students are mentored by the Thelonius Monk              Counseling Department. Reed students who maintain a 3.0
Institute of Jazz with a culminating concert at Catalina’s      grade level from the time they start 6th grade, who meet the
Jazz Club in Hollywood.                                         five established criteria of scholarship, leadership, service,
Music students have busy calendars of local performances        citizenship, and character are eligible for induction. Last spring
and interscholastic venues. Field trips have included           over 800 Reed students were found eligible for this program.
destinations of Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Disney Hall,
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and Disneyland. Last year the        California Cadet Corps
music department received the following music festival
awards:                                                         The California Cadet Corps (CACC) is a student led, statewide
                                                                leadership development program fully integrated into the
   The Chamber Orchestra received a Gold/Superior              school curriculum. Open to any Reed student as an enrichment
    Award/Rating from the Heritage Festival in San              class offering, Cadet Corps emphasizes academic success,
    Francisco.                                                  public service, personal integrity, courage, citizenship, lifelong
                                                                habits of responsible behavior, and appreciation for the rich
   The Wind Ensemble received a Gold/Superior
                                                                heritage of America and California.
    Award/Rating from the Heritage Festival in San Francisco.

Walter Reed Middle S chool                  Donna Tobin, Principal                                Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator
S m a l l e r    L e a r n i n g     C o m m u n i t i e s

After-School Activities                                       Parent Involvement

Beyond The Bell (BTB) provides comprehensive after            The academic success of our students depends upon the
school programs for Reed students in a safe, well-            active involvement of each and every family. When students
supervised environment for three hours after dismissal.       see their parents involved they believe in their own abilities,
Academic assistance, enrichment, and recreational             stay engaged in their education, develop a life-long joy of
opportunities are provided free of charge. These activities   learning, and are more likely to finish a four-year college
include Learning Zone, Reed’s championship level Dance        degree. Volunteering at your child’s school is a rewarding
Team, and seasonally organized competition against other      experience. Parent support groups at Reed include:
LA84 school sports teams.
                                                              School Advisory Committees
Drop-in homework help is also available in the library        The School Site Council is the governing body of the school. It is
after school. At-risk students are identified and             supported by the Compensatory Education Advisory Council
recommended for intervention after the first periodic         (CEAC) and English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC).
student assessment.
                                                              Friends of Reed & PTSA
Other staff-sponsored student activities include:             Friends of Reed (FOR) and the Parent Teacher Student
                                                              Association (PTSA) are the two parent organizations that
Battle of the Books                                           support many volunteer and fundraising opportunities
Garden Projects                                               throughout the year. Please visit the Reed PTSA website:
Marathon Training Team “Students Run L A”
MathCounts Team                                               Smaller Learning Communities
Medieval Fair                                                 Each SLC has an independent parent committee and/or non-
Model United Nations                                          profit organization dedicated to its support.
Multi-Cultural Fair                                           Culinary Arts Academy:
PTSA Reflections Program                                      Friends of Reed - Culinary (FORC)
Reed Review Student News
Robotics                                                      Environmental Science Academy:
Scripps National Spelling Bee                                 Friends of Reed - Environmental (FORE)
Talent Show                                                   Humanities Academy:
Walter’s Read Café                                            Friends of Humanities Academy (FOHA)
Counseling Services
                                                              Individualized Honors Program:
Reed's Counseling Department provides many supportive         Friends of the Individualized Honors Program (FIHP)
services for students and parents which address the career,
academic, personal, and social functions necessary to         Technology Academy:
succeed in school and life. A recipient of the "Diamond       Friends of Reed – Technology (FORT)
Best in the West" award, the department has been given
top awards by the L.A. County Office of Education for
programs based on the National Standards for School           Music Boosters
Counseling.                                                   Parent group dedicated to support for the Music
                                                              Department's busy rehearsal and performance calendar,
Parents are encouraged to schedule an annual appointment
with their child's counselor to develop an Individualized
Culmination Plan (ICP).This is an opportunity to discuss      Parent Center:
each child's strengths, set goals, and identify areas in need Our Parent Center Coordinator, Myriam Arechiga, provides
of improvement. We want to make sure all students are         many parent education workshops and volunteer
prepared for the challenges that await them in high school. opportunities throughout the year. She is available 7:30 –
                                                              11:30 AM, Monday through Friday in Room 106 to help any
Counselors also make referrals to off-site community          prospective parent who may need help completing the SLC
agencies and services. Students are welcome to drop by        application for their child. She can be reached by phone:
with a teacher's pass during class time.                      818-487-7600. Her email contact is:

4525 Irvine      North Holl ywood CA 91602          Phone 818 -487-7600 x306        www.r
S m a l l e r    L e a r n i n g   C o m m u n i t i e s

                                                           Walter Reed Library

                                                           The Reed library is the academic and cultural center of the
                                                           school. Built in 1939, the library's warm woods, barrel
                                                           vaulted ceiling, and arched windows make it an inviting place
                                                           for students to study, congregate, and find the resources that
                                                           meet both their academic and personal needs. Library staff
                                                           are available to help students with their organization, time
                                                           management, writing, editing, and anything else related to
                                                           school projects. They do more than just find and check out
                                                           The library sponsors many events throughout the school year
                                                           including author visits, parent workshops on cyber safety,
                                                           information resources, and young adult literature. Other
                                                           events include Banned Books Week, Battle of the Books, Book
                                                           Fair, and a club for avid readers, Walter's Read Café.
                                                           Spelling Bee Club meets in the library every Friday after
                                                           The library has a collection of over 25,000 materials,
                                                           including Playaway Audio Books, a unique format that allows
                                                           students to listen as well as read both classic and current
                                                           young adult literature. The collection focuses on state
                                                           standards based curriculum and current young adult fiction
                                                           that is rich and varied. The library's technology includes
                                                           desktop and laptop computers available to students and staff
                                                           with printing capability in a wireless environment. Please visit
                                                           and bookmark the library's website, which gives at-home
                                                           access to the library catalog and e-books, as well as research
                                                           sources, book reviews, school projects, and an ever-
                                                           expanding variety of services:
                                                           All Reed students participate in the library's research
                                                           curriculum, taught incrementally over three years:
                                                           6th Grade: Library Orientation and Basic Research Skills
                                                           7th Grade: Accessing and Using Print and Electronic
                                                           Reference Materials
                                                           8th Grade: Accessing, Evaluating and Using Online Sources
                                                           Many teachers use Reed's subscription service called
                                                           Noodletools. This service allows students to record sources,
                                                           take notes, and organize their information electronically.

                                                           Technology at Reed

                                                           This year Reed has on campus 3 fully out-fitted technology
                                                           labs. Classroom visitation laptop carts, interactive
                                                           Smartboards, LCD projectors, and document cameras are
                                                           available for classroom use. All classrooms have wireless
                                                           internet access. Technology enrichment classes cover a range
                                                           of skills from word processing, desktop publishing,
                                                           presentation software, spreadsheets, databases, cyber safety,
                                                           new media design, and digital imagery.

Walter Reed Middle School                   Donna Tobin, Principal                          Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator
S m a l l e r       L e a r n i n g        C o m m u n i t i e s


Reed PTSA parents sponsor a "Meet the High Schools" event every fall, to help parents find the school with the right fit
for their child. Up to forty different public, charter, magnet, and private high schools attend this annual event. Most Reed
students continue their education on the campus of North Hollywood High School, which is ranked one of the top public
high schools in the nation by Newsweek Magazine. Other schools Reed students have attended in the last five years
Archer School for Girls                        Francis Polytechnic H.S.                   North Hollywood: Highly Gifted Magnet
Arleta H.S. Visual & Performing Arts           Fulton College Prep                        North Hollywood Humanitas/SAS
Birmingham High School                         Granada Hills                              North Hollywood Zoo Magnet
Bishop Alemany High School                     Grant H.S.                                 Notre Dame
Brentwood School                               Grant Communications Magnet                Oakwood
Buckley School                                 Hamilton: Humanities                       Palisades Magnet High School
Burbank H.S.                                   Hamilton Music Magnet                      Francis Polytechnic High School
Cal State Los Angeles Early Admittance         Harvard Westlake                           Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts
Program                                        High Tech High – L.A.                      Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire
Campbell Hall                                  Immaculate Heart                           Providence H.S.
Cate                                           Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial School        Reseda H.S.
Charter High School for the Arts               John Burroughs High School                 Ramone C. Cortines H.S. for Visual & Performing Arts
Cleveland H.S.                                 Kennedy H.S.                               Santa Monica High School
Cleveland Humanities Magnet                    L. A. County High School for the Arts      Sherman Oaks CES
Crespi Carmelite H. S.                         L.A. High School of the Arts               Sun Valley H.S.
Downtown Magnets H.S.                          Loyola                                     Taft High School IHP
East Valley High School                        Loomis Chaffee, Connecticut                Troy Tech IB
Emma Willard School                            Marlborough School                         Van Nuys H.S.
Environmental Sci/Tech H.S.                    Marshall High School                       Van Nuys Math/Science Magnet
Fashion Careers Magnet                         Monroe H.S. Law/Government Magnet          University High School SAS
Flintridge Prep                                Monroe H.S. Police Academy Magnet

Smaller Learning Communities Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to a Smaller Learning Community                           an on-line carpool list to help families who wish to carpool.
at Reed?                                                                 The website is www,
Parents of applicants apply directly to Walter Reed
Middle School. Please register your intent to apply on                   May we visit the school and meet the teachers?
our online application form which can be found on the                    Prospective students and their parents are most welcome to
school website, The two-sided                            visit the school and meet the teachers. Our tour dates are
paper application (may be printed out from the                           listed on our school website, Please
website) must be returned to Reed along with all the                     arrive promptly on the day of your tour and come to the
requested attachments to Walter Reed as soon as                          lobby of the auditorium.
possible, but no later than February 24, 2012.
                                                                         May we visit more than one SLC?
May I apply to more than one SLC?                                        This year, each tour group will see only one SLC at a time.
Yes, you may apply to as many SLC as you wish.                           This way, families may experience in depth the SLC for
Please prioritize which program is your first choice,                    which they have the most interest. Families may come back
second choice, third choice, etc. on the application.                    again if they wish to tour more than one SLC. Parents and
                                                                         current students from each Smaller Learning Community
Are the Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) part                          (SLC) will lead the tour groups.
of the Magnet Program?
No, we are not part of LAUSD's Magnet Program. Reed                      Each tour lasts approximately one hour, culminating with a
students do not earn magnet points. Some Reed familes,                   question and answer session with Mr. Kleinman,
in anticipation of high school magnet options, apply for                 Coordinator.
magnet programs each year in order to earn waitlist
points.                                                                  Who is qualified to apply for a SLC?
                                                                         With the exception of the Individualized Honors Program,
Is transportation provided by the district?                              Reed's SLC are designed primarily for students who reside
No. Transportation to and from school is provided by                     within the Reed residential enrollment area. However, a
parents or carpools. Each year the Reed PTSA organizes                                                         (Continued next page)
4525 Irvine Ave.     N orth H oll yw ood C A 9 1 6 02     Phone 818-487-7600 x306              www.reedms .com
S m a l l e r    L e a r n i n g      C o m m u n i t i e s

Smaller Learning Communities Frequently Asked Questions continued...

 limited number of School for Advanced Studies (SAS)               Are additional references necessary?
permits are available for applicants not meeting this              No, we require only one recommendation from your
residential requirement. Applicants who live outside the           child's current teacher.
enrollment boundaries are encouraged to apply. Qualified
                                                                   Should I include a portfolio of student work with the
applicants will be accepted to Reed SAS honors classes
within the four SLC academies on a space-available basis.
                                                                   No, we only request a writing sample graded by your
Each of Reed’s SLC academies has at least one honors
                                                                   child's current teacher, no more than two pages please.
class, each grade level.
                                                                   Do you schedule student interviews?
Who is qualified for an SAS Permit?
                                                                   No, we do not schedule student interviews.
Students who are State Identified Gifted or demonstrate
superior academic achievement by:                                  Do you accept late applications?
 National percentile scores of 78% or above on                    Yes, we accept late applications. Please keep in mind that
  standardized achievement tests in both total reading and         we receive many more applications than there are spaces
  total mathematics.                                               available. Late applications will not be considered for the
                                                                   first round of invitations.
 California Standards Test (CST) scaled scores of 445 or
  above in language arts, 450 or above in mathematics.             When will acceptance letters be mailed?
                                                                   The first round of acceptance letters will be mailed March
Who is qualified to apply for the Individualized Honors
                                                                   23, 2012. If necessary, a second round of invitations will
                                                                   be mailed in May to fill any remaining openings.
Any student may apply. It is a program designed for
Highly Gifted students, whether or not they have the
LAUSD designation, whether or not they live within the
                                                                     Important see all to Remember
                                                                   tour group willDates the Smaller Learning Communities
Reed residential enrollment area. We encourage students
                                                                      one visit. The tours will be one hour 9:45 a.m. on the
                                                                   onSLC Tours are held Wednesdays 8 a.m. –longer than they
who have demonstrated academic achievement
                                                                   were last year. This way, families will not need to come
                                                                     following dates:
comparable to that of highly gifted students to apply.
                                                                     November 2, for
                                                                   back to the school 30 a second or third visit in order to
The median California Standards Test (CST) scaled scores             December for
                                                                   choose an SLC 7 their child.
for 6th grade students who were accepted to the IHP first           January 18, 25
                                                                   Who is qualified to apply for a SLC?
round 2011-12 were:                                                 February 1, 2, 15, 22
                                                                   With the exception of the Individualized Honors Program,
 Language Arts: 507; Math: 600
                                                                                             Communities are designed
                                                                   Reed's Smaller LearningRecommendation Deadlines:
                                                                     Application and Teacher
The median CST scaled scores for 6th grade students who            primarily for students who reside within the Reed
were accepted to the IHP first round 2010-11 were:                   February 24, 2012
                                                                   residential enrollment area.
 Language Arts: 491; Math: 600                                      Acceptance Notification Through Email:
                                                                      March 23, 2012
                                                                   However, a limited number of School for Advanced
To whom should I give the Teacher Recommendation
                                                                   Studies (SAS) permits will be available next year for those
Form?                                                                 School for Advanced Studies (SAS) Transfer Application
                                                                   not meeting this residential requirement. Applicants who
Fill out Part 1 of the Teacher Recommendation Form (a                 forms will be provided by Reed to accepted students residing
                                                                   live outside the enrollment boundaries are encouraged to
                                                                      outside Reed enrollment boundaries:
two-page form which can be printed from our website)
and give it to your child's current teacher. Applicants for           May 2011
                                                                   apply. Qualified applicants will be put on a ranked waitlist
                                                                   and accepted to our programs on a space-available basis.
seventh and eighth grade should have the form completed
by a current English or math teacher.
                                                                   Who is qualified for an SAS Permit?
After the teacher completes the evaluation, she/he should          Students who are State Identified Gifted or demonstrate
mail it directly to us in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.       superior academic achievement by:
Teacher Recommendations are confidential and we prefer
that they be sent directly to us by the teacher.                    National percentile scores of 78% or above on
                                                                   Contact Info:
                                                                     standardized achievement tests in both total reading and
The deadline for receipt of teacher recommendations is               total Kleinman, Coordinator
                                                                   Tomer mathematics.
February 24, 2012. As that date approaches, you may                email
wish to check with your child's teacher to ensure that the          California Standards Test (CST) scaled scores of 425 or
                                                                   Debbie Vodhanel, SLC Assistant
recommendation has been completed and mailed.                        above in language arts,
                                                                   email 450 or above in mathematics.
                                                                   Who is qualified to apply for the Individualized Honors
Walter Reed Middle School                     Donna Tobin,
                                                               Principal                         Tomer Kleinman, Coordinator
                                                                   Any student may apply. It is a program designed for
                                                                   Highly Gifted students, whether or not they have the
                                                                   LAUSD designation or live within the Reed residential

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