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									Post-Secondary Planning                               Community Colleges
                                                      *Start looking at offerings.
Class of 2012                                         *Determine requirements for specific programs.
Junior Year Suggestions                                   (Example: Associate degree in a medical field
                                                      or CNA requirement for nursing programs)
Email Addresses                                       *SAT/ACT is not required unless otherwise
It is very important that the Counseling Office has   specified for a particular major/program.
up-to-date email addresses for both students and      4. Begin preparing your senior activity sheet.
parents. You will provide these on your               This is a resume type form which should include
registration sheet.                                   your activities, honors, awards, community
                                                      service, and other significant interests or abilities.
Upcoming Dates                                        Sample activity sheets are available in the
March 16—Registration Materials in HR                 Counseling Office. You will use this throughout
March 17—Jr. Parent Meeting, 6:30 PM at BHHS          your senior year for college and scholarship
Week of March 21—Students will meet with              applications.
counselors and turn in Registration Sheets            5. Your GPA at the end of your junior year is
May 7—Prom at BHHS                                    what colleges will use in determining admission.
May 19—Awards Night                                   6. Visit college campuses; start narrowing your
June 3-8—Exams                                        choices of colleges/universities.
June 9 and 10—Exam Makeups and Retests                7. If you are planning to apply to a four-year
July 21 and 22—Sr. Pictures at BHHS                   college/university, sign up to take the SAT
                                                      (www.sat.collegeboard.com). Most
Finding out what you need to know—                    colleges/universities prefer for students to take
Important information from the Counseling Office      the SAT once in their junior year and then again
can be found at BHHS’s website:                       in October of their senior year. Colleges take the
www.catawbaschools.net/schools/BunkerHill.            best score on each individual test. If you haven’t
General information will be listed on the front       yet registered for or taken the SAT, please note
page; for more detailed information, click on the     the following dates:
Counseling link.                                      Test Date             Registration Deadline
                                                      May 7                 April 8
Suggestions for Planning your Senior Year             June 4                May 6
1. Plan to take rigorous academic classes             Students may also take the ACT (www.act.org). It
according to Teacher Recommendations.                 is suggested you only take this test one time--the
2. Start thinking about your intended major.          fall of your senior year.
Review websites and begin research. Use               Fee waivers are available for the SAT and ACT for
resources to help narrow interests or generate        those students who receive free/reduced lunch.
options. Check career information at the              Please see your counselor to discuss requirements
following websites:                                   and eligibility for these waivers.
www.cfnc.org                                          8. Sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Center during
www.careerpronews.com                                 the summer before your senior year if you plan to
www.nccareers.org                                     play college sports. This must be done to
3. Based on your intended major, which college        participate in sports at the collegiate level. Go to
is best for you--a two- or four-year college?         www.eligibilitycenter.org . Fee waivers are also
Four-Year College or University                       available for the NCAA fee. Please see your
*Determine which colleges offer programs that         counselor.
meet your needs and interests.                        9. Get a folder to keep ALL information related to
*Would a larger college or smaller college best       SAT, ACT, NCAA and college applications, etc.
suit your needs?                                      Usernames, passwords, registration numbers, etc.
*Check admission requirements. Are you taking         can be easily forgotten or misplaced; stay
the classes necessary to meet the NC Minimum          organized.
Admissions Requirements?

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