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Minutes of the Planning committee meeting held at the poplars by xumiaomaio


									                       BURTON JOYCE PARISH COUNCIL

                 Draft Minutes of Meeting of the Planning Committee
                  held at the Poplars Sports Ground, Burton Joyce
                           on the 23rd Feb 2010 at 6.45pm
Present:              Cllrs Potter, Hutt, Hazzard and Johnson.

In Attendance:        One member of the public.

1     Apologies:       Cllrs Gale and Welton
2     Appointment of Chair: As Cllr Welton was unable to be present Cllr Hutt
      was duly elected Chair for the meeting.
3     Declaration of Interests:     None
4.    Minutes of meeting held on the 16th Feb 2010: Agreed as a true record and
      signed by the Chair.
5.    Matters arising from Minutes: None.
6     Planning Application: 2009/1120 – Land at Highfield Farm, Willow Wong.
      Cllrs Hutt and Johnson reported on the site visit made to Highfield Farm. It
      was noted that a full tour of the egg production units, the outbuilding and the
      site containing the temporary mobile home and the proposed site for the
      agricultural dwelling was conducted.
      It was felt that the egg production units were clearly proprietary purpose built
      units, fully automated from the point of view of feeding, watering and egg
      collection, packing being carried out manually. A highly professional set-up,
      brand new, purpose built production units representing a considerable
      business investment. The grounds and outbuildings were also inspected and
      the extensive tree and hedge planting that had taken place was also noted.
      The footprint of the proposed dwelling was marked out with blue stakes. It
      was noted that the whole site was clean, tidy and professionally maintained.
      Cllrs concluded that this set-up represented a serious professional investment
      in a long-term business.
      It was noted that there were several pieces of correspondence received with
      regard to this application containing a number of themes objecting to the
      proposal. The Chairman provided a summary of the comments received, as
      The objections broadly fall into the following categories.
       The proposed property itself is in the green belt. Is it necessary at all to
         have residential accommodation on this site.? It is bigger than originally
         proposed (2 bed bungalow)
       The access way is inadequate for the large lorries that are now collecting
         eggs. What limits are there on the use of a bridleway?
       The number and size of vehicles using the bridleway have significantly
         increased over the last 3 years. Speed and safety of children, walkers and
         horse riders are questioned.
       Is the enterprise viable? From the site visit it would seem eminently so

      There was also a note of support from a neighbour.
     Following some discussion it was noted that many of the issues revolved
     around technicalities, including planning applications for agricultural dwellings
     in green belt areas, and some differences between legislative requirements
     and general advice given by DEFRA.
     It was proposed by Cllr Johnson and seconded by Cllr Potter that all
     correspondence be referred to Gedling Borough Council for consideration by
     the Planning Officer prior to the next full Planning meeting of Gedling
     Borough. The committee voted unanimously in favour.

7.   Any other Business:          None
8.   Date and time of next meeting:         Tues 16th March 2010

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