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					Daddy Daycare and Entrepreneurship

A business needs to be based on a strategic plan. There's no doubt about it.
Without the business and marketing plan, you are throwing away all your hard work
and money down the drain.

I bet you thought "Daddy Daycare" was a kiddie comedy, right? Wrong…It's a
business strategy film! When Charlie and his friend Phil are fired as Product
Development/Brand Managers for a cereal company, they decide to fill a need in
their community and open their own business.

Along the way to success they demonstrate several solid strategies. Explain how
they demonstrate each one of the following lessons.

Lesson 1: Research the competition

How did Charlie and Phil research their competition?

Lesson 2: Know your customers' values

How did Charlie and Phil find out what their customers valued?

Charlie and Phil understood that price is not the only important factor for their
target market. What were other values identified by their target market?
Lesson 3: Identify opportunities

What opportunity or unmet need did they uncover in their area?

Lesson 4: Develop a positioning based on opportunity

Based on the knowledge gained from the first three lessons, how did Charlie and
Phil decide to position their daycare compared to others in the area?

Lesson 5: Create a catchy tag line

How did the characters market their new business to the public? Was it effective
or ineffective?

What is Daddy Daycare’s tagline?

How did their tagline help promote their business?
Lesson 6: Spread the Word

How did Charlie and Phil spread the word about their business?

Lesson 7: Be ethical

How did Charlie and Phil demonstrate ethical behavior?

How did the competing daycare center demonstrate unethical behavior?

Lesson 8: Implement until you're blue in the face

In other words, don't give up and strive to continually improve.

How did Daddy Daycare demonstrate this lesson?
Describe the difficulties associated with entrepreneurship.

What could have been done differently, and what would you do to make this
business a success?

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