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 August 2010             no. 376           £2.60

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                                                             al focus -
                                                   the Worth V
                                                 Croquet card
                                                The Kennett
            Maurice                            Bamforth va
                                                              & Avon
                   prince                                   riations
       Boulanger -                             Polar postca
      f cat postcard the
                                            and much mo
     o                                                   re! plus news
                    is                       auctions, mo               ,
       (Louis Wain                             bag and eve
                                                          derns, post-
              king)                                        nts diary

Make a date for The Picture Postcard Show 2nd - 4th September 2010 at
       The Royal Horticultural hall, Westminster, London SW1
                Worth Valley                                   The top of Main Street,
                                                               Haworth, caught here
                 postcards                                     c.1905, is near the Parish
                                                               Church and Parsonage
                                                                (now the Museum). Visible
                                                                on extreme left is the Post
                                                                 Office. The farthest build-
                                                                 ing is the White Lion
                                                                 Hotel. To its right is the
                                                                  Yorkshire Penny Bank
                                                                  (now the Tourist Informa-
                                                                  tion Centre). The upper
                                                                   floor of this building
                                                                   housed the Brontë Soci-
                                                                    ety’s first museum. On
                                                                    extreme right is the now-
                                                                    demolished Brontë Café.
                                                                    Behind the cameraman
                                                                     was the Black Bull Hotel,
                                                                     much frequented by
                                                                     Branwell Brontë.

Some of the machinery
used in the Worth Valley
textile mills was manufac-
tured in Keighley. As well
as trams, Keighley Corpo-
ration operated a series
of trolleybus routes,
including      those       to
Ingrow, Oakworth and
Oxenhope. Keighley pre-
ferred the name ‘track-
less’ for the vehicles.
Here, trackless number
9, new in 1924 and with-
drawn in 1932, awaits
departure from Keigh-
ley to Ingrow. The insti-
tute is on the right. Lily-
white postcard.

                                                                Haworth Station is shown,
                                                                c.1905, against a back-
                                                                ground of houses and
                                                                mills. The train, approach-
                                                                 ing from Oakworth, is
                                                                 passing Ebor Mill. This
                                                                  was built about 1819, the
                                                                  nearby       beck      being
                                                                  dammed to power a
                                                                  waterwheel. At the time
                                                                  of the photograph, the
                                                                   mill was managed by
                                                                   Merrall & Son Ltd,
                                                                   worsted spinners and
                                                                   weavers. A road called
                                                                   Mill Hey climbs away
                                                                   from the station, eventu-
                                                                    ally becoming Lees
                                                                    Lane. Lees Mill, located
                                                                    along it, is partly visible
                                                                    on the right.

                                           A postcard focus of the area can be found
                                           on page 30
2   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                               15 Debdale Lane
                                                                            PPM Features August 2010
                               Nottingham NG12 5HT
                                                                    Prince of cat postcards - Tony Osborn provides the
                               Tel: 0115-937-4079                       lowdown on Maurice Boulanger                    10
                               Fax: 0115-937-6197
                                                                    The politest game of all? - John Mayhew gets to
                                                                        grips with croquet postcards                    16                                        Two for the price of one - Paul Joannou profiles
e-mail:                            Harry Hardinge, footballer and cricketer        22
                                                                    In Night and Ice - Mike Gray sets off for the North
Editorial, advertising and correspondence: Brian and                    Pole with Nansen                                26
         Mary Lund
Typesetting and origination: Helen Bradshaw and Brian               The Worth Valley - Norman Ellis looks at the mix of
         Lund                                                           moorland and industry that is Keighley          30
Published by: Reflections of a Bygone Age                           Stone Circles - postcard rings with Michael Viner
Printed by: Warners Midlands plc, Bourne, Lincolnshire                                                                  34
         (01778-391000)                                             The Misses Philliput - Alan Leonard investigates a
                                                                        postcard collection from Southampton            36
  ISSUES (including postage)              RATES                     Early cards - a pictorial showcase                  38
                                                                    Bamforth variations - Ken Dickinson finds comic
 U.K.                    £34      Page                     £175         postcards more complicated than he thought
 Europe (airmail)        £44      Half-page                 £99                                                         42
 Rest of world airmail   £58      Quarter-page              £61     Celebrating the Kennett - Kirsten Elliott takes to the
 Rest of world surface   £40      Eighth-page               £39
                                  Sixteenth-page            £22         water                                           46
                                  V.A.T. at 17.5% should be
       ISSN 0144-8137
 Views expressed by con-
                                  added to the above rates                               Viewpoint
 tributors are not necessar-      Spot colour: 20% extra
 ily those of the editor and                                        Picture postcards don’t have to be vintage to be scarce.
                                  Inside covers: 20% extra          While the 1900-14 period is rightly called ‘The Golden
 publisher.                       Full colour rates: 50% extra      Age of Postcards’, their massive popularity and usage
 We check all advertise-                                            in that decade and a half has guaranteed the survival of
                                  Semi-display:-                    millions and millions of postcard images from the early
 ments, but cannot be             3 single col.cms £7.50. Each
 responsible for changes of       extra £1.75
                                                                    20th century, when popular locations in every large
 dates, failure of individu-                                        community were covered exhaustively by postcard
 als to answer letters, etc.      Classified lineage:               publishers. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that a mass of
 We shall of course be            1-3 insertions 16p per word       town and city centre postcards languish in dealers’
 pleased to follow up any         4 + insertions 13p per word       cheap boxes or on eBay’s never-ending listings waiting
 problems readers may             Semi-display £7.50 for 3cm        in vain for new owners, while knowledgeable postcard
 experience.                         deep box including text,       collectors constantly seek out those truly rare examples
 Readers writing to PPM for
                                     £7.50 per 3cm box              from their chosen area. That’s why we have the para-
                                  Picture ad (modern cards          dox of some aviation cards from the 1960s selling for
 information should enclose
                                  only) b/w £9.50 col. £15          three figures on the internet, while a super-animated
 an S.A.E.
                                  VAT is included in the classi-    1910 card of Nottingham Market Place, complete with
 Please make out cheques          fied rates. This is not applic-   trams, lots of people and sales activity, can’t sell for a
 to ‘Reflections of a Bygone      able to advertisers outside       bargain 50p. The time is surely long overdue for a new
 Age.’                            Europe.                           wave of postcard collectors to come into the market
                                                                    and snap up those bargain Edwardian gems with fasci-
 London centre stage             Front cover: a Maurice             nating or racy messages on the back and a vintage
in capital exhibition at         Boulanger postcard by              stamp and postmark. Surely these are now big bar-
                                 unidentified publisher, post-      gains? Yet will newcomers to postcard collecting
 the Picture Postcard            ed from London in July             empathise with Edwardian views or First World War
         Show                    1907. Tony Osborn check-           patriotic and sentimental cards, or will they instead
                                 lists the artist’s cat cards on    home in on street scenes of the 1960s, cards of The
Postcards of the 1910            page 10. Inset: versatile          Beatles and The Rolling Stones, social history from the
Japan-British      Exhibition    sportsman Harry Hardinge,
and Jewish life in London                                           1980s, and political propaganda from World War Two?
                                 whose story is told on page        If dealers want to expand their sales of flagging post-
form the centrepiece of this     22.
year’s Picture Postcard                                             cards, perhaps some imaginative marketing is needed
Show, held as usual at the                                          to attract a bigger audience.
Royal Horticultural Hall,           Regular columns
Westminster, from 2nd - 4th                                         Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!
September. Bill Tonkin and        Newsdesk               4
Don Knight are presenting         Fairs/Auction Diary    6
the centenary of the Japan        Postbag               18
spectacular, while David
Pearlman - former editor of       Auction notes         20
the magazine Postcard Col-        Early posting dates 38
lectors Gazette - has offered     Clubscene             40
his rare collection of post-      Card Chat             48
cards     showing      unique     What the postman saw
images of Jews at work and                              52
leisure in Edwardian Lon-         Picture Postcard Puzzles
don. In addition, the Rotary                            57
London Life series of post-
cards is being showcased in
three huge displays. Post-       A breakaway group of the
card dealers from many           Salmon Study Circle on the
parts of the world and           Eastbourne Lawns during
around Britain will be offer-    their recent trip in the foot-
ing their stock at the Show.     steps of A.R. Quinton

                                                                                Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 3
                                                                  Tate ups profile
               Newsdesk                                          of postcards with
                                                                   comic poster
                                                                 The Tate Gallery’s
      McGill Museum opens at last                                current ‘Rude Britan-
                                                                 nia’ exhibition is
After a delay of over a year, the tribute museum to              being       advertised
comic postcard king Donald McGill on the High                    around London with
Street at Ryde, Isle of Wight, was finally opened in             the classic Donald
mid-July. Collector Eric Kent, one of the world’s lead-          McGill design “A
ing McGill experts, was tremendously enthused by a               stick of rock, cock?”.
special preview he was given in June. “It was                    The exhibition fea-
absolutely fantastic!” he told PPM, “there were so               tures political and
many things to look at”. Eric particularly mentioned             social satire from
the pictures of the artist, a ceiling decorated with his         Hogarth and Gillray
postcards, and details and pictures of his court                 in the 18th century to
appearances. The photo shows some of the exhibits                Gerald Scarfe, Steve
and the ceiling,                                                 Bell and Martin Row-
which has over                                                   son in contemporary
2,500      McGill                                                Britain - and there’s a
p o s t c a r d s                                                lot more rudeness on
adhered to it in                                                 view as well. Subti-
chronological                                                    tled ‘British Comic
order from 1904-                                                 Art’, the show exam-
1963. The open-                                                  ines the lampooning
ing was covered                                                                                        A selection of artist
                                                                 of greed and self-delu-        Brian Partridge’s ‘Alice in
on BBC News                                                      sion of the rich, politi-
24.                                                                                             Wonderland’ drawings
  Opening day,                                                   cians and hedonists.           are featured in an exhibi-
July 10th, saw a                                                 Plenty of rare prints and      tion at Guildford House
huge       crowd                                                 paintings are on show,         Gallery, Guildford, which
headed         by Opening day: the ceiling covered with          though only a few post-        runs from July 10th to
                   McGill postcards                              cards - examples of cen-       October 9th. The exhibi-
Ryde’s Mayor.                                                                                   tion is called ‘Curiouser &
                                                                 sored material that got
Donald McGill’s grandson                                         McGill into so much            Curiouser: the lifetime
Patrick Tumber and the             Cartexpo set for              trouble. In the Tate shop,     and legacy of Lewis Car-
local town crier added their         Paris move                  a booklet of 12 postcards      roll’. The writer died in
weight to the proceedings,                                       (also available individu-      Guildford and is buried
with Patrick and the Mayor      France’s flagship post-                                         there.
giving amusing speeches.                                         ally) featuring some of
                                card fair, the twice-year-       the most striking images
Mr Tumber also ceremoni-        ly Cartexpo, is moving                                               Collectors Corner, the
ally cut a washing line fes-                                     is on sale. These include
                                from its traditional Paris       the McGill poster, Gillray     shop run by Fred Stevens
tooned      with    vintage
bloomers, corsets and           home because the                 and Hogarth classics,          in Swindon, was recently
brassieres.                     venue, La Mutualite, is                                         raided for the second time
                                                                 and two Tony Blair             in five years. While Fred
                                to be closed for two or          images (see page 8).
    Vicar complains             three years for refur-                                          and his wife Margaret
                                bishment. The fair is                                           were in the back garden,
No McGill event would have      moving out to Cham-                                             thieves entered the shop
been complete without a         perret, which has a                   The July 2010 edition     door, which was closed
protest about the artist’s      metro station on line 3.         of Choice magazine has a       but not bolted, and took
rude jokes and, true to form,                                                                   £1,000 in cash and some
the ceremony was interrupt-     Next date is January 14-         six-page     article     by
                                15th 2011.                       Heather White on collect-      rare collectables. Until this
ed by a man announcing                                                                          year, the shop had post-
himself as the Right Rev. Ian                                    ing postcards, with a gen-
Sheridan from the diocese of    enjoy the cucumber sand-         erous selection of illustra-   cards on sale. Police have
Portsmouth, who articulated     wiches!                          tions and a mass of useful     alerted local dealers to the
the concerns of many parish-          The Museum is the          information.                   items that were stolen.
ioners that smutty material     brainchild of James Bissell-
would be on view in Ryde.       Thomas, who operates a
After a mock eviction of the    business selling globes in
vicar and some knockabout
banter, it transpired the man
                                Ryde, and he was frantically
                                working until 3am on the day
was actually a plant and one    of opening to make sure                            Postcard Fair
of the museum’s curators!       everything was ready on
Many McGill fans were at the
opening, pronouncing them-
                                time. James dressed up as a
                                bookie for the opening, lay-
selves delighted with the
new museum and, like
                                ing odds on the likelihood of
                                his successfully throwing out
                                                                                   1st AUGUST
Patrick Tumber, putting their   the interrupting vicar.                            10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
seal of approval on the pro-          This McGill Museum -        Stamps, Ephemera, Accessories, Refreshments
ject.                           the only postcard museum
      Ryde Mayor Brian Har-     in Europe - is open seven                  B.A.W.A. Leisure Centre,
ris fully immersed himself in   days a week (12 noon - 5pm)                Southmead Road, Bristol
the Museum, staying for over    until mid-September, with a
three hours! He was happy to    £3.50 admission charge
pose as Donald McGill’s IT      (concessions        available,                    Details: Anne Scott
girl in a big 3-dimensional     under-5s a penny). A retail                         01395-270322
version of one of the ‘New      shop on site will be selling
McGill’ postcards published     ‘New McGill’ cards and other                          Next events:
by D. Constance, and his wife   memorabilia. You can find it                      Saturdays 2 October,
appeared to thoroughly          at 15 Union Street, Ryde.                            27 November

4   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
  Competition count at Reading                                    Not again!
                                                            Yet another story has sur-
                                                            faced of a postcard arriv-
                                                            ing late, in this case 95
                                                            years late. It wasn’t deliv-
                                                            ered by the postal system,
                                                            though, but by a collector
                                                            who bought it at a fair. The
                                                            postcard, sent in 1915 by a
                                                            Bosnian soldier in WW1,
                                                            was given to the soldier’s
                                                            grandson Nadir Bicakcic
                                                            after collector Nihad Dzi-
                                                            novic accidentally bumped
                                                            into him in Sarajevo. The
                                                            name rang a bell on a post-
                                                            card Dzinovic had recently
Reading Postcard Club’s annual fair last month includ-      bought at an antique fair in
ed as usual a display competition which visitors were       California! The story fea-
invited to judge - 131 did so. The photo above shows        tured in various media,
the frenetic activity at the official adjudication desk.    including     The Times,
With six cups available in various categories, there was    recently.
plenty of opportunity for the entrants. Winners included
Roy Hathaway, Ken Hussey and Michael Tubb (first,               Wealden Postcard Club
second and third in the mixed postcard/cigarette card       chairman George Red-
category), and Verna Palmer (third in the ‘postcard’ sec-   grave took the opportunity
tion with her ‘Phil May’s twopenny tube’ display). Roy      to publicise club activities
                                                            when he presented a            Another view of the post-
Sheppard was runner-up in that section with ‘Glimpse                                       card ceiling at the new
of Henley’ while club chair Coral Print took first prize    ‘Crawley Then & Now’
                                                            show at the town’s library.    McGill Museum in Ryde,
and the Collector’s Fare trophy with her entry ‘Victoria                                   Isle of Wight
Cross Heroes’. Below: a glimpse of the fair itself, where
the attendance matched last year’s. The event merited
almost a full page report in the local newspaper, with
four pictures of personalities at the show.

                                                            A busy scene at AMP Fair’s latest event at the National
                                                            Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham (photo: John Gal-

                                                                        Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 5
                                What’s on - Postcard Events Diary
                                                Key to number of postcard dealers at              Maidstone, Grove Green
            JULY 2010                           fairs:                                               Community Centre          (MaPC)
                                                                                                  Colchester, Marks Tey Parish Hall
              FAIRS                             BOLD CAPS - 25 or more dealers (40+                                                  (TM)
                                                if in red)                                        Hastings, Christ Church Hall        (CR)
  24HORSHAM, Forest Community                   Bold type - 16-24 dealers                         Glasgow, Renfield Centre         (COR)
       School                   (WPC)           Medium type - 7-15 dealers                        Midhurst, Grange Market         (GCA)
    Durham, County Hall           (BRF)         Medium italics - 3-6 dealers                      London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
    Sittingbourne, Carmel Hall      (CR)                                                          Margate, Utd Reform Church Hall
                                                * evening fairs                                                                       (CB)
    London, Charing Cross Market (RB)           Saturdays indicated by
    Hove, St. Leonards Church Hall (EL)                                                       19 Herne, Parish Hall                   (RC)
                                                Three non-specialist dealers are calculat-    23 Cirencester, Bingham Hall       (AMP)
25 LONDON BLOOMSBURY, Royal                     ed to be equivalent to one specialist
       National Centre            (IPM)                                                       24 WOKING, Leisure Centre          (SPPF)
                                                postcard dealer for the purposes of the        25 WOKING, Leisure Centre        (SPPF)
    Winchester, Badgers Farm                    Diary. Collectors unfamiliar with a partic-
       Community Centre             (CR)                                                          PRESTON, Barton Village Hall
                                                ular event might still be wise to check                                         (RRPC)
    Lincoln, Showground           (J&K)         with the organisers about the exact num-
27 Stockport, Masonic Guildhall     (SC)                                                          Broughty Ferry, St. Aidan’s Church
                                                ber of PC dealers present before making              Hall                            (CN)
28 Digbeth, Irish Centre         (AMP)          a long journey.
29 Ripley, Rose Lane Scout Hut* (TN)                                                              Portchester, Parish Hall           (CH)
                                                Great care is taken to make sure that the         Sittingbourne, Carmel Hall            (CR
 31 St. Agnes, Parish Hall          (DL)        information of this Diary is accurate, but
    Portchester, Parish Hall        (CH)                                                          Barry, Barry Boys School           (CD)
                                                the publishers can accept no responsibil-         London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
    Woodbridge, Community Centre (H)            ity for errors or omissions.
    London, Electric Ballroom      (PN)                                                           Bath/Bristol, Saltford Hall        (KN)
    London , Charing Cross Market (RB)                                                            Bournemouth, Annunciation Hall
                                                     SEPTEMBER 2010                               London, Electric Ballroom           (PN)
        AUGUST 2010                                                                           26 RUGBY, Benn Hall                 (AMP)
                                                          FAIRS                                   LONDON BLOOMSBURY, Royal
           FAIRS                                                                                     National Hotel                 (IPM)
                                                                                                  Porlock, Village Hall            (T&D)
                                                1    Croydon,St. George’s Church Hall         28 Stockport, Masonic Hall          (AMP)
1    BRISTOL , B.A.W.A.Leisure Centre                                              (PD)
                                       (AS)                                                   29 Digbeth, Irish Centre            (AMP)
                                                     Neath, Town Hall             (DCF)       30 Ripley, Rose Lane Scout Hut* (TN)
     Leigh on Sea, West Leigh Junior
     School                               (H)   2    LONDON, Royal Horticultural Hall,
     London, Park Inn                   (ES)
4    Croydon, St.George’s Church Hall
                                                       2010 PICTURE POSTCARD SHOW                    OCTOBER 2010
                                                       (BIPEX) Postcard Traders
     Neath, Town Hall
                                                       Association)                                     FAIRS
                                                    Cardiff, Wesley Church Hall   (DCF)
5    Cardiff, Wesley Church Hall     (DCF)      3    LONDON, Royal Horticultural Hall
  7 HAYWARDS HEATH, Clair Hall (BF)                                                            2   BRISTOL, B.A.W.A. Leisure Centre
                                                                                  (PTA)                                               (AS)
     Kidderminster, Railway Museum                4 LONDON, Royal Horticultue Hall
                                    (KRM)                                                          HAYWARDS HEATH, Clair Hall (BF)
                                                                                  (PTA)            Littlehampton, United Church (CR)
     Kendal, Parish Hall                  (V)        EXETER, Clyst Vale Community
     Farnham, Maltings                    (D)                                                      Beckenham, Azelia Hall           (P&R)
                                                       Centre                       (AS)           Farnham, Maltings                    (D)
     Wimborne, Allendale Centre (RPH)                HAYWARDS HEATH, Clair Hall (BF)
     Swindon, Western Community Hall                                                               London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
                                                    Beckenham, Azelia Hall        (P&R)            Swindon, Western Community Hall
                                   (SPPF)           Preston, Barton Village Hall (PPS)
     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)                                                                                            (SSPF)
                                                    Farnham, Maltings                (D)      3    BILLERICAY, Mayflower School
     Norwich,The Hewitt School(N&NPS)               Hove, St. Leonards Church Hall (EL)
     Beckenham, Azelia Hall          (P&R)                                                                                       (MEPC)
                                                    Swindon, Western Community Hall                Winchester,         Badgers       Farm
12 Orpington, Crofton Halls*         (SRP)                                       (SSPF)
13 GODMANCHESTER, Wood Green                                                                           Community Centre               (CR)
                                                    London, Charing Cross Market (RB)              Ludlow, St. John Ambulance Hall
        Animal Centre                   (BR)
  14 GODMANCHESTER, Wood Green                                                                                                     (AMP)
                                                5    LEEDS, Pudsey Civic Hall      (KSG)           London, Park Inn                   (ES)
        Animal Centre                   (BR)         Twyford, Loddon Hall            (NB)
     East Grinstead, De La Warr Hall (JT)                                                     6    Croydon, St. George’s Church Hall
                                                     Mountnessing, Village Hall         (H)                                           (PD)
     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)               Lincoln, Showground            (J&K)
15 Lincoln, Showground               (J&K)                                                         Neath, Town Hall                 (DCF)
                                                     Yeovil, Westlands Centre          (PF)   7    Cardiff , Wesley Church Hall (DCF)
19 Cirencester, Bingham Hall        (AMP)       6    NOTTINGHAM, Harvey Hadden
20 Newark, Showground               IACF)                                                     8    Newark, Showground              (IACF)
                                                        Sports Centre*                  (R)     9 NORWICH, St. Andrew’s Hall
  21 Llandudno, Venue Cymru          (NPF)      8    Ardingly, Showground          (IACF)
     York, New Earswick Folk Hall (SS)                                                                                              (NPC)
                                                9    Prestwick, R.A.F.A. Club         (CF)         EXETER, Clyst Vale Community
     Guildford, Onslow Village Hall (CR)             Plymouth, Guildhall              (PF)
     Midhurst, Grange Market        (GCA)                                                              Centre                         (AS)
                                                10 Clyst St George, Parish Hall      (PF)          Redruth, Jubilee Hall              (DL)
     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)            11 Lostwithiel, Community Centre
22 Holmes Chapel, Leisure Centre                                                                   Canterbury, Westgate Hall          (CB)
                                                                                      (RJ)         Cardiff , City Hall             (MJP)
                                    (V&A)            Northampton, Abbey Centre        (RF)
     Rochester, Masonic Hall            (CR)                                                       Wellington, Civic & Leisure Centre
                                                     Colwyn Bay, Eirias High School                                                  (TPS)
25 Digbeth, Irish Centre            (AMP)                                        (NWSF)
26 Ripley, Rose Lane Scout Hut* (TN)                                                               Sale, Grammar School        (M&DPA)
                                                     Aberdeen, Queen’s Cross Church                London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
  28 STOCKPORT, Town Hall            (KSG)              Hall                       (COR)
     CANTERBURY, Westgate Hall                                                                10 Horsham, Village Hall                (CR)
                                                     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)             Patchway, Community College (KN)
                                  (C&EK)             East Grinstead, De La Warr Hall (JT)
     Southampton, St.James Road                                                               12 Frinton, McGregor’s Hall* (F&WPC)
                                                     Eastbourne, St. Mary’s Church Hall       14 Orpington, Crofton Halls*          (SRP)
        Methodist Hall                  (RH)                                         (CR)
     Berwick on Tweed, Parish Centre                                                          15 Perth(Scotex), Dewars Hall          (AW)
                                                     Powick, Parish Hall           (AMP)        16 CARDIFF, Roath Community
                                    (BRF)       12 PENKRIDGE, Leisure Centre (AMP)
     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)                                                                 Centre                    (SWPC)
                                                     Chichester, Westgate Centre        (E)        SHOREHAM-BY-SEA, Shoreham
29 LONDON BLOOMSBURY, Royal                          Worthing, Heene Community Centre
        National Hotel                (IPM)                                                                                  Centre (BF)
                                                                                      (CR)         Perth(Scotex), Dewars Hall       (AW)
     Porlock, Village Hall          (T&D)            Prestwick, R.A.F.A. Club         (CF)
30 A3 KINGSTON BY-PASS, Tolworth                                                                   Guildford, Onslow Village Hall (CR)
                                                16 Orpington, Crofton Halls*        (SRP)          Midhurst, Grange Market         (GCA)
        Recreation Centre            (GSF)        18 CHESTER, Northgate Arena
     East Grinstead, Parish Halls       (CR)                                                       St. Ives, Cambs, Parish Church Hall
                                                        Leisure Centre              (NPF)                                           (HPS)
                                                     North Berwick, St. Andrew                     London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
                                                        Blackadder Church Hall      (BRF)

6    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                International Diary                                                     AUCTIONS
This is a selected list of fairs outside Britain featuring post-
cards in worthwhile numbers. The telephone number quot-
ed in each instance is the internal one in that country. If you    AUGUST 2010
are travelling some distances to attend, it would be sensible      6 Special Auction Services, Midgham          0118-9712949
to check details with the organiser.                               7 Dalkeith, Bournemouth                      01202-292905
                                                                   10 T.Vennett-Smith, Nottingham (postal)      0115-9830541
July 25 LES SABLES D’OLONNE, Salle Audubon                         16 SPA, Cirencester (postal)                 01285-659057
                                            17 Trafford Books, Manchester                0161-8778818
July 25 MONT ALBERT (Victoria, Australia), Our Holy                18 Birmingham Auctions, Worcester            01885-488871
        Redeemer Catholic School 9803.4396                         SEPTEMBER 2010
Aug 7 HAVRE DE GRACE (MD), Community Centre
                                          410.642.3581             1 Warwick & Warwick, Warwick                 01926-499031
Aug 22 SYDNEY, Imar Community Hall, Croydon                        4 Dalkeith, Bournemouth                      01202-292905
                                            2.9268.2816            5 Loddon Auctions, Twyford                   01628-622603
Sept 19 COLOGNE, Stadthalle Koeln Muelheim                         19 Lockdales, Ipswich                        01473-218588
                                         160.9651.3700             20 SPA, Cirencester (postal)                 01285-659057
Sept 24-25 PARIS, Palais Omnisports de Bercy                       22 T.Vennett-Smith, Nottingham               0115-9830541
                                                                   24 Hendersons, Shrewsbury                    01743-792727
                                                                   OCTOBER 2010
17  Bedale, High School              (DG)                          2 Dalkeith, Bournemouth                      01202-292905
    Herne, Parish Hall
21 Cirencester, Bingham Hall
                                              The Picture          5 Trafford Books, Manchester
                                                                   12 T.Vennett-Smith, Nottingham(postal)
 23 Kendal, Parish Hall                 (V)     Postcard           20 Birmingham Auctions, Worcester
                                                                   25 SPA, Cirencester (postal)
    Maidstone,     Grove     Community
      Centre                     (MaPC)       Show (Bipex)         29 Hendersons, Shrewsbury
                                                                   29 Special Auction Service, Midgham
    Wimborne, Allendale Centre (RPH)
    London, Electric Ballroom        (PN)         2010             30 Horners, Acle                             0800-9754416
    London, Charing Cross Market (RB)
24 LONDON BLOOMSBURY, Royal                   is at the Royal
       National Hotel               (IPM)       Horticultural                       EXHIBITIONS
24 Thornton Hough, Village Hall                     Hall,          2-4 Sept LONDON, Royal Horticultural Hall (Picture
26 Stockport, Masonic Hall         (AMP)        Westminster,            Postcard Show). London Life on postcards.
27 Ardingly, Showground            (IACF)       London SW1         Until 5 Sept LONDON, Tate Britain. Rude Britannia -
28 Ripley, Rose Lane Scout Hut*                                         Britain’s cartoon heritage.
                                     (TN)                          Until 31 Oct SOUTHWOLD, Museum. Reg Carter
                                               Thurs - Sat              comic postcards.
 30 BRISTOL, Ashton Park School (BPC)
    Wembley, Methodist Church Hall            2 - 4 September
                                 (WLPC)                            Fair organisers: send us
    Woodbridge, Community Centre (H)                                                                 PLEASE MENTION
                                                                   full details of your
    London, Charing Cross Market (RB)            with postcard                                        PICTURE POST-
    Montrose, Hillside Village Hall (CN)                           events for inclusion in
    Belfast, St. Nicholas Church Hall            exhibition on
                                                                   this diary. Copy deadline          CARD MONTHLY
                                  (NIPC)          London Life
                                                                   is 10th August for the            WHEN REPLYING
31 HORNCASTLE, Golf Club             (DC)                                                            TO ADVERTISERS
    Bathgate, Kiam Park Hall          (CF)    Don’t miss it!       September 2010 issue.

Fair organisers                                FF   Fairdeal Fairs    01732-463575     PPS    Preston PS       01772-713917
                                               FS   Felicity Smith    01296-651283     P&R    P&R Fairs        020-84623753
AMP AMP Fairs          01283-820151            F&WM Ferndown & West Moors              R      Reflections      0115-9374079
APS Alfreton PS        01773-541694                  Philatelic & PC 01202- 871624     RB     Rodney Bolwell 01483-281771
AS   Anne Scott        01395-270322            F&WPC Frinton & Walton PC               RC     Ralph Carter     01227-362439
AW   Alan Watson       0131-456-6412                                  01255-674134     RF     RF Postcards     01268-794886
BEPC Bury St Edmunds PC                        GCA Grange Com.Ass 01730-816841         RH     Rikki Hyde       01202-303053
                       01787-370406            GS   Great Southern 07939-302425        RJ     Richard Jones    01752-269003
BF   Beacon Fairs      01892-662132            H    Ray How           01702-544632     RPC    Reading PC Club 01628-637868
BPC  Bristol PC        0117-9665071            HF   Howard Fairs      0161-4284191     RPH    Redpath Phil.    01258-880878
BPS  Barry PS           01446-741026           HP   Helen Prescott    01204-418791     RPS    Rayleigh PS      01702-544632
BR   Barrie Rollinson 01278-445497             HoE  Heart of Eng. PC 01926-854524      RRPC   Red Rose PC      01995-670625
BRF  Bass Rock Fairs 01368-860365              HPS  Huntingdon PS 01480-468037         RS     Richard Stenlake 01290-551122
BRSC Bognor Regis SC 01243-837590              IPM  IPM Promotions 020-82029080        RTW    Royal Tun.Wells 01892-655914
C&EK Canterbury & EK 01843-862707              JT   John Terry        01342-326317     SC     Simon Collyer    07966-565151
CB   Clive Baker       01843-862707            J&K J&K Fairs          01472-813281     ShPS   Shropshire PS     01743-860910
CF   Caledonia Fairs 01436-671429              KN   Kevin Noble       0117-9021134     SPPF   Specialist PC&PF 0208-8925712
CH   Colin Harris      02392-615380            KRM Kidderminster      01562-825316     SPS    Swindon PS       01793-728330
CIA  Ch.Island Antique 07797777709             KSG KSG Promotions 01723-363665         SRP    SRP Fairs        01322-662729
CJ   C.J. Fairs         01782-611621           MaPC Maidstone PC       01622-717037    SS     Simon Smith       01723 363665
CN   Chad Neighbor 01674-832823                MEPC Mid-Essex PC      01245-362201     SSPF   Swindon St/PF    01793-528664
COR Cornucopia         01382-224946            MJP M.J.Promotions 01792-415293         SuPS   Sussex PS        01323-438964
CPC  Cotswold PC       01285-655532            NB   Neil Baldry       01628-622603     SWPC   South Wales PC 01633-412598
CR   Chris Rapley      01795-478175            NIPC N.Ireland PC     028-4062-2022     T&D    T&D Bradwell     01643-704649
D    David Carr        01252-745444            NPC  Norfolk PC        01263-825053     TM     Trevor Mills     01702-478846
DC   David Calvert     01507-480280            NPF  NorthernPC Fairs 01244535578       TPC    Torbay PC        01803-201908
DCF  Dragon Coll. Fairs01446-741026            NSCF Nat. Spec. Collectors Fairs        TPS    Telford PS       01952-223926
DG   Denny Gibson      01677-422863                                   01869-600236     TN     Tim Notley       01932-341527
DL   D. Luxford        01736-786068            NWCF North West CF 07973-219394         V      Varykino          07836747166
DMG DMG Fairs          01636-702326            PD   Peter Duncan      01444-482620     V&A    V & A Fairs      01938-580438
DPC  Dorset PC          01305-871629           PF   Phoenix Fairs     01761-414304     WPC    Wealden PC       01293-786419
E    Emmott Prom       01243-788596            PN   Philip Nevitsky 0161-228-2947      WLPC   West London PC 0208-892-5712
EL   Eric Langdon      01273-514733            PP   Popplestone PC 02380-446143        WPS    Worcester PS     01299-824829
ES   Ephemera Soc. 01923-829079                PPC  Plymouth PC       01752-775289

                                                                               Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 7
                                                                                  Top service                 Early Olympic issues
                  Moderns News                                            The All-England Lawn Tennis        The British Olympic Association
                                                                          Championships have stands          has published four postcards in
                                                                          devoted to strawberries and        gold and black colours preview-
                                                                          cream, pimms, tennis sou-          ing the 2012 games in London.
                                                                          venirs... and picture postcards!   Subjects are Ski-ing, Equestrian,
                                                                          Yes, a whole stand with post-      Gymnastics and London 2012.
                                                                          cards (and a few books). The       The images are designed entirely
                                                                          spinners revealed plenty of        in dots highlighted in the two
                                                                          new, imaginative designs, all      featured colours.
                                                                          published by the club itself,
                                                                          rather than the staid old por-      Wayne fails to live up
                                                                          traits that were once the staple    to Boomerang billing
                                                                          fare. Postcards cost 90p each,
                                                                          though (£5 for six), rather at     Boomerang’s attempts to fore-
                                                                          the top range of the current       cast the heroes of the Football
                                                                          price bracket. Top seller this     World Cup in South Africa (July
                                                                          year was, unsurprisingly,          PPM, page 9) was not an unqual-
                                                                          Rafael Nadal, while the            ified success. In fact, Rooney
                                                                          Williams sisters and Maria         turned out not to be the saviour,
                                                                          Sharapova vied for female top      Brazil’s Kaka was not a good
Australian limited edition postcard publisher Postcard Interactive        billing. Andy Murray, in keep-     enough magician, and France’s
Co. (Sydney) has released a selection of postcards of sports stadia,      ing with middle England’s          Frank Ribery was part of a team
including this one of Cazaly’s Stadium at Cairns, Queensland, where                                          that turned into a shambles. No
                                                                          reluctance to embrace him          Dutch player was featured in the
Australian Football, Rugby League and Cricket are played. Other           Henman-style, was a slower
recent releases from the company are lots of map cards and a series                                          chosen set of seven, and although
                                                                          mover (obviously only in a         Fernando Torres of Spain -
on lighthouses.                                                           postcard context).                 dubbed by Boomerang as the
                                                                                                             ‘Assassin’ - was in the team that
                                                                             The attempt to break the        made it to the final, he was hard-
                                                                          Guinness World Record for the      ly the leading light predicted, and
                                                                          most postcards posted in one       didn’t feature in the final until
                                                                          place on one day was due to        extra time. Who’d be a pundit?
                                                                          take place in Keyworth, Not-       Actually, the event was not men-
                                                                          tinghamshire, on July 14th.        tioned on any of the postcards to
                                                                          Four days before that, over        avoid copyright issues.
                                                                          10,000 specially-sponsored
                                                                          cards had been distributed and          JF Sporting Collectables of
                                                                          some 5,500 sold. Would the         Leicester have published a set of
                                                                          record be broken? Would            24 retro artist-drawn shipping
                                                                          enough people post them on the     postcards.
                                                                          day? See next month’s PPM for
                                                                          the result.
                                                                                                              PPM keeps you in
                                                                          To accompany its current                touch!
                                                                          ‘Rude Britannia’ exhibition,
One of two new postcards in Reflections’ ‘Railway Specials’ series.       the Tate Gallery has published
The photos by Dave Gilbert show (above) no. 23 in the series,             a set of 12 postcards available
engines on the Churnet Valley Railway, and old locomotives at a spe-      either singly or as a souvenir
cial weekend on the Great Central at Loughborough (no. 24).               pack. The images range from
                                                                          18th century cartoon repro-
                                                                          ductions to contemporary
                                                                          comic art, and include three
                                                                          featuring Tony Blair (by Mar-
                                                                          tin Rowson, Karmarama and
                                                                          Peter Kennard) and one each
                                                                          of Margaret Thatcher (a Ger-
                                                                          ald Scarfe cartoon) and John
                                                                          Major (by Steve Bell). The
                                                                          Rowson and Kennard exam-
                                                                          ples are shown here.

The Theatre Royal in Bury St. Edmunds is the last working Regency
playhouse in Britain, and is celebrated here on this design by Brian
Partridge on a postcard published by Overdale Cards. The figure
below the date 1819 is the Prince Regent himself, while the flag is
that of St. Edmund, also referenced by the two coins. Legend has it
that Edmund was caught by the Danes in the 8th century hiding
under a bridge, given away by the glint of his spurs reflected in the
water. The odd character to the left is the Ghost of a flea, one of the
spirit portraits by William Blake, a drawing made the same year the
theatre opened. The Brazil nuts refer to the first production of ‘Char-
lie’s Aunt’ which took place at the theatre and remains one of their
biggest successes. Alice and the Cheshire cat appear because of the
theatrical connection.
8    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                      Ephemera, Postal History
                                                                          Cigarette Cards

                    Stockport Town Hall
                      Saturday 28th August 2010
                                                       10.00 am - 4.00pm
               Dealers that have booked at the time of going to print:
David Benson          Shropshire                                     John Priestley             Nottingham
Barrie Bentley            Chinley                                    Brian Roper                  Liverpool
Alan Bower               Barnsley                                    Rosalie Cards                 Worksop
David Calvert      Great Sturton                                     Peter Russell           Market Drayton
Simon Collyer       Marchington                                      John Ryan                Bromborough
J. de Silva             Stockport                                    David Seddon                 Liverpool
Geoff Ellis               Chester                                    Simon Smith               Scarborough
Ephemera Warehouse Huddersfield                                      Jack Stasiak                      York
Graham Farnell            Reddish                                    Ralph Stuttard               Southport
Doug Forton              Culcheth                                    Alan Tonge                 Warrington
Richard Gee          Manningtree                                     Alex Wallace                  St Helens
Edward Gerry             Wallasey                                    Steven Wright                Liverpool
Vicky Greenwood           Preston                                    John Oldfield                 Stratford
Ken Hassell               Glossop                                    Neil Daniels                 Yorkshire
Mike Heard                 Derby                                     Bill Kirkland                     Stone
Judith Holder           Bradford                                          Plus others to confirm bookings:
Keith & Lynne Hough Queensferry                                         apologies if you have not been listed
Anne Hurst                Glossop
Jim Jackson            Dukinfield
Magpie Cards           Grantham
Martin O’Shea            Cumbria
Michael Pearl          Prestbury                                   *All Day Buffet
Don Potter               Cumbria                                   *Easy Loading
Mark & Tracey Powell    Nantwich                                   *90 stalls
Ann Gray               Tettenhall                                  *On Site Parking
Keith Bird           Skelsmeldale                                  *Wheelchair Access
David Mouser            Wareham                                    *Two minutes from Motorway
Richard Stenlake         Ochiltrec                                 *Three minutes from Railway Station

                                                                   We look forward to seeing you - for further details
                                                                   and booking contact:
   M60 Junction 1                                                  KSG Promotions
                    Town Centre
                                                                   Ken Hassell    01457 854543
                                  A6 Wellington Road

                                                                           Don’t forget -
                                                                                 Leeds, Pudsey Civic Hall
 King Street

                                                                                 5th September 2010
                                                                                 7th November 2010

                                                                              Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 9
 A Maurice Boulanger Cat                                                 Pensez a Nous (Two cats sat
                                                                         with purple flowers)
        Checklist                                                        Convexities (Two kittens
                                                                         watching duckling)
              compiled by Tony Osborn
                                                                        MAX ETTLINGER & CO. LTD
At the present time no-one appears to have discov-                      Cat’s Head & Shoulders Series
ered much information about the French artist Mau-                      5170 V Unsigned
rice Boulanger or his cat postcards. The definitive                      Cat wearing hat with feath-
                                                                         ers looking at engagement
French catalogue Neudin, in its 1991 Illustrateurs edi-                  ring in box (as Kopal 472)
tion, says merely Boulanger, Maurice - 1905 (circa)                      Cat wearing folded paper
animaux and values them at 30-40 francs (then £3-4).                     hat and sucking a small lol-
Not much to go on there, then. Some of his earliest                      lipop
cards are found published by J.M. of Paris, with sev-
eral postmarked as early as 1903, and since his post-                   Cat’s Head & Shoulders
                                                                        Series 5171 V Unsigned
cards seem to be gaining in popularity I thought now                     Boy cat wearing brown
would be a good time to attempt a listing of his                         bowler hat carrying pipe
known cards to date.                                                     (as K.Editeurs series 586)
     Mention must be made here of an M Boulanger                         Cat with toothache and
signature found on some French patriotic WWI greet-                      scarf around face looking
                                                                         at extracted tooth
ings cards, these are now also thought to be by Mau-
rice Boulanger, the cat artist. Some Boulanger post-                    FOUVETTE (French) Series
cards are found with only the initials MB on them,                      1096 Sepia/grey photo-
while many others are not signed at all; this has led                   graphic type. Some tinted.
to some confusion amongst both collectors and deal-                     Unsigned                            The Sack Race
                                                                         Cats in snow carrying “Bonne       Six cats fishing
ers alike as to whether certain unsigned cards should                                                       Seven cats of whom two are
                                                                         Annee” sign on plank (H)
be attributed to Boulanger or not.                                       Cats    in   snow    carrying      riding a horse
                                                                         “Joyeuse Annee” sign on            Seven cats stealing cherries
Two French publishers, Kopal        Other information on Maurice                                            Seven cats trying to shoot
and KF Editeurs, both produced      Boulanger would be much              plank (H)
                                                                         Cat family outside in ring         rabbit
many duplicated Boulanger           appreciated - please email me                                           Seven cats at school
postcards, including a series of    at:            around fire (V)
                                                                         Three cats bringing home           Cat asleep on park seat with
12 and another of 24, but lucki-                                                                            newspaper and four kittens
ly for us these cards are all       CIDEA (French) Photographic          Christmas tree (V)
                                                                         Cat on sledge with Christmas       Cats toboggan down slope
numbered. Also some of                type tinted cards. V (vertical                                        Cats take baby out for walk in
                                      format) signed.                    tree, watched by other cats (V)
                                       308 Black cat’s head with two                                        Six cats play near snowman
                                       white daisies                    HENRY MOSS & Co. “In Cat-
                                                                        land” Series number 104 Grey        Cats playing up in class at
                                       310 Tabby cat’s head with                                            school
                                        four pink/white flowers         white & black, also seen tinted.
                                        350 ‘Langages des Chats’ A      H Signed. Similar series with
                                                                        French titles by K.F.Editeurs.     Cat’s head & shoulders Series
                                         French soldier in middle of                                       586 V Unsigned
                                         card surrounded by eight       Also a series noted untitled
                                                                          Glee singing in Catland           Boy cat wearing straw hat
                                         cats’ heads                                                        with red bow carrying walking
                                                                          A fashionable marriage in Cat-
                                                                          land                              cane
                                        E.P. PARIS Cat couples                                              Girl cat with hat trimmed with
                                        with daisy border top &           Shrimping in Catland
                                                                          A topsy-turvy proverb in Cat-     pink flowers carrying pink
                                        one side of card. H (hori-                                          parasol (as Kopal 418)
                                        zontal format). Unsigned          land
                                                                          A fashionable corner in Cat-      Boy cat brown bowler hat
                                         similar to Tuck’s ‘Humor-                                          holding pipe (as Ettinger
                                         ous’ series 6877                 land
                                                                          Fair cyclists of Catland          5170)
                                         Passionement Green bor-                                            Cat carrying long green stem
                                          ders                            Blind man’s buff in Catland
                                                                          The cake walk in Catland          with snail on it (as Kopel 418)
                                          Beaucoup Pale blue bor-
                                          ders                            Mixed bathing in Catland
                                          Un peu Pink borders             A motor accident in Cat-
                                           Je t’aime Orange/brown         land
                                           borders                        A gusty corner in Catland
                                           Cendrement?       Purple       Two opinions in Catland
                                                                        Head & Shoulders Series
                                           Similar      to Tuck’s       160 V Unsigned These
                                           “Christmas”     series       cards have a grey hatched
                                           8208 H. Unsigned             background
                                     Three cats with bowl of             Cat crying, tied to wall
              Postcard by            mistletoe                           with pink ribbon, holding
unidentified    publisher,           Family of cats looking at           pipe
posted from London in July           Christmas presents in fire-         Boy or cat wearing
1907                                 place                               bowler hat, with ear-
                                     Two cats putting Christmas          phones or stethescope
Boulanger’s work appears to          presents in fireplace               Pretty girl cat with bon-
have been copied by various          Le Toucher Two cats on table        net and lorgnette
English and Continental pub-         top. One lying down, broken         Girl cat with powder
lishers, many of whom did not        flowers etc.                        puff looking in mirror
include any identification on                                            Boy cat wearing top hat
the backs of their postcards.       EPR (French)      Series     1122    and glasses smoking
Lastly,    Raphael         Tuck’s   Brown picture in a cream bor-        pipe
‘Boulanger’ postcards are           der, some tinted. H Unsigned         Boy cat wearing top
sometimes found with the            Also same images but tinted          hat playing mandolin
same image but with a different     photographic types found pub-
series number on them, just         lished by MO? number 1343           K.F.EDITEURS PARIS
another small problem for the         Trois Inseperables (Three cats    Set of twelve ‘cats in
unwary collector. This may not        with pink flowers)                various human scenes’
be an easy listing to follow, but                                       Series 585 H signed MB Also as
                                      Envoi Gracieux (Three cats in
                                                                        Kopal 417                          Published by
it is one which I feel is badly-      wicker basket, not tinted)                                           J.M., Paris, in the Cat’s head
needed and long overdue.              Effeuillant la Marguerite (Two     Eight kittens in line follow
                                                                         guide/teacher                     & shoulders style
                                      cats one laying down with
10    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
 Cat wearing brown hat and         publisher’s name.                                                        graphic type with greetings
 singing from sheet of music                                          Language of Flowers Series 476        Three cats in wicker basket
 (as Kopel 418)                    Cat’s head & shoulders Series      H Unsigned Similar format to K        Three cats with pink flowers
 Boy cat wearing black hat with    418 V Unsigned (may only have      F Editeurs 897
 tassel, pince-nez, and holding    small 418 on back)                  Untitled (as “Anemone” in K F       MOORE & DEWDNEY LONDON
 cane (as Kopel 418)                Girl cat wearing bonnet with       Editeurs 897 series)                Un-numbered          Unsigned
                                    blue ribbon holding pink rose      Untitled (as “The Rose” in K F      marked “Excellent Series”
“Language of Flowers” Series        Boy cat wearing boater and         Editeurs 897 series)                 Ginger cat sitting with blue &
897 All H except those cards        holding baby duckling (as          Untitled (as “Pissenlit” in K F      purple asters in foreground
marked (V) Unsigned                 Stroeffer 418 on reverse)          Editeurs 897 series)                 (as Kopal 475)
 Anemone                            Cat wearing brown hat              Bleu (Cornflower)
 Bleu (Cornflower)                  singing from sheet of music                                            NOVELTY POSTCARD Co. LIV-
 Camomille                          (as K F Editeurs 586)             Languages of Flowers Series          ERPOOL
 Coquelicot (Poppy)                 Boy cat wearing boxing            477 H Unsigned Similar format        Cats sitting Series 474 V
 Cyclamen                           gloves (as Streffer 418)          to K F Editeurs 897                  Unsigned As K F Editeurs series
 Eglantier                          Boy cat wearing black hat with      Cyclamen                           897 but with captions added
 Fleur de Pommier (Apple            tassel, holding cane (as K F        Maiblumchen (May blossom)           Myosotis A Plaintive Look
 blossom)                           Editeurs 586)                       Seringat (White blossoms)           Trefle Deeply Engrossed
                                                                        Wild Rose
                                                                        Untitled Two cats sat between      The “PHILCO” PUBLISHING Co.
                                                                        green curtains, a few violets in   Series 2467 V Unsigned
                                                                        front                               Cat wearing black hat carrying
                                                                                                            red book (caption “Lessons
                                                                      J.M. PARIS Cards with a white         won’t stop in my brain”)
                                                                      border H Signed MB un-num-
                                                                      bered, & undivided backs             The POPULAR SERIES
                                                                       Duelling set                        Series 419 Cards noted so far
                                                                       La neige ... si I’on faisait une    appear to be copies with cap-
                                                                       partie                              tions added
                                                                       Depart pour la peche (Going           Cats drink from pan of milk
                                                                       fidhing)                              “Sincere Good Wishes for a
                                                                       La Manille (A card game)              Happy New Year” (as Tuck
                                                                       Il a triche (He has cheated)          122)
                                                                       Provocation                           Two cats one lying down play-
                                                                       Toujours trop tard (Always            ing with ball of wool “A
                                                                       too late for the duel)                Happy Birthday)
                                                                       Sur le terrain
                                                                       Le Duel                             THEO STR OEFER NUREM -
Raphael Tuck ‘Christmas’ series 8427                                   Touche! (He has drawn blood)        BERG
                                                                       Reconciliation                      Some images as found pub-
 Giroflee (Wallflowers)             Cat carrying long green stem                                           lished K F Editeurs & Kopal
 Gui (Mistletoe)                    with snail on it (as K F Edi-     Cat’s head & shoulders V               Series 417 Cats toboggan
 Iris (V)                           teurs 585)                        signed MB Black, white, grey &         down snowy slope (as Kopal
 Lilas (V) (Lilac)                  Boy cat wearing bowler hat        tinted Un-numbered                     417)
 Liseron (Convolvulus)              and red carnation (as K F Edi-      Boulevardier                         Six cats fishing (as Kopal 417
 Marguerite                         teurs 586)                          Coquette                             & Editeurs 585)
 Myosotis (V) (Forget-me-not)                                           Colereux                             Series 418 Boy cat wearing
 Paquerette (White daisies)        Cat’s head & shoulders Series        Gommeux                              boxing gloves (as Kopal 418)
 Pensee (V) (Pansy)                472 V Unsigned (may only have        Gourmand
 Pissenlit (Dandelion clock)       small 472 on back)                   Hargneuse                          RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS Note:
 ReineMarguerite (as pub-           Girl cat wearing yellow bon-              Ingenue                      In the J.H.D. Smith book ‘TUCK
 lished by M D London “Excel-       net and holding cigarette (as K                                        POSTCARDS’ the M. Boulanger
 lent Series” but with no title)    F Editeurs 896)                                                                                num-
 Rose Rose (V)                      Girl cat wearing hat with
 Rose The                           feathers looks at ring in box
 Seringat (White blossoms)          (as Ettinger 5170)
 Trefle (V) (Clover)                Boy cat brown hat holds red
 Violettes                          wallet & draw string money
 Wilde Rose (also found unti-       bag (as K F Editeurs 898)
                                   Cat’s head & shoulders Series
Cat’s head & shoulders Series      473 V Unsigned
898 V unsigned                      Girl cat wearing gypsy head
 Girl cat with bonnet with yel-     dress (as K F Editeurs 898)
 low ribbon and cigarette in        Cat wearing cook’s hat and
 one paw (as Kopal 472)             carrying jelly on dish
 Girl cat wearing gypsy head        White girl cat wearing green
 dress (as Kopal 473)               hat with yellow ribbon
 Hero cat wearing laurel
 wreath and medal carrying         Language of Flowers Series
 green leaves (as Ettlinger        474 V Unsigned Similar format      Raphael
 51722)                            to K F Editeurs 897                Tuck ‘Humorous’ series 6878
 Boy cat brown hat holds red         Trefle (Clover)
 wallet & money bag (as Kopal        “Du hast mich tiet verietzt”      Inconsolable                        bers 78 & 122 are missing,
 472 but with divided back)          (Iris)                            Joyeux                              while no cards for 6824 and
 White cat carrying walking          Pensee (Pansy) (as ‘A saucy       Pretendant                          6825 have yet been found, but
 stick                               look’ published by Novelty                                            several cards for unlisted num-
 Girl cat with pink ribbon using     Post Card Co. Liverpool)         M.L. PARIS Note: Possibly            bers 8209 & 8427 have been
 scent spray                                                          Boulanger Similar style to           noted & recorded Series 78
 Boy cat drinking from beer        Language of Flowers Series 475     Cidea 310                            “Christmas” All H except where
 stein                             H Unsigned Similar format to K     Cat’s head Series 661 V              indicated Unsigned
                                   F Editeurs 897                     Unsigned Grey background               Presents from Santa Claus
KOPAL                               Coquelicot (Poppy)                 Black cat with pink flower            (Three cats find presents in
Series 417 Set of twelve H          Muguet                             foreground left                       fireplace) also as No Publisher
Signed MB ‘Cats in various          Rote Aster (as “Reime Mar-         White cat with blue flowers           Oh how lovely! (Probably
human scenes’ a duplicated set      guerite” K F Editeur 897)          foreground left                       same image as above)
of K.F. Editeurs series 585         Untitled (as “Marguerite” K F                                            A Merry Christmas to you
where a full description of the     Editeurs 897)                     M O or O M?? (as monogram              (Cats put presents in fireplace
whole set can be found. Note:       Untitled One cat with Asters      on front of card) (French)             one watches from curtained
can sometimes be found with         Untitled Two cats lying down,      Series 1343 Same images as            bed)
only the number on back, no         small daisies in foreground        EPR (French) but tinted photo-               continued.....
                                                                                   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 11
       A MAURICE                     front                                                                   Three cats look at presents left
                                       Three cats with presents          Series 8436 “Christmas” V           in fireplace
     BOULANGER CAT                     knocking on door                  Unsigned Images are same as         Two cats by three books look
       CHECKLIST                       Three cats with bowl of           No Publisher ‘Months of Year’       at alarm clock
   continued from page 11              mistletoe (as E.P. Paris no        Shopping (same image as            Two cats looking at Jack-in-
                                       number)                            Janvier)                           the-box
 Kitty’s little love affair (Kitty     Cat gives two other cats a four    Dinner Time (same image as         Cat with brush etc. checks
 reclines on couch courted by          leaved clover (as No Publish-      Fevrier)                           tickets of two cats, one with
 two suitors) also as 6827             er)                                Confetti (same image as            toy, coming into bare room
 The Little Musicians (Two             Three cats, with book, four        Mars)                              Two cats one with guitar greet
 musicians at open door, three         leaved clover, and winged          Splashing (same image as           three cats, one a kitten hold-
 cats inside)                          wheel (as No Publisher)            Aout)                              ing ball
 Real Sport (V) (cats fishing As       Three standing cats, centre                                           Mauve border top and left but
 8436 “Christmas” format)              cat white with straw hat and      NO PUBLISHER (Continental           no caption or words (as Tuck
                                       blue ribbon all askew             backs)                              6877 and E.P. Paris)
Series 122 “Humerous Cats” V                                             The following postcards are         Green border top and right,
& H Unsigned                         Series 8209 “Christmas” H           mostly un-numbered and quite        but no caption or words (as
 Untitled (H) (Cat plays piano       Unsigned No titles but various      often will be found as being        Tuck 6877 and E.P. Paris)
 whilst one sings, another           Christmas Greetings on front        duplicates of other publishers’     As ‘Months of Year’ format,
 peeps around curtain)                Five cats decorating Christ-       work                                but greetings at top (V) (As
 Untitled (H) (Cats gather by         mas tree                           MONTHS OF THE YEAR SET V            Aout three cats swimming)
 fireplace where presents have
 been left) also as 8426
 Untitled (H) (Cat family take
 Xmas presents to grandad)
 Untitled (H) (Two cats drink
 from pan of milk) as Popular
 He loves me! (H) (Cat with
 handkerchief, one pulling
 petals off flower) also as 6877
 Chestnuts (V) (As November
 no publisher “Months of year
 Merry Days (V) (As December
 no publisher “Months of year

Series    6827     “Catland” H
 Kitty’s little love affair (As
 series 78, also No Publisher
 with borders except at bot-

Series 6877 “Humorous” All H
Unsigned Various coloured
borders with daisies along top
plus left or right sides, and por-
trays cat couples in various
poses. Also found with undivid-
ed backs no publisher, and no        Posted at Marly-Le-Roi in June 1905, this postcard with a serious hunting theme was pub-
words. Similar cards also pub-       lished by K.F., Paris
lished by E.P. Paris
  He loves me! He loves me            Three cats, one with jester on     Unsigned.       All    have    a    As ‘Months of Year’ format,
  not! He loves me! (Mauve            stick, one with tiara & ban-       orange/yellow border top and        but greetings at top (V) (as
  border top & left)                  gles, one with horn                bottom with the month printed       Juillet cats rest by haystack)
  He loves me! He loves me            Cat with guitar on back hold-      at the top. The picture lies in
  not! He loves me! (Blue bor-        ing hand of kitten approach        between. Cards have undivided      NO PUBLISHER (English backs)
  der top & left)                     house in snow (as No Publish-      backs. Similar sets can also be    Un-numbered Unsigned Divid-
  He loves me! He loves me            er)                                found with English and German      ed backs H except where stated
  not! He loves me! (Blue/green       Cat asleep in bed dreaming of      titles, or various Christmas        Young cat with adults offers
  border top & right)                 Christmas presents                 Greetings.                          bird on plate to guests, in
  He loves me! He loves me                                                 Janvier Cats shopping in          front of fire, one has guitar
  not! He loves me! (Green bor-      Series 8426 “Christmas” H             snow                              Two cats on table top looking
  der top & right                    Unsigned. No titles but various       Fevrier Cats cooking over fire    at cup of tea and croissant
  He loves me! He loves me           Christmas Greetings on front          in hearth                         Two cats with one pink rose &
  not! He loves me! (Red/pink         Cats gather around the fire for      Mars Two cats at party            one rosebud (same format as
  border top & right                  meal (as no publisher)               Avril Cat family outside a        K F Editeurs 897)
  He loves me! He loves me            Cat’s father at fireplace where      shop                              Girl cat wearing hat tied with
  not! He loves me! (Brown bor-       Christmas presents have been         Mai A cat wedding!                pink ribbon holding glass of
  der top & left)                     left                                 Juin Three cats fishing           champagne (V) (same format
                                      Maid holds baby up for father        Juillet   Cats    resting  by     as K F Editeurs 898 and Kopal
Series 6878 “Humorous” H              while mother in bed (as 6878)        haystack                          472/472
Unsigned                              Four cats visiting grandfather       Aout Three cats swimming
 Cat sat watching rats on table,      (as 6878)                            Septembre Hunting cats or        NO P U B L I S HE R ( A m e r i c a n
 bird on back of chair (as            Cat sat watching rats on table,      waiting for a duel               backs)
 “Christmas” 8426 & No Pub-           bird on back of chair (as 6878)      Octobre Grape Harvest             Cat asleep on park bench with
 lisher)                                                                   Novembre Cat cooking on           newspaper and four kittens
 Maid holds baby up for father       Series 8427 “Christmas” H             stove                             (as Kopal 417)
 with mother in bed (as              Unsigned images are the same          Decembre Pair of cats skating     ‘We won’t go home until
 “Christmas” 8426)                   as “Humorous” 6877 also with                                            morning’ Five cats busking
 Four cats visiting grandfather      the same verse on them              No Publisher Miscellaneous          (card has border, and plain
 (as “Christmas” 8426)                 A Happy Christmas along top       cards H Unsigned Continental        back)
 Two cats skating on ice (same         purple border & left              backs
 image as Months of the Year           A Happy Christmas along top        Cat hands four-leaved clover       [thanks to Christine Booth
 but titled ‘Merry Days’               red/pink border & right            to two other cats (as Tuck         for help with this checklist]
                                       A Happy Christmas along top        8208)
Series 8208 “Christmas” H              brown border & left                Three cats one with book, one      *Picture Postcard Values
Unsigned No titles but with var-       Christmas Greetings along          four-leafed clover, one wheel      currently catalogues
ious Christmas Greetings on            top blue/green border & right      & wings (as Tuck 8208)             Boulanger postcards at £10

12    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 13
                                HUNTINGDON 2010
                          FESTIVALOFCARDS ’10

                   WOOD GREEN ANIMAL SHELTER,
                    GODMANCHESTER PE29 2NH
                                                     near Huntingdon,

                                                      All roads to A14,

                                                      then see sign for

                                                                          HUNTINGDON 2010
                                                       Animal Shelter

                          Friday                           Saturday
                         13 August                        14 August
                        10am - 6pm                     9.30am - 4.30pm
                       admission £3                    admission £1.50

                   POSTCARDS / CIGARETTE CARDS
                   POSTAL HISTORY/ AUTOGRAPHS/
                       TRADE CARDS/ STAMPS/
                     and all related ACCESSORIES
                        For accommodation - listing available
                           train times - available by phone
                     See our website
                             or telephone 07966-011027

                   Wood Green in-house catering * Large car parks
                   Details: Barrie Rollinson 07966 011027
                               HUNTINGDON 2010
14       Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                          HUNTINGDON 2010
                            Friday/Saturday August 13th/14th
                                           Featuring For Your Pleasure
                                   100+ Dealers from far and wide
                  Keith & Lynne Hough,              Jim Shiels, London               Andrew Maxam, Colchester
                    Queensferry                     Andrew George, Shiptonthorpe     Collectors Corner, Chelmsford
                  Simon Smith, Scarborough          Mick Large, Bognor Regis         Margaret Pierce, Hertfordshire
                  George Nairn, Chester-le-Street   Magpie Cards, Grantham           Carol Talbot, Stanground
                  Rosalie Cards, Worksop            Terry Nye, Shortlands            Campbell McCutcheon,
                  Peter Robards, Clun               Peter Duncan, Lindfield                   Gloucester
                  Simon Collyer, Marchington        Tony & Margaret Coleman,         Sue Gadd, Newmarket
                  David Wild, Norwich                        Beccles                 Neil Collin, Langford
                  Rosina Stevens, Ashford           Mark & Tracey Powell, Nantwich   Derek Garvey, Milton Keynes
                  Reflections, Keyworth             John Gray, Knighton              Mike Huddy, High Wycombe
                  Peter Johnson, Taunton            Julian Dunn, Weybridge           Mark Bown, Swadlincote
                  Peter Snartt, Bristol             David Lapworth, Hinckley         Eric Kent, Flitwick
                  Derek Warry, Newport              Jim Jackson, Dukinfield          Maurice Friedman, Batcombe
                  JH Cards, Bradford                Phil Vass, Burton-on-Trent       Teresa Cheetham, Broughton
                  Chris Hoskins, South Nutfield     Mike Tarrant, Isle of Wight      David Mouser, Wool

                  Jack Stasiak, York

                                                                                                                        HUNTINGDON 2010
                                                    Tony McKendrick, Worthing        Children in Hunger charity stall
                  Stephan Geis, Germany             Andrew Bowker, Emsworth            (Lee Marchant)
                  Barrie Rollinson, Chedzoy         John Ainslie, Grays              Ann Southgate, Royston
                  John Shaw, Swadlincote            Trevor Pearson, Dorchester       Richard Newstead, Bristol
                  Rob Roy Albums, Orpington         David Waker, Wellington          Richard Flavell, Kingsbury
                  Ron Pascoe, Colchester            Lesley Davies, Brighton          Antony Hadjipanayis, Cyprus
                  GC Cards, Malvern                 John Clarke, Kidlington          Overdale Cards, Sudbury
                  Phil Swales, Scarborough          Keith Irwin, Wormsley            John Varden, Millom
                  Mick Heard, Derby                 Peter Russell, Market Drayton    Peter Holroyd, Guildford
                  Geoff Ellis,
                  Greg Pos,
                    Nottingham            Godmanchester here we
                  Michael Cox,
                  Mike Felmore,
                  Mike Fineron,
                  Tom Carr,
                  David Seddon,
                  John Priestley,
                    Northeast, Warminster           David Calvert, Aby               Oliva Milos, Czech Republic
                  Richard Boddington, Aylesbury     Chris Newbold, Belton-in-        John Oldfield, Stratford-upon-
                  Brian Shepherd, Church                             Rutland                               Avon
                    Stretton                        Jeremy Gaskell, Dartford         Alan Bower, Huddersfield
                  John Forrester, New Malden        Carl McQuaide, Tamworth          Jon Levine, Woodbridge
                  Mike Hearn, Bozeat                John Kidson, Brighton            Card Times, Ormskirk
                  Roger Drury, Holywell             John Lardener, Edgbaston
                  Mike Pearl, Macclesfield          Tony Michaels, London
                                                    Hewson Osborne, Hadleigh

                                          HUNTINGDON 2010
                                                                                Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 15
              Croquet Cards
                     John Mayhew
Croquet is a popular garden game which can also be
played at club, national and international level. Balls
are hit through hoops with the aid of a mallet and the
game is won by hitting a centre peg. A standard cro-
quet set consists of six hoops, one peg, four mallets
and four balls coloured blue and black (cold colours)
and red and yellow (hot colours). The rules of the
game mentioned here apply to international associa-
tion singles and there are separate rules for doubles
play. The grass playing area measures 28 yds x 35
yds, a peg is inserted in the centre and the six hoops              Bowling       Green,
are placed at specified distances relative to the peg.              Redoubt Gardens, Eastbourne. Postally used
Balls must be played through the hoops one way and                  January 1915 and my only card which caters for two of my
back in the reverse order and the winner is the one                 interests, bowls and croquet. Published by
who is first to hit the peg with both balls known as                Valentine
‘pegging out’. Balls are played in pairs, blue and
black against red and yellow in the order of blue,
red, black and yellow. Each player decides which
ball to play throughout a turn and the other ball
becomes the ‘partner’ ball.
Play continues until either a     the flower bed with a ‘cro-
player fails to pass the ball     quet’ shot. Another tactic is
through a hoop (running           ‘peeling’ the partner ball by
the hoop) or hits another         striking it with the other ball
ball (known as a roquet). A       to send it through the hoop.
‘roquet’ gives the player         As in snooker a player will
two extra strikes, the first      try to make a turn last as
being the ‘croquet’ shot          long as possible, some-
when he picks up one if his       times until a game is won,
own balls and places it           called a ‘break’. If
behind the ball which was
                                                                                                 Hydropathic, Peebles -
                                                                          water treatment and croquet combined on a card
                                                                        published by George Allen and postally used Decem-
                                                                        ber 1916

                                                                            the num-
                                                                        ber of garden players.    Tools of the
                                        WI Bowls taster -           The game can even be          Trade - peg, mallets and
                A get-together by local group members of            played at sea as the cruise   balls with strips marking the
the Warwickshire Federation of Women’s Institutes to try            ship “Celebrity Equinox”      ‘hot and cold’ colours. Pub-
their hand at various sports. Note the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’             launched in 2009 has a real   lished by Graphique de
coloured balls in a photograph taken by Betty Hoflin on a           grass lawn on its top deck    France
card printed by Judges of Hastings                                  for the benefit of croquet
                                                                    playing passengers.
hit, the roqueted ball. He        a player negotiates all
then strikes his own ball         twelve hoops in one turn he
with the mallet which             has achieved an ‘all round
moves the roqueted ball to        break’.
a good position if it belongs          A set of rules was
to him or a bad position if it    drawn up for croquet and
is one belonging to his           national competitions in the
opponent. It is said that the     nineteenth century. The
name ‘croquet’ comes from         Wimbledon All England
the French ‘croquer’ or           Croquet Club was the first
crack which is the noise          national headquarters and
made when the balls are           the first national champi-
struck and it is permitted to     onships were held in Victo-
roquet a ball only once           rian times.
between hoops during a                 Croquet clubs have
turn. I first played croquet in   been established in Eng-
a neighbour’s garden in the       land, America, New Zealand
1940s and one of my lasting       and several other countries
memories is sending an            but the number of club play-      Croquet and putting course, Mundesley Holiday Camp,
opponent’s ball flying into       ers is easily exceeded by         Norfolk. Published by Ernest Joyce & Co Ltd
16    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                        Lawn of the Pump House,
Llangammarch. A postcard published by the London &         Upper
North-Western Railway Company in 1905                      Court, Kemerton, near Tewkes-
                                                           bury, Gloucestershire on a postcard used in July 1992.

‘Happy Birthday’ message
postally used May 1928

                           A charming painting of five children playing croquet. The boy is
                           attempting a croquet shot but is in danger
                           of hitting his foot rather than
                           the white ball. Published by
                           S. Hildesheimer & Co Ltd
                           and postally used June 1908

                           (left) Actor Lewis Waller.
                           Was he the David Beckham
                           of the croquet set? Pub-
                            lished before June 1918 by
                            Rotary Photographic Co.

                            (right) Croquet cats: “I’ve got
                            my eye on you”, published
                                    by Inter-Art Co. in their
                                                u s e d
                                                August 1922
(right) Mr Oscar
Arche and Miss
Lily Brayton on
a postcard pub-
lished by Rotary
and      postally                             (right) More
used in April                                tea, vicar? A
1907. The mes-                               c r o q u e t
sage refers to                               comic card
difficulty    in                             published by
finding a suit-                             Davidson
able card - “I                              Bros. from a
took this one                               painting by
out of my                                   Tom Browne
                                                                      Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 17
                                                                                                                       Artist revealed
                     Postbag                                                                                     The wall paintings in the pub
                                                                                                                 shown in Andrew Swift’s article
                                                                                                                 last month (page 45) are in the
                                          Definitely Dudley                                                      style of Bamforth artist Fitz-
         Museum                                                                                                  patrick - possibly even by the
      responsibilities                Michael Hauskeller’s article on                                            artist himself.
                                      Felix and Dudley Buxton in June
Over the years there has been an      PPM was wonderful research:                                                Eric Kent
on-going discussion concerning        Buxton really deserves recogni-                                            Flitwick
the disposal of major collections     tion for all his work. I have a few
of postcards. For most collectors,    originals of his postcard artwork
myself included with my local
history, the cards have to be sold
                                      and some IOM censorship mate-
                                      rial which hopefully can be
                                                                                                                   Got a point of
as the money is required for fam-
ily use.
                                      included in Michael’s next arti-
                                      cle. I even got a mention - though
                                                                                                                      view or
     However, under certain cir-
cumstances there may be a wish
                                      my wife grinned at the “knowl-
                                      edgeable collector” bit !! More
to donate them to a public insti-
tution. Over-riding this is a fear
                                      like an undisci-
                                      plined butterfly
                                                                                                                      to say?
that the collection will not be
carefully looked after or it may
                                      she      says……
                                      “why…..why are
                                                                                                                   Write to PPM
be partially or completely dis-
posed of. This in fact did happen
                                      you still collect-
                                      ing English post-
to me when many years ago in          cards?”…..etc. I
the earliest days of modern post-     have a colour
card collecting I gave a collec-      copy of a won-
tion relating to a small town to      derful       office
the local library there. The next     scene with a                                                                  LOOKING FOR
time I saw them they were             young       Jewish                                                             POSTCARD
offered to me by a local book-        lady speaking on
seller.                               the phone. “Mr.
                                                                                                                     ALBUMS &
     My second collection was of      Cohen isn’t in                                                                ACCESSORIES?
modern book publishers’ promo-        yet-he hasn’t been in yesterday                Bowls, too                   Look NO further than
tional cards and poetry. This I       yet!” The card appears to be
wished to donate to a major           Inter-Art 7570. It shows the ini-     With reference to the letter Going    VERA TRINDER Ltd
library or a university. There        tials DB and we know they do          Football Crazy (July PPM, p.43),        38 Bedford Street,
were twenty five A3 sketch book       not stand for Doris Bowden! It        I have no information regarding
albums housing several thousand       reinforces and confirms our           the artist, but the publisher was
cards. Because of its size it was     opinions. I wonder if a Felix         not only involved with comic            London WC2E 9EU
difficult to find a library to show   postcard collector will turn up a     cards. I have a postcard of a           OPEN: Monday to
interest. Contacting Worcester        fully signed card?                    bowls match in Largs postally
University produced an almost                                               used in 1907 with the publisher’s            Friday
immediate response. Two acade-        Gary Davies                           name and Edinbro’ printed on the        8.30 am to 5 pm
mic departments were interested       Queensland, Australia                 back in red in the same position.         Send for our
but final approval was required
from an                                                                     John Mayhew
                                                                                                                     free catalogue
                                                                            Norwich                                   Tel: 020 7257 9940
Pick of the P                                                                                                         Fax: 020 7836 0873
  wins a £10 b
                                                                              PPM keeps you                        Ansaphone: 020 7836 2366
                                                                                in touch!                         Web site:

 administrative committee. This
was finally obtained. The collec-
tion was handed over and I
thought that I would just get a
formal letter of thanks. What did
arrive was a two page formal
agreement largely detailing the
university’s role in conserving it.
This was most heartening, satis-
fying any doubts I had. The
agreement can, apparently, be
varied to meet the requirements
of the donor

John Marks
Earlswood, Solihull

[The agreement stipulates,
among other things, that the col-
lection will be accessible for              Local service?
research, and that the University
will ‘promote and develop the         When I took these photos in my
                                      road last week, I thought PPM                                                We are interested in
collection’ and look after it
                                      editors Brian and Mary Lund             Pick of the Postbag                       buying UK
                                      were doing a spot of moonlight-           is sponsored by                      street-scene and
                                      ing or delivering PPM by hand
                                      countrywide! Note the van’s           Boxhill Postcards                       road-transport RPs.
    PLEASE MENTION                    registration plate!                                                          Collections or singles
 MONTHLY WHEN REPLY-                  Alun Williams                                Lists to
  ING TO ADVERTISERS                  Cardiff                                                   RPs only please
18    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010

      10am - 4pm AT
 Admission 50p (includes free Fair Card) Early Entry (£3.00) from 8.30am

                                60+ TABLES
CLIVE BAKER Tel: 01843 862707                ANN HOOPER Tel: 01303 244551
 email:             email:


                                              Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 19
                                                                    Mabel Lucie appeal continues in
                      Auctions                                              latest SPA sale
     Trevor Vennett-Smith’s     Coalville (£74), South Elm-     Popular comic children postcard artist Mabel Lucie
latest postal sale of post-     sall (£74), Ashby-de-la-        Attwell’s work attracted most bidding at Specialised
cards saw embroidered           Zouch (£65), Oakley (£55)       Postcard Auctions’ June postal sale. Eight lots sold
silks racking up impressive     and Midsomer Norton             for much more than estimates, with highest realisa-
results,     HMS Invincible     (£50).
leading the field with £245.                                    tions for two bundles of 18 cards from the 1930s,
                                   Five postcards from Fred     each of which sold for £242. Other artists achieving
Zuid Afrika Infantry made       Buchanan’s Cricket Illustrat-
£128 and The Welsh Guards       ed set published by Raphael     promising results included Tom Browne, Ellam, Vio-
£122. Topographicals from       Tuck sold for an impressive     let Roberts, Doug Tempest and Kinsella.
Brighton and Yorkshire col-     £108 (three times estimate),         Top price in the singles section was £55 for a
lections featured strongly,     while a set of six from the     Kirchner glamour design, while the overseas section
with an advert card for a       same publisher titled At the    stimulated plenty of interest, with an unusual collec-
Brighton firm featuring a       Seaside in Dollyland made       tion of 18 postcards of the 1911 Chinese Civil War
horse-drawn wagon realis-       £94.                            making £66. Sale total was just over £12,000.
ing £90 and an accident to a
Royal Mail van £86. A 1930s     * Prices quoted in this fea-
street    scene    from     a   ture include buyers’ premi-
Brighton suburb sold for        um where applicable.
£74.     Yorkshire’s   finest
included a foxhunting scene
(£86), a fire tender at Rich-
mond (£67) and horse-           PPM keeps you in
drawn delivery van at Selby
(£62).                            touch with the
   Other areas were repre-
sented, too. A real photo-       postcard world!
graphic postcard showing
students’ revenge on Bristol
suffragette headquarters        The Titanic connection
went to £150, hop-pickers’      always guarantees that          eBay notes
demonstration in Kent to        extra bit of magic (and cash)
£93, the same figure            for postcard sales. A card of   The ill-fated White Star liner
achieved for a rare RP of the   Cookham showing a fund-         RMS Titanic was the star of
1912 Staffordshire coal         raising procession for sur-     last month’s sales on the
strike. A marvellous RP of a    vivors sold for £425 at         internet sales site, as two
Henley newsagent’s shop         Henry Aldridge’s Devizes        artist-drawn impressions
went for £78, despite creas-    auction recently, quite a       topped £700. One card (pic-
ing. Railway stations that      sum for a village topo-         tured above) sold for £797,
caught the eye included         graphical!                      while another showing the
                                                                ship hitting the iceberg,
                                                                with inset pictures of the
     BIRMINGHAM AUCTIONS                                        captain and others, went for
                                                                £722. Another similar card,
         Buying or selling Postcards??                          showing Captain Smith and
                                                                Jack Phillips, with creases,
       AUCTIONS EVERY 8 WEEKS                                   went for £365. One of the
                                                                Salmon-published art cards
  Payout within 14 days of sale end. Cash                       that were overprinted with         Emb’d silk Gibraltar 1938 £108
                                                                venues showing a film of           Shipwreck, Italy           £102
         advances on suitable lots                              the Titanic tragedy - in this      China, Dr. Sun Yatsen       £99
              WANTED NOW                                        case for the Palace Theatre,       Hong Kong, dockyard         £86
                                                                                                   HMS Hawke after collision with
                                                                Glasgow, sold for £332, and
         Bulk lots & Rare singles for                           a USA-published card made            RMS Olympic (above)
                                                                                                   Shipping, White Star Line
                                                                £207. An In Memoriam
                all categories                                  postcard for Titanic pub-
                                                                                                     advert                    £84
                                                                                                   Mail plane, Bellefonte, PA £82
                     PLUS                                       lished by Bragg made £123,         South Georgia, whaling      £80
                                                                while a pair of Bamforth-          Cricket, WG Grace pub’d Tuck
        Railway interest, Rare singles,                         published hymn cards Near-                                     £79
                                                                er my God to thee with             Hampshire v. West Indies 1928
         albums, estate lots etc etc...                         Titanic images in the back-                                    £79
                                                                                                   Highams Park, aerial view £77
     Also stamps, ephemera, autographs                          ground secured an £80
                                                                                                   West Indies cricketers at
                                                                price tag. On the art nou-           Uttoxeter 1906            £76
     ALL LOTS are vendors’ material - no                        veau front, ten Kirchner           Advertising, Waterman pens
                                                                Akropolis designs sold for
          ‘Bought in’ or House lots.                            £1,316, and seven Fables           Redditch, Church Green
                                                                designs by the same artist         Co. Antrim, Toomebridge
                                                                made £661.                           Barracks                  £69
  SALES HELD WEDNESDAY EVENINGS                                                                    Singapore, tennis club      £68
 AT FOWNES HOTEL, CITY WALLS ROAD,                              Other highlights:                  Waddesdon post office       £64
                                                                Tsarevich, autographed      £200   Prees, Shrewsbury St.       £62
            WORCESTER                                           Sefton & Mayhill railway           Middlesbrough FC 1905       £62
                                                                  station                   £156   Suffragette comic, geese £60
                 Free Catalogues                                Embroidered silk, South            King of Siam
                                                                                                   Polzeath, High St.
                                                                  African Infantry          £143
                                Woven silk, RMS Scotia £130        Crawley, fire               £57
                                                                Suffragette comic (above) £122     Pierrots, Lee-on-Solent     £56
        BIRMINGHAM AUCTIONS                                     LL-pub’d, boat leaving St.         ARQ, Thames at Benson
                                                                                                   McGill, match striker
                                                                                     Helier £122
           23 BROAD STREEET                                     Tibet, women                £113
                                                                                                   Original artwork
                                                                Hawaii, volcanic crater     £111
      BROMYARD, HEREFS HR7 4BT                                  Mucha, art nouveau b/w £110        Pedro
                                                                                                   Arnold Taylor
                                                                Woven silk, RMS Empress of
      01885 488871 mb 07941287692                                 Ireland                   £108   Caport

20    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
Folkestone, Dover, Warwick, Leighton Buzzard, Coventry,
Farnborough, Amersham, Richmond (Surrey) and
                                                                                                     Flemons of Tonbridge pro-
 Harry Hardinge; one of a
 Harry                                                                                               duced many cards on Kent,
                                                                                                     most fine real photographic
 last breed of sportsmen                                                                             issues like this one show-
                                                                                                      ing Wally in close-up dur-
                     Paul Joannou                                                                     ing the 1920s.

In years past there were a good few sportsmen who                                                      reserve side playing in
excelled in both football and cricket – and for that                                                   North Eastern League
matter rugby too. And there were a handful who                                                         football. He did help win
                                                                                                        the second XI champi-
reached the very top in more than one sport; capped                                                     onship trophy in both
by England at both cricket and football. It is doubtful                                                  1906-07 and 1907-08.
though these days that will ever happen again in the                                                        Wally though wanted
modern sporting world.                                                                                   first-team football and
                                 dian era into the Thirties                                              with the array of interna-
                                 and not surprisingly he is                                               tional talent in front of
                                 featured on several post-                                                him at St. James’ Park,
                                 cards of the time, both as a                                              he decided to move on.
                                 cricketer and footballer.                                                 One of his senior out-
                                        Harry Hardinge was                                           ings in the black and white
                                                                           with Sunderland. A        stripes       was      against
                                  born in Greenwich during         crowd of 30,000 saw
                                  February 1886. As a                                                Sheffield United when he
                                                                   Hardinge and United – the         scored in a 2-1 victory. He
                                  teenager he started playing      Champions – fall in an
                                  football for local sides                                           must have made an impres-
                                                                   entertaining match by 3-2.        sion as it was the Tykes who
                                   Eltham, not far from his        Harry was left out for the
                                   home, and for Tonbridge.                                          decided to pay £350 for his
                                                                   next game, with Appleyard         transfer – yes only £350 for
                                    Hardinge then stepped up       back, but he had played
                                    and made an impression                                           someone who would soon
                                                                   well.                             play for England!
                                    at Maidstone United.                 Wally first appeared on
                                     Playing up front as an        postcards during his time in
                                     inside-forward or centre-     Newcastle. A rare card was
                                     forward, he had skills on     published of the match
                                      the ball and an eye for      arranged as part of his
                                      goal. Not a big forward      transfer to Tyneside. New-
                                      at only 5’7” tall, he cer-   castle and all their stars vis-
     A printed postcard by       tainly had talent and started     ited Maidstone in 1907 and
Mockford of Tonbridge. A         to rack up the goals scoring      a bumper crowd of 5,000
fairly common issue, but         30 goals in one season then       packed into the picturesque
nevertheless a nice image        following that up with a          Athletics Ground – now
of Wally in his younger          reported 40 in only 41            long gone. Published by
days.                            games.                            Duns of Maidstone the
                                        When 19 years old,         postcard features kick-off
One such ‘double interna-        Wally – as he was to be           and the distinctive Pavilion
tional’ was Harold Thomas        known – caught the eye of         Stand. Hardinge scored in
Walter Hardinge, a brilliant     Newcastle United, then            a 5-2 Newcastle victory. He
sportsman of a different age     developing as the country’s       is also captured on a char-
who appeared for Kent and        finest side, the Edwardian        acteristic Newcastle Unit-
England during the summer        Masters as they were soon         ed squad group by J. Tay-
months, and for Newcastle        to be called. Hardinge head-      lor for season 1907-08, a
United, Sheffield United,        ed the near 300 miles north       marvellously       arranged
Arsenal, and for England         to Tyneside during May                                              H e
                                                                   real photographic card com-       joined Sheffield United in
too, in the winter. His career   1905.                             plete with trophies.
in both sports spanned over             Purchased as a player                                        December 1907 after over
                                                                         The young footballer        two years in the North East.
30 years from the Edwar-         to be groomed for the             was a stand-in on nine occa-
                                 future, Hardinge found him-                                         He did well at Bramall Lane
                                                                   sions for United; for either      in their top division line-up,
                                    self in the dressing-room      Appleyard or Scottish inter-
                                    of what was fast becom-                                          although he was described
                                                                   national James Howie, that        as an “annoyingly inconsis-
                                    ing the team of the era –      season, but was more often
                                    winning three League                                             tent footballer” being some-
                                                                   in the club’s                     times in and out of the side
                                   Championships and reach-
                                   ing five FA Cup finals. The                                       and often the subject of
                                   Magpies were the Man-                                              much debate over his selec-
                                  chester United of the                                               tion, or not. Intelligent and
                                  Edwardian era.                                                      strong-willed on the ball,
                                        As a consequence                                               he    frequently     though
                                 opportunities       for    the                                        found the net, all told scor-
                                 youngster were limited.                                               ing 46 for the Blades in 152
                                 With a first eleven packed                                             senior games.
                                 full of special players, many                                          At the peak of his form
                                 full internationals, senior                                            with the red and whites
                                 outings were few and far                                                during seasons 1909-10
                                 between at St. James’ Park.                                             and 1910-11, Hardinge
                                 Hardinge made his debut                                                 became an international
                                 on the opening day of the                                               player. He was selected
                                 1905-06 season as deputy                                                 An anonymous postcard,
                                 for the big, bustling Bill                                               nicely autographed by
Hardinge at the crease           Appleyard. And it was no                                                 Hardinge in the formal
from the ‘Kent Cricketers’       ordinary fixture either –                                                way – as he appeared to
series by Kingsway/WHS,          rather a white-hot Tyne ver-                                              do all the time – ‘HTW
posted in 1921.                  sus Wear derby contest                                                    Hardinge’.

22   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                   Kent lifted the County      aged 35 years old. Exclud-
                                                               Championship on four occa-      ing wartime football, he had
                                                               sions before World War          totalled almost 220 senior

Hardinge the England footballer, pictured in 1910. Pub-
lished by ‘Bert Flemons, The Terrace, Tonbridge’.
for the England side in April photographer to produce a
1910 to play Scotland – one great line of cards featuring      Newcastle United’s squad for 1907-08 from The Roylat
half of his ‘double’ complet- both Hardinge and Kent           series by J. Taylor of Byker in Newcastle. Hardinge is in the
ed. In front of a huge atten- cricket. Another portrait of     front row, extreme right.
dance of 110,000 at Hamp- Hardinge appeared on a               One in 1906, 1909, 1910 and     games (61 goals) and was
den Park Hardinge and Eng- Sheffield United set by Fur-        1913. Hardinge was part of      now to focus more on crick-
land did not have a good niss before World War One.            all those triumphs and was      et where of course age was
day – losing 2-0. He faced Harry headed back to his            often featured on cricketing    not so much of a handicap.
two of his ex-colleagues native south in June 1913             postcards from this era.        An opening batsman of
from St. James’ Park, Peter for a £500 fee when he             Some of the cards are fairly    style and distinction and
McWilliam       and     Andy joined Arsenal. By then he        common like the printed         slow left-arm orthodox
Aitken, in the blue of the was 27 years old and an             versions by Mockford of         bowler, he was also a noted
                               established top-level for-
                               ward. Wally in fact played in
                               the very first game at the
                               old    Highbury      stadium
                               against Leicester Fosse
                               when Arsenal moved base
                               from Plumstead to North
                                    And this move helped
                               him stay close to his other
                               sporting love of cricket, and
                               the Kent County side. Hav-
                               ing graduated from the
                               nursery club at Tonbridge,
                               Hardinge first appeared as a
                               16-year-old in 1902 and
                               steadily developed a talent
                               as a right-hand batsman
                               during the summer months        A one-off rarity; a postcard view of the kick-off of the Maid-
                               when there was little over-     stone v Newcastle United friendly in 1907. Published by
                                                               Duns of Maidstone.
A nice portrait of Hardinge lap with football – unlike
at the peak of his footballing now. He continued to            Tonbridge. Others though fielder, especially in his
prowess with Sheffield appear for Tonbridge and                are fine real photographic younger days. In 1915 Wis-
United, by Furniss.            received his county cap in      cards and much rarer such den noted Wally as “one of
                               1907 when he secured a          as cards produced by Fle- the finest outfields in the
Scots.                         regular place in the side. He   mons, another Tonbridge world”. He was in con-
     A lovely card of Harry was a cricketer on the rise.       outlet. Like a lot of cricket- tention for a Test place and
wearing the famous three Indeed, he was Wisden’s               ing memorabilia, some of selected for the England
lions crest was published by Cricketer of the Year in          the cards have been won- cricket side to face the Aus-
Flemons of Tonbridge, a 1915.                                  derfully autographed and tralian tourists of 1921. It
                                                               kept in pristine condition for was a proud day indeed for
                                                               almost a century. Thank Hardinge when he walked
                                                               heaven for cricketing col- out at Headingley in July to
                                                               lecting tradition.              face the Aussies and
                                                                    During the Great War, became a rare ‘double inter-
                                                               Hardinge served as a Chief national’. He stepped in to
                                                               Petty Officer in the Royal the Test side after Jack
                                                               Navy and as peace-time Hobbs had to withdraw
                                                               returned Wally continued to because of appendicitis.
                                                               perform in both sports.              Against a fine Aus-
                                                               Although Harry’s career in tralian team, captained by
                                                               the winter game continued Warwick Armstrong, pic-
                                                               until the close season of tured on a postcard by
                                                               1921 with the Gunners (55 Rotary of London, the Test
                                                               matches 14 goals plus Match, nor the overall
                                                               another 70 wartime appear- series, was a good one for
                                                               ances netting 37 goals), he England. The Aussies were
                                                               decided to hang up his superior in Leeds winning
The Australian touring squad in 1921. A Rotary photo of        trusty football boots when
the successful touring party.                                                                           continued....
                                                                           Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 23
  continued from page 23
by 219 runs, and Wally did
not get going in his two
innings; dismissed for 25
and 5. Just like his one and
only appearance for his
country at football, all went
wrong. But at least Harry
could proudly say ‘I got
there’. I have yet to find a
team group of that England
side at Headingley – per-
haps a cricket collector has
a copy, or even better a
      Hardinge never got an
England call again, but
proved a tremendous coun-
ty cricketer. In 1928 he
scored 2,446 runs in the
season. Once he recorded
the rare feat of a double-
century and a century in the
same match. After 623              Castleford cracker: the West Yorkshire town famous for glass and rugby league is
matches for Kent in a career       featured here on a lovely postcard by an unidentified publisher which was sent to
which spanned over 31 sea-         York in July 1906. Two bicycles, a hand-pushed milk float and a barrel on a trolley
sons, he called it a day in                                                                make up the sum total of
1933. His first-class record
was 33,519 runs with the                Afterwards he did a bit caretaker manager of Spurs Carlton Street’s traffic!
bat including 75 centuries         of coaching with Leicester- following the departure of Some fine Edwardian
                                   shire and Harry also tried a Percy Smith as boss.       fashion here, too!
(average 36.51). Wally
recorded 1,000 runs in a           spot of coaching back in             Wally also worked with
season no fewer than 18            football too, with Totten-     the well known sports out-
times. And with the ball, 371      ham Hotspur’s reserve          fitters and publishers John         LLANDUDNO
wickets. Wonderful statis-         eleven. For a brief period     Wisden & Co for a period.            POSTCARD
tics for any cricketer.            during 1935 he even was        Hardinge lived until he was
                                                                  aged 79 and died in Cam-                FAIR
                                                                  bridge during May 1965.              Saturday
                                                                        The last football-cricket
                                                                                                      21st August
           HAYWARDS HEATH                                         ‘double’ internationals were
                                                                  Willie Watson and Arthur            10.00 am - 4.00 pm
            INTERNATIONAL                                         Milton from the 1950s and
                                                                  early 1960s. There will be           at Venue Cymru,
                                                                  no more I am sure of that.
          Postcard, Cigarette Card and Collectors Fair            Harry Hardinge and his like       Promenade, Llandudno
        The top event of its kind in the Southern Counties!                                                LL30 1BB
                                                                  are one of a special rare
                                                                  breed from a different age.          Admission £1.25
           Saturday 7 August                                      Thankfully       ‘HTWH’
                                                                  recorded on a rich collec-
                                                                                               is   £1.00 OAPs & concessions

                        10.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.                       tion of postcards.                Organised by Northern
                 55 Tables specialising in:                                                             Postcard Fairs
 POSTCARDS *CIGARETTE CARDS *EPHEMERA *STAMPS                                                         Tel. 01244 535578 &
   *POSTAL HISTORY *ALBUMS *ACCESSORIES ETC.                      The Picture                            07802 699024

     Clair Hall, Perrymount Road,                                   Postcard
         HAYWARDS HEATH                                           Show (Bipex)
             West Sussex                                              2010
         Admission £1      Refreshments       Free Parking          is at the Royal
                     Dealers booked include:
                                                                   Horticultural Hall,
     * Topo Plus * Brian Girling * Mike Felmore * Peter Holroyd
         * Tim Notley * Tony Michaels * Philip Chipperfield           Westminster,
                 * Mick Devonald *Beacon Postcards                    London SW1
                   * Lesley Davies * Peter Robinson
        * Peter Lindfield * John Priestley * East London PC Co.        Thurs - Sat
                  * Chris Hoskins * Rob Roy Albums
                     * John Kidson * Janice Withers
                    * Peter Duncan * Jackie Worling                2 - 4 September
                          and more to follow!                          with postcard
              For further information and                              exhibition on
                       bookings:                                        London Life
     Rosemary Shepherd/Beacon Fairs 01892-662132
         Future Dates: 4 September, 2 October
                                                                   Don’t miss it!
24     Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
 Ingrid Lorenz and Stephan Geis from Frankfurt/Germany, together
with the dealer Oliva Milos from Prague, are coming to London only
       to the Bloomsbury Postcard Fair on August 29th 2010.

      Please visit our stands
            Stop there.....
   we will offer the best historical
      picture postcards from
    Germany: Advertising cards; music: opera: Wagner etc.;
     Judaica; Propaganda and Photocards WWI and WWII;
Ethnic; Blacks; Sports: Olympics, Gymnastics, Boxing, Rowing,
 Football etc,; Greetings: Christmas etc,; Trams; Cars; Ships;
      Aeroplanes; Balloons, Circus, Animals and Zoo and
   Real photo cards; Snapshots and better foreign cards etc.

 We are also at                                         We are also at
      the                                                    the
Godmanchester                                          Godmanchester
fair on 13-14th                                        fair on 13-14th
 August and at                                          August and at
Woking 24-25th                                         Woking 24-25th
  September                                              September

 If you need further details please call Stephan Geis:
         0049 (0) 172 6619015 or send email to
          or to Milos:
                                        Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 25
                                                              The famous polar voy-
           In night and ice
           In                                                 ager undivided back
                                                              by Societa Editrice
                      Mike Gray                               Cartoline - Torino

Fridtjoff Nansen, world renowned explorer, scientist,         under Captain Otto
statesman, humanitarian and Nobel prizewinner,                Sverdrup on the
was born at Store-Froen near Oslo, Norway on 10               quest to reach the
October 1861.                                                 North Pole.
     This set of twelve undivided back cards (all but              By August they
one shown here) titled “From Nansen ‘In Night and             made their way
Ice’” was published by Meissner and Buch of Leipzig           through the Kara
in 1898, as series 1016. All illustrated by A. Goldfield,     Sea of Siberia and
                                                              along the north
they show Nansen’s three-year attempt to reach the            coast of Asia.
North Pole.                                                        On 22 Septem-
                                     Leaving from Bergen      ber the Fram was
                                                              made fast to a floe
                                                              and frozen in, thus
                                     one-half      months     beginning       the
                                     was a turning point      long    drift.   As
                                     in his life as he was    anticipated, she
                                     entranced by this        rose to the pres-
                                      world of sea and        sure of the ice
                                      ice.                    and was borne on
                                       In 1888 he and five    an even keel high
                                       companions were
                                       the first to cross
                                        Greenland and it
                                        was at this time
                                        he conceived his
                                        greatest adven-
                                                 Basing his
                                        plan to reach the
                                         North Pole on his
                                         theory that a cur-
                                         rent carried the
                                          polar ice from
                                          east to west,
                                          Nansen, togeth-
                                          er     with   the
                                           British    naval                                                         14th
                                      architect       Colin
                               Archer designed and built                                Through the Karna sea of Siberia
                                               the “Fram”     above the water for the         of March, Nansen being sat-
                                                              entire duration of the drift.   isfied that the Fram Fram
                                                                   On 10 January 1895 the     would continue to drift safe-
                                                              Fram reached 83° 30’N,          ly and realising that the ship
                                                              104’E with everything going     would not pass over the
                                                              as planned.                     North Pole, left her.
                                                                   Two months later, the                 Together with one
                                                                                                    companion, Hjalmar
                                                                                                    Johansen, a large
                                                                                                    number of dogs, a
                                                                                                     kayak, two sledges
                                                                                                     and one hundred days
                                                                                                     rations Nansen set off
                                                                                                      on a 400 mile dash to
                                                                                                      the pole.
                                                                                                         After travelling 140
                                                                                                       miles in 23 days and
                                                                                                       having reached 86°
quarters New Years Eve 1895
                                                                                                       14’N, they realised
The cards were all posted                                                                              their impossibly dif-
                               (‘Forward’), using funds                                                ficult situation and
in March 1899 from Bre-        subscribed by the Norwe-
men to Leipzig, but unfor-                                                                              decided to turn
                               gian government and pub-                                                 back. One card
tunately the correspon-        lic.
dence has nothing to do                                                                                 shows their camp,
                                    The          specially-                                             the closest to the
with the subject of the        strengthened hull was con-                                                Pole than anyone
cards and although num-        structed in such a way that                                               had ever been.
bered by the sender, were      the pressure exerted on the                                                        They made
not in proper order.           sides of the hull by the ice                                              their way south-
     Nansen, a man of          would force the ship
extraordinary athletic abil-   upward, thus preventing it
ity and yearning for           from being crushed.                                                      continued        on
adventure, shipped out on           The      Fram      was                                              page 28....
the sealer “Viking” in 1882    launched in late 1892, and
to the east coast of Green-    on 2 July 1893 left from                                                  Beginning       the
land. This trip of four and    Bergen with a crew of 12                                                  long drift
26   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010

       Holiday Mondays - 30 Aug. & 27 Dec.


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               Easy unloading
                   Lots to see and buy!
TREBLE OR DOUBLE STANDS: Mary Wheeler (Hereford), Richard Stenlake (Ayr),
Lynn Diable (Cambs), Jim Jackson (Cheshire), Rebecca Hohnbaum (Yorks), John
Ainslie (Essex), Chris Hoskins (Surrey), Jeremy Gaskell (Kent), Roy Allen (Middle-
sex), Peter Lindfield (Sussex), Paul Langton (Surrey), Jane Dembrey (Dulwich),
Warwick Jordan (Herts), Peter Shepherd (Surrey), Fairfield Cards of Croydon,
Julian Dunn (Surrey), Friedmans of Herts, Michael Large (Sussex), Melvin Wood
(Wimbledon), Joan Evans (Pinner), John Barrett (Wimbledon), Hayes of
Bermondsey, Mike Smith (Hants), Arthur Burton-Garbett (Morden), Tony
Michaels (Sussex), Dave Loader (Surrey), John Martin (Chiswick), John Kidson
SINGLE STANDS: Steve Keel (Surrey), John Forrester (New Malden), Tony Dey
(Hertfordshire), Derek Garrod (Kent), Graham Green (Surrey), Ruth Pratt (Middle-
sex), David Collins (Surrey) (at 01/07/10).

                                                 Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 27
  continued from page 26

west to Franzdosef Land
and wintered there in 1895-
1896. One of the set shows
their winter quarters on
New Years’ Eve 1895.
     In May 1896 the pair
resumed their journey
     After having reached
80°N on the south coast of
the islands they travelled
westward to reach Spitzber-
gen. On 17 June they hap-
pened upon Frederick Jack-                                                 Setting off
son and his party of the                                                   for the pole
Jackson-Harnsworth expe-
dition and returned to Nor-
way in his ship the “Wind-
ward”, reaching Vando on
13 August.
     By a great coincidence,
on that same day, the Fram
broke free from the ice and
sailed for home.
     The following week the    Northward in a snowstorm
Fram also reached Norway
safely, undamaged and          meteorology, diet and
with no loss of life.          nutrition, laid the basis for
     Returning to a tumul-     all future arctic work.
tuous welcome, Nansen                He went on to become
embarked      upon     many
speeches and

                                                                                             The “Fram” in the endless ice
                                                               repatriation from Russia of
                                                               over 400,000 prisoners
                                                               of war and organised
                                                               famine relief in Russia
                                                               for the Red Cross, and
                                                               in 1923 he was award-
                                                                ed the Nobel Prize for
                                                                    After a life of
                                                                huge     accomplish-
                                                                 ments,      Fridtjoff
                                                                 Nansen, a man for
                                                                 the ages, died of
                                                               heart failure on 13
                   Meeting with Jackson                        May 1930.
narratives of his journey,     an internationally famous
including one before a great   humanitarian and diplo-
crowd at London’s Royal        mat, including a spell as
Albert Hall on 8th Febru-      Norway’s first minister to
ary1897.                       Britain in 1906.
     This great man, with           As head of Norway’s
his highly detailed informa-   delegation to the League
tion on oceanography,          of Nations, he directed the

                                                                                              Along the
                                                                                              north coast of Asia

                                                                                                Got a point of
                                                                                                view or some-
                                                                                                thing to say?
                                                                                                Write to PPM
Homeward bound                                                 Returning to Norway                 Postbag!
28    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                              The splendid interior of Oak-
             Topographical focus                              worth Wesleyan Methodist
                                                              Chapel is captured here on a
         The Worth Valley
         The                                                  card posted from Keighley in
                                                              1906. The small board in
                    Norman Ellis                              front of the organ shows
                                                              hymn number 168, which
My father’s cousin Lawrence lived at Oakworth, near           was ‘Rock of Ages’ in the
Keighley, in the Worth Valley. Lawrence had a vine-           Wesleyan hymn book in
gar bottling and distribution business. When he               use at the time. I believe
delivered to fish-and-chip shops in Outwood (where            this is the chapel which
I then lived) he sometimes called to see us. Lawrence         Lawrence Scargill and fam-
was tall, handsome and had a commanding pres-                 ily attended.
ence. He had been married, but I never saw his wife
and did not ask questions. He lived with his two sis-         Eventually,       Lawrence
ters.                                                         arrived home and gave us
     One summer, when I was about twelve, and                 an equally warm wel-
becoming bored with my long school holiday, my                come. Later he took us to
father suggested that mother and I should have a              his ‘vinegar factory’ at the
day out and visit Lawrence and his sisters. We rose           bottom of the garden.
                                                              There was a biggish shed or      Haworth
                           to the challenge. Several          maybe two; also large            Cross Roads. I missed it, but
                           buses and a train journey          drums of vinegar, lots of        decided to catch the next
                            later, we arrived at Oak-         bottles and plenty of labels.    one, in the hope that I
                            worth      Train  Station,        Lawrence had to funnel the       would meet up with my
                             climbed a steep hill to the      vinegar into the bottles,        friends. The odds were not
                             top of the village and,          bung in a cork and stick on a    that good, but I did find
                             after a few enquiries,           label. Then get it ready for     them in Haworth Church. I
                              found where Lawrence            distribution via his motor.      have been to Haworth and
                              lived. He was not in, but       He was office boy, labourer,     its area many times since,
                               his sisters were. We           bottler, distributor and clerk   particularly because of my
                               received a cordial wel-        – all combined. But I think      enthusiasm      for    steam
                               come and a splendid            his sisters made the cups of     trains, which arrived back in
                               ham-and-egg meal.              tea and probably assisted in     Haworth and the Worth Val-
                                                                                               ley in 1968.
                                                                                                     The source of the River
                                                                                               Worth is about five miles
                                                                                               west of Haworth. From the
                                                                                               northern     outskirts     of
                                                                                               Haworth, it flows northeast
                                                                                               before joining the River Aire
                                                                                               just west of Keighley, near
                                                                                               East Riddlesden Hall. As a
                                                                                               relatively small tributary, it
                                                                                               is huge on history and inter-
                                                                                               est. From the fourteenth
Vinegar        entrepreneur                                                                    century, the main source of
Lawrence Scargill, my                                                                          livelihood of the people of
father’s cousin, is shown on                                                                   the Worth Valley was wool.
a studio portrait by William                                                                   Local farmers, with small
Gredy, photographer, St                                                                        acreages, grazed sheep on
George’s Road, Bolton, Lan-                                                                    the barren hillsides. The
cashire.                       With a moorland background, Ingrow’s Church of St John          wild scenery of the valley
                               the Evangelist is prominent on the right. The Worth Valley      and surrounding moors was
                               branch of the Midland Railway dominates the foreground,         eventually enhanced by the
                                   with a mixture of MR and colliery-owned wagons,             creation of settlements,
                                                            mostly filled with coal. A         whose houses were built of
                                                              Christmas greeting is writ-      stone from local quarries.
                                                              ten on the back of the card,     The woollen cottage indus-
                                                              probably early 1900s.            try, as the name implies,
                                                                                               began in people’s homes.
                                                               other ways.                     Some of the houses still
                                                                   The last time I saw         have rows of windows,
                                                              Lawrence was in 1952 at my       which provided light for
                                                              father’s funeral where, in       combers, spinners and
                                                              his rich baritone voice, he      weavers. The cottage sys-
                                                              robustly joined in the           tem was replaced by a fac-
                                                              singing of the hymn Jesu         tory industry. Mills were
                                                              Lover of my Soul. If they eat    built along the lower parts
                                                              fish-and-chips in heaven, I      of the valley, where spin-
                                                              like to think he is up there     ning and weaving of wool
                                                              somewhere distributing the       and worsted were carried
                                                              vinegar.                         out. The structures added
Around seven shops are fea-                                        In my middle teens, I       further distinction to the
tured on the right of Lidget Hill, Oakworth, c.1912. Facing   and a few other members of       area and were enlarged as
the camera is a quality butcher and next door a fruit and     a youth group decided to         demand grew. The whole
veg. Further up, the row of five shops with upstairs dorm-    have a day in Haworth,           was matched by the stern
ers was known as Commercial Buildings, housing at vari-       which is also in the valley of   rugged character of locals
ous times a grocer, ladies outfitter, picture framer, baker   the River Worth. We              and migrants. Much of this
and barber. One unit became a branch of Barclay’s Bank.       arranged to meet in Wake-        helped to shape the ideas
The substantial gateway, left, led to the Wesleyan Chapel.    field to catch a bus to          and feelings of the Brontë

30   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                the Oxenhope Wesleyans         Brass Bands, plus the
                                                                each had a cricket team.       Keighley Wiffum Waffum
                                                                     Haworth Gala, promot-     Wuffum     and    Haworth
                                                                ed by the Haworth & Oxen-      Bingem Bangem Comic
                                                                hope United Friendly Soci-     Bands. Highlight was to be
                                                                eties’ & Tradesmen’s Asso-     the balloon ascent and
                                                                ciation, became an annual      parachute descent by Miss
                                                                treat. Bunting decorated the   Lily Cove. This spectacle
                                                                streets and special trains     was postponed for two days
                                                                ran from Keighley. The         because    of   unsuitable
                                                                parades included bands,        weather.    But    disaster
                                                                tableaux and cyclists in       struck. When Miss Cove
                                                                comic dress. Events were       jumped from the balloon,
                                                                also held in a field, with a   she somehow became
                                                                firework display later. On     detached from her para-
                                                                Saturday 9 June 1906,          chute. She plummeted to
                                                                music was provided by the      the ground near Ponden
Sun Street, Haworth, looking towards the top of Bridge-             Haworth and Kildwick       Reservoir.
house Lane, c.1920, when horses left their mark on the                                              Haworth was a bur-
streets, men wore straw boaters and ladies with shawls
and aprons steered children in pushchairs. Postcard by
local photographer Fred Smith.

                                                                The    Lower-
                                                                town or Perseverance Mill complex in
                                                                Oxenhope stood at the junction of Station Road, Leeming
                                                                Lane and Jew Lane. Originally established in 1856 as a
Oxenhope was built around a tributary of the River Worth        worsted-weaving mill, it was altered and extended over
which flowed into Haworth as Bridgehouse Beck. Here, on         the years. The huge building to the right, with five storeys
the east side of Station Road, Oxenhope, Perseverance Mill      and sixteen bays, was erected in 1895 for spinning. Over
is just visible behind the buildings and branches. The sta-     many years, Merrall & Son (of Ebor Mill, Haworth) worked
tion provided a rail link with Keighley and beyond. Lily-       the complex. It no longer survives. The card was posted
white postcard.                                                 from Oxenhope to Shadwell, near Leeds, in 1912.
                                                                                              geoning village when, in
The station at Damems was
                                                                                              April 1820, Rev Patrick
reputed to be the Midland
                                                                                              Brontë brought his wife
Railway’s smallest any-
                                                                                              Maria and six children to
where.     Pictured     here,
                                                                                              Haworth Parsonage, which
c.1910, it has some of the
                                                                                              had been built in 1779. Five
paraphernalia associated
                                                                                              months later, when Maria
with larger stations, includ-
                                                                                              died, her sister came to
ing fire buckets, barrow,
                                                                                              supervise the parsonage.
and barrel for collecting
                                                                                              By 1849, four of Patrick’s
water. Note the chimney;
                                                                                              daughters - Maria, Eliza-
also the dog. The building
                                                                                              beth, Emily and Anne - had
was eventually sold to a
farmer for a hen hut.
sisters, which are powerful-
ly reflected in their novels.
      The people of the
Worth Valley worked hard
but found time for leisure       ground. The races had to be    (right) Timmy Feather lived
activities. From medieval        abandoned and were never       at Stanbury on the Colne
times, Haworth had three         resumed.                       Road out of Haworth and is
annual fairs, including one           Grimshaw was a friend     perpetuated on several
on Easter Monday. Horse          of John and Charles Wes-       postcards. Timmy was bap-
racing became a special fea-     ley, who were frequent visi-   tized at Haworth by Rev
ture of the fairs, which usu-    tors to Haworth. The broth-    Patrick Brontë on 25 July
ally led to betting. After the   ers’ influence was manifest    1825. He died on 30
Rev William Grimshaw             in the number of Methodist     November 1910. Tim was a
became the parson at             places of worship (there       hand spinner and weaver.
Haworth Parish Church in         were also Baptist ones)        He is pictured here outside
1742, he tried all means of      which sprang up in the val-    his cottage at Stanbury
persuasion to have the           ley. The chapels eventually    with his spinning machine.
races stopped, but in vain. It   promoted a social as well as   The card, published by F &
is said that, before one race,   a spiritual dimension to       M Smith of 1 West Lane,
he prayed with such fervour      people’s lives. For example,   Haworth, was posted in
that the rain came in tor-       the Haworth Baptists and       1924.                               continued.....
rents and flooded the
                                                                           Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 31
continued from page 31

                                                               L o w e r
                                                               Laithe Reservoir, seen here, was one
                                                               of several constructed on the moors around Haworth and
                                                               Oxenhope. The work started in 1914 but was not complet-
                                 Captured at the door of
                                                               ed until 1925, by which time the estimated cost had almost
       his cottage at Stanbury is Timmy Feather, perhaps
                                                               doubled. Stanbury stretches across the hillside on the left.
remembering the days when he and other handloom
                                                               Postcard by F & M Smith, Haworth.
weavers carried woven pieces of cloth on their backs to
Halifax Market. Although the card carries no stamp or                                      (left) At the Haworth Gala held
postmark, part of Ada’s message to Mary on the back                                        on 9 June 1906, the weather
reads: ‘Fred paid Tim a visit on Whit Monday morning,                                       was unsuitable for a para-
and took one or two snapshots of him, as you will see.                                      chute descent from a balloon,
I wonder if you recognise any of the figures on the other                                   so it was postponed until the
side’. The ‘Fred’ referred to was probably Haworth’s                                        evening of 11 June. On that
well-known photographer Fred Smith.                                                          date, seven thousand people
died. By 1848, son Branwell ley Station. They must                                           gathered in West Lane Foot-
had drunk himself to death. have         wished       that                                   ball Field. Miss Lily Cove,
The remaining sister, Char- schemes         to    connect                                    aged 21, a fully trained para-
lotte, married her father’s Haworth and Keighley by                                           chutist from East London,
curate in 1854, but died the rail had not been aborted.                                       took her seat under the bal-
following year during preg- The two places received                                           loon. At 7.40, the balloon
nancy. Patrick Brontë died their rail connection in                                            rose steadily and drifted
in 1861, aged 85. Charlotte, 1867, by which time the                                           towards Stanbury. The
Emily and Anne achieved Brontë village of Haworth                                              uncredited postcard shows
fame with their literary was attracting tourist busi-                                           a photograph of Miss Cove
works, the best known ness. The railway delivered                                               in knee-length trousers as
being Charlotte’s Jane Eyre coal and workers to the val-                                        she drifts across the sky.
and Emily’s Wuthering ley’s mills. A century later, it
Heights.                                                                                        with those of the K&WVR
                               became a tourist attraction                            struct   (Midland) to Ingrow and
     When Charlotte and itself.
                                                               a line from Keighley to         then climbing in a south-
Anne Brontë visited their           The Keighley & Worth       Oxenhope. When it opened        easterly direction through
publisher in London in Valley Railway Company
                                                               in 1867, the Midland Rail-      Cullingworth, Wilsden, Den-
1848, they walked to Keigh- was formed in 1862, to con-
                                                               way Company provided the        holme, Thornton, Queens-
                                                               rolling stock. In 1881, the     bury (and beyond). This
                                                               K&WVR was absorbed by           was a spectacularly engi-
                                                               the Midland. The line closed    neered railway, with tunnels
                                                               in 1962, but the Keighley &                    and     steep
                                                               Worth     Valley    Railway
                                                               Preservation         Society
                                                               reopened it in 1968. The
                                                               station buildings at Ingrow,
                                                               Oakworth, Haworth and
                                                               Oxenhope were of fairly
                                                               typical Midland design, with
                                                               Damems being the excep-
                                                                     From 1884, the Great
                                                               Northern Railway also ran
                                                               out of Keighley Station,
                                                               with tracks running parallel
Shown here, Timmy Feather’s kitchen includes two fine
chests and two tall clocks. Hanging from the rafters are       (right) At around 700 feet,
mugs and oatcakes. These and porridge were Tim’s staple        Lily Cove, with parachute
diet. The upstairs room contained his bed and handloom,        attached      to   herself,
and was crammed with pans, pots, jugs and pictures,            jumped from the harness
some showing birds. The card has no stamp or postmark,         of the balloon. Exactly
but the message from Ada to Mary, although not particu-        what happened next is
larly related to Tim, is worth a look. ‘There is going to be   uncertain, although some
the choir trip in a week or two. I should like to go to Lon-   onlookers claimed the parachute did open. But Miss
don, but they went there last year just before I went in the   Cove became detached from it. She plunged to the ground
choir. We have nearly settled on going to Bristol this time.   near Ponden Reservoir and died a few minutes later. Miss
We had a cricket match on Whit Monday in the Gala Field,       Lily Cove (real name Elizabeth Mary Cove) was interred
the gentlemen wearing silk hats and using the left hand.       on14 June at the cemetery on West Lane, Haworth. She is
The ladies batted first and just as our last wicket fell a     pictured here in typical Edwardian finery. This and the bal-
severe hailstorm came on, stopping our play’.                  loon postcard are both uncredited.
32   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                  Rob Roy Albums
                                                                                 We specialise in sup-
                                                                                plying Cigarette Card,
                                                                                Postcard and Ephemera
                                                                                   collectors with an
                                                                                  extensive range of
                                                                                  Quality Accessories
                                                                                    We sell our own
                                                                                Postcard/Cigarette Card
                                  Top Withens has long                                  Albums
         been regarded as the inspiration for the ‘Wuther-                      with polypropolene pages in a
ing Heights’ of Emily Brontë’s novel. Having suffered at the
hands of the weather, vandals and souvenir hunters, only
                                                                                     range of sizes, plus
a few pitiful remains can be seen today. The postcard                             Postcard Storage Boxes
bears the imprint of F Shuttleworth, picture frame maker of                         Postcard Protectors
West Lane, Haworth, and probably dates from c.1930.                                Monthly Magazines etc
gradients. Ingrow West and Village to Top Withens,
Ingrow East Stations were passing on the way other             Callers welcome       We are at Haywards
near each other, the latter walkers, a few horse riders        but please ring first Heath (7th August),
closing in 1955.               and some derelict farm-                                 Godmanchester (13-
     Bradford and Keighley houses. Arriving at Top             Rob Roy Albums             14th August),
turned their sights toward Withens, I lingered a while         “CROSSHALL”              Canterbury (28th
the moorlands of the Worth and took several slides of          CHELSFIELD VILLAGE
Valley when considering the the old building, using the                                August) and London
supply of water. Under the moors as background.                nr ORPINGTON,               Bloomsbury
Keighley Waterworks Exten- Heavy-looking             clouds    KENT BR6 6EN               (29th August)
sion & Improvement Act of meandered across the clear           Tel: 01689 828052
1869, Ponden Reservoir was sky,        causing     frequent
                                                               Catalogue and Price List Available
completed in 1876. Plans changes to the tone of the
were soon prepared for the landscape. A few sheep              Email:
Lower Laithe Reservoir, bleated. Hikers and walkers        
although it was half a centu- came and went, some of
ry before this was complet- them examining Top With-
ed, thus securing Keighley’s ens, of Wuthering Heights
water supply for years to fame, in more detail. Sadly,
come. Ponden Reservoir it was in poor condition,
made use of the valley of and is today even worse.
the Sladen Beck. The con- Under a dark sky, I gazed
struction of these and other over the rolling hills
reservoirs in the area meant

                                   The Keighley & Worth
         Valley Railway features on this postcard, issued
by Reflections of a Bygone Age as no.6 in the ‘Steam
Around Britain’ series, from a design by Michael O’Brien.

some features of the land-     towards Haworth where the
scape, including farmhous-     sun was shining. I had a
es and bridges, were           long walk back ahead of me.
destroyed. The reservoirs      At least it was downhill.
became the property of the
Yorkshire Water Board and
still provide a fresh aspect   PPM keeps you in
to the landscape.
      One day in 1970, I         touch with the
walked the 3¼ miles over
the moors from Haworth
                                postcard world!
                                                                      Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 33
     The Stone Circles and
      Megaliths of Britain
                      Michael Viner
When my twin brother David sadly passed away from
cancer recently I had the always heartbreaking and
difficult task of going through and sorting out his
belongings - mainly consisting of his many, many var-
ious collections amassed over many, many years -
since boyhood in fact, often in conjunction with
myself. David and I were born collectors, unfortunate-
ly (rather than fortunately, it must be said; the plea-
sure, thrill and satisfaction of collecting is outweighed           A       typical
by the practical/logistic storage/eventual disposal                 1960s family visit Avebury in this attrac-
nightmare of it all). From 7, 8 years old David and I               tively typical postcard from Colourpictures of Norwich
were going around the local junk shops, looking for                 lated, unpopulated areas           circles found here are
WWII memorabilia, Army cap badges, coins, old hor-                  may seem boring, but the           unique. It should be pointed
ror film books and still - you name it. From conven-                puzzle of the purpose and          out that ‘Stone Circles’ can
tional shops we also collected reproduction postcards               role of these truly ancient        be a misnomer, as some are
of local historical interest - Pamlin Prints etc. - the             structures, whose story is         only roughly circular in
route I’m sure many of my generation (mid to late                   still only partially known, is     shape, and many are actually
40’s) took into the world of postcard                               far from boring, as is the         oval or elipses.
collecting.                                                         incredible aura of mystery               The appreciation and
                                                                    surrounding them - and their       even acknowledgement of
                                                                    stark, haunting beauty.            stone circles relatively late in
                                                                    History                            our history - the Romans
                                                                    Although there are only a          made no mention of them in
                                                                    mere handful that are really       their writings and even
                                                                    well known and most of us          Stonehenge, although it
                                                                    could probably only name           must have been viewed and
                                                                    two or three at best (Stone-       visited by many, went unre-
                                                                    henge and Avebury most             ported by anyone until the
                                                                    likely) there are actually over    12th century (Henry of Hunt-
                                                                    a thousand surviving stone         ingdon’s History Of Eng-
                                                                              circles in Britain and   land’) and the earliest draw-
                                                                                                        ings of it are from the 14th

                                             The classic
                    view of the sun rising above the Heel
Stone on summer solstice morning on this c.1914 ‘San-
bride’ card, which shows the timber props which held up
several stones before the major restoration of 1920.
Although, as an adult, David      I sadly come across cards
was not really a postcard col-    that I’d found at postcard
lector as such, he did always     fairs and given him for Birth-
look through any he might         day and Christmas presents.
come across at the various        In his memory I thought an
sales, fairs and auctions he      article on a subject close to
attended, purchasing those        his heart, Stone Circle post-
of interest to him or connect-    cards (featuring some of his)
ed with his various passions,     would be a fitting tribute.
one of which was the Mega-              Of course, I fully appre-
lithic Stone Circles and          ciate that to the casual - and
Standing Stones of the            even to the vaguely interest-     One of the most spectacularly -
British Isles. Looking through    ed or knowledgeable reader-       set and evocative of all UK stone circles - Castlerigg, near
his small, but nice collection,   photos of old stones in iso-      Keswick in the Lake District, is also one of the oldest, con-
                                                                    structed around 3200 BC. Early 1990’s John Hinde card.
                                                                    Ireland today, in various          century. It took the foresight,
                                                                    degrees of preservation. The       endeavour and genius of two
                                                                    earliest stone circles were        gentlemen of the enighten-
                                                                    made around 5,000 years            ment, John Aubrey (1626-
                                                                    ago - 3,000 BC. The practice       1697) and William Stukeley
                                                                    continued for about another        (1687-1765) the first ‘Anti-
                                                                    1,500 years - 1,000 BC -           quarians’ - to bring stone cir-
                                                                    before      our   remarkably       cles to public attention.
                                                                    resourceful and creative,          Unfortunately their reputa-
                                                                    underestimated yet mysteri-        tion is somewhat tainted
                                                                    ous ancestors seemingly            today by their attribution of
                                                                    abandoned the practice as          stone circles, particularly
                                                                    enigmatically as they started      Stonehenge, to the Druids,
                                                                    it.                                naming them ‘Temples Of
                                                                          One of the fascinating       The Druids’, a serious
                                                                    things about the UK stone          chronological error - even
                                                                    circles is that they are, Brit-    the most recent stone circles
Archetypal 1960s Stonehenge card from J.Salmon, with                tany apart, unlike those any-      pre-date the Druids by sever-
one of those wonderfully nostalgic 60’s summer blue skies           where else in the world -          al centuries. That shouldn’t
publishers like Salmon and Colourmaster did so well.                style, size and shapes of the      detract from the remarkable

34    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                 Edwardian Francis Frith
                                 A fine 1960’s ‘Colour-          card of the ‘Merry Maidens’ circle at Lands End,
         master’ of Callanish Stone Circle in the Isle of        Cornwall. The ‘Maidens’ were girls turned to stone for
Lewis - sometimes called ‘The Stonehenge of Scotland’            dancing on the Sabbath, so the story goes.
pioneering work they did in
researching and surveying                                                                          ation of the dead. Contempo-
stone circles at a time when                                                                       rary with the stone circles
few indeed were interested                                                                         were a number of other
and many stones, and whole                                                                         monuments (such as burial
circles even, were being bro-                                                                      mounds, Menhirs (single
ken up and used as building                                                                        standing stones) Men-An-
materials or dismantled and                                                                        Tols (stones with holes) etc
demolished due to the needs                                                                        built by our long-lost ances-
of farming and agriculture.                                                                        tors, among them stone -
Many of the houses and                                                                             chambered tombs, which,
buildings of Avebury are                                                                           once covered with earth and
built from broken circle                                                                           grass, are now reduced to
stones. Stukeley made a                                                                            the bare stones underneath
sketch of stone-burning (they                                                                      and are called Cromlechs or
were burnt prior to breaking                                                                       Dolmens. My brother David
up) by locals in 1724.                                                                             had a number of postcards
      Bearing this in mind,                                                                        of these - a couple of which
the fact that so many stone                                                                        are reproduced here.
circles and megalithic monu-     Another hauntingly attractive and distinctive Scottish
ments survive today shows        Island circle is Stennes, on the Orkney Islands. Really nice      The postcards
that they were held in           early 1950’s Valentine Card, greatly enhanced by the pic-
esteem, even reverence by        turesque ponies.                                                  Obviously stone circles, the
locals, although undoubtedly                                                                       more famous and accessible
superstition also played a       ever asked of Stonehenge in     large scale astronomical cal-     ones at least, were always
part; these were places with     particular, are ‘How were       endars, burial places, store      going to be a popular and
a unique and definite atmos-     they built?’ and ‘What were     houses of all kinds of energy-    profitable subject for post-
phere of strangeness, mys-       they for, their purpose?’       cosmic, magnetic etc, even        card publishers and illustra-
tery and fear. Quite a few       Well, the answer to the first   concert venues and UFO            tors since the dawn of their
stone circles have legends       is, simply, hard work, sheer    landing sites; alternatively      popularity (postcards, that is
surrounding them - typical is    brute strength, organisation    they may have been simply         - not stone circles!) Stone-
the one surrounding the          and determination - helped      meeting places, but more          henge in particular, the
Merry Maidens at Lands End       greatly by the gift of unre-    likely considering the enor-      national - and international -
in Cornwall (pictured); the      stricted time; something        mous time, effort and dedi-       treasure that it is, being well
story is that the 19 stones      Neolithic man had plenty of.    cation involved in their cre-     represented by all the major
were girls turned into stone     The answer to the second        ation, they were deeply           postcard publishers, Tuck,
for dancing on the Sabbath.      question is a lot harder - so   sacred, special and ceremo-       Valentine, Frith etc, etc of the
The two big questions with       many theories have been put     nial places, used at particular   Edwardian era and beyond,
stone circles, of course, for-   forward over the years -        times of the year and the         as well as by smaller pub-
                                                                 seasons, and connected with
                                                                 ancestor worship and vener-       (continued on page 52)

Stanton Drew, Somerset. This Cromlech is now called ‘The
Cove’ and is in the garden of the ‘Druids’ Arms’ pub. It has
changed dramatically: only two stones stand. The top, hor-
izontal stone has disappeared completely and the left hand       A young gentleman artist sketches the Lanyon Cromlech
one lies broken in two on the ground. Although c.1910            (now the Lanyon Quoit) near Morvah in Cornwall, happily,
postcard (by Chapman & Son, Dawlish), the image is much          today it’s unchanged postally used in 1904. (Pictorial Sta-
older, c.1880 or even earlier, going by the gentleman’s hat.     tionery Co., London, postcard)

                                                                             Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 35
         Alan Leonard tells the story
       behind a 1903 postcard from the
              post office run by
     “The Misses Phillput”
The Postcard scene is so varied and extensive that
you never know what novelty may turn up with an
unusual feature to intrigue the collector to pursue its
origin and the story behind it.

Here is a
e x a m -
     T h e
imprint                                                                          The Raphael Tuck
faintly visi-                                                                    postcard that prompted the writer of this arti-
ble along                                                                        cle to explore the family story behind the use
the left of                                                                      of a piece of stamp edging instead of a half-
its picture                                                                       penny stamp in 1903.
side identi-
fies     this                                                                       dently     an   in Kent, 11 years his junior.
e a r l y                                                                           “inside job”          It may have been her
Edwardian                                                                           for delivery    death some time before
coloured                                                                            privately by    1900 that prompted Freder-
card     pub-                                                                        hand      to   ick Phillput, then in his later
lished      by                                                                  “ M i s s           fifties, to make a move from
Raphael Tuck                                                       J.F.Phillput, 38 Regent          Bath to Weston-super-Mare.
& Sons –                                                           Street, W.S.M.” Ella’s mes-      At Bath he had worked for
‘”Art” Post Card no 223,        “Here’s another for you.           sage suggests a card             William Titley & Sons, pro-
designed in England, chro-      You see if you can draw a          addressed to a young girl        vision merchants, becom-
mographed in Saxony’.           bird like this. Are you going      by a kindly older one.           ing a partner in the business
Because its undivided back      out this afternoon with                  The 1901 census shows      and being active in various
precluded anything more         Alice? Love from Ella.”            that Joyce Felicity Phillput,    societies and public bodies.
than an address, its artistic         Turning it over, one         then aged 4, was the             Retiring from the business
bird motif was positioned to    immediately notices the            youngest in the large family     at Bath, he secured the posi-
allow maximum space for         oddity of its franking, with       of Frederick William Phillput    tion that enabled him to
the sender’s message,           the post office handstamp          (“Sub Post Master & Sta-         make a new home for his
which was nicely written        of Regent Street, Weston-          tioner”) living in the accom-
and straightforward:                     super-Mare dated          modation above the Post
                                         January 27th 1903         Office, which was located in
                                         applied to cancel         the shop at 38 Regent
                                          not a half penny         Street, on the ground floor
                                          Edward VII postage       of a town building boasting
                                          stamp but a similar      an imposing three-storey
                                          six piece of perfo-      Victorian street frontage.
                                           rated green edging            In 1903 Joyce was 6
                                           from the sheet          years old – could she have
                                           margin.                 read the card herself? The
                                                     Its use to    sender signing herself Ella
                                            evade paying the       was      probably     Elaine
                                            postage on an          Muriel Phillput, 11 years
                                            item consigned to      her senior. Alice was
                                            the ordinary mail      another older sister, then
                                             would, of course,     25, not living at 38
                                             have been illegal     Regent Street in 1901 but
                                             – and very likely     presumably nearby, per-
                                              to be noticed,       haps married. Eight of
                                              probably with        her nine other sisters, all
                                               dire       conse-   single,     were      then
                                               quences, such       recorded living above
                                               as would not        the post office, along
                                               have        been    with their brother Edgar
                                                envisaged by       (born in 1882) and their
                                                the sender in      father          Frederick
                                                this instance.     William Phillput, a widower.
                                                     The date      His eldest daughter Flo-         Their advertisement in the
                                stamp Regent Street Town           rence, then 32, was desig-       1911 “Sole Official Guide to
This photograph taken in        Sub Office was intended for        nated as “housekeeper”.          Weston-super-Mare” shows
1911 shows premises in          use on postal orders,              Her father, born in 1844,        the extent to which “The
Regent Street, Weston-          licence and telegraph forms        was a native of Bath, where      Misses Phillput” expanded
super-Mare decorated to         etc., not for individual items     all his 11 children were born    and diversified their busi-
celebrate the coronation of     of mail. Its application by a      between 1869 and 1897. He        ness to serve visitors, while
King George V. The Post         Post Office clerk in what          may have been married            also trading as discount
Office at number 38 is at the   would have been compro-            twice, his first wife dying      booksellers, delivering daily
bottom right, flanked at left   mising circumstances must          young, before the censuses       papers and running a Circu-
by the shop of L.Wing Ltd.,     indicate that this was done        of 1881-91 named Grace M.        lating Library at separate
Chemists.                       by favour on what was evi-         Phillput, born at Faversham      premises in West Street.

36   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                             tramways. The commerce          thereafter they were listed
                                                             of the resort expanded in       only as private residents.
                                                             diverse ways to serve the            The youngest sister
                                                             needs of long and short-        Joyce Felicity Phillput, who
                                                             term residents and an           as a six year old in 1903 was
                                                             increasing number of day        the recipient of the postcard
                                                             trippers.                       prompting this article, died
                                                             In this context Frederick       in January 1972 at the age
                                                             Phillput devoted over twen-     of 74. She was buried at the
                                                             ty years to serving his         Weston Cemetery, Milton
                                                             adopted town. Shunning          Road, in the family plot
                                                             personal      publicity, he     started for her father, join-
                                                             worked strenuously to pro-      ing six of her sisters who
                                                             mote Weston-super-Mare          had died in 1948-59, aged
                                                             through the Town Advertis-      between 70 and 88.
                                                             ing and Entertainment                The survival of an “in
                                                    In 1911
                                                             Association, of which he        house” novelty postcard
                           “The Misses Phillput” advertised
                                                             was one of the founders.        usage of 1903 serves to
themselves as “the Central Booking Office for all Trips by
                                                                  He died suddenly on 25     recall Joyce Phillput as one
private or public conveyances” – but they may not have
                                                             February 1922, aged 78, of a    of the extensive family mak-
maintained this position as coach drives became an
                                                             heart attack while actually     ing its distinctive contribu-
increasingly popular holiday attraction, exemplified by
                                                             discussing its business with    tion to the development of
“Char-a-bancs loading up, Weston-super-Mare:, the cap-
                                                             a colleague.                    the resort of Weston-super-
tion to this sepia postcard, issued anonymously but with
                                                                  The     local              Mare.
the number 8178 placed within the stamp rectangle.
                                                                                                  She probably received
large family above the Post                                                                  other similar cards from her
Office in Regent Street.                                                                     sisters at the Regent Street
Two living-in servants,                                                                      Post Office in the early
both born at Bath, proba-                                                                    1900s…. do any readers
bly accompanied the fami-                                                                    have further examples?
ly there, to serve as cook
and parlour maid.                                                                            Acknowledgements
     Mr Phillput set up two                                                                  Grateful acknowledgement
businesses for the benefit                                                                   of help in providing infor-
of his family. One was for                                                                   mation presented in this
his son Edgar, trained as a                                                                  article is made to Mrs N.J.
printer and compositor, to                                                                   Bobbette of Weston Library
trade as a printer and sta-                                                                   and also to Mr D.
tioner at premises in the                                                                     Hollingsworth           of
High Street. The other was                                                                    Southampton        Central
for ‘The Misses Phillput’ to                                                                  Library.
run the Regent Street Post
Office and shop, offering an                                        Prolific publishers of
extending range of services.               pseudo-moonlight postcards DeLittle, Freder-
     The      1901    census ick & Co. of York soon applied their distinctive treatment to
recorded three of them – this view captioned “The New Pier & Pavilion, Weston-
Ethel, Grace and Gladys – super-Mare.” Opened in 1904, this exemplified the contin-
                                                                                             The Picture
employed as Post Office uing growth of the resort. This example was used in
Clerks. They were doubtless August 1906 “wishing you many happy returns of the day”
joined later by other sisters, from one Chippenham girl to another.
for the office and shop must                                                                 Show (Bipex)
have been quite labour- chose a good time and newspapers, reporting that
intensive. In those days place for his move to West- “his obsequies were of the                  2010
there were five deliveries on-super-Mare in 1900. It simplest nature”, were gen-               is at the Royal
and seven collections Mon- was a flourishing resort erous in their recognition of
day to Saturday, while the town with a population of the contribution made by                 Horticultural Hall,
sub office was kept open nearly 20,000 representing “one who by sterling per-                    Westminster,
from 8 am to 8pm, six days a tenfold increase during sonality and by love and                    London SW1
a week.                         the preceding half century.  work for the town of his
     “The Misses Phillput” The advent of a branch rail- adoption had earned a very                Thurs - Sat
enterprisingly diversified way line had accelerated its real place in local regard.”
their business. An adver- development from a small               Family mourners at his       2 - 4 September
tisement in the 1911 “sole fishing village to its wider funeral included his son
official guide to Weston- role, expressed in a building Edgar and his wife and                    with postcard
super-Mare” invited visitors boom creating villas, cres- seven unmarried daughters                exhibition on
to call at the Regent Street cents and terraces and a – Florence, Amy, Ethel,
Post Office for guides, range of public amenities Dora, Grace, Elaine and                          London Life
maps, postcards and “pro- and entertainment facilities Joyce. Of their three sisters
grammes of drives and – including Birnbeck Pier – Alice, Gladys and Con-                      Don’t miss it!
motor trips to places of (opened in 1867), two miles stance – two were identified
interest in the surrounding of sea wall and promenade only by the names of their
districts” – for which it was in the early 1880s and vari- husbands, leaving one
the central booking office.     ous drives, walks and unaccounted for.                       Contributors and adver-
     Associated with it was boulevards.                          Meanwhile, with the         tisers are advised that
“Phillputs        Circulating        The early 1900s saw Post Office having been             the September 2010
Library” at 32 West Street, the opening of a public relocated from 38 to 84
also discount booksellers, library and museum, the Regent Street. “The Misses                edition of PICTURE
retailing high class sta- Knightstone Baths and The- Phillput” continued running             POSTCARD MONTHLY
tionery as well as “maga- atre and the new Grand it and their associated busi-               will be published on
zines and daily papers deliv- Pier, along with an electrici- ness until the end of 1936,     August 23rd. Deadline
ered.”                          ty power station and when they evidently retired;            for copy is August 10th.
     Frederick       Phillput
                                                                         Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 37
     Early posting                                              Clubscene extra
         dates                                                  Many old buildings of the
                                                                coastal town of Birchington-
Latest additions to our                                         on-Sea were recalled at the
ongoing listing are as fol-                                     CANTERBURY & EAST
lows:                                                           KENT club by local historian
                                                                Jenny Burgess. Some of the
Places                                                          illustrations she showed
                                                                were taken from early maps
* Port Erin   15 July 1900                                      and prints, the oldest being
* Port St. Mary                                                 of the church taken from a
              15 July 1900                                      painting c.1460, and the
* Thame        24 Dec 1902                                      more recent from post-
* Ventnor     16 July 1895                                      cards. Unfortunately, few of
                                                                the buildings described
Overseas                                                        have survived for one rea-
Cyprus          20 Jan 1900                                     son or another, many hav-
                                                                ing been demolished in
                                                                1933 to make way for a
* indicates an earlier date                                     road-widening scheme.
than previously recorded.
     If you can contribute      Above: two for the price of
to this feature, please send    one! This court-size post-
photocopy of both sides of      card of the Isle of Man fea-
any submitted postcard.         tures views of both Port
The important side is the       Erin and Port St. Mary,
picture - the location of the   qualifying it as the earliest
postmark is irrelevant. The     recorded posting dates for
latest updated listing          both places!
appears in 2010 Picture         Right: a splendid early
Postcard Annual.                postcard of Bristol, posted
                                to Dijon, France in April
Many of you are kind            1899. Three vignette views
enough to contribute to         of notable city landmarks
this feature with updates       make up the pictorial part
or suggested new loca-          of the postcard, while a
tions. Where these are vil-     neatly-written     message
lages or hamlets with           complements these. The
small populations a centu-      card was published for
ry ago we tend not to           local retailer W.D. Buckle.
include these unless the
publication date of the
postcard is particularly
early i.e. 1902 or earlier.
Virtually everywhere had                                            Capital cards
postcards available by late
1903 or 1904, and if we                                         Next month we’ll look at
were to include every loca-                                     some of London’s earli-
tion, our list would
become       an    unwieldy                                     est postcards
gazetteer. So if a date you
sent hasn’t been included,
that is likely to be the rea-

                                                                Above: both sides of the
                                                                postcard which has current-
                                                                ly the earliest recorded
                                                                posting date for Inverness,
                                                                24 August 1898. Does any-
                                                                one have an earlier one?
                                                                Left: Aberdeen’s earliest
                                                                postcard (so far!), posted
PPM keeps you in                                                on 24 July 1898.
  touch with the
 postcard world!

38    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                                                      Above: earliest
                                                                                                      recorded post-
                                                                                                      ing date for
                                                                                                      Ventnor - 16
                                                                                                      July 1895.
                                                                                                      Left: a vignette
                                                                                                      view of
                                                                                                      posted at Kens-
                                                                                                      ington on 21
                                                                                                      March 1900, is
                                                                                                      the earliest
                                                                                                      posting date
                                                                                                      yet spotted for
                                                                                                      a Rochester

        The Nottingham Postcard Show
      Postcards, Cigarette Cards,
                                                                                         Open 3pm - 8pm
    Ephemera & Paper Collectables
                                Monday 6th Sept 2010
                                                                                        Easy Free Parking
                                                     Harvey Hadden                       Postcard Display
                                                     Sports Centre
                                                     Wigman Road
                                                                       85                   Admission £1
                                                                     tables                   Old and
                                                     NG8 4PB                               Modern Cards

                                                      Postcard dealers:* Jack Stasiak * David Calvert * Rosalie
                                                    Cards * Peter Robards * Valerie Mellor * John Priestley * West
 End Stamp Co. * Terry Revitt * Simon Smith * Michael Mason * Jim Jackson * David Mouser * Sally
   Dawkins * Mark Bown * Francis Wortley * Geoff Ellis * Kevin Ramsdale * Mike Huddy * Magpie
    Cards * David Ottewell * Kevin Harrison * Andrew George * Nick Kelsey * Lee Marchant * Alan
Champion * Clive Champion * Ralph Stuttard * Rod Jewell * Barrie Bentley * Stan Tooth * Brian Lund
                                                           * Colin Lee * Pete Middleton * Hava Getz * David
    Enjoy a visit to the pleasant Harvey Hadden
 complex, with its comfortable refreshments lounge, Lapworth * Greg Pos * Ann Gray * Clifton Curios * John Petch
  excellent lighting, and masses and masses of old
                and modern postcards!                                    blue type = moderns specialist
                    rd for                            and.... Rob Roy Albums with accessories
    A free postca test in                                         
   every visito r! La                          * including   Reflections of a Bygone Age with books
      the ‘Nottingh                             postcard           and magazines
       T rams’ series!                           display           many Cigarette Card dealers

By car: via M1 or Nottingham Ring Road. By train: to Nottingham Midland. By bus: No. 28 Nottingham City Transport
                  bus from Victoria bus station or Parliament Street every 10 minutes (£2.50 return).
                         Enquiries: Reflections of a Bygone Age 0115 937 4079

                                                                          Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 39
                    Clubscene                                                  August 2010 highlights
                                                                   Aylsham - Philip West on North Norfolk villages(2nd)
                                                                   Bradford - George Barker reveals The French Connec-
           Postcards in Snowdonia                                  tion II(26th)
                                                                   Bristol - members’ night - ‘not my main collection’(2nd)
The 26th annual weekend of the Welsh Philatelic                    Bury St. Edmunds - Ian & Lynne Hurst entertain - and
Society was held at Plas Tanybwlch in the heart of                     bring their stock along, too(17th)
                                                                   Canterbury & East Kent - club fair(28th)
the Snowdonia National Park in mid-June. Included                  Dorset - outside visit(11th)
in the programme were static displays, an auction                  Ellesmere Port - informal evening(17th)
and an egg cup competition which attracted the                     Exeter - Caradoc Doy on ‘vetch and plants’(31st)
usual three-sheet mixture of hilarious and tongue-in-              Frinton & Walton - outing to Pakenham windmill(4th)
cheek entries. As well as the 28 who stayed for the                    and ‘Sharkey’s Treasures’ with Shane Goulett(10th)
weekend, 13 day visitors added to Saturday’s atten-                Huddersfield - social history with Christine
dance, and all enjoyed postcard displays by Dan                        Leveridge(11th)
Jones on Tanybwlch and the quarry connection, and                  Lothian - Ken Norris takes ‘a novel approach’(6th)
by Marion Turner on A descriptive tour of the area.                North-West Kent - members’ displays(23rd)
                                                                   Reading - members’ albums & card collections(12th)
      Washday blues              NORTH WALES enjoyed               Red Rose - Heather Davis talks about Lancaster’s Roman
                                 Marion Turner’s presenta-             tombstone(18th)
PLYMOUTH club secretary          tion on ‘Postcards, Post-         South Downs - members: ‘my six favourite cards’(11th)
Di Lawer came to the res-        marks & Postboxes’ at their       Wealden - John Chisholm features ARQ in Kent(13th)
cue when illness forced an       June meeting, and learned         Wirral - chairman’s choice - a club outing(5th)
11th hour change of speak-       that the first ‘postcard’ was
er at the June meeting.          a wax tablet sent by a            Many clubs take a break this month.
Instead of hearing all about     Roman soldier’s family; that
Simon Dell’s successful          Penny Blacks were changed
Mount Everest challenge,         from black to red so the           Lifeboat lecture
the audience was given a         postmark would show up,
social history of bathing        and that at one time Porth-     The story of the December
and laundry with Di’s ver-       madog in North Wales had        1981 Penlee Lifeboat disas-
                                 six collections a day from      ter was told in graphic
sion of ‘Washday blues’.                                         detail by Mac McClaren at
Her collection progressed        6.30 am to 8.10 pm!
                                      SOUTH DOWNS Post-          EXETER’s June meeting.
from bathing in wooden                                           The crew of the Solomon
half barrels and tin baths to    card Club members were
                                 taken back to Eastbourne in     Brown set out to rescue
the hard work of laundry                                         eight people on a coaster
when housewives had to           the 1960s by Phil Gardner.
                                 Using a mix of postcards,       carrying fertiliser from Hol-
struggle with coppers,                                           land to Ireland. Sixteen
mangles, washboards and          advertisements and other
                                 ephemera,       he   showed     people died when both
clothes props! Di included       changes made during the         boats were lost, and a cere-
enough comic cards along         decade and since.               mony is held each Decem-
the way to keep everyone              The letter ‘P’ was the     ber 19th at Newlyn Lifeboat
amused. Rare old postcards       talking topic at SOUTH          station, when the Christmas
of Stonehouse featured in        WALES Postcard Club’s lat-      lights in the harbour are
Richard Fisher’s impressive      est meeting. A variety of       switched off for an hour.
static display of one of Ply-    stories were told by mem-            COTSWOLD had            a   The Channel Islands Spe-
mouth’s original Three           bers about their postcards,     guided walk around Chip-
Towns.                                                                                            cialists’ Society held its
                                 which included Patriotics,      ping Sodbury in June. On a       AGM in June at the
                                 Prisons, Pilots, and Pots &     glorious summer evening,         Royal Philatelic Society’s
     Bewitching birds            Pans.                           guide      Jim       Elsworth    London headquarters.
                                                                 explained how the place          Featured         postcards
John and Susan Pitts enter-        Inside knowledge              developed as a town over
tained a BRADFORD audi-                                                                           included Dave Edwards’
                                                                 the years from its first set-    display of Alderney,
ence with their talk and dis-    Alan Bower featured the         tlement by Iron Age people.
play ‘Swallows and Ama-          history of Wakefield’s New      The walk proceeded sedate-       Steve Wells’ 16-sheet
zons’. Thoughts of Arthur        Hall prison at HUDDERS-         ly around the town, stop-        offering of unusual post-
Ransome obviously crossed        FIELD in June. It was the       ping at places of interest.      cards of ships entering or
people’s minds as they had       first open prison, built on          The       building     of   leaving the islands, and
no idea what to expect, and      the site of a medieval com-     Brighton Marina in the           Jon Aitchinson’s power-
as usual the Pitts came up       plex. He revealed the ori-      1970s was examined by Tri-       point presentation on the
with a cracking display.         gins of the term ‘screws’ for   cia Leonard in her talk at       former      railways    of
Both are keen birdwatchers,      prsion officers, and of the     SUSSEX Postcard Club in          Guernsey and Herm. The
but have only recently           nursery rhyme Here we go        June. The various stages of      picture above shows
added postcards of swal-         round the mulberry bush.        its    construction      were    some of the group on the
lows to their vast collection.   Alan showed a selection of                                       stairs at the RPS during a
Those on show were a treat                                       recorded in detail by her
                                 rare postcards and photos       father, local teacher George     break.
for the eyes, with some          of prisons during a fascinat-
beautiful French examples                                        Horrobin, and Tricia has
                                 ing evening.                    brought his photographic
in     particular.      John                                                                           Torbay Postcard Club’s
explained the symbolism of                                       record into the computer         16th annual fair went
                                   Croydon stumped               age. Featuring modern            “exceedingly         well”,
love, loyalty and freedom
connected with the bird and                                      postcards, she provided a        according to club chairman
                                 Michael Garwood gave a          nostalgic look at the origi-
included a card showing the      display of postcards of                                          David Bowen. The 16 deal-
Amazonian swallow to justi-                                      nal old cottages, shops and      ers in attendance included
                                 Boston, Lincolnshire, to        buildings of the Black Rock
fy the presentation’s title!     CROYDON club members                                             Kevin Harrison, who came
They then moved on to pea-                                       area of Brighton which           all the way from Lincoln to
                                 last month. Featured were       were demolished and lev-
cocks, with postcards and        views of streets and water-                                      be part of the action. Tor-
symbols again featured,                                          elled to make way for new        bay’s latest magazine has a
                                 ways of the town, along         roadways and underpass-
and the pair rounded off the     with all the well-known                                          feature on Paignton Pier.
evening by giving out gifts                                      es. A small cemetery had to
                                 buildings and landmarks.        be relocated. The Marina
of peacock feathers from a
bird that had by chance
                                 Prominent views of Boston       now doubles as a large res-       PPM keeps you
                                 Stump were kept to a mini-      idential and retail develop-
arrived in their garden and
adopted them!
                                 mum!                            ment.                               in touch!
40    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
TV star entertains at          BURY ST. EDMUNDS had          Gavin Hunter, a self-con-            Ice-cream mail
   postcard club               a ‘look at the back’          fessed computer ‘nerd’,
                               evening recently, with        shared his knowledge of          Derek Savory’s Heligoland
The      MID-ESSEX     club    many people contributing      how to use the internet for      display won first prize in
enjoyed a visit by Barbara     to a fascinating evening.     research     purposes       at   NORTHAMPTONSHIRE
Vanner of stage, screen and    Presentations     included    WIRRAL last month. He            Postcard     Club’s     Colin
television fame. She gave      messages on WW1 silk          demonstrated to his audi-        Robinson Award competi-
the audience an insight into   cards, postcards post-        ence the vast number of          tion, for a display of six
the career of her brother      marked 25th December          websites that can be used        postcards showing places.
Jimmy, a musician who          and any number of local       for family or local history      David McKintosh’s Old Lon-
entertained the troops in      cards with poignant mes-      and postcard research.           don came second, with Eric
the Second World War. Bar-     sages. Some showed staff           STRATHCLYDE’s sum-          Fowell’s Wicksteed Park,
bara also showed many
                               at local village houses or    mer outing involved a trip       Kettering, third. Also on the
photos and memorabilia.                                      to Dunoon after a ferry          agenda was a display by
                               halls which had been                                           Derek Smeathers of World
                               adapted for use as military   crossing of the Firth of
Novel use for a wee                                          Clyde. A visit to the town’s     War II post in and out of the
                               hospitals, while others                                        county. The Post Office
      dram!                    had advertising or patriot-   Castle Museum opened the
                                                             door to some fascinating         even adapted an ice-cream
                               ic messages printed on                                         van to make postal deliver-
David Jamieson, one of the     the reverse. Family mes-      exhibits, and past club
                                                             president Rosalind Alexan-       ies! A splendid display of
past presidents of LOTHIAN     sages also featured in an                                      mail was shown, with the
Postcard Club, travelled up    interesting evening which     der provided an excellent
                                                             buffet lunch. Dunoon’s           use and misuse of economy
from the south of England      promises to have club                                          labels to help when the
to give the club’s 15th        members examining post-       High Kirk, with its attractive   paper shortage occurred,
anniversary meeting an         card backs more carefully     stained glass, was the high-     and the various forms of
overview of the life and       in future!                    light of a sunny afternoon.      censorship applied. The dis-
work of postcard publisher                                                                    play covered POW mail, air-
George Washington Wilson.                                                                     graphs and a selection of
His interest awakened by       Details of postcard club contacts can be found in              Army PO strikes within the
finding a postcard of Ban-     2010 Picture Postcard Annual                                   county and from US bases.
chory with the initials GWW
within a diamond on the
reverse, David subsequent-                                                    Sunshine trip to Quinton
ly amassed a collection of
9,000 cards by the publisher                                                     postcard haunts
along with 1,300 photos! He
brought along many of
these images, along with
much GWW ephemera and
memorabilia. David also
revealed Wilson’s secret
way of dealing with those
Scottish midges while he
was taking photographs -
patting whisky over his
face! Meanwhile, the latest
edition of the club’s excel-
lent magazine has a fasci-
nating selection of Edwar-
dian puzzle postcards on
the lines of Find the dog,
baby, sweetheart etc.
       Notes on the Japan-
British Exhibition of 1910
feature in the latest (Sum-
mer 1910) edition of the
Exhibition Study Group
magazine.Plenty of other
material is included in this   The annual get-together of the Salmon Postcard Study Group was held this year in
issue, including cancella-     East Sussex, based at the Boship Hotel at Hailsham from 7-9th June. They aimed to
tions of the Festival of       visit the sites A.R. Quinton might have visited when doing his paintings subsequently
Empire Imperial Exhibitio-     reproduced as postcards by Salmon of Sevenoaks. The first day was spent in the East-
nand a novel firework dis-     bourne area, starting at Beachy Head and moving to Holywell Retreat where little has
paly at Crystal Palace in      changed since Quinton’s day. Many card locations were recognised on the Western
1909.                          Lawns and along to the pier. The second day took the group to Bexhill, Winchelsea
                                                             and Rye, all delightful towns where little has changed: the
                                                             ARQ views are as relevant today as they were when orig-
                                                             inally painted. John Chisholm made the arrangements for
                                                             the trip and took the photo above and that on page 3.
                                                             Next year’s group visit is likely to be to a West Country
                                                              BRISTOL Postcard Club stalwarts Christine Booth and
                                                              Mike Lambert provided the entertainment last month.
                                                              Christine told amusing stories of her early years as a col-
                                                              lector and dealer and then shared a lovely selection of
                                                              postcards, including silk black cats, cats in celluloid, pull-
                                                              out and hold-to-light cats, and arange of other novelty
                                                              and favourite cards. Mike displaye d awonderful selec-
                                                              tion of real photographic Bristol postcards covering all
Six of the founder-members of Lothian Postcard Club at        areas of th ecity. The cards were chosen to show a vari-
the 15th anniversary evening. From left are David Mekie,      ety of publishers and types, and the vagaries of their
Alex Shepherd, Jim Haggart, David Jamieson, Margeorie         numbering systems. Topographical, event and comic
Mekie and Robert Sherman                                      cards were all present.

                                                                         Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 41
     Collecting Bamforth comic postcard
       Peeling the onion of
                    Ken Dickinson
Not so many years ago I was a philatelist collecting
stamps issued by an East European country. After a
few years I had amassed a creditable collection that
contained almost all of the standard issues. Howev-
er, my interest declined when I was faced with the
prospect that my missing stamps were expensive
and easily forged overprints, or minor variations of
printing that included length of the President’s
moustache! Thus, it was with some pleasure that I
embarked on collecting Bamforth artist- drawn
comic postcards.
My assumption was that
one started collecting card
number 1 and onwards and
upwards until one complet-
ed the collection. However,
I was blissfully unaware
of the dynamic nature of
the postcard publication
process and the likelihood
that cards would be re-
issued with modified for-
mats such as borders, cap-
tions, series names, logos
etc. Moreover Bamforth had
a subsidiary company in
U.S.A. that modified the
original card in order to
cater for its home market.
Therefore, the potential                                          Re-issue and reprinted
for    postcard     variation                                     cards of a popular image.      ferent blue border that was
and collecting complexity                                                                        routinely used on cards
increased significantly.        have the same number but         rent at the time of printing.   issued 1934-1937. A further
     A large number of          a    completely     different    During the inter war years,     modified re-issued card had
postcard variations repre-      image and likely represent       Bamforth changed the            altered artwork of the back-
sent re-issued cards with       publisher errors. The three      card’s border every 1-5         ground and the woman’s
changed layout to the front     categories cover most of         years and indeed publica-       dress, probably reflecting a
or alterations to the back      the cards issued by Bam-         tion date can be surmised       more current fashion but
that took advantage of the      forth in U.K. and U.S.A.         from border formats. Thus,      overall composition and
current printing format.             Variation in the print-     popular images can be           number were retained. This
Some of the differences in      ing process is well exempli-     found with different borders    latter modified card was
card format are described       fied by examining a card         and sometimes different         produced in at least two
below and the process of        that was reproduced many         backs with new logos etc.       versions with either small
cataloguing      these    has   times during the course of            Examples of cards with     circle brown Bamforth logo
begun. These card variants      its popularity. Topical Kid-     different coloured borders      or a black logo (routinely
make interesting collecting,    202 shows a boy in a tin         are shown for Comic-3182        used on cards issued 1939
although it’s fair to say       bath saying “I could have        that was produced circa         through WW2).
some can be compared to         sweared I saw a torpedo”.        1931 with an original blue           Removal of artist’s sig-
different sizes of the Presi-   This card was produced in        and re-issued red border.       nature is a subtle modifica-
dent’s moustache!               Oct 1915 at the height of the    The original format was
     Bamforth comic post-       WW1 conflict in the Atlantic.    also reprinted in U.S.A. as
card variations can be cate-    Re-issued cards (same            General Comics-137. A later
gorized into three main         series and number) can be        re-issue had a dif-
groups:     re-issued    and    found with many different
reprinted cards and alterna-    colour     variations    and
tive issues. Re-issued cards    logos. Thus, the original
are defined as cards bearing    Topical Kid-202 card had a
the same number and an          large circle logo and light
identical image to the origi-   blue background. Re-issued
nal card but may have a dif-    versions can be found with
ferent caption or border        small circle logos and differ-
around the image. Backs of      ent background colours.
cards may also differ in the    This popular card was
series name, logo and           reprinted as Witty-227 (pur-
layout or style of the pub-     ple background, large circle)
lisher information. Reprint-    and reprinted again in April-
ed cards have an identical      1919 as either Comic-797
image but exhibit a different   (large circle) or Witty
number. The caption and         Comic-797 (small circle)
image border as well as the     with smaller caption.
backs (containing the logo           A common re-issue
and series name, publisher      variation is represented by
information etc) may also       cards having a different
differ. Alternative issues      image border that was cur-                                        Example of a disappearing
                                                                                                  artist signature.
42   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                                                                      colour, typeface or lay-
                                                                                                      out of publisher/series
                                                                                                      information, introduc-
                                                                                                       tion of postal rate infor-
                                                                                                       mation, or addition of
                                                                                                        prime minister’s mes-
                                                                                                        sage etc. The type or
                                                                                                        weight of card can also
                                                                                                        differ. Examples of all
                                                                                                         these variants exist
                                                                                                         within the Bamforth
                                                                                                         comic cards.
                                                                                                              Reprinted     cards
                                                                                                          have an identical
                                                                                                           image but a different
                                                                                                             caption,     border,
                                                                                                             number, logo or
                                                                                                             back.    A    classic
                                                                                                             example of reprint-
                                                                                                            ed cards is the early
                                                                                                            Witty series num-
                                                                                                            bers 89, 117 and 141.
                                                                                                            The original Witty-89
                                                                                                           card shows a father
                                                                                                           receiving his thirty
                                                                                                           shillings     national
                                                                                                           maternity      benefit
                                                                                                          from the post office.
                                                                                                          Introduced into law in
                                                                                                          1913 this subject was
                                                                 original cards. By contrast,            a popular postcard
           Changed borders      to a small circle logo. Thus,    the reverse of the card           theme during 1913/1914,
of re-issued cards and mod-     postcards re-issued after        changed during these pro-         perhaps the reason for the
ification to the image.         this date exhibit the small      duction years incorporating       reprinting. The same image
                                circle logo but retain the       the latest version of the         was reprinted on cards 117
tion of a postcard image,       original number. Thus, one       Bamforth logo. The original       and 141 issued in 1914 and
which is demonstrated by        finds cards having identical     large brown triangle logo         1915 respectively.
Comic-815. Published circa      fronts with similar series       metamorphosed into large               Most of the U.S.-print-
April 1919, this card can be    and numbers but alternative      grey triangle, small brown        ed cards represent reprint-
found either with or without    logos. Similarly, as Bam-        and grey/black triangle.          ed versions of U.K. origi-
F. Fitton’s signature. The      forth transitioned from          Later versions incorporated       nals. In all instances the
original format and reason      small circle logo to the large   ‘P.O. preferred’ in the stamp
for the change is unknown       brown triangle in the 1940s,     area and finally a modified
but one version represents      many cards were re-issued        logo format was introduced.
a re-issue that either elimi-   with the original number         Thus, re-issued cards can
nated or added the artist’s     but now used the large tri-      be found with identical
signature. The backs on         angle logo. Again fronts         fronts but a variety of differ-
both cards were identical.      were indistinguishable from      ent backs.
      A common practice         the original small circle logo         The backs of Bamforth
around 1920 was to re-issue     cards.                           postcards represent a rich
cards with another series            Re-issued          cards    source of re-issue variation.
name but retain the original    exhibiting logo variation are    The images, series and
number. Examples of this        well exemplified by the          numbers are constant but
can be found with postcard      ‘Welsh Comic’ series cards       re-issued cards exhibit vari-
number 999, which was           that were in continuous pro-     ations in the layout of infor-
issued in 1919 as a Comic,      duction for many years           mation on the reverse of the
Seaside Comic, or Holiday       from their inception in 1958.    card. These changes can be
Comic series card. Around       The front image, captions,       very obvious such as the
the same time, Bamforth         series name and numbers          logo change described
was transitioning from the      were maintained constant         above or can be quite sub-
large circle Bamforth logo      although later cards had a       tle. These include:
                                high gloss finish compared       changes to print
                                   to the matt finish of the

                                                                                                                 Original U.K.
                                                                                                   issued cards and their U. S.
Changed logos of re-                                                                               reprinted counterparts.
issued Welsh Comic cards.                                                                                   continued...
                                                                             Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 43
     COLLECTING                                                  triangle Comic cards 445-     thus postcard variants. If
   BAMFORTH COMIC                                                456, issued circa 1948, for   one takes an example from
      POSTCARD                                                  which two examples exist       philately, different paper,
                                                                for each number.       One     watermarks, perforations or
     VARIATIONS:                                                member from the pair were      images are regarded as
  PEELING THE ONION                                             re-issued shortly thereafter   variants and collected and
    OF COMPLEXITY                                               with a different (perhaps      valued according to rarity,
  continued from page 43                                        originally intended) num-      which is proportional to
                                                                ber.                           numbers of stamps pub-
                                                                      In summary, postcard     lished or surviving. Some of
                                                                variation abounds in the       the    postcard      variants
                                                                world of Bamforth comic        described herein have been
                                                                postcards and represents an    captured in the recently
                                                                absorbing area of collect-     described Bamforth Comic
                                                                ing. A simple equation         postcard database (PPM
                                                                seems to operate:                                       Jan

                                 Original U.K. issued
                                 cards and their U. S.
                                 reprinted counterparts.
                                   have a special arrange-
                                   ment with Inter Art, per-
                                   haps      for    exclusive
                                    release to the U.S. mar-
                                    ket. In some cases the
                                    cards reproduced by
                                   Bamforth were altered in
                                   some fashion from the
                                   originals. Perhaps this
                                   allowed copyright not to
                                  be infringed. Modifica-
                                  tions could include colour
                                  change, signature removal
                                  etc but the original compo-
                                 sition was maintained.
                                      The Inter Art Bow Wow
                                 series card 480 showing a
                                 dog admiring a lady’s leg
                                 was modified by changing
                                print colours. A Donald
                                McGill signed card WB-160
                                was issued by Bamforth in
                                U.S. with different colours
                                and removal of his signa-
                                ture. Similarly a Donald
original series and             McGill signed card original-
number were changed or          ly published in the Kismet
sometimes these parame-         series by Asher number 614
ters were excluded com-         was reprinted by Bamforth
pletely. Changes could be       with modified colour and
subtle such as moving the       signature removal.
caption. A successful image           Alternative issues have
could also be reprinted later   the same number as the
with different captions, bor-   original card but a com-
ders, series or numbers.        pletely different image.        Changes to print colour and    captions for U.S. reprinted
      Some reprinted cards      Comic 401 was issued circa      cards
underwent modification to       Sept 1916 with two different
                                images. The alternative ver-    routine change to the for-     2010), although further
the image before release to                                     mat of a postcard’s back or    work is required to incorpo-
the U.S. market. Examples       sion of a drunk in bed likely
                                represented a publisher’s       front plus a policy of re-     rate the more subtle exam-
of changes to the original                                      issue or reprinting equals     ples. Understanding these
U.K. version include altered    error that was ‘corrected’ by
                                re-issuing the card later as    differences in postcards and   variations requires the
print colours such as cards                                                                    reverse of the postcard be
from the ‘BUT’ series. Simi-    Witty Comic 482. Another
larly, the black and white      example includes the large
WW1 ‘Topical Xmas’
series cards were
reprinted in U.S.
as colourised ver-
sions. In some
cases the captions
of these cards
were also changed
from the U.K. origi-
      Bamforth U. S.
also reproduced/
reprinted      cards
from a number of
other     publishers.                                                        Modification of cards from
They appeared to                                                other publishers by Bamforth U.S.
44   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                                               BULK POSTCARDS FOR SALE
                                                                 CLOSING DOWN SALE
                                                                After advertising in this magazine for 8 years I
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                                                               million cards in stock which I am bulking up in
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                                                                will be split into 3 groups with many cards in
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                                                              1000 GB Topo £175 * 1000 Themes £165
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                                                                          back guarantee if you are not
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                                                                   £70 Guernsey £70 Jersey £65 Isle of Man £65
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                                                                               on the telephone
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                                                                               ROBERT NOBLE
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                                                                            YORKSHIRE HD6 3JQ
                                                                TELEPHONE - (01484) 387534 (after 6pm) or 07939
                                                                              522919 (24 hours)
                                                                        WANTED: Dealers’ used suitcases

Modification                                the hidden lay-
of cards from other publish-   ers of collecting complexity
ers by Bamforth U.S.           are of no consequence.
given equal priority to the    Alternatively one can peel
front, a concept that should   back the layers and expose
be heeded by internet          the complexity. If you are
based sellers.                 like me, in doing so it will
     I am left with the fol-   stimulate your senses and
lowing question - When         make a grown man cry!
does a postcard variation
make a difference? Answer:     Acknowledgements.
when the collector wants it    My thanks to fellow Bam-
to be. To use the onion        forth collectors/enthusiasts
metaphor, one can make         Rodney Bagshaw, John
postcard collecting simple.    Stubbings, Richard Crangle,
Just accept the onion as a     and Dave Dickens for stimu-
simple entity, collect post-   lating discussions and help.
cards by the numbers and       Grateful thanks to Dave
                               Dickens for providing Bam-
                               forth postcard variants.

Original Comic-401 and an
alternative version.
                                                                       Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 45
     Celebrating the Kennet
        & Avon Canal in
                    Kirsten Elliott
This year sees the bicentenary of the completion of
the Kennet & Avon Canal – known as the K&A. I’ve
been writing about using old postcards and other
ephemera to illustrate books, and this was too good
an opportunity to miss. I’ve embarked on a book to
be called Along the Kennet & Avon Canal – A Jour-
ney in Time. At the rate I’m going, it will be an ency-
clopaedia but as long as I have it ready for Christ-          Eventually the scenery
mas, which strictly speaking is the actual bicente-           becomes more rural. Woolhampton is a pretty
nary, I will be happy.                                        place, but there have been changes since Lillie sent this
     In writing a book, I use all sorts of material – old     card to Dora in 1914. The Rose and Crown is still there, but
photographs, prints, slides, even modern pictures.            is now a private house. The bridge, despite looking
Reading Local Studies Library and Hungerford Virtu-           decrepit, was usable in 1914, but it has been replaced by a
al Museum have allowed me to use some of their                modern swing-bridge, electrically controlled.
material, and well known collectors such as Paul
De’Ath and Gordon Collier have loaned me some of
their cards. However, the basis of the idea came                                                         The first part of
from my own collection of K&A cards, so here is a                                                        the canal, the
quick journey along the canal, from Reading to Han-                                                      Kennet Naviga-
ham, using some of my cards. I have not necessari-                                                       tion, ended at
ly chosen the best cards from a collector’s point of                                                     Newbury, which
                                                                                                         was the limit of
view, but those which give a flavour of the canal, and                                                   navigation until
the countryside through which it passes.                                                                 the canal proper,
                                                                                                         linking Newbury
                                                                                                         with Bath, was
                                                                                                         built after 1794.
                                                                                                         The       original
                                                                                                         wharf was down-
                                                                                                         stream of Town
                                                                                                         Bridge, seen in
                                                                                                         this card, pub-
                                                                                                         lished by the
                                                                                                         Company of Tun-
                                                                                                         bridge Wells. If
                                                                                                         there is a dearth
                                                                                                         of pictures of
                                                                                                         Reading, there
                                                                                                         are plenty of
                                                                                                         Newbury, with
                                                                                                         this bridge the
                                                                                                         clear favourite.
                                                                                                         There was no
                       I discovered early on that the east-                                              towpath beneath
ern end of the canal has not been well photographed.                                                     the bridge – cap-
Most of my pictures of Reading are old prints or pho-         tains had to moor up just below the bridge, unhitch the
tographs. So my first card is not of the canal, but of an     horse and take it across the street, then float the tow-rope
industry it served. Once one of the town’s major employ-      back under the bridge to the waiting boat.
ers, Huntley and Palmer’s grew from a small shop into an
empire. They had their own quays on the canal. This card,
published by Valentine’s, shows how large that empire
became. Sadly, like other industries which used the canal,
such as brewing, these buildings are no more, except the
one in the distance with the pediment, which stills stands,
facing out across the Kennet Navigation.

(right) Just above the bridge is Newbury Lock, unusual in
the south of England in that the paddles on the top gates
are operated by levers. The canal needed wide locks,
rather than the narrow locks seen on many of the canals
further north, because some of the boats were Newbury
barges, two of which can be seen moored up here. The
little cottage, with washing drying on its hedge, was the
lock-keeper’s home. This charming little building sur-
vived until 1989, though it had been boarded up for
years. It then burnt down in mysterious circumstances.

46   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                         Another frequently      At Little Bedwyn, the
               photographed village was Kintbury. The            railway is very close to the canal. The line
first building of note, just before the bridge, is the Dundas    arrived in 1862, built by a private company headed by Lord
Arms. Built in the 18th century as a house, it later became      Ailesbury as a branch from Hungerford to Devizes. It now
an inn, taking its name from Charles Dundas, first chair-        forms part of the main line from London to the south-west.
man of the Kennet & Avon Canal Company. Here, a                  This is yet another almost unchanged scene.
mournful-looking horse appears to be lamenting that the
former well-equipped stables have been converted to a
garage. Today, a further conversion has taken place, to
hotel rooms.

                                                                 The canal goes through the Bruce Tunnel in the Savernake
                                                                 Forest, and then begins going down towards Bath and
                                                                 Bristol. However, after a short flight of locks at Wootton
                                                                 Rivers, there is the Fifteen Mile Pound, with no locks at all.
                                                                 It is along this stretch that you will find Honeystreet. Only
One of the most photographed houses in Kintbury is the           the bridge would be recognisable today. Of the once busy
vicarage, now the home of the husband and wife team of           yard of Robbins, Lane and Pinniger, carriers and boat-
authors, Robert Harris and Gill Hornby. However, at some         builders, there is barely a trace. Yet at one point they
time, the vicar must have had a family who were enthusi-         owned most of the village.
astic about rowing, for nearly every picture has some
young people happily messing about in boats. One won-
ders if Dolly, who sent this card in 1911, was the young
lady in the picture. Whoever she was, she was hoping to
visit the Japan-British exhibition at the White City, and go
on the Wiggle Woggle.

                                                                 Unity, seen in the foreground of this card published by
                                                                 Tomkins & Barrett of Swindon, sent in 1926, was one of
                                                                 their best-known barges. She carried carboys of acid from
                                                                 Avonmouth back to Honeystreet, for making fertilizer –
                                                                 another RL&P industry. At last the canal comes to Devizes,
                                                                 and, as if to make up for having sauntered along with no
                                                                 locks for miles, there are 29 locks spread over just two
                                                                 miles, 16 of them close together in the Caen Hill Flight.
     After Kintbury comes Hungerford, which is set               This view, from the bottom of the sixteen, is one of the
between the Common on the east side and Freeman’s                most popular views of this daunting sight. The embank-
Marsh on the west. It is a delightful walk through these         ments to the left of the flight form a series of side pounds.
open fields, and it is hard to believe that the busy A4 is not   As one lock follows immediately on the next, it was
far from this idyllic scene. Apart from a TV mast, it has not    realised there were going to be problems with water sup-
changed since this photograph was taken.                         ply, so John Rennie, the engineer, came up with the idea
                                                                 of building side pounds, which stretch across the hillside,
                                                                 and act as reservoirs for each lock.
    continued on page 50
                                                                             Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 47
                           Card Chat
                          Mark Routh searches out
                          the tasty and unusual in
                             modern postcards.

Operation Market Garden began on 17th September 1944
and was to then become the largest airborne invasion up to
then of the Second World War. The American 101st and
the 82nd Airborne were dropped over Eindhoven and
Nijmegen respectively but the hardest and furthest drop
was assigned to the British 1st Airborne Division, who
were tasked with taking the bridge at Arnhem and holding                   One of the postcards
it until the land forces could reach them. Arnhem was deep                 published by the Airborne Museum
behind the German front line in occupied Netherlands but
the plan, designed by Montgomery, was expected to take                                                        buy a copy as a souvenir (I have
only three days. The initial drop went well but, as history                                                   shown it here so you can see how
                                                                                                              good it is - and there was a bonus
now records, although the bridge at Arnhem was reached                                                        as it was exclusive to this one
by some of the 1st Airborne their relief and other parts of                                                   shop).
their unit could not get through once the Germans had re-                                                           Everyone visiting Arnhem
grouped and set up a defensive line between John Frost                                                        ends up at the ‘Hartenstein’ Air-
and his paratroopers at the bridge and General Urquhart                                                       borne Museum (although this is
and the rest of the brigade. When the forces failed to meet                                                   actually located just outside Arn-
up and the land forces took too long to cross between the                                                     hem in the area known as Ooster-
border and Arnhem the plan fell apart and despite heroic                                                      beek) and this is by far the best
actions and a strong defence Frost ended up being overrun                                                     source of related postcards. The
                                                                                                              museum is located in the re-built
by the Germans and the remaining paratroopers, along                                                          building which was a hotel
with Major Frost were captured.                                                                               before the war. During the battle
Now, thanks to an excellent book      motorised unit was ambushed                                             here it became the headquarters
by Cornelius Ryan, the story of       and the advance delayed. It is                                          of General Urquhart and there is
the assault at Arnhem Bridge has      also a lovely spot to stop for a                                        a smashing full-size diorama of
become known as the story of ‘A       drink and there is a café behind                                        the General and other officers at
Bridge Too Far’. This small pot-      the rail station for refreshments.                                      his command desk (which
ted history describes the reason      It is also worth popping into the    Parachute                          appears on a postcard – in fact
why so many people visit this                                              drops on a Dutch postcard          this has appeared on postcards
area on Battlefield Tours, and                                                                                from here for many years, with
this year the group I annually                                                                                photographs taken from different
travel with also visited Arnhem.                                                                              angles, as I already had one in
As a battle, Market Garden is                                                                                 my collection for many years). In
very difficult to follow in any                                                                               the museum there is a whole
chronological order on the                                                                                    floor of very impressive diora-
ground itself. This is because of                                                                             mas which allow you to try and
the various drop zones and dif-                                                                               feel what it might have been like
ferent advances and retreats                                                                                  (although the true horror of it all
involving separate groups and                                                                                 is clearly missing). Five of these
there was more than one day of                                                                                dioramas appear on postcards
drops as well. Personally I had                                                                               sold in the excellent attached
been looking forward to this trip                                                                             shop. Here there are several spin-
because in my signed postcard                                                                                 ners of postcards depicting diora-
collection I have cards auto-                                                                                 mas, the building itself (both nor-
graphed by Major Frost and Gen-                                                                               mal and aerial views) and views
eral Urquhart, amongst other                                                                                  of Oosterbeek, both modern and
military characters involved in                                                                               slightly older designs. Some of
the operation, and it was interest-                                                                           these view cards depict the near-
ing to stand in the very spots that
these soldiers stood. Postcard-       Black & white sketches of the railway station at Wolfheze and other     (below) Another Airborne Muse-
wise the area has three interest-     local landmarks as they were in 1900                                    um production
ing locations that we visited, two
of which had a range of post-    railway station shop as I found a
cards and a strong connection to delightful black and white artist-
the battle; the                                       drawn post-
other is worth                                        card depict-
visiting for                                          ing the rail-
other reasons                                         way station
and one par-                                          c.1900.
ticular post-                                         Despite the
card.                                                 lack of con-
Wolfheze is a                                         with      the
small railway                                         b a t t l e
station village                                       (except, of
just down the                                         course, the
road from the Mark at the bridge at Arnhem            location
initial British                                       i t s e l f )
drop zones and it is just beyond everyone on the coach agreed
here that the plans started to that it was a smashing card and
unravel as it was here that the many popped into the shop to

48    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
by military cemetery and it is         closes quite early. If you missed
worth picking these up here as         being able to enter the church it
you, quite rightly, never find         would be a real shame as they
these cards on sale at the actual      sell a range of seven exclusive
cemeteries. Individual postcards       postcards inside at just 50 cents
were 50cents but there is also a       each. These include two attrac-
smashing postcard pack which           tive exterior views (it is quite
sells at euro 2.50 which contains      hard to take a photograph of all
all the dioramas and five other        of the church from the front
cards all of which are sold sepa-      because of the tightness of sur-
rately at 50cents so it is worth       rounding premises including the
buying this (and secretly opening      famous – but privately owned –
it carefully and then making sure      Kateter Horst House), one of
you don’t buy these ten cards at       which is taken from the field
the higher price individually).        behind the church. Other cards
Also check out an only slightly        show the small monument out-
larger card showing a photo-           side whilst another features the
graph of paratroopers dropping         ‘Airborne Prayer’ plaque on the
at one of the drop zones in what I     wall inside and yet another
can only assume was a re-enact-        depicts the church font which        Magazine-issued
ment. This was a beautiful image       bears the paratroopers’ Pegasus      postcard to celebrate the 50th anniversary of
and again it is displayed here         badge carved into the front of it.   the Mini
One of the last places we visited      Then you have a view of the inte-
was the Dutch Reformed Church,         rior of the church and lastly the           Me and my Mini                 my political collection.
also known as the old church,          best design, which shows a black                                                 I always read with interest
Oosterbeek, but known after the        and white photograph of what         The first car I ever owned was a      the monthly PPM eBay round up
war by the soldiers as ‘The Lons-      was left of the church after the     beige Mini which was the most         of unusual prices, especially as I
dale Church’. This was because         battle had ended (with an army       temperamental car I ever drove        am a regular eBay user myself. I
the survivors here, many of them       jeep outside). I also recommend      (the lights would suddenly go off     often get some really nice items
                                                                            for no reason and then suddenly       from this source. Recently I bid
                                                                            come back on again, which was a       on and won a set of Star Trek
                                                                            bit frightening on dark nights –      Voyager postcards which I had
                                                                            and the dashboard was equally         not seen before. Imagine, then,
                                                                            playful and did not always show       my surprise when four days later
                                                                            up what was illuminated or what       I received through the post a very
                                                                            mileage I was actually doing) but     fetching, but far too small for
                                                                            I loved it. My eldest son and his     me, female brown blouse top!
                                                                            wife both now own their own           Unfortunately there was no letter
                                                                            Minis, one of which is a bit of a     or any information inside the bag
                                                                            classic. They have recently taken     it was sent in but it clearly had
                                                                            part in Mini club events which        my name on the front. I later
                                                                            have included mass drives down        found out that this was supposed
                                                                            to Newquay in Cornwall and an         to be my Star Trek postcards but
                                                                            annual Mini run from London to        the sender had made a mistake -
                                                                            Brighton. On the latter they were     although quite how you mistake
                                                                            given a free strip of eight special   a blouse for four postcards
                                                                            Mini postcards. Each card shows       defeats me. I actually found the
                                                                            three images of a specific make       incident quite amusing and for-
                                                                            of Mini showing the vehicle in        warded the blouse on (I assume
                                                                            three images: one from the front      to a female who is much thinner
Postcard reproduced from a 1944 photo showing a badly damaged               and one from the rear and a larg-     than me). I was re-imbursed the
Dutch Reformed Church                                                       er side view. The minis depicted      postage and as a little extra the
                                                                            are the Mini Austin (soft top),       original sender posted me two
injured and very tired, were ral-      the little information booklet       Mini 1275 GT, Mini Minor,             sets of the Star Trek postcards I
lied by Major Lonsdale who,            they sell which comes in an Eng-     Rally Monte Carlo (No 37), Mini       was expecting.
hands in bandages, stood up (or        lish version – and it’s only euro    Cooper, the Leyland Innocenti,              Another of my recent eBay
depending on which story you           2.50. Clearly everyone also visits   Mini Cooper S and lastly my           buys is a DVD of a BBC series
want to follow – stood up in the       the bridge itself in Arnhem,         favourite, the Morris Mini van.       which won a BAFTA although
pulpit) and gave a speech which        although the bridge’s story is a     Each of the cards actually com-       now it is a few years old. The
in part went “You know as well         bit sad. The first bridge was        memorates last year’s anniver-        series was called ‘Doubletake’
as I do that there are a lot of        destroyed by the Dutch at the        sary, when the mini was 50 years      and it was a comedy which used
bloody Germans coming at               start of the war, on 10th May        old, so the cards are from 2009.      celebrity look-alikes playing
us…We must fight for our lives         1940 to prevent the German                 My son managed to secure        their doubles in embarrassing sit-
and stick together…We’ve fought        advance (in my collection I have     three sets of the postcards, so I     uations which appear to be
Germans before – in North              an early black and white postcard    was able to separate one of the       viewed via CCTV cameras or
Africa, Sicily, Italy. They weren’t    showing the bridge in the 1930s).    strips and show my favourite          amateur video. The shaky images
good enough for us then and            Strangely, it had not long been      design here (the blue mini van).      and sometimes long shots make
they’re bloody well not good           re-built and re-opened when the      The other design is of the Rally      it appear that it is the actual stars
enough for us now”.                    British paratroopers tried to take   Monte Carlo version which is          and celebrities themselves. I
      It was also from here that       it in 1944 and as that operation     what I think my old Mini thought      remember the series and had
many soldiers retreated back           failed, the Americans then           it was ( but it was not, bless it).   seen the DVD when it first came
across the river in the organised      bombed it in early October 1944                                            out but locally it was not adver-
evacuation and retreat and this        to prevent the Germans crossing         Welsh election cards               tised as coming with free post-
was the last holding point before      it to attack the new front line of                                         cards, although the eBay offer
the Germans eventually won.            the allies. Later, when the Ger-     I recently mentioned that my          did have attached free postcards.
The church was all but destroyed       mans started to struggle, they       election voting form came             When I received the DVD there
in the bombardments and had to         blew it up at the end of October     through the door with a pre-paid      were five postcards of celebrity
be re-built after the war, although    1944. The bridge was again           postage mark. David Rye kindly        doubles in images which
not in the exact same design as it     rebuilt after the war (1950) and     forwarded me his voting form          appeared to show Beckham
originally had a much higher           in 1977 was named ‘The John          which is a bi-lingual Welsh/Eng-      (examining tattoos on his bot-
tower and two alcoves where            Frost Bridge’. You can, of           lish version and his, too, had a      tom), The Queen (reading a mag-
now there is only a single alcove      course, buy postcards depicting      pre-paid postage marker but           azine in the little room), the for-
at the back. Most, if not all, tours   the new bridge but here instead      whilst mine was postcard size         mer England manager Sven
visit here but it is worth trying to   (opposite page) is a photograph      and white, David’s was A5 size        Goran-Eriksson in Union jack
ensure your visit coincides with       of me standing in the place that I   and purple! My thanks to David,       underpants, Robbie Williams,
the church’s opening hours as it       have read so much about.             as it makes a cracking addition to          continued.....
                                                                                          Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 49
           Card Chat                   Celebrating the Kennet
     continued from page 49               & Avon Canal in
and lastly Prince William and                postcards
David Beckham relaxing (this           continued from page 47
last one is the only colour one       There is another short flight
amongst the five and I have to        at Seend. What may come as
say that the double for the Prince    a surprise is that this scene
is a close match). As a collector
of TV-related postcards these         with the sunlit house, now
were a useful addition to my col-     the Barge Inn, was not
lection.                              always the rural idyll it
                                      appears here. Seend was
    Recently I wrote about my         the site of ironworks, which
visit to Hastings and as a result     stood in the field beyond
John D Heys very kindly sent me       the bridge.      They were
a French maxi-card from 1966          never very successful, and
which shows the Normans land-         the smelters were demolished in
ing in England with an anniver-       1889. When this card was sent, in 1911, there were still
sary stamp for the landing/inva-      many in Seend who would have remembered them.
sion attached. My thanks to John,
as this makes a cracking addition
to my family history themed col-
lection.                                                                                        The canal skirts Trowbridge
      Lastly I would like to seek                                                               and Bradford on Avon, wan-
some advice from readers as to                                                                  dering though the country-
what to do next with a listing I                                                                side and along a hillside,
have been working on for the last                                                                before making a sharp right
three years. Over that period I                                                                  turn to cross the Avon Val-
have been putting together a list-                                                               ley at Avoncliff. During
ing of the Television related post-                                                               World War I, an old build-
cards that are either in my collec-                                                               ing, which began as
tion or which I have knowledge
of via other listings and other                                                                   weavers’ accommodation,
sources (97% of it is from my                                                                      became a mill and finally a
own collection). I now have a                                                                      workhouse, was converted
listing which has reached 780                                                                      to a convalescent hospital
pages. The list is split into sec-                                                                 for recuperating soldiers,
tions, including cards by pro-                                                                      who were brought out
gramme title, name of actor,                                                                        here for a pleasant breath
equipment and technology relat-                                                    of fresh air. They would be taken into
ed to TV, seaside comic post-                              Bradford on Avon in the Red Cross barge, Bittern.
cards and lastly television film-
ing locations. I have also incor-
porated all comic book charac-        The canal crosses the Avon
ters as well as so many have also     on the Avoncliff Aqueduct.
had TV programmes (Batman,            There is also a small brick
Spiderman, Superman, Hulk etc).       aqueduct where it crosses
Now the list will never be com-       the railway, which was con-
plete as new cards are always         structed in 1857. The canal
coming out but it is fairly com-      then embarked on what
prehensive and has details of         was known as the Dry Sec-
most of the older cards from the      tion, because the hill was so
1960s and 1970s which collec-         prone to landslips. Hence
tors mostly want to know about        what looks like a small lock
(for programmes like Thunder-
birds, The Prisoner and many          in the foreground is a pair
other cult programmes) but what       of stop gates. If the water
do I do with it to enable others to   started to flow out, due to a
have access to it. Does anyone        breach, the gates would
have any ideas? I did consider        swing shut, closing off the
publishing it with pictures (but      breached section from the
worried about the number of           rest of the canal.
pages to be honest). I also con-      The card was published by R Wilkinson and Co of Trowbridge, and bears his trademark
sidered an internet site of some      swans, which appear on almost any postcard where there is water. They are almost never
sort but I would love to hear from    to scale, as can be seen here.
anyone who has a bright idea as
many of the individual parts of                                                                  The canal crosses the river
the listing would be of use to col-                                                              again on what is Rennie’s
lectors both in the postcard col-                                                                finest piece of work on the
lecting circles and in the world of                                                              K&A, the Dundas Aqueduct.
television collectors as well. As                                                                 Monkton Combe school
always I can be emailed at                                                                        still has its rowing club            or                                                               boathouse down here. The
please write to me at 165                                                                         card, published by P A
Raphael Drive, Shoeburyness,                                                                       Buchanan and Co of
Southend, Essex SS39UR. I hope                                                                     Thornton Heath, seems to
you all have a warm postcard-
filled summer (fingers crossed).                                                                   have been commissioned
                                                                                                   for the school, as it
                                                                                                    appears to be from a mas-
Got a point of view or                                                                              ter to a clergyman, about
                                                                                                    an event connected with
 something to say?                                                                                   a school celebration.
    Write to PPM
50    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                                              This photo-
                     graph was taken from the Dry Arch,
which carried a tramway from a quarry over the road and          Once on the River
down to the canal. Astonishing as it may seem to any             Avon, the scenery changes again. At Salt-
readers who have visited Bath in recent years, that road,        ford, it is so picturesque that pleasure boating has long
             here little more than a dirt track, is the busy     been a leisure attraction. Business was so good that there
                                      A36.                       were competing boat hirers. This card shows Sheppards’

is another popular place, even today,
much of its popularity due to the presence of the George,
with its gable and dormer windows. The mill in the dis-
tance was Harbutt’s mill, where they made Plasticine. It
burnt down in 1963, and was replaced by a newer one,             This postcard of Keynsham Lock, published in 1922 by the
which in its turn has vanished to be replaced by retirement      Grey Post Office of Keynsham is rather poignant for local
houses.                                                          people today. In the distance, the new Fry’s factory is
                                                                 under construction on a greenfield site. It was a factory
                                                                 which brought work to many local people. However, a few
                                                                 years ago, Cadburys, the then owners, announced its clo-
                                                                 sure. Local hopes were raised when Cadburys were
                                                                 bought by Kraft, who promised to keep it. As soon as the
                                                                 deal was through, it was announced the factory would
                                                                 close after all. It is a sad ending of betrayal and disap-
                                                                 pointment to a story which began with such high hopes
                                                                 and goodwill.

                                                   This card
                         remains perhaps my favourite of
all the cards of the canal. It shows the architectural feature
at the top of Sydney Gardens, which was emasculated in
the 1930s, losing both its serpentine wings. Despite an
outcry, they have never been replaced. It is also interest-
ing to see work going on at the bridge, and using a boat to
do it. But the question must be, surely there are easier
ways of working on the bridge than the precarious method
        being employed here?

                                                                 Finally, the river
                                                                 comes to Hanham Abbots. Hanham Lock,
                                                                 seen here to the right of the picture, marks the end of the
                                                                 Avon Navigation – just a few miles short of Bristol. From
                                                                 here on, the river is tidal, so it comes under the Port of
                                                                 Bristol Authority. And with it, I end this short journey
                                                                 along the Kennet & Avon Canal.

                                                          (left) The next picture is part of the way down the Widcombe
                                                          Flight, where the canal proper joins the Avon Navigation, to com-
                                                          mence its final leg to Hanham, on the River Avon. This card
                                                         shows that Bath is not all glorious crescents and elegant villas –
                                                         this part of Bath was a mixture of workshops, coal yards and larg-
                                                         er houses up on the hillside. This is another Valentine’s card.
                                                                            Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 51
                                                                         THE STONE CIRCLES
                    Picture ads                                          AND MEGALITHS OF                       What
 Just published a postcard? Want to advertise sets or series of
 cards for sale? An ad here costs just £9.50 for a picture and
                 approx 45 words (colour £15)                              (from page 35)
                                                                                                           the postman
                                                                      lishers. The mistaken ‘Druid’
‘Alice visits Bury                                                    association continued, unfor-
St. Edmunds’ by                                                       tunately on postcards, with        (messages on the backs of
Brian Partridge                                                       some bearing the legend            cards)
on a new post-                                                        ‘Druidical Remains, Stone-
card published by                                                     henge’ as late as 1918. Then       Edwardian Big Brother: on
OVERDALE                                                              there are the doctored             the back of a postcard
CARDS, the first                                                      Stonehenge cards, most             showing Wrexham Church
in a series. 50p                                                      notoriously the Edwardian          gates, sent from the town in
each     +     50p                                                    one where pictures of WWI -        August 1906 to an address
postage       (any                                                    era biplanes and mono-             in West Kirby, was spotted
quantity) avail-                                                      planes were cut out of             “Hope you are well & alos
able from L.                                                          ‘Flight’ magazine and pasted       keeping your eye on my sis-
Marchant,       40                                                    onto a photo of Stonehenge!        ter, don’t let her speak or
Cornard Road,                                                         I have a photo of it but not       look at the men or I must
Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2XA. Trade enquiries welcome.                   the card itself - anyone know      come and fetch her home.
                                                                      the publisher? Avebury             With     love     from     M.
                                                                      seems to have been less            Thomas”.
NOTTINGHAM TRAMS. Latest cards in the series are no. 26-28            popular - it has always stood,           Danger in London: a
(26 pictured). These and other cards in the series are available at   unfairly perhaps, in Stone-        street scene of Bostall Hill,
40p per card + 60p p/p per order, or £9.95 postfree forall 28 from    henge’s shadow, despite its        Plumstead, was used to
Brian Lund Postcards, 15 Debdale Lane, Keyworth, Nottingham           far greater size, scale and        send hot news to Katie in
NG12 5HT. Also                                                        age, and Edwardian cards of        1915: “This is the hill going
just released: nos.                                                   Avebury are certainly less         up to the woods. They
23 & 24 in the                                                        common. It seems to have           dropped boobs (sic, more
‘Railway      Spe-                                                    been the subject of greater        likely bombs!) on the hill
cials’ series -                                                       appreciation (beyond its jus-      about four months ago. The
engines passing                                                       tifiably proud locality) in the    raid we had Sunday was
on the Churnet                                                        latter half of the 20th centu-     awful. The guns were firing
Valley     railway                                                    ry: in the late 1930s Avebury      for over two hours without
and Golden oldies                                                     had sadly become a neglect-        stopping. We saw one of
at Loughborough.                                                      ed, overgrown rubbish tip,         the Gothas brought down in
                                                                      with most of the stones,           flames poor am was very
                                                                      incredibly, actually hidden        upset made her ill for a day
                                                                      under foliage, trees and           or two after a raid. We had a
                                                                      accumulated cans and bot-          thunderstorm last night and
                                                                      tles, and was described as an      this morning. Love from
                                                                      ‘archaeological disgrace’. It      Annie”.
 STAMP & POSTCARD FAIRS                                               is now as it should be, and
                                                                      along with Stonehenge, is a        (contributions from Meirion
      Modern postcards as well as old ones are well                   designated World Heritage          Hughes)
                featured at each event                                Site.
                                                                            Postcards of the many
                     This month’s fairs:                              other stone circles in Eng-        CAN YOU HELP?
                                                                      land, Scotland (and its
                                                                      islands and highlands) Ire-        376/A Dave Fitton has a
              Sunday 1st August                                                                          query about publishers’
                                                                      land and Wales also became
     LEIGH-ON-SEA, West Leigh Junior School                           more plentiful as the century      details. He wonders if any-
                                                                      went on and people’s appre-        one can complete the
                     Next month’s fairs:                              ciation of the monuments           names and/or addresses of
                                                                      grew. Due to their usually         any of the following:
                                                                      inanimate scenes and some-         Bate R. (Devon)
               Sunday 5th September                                   what limited appeal they are       Boughen H.
             MOUNTNESSING, Village Hall                               not perhaps great sellers for      Bucknells
                                                                      postcard dealers but they are        (Northants c.1906)
                All fairs 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.                            hence nice, cheap items to         Bingham, Alfred
                                                                      collect and, like the stone cir-   Buck (Yorkshire)
             Details: Ray How 01702-544632                                                               Cozens F.G.
                                                                      cles themselves, often have
                                                                      an overlooked beauty.              Cowtrey R.
                                                                                                         Davis A.W.
 Stockport (mid-week) Fair -                                          Dedicated to the memory of         Diack K. (Comers?)
                                                                                                         Duncan J.L. (Edzell?)
                                                                      David Viner (1965-2010).
   Last Tuesday of Month                                                                                 Elliott (Neath)

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52   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                   Classified                                                 YORKSHIRE CRICKETERS AND
                                                                              CRICKET TEAMS. Private collector.
                                                                              Details to: Ron Deaton, 20 Hill Top
                                                                              Road, Harrogate HG1 3AN. 01423
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                                                                                                                    & COLNE ENGAINE, CHAPPEL
                                                                                                                     & WAKES COLNE (ESSEX)
Lineage: 16p per word per month (1-3 insertions)                              507690.
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                   insertions without text change)                            Road, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12            20 Waldemar Avenue,
e.g. 12 words: £1.92 for 1 month, £3.84 for 2 months, £5.76 for 3             1YD.                                        Norwich, NR6 6TB
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months.                                                                       Local teams if named or located.            Phone: 01603 417961
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PAYMENT: All classified adverts should be prepaid. When calcu-                BISHOPS CASTLE (Shropshire)                picture in colour if possible.
lating cost, do not count street number, and calculate tel.                             55 cards                         Also ‘BREMEN’, the aircraft
                                                                              HURWORTH (Durham) 12 cards                which made the first Atlantic
no./postal code as one word each.                                             UK CASTLES 150 cards                    flight from Ireland to Canada in
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future be refused advertising space.                                                                                ered. David Child, 8 Seaton Court,
                                                                              exhibitions wanted. Also Church
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    POSTCARDS                          wanted. M. Salter, 46 School Lane,
                                       Lubenham, Market Harborough,
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     WANTED                            Leics LE16 9TW.                        FOWEY, FOWEY, FOWEY, Corn-
                                                                                                                    Eggbuckland, Plymouth PL6 5TF.
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                                                                              wall. Quality postcards, photos and
LLOYD’S SIGNAL STATIONS (not                                                  ephemera wanted. Marcus Lewis          SYNAGOGUES (WORLDWIDE)
Lizard or IOW).                         Postcards of GHOSTS or                01726 832089. Mobile 07973                      HAUNTED PLACES                                                            JEWISH PALESTINE (PRE-1948)
Wheal Florence, Rosudgeon, Corn-                                                                                      BRITISH FORCES PALESTINE
                                           required by serious      
wall TR20 9PA                                                                                                           JEWISH STREET SCENES
BETTER SHIPPING CARDS: Eng-               collector - must either             LEICESTER STATIONS - interiors of        (WORLDWIDE) PALESTINE
land, Germany, USA, Russia,              show apparition or text              Central Station and Belgrave Road
                                                                                                                         HOTELS (INC. CACHETS)
Japan. Naval, cargo, passenger               refer to haunting                Station (no reproductions, thanks).
                                                                              Also interiors of Tilton, Ingarsby,       GRUSS AUS PALESTINE
(not tourist). ‘Lusitania’ building,     No Halloween, comic or
launching, burial of victims. Nazi                                            Hallaton, Great Dalby. Nick Miller,                   OR
zeppelins,     Nazi    propaganda.
                                          Cornish Litany please               19 Bath Terrace, Newcastle NE3        Any other interesting postcards on
                                          Also looking for GWR                1UH. Tel. 0191-222-5603.                a Jewish or Palestine theme
Leicester stations GCR. Rail                                                                                           eagerly sought by collector.
wrecks, shipwrecks (noted), four-          ‘Legendland’ series                                                       For immediate response please
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   SHROPSHIRE, CHESHIRE,                 Tel: 01784 246399 (eve)                 Must be postcard backed and        Donald Stoneman, 98 Kingswood
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    Top prices paid for better         Cox, Kirknewton House, Kirknew-             57 TALFOURD ROAD                 LAGE and town views, especially
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          LEEGOMERY,                   particularly aviation up to 1945. P.          Hillside, Montrose DD10 9JF. (T).
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and Northern Rhodesia. For resale,
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mouthshire and Radnorshire. John                                                                             
Gray, 25 Station Road, Knighton,
                                       ed.                                                WANTED                          Tel. 07981-950976
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FALKLAND ISLANDS pre-1982              Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18                                                BULLDOGS Comic, Patriotic, Real
postcards and used envelopes           9AU. (Tel: 01953 603549).                   Flat 81, 95 Wilton Road          Photo     anything     considered.
wanted on approval. Alan Brunt, 56                                                   London SW1V 1BZ                Approvals to - G. Jennings, 4
Redehall Road, Smallfield, Surrey                                                     Tel. 020 7834 1852            Henry Road, West Bridgford, Not-
RH6 9QL.                ITALY                                        e-mail:                tingham. Postage refunded.
                                                                            PADDY THE IRISHMAN wants any
                                          POSTCARDS WANTED                                                          good quality Irish cards you have
                                           also postcards of all other                                              for sale. Paddy Macken, 10 Villa
                                         countries, world postal history                                            Park Road, Dublin 7.
Contributors and advertis-                       and postmarks                            GREECE                    ANY AIRPORTS & AIRLINE ISSUED
ers are advised that the                  Single items, collections and       Postcard collector seeking all        PROPELLOR aircraft wanted. Mike
September 2010 edition of                   accumulations welcome                                                   Charlton, 4 South East Farm, Hors-
                                                                              areas of any subject relating to
PICTURE       POSTCARD                            RICHARD GEE                 Greece including Costumes,            ley NE15 0NT. Email:
MONTHLY will be pub-                                                          Personalities, Royalty, Ships, or
                                          7 Brooks Malting, Kiln Lane,                                    
lished on August 23rd.                      Manningtree CO11 1HP              Trains, Cartoons, Art, etc. etc.
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August.                                  email:            Gardens, London NW3 5RN              Try a PPM classified!
                                                                                            Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 53
     POSTCARDS                                 PALESTINE
                                        I am a collector looking for             APPROVALS                               LITERATURE
      WANTED                             all series from all periods.
                                          Please send even single
                                       cards. I will usually pay your        APPROVALS. Subjects - Animals,
SUFFOLK, NORFOLK and Cam-                                                    Aviation, Ballet, Birds, Children,      THE POSTCARD ALBUM is back!
bridgeshire Postcards published by        price plus your postage            Cinema, Comic, Glamour, Literary,       International postcard magazine
F.G. Pawsey & Co. Ltd and Lang-         costs, or I will exchange for        Military, Shipping, Silks, Theatre.     from Germany in English. Issue 24
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Bury St. Edmunds. Bob Pawsey, 82                                             Ken Simson, 14 Old Farm Road            colour. Lots of old postcard print-
Westerfield Road, Ipswich IP4 2XN.             David Pearlman                East, Sidcup DA15 8AE.                  er/publisher research. Highlights
Tel: 01473 252893.                                                                                                   this issue: Albrecht & Meister,
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shopfronts, social events and
transport. Contact Chris Russell, 22            Also postcards from
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lisher probably Bamforth’s in View-    NORWAY. Early cards/Postal His-        machinery like tractors, ploughs,
card ET series. Early 1960s black &    tory - Scott Simpson, 14 Dower             threshing machines etc.
white. View of Old Lifeboat House      Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 6UA.              up to approx. 1950.
and Slipway, showing tide and          Email:                                 Please send your offers by scan
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                                                                                                 Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 55
                                    Liz McKernan reviews
         Books                     issue 244 of the French                                     Obituary
                                       magazine Cartes
Greetings from the Sal-             Postales et Collection
                                                                     Michael Goodman, proba-          pex, postal history and
vation Army (Per Hakon                                               bly the most knowledge-
                                   Once again the editorial in                                        some postcard fairs, and
Eikeseth).                         this edition of CPC talks         able postal historian in the     was still keenly seeking
                                   about the effect of the inter-    country, died on June            material at London’s
This is a brand new book to        net on collectors' habits.        12th at the age of 79.
add to the thousands                                                                                  Bloomsbury and events
                                   Summing up, it concludes          Described by The Jewish          further afield until just
already written about the          that the “virtual can never       Chronicle as “a true char-
postcard collecting uni-                                                                              before his death. At early
                                   replace real life and that the    acter in the community”,         Stampex events, his stall
verse. Though published in         internet with all its qualities   Michael had a keen sense
Norway, the 300-page hard-                                                                            was regularly besieged
                                   is merely another way to          of the value of collectables     by customers four deep
back looks at the worldwide        buy postcards”.
story of the movement from                                           in his field. His first inter-   shortly after opening
                                         The opening article is      est was philately but            time. In the past year, he
the very beginning of the          written by someone who
Salvation Army. Portraits                                            Michael soon became              had apparently recovered
                                   describes himself as a 'car-      drawn to cancellations           successfully    after    a
featured include General           tophile curieux'. I am not
Booth and his family, the                                            and postal markings, in          quadruple heart by-pass
                                   sure whether the word             which he became a top            operation. “What he did-
General travelling around          'curieux' refers to himself or
the world, and lots of real                                          dealer. He was prominent         n’t know about postmarks
                                   what he collects but I rather     in the Portobello Road
photo postcards of individu-       suspect the latter as the                                          was not worth knowing”,
als and groups. Introduction                                         Antiques Market in the           dealer Brian Purcell told
                                   subject of his article is cer-    1960s and was an early
and captions are in both           tainly unusual. It appears to                                      PPM. Michael had a phe-
Norwegian and English.                                               supporter of Drene Bren-         nomenal collection of
                                   be the history of          the    nan’s Postcard Club of
      The author’s parents         National          Agricultural                                     London postal history
were Salvation Army offi-          School and surprisingly it
                                                                     Great Britain and its early      material and with his
cers and he and his younger        does appear on postcards.         meetings, where he was           death goes an encyco-
brother were part of their         Mention is made of the 1968       always in the market to          paedia of knowledge
itinerant lifestyle. He calls      student revolution and,           buy postal history. He           about the subject.
the Salvation Army “his            being in the heart of the         became a regular at Stam-
home town” and collected           Latin quarter of Paris, the
postcards featuring the            school was occupied by stu-
Army in the same way that
any other collector would
                                   dents at the time. No cards
                                   are shown from this era,
                                                                            PPM on Tour                           K i r s t e n
look for hometown post-
cards. His first interest was
                                   however.                                                                       visited       a
                                         'The     Yellow     Peril                                                nursery on
in SA philately, and the           according to Kaiser Wil-
postcard bug didn’t bite                                                                                          the outskirts
                                   helm' is the title of the sec-                                                 of     Verona
until Per’s 40th birthday.         ond article. The author is a
      This book tells the          regular contributor to the                                                     while      she
story of an organisation’s         magazine and always has a                                                      and      Palle
early days, both in Norway         wealth of political cartoon                                                    Petersen
and around the world.              postcards with which to                                                        were at the
Many of the illustrated post-      illustrate his articles, and a                                                 collectors’
cards show Salvation Army
orchestras, which were a
                                   mountain of historical infor-                                                  fair in the
                                   mation to go with the cards.                                                   city         in
very important part of the               A famous King and
movement, keeping spirits                                                                                         May.The
                                   horseman is the subject of                                                     nursery had
high and fostering a sense         the third article. Joachim
of community. Orchestras           Murat was related by mar-                                                      a        large
competed with each other           riage to Napoleon Bona-                                                        selection of
in    musical     excellence.      parte, having married one                                                      olive trees
Among the British bands            of his sisters and he                                                          for sale - this
featured are those at Con-         appears on many postcards,                                                     one       cost
sett, Brighton, Oldbury, Tot-
tenham and Dorchester.
                                   a good number of which are                                                     2,000 euros.
                                   illustrated here. Other cards                                                  “We didn’t
Although the emphasis of           are shown featuring build-
the book is on the SA in                                                                                          bring         it
                                   ings connected with him                                                        home!”,
Norway, plenty of postcards        and it is a good example of
from around the world are          how a collection of com-                                                       commented
shown.                             mon cards can enhance a                                                        Palle.
      Among unusual post-          biography. Fascinating orig-
cards in the book is one           inal writings from French
showing a a couple of male         soldiers during WWI were
officers, one lame and blind
after falling off a roof, who
                                   discovered in a sale by the                        ALL COLLECTORS
                                   WWI historian of CPC. He
travelled around together,         uses some of his vast col-                    ALL RISKS - NO EXCESS
the one pushing the other in       lection to illustrate the man-
a barrow so they could trav-                                               Insurance Cover for STAMPS: POSTCARDS:
                                   uscripts and bring them to                COINS: MEDALS: & all other Collectables
el around and spread the           life.
word. The man in the bar-                The regular pages of                     DEALER COVER ARRANGED
row was eventually appar-          new publications, postcards                        at premises and Fairs
ently healed in 1915 in what       to identify, small ads, col-                 PUBLIC LIABILITY for SOCIETIES
became known as the mira-          lectors' magazine reviews,
cle in Bergelandsgaten. The        news of an astonishing auc-
author has put together a          tion result, and book                     STAMP INSURANCE SERVICES
fascinating,         carefully     reviews including several
assembled collection.                                                           C G I Services Limited (Dept 16PP)
                                   for train enthusiasts com-
                                   plete this summer edition.                   29 Bowhay Lane, EXETER EX4 1PE
* For details and a copy of the
book, write to Frelsesarmeens      The fair diary goes in detail               Tel: 01392 433 949 Fax: 01392 427 632
Hovedkvarter, Postboks 6866        up to December 19th. CPC is                Authorised & Regulated by the Financial
St. Olavs Plass, 0130 Oslo, Nor-   available from Reflections.                           Services Authority

56    Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
             Picture Postcard
Another selection of puzzles for you to identify, all on
picture postcards sent in by readers. If you know the
location, tell us (write, fax, email or phone) and give
yourself the chance of a prize. First authentic identifica-
tion of each puzzle wins you a choice of: pack of mod-
ern social history cards, a free classified ad in PPM
(max. 25 words), a Reflections pen, one of the Yester-
day’s series of books based on old postcards, or a set of
Reflections Postcard Centenary cards (state which
you’d like when writing).
     If you have a postcard (or cards) you’d like identi-     376/2 A Valen-
fied, send in, enclosing two first-class or three second-     tine-published postcard of Thorpe
class stamps per card submitted (for administration           Bank, which needs placing accurately (Doug Forton collec-
costs). List any identifiable clues on a separate piece of    tion)
paper, and write your name in pencil on the back of the
postcard. Email scans/photocopies not accepted.
Address for all correspondence: PPM, 15 Debdale Lane,
Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5HT.

                                                              376/3 Hazel Mount private hotel also advertised ‘car for
                                                              hire; petrol; repairs. Phone no. 6’. Those were the days!
                                                              (Simon Smith collection)

376/1 Christmas greetings from a sadly unanimated York
Road somewhere. Can anyone place it? (D. Sandland col-

July results
Tim Harding identified 375/3 as Chilham, near Canter-
bury, the postcard showing the new by-pass. There’s
rather a mystery about 375/5, where the scene was
identified first by Timothy Tuff as East Budleigh,
Devon. The location was corroborated by Peter Free-
man, who sent a matching photo emphatically identify-
ing the village. But... in that picture the church has a
tower, whereas on our postcard it has a spire. Mark Bai-
ley reckons the only ‘Old Priory Garage’ he could find
was in the Plymouth suburb of Old Priory. East
Budleigh never had a garage near the bridge! The              376/4 This postcard was published by a Dartford photogra-
result of all this seems to be that images have been          pher (Verna Palmer collection)
superimposed onto the Budleigh postcard to make it an
interesting - fake? Less controversy on 375/6, with Den-
nis Cross placing it as Diss, while Brian Screaton was
first to spot 375/8 as the Square, Market Harborough.
Maurice Friedman told us 375/9 was Shaftesbury
Avenue, London. President Loubet, Mark Bailey
informed us, arrived in Dover on 6th July 1903 to start
a French state visit, and was met by the Duke of Con-
naught. He was accorded a splendid naval reception.
He arrived at London Victoria railway station in the
afternoon, being greeted by King Edward VII and the
Prince of Wales. King and President then drove togeth-
er to York House, via Shaftesbury Avenue. The Guild-
hall reference on the postcard seems to have been a
misconstruction by the French publisher. Robert
Jeeves located 375/10 as Portslade, Sussex, where for
many years there was a ferry operated by Mr A. Ford.
Finally, Nigel Bown placed 375/11 as Sheppard Street,
Swindon.                                                      376/5 G. Selley, florist, fruiterer and seedsman, was at no.
      From June, John Alsop rejected Ely as the location      74. Where? (Chris Doble collection)
of 374/2 and opted for Soham.

                                                                         Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 57
                                                                           Picture Postcard

                                     376/6 Here’s an over-
             seas location for a change - though we won’t
make a habit of these! J.H. Gidoom’s ‘Japan Bazaar’ is on
the right (Phil Cousin collection)

                                                              376/10 This huge tower should prove easy to identify
                                                              (Julian Dunn collection)

       376/7 Police and dignitaries march through a town
street past “The Castle” pub, which sold Benskin’s (Wat-
ford and Bishops Stortford) Ales (Ann Southgate collec-

                                                              376/11 This ought to be somewhere in
                                                              Nottinghamshire as the soldiers are from the Sherwood
                                                              Yeomanry and the photographer’s studio was on Castle
                                                              Boulevard, Nottingham. The number 61 is inscribed on
                                                              the picture (Kevin Harrison collection)

376/8 The local hunt meets in the street outside the Inter-
national Stores and Burnell’s shop (Tom Carr collection)

                                                              All aboard John J. Edwards’
                                                              carrier (daily; telephone 72). The card was published by
                                                              Heawood & Co. of Hinckley (Len Whittaker collection)

                                                           Picture Postcard Monthly binders are avail-
                                                           able in a choice of royal blue, maroon or light
                                                           green. Priced at £5.95, each comfortably holds
                                                           20 copies of PPM. Postage is £2.50 (UK) if not
376/9 A church with a squat tower in the distance is prob- picking up at a fair. PPM, 15 Debdale Lane,
ably the best clue to this unlocated postcard (Grenville
Collins collection)                                        Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5HT.
58   Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010
                376/13 An outdoor service or church
parade is taking place outside this large church. Note the                                376/17 A baker’s shop is on
distinctive spire to the right and mill chimneys behind          the street corner at the bottom of the hill, while J.
(Mark Wingham collection)                                    Moore’s premises are to the left of the cart. Given the pres-
                                                             ence of so many workmen in cloth caps, this could be
                                                             some kind of demonstration - but where? (Andrew George

                                                             376/18 The impressive frontage of
376/14 The buildings are the only clues to the location of   the Record Tailoring Co. is on the corner of this wide town
this postcard (David Haddaway collection)                    street somewhere. To the right is a notice-board advertis-
                                                             ing Parkes’ and Well.... shops (John Forrester collection)

376/15 This is the interior of Watling Street Wesleyan
Church. Any suggestions as to the location? Note the cap-
tion script (M. Knight collection)                                                      376/19 A library is on the left
                                                                and the “George Inn” centre right as soldiers march
                                                             through ( Richard Boon collection)

                                                             In September PPM

                                                             A preview of the Picture Postcard Show
                                                             The Settle-Carlisle railway line
                                                             Swinging London
                                                             Postcard typewriters
                                                             The actress Topsy Sinden
                                                             Postcard art attack
                                                             Artist Nina Brisley
                                                             London topographicals

376/16 This view looks pretty familiar! Can someone place    published 23rd August
it? (Nigel Bown collection)

                                                                        Picture Postcard Monthly August 2010 59

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