MODEL 415 by pengxuezhi


									  MODEL 415
Automatic Strapping Machine

                          · Up to 37 straps per minute

                          · Fast heater response

                          · Easy strap loading

                          · Handles 6, 9, 12, and 15mm strapping

                          · Movable control box

                          · Simply Designed
           Model 415
            Automatic Strapping Machine

            HIGH-SPEED                                        OPTIMUM HEAT SEAL                                MOVABLE CONTROL BOX
            At up to 37 straps per minute, the 415 is         By using a two stage heater unit, the            The magnetic mounted control box is
            one of the fastest industrial strappers           strap can be sealed consistently in the          movable and can be positioned on
            available.   Actual production rate is            most demanding environments. The                 either side of the vertical yoke or placed
            dependent upon a number of variables              heater blade warms up in seconds.                flat on the table for the convenience of
            which include: package size, arch size,                                                            the operator.
            product flow, and number of straps per            SIMPLY DESIGNED
            package.                                          All moving parts are cam actuated with           OPERATOR CONTROLS
                                                              the cams keyed in place, eliminating             The 415 can be operated by a foot
            SELF-THREADING                                    adjustments.                                     pedal, a table top ball switch, or the
            The ability to thread from the outside of                                                          control panel, allowing the machine to
            the machine allows for safe, efficient            RETRACT STRAPS                                   be operated from all sides, and by more
            coil changes.                                     The ability to eliminate strap waste by          than one person at a time.
                                                              retracting expelled strap.
            UNIFORM TENSION CONTROL                                                                            CHOICE OF STRAP WIDTHS
            By using an electronic slip-clutch, the           QUIET                                            6, 9, 12, and 15 mm
            desired tension can be applied                    The motors run only during the actual
            consistently to both compressible and             strap cycle, providing the most quiet
            non-compressible bundles.                         working environment possible.

            SELF-DIAGNOSTIC                                   PORTABLE
            SOLID STATE CONTROLS                              Castered wheels allow easy movement
            The self-diagnostic circuitry allows a            and quick start-up connection to any
            light to pinpoint the area of an electrical       115 V power source.
            malfunction on the outside of the circuit


                                  37.7”                   11.7”

                                                                                                          Speci cations
                                                                                                          Electrical Supply:      115 V, 60 HZ, Single Phase
                                                                                                          Arch Size:              24” W x 18” H (Standard Size)*

                                                                                                          Package Size:           Dependent on Arch Size
                                                                                                          Standard Machine Size   53.5” H x 20.4” W x 49.5” L
                                                                                                          Table Top               30.6” High
                                                                                                          Standard Machine        455 lbs.

                                                                                                          * Additional Arch Sizes Available

                GO P ACK AGI N G F or t P a yne , A L                     TEL ( 2 5 6 ) 8 4 5 - 1 9 2 8       F AX ( 2 5 6 ) 8 4 5 - 0 4 8 6

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