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					2011 Vegetarian SummerfeSt Program

  Celebrating 37 Years of Advocating Healthy,
     Compassionate and Ecological Living

                      July 5 – 9 | Johnstown, PA

         2011 Vegetarian
         37th Annual Conference of the North American Vegetarian Society
General Information
ANNOUNCEMENTS                                        MEALS
Such as class changes, will be posted on bulletin    Meals will be served Tuesday lunch through
boards in the Student Union Building and Living      Saturday lunch in the cafeteria on the Student
Learning Center. Please consult them daily.          Union 2nd floor. Meals will be served at the
                                                     following times:
1st floor lobby of the Student Union Building.       Breakfast: 7:30 – 8:30 AM
                                                     Lunch: 12:30 – 1:30 PM
SUMMERFEST BADGES                                    Dinner: 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Must be worn for admission to all sessions.          Farewell Dinner: 5:30 – 7:00 PM

SUMMERFEST SESSIONS                                  We’re sorry, food and beverages may NOT be
Will be held in the following locations:             taken out of the dining hall.

Classes, Lectures, Workshops                         Meals are prepared by the Food Service of the
Living Learning Center: Heritage Hall A and B,       University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, under the
University Room, Campus Room, Scholars               direction of gold–medal winning vegan chef Ken
Room, President’s Room, Board Room,                  Bergeron, restaurateur Cathi DiCocco and Chef
                                                     Dave Stroka with guidance from NAVS. All food
Engineering and Science Building: Auditorium         and meal related questions should be directed
                                                     to NAVS staff members Zinnia Konviser and Pat
Plenary Presentations                                Griffin at the (signed) NAVS table, and not to the
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center                   University’s food service personnel.
Food Demonstrations
Heritage Hall C, Living Learning Center              MEAL TICKETS
                                                     Are required to enter the cafeteria. Treat them as
Morning Yoga                                         you would cash. There is a charge to replace lost
Heritage Hall A, Living Learning Center              tickets.

Exercise Classes                                     SINGLES
Terrace Room, Living Learning Center                 There are designated tables at meals for those
Heritage Hall A, Living Learning Center              who are interested in meeting other singles. Also,
Outside as designated                                see singles bulletin board in Student Union.
                                                     Singles activities/events are open to ALL adult
Children’s Center                                    singles, regardless of age, sexual orientation,
Laurel Hall Lower Lounge                             ableness, ethnic or religious persuasion.

Youth Activities                                     SWIMMING & FITNESS
Laurel Hall Lounge                                   Zamias Aquatic Center pool hours:
Outside as designated                                Tuesday                 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
See separate Children/Youth Program for activities                            3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
                                                     Wednesday               11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Evening Social Activities
                                                                              3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Heritage Hall, Living Learning Center
                                                     Thursday & Friday       11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Film Screenings                                                               3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Engineering & Science Building: Auditorium           Saturday                 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
                                                     (times may vary, always check in advance for any changes –
                                                     dial hotline: 2002)
Located in the Cambria Room, Student Union.
Exhibits will be in the Student Union Main Lobby.    Adults: Living Learning Fitness Center offers 24–
                                                     hour–a–day use of weight training machines and
                                                     cardiovascular equipment.

                                                                    2011 Vegetarian Summerfest          | 01
Tuesday, July 5
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM – REGISTRATION                  4:00 – 5:00 PM
Living Learning Center Lobby                        Heritage Hall A
                                                    Plant Based Nutrition: Exploring the Myths and
2:00 – 2:35 PM – ORIENTATION                        Engaging the Science (Elephants, sparrows,
Heritage Hall A                                     lions: it seems pretty clear what they are “meant”
Guidance for all Vegetarian Summerfest              to eat. Why are we so confused when it comes
“first–timers” and attendees who are new to         to the human race? Ample fun tips, provocative
vegetarianism – Led by Maribeth Abrams              literature review) – Stephan Esser, MD

2:45 – 3:45 PM                                      Heritage Hall B
Heritage Hall A                                     Meat Eating and the Biology of Disgust
Vegicipes: All You Ever Wanted and Needed           – Milton Mills, MD
to Know about Eating Veg for Health (Tips on
stocking up, and preparing a nutrified kitchen)     University Room
– Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT                      Identifying and Using Wild Edibles to
                                                    Supplement Your Diet (includes a slow walk
Heritage Hall B                                     around building) – George Eisman, RD
What About Fish & Fish Oils? (Although heavily
promoted they are in no way a remedy for the        Campus Room
inflammatory tendencies of a lifestyle, and carry   Make That Change! Easy Ways to Transition to
other increased health risks)                       Vegan Foods (Learn practical and indispensible
– Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EDM                            tips to help make your transition to plant–based
                                                    foods enjoyable and long–lasting, and how to go
University Room                                     from vegetarian to vegan, or how to step up your
Someone, Not Something (Non–human animals           game if you’re already a vegan)
are someone, not something. Farmer Brown            – Tracye McQuirter, MPH
will tell stories of animals that were something
and became someone in his life. We have all         Scholars Room
experienced this shift, so come share your          Grief of Animal Activism: Dealing with the
journey to animal consciousness) – Harold Brown     Challenging Personal Issues Caused by Caring
                                                    About Animals (Whether you work on factory
Campus Room                                         farming, animal experimentation, circuses, or
Vegan Sweeteners and Fats: Separating Fact          some other form of exploitation, they all are
from Fiction – Chef Fran Costigan                   depressing and stressful issues that can take a
                                                    heavy toll on us personally. Learn how to survive)
Scholars Room                                       – Michael Budkie
Caring for Home: How Your Diet Choices Impact
the Environment – Jim Corcoran                      President’s Room
                                                    Toxins in Your Home: What You Don’t Know
President’s Room                                    May Be Lethal (Many common household
A History of Veganism in the US (Learn “how         chemical products and pharmaceuticals contain
it all vegan”– to coin a phrase––from Donald        hazardous ingredients that can harm people,
Watson’s invention of the term in 1944 to its       animals, and the environment. Heighten your
becoming one of today’s trendiest lifestyles)       awareness of these toxins, avoid exposure,
– Rynn Berry                                        and take action to eliminate them in your
                                                    surroundings) – Michael Stepaniak
3:00 – 3:30 PM – EXERCISE
Terrace Room / LLC                                  EXERCISE
Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice        Terrace Room / LLC
is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to      Low Impact Aerobic Exercises (Body weight is
bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus              used to keep the heart rate high throughout the
                                                    workout) – Tiffany Esser, ACSM, AFAA, NFPT

                                                                 2011 Vegetarian Summerfest     | 07
Tuesday, July 5                                            (con’t)

EXERCISE                                               7:15 PM – OPENING PLENARY SESSION
Meet in front of Living Learning Center                Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
Hiking (All levels. Explore the trails that surround   Piano Prelude
the area) Please bring water and appropriate           – Performed by Sarina & Sammi Farb
footwear) – John Pierre
                                                       Emcee: Maribeth Abrams
Board Room / Living Learning Center                    The North American Vegetarian Society
(Come meet and get to know other veggie                Welcomes You
friendly singles at Vegetarian Summerfest 2011.
Have no fear – the singles program is not about        Guide to Summerfest, Announcements
matchmaking, it is simply a venue for meeting          – Carole Baral
other attendees who are experiencing some
of the same issues, living single as a vegan/          Brilliant Chickens, Einstein Chimps:
vegetarian/veggie–curious in today’s society)          Intelligence, Creativity and Caring in the
– Led by Nicole Fordyce                                Non–Human World – Rae Sikora (20 min)

5:00 TO 5:30 – SINGLES WALK                            Your Role in Global Depletion
Meet in front of the Living Learning Center for        – Dr. Richard Oppenlander (30 min)
a walk around the beautiful campus with fellow
singles before going to dinner.                        Has Nutrition Arrived Yet as a Medical
– Led by Nicole Fordyce                                Science? – T. Colin Campbell, PhD (40 min)

5:10 PM – GUIDED TOUR                                  9:15 PM – GET ACQUAINTED PARTY
Meet outside front door Living Learning Center         Heritage Hall – Living Learning Center
(Here’s your chance to find out how to get to          Time to have fun, meet other attendees and
all the buildings you’ll be using during the           dance to music provided by vegan DJ Johnny V.
conference) – Sue Speck (Tour Guide)                   Light refreshments available.

                                                       9:45 – 11:00 PM – EVENING SKY WATCHING
                                                       Meet at the Front Entrance to
                                                       Living Learning Center
                                                       The Moon and Saturn will be quite striking
                                                       – Led by Robert Victor

Wednesday, July 6
6:00 – 6:40 AM – EXERCISE                              6:30 – 7:30 AM – YOGA
Meet in front of Living Learning Center                Heritage Hall A
Exerstriding (Use synergistic resistance to build      You may want to bring a blanket or towel)
strength, stamina and endurance) – John Bolus          – Eileen Wieder Crone, MS, RD, RYT–500

6:15 – 7:15 AM – EXERCISE                              6:50 – 7:20 AM – EXERCISE
Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &            Lobby Living Learning Center
Science Building)                                      Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice
Boot Camp: Fun & Effective Sports and                  is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to
Conditioning for all Fitness Levels                    bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus
(Please bring water and appropriate footwear)
– John Pierre & Anne Dinshah

08 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

8:40 AM – PLENARY                                      Scholars Room
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center                     Vegan Diets for Animal Companions (The risks
                                                       and benefits of vegan diets for dogs and cats
Emcee: Sue Speck                                       and information you should know)
                                                       – Armaiti May, DVM
Should Food Really be Your Medicine? (Analyze
the famous Hippocratic aphorism and its effects        President’s Room
on health in our modern society)                       How to Speak to Christians and Other Religious
– Dr. Adiel Tel–Oren (40 min)                          People about Our Animal Rights and Vegan
                                                       Message – Frank Hoffman
Vegan Dining at the Academy of Culinary Arts
– Freya Dinshah (10 min)                               10:00 – 12 NOON – FOOD DEMONSTRATION
                                                       Heritage Hall C
The Link Between Dairy (and Other Animal               Exploring the World of Whole Grains
Products) and Cancer Risk                              – Chef Christine Waltermyer
– George Eisman, RD (10 min)
                                                       11:10 – 12:10 PM
10:00 –11:00 AM                                        Heritage Hall A
Heritage Hall A                                        Let the Myths Stop Here (An opportunity to
Diabetes: Examining the Sugar Cube (Unraveling         debunk popular nutrition myths and clarify the
the mystery of the fastest growing disease in          real evidence) – Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT
America – Find out why 1 in 3 American children
are projected to develop diabetes and why it           Heritage Hall B
doesn’t have to happen)                                Put Your Colon to Work for You (How the human
– Stephan Esser, MD                                    colon affects our health and physiology)
                                                       – Milton Mills, MD (with Roberta Schiff)
Heritage Hall B
Global Depletion and Food Choice Responsibility        University Room
(New perspectives will be presented about the          Growing Microgreens at Home (Learn a clean
state of our oceans with a closer look at eating       and cheap technique for home gardening that
fish/sustainable labeling issues, global warming       is adapted from commercial microgreen farms;
and Kyoto, what’s new with our rainforests,            samples of several varieties of microgreens will
agricultural land use inefficiencies and world         be shared) – Mark Mathew Braunstein
hunger, loss of biodiversity, and the sustainability
question related to grass fed/pastured livestock)      Campus Room
– Dr. Richard Oppenlander                              Label Detective (Learn how labels mislead, how
                                                       the food industry tries to confuse us and how to
University Room                                        really know if your food is healthy or not)
Food Sensitivities: Health and Healing (Learn          – Amie Hamlin
why food sensitivities are a growing phenomenon
and how you or your friends or loved ones can          Scholars Room
cope and thrive in spite of food challenges)           Vegan Advocacy for Passive People
– Jo Stepaniak with Michael Stepaniak                  – Chris Hirschler, PhD, CHES

Campus Room                                            President’s Room
The Transition Kitchen: How to Go from Zero to         Vegan Parenting for Families with Older
Veg in One Day! (So...NOW what do I eat? Learn         Children (The whole game changes as your
about the connection between diet and disease,         children get older. Learn how to “dance with
and unbelievably simple ingredient substitutions,      your children” as they individuate, so that you
foods and products that can help you make              can continue to honor your values while helping
the transition to a healthier lifestyle quickly and    them to develop their own self, and eventually to
easily) – Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP PhD                 be ready to launch out into the world. Bring your
                                                       questions) – JoAnn Farb

                                                                    2011 Vegetarian Summerfest    | 09
Wednesday, July 6                                                     (con’t)

EXERCISE                                               3:00 – 4:00 PM
Terrace Room                                           Heritage Hall A
Total Toning (This class is designed to tighten,       Using Food And Fitness To Fight Osteoporosis
firm and tone your whole body using resistance         (Learn how to use specific foods and fitness
bands – Combines intense cardio and muscle             tips to help re–mineralize your bones! Research
conditioning exercises that will challenge             on hormones, bone density, and practical
everyone from beginner to advanced – Must wear         suggestions to strengthen your skeletal frame –
appropriate running shoes, please bring a towel)       learn your food friends & foes!)
– Nicole Fordyce                                                                  ,
                                                       – Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP PhD

1:45 – 2:45 PM                                         Heritage Hall B
Heritage Hall A                                        Global Depletion and Food Choice
What is the Evidence for a Low Carb, Atkins            Responsibility (New perspectives will be
Type Diet? – T. Colin Campbell, PhD                    presented about the state of our oceans
                                                       with a closer look at eating fish/sustainable
Heritage Hall B                                        labeling issues, global warming and Kyoto,
The Link Between Dairy (and other animal               what’s new with our rainforests, agricultural
products) and Cancer Risk – George Eisman, RD          land use inefficiencies and world hunger, loss
                                                       of biodiversity, and the sustainability question
University Room                                        related to grass fed/pastured livestock)
Why Do I Have Stubborn Belly Fat When I do a            – Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Million Crunches a Day? – Marty Davey, MS, RD
                                                       University Room
Campus Room                                            COMMUNITY OUTREACH: MAKING A DIFFERENCE
At Ease in Every Restaurant (A practice session        Joyfully Veganizing Your Community (These
for vegans to use actual menus from dozens             simple activities don’t take any particular skills
of restaurants and to learn some easy “public”         or vast amounts of money, but will translate into
speaking tips to get what you want wherever you        huge returns in outreach and education. Tools
dine. Learn to order off the menu items and be         that anyone can take home and put to use right
comfortable speaking up and speaking out when          away!) – Jim Corcoran & Rae Sikora
ordering food) – Patti Breitman
                                                       Campus Room
Scholars Room                                          Chemistry for Understanding Nutrition (for the
Spice Up Your Life (How to use herbs and spices to     lay person): Dietary Fat – Milton Mills, MD
perk up your cooking and contribute to increased
health and vitality – A review of various herbs and    Scholars Room
spices as well as their medicinal, nutritional and     Raw Foods Guidance! Toward Satisfaction, Not
taste benefits) – Jill Nussinow, MS, RD                Sacrifice – Sustainability, Not Flirtation – and
                                                       Meeting All–Round Nutritional & Blood–Sugar–
President’s Room                                       Management Needs – Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EDM
How to Live on an Activist’s Salary: Eating like
a King While Earning like a Pauper (Everyone           President’s Room
who works on behalf of the earth and animals           Yoga & Meditation: Ancient Wellness for Body,
has to learn how to live as economically as            Mind and Spirit (Yoga is so much more than just
possible. Whether working for a non–profit, or         stretching; it’s a lifestyle that can help us find
fitting activism into your free time, we all need to   social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual
economize drastically. Learn from an expert)           and environmental wellness. Talk will include
– Karen Budkie                                         some gentle stretches, breathing exercises and a
                                                       guided meditation)
2:00 – 4:00 PM – FOOD DEMONSTRATION                    – Eileen Wieder Crone, RD, MS, ERYT–500
Heritage Hall C
Low Fat Vegan: All the Flavor Without the Fat
– Lindsay Nixon

10 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

3:00 – 5:00 PM – DOCUMENTARY SCREENING               5:00 – 5:30 PM – SINGLES VOLLEYBALL GAME
Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium             Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &
VEGUCATED: a documentary film that follows           Science Building)
three meat and cheese lovers who, for six            Let’s have some fun while getting our metabolism
weeks, adopt a vegan diet...and a whole new          revved before dinner! Inexperienced players are
way of thinking about food. Part sociological        welcome!
experiment and part adventure comedy,                – Led by Nicole Fordyce
Vegucated showcases the rapid and at times
comedic evolution of three people who are trying     7:15 PM – PLENARY
their darndest to change in a culture that seems     Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
dead set against it. (Introduced by filmmaker        Musical Prelude – Rebecca Barnett
Marisa Miller Wolfson and followed by a Question
and Answer session)                                  Emcee: Vance Lehmkuhl

4:10 – 5:10 PM                                       The Youth–Preserving Lifestyle: High–Green,
Heritage Hall A                                      High–Raw, High–Spirited
Latest in Nutrition 2010: Review of the Most         – Victoria Moran (30 min)
Important Research Published in Peer–Reviewed
Scientific Nutrition Journals from Summer 2009       LEFTOVERS – Original Song performed by
to Summer 2010 – Michael Greger, MD                  Vance Lehmkuhl (The new improved 21st–
                                                     century version)
Heritage Hall B
Fermented Foods: What You Need to Know and           Why Vegan: Lessons from an Animal Behavior
How to Make Them (Learn how fermented foods          Scientist – Jonathan Balcombe, PhD (30 min)
aid digestion and build immunity, and why we’re
hearing more about them in today’s society. The      Lifestyle Medicine: The Power of Personal
different kinds of fermented foods – and why         Choices – Stephan Esser, MD (40 min)
some are better than others – will be addressed)
– Sharon Greenspan, CHHP HTP MEd
                           , ,                       9:30 PM – EVENING SOCIAL
                                                     Heritage Hall / Living Learning Center
University Room                                      Time to meet and socialize with other
Overcoming Food & Weight Issues for Keeps            attendees. Refreshments available.
– Victoria Moran
                                                     9:45 – 11:00 PM – EVENING SKY WATCHING
Campus Room                                          Meet at the Front Entrance to
Building Effective Relationships (An overview        Living Learning Center
of some of the challenges vegans and                 The Moon and Saturn will be quite striking
vegetarians have in relationships, especially        – Led by Robert Victor
intimate relationships, with ideas for making
our relationships as healthy, creative, and          10:00 PM – TWEETUP
empowering as possible – both for ourselves and      University Room / Living Learning Center
for others) – Dr. Will Tuttle and Madeleine Tuttle   Meet the people you’ve friended on Facebook
                                                     and/or followed on Twitter, or come to meet
Scholars Room                                        folks face–to–face whom you may want to keep
Issues in Raising Vegan Children (Panel)             in touch with throughout the year on social
Maribeth Abrams, MS, CNC (moderator) Marty           networks) – Led by Vance Lehmkuhl
Davey, MS, RD; Myriam Parham, RD; Kerrie
Saunders, MS, LLP PhD

Terrace Room / LLC
Resistance and Strength Training (All fitness
levels) – Tiffany Esser, ACSM, AFAA, NFPT

                                                                 2011 Vegetarian Summerfest   | 11
Thursday, July 7
6:00 – 6:40 AM – EXERCISE                             Scholars Room
Meet in front of the Living Learning Center           Vegan Dilemmas: When Life Isn’t Black or White
Exerstriding (Use synergistic resistance to build     (As vegans, our choices aren’t always simple
strength stamina and endurance) – John Bolus          or clear–cut. Is it possible to remain true to our
                                                      beliefs in compromising situations? Bring your
6:15 – 7:15 AM – EXERCISE                             questions and let’s engage in a lively discussion
Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &           of the “gray areas” of being vegan)
Science Building)                                     – Jo Stepaniak, MSEd with Michael Stepaniak
Boot Camp: Fun & Effective Sports and
Conditioning for all Fitness Levels (Please bring     President’s Room
water and appropriate footwear)                       Living in the Lab: The Daily Life of our Closest
– Tiffany Esser, ACSM, AFAA, NFPT                     Relatives in Animal Labs (Learn the truth about
                                                      what primates endure through the life stories of
6:30 – 7:30 AM – YOGA                                 Amadeus, Wally, and many other primates who
Heritage Hall A                                       were not even given names) – Michael Budkie
(You may want to bring a blanket or towel)
– Eileen Wieder Crone, MS, RD, RYT–500                10:00 – 11:00 AM
                                                      Heritage Hall A
6:50 – 7:20 AM – EXERCISE                             Myths and Misconceptions about Exercise
Lobby Living Learning Center                          (Get ready to break down the top 10 myths/
Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice          misconceptions about exercise in a fun,
is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to        interactive talk which highlights the benefits,
bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus                risks, appropriate use and tools for change when
                                                      it comes to being active. It’s time to get moving)
8:45 AM – 9:45 AM                                     – Stephan Esser, MD
Heritage Hall A
Raw and Living Food Basics (Learn several             Heritage Hall B
models for raw food diets and the differences         Chemistry for Understanding Nutrition (for the
between raw and living foods. Leaders in the field    lay person): – Carbohydrates & Protein
and their different approaches will be discussed.     – Milton Mills, MD
Benefits and pitfalls of changing to this lifestyle
will be discussed. Strategies for implementing a      University Room
change will be described)                             How the Internet & Social Games Will Reshape
– Sharon Greenspan, CHHP HTP MEd ,                    the Vegan Movement (The internet is reshaping
                                                      the world. It is changing the nature of business,
Heritage Hall B                                       relationships, leisure time and all power
Heart Disease: Portrait of a Killer                   structures. It is even spawning political and
– Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, CNS, FACN                social revolutions across the globe. The Vegan
                                                      Movement is finally beginning to use the internet
University Room                                       more effectively to change peoples attitudes and
Growing Up Vegan (Meet a panel of lifelong            behaviors towards their food. Learn how you can
vegans of various ages and learn about what it        be apart of this change and why social gaming will
is like to be raised vegan. Bring your questions      be the next big trend to enhance the popularity of
to ask them directly what worked, and what            plant–based diets) – Mark Berman, MD
didn’t. What might they do differently? How did
they handle specific challenges?) – JoAnn Farb        Campus Room
(moderator) Nathaniel Barnett, Aidan DeRicco,         Setting Up Your Eco Vegan Whole Foods Pantry
Anne Dinshah, Sarina Farb, Sammi Farb, Meara          – Chef Fran Costigan
Hamlin and Sarah Schleuter Eisman
                                                      Scholars Room
Campus Room                                           Living With Joy (Being an advocate for plant
Looking for Peak Fitness as a Vegan (Get your         based eating, the environment and animals can
questions answered by two experts)                    be daunting. There is so much bad news that we,
– John Pierre & Robert Cheeke                         at times, feel a sense of hopelessness. Farmer
                                                      Brown will share tips that may help you find joy

12 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

in your daily life, to live beyond the pain and      – Must wear appropriate running shoes, please
frustration) – Harold Brown                          bring a towel) – Nicole Fordyce

President’s Room                                     11:15 – 12:30 PM
Prenatal and Breastfeeding Nutrition                 University Room
– Myriam Parham, RD, CDE, CLC                        It Takes Great Ideas to Make a Great Movement
                                                     (The historical anti–slavery movement provides
10:00 – 12 NOON – FOOD DEMONSTRATION                 powerful inspiration as well as a few cautionary
Heritage Hall C                                      tales for today’s animal advocates)
It’s Easy Being Green: How to Incorporate More       – James LaVeck
Greens into Your Diet in Ways that are Easy,
Delicious and Fun. (Gluten–free) – Chef AJ           President’s Room
                                                     COMMUNITY OUTREACH: MAKING A DIFFERENCE
11:15 – 12:15 PM                                     Local Vegetarian Groups: Starting One &
Heritage Hall A                                      Keeping it Alive (Discussion) – Ted Barnett
The 10 Power Practices of the Spiritual Life (A      (moderator) Carol Barnett, Amie Hamlin, Charles
life of peace and joy and power is possible. It’s    Hershey & Roberta Schiff
not so much about belief as it is about action.
My ten power practices — including vegan ethics      1:45 – 2:45 PM
— make spirituality practical and accessible)        Heritage Hall A
– Victoria Moran                                     Women’s Cancers: (Breast, Ovarian, Uterine,
                                                     Cervical) A Primer and Review (Includes a
Heritage Hall B                                      discussion of the primary/unified theory of
Plant–Based Losers: Winning the Weight Loss          inflammation and examination of the many
War with a Whole Food, Plant–Based Nutrition         preventive choices that have been shown to
Plan (No deprivation necessary)                      reduce risk and improve survival)
– Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT                       – Stephan Esser, MD

Campus Room                                          Heritage Hall B
On Their Own Terms: How the Earth and                An Introduction to Carnism: The Psychology of
its Animals Benefit from the Vegetarian              Eating Meat (How is it possible for otherwise
Commitment (Learn about how committed                compassionate people to learn the truth about
vegetarians have a role to play in cultivating       animal agriculture and still eat meat? Why do
new ways of growing our food – and a humanity        people who love their companion animals have
beyond dominion) – Lee Hall, JD                      no problem eating equally sentient animals?
                                                     And why don’t meat eaters recognize the
Scholars Room                                        inconsistencies in their attitudes and behaviors
How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty                 toward animals? Learn about carnism, the
(Embracing our choices with confidence can           invisible belief system that shapes our perception
be a challenge for vegans. Learn how to take         of the meat we eat, so that we learn to love some
a stand with courage and conviction without          animals and eat others without knowing why. The
compromising your values. Explore and discover       principles of transforming the carnistic mindset
ways to embrace your choices when they are           to create a more humane and just society are
called into question by family, friends and in       explained) – Melanie Joy, Phd, EdM
business) – Patti Breitman
                                                     University Room
EXERCISE                                             Build a Better Body on a Plant–Based Diet
Terrace Room / LLC                                   (Learn how to eat to fuel your athletic interests,
Cardio Kickboxing (This high–energy                  how to lose weight, gain muscle, lower stress and
cardiovascular class utilizes kickboxing             prevent injuries) – Robert Cheeke
movements and upbeat music to create a
total body endurance workout – Experience
combinations of punches, kicks and athletic
drills [jumping jacks, push ups, light running and
ab exercises] designed to turn up the intensity

                                                                  2011 Vegetarian Summerfest     | 13
Thursday, July 7                                                (con’t)

Campus Room                                            Campus Room
Emotional Intelligence (This workshop will             Navigating Nutrition Labels on Food Products:
focus on practical strategies to support the           How to Read Between the Lines (and which lines
development of emotional intelligence in children      to ignore) – George Eisman, RD
and adults; includes a review of the published
literature on enhancing factors)                       Scholars Room
– Lisa Pitman & JoAnn Farb                             Teach Your Kids to Cook: A Lesson for Parents
                                                       (Kids may attend) – Freya Dinshah and Anne
Scholars Room                                          Dinshah
Global Hunger and the Demand for Meat (Find
out why global meat consumption is predicted           President’s Room
to double over 50 years. Then go beyond simple         Act with a Famous Vegetarian (Class volunteers
solutions and the “scarcity vs. distribution” debate   will get to perform supporting roles in 5 one
to find out how meat consumption undermines            act plays about Leonardo da Vinci, Dr John
hunger–alleviation efforts, and how reversing          Harvey Kellogg, Jesus, the Buddha, Leo Tolstoy,
America’s “overconsumption” would be a powerful        Pythagoras, and Sir Paul McCartney)
tool for change) – Dawn Moncrieffe, MA                 – Playwright Rynn Berry

CIRCUS TRICKS PLAYSHOP                                 EXERCISE
Meet in front of Owen Library                          Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &
Learn to balance on a rola–bola, spin a diabolo,       Science Building)
juggle (those who can juggle could learn rings         Boot Camp: Fun & Effective Sports and
and/or clubs), do juggling stix and spin poi           Conditioning for all Fitness Levels (Please bring
(Teens & Adults) – Led by Chip Ballew                  water and appropriate footwear) – John Pierre

2:00 – 4:00 PM – FOOD DEMONSTRATION                    3:00 – 5:00 PM – DOCUMENTARY SCREENING
Heritage Hall C                                        Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium
Healthy Plant Based Protein, Four Delicious            FORKS Over KNIVES: What if we could cure
Ways – Chef Alan Roettinger                            diseases without medicine? This documentary
                                                       film examines the profound claim that most, if
2:55 – 3:55 PM                                         not all, degenerative diseases that afflict us can
Heritage Hall A                                        be controlled, or even reversed by rejecting our
Diets & Health (Covers alzheimer’s disease and         present menu of animal–based and processed
other dementias, mad cow disease, food–borne           foods. Summerfest speakers T. Colin Campbell, PhD
toxins, depression and mood disorders, ADHD            and Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, MD are the two featured
and child neural development, morning sickness,        principals of the film. (Introduced by Robert Cheeke
kidney stones, the importance of fiber, the health     and followed by a Question and Answer session
benefits of plant–based nutrition on immune            with Dr. Hans Diehl and Julieanna Hever, RD, MS
function, longevity, successful aging and on
exercise and weight training) – Milton Mills, MD       4:10 – 5:10 PM
                                                       Heritage Hall A
Heritage Hall B                                        The Michigan Firefighter Challenge: Rescue
Understanding Coronary Risk Factors                    the Rescuers (Dr. Saunders designed and
– Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, CNS, FACN                 coordinated two 8–week food and fitness
                                                       challenges for firefighters in the state of
University Room                                        Michigan. Join us for the spectacular results and
To Buy or Not to Buy (Should vegans support            learn fun and easy ways you could help rescue
new vegan products from big conglomerates              the rescuers in your own hometown!)
– or save their dollars for true–blue vegan                                         ,
                                                       – Kerrie Saunders, MS, LLP PhD
businesses? What choices can we make as
consumers to limit the ill effects of consumerism,     Heritage Hall B
and/or drive positive product trends? Come and         You Diligently Consume Lots Of Calcium,
discuss these issues and get some new ideas on         Omega–3’s, Sunlight–Vitamin–D and all the
putting your money where your mouth – and your         Rest... But What in Your Diet or Lifestyle
heart – is) – Vance Lehmkuhl (moderator), Lee          May Discourage Your Body’s USING Them as
Hall, Amie Hamlin & Rae Sikora                         Needed? – Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EDM

14 | Vegetarian Summerfest 2011

University Room                                       7:15 PM – PLENARY
No Sacrifice: Upholding our Values and                Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
Honoring Tradition (Vegans [obviously] eschew         Piano Prelude – Elizabeth Barnett
the animal foods traditionally served on the
major holidays. At best, non–vegans may express       Emcee: Victoria Moran
pity for those not partaking in these “standards,”
                                                      A Wholistic View of Nutrition from a Registered
at worst, they may accuse vegans of “flying in the
                                                      Dietitian – George Eisman, RD (15 min)
face of tradition,” implying that certain practices
are justifiable simply because they’re embedded       Veg For Life—Theirs! Why Farmed Animals
in the “culture” and sanctified by “tradition.”       Matter – Jenny Brown (30 min)
Learn how we can indeed adhere to traditions
while honoring our values. We need not sacrifice      “I No Longer Steal From Nature” a poem by the
one for the other) – Colleen Patrick–Goudreau         11th–century poet Al–ma’ari, is set to music by
                                                      Vance Lehmkuhl and sung by Sarah Schlueter–
Campus Room                                           Eisman
Why and How to Wean from Cow
                                                      Being a Joyful Vegan in a Non–Vegan World:
– Mark Mathew Braunstein
                                                      Survival Tips & Tactics
                                                      – Colleen Patrick–Goudreau (30 min)
Scholars Room
Recipes Into Print: How to Write the Next             Lifestyle in Health & Disease & Longevity
Bestseller (Do you have a recipe book sprouting       – Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, CNS, FACN (35 min)
inside of you? Seasoned book editor and best–         Intermission (5 min)
selling author Jo Stepaniak shares a banquet of
knowledge on how to sift, whip, and blend your        9:30 PM (or immediately after the plenary session)
ideas into a publishable manuscript)                  PIANO PASSION: CONCERT FOR A NEW WORLD
                                                      Performed by Will Tuttle
President’s Room                                      Enjoy a delightful musical concert for world
Mourning the Loss of a Beloved Companion              peace and for celebrating the beauty of the
Animal and the Suffering of Other Animals (A          Earth. Rooted in ancient sacred traditions
spiritual look at our feelings) – Frank Hoffman       that see music as a vehicle of consciousness,
                                                      this concert of uplifting original piano music
Terrace Room / LLC                                    generates a field of healing and insight.
ZUMBA (This Latin inspired fitness program            Combined with several silver flute duets and
combines dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s          visionary art by Madeleine Tuttle that make this
choreography incorporates hip–hop, samba,             an event that will inspire and uplift!
salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts and some
Bollywood and belly dance moves. Appropriate          9:30 TO 10:15 PM
for all fitness levels) – Isabella Marmolejo          SINGLES ICE–BREAKER GAMES
                                                      Meet at the University Room in the Living
OUTDOOR COOPERATIVE GAMES: EVERYBODY                  Learning Center
IS A WINNER                                           Reveal your true nature with some fun ice–
Meet in front of Laurel Hall                          breaker games! Afterwards we’ll keep the party
(For all who are old enough to do partner             going at the evening social!
activities) – Rae Sikora                              – Led by Nicole Fordyce
5:00 – 5:30 PM – SINGLES VOLLEYBALL GAME              9:45 – 11:00 PM – EVENING SKY WATCHING
Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &           Meet at the Front Entrance to
Science Building)                                     Living Learning Center
Let’s have some fun while getting our metabolism      The Moon and Saturn will be quite striking
revved before dinner! Inexperienced players are       – Led by Robert Victor
welcome! – Led by Nicole Fordyce
                                                      10:30 PM
5:00 – 11:00 PM – PARTIAL PACKAGE                     Heritage Hall
REGISTRATION                                          GET TOGETHER
Living Learning Center Lobby                          Light refreshments available.

                                                                      Vegetarian Summerfest 2011   | 15
Friday, July 8
6:00 – 6:40 AM – EXERCISE                           Scholars Room
Meet in front of Living Learning Center             Compassionate Relationships (As parents,
Exerstriding (Use synergistic resistance to build   partners, friends and family we have
strength stamina and endurance) – John Bolus        opportunities to assert and exploit or learn to
                                                    connect and respect the others in our lives.
6:15 – 7:15 AM – EXERCISE                           Research on attachment, punishment and
Volleyball Net (South side of Engineering &         reward will be discussed) – Lisa Pitman
Science Building)
Boot Camp: Fun & Effective Sports and               9:55 – 10:55 AM
Conditioning for all Fitness Levels (Please bring   Heritage Hall A
water and appropriate footwear)                     Thrive on a Plant–Based Diet (Whether you
– John Pierre & Anne Dinshah                        are an athlete or just looking to feel better,
                                                    have more energy and manage bodyweight
6:00 – 7:30 AM – YOGA                               more efficiently. Robert’s rules of consistency
Heritage Hall A                                     and accountability will help anyone find new
(You may want to bring a blanket or towel)          inspiration for a healthier lifestyle)
– Carole Baral                                      – Robert Cheeke

6:50 – 7:20 AM – EXERCISE                           Heritage Hall B
Lobby Living Learning Center                        Relating to Meat Eaters: How to Communicate,
Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice        Advocate, and Live in a Meat–Eating World
is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to      (Well–meaning efforts by vegetarians to raise
bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus              awareness are often either met with resistance,
                                                    dismissed out of hand, or superficially
8:40 – 9:45 AM                                      acknowledged and quickly forgotten. Even when
Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium            we’re not attempting to advocate vegetarianism,
Oily Revolution: Scientific Omega 3 & 6             our everyday relating to the meat eaters in our
Breakthroughs that Question Everything We           lives can be challenging and can leave us feeling
Once Believed (What the fish oil and other          isolated and misunderstood. Learn about how
industries don’t want you to know)                  we can relate and communicate more effectively
– Dr. Adiel Tel–Oren                                with meat eaters, advocate more strategically,
                                                    navigate “mixed” (veg/meat eater) relationships,
Heritage Hall A                                     feel more grounded in and better able to
Dissolving Your Sugar Habit (Constantly craving     articulate our own ethical choices)
sweets? Reaching for sweets in the afternoon or     – Melanie Joy, PhD, EdM
evening? Gain control over sugar without feeling
deprived. Uncover what drives your unhealthy        University Room
food cravings. Learn about food choices to          Gluten 101: What Vegans Need to Know About
increase your energy, health and joy)               This Nearly Ubiquitous Protein (Both Anecdotal
                           , ,
– Sharon Greenspan, CHHP HTP MEd                    evidence and recent peer reviewed studies
                                                    suggest that far more then the conventionally
Heritage Hall B                                     accepted number of 1/133 are being harmed by
Nutrition Needs for the Over 50 Crowd               gluten. If you are considering getting off gluten,
– Marty Davey, MS, RD                               or just want to be better at helping others to
                                                    successfully transition to a vegan diet, you will
University Room                                     find this information helpful) – JoAnn Farb
Vegetarianism in Art – Mark Mathew Braunstein
                                                    Campus Room
Campus Room                                         Working Towards the Abolition of Our Meat–
Elements: Air, Water, Soil and Sunlight are the     Eating Society Through Compassion
Foundations of Life on Earth (Learn the latest on   – Jenny Brown
the situation of our elements of life and what we
can do to conserve and nurture them for future
generations. Food choices do matter!)
– Harold Brown

16 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

Scholars Room
The Metaphysics of Food (This presentation            Campus Room
will explore the healing power of food and the        Gut Health and Probiotics (Do you sometimes
importance of our attitudes while preparing           have tummy troubles? Have you heard all
and eating food, focusing on the metaphysical         the talk and hype about probiotics? Do you
dimensions of food, eating, agriculture, and food     know what it means? The basics of a healthy
production) – Will Tuttle, PhD                        gastrointestinal system and vegan probiotics
                                                      options that you might want to explore to keep
President’s Room                                      your GI system healthy will be addressed)
Public Speaking & Media Training 101 (If you’re       – Jill Nussinow, MS, RD
an animal activist or a vocal vegan, chances are
you’ll have the opportunity — or you can make         Scholars Room
the opportunity — to speak to groups and appear       Successful Vegetarian Campaigns: Reaching Out
on TV and radio. This session will help you get       In Your Local Community – Maribeth Abrams,
your presentation skills up to speed and get you      MS, CNC (moderator), Jim Corcoran, Allison
camera–ready) – Victoria Moran                        Memmo Geiger & Michael A. Weber

10:00 – 12 NOON – FOOD DEMONSTRATION                  Terrace Room
Heritage Hall C                                       Total Toning (This class is designed to tighten,
Component Desserts (How to make baked                 firm and tone your whole body using resistance
desserts, sauces, creams and more, and plate          bands – Combines intense cardio and muscle
them to create wow with little effort. Nearly all     conditioning exercises that will challenge
of the components can be made ahead and               everyone from beginner to advanced – Must wear
assembled later) – Chef Fran Costigan                 appropriate running shoes, please bring a towel)
                                                      – Nicole Fordyce
Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium              11:15 – 12:30 PM
PEACEABLE KINGDOM: The Journey Home (The              University Room
film tells the story of five farmers, an animal       What the Bible Has to Say About a Plant–based
rescuer, and a humane police officer, each            Diet and Animal Rights (The importance and
struggling to follow the voice of their conscience,   impact of a vegetarian/vegan diet on our
and to challenge the commonly held belief that        spirituality from a biblical perspective. Come
animals exist in order to fulfill human wants         prepared to share important/favorite Bible
and needs. Strikingly honest interviews reveal        verses and engage in discussion)
the web of complex social, psychological and          – Milton Mills, MD, Roberta Schiff & Michael Budkie
economic forces at play, while seldom–seen
footage documents the beauty, emotional lives,        1:45 – 2:45 PM
and family bonds of farm animals. PG 13 due           Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium
to some brief scenes depicting animal cruelty)        Ten Tenets to Optimum Health: Ten Principals
(Introduced by filmmakers Jenny Stein and             that will Change Your Life by Fighting Disease,
James LaVeck and followed by a Question and           Strengthening Your Immune System and
Answer session)                                       Maximizing Energy – Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

11:15 – 12:15 PM                                      Heritage Hall A
Heritage Hall A                                       Will a Vegan Diet Cure Obesity? (What causes
The Optimal Diet: for Health, Ecology & Ethics        obesity? Why do we struggle with our weight?
– Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, CNS, FACN                Is a vegan diet the cure for all our weight
                                                      concerns? Gain a broader understanding of the
Heritage Hall B                                       obesity epidemic and what we can do about
THE BIGGEST WINNERS: Lessons Learned from             it – as individuals and as a society. Learn how to
Food & Fitness Consultation Clients                   optimize a vegan diet for better weight control
(Four clients share their success stories – diet,     and improved health) – Mark Berman, MD
fitness, emotions and mind set are addressed)
– John Pierre

                                                                   2011 Vegetarian Summerfest     | 17
Friday, July 8                                       (con’t)

Heritage Hall B                                       University Room
What to Say When Moving People From Excuse–           The Inner Lives of Animals (Drawing on the latest
itarian to Vegan (How to tackle the most popular      research, observational studies and personal
excuses people give for not eating a plant–based      anecdotes the full gamut of animal experience
diet – This session leaves no rationalization         is revealed – from their sense of emotions, to
unexposed and offers sound and practical              their ability to solve problems and make moral
tips for living a life that reflects the values of    judgments) – Jonathan Balcombe, PhD
sustainability, compassion, and simplicity)
– Colleen Patrick–Goudreau                            Campus Room
                                                      How Not to Prevent Disease: The History of
University Room                                       Official Dietary Recommendations in the U.S.
How to Avoid “the Evil Trinity” (sugar, oil and       – Ted D. Barnett, MD
salt) – Chef AJ
                                                      Scholars Room
Campus Room                                           Global Warming, Meat, and Farmed Animals
Too Busy to Cook (Proven Strategies to save time      (A simple overview of the why eating meat is
in the kitchen and eat well when time is short.       a top contributor to global warming, how this
Not every home–made recipe has to be made             causal relationship may be used to advance
“from scratch.” Learn how to use convenience          the “veg” cause, and the implications (positive
foods as part of a home cooked life style and to      and negative) for farmed animals. Followed by a
prepare foods once and eat well all week)             more detailed explanation of the global warming
– Patti Breitman                                      connections and quick replies to public FAQs
                                                      and skeptics) – Dawn Moncrieffe, MA
Scholars Room
Organizing a Community Vegan Taste Fest               President’s Room
– Myriam Parham, RD, CDE, CLC                         Ethical Vegetarianism and Non–violence in the
                                                      World’s Religions (Learn the fascinating but
2:00 – 4:00 PM – FOOD DEMONSTRATION                   rarely discussed history of the crucial
Heritage Hall C                                       role nonviolence and vegetarianism has played
Raw Gastronomy: A Taste of Gourmet Flavors            in the beliefs of many influential sects including
– Chef Chad Sarno                                     Jains, Essenes, Gnostics, Cathars, Bible
                                                      Christians and Seventh Day Adventists as well as
3:00 – 4:00 PM                                        all the major faiths) – Rynn Berry
Heritage Hall A
Phenomenal after 50: Flexing Body, Mind, and          Terrace Room / LLC
Spirit – The key to staying vibrant and healthy       ZUMBA (This Latin inspired fitness program
at any age is to keep your body fit, your mind        combines dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s
agile, your intellect challenged, and your spirit     choreography incorporates hip–hop, samba,
fulfilled. Learn the secrets of aging with grace      salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts and some
– Panel Discussion: Jo Stepaniak moderator            Bollywood and belly dance moves. Appropriate
(with Michael Stepaniak assisting) Jim Corcoran,      for all fitness levels) – Isabella Marmolejo
Fran Costigan, Amie Hamlin, Abbie Jaye, Victoria
Moran & Will Tuttle                                   3:30 PM TO 4:00 PM
                                                      SINGLES OUTDOOR GAMES
Heritage Hall B                                       Meet in front of the Pasquerilla Performing
Healthy, Hippy, and Happy: Lose the Weight,           Arts Center
Keep the Curves (Learn how to focus on what           Fun outdoor games to continue getting to know
you eat, not how much you eat. No more worrying       each other and to meet the newcomers joining
about counting calories, cutting portion sizes, or    us! – Led by Nicole Fordyce
limiting carbohydrates Find out how you can eat
plant–based foods until you’re satisfied and still    4:20 – 5:20 PM – PLENARY
trim down effortlessly, without dieting, to your      Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
ideal weight and natural curves)
– Tracye McQuirter, MPH                               Emcee: Lorene Cox
                                                      Kickstart Your Health – Neal Barnard, MD

18 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

5:30 PM – SINGLES WALK                               at Summerfest. Dr. Greger offers practical advice
Meet in front of the Pasquerilla Performing Arts     on how best to feed ourselves and our families to
Center for a walk around the beautiful campus        prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease
with fellow singles before going to dinner.          in an engaging interactive quiz show format. You
– Led by Nicole Fordyce                              won’t want to miss this one. (60 min)
5:30 – 7:45 PM – FAREWELL DINNER                     Immediately following the Special Presentation
(Serving until 7:00 PM)                              – until 1:00 AM
MUSIC by John Bolus                                  EVENING SOCIAL / DANCING /
                                                     SUMMERFEST DRAWING
8:30 PM – SPECIAL PRESENTATION                       Heritage Hall / Living Learning Center
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center                   It’s our last night together, so you won’t want
Piano Prelude – Vance Lehmkuhl                       miss this chance to mingle, dance and see the
                                                     new friends you’ve made this week.
Emcee: Maribeth Abrams
                                                     Music provided by vegan DJ Johnny V. Light
Performance by the Summerfest Children               refreshments available.

Vegetarian Hall of Fame                              DRAWING: Would you like to attend Vegetarian
– Induction of Neal Barnard, MD                      Summerfest 2012 for free? – At tonight’s drawing
                                                     during the evening social, we’ll give away one
The Latest in Nutrition 2011                         free package that includes room, meals and
Presented by Michael Greger, MD                      registration. Entering the drawing is totally free –
Always a crowd pleaser, Dr. Greger’s “ Latest in     but – you must be present to win.
Nutrition” sessions are engaging, humorous and
entertaining – making serious nutrition studies –    10:00 – 11:00 PM – EVENING SKY WATCHING
enjoyable and fun. He scours the world’s scholarly   Meet at the Front Entrance to
literature on clinical nutrition every year and      Living Learning Center
develops a brand-new talk based on the latest        The Moon and Saturn will be quite striking
in cutting-edge research and world premiere’s it     – Led by Robert Victor

Saturday, July 9
6:00 – 6:40 AM – EXERCISE                            6:30 AM – MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR THE ANIMALS
Meet in front of Living Learning Center              Whalley Memorial Chapel
Exerstriding (Use synergistic resistance to build    (Inter–religious / Non–denominational)
strength stamina and endurance) – John Bolus         – Frank Hoffman, Music by Ted, Elizabeth,
                                                     Rebecca and Nathaniel Barnett
6:50 – 7:20 AM – EXERCISE
Lobby Living Learning Center                         6:50 – 7:20 AM – EXERCISE
Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice         Lobby Living Learning Center
is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to       Chinese Wand Exercise: This Ancient Practice
bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus
                                                     is Stimulating, Gentle & Safe (You may want to
6:30 – 7:30 AM – YOGA                                bring a towel or blanket) – John Bolus
Heritage Hall A
(You may want to bring a blanket or towel)           8:45 – 10:45 AM – PLENARY
– Laurie Jordan                                      Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center
                                                     Musical Prelude – Nathaniel Barnett
6:30 – 7:30 AM – ZUMBA
Terrace Room / LLC                                   Emcee: Victoria Moran
(This Latin inspired fitness program combines
dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s                  Treating the Cause of Coronary Artery Disease –
choreography incorporates hip–hop, samba,            Making Yourself Heart Attack Proof
salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts and some        – Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, MD (45 min)
Bollywood and belly dance moves. Appropriate
for all fitness levels) – Isabella Marmolejo
                                                                  2011 Vegetarian Summerfest      | 19
Saturday, July 9                                            (con’t)

Healthy School Food: Heading Toward a Tipping         Board Room
Point? – Amie Hamlin (20 min)                         The Ten Most Important Things Parent Can Do
                                                      to Raise Healthy Grounded Compassionate
The Status of the Vegetarian Movement                 Children (Important things for parents to
– Michael Greger, MD (10 min)                         consider if they want to optimize the functioning
                                                      in their family and in their offspring, and
Blasted Stereotypes! Growing Vegan                    increase the likelihood that their children will
Community in the Most Unexpected Places               embrace their values) – JoAnn Farb
– Rae Sikora (15 min)
                                                      2:00 – 3:00 PM
Creating A New Culture Of Peace                       Heritage Hall A
– Will Tuttle, PhD (15 min)                           New Food Guidelines: News or Snooze? (LaDiva
                                                      Dietitian spills the beans on whether there is
CLOSING REMARKS                                       anything in the new food guidelines to create
Maribeth Abrams                                       better health for the average American or is it
11:00 – 12 NOON                                       just an upgraded rehash of the last 20 years?)
Engineering & Science Bldg. – Auditorium              – Marty Davey, MS, RD
How “Innocent” Foods Can Destroy Our                  Heritage Hall B
Health: The Untold Scientific Story of Allergies,
Sensitivities and Inflammation as Triggers and        Nutritional Support (and Nutritional Sabotage)
Promoters of Chronic Disease – Dr. Adiel Tel–Oren     for the Stability of Mood, Emotion, Sleep and
                                                      Cognitive Brain Function – Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EDM
Heritage Hall A
Strategies to Acquire and Prepare Plant Based         University Room
Nutrition – Ann Crile Esselstyn and                   Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat?
Caldwell Esselsyn, Jr, MD                             – Milton Mills, MD
                                                      Campus Room
Heritage Hall B                                       Becoming an Effective Advocate: Lessons
World’s Most Nutri–licious Smoothie! (Get             Learned by a Passionate Farm Animal Activist
your daily greens and heal yourself. No special       – Jenny Brown
blenders or expensive ingredients needed for
this simple, but incredibly delicious, detoxifying,   Scholars Room
healing drink! Many variations demonstrated)          Promoting Veganism to a Captive Audience
– Rae Sikora and Jim Corcoran                         (Learn how to address a roomful of non–vegans,
                                                      without watering down your message by tapping
University Room                                       into values already held by the vast majority.
The Junk–Food Vegan Diet (What is it and why is it    An interactive presentation with audience
detrimental to the animal rights and environmental    participation can nudge a whole roomful of
movements? Ways to help you maximize your             people towards the animal rights perspective
potential as an activist while attaining excellent    and end with most of the room promising at
health) – Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT                least a reduction in animal consumption)
                                                      – Michael A. Weber
Campus Room
Basic Nutrition for Vegetarians, Vegans and           President’s Room
Everyone Else – George Eisman, RD                     Vegetarianism in the Americas (The earliest
                                                      vegetarian society in the US was founded
Scholars Room                                         in the early 19th century. In addition to the
Finding Your Peaceable Path (This inspirational       development of vegetarianism from the 18th
talk offers a detailed roadmap and practical          century to the present, this session will examine
advice for finding meaning and making a               the evidence for vegetarian groups in the
difference in this era of moral confusion and         pre–Columbian as well as the post–Columbian
global upheaval) – James LaVeck                       Americas) – Rynn Berry
President’s Room                                      Please take a moment to fill out our
How to Talk to a Lay Person About the Dangers         questionnaires. All attendees must be
of Dairy – Maribeth Abrams, MS, CNC                   checked out of their rooms by 3:30 PM.

                                                      Thank you for joining us! Have a safe trip home.

20 |     2011 Vegetarian Summerfest

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